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13 posts, 00:03 today
Best coffee and cake in Basel
Well, great cakes and pastries are at Da Graziella in Bankverein/Feldbergstras... and their two other branches. Excellent italian pastries and way better coffee than pretty much any Swiss coffee shop. Another good place with good…
Started by: Wabma · 19.Aug.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 23:53 yesterday
Free Tickets for "Energy Air", 6.9.14, Berne,…
Started by: Verne · 30.Aug.2014 · Concerts
1 post, 23:48 yesterday
Don't Let This Happen To You! - Bewaare…
Started by: LDBasel · 30.Aug.2014 · Housing in general
5 posts, 23:38 yesterday
I am Scottish, live in England and hope…
Started by: Lola_Lou · 30.Aug.2014 · Introductions
16 posts, 23:37 yesterday
A bank account for non-resident,…
Of course it´s just my scenario, but I have (soon "had") the BEKB-account exclusively to be able to keep a Swiss account if and when leaving Switzerland. Now that´s not possible anymore, so why keep it, no matter what the price is? I…
Started by: pixels · 12.Jul.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
34 posts, 23:35 yesterday
Zurich Restaurant recommendation needed:
It's literally on the corner and is the same side of Paradeplatz as the Zeughauskeller restaurant, going towards the main station. If I don't remember the name of it before the next time I'm down that way, then I'll pop in to find out and…
Started by: Swiss Cheddar · 20.Aug.2013 · Daily life
3 posts, 23:29 yesterday
Row house renovation costs
Started by: Harriet and Patrick · 30.Aug.2014 · Housing in general
4 posts, 23:28 yesterday
Looking for IT web developer entreupreneur
Started by: kitiara · 30.Aug.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
66 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Ice Bucket challenge
I'm open to suggestions. My UK MND friend is encouraging MND research charities. My brother had MND and macmillan cancer support. I would prefer Swiss charities, and was shocked when googling MND switzerland to mainly get euthanasia sites,…
Started by: TiMow · 25.Aug.2014 · Daily life
6 posts, 23:21 yesterday
Cast iron or gusseisen (de) frying pan
not a bad price for solid gold frying pans though :D i've been checking ricardo and its mostly woks and grill (ridged) pans or chinese (i think) no name manufacture, i may end up buying a US lodge one from amazon.de if a second hand one…
Started by: CathHarmony · 15.Aug.2014 · Items wanted
11 posts, 23:19 yesterday
Nanny spy camera
So what is the position regarding recent cases in the UK where families have used spy cameras in care homes and recorded their loved ones being abused? I can't imagine them obtaining a valid licence Their concerns were rightly exposed…
Started by: XIII · 30.Aug.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 23:13 yesterday
New to Zurich from Chicago
Started by: ChicagotoZuri · 30.Aug.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 23:13 yesterday
Ikea - Life long returns
Started by: Island Monkey · 30.Aug.2014 · Daily life
35 posts, 22:43 yesterday
Recruitment session at Nestlé
Hi Everyone, I applied to Nestle last month. I had my phone interview two weeks ago. And next week I have my face to face interview.I applied for a sensory specialist position. For this I have to make a presentation. Does anyone know…
Started by: Raj.uk · 13.May.2009 · Employment
1 post, 22:16 yesterday
Belinda Bencic (SUI) in fourth round of US Open
Started by: RetiredInNH · 30.Aug.2014 · Football/sports
1 post, 22:11 yesterday
15 min tasty chili with chickpeas
Started by: peebix · 30.Aug.2014 · Food and drink
12 posts, 22:04 yesterday
What's your expats opinion on buying vs renting
Prices on the country-side haven't risen much in the last few years - they even fell in some places. If prices in the places with a "hot" market were to fall, property in the country-side would be next to impossible to sell (for…
Started by: jacek · 30.Aug.2014 · Daily life
2 posts, 21:54 yesterday
Looking for used but new-ish TV between…
Started by: Rob_zrh · 30.Aug.2014 · Items wanted
9 posts, 21:49 yesterday
Yoga again:)
Hello! This reply is a bit late but I just moved to Waedenswil and I want to start doing yoga! My German is OK but not good enough for Yoga I would say.. Does anyone know of any English speaking classes? If not here, then in the near of…
Started by: amberlight · 19.Jul.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 21:44 yesterday
Notary service
Started by: vf-vug · 27.Aug.2014 · Daily life
101 posts, 21:43 yesterday
Are you fitter or fatter in Switzerland?
Before I moved here I used to live at 8,000ft above sea level. Just walking up a flight of stairs is a workout at that altitude. Plus you get drunk a lot easier so less alcohol carbs. I also lived right next to a trail head that was a…
Started by: litespeed · 21.Sep.2006 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Rent Initiative
Started by: sarantin · 30.Aug.2014 · Swiss politics/news
40 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Kreis 4
I can see how that was frustrating and a bit humiliating when you were simply, politely trying to get some information. Perhaps, however, you shouldn't take it so personally nor be so quick to judge. I know when I am out late at night…
Started by: Neurowissenschaften · 30.Aug.2014 · Complaints corner
31 posts, 21:28 yesterday
How to potty train 3 yrs old
Nope. Sensible mums teach their boys that it's much better to per sitting down.;) ( at home at least, don't really care what he does a school as I don't have to clean it up or run the risk of sitting down on a wet toilet seat)
Started by: great_lakes · 24.Aug.2014 · Family matters/health
6 posts, 21:11 yesterday
Stitch and Bitch in Uster
hi everyone, i know that the post is old but i am living in Altendorf since few month and i would love to contact people that love handcraft or stitch or crochet and so on , as me... if you are still interested why dont we organize a…
Started by: loulabelle · 1.Jun.2012 · Daily life
5 posts, 21:06 yesterday
Greek Taverna
Started by: kifissiacat · 22.Mar.2013 · Entertainment & dining
9 posts, 21:04 yesterday
5-a-side football in Zurich
Have you looked in Kloten? There's a football club with a bunch of fields and they don't start most of the trainings for various teams until 8pm. So, there might be some open fields before that... I have no idea if they would allow it or…
Started by: milton999 · 12.Aug.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
17 posts, 20:49 yesterday
Living in Biel/Bienne
You're welcome. :) I am not terribly surprised that you were not happy with what you saw. Neuchatel is just so much prettier than Biel. It's a short train ride from Biel HB to some very beautiful places though... Ipsach, Sutz,…
Started by: carlasmom · 21.Aug.2014 · Education
19 posts, 20:35 yesterday
Brown sugar in CH
There's a new shop in Glarus that sells brown sugar. I believe it is owned by a delightful American/British couple who have been embraced by the locals as ambassadors of good will and foreign culture. Here are some events they have…
Started by: slammer · 7.Aug.2013 · Other/general
8 posts, 20:33 yesterday
Second hand car in lausanne
Hi, Official procedures are quite simple, once you get car, the previous owner or the dealer gives you the grey card, you make an online application on the internet for car insurance and you go to Service de Automobiles the same day and…
Started by: burcakicli · 2.Jul.2008 · Transportation/driving
31 posts, 20:13 yesterday
Gaah! Very pissed off!
Yes that's becoming more common especially from companies with some business/marketing brains. Also some companies will even refund the difference if the charges are less but still guarantee you won't pay more if it exceeds what you…
Started by: Island Monkey · 28.Aug.2014 · Complaints corner
6 posts, 20:07 yesterday
APT in Winterthur-2 Rooms OK- No Luck So Far
Maybe if you are living on pensions etc. and are not tied to a particular area, you could look further afield. There are some less central/popular places still accessible by transport which would be cheaper and have less competition.
Started by: ameriswisslady · 30.Aug.2014 · Property wanted
33 posts, 19:29 yesterday
US State Dept hiking renunciation fees to…
In the eyes of the US Government, which is all that counts unless you are counting on another government of nationality to come to your defense and you have no assets, income or heirs and never visit the USA, there is no distinction…
Started by: MennoFloyd · 28.Aug.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 19:18 yesterday
Indoor spin/cycling classes basel?
Started by: kiwigirl · 30.Aug.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
69 posts, 18:53 yesterday
When do you turn heating back on?
Sure since the day after I started this thread I have gone back to open windows in morning and evening, and shutting shutters in the middle of the day to keep cool! Glad I didn't fire up that underfloor heating after all
Started by: Pixie B · 26.Aug.2014 · Daily life
15 posts, 18:23 yesterday
After market parts on a import car
Do you the details for the location/contact info of the noise test etc? A garage quoted me 10.000 chfs to register the car!!! The car does not have a CoC as its the 2 door Trpe R impreza, and will fail the noise test, so new exhaust…
Started by: matedge · 12.Nov.2011 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 18:20 yesterday
Clothes hangers
Started by: drkarthiks · 30.Aug.2014 · Items wanted
69 posts, 18:18 yesterday
Switzerland and Swiss neutrality
See? You can, in fact, groan. Doesn’t it feel good? :) But don’t overdo it! It’s dangerous around here! ;) You’re right, maybe I will start using "Oh, you poor thing! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!" a lot…
Started by: marton · 26.Aug.2014 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 18:17 yesterday
ZKB OR Postfinance for salary + regular…
Started by: ivs4n · 29.Aug.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 18:12 yesterday
EU to ban high powered domestic appliances
Well yes, but that's not what they're trying to achieve. Anyway, it's not like in the UK where there are so often very predictable peaks, like half time in the cup final, where half the country goes and puts the kettle on for tea.…
Started by: marton · 30.Aug.2014 · International affairs/politics
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