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43 posts, 13:08 today
Bad manners from Forum members
These are often precisely the whiners who will either retaliate in kind if you red blob them, or start up some ultra-whine thread titled "why am I being unfairly red blobbed" and will even stir up the forum's resident rent-a-lynch-mob…
Started by: lil_ferret · 15.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
2 posts, 13:02 today
Any Tips for RAV German Assessment Test
Started by: ashi_queen · 16.Apr.2014 · Other/general
7 posts, 13:01 today
Incorrect DOB in SuperSaver SBB tickets
Sure. If you put your spouse's date as being born earlier, don't show it to your spouse. On second thought, if you put the date as being born later, don't show it either, may think you are considering someone younger!
Started by: IndUSSwiss · 16.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
1 post, 13:01 today
Wing Chun Workshop with Sifu Daniel Xuan,…
Started by: wingchun · 16.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
23 posts, 13:00 today
Customer Service & Professionalism
Ok I know we are talking about Switzerland but... this puts a smile on my face when I tell it (Then I can copy paste it to the "Today I smiled because.." thread ;)) Back home my husband and I went to a Chinese restaurant: with his main…
Started by: backtoch · 14.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
5 posts, 12:54 today
I need flower dye!!!
Started by: robinjovan · 16.Apr.2014 · Other/general
5 posts, 12:52 today
Dodgy paypal email.
Started by: Ace1 · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
54 posts, 12:50 today
I have news! Also more questions (sorry!)
I'm not sure, I *think* both! But I might be thinking of the other place in Zug we were going to go with, until we found out it's only available from the 5th, which is too awkward for us. That one was definitely in the town. I'm not…
Started by: Pixie B · 10.Apr.2014 · Daily life
6 posts, 12:46 today
Buying from China, Free Trade Agreement…
Contact your local Swiss Customs office and tell them exactly what it is you want to import and they will tell you how much duty, if any, you will have to pay. If you are importing commercially, the figures you have quoted do not apply.…
Started by: givetolily · 16.Apr.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
9 posts, 12:45 today
If build up a house, ?CHF/m2
This article from Beobachter, from 2010, estimates a per m3 cost of CHF 650 - 1000: Speaking to a builder in Ausserschwyz over a possible project we were given a rough estimate of CHF 1200-2000 per m3. This was for a 'normal' house,…
Started by: Jasper · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
6 posts, 12:37 today
Post Finance e-finance help
Well I can't quite see how anyone here would be able to help. There's clearly a problem at their end, unless perhaps you're using a funny browser that's not properly supported. I've used IE and FireFox, certainly, for many years with no…
Started by: givetolily · 16.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
129 posts, 12:35 today
Boring clothes
You see, I'd rather have my eyes gouged out with a spoon than spend a day clothes shopping. For me it's a chore, not a pleasurable activity. It may well be that a store selling the kind of clothes I prefer at prices I am willing to pay…
Started by: kittekat · 13.Apr.2014 · Daily life
6 posts, 12:34 today
Jokerhalbtage typo? [Allowed Half-Days Off…
Based on "Treu und Glauben" that is properly the way to go if the OP does not get approval for the two additional Jockerhalbtage. BGE 121 II 479 Given OP actually asked twice, I see the condition most likely fulfilled. Treu und…
Started by: rlchen · 15.Apr.2014 · Education
21 posts, 12:09 today
Boci (yound loving dog looking for a home)
Boci is still with us. The time is running short for him here. Bumpimg the thread up is perhaps my last attempt to find him a home through the EF network. Please ping back if you like to know more about him.
Started by: fkdstm · 24.Mar.2014 · Pet corner
1 post, 12:02 today
Good Friday-Concert at Basel Münster 18.04.2014
Started by: opernball · 16.Apr.2014 · Concerts
5 posts, 11:57 today
Looking for a Win7 notebook
Started by: sankbhat · 15.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
6 posts, 11:57 today
Baby Product Freebies?
There is also the BabyPlanet bag - IMO better than the Mamma & Baby boxes. You just fill out the form here: Then take the voucher into your local pharmacy and voilà...some pharmacies don't even ask for the voucher just hand over the…
Started by: Niamhie · 16.Apr.2014 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 11:52 today
Pully or Morges?
I like morges you have the lake which is gorgeous in the summer, swimming pool, ice rink, cinema, good connections for the train many of my friends have caught the train simple one line here. Nice park, restaurants for the evening.. I…
Started by: mazza · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
6 posts, 11:44 today
Americans keeping mortgage, property when…
We (US citizens) looked into buying a house about a year ago and Credit Suisse said we'd have to pay it off if we gave up residency but BCV said that currently, their policies would not force us to pay it off. However, BCV made it clear…
Started by: lmcb · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
2 posts, 11:43 today
Long term parking at Cornavin
Started by: Whitters · 15.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
112 posts, 11:43 today
I assume almost every non-Swiss on here…
I guess it is clear to you now that: (a) Senicide is not currently practiced in Switzerland, or not openly at least. (b) The system for financing the Swiss old age pensioners etc., the AHV, is known to be in difficulties. I agree that I…
Started by: Hausamsee · 9.Apr.2014 · Education
1 post, 11:40 today
Classic car shows this weekend?
Started by: satans worm · 16.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
16 posts, 11:32 today
TV shows to watch with your parents
IN all seriousness, my oultaws like things like Silk, Line of Duty, Shetland etc. Also think about Call the Midwife, and Downton, naturally. My own mum is addicted to NCIS and has recently be known to indulge in Bonanza, erm, bonanzas. ;)
Started by: Magpie · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 11:23 today
Good place for family to live in Zurich.
You could also consider areas like Oerlikon, Seebach, Affoltern which have good connections to the city. It also depends upon your budget & what facilities are you looking for in the apartment. All the best for your search...
Started by: Chochlik · 14.Apr.2014 · Daily life
25 posts, 11:13 today
Parking accident in Solothurn - elderly…
If that was my car, I would be stoked to get 300 CHFs for that damage. What's the point of getting it fixed? Polishing a turd and all that. Your buddy doesn't have to worry about getting dings in parking lots in the future. Ask the old…
Started by: Trillian Astra · 15.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 11:09 today
Unethical Journalism and Master Card
Does this mean that the Telegraph didn't agree? The Telegraph is the only British newspaper to regularly plug a particular company which recommends financial products to expats (and which cannot be named on EF, as doing so will trigger…
Started by: CathHarmony · 16.Apr.2014 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 10:56 today
Return drive from Verona to Basel on Monday,…
Started by: Borinquen · 16.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 10:49 today
Getting IT certification in Switzerland.
Started by: Cupid · 15.Apr.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 10:46 today
AHV benefits [Declaration for US Tax]
Started by: nancyt · 16.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 10:43 today
German Equivalent of Ricardo.CH
Ricardo has majority of sellers being from Switzerland, selling stuff. I would like to find the German place/site which Germans use to sell their stuff, even if shipping exclusively to Germany... The online German fleamarket if Ricardo…
Started by: defcon3 · 15.Apr.2014 · Other/general
7 posts, 10:29 today
Electricity bill question
Some things to check are: 1. Is it on a domestic tariff ? During the time the house was being built, the builders may have had it on a special tariff. Or maybe you have signed up for some special eco solar tariff. 2. On the bill, is it…
Started by: buchs · 15.Apr.2014 · Other/general
7 posts, 10:29 today
Working as a Doctor in Switzerland
Recognition of health care qualifications is handled by the Swiss Red Cross. However as Odile says you'll need to be fluent in at least German to even have a chance of employment. Unfortunately, the study of medicine is restricted…
Started by: amie · 15.Apr.2014 · Employment
3 posts, 10:26 today
Monte Carlo 2014
Started by: Stunner · 16.Apr.2014 · Football/sports
12 posts, 10:25 today
Weekend football in Zurich
With the weather getting better would be nice to get out and play a bit of football at the weekends, is anyone interested in playing a steady pickup game every saturday or sunday? If we can get 10ish to start should probably be enough?
Started by: mh77 · 3.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 10:25 today
Hello Switzerland
Started by: Stunner · 16.Apr.2014 · Introductions
2 posts, 10:24 today
Moving to Luzern
Started by: Adam. · 16.Apr.2014 · Daily life
21 posts, 10:23 today
When/on which channel can I watch Game of…
There are a whole bunch of websites dedicated to streaming shows and movies. Most of the time you just have to type in the name of the show/episode and "streaming" and google will give you great links. That being said, you will have to…
Started by: lil_ferret · 15.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 10:02 today
Remove furniture and utensils from House
Erm...I am moving house and need ... stuff! Definitely a spare bed anyways! I have a big ass car and can collect... or at least send my husband to collect ;) Please send me Pics... can you PM yet? lol
Started by: Stunner · 16.Apr.2014 · Daily life
15 posts, 09:52 today
Need recommendation for watchmaker
feist.ch He is a fourth generation watchmaker. Learnd his craft in the school in Solothurn (now Grenchen) in the ninties. As usual: Talk, discuss and negotiate before the work is done and bill is send out.
Started by: abangr · 15.Apr.2014 · Other/general
20 posts, 09:46 today
My Kantonal Bank is asking me to do an OVDP ?
The advantages are that we don't have to waste money on postage and we get a confirmation right away that they've received it. Not sure about the disadvantages, except for the fact that we have to send them to the "Financial Crimes…
Started by: NMAEF · 12.Mar.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation

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