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1 post, 05:05 today
Purchase of e-ciggarettes
Started by: WisePotato · 19.Dec.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 04:20 today
Cheap Kitchens Newcastle
Started by: nyugelfren · 19.Dec.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 04:06 today
Switzerland Israel relations
Started by: Mag8 · 18.Dec.2014 · Swiss politics/news
10 posts, 03:42 today
Orthophoniste/language class
Thank you all for informative replies. To clarify My son is almost 7 and he is attending first year elementary school. Last year he was in regular maternelle class with weekly speech therapy sessions (private but covered by my insurance).…
Started by: Karakatica · 17.Dec.2014 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 03:22 today
High German/Swiss German - Die Schweizermacher
Very much so. Their slow way of speaking even earned them the reputation of being slow in general. Standard joke: Two souls on the way up to the Pearly Gates, the faster one quickly passing the slower one, shouting, "Hans Müller,…
Started by: ro32xx · 15.Sep.2014 · Language corner
63 posts, 02:42 today
Who to complain to at coop?
This silver knob is on the front side, just next to the door. First of all, you bought an oven from Coop's "Qualité & Prix" product line: the most cheapest products available by Coop. In other words: Do not expect anything above…
Started by: CathHarmony · 17.Dec.2014 · Complaints corner
133 posts, 02:40 today
Pegida marches against Islamisation of Europe
You've heard it from other people before in this thread, but once again: check your sources. You are constantly spreading uninformed half-truths. It is not a crime to dislike the constitution at all. 90% or so of the constitution are…
Started by: Loz1983 · 16.Dec.2014 · International affairs/politics
2 posts, 02:31 today
Any basefit zurich members?
Started by: user-name · 17.Dec.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 01:47 today
Orange CH sould to Xavier Niel
Started by: MrVertigo · 18.Dec.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 01:08 today
Moving to Zurich from US
Started by: crozer · 19.Dec.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 00:46 today
Leaving kids under the age of 12 unattended
Started by: SA33 · 19.Dec.2014 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 00:36 today
Westminster Paedophile Ring
You seem to have quite a bee in your bonnet over this story. Far from "being kept out of the press", it's been doing the rounds for many years, waiting for some hard evidence to support it. No doubt there is something at the heart…
Started by: Hausamsee · 2.Dec.2014 · International affairs/politics
23 posts, 00:27 today
The Taxman Always Rings Twice.
As I understand, you owned a house and sold it before leaving Switzerland. In this case, by law you are obliged to file a tax return. If you don't, the tax administration is entitled to estimate your tax liability…
Started by: slammer · 10.Dec.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
6 posts, 00:26 today
Freelance contract taxed at source?
You may have to phone your way to the responsible authority, but basically Scotti is right. You want to contact either Steueramt or Wirtschaftsamt of your Kanton of residence. Depending on your german proficiency you may want to mail them…
Started by: arwana · 11.Dec.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 00:25 today
Pilar 3a stock funds
Started by: landoa · 18.Dec.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 00:10 today
Gym cancellation letter ? Example ?
Greetings all! I kindly request assistance with writing a gym cancellation letter in German, and am hoping that Treverus' draft in post #2 here will suffice (with a little tweak) to cater for my situation. I joined Mrs Sporty gym on…
Started by: robindesbois · 20.Jan.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
26 posts, 00:04 today
North Korea lampoon film cancelled
Someone speculated that the hackers hinted at having some sort of "nuke" in their possession. Probably evidence of criminal activity, like embezzlement, tax fraud - basically anything that could mean serious jail-time for the…
Started by: Castro · 18.Dec.2014 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 23:58 yesterday
[Question]How to find a job for architects
Started by: M4rcius · 18.Dec.2014 · Employment
20 posts, 23:48 yesterday
Schnauzer search
This part of my profile relates to my employability in Switzerland, I am totally unemployable in Switzerland because I don't speak German and I am non eu. I am not unemployable in the UK, I was a police officer until 10 days ago, a job…
Started by: lmerkel · 7.Feb.2012 · Pet corner
3 posts, 23:45 yesterday
Short visit to Bern, somewhere to eat and…
Started by: leeh · 18.Dec.2014 · Food and drink
18 posts, 23:43 yesterday
Filipino Restaurant?
There was, years ago, a nice Philippino Restaurant in the Ground Floor of the Hotel Arlette in Stampfenbachstrasse in Zürich, which is no longer existing. I at in the Golden Asian once and it was excellent.
Started by: stephbowman86 · 18.Dec.2014 · Food and drink
8 posts, 23:38 yesterday
Cancel health insurance before new premium…
...and in order for the cancellation to happen, two things must happen by 31st December - you must have arranged a new insurance, and you must have paid off everything you owe to the previous insurer (debt chasing admin fees - Mahngebühren…
Started by: tp_sale · 21.Nov.2014 · Insurance
17 posts, 23:26 yesterday
New Year's resolution?
Mine neither. Although there's still something I badly need to improve in that area too - Swiss German! (so maybe it's not in the wrong section for me after all) Among other things - finish some projects I keep postponing. Be more…
Started by: mhuss · 12.Dec.2014 · Language corner
4 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Moving in with partner - cancelling insurance…
Started by: Wisconsinite · 17.Dec.2014 · Insurance
18 posts, 23:12 yesterday
Where I can get the best rates to exchange…
Yeah, but And I know they'd likely be transferring to UK, rather than Israel, but it'd not make much difference and Israel made for a better story (what with the OP being from Tel Aviv and all). I was going to write "Middle East", but…
Started by: meklermoshe · 18.Dec.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 23:03 yesterday
UK Contract on Switzerland
You need to read your Swiss contract in conjunction with any UK contract you still have with your company. Sometimes the UK contract can be the principle or overiding one, or if it is still in force but subservient, you can seek legal…
Started by: Marex · 18.Dec.2014 · Employment
13 posts, 22:39 yesterday
Jobs which require no German?
Not really, as she's said she's British so is an EU national. The Free Movement Agreement allows her to live and work here with no problems. All she'll need to do is take her employment contract to the migration office to activate the…
Started by: Vanderford · 17.Dec.2014 · Employment
4 posts, 22:36 yesterday
Leaving Switzerland- left behind an apartment
Started by: Taipei101 · 18.Dec.2014 · Introductions
25 posts, 22:35 yesterday
Tick bite!
Joking aside - the wife of a neighbour died after being bitten by tick (it was before I moved to current location, so I never knew her).apparently it was in a hidden area and went unnoticed. The man friend of my SiL was bitten about a…
Started by: smoky · 17.Dec.2014 · Family matters/health
86 posts, 22:34 yesterday
Not a good time for Lindt [Including Discussion…
Wow, that's what I call a very fine example of prejedice prototyically based on stupid and totally disqualified assumptions. Well, it is fully correct that many foreigners being charged (and being faced with more serious accusations)…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 15.Dec.2014 · Swiss politics/news
17 posts, 22:27 yesterday
Friends coming to visit or going skiing…
LOL- she was my neighbour in the UK- still lives there, paying her taxes, I can assure you. But we digress- all I wanted to do is warn those driving over from UK for the festivities- to keep an eye on the value and limits, so they do not…
Started by: Odile · 18.Dec.2014 · Daily life
10 posts, 22:26 yesterday
Safety triangles for kids (walking to school)
But quite a variety https://www.google.ch/?g... is available for adults. Beside this, I usually have a fluoroscent jacket in use (spring, summer, autumn) and whenever possible also fluoroscent T-Shirts, particularily when…
Started by: zufimufi · 18.Dec.2014 · Daily life
8 posts, 22:18 yesterday
Trading Panini stickers from Aldi
Here we go. We have a bunch of doubles/triples that I will try to match to the lists above in the next post. This is our current list of stickers we are missing. Thanks. 001, 011, 017 022, 023. 028 034, 037, 039 040, 041,…
Started by: 22 yards · 14.Dec.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 22:11 yesterday
Cancelling Building Insurance on House Purchase
Started by: Stickman · 18.Dec.2014 · Insurance
88 posts, 22:01 yesterday
Taliban kill over 120 in Pakistan
Obviously and clearly, you do admit and acknowledge that the main driver of the violence is this 'religion' they practice. You, as a Muslim, or someone that has knowledge and experience of Islam, can say this is not…
Started by: TiMow · 16.Dec.2014 · International affairs/politics
5 posts, 22:01 yesterday
Train fees?
Started by: derk · 18.Dec.2014 · Transportation/driving
11 posts, 21:57 yesterday
Health insurance: the difference of family…
family model is General practitioner model. You have to chose only one generalist doctor. I guess than Basis is free choice of practicers. Because you are often moving in witzerland you should better to have free choice of practicers.
Started by: happyrobbie · 13.Nov.2014 · Insurance
62 posts, 21:50 yesterday
Swiss Dentist hell
Yes, but I was kidding about the person who did the implant. It was in the spirit of this thread, of course things can go wrong irrespective of how brilliant the dentist was. (and obviously she had the best ones) Thank you for your…
Started by: MarkH · 13.Dec.2014 · Complaints corner
8 posts, 21:50 yesterday
Best insurance model for baby: assura
Family doctor model is a general practitioner model (GP). It's easy to use. Be careful with Pharmed. Pharmed is GP model + you buy your prescript medications in a Sunstore pharmacy. There are very few Sunstore in the german speakink part…
Started by: ihtxam · 31.Oct.2014 · Insurance
25 posts, 21:46 yesterday
This is nothing new ... or Swiss: Back in '88, I was driving a renter back to Stockholm, after a visit to Oslo, and passed through the unmanned border (as it had been on the outward drive), on the main road between the two…
Started by: amjadzurich · 18.Dec.2014 · Complaints corner
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