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  1. Master in Zürich?
  2. Switzerland, The Liberal Utopia
  3. Happy Friday
  4. Begging on the train?
  5. Scandinavian Kid's Clothes
  6. help!!! laptop disk drive is rotating continuously
  7. Weather Forecasting
  8. random plans for drinks
  9. Do Swiss women have small breasts OR my hunt for a bra
  10. English books
  11. Zurich on street parade day [NON Street Parade activities]
  12. Can you wash your car in your driveway?
  13. Buying fitness equipment abroad
  14. Just need to print 1 or 2 pages...
  15. Selling a car / paperwork
  16. Kid's haircuts in Zurich
  17. Anyone in or near Moudon, Vaud?...
  18. Can I send chocolate by mail to EU?
  19. Why aren't prices falling...?
  20. Garden Centres Zurich
  21. What's wrong with radio these days?
  22. Dishwasher Flooding
  23. Dance day
  24. Empty perfume bottles in Zürich?
  25. Gardening Tips and Suggestions ?
  26. 13year old path finder death, because the group underestimated a mountain tour!
  27. Good sewing fabric stores around Zurich?
  28. In limbo
  29. panzerturs
  30. Weed??!! What is the law here?
  31. Copy and Printing, how much it costs?
  32. Thinking of commuting to Switzerland!
  33. My oven door just exploded!! WTF!!!
  34. MIGROS Italian ham is being recalled "prosciutto cotto Gran Riserva"
  35. Swiss TV
  36. How much do you pay for convenience at Co-op Pronto?
  37. Things for Kids to do in Switzerland.....
  38. First Weeker Questions
  39. Why are the Gas companies such thieving bastards?
  40. police with no english skills ;( !!!
  41. Bicycle got stolen AGAIN
  42. iPhone App for learning Swiss German
  43. Wednesdays: Am I missing something?
  44. Getting Away With It Swiss Stylee (tips and tricks for expat life in CH)
  45. The hardest thing about living in Switzerland
  46. Been for a BKWee in Basel?
  47. Been here 1 month...already feeling homesick
  48. Swiss Meat is sounding pretty good
  49. Cool historical site notrehistoire.ch
  50. Looking for places like home in Zürich
  51. Good service
  52. question for cohabitating couples
  53. Quick help with furniture in Zurich
  54. Not so Happy Swiss National day for one unlucky b*gger
  55. Bern firework 1st Aug
  56. Happy Birthday Switzerland - Karaoke Time
  57. CS & UBS Job Cuts will cost the UK tax revenue
  58. Grill bratwurst at a local event & become integrated
  59. Difficulty in making friends?
  60. Political flyers - how can I send them back?
  61. Black people in Switzerland (Zürich)
  62. The Big Mac Index...
  63. Buying Heating Oil
  64. English speakers in Berner Oberland
  65. August 1st and all that...
  66. Prescription Vs Insurance
  67. Do shops close early today? (Please reply in next 17 minutes)
  68. First 2 days
  69. Undo Swiss ranting and raving
  70. What do you like about the Swiss people and Switzerland?
  71. «Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth»
  72. Organization that works against the sale of horses as meat?
  73. pram service
  74. To all you Swiss people: Do realize how great your country is?
  75. Who do I contact for help on harassment or stalking?
  76. Where to buy FusionExcel's Quantum gadgets in CH
  77. General Health Evaluation / Check Up
  78. Taxed on Warranty Repair?
  79. House owner search?
  80. Can anyone identify this tree / fruit
  81. Use your Euros for Swiss parking meters
  82. English Used Book Store?
  83. Disinfectant - Where Can I Find It?
  84. Found something that's cheaper in Zürich!
  85. Laptop Repair Zurich
  86. Was there ever a black out in Switzerland?
  87. Sursee speak up!
  88. Please assist my decision making - UK or stay?
  89. How is the crime rate in the Switzerland compare to England?
  90. house bills
  91. Living and working in different cantons
  92. How does Switzerland compare...according to the OECD
  93. Where do you guys check the weather forecast?
  94. 1st August
  95. Practicing Nichiren Buddhism
  96. european health insurance certificates
  97. warning - paving/tarmac scam
  98. Are Pre-determination Visits Standard?
  99. Weird things expats do
  100. Moving to Basel
  101. Recently moved to Hegenheim, France
  102. Food Stand Rentals
  103. Looking for a roofer in the Nyon - Rolle area
  104. Moutreux Jazz Festival awesome
  105. I love jaywalking in Zürich
  106. Just moved to Geneva any pointers???
  107. Lost receipt for shoes and got a gift card with my Bank statement!
  108. Dress closet in switzerland
  109. Consumer rights for returning defective products
  110. Google Live Traffic
  111. Garden Aphids and Schmierseife?
  112. The green slimey lurgy man doing the rounds...
  113. Importing fruits from outside EU
  114. A53 traffic getting worse?
  115. Ebooks - childrens
  116. Translating birth certificate
  117. How comfortable is it to travel here?
  118. Looking for someone to put up wall mounted LCD TV (Zurich)
  119. Current Swiss Fuel Prices
  120. Getting an appointment in Zurich Univ hospital(non emergency case)
  121. It hurts so bad
  122. Clear sky in Geneva
  123. Lightning storm over Zurich
  124. Basel Storm!
  125. Comparative wages?
  126. The Watchers
  127. It says 1 year - it means 1 year - Guarantee fun and games
  128. EF Worst Advice of the Day Thread
  129. Ricardo Scam [watch out for scam artists sending fake emails]
  130. A kilo of guff !
  131. Hungarian
  132. tattoos on swiss women
  133. A Swiss thing or just odd behaviour?
  134. Switzerland: low disposable income?
  135. University of Neuchatel - questions!!!
  136. Shopping over the border....
  137. Swiss men
  138. Its difficult to help in switzerland
  139. Virtual grieving, why do we do it?
  140. Qualipet Pet Store Steinhausen
  141. Soaked to the skin
  142. Voltage in Switzerland - Got DJ mixer from USA
  143. Fly furniture - opinions?
  144. Patrouille Suisse F-5E flyover Lausanne: Today & Sunday
  145. Violent, fatal Summer storms over Central Switzerland
  146. 1000th post - What has it been like to get here?
  147. Nespresso coffee machines
  148. Bicycle repair shop in central Zurich, preferably Seefeld?
  149. Chickens on Harley Davidsons
  150. Helicopters over kries 5?!
  151. Clothes Shops Online
  152. Do I need my passport everywhere?
  153. Dates of Google maps?
  154. Only in Switzerland....DJ with a degree to work at lawyers office!!!
  155. [Baking] Cream of tartar
  156. Account details for Begga's collection
  157. Need someone to move sofa from Lausanne to Biel
  158. Happy 4th of July to all those that celebrate it !
  159. 4th of July celebrations?
  160. Angry Swiss dude
  161. Swiss-Australian, moving back to Switzerland... So many questions!
  162. Looking for a Job in Zurich - any helpful tips?
  163. freddie mercury statue
  164. New Toni&Guy Store in Basel
  165. SWISS NACHBARIN can't park [Is this appropriate?]
  166. Finding Somebody's Name
  167. Spring water delivery service in Zurich
  168. Moving from England to Switzerland
  169. Funeral wear
  170. Blue Monkey goes Hasenstall
  171. Turned down my dinner invitation
  172. Helping those CHF go further
  173. Bored this summer? Why not write a novel?
  174. I got so touched today by a great human reaction
  175. 70% of locals shop abroad
  176. Drink Beer!
  177. Drink water!
  178. Supermarket in St Louis
  179. Toplessness laws?
  180. Me & Pete (Ricardo car scammer)
  181. carpark fundraisers
  182. Post for previous tenant
  183. Dead fish in Lake Geneva
  184. Zurich and Europe stifles drivers in favor of alternatives
  185. Choirs or Vocal Jam Sessions?
  186. Advice needed - BBQ hosted by Swiss Muslims
  187. Swiss Flag Throwing
  188. Kyrgyz Charities
  189. How do men dress in Switzerland?
  190. looking for piano teacher in plainpalais
  191. Only in Switzerland... (anecdotes)
  192. La Cote region, strong winds warning
  193. Which canton have the best party or club?
  194. a lady and her dog
  195. Mums and babies
  196. Neuchatel or not?
  197. Wedding anniversary congratulations
  198. Price of Hiking gear
  199. Pakistanis in Basel?
  200. Tonight's plans?
  201. Speaking English in Zurich
  202. Fathers Day this Sunday?
  203. Calm yourself down ...
  204. Events with Children?
  205. Noisy Planes near Bern today
  206. Moving to Switzerland
  207. Will my xyz CHF salary be enough?
  208. The Tropics of Switzerland..
  209. Montessori Schools in Zurich
  210. Midsommer
  211. How do you combat the loneliness?
  212. Plumber desperatly needed Basel
  213. Aldi in Lausanne
  214. Western Union scam at SBB Bahnhof
  215. Is Switzerland boring?
  216. What do people my age do on weekends/ evening in zurich?
  217. Anything open today in Geneva?
  218. Where to buy Styrofoam Cups
  219. Gay community in Zurich or Zug?
  220. Where are all the hippies?
  221. Pfingsten / Whit Monday June 13th - don't forget to shop by tomorrow Sat
  222. Advantages to keeping a Swiss Man
  223. Tune in, Turn On, Grind?
  224. Oerlikons
  225. Where have all the girls gone on Sihlquai (Zurich)
  226. attacked by a small elderly woman
  227. Scam? Woman "lost" tickets, stuck, etc.
  228. Feeling a little justified...?
  229. No one speaks english in Bern
  230. Buying from Deal extreme
  231. Where to buy Amazon Kindle in Zurich
  232. English speaking hairdresser in Geneva ?
  233. Random Searches?
  234. Water flowing from electrical junction box
  235. Please can you glance at my figures (living costs in Basel)?
  236. Male barbershops in Geneva
  237. what to do in Zurich TODAY (public Hol)
  238. Woman's Business Suit - where to buy in Basel
  239. Restaurant backstage experience
  240. Sex ed in Basel kindergardens
  241. Bad manners .....
  242. Thank you Zurich guys and girls :)
  243. Arrival duty free shop at Zürich Airport now OPEN
  244. Aprils fools on June 1st ( snow on the Jura !?! )
  245. A bit peeved. Strange behaviour from a Zurich tram driver.
  246. Looking for relaxation center near Geneva
  247. Expiration date convention in Switzerland
  248. STOP PRESS: Incredible Offer on leshop.ch (Migros online)
  249. Exact Change
  250. [Basel] Large baby stores in Basel?