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  1. Moving to Luzern from Neuchatel
  2. So many permit questions.....
  3. L permit holder to apply for Grad school
  4. Travel without passport
  5. Summon from BMF (Bern)
  6. "F" Permit Holder - Now Rejected (Prompt response needed)
  7. B Permit to C - Zertifikat START DEUTSCH 2 in Niveau [language proficiency required]
  8. L Permit - Contract work and self employment
  9. UK Passport via Paris Processing Centre
  10. Tourist Visa Extension
  11. Permit for job search after studies with change of canton
  12. RAV and permit extension
  13. Non EU change job - reply from inspection of work relation office
  14. nursing jobs in switzerland
  15. Long stay visa and travel outside Switzerrland
  16. Quick question: pls help
  17. Getting a job as a non-EU
  18. Chomage in Geneva - Pre-Registration?
  19. C Permit on Hold
  20. Staying in Switzerland while my visa is being processed?
  21. Child born in switzerland
  22. Work permit after resignation
  23. Is it possible to apply for residence permit L without any job offer?
  24. Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
  25. B permit holder leaving swiss for 4 months
  26. L permit/ employment questions
  27. leaving schweiz more than 3 months
  28. Travel within EU with C-permit
  29. Permit to live here without a job/as a Student from UK
  30. Divorce and B-permit for US citizens
  31. Unclear on what work permit this is - non-EU.
  32. Non EU C permit
  33. self employment help
  34. de-registration
  35. Is there a Visa for me?
  36. Trainee visa.
  37. Permission expiring
  38. question regarding leaving country after applying for B residence permit
  39. Post Doc. in Zurich (Work Visa Issues)
  40. Work permit B, Is it enough a job contract?
  41. Regular naturalization in Geneva - waitng time.
  42. further news on visa appeal
  43. passport validity for non eu B permit renewal
  44. I need to RANT
  45. anyone have any idea?
  46. Who/When to pick up visa
  47. Work permit for models
  48. Non EU wife going back to home country for pregnancy.
  49. Right to geographic mobility NON-EU Permit B
  50. Please help with a passport question
  51. The Swiss government plans to limit the arrival of Southern Europe immigrants
  52. Getting a job and a B-permit (EU national)
  53. Lost Permit
  54. passport expired in june12 and having a baby in 3 weeks
  55. Non Eu Spouse
  56. justificatif de domicile
  57. Staying After Visa Expires
  58. Possible EU-17 permit quota limit looming
  59. changing cantons
  60. Facilitated naturalization-Geneva
  61. Should I become an EU citizen?
  62. Non-EU L to B
  63. Forgotten permit
  64. Non-EU working in one canton but living in another
  65. Please help
  66. Alternative ways of getting a work permit.
  67. L to B Convertion (Non-EU)
  68. Need Help on Family Reunification - spouse joining from Pakistan
  69. Fastest time of permit b processing
  70. Australia Passport Child
  71. Working from home in Geneva for a foreign company
  72. how long will the visa process take?
  73. Rental car on 18.44 form?
  74. Do we need a visa/work permit?
  75. Same-sex immigration
  76. Employer change for non EU (>5 years in Zurich)
  77. UK 3 days, Zurich 4 days, US engager.
  78. Swissbenefits - Immigration, integration, naturalization services
  79. Partner Visa of B permit holder, is it possible?
  80. I need some help
  81. Working on tourist visa... HELP.
  82. B Permit: Changing Address to a new Canton, Easy or Difficult?
  83. New visa/work permit after au pair - non eu
  84. Henley Visa Restriction Index 2012 - CH passport is at No. 8
  85. Swiss work permit for Non EU
  86. Facilitated Naturalization from Canada
  87. Will I be denied at check-in?
  88. L permit
  89. Difficult B Permit Situation - Help Needed!
  90. Homo versus Helvetica
  91. Time limits on validity of visa before entering CH?
  92. Visa Procedure Multiple Entry Visa/ Single Entry/ Double Entry?
  93. L permit extension/B permit application
  94. B Permit Renewal Application
  95. L to B conversion, nonEU,ETH pass out, permanent position with Swiss Company
  96. Working in Germany, Staying in Switzerland
  97. Need urgent help
  98. Dependent visa duration
  99. B permit - availability to work
  100. Another Swiss citizenship question
  101. how long to wait for C permit
  102. Post studies employment opportunities?
  103. L permit - B permit
  104. Canadian applying for marriage visa
  105. where is easy to apply B permit? Zurich or Basel?
  106. Help!
  107. Au pair visa for non eu country girl
  108. Britain proposing to cancel EU Membership - Visas of British Citizens Revoked
  109. Work permit non-EU
  110. Coming back to Swiss
  111. What Permit Do I Need? Retired Entrepreneur wanting to live in Canton Uri.
  112. Getting a visa in switzerland for amature football
  113. Advice on Complicated case
  114. family reunification visa, FBI background check?
  115. 395chf bill for migration office. Why? It is a renewal?
  116. I'm 33 my grandparents are Swiss how do I get a permit?
  117. Documents needed for B-Permit
  118. Permits and marriage
  119. Reunification permit for 21 year old daughter?
  120. Need Advice or sharing on marriage procedure with Swiss nationality
  121. Registration at Kreisbüro possible 1 day before?
  122. Zürich naturalisation law change??
  123. I need to go to court and need advice
  124. Libyan-American married to Libyan-Swiss want to move to Switzerland
  125. moving across the border (france)
  126. Dependent Visa -- autorization date
  127. Schwiizer Deutsch from RAV?
  128. Application for Schengen Visa... need support‏
  129. Work Permit / Visa Together Applied by Employer...
  130. Any experience-Non EU getting married for Non EU with B visa?
  131. Dependent Permit - Apartment Registration
  132. How long is it possible to stay away from country?
  133. Permit Mess (my fault)...Please help
  134. Still waiting for b permit renewal form
  135. Xenophobia Eastern Europeans
  136. Issue about work permit
  137. Moving & setting up own business
  138. Wedding in Switzerland with B and L permit
  139. how much does a praktikum pay?
  140. Would moving be easy?
  141. British male on Job Seekers Allowance in U.K. wishes to seek employment in Geneva
  142. Getting Married - Asylum Seeker !
  143. Another moving from US (couple in their 30's & 40's)
  144. Permit renewal delay
  145. HELP - Info needed regarding residency and biometric data registration
  146. Spouse visa type?
  147. Moving from the US?
  148. Changing children's name on birth certificate
  149. Swiss Citizenship
  150. Registering Marriage
  151. Schengen Visa to Swiss and back from Paris
  152. When do I claim residency
  153. Permit Application
  154. German Husband w/ American wife--Living in Switzerland?
  155. Getting a C Permit (EU citizen)
  156. Being your own Boss and employee in Switzerland
  157. Familienausweis
  158. L to B permit
  159. Permit Termination and Reapplication
  160. Travelling back to the us with an L permit
  161. Non-EU citizen, graduated from Switzerland, regular job
  162. What permit can we expect to get?
  163. Can Dependant on L permit study?
  164. Can a B-Permitt be taken away?
  165. Problem at ETH Zurich
  166. AM i ILLEGAL??????
  167. Buying firearm with c permit
  168. How Long Until Someone Can Come Back to CH?
  169. Swiss birth certificate (UK passport application)
  170. 5 year residence with c permit
  171. EU national going from student to job searching
  172. Residency requirements for B permit
  173. How to get dependent visa for L pass
  174. Family reunion visa‏
  175. Shall I marry her?
  176. Path(s) for non-EU ( India ) Student B permit to C permit ?
  177. Help: 6 months wait for L Permit
  178. from Student to own Start up: Permit questions
  179. 52yo US Citizen wanting to move to Switzerland
  180. What happens when work permit expires?
  181. Hitting rock bottom in Switzerland.
  182. Whether Dependant of L permit is allowed for Work in Switzerland?
  183. Spouse B permit, when does it allow one to work?
  184. work ended-B permit valid-can I stay?
  185. Facilitated Naturalization living abroad!
  186. Naturalization procedure in Geneva
  187. Applying for a VISA - Previous residence in Swiss
  188. Confirmation of payment for tuition fees required for visa?
  189. Pension Fund Withdrawal (BVG)
  190. For what reason would you be asked to present a residency permit at the airport?
  191. downgrade from C to b permit?
  192. As a UK citizen, do I need a residence permit to stay in Switzerland longer than 3mo?
  193. Visa D problems...
  194. Does it require a visa to travel to Canada with a Permit-C?
  195. student B permit - change school
  196. passport and permit
  197. Visa Requirements for a WHO Intern
  198. Non EU getting married in Switzerland for a man with B visa
  199. Leaving Swiss for 4.5 Months ( On L Permit )
  200. employment setup?
  201. Have I stayed too long?
  202. B permit and long term secondment abroad
  203. Dependent Visa for Parents
  204. Register with cantonal authorities before starting work
  205. Conversion from L to B at the same time with conversion from Kanton ZH to Aaargau
  206. Visa advice for de facto partner of EU citizen
  207. URGENT !! - Advise Needed..( appeal by rejected F permit holder )
  208. Moving to swiss to reunite with son?
  209. Renewing a work permit
  210. Work Permits
  211. How do I work for a Swiss company from abroad
  212. Form to enquire the job transferability on my B permit.
  213. Illegal Removal of C Permit
  214. L permit not apply while you are tourist
  215. From B to C permit
  216. Work Permit for B Permit Family Dependent
  217. Assignment or permanent contract??
  218. Time permitted to stay in Switzerland
  219. Refugee Visa needed
  220. Permits, Visas, Paperwork.....
  221. B permit extension
  222. Permits
  223. Can attending language school get one year living permit?
  224. Non-EU spouse of permanent EU Swiss resident.
  225. British married to a Swiss
  226. C permit before Passport?
  227. records from US for Citizenship application
  228. crazy language requirement for C permit
  229. Giving birth in Switzerland on toursit visa?
  230. Obtaining a B Permint -- Realistic?
  231. Going from B to C permit
  232. Changing from C to B permit
  233. Cost of the Swiss passport
  234. ID card and work permit
  235. Need Help!!!
  236. non eu permit
  237. B Permit Grey Book
  238. Do I have to carry my permit with me all the time?
  239. AHV/AVS number confidentiality?
  240. Non-EU spouse of EU permit holder
  241. L permit moving Cantons
  242. Freezing Permits on leave
  243. Re-entry Visa from Swiss Embassy (India)
  244. EU applying for C permit but without job
  245. Syrian seeking Asylum.
  246. Canada - New 5 & 10 year ePassports Spring 2013
  247. Long Stay Visa/B Permit
  248. company transfer
  249. Visiting Visa query - Need help
  250. L dependant visa query