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  1. Happy New Year 2010/11
  2. 6XL size clothes: where can I get them in Switzerland?
  3. Grocery shopping in Lausanne
  4. Work taking you away from the family for the holidays
  5. Merry Christmas everyone
  6. Christmas Eve Church Service in Zurich?
  7. Where to volunteer on Christmas day?
  8. that thing you lay under the rug..?
  9. I see now how to make my zeppelin idea pay
  10. What's going on in Schaffhausen around New Year?
  11. Im doing my best but any tips out there??
  12. In search of a Xmas Pud?
  13. Pay rise next year? Effectively 0.7%
  14. Withdrawing your labour 4th Feb 2011
  15. Uk plug adaptors in Basel?
  16. Shopping hours at Christmas. Be warned!
  17. Geneva transplant
  18. furniture
  19. So this toilet thing ... [flushing toilets at night]
  20. Are there any on-line shopping website in Switzerland?
  21. Guarantee on electrical gadgets
  22. Absolutely disgusted with American politics and the state of living here....
  23. calling fellow Muslim brothers and sisters!
  24. Excellent Customer Service Swarovksi
  25. christmas sucks
  26. I did it vice versa :)
  27. Anyone here from Martigny? Fully? Sion?
  28. Over sexualised pre-teen POP Stars [Willow Smith]
  29. Crocs anybody?
  30. House Husbands in Zurich?
  31. UBS dress code, down to the underpants
  32. Waved to MY tree today!
  33. Christmas Greetings 2010 to you all
  34. Christmas Dinner
  35. Looking for people in Yverdon les Bains
  36. How to spend the first Christmas in Switzerland?
  37. Looking for storage units/centers
  38. Esprit online shop - anyone had any experience?
  39. Christmas in Switzerland - According to Rick Steves
  40. A Brief history of Switzerland
  41. Should Sir Richard Branson be KING?
  42. Americanization
  43. Geminid meteor shower
  44. Christmas card holders?
  45. Truck wash zurich
  46. missing switzerland :-(
  47. The Montreux Menace (Rogue Campanologists)
  48. Need to get eye glasses for visitors in Basel
  49. Market in Baar?
  50. Mountains visible from the Zuri oberland / Bachtel
  51. This'll be my first Christmas in Switzerland
  52. Where to buy Italian music CDs in Zurich?
  53. Magic The Gathering - Basel
  54. Botnet enlistment - LOIC illegal in CH ?
  55. Leap Of Faith - Three wishes
  56. Schoggi mail
  57. A wierd situation, need help
  58. Getting a piercing in Zurich
  59. Cultural Differences
  60. is there somewhere that i can complain for noises !
  61. Am I being cynical or just plain mean?
  62. How to boil water?
  63. ideas for Xmas stockings...on a budget!
  64. Stressing out!!
  65. Weather in the mountains compared to the lowlands
  66. any christmas orphan this year?
  67. Littering in Lausanne
  68. Today the Virgin Mary was immaculately conceived
  69. Justification....
  70. Choosing where to live...
  71. When do you put yours up?
  72. Study at the ETI, some advices please
  73. Shops opening times 27.12-31.12
  74. tequila
  75. Tiffany Shops in Geneva??
  76. New Year's Eve in Geneva
  77. Moving four weeks today - and I haven't packed a thing!
  78. Baby cream
  79. Offensive graffiti in Butzernstrasse Zurich... who do I talk to to get it removed!
  80. Drink / Not drink
  81. Please Help! Lost and Found in Zurich.
  82. Attitude differences 400 meters apart
  83. Is there a PaperSource-type/arts&crafts/fabric store in Basel?
  84. Present ideas......HELP
  85. ice shoes
  86. The North Face coats
  87. Borrow a big pot
  88. Squared eyes and couched...
  89. Vintage stores in Zurich?
  90. What if foreigners win euromillions jackpot?
  91. Water Softener - Suppliers in/around Lausanne?
  92. willing to join me for a drink? zurich
  93. Online personalized calendar
  94. Fabric Softener?
  95. Boozin' on the S-Bahn
  96. Easyswap.org and others of the same Type
  97. So civilised in the snow!
  98. Feeling appreciated at work
  99. Do I need to download ITunes Suisse to use my Ipod bought here?
  100. What's that siren that goes off at Affoltern every night?
  101. Santa/father Christmas wanted for Childs party!
  102. The only one in the village who doesn't like fondue
  103. Panto in Zurich or Zug?
  104. Beckham in Oerlikon
  105. Wd40
  106. Is there now a worldwide air shipped parcel restriction to the US ?
  107. Basel vs. Lausanne
  108. Interio vs. Ikea - let the sofa fight begin
  109. The concept of a radio edit?
  110. coming soon in zurich!
  111. Need suspension type rod for hanging clothes
  112. Soliciting Volunteering Ideas for Someone with Beginner's French
  113. Fish Cheese ????
  114. Villagers with cowbells...
  115. Interested in a Stitch-n-bitch in Lausanne?
  116. Confused be I (Coop home delivery)
  117. Spot The Swiss Landmark
  118. Where to buy best quality dry aged beef in CH
  119. Who is this scary guy next to Santa?
  120. Cross border tax allowance
  121. Hats Off To Migros (MM Zähringer)
  122. Why live in Geneva?
  123. critical mass, GE 26 november
  124. Best place to watch the Christmas lighting in Zurich?
  125. Car Wash... Zurich, where I can sit and watch...
  126. English language newspaper/magazine in Basel
  127. Pottasium iodide in Bern?
  128. Buying a Weinschrank (wein refrigerator): any tips?
  129. Followed almost home from the bus
  130. Just started snowing today ( 24th Nov at 9.30am )
  131. For the bargin hunters who like designer labels.
  132. If French speaking Switzerland is Suisse Romande, what is German speaking...
  133. Mein Gott! All those bills (at the same time)
  134. oerlikon world market
  135. Micasa v. Ikea
  136. Entry into Zurich nightclubs without female company is refused
  137. History repeating itself...?
  138. Christmas & New Year's Retail Shopping Deals Switzerland 2010/11
  139. how do you cope with "move-related" stress??
  140. Christmas carols Salvation Army
  141. 47CHF for basic man haircut in geneva
  142. Snowman stlye
  143. 7 phases of becoming Swiss
  144. Book recommendations for teenage boys?
  145. new Christmas lighting at Bahnhofstrasse Zürich
  146. Basel vouchers - where to get them?
  147. English/American beer from Pfäffikon/ZH
  148. Boys in suits with skinny ties
  149. Hairdresser in Zürich for young people
  150. Lift offered - Driving back to the UK from Zurich
  151. Moving, would like to donate items to charity
  152. Warning: please look left then right when crossing
  153. Books for Children
  154. The more Expats here the easier life becomes?
  155. Need a tailor in ZRH that can line an unlined jacket...
  156. Gap/Old Navy International Shipping
  157. Photographers / Photography Club in Zug
  158. What do you absolutely need from abroad?
  159. Swiss German equivalent of Anibis.ch
  160. Zürich Bahnhofstrasse warning
  161. classic car showroom in Versoix ?
  162. Swiss etiquette... obituary or not?
  163. Christmas Subjects...
  164. last of the moving boxes- done an dusted
  165. Lindt Christmas lights (Kilchberg, Zurich)
  166. moving from UK to a French speaking Switzerland. Advice greatly apprecited
  167. Best Dating Websites
  168. What would be the Swiss equivalent of...
  169. How far your actual home fits your wishes/original requirements
  170. Good quality furniture: cheaper in Switzerland or UK?
  171. Thanksgiving Sale?
  172. Where can i buy the loop to make dream catchers pls
  173. Advice on neighbours builders...
  174. Supermarket Psychology
  175. statistics on foreign nationals in zurich
  176. Living is better in Switzerland!
  177. Chasing your dream
  178. Bookshelf ideas
  179. Looking for shop selling Lego Star Wars.
  180. Ideas for a romantic weekend in Geneva
  181. Where to buy party clothes
  182. Fasnacht
  183. Switzerland: 10th highest avg IQ scores in the world
  184. Debt 4 Sale
  185. Switzerland: 3rd least obese/overweight developed country
  186. Find name & address from telephone number
  187. help! how to wash your clothes in hard water?
  188. Indian tea through Swiss customs
  189. UBS Altstetten, Flurstrasse, anyone work here or close?
  190. 2 vehicles with 1 license plate
  191. Social life in konstanz /kreuzlingen
  192. Great news [Lost and Found in Lausanne]
  193. looking for a good day spa/massage in bern
  194. Social Liberalism in Switzerland?
  195. the rain rant
  196. need a gift idea
  197. Lost Laptop!
  198. want this Sofa! but how to get it here?
  199. Welsh people in Switzerland
  200. Time to leave Switzerland??!!
  201. Activated carbon granules
  202. "Homers" - why don't the Swiss don't want them?
  203. Aussie mum in Kreuzlingen/Konstanz
  204. a bird just ate my cheese
  205. Pillow smelling problem
  206. women who love too much
  207. Looking for winter sports outlet near Lausanne
  208. Hello Family - Coop Loyalty Programme
  209. Wow, I've started acting all Swiss
  210. Buying freezer in Germany - questions
  211. Geert Hofstede (Description of the Swiss)
  212. Personal Data: local.ch
  213. Venue wanted for children's sports programme
  214. Allergist in Zug
  215. Study Group
  216. Advice for a troublemaker?
  217. Avoid Ikea Spreitenbach today 1st Nov 2010 [public holiday various cantons, D, F, I]
  218. No Shave November
  219. Plumber needed
  220. My first year in Switzerland.
  221. Absolut joy jeans....some shop who sale them???
  222. Hybrids?
  223. Book Club/conversation group etc (Wil/Toggenburg)
  224. Radio 4 program currently (18:00 31.10.2010) about Zug taxation
  225. Haloween Party in Basel
  226. recent artists you admire
  227. Wife doesn't rinse the dishes!
  228. Daylight time saving
  229. Only in Switzerland! [opening hours]
  230. Village apéro
  231. Transfers ..Geneva to Morzine
  232. October shooting stars like crazy
  233. Any Wig parties here in Switzerland?
  234. Whats "Hot" and "Happening" in your Area?
  235. Sunday Shopping in Basel Once Again...
  236. Wii compatibility US-CH
  237. Advice on finding English/counsellor or therapist
  238. 10% off the shopping bill tomorrow Fri 29.10 at Migros outlets nationwide
  239. Exit ? [Assisted Suicide]
  240. The end of newsPAPER
  241. Thorny ethical issue: Do clothes really make the man?
  242. Suppose that I want to shopping, when is the best time of the year?
  243. Prosperity index 2010
  244. Wallet stolen at Lausanne railway stations
  245. Drunken Swiss
  246. Glasses [Recommendations for places with reasonable prices]
  247. The Happiness-Suicide Paradox
  248. Swiss Thieves.... Seriously WTF???
  249. Unfair payment demand - Legal question
  250. Art and Swiss Creativity