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46 posts, 00:53 today
Congratulations Grumpy Grapefruit!…
Generalisations never work. I was happy to see in London that the many Indian restaurants rescued me from "British cooking". But at a time at a Farnborough AirShow in the 1980ies, I sat together with a friend from Zürich, who complained…
Started by: olygirl · 18.Apr.2014 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 00:10 today
25 Abril - Carnation Revolution Portugal/Zurich
Started by: crislauri · 22.Apr.2014 · Social events
25 posts, 00:04 today
Where to buy manuka honey in Zurich?
I just noticed that in the health shop at Schwammendingerplatz (above coop) they have this manuka honey: but with mgo400+ for52.50 They also have Hoyer brand mgo260 for 19.80 and mgo100 with c vitamin 12 liquid sticks for 9.80... Not…
Started by: lemondrizzle · 9.Sep.2009 · Food and drink
76 posts, 00:02 today
Unfortunate brand names [May contain traces…
There is a place on the Lake of Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva named Aubonne or as my brother loved to say AU BONN (also Bonn) . The joke lost its value once Bonn lost its role as Capital to Berlin
Started by: 22 yards · 23.Apr.2014 · Daily life
16 posts, 23:52 yesterday
Save Lavaux
Concrete blocks, asphalt strips, petrol stations etc are what Bundesrat Leuenberger described repeatedly as INFRASTRUCTURE, on which this nation in the end depends The sister of Grandmum (Austin/Texas) who had emigrated in 1905,…
Started by: naza · 22.Apr.2014 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 23:37 yesterday
Kambly Central Switzerland Train
Started by: Deep Purple · 23.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
7 posts, 23:28 yesterday
Cablecom outage Fribourg/Murten??
There was a storm earlier which would affect microwave communications. But in Murten I have had no problems, neither Internet nor TV (I heard thunder, about 3 or 5 Km away) I am a direct UPC-CC customer.
Started by: TiMow · 23.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 23:06 yesterday
ANZAC Day 2011 (Service & BBQ)
Started by: kiwigeek · 15.Apr.2011 · Other/general
13 posts, 23:04 yesterday
ANZAC Day in Vevey - 25th April
Anzac Day - 25 April 2014 The New Zealand and Australian Consulates-General would like to invite you to the annual Anzac Day service. The service will be conducted by Reverend Clive Atkins at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery located…
Started by: zimmo · 23.Apr.2007 · Other/general
1 post, 22:52 yesterday
Hi hi hi
Started by: Artist Design · 23.Apr.2014 · Introductions
8 posts, 22:44 yesterday
Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, among other things. Would love to see the various Nobel prizes going to people that "blow things up!" Govt's are proving on a daily basis that they are NOT working on the behalf of the people. So I hope…
Started by: Texaner · 29.Jan.2014 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 22:42 yesterday
Civil Wedding Dress tips!
Started by: vera · 23.Apr.2014 · Other/general
43 posts, 22:41 yesterday
Low Cost Broker with no Regular/Custody Fees
15% withholding tax are for US equities but what if you get dividends from non-US companies ? For example if you own a German dividend paying stock, I assume IB will apply the German-US tax treaty and not the German-Swiss one. Germany…
Started by: Steve77 · 19.Nov.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
14 posts, 22:38 yesterday
Transferring money back to the UK
I think people should look into CurrencyFair instead of Transferwise (or at least seriously consider it). TW charges a flat fee only up to 200 GBP converted, then it is 0.5% of the amount, whereas CF charges as low as 0.30% (can be…
Started by: keenog · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 22:35 yesterday
Applying to École polytechnique fédérale…
Started by: jacobs1967 · 23.Apr.2014 · Education
6 posts, 22:25 yesterday
Pet boarding in Zug
Others have detailed requirements but there's definitely a big need. One key might be in how you advertise. I had a hard time finding good info but ended up finding a good walker to stay with mine by word of mouth. I was just plain…
Started by: loubylou212 · 9.Apr.2014 · Pet corner
1 post, 22:10 yesterday
Looking for female basketball players Zurich
Started by: gumby · 23.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 22:01 yesterday
Kärcher power washer [Lausanne]
Started by: rosrae · 21.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
28 posts, 22:00 yesterday
Clueless about buying a used family car - help!
No sliding doors, but I had a Opel (well, VAuxhall) Zafira from 1989 until 2000- and it was great. Never ever had any problem- sold it in then to a young fried with a young baby and a toddler, and she loves it too- and it is still going…
Started by: Pernilleskokken · 22.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 21:57 yesterday
Moving Boxes [Cham]
Started by: nomadicfoodie · 23.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
7 posts, 21:49 yesterday
Leave entitlement after Maternity
Have a look In your contract, it should tell you what you're entitled to .. Mine entitles me to the usual 14 weeks plus 2 unpaid if I wish. However I will take about 6 weeks unpaid. My company were aware if this from the beginning. As I…
Started by: Maineot · 23.Apr.2014 · Employment
2 posts, 21:48 yesterday
Kinderwagen - wanted [ZH]
Started by: stelianx · 23.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
41 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Boci (yound loving dog looking for a home)
Music! Dance with him. I had a great big huge Bouvier Bernois yonks ago who just loved Barry White and ACDC. But Jimmy the cat was more partial to a bit of Queen. Whereas, his sister Saturna liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Seriously,…
Started by: fkdstm · 24.Mar.2014 · Pet corner
25 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Fired while sick - lawyer advice
I tried to do a bit of math here - let's assume she called in sick in mid-March and they sent her a termination letter two weeks later, still in March, with three months notice period, i.e. she's paid until the end of June (garden leave…
Started by: Aeneas · 23.Apr.2014 · Employment
6 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Getting from Ikea Dietlikon to Zurich
I recall a thread a few months ago where someone totally furnished their apartment for ca. 3-5,000 CHF. there was something about doing it Saturday afternoon/evening and returning on Monday as shop closed Sunday, but only paying 1 day's…
Started by: sigiii · 23.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
130 posts, 21:15 yesterday
Just came back from Spain and although weather wise both countries can be on par right now, I hate pollen here which is all over the place. Sneezing, allergies and bleeding nose - the best can describe my unimaginable dissappointment with…
Started by: taveau · 19.May.2013 · Daily life
51 posts, 21:10 yesterday
Samsung smart Tv´s / any good
These are always a good deal - I picked up my current 40" D-series a few years ago from them. I reckon they job-lot bulk purchase stock, direct from Samsung at a good discount, before the next upgrade model hits the stores.
Started by: telandy · 21.Aug.2013 · TV/internet/telephone
12 posts, 20:38 yesterday
Animals in aircraft cabins?
We had a rabbit who was supposed to fly in the cabin from CH to Norway, but the cost with Swiss was, well lets just say, sky-high. As we were only going to be away a few months we decided to support the young boys down the road instead…
Started by: Pixie B · 11.Apr.2014 · Pet corner
3 posts, 20:34 yesterday
Belated 'hello!'
Started by: jimmenico · 22.Apr.2014 · Introductions
21 posts, 20:31 yesterday
Those little scooters..
Actually that reminds me, if you do decide to buy a kick scooter... Get one with a long enough shaft. (I'm wide open to "That's what she said" jokes now) Seriously though, this is an important check. If you are tall and get a short…
Started by: John_H · 21.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
11 posts, 19:48 yesterday
Since starting the other thread, I did try this (you can order it here but it's expensive). The last infection I had was in August, then in September I felt one coming on. I kept drinking a lot all day and the weird sensation stayed. I…
Started by: Patsycat · 23.Apr.2014 · Family matters/health
77 posts, 19:32 yesterday
How do you make a Maltese cross…..?
I stand well and truly corrected after a closer look at the pic! Normally luzzus arent used for taxis, though they take tourists to the blue grotto and so on. Your explanations were interesting, but what about the Gozo tal-latini boat…
Started by: slammer · 25.Nov.2013 · Leaving Switzerland
15 posts, 19:17 yesterday
Car insurance - france for switzerland???
Started by: Sas123 · 23.Apr.2014 · Insurance
38 posts, 19:13 yesterday
Why would the Post Office charge me for…
There's no point in arguinbg with the people in the post office as there really is nothing they can do. It's best to go to the customs directly, especially if there has genuinely been a misunderstanding.
Started by: smoky · 23.Apr.2014 · Other/general
28 posts, 19:10 yesterday
Whistling in the workplace
Douchbag jar. I would just silently pass him a douchbag jar anytime he jovially starts again. I was brought up - smacking gum, talking loud on one's cell, whistling, pointing at stranges, talking about somebody in 3rd person while…
Started by: iain075 · 11.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
32 posts, 18:40 yesterday
4000 rent for house in Baselland - too much?
We did not get the house in the end. We are taking the apartment. I am actually looking forward to moving there, as it seems like a great place for our family. Thank you all for taking the time to reply to a total stranger with your…
Started by: sougue75 · 22.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
8 posts, 18:31 yesterday
Dog and cat?
Our family always had dogs and a cat, i think both the cats (one after the other) where introduced when the dogs and the cat were in their teens or older. without a problem, I have two dogs both that grew up with and lived happily with…
Started by: sienawilson · 23.Apr.2014 · Pet corner
112 posts, 18:31 yesterday
Starting a business in Switzerland.
I also want to start a home base travel agent, do i have to register the business and pay tax? Anyone have idea about the process to register and which document will be required? I am base in Ticino. Many thanks.
Started by: krlock3 · 6.Apr.2006 · Business & entrepreneur
12 posts, 18:26 yesterday
Other Way Round; DIVVS and DIVVA Pronunciation…
ok didn't know that div means idiot, but it seems to be a really old fashioned uk english term... so I more looking for a universal english or common us english...there i think its not really common?! also i found out that divv has a…
Started by: hobo · 23.Apr.2014 · Language corner
1 post, 17:30 yesterday
IKEA glass shelves (old model, pre-2014)…
Started by: Cochrane · 23.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
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