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8 posts, 21:07 today
Borrowing or renting a bassinet or crib
I actually like that idea! I had a PM-chat with a finnish mommy on EF once about their finnish cardboard boxes that they use as a bed for their newborns... But a laundry basket is nice and ventilated! Now where to find a mattress that I…
Started by: Yoshimi · 23.Aug.2012 · Family matters/health
12 posts, 21:04 today
Miltary question
I think the cutoff age is 40-44 and it may depend on how well you speak a Swiss language. That would possibly apply for job opportunities too so think about that before you move. Also research your US tax obligations once you leave the…
Started by: Alejo07 · 30.Jul.2014 · Introductions
27 posts, 21:01 today
Hastings Pier destroyed by fire
Sad and awful indeed. But the fire of the Kapell-Brücke in Luzern revealed serious construction mistakes, common in the 19th Century, both in Britain and in Switzerland The new Kapellbrücke is a much safer place ... and more…
Started by: Deep Purple · 5.Oct.2010 · International affairs/politics
25 posts, 20:55 today
Freaked out by firework
Oh yea! this is something that i miss to be honest and again (apologies now for the not-so-precise title) i was complaining about the firework among pedestrians the firework (the proper & big one) is just magnificent!
Started by: spcheater · 27.Jul.2014 · Complaints corner
22 posts, 20:53 today
Do movers get tipped in Switzerland?
I will talk from my experience as i do also move and transport service . at any case you are not requested to pay any extra money only the agreed amount . All foreign and the Swiss will provide eat, drink ... For the tip , The…
Started by: Village Idiot · 28.Jul.2014 · Housing in general
1 post, 20:48 today
German institutes/courses in Baden
Started by: Aira_Ruwenzor · 30.Jul.2014 · Language corner
28 posts, 20:43 today
Federer gets Switzerlanded...
Wait, I thought he moved from Canton Schwyz to Zürich?!? I am so out of it. I need to see pictures before I pass judgement :). Is 3 m for a playhouse/structure crazy big? I am pretty sure the neighborhood one is bigger than…
Started by: Centrlsmt · 30.Jul.2014 · Daily life
27 posts, 20:40 today
What's a typical day for a mum in Switzerland?
Depends very much where you live- as for everything in Switzerland. Where I live timetables are blocked and every day apart from Wednesday afternoon- with care available for lunch-times, Wednesday pm and before and after school.
Started by: SydneySwiss · 30.Jul.2014 · Daily life
2 posts, 20:36 today
Accounting Advice for Startup Company
Started by: AnnaLuisa · 30.Jul.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
68 posts, 20:32 today
Info helpful for your Job Search - My way…
Even after 4 years, this post still offers so much of helpful information to newbie seekers. Thank you for this great guide. I keep referring to it ... (especially the HR file... amazing approach and research with great examples)
Started by: singabhadur · 11.Jun.2012 · Employment
1 post, 20:24 today
Wanted - Travel Cot
Started by: Chandp · 30.Jul.2014 · Items wanted
88 posts, 19:52 today
Any other avid gamers out there?
- What platform(s) do you use? iOS, PS3, PC - What kinda of game-genres do you like most? Fantasy RPG, Hack and slash - What game-genres can you absolutely not stand? Racing - What games are you currently playing? Skyrim,…
Started by: itendarjuan · 10.Dec.2012 · Daily life
10 posts, 19:44 today
English in Switzerland
Nearly everyone I come into contact with in my commune. My neighbours, the commune secretary, people who run the tea room which has our self service post office, you name it they don't speak English. I know of only 3 people who speak…
Started by: HenrikV · 30.Jul.2014 · Daily life
1 post, 19:41 today
What to bring to the practical test?
Started by: badou · 30.Jul.2014 · Transportation/driving
59 posts, 19:40 today
Shots being fired at the house
They're not "random shots". They are your welcome salute! The custom has died out in most Swiss communes, which is probably why you haven't experienced it before, but it is traditional for the local shooting club to welcome newcomers to…
Started by: Minnxx · 29.Jul.2014 · Daily life
5 posts, 19:35 today
Zip line near Lausanne
Started by: TomBob · 26.Jul.2014 · Travel/day trips/free time
10 posts, 19:19 today
Puzzle frames
For the last puzzle I did which I wanted to hang, I bought some of the fixing puzzle glue at Manor. I gave it three coats so it was good and firm. Then I got a blank mounted canvas sheet from an art shop (the ones you would use to paint a…
Started by: fromsiggenthal · 30.Jul.2014 · Other/general
1 post, 19:18 today
First aid course in English
Started by: Sonal · 30.Jul.2014 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 19:07 today
English Library in Vevey, reduced subscription
Started by: lmerkel · 30.Jul.2014 · Other/general
48 posts, 19:04 today
How much do you budget for traffic fines?
A lower speed limit makes sense in accident or high risk hotspots (such as school zones) or where the layout of the road fits the limit. 30kph on a wide road with good visibility is nothing but harassment and a way to increase revenue…
Started by: jacek · 29.Jul.2014 · Transportation/driving
10 posts, 19:02 today
Basel Annual Tram Pass
Just wanted to give all of you the exciting conclusion to this adventure! The passes arrived in the mail today, which is exactly when they said they would. That was good. From here though, things went a little bit to pieces. The nice…
Started by: twomatot · 24.Jul.2014 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 18:52 today
Reccomendations for German micro brew beers.
Move over you philistines, except for the Rauchbier you lot wouldn´t know good beer if it bit you in the four letters. lager drinkers, the lot of you. Right, off the top of my head and only from home territory (Augsburg) Probably the best…
Started by: grumpygrapefruit · 30.Jul.2014 · Food and drink
6 posts, 18:51 today
Travel with Work a lot - learn German in…
I was in your situation when I first came here so can comment from that perspective and also teach English so can comment from a teacher perspective. I signed up for private lessons as I needed the flexibility to have the lessons when I…
Started by: AnnaLuisa · 30.Jul.2014 · Language corner
2 posts, 18:41 today
Skin woes
Started by: fischerleo · 30.Jul.2014 · Daily life
5 posts, 18:36 today
Is a puppy course worth it, if I do not…
Started by: AnnaLuisa · 30.Jul.2014 · Pet corner
3 posts, 18:25 today
Flying Dogs to UK?
Started by: AnnaLuisa · 30.Jul.2014 · Pet corner
2 posts, 18:24 today
Wanted: LCD monitor (20'' or more), will…
Started by: nilklin · 30.Jul.2014 · Items wanted
3 posts, 18:23 today
Looking for (European) Portuguese teacher…
Started by: Sirichar · 29.Jul.2014 · Language corner
6 posts, 18:12 today
Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed in Basel
Hi all. I just moved to Basel can't seem to find a reliable weed source. I've asked around a lot, but everyone just tells me to go down to the Rhine. In my experience buying in public like that is risky and expensive, so I'd love to find…
Started by: lambsbread · 30.Jul.2014 · Other/general
15 posts, 17:48 today
Any new fav beauty product?
For keeping one's skin moist and gentle, one can forget expensive preparations with fancy names. What one wants is lard: Leave it on the windowsill to let it soften, then apply liberally to dry and flaky body parts. It can also be…
Started by: Wife of a swiss · 29.Jul.2014 · Daily life
32 posts, 17:24 today
Please help : My father's funds are blocked,…
True. There are no hard and fast rules from FINMA. FINMA's AML rules place the onus on the financial institution and their idea of reasonableness - conveniently leaves FINMA blame-free in any scenario.
Started by: blueblay · 30.Jul.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
50 posts, 16:58 today
Real Estate agency denies to rent a flat…
I encountered it several times, both from landlords and from our relo agent. I don't like kids, I don't like small dogs, I only lease to farmers, I only lease to Swiss, I don't like Americans, we pretty much heard it all. no surprise,…
Started by: frankwolfe · 20.Jul.2014 · Complaints corner
15 posts, 16:55 today
Swiss real estate investment opportunities…
Dear Jo Flower, I am the Managing Director of a Swiss company that analyses with an algorithm all the properties (apartements) for sale in Switzerland for investment opportunities. We conduct all the steps to build a return : The search,…
Started by: Jo Flower · 24.Feb.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
4 posts, 16:37 today
South African Braai
Started by: joe-ann · 17.Jul.2014 · Commercial events
11 posts, 15:47 today
TV Repair - capacitor replacement
Our time at school was plagued with such events: Black bin bag - fill it full of gas from the brazing hearth in the metalwork lab and investigate what happens when ignited British Telecom electromagnetic relays - addition of a suitable…
Started by: AnnaLuisa · 30.Jul.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 15:35 today
What happened Saturday in Rhein Center (Weil…
If it was a bomb, then would they let people into the car park for a very slow drive out? I'd imagine they'd want the entire building evacuating. (For people that don't know the Rheincenter, the car park is a multistorey attached to the…
Started by: luisvb · 28.Jul.2014 · Other/general
25 posts, 15:07 today
Anti Bark Collar and other anti bark tips...
Please do not use those collars, even the air or water ones. Yes, they are now legal, much to my chagrin. (To be clear for anyone reading casually, citronella or other chemical collars, as well as electric or acoustic collars remain…
Started by: MaybeeSkint · 30.Jul.2014 · Pet corner
56 posts, 15:05 today
Where to buy a crockpot?
Has anyone else had a problem with Finissimo.ch? I ordered their Crock-pot on july 1st and paid on July 3th. The order hasn't came and they haven't answered 4 e-mails or their help desk line.. I strongly recommend no one orders from…
Started by: Deckhawk · 28.Mar.2008 · Food and drink
3 posts, 14:53 today
Traditional Irish music session
Started by: some_randomer · 27.Jul.2014 · Social events
10 posts, 14:50 today
Engineer 1 year experience in Lugano: salary??
Already tried! It was just to have an idea. I do not care so much about the money, once I can learn and do the job I like. But I am always a bit scared when I have to talk about Switzerland because It's quite hard for me to understand if…
Started by: cireufo · 29.Jul.2014 · Employment
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Zürich - CHF 79.- statt CHF 167.40 für Waschen, Schneiden, Föhnen & Färben oder Tönen - Inkl. 250ml Schwarzkopf-Shampoo & Cut Club-Bonuskarte: Wähle den Salon in deiner Nähe
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