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1 post, 03:27 today
Duplicate or copy of 18.44 form
Started by: Tim-W · 1.Nov.2014 · Introductions
1 post, 02:46 today
Gilles Peterson World Wide Awards 2015
Started by: wintimiss · 1.Nov.2014 · Commercial events
8 posts, 01:51 today
Best PAYG Mobile Deals
Be careful, the feel-like-home is not meant to be used over a long period. the T&C's are clear if you use the service abroad over a month of continues usage then you will get a warning. Also if using it more then 3 months on a 12 month…
Started by: Ardennes1944 · 31.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
10 posts, 01:28 today
Help me with the VIN decoding plese
Unfortunately Autoscout24 does not let you search for the code directly so do a Google search for the code as follows: 1TA429 site:ch You will get listing from Autoscout24 and others. You can look at the TOYOTA Avensis that have…
Started by: JakubB · 31.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 00:47 today
Swiss supermarkets that deliver to Germany
Started by: gnaula · 31.Oct.2014 · Daily life
95 posts, 00:17 today
How long did it take you to learn German?
Is it possible that if you are REALLY trying to learn German by immersing yourself in the language, posting at English-language forums like THIS one might actually hurt? Would it be better off trying to go to German-language forums or…
Started by: Pixie B · 10.Mar.2014 · Language corner
59 posts, 00:16 today
Champagne and Absinthe day
OK the restauranteurs from A Côté got back from Crete last night- so finally were able to discuss a menu. It will be salad or soup, followed by Boeuf Bourguignon and Gratin Dauphinois and veg, with a choice of 2 tarts for dessert- for 25…
Started by: Odile · 18.Oct.2014 · Social events
7 posts, 00:04 today
Paying first months rent and security deposit…
Why would the move out date by fishy? In the places I have rented out I had to specify the move out date. Also, it was not an ad. I made an ad earlier and she responded to mine. First e-mail: The next e-mail was detail…
Started by: justiliang · 31.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
2 posts, 00:01 today
Best insurance model for baby: assura
Started by: ihtxam · 31.Oct.2014 · Insurance
18 posts, 00:00 today
Leaving CH, Flat health insurance etc.
Hey- glad leaving was easy and painless- and that you love your new home. Why even try to compare apples and oranges- it's not a competition. Enjoy ;) Now you are not the only one- but I find it sad that expats often have to hate their…
Started by: fatmanfilms · 31.Oct.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 23:21 yesterday
Looking for a private German teacher in Zurich
Started by: c.park · 31.Oct.2014 · Education
5 posts, 23:03 yesterday
SIGG dorrex dehydrator - Why is it popular…
Started by: Nina123 · 31.Oct.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 22:54 yesterday
Periodentists near Geneva?
Started by: LubaD · 31.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
1 post, 22:54 yesterday
Basketball in Lugano/Locarno?
Started by: LoLugano · 31.Oct.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
15 posts, 22:40 yesterday
Moving to Basel
Do you know if the ticket TriregioMini can be purchased in Basel paying only 7 euros as in France and Germany...and not from the TNW ticket machines (it is more expensive: 10,50 CHF = 8,70! )...for example, I have noticed that a one way…
Started by: evasydney · 23.Jul.2014 · Introductions
49 posts, 22:31 yesterday
Anyone heard of Assura medical Insurance…
With Assura, you keep your medical bills until they total more than the franchise, then you send them to the insurance company, and send any new bills when you get them. Everything resets on January 1st, and you start again from…
Started by: Swisstree · 29.Oct.2008 · Insurance
8 posts, 22:31 yesterday
Tennis Partner in Zürich - Kreis 7/Seefeld
Hello everyone, I am Marco, glad to see that there are many tennis players here. I live in Altstetten in Zurich kreis 9, my tennis level is 4.2 (Italian Rank) I would like to find a partner to play with during the week in the…
Started by: Eiger_ · 10.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
13 posts, 22:27 yesterday
Death of a family member whilst visiting…
Please don't worry about it. Once you contact a local funeral director they would arrange everything, including telling you who you would have to contact, and arranging repatriation and all the paperwork that goes with it. I speak from…
Started by: Charlie Farlie · 31.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 22:17 yesterday
Farmers Market in Zurich?
Not a market but a small store that sells only local products, generally "almost bio" quality, i.e., from farms that are too small to make applying for bio certification a worth while endeavor: nahundfein near Rigiplatz:
Started by: pat1adp98 · 31.Oct.2014 · Daily life
20 posts, 22:13 yesterday
Swiss road signs!
The orange-ish-background signs highlight "Wanderwege" (hiking trails), as defined by the Schweizer Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wanderwege(SAW) (swiss corporation for hiking trails). SAW is the countrywide associoation of each kantons Hiking…
Started by: marton · 30.Oct.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 22:01 yesterday
Where to find coin operated vacuum in Bern?
Started by: darwiniandemon · 31.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 21:51 yesterday
20something Italian new in Luzern
Started by: Cecece · 31.Oct.2014 · Introductions
103 posts, 21:50 yesterday
Swiss Border Controls
There are many regional agreements accross the border, particularily in border regions like Konstanz-Kreuzlingen, SteinAmRhein-Singen-Scha... Laufenburg/CH/DE etc . And here more Information which shows that the Airport has become…
Started by: Ttt · 23.Oct.2014 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 21:46 yesterday
Dependent leaving for more than 3 month
Started by: prashantbhagat · 18.Sep.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
15 posts, 21:30 yesterday
Anybody has experience with REKA Geld?
They work great. The Museumsnacht is a special event that was probably the reason why you could not pay with them. Otherwise I think most museum take them for normal entrance fees. As the others have stated you can also use them to buy…
Started by: Dimitraariane · 11.Sep.2014 · Daily life
19 posts, 21:26 yesterday
A parking ticket in Thalwil from Kilchberg…
Actually, Thawil does indeed have a gemindepolizei seperate from the KAPO; however, it does not see to be a full-service police service like STAPO Zurich;nooks like they play more of a PCSO roll.
Started by: guitrchic · 30.Oct.2014 · Daily life
86 posts, 20:24 yesterday
Crime-free Switzerland - my @rse
What i cant stand is the thought of some strangers grubby little fingers going through my private things. Also, the police and insurance people want to know what is missing within 48 hours. It can take months to realise that something…
Started by: dodgyken · 4.Oct.2014 · Complaints corner
29 posts, 20:23 yesterday
Good food in zurich city
What area of Zurich? PARADEPLATZ Tandoori (Indian, buffet) Gaertnerei (Salads, take-away) LANGSTRASSE (District 4) Pho_Vietnam (Vietnamese) Dini_Mueter (Lunch menus) BELLEVUE Milchbar (Lunch menus)
Started by: nikiagarwal · 24.Sep.2014 · Food and drink
14 posts, 19:54 yesterday
PPL - Private Pilots Licence/Glider - around…
Thank you for the information, and I agree that getting licensed here gives not only better integration but is also an unique experience, unconquerable to other European places. However 20k CHF is a bit of an overkill, considering that in…
Started by: Chris123456 · 26.Feb.2012 · Other/general
5 posts, 19:52 yesterday
Premium Diesel Fuel: Are they worth it?
Started by: maypril · 28.Oct.2014 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 19:29 yesterday
What is a "caution"?
It is illegal for her to store the moment in her account; however, it's perfectly legal for the money to be wired to her personal account provided that she then uses it to open a protected rental deposit account.
Started by: weeedieee · 29.Oct.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 19:17 yesterday
Car insurance differ in premiums for Swiss…
Started by: JakubB · 31.Oct.2014 · Insurance
1 post, 19:05 yesterday
New mums in or around Uster?
Started by: Skappler · 31.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
10 posts, 18:44 yesterday
$33 million at official's home
He could face the death penalty if it is proven that his corruption lead to deaths e.g. explosion at an unsafe power station. The previous head of the Chinese Drugs agency was similarly executed for taking bribes.
Started by: bigfujitsu · 31.Oct.2014 · International affairs/politics
62 posts, 18:35 yesterday
Help needed... Am I just being hypochondriac?
reality: IF it's colon cancer...then either (1) it won't move that fast. Really...colon cancer doesn't or (2) it has already spread, and a few weeks delay will make no difference or (3) if it is a previously unknown case of…
Started by: EricXing · 30.Oct.2014 · Family matters/health
6 posts, 18:10 yesterday
Question for those with experience of American…
Your friend has to ask. It really depends on the company. For example, my husband was hired as an employee of North Carolina (he was a tenure track professor, considered permanent by his department). However, the state (the ultimate…
Started by: terramundi · 30.Oct.2014 · Employment
1 post, 17:52 yesterday
Rough 'per unit' wage question - ESL Training…
Started by: wunnspeed · 31.Oct.2014 · Employment
9 posts, 17:40 yesterday
Vegetarian restaurant in Zürich
Since most restaurants have vegetarian options, why don't you just choose a restaurant that you actually want to go to and make sure they have a good range of vegetarian options. PS, I wasn't that impressed with Hiltl.
Started by: Mawina23 · 28.Oct.2014 · Entertainment & dining
5 posts, 17:20 yesterday
Just arrived
Started by: ChemChem · 28.Sep.2014 · Introductions
3 posts, 17:19 yesterday
Wanted : mountain bike zurich area
Started by: Tendlya · 22.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
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