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  1. Dan Wheldon died yesterday
  2. Western Diet - Versus - What Our Anscestors Ate (Paleo)
  3. Ideas for family pet?
  4. Are you a metrosexual too?
  5. Cannut is Fecken mad !
  6. The new BMW 3 series 2012 (F30)
  7. Dad surprises daughter.
  8. Help with project...
  9. Lovely house for sale -South of France
  10. Re: Banking Advice
  11. The New M5
  12. A cheesy Birthday.
  13. Are you a true Brit? UK Citizenship Test
  14. HALLOWEEN for Kids????
  15. Switzerland vs the US
  16. About meeting grynch
  17. Future sex offender or childhood prank?
  18. new Evanescence Album
  19. So yet another reaches 2 thousand posts..Nice to be part of it
  20. Big change to UK tax filing penalty charges
  21. People who can't cook. Do you know any? Are you one?
  22. User names - What first pops into your head, when you see one?
  23. BBC Article - "Is it OK to jokily call someone 'bipolar'?"
  24. Viber on iPhone 4s
  25. British 1970s Children's Films
  26. No Groans?
  27. The Office: US vs. UK
  28. What's the big deal about bad habits?
  29. curry lovers unite
  30. LiB, kinda like Marmite
  31. I love you The Local because everybody hates you.
  32. Another Ouch!
  33. 1968
  34. PC CPU upgrade advice
  35. Kids discovering their body...
  36. HALLOWEEN - What do you or your kids miss?
  37. IPhone 4S POLL - WILL You be upgrading?
  38. My 4000th post.
  39. Three THOUSAND!
  40. Best gift for a Friend who is soon becoming a father
  41. Online gaming section
  42. Glitch, is anyone else here playing?
  43. Need updated info for visiting Amsterdam - in the rain
  44. Power and breast feeding
  45. Something In The Water?
  46. A pigeon just flew into my house and...
  47. Hate Economisto? Then you'll love this
  48. Bi-cultural relationships
  49. Antivirus
  50. Comet SE58
  51. Be prepared!
  52. A good time
  53. When was the last time you got really hammered and for what reason?
  54. Renouncing US Citizenship - Specific Question
  55. What do you imagine other posters look like?
  56. New Social Group: Hobby ==> Racing
  57. Headlights not working
  58. Welcome back LiB
  59. Anyone driving from South East England to Switzerland?
  60. Can you believe these are flat?
  61. Affidavid of Support for a Green Card (to the U.S.)
  62. Printer installation =>Computer data lost :-(
  63. OMG... British "alternative" butcher
  64. Do dogs get high from pot/mj/weed?
  65. German archives reveal 1931 speeding ticket
  66. British Radio 5 phone-in debate on polygamy
  67. Getting old and racist?
  68. LabelExpo in Brüssel
  69. Transcendental Meditation
  70. 41 y.o. Italian refuses to leave home
  71. 2 years old beer
  72. I kiss you!
  73. Oktoberfest rip-off
  74. Whopping big SAS war diary for sale
  75. Tour of Myanmar
  76. Night Life in Cardiff
  77. My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Becoming a Star
  78. Dear Santa...
  79. Does this sentence make sense? Alternatives?
  80. Open Letters to People Unlikely to Respond
  81. Buy One Get One Free
  82. Anyone up for Skydiving ?
  83. Southern lights viewed from Space
  84. Today, in my spam folder.........
  85. Way off topic: Welsh speakers?
  86. Any Uranium collectors on this forum?
  87. Oxymorons and Morons in general: BBC English
  88. After watching weekend at Bernie's...
  89. Would you be happy with a ginger kid?
  90. No more red-haired sperm donors wanted
  91. Have too many polls been created recently?
  92. Time for some EF demographics...
  93. Swiss special offers, book until 5. October
  94. We all make mistakes...
  95. Mardi Gras Beads
  96. Video for men only
  97. national emblems
  98. People Eating Tasty Animals www.peta.xxx
  99. Shopping in the US
  100. Creating, marketing and making money with Iphone Apps
  101. R.I.P. Ziggy
  102. Opposites attract…or not?
  103. Credit Report for USA
  104. Arrr! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  105. Aaaargh!
  106. Paulo Coelho - any fans?
  107. zurich.minds - Switzerland at its most brilliant!
  108. Jassen on-line: anybody up for a game?
  109. Virtually free online Bachelor degree in English
  110. Flying - your most exotic airplane rides
  111. One Of Four Trapped Welsh Miners Found Dead
  112. Starwars new blueray boxset
  113. Your favorite social media campaign by a swiss company
  114. Webcam 101 for Seniors ..Love Love Love :)
  115. Why German men don’t flirt
  116. Making Rock
  117. The Ex Factor
  118. To the Catalans of this forum
  119. The "school run" in other countries
  120. Genealogy in Switzerland - where to start?
  121. Outdoor sample sale
  122. Advice needed on DSRL camera
  123. Google Flight Search ( currently US airports )
  124. Looking for Greek lessons in Zurich - advice on where to look
  125. New emotion detector can see when we're lying
  126. My first Rant....
  127. Ballet school, where-art-thou?
  128. Do British people suffer "holiday rivalry" ??
  129. more attractive with...
  130. Riding around Neuchatel?
  131. Slavery alive and well in the UK...
  132. Frames, decoration and furniture stores
  133. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time... (Stevenage, 1971)
  134. On 10th Sep. 2011
  135. You've heard of Planking but Batmanning??
  136. Long shot - looking for accomodation in Ft Lauderdale over Xmas / New Year 2011-2012
  137. Funny word of the day
  138. How do some shops make money
  139. Is Mason Pearson sold in Switzerland?
  140. Pesticides –crop protection
  141. Quiz -- Identify this Skin Condition
  142. Sometimes you come across things online which are just WEIRD
  143. Yeah, yeah yeah, we have all done this right ?
  144. Quiz - Name that designer bag
  145. Quiz - What EUROPEAN car is this?
  146. Monster in Zurich lake ?
  147. Quiz - Name that car
  148. Trastevere, Rome: Apartment for short term rent
  149. Scientists discover the risible excuse gene
  150. Happy Birthday Poptart!
  151. Bin laden show on C4 now
  152. UK House Prices measured in Gold
  153. What sort of baby are you? (a.k.a What were ~your~ parents celebrating when...?)
  154. happy bday Kamarate
  155. It must be me....
  156. X Factor UK 2011
  157. Spelling of Zurich
  158. Ouch!
  159. Happy Birthday Ouchie man !
  160. How does the EF rate against the others?
  161. Climbing shops in Stuttgart?
  162. Happy birthday JLF!!!
  163. Nikon 300mm f2/8 lens
  164. Background Noise Problem or Cocktail Party Syndrome (CPS)
  165. material about chinese cities [sought for project]
  166. On the one hand we have over-strict Swiss neighbors...
  167. Dougal's Breakfast: landmarks.
  168. Outdoor furniture / cupboard - Idea's?
  169. HELP!!! Could you please vote for my brother??
  170. HELP!!! Could you please vote for my sister??
  171. Unexpected trip to Istanbul
  172. Now Pizzaa Chain on Moon
  173. 11th Wedding Anniversary
  174. pen stain worth a 300$? safety deposit reduction
  175. With this thread, I will solve all your housing problems
  176. What was all that noise around 21:30?
  177. Feeling low
  178. Can I put my freezer on balcony?
  179. Could you do a better job as UK Prime Minister?
  180. Avatars - Who else uses a real picture of themselves?
  181. Talking to myself loudly
  182. Passport crime/fraud
  183. The Swiss Think Switzerland Has A Low Quality Of Life?
  184. I feel like I don't feel anything.
  185. Burial, cremation or, now available liquefaction.
  186. Blackened pots or pans?
  187. happy Eid ul-Fitr
  188. QI Fact of the Day
  189. The new Mercedes ML
  190. Everybody do the Len Ganley stance....
  191. And we think the Swiss are difficult about noise???
  192. travel shop in or around Zurich?
  193. Do you remember this advert or this film?
  194. my 2000th post
  195. Fairy Tale pictures
  196. Stormageddon cometh
  197. Happy Birthday Monkeynut !
  198. Spiders
  199. Today
  200. Ex-men's shirt as new dress for you
  201. Google Image search now supports dragging an image into the search box.
  202. Property in Ireland
  203. American vs British Slang
  204. Missing Phil and Ted adverts
  205. Does non-/anti-religion = non-"alternative"?
  206. Wifey Day Care [what does your wife do while you're at work?]
  207. I had
  208. Happy Birthday Prof. Taratonga!!!
  209. Canadian Car Hire
  210. looking for a camp in Africa to visit for a week
  211. Moving to Wisconsin US, changing Driving License
  212. Brad Pitt filming in Glasgow
  213. Take this, Jimmy Choo! Kobi Levi Shoe designer
  214. The medical advantages of homeopathy
  215. HP kills of WebOS devices and wants to get rid of PCs as well
  216. Can teachers and pupils be 'friends' online
  217. It gets worse...
  218. Question to the Indian ladies (or maybe gentlemen)
  219. Come to Moscow and find a job in a week's time
  220. Has EF made you more Swiss than the Swiss?
  221. Do you prefer being married or single. Why?
  222. Switzerland is the most romantic honeymoon destination
  223. "Stilling the movements of the mind leads to Union"
  224. Songs from your year of birth
  225. Nerves when delivering public speech
  226. 30 days in the wilderness
  227. Policing of cell phone messages.
  228. Cleaning the Pram
  229. Voluntary taxation, for those who *really care*
  230. hows my new PP
  231. Your thoughts on Google+
  232. buying a gift for a blind person
  233. 1000 and counting...
  234. Trying to quit
  235. Ashishshah's 1000th Post is coming......
  236. What's in the Air Today?
  237. Is begging more respectable than accepting social support?
  238. This is not a painting.
  239. Dropbox - how to share when PCs are not in a network?
  240. Have you laughed remembering your old days on EF?
  241. Grownups: getting your tonsils out
  242. Attention Australians - New home grant available
  243. Anyone knows anything about old Pianos?
  244. Chäschüechli
  245. Do Swiss people have small wallets or do I just have too much money?
  246. Happy Birthday rjhbirm!
  247. Celebrity Big Brother 2011
  248. Need votes in Coop Ticino Photo Competition
  249. Amazon Cloud Storage - free unlimited MP3 storage
  250. Generally Ridiculous Stuff!