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131 posts, 10:37 today
EU rejects renegotiation of free movement
The quotas will be introduced in 2017, however, the Ecopop initiative, that'll be voted on in November, would limit immigration even more. If you want to get it, I'd do that immediately. Not sure why you'd want to come here, though - why…
Started by: Jim2007 · 24.Jul.2014 · Swiss politics/news
111 posts, 10:36 today
How do you make a Maltese cross…..?
Went for a swim around fort St.Elmo at the very tip of Valletta, just off the land the seabed drops off an underwater cliff to a depth of 30-35 ft. I dived down and on the spur of the moment turned the camera round pointing up and got the…
Started by: slammer · 25.Nov.2013 · Leaving Switzerland
20 posts, 10:33 today
WARNING: Book online in Europe with caution
mistakes are usually misspellings of names. Rebooking on different dates can lead to greater fares. Even Ryanair allow dates to be changed within the first 24 hours of booking (you might have to pay extra if the new dates are more…
Started by: motorcyclejones · 28.Jul.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 10:32 today
Leaving Switzerland later than the permit…
Started by: Heller · 27.Jul.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
1 post, 10:31 today
Hello from Greifensee area
Started by: Tini · 29.Jul.2014 · Introductions
58 posts, 10:31 today
Husband's Swiss family making me bonkers!
That implies you think men only cheat with women who are also in a relationship (and hence also cheating). I'm not sure, but I think some women may actually be single. They tend to have cats, but are otherwise available.
Started by: pandapotato · 28.Jul.2014 · Family matters/health
65 posts, 10:29 today
The Playstation 4 Current/Future Owners Thread
I heard the sound quality wasn't good through the controller, as it uses Bluetooth and the internal parts aren't great quality. The headset uses a wireless dongle so the quality should be decent. Plus, it can also be used on PC etc…
Started by: Richdog · 19.Jun.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 10:23 today
Race circuit near Zurich
Anneau du Rhin ( is the track closest to Zürich I know. It is north of Basel and it takes about 1h30min to get there from Zürich. One of the companies offering track days at Anneau du Rhin is the Cornu Master School ( - sorry, in French…
Started by: fabio · 23.Apr.2007 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 10:19 today
Happy world war day
I was reading about what led to the start of hostilities and it was something like a playground bully (Imperial Germany) egging his slightly reluctant, and slightly weaker fellow bully (Austro-Hungary) into beating on a seemingly weaker…
Started by: slammer · 28.Jul.2014 · International affairs/politics
7 posts, 10:17 today
From Zurich to Lake Garda by car
We did the trip at the start of June, from nearer Geneva though. With a 4 and 1 year old. They were fine in the car, gave them a DVD player, pens and paper and stuff to eat. Route wise for us it was through the Mt Blanc tunnel and…
Started by: kashy · 28.Jul.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
66 posts, 10:14 today
Windows Phone 7 released
Same here, I also needed to get a Typecover replaced and had it in my mailbox two days later, could even keep the old one. I have a Surface Pro 3 on pre-order, however, I've just decided to cancel that one. Not because I don't want…
Started by: Mikers · 12.Oct.2010 · TV/internet/telephone
57 posts, 10:02 today
BF travelling solo. How upset should I be?
During a free period in her studies, I helped and supported my girlfriend in going away to South America for three months to improve her spanish and do charity work. It was tough but rewarding, plus I got to visit for three weeks at the…
Started by: evaluna · 28.Jul.2014 · Daily life
62 posts, 09:56 today
When we moved here we got excited at how good very cheap wine was here. It's mostly table wine (the lowest grade of wines that you get in countries which grow wine but I don't think you get in import countries like UK, so it is not…
Started by: Jamima geek · 2.Jul.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 09:47 today
Wanted, Audi A1 Snow Tires and Wheels [ZG,…
Started by: jrabbit · 29.Jul.2014 · Items wanted
145 posts, 09:44 today
Israel/ Palestine - Just kill all the chilldren
Awesome. So Israel isn't illegally occupying anything? Glad you concede, I wouldn't have. I'm not sure that's how lobbying works. Are you mistaking Washington for Ashgabat? Do you need a map? Uhm...firstly, it's the Arabs that…
Started by: PlantHead · 20.Nov.2012 · International affairs/politics
12 posts, 09:42 today
Eid Mubarak ...
Started by: Odile · 25.Oct.2012 · Other/general
20 posts, 09:41 today
Do movers get tipped in Switzerland?
So we moved last month in a deal that sounds quite similar - 5 guys for 10 hours. They worked hard, efficiently and were a friendly crew. We gave them a Migros Pizza each for lunch, water during the day and I tipped 30Chf each. At…
Started by: Village Idiot · 28.Jul.2014 · Housing in general
12 posts, 09:38 today
Tenancy Handover
Thank you for your help... in my tenancy, I have the 4 dates to move (3 months notice) - end of march, june, september, December - with my one-year-lease finishing at end of March. I.e. if I don't find an alternative tenant, I will need…
Started by: Enohzee · 26.Jul.2014 · Housing in general
11 posts, 09:34 today
Job options for non-german speakers in Zurich
I think doing her homework has nothing to do with the reasons why she is here, and I think that's what (maybe) Richdog meant - why didn't she do her homework? (as opposed to "why is she here?"). If that's the case, then how would he (or…
Started by: Eldi · 28.Jul.2014 · Employment
2 posts, 09:23 today
Where in Zürich can I buy small shoes (35)
Started by: MercedesEcuador · 29.Jul.2014 · Daily life
2 posts, 09:07 today
Second Postdoc Opportunity After A Bad First…
Started by: Sieajiang · 29.Jul.2014 · Employment
13 posts, 09:06 today
Apartment in Baden
Not sure what the budget is but there is also this building. I was involved in the renovation (the building used to be a hotel) so I know the rooms well and the owner too. With the exception of 1 room, all have their own bathroom with…
Started by: Northern Ireland · 25.Jul.2014 · Housing in general
8 posts, 08:54 today
What is a Personenidentifikationsnr ?
3Wishes, Glendyn, thanks a lot. I finally found the number, and as you wrote, it was indicated on the Meldebestätigung document I got from Stadt Zurich when registering. I managed to update my new address details through the web form…
Started by: goofy88 · 28.Jul.2014 · Housing in general
5 posts, 08:46 today
New indian restaurant in st gallen
Started by: jaggs_pr · 21.Jul.2014 · Entertainment & dining
16 posts, 08:20 today
Questions about Coop's supercard
Probably because when you hand them your card as you make a purchase, the points go on automatically. If you forget your card and need to request points later, you have to see customer service, not the cashier. BTW, if you use Coop…
Started by: tetsuomeow · 26.Jul.2014 · Daily life
7 posts, 08:07 today
Indonesian living in Lausanne
Hi 4Ni Ma, I lived in Java and West Bali, but now in Lausanne (suburb). I have a job now, I found it from 24heures newspaper. How about your french now ? still progressing ? Megsch : I'm fine, thanks. What about you ? you are in Basel,…
Started by: 4_Ni_Ma · 30.May.2013 · Introductions
5 posts, 07:51 today
Courier import (customs clearing) charges
Started by: User9 · 28.Jul.2014 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 07:27 today
Any new fav beauty product?
Started by: Wife of a swiss · 29.Jul.2014 · Daily life
24 posts, 00:17 today
Freaked out by firework
Oh yea! this is something that i miss to be honest and again (apologies now for the not-so-precise title) i was complaining about the firework among pedestrians the firework (the proper & big one) is just magnificent!
Started by: spcheater · 27.Jul.2014 · Complaints corner
10 posts, 23:41 yesterday
Last minute suggestions - where to go with kid
Given the weather forecast, I would suggest Lugano/como. There is a really great youth hostel in Lugano. Getting there by car should not be too much of a drama, and it has an amazing garden and kid-friendly swimming pool. Not sure if…
Started by: Fidgety · 28.Jul.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
96 posts, 23:40 yesterday
The Pet Boarding Thread - Recommendations…
We have used www.pet-hotel.ch (located in Wila) a few times for our 2 dogs and both seem to have enjoyed it. They stress they are a "pet hotel" and not a boarding kennels, which may be the justification for their higher costs!
Started by: edot · 7.Sep.2010 · Pet corner
6 posts, 22:49 yesterday
Australian in Buch (bei Frauenfeld) Hello.
Ha! It sure is. Shops are closed on Sundays, we get milk from the farm down the road, people say goodbye to the everyone when they get off the bus and I can't seem to find flyspray as everyone uses flyswatters. It's pretty old school here.
Started by: leigh_schreiner · 28.Jul.2014 · Introductions
2 posts, 22:48 yesterday
Singaporean new in Lucerne
Started by: Ling_hidy · 28.Jul.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 22:26 yesterday
UK / Switzerland tax advice
Started by: Seldaek · 28.Jul.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
9 posts, 22:08 yesterday
Insurance claims for car accident
The thing about a police report is the police are not independent, they are looking to fine 1 or more of people involved in the accident. They are quite capable of writing what suits them as I found out. I appealed went to court & won,…
Started by: Lunatique · 28.Jul.2014 · Insurance
22 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Caring for kittens
Hi there. the best way is to call the animal ambulance. it is important to take care of the kitties before they turn shy and wild like their mom. the animal ambulance will make sure the mother cat is fed enough during lactation and…
Started by: Ripz · 25.Jul.2014 · Pet corner
2 posts, 21:57 yesterday
Started by: buell23 · 28.Jul.2014 · Language corner
3 posts, 21:34 yesterday
Rattan Lounge wanted [Zurich]
Started by: keepsmiling · 28.Jul.2014 · Items wanted
9 posts, 21:14 yesterday
A Californian married to a French/ Swiss
Welcome to the forum pp My wife and I moved here about 3 years ago from Orange County, CA. The way of life here is very laid back especially in the Ticino area. We just moved to Zurich and are already enjoying the benefits of a city…
Started by: pandapotato · 28.Jul.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 19:21 yesterday
Room/Flatshare wanted [Wollishofen, Enge,…
Started by: Aguacera · 28.Jul.2014 · Property wanted
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