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  1. low price shops moving ino Zürich downtown
  2. EF book swap
  3. Lost my keys in the lake at Chateau de Chillon
  4. Where can I get one of these?
  5. Food prices rise?
  6. Sometimes not being able to leave your CH heart behind
  7. To UK nationals
  8. New Aldi recycling for milk and juice packages
  9. Where to find a banner printer.
  10. Sparrows
  11. So, Geneva is not so bad after all!
  12. Fly
  13. Genuine concern for the environment or cynical spin on a business decision.
  14. Bread from supermarket
  15. Salt Mobile World contract
  16. Migros Cumulus or Coop Supercard? Who's vouchers are better?
  17. Swiss currency symbol
  18. Lidl amazing supermarket
  19. Kartbahn in Spreitenbach - any good for kids party?
  20. Something throwing things out of trees
  21. Best towns for young families in Switzerland
  22. Beware Tick Bites and Lyme disease Increase.
  23. Delivering multiples/twins
  24. Denominations matter
  25. internet
  26. Laundry: How to handle people not following the signup sheet?
  27. Migros Subito thief
  28. GENEVA NEEDS YOU...to yodel!
  29. Good employment lawyer
  30. Describe your salary using the title of a movie.
  31. Getting rid of furniture.
  32. Is it genuine or a con
  33. What a life
  34. French conversation in/around Nyon VD
  35. Grocery delivery for small amounts?
  36. watchout: Velo control in schaffhauserplatz ZH
  37. shower cap filters
  38. CH National Cinema Day - 04.09.2016
  39. Catholic masses in Spanish
  40. any place for American breakfast?
  41. shops
  42. Sattel in Summer
  43. where to shop for groceries/household items online
  44. CU later alligator, in a while crocodile, hey man is that a caiman?
  45. Hair replacement/hair system in switzerland
  46. What does Swiss fashion look like?
  47. Privacy Rights
  48. Keeping stumm- your right but nothing worse for raising the red flag..
  49. Track & Trace with Swiss post
  50. Relocation advice request: Basel-Land to Basel-Stadt
  51. Rodent in salad
  52. How can bananas be fresh??
  53. Corporate tax reform iii?
  54. Moths!
  55. What is your favourite Swiss city?
  56. New mums or mums to be (in Maur)?
  57. Air show over Geneva this weekend?
  58. Happy IBD!
  59. Migration to Geneva "in free fall"
  60. Any shops taking old furniture during the delivery of new?
  61. People of Basel, beware!
  62. dust & bugs!
  63. Tax declaration for a married couple...how do you know your individual portion?
  64. Food cost family with two kids - Zurich
  65. complaining neighbors
  66. any singaporeans living in geneva ?
  67. My experience with putzfrau
  68. Post from Switzerland to England
  69. Living cost lausanne
  70. Shocked by ZSPU "Zombie Smart Phone Users"
  71. Why Switzerland struggles in big football competitions...
  72. Childrens cinema next to brothel
  73. Any inexpensive hair salon in zurich for updo?
  74. Advice for small bed for guests / easy to store ??
  75. Mould removal!
  76. Air Quality in Switzerland
  77. Board gamers around Baden?
  78. Whats the point of High German?
  79. Is Switzerland a Golden Cage?
  80. Towns with only one road in/out....
  81. Suggestions for a nice place for a first date in Zurich
  82. Easy park , Geneva airport
  83. Who is struggling with Swiss punctuality?
  84. Sons of the Kings of Tara in Kreis 1 (legitimate and illegitimate)
  85. Rottweiler in valais
  86. Missed connection - girl on tram 10/glattpark
  87. Simulatneous Swimmming and Barbecue in Lausanne
  88. It's official! Your neighbours really do spy on you
  89. Any idea where can i watch indian Movies- specifically Kabali?
  90. My daughter's drawing that didn't make it to the fridge door.
  91. Switzerland on higher alert status ??
  92. English speakers in Olten and Zofingen
  93. Looking for Sidi Cycling Shoes in store
  94. there a place with good weather in winter / summer?
  95. Swiss Mourning Customs - any advice?
  96. CHF2,500 for disposable income
  97. Woman locked by neighbour into basement for washing after 22.00!
  98. Live above the Hochnebel in Aargau canton?
  99. DIY shops (basel area) - wood/carton sheets
  100. Interesting approach of a DE company selling into CH
  101. Desktop in hand luggage
  102. children that speak some english
  103. Best English/ irish pubs... [in Zurich]
  104. Police in Zürich today with machine guns
  105. Sharing a flat with elderly people?
  106. Coop Brico+Loisirs/Bau+Hobby 15% off all store 12.07-16.07.2016
  107. any nice places in east switzerland?
  108. converting Halb tax to GA student
  109. Newspaper Subscriptions
  110. Switzerland intervenes for French/German friendship!
  111. Monthly minimum for kantons you live in
  112. Where to buy nose hair scissors/ trimmers?
  113. Moving to Zurich
  114. How much to paint a house?
  115. Golf equipment in ZRH?
  116. Asian moms in zürich
  117. Me me me me me me me
  118. Kieser training... any feedback?
  119. conditions to obtain a C permit
  120. Poste Restante delivery VAT refund
  121. Keratin straightening in Zurich
  122. Stopede: between Heaven and Hell
  123. Master in finance admission in neuchatel
  124. Where to find readymade Indian Paneer or even tofu?
  125. allnatura - anyone had any experience with this store?
  126. 152 bus from Adliswil Bahnhof timing
  127. Good luck to all parents
  128. Wholewheat pasta
  129. Brows/Threading in Zurich - Indian
  130. Highway road blocks today... whats going on?
  131. In kruezelingen for the next 30 days, what to do?
  132. Map for cost of living in Switzerland?
  133. Wall oven
  134. Yellow distance signposts
  135. Notice period for classes?
  136. Huge searchlight on top of Stanserhorn right now.
  137. Shisha or Hookah pipe shops in Zürich
  138. Lost monthly pass on a hike up Uetliberg - where to look?
  139. 4th of July events in Zurich
  140. Cellar flooded - does insurance cover doors?
  141. Internet baby Shopping in CH
  142. Looking for help in finding a regular part-time job in Basel
  143. Private swim lessons for child in Basel area?
  144. Mysterious bread piece in front of the door...superstition...?
  145. Is one brothel per 1000 population normal in Switzerland?
  146. Bio meat - Germany
  147. Issue with restaurant located in my building / insurance
  148. 8 Years of Bruises
  149. How to dispose of old sofa, Geneva
  150. Postal services
  151. Waxing and threading near richterswil
  152. New SVP Initiative
  153. For the Swiss who has everything......
  154. Maisons du Monde
  155. Should emergency vehicles be allowed to exceed speed limits?
  156. Summer vacation!
  157. Contact Lense Solution
  158. Friday Popcorn Thread
  159. Fitness/Wellness Holiday Suggestions?
  160. Is this really true?
  161. it's one or the other
  162. Which one is better?
  163. Poll
  164. Where to watch Super Rugby?
  165. Stores of choice (second hand or not)
  166. NHS question
  167. Wedding venue for 30-35 people
  168. Rules for Babies and naming - Luzern
  169. Thank you Top Gear team!
  170. Should Neddy make a poll
  171. Alternative to "trailing spouse"?
  172. Salary from Paris to Zurich
  173. Coming to Zurich, need some info :)
  174. Help with Swiss electric wall socket
  175. Door bell ringing > 5 times, nobody there...
  176. Worst Friday Thread day ever
  177. Disintegrating shoes: what's in the Swiss soil??
  178. Cellar flooded: hindsight
  179. Breast-feeding
  180. Deciphering postpac notification
  181. Moving to Bern to do an internship at a Start Up
  182. Dog in car in this heat
  183. Registered letter after one-week delay
  184. For how long can one leave CH?
  185. Cannabis... Escorts... Porn...
  186. Urgent Pea Question...
  187. We're Moving to Basel want meet some friends
  188. Basel - Indoor / Outdoor Venue Suggestion?
  189. OMG! I was watching porn, clicked on a random link and got a message from the police?
  190. Where (if possible) can I find discounts for laptops?
  191. Kitchen combi-steam oven and combi-microwave-oven
  192. Besttrading.ch ? Any good?
  193. Noise from bar across the street
  194. cheap haircut in Bern ?
  195. Paris flooded - trip planned - reservations made
  196. Customs refund in Neuchatel
  197. Cheap ammo
  198. getting a job here - work visa?! - help
  199. SHPOCK! Instead of Ricardo FREE NO FEES
  200. Free things for international students
  201. Must a "verein" have specific types of officers ??
  202. Zurich Police Bicycle Checks
  203. Why some Loud Yanks should live here
  204. Switzerland welcomed WW1 PoWs
  205. Where to buy Insta Life acupressure pillow in Zurich?
  206. Killer escapes psychiatric ward
  207. Process for seeing the Gemeinde (Basel)
  208. Stuff that's worth paying a premium for....
  209. Helium baloons
  210. Clarification: wasserschutzpolizei fine(?)
  211. Dating button
  212. Where to donate clothes and toys?
  213. Do you have a banksy too?
  214. Commute Basel /Zurich or vice versa
  215. Newbie paradise is not EF........
  216. Differences between Swiss German, French and Italian people
  217. Switzerland: Muslim students must shake teacher's hand
  218. Spring to Summer transition
  219. Embrach
  220. What time does Swiss German border control closes?
  221. Renting an apartment
  222. Would things have turned out the same in your Home Country?
  223. Looking for Domestic Helper in Zurich
  224. Vevey or Lausanne?
  225. Clothing repair in Lausanne?
  226. For mothers (and fathers) of daughters....
  227. Denner shoppers
  228. Dishwasher Tabs?
  229. Gymnasium teachers in Switzerland
  230. Where to get Cortizone injection for Knee pain?
  231. Such a nice day today, ...
  232. 13 salary payments - how common?
  233. Amazon.de Vs ordering in a local store
  234. Bag stollen in Dosenbach
  235. Waxing / Threading in Oerlikon ZH
  236. Volunteer Work in Zurich
  237. Pinball service
  238. Is the economy slowing down or picking up?...
  239. Paella Rice
  240. Wakeboard in Zug or Zurich
  241. Architect issue
  242. Epic fail in this week's COOP magazine
  243. Any law against lights on 24h/24, 7d/7?
  244. Only mobile phones, no more landline phones
  245. Tax refund on a holiday?
  246. Getting a Dining table
  247. Jilted admirer shocks woman with tattoo... of her face
  248. Hallenstadion Zürich Parking
  249. English Art Teacher in Basel
  250. Where to live Zurich or Zug?