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  1. Getting Started in German with Mark Twain
  2. Italian in 10 weeks?
  3. Certifications/Tests
  4. Migros Klubschule or Berlitz
  5. swiss or Swiss?
  6. German Pronounciation long e etc?
  7. French lessons
  8. What About Swiss People's High German?
  9. Intense German course for beginners in Basel
  10. Wanted: German Lessons in Zurich - suggestions and recommendations
  11. Teaching a 4 year old Swiss German
  12. 3 lines of Swiss german translation
  13. Chuchichäschtli
  14. German Lessons
  15. English to Swiss-German Translation?
  16. Reccomend a site?
  17. Help needed French-English menu item
  18. Course or teacher of German for 2 young English Children waiting to start school?
  19. German - lessons by Skype
  20. 'Actual' or 'Current' - that is the question……
  21. Verify google translation
  22. Six words
  23. looking ofr a French teacher, Neuchatel
  24. French/Chinese language exchange
  25. German courses on saturdays any suggestions (basel)
  26. Language teachers please fill in a student's questionnaire!!
  27. any help appreciated!!!
  28. German Private Lesson Partner in Zurich
  29. Muss Nicht
  30. Cheat sheet for during labor - key phrases in german
  31. app for android or Iphone
  32. Warte-luege-lose-laufe
  33. Schönen Tag noch
  34. Sprachmax or Sprachenschule - any opinion?
  35. CertIBET
  36. CELTA course
  37. feminine and masculine surnames
  38. Where can I learn French [Morges area]
  39. Alpha and Berlitz German Language Schools in Zurich
  40. How do you say "join us" in German?
  41. GENEVA - Exchange French with German or Spanish
  42. which school has Swiss German course? with baby care would be best
  43. Is the Intensive Migros German course good?
  44. Questions about learning German, please share your experiences.
  45. English lessons as a first language
  46. english-german dictionary
  47. IDEAR? Whhat? Whhen?
  48. Use of the word "mega" in schweizerdeutsch :)
  49. Looking to improve Conversational German
  50. French language schools in Zurich
  51. Lugano: Italian/German language group
  52. Group versus Private German Lessons
  53. Private French Lessons
  54. French class in Nyon
  55. HEKS German Course
  56. Video production - German vocabulary
  57. Anyone have Rosetta Stone (French) they don't need anymore?
  58. How to impress your friends with Swiss German
  59. double entendres
  60. Basel: Any informal conversation classes in the evenings?
  61. Please, can you help me with an English text?
  62. How would you behave as only one English speaking among Germans/Swiss?
  63. German courses for Stay-at-Home-Parents with childcare option. Enrolment 2011
  64. My kid needs "une paire de pantoufles d’intérieur" - what are they exactly?
  65. Free Kindle Dictionaries for helping with French and German.
  66. need advice: affordable German lessons in Basel
  67. Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone
  68. What is Weichspülbalsam?
  69. Meaning of "Stellenantritt Vorgesehen per"
  70. Which is the best place to learn german in zurich.
  71. Can someone please translate?
  72. Learn French or German?
  73. German translation urgently needed for 'LOST WALLET' notice.
  74. Idioms are tough...
  75. Dare I enter?
  76. ESL forum recommendation
  77. Whats the best book to learn German?
  78. my english for your german in Zug
  79. french grammar: a small doubt
  80. German: for a 6 year old
  81. Fund OED Spelling Quiz
  82. Migros Language - question about levels / courses
  83. French: Translating a (UK) degree title and grade
  84. Need some help to translate something in english
  85. German Conversation Group Winterthur
  86. German school
  87. Going about it...
  88. German in Germany
  89. Ciao!Ciao!Ciao!Ciao!Ciao!Ciao!
  90. so hard not to push buttons - translation
  91. When French Was the Language of Enlightenment
  92. Was ist Shag?
  93. Nosy "concierge"--Mind your own beeswax (French)
  94. Looking for an english speaking editor
  95. Teaching English to a dyslexic 11 year old - tips needed!
  96. Standard phrases for a kinderkrippe abschied letter
  97. uk groupon is Rosesta stone
  98. 1 week only intensive German course in Zurich. Bitte um Hilfe!
  99. Free French lessons (Lausanne)
  100. Looking for Präteritum / Plusquamperfekt worksheets online.
  101. Learning French
  102. I hate being wrong
  103. How to write a Bewerbung?
  104. Getting German B2 Certificate- Easiest study route?
  105. Learning by doing
  106. Look forward or Looking forward ?
  107. mums french classes lausanne with creche
  108. Help needed fast please
  109. German-Italian-English tandem or speaking group?
  110. Bilingualism in Biel/Bienne
  111. Is anybody interested in English-Japanse tandem?
  112. My Portuguese for your French
  113. [German] Geneva: Fondation pour la Fomation des Adultes
  114. French lessons in Zurich
  115. Help with understanding French website
  116. Leo.org - What am I missing
  117. question for the "language corner"
  118. Spanish please!
  119. Multilingual [learn local language or not]
  120. German: how do you express condolences?
  121. Bookshop Storchenpl
  122. written english at work
  123. höflich vs freundlich
  124. French Fashion Magazine Recommendations?
  125. German beginners' course in the Zug area
  126. Are there any swiss german schools
  127. My English sense of humour for some simple German conversation help
  128. Swizerland, Sweden and Swiss German
  129. My spanish for your french
  130. Swiss German Conversation practice group in Basel
  131. ESL Zug summer school
  132. Tandem - My DE / FR / IT for your EN
  133. Help with translation from swiss-german to english
  134. Useful German phrases to say or recognise
  135. (German) Salutation When Gender of Recipient Is Unknown?
  136. "Swiss German" sports kit - translation
  137. Is a private German teacher a good idea for us?
  138. Swiss Proverb Help
  139. Any experience with Akrotea.ch
  140. how to learn any language [website]
  141. German for car boot mat?
  142. Nachmieter clause in Kündigen
  143. Where to learn German in Zurich?
  144. Group to practice german in Basel
  145. Any other / all other
  146. German / English conversation Partner through skype wanted
  147. berlitz virtual classroom
  148. Pigs
  149. How well äh good is your English
  150. Meaning of the word "kantonal"
  151. Anyone experienced Italian courses online ? Need your feedback
  152. English Lessons in Zurich - Suggestions for courses?
  153. Auslandschweizer Learning Swiss German?
  154. German Conversation Group for Credit Suisse Employees
  155. German: Seeking lessons for kids (Aged 3 and 5) - advice for newcomers?
  156. love quotes or short poems in german
  157. Is this real English or Denglish? [Technical English]
  158. OCR scanning and translation
  159. DELF exam possible without taking the course?
  160. Best way to learn French in Geneva/Vaud
  161. Free language lessons for migrants ?
  162. Deutsche Redewendungen (sayings) to EN
  163. German things
  164. party invite for children
  165. Help... forgetting English...
  166. Some help with French..
  167. English to berndutsch blog!!!
  168. Deciphering coworkers' Germanglish
  169. tutoring group needs more people!
  170. "Wall Chaser" in German
  171. Best High German school?
  172. German language lessons to study in Bern
  173. [DE] Object or subject 1st
  174. Breaking The language barrier
  175. What does this mean? (Ger-Eng)
  176. English to Swiss-German Translation
  177. German intensive course through cactus.language.com?
  178. A challenge - who can help decipher an old handwritten text in German
  179. Active language skills require attitude shift
  180. German IT/Computer Glossary
  181. Learning DE Grammar - A2 / B1 level - a useful resource
  182. Need help with this translation
  183. French teacher for two levels? Recommendations please
  184. Seeking German conversation help in Zurich
  185. German lessons in exchange for tennis lessons - Zurich
  186. German practice in Basel
  187. German lessons for complete beginners: Zurich
  188. German for Soldering Flux?
  189. French schools in Lausanne
  190. Books for non-native teenager -any suggestions?
  191. German Conversation on Weekends in Zürich ?
  192. Comedy sketches in German
  193. Any experience with Switch Sprachschule?
  194. Baden as a adjective: German to English
  195. Swiss German - Learning / Basic Vocabulary / Translations Swiss German < > English
  196. Swiss German for dummies.
  197. Online Swiss German writing group
  198. translation for V-day!?
  199. "Hahn im Korb" in English?
  200. High German-High German Dictionary?
  201. Er hat schon zwei kleine Bier getrunken (why not kleinen)?
  202. Di' Khatz chommt wieder (The Cat comes again) [Swiss German]
  203. Chinese, English or Taichi for your French near Montreux
  204. Preparation for DELF B1 : course in Lausanne?
  205. German language variants [Map]
  206. tandem french/english
  207. is it normal for beginner German class to ONLY be in German?
  208. [German] Example of dialect spoken in Basel?
  209. Are there free Swiss German language courses near Zurich/Baden?
  210. Learning Italian
  211. How do you say "rusty" as in out of practice en French?
  212. Technical/tradesperson Deutsch Dictionary
  213. To Address an Ambassador ...
  214. Language Exchange in Basel
  215. What language should I learn?
  216. Night school for French in Aargau
  217. German School in South Germany?
  218. Demotivation : what to do
  219. Looking for afordable German tuition or German/Spanish tandem
  220. Goethe Institute to rearrange C2 exams
  221. Tandem in language: Spanish/English
  222. Simple books to start learning German?
  223. How long did it take you to adapt from High German to Swiss German?
  224. which childrens books/comics for french beginner
  225. Learning language online
  226. A Mother finding a French-speaking mom
  227. shall I continue with Migros language cours or change the school
  228. Headline for an ad in english
  229. wanted: korean tandem or teacher
  230. English in Italian Switzerland
  231. Tangram 1A
  232. Learning German
  233. Useful German for a new kid in school
  234. Interested in learning Swiss German?
  235. French speaker
  236. Zweimal Kaffee?
  237. I speak english to my kids, they respond in german
  238. [German language] Online Radio Stations
  239. French course at Wall Street Institute Lausanne
  240. Tips for not mixing languages and speaking gobbledy gook
  241. Bellingua for those who don't want to do an intensive course
  242. French lessons for accent in Lausanne
  243. "Wundertüte" is there a English translation?
  244. French language classes for kids - Geneva
  245. Learning To Speak Swiss
  246. what does this mean? (translation)
  247. Quick help - German sentence needed :)
  248. Google Translate's online virtual keyboard
  249. sympathy/condolence message in German
  250. Lausanne, pronounced