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45 posts, 22:18 today
Living in the countryside...yes or no?
Oh, it sounds even more tempting :p You should definitely think about this twice. Don't give up too soon. Dream properties are hard to find. But I agree, you both should like it. This is crucial. Has your husband actually visited this…
Started by: Susan57 · 17.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
19 posts, 22:15 today
What's the least you could live…
To the meat - yeah, exactly, somehow that doesn't appeal to me. (But that's me, everybody has her flaws ;)) Because by the time I drove to Aldi to get that toast I've spent petrol and - mainly - time I wanna spend differently. And…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 17.Jan.2017 · Daily life
4 posts, 22:14 today
Microspot Online-Shop
Started by: Pikachupirlo · 17.Jan.2017 · Complaints corner
22 posts, 22:13 today
Best place for a milkshake in Zurich
This is from my food service industry experience in the US , in the 80's: The syrup was a not too thin sugar syrup , with flavors like vanilla, chocolatte, and strawberrry. The liquidity was pretty much that of "Sirup" here, the one they…
Started by: bunobster · 16.Jan.2017 · Food and drink
36 posts, 22:05 today
How much does a person living single who…
It made perfect sense to me. As I understood it he initially thought 5000chf was too high a salary but he was told that it was the minimum he would require once taxes and health insurance etc had been deducted. He was asking how much…
Started by: twentea · 17.Jan.2017 · Daily life
4 posts, 22:02 today
Printing in Schwamendingen, print from a…
Started by: Flatline82 · 16.Jan.2017 · Other/general
34 posts, 22:01 today
Under 30 meeting in the Zürich or Aarau area
Maybe this is being taken the wrong way...I'm not really intending this as a hook-up type meet. I'm happily married and my wife would be coming. I'm not much of the social type but she is, so I'm doing my part to try and get us both out…
Started by: Arthur · 12.Jan.2017 · Social events
17 posts, 21:51 today
Repayment of relocation expenses
First of all I would like to thank everyone for the good insights and opinions, I am really grateful. Hat I going to do now it to have a discussion with the tax authorities and the HR/payroll of my potential new employer. It is my…
Started by: bertob · 17.Jan.2017 · Other/general
9 posts, 21:48 today
Forum clock?
It's the cookies. They are also cleaned when you log off here. The cookies "know" you're on Swiss wintertime and adjust. (Wonder where the servers for EF are but servers are probably not adjusted twice a year anyway).
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 17.Jan.2017 · Forum support
22 posts, 21:41 today
MWST on my own stuff?
Tax is payable on market value of goods in principle. If you want to contest their bill, you'll need good arguments why the real market value is lower than what they calculated. Otherwise you have no chance and will pay even more for a…
Started by: duvenhage · 17.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 21:27 today
Bern:Driving Practice and Verkehrskunde Kurse
Started by: swisspak · 17.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
29 posts, 21:15 today
Snow Clearance
He is clearly taking the p*** and is expecting you to just suck it up and ignore it. The amount of snow you had in previous years is totally irrelevant. He has plenty of space to pile up the snow on his drive without in any way affecting…
Started by: ecb · 16.Jan.2017 · Other/general
14 posts, 21:14 today
New Yorker to Zug
"Never say it can't be done to the man who's doing it!" Good on you. Welcome to Switzerland and the forum. To many people in this life overanalyse the potential problems and therefore never do anything. You have the right attitude; get…
Started by: NYtoZug · 17.Jan.2017 · Introductions
130 posts, 21:13 today
Vote on allowing easier citizenship for…
I think this is becoming less and less true. The winds have changed and hard-line right wing views are becoming more accepted across Europe. After the Durchsetzungsinitiative last Feb I applied for citizenship to make sure I could…
Started by: marton · 12.Jan.2017 · Swiss politics/news
15 posts, 21:08 today
Which pram?
When we had to buy one for out first child, i did extensive research to find the one which would be easy to fold, light, 4 wheeled and various other features. Unlike you though, the price was also something that was a concern for us.…
Started by: Daff · 17.Jan.2017 · Family matters/health
71 posts, 20:54 today
Cheap hotels in Zürich
what are the cheapest options of accomodation in Zurich and could you recommend one? Is it possible to get sth for 30bucks? I'm coming to ZH and leaving next day for Germany. I'd sleep on a bech but it's too cold.
Started by: gonzus · 22.Jan.2008 · Other/general
10 posts, 20:15 today
Cutting the Cord in Zurich
I highly doubt that, wireless is just bad, especially for gaming. It's not just about the speed but stability and latency. Also if everyone is on 4G downloading movies via P2P I doubt it would be sustainable. It already is the case in…
Started by: kristianej · 15.Jan.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
26 posts, 19:13 today
Paris trip Help
We stayed at this apartment a few years back. The woman who owns it was super sweet and she stays with her son when people rent it. Great location and she let us bring our dog as well.
Started by: umabca · 11.Jan.2017 · Travel/day trips/free time
12 posts, 19:02 today
Can anyone recommend an independent financial…
They'll just sell you some of bank's and its partners' products, likely overpriced or with hidden surprises, designed to take the money away from you but make you think otherwise. I've never seen a bank here I'd really trust all my money…
Started by: ToZurichYay · 17.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
66 posts, 18:31 today
I do not think medialisation always helps a case. Her securing not having any option to change the conditions as a citizen, with a proper proposition and homework done, it helps nobody but her own self perception. I wonder if the kin…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 9.Jan.2017 · Swiss politics/news
2 posts, 18:28 today
Shipping / Freight - Any experience with…
Started by: AnAustralian · 17.Jan.2017 · Leaving Switzerland
16 posts, 17:46 today
Fresh whole coconuts - are they sold anywhere?
There is a distributor of the product you mention in our end of the country. Page 4 of the PDF. It is sold in a can. Here is another product that might be similar?
Started by: Uncle GroOve · 12.Dec.2016 · Food and drink
1 post, 17:26 today
Freelance fashion designer/dress maker wanted
Started by: czaries · 17.Jan.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
26 posts, 16:58 today
Cleaning a BBQ grill
We "inherited" a grill from friends who were leaving, so had to clean 10 years of marinades from inside the grill. First, heated the thing to 500 F and kept it there for an hour. Let it cool back down, and all that caked-on-stuff should…
Started by: NickGB · 6.Jan.2017 · Other/general
84 posts, 16:51 today
British food in Switzerland - would it work?
And a young Swiss chef who went over there to learn from and work with him returned to CH a few years ago and is now the chef at the British Embassy Residence in Bern. He was taught by Mossiman, and subsequently taught me, that for the…
Started by: PaddyG · 11.Jan.2017 · Food and drink
9 posts, 16:05 today
Swiss Business School SBS
Wow, joined today, immediately found a thread about your old school which as we can all see and hear is really a fantastic place to go. If i didn't already have so much experience, i'd be certainly interested in joining a course to…
Started by: JonElia · 29.Jul.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
16 posts, 15:57 today
Commute, cost of living ZH / Basel / Basel…
Hi - in a Situation where i work near ZRH Flughafen and the wife works in Basel. Our Situation is that our industry has most of its companies located in Basel, Zurich or Zug. With that in mind, we settled in Wurenlos - a bit closer to…
Started by: eddykalex · 7.Dec.2016 · Housing in general
3 posts, 15:39 today
Luxury second hand sale in Seefeld
Started by: coconut · 12.Jan.2017 · Commercial events
35 posts, 15:38 today
Foreign tax obligation
Most of the first infrastructure built in the USA was done by private parties: roads, railways, schools, universities, etc. Again, taxation is theft. I work honestly, and supposedly I'm a free man. Why the government obliges me to give…
Started by: HansGruber · 14.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 15:05 today
Pre-school childcare options in Zollikerberg?
Started by: ToZurichYay · 17.Jan.2017 · Education
29 posts, 14:56 today
Pledging Pillar3a as mortgage collateral
Well, finma's (or rather banks self-regulating association) rules do say that indirect amortisation is possible over pillar 3a, life insurance or other pledged "bankable assets". Ask your bank what assets they'd be willing to accept.…
Started by: justcamehere · 15.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 14:52 today
Cuba tourist card - zurich airport?
Started by: lewibrfc · 17.Jan.2017 · Travel/day trips/free time
7 posts, 14:38 today
Female in Zurich
hello, I have been in Switzerland for a few years now. I have found this site very useful when I need information. Since arriving a lot of my friends have left or are very busy in work!! I am looking to meet new friends who are in…
Started by: sparkle_girl · 17.Jan.2017 · Introductions
99 posts, 14:37 today
Garages, Car repairs the good,the bad and…
You don't need to have this done at the BMW service. RD will deliver to small garages next to you. A tyre is a tyre, regardless of car type. Just enter your ZIP code (PLZ) here to search. You will also see prices and customer ratings…
Started by: RTN · 26.Jan.2010 · Transportation/driving
19 posts, 14:18 today
Front license plate adapter?
I posted this 2 years ago, but I want to revisit. I've used zip-ties to hold the current Swiss plate holder over the old German plate holder. I want to now get rid of this ugly set-up. There are 4 holes drilled at the 4 corners on the…
Started by: darwiniandemon · 14.Aug.2014 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 14:12 today
Logistics of buying a car
I ended up buying the car. Here's how I did it: Monday night, I took the train to Olten. I paid the seller, and he gave me the registration, the bill of sale and the keys. I loaded up the summer tires in the car, and left the car at his…
Started by: clawhammer · 15.Jan.2017 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 14:08 today
Swiss Tax Consultant Needed
Started by: obijr · 17.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
21 posts, 14:07 today
Mobile Internet - How well does it work?
Nearly one year on, in 2017. I am sad to report that the speeds from Salt have dropped off a cliff. It could be too many people using the same bandwidth. Maybe they sold some transmitter towers. Maybe they are gating me. Whatever, I am…
Started by: volver · 27.Jan.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
52 posts, 14:06 today
Bern Dinner Club, Indian meal at the Okra,…
There aren't any large car parks nearby, it will have to be on street parking, or park and get the bus, there hasn't been a lot of snow in Bern. I will be coming to Bern by train and taking the #20 bus to "Gewerbeschule" bus stop, and…
Started by: Sbrinz · 15.Nov.2016 · Social events
1 post, 14:05 today
New in Zollikerberg
Started by: ToZurichYay · 17.Jan.2017 · Introductions
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