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10 posts, 00:28 today
Two living on one PhD salary
Yes, that's what I meant with flying from GVA. Also, you'd be surprised how cheap a GA is compared to what they otherwise needed. Yes, of course a regional card would be cheaper than a GA. However, the difference isn't that big, and in…
Started by: MarkanBL · 22.Jan.2017 · Employment
51 posts, 23:58 yesterday
Don't trust LATAM (the airline...)
"Funnily" enough, they are probably indeed reimbursing not because they have to, but because their agent agrees that the whole story is .. well .. crazy enough and that their mistake was clearly telling you that you've 2 piece…
Started by: Treverus · 28.Dec.2016 · Complaints corner
1 post, 23:50 yesterday
UK bank accounts AEOI, EUSD - AHV/AVS
Started by: justcamehere · 22.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
57 posts, 23:36 yesterday
Rosberg retires from F1
Did anyone see the Robserg interview at the WEF in Davos? I think I'll be much more of a fan of the man than I was the driver. It's pretty bold for a current F1 Champion to say "there's more to life than driving round in circles!"
Started by: bigblue2 · 2.Dec.2016 · Football/sports
12 posts, 23:24 yesterday
Croatia Trip
We rented a car and drove to Croatia last summer. We drove down via Austria and Slovenia. We stopped in Salzburg for lunch and a little wander around the city and then drove on down through Slovenia. We also had Lake Bled and Ljubljana…
Started by: fromsiggenthal · 26.Feb.2016 · Travel/day trips/free time
10 posts, 23:19 yesterday
Tips on Finding a cheap Apartment in Zürich
At the moment, there are only 8 apartments in Zurich with 5 or more rooms, for under 3000chf. Watch out as some may be short-term rentals, due for renovation, or scams. We got our apartment directly from someone who advertised on the…
Started by: Kastel · 21.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
11 posts, 23:17 yesterday
Baker moving in August
Yes, travelling 1hr+ for work is considered quite normal. I don't like it personally, but many do have this kind of arrangement (especially when the partner has a job in a different city than you) There are a lot of people having moved to…
Started by: heybrueder · 20.Jan.2017 · Introductions
2 posts, 23:00 yesterday
Tips for apartment renting
Started by: alexch · 22.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
93 posts, 22:41 yesterday
Forgotten English words and phrases
Actually I started using EF for exactly this reason that I was losing my English, EF helps me a lot :) Plus reading English newspapers. But I rarely speak English so I wonder if my pronunciation is drifting :eek:
Started by: Chrisso · 22.Sep.2012 · Language corner
54 posts, 22:22 yesterday
How do you wash your car?
I personally very much prefer to handwash my cars using waterless. Works superb and you can control swirls, etc. also helps me learn the dimensions of the car which very much helps getting in and out of tight spaces as my feeling for car…
Started by: clawhammer · 20.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
29 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Buying house
It isn't. I never said that it was, it's you who has chosen to tiraaly misunderstand my post. You said it is 3% in Ticino. I said it is much lower than that ( i.e. much lower than 3%) in Neuchâtel. That refers to the 3%. I'm not…
Started by: angel1 · 20.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
9 posts, 22:18 yesterday
Help: consider to buy an Audi A3, 1st time…
Thank you all for the kind reply:) Yes, the car had been in the outdoor parking lot for 1 month or so, which might explain the bumpier feeling but we are not sure. We have asked about the history of the car, and they said they have…
Started by: edge27 · 21.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 22:14 yesterday
Adult snowboard course in English - Participants…
Started by: Horatio Gonzales · 4.Nov.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
8 posts, 22:01 yesterday
Hiring ski clothing for children?
There is plenty of high-quality second hand to get for kids! Check ricardo.ch (kind of Swiss ebay), anibis.ch, tutti.ch, etc. and narrow your search to some 5-10 km from your place so you need not pay the shipping...
Started by: BenSc · 19.Jan.2017 · Daily life
5 posts, 21:46 yesterday
BP Auto Car Wash, potential health hazard?
Started by: meister · 22.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
16 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Legal Jobs
Hi, please don't be discouraged! It is truly not easy to practice law in Switzerland if you have taken your basic law studies abroad, but it is not impossible (I have experienced it myself long time ago) and you might be able to find…
Started by: Qendrimi · 14.Jan.2017 · Employment
49 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Snow Clearance
I had a similar problem with a neighbor. I talked with them a number of times to no avail. Finally at the end of one conversation, I said, if you do it again, I will call the police. Issue resolved. In my culture, conversations…
Started by: ecb · 16.Jan.2017 · Other/general
42 posts, 21:14 yesterday
Unjust Performance Reviews
Well that makes them semi-useful, but hardly powerful ;) Sad in a way, cause it COULD be a very crucial function if it were given the proper importance and power and were allocated the right resources (read: different people). Says the…
Started by: CrazyN8s · 19.Jan.2017 · Employment
17 posts, 21:10 yesterday
Winterthur and Frauenfeld no swimming pool…
Not too far from Winterhur is the "Water World Wallisellen", which offers state-of-the-art Sauna (as well as a full 50m pool) The Spa offering costs 26 CHF, the regular bath is for 8 CHF for a single entry (like most things in…
Started by: grnfish · 18.Jan.2017 · Complaints corner
35 posts, 21:00 yesterday
Jacob's Cream Crackers or water biscuits?
I usually get my fix of Jacobs Cream Crackers from the large Coop just opposite HB. They hide them on a shelf in the back right had corner near the bread. They had some when I was there last week, so there is probably still some there now…
Started by: RolandRB · 18.Feb.2007 · Food and drink
25 posts, 20:39 yesterday
What are these?
No, no hillsides. They seem to be laid alongside, roads, streets, pathways; even paths that are little more than animal tracks. Usually at say 20 or 30 metre intervals, they seem to be running with little flashing lights that show…
Started by: marton · 18.Jan.2017 · Daily life
11 posts, 20:18 yesterday
Finding right adapter
It is not so unusual. I have a few like that. Last week in the Fundgrube at Ikea (Spreitenbach) they had a large box of adapters the OP needs, selling for chf 2 per piece. I usually buy adapters at Obi in Waldshut.
Started by: zuzi666 · 22.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
3 posts, 20:05 yesterday
Bank statement opened in the post
Started by: Orac · 22.Jan.2017 · Complaints corner
30 posts, 19:51 yesterday
I'm considering switching from UPC to Fiber7 and it looks like the service is available at my address, but I don't have the socket (OTO) in my apartment. Since I'm renting, is it necessary to ask the landlord for permission to have the…
Started by: elentari · 5.Aug.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 19:32 yesterday
English speaking baby meetings + activities…
Started by: revila · 21.Jan.2017 · Introductions
10 posts, 18:42 yesterday
Bubble wrap...
If you need a large amount, you are better going to a moving company which sells packing materials in bulk. There was a thread here with a discussion about where to buy packing materials but I cannot seem to find it. The locations where I…
Started by: Stoker177 · 22.Jan.2017 · Daily life
26 posts, 18:41 yesterday
When do you send medical bills to Assura?
Is there a time limit on how late you can submit your medical bills? Had major treatment in December which took me over the CHF 2'500 franchise. Only received last bill from doctor at the beginning of January 2017. I now want to submit…
Started by: happyrobbie · 4.Oct.2015 · Insurance
11 posts, 18:24 yesterday
Looking for help/advice starting a wealth…
Thank you Yes, at this stage they are mainly from Italy (I am originally from Italy too) Unfortunately in Italy the start-up costs are obscene and the red tape drives me crazy. I am not looking for a tax-avoiding scheme or anything…
Started by: TimingIsEverything · 21.Jan.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
24 posts, 18:10 yesterday
Converting California CM1 Driver's License
I just received swiss license and they put a "not valid in switzerland" sticker on the back. Still used in USA. Kept swiss license for use in Ch. Easy. They don't keep the license if that is your concern.
Started by: MobileLifestyle · 22.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
56 posts, 17:40 yesterday
Home Automation in Switzerland
@StrirB, I looked into this a bit more just now and it appears that some of their products have been formally tested: Bottom of this page These products: Sonoff TH10/TH16, Sonoff Pow, Sonoff Dual: So, it's pretty cool to get a…
Started by: StirB · 23.Jun.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 17:32 yesterday
Another good site for learning a language
Started by: ipoddle · 22.Jan.2017 · Language corner
86 posts, 16:32 yesterday
Men's boxer shorts. fly or no fly?
I have to disagree with that. Slowly unbuttoning the flies of boxer shorts can be very sexy indeed.;) Husband and son seem to have a mixture of fly and no fly boxers but both of them go for the 'pull it out over the waistband'…
Started by: Diamondback · 4.Jan.2017 · Daily life
17 posts, 16:25 yesterday
Croissant Marmellata - best one in Zurich?
The Marmite, Boursin, cucumber sandwich pre-dates some chef working for BR by about twenty years. My OH used to put that combination in his work sarnies way back in the mid-seventies! MC, it would have been the original garlic and herbs…
Started by: dodgyken · 18.Jan.2017 · Food and drink
50 posts, 16:00 yesterday
Seeking employment from the US?
Bringing this back up with some new info: At the local hospital one can upgrade to a double or single room on the general ward (that is, not private) floor for far less than I had been told above. Turns out the cost of upgrading on the…
Started by: HookTheBrotherUp · 28.Dec.2016 · Employment
35 posts, 15:39 yesterday
How would Eurozone breakup affect Swiss?
Have you read many or any of the reports of the Court of Auditors of the EU? Do you realise that the reporting rules and assurances required are much higher than that of most member states including the UK and the one of the primary…
Started by: Xenophanes · 20.Jan.2017 · Other/general
2 posts, 15:31 yesterday
Planned Treatment abroad
Started by: Istcantabria · 22.Jan.2017 · Insurance
3 posts, 14:47 yesterday
Moving from Australia to Switzerland - Baggage…
Started by: qomototoro · 22.Jan.2017 · Other/general
43 posts, 14:38 yesterday
Australian degrees recognized
If you go to a proper university in Australia, you should be able to get your degree recognised in Switzerland, and maybe also have the opportunity to do postgraduate studies or an internship in Switzerland as part of your Australian…
Started by: Limegreen · 10.Jul.2016 · Education
84 posts, 14:33 yesterday
Time to leave Switzerland, early...
True! I'm agree. So much. My lifestyle doesn't include cutting in front of people, farting loudly on the escalator or in the elevator, blocking exits with urgent geranium news, nor picking my nose on the train. :D I had a messy…
Started by: Holon · 8.Jan.2017 · Complaints corner
4 posts, 14:31 yesterday
HELP in Insurance
Started by: Kastel · 21.Jan.2017 · Insurance
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