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11 posts, 18:18 today
Dodgy paypal email.
I get normal emails from paypal from paypal@e.paypal.. it does not ask me to do anything, just information stuff, like Legal changes, oh it does have a couple of links to view stuff, but nowhere does it ask me to login or change my…
Started by: Ace1 · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
32 posts, 18:16 today
Parking accident in Solothurn - elderly…
YES SIR!!! :D Ok we come from a place where "reporting people" has a very bad association with it. That's why I don't like doing it. I do understand however (actually, only since I have been living here) that it can be a necessity and…
Started by: Trillian Astra · 15.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
21 posts, 18:15 today
Post Finance e-finance help
I have been using Chrome, however i have tried it on FF and just today on IE to no avail. Problem persist across browsers. I also deactivated my add-ons and cleaned my cache to try it again and still i get nothing when i get to the…
Started by: givetolily · 16.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
13 posts, 18:14 today
Language Cafe in Fribourg
No, there is NO sign-up fee whatsoever, this is very informal. We try to do 30 minutes in English and then 30 minutes in French and so forth. You basically get to practice French (or English) and get to meet people at the same time. If…
Started by: jjrb37 · 20.Oct.2013 · Social events
2 posts, 18:14 today
WD Cloud network hard disk extremly slow
Started by: swissnyc · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
59 posts, 18:12 today
I have news! Also more questions (sorry!)
Hamsters are considered Einzelgänger (that is, a species who naturally prefer to live alone), and so are not required to be kept in pairs/groups. The TSchV regs follow whatever social pattern is natural for the species - those that…
Started by: Pixie B · 10.Apr.2014 · Daily life
135 posts, 18:09 today
Boring clothes
You seem like a very creative person so I'm sure that you're able to mix your personal style with the various pieces you find that you like in Switzerland. It's nice to keep your own style while adding different touches here and there. …
Started by: kittekat · 13.Apr.2014 · Daily life
3 posts, 17:58 today
Mortgage question
Started by: han_solo · 16.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
24 posts, 17:41 today
Boci (yound loving dog looking for a home)
Loulabelle, IIRC, this trainer in Zürich has done the course in English for at least one EF member, possibly more - perhaps you might write to ask if she can still offer the course in English? Or if an all-English course is not possible,…
Started by: fkdstm · 24.Mar.2014 · Pet corner
1 post, 17:39 today
New japanese food store in Lausanne
Started by: Noth · 16.Apr.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 17:38 today
HSK lessons for children in English - Zurich…
Started by: Iggle · 16.Apr.2014 · Education
13 posts, 17:34 today
Macbook Pro issue - Not sure if hardware…
I doubt it's Mavericks. We've got a 2008/2009-ish MBP and it works with Mavericks. So does my 2008 iMac. Repairs outside of Apple Care are very expensive and do not make (economic) sense in almost all cases.
Started by: fduvall · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
18 posts, 17:17 today
Finding temporary accomodation in Basel
France is indeed a good idea. My reason for wanting to move to the centre isn't my desire to be in the centre per se. Instead, it's because I have to leave the dog at home when I'm at work and I want to be able to pop home in under 10…
Started by: fliege · 13.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
21 posts, 17:13 today
TV shows to watch with your parents
Thanks for everyone's ideas, this is really helpful! Yes, I do also plan on talking to my parents occasionally, but they're here for 4 weeks, so I need a back-up plan :D @NotAllThere - Even at my age and with kids of my own, I am still…
Started by: Magpie · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
12 posts, 17:11 today
How long can i stay?
To the OP, don't let the "ankle biter's" bother you too much. Loads of them on the EF. I was able to start a business in Zurich in 2005 (I am a US citizen), but a lot has changed since then. Will your business create jobs in CH? Or…
Started by: robinjovan · 16.Apr.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
30 posts, 17:10 today
Jokerhalbtage typo? [Allowed Half-Days Off…
Had to look up what bereavement means . Sorry, for your loss. Reference is Canton Zurich Volksschulverordung (quoted above ): Relevant are § 29 Dispensation and § 30 Joker Days. Oh, I think the bereavement was according to §…
Started by: rlchen · 15.Apr.2014 · Education
3 posts, 17:08 today
Car service in Zug
Started by: M4rcius · 16.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 17:00 today
Tibetan Kung Fu
Started by: Sagitta · 12.Jul.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 16:35 today
Swiss Post - Generating waybills without…
Started by: richardm · 16.Apr.2014 · Daily life
18 posts, 16:33 today
Unethical Journalism and Master Card
The Local, who apparently own this forum, have also run sympathetic plugs on them, while at the same time claiming there's nothing they can do to stop threads being deleted. Double standards are everywhere.
Started by: CathHarmony · 16.Apr.2014 · International affairs/politics
49 posts, 16:19 today
Bad manners from Forum members
had a few muppets ask me if I could bring in a free satellite dish with me on the train into HB, all 80cm of it. and of course the jokers who don't seem to be able to read and only want one tiny part of the free item rather then all of…
Started by: lil_ferret · 15.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
31 posts, 16:06 today
Trouble for Swiss students
My understanding of that article is most students of Switzerland who wanted to travel within Europe for education will now be able to do so, i.e. if they qualified before with Erasmus. Seems to be some changes to the system.
Started by: Wollishofener · 7.Apr.2014 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 15:58 today
Living in Switzerland
Started by: jcsprenger · 16.Apr.2014 · Introductions
30 posts, 15:54 today
Customer Service & Professionalism
I visit a local shop once every few months when I need to stock up on creams or perfumes. Also down stairs they have a beautician. I booked in for manicure. While I was there the girl who did my nails was super friendly. She knew I…
Started by: backtoch · 14.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
17 posts, 15:46 today
Need recommendation for watchmaker
UK seems the most sensible option at least in my experience anyway. Just returned from the UK and took my wife's Gucci watch to replace the battery. Eight pound charge or thirty- five francs here in Zurich.
Started by: abangr · 15.Apr.2014 · Other/general
9 posts, 15:36 today
Americans keeping mortgage, property when…
Plenty of wealthy Americans have accounts here, who don't live here, as long it's above board & there is something in it for the bank no problem. If it's an account with 3k then they won't want to know.
Started by: lmcb · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
9 posts, 15:22 today
Looking for a Win7 notebook
I have a Lenovo w500 in mint condition. I bought new and will prefer not to remember for how much... It has w7 a swiss german keyboard but OS is in english. I'm not far from Luzern so let me know if interested, is similar to this:
Started by: sankbhat · 15.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
7 posts, 15:17 today
Buying from China, Free Trade Agreement…
Thank you for the link. It is very useful and just what i need to make things explicit. I'm not yet ready for the MwsT like grumpy suggested but i definitely want to know what to expect so i maximize what i can get versus VAT and…
Started by: givetolily · 16.Apr.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
12 posts, 14:55 today
Europapark in Spring
It's a great park, highly recommended...and I don't agree that the food standards are poor...Better & wider range of choices than any theme park food I've ever experienced, had some pretty decent Mexican food the last time I was…
Started by: Etaine · 9.Jan.2013 · Travel/day trips/free time
2 posts, 14:50 today
What´s happened to Bluewin email?
Started by: Hausamsee · 16.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 14:42 today
Nice work if you can get it...
Started by: meloncollie · 16.Apr.2014 · Swiss politics/news
10 posts, 14:30 today
Pully or Morges?
I have a preference for Morges for a very silly reason: it's flat!!! It makes it much easier and more pleasant to get out and walk around (especially if you have small children like we do). Morges also has a lovely centre that is small and…
Started by: mazza · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
8 posts, 14:14 today
I need flower dye!!!
Yep, put food coloring in the water, the flower will take up the dye through the stem. No unsightly color residue on the stems/leaves as with spraying. Although roses generally don't take to dyeing as well as some flowers (carnations…
Started by: robinjovan · 16.Apr.2014 · Other/general
1 post, 14:06 today
Slowpitch softball 2014
Started by: magnamax · 16.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 14:02 today
Hello Switzerland
Started by: Stunner · 16.Apr.2014 · Introductions
5 posts, 13:28 today
Half fare travelcard limitations
Started by: ganqqwerty · 14.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 13:14 today
American/L-Permit: Cell Phone
Swisscom has generally a better quality network and coverage, but higher prices, and Sunrise is cheaper but quality not so good (especially in the last couple of years). Orange is somewhere in between Swisscom and Sunrise in terms of…
Started by: ije4 · 15.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
8 posts, 13:11 today
Incorrect DOB in SuperSaver SBB tickets
Sure. If you put your spouse's date as being born earlier, don't show it to your spouse. On second thought, if you put the date as being born later, don't show it either, may think you are considering someone younger!
Started by: IndUSSwiss · 16.Apr.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
2 posts, 13:02 today
Any Tips for RAV German Assessment Test
Started by: ashi_queen · 16.Apr.2014 · Other/general
9 posts, 12:45 today
If build up a house, ?CHF/m2
This article from Beobachter, from 2010, estimates a per m3 cost of CHF 650 - 1000: Speaking to a builder in Ausserschwyz over a possible project we were given a rough estimate of CHF 1200-2000 per m3. This was for a 'normal' house,…
Started by: Jasper · 15.Apr.2014 · Housing in general

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