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1 post, 00:57 today
Credible explanation is that
Started by: wetpljmrc · 23.Dec.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 00:47 today
Tax Consultant - Kanton Schwyz
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax consultant/accountant in Kanton Schwyz? We moved from ZH last year, and there we did it ourselves, but speaking to some people it looks like for a few hundred franc investment the tax you finally…
Started by: philh · 30.Jan.2011 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 00:16 today
Been in Basel for just over a week, a few…
Started by: ftangftang · 8.Feb.2008 · Daily life
16 posts, 00:14 today
Westminster Paedophile Ring
Thatcher and Savile were obviously never 'close friends' but they did find each other useful to know. Savile was far too weird to have any close friends, but he did flatter people who he thought could help him. As for Thatcher, she made…
Started by: Hausamsee · 2.Dec.2014 · International affairs/politics
19 posts, 00:10 today
Sickness regarding employer
I absolutely agree, but I also think you can also do your boss a favor by responding this way. Your boss would be able to learn a bit about you in the context of your culture, which would also help him/her be a better manager to you.…
Started by: Llanmorgan · 17.Dec.2014 · Employment
42 posts, 23:33 yesterday
Trading Panini stickers from Aldi
So...in case anyone can trade more, here is my updated list of stickers I need: 005 036 057 065 103, 110, 119 143, 149 Here are all the duplicates I have available to send to someone: 001, 006, 018 (2) 021 (2), 023,…
Started by: 22 yards · 14.Dec.2014 · Daily life
8 posts, 23:27 yesterday
New Womens Group in Basel
Would love to join, but I don't have/won't have a Facebook page. I'm an ex member of the Bangkok British Women's group. I'm very keen on most handicrafts and love making chutneys' and baking. I'm especially keen on cooking thai food! How…
Started by: sandra07 · 13.Dec.2014 · Commercial events
10 posts, 23:24 yesterday
Dog Food question
Odile, I have been told by both an independent pet shop and a larger chain that they just can't get the deliveries when they need it! Must be a distribution issue. Shame as It's a great product! Not sure what we will do ... Will have to…
Started by: Wabma · 20.Dec.2014 · Pet corner
43 posts, 23:16 yesterday
Health Insurance - first 3 months...once again
I remember being told about backdating. I registered on 1st June (spent a month here as a tourist; on advice of Zug gemeinde!!) and was told we had 3 months to sort out health insurance. Kept forgetting about it, and mid-July got a…
Started by: fibonacci9 · 13.Dec.2014 · Insurance
3 posts, 23:04 yesterday
WP or PrestaShop or Magento
Started by: fabien · 22.Dec.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
15 posts, 23:01 yesterday
Another expat in Zurich, which district…
Thank you all for your help. Oerlikon seems to be the good deal, however there are very few modern apartments available in the range, so I am afraid it might take a while to find something. What about Opfikon, does everything closes…
Started by: Draknof · 21.Dec.2014 · Housing in general
10 posts, 22:54 yesterday
Your 2014 Christmas/Hanukkah/Other Holiday…
Golly I'd forgotten about this recipe, used to make it in the 70s- it is indeed excellent. Perhaps will try to make a black forest version- with a middle layer or blackcherries in kirsch cooked with a little cornflour and cooled. Thanks…
Started by: glowjupiter · 22.Dec.2014 · Food and drink
8 posts, 22:49 yesterday
Post - CFF/SBB day card promo
When you buy this ticket for 69 sfr, you will recieve a voucher with the possibility to purchase a "Schnupper Half Tax card " (valid for 2 months ) for 33 sfr, so you don't need the Halftax Card before you buy the Promo Ticket.
Started by: jamjelly · 8.Dec.2014 · Transportation/driving
20 posts, 22:43 yesterday
Furniture healthy organic bio - where to buy?
WHERE??? i went to a few nice furniture shops and they did not even want to ask the manufacturer if he could use 100% wool for padding of cushions. In fact they got very annoyed with me. I emailed a few manufacturers directly but…
Started by: Jo Flower · 21.Dec.2014 · Daily life
31 posts, 22:43 yesterday
Authentic Chinese restaurant in Zurich?
When I was travelling in PR China, I had the luck to experience what's considered the four major Chinese cuisines at all sorts of places, from simple food stalls up to top notch restaurants - and I've also been invited to home-cooked…
Started by: Anshui · 17.Aug.2010 · Entertainment & dining
2 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Started by: Sam Azgor · 22.Dec.2014 · Introductions
18 posts, 21:59 yesterday
Garage group to avoid
Next time, take a photograph before raising the issue with the garage. They then have the option of either accepting their mechanic screwed up (or rather, failed to blot up ) or you're a liar. My bet is they'd choose the latter.
Started by: kkckkc · 22.Dec.2014 · Transportation/driving
19 posts, 21:41 yesterday
Zurich vs Bern ?
As you're hopefully coming here to study you won't get much choice. As Zurich will issue your student permit - should you be accepted at the school - you have to live in Zurich canton. You could ask if you can live in another canton,…
Started by: coconut4123 · 21.Dec.2014 · Daily life
14 posts, 21:34 yesterday
Studying at ETH Zurich, how difficult is it?
Any chance you can cite these official statistics? I am currently working on my last Master Thesis in D-ITET but over the course of my studies I had struggled and once thought about giving up. I failed three exams so far and had to…
Started by: aachim · 10.Jun.2011 · Other/general
3 posts, 21:25 yesterday
Zürich: Country/Social Clubs
Started by: JordanW · 21.Dec.2014 · Daily life
8 posts, 21:18 yesterday
What are your experiences with Windows phones?
I have had the Lumia 930 for a while now and find the camera outstanding. The rest is about all I would want and use. I find the interface simple, clear and free of the typical cutsies and curlycues that make the overview on other phones…
Started by: BorisZurich · 4.Dec.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
25 posts, 20:52 yesterday
Can I work in Switzerland and be covered…
Right. I was confusing. I was thinking about the "participation" by the canton to the payment of the premiums. "Subsides" in french. If the affiliate has low incomes the state can pay a part or totally the amount of his premiums.
Started by: evasydney · 22.Dec.2014 · Insurance
12 posts, 20:25 yesterday
DeVere European Communications Centre
It'll probably get deleted in the not too distant future, but not because there's any financial relationship. When you're making millions on the bleeding edge of criminality and morality, then you tend to retain a lot more…
Started by: Malapetaka · 22.Dec.2014 · Daily life
68 posts, 20:10 yesterday
EF at its very best ...
Thank you, borntough, for posting this wonderful, magical video. In real life, it might not work with such a quick turn-around, okay. But yes, there is sooo much room for helping, being kind and responsible and going a little out of…
Started by: Odile · 25.May.2014 · Other/general
21 posts, 20:08 yesterday
Filipino Restaurant?
Before I moved here, I had a Filipino colleague, and she taught me how to do it as she often cooked adobo for her daughter. She said she's not a great cook and what she taught was a simple dish :D
Started by: stephbowman86 · 18.Dec.2014 · Food and drink
30 posts, 20:01 yesterday
Working in Ticino but staying in Lugano,…
you can easily do pizza and a beer for 30 francs in most places - downtown Zurich too. Tap water should be free, why pay? If you live in Italy and work in Switzerland, choose a place to live that has two reasonable routes in and out. So…
Started by: dablue · 5.Dec.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
6 posts, 20:00 yesterday
Integration class
And be aware that the age profiles for Swiss grades are often quite different to UK/US/Australia etc, and so a child may do an additional year of schooling on entry, so that they are not significantly younger than the rest of the children…
Started by: mojado · 24.Jan.2013 · Education
7 posts, 19:55 yesterday
Hut rental and access without a car
Excellent idea, swisspea. You reminded me of a lovely evening visiting some travellers in Grindelwald. arputtick, have a look here: and you will see that there are rooms of different sizes, i.e. you wouldn't necessarily have to sleep…
Started by: arputtick · 22.Dec.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
3 posts, 19:54 yesterday
Afterschool activities for kids
Started by: samoshka · 15.Dec.2014 · Education
25 posts, 19:49 yesterday
Swiss high dividend stocks - your favorites?
How about not joining a discussion forum if you don't want people discussing things? You don't own the thread just because you started it. If you think it's being derailed too far then use the Report Post button like anyone who's been…
Started by: JJJJJ · 21.Dec.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 18:42 yesterday
Tennis court hire in Zurich
Started by: gef2504 · 17.Sep.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
8 posts, 18:38 yesterday
Looking for private yoga teacher or class
Dear Izabela I have just noticed your question on the forum... I teach in Sanapurna, a beautiful studio near Hauptbahnhof Zürich (7 to 8 min by bus) and I do offer privates too. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga,…
Started by: IzabelaInZug · 23.Oct.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
45 posts, 18:31 yesterday
Waste Disposal and Recycling in Zurich 2014:…
Hi last night I 0 a paper bag with paper towels milk cartons etc in a paper bag for recycling next to a bin outside fir collection this morning. Around 10 someone rang my bell and spoke in very fast german and I just said ok and buzzed…
Started by: JPrice · 5.Jan.2014 · Daily life
62 posts, 18:27 yesterday
OnePlus One - available without an invite
I nearly got one last week (but in the end didn't), and registered, and signed up for their newsletter, and since then, in about 5 days, have had two 24 hr. invites. Therefore I would recommend to anyone seeking an invitation, to do the…
Started by: Sean Connery · 27.Oct.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 18:12 yesterday
Deposit return problems in Baden
They probably don't have the bill yet. The "stichtag" is stated in your lease. However, if you are still living in Switzerland you could argue that if they sent you a bill for the final charges, you would pay it. If you signed off…
Started by: chrisuds · 22.Dec.2014 · Housing in general
17 posts, 18:07 yesterday
How to scrap a UK registered car, Fribourg
You seem to be very keen in having life blown into this old wreck :). My own, admittedly limited, experience here of trading in, on two occasions, a perfectly sound, running vehicle, for a newer one and getting almost zero in part…
Started by: MDP · 16.Dec.2014 · Transportation/driving
65 posts, 17:35 yesterday
The "I found a deal/bargain" thread...
I know Beats by Dre may not be to everyone's taste, but if you are into them then this is the best price I've found for the Top of the line Pro model... in Conforama of all places. CHF 299 down from CHF 499 (409 is the cheapest on…
Started by: Richdog · 2.Aug.2013 · Daily life
10 posts, 17:19 yesterday
Low undergrad GPA + 2 master degrees = Phd?
I was a dual biology/chemistry major. I took mostly science courses, couldn't focus and was discovering boys and alcohol. I was immature, and took on more than I could handle. I had a great time. My masters was more focused, I had a…
Started by: giordanobruno · 21.Dec.2014 · Education
4 posts, 17:08 yesterday
Wanted - Pictures of Lake Lucerne SGV Fleet
Started by: Deep Purple · 3.Nov.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
93 posts, 16:43 yesterday
Elite Dangerous (PC Game)
Took me a while to get the whole "navigating to stations" thing, but seem to have it sorted. All I need is a nice easy, regular trade route to get some cash to get a better ship. Not tried any combat missions yet, apart from helping…
Started by: bigblue2 · 31.Jul.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
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