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5 posts, 20:02 today
UK targets East Europe immigrants
Started by: MrVertigo · 28.Nov.2014 · International affairs/politics
96 posts, 20:01 today
Expected to continue working after being fired
There seems to be a lot of things you dont know or even worst, assume. Just for the record: in french, we dont use LOL. We use MDR. For the rest, i'll let you divagate alone, enjoy your evident greatness
Started by: Konuku · 27.Nov.2014 · Employment
2 posts, 19:56 today
CH reduces non EU permits for 2015
Started by: Verbier · 28.Nov.2014 · Swiss politics/news
93 posts, 19:52 today
Serious allegations against Professor Christoph…
Court action proceeds today against Professor Iris Ritzmann; it was already decided today that the central piece of evidence (a data CD) is not allowable. Seems to be a gift from Blocher :D ; if I understood correctly it was decided…
Started by: marton · 11.Sep.2012 · Swiss politics/news
5 posts, 19:50 today
Man with van/men with ven
Started by: derk · 27.Nov.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 19:36 today
Suggestion? [Europa park with a 2-year old]
Started by: Sheetal · 28.Nov.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
91 posts, 19:32 today
Latest Ecopop poll shows Swiss likely to…
I decided to vote for Ecopop. I think it is flawed, yet I see no other in the pipeline. I think its important to take notice that this is an important issue for Switzerland. Actually, a conversation with an Urschweizer convinced me of…
Started by: zerogre · 20.Nov.2014 · Swiss politics/news
2 posts, 19:30 today
Dartford Crossing change (UK)
Started by: telandy · 28.Nov.2014 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 19:29 today
Moving boxes [Lausanne area]
Started by: brenda28 · 28.Nov.2014 · Items wanted
113 posts, 19:29 today
Mediocre (and that's being generous) Swiss…
Good advertising has little to do with entertainment value. The design of it is meant to meet a business objective; whether to change or form your perspective, send a message about the company, or get you to buy. You can't fully…
Started by: 22 yards · 17.Sep.2014 · Daily life
13 posts, 19:26 today
IPhone 5s cracked screen - where to repair?
I've also looked for places that can change the cracked screen on an iPhone5C, and this apple werkstatt does seem the cheapest. But I've looked and can't find a real address for them, their web page is a bit minimal. Does anybody else,…
Started by: mNY15 · 17.Oct.2014 · Other/general
15 posts, 19:26 today
Renting in France, driving in Switzerland
Who will be using the credit card? Because saying you have a swiss drivers license will push the rates back up. When I went to California, a state part of the country I am from, I went with someone that has a Swiss driver's license. We…
Started by: hmclifford · 28.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 19:26 today
Failure to provide Working Certificate
Send another registered letter with a deadline (a few days will do - they can get their butts moving and you've waited long enough). If you want, include your own draft reference letter (if you have one, otherwise it's up to you whether…
Started by: GC123 · 28.Nov.2014 · Employment
6 posts, 19:13 today
Upholstery Courses for Mature Students
Have you tried contacting manufacturing firms and see what requirements they are looking for? Switzerland is a country where almost every trade has some kind of qualification. I have made upholstered headboards. You do not see that…
Started by: Charlie Farlie · 31.Oct.2014 · Education
1 post, 19:12 today
Park & Ride from Baar or Zug
Started by: Baarmover · 28.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
110 posts, 18:55 today
US State Dept hiking renunciation fees to…
Yeah, advice here a few years ago was to pop over the German border to the embassy there and do it and it could be quicker than here in Switzerland. But when things started ramping up I read that the German embassy decided to limit…
Started by: MennoFloyd · 28.Aug.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
27 posts, 18:53 today
Changes in renouncing US citizenship?
Before signing off (I really can't continue on the forum, sorry) I ought to address the above. Any number cited for Americans abroad is purely conjectural. Unlike Switzerland (or Netherlands or many other countries with forced…
Started by: lemoh · 24.Jun.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
68 posts, 18:52 today
Stay-at-Home Spouses [unemployed, depressed,…
You say you miss your hobbies but you haven't said what your interests are? Team sports and music are the most therapeutic and social choices, and music is something you can start at any age. Have you tried singing, for instance? TildaOz…
Started by: hopeinajar · 27.Nov.2014 · Employment
20 posts, 18:31 today
Family skiing advice!
When my kids were in that range, we spent our Winter Sports weeks in Ovronnaz in Valais: It has great runs, but best of all, it does not get crowded. It is high above the Valais, across the valley from Verbier. It also has a natural…
Started by: zurich99 · 24.Nov.2014 · Daily life
38 posts, 18:29 today
Geneva buses (TPG) going on strike Wednesday…
I was working in Geneva today, the traffic was quite bad at Geneva Airport at 8.00 am this morning, but not that bad TBH. I hope they are not on strike tomorrow as I have to catch a 7.15 flight to Frankfurt in the morning.
Started by: Centrlsmt · 17.Nov.2014 · Daily life
106 posts, 18:29 today
NOISY neighbour
I will tell my 6 year old this tonight when she tries to get me to feed her. Why do anything yourself when you have servants, I mean parents! Neither of mine would be OK with that, on a serious note. And in London I think your 4 year…
Started by: NT007 · 29.Dec.2013 · Complaints corner
15 posts, 18:26 today
Holiday gift ideas for smart 9 year old boys
OH wants to swap, tonight! DS mumbling something about playing FIFA (but it does keep him in touch with his friends in UK and Sweden...they just pick up where they left off, none of the serial niceties of how things are going etc.)
Started by: BLP · 28.Nov.2014 · Daily life
5 posts, 18:22 today
Best value swiss bank for americans…
Started by: lemoh · 27.Nov.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
67 posts, 18:20 today
Do Swiss people eat cats and dogs ?
Apparently, when it comes to hygiene, and left to their own devices, pigs are supposedly fairly clean - it's often the conditions in which they're kept, can be questionable. They roll in mud to clean parasites and protect against…
Started by: simonminissale · 26.Nov.2014 · Swiss politics/news
6 posts, 18:14 today
Orthodontist Insurance for Congenital Birth…
That's right. Even a 0.2 mm discrepancy would have been too much. The IV is pretty generous once a case is approved but very strictly sticks to the rules concerning approval. There's no wiggling room.
Started by: Sbrinz · 24.Nov.2014 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 18:12 today
How to make offical complaint against Sunrise?
Started by: newhappy · 28.Nov.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 17:58 today
Limited EPG for TV (Flashline)
Started by: chrisIDS · 28.Nov.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 17:48 today
Canadian in basel
Started by: gerrya83 · 28.Nov.2014 · Introductions
17 posts, 17:47 today
Living in Luzern - commute to Hergiswil…
Talk, yes. Serious talk, no. Cantons tend to take their taxing sovereignty pretty seriously, and as far as I can tell, across-the-board tax harmonizing isn't likely to happen soon. As a sort of a litmus test, we'll vote this…
Started by: Time for heroes · 1.Jun.2011 · Housing in general
7 posts, 17:44 today
Badminton/Squash around Olten/Thalwil
I'd be interested in playing badminton in Olten or Thalwil, provided it's after 7pm on a working day Monday-Thursday. Given these restrictions you may want to plan without me but if you end up sorting something out where more people…
Started by: Litana · 7.Feb.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
53 posts, 17:40 today
The Android beasts thread, 2014 edition
You should be glad you haven't got a buggy Lollipop update as the Nexus 4 and 5 did. ;) IMHO hold on to your Z1, at least until there's a nice and stable Lollipop 5.0.1 (or higher than .0.1 depending on how long it takes Google to fix…
Started by: lewton · 17.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
18 posts, 17:38 today
When did you first leave your teenagers…
We left the eldest daughter for the very first time home alone when she was 17-ish in 07, just started her apprenticeship and we went away for one week to Saas Fee ( e.g in case of emergency could drive back home within 2 hours)…
Started by: PaddyG · 24.Nov.2014 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 17:33 today
Coop - 30% off toys - 28.11-29.11.2014
Started by: Verbier · 28.Nov.2014 · Daily life
16 posts, 17:25 today
Organic/Bio foods
On the French side of the border there are bigger stores (than in CH) offering greater choice of organic products. There is a Satoriz store ( in Ferney-Voltaire, very close to the border, and another one in Val Thoiry, also not very…
Started by: Wabma · 19.Aug.2014 · Daily life
23 posts, 17:22 today
Custom made PC desktop
I assumed the OP would state that they wanted, for example, 512GB SSD, x speed processor, 3 fans, 2TB HHD, 4 x USB 3.0 ports ...etc and let the shop decide what exactly to put in. That's a H/W spec. Not stating specifically which…
Started by: saiya-jin · 26.Nov.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 17:18 today
Canceling internet subscription at home?...
Started by: happyrobbie · 26.Nov.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
48 posts, 17:18 today
Healthy aging
If you are interested in this topic of fats there is quite a good review here summarising 11 different studies on fats. Myself whenever a newspaper features comments about a study I always try to find and read the original; often…
Started by: Tom1234 · 31.Oct.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 17:03 today
SIGG dorrex dehydrator - Why is it popular…
Dehydrating Food is actually a century old preserving method used in Switzerland. The Dörrex etc. just simplifies and speeds up the process, coz in the olden days, this had to be done either under the sun or I remember that one of my…
Started by: Nina123 · 31.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
3 posts, 16:51 today
Party in Vevey tonight
Started by: Chocochino · 28.Nov.2014 · Entertainment & dining
36 posts, 16:45 today
Fuel efficient car for highway driving
I have a mazda 6 estate (kombi I think they say here), 2009. the official figures on this are great on motorway, 5.6/100. in reality its different. on a flat motorway, or lowish hills, such as vevey to bern, i get about 5.6 out of it.…
Started by: Dietiker · 21.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
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