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  1. Multiple Permits allowed?
  2. Working permit for an MBA student's spouse
  3. How much permit type (L or B) depends on employer's efforts?
  4. Visiting(tourist (for 3 days)) before getting the B
  5. Best days for B-permit applying
  6. How to get C permit form
  7. How long are permits taking these days?
  8. visa/work permit
  9. Student visa for minors
  10. Non-EU with CH B permit working on contract in a Schengen zone country-possible ?
  11. ETH Student - Obtaining Visa for Spouse
  12. B Visa - working in one canton and living in another
  13. Non-EU L to Non-EU B, TOTALLY CONFUSED!!
  14. Finally admitted to ETH !! ( and have some questions about the visa )
  15. pls give me information ( married to an F permit holder in CH )
  16. Au Pair agency
  17. Reporting a marriage
  18. Expired B-permit (student) - moving to Australia
  19. How much for B permit
  20. Dependent B permit Conversion to Independent
  21. Fewer foreigners desire Swiss Naturlization ( cf earlier )
  22. Travel with temp residence permit
  23. Where to check when I can apply? [Swiss citizenship]
  24. Marriage in Switzerland
  25. NON-EU with a studen B permit applying for work permit in Switzerland
  26. Sole Trader or not ?
  27. work permits/visa for American au pair in Geneva
  28. work permit
  29. Free seminar about permits in Switzerland for Romanians
  30. Yearly B Permit Renewal - submit original permit ?
  31. Permit for EU national
  32. L permit\B Permit: a complex non-standard-situation. Any experts, please help!
  33. Degradation: From B-permit to L-permit. Can this nightmare happen?
  34. Visa for retired parent
  35. Work Permit / Visa throughout EU for Spouse of Swiss National
  36. Non-EU, restricted B, renewal after 72 months
  37. Having L permit as an Au pair and wants to extend my permit is it possible?
  38. How long to get an Attested Criminal Record Extract?
  39. Is it even worth it for me to apply for jobs?
  40. B permit possible?
  41. Au pair visa and changing cantons
  42. Spouse B permit question
  43. Permit for Spouse of EU-Romania 'L' with Non EU
  44. Renewing B Permit in Ticino/Mendrisio
  45. Visa for wife
  46. Registered in Gemeinde. How long to get physical permit!!
  47. L permit for spouse
  48. Need to register if holding a CDL?
  49. Student visa?
  50. Non-EU ( RU ) on Schengen visa - allowed to conduct job application activities ?
  51. Help seeking from Indians in Switzerland holding work permit
  52. Obtaining a swiss passport in Australia?
  53. Renewal of B permit for dependents
  54. Live in Geneva, Work in Lausanne
  55. EU Student - Need Additional Permit to Work?
  56. Non-Eu B Permit
  57. 12 Month Tourist Visa
  58. Claiming unemployment
  59. How limited am i with an L permit ?
  60. Visa for retaking exams
  61. PhD visa for non-EU student living in Germany
  62. Expired permit ( non-EU Vietnam student ) - need travel to Sweden
  63. ask for asylum in switzerland ( Iranian claimant )
  64. Late Student Visa Application to Switzerland
  65. B TO C Permit
  66. New job requires you already hold a Permit B?
  67. Documentation to be filled in for a SA national with Swiss spouse
  68. Duration of Naturalisation process-Non EU
  69. unemployment benefits for L-permit holder
  70. Finally got invited for C permit to Kreisburo! I am worried.. any ideas?
  71. please help-family reunification visa ( asylum route possibility )
  72. Non EU B Permit changing cantons
  73. questions about permit - non-EU partner of a French citizen
  74. L permit -> Student permit
  75. Permit Renewal after 5 years - Is a C permit possible ? Non EU marrying an EU
  76. 24month with L permit, need staying longer, worried.
  77. Steuererklarung?
  78. Cor Blimey! [UK Passport renewal]
  79. Temporary Work Permit for UK Student?
  80. Passport stamps for non EU
  81. Working in GVA, intends to own a flat in France, tax-free pay.
  82. Hello Switzerland...
  83. Best Specialty for Entry
  84. EU National Student Application - Do they hold your Passport?
  85. L Permit on Continuing Contract (How Long?)
  86. Spouse VISA, not EU, not yet married....
  87. Facilitated Naturalisation - What am I in for??
  88. Sponsored UZH work permit question-US citizen
  89. From UN to private sector (Permits for non EU national)
  90. is this true or not re: frontalier work visa.
  91. Swiss moving back with British husband-permit?
  92. How to report the widespread malfeasance at a Swiss embassy?
  93. Australian needing help getting Visa to Switzerland
  94. B Permit for Non EU
  95. British citizen marrying Swiss
  96. Can I really choose between a B and C permit in my case?
  97. Need help- Chinese girl trying to move to Switzerland, Medical background
  98. Rejected Offer
  99. Student Permit / Leave of Absence
  100. How do I get a work permit?
  101. Visa
  102. 2 "L" permits for non EU and your out?
  103. Permit B change job possible? Simple transfer or go through the 'Quota' system again?
  104. Invite girlfriend to Switzerland with permit L
  105. Lugano Town Hall info needed ( for deregistration )
  106. Trying to move to Zurich
  107. Should i get my Swiss passport?
  108. Fired! L-permit and unemployment benefits
  109. L-visa moving to Aargau from place of initial registration (Zurich)
  110. Deported but I have child in Switzerland
  111. Staying whilst waiting for my papers.
  112. Living in CH, working in DE - through 3rd Party
  113. Non-EU permit B in Aargau
  114. How do I get Work Permit in case of intercompany transfer?
  115. Permit B and going for C
  116. Swiss Integration Contract
  117. Why become Swiss
  118. B permit for non EU citizen
  119. Turned away by Gemeinde...Confused!
  120. Migrationsamt LOST my Kantonsweschel application
  121. US and Swiss Citizen traveling to US
  122. Work permit for non EU-student to intern in Zurich
  123. Travel to UK
  124. Finishing degree and chances to stay and live in Switzerland !
  125. Living in CH but working in the US
  126. UK to CH - Potential Job Offer but return to UK at weekends
  127. Stay as tourist after L permit expires
  128. From Geneva to the UK, but still working for a Swiss company
  129. Australian with EU citizenship
  130. permit for a person without job , new EU
  131. Dependent B Permit
  132. UK to Switzerland - EU and NON-Eu - a bit complex please help
  133. Need to stay in CH during facilitated naturalization process?
  134. Permit B form for non-EU
  135. renewal of my residency permit
  136. C Permit and Carte de Legitimation
  137. chinese consolate,wrong information problem at last minute
  138. Family reunification on L (EU) permit
  139. Booking Return Air Tickets from your National Country (SA) to Zurich on L Permit
  140. Grew up in Switzerland and want to return
  141. Want to move to CH
  142. Reg L permit visa expiry and re-entry
  143. Residence in CH with non-EU GF ( with Portuguese permit )
  144. No entry stamp for my arrival at the Zurich airport
  145. Retired U.S. Military wanting to move back.
  146. Self-employed day trader looking to move from UK to CH
  147. How long does it take to get a Swiss Student Visa?
  148. Swiss Citizenship after 8 years? [Now 10 years]
  149. family reunion (EU+non EU): joining me right from the start?
  150. American applying for D permit in Swiss husband's canton
  151. Visa Services Zurich for Asia
  152. non eu and eu family
  153. wife visa pending
  154. resident permit without an address in Switzerland
  155. Family unification
  156. Received 2 Aufenthaltstitel (cards) in the same week
  157. Interviewing with an MNC in Zurich
  158. non-eu member, married to swiss for 3 yars, when will i get my c permit
  159. Migraweb - Living in Switzerland – Information and counselling online
  160. Residence permit & non-empty police record
  161. Leaving Ireland for Zurich
  162. EU - back in CH after assigment abroad. Job cut - and now?
  163. Liechtenstein is now formally part of the Schengen zone
  164. Visa & Resident Permit to work in Zurich
  165. Changing from Student visa to Spouse permit without leaving Switzerland
  166. residence permit B - application confirmation and other
  167. Dependent visa, Permit B for spouses wanting to reunite with family in Switzerland
  168. Contracting In Switzerland US Citizen
  169. Dependent permit to individual work permit
  170. Work permit EU citizen
  171. police clearance
  172. Transfer of B permit
  173. Criminal Record and Debt Collection Check in US and UK for new job in CH
  174. Non-EU getting married with a Swiss Local
  175. Non-EU student,to study in France, then Intern in Geneva
  176. Preparation for Citizenship Interview
  177. Spouse dependent B permit
  178. Neglected to declare German registered vehicle
  179. Ecuadorian Gay Partner of Swiss National
  180. American trailing spouse...can I get a work permit?
  181. After 6 years my B-Permit renewal was declined...
  182. travelling without a Travel Document, is it possible???
  183. Apply for B permit before arriving
  184. The abstract of Marriage is not the same as the truth.
  185. Enter Switzerland Before Visa Approval
  186. US Marriage Visa vs US J-1 Visa Options. HELP!
  187. Birth Cert for newborn in CH ( UK parents, spouse from Pakistan hasn´t got a BC )
  188. Moving from uk to Switzerland with job offer need permit advice
  189. what is L-GAV
  190. Can I get a B permit if my wife is a student in CH?
  191. Student Visa for Switzerland
  192. Work permit for American fiance of South African B-permit holder
  193. Changing Employee on Permit B: Vaud to non Swiss
  194. Moving to Swiss from SA
  195. Fired Non-EU L-Permit being kicked out??
  196. Will 22 yr son get work visa if both parents have B visa's?
  197. Laid off while waiting for Permit C
  198. HELP!!- Laying off Non-EU L permit
  199. Visiting Switzerland; later plan to attend school in Zurich. Visa problem?
  200. How to amend form 18.44?
  201. Spanish wife and non-EU ( Pakistan ) husband - what permits will we get
  202. American Grenzganger....complicated.....
  203. Require information on L type visa
  204. Marry a non-Swiss – what visa rights would she have?
  205. Social welfare benefit ( EU citizen ) after unemployment benefits
  206. Spouse visa process stuck for 10+ months
  207. Dependent L Permits and part-time work
  208. When to apply for B permit?
  209. Changing working B Permit to marriage B
  210. L Permit question
  211. Entering USA with Swiss passport
  212. Multiple entry visa for non-EU visitors?
  213. advice for temporary residence (1-2 months) for non eu citizen in France
  214. A non-EU resident, and spouse of EU Citizen
  215. Can dependent L permit change to working L permit
  216. Opening up an erotic massage business in Switzerland - what do I need to do ?
  217. Daughter turning 16 - what are the Swiss entitlements?
  218. Student B Permit Expiring...can I come back on a tourist visa
  219. Apply as a Romanian or US citizen for B work permit?
  220. Will I lose my self employment status?
  221. US citizen visit while Immigration visa processing
  222. Work permit EU citizen working for UK company
  223. Non-EU B permit Frequent Business Travels
  224. EU with foreign wife
  225. No. of contracts dilemma....
  226. Renewing tourist Visa for the EU by visiting Switzerland
  227. US Company wants to keep me employed
  228. Shengen visa extension???
  229. Changing employment on a B permit
  230. Permit Change
  231. re-entry visa - how long does it take?
  232. What type of a B Permit is this
  233. non EU visa extension
  234. EU with Japanese contract (and Japanese wife!)
  235. How long will it take to get my Visa? [India]
  236. Termination of work Contract
  237. Documents to Bring to Switzerland
  238. Can I work on dependent visa?
  239. Awaiting for visa ( from Nigeria )
  240. Timeline for Permit
  241. May my Ukrainian partner follow me to Switzerland?
  242. Apply for German Student Visa in Switzerland
  243. G Permit Rights
  244. Taking help from Hospice general is a problem?
  245. L permit renewal for non-EU (Japanese)
  246. Bringing Wife while having a B permit
  247. Requirements for maintaining C permit
  248. Non EU and EU family moving to Zurich
  249. Student B Permit in one Kanton, need to move
  250. Advance tuition fees, other matters and visas