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12 posts, 06:05 today
Increase of compulsory employer and employee…
The over fifties usually get more holiday and that costs the employer. The older employees are on average off sick more, learn slowly and have trouble adapting to change. Every one is pleased when they retire.
Started by: swissvan · 25.Mar.2015 · Employment
25 posts, 04:19 today
What is the best car you have ever driven?
97478 We moved to CH for the first time with a 5yr old '90 900s turbo - drove to our wedding in it, I almost gave birth on the back seat, brought our babies home from hospital, had some great trips to the mountains in CH, Scotland and…
Started by: WilliamTell · 27.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 01:47 today
The battle of yemen
A) Saudi Arabia has heavily upgraded its armed forces in the past two decades B) It is not the first case the KSA got into Yemen. Emir Faisal, the later King, in the mid 30ies led a KSA army into Yemen and approached Aden. Britain…
Started by: Wollishofener · 26.Mar.2015 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 01:12 today
Any one familiar with small kind of printing…
Started by: kosalan · 28.Mar.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 01:10 today
Help depositing a foreign cheque
Started by: AshDG · 28.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 01:10 today
SVP Roland Borer & cross-border shopping
In the series of SVP politicians who preach water and drink wine, the latest came from Roland Borer SVP member of parliament representing Solothurn. He is fighting against cross-border shopping and introduced proposals to reduce the limit…
Started by: MrVertigo · 26.Mar.2015 · Swiss politics/news
32 posts, 00:45 today
I need help to find a job in Switzerland!!!
Thank you for your message :) I graduated two years ago and After that my work in related to image processing and machine learning so now I looking for a job like image processing and machine learning, computer vision, data scientist,…
Started by: marinha_alv · 25.Mar.2015 · Employment
10 posts, 00:35 today
Views on le cedre or la taqueria -zurich.
I have been in BOTH Cèdre several times and always could and did chose what I wanted. The service in the Aussersihl Cèdre is rather better than in the Bellevue place as the old place is managed directly by the owner and is of a…
Started by: rob1 · 21.Mar.2015 · Food and drink
2 posts, 23:36 yesterday
Migros Easter gift card
Started by: Elyna · 27.Mar.2015 · Daily life
141 posts, 23:20 yesterday
Knox case...
You mean Rudy Guede as an innocent man? Copied from Wikipedia "Guede allegedly committed break ins, including one of a lawyer's office through a second-story window, and another during which he burgled a flat and brandished a…
Started by: goodhill · 5.Dec.2009 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 22:54 yesterday
The Dog Whisperer, der Hundeflüsterer
Dear Sbrinz, Thank you very much for your fast reply. I do not mind if he moved to the Jura, I can go there if I need to, it is just urgently important that I get in contact with him. I have lived here for more than a year and have…
Started by: Sbrinz · 15.Jan.2013 · Pet corner
20 posts, 22:36 yesterday
It's a well known fact that septics can't hold their liquor and need to be supplied in 'junior' measures. I've only met one - a good time girl - who could hold her liquor ... and that was by the ears.
Started by: tonymar · 20.Mar.2015 · Food and drink
110 posts, 22:30 yesterday
Freizuegigkeitskonto [vested benefit account]
By the way, I heard that splitting the account into two maybe a good strategy for tax reason. So transferring from your ex-employer pension fund would be a good opportunity to do so...So maybe the solution is one account at BVG, one at…
Started by: ommthree · 13.Aug.2007 · Finance/banking/taxation
20 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Just landed - female Brit
Hi, welcome to Basel. I have lived here for over 26 years and there is always a lot going on. If you are on facebook, join some of the Basel groups such as Basel Folk, Basel Flouncers, Basel in English etc. There is also internations.org…
Started by: Myname35 · 26.Mar.2015 · Introductions
12 posts, 21:56 yesterday
Signed up with an insurer - too late to…
It is one of the student schemes, Swisscare, although not 100% sure that they apply to 'mitarbeiters' in Zurich any more given another post I've read on the forum...that's what I am going to tell myself anyway (ignore is bliss). Cheers…
Started by: Scot92 · 15.Mar.2015 · Insurance
13 posts, 21:50 yesterday
Helicopter rides
I have a family friend who flies out of the Gruyere area and is open to taking passengers who cover the cost of the helicopter. He is a Swiss Airbus 3XX pilot who flies out of DE but wants to keep up his helicopter hours. I can put you…
Started by: aa_248 · 26.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
12 posts, 21:36 yesterday
Moved into a new place.
Usually closing the kitchen door is considered good practice as it keeps the smell off the rest of the apartment, that reaction (the way you present the matter) makes little sense. And what exactly were you doing when asked to do that on…
Started by: cymoc · 27.Mar.2015 · Complaints corner
6 posts, 21:23 yesterday
Starting GmbH
I just used the Start Up in Basel to set up my own GmbH. I took one of the packages. I am far from a business guy but they did it all for me. Most of the stuff in the package u need anyway. The book keeping program which was expensive i…
Started by: starman · 27.Mar.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
7 posts, 21:23 yesterday
Bringing Cat from US to CH
Hi Karin, We too are moving from Cali to Geneva in June with a cat. I am going through the process of arranging it all, actually going to vet today to discuss and make sure that she know what she needs to do. Also have been emailing…
Started by: KarinS · 25.Mar.2015 · Pet corner
51 posts, 21:19 yesterday
Coop "fill-your-own" fruit/vege bags...how…
Same problem here - either they're on to our scheming or half of EF has been into the Coop in Fribourg Centre! Despite a rather large display: No mangoes, no avocados, 2 wrinkly papaya, 3 kiwi and a couple of pineapples was all that…
Started by: kiwigeek · 13.Feb.2015 · Daily life
2 posts, 21:07 yesterday
In Zurich on Pre-Move Trip - Things to do?
Started by: Motomarkus · 27.Mar.2015 · Introductions
4 posts, 21:06 yesterday
From Korea to St. Gallen in Sept. '15
Started by: maryste2 · 27.Mar.2015 · Introductions
6 posts, 20:53 yesterday
Any advice? Looking for an apartment while…
See if your husband's HR deparment will fork out for a relocation agent for you, they can be expensive. Look on Homegate and other sites for furnished apartments, there should be some short term ones on offer.
Started by: Stella12343 · 27.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
29 posts, 20:25 yesterday
Withdraw money from Pension for Property…
Permanent departure from Switzerland You may draw on your pension if you can prove that you are leaving Switzerland permanently to settle abroad. Payout of the pension fund to persons moving to an EU / EFTA member state Anyone…
Started by: luzernlucerne · 23.Nov.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 20:09 yesterday
Multiroom sound systems
The market leader in this area is Sonos. Expensive as hell, but very good quality. You can get a device that hooks up to your existing speakers. I started out with one Play:5 in the living room, then added another to get stereo. Then…
Started by: hellacopters · 15.Mar.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
2 posts, 19:58 yesterday
My mother Russian for your French. Also…
Started by: borunov.artem · 27.Mar.2015 · Language corner
4 posts, 19:25 yesterday
Krippe price increased by 600chf/month
Started by: keepsmiling · 26.Mar.2015 · Daily life
7 posts, 19:05 yesterday
Help finding replacement Bosch Glass Stove top
Are you insane? :D What do you mean by "shot out"? Is it the maximum he'd be willing to pay? If the stove is older than its lifespan (15 years), normal replacement price according to renter's assoc. is 1.3k. Know that you have the…
Started by: sjacobsen56 · 27.Mar.2015 · Daily life
12 posts, 18:23 yesterday
Easter weekend destinations (starting from…
Hi all, thanks for the recommendations. We went to Bourgogne in the fall, so we'd like to try somewhere different. One factor is the weather: the forecast is MUCH nicer south of the Alps, so Ticino has the advantage of nicer weather and…
Started by: Swissward · 26.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
14 posts, 18:08 yesterday
Moving north: Basel or Zurich as a home?
So does Norwich in England, but that doesn't mean I'll move back and commute - which is theoretically doable, but would suck up 8-10 hours of my day. We need Star Trek transporters, and we need them now.
Started by: Sean Connery · 26.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
25 posts, 17:51 yesterday
Microspot CHF15 off
More codes for Microspot, discount depending on spend - CHF 5.- discount off purchases CHF 45.- and over! (Code: HHKW135) - CHF 10.- discount off purchases CHF 95.- and over! (Code: HHKW1310) - CHF 30.- discount off purchases CHF…
Started by: we_da_man · 4.Jul.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 17:20 yesterday
Passing Away of Singapore's Founding Father…
Started by: xshaqiri · 27.Mar.2015 · International affairs/politics
17 posts, 17:20 yesterday
Swiss German for yodelling!
The laziness comes from the one who could not spot a tad of humour and sarcasm in the first place! This below is to show you how well I know my Swiss geography, if Marie-Therese Porchet is to be trusted! https://
Started by: taveau · 24.Mar.2015 · Language corner
1 post, 17:12 yesterday
Employment release agreement/freistellungsvertrag
Started by: jacquiam · 27.Mar.2015 · Employment
1 post, 17:08 yesterday
Spinning class lausanne
Started by: caterina1 · 27.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
5 posts, 16:52 yesterday
Proof of means - Am I wasting my time?
Started by: 1man&hisdog · 27.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
4 posts, 16:29 yesterday
Moving from Zürich to Northeast US this…
Started by: enfascination · 2.Mar.2015 · Leaving Switzerland
4 posts, 16:28 yesterday
Ideas for Easter in Thurgau
Started by: PilotP · 25.Mar.2015 · Daily life
10 posts, 16:12 yesterday
SBB Ticket Checks for Minors
But a minor ( under 16) doesn't need a 1/2 tax abo to travel half price on the trains so they don't have that as proof of age. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for proof of age from a teenager ( younger kids shouldn't have any…
Started by: Dragon5 · 26.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 16:09 yesterday
Forgot to pay ticket fine, need info
Hi there, so 2 months ago I was coming home from school on the train with some friends and I forgot to buy the 3.50 chf ticket, I have never not bought a ticket since moving here before, but that day I did. I think the fine is…
Started by: ManChild · 27.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
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