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  1. God Only Knows
  2. Rosetta's comet (Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
  3. Funny rep comments.
  4. Where can i donate all my foreign currency coins to charity?
  5. I want to share something awesome I've just listened to
  6. Stay in Quito (Ecuador)
  7. Gigantic green sex toy in Paris
  8. Oh my! She is a big cow
  9. Happy Birthday Wolli!
  10. Attributes of English Men
  11. Are you curious to see why someone with red blobs got them?
  12. Take the piss: wee in the shower
  13. Need help with to write a STANDPUNKTPAPIER
  14. Will chimps soon have human rights?
  15. Can you afford a world tour? Here's how to do it,
  16. Scroguard
  17. Need help from Experts and Experts DIY'er
  18. Egypt
  19. X-Factor 2014
  20. Casino Fire in Montreux
  21. Nightcap.....anybody??
  22. Just another day on EF
  23. Windows 10
  24. Crazy kitchen design at 100% Design Festival show
  25. Inside the Church of Atheism
  26. Cringe!
  27. who is George?
  28. Lynda Bellingham - a very brave woman
  29. Tesco's Brave New World!
  30. Ello - does anyone have invites to share?
  31. Mobiles to be allowed on flights
  32. only in hollywood
  33. buying ski chalet in france?
  34. Time to dump FPS?
  35. Geneva, 24/09/14 ~ 3AM? [ISS flyover]
  36. Travel Oytser? Is this a gaffe?
  37. Small android device WITH built in keyboard
  38. Shops with summer clothes
  39. Woman with 3 breasts
  40. interesting Youtube song "why I think this world should come to an end"
  41. Improbable Research, Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize
  42. UK PAYG Data Only SIM
  43. Women in The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
  44. Missing Edinburgh man after travel to Geneva
  45. Sick Goldfish
  46. Finding a university in Switzerland (help please)
  47. UK mobile contract
  48. Odile is active in Mexico!
  49. Tinder
  50. An IRISH person might save Mum of 2 on international hunt for bone marrow donor
  51. I need to shorten Ikea wardrobe/possible?
  52. Sir Donald Sinden RIP
  53. New U2 album, Songs of Innocence...
  54. Is John Kerry in the dog house?
  55. Why do folks agree to publically humiliate themselves?
  56. If this doesn't make you hungry I don't know what could...
  57. Who's got a home for Brock?
  58. 1000 years of European history in three minutes.
  59. Recommendations for a nanny in Brighton UK for family with ill mummy
  60. Anyone know which software is used to create [EF Dating] website?
  61. Potty Training for ponies/horses?
  62. Wedding Invitation Sites/Designs
  63. R.I.P Gustavo Cerati
  64. Fun with Closed Captions on YouTube
  65. Opinions vs. Knowledge In Teh Age of Interwebz...
  66. Cheap travel offers
  67. Anyone been to Camping am See (campground) in Allensbach, Germany?
  68. A question about baking with dry yeast...
  69. Stamps...and more!
  70. COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that's Actually Cooler
  71. A strange idea...
  72. Taking dogs to Italy. What are the rules?
  73. Going to Sardinia - what to do there?
  74. Email addresses: are people stupid?
  75. Recommendations for babysitting/childminding in central London?
  76. Where can I sell my engagement ring?
  77. Lesbian website needed...
  78. A facebook question (visibility of photos in which I am tagged)...
  79. Looking for people working in pharma (especially CELGENE)
  80. Help: is there anything like a Dubai bank directory?
  81. Man with an Van in Ibiza?
  82. No More Hovering: Now Women Can Pee Like Men...
  83. Tailgating parties - actually they're already here
  84. Advise regarding long term apartment in Cadiz, Spain
  85. Don't we all love courier service...?
  86. UK road tax disc ending from 1st October '14
  87. UK Law advise - delivery company damaged car
  88. Sand in the system! Wrenches in the machinery!!
  89. Suggestions for a trip to Morocco
  90. Xbox 360 anyone know how to find the wkz-tv truck?
  91. English County Court Judgement
  92. Lancaster Bomber. [historic plane]
  93. Mark Twain on the German language
  94. Gout in the house!!
  95. New York for 1 week
  96. Guardians of the Galaxy---playing in CH yet?
  97. Scots rap
  98. Lidl at Pontarlier - what happened?
  99. [webdev]- Twitter question re APIs
  100. UK, driverless cars on public roads, trial in 2015
  101. You can run, but you really can't hide
  102. The Shard...
  103. Who wants a big bum?
  104. All hail batman
  105. Fly me to the moon
  106. The New Black Which is so Very Black
  107. Holiday recommendation
  108. Dota 2? Someone? :P
  109. Renting in Germany
  110. AARGH! Unresolved TV series [The Border - Spoilers]
  111. Place your Random question HERE... :)
  112. And you thought your computer/handy was protected from being spied on
  113. Ask a Musician
  114. Myth confirmed - you can't herd cats!
  115. Wanted: Male dance partner.
  116. British Girl wins
  117. Idea wanted for 2-week holiday travel in September...
  118. Happy 4th
  119. Dial-a-flight
  120. IKEA Hackers, artists change IKEA products
  121. NI road safety ad
  122. First Crushes
  123. Snowballs are cakes
  124. fox town
  125. Trolls & Multiple account, why?
  126. Vietnamese hanging breast
  127. Mr Breakfast - Gone, but not forgotten.
  128. Longing for that Swiss passport?
  129. Hacking a DVD player to region 1
  130. Sewing Machine Recommendations
  131. Todays DIY Job: Varnishing a wooden table.
  132. Smartphone/tablet app development
  133. Classic Twitter Accounts......
  134. Should you ask someone's permission to kiss them?
  135. Looking for creative travel ideas!
  136. x.pose art concept
  137. Two years to correct spelling mistake
  138. Jimmy Buffett in Paris - anybody going ?
  139. Recommend 4 day trip outside Switzerland?
  140. Cannot get rid of fabric/freezer odors or stains from your chemises and blouses?
  141. Twisters ... have you ever seen one ?
  142. House chores app
  143. Troll of the day: Kirstie Allsopp tells young women: ditch university and have a baby
  144. Victim of puritanical attitudes to sexual relationships.
  145. Free University short courses
  146. is filtering legal in switzerland
  147. Green tinged eco sex? Re-cycled whips, vegan condoms? Whatever next?
  148. When your child plays with your passport
  149. Loub Job
  150. Beer of the day
  151. Webdev question: install Windoze on Mac to preview site in IE?
  152. Naughty biker knocks down cyclist and.....
  153. Heater in our bedroom making strange tapping noises...
  154. Snowden STFU!
  155. scam - pretending to be Paypal with death threat, should I report to police?
  156. The Fast Show 2014 specials
  157. Some freaky pictures
  158. ATTN: Confloozed has exceeded their stored private messages quota
  159. What to do in Milan?
  160. Drop-in Childcare....(ZH)
  161. Calling all lovely Australians…. (travel advice)
  162. looking for a pianist to play sonatas
  163. Man saved baby falling from 2nd floor
  164. What the ! [UK teen assaulted animals]
  165. Buying a European Warranty Motorrad
  166. I caught a virus, "MyPC Backup"
  167. Quote of the Day [EF Official Thread]
  168. Hallux rigidus aka stiff big toe
  169. New French trains too wide for platforms
  170. Hello from California
  171. I apologise [White English Scum]
  172. Taiwan help please!
  173. It's the Friday "saddest twat of the week" thread
  174. Help please: daughter doesn't like her skin color.
  175. Calling dishwasher, calling dishwasher
  176. Cat scares alligators
  177. For all you cat lovers out there
  178. Stephen Sutton RIP
  179. When does tax avoidance become tax evasion???
  180. The Earth
  181. Loved (and not so loved) Missing Posters
  182. Help! Something burnt in the washing machine
  183. Political Correctness taken too far
  184. Mothers' day
  185. Need opinion on the spring-latex Hesseng ikea mattress.
  186. A Game of Thrones Thread [Spoiler Alert]
  187. G.o.T. S4 ... need to see... but how?
  188. Carseat as checked luggage - OK in box?
  189. no drama, ok drama in a beautiful dresses way
  190. Pigs get ill after eating dried pig blood! Remember BSE?
  191. Photo-essay: F@ckng tourist_
  192. May the Fourth be with you!
  193. Guy blows his chance at a Darwin Award after drinking hot sauce
  194. sexy nicknames for men?
  195. optimism
  196. Global appeal for a stem cell donor.
  197. Human skin to generate male gametes
  198. Acquisition of EU passport through Portugal
  199. Bob Hoskins RIP
  200. Imagination on the sand (NZ)
  201. Clubs in Munchen
  202. Help Please- Corporate Social Responsibility Motorsport
  203. Let's replace Faith with Reason
  204. "Solitary Man" crazy and wonderful covers
  205. Reputable online schools?
  206. Holidays in Istanbul
  207. Steam (PC) - Gaming
  208. Stuff to do in/around Trieste?
  209. Miami, FLA - Tips & Suggestions
  210. 16 year old allegedly survives trip from San Jose to Hawaii in wheel-well of a 767
  211. Apple - Photostream & iPhoto ??
  212. Used Baby Furniture in Küsnacht
  213. human life
  214. From Neptune the Sun looks like any other star!
  215. Basel to Baden-Württemberg
  216. QoQa deal, Samsung 55 inch TV
  217. Where should I travel?
  218. Travel guide to visit best places in Vienna and prices
  219. Coaching Advise
  220. LiB on TV
  221. If you were paid 120k to do any job you like, what would you choose?
  222. Obesity : sugar : the bitter truth
  223. Gamespy closing down 31st May 2014
  224. place names
  225. Sperm facials
  226. Dyson Hot + Cool heater recall
  227. Arrrggggh - Microsoft Excel
  228. Is it considered bad luck to wish someone Happy Birthday before actual b-day?
  229. RIP - Frankie Knuckles
  230. iOS developer / app coding
  231. uk store that sells old- fashioned clothes?
  232. Visiting Moscow in transit time
  233. Holy s**t . . . is it a dog . . not it`s a rat
  234. I found out where all the douches come from
  235. pottery course in english
  236. So they're going to suffer a little bit - boo hoo
  237. Special Needs? Tired of the 'system'? UBUNTU
  238. Road bikers are wussies!!!!
  239. No make-up selfies......where can we donate???
  240. One for the Floyd fans
  241. "Polish Power!" (anecdote!)
  242. Breaking News: gravitational waves detected
  243. Google Will Eat Itself
  244. Black out curtains, where???
  245. Does the BBC believe we are all illiterates?
  246. Interesting morning at Zurich airport
  247. Beginner photography - where to start?
  248. Thermal Roof Tile Coating - Another scam?
  249. UK scraps E-Borders scheme
  250. Scared about "nightmare" last night...