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10 posts, 19:19 today
How and when did you learn German?
Are you sure you want to learn high German? I thought it might be better to try to learn some conversational Swiss German and found this on Amazon: It's pretty basic - but that's my level. I doubt if it will teach me to hold an…
Started by: 19Monica · 23.Oct.2014 · Introductions
1 post, 19:19 today
Air France strike compensation
Started by: mattalex · 25.Oct.2014 · Daily life
22 posts, 19:15 today
Suffering from asthma and severe stress…
Before you find a new job you need time to regenerate and return to full health. Please take your doctors advice and stay home until all your symptoms have gone. Although an employer can't sack you when your signed off sick, you could give…
Started by: Englishleeds · 23.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
14 posts, 19:08 today
Where to find non-LED Christmas lights?
We were in both Hornbach and Migros Do It today and I had a look round the Christmas section in both stores. ALL the ones the had in Hornbach were LED even the ones that looked as though they were the old sort. Migros had two sorts of…
Started by: misslemon · 23.Oct.2014 · Other/general
2 posts, 19:04 today
Migros worker attacked by customer with…
Started by: rainer_d · 25.Oct.2014 · Daily life
63 posts, 18:54 today
1/3rd of food wasted Swiss households
The worst food poisoning I had was some years ago and it was because of some poorly cooked or poorly handled meat. Or at least this was the culprit according to the anamnesis I have done with the doctor, afterwards. I was already living…
Started by: Odile · 21.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
5 posts, 18:53 today
Where to buy a fuse?
Started by: jmf · 24.Oct.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 18:10 today
Public library in Pfaffikon SZ
Started by: zuzuni · 25.Oct.2014 · Daily life
6 posts, 18:04 today
"Weissgeldstrategie" or "Clean Money Strategy"
It's probably only a matter of time before the rest follow suit. The face of Swiss banking has changed forever now that they've voluntarily extended their roles into the arena of CYA customer tax compliance certification.
Started by: spalebärg · 25.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 17:55 today
WANTED - Moving Boxes - Zurich
Started by: Jnk · 1.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
11 posts, 17:40 today
Greetings from Chur!
No worries, this condition is rarely terminal, and there are treatments available should you need, primarily in Argau. I got over my infatuationitis in less than 3 weeks! :P Welcome to Switzerland, and Chur does look like a fantastic…
Started by: Alpine Macaroni · 21.Oct.2014 · Introductions
61 posts, 17:20 today
How long did it take you to make friends here?
That is quite shocking if you look at the bottom: If you go down from the 26 (Germany) you find: - 5 Arab countries, 4 of them in petro countries in the Gulf which are famous for their local population which live in a bubble…
Started by: Switzerlanded · 18.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
5 posts, 17:19 today
The best places in the world to be a rich…
Started by: justswiss · 25.Oct.2014 · Daily life
3 posts, 17:04 today
Zurich here we come...
Started by: The ScottiCH One · 25.Oct.2014 · Introductions
6 posts, 16:34 today
Looking for a climbing partner in Zurich
Hi there! Do you need a training partner? Me too! Lenzburg, Winterthur or Ourdoors I have rope and belay device 3 – 4 times per week 2 – 3 hours per session Any schedule that fits you is good for me! I don’t care what your current…
Started by: Westbourne_Express · 16.May.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
42 posts, 16:33 today
Unemployment Benefits while studying?
well that's something else then. People who just show up a basically want you to fill a form they would otherwise have to fill themselves. That is not the same as the RAV requesting a stamp. The latter isn't true - the RAV doesn't…
Started by: decider10 · 23.Jan.2010 · Employment
32 posts, 16:10 today
IPhone -> Android
Gsmarena has a detailed comparison of the best three non-huge phones. You definitely need the iPhone if you want the best photos from parties. If you care more about landscapes I think the Xperia is better.
Started by: Kash_Z · 3.Nov.2012 · TV/internet/telephone
20 posts, 15:40 today
I've seen some at the Landi - I assume you'll need to go to a larger one. Try garden centers, for instance Meier in Durnten: But most large garden centers will have them. Also look at Hornbach, as well as Coop B/H garden center - there…
Started by: sam ali · 22.Oct.2013 · Other/general
19 posts, 15:24 today
Bern light show at Bundesplatz, [until Nov…
I went to the free show last night, it is a beautiful show, starting at 19:00 & 20:30, and lasts about 20 minutes. Light is projected onto the front of the Swiss parliament building (Bundeshaus) and is best described as a light show with…
Started by: Sbrinz · 13.Nov.2011 · Travel/day trips/free time
1 post, 15:15 today
How's Orange in Kanton ZH these days?
Started by: nigelr · 25.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 14:34 today
New in Neuchatel: Need internet at flat
Started by: ihtxam · 25.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
46 posts, 14:15 today
Anyone heard of Assura medical Insurance…
No, they will not cancel your old insurance policy. You must do this in writing before the end of November. Also, if you owe them any money (even a small amount), you must pay this before the end of December, otherwise you will be…
Started by: Swisstree · 29.Oct.2008 · Insurance
22 posts, 14:01 today
Cost for eye examination (driving license…
No, not normal, but because of this bit below you left yourself open for extra charges: In Switzerland any time you leave wiggle room, that is,"if nothing more complicated" you are essentially agreeing to additional charges. For the…
Started by: jasieek · 24.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
64 posts, 13:33 today
WHere to go for affordable car detailing?
There isn't a hard wax in the world that would hold up one year on the car let alone a paste or a liquid wax. Claims that it would protect or even residue on the car's paint after 2-3 years are just ludicrous. Sure, maybe as a museum…
Started by: mazule · 10.Mar.2009 · Transportation/driving
93 posts, 12:51 today
GIGANTIC spiders in Switzerland...
One lazy cat i had would watch the big ones walk around the room at the top of the wall. She'd go to sleep, wake up and check out the spider. And wait, until it got down to her height on the back of the couch and gobbled up (the…
Started by: hkcool · 11.Jun.2013 · Daily life
22 posts, 12:36 today
Free parking in zurich...?
Luzern has a 50chf per month parking system that could be applied in Zurich but it seems the Zurchers are only interested in tickets whether parking , driving or owning a car.. In a perfect world this "leave the car at home and travel…
Started by: Marzullo · 4.Jun.2008 · Transportation/driving
30 posts, 12:34 today
Paquis question
As others have said, 500 francs is nothing in "Champagne Bars", probably had a few drinks and watch some slapper with a poker face dancing round a pole. I've been to those sort of bars in Paquis with friends - nothing much else goes on. …
Started by: lola24 · 24.Oct.2014 · Daily life
38 posts, 12:31 today
Is it legal to ask prepayment for apartment…
If that is the case, and I will not get the keys, police would be the first place I would go to. But funny enough... I suspect the situation is slightly different. The landlord think I might be the subject of fraud So is scared to…
Started by: Kay77 · 23.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 11:57 today
Which Zurich coffee houses are accessible…
Started by: Flurinabarbara · 25.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
2 posts, 11:39 today
Recommended -- Palais Mascotte - Geneve
Started by: John_H · 23.Oct.2014 · Entertainment & dining
3 posts, 11:27 today
Bern Dinner Club, on 6.11.2014, el Mexicano
Started by: Sbrinz · 22.Oct.2014 · Social events
59 posts, 11:20 today
Insomnia due to stress... Any sure cure?
I don't think it's bollox. What's boffin, btw? I think it's pressure and expectations to over perform that does it. Responsibility. Ego depletion. We take ourselves as we know ourselves, but from back home or from carefree times when…
Started by: gata · 22.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
22 posts, 10:53 today
Best place to be an expat
fyi, the study that this thread is about was limited to holders of expat bank accounts with HSBC, i.e. expats who plan to live in their host country for only a relatively short time. in other words, the typical survey respondent lives…
Started by: Amanda D · 22.Oct.2014 · Daily life
20 posts, 10:44 today
Weird Calls about Optimizing health insurance
A lot of them use a spoof caller ID. They are actually calling from Eastern European call centres. I had one earlier this year that started as advice on Health Insurance, and over 20 calls in one night degenerated into threats to come…
Started by: edot · 27.May.2014 · Insurance
74 posts, 09:53 today
New US Ambassador to Switzerland/ Liechtenstein
The White House confirms that Azita Raji was born in Tehran, Iran. It does not say whether she still holds Iranian citizenship. She also attended an international school in Lausanne: "Azita Raji Azita Raji is a recognized…
Started by: DuePonte · 2.Jun.2013 · Swiss politics/news
8 posts, 09:44 today
Source tax B vs C question for german resident…
So you are on an L permit and resident in Switzerland for these few months? This would be more favourable than taxation in Germany whatever tariff you are paying. The CH tax authorities do not care who pays out a second income in a family,…
Started by: dmed · 20.Oct.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
72 posts, 09:28 today
Swiss Border Controls
now I was wondering myself. Police is Cantonal matter. Mentioned was explicitely Canton Bern, From its Polizeigesetz : The problem lies in "Gefahr in Verzug", which means if the police has probable cause and they think they can not…
Started by: Ttt · 23.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
29 posts, 09:14 today
The Android beasts thread, 2014 edition
I upgrade because it's a fashion statement (like those jackets we have to wear now which are two sizes too small...). There are certain situations where the phone you lay on the table has a similar ambiance to the watch you're wearing…
Started by: lewton · 17.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
78 posts, 07:39 today
SVP Gold Referendum could succeed!
Mining gold from the stars may be possible - one day in the distant future. But it will still involve human effort and expenditure. Maybe the question you asked should have been, "Will gold be so valueless one day that its production…
Started by: Dack Rambo · 23.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
21 posts, 00:51 today
4G in Zurich/Geneva
If it is an iPhone 5 and not an iPhone 5S it makes absolute sense that it does not pick up 4G everywhere. Apple's fault, not Swisscom's. :):):D Anybody with a proper 4G phone should be able to connect to the 4G network in all those…
Started by: DimitriosG · 17.Mar.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
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