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41 posts, 17:37 today
Any opinions on soundbars?
I want to get a Sound Bar with similar spec to this one: Samsung HW-H450 I may even get one of those but I don't really want one so long (this one is 93cm long) as it's for use with a monitor for occasional use watching DVDs…
Started by: fduvall · 28.Mar.2013 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 17:34 today
Anyone know about bankruptcy in CH?
Declaring bankruptcy is useful if you have some kind of income they are taking for themselves (leaving only a part for survival), but the result is always a certificate that states you don't have sufficient belongings to extinguish the…
Started by: Grapefruit1 · 2.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
42 posts, 17:25 today
Will Federer be ranked no 1 again?
Federer is my favourite player but had to admire Novak's coolness even when the public wasn't quite hostile but neither supportive to him, couple of times he even managed to make them applause and be a bit more encouraging. He's an…
Started by: sudeepta · 14.Oct.2014 · Football/sports
39 posts, 17:25 today
Cultural Difference Re: Schooling?
All the above comments are interesting- I've been fascinated over the past 50 years with comparative education- and it is amazing how many, even excellent teachers, are not particularly opened to learn from other ways of doing things-…
Started by: drmom · 28.Feb.2015 · Education
11 posts, 17:23 today
Bomb Threat at Zurich airport
They HAVE two other ones but had-have to implement some changes. And in a bad case, they might have to revitalize NORTHOLT for a civil role. Just a walk away from LHR or alternatively shift civil airtraffic to LASHAM AERODROME
Started by: lost_inbroad · 20.Feb.2015 · Swiss politics/news
19 posts, 17:22 today
Cops threatened with sack [employment…
Interesting, here in Zürich, the cop vans have been sporting humorous--well, bland humor--ads for new force members. Something like, "Wouldn't you like to join us in this van?--Not as a perpetrator, of course!"
Started by: neddy · 30.Jan.2015 · Swiss politics/news
19 posts, 17:20 today
Alternative careers for PhD graduates
If you say what sort of research you did for your PhD, perhaps you may get some decent ideas. A good friend of mine did her PhD in Geophysics years ago, and is now working in the reinsurance industry. Her experience in modelling (not…
Started by: bcol · 3.Mar.2015 · Employment
4 posts, 17:15 today
Rosetta Stone Advanced?
Started by: Island Monkey · 1.Mar.2015 · Language corner
55 posts, 17:11 today
Lyca mobile?
the data packages are amazing, but I hate how messy is their site. they have offers which are not available anymore, the previous link has different prices if you change the language from german to english. I got a sms 5 days ago saying…
Started by: Jonesy · 10.Sep.2013 · TV/internet/telephone
25 posts, 17:10 today
I don't really know anything about apple TV sorry. As far as recording off Netflix, it should be possible if you route the output from your device through a digital recorder and then to your telly. It's the same set up people use to record…
Started by: Papa Goose · 24.Feb.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
47 posts, 17:06 today
Only in Switzerland!
The authorities do this hoping the perps will recognize themselves, and not wanting their identity be known to the public, turn themselves in. If that doesn't work, authorities will release the unpixelated pictures.
Started by: taveau · 20.Feb.2015 · Daily life
11 posts, 16:58 today
Should I complain/be concerned about my rent?
I think the walls should have been painted anyways, if they hadn't been painted in eight years or so (I believe there is a law requiring that, or at least I think there is here in Zurich). And if that was the case, you as the new tenant…
Started by: nxtruong · 4.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
68 posts, 16:57 today
The final demise of Coke Light?
I just tried the green coke last week. Wholly unimpressed. It's nice but it's no better than regular coke. It tastes to me just like half-n-half coke (Everyone at work at my last office job used to take the piss out of me because I…
Started by: jbrady · 26.Sep.2014 · Food and drink
25 posts, 16:55 today
Greek Yoghurt
If you live in Zurich, there is a great Greek restaurant that also does import of greek products and it has Greek Yoghurt. The place itself from outside looks quite "cheap" but the food is really great. I would say it is quite authentic. I…
Started by: pserraima · 12.Jul.2012 · Food and drink
19 posts, 16:50 today
US-CH citizen: tax compliance and renounce…
US Embassy in Bern response time info...I requested the Renounciation Info Packet 3.Mar 14:35 and received it all via e-mail on 4.Mar 09:00. US Tax & Financial Services Sarl in Zürich response time info... I requested a quote and/or…
Started by: SuisseMissy · 3.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 16:45 today
Looking for microwave oven, baby chair(Zurich)
Started by: ksr · 4.Mar.2015 · Items wanted
6 posts, 16:33 today
Deregistering car in ZH moving to AG
What I did was the contrary, AG to ZH so basically it should be like this, ZH to AG - You contact to your insurance, tell them your effective day. - Then next move is you have to register yourself in AG first (a proof of you living in…
Started by: papasmurf · 4.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
38 posts, 16:28 today
The Android beasts thread, 2015 edition
Hi, Very disappointing product launches from Samsung. Hopefully, something better is coming. Couldn't care less about the metal body. What I do care about is expandable Memory and battery life. I assume that Samsung will sell a lot less…
Started by: Russkov · 26.Feb.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
97 posts, 16:28 today
Looking for kale (the vegetable)
I love Kale, I've only seen it once in Migros and three weeks later they didn't have it anymore. I believe like alot of the fresh veg here it is seasonal so when you see it buy it in bulk and freeze it.
Started by: Rew · 20.Jan.2012 · Food and drink
31 posts, 16:19 today
SVP hardliner Hans Fehr employs illegally…
You know, putting up all those eye-catching posters all over Switzerland---in three languages---costs a lot of Francs. Do you really think this guy is going to waste time and money trying to find a native Swiss willing to clean his house?
Started by: MrVertigo · 9.Dec.2013 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 15:52 today
P85 after 3 months, didn't hear back
Started by: Troublawesome · 4.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 15:49 today
Tripp Trapp children chair by Stokke [pickup…
Started by: dajegas · 9.Feb.2015 · Items wanted
137 posts, 15:42 today
SVP to immigrants: Don’t mess with the…
it is really true... but Switzerland do a good job to motivate to adapt and push to change the situation for those people that uses social system. Other countries like Brazil try to do some similar thing but the effect is the oppositive.…
Started by: The Local · 28.Sep.2011 · Swiss news via The Local
9 posts, 15:39 today
Buying 2nd hand car mpv near Zurich-advice
Except: 1) It is a MARCH 2014 MFK - for a car over 10 years old - in a different kanton 2) Check out the dealer's stock - pretty much all of it under 10k. Therefore they specialise in turning round cheap cars. If they are selling this…
Started by: dali · 4.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
21 posts, 15:36 today
New Paypal scam
This: Leads me ironically well to this: For someone who's awfully arrogant and uncaring about those people who fall for such scams, you sure haven't got a clue what you're tallking about. How is replacing the authentication mechanism…
Started by: omtatsat · 29.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
27 posts, 14:55 today
Are we homeless!?!
How very stressful- I agree you should remain positive and hope it will all work out. But perhaps it is also time to think of an alternative plan- just in case. One possibility with Spring coming, is to find a holiday rent towards the…
Started by: Ricard · 28.Feb.2015 · Housing in general
4 posts, 14:50 today
Buying DIY materials Zurich
Started by: mek · 4.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
34 posts, 14:48 today
Driving to France
I lived in France for 10y and had many mfk(contrôle technique)... read insurance papers,etc. and I can say that , there is no such obligation to carry spare bulbs in your car. That is for sure . It is very possible that this was…
Started by: HappyCreature · 31.Aug.2013 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 14:42 today
Looking to change banks
Started by: GirlExotica · 4.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 13:35 today
This is new Airline of HOTELPLAN and Germania. I hope it will be successful. Hotelplan, the successful Migros Company in regard to Airlines over half a century went from disaster to disaster. So that something new may bring the…
Started by: Wollishofener · 4.Mar.2015 · Daily life
15 posts, 13:35 today
On a rare clear night...The Zurich night sky
Please do not take any offense to my review...this was a good video for sure...in detailing how to use images from a clocked mount. Although it is possible to get some details with a DSLR on an un-clocked tripod, the video's host did…
Started by: Ttamasle · 23.Feb.2015 · Daily life
1 post, 13:34 today
RAV German Course
Started by: Darkira · 4.Mar.2015 · Employment
5 posts, 13:34 today
Becoming a Landlord
Started by: astrolake · 4.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
3 posts, 13:33 today
Are Property Deeds Public Record?
Started by: defcon3 · 4.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
4 posts, 13:17 today
Maternity Leave
Started by: ALS · 23.Feb.2015 · Employment
56 posts, 13:09 today
Cricket World Cup 2015
Ohh don't get me started... Unfortunately we have a long and rich history when it comes to team selection. No doubt about it we are lurching back into our old habits of picking the old favourites again. During our little stint as a…
Started by: SOBEIT · 16.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
45 posts, 12:53 today
Me and my big American feet
Zalando also sells select styles in big sizes. The men in the family here are US 14 and up. Alas, they have only selected pointy elf dress shoes this season--generally 2 or 3 extra inches of pointy leather not the style most sought after…
Started by: dmay · 5.Feb.2011 · Complaints corner
33 posts, 12:40 today
I found that these two pages on Facebook often have the best recipes...Both in Afrikaans but then again, Google Translate is good enough for this. ;) https://www.facebook.com... https://www.facebook.com...
Started by: charz · 15.Mar.2012 · Food and drink
25 posts, 12:38 today
The 2015 F1 Thread
Nico did seem to lose his spark and the back end of last season, kinda hoping merc told him to back off and let lewis win, and they will be allowed to go balls out again this season, else it'll be a snooze fest
Started by: bigblue2 · 4.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
1 post, 12:17 today
Metronomy at the Xtra - 5 March
Started by: krlock3 · 4.Mar.2015 · Concerts
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