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1 post, 04:54 today
Hotels Jepara Indonesia
Started by: dhoyoks · 18.Apr.2015 · Other/general
9 posts, 02:58 today
How many seats available ?
An update on my original request: I also put the question to some colleagues in the airline business. Here is what I found: There is a website (here) that provides interesting information. If the data can be trusted, it’s a very…
Started by: SwissPete · 13.Apr.2015 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 01:50 today
Additional memory for Ipad
Started by: marton · 18.Apr.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 00:41 today
Moving out cleaning
Done it 3x myself with the wife(In Switzerland). 3 times past with flying colors. Did take us more than a day to do it nicely though. You can do things like windows and blinds etc way in advance (a week or so) to save you some time come…
Started by: Sut · 12.Apr.2015 · Housing in general
48 posts, 00:34 today
Rude Police (some) Attitude
There in as late as the 1970ies were no policemen of Italian or Ticinesi origin and now there are many. Nowadays there are many soldiers of Tamil, Vietnamese, Indian, Arab, Black-African origin now, while there in the 70ies were none.…
Started by: frankwolfe · 15.Apr.2015 · Complaints corner
19 posts, 00:32 today
New in Nyon
Thanks a lot everyone for your replies and useful info provided! Will be checking out all suggested spots and might even be running in to some of you in the next months:) Have a Happy Easter with your family and loved ones!
Started by: joyco · 28.Mar.2015 · Family matters/health
2 posts, 23:58 yesterday
Ostschweiz / Liechtenstein
Started by: not_swiss · 17.Apr.2015 · Introductions
12 posts, 23:40 yesterday
Missing Kitty Posted in Morges (Vaud)
You know, I cried for the first time in months after writing all that. It felt good. And i have noticed that a lot of people write about their pets and sadness and happiness too. It's good to write it all out, because sometimes talking…
Started by: Just_A_Mutt · 12.Apr.2015 · Pet corner
65 posts, 23:19 yesterday
Best primary school/gymnasium in Zurich
Dear Yoos, I don't know where you live, but if you are talking about "Kanti" I'm guessing that you don't live in Kanton Zurich. And you can be very thankful that you do not. From what I have heard from friends in other Kantons (notably…
Started by: adam17 · 14.Sep.2013 · Education
44 posts, 23:03 yesterday
Church bells
I tend to agree. But I think it is a shame that the lad isn't sleeping, but there is something else at work here. For the most effective sleep, people need to go to bed every night at about the same time and they need to avoid exciting…
Started by: chinagirl · 15.Apr.2015 · Other/general
35 posts, 22:51 yesterday
How to overcome flying phobia?
I've used air transport a lot, but then I started learning about reliability of complex systems (not airplanes, but complex none-the-less, and well, failing) and now I'll not fly unless I really have to. And General Aviation is about 10x…
Started by: happyrobbie · 17.Apr.2015 · Transportation/driving
34 posts, 22:48 yesterday
OnePlus One invites to share
The need to declare it or not, as the case may be, would be the least of her (and ultimately your) problems if she's flying out of the UK with it for you. All mobile devices need to be fully charged. The same applies to passengers…
Started by: Artz · 28.Dec.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
25 posts, 22:42 yesterday
Recommendations wanted for frying pans!
It got sticky after just a year something, also it started smelling very strong of either the food or cleaner after we hand washed it. Sometimes so strong that if I fry an egg with it the egg smell/taste like the cleanser...! It…
Started by: Flaui · 15.Apr.2015 · Other/general
42 posts, 22:38 yesterday
The cruel side of Sechselauten-Horse dies…
You're excused. No, I didn't misspell anything actually, 'sarky' is short for sarcasm. You know what I find UNACCEPTABLE? People moving to other countries where the culture is different and trying to inflict their ideas and ways on…
Started by: Laurie · 16.Apr.2015 · Complaints corner
12 posts, 22:11 yesterday
Send item without cleared payment?
Paypal only gives very limited protection (buyer or seller) to direct sales that aren't either through eBay or a website checkout process, effectively for fraud or hacked accounts but not simple denial of payment, failure to deliver…
Started by: Enohzee · 17.Apr.2015 · Daily life
11 posts, 21:58 yesterday
Hiring Au Pair, Non-EU Family in Zurich
This is one of the better (simple language) descriptions I have heard for the concept of an au pair. As has been noted, the au pair "system" has a very regulated list of requirements. And the au pair term is often misused to cover a…
Started by: geeboo · 27.Apr.2009 · Family matters/health
15 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Baby online shops
Hi We opened up an online shop selling baby and children's clothes last year - www.teddyandflu.ch I don't want to get into trouble with the mods for advertising so I won't say more than this, but I hope this helps.
Started by: hcacote · 15.May.2010 · Other/general
30 posts, 21:31 yesterday
Pacquiao vs. Mayweather - How to watch
Just wake up as normal on Sunday morning and you'll find it in glorious HD on all the usual torrent sites. Put the coffee on, warm some croissants, let the cat out and then enjoy :cheers2: WQpq5ofcSdg
Started by: Phos · 14.Mar.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Hello Everyone
Started by: st2015 · 17.Apr.2015 · Introductions
82 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Family Friendly places to visit in Switzerland
I'd recommend the indoor dinosaur museum in Aathal (ZH). The place looks kind of small from outside, but it is huge inside, they have great exhibitions and a small movie theater as well with documentaries.
Started by: Carmen · 3.Feb.2006 · Travel/day trips/free time
9 posts, 21:09 yesterday
Any Classic Motorbike Collectors? Possibly…
Just frames and tanks? No engines submerged in oil? :) I don't think you'll have much luck moving that many frames. Unless someone crashed their frame, you can always strip+blast+coat old frames and they're almost as good as new, as…
Started by: elihaf · 16.Apr.2015 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 20:57 yesterday
Sunrise email migration LOL
I also use TB, but with GMX as the email client. What works well, with GMX, is that you can access your account on their server, via a browser and just zap any emails directly, without downloading to laptop and TB. But I guess, yours…
Started by: marton · 16.Apr.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 20:28 yesterday
EDM Festivals
Started by: celdan · 17.Apr.2015 · Concerts
24 posts, 19:54 yesterday
Difference between Democracy and Republic
Democracies rarely produce the best decisions anyway. I only apply it, as situations arise, when I want all members to take ownership for the decisions made. When they do, they are also required to put up, live with it, and shut up.
Started by: sudeepta · 17.Apr.2015 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 19:50 yesterday
Curtains window - best shops to buy with…
There`s a big fabric shop in Kaiserstuhl with a HUGE selection of all types of fabrics. The personel are clued up, you`d only need to give them the exact size of your windows and they work it out. They also make up the curtains. I don`t…
Started by: Jo Flower · 16.Apr.2015 · Daily life
10 posts, 19:31 yesterday
From the Mudwest
Thank you for all the helpful tips for getting settle. I really appreciate the help and direction. With traveling so much it makes it difficult and I am aware that it doesn't help to feel settled. So, as I say, one day at a time. Being…
Started by: lme1excell · 17.Apr.2015 · Introductions
12 posts, 18:50 yesterday
Any UK tax implications
Not so...the income is from immovable assets (house) in the UK, and under the Double Tax Treaty is taxable only in the UK. The tax actually payable may be zero in UK if the Personal Allowance is not taken up by other income. It has…
Started by: Papa Goose · 17.Apr.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 18:45 yesterday
Hollande's visit in Switzerland
And Americans are all lousy, obese and loud, Swiss Nazis in disguise, Italians thieves... Stereotypes and sweeping statements! We've seen and heard them all before. Having seen my maternal grand-father working 24-7 for all his life…
Started by: MrVertigo · 16.Apr.2015 · Swiss politics/news
40 posts, 18:19 yesterday
Best steaks in Zurich?
Jelmoli ZH Bahnhofstrasse food hall; not romantic but invest CHF29 and get a great meal. This alone has saved me more than CHF29 in expensive, spontaneous hunger-purchases around the hall afterwards. Good spot for people watching on a…
Started by: gregorr · 22.Feb.2015 · Entertainment & dining
1 post, 18:10 yesterday
Vevey Ladies Netball
Started by: RandV · 17.Apr.2015 · Social events
5 posts, 17:58 yesterday
Tai chi in a park
Started by: SimplyChi · 16.Apr.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
3 posts, 17:24 yesterday
Outdoor furniture, playhouse & sand pit…
Started by: kiwi0041 · 13.Apr.2015 · Items wanted
22 posts, 17:09 yesterday
Getting a mobile phone before residence permit?
I don't think Lebara is a very good prepaid offer now. Domestic calls are very expensive. They used to be great for calling abroad but they revised their prices last year. Of course it depends on the intended usage.
Started by: geekgirl · 23.Sep.2009 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 17:06 yesterday
Quidco / cashback
I haven't used it, but here's a German website which seems to be the same as QuidCo: Even now, 8 years after moving to Switzerland, I still use (and adore) QuidCo. As I kept my UK bank account open, I can still get hefty…
Started by: shenmue · 9.Jul.2013 · Other/general
16 posts, 16:53 yesterday
Cost of paving?
I would recommend Goetz & Moriz for your pavers. They are inexpensive and deliver into Switzerland. For Kies, Pebbles and Sand; if you navigate your way around the local Swiss communities, especially amongst the moonlighting farmers…
Started by: newtoswitz · 16.Apr.2015 · Daily life
14 posts, 16:37 yesterday
Berlin by train vs. plane
Timed connections usually wait, and if they don't the train conductor should inform you of the next available connection. I'm very relaxed about German trains. Even when things go wrong they tend to not to go catastrophically wrong. I…
Started by: Phos · 17.Apr.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
28 posts, 16:34 yesterday
Using the Betreibung [debt collection] process…
I know it’s been a while but to update everyone who kindly helped me with this, I have now resolved matters and the amount due has been paid to me in full! I went ahead with the small claim in the UK (Scotland) and, the day before the…
Started by: Radge10 · 15.Jan.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 16:25 yesterday
Driving to the UK - Space for one person
Yes about that much. Depends on if I take the toll roads or not as well. I've done it a few times and always stop in or around London to break it up. I did the sums with the garage over email. They said due to the weak Euro they…
Started by: porsch1909 · 17.Apr.2015 · Transportation/driving
7 posts, 16:06 yesterday
Wanted: mattress for bed in Neuchatel
Top Tip is up above the railway station at Portes Rouges. You can get the number 107 bus from Place Pury in Neuchatel to get there. There is IKEA in Aubonne ( between Lausanne and Geneva) or Lyssach ( near Bern). The Lyssach one has a…
Started by: ihtxam · 21.Nov.2014 · Items wanted
5 posts, 16:00 yesterday
How to get an Apartment with low salary?
Started by: MoiToi · 17.Apr.2015 · Housing in general
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