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  1. Help when buying...anything!
  2. Waste disposal in LIDL
  3. Switzerland, a nation of horse shaggers
  4. Identify That Tree - Zurich
  5. Anyone know the last posting date to UK/US for xmas?
  6. Would you buy a "restposten" (display) laptop?
  7. Speeding Ticket
  8. Frauenfeld - Local knowledge required!
  9. P45 ie pastry flour, anywhere to buy here?
  10. Recycling bins Altstetten
  11. Christmas trees
  12. Last posting times for Christmas delivery
  13. go to France, or not.
  14. Where to buy a poster tube in Vevey
  15. retired swiss on a small pension
  16. where to buy earplugs in zurich?
  17. Moving / Cleaning Companies In Zurich - RECENT Experience
  18. How to "Rinse Sanitize" bottles in Switzerland
  19. Where to buy !CHEAP! Christmas decorations
  20. ECAL vs HEAD, having a dog, and finding like-minded eco people near Lausanne
  21. How should one pronounce 'Coop'?
  22. Lotto/Euro millions
  23. Sunday shopping - any today
  24. Neuchâtel ........ Kansas?
  25. Coolest Swiss Person Ever: Schneefloekli
  26. Plans for the weekend?
  27. Dry ice maker
  28. Where to donate toys and clothes for charity for Christmas?
  29. What language to use in Cadenazzo?
  30. Train etiquette
  31. Sonic Boom over southern LU
  32. Scared as hell about meeting new Swiss Mom-in-law
  33. New heating system?
  34. Urgent advice needed. Child is having problem in new kindergarten
  35. Child neglect in Canton SZ
  36. Gift ideas please?
  37. Barbecue Chefs Lausanne
  38. Wallisellen - a good place to live?
  39. Hi Everyone
  40. 40 Gifts for 40th Birthday
  41. Cost of living for a family of 4
  42. What's like to wake up in Switzerland?
  43. Numbeo.com stats on Switzerland
  44. Funny how living in Switzerland changes your perspective
  45. Will borders with CH be affected after terrorist attacks?
  46. [NSFW] Male buying contraceptive pills after having uprotected ^^ for his woman
  47. Just wanted to say "hi!":-)
  48. Paypal Spoop's
  49. how do they rate the Concordia health insurance?
  50. Sledding/sledging/tobogganing near Bern
  51. Today was realy cold
  52. New garbage system in Adliswil
  53. Neighbours throwing their trash in our bins - What to do?
  54. Bought a counterfeited bag, probably will get a huge fine
  55. Geneva strikes
  56. Switzerland 1890-1900: Library of Congress collection
  57. WG personal address
  58. Erzahlnacht story
  59. Looking Zurich with my fresh eyes
  60. Visiting a doctor before organizing health insurance
  61. Appealing against Tax demand
  62. Electronic equipment shopping/monthly payment
  63. How to claim AHV after leaving switerland
  64. One for sorrow, two for joy ....
  65. where donate clothes
  66. Internship Tax in Basel
  67. Funny breed, the British Expats...
  68. Need help with forming a basic budget outline
  69. Mums groups in Baden
  70. I am new to Zurich
  71. I got screwed - need a contract lawyer
  72. Buying furniture in Maisons du monde
  73. zollrechung from FedEx
  74. Any Vietnamese people in the Zürich area?
  75. Need urgent help
  76. Gmat 2015
  77. Where (around Zurich) do you live? & Will you move to a "better"(around Zurich) area?
  78. Playground map Bern
  79. Winged insects with internal clocks are -
  80. Earning in British pounds but living in Switzerland
  81. Switzerland to make surveillance of citizens easy, metadata storage mandatory
  82. Clown, Balloons, Magin in Basel for 5yrs Girl party
  83. Rights of a future father
  84. Any body around Payerne?
  85. Self-service washing room (buanderie/launderette) in fribourg?
  86. Take my junk or something similar
  87. 24/7 shopping
  88. Job ads in general
  89. It's cosy...yet it's not.
  90. Dining alone
  91. RBL Poppy Appeal - Basel
  92. Halloween is slowly coming to CH...
  93. Sending something by post w/o sender's address
  94. Car show Zürich
  95. Switzerland after black swan event
  96. Drinking in/near liechtenstein
  97. Feeling lonely
  98. I found a lost baby.....calf!
  99. FYI: Repair Café
  100. Gotthard Tunnel Incident
  101. Real Estate Valuation
  102. Gidor
  103. Clogged toilet (paper towels)
  104. What are the nicknames of people in different cantons of Switzerland?
  105. police presence
  106. Buying a decent photo album in zone 10 Zurich
  107. parquet/wooden floor repair co-Lausanne
  108. Parking issue with neighbours
  109. I can speak only English. Is that an issue in Basel, Switzerland?
  110. How do I rent a hall?
  111. Children Halloween in Zug/Zürich?
  112. Felt a Blast or like Earthquake in oerlikon
  113. Newsletters
  114. Talk Talk cyber attack in UK.
  115. Geneva ranked 8th "most reputable city" in 2015
  116. Friday thread
  117. 2 big booms! What were they?
  118. Selling on Ricardo
  119. Refugees
  120. Moving country
  121. Ceiling lights in flat/apartment - where to buy in Zurich and/or Konstanz
  122. Advice about uncollected rubbish
  123. How to sell a car in CH?
  124. Flat Question
  125. Rideshare for shopping in Germany
  126. Great recycling centres
  127. Shipping to Switzerland Fedex or EMS
  128. HELP for nice man in Wilen bei Wollerau!!!
  129. Kent is better than Switzerland?
  130. Switzerland down to 10th place, 1st last year.
  131. Internet WiFi sim card box thing?!
  132. Oven Cleaner Product
  133. Can I survive in Lausanne with 100.000/year?
  134. Need to buy a Trolley for moving packages In Basel
  135. Buy Cuckoo Clock
  136. Couch Potato Tools
  137. When would you like to shop (poll)
  138. Yodelling in a nuclear shelter...
  139. About poursuite ordinaire
  140. Can I sue??? [another laundry rant]
  141. Thinking of moving back to UK
  142. Shopping until 20:00 In All CH?
  143. Rubbers or galoshes for bike riding?
  144. Getting a dog in CH
  145. GPS Car Navigation Devices Thread
  146. US taxes - Equalization
  147. Coffe in Zurich
  148. Marten (fouine) in the roof
  149. Apple Pay Mystery
  150. Where is the chocolate experience? The ultimate chocolate thread!
  151. SAHDs in Vevey
  152. oerlikon 30minutes ago
  153. ordering from iherb.com usa
  154. Music schools for children in Zürich
  155. Furniture shopping- non-swiss options
  156. How to prepare for the winter!
  157. Watching Baseball in Zurich
  158. Roommate problems
  159. markets or stalls in bern city centre (business idea)
  160. Urgent buying something at the kiosk asap
  161. 6am.. alarm woes
  162. Lunch / Coffee / Stroll in Oerlikon
  163. binge eating
  164. Masters (Adult) Swim Clubs
  165. Self-Foaming Reusable Bottle (selbstschäumenden Flasche)
  166. Where to buy [craft supplies].... please help this Newbie!
  167. Piano, Cello, Flute or Violin for regular pracice
  168. Zurich or Geneva for New Years Eve?
  169. Looking for other Indie Filmmakers
  170. Where to buy party supplies? Online?
  171. Mexican-Swiss Wedding
  172. Rainbow in a cloud?
  173. Is there a "Swiss design"?
  174. Germany Bank Holiday Today
  175. Cleaning service batmaid
  176. Travelling back from USA to uk
  177. Minimizing postal customs fees
  178. I have different interests than him (salsa-dancing)
  179. Coop Trophy Wellness
  180. Wedding Planners/Event Management/VIP Services Switzerland
  181. royal mail deliveries to switzerland
  182. Swiss music bands/singers
  183. Bicycle wheel stolen in Zug...
  184. Moving to Basel when single: good idea or suicide?
  185. Blood Moon Photography/Moon eclipse
  186. space/ room for artist in Zug?
  187. Hardware store in Zug
  188. Cycle Fun Trailer Coupling Needed
  189. Looks like AMAZON will crush another, this time Etsy
  190. Samstig-Jass players
  191. Eavesdropping in Switzerland
  192. What are some vibrant and cosmopolitan nightclubs in Vaud?
  193. Anyone buying a Mac in the next week?
  194. Hello....just wondering [newbie looking for friends]
  195. Two questions for IKEA
  196. How to donating used toys (good condition)?
  197. Looking for other parents for children/parents classes in Biel
  198. Looking for other parents for children/parents classes in Biel
  199. Cello Rental, and Orchestras/Ensembles
  200. Help with Swiss website
  201. Mechanics of importing skis by post
  202. I don't understand why my kettle works
  203. Looking for a band to play Lausanne area
  204. Any recomendations for ways to learn German online for free?
  205. What does it mean to be an upstairs neighbour?
  206. Garden Plots via the Gemeinde
  207. Just moved in lausanne
  208. Is this the normal behaviour of Swiss girls?
  209. Just moved and reaching out !
  210. Lad beaten and killed [himself, later] in zug!!
  211. Legal issue with electrician
  212. Being Switzerlanded - [ Veteran Style ]
  213. Good Goldsmith Zürich or Baar or anywhere?
  214. Drones delivering post [in CH]
  215. Knitting group in Thun area
  216. Zircus Chnopf
  217. Cheap Hairdresser for Women in Zurich City?
  218. American interested in Nursing
  219. Need to sell furniture quickly in Geneva
  220. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  221. Whom do you report to, if you find food/groceries seems to have too much of pesticide
  222. Can someone explian the swiss emergency medical services?
  223. Migros SuisseMania -another collection begins
  224. Empathy and culture
  225. Does heaters work in night?
  226. AFL Grand Final near Lausanne?
  227. Friends For New Teenager In Switzerland
  228. Rubbish/recycling Compliance (thread split)
  229. A great day out panning for gold.
  230. Match the Swiss with the British towns!
  231. Bad crash near Sempach, going northwards from Lucerne
  232. Zurich Expat Expo
  233. Moving to Aubonne
  234. Change UK plug of ipod dock...
  235. Need help on dental insurance
  236. Place and Environment for writing a Book
  237. Au pair.
  238. Best florist to deliver roses in Zurich
  239. Where did all the gentlemen go?
  240. Are Swiss cities too homogenous?
  241. Moving to Lausanne from Canada to Study at EPFL
  242. Did anyone listen to the International Radio Festival?
  243. Forced onto Swisscome 2.0 and then almost no reception, anyone?
  244. Charity donations and Volunteering n Geneva
  245. Disappearing threads...?
  246. Social events / hobbies in Zurich / St. Gallen / Romanshorn
  247. Sugar waxing
  248. Kids radio day Zurich
  249. Rigi's trains for Chinese tourists
  250. support local shops