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3 posts, 17:37 today
Horgen - Meilen ferry. Anyone used it for…
Started by: Pachyderm · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
16 posts, 17:37 today
Agency wants to charge me for an ad on Homegate
We already cleaned the apartment - had to do it before the handover. But they haven't released our deposit yet, they said they can't do it before the official end of tenancy (so end of June). Also, I will have to pay for another cleaning…
Started by: Tasha2013 · 17.Apr.2014 · Housing in general
5 posts, 17:36 today
Car dent and scratch repair
Started by: usawinters · 18.Apr.2014 · Other/general
30 posts, 17:35 today
When do the Swiss actually get things done??
The Police certainy did not turn up becuase the farmer was working on a Sunday, farners have the right to work on Sundays in case of need, as determined solely by the farmer ! They can cut grass for hay, claiming it's ready and needs…
Started by: enguete · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
32 posts, 17:24 today
Order Kindle from Amazon.de - costs?
I order a lot with them too, but it's the first time I got charged in advance for the import taxes. I sent an email to DHL because they are obviously on holidays today. I will follow up with them on Tuesday and let you know.
Started by: enguete · 10.Apr.2014 · TV/internet/telephone
2 posts, 17:24 today
Repair Window Shutters
Started by: usawinters · 18.Apr.2014 · Other/general
23 posts, 17:23 today
Congratulations Grumpy Grapefruit!…
At long last, Mr Grapefruit receives much-coveted and long overdue recognition from the best. Yes, after brief coverage in regional and therefore insignificant tabloids such as the Tagesanzeiger and the NZZ, he finally reaps the topmost…
Started by: olygirl · 18.Apr.2014 · Swiss politics/news
8 posts, 17:22 today
Car service in Zug
This is a spot I use to go to a number of years back not quite in Zug but not far away. The were decent folks back then and very Italian :) I have had a number of bad cars in my time and keeping it topped up with oil can help but…
Started by: M4rcius · 16.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 17:14 today
Bank accounts and loans for Diplomats
Started by: al3jeel · 18.Apr.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
23 posts, 16:54 today
Traveling to Switzerland with a lot of CHF…
To get an idea of asking prices for outdated Swiss currency and coins, you might wish to review ricardo.ch, a Swiss Ebay-like website. Here's the Ricardo link for commemorative Swiss coins, Sfr 10 to 20:
Started by: coinscoinscoins · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
5 posts, 16:52 today
How to find a part-time job ?
Started by: Sherry_nj · 18.Apr.2014 · Employment
98 posts, 16:50 today
The Angel's share - watching the film now (Ken Loach) :p due to bad weather Brilliant film btw but had forgotten how difficult Glaswegian is to understand:eek: and not just for us furiners- OH is a Brit and he can't understand either...
Started by: taveau · 19.May.2013 · Daily life
9 posts, 16:48 today
Working as a Doctor in Switzerland
Not sure about the legal side, but as a patient I'd rather my doctor had C1 level. Make sure you find someone with medical knowledge to top up your course, as medical communication is quite different, as you are well aware, to business or…
Started by: amie · 15.Apr.2014 · Employment
21 posts, 16:17 today
Where to buy Canvas
I am an (abstract) painter, and the cheapest, good-quality pre-stretched canvases I have ever found here in CH is at the Zumstein art supplies store. They have a great selection of sizes, and they offer really cheap delivery.
Started by: chedda · 17.Aug.2009 · Other/general
113 posts, 16:12 today
The US is an oligarchy
racist, maybe. ethnocentric, definitely... If it's not the system, do you think Switzerland would fare well with a return to jungle law? Total anarchy? Imagine the Swiss happily sharing the laundry facilities without some sort of…
Started by: Loz1983 · 17.Apr.2014 · International affairs/politics
37 posts, 16:12 today
Shopping on Good Friday
I think most gas stations are open today. e.g. The Migrolinos here is open (that sells milk and other groceries). The only day they close is Christmas day. They don't sell hiking boots though. :p Not yet.
Started by: jotha · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
42 posts, 15:53 today
Painful and achy feet!
I got mine in Mannheim from this small shop Mokross Norbert Orthopädie Schuhtechnik Schwetzinger str 25 68165 Mannheim Just google Orthopädie Schuhtechnik or Orthopädischer Schuhmacher as key words you will find alot of…
Started by: Susan57 · 13.Apr.2014 · Family matters/health
26 posts, 15:52 today
Audi A3 repair cost
Thanks everybody for the answers! Yeah, looks like 3000CHF is quite reasonable. We'll get ready for this. As about the insurance, it may depend on a canton but it's definitely not mandatory in AG and unfortunately isn't included in our…
Started by: Lida · 17.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
86 posts, 15:49 today
The Pet Boarding Thread - Recommendations…
DOG BOARDING NEEDED EASTER WEEKEND (!) ZURICH-WOLLISHOFEN My dog care arrangements have just fallen through at the last minute. I am a mature student in Zurich, staying in a motorhome by the lake at Wollishofen with Flapjack my (very…
Started by: edot · 7.Sep.2010 · Pet corner
1 post, 15:47 today
Bottle warmer
Started by: is1107 · 18.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
3 posts, 15:44 today
Agronomist curriculum and cover letter:…
Started by: ngiulin83 · 18.Apr.2014 · Language corner
15 posts, 15:35 today
I've just been Switzerlanded by Swiss
buy tickets in EU :) Regulation 1008/2008/EC on air services in the Community requires that the published price for the service shall include the fare and all applicable taxes, charges, surcharges and fees which are unavoidable and …
Started by: cricketer · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
13 posts, 15:02 today
Weekend football in Zurich
With the weather getting better would be nice to get out and play a bit of football at the weekends, is anyone interested in playing a steady pickup game every saturday or sunday? If we can get 10ish to start should probably be enough?
Started by: mh77 · 3.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
5 posts, 15:01 today
German/French driving license while living…
Started by: nivor · 17.Apr.2014 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 14:59 today
Transferring money back to the UK
You should use a money transfer/currency exchange service. I'm not sure which has the very best rates but they're all better than what you'll get from your bank and the difference can really mount up. You can set it up once and they'll…
Started by: keenog · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
14 posts, 14:54 today
UK really? You can get it in Germany for a lot less than in CH and enjoy the following advantages: - get tax back (you can probably get it back from the UK as well but it's more hassle) - usually get some deal (e.g. free first service,…
Started by: Pixie B · 26.Mar.2014 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 14:35 today
Life is good...yet another exceptional Swiss…
Started by: Ttamasle · 18.Apr.2014 · Food and drink
1 post, 14:20 today
Post Finance
Started by: evianers · 18.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
11 posts, 14:10 today
Notice period consequences not explained…
Thank you all for your replies! Notice period has not been considered and given in our case, both parties agreed to that. The baby is supossed to start on April 30th and using the 3 months we seem to have to pay anyway could certainly…
Started by: uromastic · 17.Apr.2014 · Other/general
32 posts, 14:02 today
Boci (yound loving dog looking for a home)
Boci has a star. Loulabelle's family came to meet him today and they really look like the _perfect_ family for him. He will be very lucky if things work out. NO DOUBT. On tuesday the person in charge will go to visit their home and see…
Started by: fkdstm · 24.Mar.2014 · Pet corner
2 posts, 13:55 today
Acupuncturist in ZH
Started by: wingchun · 18.Apr.2014 · Family matters/health
1 post, 13:08 today
Tageskarte wanted for 19/20
Started by: Zurich2009 · 18.Apr.2014 · Items wanted
5 posts, 12:42 today
All-night drinks
Started by: user-name · 3.Apr.2014 · Entertainment & dining
5 posts, 12:10 today
Epalinges - Housing crisis there too? Above…
Started by: Lausanne345 · 18.Apr.2014 · Daily life
37 posts, 12:07 today
Customer Service & Professionalism
At the kiosk at the railway station near where I work is possibly the least competent shop assistant I've ever encountered. Just one example (out of many): She's on the phone as I approach the counter. She gesticulates angrily, but…
Started by: backtoch · 14.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
1 post, 11:49 today
Not much has changed since the 1500s, Dogs…
Started by: CathHarmony · 18.Apr.2014 · Pet corner
1 post, 11:44 today
Wing Chun Chi Sao meet-up
Started by: wingchun · 18.Apr.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
7 posts, 11:40 today
Hey guys, I'd be interested too. Haven't been surfing in years, and also sold all my gear before moving to Switzerland. I'm a bit hesitant just buying everything again right away (also a bit of $ question ;-)). Does anyone of you know…
Started by: FrancescoP · 28.Mar.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
9 posts, 11:27 today
Restaurants in Horgen??
We lived in Horgen and, yes, it's a bit on the spare side in terms of decent places to eat out. L'O is overpriced and not worth the bother unless it's summertime and you want to sit out on the patio next to the lake. Avoid that Thai place…
Started by: sambc · 18.Sep.2008 · Entertainment & dining
15 posts, 11:07 today
PayPal hacked, police?
People are right when they tell you that the police will not be terribly interested in your single experience, but they will still added to the system. If enough people do this, the number of complaints will grow to a level that it…
Started by: Tantawi · 17.Apr.2014 · Complaints corner
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