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12 posts, 02:33 today
Folding Bicycles
As mentioned above, Brompton is a nice choice. Make sure to get few speeds, since you can go quite a lot up and down hill in CH. Based on law, if you take it inside any public transportation mean, you have to fold it and put it in a bag.…
Started by: catem · 19.Feb.2017 · Daily life
1 post, 01:43 today
Difficulties Finding Nordic Norm Telemark…
Started by: Douglas Jones · 22.Feb.2017 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 01:07 today
Typical cost for a simple visit…
CHF 800 and change. In Schwyz. OH had serious chest pains, several of the text book signs, so off we went to the ER. They immediately swung into 'possible heart attack' mode, did the full range of tests. Turned out it wasn't, thank…
Started by: Integer · 21.Feb.2017 · Family matters/health
20 posts, 00:51 today
[Zurich] Mobbing and bullying at a workplace
Sure, I agree. It was important for me to post this information, as former EF threads hinted that getting fired is very rare and only extreme cases, such as criminal behavior may trigger it. So the "news" is: Getting fired in…
Started by: pelkantino · 24.Jun.2016 · Employment
6 posts, 00:37 today
Hello! Living in Sion
Hello all! I moved to Sion about a year ago. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and went to school in Los Angeles studying Chemistry. Now I am a Ph.D student at EPFL working at their fairly new satellite campus near…
Started by: Teav · 13.Feb.2017 · Introductions
24 posts, 00:24 today
Best VPN/Proxy/DNS for watching Netflix USA?
I do log in with my US account in CH without a problem but then I have access to CH content. Best thing is to search a movie here that is only available in the US Netflix. Then try to see if you can still watch it in CH or not. If yes,…
Started by: Mr.Maquiavelo · 8.Jun.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 23:58 yesterday
Import car to Switzerland: e-dec data
Started by: AdrienBe · 21.Feb.2017 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 23:57 yesterday
Tutti.ch better than Ricardo.ch?
In my experience it is not. I offer two pick up points, but I am also willing to post items. We have postal pick up service in our village so I don't even have to go to the post office though very often I do. The Ricardo fees are…
Started by: PanFastic · 30.Sep.2016 · Other/general
4 posts, 23:15 yesterday
Loan from the bank
Started by: filswiss · 21.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
43 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Should I Risk it all and move to Lausanne…
EUUSAcitizen, is your primary goal to ultimately live in Switzerland or to build a career in finance? If the former, continue your studies in Switzerland and then see what opportunities open up once you graduate. But if the later,…
Started by: EUUSAcitizen · 21.Feb.2017 · Employment
111 posts, 23:04 yesterday
HELP! Going crazy from all this perfection...
OH apparently you want to be independent. In a functioning relationship this is impossible as everybody is emotionally dependent on the OH. That's also where feelings are more important than money. How would you react if the "roles" were…
Started by: mssims · 20.Feb.2017 · Introductions
6 posts, 23:03 yesterday
Valiant bank
I'm just wondering how do you get the yearly Zinsabschluss / Decompte des interets of your account? Does anybody have any idea? Most banks they send them thru post or via e-banking. But i haven't received anything from them.
Started by: filswiss · 15.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 22:45 yesterday
Plumbing in bathroom
I think there is normally a rubber gasket where the interlocking parts. I don't think those need to fit tightly. Sometimes, those are made of plastic. Normally, loosening one end provides leeway to better align the other end, and…
Started by: kilns · 21.Feb.2017 · Housing in general
17 posts, 22:18 yesterday
Rolex - Submariner & Daytona want to buy new...
It's not really stainless and not known as such but bi-colour or two tone; they are only really popular in the US, so this one you could easily find here. If you really need them urgently, try Dubai or Israel, they will probably have…
Started by: Hausamsee · 20.Feb.2017 · Items wanted
5 posts, 22:13 yesterday
Migros/Coop Gross Margins Highest in Europe
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 21.Feb.2017 · Food and drink
2 posts, 22:06 yesterday
Duolingo vs Memrise vs Babbel vs Busuu
Started by: GuigiV · 21.Feb.2017 · Language corner
47 posts, 21:30 yesterday
Gym trying to extort a membership fee
It must be pretty endemic with gyms because some of the new ones (in the UK and now in Switzerland) are now making a selling point of having easy to leave contracts. So I would say the 3 month notice / rolling membership conditions…
Started by: miikaelf · 21.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 20:52 yesterday
Hello - Indian moving to Vaud
Welcome, or Bienvenue. If you move to Rolle- just do not worry about learning German, at least not at this stage. For your child- depends very much on his/her age. If 8 and under- I would personally opt for full immersion into the Swiss…
Started by: funkyblr · 21.Feb.2017 · Introductions
1 post, 20:26 yesterday
Schulehaus Kolbenacker seebach review
Started by: Indianguy · 21.Feb.2017 · Education
35 posts, 20:22 yesterday
Bicycle driving rules in Switzerland
Where I live there are plenty of people riding with clipless pedals and without reflectors on wheels, bell or lock and also some without the front and back reflectors and they don't seem to get in trouble. My bike came with front and back…
Started by: Biudzetas · 7.Apr.2011 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 20:20 yesterday
AHV Refund
Started by: fptrader · 21.Feb.2017 · Leaving Switzerland
8 posts, 20:19 yesterday
Masters in switzerland
That'd be a good start:) It is my understanding that non-EU people have a hard time funding any jobs in CH and the EU. Cause legislation supports EU workers and it is such a huge pool(500M people). As for IT, firms just outsource…
Started by: akhil nani · 1.Dec.2016 · Education
6 posts, 20:03 yesterday
University Funding
Started by: View from the Alps · 4.Jan.2017 · Education
8 posts, 20:00 yesterday
Second Hand Car buying (Not another similar…
I only buy from little, "shady" garages :p When I decide to buy it, I get the contract and I pay full price! A day or two later I pick it up, mot-ed and so far all of them did the registering/changing number-plates for me as well (as I…
Started by: âkkibhatt · 18.Feb.2017 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 19:58 yesterday
Funding a PhD in Switzerland
Not sure what is that? Is it something related to finance/economics? There isn't much chance for you directly apply for funding from Swiss Government or Univ/Institution. Usually there are more chance for post-doc since they are more…
Started by: HargreavesIan · 20.Jan.2017 · Education
19 posts, 19:45 yesterday
Who may provide a mortgage?
I am surprised that you haven't figured out yet that on "The Forum" you don't get to decide what kind of advice you get to receive!Any anyway Mrs. D's advice was sound whether you want it or not. Someone else looking at the thread may…
Started by: StirB · 20.Feb.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 18:28 yesterday
Getting money back for Vitamins?
If you pay for "stupid vitamins" why do you expect anybody to reimburse you ? If you bought them with a prescription from your doctor, they may re-imburse you, if you just bought them, well you paid for stupid vitamins
Started by: mNY15 · 21.Feb.2017 · Insurance
12 posts, 17:46 yesterday
Apartment Application Letter
At the time I was looking as small as 2 pieces for 1500.- CHF. Is that unreaslistic? I found a lot of renting offers within this range. Were they fake? So what is your suggestion to form a realistic expectation about what I can rent?
Started by: higgsboson · 17.Feb.2017 · Housing in general
1 post, 17:41 yesterday
WEEKLY Inline-Hockey Zurich (Chneble)
Started by: stoster · 21.Feb.2017 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
4 posts, 17:36 yesterday
Simple Wedding Cake needed
Started by: Cali22 · 21.Feb.2017 · Items wanted
29 posts, 17:25 yesterday
Keeping UBS account open when moving to US
Stig, you obviously don't project the same multi-million dollar vibe that I do ;) As mentioned above, if one maintains a minimum balance of CHF2 million UBS will allow one to keep one's account open, even if one is becoming a permanent…
Started by: ARG_8 · 17.Oct.2016 · Leaving Switzerland
66 posts, 16:43 yesterday
Used car broke down
The OP was not here anyway, since a while. I avoided the OP and anyone reading and taking my advice with consideration to lose, potentially, thousands of CHF. I explained you how to conduct a decent analysis without making…
Started by: tamat · 14.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
37 posts, 16:36 yesterday
Dentist costs - quiz of the week
Doubt it helps with the estimate, but it's good for comparison. After ringing round last May to get the cost of refixing a loose crown (average CHF 220), it worked out cheaper to fly to the UK and get the work done privately there. I had…
Started by: bigblue2 · 21.Feb.2017 · Daily life
15 posts, 16:02 yesterday
200Km/h through the Gotthard Tunnel
Maybe he just didn't see the speed limit signs. That happens. Remember the EFer who got flashed in the Ofeneggtunnel on A13 after "not having seen" 12 (twelve!) 80 km/h signs? And he opened a thread complaining.
Started by: marton · 21.Feb.2017 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 15:54 yesterday
Planned Treatment abroad
Best you know what you are talking about rather then stating rubbish and confirming what we didn't know for sure ;) Can you imagine any insurance company agreeing to a treatment in another country without knowing the full details and…
Started by: Istcantabria · 22.Jan.2017 · Insurance
4 posts, 15:34 yesterday
Newcomers in Aarau
Started by: Galgolover · 14.Feb.2017 · Introductions
38 posts, 15:25 yesterday
Opinions on this PC Philips Monitor
Well I now have the Dell S2415H and I can say that I am happy with it. It's a great improvement visually compared to what I had. The typeface could be somewhat darker but I dont seem to be able to make it darker. Well its no " retina…
Started by: omtatsat · 19.Feb.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
14 posts, 14:57 yesterday
Bern Dinner Club, - Spanish Tapas, "Entre Nous"
My profile shows a picture of a tall blond fat man in the snow, with a dog from the dog's home at Ober-Bottigen. I am that man, without the dog now: it was later adopted. No Mexicans, none! - Fake news! Maybe I should wear my green…
Started by: Sbrinz · 10.Jan.2017 · Social events
61 posts, 14:55 yesterday
Dentist to help against snoring
Happy to hear you've had some success. A few years ago I was also suffering mild apnea..and the effects are crap...most days by mid afternoon it was a real struggle to stay awake. Bu now I swear by the 'jaw advancement' devices. I've…
Started by: Squeeeez · 1.Feb.2017 · Family matters/health
22 posts, 14:48 yesterday
2nd pillar to amortise property
Are you sure? I mean after 15 years (or by retirement) you must put down 35% of the property value. I started with 20% + 15% over the next 15 years. That was 5 years ago. Sorry, you have lost me with these calculations, but apart from…
Started by: EPMike · 20.Feb.2017 · Housing in general
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