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1 post, 04:25 today
An SBB day-pass
Started by: JoshFromOz · 3.Aug.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
118 posts, 01:39 today
Kohl a closet Nazi? You do know that Kohl ,die Birne, is CDU and not CSU, Seriously I can't be arzed to go through and C/P reports of pan-European right wing attacks on refugees, and I am not gonna do the tit for tat tango. Just take it…
Started by: Island Monkey · 29.Jul.2015 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 01:34 today
Pillar II distribution upon departure: Impact…
Started by: richardm · 3.Aug.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
42 posts, 01:03 today
Windows 10
I wasted a whole day of my life on this, trying both updates and clean installs. Rarely would the laptop last long enough to even attempt to load a driver. I'm not the only one either: Until I hear more about this problem being…
Started by: BaselLife · 29.Jul.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
27 posts, 23:41 yesterday
Homeopath looking for job
By not providing any worthwhile advice on this thread, you can be absolutely certain that any advice I don't give will be absolutely the most helpful information possible in the entire of history of mankind. And then some.
Started by: dudhane · 1.Aug.2015 · Employment
5 posts, 23:36 yesterday
Doggie friendly stairs
Started by: Corbets · 2.Aug.2015 · Pet corner
4 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Food Truck business
Started by: Jira · 13.Jun.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
24 posts, 23:18 yesterday
Swiss Pass
Hi all, yesterday I was provided with the detailed info in SBB ticket office. There are two options: yearly and monthly, but for monthly purchase you should live in Switzerland at least 6 months. So I am going to purchase a yearly card.
Started by: Rosso · 2.Jan.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 23:15 yesterday
Food cart / stall: How to start?
Started by: JamesPurcell · 2.Aug.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 23:12 yesterday
Teaching German without diploma
Started by: Tinkiwinki · 2.Aug.2015 · Employment
3 posts, 23:08 yesterday
Pet Sitting Exchange?
Started by: MeredithMarie622 · 2.Aug.2015 · Pet corner
32 posts, 23:06 yesterday
Getting back VAT, buying from
Guys, this is exactly what the 2 vendors I tried to get my VAT back from said. We do not give VAT back, thats why we only sell within Germany. What I dont know is that if even they sell within Germany, if the goods are then exported to…
Started by: mkparasar · 10.Apr.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 22:56 yesterday
[ZH and neighborhood] Looking for an adjustable…
Started by: diderot · 2.Aug.2015 · Property wanted
15 posts, 22:50 yesterday
Let's meet up for a friendly coffee :)
Also a newbie here with pretty much minimal/ non-existant German, but would be very keen to meet up for a beer/coffee as well - have you all seen that event in Zurich this Wednesday? Perhaps that would be a good forum to all meet up?
Started by: evi90 · 8.Jul.2015 · Entertainment & dining
20 posts, 22:44 yesterday
Renting a Room (deposit in cash and other…
Thanks a lot guys for showing me the ropes. You all made valid points. I've lived in the UK and frankly, things are somewhat simpler. I just paid the deposit to the landlord. (After googling, apparently I should've used the Tenancy…
Started by: zurilife · 1.Aug.2015 · Housing in general
8 posts, 22:14 yesterday
Which washing machine to choose ?
Ah, so you've got a softener. That'll certainly help. It would be interesting to know exactly why your various appliances broke down, which part broke (and which model). It seems the Melectronics is giving five years warranty on…
Started by: daniella · 1.Aug.2015 · Daily life
18 posts, 21:16 yesterday
Coach drivers parking in residential areas
It might also be worth asking the management company for a rent reduction. You could argue that the buses are causing a decrease in the quality of life in the apartment, and that therefore you want a rent reduction. This might get them to…
Started by: HemelSteve · 2.Aug.2015 · Complaints corner
12 posts, 20:24 yesterday
Safety in Lugano
In 25+ years of living in Lugano, I have yet to see any problem due to illegal immigrants. ;) Legal immigrants, especially from the EU or north side of the Alps, are the only problem. :eek: Hell, even the LEGA doesn't complain about…
Started by: Sevillano · 1.Aug.2015 · Swiss politics/news
2 posts, 20:19 yesterday
Landscape gardener - when & how much?
Started by: McKey · 2.Aug.2015 · Other/general
4 posts, 20:11 yesterday
My Swiss neighbours are awesome!
Started by: Veltliner · 2.Aug.2015 · Daily life
1 post, 20:07 yesterday
Online purchase - would you have them write…
Started by: glowjupiter · 2.Aug.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 19:43 yesterday
Integration kurs for ladies in Zürich
Started by: Mariia · 2.Aug.2015 · Daily life
9 posts, 19:16 yesterday
Best product for dog Arthritis
We call our acupuncture appointments 'The Belltie's Spa Day'. ;) I, too, worried that he would not tolerate acupuncture - stoicism is not the Belltie's strong suit, not by a long shot. But I was surprised - he not only tolerates it,…
Started by: LyndaG · 2.Aug.2015 · Pet corner
5 posts, 19:04 yesterday
Powerline (home LAN over electrical circuit)…
Started by: ipoddle · 2.Aug.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
2 posts, 18:24 yesterday
Brutal rape in Emmen, Lucerne region...
Started by: Hausamsee · 2.Aug.2015 · Swiss politics/news
17 posts, 17:03 yesterday
Swissport sold to Chinese
All true. But the Party is not some sort of benevolent Rotarian Club. Its still dogmatically loaded and I expect the Party meetings are not about playing bingo or cracking locker room jokes or honing golf skills but are about ... towing…
Started by: marton · 30.Jul.2015 · Swiss politics/news
82 posts, 16:12 yesterday
The best burger in Switzerland.
Tried it today. If I'd gone there solely for the burger, rather than for a drive out, I'd have been disappointed. It was just a catering pack burger. Nice bun though. The Bite, Goodman's or Korner are far better for proper steak…
Started by: Sebast · 10.Nov.2014 · Food and drink
6 posts, 14:21 yesterday
Wild camping - view and solitude
To those looking for a dry bed and a warm shower somewhere in the green or in the woods: Check out, they have about 80 locations all over CH. They're similar to the "AC Hütte", except they're in sub-alpine…
Started by: M. Ploymi · 20.Jun.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
18 posts, 14:15 yesterday
The ultimate Swiss neighbor
Good on you for not pressing charges and handling it well. Bipolar people can be a challenge at the best of times, giving them a justifiable ground for a persecution complex isn't going to make your life any easier.
Started by: dachshund · 1.Aug.2015 · Complaints corner
1 post, 14:14 yesterday
Advice for mobile internet (usb stick or else)
Started by: srkiii · 2.Aug.2015 · TV/internet/telephone
14 posts, 14:03 yesterday
Guess who's back... Zurich midweek drinks…
Can't make it - but just wanted to say 'welcome back' ... person I'd have chosen Grumpy's new bar for a meet up in Zurich- did you know he is selling beer instead oc cheese these days. Enjoy - do you want your gold clubs back- we've…
Started by: Treverus · 31.Jul.2015 · Social events
29 posts, 14:02 yesterday
Insurance company threats upon signup
I am going to pursue on this seriously now. As i have gathered little info about what to do. Now the question is, how can i contest this contract? If any person guide me? Do i need to write to the insurance company directly giving…
Started by: MoiToi · 20.Jul.2015 · Insurance
8 posts, 13:53 yesterday
... or as a mother. Anyone can become a mother ... much harder to become a dog owner;) There has been several documentaries recently on both French and Swiss TV- saying that the animal refuges are absolutely full to the brim, and more-…
Started by: gillspadoni · 2.Aug.2015 · Pet corner
4 posts, 13:04 yesterday
First Swiss cinema visit
Started by: spangley · 2.Aug.2015 · Daily life
30 posts, 12:46 yesterday
Reference letter, closing paragraph advice
Thanks for the review and info. The reference letter which is still "work in progress" is in English. I prefer an English one as it would be better if I need to supply it to international non Swiss companies. However that raises…
Started by: vongillus · 25.Jan.2015 · Employment
11 posts, 12:41 yesterday
Looking for furnished apartment In zurich
Hi everybody and thank you guys who answered me and came with suggestions. Sorry I didn't reply , I was so busy. We've decided to go for hotel aopartment for some days until we find a furnished appartment. We have to be there that we…
Started by: nadia7art · 27.Jul.2015 · Housing in general
2 posts, 12:27 yesterday
Hello ! new in Bern
Started by: snehal kadu · 2.Aug.2015 · Introductions
25 posts, 12:18 yesterday
Laundrycard overcharged! Please Help
It's a repeating issue. Obviusly OP is bothered enough to ask, whether she wants to take the effort is up to her. Mileages differ. Indeed. However, if there is indeed a problem you need proof (or strong hints), so you probably need…
Started by: forum3 · 29.Jul.2015 · Housing in general
17 posts, 12:13 yesterday
Ice skating rink in Zurich
Just wanted to share my experience in case useful to anyone. I went to Wetzikon yesterday for the open session. Even on 1 August and being the middle of summer, the rink was pretty packed. Half was split for hockey with pucks, rest for…
Started by: pickles · 19.Nov.2009 · Daily life
29 posts, 12:11 yesterday
How much did it cost you to get your drivers…
Anything for you my dear :) "Im Ausland erworbene Führerausweise werden anerkannt, wenn der Erwerb während eines Aufenthaltes von mindestens 12 zusammenhängenden Monaten im Ausstellerstaat erfolgte und eine entsprechende Bestätigung…
Started by: vribium · 10.Jul.2012 · Daily life
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Zürich - CHF 79.- statt CHF 167.40 für Waschen, Schneiden, Föhnen & Färben oder Tönen - Inkl. 250ml Schwarzkopf-Shampoo & Cut Club-Bonuskarte: Wähle den Salon in deiner Nähe
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