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9 posts, 00:15 today
Wild camping in July
Even though they can be brown, they're actually a black bear :) Ursus americanus in California. Important distinction since brown bears are larger (think grizzly) and I'd be a bit more cautious around a proper brown bear (black bears…
Started by: Baltser · 29.Mar.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
10 posts, 00:14 today
New Indian Restaurant Seebach Zurich
*** NEW RESTAURANT MIRCH MASALA *** Lucernes Indian Curry King brings his magic to Zurich in Seebach. Mo–Fr Buffet Veg and non Veg for only CHF 15.00 p. Pers. Lunch-Box CHF 9.00 (for EF (code IAGZ) members, otherwise 12…
Started by: pino32 · 23.Mar.2015 · Entertainment & dining
3 posts, 00:12 today
Stained wall, whose responsibility?
Started by: mwang · 29.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
18 posts, 00:07 today
Park wrong place
Who orders, pays. Meaning, if OP calls the tow-away and the owner of the towed car refuses to pay she will have to pay herself, and try to get the money back from the car owner using the courts. Good luck with that. So, the general…
Started by: Lily5469 · 29.Mar.2015 · Complaints corner
2 posts, 23:56 yesterday
DIY blind belt replacement
Started by: newtoswitz · 29.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
3 posts, 23:50 yesterday
The PostFinance website is down
Started by: freeworld · 29.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 23:32 yesterday
Anyone know the primary school in Corsier (GE)?
Started by: finbarsmom · 29.Mar.2015 · Education
13 posts, 23:25 yesterday
General Partnership - anyone have an experience…
Exactly. If your wife makes herself complicit by trying to set up some fake self-employment situation she may end up paying the full amount herself, as opposed to the employer paying at least 50%. That's exactly the reason for the…
Started by: rocksteady · 23.Mar.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
3 posts, 23:23 yesterday
Ukraine MD degree with Dutch Passport looking…
Started by: DutchMD · 29.Mar.2015 · Employment
5 posts, 23:20 yesterday
Geneva to Florence this Easter
Started by: jesuisuntouriste · 29.Mar.2015 · Transportation/driving
33 posts, 23:14 yesterday
Baggage trolley in Geneva airport
In some major coop hypermarket you need to deposit your ID card or car keys at the info desk in order to get access to the kiddie trolleys. Apparently too many were disappearing! :eek: And most baskets are now equipped with an anti…
Started by: bernaulait · 29.Mar.2015 · Complaints corner
8 posts, 22:39 yesterday
EU-17 resident and working in CH: is rental…
First of all you do have to declare it, regardless of whether you will pay tax on it or not. The rental income will be included in your total income to calculate your overall tax rate, but if you pay tax on it you won't be taxed on it…
Started by: PVDM · 17.Jun.2012 · Finance/banking/taxation
35 posts, 22:35 yesterday
Is there KFC here?
But they don't do chicken pieces - only strips and burgers and the batter is strangely like cornflakes. UK chicken pieces are far better. We went there and stayed for the weekend, specifically so my friend could have KFC on his…
Started by: Lil'Angel · 7.Jul.2011 · Food and drink
4 posts, 21:40 yesterday
Sephardic Jews to get Spanish citizenship
Started by: marton · 26.Mar.2015 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 21:11 yesterday
Looking for 2-2.5 apartment in Basel
Started by: snowweiss · 29.Mar.2015 · Property wanted
3 posts, 21:06 yesterday
Any Chowchow breeders?
Started by: filswiss · 29.Mar.2015 · Pet corner
8 posts, 20:54 yesterday
After secondary school options in English
Hi, Thanks for these. We have known for ages about his various issues- through numerous assessments. I will talk to ZIS but my main concern is that by stopping German for secondary school I majorly limit his options later - I don´t know…
Started by: nicnac · 28.Mar.2015 · Education
11 posts, 20:51 yesterday
Any one familiar with small kind of printing…
Phaser 5550, no longer built, a greyscale toner based printer, ever since Xerox bought the rights to Tektronix all the halfway decent printers have been called a "Phaser" and Tektronix only called them "Phasers" 'cos they were a load of…
Started by: kosalan · 28.Mar.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
8 posts, 20:35 yesterday
G'day from a Swiss in Australia
Some issues you will want to consider: * Not having an employer to do all the paperwork makes everything a bit of a pain in the arse, for example - getting your visas. Ours took about 6 months of on and off work at least to finalise and…
Started by: BirgitL · 28.Mar.2015 · Introductions
14 posts, 20:33 yesterday
Signed off sick during Notice Period
I just tried to file my paperwork with La Cassa in Lugano yesterday as the end of my notice period was supposed to be at the end of January. Unemployment pay was supposed to kick in this month. However, they asked me if I had been…
Started by: kifissiacat · 6.Dec.2014 · Employment
36 posts, 19:59 yesterday
Pregnant with twins
Hi Sam, I'm also pregnant with twins, with an EDD of October 8! I live in Canton Bern but close to Erlach and Neuchâtel. I'm pretty busy right now, about to go to France for Easter, then the US for a week, and I also work PT in Lucerne…
Started by: PolkaDotsOpinions · 14.Oct.2013 · Family matters/health
11 posts, 19:49 yesterday
Lowest homicide figure for 30 years…
In 2014, only 41 homicides happened in Switzerland. This is a rate of 4.99 per 1 million inhabitants (now: 8.2 million). This is the lowest figure (not only rate!) since the start of the systematically collected national criminality…
Started by: Sublime · 24.Mar.2015 · Swiss politics/news
9 posts, 19:44 yesterday
Telling about my Salary
I have met this question couple of times in my job-seeking experience. From various companies from various countries (CH, DE, AT). What is really funny, that in each of the case, it was when I was living in my homeland :) (central…
Started by: Ace07 · 29.Mar.2015 · Employment
8 posts, 19:31 yesterday
Makeover and photoshoot
The member mentioned by MacG's D has not logged on in nearly a year, but the links on her most recent ad worked for me: https://www.facebook.com... If you clicked the link from her older ad, which specifically mentions a makeover…
Started by: kiwi girl · 29.Mar.2015 · Other/general
4 posts, 19:29 yesterday
Tennis partner in Basel?!
Started by: girobifastigium · 20.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
14 posts, 19:25 yesterday
DA-1 for US citizens?
One further question: I am not a US citizen but have investments in US which withhold the 15%. I'm doing the Zurich DA-1 tax declaration form, and there I declare all dividends and the amount withhold by the US authorities. I see that…
Started by: HanneloreE · 19.Mar.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Translation help
Just nitpicking here, but at risk that the OP misinterprets EF authority on admissions to Masters Programs, I would define "befähigt" as to enable or prepare (if completed successfully) as opposed to entitle. The Bachelors is in this…
Started by: coconut4123 · 29.Mar.2015 · Language corner
10 posts, 19:18 yesterday
Gentle and patient DENTIST (Lausanne)
Hi there, I'll recommend a hygienist right on the EPFL campus (Lausanne) - her name is Jessica and works at Ardentis. She's Swiss but has the best English skills in the whole clinic. I told her I had sensitivity and she quickly found the…
Started by: ak2013 · 9.Apr.2013 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 19:14 yesterday
Easter - opening hours in Zug
Only New Years Day, Ascension Day and Xmas are public holidays by federal law. All others are either by kantonal law, or treated as one but not mandated by kantonal law (such as Easter Monday in Zug), or just an ordinary day.…
Started by: sbond · 29.Mar.2015 · Daily life
5 posts, 18:52 yesterday
Foreign currency
Started by: mwang · 29.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
19 posts, 18:44 yesterday
Moved into a new place.
Sharing a flat involves a bit of give and take - there are obviously issues involved. Have a sit down,thrash it out, draw up a rota of shared duties if that helps. If all the others seem to be on your case then you have to look at yourself…
Started by: cymoc · 27.Mar.2015 · Complaints corner
35 posts, 18:27 yesterday
Withdraw money from Pension for Property…
In our case, we don't actually have a choice. My husband is "too old" to do his profession here (and he's actually Swiss). Fortunately, his line of work has very nice benefits IF you stay at the same institution, so we're pretty much…
Started by: luzernlucerne · 23.Nov.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 17:49 yesterday
Hello from Bern!
Started by: bernaulait · 29.Mar.2015 · Introductions
1 post, 17:41 yesterday
Recommended cleaning lady in Schaffhausen
Started by: Maubo · 29.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
127 posts, 17:09 yesterday
Cricket World Cup 2015
The Rules of cricket are so easy- here goes: (as explained to a foreign visitor) You have 2 sides, one out and one in. Each man that is in the side that's in goes out and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's…
Started by: SOBEIT · 16.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
11 posts, 17:02 yesterday
Multiroom sound systems
The market leader in this area is Sonos. Expensive as hell, but very good quality. You can get a device that hooks up to your existing speakers. I started out with one Play:5 in the living room, then added another to get stereo. Then…
Started by: hellacopters · 15.Mar.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
87 posts, 16:19 yesterday
The 2015 F1 Thread
Given McLaren's poor pre and during race performance it makes me wonder if Alonso didn't somehow crash deliberately so he could get out of racing this weekend. He must be VERY unhappy that he's made the move from Ferrari now. I wonder if…
Started by: bigblue2 · 4.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
5 posts, 16:09 yesterday
Indoor Football Basel
Started by: pmgiulietta · 1.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 16:08 yesterday
Help depositing a foreign cheque
Started by: AshDG · 28.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 15:57 yesterday
British/Kenyan newbie - moving to Geneva…
Started by: _Mzungu · 29.Mar.2015 · Introductions
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