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  1. 'Frag den Pfarrer von Göslikon'
  2. English books to read to 5 and 6 year olds?
  3. Romansh speakers in the house? Anyone?
  4. Certified Translation ID
  5. Translation Help for Letter to Schlichtungsstelle fur Miet-
  6. Fancy helping translate some history?
  7. English-German Language Exchange
  8. English Speakers in Kusnacht?
  9. English-German-Tandem
  10. Translation please help!
  11. Tandem italian or french -german
  12. Learning Baselduutsch
  13. German certificate A1, A2, B1, etc
  14. English to German Translation
  15. Language courses in Zurich
  16. Language courses in Zurich
  17. Help with wedding speech translation Pt 2
  18. How much difference is there between Swiss German and German German
  19. Native spanish speaker seeking basic english course
  20. Easiest Way to Learn a New Language is....
  21. Fisch muss schwimmen
  22. Intensive Language Course
  23. she tells him off - translation
  24. Radio stations in Hoch Deutsch
  25. In the context of sports, what does 'Aktiv' mean?
  26. Languange Partner in English (Zurich)
  27. Great site for self-learning German
  28. Help with translation for a wedding speech
  29. German Lessons in Lachen SZ
  30. German: need the word for this small doohickey...
  31. Winterthur German club
  32. German-Chinesisch Tamdem
  33. Hochdeutsch > English conversational swap
  34. Intensive German courses
  35. Wedding Translations Please
  36. K5.. What do you know about them?
  37. Help with text correction in DE
  38. Language book store Zurich?
  39. Cancelling a Telc exam, plz help
  40. Goethe certificat B1 - conversation
  41. [German] Understanding usage and pronunciation of wird
  42. Swiss German course: Yay or nay?
  43. How do you say in German... ?
  44. C'est Normal
  45. Experience/Review of IOR Sprachschule in Loerrach?
  46. Looking for a semi-intensive German course near Zofingen (Olten) A2 - B1 level
  47. German-Russian Tandem
  48. English language teacher needed for private lessons (weekend) in Lucerne
  49. Italienisch-deutsch tandem
  50. Translation Help for Tax forms (German)
  51. Looking for English teacher that speaks Spanish
  52. URGENT: translator for interview in Zofingen at RAV on 27.05.2013
  53. Which language should I teach my child?
  54. Help with German Translation
  55. language partner Zurich (offer mandarin/cantonese)
  56. Saturday french lessons lausanne?
  57. Learning German what do I need to know!
  58. Sprachtandem English-German
  59. Language level question
  60. Need English-Swiss German translation, please
  61. Mandarin-German exchange(Basel)
  62. Group looking for paid help recording Swiss-French sound bites
  63. Improving Swiss German
  64. Wednesday german group - notebook left ?
  65. German for Spanish practice
  66. German conversation group in Basel
  67. Sechs und sex
  68. Swiss German <> English Help
  69. [German] Lingua-top Wallisellen
  70. Intensive French Summer Course in Montreux Riviera
  71. Français (Deutsch) - English tandem Zürich
  72. Zurichsee International Language Studio
  73. Swiss German/French online course?
  74. English speaker confused by German message
  75. Where can I find German courses in Spanish?
  76. Looking for Russian teacher
  77. Conversation Course
  78. English speaker learning German
  79. German in Neuchatel
  80. Hello, I'm looking for people who want to exchange languages in fribourg!
  81. French conversation groups in Biel/Bienne?
  82. About the Swiss German dialect
  83. what swiss dialect is that?
  84. German Tutor in Zurich/Olten needed!
  85. [Basel] German language school Academia vs Berlitz vs Inlingua vs Migros klubschule
  86. Printable German Exercises Online
  87. Italian in Ticino
  88. BBQ in german
  89. One easy sentence to translate ;)
  90. Scottish Gaelic in Basel?
  91. Learn french via skype
  92. "Both": sowohl vs beide
  93. Can anyone translate this? (to German)
  94. Translation Help for Letter to University
  95. French lesson in Lausanne
  96. Swiss German help.. buchlie Ecke?
  97. Microsoft office lessons in English
  98. Private German Tutor in Zug
  99. Looking for an English tutor
  100. German courses close to Männedorf.
  101. Translation help (German)
  102. Private German Teacher
  103. Translation of "Wertpapiertechnik" into English
  104. Looking for a native American
  105. Beyond Basel - Alsace & Baden-Württemberg languages?
  106. Business English schools please advise
  107. Learn German partner or a small group??
  108. Private German lessons for a Beginner
  109. suggestions on french textbook?
  110. Basic Swiss german - Enjoy cleaning your throat
  111. FR > EN "Partenariat"
  112. [French] Pronunciation of Château-d'Œx
  113. B2 and C1 Deutschkurs in Winterthur
  114. French is hard? Does anyone want to Help me?
  115. Exchange my Chinese for your German --Zurich
  116. losing motivation in german
  117. Language - Where next?
  118. Private English lessons (Zurich area) - experienced teacher
  119. German Podcasts
  120. German Coversation B1 level
  121. Learning German
  122. Conversation exchange: Italian for German
  123. German is easy ;)
  124. Swiss german translation help !
  125. Which German course will get me a student ID card?
  126. Translator needed
  127. Public french-speaking school in Zurich for 5 years old ?
  128. German courses Zurich Oerlikon
  129. Looking for Spanish conversation group in Basel!
  130. Helping my 2yo with du and ich
  131. Korean Lessons - Lausanne Area?
  132. German Course Staring April Canton Bern
  133. German - How to determine what level I am at
  134. Sorry wrong number
  135. Great online tool to learn languages and more
  136. Part time job as english teacher
  137. Private German lessons in Zürich
  138. the swiss french accent?
  139. Collar Stays
  140. The Swiss are funny
  141. Luzern and/or Nidwalden tandem, Spanish-English-German
  142. Enlish for Italian
  143. I need to improve my english
  144. like to learn bahasa Indonesia can teach you in swiss german/german or english
  145. German: Saturday courses in Germany?
  146. Need tandem French partner! Can offer Mandarin
  147. German: Need help with diplomacy...
  148. german courses in zurich
  149. What is Hudelwetter?
  150. French lessons with toddler on tow Geneva/Vaud
  151. [German] "Reserve aus Berechnungsstand bei Vertragsabschluss"?
  152. Tandem with baby / Zürich
  153. Language course - Realistic expectations?
  154. chasch mi filme = ?
  155. German Language Online Suggestions
  156. Tandem Partner???
  157. German or English wanted in exchange of French (I'll teach you)-(Basel)
  158. Hit my daughter again and I'll break your legs (in French)
  159. Does having a diploma for English help ?
  160. German/English/French - Lessons for Children, Exam Preparation
  161. German Lessons at Home
  162. Tandem: German (teach me) for Italian (I ll teach you)
  163. Intensive German classes or private lessons wanted urgently!
  164. Wanted: translation of CV English to German
  165. Wanting to do a German learning Course in Basel
  166. Babylon 10 - Translation Software and Dictionary Tool now free
  167. Want to speak Japanese! Can teach guitar :), or Dutch, English, German!
  168. learning French in Lausanne
  169. Translation of letter from Migrationsamt
  170. Courses of Swiss German in Haute Savoie?
  171. Need tandem German partner! Can offer Mandarin or English!
  172. "Next Tuesday"
  173. Course preparation Celi exam Zurich
  174. Where do English teachers advertise
  175. Young English speakers' gathering - Zurich
  176. Looking for a german teacher to teach a class of 3-4 people --- location: Basel
  177. Looking for English course in Bern
  178. German/Italian Tandem
  179. Need an exact German - English translation
  180. English course in Zurich
  181. Learning German near Termen,Brig Help
  182. Written English for spoken German
  183. English for Arab or French
  184. The Learning Place-Zug-Any Feedback?
  185. Translation help please
  186. German language ELDIS Course by Stadt Zürich
  187. German Conversation Group In Baden
  188. German course in Yverdon or Lausanne
  189. swap Chinese fpr French or English
  190. English Tutor needed for 4 children (separate) in Niederweningen
  191. Translation help
  192. learn french
  193. German Language Course in Geneva
  194. Help with small thing.
  195. I need help with German language contract in Basel
  196. English for German language exchange
  197. German: Rules for Compounding Words?
  198. Wanted - German tutor in Wadensil
  199. Language practice and more
  200. My wife is very proud of her English!
  201. where can I find a good intensive German Courses?
  202. Chinese and Dutch-- German exchange
  203. Looking for native Swedish speakers
  204. How would you translate "Taschenrechner bedienung?"
  205. Italian course - Locarno
  206. English / French conversation
  207. translation help
  208. Can I have an extension please?
  209. Dynamic Spanish Conversation class
  210. A1 Lagune Hueber Course Book and Practice Book (Bellingua)
  211. Selling Instant Immersion German software
  212. german courses near Dietlikon
  213. Help with translating some short phrases of Swiss German
  214. Can anyone tell me if this sentence is correct?
  215. ASPEKTE 2, Teil 1
  216. [French] Ne pas affranchir
  217. Day time conversation exchange: German - English
  218. Recommendation for German teachers
  219. Anyone knows of a website with German childrenbooks in pdf?
  220. Sprach Schule in Zürich
  221. German conversation in Basel A1/A2 - Thursday, November 22nd at 19.30
  222. Learning Swiss German from Swiss TV??
  223. Looking for cheap German novels in Basel
  224. Learning French in Basel + TANDEM Partner
  225. Obligatory French at primary school
  226. Need B1 level Goethe German test books
  227. Swiss Or High German
  228. Your French for My English
  229. Urgent dutch (holland) speaking person needed!!! Asap
  230. Has anyone used Byki?
  231. Books for Intermediate German Learners (Level B2)
  232. Language Exchange - Tandem: Native Italian for your Geman and/or English
  233. English proficiency amongst the Swiss
  234. Adieu can this word be used as goodbye here?
  235. Tandem my German/English for your French
  236. Which language to learn?
  237. Looking for a native english speaking person for my son 7 years old Prangins
  238. Any German Conversation Groups in Winterthur?
  239. German learining group in schaffhausen
  240. Tadem: your German - my Spanish
  241. German/English conversation in Berne
  242. English conversation over lunch - not for free
  243. überkonfessionell
  244. German language school
  245. (Wanted) Private German Lessons Winterthur
  246. language exchange
  247. German-English dictionary (online or iPhone app?)
  248. Simple way to type German characters on English keyboards
  249. Questions about LSI Language school Zurich
  250. French conversation evening?