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  1. So far so good - my thoughts a month in....
  2. Frustrated!
  3. Toddler Birthday party locations Thalwil ZH
  4. Kids gymnastics in Oerlikon Or Wallisellen?
  5. Jeune Fédéral
  6. What happens if debt notice is not collected
  7. Post gives 4 free stamps to every Swiss household
  8. Heavy Cat Litter?
  9. Oral Surgeon? Wisdom tooth extraction.... recommendations
  10. Lessons I've learned while living in Switzerland for one year
  11. Stalking from another Forum
  12. moving to zug
  13. Are the Swiss really like this?
  14. Scottish referendum: any scots in Lausanne?
  15. Migros 50% off = 150% payment
  16. I solved a theft crime today
  17. Massage Therapy Zurich
  18. Mediocre (and that's being generous) Swiss advertising
  19. Anyone tried tracking someone via mobile?
  20. car decals
  21. Broken ribs - worst pain ever??
  22. ladies bike- fixed gear bike vs geared bike? [ZH]
  23. My 1,000th post & overview of 5+ years here
  24. Jobs to retire earlier in your life
  25. WARNING Generali Vision and investment advisers
  26. Question about the swiss postal service
  27. Clothes recycling in Basel?
  28. Dishwasher liquid
  29. Dating Swiss Men?
  30. Are Ethiopian/Sudanese Driving licenses have any value in Switzerland.
  31. African guys outside lausanne station
  32. How much for parking your car in the street where you live?
  33. house price to income
  34. Wanted: Sewing Lessons in the Zurich Area
  35. Identify me !!!
  36. Anybody has experience with REKA Geld?
  37. Romance
  38. Train accident in Turgi
  39. AFL Finals on TV... anywhere?
  40. Bought a steak at Denner lately? ... and you thought it was beef? think again...
  41. Somebody living in Hagenbuch ZH?
  42. English copy of Anna Karenina in Basel or Zurich?
  43. 'Blacklisted' from accommodation for negative review
  44. Duty
  45. Coffee shops in Baden
  46. On a positive note
  47. Another weird thing about the Swissers
  48. Found the best spray cleaner
  49. Asian restaurant at lausanne open on Sunday?
  50. Post-it Note of the Day
  51. Help! A man is racking gravel on a SUNDAY! Where do I report him?
  52. Anybody commute by bicycle from Winterthur to Zurich?
  53. Check your change ....
  54. Tennis partner in Lugano!
  55. "High standard of living"
  56. 2 days jail for putting out rubbish on the wrong day!
  57. New XBox German to English?
  58. Good Hair Stylist for a man.. In Zurich
  59. Anyone from Holland to help?
  60. What to do with those big plastic yoghurt tubs?
  61. Need for an Event at the end of Summer Days!
  62. Questions about getting the custom stamp on the forms after shopping in Germany
  63. Cost of living in Neuchâtel
  64. Anyone playing poker on regular basis?
  65. Driving range around Zurich / zug
  66. What do you do on SUNDAY in Switzerland?
  67. Anyone fancy a wee drink...
  68. Use Coop Superpoints to pay purchases 26-27.9.2014
  69. Unusual laws to be wary of in Switzerland?
  70. Anyone handed a lease car back? info needed
  71. Mulhouse beer festival 9/14
  72. Expat Expo in Zurich worth the trip?
  73. Muslims in Lucerne
  74. Swiss love of privacy
  75. Zürich bucket list
  76. Arts and Crafts [Fribourg]
  77. Would you trust it??
  78. The Champions
  79. How much of cartoon is sufficient for a 3 year old child
  80. BEST things about Switzerland???
  81. trash tax
  82. US keyboard layout of Macbook ?
  83. what is the most common website for local people in the French speaking region
  84. Sexual Harassment Legislation in CH: Does It Exist?
  85. Best student parties/bars in Zurich?
  86. Do not buy this kettle!
  87. Ikea - Life long returns
  88. What's your expats opinion on buying vs renting
  89. What are some cultural faux pas a visitor to Switzerland might make?
  90. Advice on furniture + audio dealers
  91. Cheap laptops - worth importing em?
  92. Which to buy?(tickets)
  93. New scam in Bellevue?
  94. Notary service
  95. Baby/nursery Furniture Shopping in Geneva
  96. Rights of tenants in Zurich
  97. Volunteering 2014
  98. Free Walking Tours
  99. Questions about Migro's cumulus card
  100. Where do you buy computers?
  101. Shiply - be VERY cautious!!
  102. When do you turn heating back on?
  103. New student at St Gallen
  104. Reliable weather channel
  105. Making friends and influencing (Swiss) people
  106. If you're moving home AVOID this company
  107. Ice Bucket challenge
  108. What is the probability that a letter A gets lost???
  109. Weather in Zurich
  110. How do people treat their residence permits?
  111. Anyone knows a good Yoga place in Kreis 1?
  112. Spin classes in Olten
  113. Scandinavian food in Zurich
  114. Best grocery store in Zurich is ? .....
  115. Toddlers in Buchs !!
  116. Buyclub giving away CHF100
  117. Swiss PLZs specifically Zurich
  118. English speaking vet in saint louis
  119. Generous people in Switzerland
  120. Swiss Eggs
  121. Would anyone like a Weds afternoon maths challenge?
  122. 2015 Holidays
  123. Where can I buy a female Mannequin?!
  124. Anyone use Buyclub.ch ?
  125. swiss post verzollung [import/duty charges]
  126. Organic/Bio foods
  127. Help needed for Consumer right in UK-CH
  128. Casting for a male role in the Basel Panto
  129. What's your best tips on saving money here?
  130. Electrical Recycling
  131. Question about Farm Fields
  132. Refuse centre
  133. Women's hair salon in Lausanne - any recommendations?
  134. Typical income in Switzerland?
  135. Sofa for sale
  136. Harassment in train
  137. Difference in Daily life French side vs. German Side?
  138. New to Rolle area
  139. Holidays from work here in Zurich
  140. How is living in Winterthur?
  141. English-speaking pediatrician
  142. Returns - American style
  143. Switzerland Weather
  144. Bad train crash near Chur
  145. Rugby in Geneva
  146. Indian Independence Day - August 15
  147. Zueri Sack Fines...
  148. No birds since 1st August .......?
  149. Do we need to bring both the passport and the residence card when we go to Rhein?
  150. German book on Kindle?
  151. Electrical Shop near Zug
  152. About post office service near the Rhein center
  153. Thinking of moving to Zurich, but....
  154. Good Price & Reliable Service for Travel
  155. Questions about buying things on Amazon.de
  156. Kayaking on the Zürisee?
  157. Coca Cola are at Sihl City doing personalized cans for free...
  158. Help--trying to adapt to Switzerland
  159. Immigrants' Job Prospects Are Best in Switzerland, America
  160. Where to get traveller's check in USD
  161. Tomatoes...what do they want from me?
  162. Can anyone help me move a bookcase from Lugano to Locarno?
  163. The post-holiday syndrome...
  164. It was action today in Zürich
  165. Swiss Man Killed Base Jumping
  166. Best way (value) to exchange USD to CHF ?
  167. These newfangled microwaves
  168. how do Swiss people read a paper ?
  169. Party room for a birthday in Wettingen / Baden
  170. selling at the door
  171. Kudos to Manor and Krups!
  172. Buying furniture from Pfister (any other suggestions?)
  173. Looking for friends in Lugano
  174. US Bed Size & Ikea CH Bed Frame?
  175. Street Parade 2014-hit or miss?
  176. Any US/CH dual nationals? if so I have a question
  177. Gel Food Colors/ Baking Supplies online stores?
  178. Water Fountains: Basel and Around CH
  179. Moving to Cham near Zug
  180. Anyone done a winter season in Davos Klosters?
  181. Car seat conundrum
  182. Questions about shopping at Lorrach
  183. Firework rules in Basel Stadt
  184. Super 15 Rugby Final
  185. Was I dreaming?
  186. Happy Swiss National Day!
  187. US consulate Bern delays?
  188. Achoo - Gesundheit?
  189. Photographer needed Zürich
  190. Basel Stadt Fireworks date/time?
  191. Your German,my baby sitting/English/math/programming
  192. Shops close early before a Public Holiday
  193. Skin woes
  194. Federer gets Switzerlanded...
  195. What's a typical day for a mum in Switzerland?
  196. Coop/Migros super or family card
  197. Shots being fired at the house
  198. Where in Zürich can I buy small shoes (35)
  199. Any new fav beauty product?
  200. Getting Measured for a Tux
  201. Yard sales and the laws of the land
  202. BF travelling solo. How upset should I be?
  203. Halloween
  204. Where to buy Neutrogena products in Basel?
  205. je suis arrive!
  206. Air Conditioner in a rented apartment
  207. What do most people do on the weekend with their family?
  208. Questions about Coop's supercard
  209. Confused by 1-hour ticket of TPG
  210. Are there camera surveillance in hotel room/main hall in CH?
  211. Best way to approach someone for help when you only speak English?
  212. Who's willing drink a beer in Bern today?
  213. where 2 buy electronic ciggies in zurich?
  214. Yet another reason to love the Swiss
  215. is living in Neuchatel REALLY cheaper than Zurich or Geneva?
  216. Rent a bird
  217. Can I live in Bern with 75000 CHF (gross)?
  218. Corporate social events you have loved or hated in and around Basel
  219. Starbucks stores in Germany-France near Basel?
  220. Yay I have a permit!
  221. cleaning products for parquet floors
  222. Men & Women brains are wired in different way
  223. Is living in Switzerland that bad?
  224. post delivery practice
  225. Bulky Waste Disposal in Dietikon - easy!
  226. Where can I get permanent wave hair in Geneva or Lausanne?
  227. Bad accident at school - need advice/help
  228. Recycling in Pfäffikon SZ
  229. Hungarian food
  230. The bottom of lake Zurich...
  231. I just had the most asinine thought
  232. Isn't Zurich extremely boring?
  233. [Swiss post] pre-stamped envelope for registered mail from Paris to Switzerland?
  234. World's Biggest Picnic is here????
  235. had enough, screw them all
  236. Paid washing machines [laundromat, ZH]
  237. What do i miss the most here?
  238. Wooden chalet signs
  239. Information needed on nearby Wine Regions
  240. Swiss Supermarket Etiquette
  241. Any yodelling classes in Geneva?
  242. XXXXL sizes 4XL
  243. "easyfind" [Lost property data bank]
  244. Problem with Helsana medical insurance. Advice needed.
  245. Leasing scam by big car dealers
  246. The first 'Switzerlanded' meme....
  247. Another "Am I just being dim or..." question [Price of a ceiling-light]
  248. Self gratification
  249. Swisscom TV online
  250. 5yrs later, 30-something soul/60s lover still here. BUT needs more m/f friends - ZH