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13 posts, 00:34 today
Meet up Traders in Lausanne
I'm aware of that concept (eg. try trading the Turtle trend following system now). But yes, what you then go on to say is more closer to the truth. I find it hilarious that a few people think they as a retail trader have some secret…
Started by: Pabloserrano · 25.Nov.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
24 posts, 00:08 today
Yearly Vehicle Check
Mini Metros ... no need to avoid them, they're not produced anymore and also not to be found anymore with left steering. Doubt you would be tempted either as I'm into the older and weirder the better:D
Started by: motoway · 2.Dec.2016 · Transportation/driving
13 posts, 00:07 today
Goddamit .. I only went in for some milk
It's confusion. If one has a problem with eating gluten, one is ill for several days after ingesting even a small quantity. There is no chance of giving in to "weakness" (as you put it), as the consequences are simply too…
Started by: CathHarmony · 3.Dec.2016 · Food and drink
7 posts, 23:59 yesterday
9 Dead in Fire near San Francisco
To be honest, my only source for this kind of information IS EF. Involuntary. Everybody? Really? Well, yours (only read the headline) at least made me google-search that Bengaluru is the capital of a federal state in India called…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 3.Dec.2016 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 23:33 yesterday
UK Taxes while on Dual residency
Started by: Cerise · 3.Dec.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
40 posts, 22:31 yesterday
Out with the old, in with the new.
Hmmm, as we know populists only read headlines and look at pictures (anything else is too hard on the brain) so they will vote yes? The Italians have a funny way of canvassing ... here again it depends who you think the arse is.…
Started by: st2lemans · 16.Nov.2016 · International affairs/politics
36 posts, 22:17 yesterday
Rosberg retires from F1
Several sites seem to basically agree with that. It will probably come down to who has the best get out clause in their contract. Given a free choice, Vettel would probably be the favourite. Bottas is likely to be the easiest to…
Started by: bigblue2 · 2.Dec.2016 · Football/sports
35 posts, 22:15 yesterday
Legal advice for buying 2nd hand furniture
I must admit that at the time when I told them to call the police, I was not sure if I would be treated fairly, especially considering they were a well to-do middle-aged Swiss couple and I was a foreigner mum with two toddlers in tow…
Started by: pawanjee · 30.Nov.2016 · Other/general
61 posts, 21:50 yesterday
Plantar Fasciitis. It's a right pain in…
I have given up on what it looks like and went for what is comfortable, so started wearing Birkenstocks, at home and on holidays. Best footbed ever, love them! Can´t wait to get home and wear them :D
Started by: grumpygrapefruit · 4.Jun.2010 · Family matters/health
128 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Health Insurance 2017
Hi, I have changed the insurer but I did not received the new bills yet. I got the new account, new insurance card and confirmation letter from my current insurer. I guess it will come as Christmas gift
Started by: simple_person · 21.Sep.2016 · Insurance
39 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Letter from ecollect.ch
This might cheer all of you up. :D "A spoof news site has released a charity song for Christmas, mocking an infamous river crossing. Southend News Network's song "Dartford Tolls" has been viewed more than one million times on…
Started by: babaroga · 15.Mar.2016 · Transportation/driving
24 posts, 21:24 yesterday
When to claim your medical expenses?
I was on social aid in Switzerland for almost 7 years. Most of the time, if I was sent to a new doctor who had not treated me before I explained my situation to the doctor / receptionist and asked if it was possible to have the bills…
Started by: adrian76 · 13.Nov.2008 · Insurance
9 posts, 21:20 yesterday
The Unscrupulous FUST in Geneva
I can't comment on how helpful they are if there's a problem! I have bought several things over last 5 years from the Geneva train station Fust. Had good service and they price matched a tv we bought two years ago.
Started by: tdanik · 1.Dec.2016 · Complaints corner
9 posts, 20:51 yesterday
Coop stickers October/November 2016
We need 12, 48, 107, and 110. We have 3, 6, 8, 9, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, 50, 51, 52, 54, 58, 64, 65, 68, 69, 70, 72, 76, 79, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94, 96, 97, 99, 102, 103, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 120, 126, 129,…
Started by: Rockabella · 4.Nov.2016 · Daily life
75 posts, 20:50 yesterday
Are you eligible for a health insurance…
I'm a Portuguese citizen - Working in dubai & want to move to switzerland in May 2017. Currently i dont have a job offer from swizerland will land and start job hunting. During this period can i apply for European Health Insurance Card…
Started by: jenny · 3.Jun.2008 · Insurance
2 posts, 20:14 yesterday
Ikea Stolmen
Started by: amandacanada · 2.Dec.2016 · Items wanted
111 posts, 18:45 yesterday
Is 68k yearly gross a decent salary in Zurich?
In my first few years in Switzerland, I earned a fair bit less than 68k brutto and paid just over 2000 chf a month for my flat. So, yeah. There's no "rule". It's bollocks. To the OP: you won't be rich, but you'll be fine, especially once…
Started by: nenadc · 30.Nov.2016 · Employment
8 posts, 16:48 yesterday
Donating Food in Zurich?
The Salvation army are always willing to take food in any form. Many communes have a social kitchen where the elderly, poorer families and those who have been socially outcast can go for a 3 course lunch for 5fr. I'm sure they would be…
Started by: Shiny · 24.Jun.2008 · Other/general
1 post, 15:18 yesterday
Experience of importing a used car from…
Started by: Philhere · 3.Dec.2016 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 14:48 yesterday
DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC on the recognition…
No you do not. You have a right to have your qualifications taken into account in meeting the local qualifications to practice same as a national would provided your qualifications have been assessed as being equivalent. I am a…
Started by: Penelopy · 2.Dec.2016 · Employment
6 posts, 14:07 yesterday
UK income tax liability
Managed and controlled from Switzerland by a resident of Switzerland (more importantly not resident/not ordinarily resident in the UK)? Can't see any reason why this should be taxed in the UK. UK bank account is irrelevant.
Started by: S-Man · 3.Dec.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 13:53 yesterday
Looking for Russian, German or French -…
Started by: JRC · 3.Dec.2016 · Language corner
7 posts, 13:51 yesterday
Temporary accomodation for single person…
Look at booking.com and select apartments. There are a number listed. It may not be the cheapest way to book so see if there is a website for the listed properties. AFAIK you can't airbnb and get a work/residence permit, although maybe…
Started by: nenadc · 3.Dec.2016 · Housing in general
7 posts, 13:27 yesterday
Question about how FINMA would handle this…
Thank you very much for the answers. Still it's not clear to me and I will need to dig deeper into the regulations and talk to specialists. I am aware that the some institutional investors such as pension funds obviously do not have…
Started by: Capo · 1.Dec.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 12:32 yesterday
Lycamobile: promotional balance trap
Started by: AbFab · 3.Dec.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
98 posts, 12:20 yesterday
Anyone tried the new SBB app?
Any idea on how to change the 'quick ticket' defaults. It always offers Mobilis 1 zone, which I never need - I need 2 zones. If you select 1 zone, there is no way to change it to 2 zones. Also why is a return ticket more expensive than…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 19.Oct.2016 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 12:13 yesterday
Swapping Coop cards for the "Was ist was" book
Started by: Vince · 3.Dec.2016 · Daily life
79 posts, 12:02 yesterday
Eigenmietwert on (unused) property abroad?
The Ukrainians go to Poland because it's near and because the language barrier is very low. They can learn to speak Polish within months. Also I think it is easier for them to get a work permit in Poland than further west. Or they just…
Started by: giff · 19.Oct.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 12:00 yesterday
Where to get Custom Shoes
Amazon stock some very large shoe sizes, at very reasonable prices. Here are shoes made for ladies in size EU 48 (with unisex shoes) https://www.amazon.de/s/... Ladies pump shoes, with heels, size EU 48, black, only €54.82 …
Started by: bluefish409 · 12.Nov.2015 · Other/general
8 posts, 11:57 yesterday
Where are dogs allowed to pee?
Thanks for the info there meloncollie, very usefull. :) My boy is quite large for mini schnauzer, but still below the limits to fall into List 1. We'll probably look for classes anyhow, we've been attending them regularly in Finland as…
Started by: Kipsu · 2.Dec.2016 · Pet corner
6 posts, 11:08 yesterday
Covering up the Vehicle Identity Number?
Not aware of such a law in Switzerland. The law only says that it must be easily accessible (it does not say public visible) and you are not allowed to delete or altere it. Art. 44 and 219 OETV https://www.admin.ch/opc...…
Started by: Sbrinz · 3.Dec.2016 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 09:31 yesterday
Europol's Advent Calendar
Started by: Sbrinz · 2.Dec.2016 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 09:15 yesterday
Companies in mountain locations
Started by: Michelesoavi · 30.Nov.2016 · Employment
12 posts, 00:15 yesterday
Friday Thread: SVP campaign against individual…
The truth can be, "particularly where such statements refer to a person's private or family life." You aren't even allowed to proof wether or not you are talking the truth in that case... https://www.admin.ch/opc...
Started by: Treverus · 2.Dec.2016 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 22:13 02.Dec.2016
Aussies in Zurich drinks
Started by: RTN · 22.Nov.2016 · Commercial events
2 posts, 21:07 02.Dec.2016
Carrom board
Started by: iamtheone · 2.Dec.2016 · Items wanted
52 posts, 21:06 02.Dec.2016
"Connect box" - New UPC Cablecom modem
You are absolutely right! I complained about the speed (well, they sent me a feedback request...) and in a few days they sent me a technician who replaced the socket and suggested me to avoid to use the splitter provided, now I have…
Started by: MajorGrubert · 13.Nov.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
57 posts, 20:36 02.Dec.2016
Kitchen Aid vs. Kenwood
I've got Kenwood Major Chef for over 5 years now. Very happy with it. Got it with the advice from a professional chef, who could compare it with Vorwerk and Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid has been disqualified as cheap plastic and Vorwerk is…
Started by: edot · 30.Nov.2014 · Housing in general
52 posts, 20:20 02.Dec.2016
Amazon Echo / Alexa
Took delivery of mine this morning. Apart from some issues with my two Sony SRS-X88 (one of them isn't getting the Google cast 1.21 update and won't work with the Home and the other one I renamed which messed up the Google Cast setup),…
Started by: StirB · 20.Sep.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
20 posts, 19:37 02.Dec.2016
Nestle says will cut sugar in chocolate by 40%
I understand your feelings. However, this does not look like one of those sneaky ways of substituting sugar with something else (aspartame, stevia, etc.). Not to mention the drug-like taste modifying molecules that are being allowed in…
Started by: Castro · 1.Dec.2016 · International affairs/politics
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