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  1. Really useful site for Swiss admin, health insurance, house contracts etc etc
  2. My god - more Limeys on the way !
  3. Misplaced my licence, can I drive there to get it ?
  4. Best places to buy furniture
  5. What do Denner and Migros have in common?
  6. Career advice
  7. Christmas trees cheaper this year?
  8. policy regarding broken iPhone? (warning, long post)
  9. cheap courier service to send a domestic parcel (i.e. within Switzerland)?
  10. Weather in Zurich vs. weather in Copenhagen
  11. Trading Panini stickers from Aldi
  12. Trade SoCar black stickers (Thomas knife collection for Coop WMF stickers
  13. Do skin care remedies actually work?
  14. any joke shops in Basel
  15. could someone translate application forms of ZHDK?
  16. Nice swiss song with lyrics
  17. Removal Firm recommendation
  18. Zurich HbH Christmas Market: did you catcht that?
  19. Discount lift tickets
  20. Next Sales When?
  21. Love to move to Lugano & is Ticino canton best for a wine place?
  22. Do Canadians not like Switzerland?
  23. 6 months old Samsung 42 LED TV to India
  24. Consumer Protection in Switzerland
  25. fined on the bus!
  26. Cotton wool BALLS -where to buy?
  27. Storage facility in France that accepts parcels, near to Lausanne?
  28. Can landlord enter apt in my absence?
  29. TheRegister interviews an expat...in Switzerland
  30. Ordering British food items to CH or alternatives in Luzern area
  31. Wanted: Advice on costs [cost of living in Geneva area]
  32. LIDO Locarno
  33. Swiss Man worth pursuing? :/
  34. Hideaway Pets in Basel?
  35. EF and getting things done
  36. Get your Santa hats on :-)
  37. Urge for 'greasy spoon'
  38. Orthodontics cost in Zurich/Zug/Geneva
  39. Foreign musicians being expelled from Basel!
  40. Help with dryer
  41. glaze for clay jewellery in Zurich
  42. For anyone in the Neuchatel area
  43. Basel English Panto Group
  44. another bored and lonely person
  45. I have won the free entrance ticket for the comedy festival in Montreux
  46. Warm in Winter
  47. snow forecast in Zurich from Sunday
  48. St. Ursanne or Appenzell Weihnachtsmarkt?
  49. Expat Living: CH versus GERMANY? Differences/similarities?
  50. Email/message response time
  51. Event website for Zurich?
  52. Bean bags?
  53. A piece of INDIA in Suisse?
  54. Packing / Moving / Cleaning company in Zurich
  55. 'Bumping' into possible EFers in UK
  56. Jewish Families Looking to connect
  57. Cheapest broker in CH to buy shares? SAXO Bank?
  58. Weihnachtsmarkt Wollishofen
  59. Aldi jumping on the sticker bandwagon.
  60. Holiday gift ideas for smart 9 year old boys
  61. Coop - 30% off toys - 28.11-29.11.2014
  62. Useful advice
  63. Horgan vs Kusnacht
  64. am I allowed to receive herbs into Switzerland ?from usa help
  65. New in Olten and a little bored...
  66. Kiosk's
  67. CFF mobile ticket
  68. receiving medicine from uk
  69. post office labeling picture enclosed
  70. Discounts on Watches
  71. Disposing old clothes and shoes
  72. Kefir Grains and Kombucha Scoby
  73. I was almost hit on bus today
  74. Feeling of living in France vs Switzerland
  75. Lots of Basel border activity at the moment
  76. Carrot graffities?
  77. Activities to do in Pfäffikon SZ
  78. Post leaving telephone delivery notes
  79. Family skiing advice!
  80. Soybeans powder/ flour
  81. Is it Safe for a 15y/o to take the train from ZH to Paris ?
  82. Cricket indoor nets
  83. Stopped in COOP by controller
  84. Wireless Headset recommedations for Xbox 360 ?
  85. Sydney to Zurich cost of living
  86. Recommendation for private detective - Zurich
  87. Zurich social life
  88. Vevey: Discovering common ground
  89. Carrying swiss army knife in pocket
  90. Swiss Army
  91. Don't shovel snow if you are over 55
  92. 10% discount at Interdiscount 20.11.14
  93. When do they turn the lights on at Bahnofstrasse?
  94. Best Pub to watch the footie
  95. Wedding Ring Bucherer - Want to sell
  96. Interdiscount vs Migro electronics vs fust vs conforama ...
  97. Car Vandalized for the 3rd time
  98. People living on industrial estates, in commercial premises...
  99. Products for Natural/Curly Hair
  100. Christmas market in or near Zurich / Baden
  101. Christmas trees (fake) - which ones are best value?
  102. Some wonderings....
  103. Mudslides kill at least four in Ticino and northern Italy
  104. iPhone 6 camera/video question
  105. Prepaid trash bags
  106. Geneva buses (TPG) going on strike Wednesday 19th November
  107. Disposing of wood stove ashes
  108. Wanted - Henna Artist - Geneva/Montreux
  109. An alternative to the 120kCHF question
  110. Interdiscount Christmas Sale
  111. legal question
  112. Is it nearing Christmas again?
  113. New in Bern
  114. Happy hour in Rolle anyone? Wed, Nov 19th?
  115. Tourist loses passport & wallet in Switzerland; Gets it back 18 years later!
  116. Your favourite French language movie
  117. Rideshare home to England for Christmas?
  118. jod tabletten.... can anyone explain in English?
  119. IT People on EF, would you like to work on something together?
  120. Lost a few actors today.
  121. Karaoke Basel
  122. Migros Second hand shop or Wholsale
  123. Change of landscape in Bucheggplatz
  124. Infra-red heat lamps.
  125. SkinStore.com review
  126. Intergration rule #1 - 1000
  127. Recommendation for cartoonist ??
  128. What do bring in bulk
  129. Expat communities between Zug and Zurich
  130. Guitar Player at Bern Bahnhof
  131. Living & Working in Switzerland book - do/did you use it?
  132. Due to leave CH, but now met someone...
  133. Basel 105K vs Zurich 120K
  134. anyone close to vevey?
  135. Eurovision Song Contest 2015
  136. To buy mineral cosmetics
  137. Hairdresser for women in Waldshut
  138. Interstellar: Any fans of Chris Nolan out there :)
  139. Hallabaloo in India re 'black money' in CH
  140. Buying resin/diecast model cars
  141. RC shopping? [R/C, Remote Control, Toys]
  142. returning of bought good store/online
  143. Emergency: Somebody flying US/New York-Zurich next days?
  144. PERU MOCHICA -- an interesting exhibition in Geneva
  145. 8 Ingenious Delivery Services in Zurich
  146. had to share
  147. Medical Care
  148. Two Swiss F-15 flying around today
  149. Life in Neuheim, Zug
  150. Indian Community/families in Zug
  151. Swiss sense of security
  152. Pros/cons of Switzerland vs border city in France
  153. Men's Shopping and Grooming in Lausanne, Switzerland?
  154. Moving to Olten from Nyon.. HELP!!!!!!!!
  155. Lost keys (solutions)
  156. School lost my 3 years old son.
  157. What keeps you awake at night?
  158. London vs Zurich
  159. Top 10 expat countries
  160. Xmas cards with Swiss winter scenes
  161. Info needed (for writing a novel): Being homeless in Lausanne
  162. Swiss supermarkets that deliver to Germany
  163. Leaving CH, Flat health insurance etc.
  164. Farmers Market in Zurich?
  165. Zurich Ladies Consignment/Resell It shops
  166. Living Costs in Switzerland
  167. A parking ticket in Thalwil from Kilchberg Gemeindepolizei??
  168. basel police road blocks all over
  169. Swiss road signs!
  170. Extended Warranty - should I bother?
  171. Gym in Oerlikon
  172. Coop supermarket and points card
  173. Lamy Pens
  174. Do 3-way LED lightbulbs exist in CH?
  175. Epsom Salts and oil
  176. Any suggestion for a skill while learning the Language?
  177. Migros- Free in-store WiFi in 560 stores
  178. Swiffer Wet Jet
  179. Receiving calls from spam numbers
  180. Tits
  181. Air France strike compensation
  182. Migros worker attacked by customer with a hammer
  183. public library in Pfaffikon SZ
  184. The best places in the world to be a rich foreigner
  185. paquis question
  186. Recycling days in basel
  187. Where to buy a fuse?
  188. Bike pumpstation in Winterthur
  189. 5 Rappen coins
  190. Awkward Sie/ Du moments..
  191. Shopping at Einkauf-Insel
  192. Estavayer-le-Lac (Garage de la Croix de Pierre)- a very helpful Garagist
  193. Best place to be an expat
  194. 30% Off Toy sale now at Migros
  195. Couple of Questions
  196. Ricardo?
  197. Weather App
  198. Questions about public day care center for children in Basel
  199. Future of Switzerland - Will the economy crash?
  200. Where to buy a reflective jacket in Zug?
  201. GENEVA -- weekend accomodation tips?
  202. Have you been harassed here?
  203. English speaking tailor in Basel
  204. police checking on bicycle lights
  205. Any British folk living in Lucerne?
  206. Zürich <3
  207. Where to buy high quality cleaning products LAUSANNE
  208. Commuting in Switzerland north-south
  209. Do you need to be a Swiss [Passionate] to fit in the country?
  210. The Great CHF 2 Trolley Scam
  211. A crazy idea got into my head @ Coroner concert
  212. How to stop junk phone calls?
  213. Gun Blueing
  214. English science/engineering bookstore in Switzerland
  215. Wine clubs - ordering Australian wines in Switzerland?
  216. Have you taken your Iodine tablets?
  217. What are some local festivals around Switzerland and Europe and when are they?
  218. Looking for a drogerie that sells a good selection
  219. I need an accountant...
  220. probably not a novel question but... PHONES
  221. Local sweetdeals in Berne/fribourg
  222. Where to buy an umbrella, beard trimmer, and slow cooker in Zurich?
  223. womens hairdresser in/near Olten
  224. Basic cake decoration workshop in Zurich
  225. Any traditional Irish musicians in Zurich?
  226. To take or not to take - electronics
  227. Area to rent apartment while looking for Software Developer Opportunities in Zurich
  228. Healthy items for newborns
  229. Does having health-insurance mean, you can be checked anywhere?
  230. Big shock recievng a parcel this morning
  231. Where to find …..
  232. Starting to adapt...or OCD activated ?
  233. Recommended Dentist in Luzern
  234. gluten free supermarket
  235. To those living near military bases.
  236. How is Vernier, GE?
  237. Turpentine
  238. New start, completely overwhelmed...
  239. Happy Birthday ( *your four-legged friend's name* )
  240. First half term of local Swiss school completed for my kids
  241. searching for Dance class
  242. What a life script
  243. Trip france to Switzerland
  244. Swiss Rules??
  245. When to transfer from handshake to three kisses?
  246. Searching for job as electrician or plumber in swiss german part
  247. Gift shop
  248. Holiday ideas
  249. siemens fridge instructions, broken KU14L05CH
  250. Getting replacement parts for an IKEA chest of drawers