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5 posts, 15:39 today
Strange situation on a highway from Basel…
Started by: grnfish · 1.Dec.2015 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 15:39 today
Do I need to pay tax for my own tabletnshipped…
Started by: guanyu2000 · 1.Dec.2015 · Other/general
20 posts, 15:38 today
Advice for moving & cleaning company
Hey, Just to let you all know - we ended up cleaning by ourselves and it went perfect! A pretty laboursome process but the landlady was very content. So. Yes, it's possible to diy. On a side note- we had a very negative experience…
Started by: Annouchka · 8.Aug.2015 · Housing in general
11 posts, 15:37 today
Australian beer - Little Creatures Pale…
Despite the recent expansion in the craft beer market here in the last couple of years, Little Creatures is still probably far too niche to make it here any time soon. Which isn't to say it might not crop up at a craft beer bar sometime,…
Started by: alemap · 14.Oct.2015 · Food and drink
13 posts, 15:35 today
Bern Dinner Club, Curry Legend, Längassstr.…
Not wanting to post "Maybe", but it's definitely on my calendar if I can make it. Probably will be another rather "last minute" decision, unfortunately. The experience last time at this place was pretty good, though.
Started by: Sbrinz · 19.Nov.2015 · Social events
25 posts, 15:32 today
Christmas Turkey
I noticed the other day that the fancy butchers in Geneve had turkeys in the window .. 44chf per kilo! Fine and good but they still had the head and feet attached.. Part of the 44chf per kilo i wonder :)
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 30.Nov.2015 · Food and drink
2 posts, 15:31 today
Where I can buy Plaster of Paris in Lausanne ?
Started by: lenguyen · 1.Dec.2015 · Daily life
76 posts, 15:30 today
Thread split: The Swiss Food Sandpit
Store bought ones and run of the mill restaurants have (at least for my taste) very mild cheese. What do you use? I usually take a medium Greyerzer or if the Ostschweizers are in the majority an Appenzeller Rezent but then I cheat and…
Started by: Urs Max · 27.Nov.2015 · Daily life
78 posts, 15:30 today
Citalopram - anyone used it/suffered from…
A doctor should eventually do a blood test to check if the Cit. values are high enough. If they are under a certain value/number, this means that you are not benefiting from the medication. In this situation I presented with 2 options: to…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 6.Nov.2015 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 15:25 today
Church bells opponent denied Swiss citizenship!
Started by: Dack Rambo · 1.Dec.2015 · Swiss politics/news
41 posts, 15:21 today
Letter of Recommendation
Ok, so here is a touch different perspective, but I feel like more and more companies are adopting a similar style: If a CV comes to my desk with 50 million certificates, qualifications and whatnot attached, I won't bin it (probably), but…
Started by: Funkster · 30.Nov.2015 · Employment
1 post, 15:13 today
Sign shop, print shop, advertising, vehicle…
Started by: Idahoan · 1.Dec.2015 · Other/general
3 posts, 14:51 today
Hatha Yoga teacher moved from South Africa…
Started by: black Yogi · 1.Dec.2015 · Introductions
7 posts, 14:46 today
Intl shipping insurance?
Why is it up to the customer to pay again for a service not actually provided? At a basic level a shipper has one task, get something safely from A to B. Why should the customer pay if that isn't achieved?
Started by: peebix · 1.Dec.2015 · Insurance
6 posts, 14:38 today
Unemployment rights for Grenzgaenger
If you move to live in Basel and you worked for the required minimum length of time in an EU country and therefore contributed to unemployment benefit pot then you should normally be able to claim unemployment benefits in Switzerland based…
Started by: traveleire · 1.Dec.2015 · Employment
32 posts, 14:37 today
Establishing a bad smell
I will try that. We have someone coming tomorrow to check it out, hopefully they can find and correct the source of the smell - I'm starting to get that brain tumour feeling that I'm smelling it even when it's not there...
Started by: 19Monica · 29.Nov.2015 · Daily life
150 posts, 14:35 today
Avoid KLM - the flag carrier that think's…
To be fair, the crew are probably no happier about it than you. Imagine having to spend an extra three hours working with grumpy passengers. And potentially running out of hours at the destination and having to stop there because…
Started by: Loz1983 · 14.Jan.2015 · Complaints corner
1 post, 14:16 today
Looking for an au pair
Started by: Heikster · 1.Dec.2015 · Family matters/health
23 posts, 14:06 today
Where can I buy Golden Syrup and Black treacle…
Hello! I suppose not, but as I said in an earlier post, the molasses sugar is for a spiced chutney that I'm making...I was born in Sheffield by the way, but have relatives in Deepcar, not so far from Barnsley!
Started by: Greenpooble · 1.Dec.2015 · Food and drink
1 post, 14:02 today
Repairman/Carpenter in Thalwil?…
Started by: Curious in Zurich · 1.Dec.2015 · Other/general
27 posts, 13:48 today
Stuff Switzerland doesnt get, not wanting…
This is because the USA is a full federation. The EU is not. The EU is ultimately still a collection of separate sovereign nations. Some aspects of the union are quite federal, but in the end the buck stops with all member states, unlike…
Started by: ipoddle · 11.Nov.2015 · Swiss politics/news
1 post, 13:44 today
Day Care in Lausanne/Vevey
Started by: guptaesha · 1.Dec.2015 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 13:08 today
Sleep, Blue Light, White Light, SAD, Depression
Started by: CathHarmony · 1.Dec.2015 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 12:53 today
Property purchase timing and tax implications
wealth tax is so little, it is hardly worth bothering with. maybe more worth considering is whether it changes your tax status in anyway (or gives you the opportunity to). e.g. whether you can relocate your place of residence to a more…
Started by: krlock3 · 30.Nov.2015 · Housing in general
20 posts, 12:39 today
Petrol/Diesel - price on display v pump…
The newish COOP pronto on the Colombier/Auvernier border has been cheaper than the Ile for quite a while now. I think it's deliberate. They attracted a lot of people who had to leave the motorway and do a U turn during the tunnel…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 30.Nov.2015 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 12:38 today
Any full time moms in Zug?
When I lived in Zug, there was a great international mums & kids club that met up at the Christlicher Treffpunkt (although they just use the room - no religious affiliation required!) behind the McDonalds on Zugerstrasse in Baar. more…
Started by: Flaui · 18.Aug.2013 · Social events
2 posts, 12:37 today
Stay home moms in Schwyz?
Started by: Alicja · 23.Apr.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 12:37 today
BBC Christmas schedule 2015
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 1.Dec.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 12:20 today
Meeting moms in Zurich
Started by: Pitita · 11.Nov.2015 · Introductions
93 posts, 11:53 today
Get your Santa hats on :-)
So, I clicked on the link and just see the monkey page to edit photos, but no Santa hat to manipulate. I'm on iPad, and I know others say that it doesn't work, but I'm using a flash enabled browser and can see all the flash powered ads.…
Started by: Castro · 5.Dec.2014 · Daily life
15 posts, 11:26 today
I've only grown it once - in a big pot, kept wet in a shady part of the garden. It was okay but not amazing. I must have done something wrong as it grew very slowly and not exactly in abundance. Next time I buy some from the…
Started by: Busby · 1.Dec.2015 · Food and drink
1 post, 11:23 today
Conforama cupboard with Ikea items
Started by: tintin26 · 1.Dec.2015 · Other/general
110 posts, 11:10 today
Help, support, recipes for low or no carb diet
I will respectfully disagree with your opinion and fall back on the science in actual scientific journal vs. what nutritionists and doctors are finally turning back on. (btw, both are open access) Seriously, people need to…
Started by: Odile · 25.Nov.2015 · Food and drink
47 posts, 10:50 today
What kind of cheese do you use for a really…
You're right, sour cream is an essential ingredient (which I missed when I made this cake for the first time), I tried one recipe like that, except that instead of Migros budget I used Mascarpone (it has such a rich texture IMHO, quite…
Started by: greenmount · 23.Nov.2014 · Food and drink
5 posts, 10:11 today
Best places to live in Bern
Started by: borabora · 30.Nov.2015 · Housing in general
52 posts, 09:59 today
Leaving Switzerland and keeping bank account
Hello raviks, like fatmanfilms mentioned before, just take two yellow cardholder with you. I entered my pin three times wrong so Post Finance blocked my card and I had to order a new one (40.-) and they've sent the card to my new address…
Started by: Atl2zhr · 2.Jul.2015 · Leaving Switzerland
2 posts, 08:01 today
How to declare UK ISAs on Swiss Tax Return
Started by: Slayer · 1.Dec.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 07:31 today
Finding an English speaking Shrink…
I'll send you details of somebody I know in Lausanne in case interested.. Basic insurance fully covered sessions for me. The psychologist explained it something like she was working on behalf of the duty psychiatrist so was fully…
Started by: Sushi24601 · 30.Nov.2015 · Family matters/health
10 posts, 02:53 today
- Moving back to Portugal
Well in my case it was a lot of reasons like I said... first of all, I moved to Switzerland for the wrong reasons (I was kinda forced to do it due to financial problems), and I was completely alone there. Of course I made a few friends…
Started by: Marex · 23.Nov.2015 · Leaving Switzerland
8 posts, 02:11 today
Some questions about Nebenkosten
There are many things about the property market here which are illogical. If you look for a modern apartment which is well insulated and has an efficient heating system this could result in lower nebenkosten. An apartment with…
Started by: Reveller · 30.Nov.2015 · Housing in general
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