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  1. What is the German word for..
  2. German Evening Classes
  3. Ill teach you english, you teach me german!
  4. EB-Zurich
  5. Je vais chasser le caribou
  6. German to English please help! Or, the rules of ATTENTION GRABBINGLY good copy
  7. Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
  8. German Lessons for Children
  9. German language school in Bern or Biel
  10. Luzern:private german lesson to an Italian
  11. help needed for english french translation
  12. Self-study German
  13. Learning German in Germany
  14. German Lessons with Childcare (Stäfa) - Another Student Required
  15. learning Italian in Switzerland
  16. My Spanish, English, French for your German
  17. Looking for intensive german course in Kreuzlingen
  18. german language course in Luzern
  19. Looking for Chinese-German language exchange partner
  20. Help with Swiss German Translation to English Please
  21. Translation help please, english to swiss german for a birthday
  22. Teachers in intensive courses
  23. Swiss German Conversation & Learning, Interested?
  24. Learning German with German-Only Instruction... does this work?
  25. Can I take someones place at the Migros Klubschule?
  26. Please, I urgently need help with my motivation letter!
  27. Learning French together
  28. French tutorial and services
  29. Learn German together?
  30. German language schools with babysitting help!
  31. Pls help me translate this
  32. can someone help with this translation?
  33. English Grammar Checker
  34. Building terms
  35. French Course Neuchatel
  36. anyone taking German at Academia Basel
  37. "Schönes weekend"?
  38. Language School (French Study) Montreux or Vevey Area
  39. Swiss German courses ?
  40. German conversation in Zug
  41. German language schools in Basel
  42. Excellent free German learning site - and translate the web while you are at it !
  43. American Engineer wants to learn German in Basel
  44. Goethe Institut (Freiburg) or other Recommendation?
  45. grimpeur: "Hill Walker?"
  46. Looking for french program to study in Geneva
  47. French intensive summer program for 13 years old boy
  48. German lesson Zug
  49. German Lessons - A2+ level students needed - 360CHF - 28 lessons - Zollikerberg
  50. Help with german some text translation
  51. ECAP German courses in Basel
  52. Looking for english native speaker ( tandem DE and EN perhaps ? )
  53. French Language courses with Active languages
  54. Basel based German or Swiss German Summer Programs
  55. Japanese-French/English exchange in Geneva
  56. my chinese for your german or french speaking and writting , or english writting.
  57. Intensive French courses in Geneva
  58. Any German language teaching classes in or near Stans?
  59. Anki: Make your own digital flash cards
  60. German Language classes on a Budget
  61. [Italian] English speaker seeking to learn Italian in Zurich
  62. Private tutor recommendations...( No Ads please )
  63. What's gaffa tape called in French?
  64. German courses in St Gallen- any advice?
  65. English-italian exchange
  66. German course in Spreitenbach
  67. Looking for a tandem: Spanish-German in/near Olten
  68. What language can I use in Monthey, Valais that isn't French?
  69. Chinese exchange for your French in Basel
  70. Recommendations for German tutor for children
  71. Tandem Spanish - German in Zurich
  72. making a choice of English institute (intensive course) .
  73. Breath hitching in your chest - how to translate into French?
  74. Looking for German Study-buddy~
  75. Search for your language tandem more easily!
  76. Free french classes in St. Louis, FR ?
  77. Suggestions for Germans lessons in Luzern ( no Ads please )
  78. Very ineresting blog to teach/learn French advanced level
  79. Message of condolence in Italian
  80. Learning French or German through Babbel site
  81. Tandem English-French - Neuchâtel
  82. Lausanne: Migros French course or Agora (for beginner?)
  83. Any German course for small kids (Lausanne)?
  84. Learning french through tv-serial/cartoons?
  85. looking for funny website in French
  86. swiss french words!!!
  87. Can you read this and correct my mistakes?(5mins)
  88. German teachers come to the rescue! ( Präpositionalgefüge /A /P ??? )
  89. Good sites for German to English Translation!
  90. German courses in Zurich?
  91. tandem learning German vs Italian/English
  92. Translations of Swiss Professions
  93. Native French speaker looking for English language partner
  94. The Silent Way
  95. Good School for Professional level German
  96. German-English dictionary sorted by german prefix/suffix
  97. German lessons wanted!!!
  98. Tanslation Ger-Eng help needed
  99. German Radio stations
  100. German Language Tutoring
  101. Swiss German on YouTube!
  102. How do YOU measure if your language skills are improving?
  103. German school,not too expensive
  104. Expressions for drunkenness
  105. Looking to learn Italian In Lugano
  106. Are there any "concepts" that the Swiss don't have in the language?
  107. Enough, enough enough!!!! ( DE conversation partner sought )
  108. Increasing speaking power (french)
  109. Need document translated to French
  110. 'French language (grammar ) is sexist' feminists say
  111. Free language practice in Neuchatel
  112. ECAP - prämienvergünstigung
  113. Tonto Dütsch (Swiss German)
  114. Cheaper French courses Geneva?? Thank you
  115. Do you want to learn Swiss German? I'm looking for a partner to form a small group
  116. Learning German- My Story
  117. New In Zurich need help with Swiss German
  118. Funny mistranslations
  119. Which Dialect ?
  120. Where can I go in Geneva to speak to francophone locals (preferably my age)?
  121. I've started my lessons!
  122. DALF C1 - anyone taken it and has tips? in Zurich?
  123. Language course with work experience?
  124. Which school provides in-company english courses?
  125. Translation:rules of the game animanca
  126. German audio with transcript?
  127. "Languages in Action" in Lausanne
  128. Groupon offers Language Courses (Zürich special)
  129. Translations - English to Swiss German
  130. Looking for a distant learning French course
  131. Mani Matter
  132. Italian Courses in Locarno?
  133. Quick German translation please
  134. Group German class in Zurich focusing more on grammar?
  135. Recommendations for "private german lessons" - School or a teacher
  136. How to pronounce the letter ''H''.....
  137. German Vocab Boosters
  138. Must improve my French
  139. German Teacher Basel - [Seeking Recommendations]
  140. German to English Translation
  141. Lotrecht and Senkrecht
  142. Recommendation for children's dictionary?
  143. Just took Zertifikat Deutsch B1 exam
  144. where to study B2 level of french!
  145. Ricardo: Ihr Konto wurde blockiert
  146. German Conversation Group Luzern
  147. Oberfläche Gipsglattstrich
  148. Ghüändärät - say what?
  149. Deutchkurs
  150. Auslandendiert Pratteln new course for saturdays start soon....join us!!!
  151. Automatic method to translate documents to English?
  152. German Language School - More interactive course setup!
  153. Free German language courses (online)
  154. Recommendations for Swiss German classes in Baden?
  155. Tips for the ZD or TELC B1 Prüfung ( German )
  156. Help, I'm losing my accent
  157. Any German language schools in Germany near Basel border?
  158. Any knowledge or experience with the GGG Kurse Language School in Basel?
  159. Two words, English->German: help
  160. Swiss German
  161. [German] So...spend my money; help me on my way...
  162. Deutsch Perfekt - magazine for German learners
  163. German to English translation
  164. German books for english speaking teen..
  165. Swiss german for table football
  166. I didn't swim and another...
  167. German Translation required - short sentences
  168. Help: having difficulty understanding a SwissGerman song.
  169. Holiday Greetings in German
  170. Ecap sprachschule, any experience??
  171. "I would like to"....
  172. text in German: help
  173. easy german adjective endings
  174. Need help with a sentence in French please
  175. CELTA Certification - TLC Baden
  176. WTF is she saying?
  177. Swiss mechanic-speakers please.
  178. ZH - Starting Italian Conversation Group
  179. Anyone been to "Flying Teachers" in Zurich?
  180. Wie Sagt man "Lazy" auf Deutsch? (How to say it in German)
  181. Learning Korean
  182. help please, what is a Ster? (German)
  183. Free french lessons in Lausanne?
  184. Cop-outs are headaches for translators
  185. Anyone here in Bellingua?
  186. German course for an absolute starter
  187. Lets talk about me! Wannabe French speaker needs help
  188. Auslauf - Status
  189. Rosetta Stone
  190. experience with Swiss German classes?
  191. Schweizerdeutsch translator?
  192. English coversation in Zurich City Center
  193. Bi- to trilingual toddler?
  194. What swiss german words do you like?
  195. french help pls...2 v. simple sentences..
  196. Explanation of a German grammar rule please
  197. Language schools that do "walk-in" certification exams?
  198. How to learn new language
  199. Migros Klubschule ? Was it any good for you ?
  200. Translating to German, to help a friend ;)
  201. Help needed to find a official document translator
  202. German speakers sought - I need to practice.
  203. Getting Started in German with Mark Twain
  204. Italian in 10 weeks?
  205. Certifications/Tests
  206. Migros Klubschule or Berlitz
  207. swiss or Swiss?
  208. German Pronounciation long e etc?
  209. French lessons
  210. What About Swiss People's High German?
  211. Intense German course for beginners in Basel
  212. Wanted: German Lessons in Zurich - suggestions and recommendations
  213. Teaching a 4 year old Swiss German
  214. 3 lines of Swiss german translation
  215. Chuchichäschtli
  216. German Lessons
  217. English to Swiss-German Translation?
  218. Reccomend a site?
  219. Help needed French-English menu item
  220. Course or teacher of German for 2 young English Children waiting to start school?
  221. German - lessons by Skype
  222. 'Actual' or 'Current' - that is the question……
  223. Verify google translation
  224. Six words
  225. looking ofr a French teacher, Neuchatel
  226. French/Chinese language exchange
  227. German courses on saturdays any suggestions (basel)
  228. Language teachers please fill in a student's questionnaire!!
  229. any help appreciated!!!
  230. German Private Lesson Partner in Zurich
  231. Muss Nicht
  232. Cheat sheet for during labor - key phrases in german
  233. app for android or Iphone
  234. Warte-luege-lose-laufe
  235. Schönen Tag noch
  236. Sprachmax or Sprachenschule - any opinion?
  237. CertIBET
  238. CELTA course
  239. feminine and masculine surnames
  240. Where can I learn French [Morges area]
  241. Alpha and Berlitz German Language Schools in Zurich
  242. How do you say "join us" in German?
  243. GENEVA - Exchange French with German or Spanish
  244. which school has Swiss German course? with baby care would be best
  245. Is the Intensive Migros German course good?
  246. Questions about learning German, please share your experiences.
  247. English lessons as a first language
  248. english-german dictionary
  249. IDEAR? Whhat? Whhen?
  250. Use of the word "mega" in schweizerdeutsch :)