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41 posts, 16:45 today
The Android beasts thread, 2014 edition
In terms of look and feel the Galaxy Alpha is about as good as it gets in terms of Android phones. Its very iPhone 5 in terms of ergonomics and build quality, but its just a shame that its inferior to the less worthy flagship Galaxy S5.…
Started by: lewton · 17.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 16:34 today
13th salary after losing one's job
Started by: Konuku · 30.Oct.2014 · Employment
15 posts, 16:32 today
Good Restaurants in Basel
Dunno it others overrate it, but it's close by the office I worked in for... well before the restaurant opened. Anyway, I never liked it. The pizza isn't as good as other nearby places, and apart from that it's just pasta and stuff.…
Started by: pippa.anne · 12.Mar.2013 · Food and drink
4 posts, 16:28 today
Cider in Basel
Started by: Ardennes1944 · 29.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
13 posts, 16:28 today
Where to buy thinly sliced beef
Not only will it be fresher, but you can choose the cuts (and types) of meat you want. We always self slice, you can get a good chunk of meat for half the price of what pre-sliced chinoise goes for (and who knows what they use?). Same…
Started by: mashael · 27.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
5 posts, 16:26 today
Extended Warranty - should I bother?
Started by: UK girl at Heart · 30.Oct.2014 · Daily life
9 posts, 16:21 today
Tina for the better ;)
Welcome Tina. Thanks for your intro. My OH is a Michigoose, and I'm a part-time Michigander (Grand Traverse Area), born and bred Swiss with quite a few years abroad under my belt. Oh, and we both love cooking too. Sometimes we throw…
Started by: tina34 · 29.Oct.2014 · Introductions
86 posts, 16:12 today
Historical child slave labour in Switzerland
Anna Göldi was not the last witch in the western world. Please don't make this is swiss issue when it's not. Slamming Switzerland is not helping anyone. This is a dark spot in swiss history, yes. But I'm sure your country has them as…
Started by: Slaphead · 29.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
20 posts, 16:02 today
Can you be friend with your doctor?
Going slightly off-topic, but this thread just jogged my memory. I had a consultation with my MD - an internist - aka General Practitioner, in New Jersey. The next morning I was taking part in an aqua-excercise class at the local 'Y'…
Started by: happyrobbie · 30.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
12 posts, 15:54 today
Source tax B vs C question for german resident…
My guess is your only option is to stay tax resident in Germany. The link I sent you explains the procedure: you declare to the German finanzamt that you work in CH for 3 months and your income here. They will give you a bill for…
Started by: dmed · 20.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
61 posts, 15:54 today
Fired after pregnancy/miscarriage
Do not spend any time fighting this *** company. Is it worth it? NO Focus on: - getting pregnant - find a new job Whatever comes first...:)- This is the way it is in Switzerland. Quite new I have to say. The law did not change…
Started by: missamerica · 23.Jun.2011 · Employment
5 posts, 15:49 today
Russia and NATO in the News
Started by: bigfujitsu · 30.Oct.2014 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 15:47 today
Question for those with experience of American…
Started by: terramundi · 30.Oct.2014 · Employment
24 posts, 15:31 today
Wanted: Snow chains for 19" wheels (ZH)
We have two 4wd cars, an Audi TT and a Passat (300bhp) and have never needed chains either. And we do actually do quite a bit of winter/snow driving. I do have a set of chains which sits in the Passat's boot in the winter, which are of…
Started by: jamiebae · 26.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
135 posts, 15:15 today
SVP Gold Referendum could succeed!
Who will be the new Grand ayatollah!! But spread over (at least!) 5 years so the annual amount is relatively small. As mentioned in the FT today the gold price fell; Gold market is today ignoring the Swiss vote although some…
Started by: Dack Rambo · 23.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
1 post, 15:00 today
Wanted: Stokke Xplory chassis (Locarno)
Started by: Microminis · 30.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
10 posts, 14:52 today
Cat toilet training
I don't think it is ever to late for our furry friends to learn new things. However, you might want to wait until your kitty arrives and is settled in and using the cat box properly before you ask them to learn how to use the toilet. Moves…
Started by: 3blackcats · 25.Oct.2014 · Pet corner
9 posts, 14:39 today
Dance Partner in Basel- Beginner Level
That is to say on the first, third and fifth Sunday of each month, there is a salsa practice. This Sunday, there is a salsa practicas starting at 8pm. It is a long time I wasn't here but I know there is all kind of salsa…
Started by: Flox · 27.Sep.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 14:32 today
Basic health insurance and medicine coverage…
Clexane is definitely covered under basic insurance whether for pregnancy or other reasons. Only available on prescription though but I would assume the OP's doctor has prescribed it in this instance. As others have said the cost will be…
Started by: syd09 · 30.Oct.2014 · Insurance
9 posts, 14:14 today
Hello Forum !!
Hi Sandeep, and welcome to the forum. When I moved here 5 years ago, I found EF invaluable for tips on daily life. Do use the search function before you post a question, else, the veterans get cross - and show it 😈
Started by: Sandeepm1980 · 30.Oct.2014 · Introductions
1 post, 13:51 today
Work speaking English, Russian and Polish…
Started by: LostTheMarbles · 30.Oct.2014 · Employment
93 posts, 13:45 today
How long did it take you to learn German?
The problem here is that you're trying to learn a language (hight german) thats not really spoken around you. I know people who spent 1-2 years in Germany and came back absolutely fluent. I learned really good spanish just from 6 months in…
Started by: Pixie B · 10.Mar.2014 · Language corner
39 posts, 13:42 today
Champagne and Absinthe day
OK the restauranteurs from A Côté got back from Crete last night- so finally were able to discuss a menu. It will be salad or soup, followed by Boeuf Bourguignon and Gratin Dauphinois and veg, with a choice of 2 tarts for dessert- for 25…
Started by: Odile · 18.Oct.2014 · Social events
15 posts, 13:13 today
Opening a bank account without residency?
Free to register. Then you pay when the permit arrives. ;):D OP, go to the commune and get the document that says you're in the process of registering. Take that along with your work contract and your passport to the bank of your…
Started by: weeedieee · 29.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 13:10 today
Need US tax professional advice (GE area)
We have dealt with this by PM and email. For the record, I have some important free advice to offer: Do not, ever, post personal financial information -- and even more importantly, legal conclusions -- on a public forum. As a poster you…
Started by: M. Ploymi · 18.Aug.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 13:06 today
Good Internet service providers in Unterägeri…
Started by: thangaraasu · 30.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 12:58 today
Hair and Nail Salong Singen
Started by: Kimmichka · 30.Oct.2014 · Other/general
97 posts, 12:55 today
FATCA: The American Dream Becomes a Nightmare
Yeah but that number is not limited to Switzerland. Making the exchange rate and living and working in France, for example, and that turns out quite well. Not to mention even less expensive countries to live in. Everyone knows you make…
Started by: ed_mcgaugh · 19.Oct.2011 · Finance/banking/taxation
12 posts, 12:39 today
Never buying Hewlett Packard again
Had the same problem with SSD failing. They replaced it the next day, I sent back the defective one, done. I for one was pretty happy with them and continue enjoying their laptops (am typing now from an 8570w) :)
Started by: reids · 29.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
11 posts, 12:35 today
Borreliose/Lyme disese in Switzerland
Sorry to hear about the op's condition. That Lyme disease sounds quite scary - and I heard there Zurich area is known for high number of ticks in the forests (not sure what % of them is infected though) - I got bitten myself by one last…
Started by: ecoo · 30.Sep.2014 · Family matters/health
6 posts, 12:18 today
Who pays? - hospital bill for healthy baby…
As the bill is in your name, then send it to your insurance company. If it comes back, send it to your son's insurance, enclosing copy of letter from your insurance company. Wait and see, insurance can be complicated! Are you sure your…
Started by: maurerjones · 30.Oct.2014 · Insurance
115 posts, 12:16 today
Zürich Sunday Football
Hi Folks, We had a great game last Sunday afternoon.. We will be playing again this Sunday if there are enough people interested. At the moment, we have 4 players confirmed. Please register your interest to join us by posting…
Started by: drkarthiks · 26.May.2014 · Social events
3 posts, 12:03 today
Small office space required
Started by: Romano · 29.Oct.2014 · Property wanted
3 posts, 11:55 today
Started by: darkroom · 29.Oct.2014 · Introductions
20 posts, 11:38 today
Dealing with Rental agents :-(
Source? Yes, good advice: you better act like a sheep and contact associations rather than finding the information and law regrading "contrat de bails" yourself. Spoon feeding is always better than using your brain, isn't?.
Started by: ribeisx · 28.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
7 posts, 11:18 today
Any experience with 3D printing?
I had a further look at Shapeways. It looks very interesting, even for novices. You can upload a 2D image, and have it converted to a 3D object (this is ideal for something like a button). There is also software for people to design their…
Started by: hkirk · 29.Oct.2014 · Other/general
25 posts, 11:12 today
Good food in zurich city
It is a restaurant. It serves french fries, meat, bread and cheese products, ice cream and a cake or two. Dull maybe but does the job if you really are hungry. Pretty similar to most Swiss restaurants, wouldn't you say?
Started by: nikiagarwal · 24.Sep.2014 · Food and drink
10 posts, 11:09 today
Suffering from PND / PDD
Hello, Its been a while since I posted but I just wanted to say that I have recieved some excellent help and am enjoying my life and my baby very much Whilst I do not often manage to get on to the EF I just wanted to pop back incase…
Started by: Geranium · 20.May.2014 · Family matters/health
40 posts, 11:08 today
Your favourite Museum in CH and why?
About one hour from Zurich is a museum which is dedicated to Middle-earth (Lord of the rings): It's a private museum, so a visit is only possible by attending a guided tour. Normally there aren't any tours in English, because the demand…
Started by: Odile · 12.Oct.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
1 post, 11:05 today
Students playing The House of Bernarda Alba…
Started by: MacGregor's Daughter · 30.Oct.2014 · Social events
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 Saturday 1.Nov.2014
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 Halloween Ghost Walk of Zurich
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 Relaxed Zürich Lake Bike-Tour
Zürich - CHF 79.- statt CHF 167.40 für Waschen, Schneiden, Föhnen & Färben oder Tönen - Inkl. 250ml Schwarzkopf-Shampoo & Cut Club-Bonuskarte: Wähle den Salon in deiner Nähe
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