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  1. Opinions about Glattpark from people with small children
  2. Summer reading ideas
  3. Is anyone who use this internet shop?l
  4. Hunting for a job
  5. Groups in Lugano
  6. Best time to move in Switzerland
  7. A question on birthday dinners...
  8. Withering in heat - where would be cooler for a day trip?
  9. Can I claim back VAT on Shopping in FOXTown
  10. Demi-tarif "découverte" valid 2 months Fr. 13.--
  11. Street Parking
  12. Ikea or Conforama
  13. Buying an item from the EU - duty/customs fees?
  14. Question: Home buying
  15. Learning the language
  16. Photography Do's and Don'ts
  17. Where to buy [a clothes steamer] (ZH)
  18. Mailing used bicycle from UK to CH - Duty?
  19. Where can I donate food in Basel?
  20. Looking for a butcher again (ZH/AG)
  21. Online shops abroad that calculate all fees upfront.
  22. Neck scarves, indoors, in a heatwave?
  23. glasses was broked by my ten months old
  24. Female Hiking Partner in Zurich
  25. Air conditioning police
  26. Getting copies of documents certified
  27. Recommendation for Lawyer in Lausanne Vevey area experienced in property damage law
  28. Best place in Germany for furniture shopping
  29. What to bring to Zurich? Moving
  30. New job in Solothurn...living in Bern?
  31. Switzerland is Heaven
  32. Gym - one that isn't too expensive?
  33. Neighbors sick of sex noise
  34. Shopping online
  35. Ost Side Story not Westen Side Story?
  36. Grüezi/Bonjour la Suisse
  37. First day of Summer
  38. My little Pony - website
  39. Activities in Basel.
  40. Rainy day in Zurich
  41. Skateboard Slalom World Cup (today/tomorrow)
  42. Naturalisation and the überprivileged youth of Geneva
  43. underground nuclear complexes open to public?
  44. Church
  45. Pub nights?
  46. Vitamin Store in Zurich or area
  47. In the beginning everything is complicated if you don't have genuine help
  48. Bern area opinions
  49. The drop in
  50. Business Consulting jobs in Zurich
  51. TIO - This is Oerlikon
  52. Introducing us to the rest of the building
  53. Florists in Luzern
  54. Your comments please [cops writing tickets in the rain]
  55. Recycling
  56. Bookstore for Medical books
  57. Fed up with the people in my building
  58. TIS - This Is Switzerland
  59. Inalpes versus Desalpes
  60. Voluntary Work in Zurich
  61. oil changes in zurich
  62. Contractum Debt Collectors - can they make you pay?
  63. Surviving without cooking from Coop/supermarket ettiquette
  64. barber shop in Bern open in the evening?
  65. Had to laugh
  66. Can I kill my cow on my lawn?
  67. You may not be abe to read this message in Birmensdorf [Swisscom Outage]
  68. Humidifiers for sale everywhere...why??
  69. Has anyone with a Stokke Xplory been allowed to the plane door?
  70. Replacement parts for Refrigerator
  71. Moving to Muri AG: Anyone want to weigh in?
  72. Personalised Cow Bells ..?
  73. Zug or Zurich?
  74. How to catch a thief
  75. Seeking advice on kitchen sink drain
  76. Mobile phone plan Zurich?
  77. A question regarding parking ticket(s)
  78. Loud/Huge Bangs
  79. Swiss honesty
  80. Any pregnant women out there?
  81. Backyard temporary swimming pool
  82. How much one can save in general per month?
  83. Getting a computer in Switzerland
  84. Tax preparer in Lausanne?
  85. The man who was requesting money outside Globus
  86. What is a "Trip Trap Stuhle"?????
  87. Please comment: Finish powerball review and experienced
  88. List of Individuals in Switzerland burned for Witchcraft and Sorcery
  89. 20 years today
  90. Health insurance covering braces expense
  91. Looking for playdate for our 15mth old daughter
  92. Fam Expo 2015 (good deals for buying baby stuffs)
  93. How to dispose of coal Grill - Basel
  94. migros mega win trade doubles
  95. Boot fair / market type thing anywhere, ever???
  96. License plate stolen
  97. Does 'nicht nachweisbar' refer to a positive or negative result in medical terms?
  98. Switzerland through the 5 senses
  99. Cantonal library in Lausanne lending out English ebooks
  100. American blonde to marry Swiss Guard
  101. The cyclist from hell
  102. Replacing a battery in a Tissot T-Touch [BE/FR]
  103. Visiting a co-worker in hospital - what is a good gift?
  104. Emergency Alert Information?
  105. Help with storage in Schaffhausen for a few weeks
  106. Thieves in German supermarket car parks
  107. So this popped up on my timeline
  108. Video of construction of the “Carasc” bridge - TI
  109. Swiss german humor
  110. Stolen bike and child trailer in Basel
  111. Washing on a holiday....
  112. Bringing shame on yourself...with a smile!
  113. customer service!
  114. Vintage kitchen stuff for a food styling project - where to get?
  115. Kreuzlingen/Winterthur/Zürich - Where to live?
  116. Shopping Online
  117. Another bizarre way to buy things in Switzerland
  118. Radisson Blu - Lucerne
  119. Collecting money for charity, experiences?
  120. Make-Up Artist, Hairdresser and Photographer in Interlaken Area
  121. Le Bouveret activities
  122. Advice on storage in Schaffhausen
  123. SRF Documentary "Bloodhound und Streuli"
  124. Coop to stop selling Glyphosate
  125. Brunch in Zurich
  126. Sold motorbike, need advice - buyer has my Fahrzeugausweis.
  127. School asking children to take knifs to school - is this legal
  128. does your man fart next to you?
  129. The beginning of the end for Geneva?
  130. Swiss life versus French life - your advice
  131. cheap haircut lausanne
  132. This video embodies what I love about the Swiss
  133. Where to buy a good quality non-stick frying pan and your recommendations please?
  134. Printing digital pictures
  135. Farms around Basel
  136. Where to dispose of ash?
  137. Yet another question about vat (Germany Swiss customs)
  138. Occupations in demand in Switzerland
  139. just what is the returns policy of shops anyway? huh?
  140. Best English Schools in Zurich
  141. Kannenfeld Park (Basel) Troll
  142. Need your kind advice on Job, Housing, Schooling etc.
  143. Holy day off, Batman
  144. Importing electrical appliances and alcohol
  145. Are you short of entertainment beyond Röstigrabe?
  146. Yellow dust...
  147. Drugstores for cosmetics in Switzerland?
  148. Parking ticket officers
  149. swiss friends
  150. Singing & Playing
  151. Diet Coke cans
  152. Would you trade in your current Swiss life(style) and move back to England?
  153. which retailers in Switzerland allow to pay in installements for purchasing
  154. which city has best football training clubs for kids and beginners ?
  155. Shooting in Aargau - several dead
  156. V-Zug Washroom accessories
  157. Which Swiss holidays are enjoyed by kids?
  158. What househole critters are common in Fribourg and Vaud?
  159. best time to visit Kunstmeusum Basel?
  160. BuyClub - Migros LeShop.ch offer
  161. Expensive shoes - where to re-do the soles in Zurich?
  162. Illegal garbage disposal -1000 CHF fine.
  163. Lausanne Police - Public service announcement - texting
  164. work / volunteer
  165. Living in Winterthur
  166. Not quite ready for Top Chef
  167. Fifty Shades of Dietlikon - Hausfrau a Novel
  168. Staying in Switzerland/ Europe after my residency permit expires
  169. second hand clothes
  170. Battery doesn't last with Salt
  171. Sommer of '69
  172. Geneva primary international schools
  173. Compliment from a Swiss! Incredible!
  174. Shopping
  175. "Business Only" Sales?
  176. getting former resident's mail
  177. Factory outlet discount shops: fabrics linen / pillows, douvets, bedding
  178. Calls from "Stadt Bern" sincere?
  179. Vineweevil nematode solution - any experience?
  180. Dance classes in Zurich
  181. Korean BBQ restaurant in Zurich?
  182. Sport Venue
  183. Child Lost in Windisch
  184. Postman Drone
  185. Children on fundraising visits
  186. Where to buy this rotating hair doctor comb
  187. Noise complaints?
  188. Graffiti
  189. Retirement for EU in Switzerland
  190. I knew I was an auslander when......
  191. Got Ice?
  192. Swiss are the happiest people in the world
  193. Supermarket shopping abroad from Basel
  194. Health Drinks for Kids
  195. Ladies in Bern and Zürich
  196. GAIT Analysis Basel/Lorrach/Weil am Rhein
  197. German Cartoons and Comic Book recommendations?
  198. Is begging at the door allowed?
  199. Rubbish disposal
  200. URGENT HELP - Translator needed Wednesday
  201. Cooking classes in Bern
  202. Trading Coop WWF 2015 stickers - Nature what Adventure
  203. Base salary and simples jobs
  204. Gnome alarm
  205. Send item without cleared payment?
  206. Upholstery in Brig
  207. Loud TV at night - neighbour - what to do?
  208. curtains window - best shops to buy with measuring service
  209. Cost of paving?
  210. Question about bicycle tires
  211. My Swissiversary
  212. Meditation retreat in English?
  213. drawing/painting course in Zurich in English or Spanish?
  214. Living in Basel but not really
  215. My head explodes at ... [Sächsilüüte-Böög-Exploding-Time-Guesses]
  216. Anyone use airbandb to rent their own house?
  217. Saving Swiss francs
  218. Need advice re vacuum cleaner for pets
  219. Take away the Swiss from Switzerland and you're left with...
  220. Strange light over Zürich Unterland
  221. Is this normal? [Neighbors not responding to urgent SMS]
  222. where can you buy picture hanging wire from please?
  223. Electronic waste disposal
  224. How to deal with a Blackbird's nest?
  225. does anybody know why my nespresso machine is...
  226. buying a car
  227. Economics student looking for career tips
  228. Is my boss a sexist?
  229. Is my boss a racist?
  230. Uetikon am See
  231. English / German Exchange
  232. The 30 minute commute (ZH)
  233. Anna is one very unhappy 'Hausfrau' - Book Review of 'Hausfrau' by Jill Alexander
  234. RAV vs Sozial [returning Swiss citizen]
  235. Where to buy a hair flat iron, best price?
  236. Disposing of unwanted hygiene products
  237. Amazon gives away thousands of FREE downloads for CDs and vinyls dating back to 1999
  238. to cross the border this Easter Sunday
  239. Is it normal for Adults to recieve chocolate rabbits in Switzerland?
  240. Ceiling light and installer recommendations?
  241. Make some noise...
  242. Basel rocks!
  243. Expat life, culture clash and cognitive biases
  244. Outdoor clothes
  245. It was a bit windy in Zürich today.
  246. Is there a Swiss equivalent of UK's Freeview?
  247. Photocopying
  248. Farmers market, spring market in Zug/Cham?
  249. shopping across the border in France - tax question
  250. new