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  1. Wierd Avatar Pop-ups?
  2. Thread Closing not Transparent
  3. stars color ...
  4. You have selected 1 post that is not part of this thread. Quote this post as well, or
  5. Complaint about account deletion policy
  6. How to like a post
  7. The Sun is white, not yellow!
  8. Duplicate Trolls
  9. Not getting thread notifications by email
  10. Why is Mod Ace1 allowed to change thread titles at whim?
  11. Private Messaging
  12. Pictures which are sideways
  13. Posters on ignore ....
  14. Changes of user names...
  15. Getting banned for groaning to a mod post
  16. Rugby social thread deleted??
  17. Odd rep giving
  18. Attachment button, now you see it now you don't?
  19. EF "Compliment corner"?
  20. adverts - taboola
  21. EF game arcade
  22. My Forum record has been erased
  23. Games
  24. Suggestion for the Marketplace sections of the Forum
  25. Another advert twist by the local.
  26. Where did the New Year Cologne thread disappear to?
  27. Posts deleted without reason
  28. UI issues...
  29. Forum Upgrade to vBulletin 5?
  30. Profile picture
  31. Post Counts
  32. Can't quote or edit
  33. Username of defunct user
  34. Anonymous button
  35. Can I change view options to see "posts updated since your last visit"?
  36. foreign accents in posts and edit..
  37. Kids activity - where to post?
  38. I want to repost an item I put for sale before, what is the best way?
  39. Email received: Win a year of shopping at Debenhams!
  40. Market Place
  41. More Fields Possible in Profile?
  42. f**k
  43. Should the 'Amicus' thread be a sticky?
  44. Uploading a video from PC onto EF
  45. Newbie Safe Zone\Attack-Free Thread
  46. Selling excelllent stuff for someone else
  47. unrelaxed behaviour
  48. Where the grass is greener
  49. Yet another "hostility on EF" thread
  50. Warning / More EF Advertising Crap
  51. Why are mods deleting posts?
  52. Posting thread?
  53. Something funny happened on the way to the browser
  54. Is there a way to automatically change a linked url?
  55. Porsch1909
  56. Minor Gripe
  57. Why was "Arab gang assaults in Germany" closed?
  58. online but logged out?
  59. What the #@*$? Now what is The Local up to? [Inline Advertising in All Threads]
  60. Looking for a job in Switzerland announcement?
  61. Planning an Event in 2016
  62. Why is my avatar not showing?
  63. Unsubscribing from English Forum
  64. YouTube videos not loading correctly
  65. st2lemans banned
  66. How to find moderator to edit post?
  67. Rep Status Titles
  68. Editing Old Posts
  69. Its oh so quiet, shhh
  70. Avatar picture
  71. please delete my thread
  72. Why was the coffee rambler deleted?
  73. Private messages: a warning
  74. Flash Chat...Waaaadup?
  75. Image sizes
  76. Missing Forum info at top of pages
  77. Complaints of bullying on marketplace posts.
  78. What happened to the CH VPN thread?
  79. Change Username
  80. English Forum webpages shake
  81. Caught out by Post Count
  82. Mentioning an employment opportunity
  83. Greenback tax services question
  84. Deleting account
  85. Navigating the English forum [Refining searches by City]
  86. Job Search question
  87. How to check for older rep than current page?
  88. Fake accounts warning
  89. This looks odd: Massive number of views
  90. Unwanted redirects to "Spritted" game website (an EF/AdSense ad bug)
  91. Deals
  92. Tapatalk EF logo not showing
  93. What's up with the fonts?
  94. Just another day on EF
  95. Banned user still posting?
  96. Merging posts...
  97. Social Event- URL is wrong
  98. Workaround for preview/edit/quote post problems
  99. Request for addition to Marketplace rules
  100. How to remove rep?
  101. Unable to post in the Events Forum
  102. Strike thru characters in posts - How to?
  103. New Zurich advertisement
  104. Home page stuck in time!
  105. 'Discussion forum overview' stuck
  106. Happy 10th birthday, EF!
  107. Technical error in registration
  108. Leniency from Forum "Search" Police
  109. The next time you're thinking of posting a link to Wikipedia...
  110. Report Post triangle
  111. Anyone have preview/edit/quote post problems?
  112. Malware report when visiting EF
  113. EF gone crazy?
  114. Notifications after Subscribing to a Forum?
  115. Unread private message
  116. Pop-up ads all over EF (even when logged in!)
  117. Forum rules
  118. Funny message screen this morning
  119. Whoops, forum fail!!
  120. What happened to the "study-linking-vaccine-autism-fraud" thread?
  121. Popup upon accessing EF asking questions - why?
  122. looks like i have 1 unread message
  123. job bulletin of English forum Switzerland
  124. Banana hangers and fake dog poo
  125. How to get email notification for Social group posts
  126. Uploading an Avatar picture
  127. How to insert pictures ?
  128. Forum clock one hour fast
  129. Iphone App for English forum
  130. Is the EF falling victim to Trolls?
  131. Don't know where else to ask this...
  132. How does one get from red to green?
  133. Forum Search - Change default
  134. The "thanks" button is a puppy
  135. skip straight to new / unread posts within a thread
  136. Quote notification?
  137. English Forum Discussion on the Web
  138. Unable to post a thread in the 'Social Events' section
  139. Posting as a non-profit organization
  140. Link to Members
  141. Events Calendar Glitch
  142. A strange e-mail...
  143. How to block a ef member from contacting me
  144. Some threads sink fast, others float, what are the deciding factors please?
  145. How do I delete an old thread of mine?
  146. Question about adverts in Education section
  147. Referrals in user stats?!
  148. Swap Forum
  149. You banned my husband's account saying it was duplicate of mine
  150. EF home page broken?
  151. What happens to zapped threads?
  152. Advertisements
  153. Newbie question
  154. Gender of the people on this forum
  155. darker forum theme?
  156. Attaching multiple photos from camera roll on iPad
  157. Israel/Palestine thread deleted...
  158. Forum says I have a PM, nothing in Inbox
  159. Free meal from EF mods?
  160. posting on marketplace bulletin message
  161. Trying to Update my Post
  162. New post search
  163. Windows 8.1, IE 11, englishforum.ch site issue
  164. When can I edit a post?
  165. Ca.html
  166. New section for book barter?
  167. FAQ : How to Attach Images or Files to a Post
  168. How do I post pictures to a thread I just posted?
  169. Increasing data density
  170. How to post an ad on 'Jobs Wanted'
  171. Malware on "how are you feeling today?" thread
  172. New to EF - Rules
  173. Deleting account, posts and threads
  174. thanks and reps missing?
  175. Moving from Social Events to Commercial Events - please clarify
  176. Marketplace - Post Count
  177. General Off-topic - Thanks
  178. Has the Mod the right to closed a thread
  179. Looking for a Forum member?
  180. Posting pictures from the net
  181. Linking to Auction Sites [Split from Items For Sale Ad]
  182. Change your own thread titles
  183. Stop notifications?
  184. Thanks no longer working from Tapatalk
  185. Username Change request
  186. help sending PMs
  187. Who are the moderators?
  188. Where is the Love???
  189. URL Shortners
  190. Sponsor videos appearing on EF
  191. Requesting permission to use EF data for a student research paper
  192. nappy
  193. A new proposal for the forum
  194. Otbc
  195. A Word
  196. How do I insert a link?
  197. Red blobs as a revenge?
  198. Thanking posts?
  199. Different number of total posts
  200. Questions for commercial advertising
  201. Are "for Sale" ads closed automatically after a certain period of time?
  202. Removing an ad
  203. User Banning [Split from "Company credit cards"]
  204. Travel/Day Trips/Free Time Threads
  205. This video is currently unavailable
  206. Medical Threads
  207. Problem with event posting
  208. Is this spam?
  209. Price Check sub-section for the Marketplace?
  210. change the subject
  211. Porn spam on EF?
  212. Verdana font - not a choice?
  213. stars qualifications
  214. Thank goodness for Adblock
  215. Silly rule
  216. Dating the locals?
  217. Censorship on English Forum
  218. Event categories
  219. Stars ⭐️
  220. Adding Computer to TV/internet/telephone/ forum name?
  221. Slow day - snow on the lines.
  222. Formula for Thanks+Rep required. Please Help.
  223. Adverts in Housing in General?
  224. And the vegan flood begins again...
  225. Can't post at marketplatz
  226. useless comments on post
  227. Cannot edit a post from a few days ago
  228. change username
  229. Lack of detail in User Profiles?
  230. What actually happens when a post is reported?
  231. thanking a post
  232. IP ban - halp!
  233. Reporting Posts
  234. Sandgrounder permanently banned?
  235. Forum Nemesis
  236. Notifications not working on Tapatalk 4 on Android
  237. Why am I so cynical?
  238. How safe is our version of vBulletin?
  239. Help! Request to remove post!
  240. Almost identical user name.
  241. why is my thread not appeared in the cover page of new post sometimes?
  242. Can't open any threads
  243. Why is the "duplicate threads" forum so empty?
  244. New post
  245. Is it me or EF? [EF "Reported as Unsafe"]
  246. "The Local"-a virus hosted by EF?
  247. "Post deleted"
  248. I am legend
  249. Time to change the forum rules/structure?
  250. How to advertise nanny services