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  1. Hypothetical case....i hope...
  2. L Permit (non-EU) and travelling to Switzerland on a tourist visa!
  3. Work permit expires within the period of unemployment benefit. Can it be renewed?
  4. L Visa
  5. B permit visa at the kreisburo in Zurich
  6. Advice/experience with Swiss/US trainee program?
  7. phd-work/student permit
  8. Residency and Health Insurance
  9. Business Visas as UK Citizen in Switzerland
  10. Is a tourist Visa renewed when leaving Switzerland?
  11. A quick thank you to folks on this forum
  12. Non-EU, Basel, change permit from B to C: how long does the process take?
  13. How do I get work permit?
  14. More info on work permits for EU married to non-EU
  15. French vs. Swiss citizenship for a non-EU
  16. Son going to college in US - does he need to deregister?
  17. B Permit Holder Getting marriage Swiss Citizen .
  18. Should I get married? ( to assist a non-EU for a B permit )
  19. B Permit - Bern
  20. Swiss embassy in Paris
  21. late registration with city
  22. Involuntarily gave up C residence permit, (Can I get it back?)
  23. Need Help, Grew Up in Switzerland, Trying to Return
  24. From B to C Bewilligung
  25. Permit from one canton, live in other
  26. work/residence permit changing status?
  27. Non EU (Australian) visa questions
  28. Permit renewal on part time work
  29. Bank balance for Switzerland visitor visa
  30. Residency permit or look for job first?
  31. British visitors visa for China
  32. American wife with permit C..Can I also get one?
  33. Please guide me ( need to return to home country urgently but permit needs renewal )
  34. interview compulsory for visitor visa for first time indian travellers ?
  35. Residence permit -> Work permit
  36. Permit C and Citizenship - real headache
  37. Mission impossible (blue zone parking permit)
  38. Permission to get a "B permit" validity
  39. Can I work in swiss with Daueraufenthalt-EG
  40. G Permit
  41. L-permit for EU (Latvia) / Urgent advice needed!
  42. How long do I have to get my Swiss driver's license?
  43. EU-Citizen and non-EU spouse
  44. Help with German translation for residence permit in case of language course enroll
  45. Completely lost...
  46. Permit Renewal but also Deregistered
  47. Can I travel during my L-permit extension process?
  48. During the Work Permit application process...
  49. Stuck in a catch-22 situation
  50. Meeting with Gemeinde
  51. Parking permit for disabled
  52. can a NON EU au pair stay in Switzerland and study?
  53. Naturalization and language
  54. Is he Swiss or not!?
  55. Naturalisation for family.
  56. about marriage
  57. illegal immigrant willing to get regular
  58. Must I sign??? or what???
  59. L permit, Linked and Unlinked B permits
  60. B permit - take a subbatial leave and return
  61. Easiest way to qualify for a student visa - Zurich?
  62. There are 2 types of B permit !?
  63. passing the border without re-entry visa ?
  64. Changed from B to C - what's the CHF cost in tax difference?
  65. Looking for Naturalization advice
  66. Travelling outside Switzerland with a work VISA
  67. Company Setup on B permit
  68. Lucerne Canton Office
  69. Quota question
  70. Permit B expires
  71. Non-EU expiring B permit with a new job,
  72. Living in UK but working in Switzerland
  73. Dependent visa for non-EU spouse living in UK
  74. Changing permit types: from a D-permit to a (spouse-linked) B-permit
  75. Lost B permit
  76. Any Americans file taxes yet?? help!
  77. Receipt of Swiss social help=threat to B permit?
  78. Traveling to Switzerland on Tourist Visa
  79. Permit/Moving to Switzerland
  80. Work permit for an EU 25 citizen Nanny
  81. Need help about letter from OCP in FR ( prospective PostDoc with spouse )
  82. "90 day business trip", while waiting for work visa or other options?
  83. EU8 residence and work permit ( post 01.05.2012 )
  84. Fixing the surname after naturalisation.
  85. Swiss Naturalization - Swiss Grandmother
  86. Marriage options non-EU Asian student in UK to a Swiss citizen
  87. L Study Permit
  88. B permit layoff and wife's B permit (following spouse)
  89. Non-EU work permit / residence permit condition - length of stay onshore
  90. American girlfriend in Switzerland
  91. Do I need official translation for birht certificate when I get married?
  92. Official " swearing in " evening -Swiss citizenship
  93. Advice pls --could I get my mum (82 yrs old, non-EU) residency here?
  94. Can I get Swiss citizenship after 6 years of marriage to a Swiss citizen?
  95. Moving in Zurich within same Kreis - Permit B
  96. Registered partnerships in CH?
  97. Family Regroupment (B permit) and employment
  98. Two steps for non-EU L-permit extension?
  99. Changing name.
  100. What does "Number of entries requested" mean?
  101. B permit - Change of job & Canton - Any issues?
  102. Moving to Zurich - confused about where to go
  103. Just received L resident permit, but D Visa has expired
  104. Residence Permit
  105. Visa Expiration Date
  106. C permit after 5 years for non-Eu spouse?
  107. Looking For Work in Country
  108. Living abroad but keeping the address in switzerland.
  109. non-EU citizen with B permit - questions of changing job
  110. work permit vs residency permit help -fiancee of US citizen
  111. Residence permit in Aarau
  112. USA to Switzerland - Student Visa Banking
  113. Loosing L visa
  114. Resignation Vs Lay-off Pros and Cons
  115. Requesting help for Student Visa/Residence Permit
  116. how to find out if proposed legislation has become law
  117. Nanny requirements in Switzerland
  118. Non-EU B-holder has to leave Switzerland
  119. non-EU L permit holder visiting Netherlands
  120. Can someone please help me to understand this Type D visa?
  121. Criminal Record
  122. Need Visa Help
  123. Hiring Polish worker
  124. American in Basel seeking info regarding work VISA
  125. Indian citizen with residence permit in uk visiting switzerland
  126. British but married in Antigua- Permit problems
  127. Permanent Residence of Switzerland in Zurich
  128. Invite parents for vacation from India
  129. can you obtain more than one visa at once?
  130. what is needed to sponsor a work permit for non EU
  131. Naturalisation question
  132. Do you require schengen visa ( CH B permit flying from India to Milan, IT )
  133. Her Parents to stay in CH,... Help
  134. Work permit for a Nanny
  135. child alimony and financial requirement
  136. Official documents needed for setting up home in Zurich
  137. How to prove that I have been living in GE for some years?
  138. L Permit to Tourist Visa?
  139. L-Permit status after Lay-off
  140. Irish citizen - posting at client site in Switzerland
  141. Non-EU unemployed: how to approach new job and change of permits
  142. Renewing my L-Permit ( British national )
  143. Need help about expired unused marriage visa to CH
  144. US/Romanian Citizen - Self-employed
  145. overstay
  146. where to submit such form
  147. Family friend from Mexico coming to visit for summer...what does she need?
  148. Shenghen Visa needed for B permit holder non EU?
  149. Am I resident?
  150. Work B permit to student B permit ?
  151. US passported girlfriend, trying to get her in as student.....
  152. Changing Canton while in L Permit
  153. L Permit Extension.
  154. B Permit renewal declined - what now?
  155. How long EU permit for family with job?
  156. German Citizen marrying non EU in Swiss
  157. Partenza question
  158. Moved here on tourist visa although previously married in US/how to get the B-permit?
  159. How to apply Swiss Working Permit
  160. Student with B permit/ spouse to move here.
  161. Dumb question about my B permit
  162. Married in india, want permanant swiss citizenship by re-marrying in Swiss laws
  163. ID for EUs (Ausländerausweis)?
  164. working while doing MBA in CH
  165. Non EU married to EU with C permit
  166. Naturalisation for our children before us....any experience ?
  167. Trainee in Switzerland - girlfriend where?
  168. Canadian Passport Photos - Basel
  169. Permit B - Family only leaving temporarily
  170. 2 married students coming to study, student visa or dependant visa?
  171. applying for L Permit without diplomas
  172. Papers submitted for naturalization
  173. Working Permit for a NGOD Representative in Geneva
  174. student visa
  175. Multiple Permits allowed?
  176. Working permit for an MBA student's spouse
  177. How much permit type (L or B) depends on employer's efforts?
  178. Visiting(tourist (for 3 days)) before getting the B
  179. Best days for B-permit applying
  180. How to get C permit form
  181. How long are permits taking these days?
  182. visa/work permit
  183. Student visa for minors
  184. Non-EU with CH B permit working on contract in a Schengen zone country-possible ?
  185. ETH Student - Obtaining Visa for Spouse
  186. B Visa - working in one canton and living in another
  187. Non-EU L to Non-EU B, TOTALLY CONFUSED!!
  188. Finally admitted to ETH !! ( and have some questions about the visa )
  189. pls give me information ( married to an F permit holder in CH )
  190. Au Pair agency
  191. Reporting a marriage
  192. Expired B-permit (student) - moving to Australia
  193. How much for B permit
  194. Dependent B permit Conversion to Independent
  195. Fewer foreigners desire Swiss Naturlization ( cf earlier )
  196. Travel with temp residence permit
  197. Where to check when I can apply? [Swiss citizenship]
  198. Marriage in Switzerland
  199. NON-EU with a studen B permit applying for work permit in Switzerland
  200. Sole Trader or not ?
  201. work permits/visa for American au pair in Geneva
  202. work permit
  203. Free seminar about permits in Switzerland for Romanians
  204. Yearly B Permit Renewal - submit original permit ?
  205. Permit for EU national
  206. L permit\B Permit: a complex non-standard-situation. Any experts, please help!
  207. Degradation: From B-permit to L-permit. Can this nightmare happen?
  208. Visa for retired parent
  209. Work Permit / Visa throughout EU for Spouse of Swiss National
  210. Non-EU, restricted B, renewal after 72 months
  211. Having L permit as an Au pair and wants to extend my permit is it possible?
  212. How long to get an Attested Criminal Record Extract?
  213. Is it even worth it for me to apply for jobs?
  214. B permit possible?
  215. Au pair visa and changing cantons
  216. Spouse B permit question
  217. Permit for Spouse of EU-Romania 'L' with Non EU
  218. Renewing B Permit in Ticino/Mendrisio
  219. Visa for wife
  220. Registered in Gemeinde. How long to get physical permit!!
  221. L permit for spouse
  222. Need to register if holding a CDL?
  223. Student visa?
  224. Non-EU ( RU ) on Schengen visa - allowed to conduct job application activities ?
  225. Help seeking from Indians in Switzerland holding work permit
  226. Obtaining a swiss passport in Australia?
  227. Renewal of B permit for dependents
  228. Live in Geneva, Work in Lausanne
  229. EU Student - Need Additional Permit to Work?
  230. Non-Eu B Permit
  231. 12 Month Tourist Visa
  232. Claiming unemployment
  233. How limited am i with an L permit ?
  234. Visa for retaking exams
  235. PhD visa for non-EU student living in Germany
  236. Expired permit ( non-EU Vietnam student ) - need travel to Sweden
  237. ask for asylum in switzerland ( Iranian claimant )
  238. Late Student Visa Application to Switzerland
  239. B TO C Permit
  240. New job requires you already hold a Permit B?
  241. Documentation to be filled in for a SA national with Swiss spouse
  242. Duration of Naturalisation process-Non EU
  243. unemployment benefits for L-permit holder
  244. Finally got invited for C permit to Kreisburo! I am worried.. any ideas?
  245. please help-family reunification visa ( asylum route possibility )
  246. Non EU B Permit changing cantons
  247. questions about permit - non-EU partner of a French citizen
  248. L permit -> Student permit
  249. Permit Renewal after 5 years - Is a C permit possible ? Non EU marrying an EU
  250. 24month with L permit, need staying longer, worried.