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  1. What is the fastest way to learn Swiss German?
  2. ZHAW Deutsch Course
  3. email conversation partner on the topic of umwelt
  4. Sprachaustausch [Language Exchange] Indonesisch-Deutsch
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  9. My english for your german in Basel
  10. German B2... how much harder than A2?
  11. moving to zurich
  12. French Help: How on earth do I say this?
  13. Translate in Germany
  14. Bern - Recommend a Private German Tutor
  15. [German] high or Swiss.. can I pick it out. .
  16. German audio books
  17. Migros école-club Intensive French
  18. Help! What's a "carte gise"?
  19. [German] I have a couple of newbie questions.
  20. German Convesation Group in Baden
  21. German language schools in Zürich
  22. Conudrum
  23. inexpensive french conversation lessons wanted
  24. "Easy reading"
  25. Praticing French by meeting up in Lausanne
  26. German or Swiss German private cheap lessons
  27. How important is the DELF French diploma for job hunting?
  28. Book for learning Basel German
  29. Pimslleur/Rosetta Stone
  30. Wanted: English-German conversation partner Winterthur
  31. stadtammannamt
  32. How long did it take you to learn German?
  33. german apeaking group
  34. Swiss-german
  35. "Lock the front door" in German
  36. Another community translation site
  37. [French] Future in the past?
  38. French - Spanish (Yverdon)
  39. Swiss German - English
  40. Intensive "Sprachkurs" [German class] finally in Münich
  41. Wanted: Tandem German-English
  42. meaning of Schamsdar
  43. Swiss German Translation
  44. Korean lessons for my friend
  45. Looking for Language exchange Mandarin-French
  46. How to translate this from French into English
  47. private french lessons.
  48. socket splitter
  49. Getting copy of Goethe certification
  50. Semi-intensive morning German courses?
  51. French-english idiom help
  52. English language courses/lessons in Lausanne
  53. German conversation Basel B1+
  54. Vollmacht mit Substitutionsrecht???
  55. Recommendations for German Classes in ZH
  56. Is there any mom interested in teaching English conversation in Zug?
  57. French in Montreux
  58. Private German lessons in Thalwil
  59. German Skype lessons 1 to 2 wanted
  60. The Language Cafe - Fribourg
  61. Japanese Learning
  62. German courses in Luzern
  63. German school tutor for 9 year old Zurich area
  64. low Budget German courses in Bern
  65. Has anyone taken ZHAW German C1 class before?
  66. Language difficulties
  67. English conversation
  68. Questions and answers for learners of German, French and Italian, translation help
  69. German teacher for absolute beginners in Zurich!
  70. Simple wording for a thankyou card in french
  71. German School kn Zurich
  72. Learning Indonesian in Summer, Anyone?
  73. What does this mean?
  74. Korean language schools near Yverdon/Lausanne?
  75. Quizduell - fun way to improve German
  76. Polish-German
  77. Switzerland [learning Swiss German]
  78. [German] Best TV channels for learning German (Swisscom)? Do any allow subtitles?
  79. Looking for German / English Translations or English text assistance?
  80. free or cheap german language course in Baden
  81. Looking for German conversation, offering Italian or English
  82. Spoken and Written Swiss German
  83. Goethe Institut in London anyone?
  84. Any Bulgarians in Geneva wanting to help teach French? (or: Bulgarian for French)?
  85. Looking for English conversation
  86. Private Italian lessons and relocation service in Lugano and Ticino
  87. study German in Fribourg
  88. French - help with English to French translation
  89. Fribourg language cafe - Every Monday 19 - 22hrs
  90. Spanish Teacher
  91. Vowels in Senslerdeutsch
  92. Rosetta Stone Learn German & is there a grammar book you could recommend ?
  93. German - Online proficency test recommendations?
  94. Proper way to address a person in a letter/e-mail
  95. I want to destroy my friend with.....
  96. Swiss German course that does not require Standard German
  97. Female German
  98. German bard sings in "Bärndütsch"
  99. German teacher around Schwyz
  100. Allemania Oder Migroschule????
  101. Can one learn two languages at the same time?
  102. German or French (Italian too) language Tandem (Vaud)?
  103. Is "Kindern" the plural of "Kind" in German ?
  104. Learn to communicate in German
  105. preparation course for DELF French B2 exam?
  106. language exchange german - english in Zürich
  107. Idioms of thé impossible
  108. Free (or cheap) French and German courses in Basel (integration)
  109. CELTA course in St Gallen (ONLINE)
  110. Walk-in DELC or TELC German test
  111. Writing a French CV - free online course
  112. Schweizerdeutsch in EB Zurich
  113. Language School in Ausserschwyz (or surroungind areas)
  114. Audiobooks in Swiss German
  115. Learning German By My Lonesome
  116. Practicing English in exchange for German
  117. A Chinese is looking for a good English speaker for language exchange
  118. Birmenstorf/Datwil/Baden Area - Private German lessons for my sons
  119. Intensive [German] for working professional - Zurich
  120. Learning German:best way (alone/courses/other option)
  121. Why "Ich bin kein Arzt"?
  122. Best self-learn method for french
  123. English language question
  124. Looking for expats who are learning GERMAN
  125. German needed, in exchange for Spanish or English (Zürich)
  126. Looking for an ENGLISH teacher(private lesson)in Zurich
  127. Need French-English or French-German translator -- can help with German on my side
  128. German conversation Partner through skype wanted
  129. Learning German at ENAIP - Selnau.
  130. Free language learning resources.
  131. Penfriend site needed for French
  132. German!
  133. 20 british words that mean something totally different in the u.s.
  134. Swiss [Pronunciation] Map for Expats [aka Welcome to Shoe-Whites]
  135. Korean German Tandem in Zurich
  136. German Intensive Course mac 3 Person
  137. [wanted] Private [German] Lessons- Wollerau
  138. Learning French in/nearby to Neuchatel
  139. Telc or Goethe exam?
  140. Wanted: Old Magazines
  141. Looking for tandem in Geneva: my French for your German
  142. offer Chinese(mandarin) in or around laussanne
  143. Who can go to Caritas french classes?
  144. German - English Tandem Partner in Train from Basel to Luzern
  145. Your German for my English - Basel
  146. Struggling to remember an English phrase
  147. English or Arabic for high German
  148. Tandem: Chinesse - English (& Spanish)
  149. How does your English accent sound? Native?
  150. German: English speaker wants to learn German
  151. Deut-tutor
  152. Hello everybody
  153. Learning to spell English words in a Swiss German School
  154. The History of English in 10 Minutes
  155. 1:1 German Lesson needed
  156. Propose help with lessons of Russian
  157. Supermarket stick thing
  158. German tutor needed in Kussnacht
  159. Translator pay
  160. Baden - Private english lessons
  161. How German sounds compared to other languages
  162. One free Chinese lesson
  163. Conversation group Zurich, Saturday morning, starting soon
  164. tandem italienisch-deutsch
  165. [German] German Radio Stations: YOUR top 5
  166. [German] German radio stations (Trendy)
  167. Comic about languages I found amusing
  168. english certificate needed
  169. Italian or English in exchange for German
  170. English - German spoken language exchange in Zurich
  171. The language cafe in Fribourg - from 19 - 22hrs
  172. French tandem English/German/Italian - Zurich
  173. Looking for French conversation course (Geneva)
  174. German teacher in Zurich needed
  175. [French] Teacher needed?
  176. Need help for my CV and Covering letter
  177. english conversation st. gallen
  178. Tandem- Spanish / German (Zürich city)
  179. German tutor needed in the Geneva area
  180. English private tutor available immediately
  181. Studying together is more fun!
  182. Learning German in Basel
  183. Experiment
  184. Learning French in 3 months
  185. Translation
  186. Where i can learn German in Zug?
  187. Help needed TELC A2
  188. Go Native - English Language School
  189. Invitation letter asking a professor to serve on the thesis committee
  190. Tandem - English / German in Opfikon area
  191. Please help with grammar
  192. I fell in love with my kindle again
  193. Living with a French speaking family
  194. Searching for native German speaking babysitter/childminder
  195. Cheaper Language Course (Deutsch,French, Italian)
  196. German] Looking for language classes in Fribourg.
  197. English lessons for Kids - Einsiedeln and Adliswil
  198. Kreiskommandant
  199. Need German Language Books
  200. Tandem French - English :-)
  201. Offer Chinese (Mandarin) in or around Lausanne
  202. Private english course in morges
  203. English Conversation for my husband
  204. Does Government Pay for German Lessons?
  205. Looking for French classes for me and my 2 year old
  206. Any Danish speakers?
  207. Help to learn Russian
  208. Skype german lessons for 9eur? Where's that post?!
  209. French podcast and programmes
  210. Tandem Italian (English) - Spanish
  211. Tandem English (or German) < > Italian (Schaffhausen Area)
  212. Tandem Italian - French in Neuchatel
  213. Tandem russian-english or german-english in st.gallen
  214. Learning German/Swiss German
  215. german course download free before 18 Sept.
  216. French tutor for 6yr old boy.
  217. Conversation group in Zürich or Winterthur
  218. German-Welsh Tandem in Neuchâtel
  219. Reading in French or German
  220. Tandem: English <> French
  221. Help with email an email from my friend
  222. German Language and culture
  223. Die Tageszeiten
  224. B2 German Exam Prep Partner - Zurich
  225. Language exchange: "My Korean/ English for your French"
  226. Tandem English-German
  227. Help with translating
  228. Help with French
  229. private courses of French in Lausanne
  230. Can anyone tell me what language this is?
  231. Quick Help translation
  232. Tandem English-Russian in Basel
  233. [French] Need to get better - inlingua private lessons worth it ?
  234. Need an English to German translator.
  235. German Language Facebook page
  236. Alemania vs FlyingTeachers
  237. Language tandem partner
  238. How is Migros School in Bern?
  239. Please help: need translation
  240. French Grammar Rule help!
  241. Total Beginners German course near Sihl City
  242. Offer Chinese/Mandarin courses in Geneva
  243. Tandem German <> English in Zurich !!!
  244. Help! My special McDonalds order! (French)
  245. Swiss German nicknames for romantic partners
  246. German lesson in Unterageri, Zug.
  247. German classes in Wilen or Wollerau
  248. Deutsch Lehrer/Lehrerin for a 6 grader, Oerlikon, Zurich
  249. Private English Classes in Winterthur and Zurich!
  250. Looking for a Finnish private tutor in Basel