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7 posts, 19:52 today
Where to bring visitor for dinner in Zug?
We usually take visitors to the Widder, a few steps from the old police station near the old Clock Tower. It is very 'Swiss' in decor and menu, which is mainly what our visitors like to experience. It's nice to wander around the Old Town…
Started by: VTheodora · 26.Mar.2015 · Food and drink
6 posts, 19:46 today
Easter weekend destinations (starting from…
Are you trying to save money? Or do you consider Switzerland not worth exploring? Before coming here you can buy a rail travel pass for Switzerland, get a decent guide book and plan a rail holiday here.
Started by: Swissward · 26.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
5 posts, 19:42 today
[Primary School in] Hedingen
Started by: Frizzyfinn · 26.Mar.2015 · Education
4 posts, 19:32 today
Recommendation for supermarket along drive…
Started by: fochtnj · 10.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
6 posts, 19:25 today
Looking for a mechanic to retrofit some…
Started by: bobo_97 · 26.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
18 posts, 19:19 today
I need help to find a job in Switzerland!!!
Thank you so much tormund :) I am going to check this link! I registered for intensive course to learn French language faster. Thank you for your message :) I've applied for data scientist position in Johnson and Johnson and Nestle two…
Started by: marinha_alv · 25.Mar.2015 · Employment
6 posts, 18:49 today
The Dog Whisperer, der Hundeflüsterer
I believed he has moved to canton Jura, i will ask the dog lady friend. How long have you lived here with your dog? You must do an official dog training course, with your dog. The people running the course will be able to advise you on…
Started by: Sbrinz · 15.Jan.2013 · Pet corner
7 posts, 18:41 today
Helicopter rides
As Robinson helicopters are dirt cheap, they are owned by rich kids, who are not experienced pilots. Maintaince varies & often skimped. I know someone who films from helicopters on a weekly basis, he puts pilots in 4 categories, in…
Started by: aa_248 · 26.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
17 posts, 18:03 today
Cash Bonus When Leaving Employment
Well I think maybe it's worth a try then. We do not get any overtime etc and are expected to work weekends and evenings, this is then recognised as having 5 free days over Xmas. I questioned them on if I am entitled to this, they said…
Started by: Country_Mouse · 3.Nov.2010 · Employment
8 posts, 17:48 today
Primary schools in Morges vs. St-Sulpice…
Thanks. We are searching for a house now and we are looking at these three villages. I thought I will see which school has better lunch/after school coverage to narrow housing area selection. However, the school admins are not returning…
Started by: Apsrsj · 15.Mar.2015 · Education
16 posts, 17:42 today
Haircut for cats
The consumption would still be concerning to me, so I would be (at the risk of sounding like a broken record to you ;)) buying a fountain (I assure you that I'm not affiliated with any fountain-makers :D) and measuring the amount of…
Started by: Beely · 26.Mar.2015 · Pet corner
13 posts, 17:34 today
Scenic montain train journey and tulips...and…
Yes, I saw the yurt package on the GP website and it did sound fun. This time round, because we are combining with the Morges Tulip show, we are a little pushed for time...oh, and with a 14 year-old daughter in tow, we opted for the…
Started by: taveau · 24.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
15 posts, 17:29 today
Swiss German for yodelling!
Wow, wow, having a moment, are we? I can tell my West from Ost, but you should also know that Geneva always stood apart from the rest of Switzerland...after all, die Welschen themselves invented the word "die Genferei" to highlight how…
Started by: taveau · 24.Mar.2015 · Language corner
18 posts, 17:24 today
(2nd hand) sewing machine-advice
Two years ago, I was looking for a sewing machine as well. After reading lots of articles and posts, I decided to buy the electric one singer 7465 (brand new) from ricardo.ch. I wanted an electric one with some special caracteristics…
Started by: dali · 22.Mar.2015 · Other/general
3 posts, 17:10 today
Help with Sony Vaio needed (Zurich)
Started by: pauljb · 20.Mar.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 17:10 today
Online transfer from PostFinance (CHF) to…
Started by: amybum · 26.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 17:10 today
Gynecologist near Opfikon/Zürich
Started by: Topolly · 26.Mar.2015 · Family matters/health
37 posts, 16:59 today
Coop "fill-your-own" fruit/vege bags...how…
Fruit salad's an easy way to start - then there's fruit smoothies, fruit ice cream,* fruit cakes,* fruit pies,* fruit tarts, * fruit crumbles, fruit compotes,* fruit garnishes, fruit jams, * fruit preserves,* veggie pies, veggie…
Started by: kiwigeek · 13.Feb.2015 · Daily life
11 posts, 16:45 today
Coop & Migros - How to redeem points
COOP Points can always be used in COOP City, on all products all year round if you don't want to spend them in the COOP supermarket. We always buy Christmas presents there for everyone. Nice extra saving so around Xmas
Started by: LiveLongandProsper · 26.Mar.2015 · Daily life
7 posts, 16:22 today
Dog friendly apartments in Zurich area
Hi, I have given advice as to how one can find a suitable apartment in other threads, therefore I'm quoting myself below. Substitute "cat" for "dog". Good luck in finding a suitable flat. They are out there - but they can be hard to…
Started by: Meli.Seth · 26.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
2 posts, 16:09 today
Anybody elses children signed up for homework…
Started by: hayleyob · 26.Aug.2013 · Education
10 posts, 16:09 today
Group bike rides in Nyon area
Did you have any success? I am looking for the same... I am going to talk to BikeSpot in Rolle on Saturday to see if they are up to anything. Looking for people who can help me train towards this year's Etape du Tour...
Started by: gck950 · 22.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 16:06 today
UPC Cablecom new Mini Combi bundle
Started by: MajorGrubert · 13.Mar.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
48 posts, 16:06 today
Car modifications and MFK
the rule of thumb If they are OEM parts you should be fine, unless, the alter the power or performance in any way shape or form, so a trev'ed up bonnet *should* be fine, if its made by dodge tow bar and wheels buy here, get the…
Started by: keegs · 23.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 15:55 today
Emirates special fares
Started by: Verbier · 26.Mar.2015 · Other/general
10 posts, 15:54 today
Childcare for a working mom - Vaud
Have a look on the Perfect Way website for the conditions for hiring a nanny/domestic helper or an au pair. Also have a look down in the Marketplace section of the forum under Jobs Wanted for possible au pairs/helpers who are looking…
Started by: Apsrsj · 24.Mar.2015 · Education
14 posts, 15:40 today
We play cricket (with hard tennis balls)…
Hard-tennis balls, also known as "heavy cosco" (at least in India), are tennis like balls that are much more heavier. it is a closer experience to playing with an usual cricket ball but does not require the entire safety kit & a proper…
Started by: nilklin · 19.Jul.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 15:15 today
Food in Brig
Started by: polosash · 26.Mar.2015 · Food and drink
23 posts, 15:05 today
Swiss pension question
58 according to this extract: Early retirement With regard to the 1st pillar, you may withdraw your AHV pension 1 or 2 years ahead of time. This will, however, reduce your pension throughout retirement by 6.8% (for 1 year) or by…
Started by: BLP · 16.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
18 posts, 14:59 today
Recruitment agencies/headhunters
Thanks guys, you have been a great help! One more question, i have tried to redraft my CV to swiss standards, but would you recommend that I have a professional CV drafter have a look at my CV? For example i read on one of the englishforum…
Started by: Tan_SA · 22.Mar.2015 · Employment
33 posts, 14:44 today
Change of car insurance
Just as important: The STVA doesn't make sure the other guy is the legal owner, they'll simply do as asked and re-register. So anybody can have a car re-registered in his name, say it's legally his own and drive away into the sunset if…
Started by: Zombi · 1.Jun.2014 · Insurance
4 posts, 14:43 today
TAX return with student loan
Started by: the_bela · 26.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 14:43 today
Anyone for Squash?
Started by: EdP · 26.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
8 posts, 14:38 today
Gentle and patient DENTIST (Lausanne)
Hi there, I'll recommend a hygienist right on the EPFL campus (Lausanne) - her name is Jessica and works at Ardentis. She's Swiss but has the best English skills in the whole clinic. I told her I had sensitivity and she quickly found the…
Started by: ak2013 · 9.Apr.2013 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 14:38 today
Olive green diarrhea -6 week old baby
My both kids used to have it now and then. Normally after there was some change to their diet or after immunisations. However - as your baby is so small - if you feel there is something to worry about - call the doctor. If your doctor…
Started by: cutekid · 26.Mar.2015 · Family matters/health
37 posts, 14:07 today
EUR Current Account
BKB (Baseler Kantonalbank) has a Euro banking account that is free if you pair it with a private (i.e. chequing without the cheques) account (which in my case due to my employer is also free). You cannot get a credit card with it,…
Started by: Mikers · 23.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 13:56 today
Au Pairs in Neuchatel
Started by: AuPair19 · 19.Mar.2015 · Daily life
1 post, 13:52 today
Joining an Airsoft event
Started by: Grid · 26.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
115 posts, 13:43 today
Cricket World Cup 2015
It wouldn't be the first time -- and the margin of victory, you'll recall, was one meagre wicket in a very low-scoring game. If Australia gets through to the final, I think it would be an electrifying, very close game -- hopefully…
Started by: SOBEIT · 16.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
8 posts, 13:35 today
HTC Screen Repairs / General mobile phone…
Yeah, this is the response I get from family & friends as well - yet no one has an example or experience to go by I'm going to take the plunge and give a DIY attempt a go - kits for screen repair are around 20-30 CHF
Started by: JBZ86 · 8.Jul.2013 · TV/internet/telephone
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