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19 posts, 20:54 today
I knew it could not be possible...bleach…
A cheap and good way to clean your drain (without damaging the chrome or using dangerous chemicals) is to dump about 50 g of baking soda down the drain, followed slowy by about 250 ml of apple cider vinegar. Makes a nice volcano and…
Started by: Ttamasle · 29.Jan.2015 · Daily life
5 posts, 20:53 today
People open jars in Marktkauf Weil am Rhein
Started by: kittekat · 30.Jan.2015 · Complaints corner
31 posts, 20:48 today
Bank account for future student
No, my account is quite healthy. But having a mortgage seems to mean I pay CHF15 a month like Island Monkey does for my account. Before we got the mortgage with UBS our banking was free if the account held more than CHF10,000.
Started by: rocksteph · 30.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 20:31 today
Getting a job in Switzerland after period…
Sure I will have to be accepted by ETH/EPFL... While abroad I will get 1500 euros from my universities, plus I will try to win some scholarship (by the way, do swiss universities pay (a bit also) foreign phd students?) The focus of…
Started by: ilmago · 30.Jan.2015 · Employment
3 posts, 20:25 today
Luzern Carnival 2015
Started by: ecoo · 30.Jan.2015 · Daily life
10 posts, 20:10 today
Advice on picking up USD for holiday
Most businesses in the us take not much cash, when i travel to the us, i take around 400-500 USD in cash, notes smaller then 20 USD , because many shops don't have much change. For bigger shopping i got my credit card, generally you…
Started by: MikeInZug · 30.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
70 posts, 20:06 today
Michelle Obama unveiled in Saudi Arabia
True, the same in my home country where elderly living in countryside are very religious. What surprised me though was seeing very modern otherwise, very urban and extremely well educated and rather young women wearing scarfs when…
Started by: olygirl · 28.Jan.2015 · International affairs/politics
51 posts, 20:04 today
Laser hair removal
For those of you who are interested in permanent hair, I have tried the electrolysis and am extremely satisfied! Very affordable (comparing to laser), permanent results (unlike laser) and the only disadvantage is that it might get bit…
Started by: juice99 · 28.Jun.2009 · Family matters/health
131 posts, 20:03 today
Restaurants insisting you pay the bill as…
That person is often me to be honest. In that instance, one of the card payers pays the entire tab, and gets the money on the table, and the other 2 card payers either go to a cash machine directly after the meal or else agree with…
Started by: Richdog · 25.Jan.2015 · Complaints corner
4 posts, 20:01 today
Wanted: a Hobby Room close to ZRH airport
Started by: Praktikum · 21.Oct.2014 · Property wanted
24 posts, 19:54 today
UK state pension, new rules after 5. April 2015
Indeed not! The change to private pensions and the introduction of flat-rate state pensions are two unrelated initiatives. Anyone with a private pension pot will be able to withdraw it all, though 75% of it will be taxable, so it…
Started by: Sbrinz · 13.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 19:51 today
Do you recognise these people?
Started by: Deep Purple · 30.Jan.2015 · International affairs/politics
2 posts, 19:33 today
Anyone using Film On ?
Started by: Joolie · 29.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 19:32 today
Glass fiber internet
I have UPC Cablecom's 250mbps connection, which is consistently that speed. But it is hard to tell the difference from the upgrade from 150mbps and wifi over 50mbps is not possible. This is with a copper cable connection...
Started by: dpacassi · 30.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
18 posts, 19:24 today
Wow day in basel
been here a total of 4 weeks over the last 3.5 months and I have yet to see anything weird although I'm probably the weird one as I don't speak any German and grocery shopping is always an adventure (especially when they ask you for the…
Started by: evasydney · 28.Jan.2015 · Daily life
12 posts, 18:19 today
Dry Cleaning Fluid
At most Drogerie shops you can hire a carpet cleaning machine, ask for one with a furniture attachment. They usually also sell a very good Hagerty carpet cleaner that is sold with the machine. You can apply the cleaning liquid neat, let it…
Started by: Martin Peter · 30.Jan.2015 · Daily life
38 posts, 18:14 today
CH banking is awful
I remember in the late 80s when they were trying to encourage more people to use cash machines. On the back of each transaction receipt was an offer, in conjunction with Burger King, for free fries, drink or even a burger. I learnt I…
Started by: Troublawesome · 30.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
11 posts, 17:24 today
DS Autistic Spectrum disorder
I agree...and Montessori is going to be super-expensive too..in Zurich, unless you can convince the authorities to pay for it. Also, the child needs to begin from age 3-4... My experience, even with 'professionals' is that you also need…
Started by: Niceyes · 18.Sep.2014 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 17:16 today
Buying a sofa in France
Started by: Martin Peter · 30.Jan.2015 · Daily life
5 posts, 16:57 today
Where to buy corn meal and jalapenos?
Started by: pdonah1 · 30.Jan.2015 · Food and drink
16 posts, 16:56 today
Simon Amstell - To Be Free - in Zurich
The International Comedy Club - and in it's earlier guise as the Funny Laundry - have been bringing world class stand up comedy and cabaret to Switzerland since 2006. It's there but you wouldn't know it from the national or local press…
Started by: The Laundry Man · 8.Dec.2014 · Commercial events
10 posts, 16:51 today
Swiss Travel Point is a SCAM!
Well said.. I thought i was only me who did that.. I have zero feelings for anything unsolicited. I don't care if it's a gypsy selling cloths or a lovely old lady asking me if i read the bible or devere trying to sell me…
Started by: Tater Tot · 29.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 16:28 today
Mobility lowering their km rates
Started by: nasa2000 · 30.Jan.2015 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 16:20 today
Midwife Stafa/ Zurich
Started by: CiCi · 30.Jan.2015 · Family matters/health
32 posts, 16:15 today
Problem with Pfister [Resolved]
Update: They will come and change the bed. For free. Mounting included. And they apologized :D Thanks for all your suggestions :). PS: Just for your information my direct contact from Pfister was always nice and respectful (and so…
Started by: younes.m · 30.Jan.2015 · Complaints corner
64 posts, 16:14 today
Gaah! Very pissed off! [Next Direct import…
Just had a really nice phone call from the UK, from NEXT's International Team manager. She apologises for any inconvenience, was not aware of the problem at all. I read her some of your posts, incl ref to AAS freight services. She is keen…
Started by: Island Monkey · 28.Aug.2014 · Complaints corner
138 posts, 15:59 today
Greek elections
Whatever is right is right, but Greece's gov't doesn't have this money and won't have. Anybody believing EU that they can squeeze this money out of Greece as they were able in Ireland lives in delusion. Cyprus? How long EU officials and…
Started by: Troublawesome · 25.Jan.2015 · International affairs/politics
124 posts, 15:23 today
It may be a good time to buy into Swiss…
I also suspected that, but well.. its nice to see that people still troll even on such topics (or at least thats how I see the article.. a very very educated and well formulated attempt at trolling).
Started by: Horatio Gonzales · 8.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 15:23 today
Cancer support
Started by: TIREWATCHER · 3.Jan.2013 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 15:13 today
Tragic death of conductor in Luzern
Started by: pilatus1 · 30.Jan.2015 · Swiss politics/news
74 posts, 14:52 today
Websites for English Jobs in Switzerland
Does anyone know of jobs in online payment systems or compliance? i speak little german and i have been looking for a long time. Running really low on patience here since i come with 5 years of experience and i still cant find a job
Started by: Jangerer · 30.Jan.2007 · Employment
45 posts, 14:36 today
Garage cheating on price
I agree with you. The garage, as I wrote previously, should be open and justify their price - at least by showing him the "Lieferschein" (delivery note) so he can verify which brand part has been used, and then he can argue about…
Started by: DKfribourg · 29.Jan.2015 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 14:30 today
Hello everyone!
Started by: Balibelle · 28.Jan.2015 · Introductions
8 posts, 13:58 today
Wanted - Workbench [ZH]
Started by: peter1123 · 3.Jan.2015 · Items wanted
3 posts, 13:44 today
Laser Surgery (Lasik) / Ortho K (night) lenses
Started by: Charvetti · 30.Jan.2015 · Family matters/health
33 posts, 13:43 today
Cat food advice.
Isn`t that a pretty high-handed reply? A person can spend hours in a library reading reference and other books, so why not the internet? Because the internet is easier and quicker to access. And who writes books? Anybody. Who writes on…
Started by: Micads · 23.Jan.2015 · Pet corner
3 posts, 13:43 today
Swiss Maturité A level grade comparison
Started by: Joshua Webb · 30.Jan.2015 · Education
40 posts, 13:33 today
Discounted 2015 vignettes?
Guess what you will see on your morning drive Monday, February 2, 2015. At CHF 200 + CHF 40 per "client" it is Christmas all over. And make sure you place the vignette in the three officially approved positions. And at the same time it…
Started by: Village Idiot · 9.Dec.2014 · Transportation/driving
7 posts, 13:31 today
Andy Murray
No-one's sure what exactly she said, a few lip-readers have had a go and come up with some quite different interpretations. For what it's worth, any hot totty who swears like a docker is fine in my books :D.
Started by: alanshearer · 3.Jul.2013 · Football/sports
8 posts, 13:30 today
EUR Current Account
I prefer the German-"Post"-branch route, because it´s more standardised and free. However it's possible remotely, too. There are instructions on how to do that, in German, on their website. You have to go to a notary or another official…
Started by: Mikers · 23.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
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