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76 posts, 02:16 today
Do Not Shop At Navyboot
Hi Guys, I saw that this seems to be and older post but I was shocked by the responses here. I have many international friends also some living here in Zürich and have very much respect for different cultures I do had a bad shopping…
Started by: beth11 · 2.Nov.2007 · Complaints corner
11 posts, 02:09 today
English course for university applying
Learning English in Switzerland might be difficult as you need a permit to stay here. Apart from English not being the local language here. Why not try to get your English at a level necessary for a masters study elsewhere and then apply…
Started by: vanhienit · 26.Feb.2015 · Language corner
28 posts, 01:57 today
Live long and prosper [RIP Leonard Nimoy]
Started by: slammer · 27.Feb.2015 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 01:49 today
Advice needed on flat hunting in Zug, Please…
Started by: Agnes_a · 27.Feb.2015 · Housing in general
63 posts, 00:52 today
Fed up with the anti-frontalier rethoric…
Without the frontaliers, there would have been nobody in Confiserie Schneider to serve me with the best ever Schoggiweggli as I made my way in full costume to start the day's Fasnacht activity. cheers. Nick.
Started by: belgo · 27.Feb.2015 · Daily life
2 posts, 23:33 yesterday
Tuxedo rental in Basel or surrouding areas?
Started by: camembert · 27.Feb.2015 · Daily life
4 posts, 23:11 yesterday
German intensive course
Started by: Graymalk · 17.Jan.2015 · Language corner
85 posts, 23:08 yesterday
How did you find your job in Switzerland?
Hi Lausannebrit... I like your story, very inspiring. I myself is getting frustrated in finding a job here in Geneva, cause one of the requirements is do you speak French or German? This is when you try to apply in a local companies. I…
Started by: MegSF · 14.Jan.2007 · Employment
8 posts, 23:07 yesterday
Transferring GBP to a Swiss Account in GBP…
Do they have someone on the ground who can collect in cash? If so do that and get receipts. Otherwise, the cooperative approach would be for them to accept a CHF transfer coming in via Transferwise, as this costs only 1.47 GBP. Ask…
Started by: Mollengineer · 27.Feb.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 22:09 yesterday
Telephone Landline(s) connection box
Just moved into a house built in the 50's. It previously had swisscom but I transferred my Sunrise to it. Sunrise says their connection is active. But no wall telephone plugs work. Could anyone post picture of the place of the incoming…
Started by: Glendyn · 16.Apr.2009 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 22:08 yesterday
RC Airplane/Helicopter Swiss Online Shop.
Started by: Fieel · 27.Feb.2015 · Daily life
43 posts, 22:02 yesterday
Cricket World Cup 2015
Try saying that to the families of those who died in the attacks Asif would have been a washed up hasbeen by now. Aamer probably would have been one of the best int he world. Neither would have been an asset since they…
Started by: SOBEIT · 16.Feb.2015 · Football/sports
17 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Court in Zug, claiming alimony after separation
Sometimes I cut my finger and it hurts, I put a plaster on it but it doesn't heal properly, it becomes infected - in an effort to resolve the problem I see a professional, the infection means I lose the hand. :p (Having married and…
Started by: IzabelaInZug · 25.Jan.2015 · Family matters/health
28 posts, 21:32 yesterday
Best steaks in Zurich?
and here another good place been there repeatedly since about 1985, always satisfied or been there twice, really nice there is also the their menu looks inviting, but not yet been there
Started by: gregorr · 22.Feb.2015 · Entertainment & dining
87 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Disgusting Coffee at Zurich HB
here is what I found in the Internet RE: KFC in der Schweiz Jenes KFC welches vor vielen Jahren in Zürich am Bahnhofplatz eröffnet wurde, lief auch ganz ausgezeichnet. Die in Zürich für KFC Regie fphrende Bude ging dann…
Started by: lost_inbroad · 30.Sep.2013 · Complaints corner
29 posts, 21:08 yesterday
SWISS tickets at 119 CHF, 48h only, European…
Hmmm. I wasnt charged any CC fees and paid with a VISA. I also am not seeing the 30 chf booking fees for international flights I booked a flight to london city this upcoming weekend as well as two weekend flights in june. One…
Started by: nasa2000 · 21.Feb.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
87 posts, 21:05 yesterday
International Women's Day: (not)…
I'm not trying to be flippant here, but you're joking, right? and in no way at all, btw, did I ever suggest that raising children was like a holiday. but it also offers absolutely zero skills and experiences that have anything…
Started by: stephaniefeeney · 25.Feb.2015 · Daily life
33 posts, 21:00 yesterday
Billag Contribution and Online Questionaire...
There is a chance ;) Earlier I tried to watch TV (Swisscom TV 2.0) while on a mobile network - and logged out. No-go. Now I am logged out of the app, but am able to watch being on the WiFi (of my Swisscom VDSL). Oh well…
Started by: ETH Frau · 27.Feb.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
19 posts, 20:54 yesterday
Dual Taxation (UK/Swiss) Practicalities
I am almost always sorry when I post anything on this forum because invariably there is a risk of flaming, when all I am trying to do is alert people who find links on a search engine and who wrongly think the answers are simple. In the…
Started by: tdoublep · 23.Feb.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
79 posts, 20:43 yesterday
Danish guy that wants to move to Switzerland
Hey you started it Heh, thanks for the link (I wonder if the forum's youtube integration can be changed to not try and force flash - the video is watchable on youtube without flash). Someone has put a lot of effort in…
Started by: Ravenio · 22.Feb.2015 · Employment
5 posts, 20:35 yesterday
Waiting for Admission response in ETHZ
Started by: henrystorm · 26.Feb.2015 · Education
45 posts, 19:46 yesterday
Budget For Family of 4 in Basel
You are correct! Although the Kayak part of the username has ceded to the Dad part in the past few years. Both my wife and I paddle and are looking to get back into it once we settle down. Thanks for the link and good luck with your move…
Started by: kayakdad · 19.Feb.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 19:46 yesterday
Halli Hallo!
Hi RetiredInNH - just call me raised in NH (other than my first years in CH) My family still lives on the Seacoast, so I tend to go up during my free weekends, and try to get on ski trips out of Boston into the White "Mountains" as well.…
Started by: swissmissamerica · 27.Feb.2015 · Introductions
12 posts, 19:30 yesterday
What to do with old computers in Switzerland?
If it's a pure hard-drive ("rotating rust"), DBAN should be enough (unless your adversaries are from a nation-state and with almost unlimited resources - and even then it's not quite clear how much of the previous information can…
Started by: alienausland · 23.Feb.2015 · Other/general
30 posts, 19:25 yesterday
What condiment could you not live without?
When I'm eating home - I have my home made paprika paste jar (basically minced hot paprika and salt plus olive oil, stored in the refrigerator) Other than that, Tabasco and Dijon mustard, depending on the food. Oh, and garlic…
Started by: TobiasM · 27.Feb.2015 · Food and drink
14 posts, 19:24 yesterday
Newly moved to Baden
I don't know which specific discipline of yoga you follow, but Baden is well known throughout Switzerland for being the "capital" of Blaue Kuh yoga, an indigenous discipline founded in the late sixties by the famous Rajastani guru…
Started by: Devorah · 21.Feb.2015 · Introductions
21 posts, 19:16 yesterday
Mums on the gold coast. Advice needed!
Have you considered Höngg? Easy access to Wallisellen and fairly affordable. Never lived there myself but always thought it to be a place to consider. Otherwise Küsnacht or Zollikon would be my choice. Close to the city and easy…
Started by: Alicja · 26.Feb.2015 · Housing in general
16 posts, 19:02 yesterday
Yorkshire Tea in Basel
The Yorkshire Teas are renowned in all corners of the globe for their fine qualities. Indeed the Yorkshire Dales are famous for their rich soils and abundant sunshine, providing an excellent environment for productive tea plantations. In…
Started by: Silsa · 12.Jan.2011 · Food and drink
60 posts, 18:49 yesterday
More girls running off to join ISIS
Agree with that. Post me the link and I'll contribute for the airfares. Better to have a psychotic roaming the deserts of Syria or Iraq than festering in a public area in the civilized world (and that includes the Muslim world). Having…
Started by: me.anon · 20.Feb.2015 · International affairs/politics
7 posts, 18:44 yesterday
On a rare clear night...The Zurich night sky
One must use a robotic tracker that moves at the same rate as the night sky's rotation. I've no idea what that actual speed is...but its rather slow. The unit i use moves a total of 15 cm over a several hours.
Started by: Ttamasle · 23.Feb.2015 · Daily life
16 posts, 18:41 yesterday
The Android beasts thread, 2015 edition
Well, mine went missing a couple weeks ago so yeah I kinda do. Back to my old HTC Desire in the meantime. It still makes calls, sends texts, functions as baby monitor. Needs a reboot after every Candy Crush session though so clearly…
Started by: Russkov · 26.Feb.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
13 posts, 18:37 yesterday
Looking for snowboarders
A couple of friends and I might be heading to Flumserberg this saturday. We're intermediate to advanced skiers / snowboarders and like to keep it on piste this time. So far there's three of us, so if anyone wants to join, let me know.
Started by: 2donkeysineurope · 9.Dec.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 18:34 yesterday
Grumpy Expat Facebook Group
Started by: Missy231184 · 27.Feb.2015 · Daily life
52 posts, 18:26 yesterday
Fat bellied gentlemen - Suck it up or..
It's a physical law - the Conservation of energy. It's not really something you can argue about unless you want to look foolish. Don't weigh yourself. See how well your trousers fit around the waist.
Started by: John_H · 26.Feb.2015 · Daily life
2 posts, 17:44 yesterday
Language exchange: English-French [Biel/Bienne]
Started by: MCMorawiec · 3.Feb.2015 · Language corner
49 posts, 17:43 yesterday
UPC CABLECOM price increase spring 2015
You seem to have trouble understanding basic concepts. I want SYNCHRONOUS internet, that means super high (100/100) upload speeds, which means that using a NAS or uploading large amounts of data to websites is hugely faster. Neither…
Started by: Horatio Gonzales · 13.Jan.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 17:32 yesterday
Looking for work advice
As an Australian citizen and young person, you might be able to qualify under the young professionals traineeship program. This is an overview and would suggest you read all of the requirements carefully to see if you meet them: "To…
Started by: Tlesk · 27.Feb.2015 · Employment
5 posts, 17:13 yesterday
Cycling / running / hiking in locarno/bellinzona…
Started by: TheBea · 14.Nov.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 17:12 yesterday
Zurich Hatha Yoga class Wedsnesday evenings…
Started by: Missy231184 · 7.Nov.2014 · Commercial events
2 posts, 17:09 yesterday
List of sites to watch German videos, TV…
Started by: hannah'sauntie · 22.Feb.2015 · Language corner
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