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  1. Happy Birthday Olygirl
  2. Another Brit missing in CH
  3. SOS! American and Canadian expats make yourself heard!
  4. Moving to Lausanne- Starting work 1st of Oct
  5. Looking for new friends
  6. German lessons with babysitting, Basel
  7. Trendy menswear/suits Geneva
  8. Considering move to Zurich-Help!
  9. new in kilchberg, I'd like to make some new friends
  10. Acrylic nails infils- Lausanne
  11. Just a random thought...
  12. Shopping in Germany
  13. Move to Adliswil or Ruschlikon
  14. English orphanages in Zurich?
  15. Ikea CH prices compared to EU
  16. Recomendations needed for a big family [Where to live - Freienbach]
  17. Desalpe Geneve???
  18. Menu Planning?
  19. Cows blocking traffic
  20. Interested in a Neuchatel Book Club?
  21. Alpabzug: Recommendations
  22. Some interesting (near) Swiss History (Operation Tannenbaum)
  23. If....in an informal environment...
  24. elitepartner?
  25. The sweetness of the Swiss
  26. Living Traditions in Switzerland
  27. First impressions of Switzerland
  28. Needing historical weather charts/info for Wengen
  29. Fresh Farm Milk near Adliswil?
  30. What's the most you have ever paid for a drink in Switzerland?
  31. Buy helium Basel
  32. Are Swiss people always rude and discriminating to tourists?
  33. Fireworks Richterswil?
  34. Need some wise words...
  35. Landi Sale - Kids Clothes
  36. Trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong
  37. Rewired US lamps for Swiss outlets
  38. Swiss music sucks!
  39. Need suggestions - websites other than ricardo
  40. Questions from a libertarian that would like to move to Switzerland
  41. TAG Heuer service center in Zurich
  42. Swiss and sexuality
  43. a bus driver in Fribourg...
  44. Kids collecting for charity in Zurich
  45. Moving to Switzerland from the US and UK - what you need to know
  46. is 17 Sept this year a publich holiday in Bern?
  47. What's the biggest advantage of living in Switzerland ?
  48. Need help!! Yet another cost of living query for zurich Switzerland(research done)
  49. Looking for a Job In Lausanne area as biologist
  50. Hunting for a perfect bed.
  51. Thinking outside the box
  52. Meine Schweiz-Kiosk, avec, P&B, Blick
  53. Hired in Zurich, working in Basel, Living in France
  54. Hotel Suggestions Near Geneva Airport
  55. All (Scottish) ex-pats - 11th September, Scotland vs Macedonia, where to watch?
  56. Cosmetic ingredients store in Lausanne
  57. Cake with Ice hockey theme
  58. Advice ( Cost of living question )
  59. 18th birthday party Geneva help!
  60. Propane grill
  61. Is a part time job enough for a living?
  62. And the award for the most Swiss excuse ever goes to......
  63. Fitness and fundraising
  64. where can you buy an air mattress pump in Switzerland?
  65. Power outages/surges?
  66. Witness of threat and almost violence
  67. I need a Swiss Matriculation Number for my UK car for insurance
  68. Ladies activities/clubs in Ticino
  69. I need to buy a brain
  70. kita in Wettingen
  71. Moving to Switzerland
  72. Meeting up with English speakers in Aarau ?
  73. Landed in Uzwil
  74. Need your thought on moving from US to CH
  75. need some help planning a family trip... so lost!
  76. Changing from "Sie" to "Du"
  77. Those blinking cows!
  78. Gathering in the park -rules?
  79. Cost of living: Switzerland versus Scandinavia
  80. Study medicine in Geneva
  81. Public paddling pools - Basel
  82. Noisy pine martins keeping me awake!
  83. How can I deal with my broken shoes
  84. WHich paths is it allowed to cycle on?
  85. Thief in my garden!
  86. Cheapish tools?
  87. Things today's kids just don't understand/appreciate
  88. Need tips on how to restore a worn ring
  89. GMAT Study group in Zürich,Switzerland
  90. Remote GPS Tracker (USB)???
  91. Fast Food
  92. Did anyone else hear that big bang in Morges this morning?
  93. Hedgehog lurking
  94. Family Pets allowed into the office? WHAAAAT??
  95. Halogen Bulb Burnout
  96. Magic The Gathering, shop near Lausanne area?
  97. swissking
  98. Indians in lausanne
  99. Experiences with buying bed slates/lattenrost?
  100. Any ICS Zumikon parents out there?
  101. Last minute panic attack ( Student stipend cost of living )
  102. Anyone here done any gardening mistakes?
  103. People you know, but don't.
  104. What's The Hottest You've Ever Been?
  105. What's your best keep cool tip during this hot summer in CH?
  106. Road noise and the church bell- can you sleep?
  107. Loud electronic music near Saatlenstrasse/Wallisellenstrasse
  108. The police cleared the park in Enge
  109. Serious Police Action - Zurich - Rentenenstalt
  110. Fake wasp nest
  111. Bebbi Jazz
  112. Surfing in Zürich
  113. Swimming Group on Lake Zurich
  114. Can I sell my art on Ricardo.ch?
  115. where to find refrigerator spare part
  116. dog friendly places on zurich lake
  117. English Physiotherapist in Ticino
  118. Any mum and child alone today?
  119. Stomach problems
  120. First time going to Geneva!
  121. Deposit not refuned
  122. Spider in kitchen sink ........
  123. Looking for a cell phone repair outlet
  124. Getting off the Irish treadmill to live the Swiss dream
  125. Drinking in St. Gallen
  126. Life in Switzerland - 6 months experience
  127. spray for killing mosquitoes
  128. Zurich - Sportanlage
  129. Baby equipment in Zurich
  130. Maximum workplace temperatures
  131. weekly food costs
  132. Need some help with Bern, going to participate in Handwerker-Marit 1st September.
  133. Rhienschwimmen
  134. Student Budget - Lausanne
  135. Decission: Spain 60k - Frankfurt 75k - Geneva 115k chf
  136. Greek moms in Zurich
  137. Introduction into wild camping
  138. Do you remember your first day at school?
  139. Buying a kitchen in Germany and importing
  140. shopping@ Anthropologie.com
  141. Nails
  142. Making friends and joining groups
  143. Just saw a mother beating the living sh1t out of her kid in Rhine Falls area...
  144. Bored in Zug...
  145. It's party time in Baden!
  146. Work in Schweizerhalle, where is the best to live?
  147. First few days in Geneva - impressions
  148. Protecting Non-smokers - Referendum Sep 23, 2012
  149. Where can I find Swiss Art Scenic Painting?
  150. Can you buy Mod Podge here?
  151. A decent quality mattress in Basel
  152. Crochet lessons in Basel?
  153. Moving to Switzerland from Brighton
  154. Looking for a good pentecostal church in Lausanne
  155. Switzerland PC free zone
  156. What's your favourite radio station in Switzerland?
  157. Car side mirror broken, where to find replacement?
  158. What's on in Ticino
  159. What's you favourite Swiss mineral water?
  160. Is a good deal - 4000 CHF after tax deduction +accomdation+insurance
  161. Swiss humour?
  162. New "improved" speed cameras
  163. Laser cutting/CDC
  164. Where are you on Saturday-Street Parade
  165. Free hugs.......???
  166. anarchist meeting in the Jura
  167. dog sitting is licenced & supervised? Baby sitting - not?...
  168. Fire alarm interesting human nature observation
  169. Door-to-door Salesman
  170. UK to Swiss plugs/Adaptors
  171. The big experiment: Cross border shopping
  172. Party in Lausanne
  173. Toilet issues at work
  174. T shirt printing or Neon 80's shirts
  175. Rowing near Anières/Corsier port?
  176. Zurich swap meet
  177. Buying meat in France
  178. school clothing
  179. cost of food
  180. cost of living
  181. At a loose end in Zurich?
  182. May I have those superpoints?
  183. List of things that are generally normal prices or cheap in Switzerland
  184. swiss post holding of mail
  185. Real value in Switzerland - at last!!
  186. Newbies drinks/dinner anyone?
  187. What ARE the rules on the path?
  188. SF bi de Lüt...
  189. Am I crazy?
  190. Dgitec Returns
  191. Lazy Summer..
  192. Need Info -- Good Reliable and Reasonable House Cleaning Agents
  193. My short take on my short time in Switzerland
  194. Return policy at Manor Geneva
  195. Clothes repair in Lausanne
  196. Sporting events for charity - any ideas?
  197. Nature's "Firework" Display
  198. Thank you for the incredible welcome!
  199. Eyeglass repair in Vaud area?
  200. happy firework day!
  201. So what's up for the national day, is everything closed?
  202. How do you clean a Maclaren stroller?
  203. 1st August programme
  204. Feather duster
  205. What is your best/most memorable SBB story?
  206. 01 August holiday ( anyone working? )
  207. You've been Switzerlanded (but this time in a positive way)
  208. Can you drink straight from the tap in Switzerland?
  209. How trustworthy are the Saturday FlühMArkts?
  210. Brushing one's teeth at the Office
  211. Love Street parade in Zurich
  212. Where to spend a night in Bern?
  213. can't post ads on online classifieds because I don't have a cell phone in Switzerland
  214. What the ex Miss Swiss has done!
  215. Geneva - Highest Crime Rate in Switzerland
  216. 1 week to go before moving to Lausanne... anything you recommend I do beforehand?
  217. Tips from the Zürich Canton Integration website
  218. Storm a brewing
  219. How has Zurich changed in the last ten years?
  220. Toilet seat etiquette
  221. Dreaming about switzerland and hoping finding lost memories in SD cards
  222. Zurich waterspout
  223. Anywhere in Bern to watch the Olympics ?
  224. Who says the Swiss don't have a sense of humour?
  225. Help! Urgent advice needed
  226. Wings school zurich..
  227. General house supplies - not food - shops in Zurich
  228. Sex under the blanket
  229. watching olympics together in some bar this friday night?
  230. Rubbish! But delivered on time please
  231. Tattoo of Cantonal Symbols?
  232. How Swiss are you?
  233. Next Wednesday Party! Zurich!
  234. Zurich Street Parade 2012
  235. Singing/Vocal Lessons in or Near Lausanne?
  236. Swiss train inspectors - antirant
  237. Solar Impulse over our head
  238. can i get a cheap haircut?
  239. I need help on Massage coupon on Dein Deal!
  240. student emails EPFL
  241. Tornado in Zurich Lake
  242. shopping map and some questions
  243. English speaking notary in Geneva?
  244. Elevator etiquette
  245. problem with moving in...
  246. What are the best things about Zürich?
  247. where to check public holidays?
  248. Would this work in a Swiss power outlet?
  249. August 1st fireworks
  250. help with rubbish management pls