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47 posts, 23:46 today
50% deduction from salary???
After all bills like rent, health insurance, schooling, etc., are all covered then yes you can live comfortably (and it hurts me to say it) on CHF7k a month for disposable income. You may even buy a fish or two once a week..
Started by: thedaz · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
33 posts, 23:25 today
Is racism / hate crime becoming…
I could run all around the world escaping racism and sexism. Eventually I'd come to a point where I'd have to say " this is the place that I can live with this racism and this sexism". I am afraid for our immediate futures and at the…
Started by: bigblue2 · 25.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
17 posts, 23:14 today
Zug job possibility
OK, allow me to re-write the sentence for greater precision Zug will cover the basics, but if you want a night out or more diverse dining options and perhaps some better quality restaurants, you can easily go to Luzern or…
Started by: MyLord · 21.Jul.2016 · Introductions
78 posts, 22:20 today
Bali Nine duo - not looking good
The possibility of a fresh mass execution in Indonesia is raising it's ugly head again, and Frenchman Serge Atlaoui is back on the list, https://www.theguardian... https://en.wikipedia.org... .
Started by: litespeed · 16.Feb.2015 · International affairs/politics
12 posts, 22:10 today
Propane tanks for US gas grills?
Have you tried tightening it counterclockwise? I thought the same thing when I went to install my adapter then realized it was threaded the other way around. And just for the record I bought mine from grillshop.at and have a Weber…
Started by: illinifan · 30.May.2011 · Other/general
16 posts, 22:08 today
136 curves - Klausen Pass, Swiss Alps Driving…
The road can be extremely narrow on the Urner side. I was riding on a bus once on the way to the top of Klausen Pass when a motorcycle rider took a curve too wide and, despite braking immediately, slid into the front of our bus. Luckily,…
Started by: LanaZHANG · 25.Jul.2016 · Entertainment & dining
57 posts, 21:33 today
Missed connection - girl on tram 10/glattpark
Exactly. Actually I was quiet impressed by him noticing all these thingsabout her in a short time. She too is possibly missing out on something good;) addition: Did you use the link JamesTr gave you?
Started by: Halfasleep · 23.Jul.2016 · Daily life
2 posts, 21:32 today
Oil Tank Cleaning
Started by: andyseddon · 25.Jul.2016 · Housing in general
117 posts, 21:21 today
One Dead After Explosion At German Restaurant
I can understand that, but is it effective? And is it true? PC has gone so far as to find "hate" in Christmas trees and Merry Christmas greetings, as well as separate men and women's bathrooms. But it can't seem to call out the hate…
Started by: Blueangel · 25.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 21:17 today
Advice/recommendations needed: Opening a…
Started by: bottles · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 21:11 today
What is UVG beitrag and KTG beitrag
Started by: Doodle · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
16 posts, 21:09 today
Suggestions for a nice place for a first…
The Hotel Z├╝richberg near the zoo. We were there a week ago. It has a fantastic view over the lake. Food and service were good - if a bit pricey. Otherwise can you cook? Why not cook a meal yourself for your date? It is what I would do…
Started by: probvalath · 25.Jul.2016 · Daily life
8 posts, 21:05 today
Are dogs allowed at Juckerfarm?
Started by: luya · 24.Jul.2016 · Travel/day trips/free time
9 posts, 20:50 today
What kind of travel/health insurance did…
Well, the traveling agency/flight operator/etc... should offer "travel insurance" for the actual transit. I'm not sure if the travel insurance you get on Credit/Debit cards need for you to be insured somewhere, but I don't think so.
Started by: banadol · 25.Jul.2016 · Insurance
17 posts, 20:35 today
How to work as freelance translator…
Welcome to the forum. :) Sorry, but no, not that easy and especially since you have the American "taint" it may be impossible for you. Firstly the self-employment side. You need to have a good business plan, finances to support…
Started by: vielmafa · 11.Aug.2010 · Business & entrepreneur
10 posts, 20:18 today
Question: Legal Ownership of Dog (Divorce)
So your lawyer was correct in stating that dogs are just an asset in divorce law. Technically that is how it's usually handled. However, the "custody" issue does now crop up every once in a while. We've dealt with it a few times at work…
Started by: Momus · 25.Jul.2016 · Pet corner
50 posts, 20:17 today
[Thread Split] How do you prove no Swiss/EU…
Amazing people of EFCH, Got my permit approved today. :) It took around 3.5 weeks from application date. I have to now go and collect it from the nearest embassy. Thank you all very much for your time and suggestions regarding my…
Started by: NewToHere · 28.May.2016 · Employment
5 posts, 20:00 today
Need a Berner Zeitung article-- anyone with…
Started by: danjoneshistory · 25.Jul.2016 · Swiss politics/news
25 posts, 19:44 today
Electric stove top that shorts my flat :(
White = P1 Red = P2 Black = P3 Blue = N Green/Yellow = PG So, from that wiring, it's connected to P2 and P3, and PG :eek: Not surprising that the individual breakers don't trip. ;) Interesting. :eek: Tom
Started by: CathHarmony · 25.Jul.2016 · Housing in general
67 posts, 19:01 today
Interactive brokers in Switzerland
Guys, Another question on the real estate tax: In case the account holder (US non-resident alien) passes away, the US will levy up to 40% estate tax on US assets over the value of $60,000 USD. This includes US-domiciled holdings such…
Started by: ipsiety · 20.Jun.2010 · Finance/banking/taxation
79 posts, 18:43 today
Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should…
The UK has consistently failed to apply the measures already in place to handle situations where an EU national would be come a burden on the state and furthermore have failed to provide a meaningful explanation as to why they are…
Started by: lewton · 21.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 17:06 today
What is the reasoning behind different taxation…
Started by: HappyCerberus · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 16:29 today
Swiss National Day - Zurich - what's on?
Started by: rocksteady · 1.Aug.2014 · Entertainment & dining
17 posts, 16:27 today
Wedding Gift Ideas
I'm going to a family wedding in the US this November. The bride and groom are outdoorsy, campers, etc, so I'm going to get them a Swiss army knife or similar, maybe matching Swiss army knives and have them engraved. The Victorianox…
Started by: JamesAA · 25.Jan.2013 · Other/general
25 posts, 16:10 today
The Sun is white, not yellow!
You might want to add red to that list as well. It's a cultural thing, but in the far east most people would probably answer red when asked the colour of the sun. They must have some fantastic sunsets there.
Started by: HappyCerberus · 25.Jul.2016 · Forum support
38 posts, 16:09 today
What is your idea to become rich?
IT contractors sell themselves at dumping prices ! If I look for example at the annual reports of UBS 2010 and 2015 I can see that the number of employees has decreased a little from 64'617 to 60'099 but the average personnel cost has…
Started by: marchise · 22.Jul.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
26 posts, 16:05 today
Duplicate Trolls
Because i didn't necessarily want employees looking onto what i consider my private sphere so without a separate account it wasn't possible. In the end i went via an employment agency. I hope this answers your questions, the reasons i…
Started by: dodgyken · 25.Jul.2016 · Forum support
2 posts, 16:00 today
Walking Trip in Ticino into Italy
Started by: lucasreynesmatter · 25.Jul.2016 · Travel/day trips/free time
3 posts, 15:52 today
Applying for jobs before graduation
Started by: royve · 25.Jul.2016 · Employment
57 posts, 15:47 today
From Finland to Switzerland (maybe?)
Cicada phase I guess...I mean, referring to the depression you portrayed. You know, they live underground for like 17 years and they climb/ascend and finally there's a molting phase. Very mysterious creatures and some says that they're…
Started by: sniveri · 13.Jan.2012 · Introductions
65 posts, 15:36 today
Scam: craigslist Basel
Not sure this will end up as a reply to (which it is meant as). The guy is at it again, this time as Thomas Ptasik , for a flat in Basel, via immoscout24 (https://twitter.com/Imm... "Thanks for taking the time to look at my…
Started by: Swiss-ninja · 7.Feb.2011 · Housing in general
4 posts, 15:34 today
Quickline Internet - Kt Zug
Started by: Markarina · 23.Jul.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 15:15 today
1 Spot Left - Expand Comfort Zone Mastermind…
Started by: makeabigwish · 25.Jul.2016 · Commercial events
1 post, 15:02 today
1 Spot Left - Emotional Eating, Skype Mastermind…
Started by: makeabigwish · 25.Jul.2016 · Commercial events
2 posts, 15:02 today
Pension LPP transfer
Started by: vaudoise · 25.Jul.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 14:58 today
Swiss accountancy service recommendations?
Started by: Alectix · 25.Jul.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 14:53 today
Jimmy Carr - Funny Business [Morges]
Started by: The Laundry Man · 25.Jul.2016 · Commercial events
16 posts, 14:24 today
The new vice president of the USA
Bounded rationality. Within our cognitive limits, we make the most rational assessment given the info available. Funny that the paper was written by Dutch scholars, and the Dutch are among the tallest. Interesting to see how or if…
Started by: Wollishofener · 23.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
31 posts, 14:04 today
I got Fed up with my Family Speaking with…
Just some random observations: > you can really be nasty, hurtful and wounding without resorting to any racial or religious epithets or resorting to swear words (if that is what you wish to do...) > Traditional swear words (the usual…
Started by: Sutter · 2.Aug.2013 · Family matters/health
74 posts, 13:40 today
Syrian Refugee Wielding Machete Kills Woman
In Germany, on average, there are two murders every day. For a similar example to Munich; "The Erfurt massacre was a school massacre that occurred on 26 April 2002 at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in the Thuringia State capital Erfurt,…
Started by: parnell · 24.Jul.2016 · International affairs/politics
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