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1 post, 06:17 today
Blick am Abend June 28th - looking for
Started by: kri · 30.Jun.2016 · Other/general
9 posts, 03:14 today
Should I get invisalign from Canada or Swiss?
Noyman, Depending on how much teeth movement is needed, the invisalign treatment may go from 9 months to 4 years. If you are moving in 3 months you are certainly better off starting the treatment in Switzerland. Prices for Invisalign…
Started by: noyman · 6.Apr.2016 · Family matters/health
18 posts, 00:44 today
Any experiences with UMS and/or Swiss Star?…
If you rent a "business apartment" which is intended for short stay, for a longer period (2 to 3 years definitely qualifies as long) you can negotiate big discounts on their adverted prices, like 25% even. As they dont have to deal with…
Started by: AmyWarren · 1.Jun.2009 · Housing in general
11 posts, 00:38 today
Modified/tuned cars meetup anywhere?
True... Now I recall seeing photos of modded rides with "AG" on their plates. Last time I owned something for fun was few years ago, MK5 GTI, and the mods started. Then there was the move to Switzerland so we had to sell one car and…
Started by: Maciej · 3.Jun.2016 · Social events
8 posts, 00:13 today
In kruezelingen for the next 30 days, what…
Yeah eastern switzerland doesn't sound too exciting, it's not very international either, boat rides and mountains are sure nice but I guess it gets daunting to do it on your own, but explore the area and see for yourself. Zürich is 1 hour…
Started by: omoench · 29.Jun.2016 · Daily life
45 posts, 00:11 today
How to slowly kill a cat?
1 million sounds like a lot, but i would only consider the cats that actually kill at least a bird every month, i bet that number would go down considerably. Are they too many? Maybe. By the way at the same time people talk about cats…
Started by: rainer_d · 26.Jun.2016 · Pet corner
12 posts, 23:36 yesterday
Kitchen combi-steam oven and combi-microwave-oven
We have Siemens appliances in the Swiss specs (55 cm) and they are made by V Zug. Look at the features of what you are buying, not the label. I would visit the Electrolux Kitchen Centre before buying any further appliances. Now for…
Started by: Tanash · 5.Jun.2016 · Daily life
35 posts, 23:19 yesterday
Grrr...bad contract
I would like to know how they described the contract in German. I somehow doubt they used the word "pernicious" to describe a contract. If the contract is so damaging, then you should take it back to the relocation agency who helped…
Started by: Stoker177 · 28.Jun.2016 · Housing in general
13 posts, 23:13 yesterday
2,5 Apartment and complaining neighbour
Since your husband's contract is finished at the end of the year, and your future is uncertain, it does not make any sense to even consider moving. Contact the landlord and inform him that the Hauswartin is bothering you. Tell the…
Started by: Sybillla677 · 28.Jun.2016 · Housing in general
31 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Fine for using the phone while driving!!!111one
It says: <Insert Name Here> wird schulding gesprochen: des Vornehmens einer Verrichtung, welche die Bedienung des Fahrzeuges beeintraechtigt im Sinne von Art. 90 Abs. 1 SVG i.V.m Art. 31 Abs. 1 SVG und Art. 3 Abs. 1…
Started by: xynth · 29.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
80 posts, 23:08 yesterday
Panini stickers Euro 2016
Thanks for your post, if anyone is interested we have the following doubles: 20 28 32 36 37 41 42 44 45 50 56 57 58 62 66 67 83 87 90 91 94 96 99 103 104 106 110 …
Started by: sttevann · 31.Mar.2016 · Daily life
35 posts, 23:06 yesterday
Notice period for classes?
QUOTE Cathyc ". Without going into all the details, like the knock on the door to see this shop owner standing there with a can of petrol (Yes, you read that right)...UNQUOTE Even Nigel Farage doesn't come out with so much crap !
Started by: vmontalvao · 29.Jun.2016 · Daily life
4 posts, 22:54 yesterday
Wall oven
Started by: smileygreebins · 29.Jun.2016 · Daily life
41 posts, 22:09 yesterday
Terror attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport
From today's Guardian "Incontrovertible evidence has now emerged that Isis operatives planned the Ankara attack last October." You remember this was blamed on a joint ISIS Kurd attack although over a 100 mostly Kurds were killed and…
Started by: JagWaugh · 28.Jun.2016 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 22:06 yesterday
Highway road blocks today... whats going on?
Started by: Treverus · 29.Jun.2016 · Daily life
41 posts, 22:04 yesterday
I'm in Hospital ... can someone sneak me…
They normally take your order for dinner and the next days Breakfast and Lunch, mid-morning. So no you couldn't order as you were in theatre. So they offered you a cold plate (the usual for this situation), which you didn't want, so they…
Started by: Hausamsee · 29.Jun.2016 · Food and drink
5 posts, 22:04 yesterday
Map for cost of living in Switzerland?
Started by: daffy99 · 29.Jun.2016 · Daily life
64 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Language depression!
After studying Ancient Greek and some other dead languages, I can safely suggest that it's not really hard to learn a modern language :D I have a top 3 list of tough languages though: Danish, Hungarian and Tagalog. Anyway, don't want to…
Started by: Island Monkey · 25.Jun.2016 · Language corner
133 posts, 21:30 yesterday
Importing a classic [car] + intro
15k, you say?! Do I have a deal for you! You get to keep a few of your chuffs, and I give you this beautiful postmodern example of German ;) engineering excellence. I'll even beat it up for you free of charge!
Started by: A Stranger in the Alps · 26.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 21:02 yesterday
Working in the spitex
Started by: SmileToo · 28.Jun.2016 · Employment
72 posts, 20:48 yesterday
Does Switzerland attract Little Englanders?
No, you are totally right- this is not at all what I meant by Little Englander at all. But due to the change of actors- I just couldn't resist it DB hopeless with technology- can't post the photos of me at the IoW, in Carnaby Street…
Started by: Odile · 27.Jun.2016 · International affairs/politics
5 posts, 20:39 yesterday
Business start up switzerland
Started by: willem5 · 4.Jun.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
32 posts, 20:22 yesterday
ADHD and Swiss schools
I still think there's more mileage in going back to the school - OP's son has a new teacher. We all have to learn somewhere, but there should surely be some more experienced support on hand. Faltrad - I understand what you're saying…
Started by: Rama karanth · 29.Jun.2016 · Education
11 posts, 20:10 yesterday
Professional Indemnity Insurance & Public…
Hi there I am looking into this and my adviser only has it in German which is of no help. Could you assist or at least speak to me about it as I would like to get a cover as soon as possible. I tried to PM you but your box is full.…
Started by: Juliette*J · 14.Apr.2010 · Insurance
26 posts, 19:34 yesterday
Travel insurance
Very often you can get travel insurance with credit card providers (e.g. UBS) which have decent coverage policies for a good price with big insurers (in the case of UBS I believe it is AXA). Otherwise, if you are looking for something…
Started by: Agra · 6.Jan.2014 · Insurance
4 posts, 19:32 yesterday
Workaround for preview/edit/quote post problems
Started by: Ace1 · 29.Jun.2015 · Forum support
34 posts, 19:24 yesterday
Apple TV or Google Chromecast ?
I download a lot of TV series and movies and want to watch them on my "big screen", so I tried out Apple TV since I am a Mac user and found that streaming quality is extremely poor. The picture is laggy and there is no way to fix it (this…
Started by: vrao · 16.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
89 posts, 19:20 yesterday
Swisscom vs Cablecom
I also checked out Fiber7 to compare against Swisscom since it was the only comparable solution in Zug in terms of speed, but what put me off is the fact that if you have a technical problem you may have to wait days before you reach…
Started by: Milan1981 · 2.Feb.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
27 posts, 18:17 yesterday
I can't get health insurance without my…
Seems like this is a grey area in CH. They give you 3 months to get insured, which is enough in many cases to get the permit and in some cases it's not.Went to SWICA another day and the answer was no, so went to Helsana and got insured…
Started by: FromLondonToLugano · 9.May.2016 · Insurance
1 post, 18:08 yesterday
Playmobile construction toys
Started by: clive7 · 29.Jun.2016 · Items wanted
61 posts, 17:34 yesterday
Family life in Einsiedeln
I know, but my husband is a hardcore, GA sporting, train commuter. He'd walk or bicycle to work before driving the car to Zug mornings and evenings. I've become the same, the only reason we still have a car is that we had it when we…
Started by: Moutaingirl · 21.Jun.2016 · Housing in general
25 posts, 16:58 yesterday
Guide to selling a property privately
If you really have no idea what your property is worth you can pay a few thousand francs for a valuation, which will included a nicely bound booklet, photos (like you don't know what your place looks like). There are valuation…
Started by: theseneschal · 6.Jun.2015 · Housing in general
18 posts, 16:57 yesterday
Double Taxation
You pay Swiss tax on all UK income unless that income is only allowed to be taxable in the UK. Income that's taxable only in the UK is services provided there and rental income from UK property. There may be others. What does your…
Started by: Penelopy · 22.Feb.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
23 posts, 16:36 yesterday
Forum Upgrade to vBulletin 5?
If it'll make vbulletin actually go to the last post in a thread I'd be very happy. Currently the Brexit thread is at page 154 - so why does vbulletin insist on sending me to my post on page 58 when I use the link from an e-mail…
Started by: SpiritV · 11.Apr.2016 · Forum support
2 posts, 16:32 yesterday
Looking for temporary / permanent apartment…
Started by: ohboy · 21.Jun.2016 · Property wanted
2 posts, 15:23 yesterday
Question on Leasing Early Buyout
Started by: edu · 29.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
72 posts, 14:54 yesterday
How low will GBP go?
:) :p for you I took my British driving test in 1971 in a TR4 (as in those pre EU/bilaterals- Swiss cititzens in the UK, living there permanently, had to re-do test within 6 months. My mil made some L plates at the last minute with lip…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 13.Jun.2016 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 14:51 yesterday
Small apartment in 8005
Started by: amandacanada · 5.Feb.2016 · Property wanted
1 post, 14:37 yesterday
Powerlifting-oriented gym in Brugg?
Started by: carlsaischa · 29.Jun.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
77 posts, 14:33 yesterday
Getting banned for groaning to a mod post
No, you were banned for a long history of trolling, attacking other members and mods and generally being a shitstirrer. The fact of statements like the above is just more evidence of your desire to upset and offend. The…
Started by: gaburko · 28.Jun.2016 · Forum support
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