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  1. Want to learn EN, can offer Spanish
  2. Glaswegan English
  3. The chia craze, healthy food from Mexico region
  4. So much pain......heart broken
  5. What is your tell-tale clue that it is spring?
  6. Private Lottery - Is it legal?
  7. Roll up, roll up for the mystery (M25) tour.
  8. Urgent advice for making friends in switzerland
  9. Any Photoshop (illustration) fans around?
  10. Who writes this garbage?
  11. The coolest thing ever: 3D Printering
  12. Space diving - the next extreme sport?
  13. Job offer from SKANSKA..
  14. What keeps you from attending EF events?
  15. Can you name the famous people?
  16. Facebook: how can I defriend someone?
  17. Economy class letter to UK not arrived after a fortnight - should I be concerned?
  18. Counting myself lucky
  19. US Diversity Visa Program
  20. URGENT - Anyone from Novartis Basel..
  21. Where's your phone at? The Symantec Honey Stick Project
  22. Professional internship abroad ?
  23. Deutsche-in-London.net , what do they like there?
  24. The digital age takes another victim
  25. very cheap new ARM micro processors
  26. Song - I like the flowers, I like the dafodils
  27. Low flying fighter jet....
  28. US taxes...
  29. a couple of weekends in US - where to go?
  30. User study for my MSc thesis - please help!
  31. Went to Paquis last night
  32. HotelClub Groupon GBP19 for GBP50
  33. So I spent the night at Crossbox Schaffhausen ...
  34. Any PC Gamers here?
  35. The ( almost ) invisible car from Mercedes
  36. Flash sale LON to SYD / MEL GBP599 rtn
  37. To file or not to file a US tax return...
  38. Green card and re-entry visa ( US )
  39. Slammer in Antwerpen
  40. Fact or fiction?
  41. Property Law (UK) - any advice?
  42. The Winnebago Man
  43. croatia ...anyone have been there??
  44. Subluxation/ dislocation shoulder
  45. Gool Peran
  46. Words Matter...
  47. Meeting EF Posters Accidentally
  48. UK and class, new series by Melvin Bragg
  49. Do you post about things that matter to you here?
  50. iPod Nano (1st Gen) replacement program
  51. Rape Jokes Are Not Funny
  52. Birthday soon ? A free flight ticket awaits you - Volotea
  53. I am back in Geneva
  54. Why the hell can't Amercan's add country codes to their emailed contact details?
  55. Do you sometimes hold back?
  56. Limericks on swiss life. Make your own !
  57. Who else thinks that the McLeod sisters are hot
  58. The Raspberry Pi
  59. Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook
  60. Feb. 29th
  61. Should I sell up in the UK ( Scotland )?
  62. Look what I can do!
  63. Normally I like you, but Sun, please go away until Friday
  64. When problems seem too big to solve... take a look at those pictures
  65. The new Android beasts are out
  66. Monday's Child
  67. Basel: Standing loom - can anyone help/teach me?
  68. Possibly leaving Switzerland for UK (Oxford) - Need info, advice, etc
  69. Under bed fluff- question for the Brits
  70. Geeks needed!
  71. American Army !
  72. Oldest Japanese man was dead for 30 years
  73. Our planet, our sun, our universe
  74. Nil is in the Daily Mail........
  75. In love with two
  76. How to kill time without your phone :)
  77. "Hay"
  78. Anyone with some camera knowledge that could help?
  79. DB ( Deutsche Bahn ) expands internet hot spots
  80. Facebook Privacy: Site Confirms It Tracks You After You Leave
  81. Facebook advice
  82. International Health Insurance needed ( UK citizen no longer CH resident )
  83. Orchids, care n love?
  84. Itunes corrupted
  85. Playstation Vita out tomorrow
  86. Balconies / pots / strange groundsman
  87. ipad3 is coming
  88. New rules for UK drivers in France
  89. Euro Kissiness (the kiss-greet rant)
  90. Opera in Frankfurt?
  91. Terrifying Earth-sized Plasma Tornado Raged Across Sun Surface
  92. West Indies tips
  93. Claiming a UK rental deposit
  94. Travelling in Europe. Interested in views from non whites in particular.
  95. A question for a Hungarian
  96. Observing nature (beautiful photographs)
  97. When the Swiss have the audacity to bash America
  98. Arabic Expressions
  99. What did you swear you'd never do when you become a parent...
  100. the new iron pig
  101. Penn State Dance MaraTHON
  102. HP printer problems - 2cm wide horizontal stripes
  103. What is your understanding of a 'Bi-weekly' event?
  104. la Palma, Canary Islands advice ?
  105. How are you at being alone?
  106. Happy Birthday Deep Purple!
  107. I think I'm allergic to Switzerland
  108. Sturmflut 1962
  109. Ho Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
  110. Proposed Elimination of the FEIC for US Expats
  111. Happy Left Nut Day everyone!
  112. Twitter App - just to let you know about your address book
  113. Word Association Study
  114. MPs - They don't make 'em like they used to
  115. Heroic rescue ? Dog saved from freezing water.
  116. Survey - NYC
  117. Happy birthday Nicolaschulz!
  118. V-Day Memories
  119. Avoid "Feel Barcelona" if you're planning a trip
  120. Why science is great: (Alzheimers)
  121. "I'm in the money!!!!" ( Amazon UK refund )
  122. The Trolling Anti Feb 14th Thread....
  123. Job In Amsterdam or advice to my Brother!!!
  124. What the hell is this music from? Uk tv
  125. How to fold a suit to go in a suitcase without wrinkling.
  126. Budweiser Flash Fans ad - guaranteed to make you smile!
  127. Looking for a long lost relative [in Germany]
  128. Whitney Houston Dead at 48
  129. Lost_Inbroad
  130. Gender equality in Switzerland?
  131. Cigarettes on train tracks
  132. How to sue american citizen?
  133. Is there something wrong with some dog lovers?
  134. How not to be a loser at the bar
  135. 10 years old girl discovers a new molecule
  136. Obesity and the food bubble- interesting article
  137. kindle vs. paperbooks
  138. Where is the passion?
  139. Strange Apology from a Tampon company
  140. Which US TV Series is as good as The Wire?
  141. GPS mishaps
  142. Travelling to Ireland
  143. Here We Go
  144. If you're bored, make some music
  145. Omg!!!!
  146. Happy Birthday to...........
  147. Home away from home?
  148. Where to buy a Lazy Boy Chair in Geneva?
  149. Happy Birthday 22 Yards!!!
  150. Help upgrading a laptop
  151. The Grand Ole Opry now online
  152. Garlic breath
  153. And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun
  154. you are going to like this ( wearing of scarves )
  155. Is it cold or is it cold?
  156. Can you please help me with my master thesis?
  157. You reckon any shop in Zurich will have these headphones?
  158. Computer repair...
  159. Irishman builds house using scrapped Euro notes
  160. Miss/Mademoiselle/Fraulein
  161. Protecting our Children
  162. That was exciting
  163. The 2012 Top Gear series is here
  164. Where to buy dyson Hoover in Germany
  165. Strange Valentine Day gifts
  166. Buying Piaget outside CH.
  167. Online photo album
  168. Need book recommendations, celtic mythology
  169. A new social network for friends....
  170. Amazing life project....
  171. Where to go (and eat) in and near calgary!
  172. Filmgoers demand refunds after discovering The Artist is silent film
  173. Surprise Dance on Finnair Flight to celebrate India's Republic Day
  174. Breaking news - Germans better at spelling than the BBC
  175. Ski ticket discounts - earlier thread
  176. I just bought a snowball!!
  177. 3 weeks to see Norway and Sweden
  178. Berlin, Amsterdam or Marseille for a weekend. tips?
  179. What should I buy?
  180. Man gets struck twice by lightning.
  181. English-speaking GYN in Florence, IT
  182. Need help identifying this plant
  183. Compulsive Hoarding - does it ever get better?
  184. IT related - SSD drive...yeah? nay?
  185. Gossips at work
  186. Things we like to do when our significant other is not around?
  187. dressed in the dark.
  188. cats v. dogs
  189. Wahoo, point proven!!!
  190. Quote: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
  191. Father of the year award goes to...
  192. Curry recommendations: Tamworth/Sutton Colfield area ( UK )
  193. Snow segregation
  194. UK bank deposits
  195. Of course English is sooooooo easy
  196. Moustaches are in - what do you think girls?
  197. DIY advice - suction pads
  198. How does cutting out bread and pasta make a difference? [weight loss]
  199. What these buttons on washing machine mean ?
  200. Happy Birthday Castro!
  201. ta'ta's ( yes another thread )
  202. Victory!! Or administrative adventures...
  203. Ouchboy is a dork, pass it on
  204. Can someone suggest an affordable key cutting service in London ?
  205. Megaupload.com shut down, Founders Arrested
  206. Good Beach Locations for April
  207. Do we have any twins on the forum?
  208. Julius Caesar was imaginary
  209. Snow in the sahara
  210. Substantial Flooding at Kruger National Park (South Africa)
  211. SYF seeks ....
  212. How much does your career matter to you?
  213. 4 years, 3 girlfriends and 1000 posts later......
  214. where can i get small/ medium size cartons
  215. CH SAMSUNG website in GERMAN : need address and phone number
  216. Opening a Bank account in Germany
  217. This morning at Burger King (when a gipfeli/croissant just won't cut it...)
  218. Happy Blue Monday
  219. Guess who wrote these lyrics
  220. Will help a lady with something special
  221. Eurostar 59 Rail Promo ( book until Jan 23rd ) LON-PAR
  222. Travel Partner Experience
  223. Big Apple....origin?
  224. Barcelona hotel rooms - prices are high
  225. Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin' bird caught on tape
  226. EF business model (or similar)
  227. Irish epilepsy care project - we need your help
  228. 3 bedroom mobile home for rent, south of france
  229. Thomas the Tank Engine day out, England
  230. Using your hands to measure anatomy parts
  231. Survey for my universitary thesis. PLEASE, HELP ME
  232. Why men want a bigger penis?
  233. How do you let off steam?
  234. How many people know about 'Nepal'?
  235. Why do men like women with breast implants?
  236. The Jesus Dance...Gott, du bist so gut.
  237. "The Emotional Rollercoaster of Living Abroad"
  238. 2000 posts and counting - Assassin checking in
  239. Help wanted with Brazilian Portuguese
  240. TV chef arrested for shop lifting
  241. Olympics Accommodation in London
  242. Snow, voting, and something aside from brown sugar.
  243. VISA to Russia - Insurance ( Portuguese citizen )
  244. Sweden recognizes the Church of Kopimism
  245. unbiased advice needed conc. relationship troubles
  246. Get rid of pesky Microsoft help and support pop up on my HP G70 lappy??
  247. Need to source a VW Garage in Germany
  248. Trading Shares in the UK
  249. Basel / British Accent
  250. How do I reset master password on HP laptop?