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  1. life-span of an egg-free cookie
  2. Smooth Stones for Stone Massage
  3. Lost Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria
  4. Finishing a distance relationship
  5. New Viral Ad for McDonalds
  6. Away days/teambuilding events in public sector
  7. Need Children's advil or Motrin from the US
  8. Range Rover ploughs through bikers
  9. Account in the UK for a non-resident?
  10. What Does a Week's Worth of Groceries Look Like at Your House?
  11. Monsanto, is it a make or break for them?
  12. downloading itunes onto 2 ipads
  13. Happy Birthday Cannut!
  14. A tidy house is better than sex! (UK women)
  15. Should my wife take over my finances? Do I really suck with contracts?!
  16. Pebble watch - anyone got one?
  17. CRASH! My Mexican vase and my LARGE dog!
  18. How to cook lamb?
  19. Zurich failed on the wallet test
  20. Snowsuit size for baby
  21. Looking to connect with teachers from Zurich area
  22. 4,018,900 people aged over 70 with full UK driving licences
  23. HelmCam Contour vs GoPro
  24. Kitchen sink
  25. Personality and behaviour in closed spaces: share your stories
  26. Hand Washing after going to the toilet
  27. Friendly helpers required to assist with move.
  28. Newsletter statistics plugin for Wordpress?
  29. An Israeli girl is missing in Germany for over then a week
  30. Swiss TV Quiz Show - 1 Gegen 100
  31. In Space No One Can Hear You Scream
  32. Take what you need...
  33. Looking for web resources on how to lower cholesterol
  34. How does one pick and choose?
  35. Apple Macintosh colour classic question
  36. If you were to suddenly drop dead ...
  37. Where to start with low cholesterol diet?
  38. Testes size correlates with men's involvement in toddler care
  39. Birth certificates less than 6 months old?
  40. Should defendants have anonymity?
  41. For sale: ZVV ticket All zones transferable (until Oct 3rd)
  42. Fruit Grape Press for Cider
  43. Pre diabetes
  44. Happy birthday Startrek
  45. Looking for skilled translator - ENGLISH > FRENCH & GERMAN
  46. Any tips for dealing with a toddler's "Terrible Two's?"
  47. British Politeness Transaltion Table
  48. Advice needed: balcony plants for autumn?
  49. America Contemplating Sending Congress To Syria
  50. Doing the right thing
  51. best way to reach Heathrow from Meldreth
  52. 31 Signs You’re A Third Culture Kid
  53. Giessen, Germany
  54. What is this worm?
  55. Australia- Slimy millipedes cause train collision
  56. McKinsey & Co: Are they worth it?
  57. Hotels in London?
  58. The Nokia Smartphone line gets scrapped as MS buys Nokia
  59. The worst watch ever?
  60. Where is she going?
  61. RIP Seamus Heaney
  62. Tips for Greece trip.
  63. During funeral "prepare for landing" message heard
  64. Grrrrrrrrrrrr fed up of our neighbors kids
  65. Food Porn- One for the Brits
  66. Happy News
  67. The World Goes Mad: Miley Cyrus
  68. two men one wife, guarenteed nights out and a sex life at home!
  69. Beware Ebookers
  70. My daughter just told me the most shocking news!
  71. Football game in Milan with 8 year old
  72. Single men and bedding changing...
  73. Local v International: What do you prefer?
  74. Louis Blake sent off, after showing referee his "privates"
  75. 55% of Scots - 3 times a week ...
  76. Are we truly "human"?
  77. Happy birthday
  78. There would be riots here....
  79. Is millett good for your mullet?
  80. 7 bear attacks in 7 days in US
  81. Easyjet and refunds
  82. Swiss agrichemical giant Syngenta/ Atrazine
  83. Things you would love to say out loud.. but you can't!
  84. The Police are on the way
  85. Bad day to be a roofer in Arizona!
  86. The Chevrolet "Field of Dreams" - Urban Legend is True
  87. Dont mess with her !
  88. Answer with a Question
  89. My car arrived in Basel!
  90. Razorblades on planes
  91. US Americans
  92. Affair, divorce and love - Open heart and let it out
  93. Sky national geo now!
  94. Volvo S60 audio problem
  95. Usborne book rep in Zürich
  96. Ultra portable win laptops?
  97. Left my TomTom in my sold car.....
  98. Mountaineering
  99. 56 police hurt in Belfast riots
  100. Minecraft server anyone?
  101. More YouTube Geek Stuff
  102. Observations on California after 15 years away
  103. To cringe or not to cringe.. that is surely the question
  104. How geek are you?
  105. children friendly hotel advice PLEASE
  106. Porn vs real sex
  107. Ahhh ....... Toothache
  108. A question to the Sinophiles on the forum
  109. Ebay.de - major PITA
  110. An english forum for germany???
  111. UK Banking: - NatWest card reader
  112. Bedtime routine for a preschooler?
  113. Has anyone been to Uganda recently?
  114. Whew, lucky kitty!
  115. So, who is actually working today? (2.8.13)
  116. Recommendations for Hotel in NY
  117. Second hand products
  118. Anyone knows Real Estate Agent in Switzerland?
  119. Seen these anywhere? Kelloggs bowls
  120. Sending a suitcase from US to Switzerland.
  121. Stray kittens from Greece looking for a home
  122. Toxic friendship?
  123. Need a photographer in Copenhagen
  124. Soylent - it's finally here!!
  125. Wedding photographer in Copenhagen
  126. Verona/Venice - where to stay/go outside the cities
  127. 21 Pics - Restoring Faith in Humanity
  128. Will this turn you into a vegan?
  129. Bradley Manning
  130. can someone please lend me a fishing/ spinning rod?
  131. Vegan pets
  132. The "Original Schindlers List" on eBay for $3m!
  133. Swedish musician to read manuscript?
  134. where do you come from?
  135. Demolition crew demolishes the wrong house
  136. Thank you for the blobbies
  137. How to renew a UK passport which has expired?
  138. Out of the Mouth of Babes
  139. Helping fishy swim!
  140. Are women's bodies still beautiful after pregnancy?
  141. The war on cheats
  142. Since Monday is the new Friday
  143. Looky looky here! :)
  144. Shocking and disturbing news
  145. Train Voyages and prices
  146. Best b-movie scene
  147. Eating out in Rome
  148. Amazing
  149. Inventive invective
  150. The " headscarf" dilemma
  151. Brian Cant's 80th Birthday / Parkinsons fundraising
  152. Find your tandem partner FOR FREE!
  153. Neighbors dog on the loose, should I tell?
  154. Americans/Canadians: Plural question
  155. Cool Box Advice
  156. My Daughters first attempt at a book ...
  157. Help me choose my Heart Rate Monitor
  158. CH passport test
  159. Ethical Electronics
  160. Remembering Roswell on Google.dk
  161. Afraid of flying
  162. What's in a name...?
  163. Bernie Nolan Died of cancer, age 52
  164. Who wants a green button?
  165. "Babymoon" in UK -where to go?
  166. Is it OK to talk on the phone while your shopping is being scanned?
  167. Excited Americans
  168. Want to play Squash??:)
  169. This weekend in Zurich
  170. British men are the sexiest
  171. [Sheffield short term rental] web site recommendation
  172. Anyone been to Kenya?
  173. BIG birthdays
  174. Stupid News Friday
  175. Post of the Day
  176. Recommondations on Ireland!
  177. 10th Cannonball Run
  178. Cling film, I did it
  179. Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini (healing fragrances)
  180. $1,2 millions
  181. Have you ever seen a second hand tick BACKWARDS on a clock?
  182. Wedding Flash Mob
  183. Rupert Murdoch's jaw dropping divorce ground
  184. Animal shows more humanity than humans?
  185. Dog disguised as cat seeking revenge?
  186. Prague to Vienna by train
  187. Venice this weekend - Help please
  188. London restaurant recommendation??
  189. Is he a creeper?
  190. Where do you put your magnets?
  191. Dancing Around Naked?
  192. Converse shoe store in Zürich
  193. Poll: How Many Times Have You Moved House?
  194. Would like to organize a holiday within UK
  195. Tony Soprano, RIP
  196. Bad news. RIP Tony Sopranos !
  197. Anywhere selling Accordion
  198. " in" words
  199. Montreal / QC - any suggestions? (cafes, restaurants, places to see...)
  200. Brand in the US...awkward
  201. Container ship breaks in two......amazing.
  202. Its always the quiet ones
  203. Anti-pervert hairy stockings
  204. Better than Billag
  205. English kitchen spam
  206. How to best plan a trip in California
  207. Excuses, excuses
  208. The egg boiler mystery....or maybe not!
  209. Cleaning helpers etiquette?
  210. requesting computer advice
  211. Going long distances? Take an aspirin!
  212. Fine for non-payment on Italian Mway
  213. Buyer beware
  214. Cat Owners - now you can see what your moggie really gets up to.
  215. E-reader vs a real book...
  216. indoor furniture for outdoor use?
  217. Reinventing the wheel - square is better for skateboards
  218. Owner in Houston battling to get their Basset back
  219. Guy sells his wife's $23K wedding ring at a garage sale by accident
  220. Apple Student Discount
  221. Dogs and Cats can get along just fine....
  222. What do you think about boiling live lobsters?
  223. Diet of only eggs and flour
  224. New Mac-Pro - unique
  225. Household Tips & Tricks
  226. Ebay UK - be quick old mer £152K+
  227. When was the first time...
  228. Photo Scavenger Hunt! "Where to....!"
  229. Window cleaning
  230. Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone5?
  231. elba
  232. Help ....... I'm becoming PSY-chotic
  233. Booking a flight without a credit card
  234. Spanish englishforum?
  235. Search your apartment when you move in!!
  236. Anyone from Chicago
  237. Window cleaning nightmare - help!
  238. Anyone know where you can buy Hawaiian Tropic
  239. Anyone knowledgeable about computers?
  240. another one bites the dust
  241. Nazi rank in WW2
  242. Changing the language in Microsoft office
  243. Is this normal? 13 year old doesn't know Columbus
  244. Formatting USB-stick for Android.
  245. Back, sack and good marketing ploy?
  246. Has anyone got news from Frank Zappa?
  247. Static Electricity
  248. Not quite so cunning cancer - Michael Douglas
  249. New Bra Fitting System - coming soon to Schweiz?
  250. Proof at last: inherent superiority of Swiss army knife