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8 posts, 01:52 today
How many trips in one ticket?
You are right to be concerned, since it can differ from fare network to fare network! TransN, the pulbic transport of Neuchâtel is part of the integrated fare network Onde Verte. And a ticket for 1-2 zones is valid for 60 minutes and un…
Started by: ihtxam · 7.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 00:54 today
Anyone heard of Bupa Insurance?
Started by: ihtxam · 26.Nov.2014 · Insurance
60 posts, 00:19 today
Living somewhere high in the mountains
Brother my question is, how have you come to know of these levels? Because look, I know not of goals to reach but simply of the things that are allowing or not allowing my transition in to the next discovery.. I was travelling and knew…
Started by: Chocochino · 24.Nov.2014 · Housing in general
8 posts, 00:19 today
Feeling of living in France vs Switzerland
Thanks to everyone that answered. When I talk about feeling safe I refer more to the sensation of having your rights constantly eroded and having law and administration used against you in a very dishonest way. I find the system to…
Started by: Teotonio · 25.Nov.2014 · Daily life
14 posts, 00:12 today
I was almost hit on bus today
Could you describe in more details style of the kick e.g. unprofessional amateur wannabe versus drunken karate wrongly placed kick nearby you. Just do it please in detail the way you were describing the race of person performing it :D
Started by: Indianguy · 25.Nov.2014 · Daily life
6 posts, 00:09 today
Christmas Tree and Decor
Hi I can offer you lots of X-Mas decor. Unfortunately these items are at my parents' place. I can take pictures when I go there, IF you are interested!? Please, can you send me a quick reminder end of October/ beginning of…
Started by: harrypotterfan · 19.Oct.2014 · Items wanted
1 post, 00:05 today
Autism and English speaking speech therapist
Started by: Alison_K · 26.Nov.2014 · Family matters/health
18 posts, 00:05 today
Speed/ Traffic Offence - Should I pay??
Since Jan 1st this year the holder of a car can be held liable for any fines caused by the car if the driver can't be gotten hold of. Doesn't matter who the actual driver was. I wonder if the car rental company will be held liable if you…
Started by: threelions30 · 25.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
107 posts, 23:43 yesterday
We are opening a restaurant in Zurich! Any…
Not frequently, I have experienced that only in a handful of places around the world. And they get my repeat business - because their food is amazing, and their attitude even better. Actually, one of those pearls is in Zurich: Dapur…
Started by: wizwozz · 22.Nov.2014 · Entertainment & dining
15 posts, 23:29 yesterday
We consider changing our car
Seat Alhambra. Top-spec'ed units with 4x4 sell at around 40k. I'd get a warranty-extension, as the output-quality from that factory in Portugal (where both VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra are built) seems to vary a bit. I think the Q7…
Started by: rikkezp · 25.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Deductible 2500CHF, what benefit i would get?
Started by: ihtxam · 25.Nov.2014 · Insurance
4 posts, 23:08 yesterday
Frontalier Healthcare - should we keep all…
Started by: MaybeeSkint · 24.Nov.2014 · Insurance
1 post, 23:08 yesterday
Newbie question
Started by: Strunty · 25.Nov.2014 · Insurance
2 posts, 23:04 yesterday
Where can i buy CHOPFAB on draught in zurich?
Started by: Geminder · 25.Nov.2014 · Food and drink
3 posts, 22:52 yesterday
Kolping canceling supplementary insurance…
Started by: kkooccuurr · 25.Nov.2014 · Insurance
11 posts, 22:48 yesterday
Recommendations for beginner ski schools/regions…
Thanks for the very useful replies. I checked the ÖBB website later and found that one could actually reach Sölden on public transport (with some changes). Changing trains/buses is not a problem as long as there's some transport operating…
Started by: bip · 22.Nov.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
13 posts, 22:45 yesterday
Wanted: Baby stroller/pram in Neuchatel
Here are the photos. I forgot to mention also it has a good size shopping basket which is very handy and all the accessories come in their original packaging!! Let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Tina.
Started by: ihtxam · 21.Nov.2014 · Items wanted
11 posts, 22:41 yesterday
Need some information
This might sound really silly/flippant, but it helped me when I was very new here. Use Google Translate. Make a list of the foods and products you most commonly want to purchase, including pantry staples like flour. Also any items you…
Started by: Sheetal · 25.Nov.2014 · Food and drink
5 posts, 22:33 yesterday
Electric heater
Started by: Soheilesm · 25.Nov.2014 · Housing in general
5 posts, 22:23 yesterday
Any freelancers out there?
Started by: Karl · 23.Nov.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 22:22 yesterday
Student Parties in the Zurich/Zug area?
Started by: partly · 25.Nov.2014 · Entertainment & dining
6 posts, 22:18 yesterday
Moving to Vancouver
That I can't answer. There must be people who do work remotely for Swiss companies, but I've no idea how they do it or whether they need some sort of permit to do so here. Maybe ask your HR or the cantonal migration office to see what…
Started by: Yooji · 25.Nov.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
4 posts, 22:15 yesterday
Looking for Porsche Boxter / SLK
Started by: nomad66 · 25.Nov.2014 · Transportation/driving
150 posts, 22:05 yesterday
Swiss only average in English
being somewhat new to learning German, Swiss German sounds like a completely different language to me. I accept that I need to learn the local dialect, but it is not something that's taught in classes as a written language as far as I'm…
Started by: Cheese&ChocolateGuy · 12.Nov.2014 · Swiss politics/news
7 posts, 22:05 yesterday
Looking for a physio in Zurich
Hi, I have done the same thing, screwed up my hamstring and just made my first physio appointment today. Cant make a recommendation as I haven't seen anybody yet but had to call a couple of places as first appointments were in mid…
Started by: Moschops · 19.Aug.2013 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
19 posts, 21:59 yesterday
Family skiing advice!
When my kids were in that range, we spent our Winter Sports weeks in Ovronnaz in Valais: It has great runs, but best of all, it does not get crowded. It is high above the Valais, across the valley from Verbier. It also has a natural…
Started by: zurich99 · 24.Nov.2014 · Daily life
44 posts, 21:36 yesterday
My Fork Your Swiss German Mouth
Just to throw it out there... A lot of my friends on FB are talking in Swiss German each day, and clearly there is no translation for this. However, wtf does this mean... bittegärngschehhasmegagä... ? This is what I am dealing to…
Started by: Confloozed · 24.Nov.2014 · Language corner
21 posts, 21:25 yesterday
Exceeded 12 month limit for exchanging UK…
believe this varies by cantons - i.e. how the canton interprets the federal law (unless the rules have changed recently, which then please correct me). in ZH, the rule is quite relaxed where I was told by the people at…
Started by: BEFO · 18.Aug.2014 · Transportation/driving
10 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Business type for a developement start-up
I don't know the French/Italian names for the offices, but the one in Zürich is super helpful with all aspects of setting up an enterprise, and with courses if you need it. The lady who is my contact actually went over all my stuff…
Started by: wayofliberation · 25.Nov.2014 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 21:12 yesterday
Microwave Wanted in oerlikon
Started by: Tendlya · 25.Nov.2014 · Items wanted
106 posts, 21:06 yesterday
Testing a Car (MFK)
By now you probably have been to the test. Anyway I hope you did. They are very good in testing brakes, suspension, etc and the light coming on does not say that the pads are failing. So their machines will test the brakes and give you…
Started by: Richard · 14.Dec.2005 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 20:46 yesterday
Shirt printing?
Started by: josquius · 24.Nov.2014 · Other/general
7 posts, 20:42 yesterday
Move from Lausanne to California - Help!
We are planning a move from Lausanne, Switzerland to California. We will be taking only a few pieces of furniture and odd shaped objects (2 bikes, 2 sets of x-country skies) and the rest will be boxes. We have estimated everything at about…
Started by: petitabricot · 24.Nov.2014 · Leaving Switzerland
1 post, 20:39 yesterday
GoPro Hero2 [Aargau]
Started by: fkdstm · 25.Nov.2014 · Items wanted
6 posts, 20:29 yesterday
New to Vevey & Switzerland
Hi Anna Still like to meet up for a drink... I read that you were living in Berkshire, Hampshire and London for 14years. A bit before your time, but I lived in London for a few years then moved to Ascot, Wokingham & Bracknell for a…
Started by: Johnn · 20.Nov.2014 · Introductions
94 posts, 20:18 yesterday
Average cost of giving birth in Switz or…
Many people told me I should insure my son before he was born, in case of complications, however since we only ever intended to get basic insurance this was not an issue for us, as this must always be granted. I didn't realise at first…
Started by: Niamhie · 11.Jul.2012 · Family matters/health
14 posts, 20:12 yesterday
Anyone looking for the more unusual pets?
Yes, black cats can suffer from the same problems as highlighted by the Cat Chat website in the UK. Most of my cats have been black and white ones. Had two sisters and then a sister/brother combo, but he was white with black instead…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 12.Nov.2014 · Pet corner
1 post, 20:06 yesterday
Yet another one (in Basel)
Started by: Strunty · 25.Nov.2014 · Introductions
20 posts, 19:44 yesterday
Just a little rant for the day.
Seeing as you have scored a job for the winter, I suggest concentrating on getting the Goethe Certificate of Deutsch (B1 level) or the easier Telc A2 certificate in your spare time. In fact I'd do the A2 as a warm-up in preparation for the…
Started by: Mischka · 23.Nov.2014 · Complaints corner
5 posts, 19:19 yesterday
Brand new user
Started by: wayofliberation · 25.Nov.2014 · Introductions
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