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1 post, 20:49 today
Waterproof spray ?
Started by: filswiss · 24.Feb.2017 · Daily life
5 posts, 20:48 today
Is there such thing as an unpaid "TEST JOB"
Started by: Kikenz · 24.Feb.2017 · Employment
7 posts, 20:47 today
Good garden/plant supply stores? (Zurich)
All these places are in Zurich or max20 min with train/ bus. OBI has a huge garden shop in Schwerzenbach. And Jumbo in Dietlikon has another huge garden shop.I recommend these two. They should have the lighting you need as well.…
Started by: Jahkral · 23.Feb.2017 · Daily life
7 posts, 20:46 today
Boys Ski Boots Size 218mm URGENT!!
Our friends gave us two sets of skis and one pair of boots. I took them to our local ski/sport shop and they measured my son and daughter and adjusted the skis according to the correct boot size which they fitted. The pair of boots…
Started by: scotty3032 · 24.Feb.2017 · Items wanted
1 post, 20:34 today
Adreno 306 GPU in Vivo Y55s
Started by: stellahoeg · 24.Feb.2017 · Complaints corner
15 posts, 20:15 today
Driving to Geneva
The weather can be bad and it's not a route I'd like to drive when it is, having done it once in our car a few years ago. Bad, BAD snowstorm from before Troyes all the way down. Lorries were being directed off the motorways into rest…
Started by: Rene Toca · 23.Feb.2017 · Other/general
5 posts, 20:13 today
Dent repair
Started by: jmf · 24.Feb.2017 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 20:02 today
I saw "The Salesman" and yes it was a good film. My complaint, or better, my warning, was that with an English title, and listed with Ov/d/f , I had rather expected an English sound track. I don't mind reading the sub-titles, they are…
Started by: Alban · 3.Feb.2017 · Entertainment & dining
11 posts, 19:48 today
Way to contact ricardo.ch?
Because no appointment? Many businesses will not see people on a drop-in basis. No, Ricardo's role, as the marketplace operator, is to correctly record that the sale fell through due to the vendor. This isn't currently the case. I…
Started by: armed_neutrality · 22.Feb.2017 · Daily life
5 posts, 19:20 today
Always a reason to complain
Started by: Aleydis · 24.Feb.2017 · Complaints corner
35 posts, 19:16 today
Banks tracing my accounts
Pretty sure I'm not banned from having trading accounts at another bank .. I must just declare them. Once per year the questionnaire comes asking what other (trading) accounts we have, with whom etc.. Compliance stuff. If it's the…
Started by: theroz · 24.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 19:10 today
SWISS 48 Hour Sale - This Weekend
Started by: TexasT · 24.Feb.2017 · Travel/day trips/free time
21 posts, 18:40 today
Not compensated for hours worked - need…
You are right in one aspect. It is not a cantonal requirement, it is a federal one. No much hope that they will drop the clock. Arbeitsgesetz https://www.admin.ch/opc... Verordnung 1 zum Arbeitsgesetz https://www.admin.ch/opc...
Started by: johnrpatton · 23.Feb.2017 · Employment
5 posts, 18:31 today
Furnishing an apartment in Basel
Started by: luckyleo · 24.Feb.2017 · Housing in general
20 posts, 18:24 today
Edward Heath allegations: has David Icke…
I would have thought that being sexually abused was considerably worse than being suspected of being a gold digger. I don't think the chancers, i.e. those who have not been abused and have made up a story, should be allowed to hold a…
Started by: Reb77Br · 23.Feb.2017 · International affairs/politics
137 posts, 17:56 today
How long did it take you to learn German?
I came here with not a single word of German and it took me nearly a year of intensive courses in Bellingua school,but it worth it,I was level B2 and Iam fluent in German,now obviously level C or something. But I needed B2 for my diplomas…
Started by: Pixie B · 10.Mar.2014 · Language corner
19 posts, 17:40 today
Diabetes II is a dietary disease & can be…
I think I will try the 5 -12 days zero protein zero Carb with fat version in a semi controlled environment and extend this in a more excerise related place (with insullin and dextrose backups). Got enough stored fat reserves for a couple…
Started by: Ardneham · 28.Sep.2016 · Family matters/health
43 posts, 17:33 today
Interactive brokers withholding tax
Which stock? An accumulating ETF? A part of the gain that's attributed to dividends is taxable even if you never got paid directly. Kurliste (https://www.ictax.admin... has all the details usually how much is taxable and on which…
Started by: belgian beer lover · 24.Mar.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 17:02 today
Weighing scale
Started by: umabca · 6.Feb.2017 · Items wanted
19 posts, 16:45 today
Looking for English university in Switzerland
You are wanting to move to Switzerland. How come? Do you have a confirmed job? Are you marrying a Swiss National? Otherwise, it will not be that easy. Languagewise: If you speak dutch or afrikaans, learning Swiss German or High German…
Started by: JOanne Scott · 20.Feb.2017 · Introductions
32 posts, 16:21 today
Should I feel disgusted?
Not uncommon, but more usually they will give you a specific mini-project that is not based on a live or actual system. If they are asking you to work on a live system, I would raise an eyebrow at the very least because they are: acting…
Started by: CathHarmony · 22.Feb.2017 · Employment
44 posts, 16:17 today
Where to get a cat ?
In the UK, people are being urged NOT to give away cats, kittens, puppies and small dogs on internet or via Post Office, Tesco, etc noticeboards- for that very reason. Badger baiters, dog fighters, etc - have 'butter wouldn't melt'…
Started by: Elee · 21.Dec.2016 · Pet corner
34 posts, 15:45 today
RAV and overseas job hunting
I am just reporting what I was told on a 'Strategy' course paid for by the RAV. I don't have an opinion, the RAV never contacted anyone with whom I ever applied for a job in over 8 years of being registered with the RAV. On the other…
Started by: evansdav · 23.Feb.2017 · Employment
5 posts, 15:36 today
Premium Friday (Japan)
Started by: lorena1 · 24.Feb.2017 · International affairs/politics
11 posts, 15:26 today
Need a lawyer on an investment issue
It's a bucket shop "(iii)Profit or loss on customer trading positions The Group also earns revenue from gains (offset by losses) on customers’ trading positions. When a customer places an order to purchase or sell a CFD, the…
Started by: yz254 · 23.Feb.2017 · Daily life
8 posts, 14:50 today
Transfer Wise vs. Currency Fair vs. Currencies…
It's simply a real broker Some downside I think is minimum account balances and they probably would like you to see you trading every now and then, not just do a one off conversion. IB charges $10/month if you don't trade and don't hold…
Started by: josquius · 23.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 14:17 today
Moving to Suhr AG
Started by: yberry · 23.Feb.2017 · Housing in general
39 posts, 13:46 today
200Km/h through the Gotthard Tunnel
yeah, well, being hungry makes everybody grumpy and if only KFC will do to solve it - like for some - what else was he to do in a country that doesn't offer that? See the positive: One German less blocking our highways in summer.
Started by: marton · 21.Feb.2017 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 13:44 today
Any English speaking gynaecologist in Locarno?
Maybe for the sake of the baby you should just try to contact any of the gynaecologists in your area rather than wait for a recommendation or find an English speaking one. Better to get yourself seen to by a professional than to worry…
Started by: 4_Ni_Ma · 24.Feb.2017 · Family matters/health
25 posts, 13:24 today
Diet meals
Do the 5:2 diet. Working a treat for me. Not considered unhealthy as it allows your metabolism to rest intermittently. Just dont over indulge on the regular days and it will definitely work. That way you dont need to spend a fortune on…
Started by: mother hen · 30.Aug.2013 · Food and drink
16 posts, 13:22 today
Unable to find a flat and hence not able…
yep, I confronted the New York airport customs with 'Swiss thinking' when I was very young. This huge black guy, friendly yet stubborn, kept asking me where I would stay in New York. I was visiting a friend, my address-book was in the…
Started by: kennek · 23.Feb.2017 · Daily life
1 post, 13:19 today
Art Exhibition by Zurich International Women's…
Started by: artinhorgen · 24.Feb.2017 · Commercial events
2 posts, 12:23 today
Contract with agency vs contract with company?
Started by: lolla · 24.Feb.2017 · Employment
17 posts, 12:05 today
Tennis partner in Basel?!
Hey Bojan, thanks for the quick response. No I'm just here on work so will be leaving tonight. If you message me your email address I could give you more of a heads up for next time I'm down. All the best, Greg
Started by: girobifastigium · 20.Mar.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
44 posts, 11:54 today
Job in Germany vs. Switzerland
In Germany I spoke with my girlfeiend in order to claim some discounts on say Krippe 0-3 years or Kindergarten 3-6 you must: your family total net sallary - rent - Krippe cost - deductable expenses such as elctricity, gas,…
Started by: ElRe · 23.Feb.2017 · Employment
27 posts, 11:40 today
German language school recommendations in…
I'll have to go and recommend Bellingua, like everyone else did. It's definitely for motivated people. They'll give you homework and test you every couple weeks on what you've learned. I think it's great because it keeps you studying and…
Started by: bananafisch · 4.May.2010 · Language corner
16 posts, 11:30 today
Open a Kindergarten Canton Zug
I do earn a good salary as a Kindergarten Teacher. Could you offer 96'000 CHF gross per annum? And then you need proper rooms, a cook (or catering), cleaning personnel and at least two Fachpersonen Betreuung for the time when there is no…
Started by: bianca_serena · 23.Feb.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
78 posts, 11:28 today
Good Asian restaurants in Zurich city?
Hello That's a good question. I have seen in the answers that most mentioned restaurants are quite "westernized". So no authentic food. I am really interested in knowing if there is a Korean BBQ place. Anyone?
Started by: rob1 · 14.Jun.2016 · Food and drink
26 posts, 11:10 today
Polynesian groups, hangouts, people...anything?
I know there are "Swiss clubs" everywhere (which are not as active and secluding as the German clubs). I guess it's in our family (well, on my fathers side at least, the stepmother was German and very involved in the German club) to be…
Started by: CMcColgan · 23.Feb.2017 · Daily life
14 posts, 11:07 today
Seeking an excellent gynecologist in Neuchâtel
Wow just wow. So many deductions about me based on one post. You have an opinion on a doctor based on your experience of her and that's fair enough. I have my own opinion of her based on my numerous visits to her. My opinion…
Started by: simonegaud · 22.Feb.2017 · Family matters/health
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