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2 posts, 01:42 today
Convocation to the polizei (Art. 157 und…
Started by: wazabi · 26.Aug.2016 · Other/general
83 posts, 01:17 today
Routine physical examination
Participatory medicine -- now there's a can of worms. Government opposition to it is one of the primary reasons for the ban on advertising prescription pharmaceuticals to the general public in the majority of countries. One notable…
Started by: xingyuewuhua · 23.Aug.2016 · Family matters/health
79 posts, 01:04 today
Is Switzerland a Golden Cage?
That's interesting. I think most people I know well, whether originally Swiss or immigrants, have been living here for years, have learned to understand more or less how the system works, and most importantly have built up a circle of…
Started by: Libellula · 27.Jul.2016 · Daily life
12 posts, 01:03 today
Scheduling move out - conflicts
It is not unusual for a landlord to have multiple inspections on the same day. That's what happens when you have these three specific moving dates during the year. He needs to fit the inspections in, and he needs to find replacements if…
Started by: cshields11 · 25.Aug.2016 · Housing in general
5 posts, 00:36 today
Leaving Zurich - selling
Started by: Nupss · 25.Aug.2016 · Leaving Switzerland
10 posts, 00:24 today
Netball or korfball?? (Zürich)
For anyone interested in korfball in Zürich (this thread is still the the first hit on Google despite it being inactive for years!), you can find some details on Facebook (@korfzuerich, https://www.facebook.com... Send a message…
Started by: ruthhelme · 25.Oct.2008 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
146 posts, 00:00 today
Switzerland only second to Austria in the…
I'm merely urging you to educate yourself about this aspect of Austrian politics that you appear to admire. Look at the history of it. Look into how it became such a large force. Look at the demographics and geography of it. Look in to…
Started by: TobiasM · 24.May.2016 · Swiss politics/news
32 posts, 23:51 yesterday
Laying Gravel
I had bloody crap loads of splitt knocking around (I lifted a load of block paving) hence why i didn't go out and get any more. Everything laid hasn't moved - with the path still looking perfect after 3 years :) The other fun and…
Started by: krlock3 · 25.Aug.2016 · Housing in general
7 posts, 23:46 yesterday
Arbeitszeugnis and bad relationship with…
Yes, exactly, that's what I thought, but I am very spezialised and it's not so easy. Anyway I am on it with the headhunter and I hope to find the new job soon. In the last months I am feeling extremely tired and a little with…
Started by: Jonesy · 25.Aug.2016 · Employment
38 posts, 23:30 yesterday
Lidl amazing supermarket
I'm glad you realise how the major brands work. As I've said before, the company I used to work for made stock for Aldi on the same production line, and using the exact same recipe, as most of the major UK supermarkets. Aldi used to…
Started by: hayleyjay1 · 24.Aug.2016 · Daily life
2 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Wanted: MacBook air
Started by: Jasper · 25.Aug.2016 · Items wanted
16 posts, 23:05 yesterday
Play Football in Lausanne (English football/Soccer…
I've just moved to the Lausanne area and was wondering if there's any football leagues - 5, 7 or 11 a side, in Lausanne or nearby that I could join either on week nights or at the weekend. I don't mind if it's indoor or outdoor, just…
Started by: joshi23 · 30.Apr.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
117 posts, 23:05 yesterday
Is it genuine or a con
I've been offered lots of things by men over my long and boring Swiss lived life. From drugs, to exotic holidays, nice drinks etc. But never have i been approached by a turbaned man in front of the supermarket. Maybe i scare them off. …
Started by: hayleyjay1 · 18.Aug.2016 · Daily life
42 posts, 23:04 yesterday
Opening a daycare
By the way Quattro, all the legal discussion here on this thread sounds very dire. It is, I suppose. We've all been beaten into submission by the heavy handed threats and actions of the US government. What I don't like about it all is it…
Started by: Quatro · 24.Aug.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
8 posts, 23:03 yesterday
Where to buy oil filters in CH
Verbier, These sites are great, however I had some issues with the filters bought at www.autoteile-meile.ch - they were quite dirty on the inside and scratched on the outside. I complained to www.autoteile-meile.ch and they…
Started by: Horatio Gonzales · 19.Aug.2016 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 22:41 yesterday
Salt Mobile World contract
Started by: English Bloke · 25.Aug.2016 · Daily life
22 posts, 22:14 yesterday
What to buy at which supermarkets
What you need Medea, is Bratbutter, like ketchup, but less red, and a lot more buttery. If you hold the bottle at just the right angle you can even atomise a piece of bread without having to dirty a knive. Makes a bit of a mess of the…
Started by: HappyCerberus · 25.Aug.2016 · Food and drink
14 posts, 22:13 yesterday
2 or more cars - 1 license plate - same…
As ASwissInTheUS says, they neither ask, nor care. As long as it is in a private spot, the police also don't mind. The hard part is to remember to swap the plates. Last time I got dinged for that it was north of 500 CHF if I'm not…
Started by: davidzpt · 20.Jan.2015 · Insurance
5 posts, 21:44 yesterday
Any garage spaces to rent in Wollishofen?
Started by: eairicbloodaxe · 25.Aug.2016 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 21:41 yesterday
Trying to open a bank account
I Read the PF terms. They will open for people with a residence outside CH, it just costs 15chf a month fee. There are some hoops to jump through that involve being here in person to sign up, but it is doable. If you need a Swiss…
Started by: CCR · 20.Aug.2016 · Business & entrepreneur
22 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Severe earthquake in central Italy
Massimo Polzotto /43/Rafz.ZH) had his dog wth him on Holidays at his parents when thdo at 3.30 AM jumped onto his bwd and wokim up by licking his facw, he and his parents moved out minutrd before the quake hit accdg to ETH it in case of…
Started by: Sbrinz · 24.Aug.2016 · International affairs/politics
55 posts, 19:00 yesterday
Speeding- Swiss License ( originally UK…
Nothing will happen from the Swiss side. If you pay the fine, than that was it. Done. (As long as you do not intend to speed in the future in Germany). If you want to blame the instructor, you have to do it now. Once you paid the…
Started by: dilip_gem · 20.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
16 posts, 18:22 yesterday
Adopting ex police or military dogs
This came through my feed a day with police type stuff, police dog shows too. https://www.facebook.com... "Die Kantonspolizei St.Gallen präsentiert sich mit unzähligen Abteilungen in Schmerikon. Es erwarten Sie interessante…
Started by: CathHarmony · 4.Dec.2015 · Pet corner
2 posts, 18:01 yesterday
Have you and your pup discovered 'Hoopers'?
Started by: meloncollie · 25.Aug.2016 · Pet corner
20 posts, 17:40 yesterday
Towbar installation in Germany
Recently I had the problem that an inspector noticed that my foot-brake lever was not OEM. Obviously, as the whole foot controls had been replaced in 1988. Fortunately, I still had the paperwork from the manufacturer. So now my…
Started by: maypril · 25.Aug.2016 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 17:33 yesterday
Migros Cumulus or Coop Supercard? Who's…
From the current Migros Cumulus T&C (text bolded by me): That's the Cumulus terms and conditions, different from the Cumulus Mastercard terms and conditions. Migros don't get the data for the use you make of your credit card outside of…
Started by: ghasemi · 25.Aug.2016 · Daily life
10 posts, 16:50 yesterday
Fifa Museum
Personally, I found it very dull and way overpriced. There is hardly anything of real historical interest -- just a few ticket stubs and programmes. Apart from that it's mainly displays of football shirts and the chance to press a few…
Started by: Yasmine#1 · 29.Aug.2009 · Travel/day trips/free time
16 posts, 16:40 yesterday
Best VPN/Proxy/DNS for watching Netflix USA?
I use Smarty DNS for the UK services like IPlayer, ITV Hub etc, but for Netflix US is useless. (UK is working for me as I type). However, they also offer for the same price, VPN for the US and UK, of which the US VPN is still working…
Started by: Mr.Maquiavelo · 8.Jun.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 16:36 yesterday
Time period for amendment of assessed tax…
Started by: Salad Days · 25.Aug.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 16:16 yesterday
Money Transfer within Switzerland
Option 1: Take the money out as cash, then deposit it as cash. No cost. Option 2: Log into your UBS online account, make the transfer. Drink one less beer after work because of how much money you lost for the transfer . Negligible…
Started by: ghasemi · 25.Aug.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
15 posts, 16:16 yesterday
The Swiss wrestling competition...
Ach gwan! Even if they did hear a wrong note, there is only a small chance that all 52,000 of them would immediately think "Must be that damned foreigner.". Having said that, wear your sgian dubh just in case. If things turn ugly…
Started by: McTAVGE · 9.Aug.2016 · Travel/day trips/free time
5 posts, 15:16 yesterday
Taking over a car lease
Started by: chillout · 25.Aug.2016 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 15:02 yesterday
Looking for Fiduciare in Geneva area
Started by: copes · 25.Aug.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 14:55 yesterday
British Car Show This Sunday (28th Aug)…
I'm away this weekend. No kids means I can do that whenever I want :p As I was setting off to Dijon a few months ago we noticed an oil puddle in the garage. We couldn't find the source and it's never been repeated.
Started by: bigblue2 · 23.Aug.2016 · Social events
25 posts, 14:45 yesterday
Am I being charged too much tax?
Nadiusha's situation seems much different from yours - she's employed, has to pay tax at source, and possibly not even allowed to file ordinary tax return. There's not really much you can do in this situation to affect taxes, besides just…
Started by: Salad Days · 14.Aug.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 14:43 yesterday
Getting rid of furniture.
Here you have to pay them to take your furniture...unless they believe they can resell it, of course. But they're quite picky and used, Ikea or other cheap stuff is just not going to cut it. Unfair, I know. If you're not in a…
Started by: greenslavo · 19.Aug.2016 · Daily life
10 posts, 14:42 yesterday
How to dispose the old ironing board ?
Yes, that's exactly what I did with mine - it had gone after two days. As for 'illegal' dumping of rubbish, in Luzern one couldn't move for 'gratis' furniture and other assorted household stuff on the street. That's what I like…
Started by: ktBegemot · 25.Aug.2016 · Other/general
17 posts, 14:06 yesterday
Cablecom Products confusion
more likely than not you did. Most people just don't know, because (as mentioned before) this sneaks into your pocket through the landlord's Nebenkosten. I wonder how many millions a month Cablecom makes through sockets which are paid…
Started by: ChrisNeedsToKnow · 24.Aug.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
37 posts, 14:01 yesterday
Purchased broken fridge
I had something similar recently (on ricardo!) Guy described it as "worked perfectly for me and now it's in the basement" so I asked does it still work and the response was "yes". Went to pick it up, couldn't really test it, compressor…
Started by: genevafridgefrustration · 24.Aug.2016 · Other/general
4 posts, 13:46 yesterday
German Conversation Group for Credit Suisse…
Started by: prof. taratonga · 27.Apr.2011 · Language corner
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