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  1. Trilingual translator & language teacher
  2. English speaker M.A. looking for work in policy/international relations/communication
  3. house-sitting over Christmas
  4. Carpenter / General Builder / Handyman / Labourer / Gardener - Ticino
  5. Dog walker
  6. Experienced Ph.D. native-English Tutor/Reviewer (Science, English)
  7. Warm Irish Nanny Available
  8. Holiday pet sitting
  9. Chauffeur - personal driver/assistant/security
  10. Nanny looking for a job
  11. Career / Life Coach offering free introductory sessions
  12. Spanish Native Teacher offers conversation lessons
  13. Bilingual tutor available for homework and babysitting near Uster
  14. English Teacher in Lausanne
  15. Experienced British Tutor (Maths, Science, English)
  16. Luzern - 16 year old Granddaughter looking for jobs
  17. Searching for a job or volunteering in art/cultural institutions
  18. Need help with French?
  19. SRK pflegehilfe(healthcare giver)-Basel City
  20. - House cleaning service
  21. Cleaning/babysitting/pets care/assistant
  22. Qualified and Experienced English Teacher- Aarau
  23. Aerial Video (Drone Video) in Vaud Area
  24. Baby Sitter Available Oberageri Zug
  25. Real estate broker
  26. English Tutor Seeking a few more students Baden-Zurich+ (children or adults)
  27. Internship, Admin/HR/Project Management/Sales Post
  28. Babysitter/Music Teacher/Greek Chef
  29. Student Job
  30. Professional English teacher in Zurich
  31. Helping Hand..
  32. Offering household help close to Zurich
  33. Ironing and Repairing clothing
  34. Experienced Babysitter Zurich
  35. looking for....
  36. Private Chauffeur - Administration support for UHNWI Individual
  37. Labour or one off jobs around Luzern
  38. babysitter Bern/Fribourg/Lausanne and surroundings
  39. private drawing lessons
  40. Elektroniker EFZ/CFC Looking for work
  41. Experienced British Nanny Available
  42. Quality / Mechanical Engineer Zurich
  43. Looking for a summer job Bern / Zug (16 years old)
  44. Babysitter in Zurich area
  45. Graphyc Design and advertising
  46. Looking for a job in Controlling - Finance
  47. Excellent part time nanny
  48. Cheap Childcare Lausanne
  49. Cleaner Lausanne
  50. Looking for full time, live-out nanny position; Basel, Zürich
  51. Graphic Design (CV, Website...) / Translations / Proofreading
  52. Looking for a part time job in web development
  53. Student Job
  54. Nanny / Infant carer - Lausanne area
  55. Basel - Personal Assistant, Admin or other office job
  56. Maths Tutor
  57. Looking for a full-time NANNY or HOUSEKEEPING job in Zurich or Aargau cantons
  58. Caretaker/Companion for elderly
  59. Weekend work
  60. adm office assistant EN, childminding, light gardening, Relaxation Sessions
  61. Zürich cleaning lady
  62. Childcare / Nanny /Entertainer/ Photographer / Fitness Trainer
  63. Banking job for chinese girl
  64. English lessons and babysitting
  65. Daily life and language teacher in Bern
  66. Nanny + tutoring in a package
  67. Senior Linux (Admin|DevOps)
  68. Do you need a babysitter for New Year’s Eve? (Zürich)
  69. Private English Teacher
  70. Highly recommended cleaning lady, Lausanne area
  71. Music lover - Zürich City
  72. Baby sitter
  73. Freelance Graphic Designer, PRO-BONO
  74. Looking for a job as hairstylist
  75. Cleaning Help in Zug or Luzern
  76. does anybody know of jobs for house sitting in lugano?
  77. Chemistry Tutor
  78. Cleaning Lady for your apartments in Zurich area.
  79. part time nanny in ZH area
  80. Looking for part time work. Babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting, cleaning etc ..
  81. Cleaning Lady for your flat!
  82. Job in Image processing and Machine learning areas
  83. Teacher, Tutor, Babysitter Available - Zurich
  84. Looking for anyjob please like cleaning or anything.!!!!
  85. Wanted - ERP role
  86. Experienced nurse looking for childcare, cleaning, dog walking, nursing work-Lausanne
  87. Music Teach-Voice and Piano
  88. Wanted _ Babysitting, childminding, dog walking, cleaning jobs . Horgen area
  89. Wanted - Bar, restaurant or kitchen work wanted in Zürich region
  90. Opportunity for a Civil Engineer with working experience in Switzerland?
  91. After School Child Care Blonay/St. Légier
  92. All rounder,electrician,handyman,moving help in Zurich region.
  93. Looking for part time work lugano
  94. Cleaning job/s wanted
  95. Dog Walker Basel
  96. Available Dog walker in Geneva
  97. Experienced babysitter with references in Zürich
  98. Qualified mechanical fitter/technician looking for a job
  99. Private Tutor for university students (ETH Zurich)
  100. Registered Nurse/Art Teacher Looking for Work
  101. Professional, certified English teacher offering private classes in Zurich and Baden!
  102. B permit holder seeking employment in the wine business in Zurich!
  103. Looking for a job with BA in Business Adm. degree
  104. Experienced Baby Sitter in Fribourg or Bern Available
  105. Looking for nanny/house keeping job
  106. English Teacher (qualified with a CELTA certificate) looking for students!
  107. [ZH] Where to find simple jobs (cleaining / baby sitting / pet sitting)
  108. Experienced British Nanny Available
  109. CELTA Qualified English Teacher
  110. One-offs and small jobs: 17y/o in Winti / Züri area
  111. Looking for a cleaning job
  112. Test analyst-Looking for a job in around Zurich
  113. Hungarian nanny & housekeeper (Basel)
  114. Any job?
  115. I'm looking for a job in kanton Zürich
  116. 23 year old female looking for work (Lausanne)
  117. New Nanny in Town from July 2015 in Fribourg or Zürich
  118. IT Technician & Audio Engineer Post & Live
  119. Music & Events professional in Zurich from August
  120. New nanny in town from August! ZH
  121. 18yo girl looking for part time/holiday work
  122. Native English Speaking Nanny full time for June
  123. Football / Soccer Coaching Offered (Wiedikon)
  124. cleaner Therwil Baselland
  125. experienced nanny looking for a nice family
  126. baby sitting [ZH area]
  127. Treasury professional looking for opportunities [Horgen]
  128. Offering Private English lessons in Lausanne
  129. babysitter available basel and basel land
  130. Teaching and coaching Deutsch & Schwiizertüütsch
  131. Nanny with experience ZH/SZ area
  132. Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse developer looking for work
  133. Babysitter in Basel
  134. Technical and financial mathematics tuition
  135. Looking for IT position in Zürich
  136. I need a job to kill time. 25 per hr maybe? Bern area. HELP!!!
  137. Happy to offer help in Bern area
  138. Drama and English Teacher looking for work [ZH area]
  139. Is there any job for MSc. in image processing, machine learning, data scientist?!
  140. Nanny / Babysitter / Dog sitter near Basel or Zurich
  141. Kitchenhelper looking for a Job [Luzern]
  142. Mary Poppins in Zurich
  143. Laborantin/QA Analyst/Lab Technician [Bern area]
  144. Professional IT support and Linux training (Geneva and beyond)
  145. Seeking for internship (currently location: Lausanne)
  146. Looking for part time work [Thalwil]
  147. Experienced, degree qualified nanny looking for new position from July. [Basel]
  148. Italian 18yo looking for a job as babysitter- July 2015 [Bern area]
  149. Architects & Draftsman / Bauzeichner (Zurich area)
  150. Looking for any job during weekends (Canton Zug)
  151. Available for part-time Bookkeeping/ admin/ finance [ZH]
  152. Advice regarding job for a non german speaking person
  153. looking for job
  154. Experienced UK Nanny/Housekeeper Available - Zürich
  155. Housekeeper/Nanny/Babysitter Job Needed
  156. Experienced nanny/housekeeper/helper in Basel.
  157. Looking for babysitter/au pair/pet sitter/housekeeping [ZH area]
  158. Evening/weekend babysitter in Birmensdorf/Zürich area
  159. Nanny/Babysitter/available as of March in Zurich area
  160. IT help, dog walking, baby sitting, etc [Thalwil]
  161. Two young men keen to work / gain experience!
  162. Handyman in Zug area (ZG, ZH, LU)
  163. Native English-Speaking Nanny/tutor [Bern but will travel]
  164. MIT grad Maths and Science Tutoring
  165. Babysitting/dog sitting offered [ZH area]
  166. Babysitter/nanny in Zug
  167. Housekeeping/ Cleaning [Siebnen]
  168. Housesitting wanted anywhere in Europe
  169. Nanny in Basel area
  170. Excel Spreadsheet Training [Zug-Zurich-Luzern]
  171. Math and Physics Tutor for IB [Zurich]
  172. Seeking part-time job [Zug-Luzern-Zurich]
  173. Cleaner Available – Fribourg, available weekly and for final cleans.
  174. Vocalist look for band [Zurich]
  175. Summer childcare available Vevey / Lausanne area but all CH considered.
  176. Nanny available - Basel
  177. Skilled handyman with an MPV. Basel area.
  178. Seeking an Internal Recruitment Role in Switzerland
  179. Christmass decoration for apartment and houses
  180. Do you need a website?
  181. part time nanny available [ZH area]
  182. Baby-sitter/nanny [Zürich]
  183. Copywriter, Proofreader, Content writer - articles, Press Releases, editorials
  184. job in a cultural institution?
  185. Typing/secretarial/proof-reading/English teaching from home
  186. Babysitter/Cleaner available weekday mornings/early afternoons LAUSANNE
  187. Business, Retail or Restaurant - Vevey/Montreux
  188. Ski instructor/guide/helper looking for a weekend job
  189. Nanny in Basel
  190. Christmas cleaning [Rüschlikon]
  191. confused about Ausweis
  192. Looking for IT jobs like System Administrator/System Engineer
  193. British English language tuition now available! [Winterthur or Zurich areas]
  194. Highly Qualified Experienced Professional Nanny/Maternity Nurse [Zug area]
  195. IT Expert - Troubleshooting / Repairing / Assembling / etc...
  196. 19 year old American Au pair with experience and visa!
  197. Need pet sitter for christmas? [Zurich to Zug]
  198. Horse rider/trainer [Therwil]
  199. British nurse Fribourg/Vaud/Bern
  200. Looking for a Nanny - Baby-Sitter or Cleaning Lady? Basel Area.
  201. Nanny/Kinderfrau in Basel Stadt
  202. Native English-Speaking Nanny/English Tutor (100%) [ZH area]
  203. Cleanerlady/ Housekeeper/ Nanny - Basel
  204. Babysitter available (weekends) in BS, BL
  205. Ladies! Hairdos for special occasions in basel area
  206. anything!
  207. English with a native speaker, private or small group [Ticino or via Skype]
  208. Nanny, House keeper, cleaner & cook [Geneva]
  209. Babysitting services offered - Red Cross Babysitting & First Aid trained - Zimmerberg
  210. Nanny in Basel
  211. Maternity nurse, baby nurse, sleep consultant - Zürich
  212. Highly recommended cleaner Zürich area
  213. House sitter available (Basel area)
  214. Cleaning and Babysitting Available [ZH area]
  215. English-Greek speaking Nanny-teach greek available from October zurich
  216. cleaning [Schlieren]
  217. Qualified Maths/Physics Tutor (ZH area)
  218. Qualified English Teacher (CELTA Certificate) [Baden-Zurich areas]
  219. Nanny/ babysitter/ Housekeeping in Zurich
  220. Architecture student seeks INTERNSHIP [Lausanne area]
  221. WORK WANTED - 34yr old Australian with L Permit [Luzern area]
  222. Weekend Work Wanted [Zurich]
  223. Swiss Au Pair in UK
  224. Arabic lessons [Bern]
  225. Broadband/Computer help in Zurich/Zug [Offered]
  226. Beautician looking for part time role: Bremgarten, Baden, Zurich
  227. Highly Experienced Mature British Nanny Available WD Mornings - Zurich, 1st Sept 2014
  228. [available] Private English tutor in Zurich
  229. British looking for a job [Zurich]
  230. I want to start a band: mod/60s/Indie influences - ZH area
  231. Business Student seeking an interesting internship/traineeship in Geneva
  232. Experienced Nanny/Babysitter [ZH area]
  233. Babysitter in Zürich available anytime.
  234. Part-time tutor, nanny, or babysitter [Lausanne area]
  235. Handyman, Electrician, Repairman, House Painter [Geneva]
  236. housekeeper/cleaner [Zurich]
  237. Nanny / Raumpflegerin / Cleaner [ZH Oerlikon]
  238. English Speaking Nanny for Summer in Zurich
  239. Nanny (English MT, Zurich Uster area)
  240. Nanny from Vevey
  241. Experienced .NET/C# Developer (Zurich)
  242. Financial Analyst - Trader moving from Venezuela
  243. Want to work as tutor- math/phy/chem/programming [Zurich]
  244. Singing Lessons Offered
  245. Experienced, degree qualified nanny available from September. [Basel]
  246. job wanted - arabic/english [Bern, but will travel
  247. Oxford graduate - professional tutor in English and humanities
  248. Babysitter in the Zurich area
  249. Babysitter in Basel near Novartis
  250. Nanny searching for the perfect family in Lausanne