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  1. Bringing dry and canned food items in container?
  2. Hard time to get a resident permit B
  3. US Citizen Marriage Visa to Swiss National under tourist visa
  4. Japanse student in Liechtenstein who want to work in Chur!!
  5. Ci to B permit possible ?
  6. is it possible for an EU citizen to have UK + Swiss work permits?
  7. Non-EU student
  8. Non-EU B permit
  9. Non-EU Self-Employed - Permit Questions
  10. B-Permit Question - Travel from Switzerland to Spain
  11. Swiss Equivalent to SSN/NI
  12. Permit for a nanny
  13. Non-EU B permit - change of canton and employer
  14. Non EU on L Permit and work?
  15. B permit denied - How long to wait on another one?
  16. Romanian architecture student working in St. Gallen
  17. US Visa
  18. Dependent for Student Visa In Switzerland
  19. Need advice - Job possibilities for non-EU?
  20. Looking for visa process for baby born in India
  21. L instead of B permit
  22. D visa L/B/C visas
  23. EU - seconded by company in Ireland to zurich for 12-18 months
  24. Renewal of permit C
  25. Driving to Germany and back without passport
  26. Heimatort for naturalized citizens
  27. Registering with no fixed abode
  28. Family Reunion - Last 6 pay slips !!
  29. Non EU on B Permit and work?
  30. non EU ,C permit and the new law 2011
  31. Facilitated naturalization whilst on unemployment benefit
  32. B permit Chances
  33. Partner visa
  34. Is it a legal requirement to have a residence to sign an apartment contract?
  35. B to Carte de Legitimation
  36. Still waiting for visa and need advice
  37. B-permit holder needs to leave CH for one year.
  38. C Permit Eligibility
  39. Posted Worker Authorisation UK (non EEA)
  40. self employment visa EU
  41. Permit to take up residence?
  42. Visa long stay_visa D ( fiancee visa)
  43. Child birth certificate: we didn't get the parents' certificates back
  44. Tourist VISA while dependent permit in Process
  45. Moving within Switzerland - who to tell?
  46. Work permit from Romania - change to rules/procedures
  47. Switzerland covered under the carte de sejour for France?
  48. Renting a studio in Switzerland for getting a B permit but living in France?
  49. Non-EU Family Reunion Visa - Where to get Haye Apostille?
  50. Travel to Schengen countries on a B permit
  51. Visitors visa for greater then 90 days (for parents)
  52. EU and non-EU Permits, Schengen, Naturalisation.
  53. Naturalisation. The Official Version.
  54. Going back to CH
  55. Info for Visa's in Basel
  56. Is B permit good to buy a property here?
  57. EU18 citizen living in CH, remote work with DE employer
  58. C Permit eligibility - is employment absolutely necessary?
  59. C permit and Long-term Visa France
  60. Red flag on a Canadian passport
  61. VISA vs visa.
  62. Who is deciding about B or L permit?
  63. What changed for Swiss graduates?
  64. Quick spouse visa question
  65. Lost my B residence permit
  66. Post Gemeinde pre Immigration
  67. Student Visa questions
  68. How Long Does a Betreibung on someone Last?
  69. Non-EU17 Member Swiss work permit seeker
  70. Powerboat License
  71. Query on L dependent working
  72. Leaving Zürich for 4 Months
  73. Marrying a Swiss Please Help
  74. getting B EC/EFTA permit
  75. VD canton processing time for non EU work permit
  76. Work Permits / 6 Month for non-EU Graduates?
  77. VISA's vs Permits for work at CERN
  78. What a country.. on benefit ? then you can't have a job...
  79. C-permit eligibility and language test
  80. Overstaying Schengen + Marriage
  81. Can I change my permit?
  82. WORK permit already beneficial in case of changing jobs?
  83. Translator recognised by the British Embassy
  84. How can I assist my perspective employer?
  85. EU resident considering move to Switzerland
  86. Wanted: Lawyer with experience of Non-EU immigartion cases
  87. Non-EU work permit in St. Gallen canton
  88. is B permit tranferable
  89. Leaving Schengen with expired B-permit?
  90. Change in Plans
  91. Changing jobs - what happens to permits?
  92. under what conditions can you extend or apply for a new L permit?
  93. Where do I get one of these B permits
  94. Non EU, dependent B permit, self employment/consultant question
  95. Being a Steadicam Operator in Switzerland
  96. Work permit visa and dependent visa
  97. Recommendations on who to use to "validate" and translate Marriage Certifcate
  98. France, notaire...help!
  99. EU tourist about to expire... waiting for permit
  100. Bern proposes changes to citizenship law
  101. C permit and no activity
  102. Obtaining Swiss nationality
  103. Confused D/L Permit
  104. Visa within 14 days of arrival?
  105. How much you are paying for B-permit renew fee
  106. seeking an immigration lawyer for non-EU work permit application (Baselstadt/Land)
  107. early C permit with VINTA any changes for non EU nationals?
  108. Another visitors visa question
  109. Tax form Question: Male equivlent of Hausfrau?
  110. Travel while waiting for working permit
  111. Register Marriage in UK, When Married in Commonwealth country/ Swiss residence Permit
  112. Malaysian Embassy and Consulate
  113. Working in Geneva with a student visa from EPFL (Vaud)
  114. Really strange way of counting your years of stay in CH
  115. Rent 2nd apartment in different canton: non EU B permit holder
  116. Minimum wage requirement for short term permit
  117. B-permit problem
  118. L Visa - Restrictions??
  119. 30.4.2011 - EU-8 access to labor market change?
  120. FBI Criminal Record - Used for what?
  121. Entering switzerland
  122. EU Ctizens and Biometric Permit in Switzerland
  123. Family Reunion Visa: Fly into Switzerland or can I come via another Schengen state?
  124. Closure Needed / dependent child visa options
  125. Working Permit - Rejected. Any suggestions?
  126. Housing requirement for Dependent permit
  127. Residence permit questions
  128. Swiss citizenship: Co-ordinated residence requirement Canton Zürich
  129. extend swiss stay..desperate advice/ideas needed
  130. Working with expired permit
  131. Wedding visa and travelling through europe - How it works ?
  132. Property purchase and residence
  133. Ci permit question: can I re-enter Switzerland?
  134. C Permit and Unemployment benefits for the family
  135. Security Clearance Needed for Residency Permit?
  136. Length of stay permitteed for Family Visit.
  137. Nanny, Visa, Immigration
  138. Living & Working in CH - Deregister UK?
  139. Bern Canton strange queries for Non EU Spouse family reunion visa!
  140. Ci Permit or B permit ?
  141. Working permit with a PhD from ETH Zurich
  142. Permit Ci query
  143. Non eu student in ticino to begin internship in zurich
  144. Can I travel to Shengen countries? - non-EU passport with a L-permit
  145. any body knows what Aberkennung auslandischer Fuhrerau is?
  146. Dependant B permit holder
  147. Any easy way to find your B permit type?
  148. Non - Eu working visa for Italy
  149. US Passport Photos in Basel
  150. Residence Permit but no Visa
  151. Non EU-partner with EU residency
  152. (non-EU) C permit question
  153. EU citizen - Can you change an L permit to B a few months before it expires?
  154. Non-eu partners - family reunification
  155. Work options for American wife of EU national
  156. Residency Certificate US Citizen
  157. Master Student Permit Extension
  158. Criminal record checks for CE permits?
  159. B Permit to end and new job offer
  160. Quick question
  161. Internship International Organization - Carte de legitimation
  162. Help - work permit and dependent visa for Indian
  163. Quota for B Permit
  164. B permit for EU with temp jobs
  165. 4 months in Zurich before my Student Visa begins
  166. Regular Naturalisation - Federal Approval
  167. Non-EU Marriage & Visas
  168. B permit : 2nd year on B permit but employer says extension may not be possible
  169. how we could get Work permit
  170. Marriage between a Turkish and French-Swiss Citizen and whole process
  171. How to obtain CH Driver's License?
  172. Translation of birth certificate - french side
  173. L Permit for Eu resident
  174. applying for vistor's visa while waiting for spouse visa
  175. B permit, spouse work
  176. Dependent B permit - renewal question
  177. Non-EU Student Visa (D) - Working?
  178. Register au pair from EU
  179. Working in Germany with B permit
  180. Help! Registration Bad Info from HR
  181. 12 or 15 years, to apply for naturalization
  182. Non EU wife entering on Schengen visa refused permit by Bern commune. Help needed pls
  183. EU-8, living in France, permit in Basel?
  184. Student permit for German language
  185. husband of EU citizen/student
  186. Confused on permit types etc
  187. L Permit - new passport
  188. Swiss Tourist Visa for US Citizen?
  189. PhD-Student (EU Citizen) dependend visa for wife (Non - EU Citizen)
  190. your contribution is much appreciated
  191. Divorce and Marriage in CH
  192. Leaving the country after buying a flat...
  193. working and staying in different canton than the WP canton
  194. Questions about Family Regrouping and/or Student Visa
  195. Local Commune to Register for Swiss CE permit in Bern
  196. Keeping a Permis C during a temporary departure from Switzerland
  197. Swiss residency
  198. Getting UK citizenship - will it extend my tourist visa?
  199. Duration of Long Stay Visa (D)
  200. Processing time for Dependent L Permit
  201. Same sex partner visa or permit
  202. Residence/work permit- how much money do you need to get one?
  203. Romanian nanny permit
  204. How hard it is to get into Switzerland?
  205. Dependent B permit holder - totally confused!!
  206. Facilitated naturalization times update 2011
  207. Non EU with B permit wants to work for UK Company
  208. Dependent Permit for Parent of non EU B permit holder
  209. B Permit holder, separated, can Non EU girlfriend get dependant Visa ?
  210. Trying to finish the IB, any way of getting a special permit to stay?
  211. help pension
  212. Family Unification Permit
  213. Geneva/France frontallier??
  214. permit renewal surprise
  215. visa processing timeline.. any ideas?
  216. Separation/Divorce
  217. Swiss dependent visa from India
  218. permit L
  219. Exchanging a Permit B for a permit G
  220. Do I need a VISA to go to France for a week?
  221. Self Employed from UK but working in Geneva and Tax
  222. Non-EU Student B Permit into working one?
  223. Grace Period of expired permit
  224. Bulgarian work permit B
  225. What is attestation de domicile/titre de sejour??
  226. Is it normal? For Permit B
  227. As visitors can we bring our furniture?
  228. Searching for job while on visit/tourist visa
  229. Searching for job while on visit/tourist visa
  230. Work Permit Background Check [DUI offense in the US]
  231. Two Non-Eu Partners, Moving To Geneva
  232. B-Permit and success and good news!
  233. B (EU) Permit to a C (how to?)
  234. move to a new canton, pay chf 95?
  235. Visitor Visa extension, medical grounds
  236. Moving to Switzerland.
  237. School offering English lessons that allows for a 3 month visa to a non-EU
  238. Civil Partnership / Permit
  239. Self-supporting
  240. citizenship and time spent abroad
  241. Is there any reason for not becoming a Swiss citizen if you qualify?
  242. Residency permit for CH-born baby
  243. Question about obtaining work permit for nanny
  244. Ci permit and self-employment
  245. Non Eu Changing job
  246. Will I be overstaying?
  247. Working in UK with B-permit
  248. Early C Permit for a Non-EU National through VINTA
  249. Schengen issue - must I bet my passport stamped as proof ?
  250. Need Help.......................