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  1. Google to rank websites according to truthfulness
  2. Ashley Madison website hacked
  3. Tourist visa process [visiting India]
  4. The ugliest new car
  5. Being british & other useless stats
  6. EF hacked?
  7. Anyone going to Oman?
  8. An Accident Waiting to Happen - Paris Cyclists to Skip Red Lights
  9. Lightning bolt killed a man carrying a selfie stick
  10. EF mentioned in WSJ
  11. Weight loss
  12. Vacations in Albania, anyone?
  13. just in time for friday
  14. Mysterious theft of Vauxhall car parts (Alias Opel)
  15. Need help: How does a typical English living room and bed room look like?
  16. Removing stain from clothes
  17. If you're thinking of having a colour party - BEWARE!
  18. If there's one thing that I regret ......
  19. Beach vacation recommendation
  20. A hero dies! [RIP Patrick Macnee]
  21. Caption contest!
  22. My Portuguese language corner
  23. Asbo dwarf jailed after impersonating a Dalek and threatening woman with butterknife
  24. Switzerland expensive but common.....
  25. Did Lexus actually create a real rideable hoverboard?
  26. Recommended dive shop in Indonesia?
  27. Scuba Diving/Name the species question
  28. Who would you trust less?
  29. "Woman in Gold" the movie 2015
  30. For Friday: the 50% thread
  31. Chicago O'Hare to East Wacker Drive
  32. When did you get your s*** together?
  33. Many Quizzes here
  34. MSc in Bioinformatics: University of Edinburgh or Johns Hopkins?
  35. Bright spots on Ceres
  36. RIP: Ron Moody, Christopher Lee, James Last
  37. U A watch maker?
  38. A mathematical Friday Thread
  39. Unclaimed Lottery win in Niederbipp, CHF 1'346'407
  40. 13 year old hangs herself & it's not suspicious!
  41. Topography of tears
  42. Redneck driving in the US of A
  43. Looking for a Financial Advisor? Anyone know?
  44. India: Naming newborn in Switzerland
  45. Diving the Sardine Run in South Africa
  46. Indian Passport for newborn in Zurich
  47. Drownings in Blue Lagoon
  48. Yours is no disgrace
  49. "rent a rentner" / "hire a friend" in Wales, UK
  50. Indian Passport : Surname change post marriage
  51. I've had Brits in my house
  52. UK company director claims HB get caught on online forum
  53. New Chinese hospital machine
  54. Tour and Travel agencies in Zurich
  55. USA and Canada visit visas for Indian Couple
  56. road trip in andalusia
  57. Foreign travel advice and tips
  58. Stay in Rome, venice
  59. Stay in Barcelona
  60. Help for a school survey
  61. Car tools
  62. Eurostar London - Marseille service direct
  63. Anyone has a good quote about Argentina?
  64. Swiss Custom
  65. giving passport details for flights other than easyjet
  66. Need advice - guy keeps bothering me
  67. Trumpton riots
  68. Who's gonna stick their hand up Orville's jacks, now?
  69. US Green card question
  70. They don't give a damn, and you feel [....]
  71. Not the mark of the beast
  72. How to switch off after work?
  73. Springtime on Malta
  74. about copyright of art
  75. Kays CH
  76. Anyone from Basel travelling to Chamonix over the WE?
  77. Pub with Dartboard in Innsbruck
  78. Multi-Level Marketing Bull****
  79. US experts advice required, what to do in Jacskon MS?
  80. On the way to zero waste
  81. about the diamond biz
  82. Self-improvement books - discussion
  83. Happy Prostitutes?
  84. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
  85. Hatton Garden, London Heist Burglary
  86. Japan p*nis party - Switzerland, take that!
  87. Hello Switzerland!
  88. Looking forTravel Partner South India Dec/Jan
  89. Street --- Road --- Boulevard --- Avenue
  90. swatches experts?
  91. Happy April fools day
  92. Tender Management in SAP?
  93. Porsche 911 buyer's guide - your input please
  94. Usborne Books
  95. I'lll be damned - hats off to the swedish music scene!
  96. Suitcase suggestions
  97. The cheap flights/trips thread... post your cheap weekend breaks here!
  98. A bit of totally irrelevant history
  99. Terranova Bilingual School (Küsnacht, ZH) - Any experiences?
  100. Offer to move to Dubai
  101. Who should replace Jeremy Clarkson?
  102. The return of the X-Files
  103. Is it a car? Is it a plane?
  104. Best movie since 2010
  105. Aussie School answerphone
  106. fashion tip needed regarding white trousers
  107. V. exciting it for Leicester tomorrow
  108. German memes are besser!!
  109. Paris accomodation
  110. New Hello Barbie - Creepy or Cool?
  111. Help Please [moving to Japan]
  112. Lisbon tips.
  113. 10 killed filming reality survival programme
  114. New pic of harrison ford's crash
  115. Dog
  116. This has to be THE wildlife photograph of the year
  117. Bad time listening to BBC R2
  118. Retirement question (location)
  119. Top 10 binge-watching TV shows
  120. Coming soon - head transplants
  121. Passport restrictions coming into the UK...
  122. Travel to Greece
  123. Bed arrangements with GrandPs
  124. Buying a Van in Austria to export.
  125. What many suspected, is now true...
  126. Proud of the underwear
  127. Heathrow or Gatwick?
  128. Oliver Sacks is dying - and he wrote a beautiful letter
  129. Paragliding World Cup 2015 in India
  130. Where to waterproof your electronics?
  131. Berlin - where to stay for a week?
  132. ISIS provides a cure for tobacco addiction....!
  133. It will happen this year!
  134. Looking for Stock Trader pal
  135. Where to donate WWII 'memorabilia'
  136. East Midlands Airport to Leicester
  137. Booking flights for rendesvous
  138. "Let me stir-fry an idea in your thought-wok"
  139. What will they think of next? Daffodils too near food?
  140. Mugabe falls. Goes viral.Very funny.
  141. From Old-Fashioned to Digital
  142. Anyone shopped on babysteps.ch?
  143. Brown sugar now available by drone delivery!*
  144. Any Abers on EF?
  145. No sh** Sherlock [Research says iPads and smartphones may damage toddlers' brains]
  146. Macbook problem with Facebook
  147. CUC exchange rate
  148. Toronto and Montreal (best cities to live in)
  149. Remembering Your Former Life
  150. Finding English Forum addictive?
  151. Womens' ideal body types
  152. BPA: No health concern for any age group?
  153. Voglauer and Team7. Are they cheaper in Austria than in Germany?
  154. England's Lost Theme Parks
  155. Where can I buy thick mattress that's good for your back?
  156. Trip to Japan-Any advice?
  157. Stealing of children by governmental organizations in Europe
  158. Post 16 education in Irish Republic?
  159. Any Swedish speaker? Need help with translation
  160. Volg stamps??
  161. Reading for wedding
  162. Flea markets in zurich?
  163. Thinking about moving to England - where would you live (or not live!) and why??
  164. Your worst guest/host experience
  165. Anne Kirkbride has died
  166. Invoice sent for missing kid's birthday party
  167. English conversation Group in Lachen
  168. Florida's "In Dog We Trust" rug
  169. Electric Plug in Budapest
  170. How to improve the IRS?
  171. Soumission (Submission) - Controversial new French novel
  172. Which one are you?
  173. ****The Photography Discussion Thread****
  174. How to clean shoe spray off concrete
  175. Family and friends, why invite them...???
  176. It snowed
  177. a nice text
  178. See you next Tuesday, Paddy.
  179. I am a c**t
  180. Singer Joe Cocker dies aged 70
  181. Ladies, here's a way to hold on to your man during the Xmas season...
  182. Black Annie - political correctness / gangsta rap culture gone too far?
  183. 29 children adopted by one couple
  184. Manspreading
  185. Religion....the greatest threat to peace and prosperity?
  186. happy holidays everyone!!!
  187. Free trip around the world - with a complete stranger. Would you do it?
  188. russian visa wonderings
  189. The confession of a facebook addict
  190. 300 Denier Polyester - where to buy? (Basel area)
  191. Fr our American friends
  192. Not so silent night….
  193. Christmas gifts: the good, the bad and the ugly
  194. Praise be to Jesus Christ
  195. City that measures smiles per hour
  196. Born for the Internet......funny ad
  197. Sweet dreams for grumpygrapefuit
  198. Want to get in contact with owner of K-31
  199. Annual Christmas party envy
  200. Guitar Tips
  201. Seats available drive back to the UK 20th Dec
  202. 100 years of female hair and face fashion
  203. My Dissertation Questionnaire
  204. Advice on Christmas trip somewhere warm? Malta, Crete, Canary Islands...
  205. The importance of correct grammar
  206. The City of the Future?
  207. Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  208. Basic Model Camera
  209. Smile! A Lovely Heartwarming Story
  210. Is this a record?
  211. Help! US tax law for cash gift from non-us parent
  212. Safety in Morocco
  213. Black Friday 2014 & Switzerland?
  214. No plastic wheeled luggage in Venice thank you very much
  215. Visiting Liverpool - advice needed
  216. Immigration from UK fell 50% from 2012
  217. Deadly snow storm in US
  218. Shirtgate 2014: Where does personal dress decisions belong at work and in society
  219. Is anyone driving from Lausanne to the UK for the Christmas holidays?
  220. Nose is getting fatter!
  221. One of the greatest minds of XXth century passed away
  222. Stubborn people
  223. Best album I have heard in ages.
  224. Business Buzzwords
  225. Birthday Party ideas for 5 year old Girl
  226. Sainsburys christmas advert.
  227. London Underground Travel Question
  228. Can money indeed buy happiness?
  229. Hysteria or sense?
  230. IT jobs in Middle East
  231. Home-delivered meals in Hackney, London
  232. Pyestock
  233. How many EF members do you know in person?
  234. IP Camera for surveillance
  235. RIP Manitas de plata
  236. For parents still wondering what to get their kids for Xmas
  237. Help with some text correction
  238. RIP Tom Magliozzi
  239. Live rich
  240. Is this possible?
  241. Will "Clown" be opening in Ticino, or only Italy?
  242. Holidays btw Xmas and New year..Where to go?
  243. Where do I find (rhino-like) trunks in Switzerland?
  244. Thought for today
  245. Dubai - recommendations
  246. God Only Knows
  247. Rosetta's comet (Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
  248. Funny rep comments.
  249. Where can i donate all my foreign currency coins to charity?
  250. I want to share something awesome I've just listened to