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Halal butchery in Zürich sold cheeks of…
Not according to Acts 10:9 ff. in the New Testament. 9About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. 10He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the…
Started by: 11HoursInTheTinPan · 20.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 04:06 today
9 Way To Find Cheap Wedding Dresses
Started by: jane081624 · 23.Oct.2014 · Education
4 posts, 03:38 today
Non-EU Strippers to be stripped
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 22.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 03:16 today
Two weeks till I'm in the mountains…
Started by: ssnn1989 · 23.Oct.2014 · Other/general
1 post, 02:27 today
Getting rid of a couch
Started by: Nikix · 23.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
22 posts, 02:22 today
Looking for Canned Pumpkin
This recipe from my all-time favourite UK fruit/veg (and much more!) box distributor Abel & Cole Risotto in a Pumpkin Ingredients 1 medium-sized pumpkin or squash 250ml cider, plus a splash or two Sea salt and freshly ground…
Started by: leticiadefazio · 20.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
128 posts, 02:19 today
A shooting just happened in ( *fill in the…
Surrey, in February: Farnham dog breeder John Lowe 'wanted women put down' He was apparently in trouble before. 2004: Dog breeder's licence is taken away 2008: Puppies´ deaths leave families feeling shocked - John Lowe AGAIN 2008: BBC…
Started by: grynch · 24.Aug.2012 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 02:09 today
What do use Amaranth for?
Started by: njusta83 · 19.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
2 posts, 01:24 today
Has anyone used Rosetta Stone online…
Started by: nanners · 22.Oct.2014 · Language corner
9 posts, 00:55 today
OS X Yosemite
What's your hardware? I don't think I'll bother upgrading my parents SSD-less 2012 MacMini (with the minuscule 4 GB RAM setup). But my own 2012 Mini (i7, 16 GB, 512GB Crucial SSD) is fine. Even Cisco AnyConnect works…
Started by: AlexS · 22.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
31 posts, 00:17 today
Lay Offs soon after being hired: How to Proceed
If you want a peaceful life then find a new girl friend! - Repeating the same questions and getting the same answers will just frustrate you and further damage a relationship that has no possible solution?
Started by: Stealth · 5.Oct.2014 · Employment
32 posts, 00:09 today
Health insurance for 2015
So nothing new then. We've never had supplemental. I thought you were talking about the basic. I've had good success with doctor choice just with basic, so it can be done, but might depend on where you live, so I have to disagree with…
Started by: edot · 9.Oct.2014 · Insurance
5 posts, 00:05 today
Estavayer-le-Lac (Garage de la Croix de…
Started by: Newbee · 22.Oct.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 00:04 today
Shopping at Einkauf-Insel
Started by: tetsuomeow · 23.Oct.2014 · Daily life
41 posts, 23:46 yesterday
Migros Captormania- here we go again
Hi, I have the metal collector box filled about 1/3 with random Captors to giveaway for pickup in ZH or I can mail it - PM me if you are interested! It comes with the album and stickers in there too
Started by: jain · 8.Sep.2014 · Daily life
3 posts, 23:09 yesterday
New Swiss guy here - thinking of moving…
Started by: cthomson · 22.Oct.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 23:01 yesterday
French school in Basel
Started by: London2010 · 22.Oct.2014 · Education
17 posts, 22:55 yesterday
CrossFit in Neuchâtel
Someone seems to have registered a "Crossfit Littoral" in Neuchatel, but the webpage is not up yet and google is not my friend... Meanwhile Fight Move Academy is still not registered, but seems to be running lunch and evening classes all…
Started by: ElHefe · 18.Jun.2013 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
56 posts, 22:47 yesterday
License exchange and right-hand drive in…
Thanks for the analysis but I looking for car with a little bit more vintage taste. I can imagine that will get worse if I have to go up hill. What would you recommend according what I've describe ken? Not gonna lie, if I…
Started by: chankayau · 21.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
37 posts, 22:45 yesterday
Unemployment. Language Courses
I like to have everything ready and understood, it's just my way. But at the same time, I find it so annoying that I want standard information, I'm not asking for a particular case. I want to know standard rules, that should be…
Started by: garfield185 · 22.Oct.2014 · Insurance
5 posts, 22:30 yesterday
Amateur rowing in Zurich?
Started by: noraki · 14.May.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
7 posts, 22:28 yesterday
Toddler Carrier for Hiking [Luzern]
Hoi there, So sorry. In a word, you can have it for free of course if you do not mink it is a bit old(as I said i used for 2 years with lots of travelling...) I did a little trip then came home trying to reply your messege...but was…
Started by: nissenpa · 14.Sep.2014 · Items wanted
20 posts, 22:27 yesterday
UBS called me wanting to make an appointment…
I had something similar at ZKB. It was just a friendly chat and he asked if I had any questions about any of the bank's services and he mentioned one or two that might be useful to me and gave me some brochures. There was no sales pitch…
Started by: happyrobbie · 22.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
92 posts, 22:25 yesterday
Future of Switzerland - Will the economy crash?
The future of Switzerland unfortunately lies in the future of Europe in my opinion. Right now, we are all nice and cozy here, isolated from the ineptitude and maladies of the EU economy, but this is only as long as things do not…
Started by: Switzerlanded · 21.Oct.2014 · Daily life
21 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Travelling while unemployed
Thanks. :) What I meant is you don't cut them a check or transfer funds from your bank to theirs as in the traditional sense of a fine. Instead it is a reduction in how much you receive, and most often it seems to be called a penalty.…
Started by: punika · 1.Nov.2013 · Employment
7 posts, 22:20 yesterday
Best place to be an expat
you're missing the difference between "expat" and "immigrant". in my experience, the US is horribly unpopular with expats, especially expats from Europe, since the education system is completely different and the threat of becoming…
Started by: Amanda D · 22.Oct.2014 · Daily life
9 posts, 22:06 yesterday
DJ school in Zürich
Again, I'm looking for an actual school with an actual curriculum, with actual modules - like I've seen in other countries. The ones in the link you sent me are not that. And I have done that research, but obviously couldn't find anything.…
Started by: anamingas · 22.Oct.2014 · Education
6 posts, 21:36 yesterday
Sweden Hunts Russian sub / Cold War II
It has to be the Russian sub :) "Sweden has had the syndrome of Russian submarines since 1981, when a Soviet submarine, due to a navigation error, entered Swedish territorial waters and ran aground near the main base of the Swedish…
Started by: esto · 20.Oct.2014 · International affairs/politics
2 posts, 21:23 yesterday
Wanted : chicco London stroller rear wheel .
Started by: Litz · 12.Jun.2014 · Items wanted
1 post, 20:58 yesterday
Wine tasting in Lavaux without appointment
Started by: taveau · 22.Oct.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
24 posts, 20:52 yesterday
Insomnia due to stress... Any sure cure?
I am fortunate and seldom suffer from insomnia, but do have occasions where sleep doesn't come easily, so , if thinking of some mundane chore that i could/should do instead of sleeping ( empty the dishwasher for example) doesn't work, I…
Started by: gata · 22.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 20:39 yesterday
Wanted freezer [Zug]
Check Landi. We bought ours for 199 CHF (maybe it was 299, but not more than that) it has 6 drawers and we have had no problems. If they don't have them in stock they can be ordered and arrive in about a week.
Started by: Ecm62 · 6.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
84 posts, 20:17 yesterday
Where do you reside? -please vote-
Come on... as far as events go, "Züric2 is all that is needed for an event. it's hardly a long travel from any of the outlying kantonal regions and it owuld be epically pointless to specify areas like "Horgen" or "Kusnacht" etc. it…
Started by: bigfujitsu · 21.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
8 posts, 20:07 yesterday
Looking for kefir grains
Started by: Vbm · 26.Apr.2014 · Food and drink
9 posts, 19:47 yesterday
Samsung Wireless speakers, any good?
Well that does it, I guess they are out of the list even if they were half price! pitty my Samsung home eco system would have been semi-complete with those :cool: I'll wait until sonos has a good deal and we will see…
Started by: we_da_man · 20.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
14 posts, 19:41 yesterday
"Supplementing" an existing ticket to travel…
You were lucky not to be fined. I jumped on the train from Olten to Basel thinking that my ticket up to Gelterkinden plus Basel area TNW pass would suffice. I got the wrong train ( the one 2 minutes later from across the platform was…
Started by: SoftBedPlease · 21.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 19:40 yesterday
Copy Shop in Basel?
Hello, I need to shred documents as even though they are of no use, they have sensitive information and I am not comfortable throwing in trash. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can shred them please. Thank you so much for your…
Started by: flacaflaca · 17.Nov.2009 · Other/general
3 posts, 19:36 yesterday
Balls of pain(t)
Started by: xynth · 22.Oct.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
27 posts, 19:26 yesterday
Christmas dinner - ideas
For many years I made Beef Wellington, it is fairly easy to make, but difficult to meet everyone's likes, (between rare and well done). Last year I served lunch for 9 people, one was vegetarian, one couldn't eat flour... so you can begin…
Started by: John_H · 19.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 19:16 yesterday
Busy bees! Fun for 0-3 year olds every Friday
Started by: Londonrose · 22.Oct.2014 · Commercial events
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 Thursday 23.Oct.2014
 German Conversation Group Basel
 International Comedy Club Basel - Dane…
 Friday 24.Oct.2014
 Busy bees! Fun for 0-3 year olds every Friday
 Let's get together for a delicious Diwali…
 International Comedy Club Zurich - Dane…
 Saturday 25.Oct.2014
 Day Away Seminar
 Pub Quiz in Zürich 8005
 Monday 27.Oct.2014
 Creative Embroidery - Sashiko 1
 Small NUYU Bootcamp
Zürich - CHF 79.- statt CHF 167.40 für Waschen, Schneiden, Föhnen & Färben oder Tönen - Inkl. 250ml Schwarzkopf-Shampoo & Cut Club-Bonuskarte: Wähle den Salon in deiner Nähe
Lausanne - CHF 389.- au lieu de CHF 830.- pour 3 séances anticellulite et 3 séances de lipocavitation ! Découvrez cette nouvelle technologie efficace, indolore et sans effort ! Débarrassez-vous pour de bon de la cellulite et de la peau d?orange ! Option disponible pour 1 séance.
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