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18 posts, 20:18 today
Future of Switzerland - Will the economy crash?
The watch industry relies hugely on nearby frontaliers workers- for all sorts of good and bad reasons. 2000 go past our house twice a day- and they do accept lower wages, thus making the problem worse. Nothing against frontaliers workers-…
Started by: Switzerlanded · 21.Oct.2014 · Daily life
7 posts, 20:11 today
Public schools in Lugano's area
Thank you Asatarai, You have very good points and those are exactly the criterias I followed to choose the school for my son. I finally opted for the school in Bioggio. The principal is really nice and the school looks nice overall with…
Started by: startfresh · 27.Sep.2014 · Education
7 posts, 20:02 today
Sorry, I can't help, but I have looked for a recipe for these myself a few times with no luck since we had them in Austria some years ago. At least I think they are the same, when we had them they were called "Germknödel".
Started by: Ttt · 21.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
26 posts, 19:59 today
Christmas dinner - ideas
For many years I made Beef Wellington, it is fairly easy to make, but difficult to meet everyone's likes, (between rare and well done). Last year I served lunch for 9 people, one was vegetarian, one couldn't eat flour... so you can begin…
Started by: John_H · 19.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
4 posts, 19:54 today
Greetings from Chur!
Started by: Alpine Macaroni · 21.Oct.2014 · Introductions
61 posts, 19:54 today
Opinions on the Zürich " crane"
I am new to Switzerland, so I was unaware that this was a relatively new installation. I think it looks great. General opinion here seems to go along with the trend of people hating everything new. And as sure as night follows day,…
Started by: omtatsat · 13.Apr.2014 · Daily life
52 posts, 19:49 today
Where do you reside? -please vote-
Have you looked at the results - I think you'll find that most are from Basel ... including me:p I think if you take the time and trouble to read the T&C's, you'll find that as soon as you hit the Submit button, the poll is now in the…
Started by: bigfujitsu · 21.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
5 posts, 19:48 today
Tax info request
Started by: Snakedoctor · 18.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
30 posts, 19:46 today
1/3rd of food wasted Swiss households
Sometimes those very full supermarket carts are for large 3 generation family buying, people aren't that stupid. And you are limited to one kilo of fresh meat, so there won't be much waste there, but it will be carefully stretched over…
Started by: Odile · 21.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
6 posts, 19:46 today
Bikes everywhere—new to Zurich
Hi everyone! First of all, what an amazing forum. Love it here so far. I moved to Zurich few weeks ago for work and already found lots of useful information here. Didn't really have opportunity to explore and wander around and…
Started by: TheEyes · 17.Oct.2014 · Introductions
3 posts, 19:45 today
Indoor Football in Zurch City (at 19:45pm…
Started by: DTSH · 5.Sep.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
111 posts, 19:43 today
Zürich Sunday Football
Hi Folks, We had a great game last Sunday afternoon.. We will be playing again this Sunday if there are enough people interested. At the moment, we have 4 players confirmed. Please register your interest to join us by posting…
Started by: drkarthiks · 26.May.2014 · Social events
46 posts, 19:40 today
Indoor Football in Enge Zurich (Free)
I have heard rumours recently that Mr TouchTheLake, in an attempt to do just that, has bent too far forward resulting in his falling into the Zürisee. Replies from him will likely come once he has been dredged out and dried up.
Started by: TouchTheLake · 25.Sep.2013 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
23 posts, 19:22 today
What's pooping in my garden?
That is most definitely Marder poop. Expert opinion requested here from Swiss farm-boy O/H. He is positive. I questioned the fact that there`s no Kirsch fruit at this time - he says Marders eat the dried out fallen fruit as well.
Started by: Village Idiot · 10.Oct.2014 · Pet corner
25 posts, 19:16 today
Best Restaurants in Konstanz?
We ate at a place adjacent to Lago called "Merci" recently and it was really a great surprise. We were not sure what to expect since it s actually part of Lago, but it was very charming and had a nice menu. The prices were very low…
Started by: Puhutes · 29.Oct.2011 · Entertainment & dining
149 posts, 19:11 today
Zurich Police Effectiveness
More or less the same. In 1848, they translated the US constitution into German and French and Italian, liquidated the President and replaced him by a 7 persons Group, made some minor amendments, and had got it
Started by: mikebaxter · 9.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
3 posts, 19:05 today
Tennis in Basel?
Started by: cirfia · 6.Oct.2014 · Introductions
100 posts, 19:04 today
Halal butchery in Zürich sold cheeks of…
Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but I didn't find this to be the case at all on my recent trip. We had a practicing Muslim who only ate Halal in our group and he didn't have that easy a time finding meat he could safely eat. Ended up…
Started by: 11HoursInTheTinPan · 20.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
4 posts, 19:02 today
Dance Partner in Basel- Beginner Level
Started by: Flox · 27.Sep.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
73 posts, 19:00 today
Do you need to be a Swiss [Passionate] to…
I guess you were used to the tax forms in Belgium... They were just as horrendous as the ones here. The bureaucracy in Switzerland is a dream compared to Belgium. But the rest I agree with. It's probably worse in Basel though than in…
Started by: GVA-BRU · 19.Oct.2014 · Daily life
3 posts, 18:57 today
Working in a English pub
Started by: sasha.t · 21.Oct.2014 · Employment
1 post, 18:56 today
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Started by: Zombi · 21.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
17 posts, 18:40 today
Exporting Car from Switzerland
Well they repaid me last week to a Swiss bank account, all very easy. As far as Switzerland is concerned you can drive for a year after leaving on Swiss plates, however it may not be allowed to be so long on foreign plates in the new…
Started by: bryanag · 11.May.2012 · Leaving Switzerland
18 posts, 18:36 today
Dilemma - do we stay or do we go? Help needed!
I think that very much depends on which rural area you´re in. I live in a village outside Baden, where there is a very broad mix of nationalities - the children are taught in High´German, but most of the time outside of class they speak…
Started by: lc1974 · 21.Oct.2014 · Introductions
4 posts, 18:34 today
Company cars
Started by: nickg_44 · 21.Oct.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
3 posts, 18:23 today
Let's get together for a delicious Diwali…
Started by: BCE · 12.Oct.2014 · Commercial events
6 posts, 18:12 today
Dry Cleaners (Reinigung) Problems Zurich
If they say the followed all of the washing instructions and it was a dye issue, maybe try contacting Canada Goose and see if they can help? They might just up and send you a new one, you never know. At some point, sadly, I think you'll…
Started by: WBZ · 21.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
23 posts, 18:01 today
Waste Disposal and Recycling in Zurich 2014:…
Thanks for a great summary. I am still a bit confused about what happens with non-newspaper paper, e.g. packaging mainly (especially eggboxes), but also unneeded letters, junkmail. In the UK this would go in recycling. It seems like in…
Started by: JPrice · 5.Jan.2014 · Daily life
2 posts, 17:59 today
"Supplementing" an existing ticket to travel…
Started by: SoftBedPlease · 21.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 17:52 today
Medicinal cannabis Oil for a third party
Any type of inhalation obviously isn't ideal in this situation. Someone who isn't me have heard from a friend of a friend that placing weed in butter and at the lowest temperature (important) for a few hours, stirring occasionally and then…
Started by: simonminissale · 21.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 17:48 today
Cheap eats in Basel?
Started by: ribeisx · 1.Oct.2014 · Daily life
3 posts, 17:40 today
Hello from Zürich
Started by: Bowlertc · 21.Oct.2014 · Introductions
64 posts, 17:30 today
***The Great Big Indian Cooking Thread***
I made a variation of Rick Steins favourite ever curry, "The Madras Fish Curry" the other day: I basically made the following adjustments: Used 2 onions, finely chopped, as I love onions Used cod fillets, sliced into chunks Minced the…
Started by: Richdog · 16.Nov.2013 · Food and drink
9 posts, 17:23 today
Turkish Dining Place (no kebab or imbiss food)
Hi! There is a cozy place very close to Goldbrunnenplatz that in the morning is a Swiss cafè and in the late afternoon is a Turkish restaurant! It is called Ferdinand and the prices are also good! I recommend the mezzeh and the pasta…
Started by: Olcayto · 19.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
4 posts, 17:13 today
3.5 (or more) room apt sought around Zurich
Started by: lfitz · 17.Oct.2014 · Property wanted
6 posts, 17:11 today
Day Trips from the Zurich Area
Do you want to see the mountains? Rolling hills? Stay in Switzerland? Do you have a rail pass? Utiliberg it a nice walk/hike overlooking Lake Zurich and only like 15 mins from Zurich. What brings you to Switzerland? Cheers, Mike
Started by: leticiadefazio · 20.Oct.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
8 posts, 17:10 today
New to Luzern
Hi EK, Welcome to the forum & Luzern. I also live in Luzern but can't help you with the running, I just quit. Living in Luzern website & quarterly publications are useful for getting a feel for the goods and services available…
Started by: ek123 · 29.Sep.2014 · Introductions
12 posts, 17:06 today
Ecopop immigration initiative translation error
That is about what GsoA got in their first referendum. Their message and objectives at the time were about as sane as Ecopop is today, i.e., more deluded than informed. And rather then going away and being forgotten as everybody had…
Started by: Hoppy · 25.Aug.2014 · Swiss politics/news
14 posts, 16:51 today
Ukulele players in Zurich
Hey thanks for the reply. Actually I would prefer to try out ukuleles first before buying one. I know they're not as expensive as guitars but it would make me feel more comfortable if I have more information on the different types and on…
Started by: divindaiana · 3.Sep.2014 · Other/general
4 posts, 16:38 today
The Microsoft watch
Started by: k_and_e · 21.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
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