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  1. Working with Dependent Visa?
  2. what does 'duration of stay: xxx' mean?
  3. A chance is what I need...
  4. Welcome to the neighbourhood. 85 Francs, please.
  5. B permit EU-8 living and working in diffefent cantons
  6. Years doing MSc/PhD - do they count towards C Permit?
  7. Work permit (working place different from place of residence)
  8. B Permit Holder Job Change Questions: Updated 2012 Edition!
  9. 5 years to get a C permit: what if i leave and come back ?
  10. non-EU permit, but wife getting EU citizen
  11. Looking for a way to live/work in Switzerland!
  12. Photo in Baby Permit
  13. Student Visa to Switzerland
  14. Facilitated naturalisation
  15. Student Permit B Number
  16. Expired Permit and Car, So Can I Travel?
  17. L permit Out of Switzerland
  18. Carte de legitimation - I pay AVS, chomage - right to chomage?
  19. american boyfriend want to move
  20. HELP! canadian citizen getting married to swiss citizen - fiance visa yes or no?
  21. Clarification needed from permit experts
  22. Cancelling a "Vollmacht" - power of attorney given to a tax advisor
  23. Register as student
  24. De-Registration
  25. EU citizen, L permit - Multiple jobs
  26. B permit being taken back and me sent home
  27. Civil Partnership NON EU, NON Swiss
  28. Student Visa Rejecting-Advise Needed
  29. Partner joining me in CH with a job offer as self-employed
  30. L permit Surrender. Visit Visa
  31. Neirynck initiative - help?
  32. Can I study in switzerland with L dependent WP
  33. Documents required for B spouse permit
  34. Useful information for those seeking naturalization
  35. L Permit and student Visa
  36. Which comes first - health insurance or residence permit?
  37. Leaving Switzerland and C permit ( non-EU )
  38. Temp. move to Switzerland
  39. Renewed B Card - Text changed
  40. Living in France with G permit or Geneva with B permit
  41. L Permit in Lausanne
  42. C Permit in Baden/Kanton Aargau for non EU
  43. Letter from labour office:-
  44. Certified Photo Copy
  45. The dilemma of being family member of EU 8 citizen
  46. B permit validity
  47. WTO Internship Visa
  48. Working permit - Customary meeting - Geneva Canton- Any thoughts?
  49. Question about EU Permits
  50. Moving from Canada
  51. Test for CH Passport
  52. B-permit CZE reunification with BGR - Zurich
  53. Information on Artist Visa or "Artist Exception"?
  54. Travelling to/from Switzerland with Ausländerausweis?
  55. Permit B - how long does it take to process?
  56. Effects of RAV
  57. Family Regroupment B permit - job offer-renewal?
  58. Working in Germany .. Living in Switzerland
  59. Helpful links for newbies asking about visas.
  60. B permit holder changing job
  61. Language school 1 year permit
  62. Extention of Student Visa
  63. regular process
  64. Chances of getting a work permit ( non-EU )
  65. Medical Residency in Switzerland
  66. Traveling to France with just B Permit (no passport)....possible?
  67. Schaffhausen Help
  68. Help about Family Regroupment I miss my family!
  69. Is RAV considered Social Services?
  70. Move in date before visa entry date.
  71. My landlord don't sign on Permit Form.
  72. Tougher Naturalisation Law coming soon!!!!!
  73. L Permit for Intensive German Course and Planned PhD?
  74. Can I Keep My C Permit?
  75. UK document stating parents' names for Anmeldung - any ideas?
  76. work permit visa
  77. Applying for Simplified naturalisation, Effretikon
  78. Working with a Student Visa
  79. Power boat registration - Engine type?
  80. Query on the place to apply for residence permit
  81. Applying for a US B1/B2 visit visa - Nepalese with B & CH spouse
  82. Family reunion and Bpermit situation
  83. Non-EU citizen,Student with B permit ,offer for 100% 6 months internship
  84. Non-EU, B-Permit (Long term) - Multiple jobs?
  85. Registering in 2 cantons
  86. Work Permit for EU National - waiting time in Zurich - your experience
  87. Registering in kreis 4
  88. Question regarding entering the country - visa in the works, but not issued yet.
  89. Emergency question for any irish forum users
  90. Having a baby with Swiss partner, grateful for anyone's expertise/experience!
  91. With the C permit - live in FR work in CH, chg to taxation at source possible ?
  92. Work permit validity
  93. L-permit holder: Can I appeal for B permit?
  94. Another sad permit story...
  95. Have I got this right ?
  96. going to Germany without permit: possible?
  97. Age-limit on student visa?
  98. EU Citizen Converting a G permit to B Permit
  99. Non EU (indian) graduate from Liechtenstein, trying to get work in switzerland
  100. Swiss Work Permit Non-EU Secondments
  101. B Permit Extension Denied / Job Change
  102. Permit - I should not of registered partner, how to fix
  103. Fresh off the boat from US- Next Steps for work permit?
  104. Travelling within EU with Ausweis and Australian passport (not linked to Ausweis)
  105. Storage of weapons on behalf of another
  106. Departing CH a few days after my permit expires ( non-EU Indian )
  107. US married to EU w/ upcoming job in CH - long-term visa from within CH?
  108. G permit/ B permit
  109. EU/Swiss Issue
  110. Visiting France and Italy with a Swiss Visa
  111. Prospective marriage to my Swiss girlfriend - marry in CH or in my country ?
  112. Fiancee visa for Filipino ( potential spouse is German in CH )
  113. Permit C Before End of 5 years
  114. Lost Passport Abroad - Getting Back In
  115. Work - Permit - Flat
  116. British passport renewal from Zurich
  117. UK visa to attend training
  118. Family permit renewals denied - ideas?
  119. Financial means
  120. Is securing a work visa as an American just luck?
  121. Visa Comparison
  122. L Permit, what is the difference between this and a B permit?
  123. change of Kanton and old ID
  124. non-EU job and on-board process in Switzerland
  125. Student with B permit looking to change Canton
  126. Change of Canton - Clarification Required
  127. Basic questions on Work and Residency Permit
  128. UK Citizen in need of Permit/Tax advice
  129. Norwegian moving from France to Vaud. How to do? (flat, permit...)
  130. How to find out the remaining number of permits for quota ?
  131. Is there a need to renew a long term B permit annually ?
  132. EU citizen, L permit, going away
  133. Should Swiss Immigration Laws Change for Qualified Professionals?
  134. Spouse Reunification in CH
  135. Tips for successfully converting spouse to B permit with ability to work
  136. Swiss student visa
  137. receiving social welfare effects changing C permit
  138. Employer Applies for Work Permit, Right?
  139. Applying for Permit-B on a British passport... can I leave Switzerland?
  140. B1 or A2 germem level in Zurich for C is required?
  141. My father is Swiss so how do I obtain a passport?
  142. Non-EU B-Permit 'assignment' - changing jobs
  143. Changing Schools while on L (Student) Permit
  144. Freelancer following girlfriend
  145. Remain in the country while dependent permit is bieng processed
  146. Permit C?
  147. How to get long term permit for non-swiss MIL?
  148. Permis L or B for school
  149. Permit question: married to EU
  150. What happens to Non EU Permit B while leaving current employer who applied it for u?
  151. Live in Basel Work in France.
  152. Obtaning the 'right' Permit ( Ausweis ) concerns
  153. Second time renewal of Permit B - sending back by post only.
  154. Advice/Inputs requested reg spouse Visa
  155. Switching from tourist entry to student visa
  156. Visa help?
  157. L permit dependent visa application pending- Please help
  158. URGENT British National 15 years in GE applying for a B/C permit
  159. Tactical Question: Picking up Visa in DC, Canada or Germany
  160. Complex Situation: Permit L - Marriage - Pregnancy
  161. NOC for my Kids who are in India to process passport
  162. Solothurn Information Post
  163. Does Swiss care traces your registration?
  164. Permit B problems for boyfriend
  165. Applying for a work permit / EU-2 citizen
  166. Family Leaving Switzerland
  167. Non EU Swiss B permit holder visiting Croatia
  168. nanny and child allowance
  169. Residence permit before finding an apartment?
  170. Hesitation!
  171. Immigration Lawyer
  172. Negative decision on B-permit
  173. Adminsitrative Process for USA B1/B2 Visa
  174. Taxes
  175. 3 month rule - British passport??
  176. Who writes contracts and does payroll administration services
  177. c-permit when can i apply?
  178. Overstayed Visa
  179. Is translation mandatory? Legal Eagles call!
  180. Student visa (Scholarship)
  181. Obtaining B-permit non-EU before D visa
  182. My experience as a non-EU with Swiss wife and obtaining my B-Permit.
  183. B work permit for non-EU citizen: can be extended without a new employer?
  184. Student/Permit questions
  185. Changed municipality, did not register
  186. Evidence of sufficient financial means in US dollars?
  187. health insurance for cross borders
  188. Official translations
  189. about residence status after divorce
  190. without id card in Switzerland
  191. How I can live in switzerland after finishing my phd and what are my chances ?
  192. Necessary permits to employ a EU person
  193. Spousal B Permit & Type D Visa Questions
  194. Swiss B Permit post expired 1 year L permit
  195. Medical residency in Switzerland
  196. Border commuting?
  197. Getting Permit/Health Care/Bank Account
  198. wrong permit type L received, instead of B permit card
  199. B-Permit question, please help
  200. permit to work but not to live (in diff canton)
  201. Schengen visa for Cyprus? Conflicting information
  202. Visa processing - Non EU - New born outside Switzerland
  203. Bulgarian Visa
  204. C-Aufenthalter bringing in Vietnamese Fiancée
  205. Possible Move from U.S. to Switzerland
  206. Immigration quota - eastern EU
  207. Swiss Guy - Russian Girlfriend
  208. Moving from one Kanton to another -- non EU L permit
  209. French words for immigration documents requested in German
  210. Applying for a visa having already arrived on tourist visa.
  211. B Permit remit
  212. C Permit automatic renewal?
  213. required to get US citizenship for child?
  214. Germany visit - Permit gone for Renew
  215. What are the advantages of a C permit over a B permit for an EU family?
  216. Dependent Visa for Switzerland
  217. Certified copies for visa application?
  218. Extending a stay
  219. "Swiss banks step up efforts to identify, quarantine, avoid US citizens"
  220. permit for working
  221. Applied Swiss Tourist VISA For Parents in Delhi. They want a garrenty form
  222. Birth registration, passports and Child benefit
  223. Extending my stay Because of paper work procedures
  224. Finding a JOb for non-EU
  225. 180 day requirement
  226. Staying in Switzerland - Three Month Rule
  227. Dependent Visa for Lausanne
  228. Swiss Permit
  229. How do I get a student visa/ do I qualify?
  230. EU- B permit: can I do both in Switzerland: to be employed and self employed?
  231. How Many Months Validity Must an EU Passport Have When Entering Switzerland?
  232. Changeover from B annual to C ( Niederlassungsbewilligung )
  233. travel visa for American to Switzerland
  234. Applying for Dependent Visa based on temporary visa
  235. moving to CH do I have to wait to apply for my red book ??
  236. B permit - out of Switzerland for 4-5 months
  237. Student visa, reasons for non approval
  238. Disposal of Waste - Statthalteramt des Bezirkes Zurich
  239. Financing mortgage reference rate for leases
  240. Financial Proof for Student Visa
  241. Living both is switzerland and in france!
  242. Work Authorisation Validity Extension & Transfer possibilities of Canton to Canton.
  243. Visa duration less than the time of stay
  244. Visa/Permit for spouse (Non EU) for a Non EU 'C' permit holder
  245. Graduate Student - Visa Options?
  246. Are we being messed about?
  247. Applied too early for permit renewal
  248. B Permit Tagged with company:-Job Change
  249. EU B permit change job/canton question...
  250. L permit -- Vaud to Basel