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44 posts, 10:30 today
Whats the point of High German?
Hold your horses! You are making an assumption of a mindset that doesnt exist.. An example: i bought train ticket from sbb. Wanted to travel from eu city to zurich. The name on ticket is for a friend to visit me, the name was something…
Started by: trainspotter · 27.Jul.2016 · Daily life
36 posts, 10:20 today
Shops closed Sat 01 August - Swiss National Day
Of course food can be re-frozen. It's just that once home frozen you probably don't remember how many days were left before the "use by date", plus thawed food goes off quicker than fresh (apparently; I don't know why) so the general…
Started by: moggy · 27.Jul.2015 · Other/general
41 posts, 10:16 today
Is Switzerland a Golden Cage?
I think it is first-world guilt. If you are unhappy, you beat yourself up about it because you feel that you have no right to be unhappy given that: - you are living in the first world - you are not starving - you have shelter - you…
Started by: Libellula · 27.Jul.2016 · Daily life
9 posts, 10:11 today
New in town...
If the OP typed Suisse, Schweiz, Svizzera, Svizra or even CH (abbreviation of the latin Confoederatio Helvetica) the I could understand your grump. But they didn't - they used the English (partly I suspect because the English in…
Started by: supremeel · 28.Jul.2016 · Introductions
28 posts, 10:10 today
DeVere group cold calling again.
Yup. I did and made sure I had the full three courses and a bottle of wine. Then I politely informed him that I have two kids, no savings and barely a pot to piss in. They haven't bothered me since and all LinkedIn and FB pop ups have…
Started by: rob1 · 27.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
26 posts, 10:03 today
The end of BHS
to AdrianLondon one reason you may not have shopped in BHS in recent years, there are not that many of them around unlike e.g. M&S. Back in the day, before IKEA, and the SuperStore Supermarkets, they were particular known (1) for their…
Started by: adrianlondon · 26.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
40 posts, 09:55 today
Mortgage in Switzerland
I think this is the trade-off. If you can borrow for 1%, you need to pay only 125chfs a month for the flexibiltiy of having 150k to use. You could invest this, and maybe earn, a higher amount in dividends etc. or use it as a deposit to…
Started by: dreamsis · 8.Aug.2012 · Housing in general
8 posts, 09:49 today
McTAVGE yodelling in Cologny, Geneva, 1st…
Started by: McTAVGE · 27.Jul.2016 · Entertainment & dining
12 posts, 09:43 today
Delays in Geneva airport due to tightened…
If condemned in Switzerland. If she is condemned in France, up to 2 years in jail and 30.000 EUR fine. And bloody deserved. The stress this stupid woman has created, not to mention placing others in danger (risk of panic, accidents on…
Started by: donpiedro · 27.Jul.2016 · Swiss politics/news
5 posts, 09:34 today
Samsung S4 - always stays AWAKE
Started by: raaaj · 28.Jul.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
21 posts, 09:15 today
Running partner(s) Zug
Hi Ashley, I`d also be up for creating a running group in Zug -evenings are best too. We could start up some routes. Would it be trail running, road or combination? I`ll PM you in the next week. If anyone else is interested…
Started by: Calmness · 10.Apr.2010 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 08:39 today
2015 tax done - code de controle requested
Started by: LMG · 28.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
61 posts, 01:08 today
Towns with only one road in/out...
:eek: From the twos down into the valley one is the funicular and the other a ravine. Really like to see how you drive up either those two. https://s.geo.admin.ch/6... :D And if you count the last one on along the mountain then you…
Started by: Swiss Cheddar · 26.Jul.2016 · Daily life
13 posts, 00:06 today
What kind of travel/health insurance did…
Obviously we are not the only ones with this problem but I was looking for the wrong thing. So emigration insurance and google is my friend again I hope. Just letting others know who might have the same problem in the future.
Started by: banadol · 25.Jul.2016 · Insurance
17 posts, 00:03 today
New Salt Europe deal
It's like they have absolutely no clue about how SALT (Pita) is being run. Their constantly offering one off deals that undercut and undermine their existing customers and removing any good parts of the existing deals (6 weeks cool off…
Started by: Simondp · 12.Jul.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 23:29 yesterday
Hello from Buchs SG
Started by: Miggy · 27.Jul.2016 · Introductions
4 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Eca question
Started by: Mikers · 27.Jul.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 23:02 yesterday
MSc in Computer Science at ETH, UZH or EPFL
Started by: ddi · 27.Jul.2016 · Education
9 posts, 22:26 yesterday
Laptop repair
https://en.wikipedia.org... Maybe I'm wrong, but depending on where it was bought, the shop will not touch it with a barge-pole but RMA it to Lenovo Germany. As the thing is four years old now, any repair-costs will greatly exceed…
Started by: coldwell · 26.Jul.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
64 posts, 22:14 yesterday
Housemate not paying her share of the rent
How about we start an obscure and totally temporary cult at IBD's place? One that involves Inuit throat chanting at odd hours as well as making Kimchi or frying Ikan Bilis? That should make him want to leave - but then it may make IBD…
Started by: catcherintherye · 16.Mar.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 21:32 yesterday
Board gamers around Baden?
Started by: Zenistar · 27.Jul.2016 · Daily life
3 posts, 20:41 yesterday
New in Lucerne, calling fellow writers!
Started by: Joseph Rix · 27.Jul.2016 · Introductions
18 posts, 19:39 yesterday
Just moved to Switzerland - few questions
I will think about those temporary places, but I would need them to be furnished. I cannot furnish one place to move everything in few months to a new one... no car, by myself... :-( My employer gave me instructions in writing…
Started by: Anchie · 26.Jul.2016 · Housing in general
4 posts, 19:38 yesterday
Teach English phonics/reading - new free system
Started by: kodokan · 1.Sep.2009 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 19:29 yesterday
Disposal of household appliance
Is there any place willing to take unused big electrical appliances from home? Have to get rid of a dishwasher from Lugano and I am not currently there hence need someone who will take it over themself...
Started by: lesley7331 · 27.Jun.2016 · Housing in general
84 posts, 19:19 yesterday
Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should…
I don't see any "Swiss way of life" where I live in Zurich and have no desire for it to return, if it existed here at all. That's why I said I would run to the hills if Zurich regressed to the "Swiss way of life" and then pointed out…
Started by: lewton · 21.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
16 posts, 18:59 yesterday
A bombing just happened in (fill in the blank)
In my mind asymmetric warfare is just one portion. Yes, the west clearly was instrumental in the Iraq, as a consequence also in Syria as the power vacuum allowed Daesh to rise, but probably much less so in Afghanistan as that government…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 26.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
14 posts, 18:18 yesterday
Mortgage application criteria?
Hello, :) I will like to start by saying that as the author of this quote stated in the first paragraph...yes there are a lot of 'RUMOURS' going around regarding home buying...and that is all it is . I am a home owner and at no point…
Started by: Frank2k · 11.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 18:01 yesterday
Mortgage question
Hi, I can also really recommend to go to the Vermögenszentrum, they provide independent advice on mortgages. To put it very directly and despite any bank's niceties and giving you the idea the bank is looking after your interests, the…
Started by: han_solo · 16.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 17:43 yesterday
Taxme - declare interest from foreign bank…
Started by: cdndave · 26.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
86 posts, 17:14 yesterday
Syrian Refugee Wielding Machete Kills Woman
I had decided to imitate others on here: Shoot from the hip, jump to conclusions on insufficient info and blow things out of proportion. The fact that quite a few do that on here virtually daily is tireing sometimes. On a similar note:…
Started by: parnell · 24.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
28 posts, 17:04 yesterday
Klausen Pass Meet
They all do that - it is a design feature. Basically if the car isn't leaking oil you know you need to top the oil up all the way. :cool: For example the X3's airbag light doesn't always go off - that tells me that the airbag…
Started by: bigblue2 · 26.Jul.2016 · Social events
13 posts, 16:58 yesterday
Temporary insurance for foreign car after…
Be aware that just parking the damned thing, without being able to work on it will cost you 100-130/month if you are anywhere near Zurich. A space where you can work will cost even more and they are bugger me difficult to find. If you…
Started by: Jochem · 20.Jul.2016 · Transportation/driving
103 posts, 16:35 yesterday
Bank not passing negative 3M Libor to our…
They don't pay. They are borrowing money on the money markets to lend to you. They borrow at -0.8%. So in effect they pay back less than they borrow. At the same time, you are paying 0.7% to borrow from them. So they make 1.5%
Started by: jim1 · 21.Apr.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
16 posts, 16:02 yesterday
Accident five days before the end of my…
Just heard back from my current employer: the insurance will cover 80% of my salary until I am able to work again. That's good news and leaves me less worried. I have been with her for seven months, only leaving as the children start…
Started by: FromLondonToLugano · 27.Jul.2016 · Insurance
2 posts, 15:59 yesterday
Proving a negative
Started by: NotAllThere · 27.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
63 posts, 15:54 yesterday
Is racism / hate crime becoming…
Why one would need to provide a better definition just in order to refute this one is anything but apparent. Racism these days is no longer applied exclusively with race or other genetic traits in mind, it also encompasses…
Started by: bigblue2 · 25.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
10 posts, 15:41 yesterday
New in Lausanne
Hey, Yes, am planning on staying here for the forseeable future. I left my job, packed my stuff up and came over here so am going to do everything possible to make it work! Currently looking for a job and have a couple of interviews…
Started by: Lusine · 18.May.2016 · Introductions
1 post, 15:21 yesterday
Any Americans who pursued Italian Citzenship…
Started by: parkadam · 27.Jul.2016 · Other/general
13 posts, 15:18 yesterday
What is the reasoning behind different taxation…
Which is exactly my point - pretty much every (young, single) person without kids is after a 2.5/3.5 room flat in Zurich. There is even a certain snobbism around whether you live in a 800* or 80** post code, with many people considering…
Started by: HappyCerberus · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
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