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  1. Indian Passport Renewal
  2. How long do I have to pick up my Visa
  3. Frontalier still holding a C permit?
  4. Waiting spouse permit - visa coming to expiry...
  5. B-Permit under processing - Start working ?
  6. What is a Integrationsvereinbarung?
  7. Min Salary Criteria
  8. CH lifts visa requirements for both Albania and Bosnia
  9. 2 month for restricted non-EU B-Permit changing cantons
  10. Non EU - B permit
  11. Dual citizenship / two passports
  12. Duration and limitations of 'Dependant B'
  13. Marriage Certificate Attestation in India
  14. Dual EU/non EU passports - opportunity to work in Zurich
  15. Moving to CH to live with Same-Sex Partner - COMPLICATED
  16. some questions regarding Kreisburo registration
  17. Dependednt visa: Actions needed at Cantone
  18. registering in your local town
  19. change of address while permit in process
  20. do i need a visa of some kind??
  21. is it worth getting work permit? need advice...
  22. B permit limitations
  23. Non-EU L permit holder can visit France,UK?
  24. Swiss citizenship
  25. Cool off period for visit visa
  26. Details about dependent visa
  27. housing with a relative
  28. The Permit B — London Transit Problem.
  29. [urgent] Quitting university..
  30. Temporary permit?
  31. Indian workers on 6mo visa, earning $10/day: is this possible/legal?
  32. familiennachzug insurance
  33. Is the process slow during december [Permit Application]
  34. help! permit lost and need to travel!!
  35. Immigration lawyer
  36. HELP, Extending C permit for working while taking 1 year break from studying?
  37. [HELP!!] B-permit for PhD Student
  38. Non EU L Permit Holder's Wife can study in Switzerland
  39. Information Required || MBA
  40. Waiting for B permit, allowed to work?
  41. Registering a domestic worker for AVS
  42. Student visa appeal
  43. (GVA) Non EU L dependent visa to B permit
  44. Permit B renewal for my wife
  45. International birth certificate
  46. Reversing Family Dependant Permit
  47. Forms for Applying for Facilitated/Simplified Naturalization
  48. Special reunification case
  49. Changing Nationality on Ausweis
  50. question about married in different country
  51. Consulting in Basel?
  52. Permit Oddity
  53. Work before my permit? [Married to a Swiss]
  54. Asked for Swiss Residence permit Leaving the UK!
  55. Need help - Regarding dependent work permit and VISA for Switzerland
  56. Swiss Abroad
  57. B permit cancellation
  58. B permits for school children
  59. FBI criminal record request
  60. How does my husband stay???
  61. Question regarding B-permit
  62. Legal immigration advice?
  63. Registration Form A/1/2 available online?
  64. Help needed for non-EU visa problem
  65. Ci Permit
  66. None EU C permit - can work in Schengen area?
  67. limited B permit changing jobs
  68. L permit to visitor stamp
  69. applying for criminal record
  70. Can i work on a Spouse Visa in Basel
  71. Work Permit for Non EU
  72. Confused with Tax!
  73. OCP says it's an one year Permit B for me!
  74. cool off period for New L Permit Non-EU
  75. Permit L. How to invite our parents?
  76. Non EU work permit status
  77. What does attestation From population office allow me to do?
  78. Visiting multiple schengen countries as tourist
  79. Geneva "welcome party"
  80. Official Sick leave policy for any Swiss employee:-
  81. When to apply for Switzerland Passport
  82. Dependents Visa on L permit
  83. Schengen travel
  84. C permit holder moving to France
  85. Visa type for babysitter in London
  86. Swiss wedding transcription in France
  87. Help concerning travel to the US
  88. Permit received in 2.5 weeks (EU-17/own GmbH)
  89. Advice on obtaining work permits for teaching jobs in Zurich-area for 2011-2012
  90. Is a Uk Student visa sufficient to enter Switzerland.
  91. Attestation of foreign marriage certificate
  92. mobile phone subscription - is receipt from the kreisburo sufficient?
  93. health insurance
  94. Out of Switzerland for more than 6 months
  95. Non-EU Domestic Partner
  96. Types of L Permit...
  97. L permit to B permit Renewal and Change Company
  98. Chance of my work permit approval
  99. Kreisburo and gemeindehuis in Zug?
  100. Need an immigration work permit expert
  101. Proof of income for non-working B-EUR
  102. Custom declaration, relocation
  103. Which country consulate to pick up visa?
  104. Conversion L to B non-EU (some feedback)
  105. Doppelbürger
  106. Visa Questions
  107. working after marrying a swiss national
  108. Sufficient funds for Permit renewal
  109. Switzerland Vs UK ( Tier 1 General permit Vs Restricted B permit)
  110. Permit C delivery
  111. (non-EU) Chances to get B permit for 2010/11
  112. French constrution company
  113. (Non-EU) L to B Conversion: Success
  114. Non-EU studying in Switzerland
  115. Bringing furniture etc into Switzerland from UK
  116. NonEU Application time question
  117. Indian Stamp paper in Zurich!!!
  118. Non EU L-dependent permit avoiding degegistration
  119. help with work permit/B permit so confused!!
  120. Looking for opportunities in Switzerland
  121. f ausweis
  122. Business VISA
  123. visa re-application after refusal
  124. De-registration problem
  125. Type D Visa
  126. Does a family reunification visa (residence permit) allow you to work?
  127. B permit restricted or not?
  128. Consequences
  129. where to go for permit?
  130. US citizen's desire to relocate to CH
  131. Ci permit query
  132. Intent to Marry Visa - Swiss to American - How long did the visa take to arrive?
  133. Hiring someone from non-EU
  134. Swiss Code of Obligations
  135. Received L Work Permit Approved
  136. Costs of Immigration Consultants
  137. Lost your job - possibility to get financial support?
  138. L permit chances??Anyone?
  139. What if tourist visa expire while waiting for L-permit
  140. Is there any limitation for stuides in Switzerland?
  141. L permit application in GE
  142. Student Permit Finance Proof
  143. Easy one on family unification application, i think....
  144. Interview for a Family Reunification Visa
  145. L-permits for my non-EU Dependent in Bern
  146. Job search visa after graduate..is it possible?
  147. can i marry ?
  148. non EU B permit - change job, open or closed permit
  149. Possiblity to get unrestricted B permit(change of Job allowed) after 3 years
  150. Lost B-permit - URGENT - in panic !
  151. Non EU work permit status for Basel / Zurich
  152. With L permit travel from Germany
  153. question about permit/visa registering
  154. How do I apply for a work permit?
  155. US citizen marrying Swiss citizen?
  156. Duration between two L-permit applications
  157. applying for work permit with time limit
  158. B permit mit erwerbstatigkeit ,Political or Humanitarian?
  159. B permit mit erwerbstatigkeit ,Political or Humanitarian?
  160. B permit
  161. Do I need a permit?
  162. L to B Permit conversion
  163. Lost Driver's License
  164. Arriving in Switzerland with fiancée Visa - Getting the Visa stamped at the border...
  165. Application for B permit- denied (non EU)
  166. Have L-Permit (dependent) and Interviewing - Better chance of getting Work Permit?
  167. Looking for advice - non EU spouse asked to enter on a D permit
  168. Visa Visa!
  169. How to get a work permit
  170. Start of work while permit being issued
  171. Change of Permit: From student to...
  172. Regarding L permit
  173. Dependent B permit: What you can or cannot do
  174. visa and work permit fee
  175. Success: 1 Yr B permit non-EU in Basel
  176. Visa granted for marriage...But still some questions about next steps !!
  177. Music License
  178. EU8 work permit Geneva (Application Processing Times)
  179. Second hand shotguns
  180. Got work, now what?
  181. Student Visa with dependents and some money :-)
  182. Zurich residence permit based on EU/own business - experiences?
  183. Student visa and work
  184. help for writing letters to the zivilstandesamt
  185. Student Resident Permit!
  186. Business Visa to Work Permit
  187. Extract from record of birth in lieu of UK passport for my child
  188. EEA Family Permit / Family Reunification
  189. Ci Permit to C permit inquiry
  190. Canadian National - French Speaking, At Ecole Hoteliere
  191. B permit issued last year but I returned them back. Advise Please!
  192. Visa Appeal - please advice
  193. Permit Extension for Masters students from Swiss Universities
  194. Non-EU permit questions
  195. Wife covered on my permit B?
  196. 5 Years on an L permit
  197. Importing personal effects - How much detail.
  198. Customs formalities - Moving to Switzerland
  199. Permit B - Open vs. Closed (yes, I read the sticky) :)
  200. Change of address within Geneva canton with B permit
  201. Need Clarification for duration of stay
  202. Getting married in Switzerland, non EU with EU citizen
  203. How to get a working visa?
  204. Non-EU resident in France possibly working in Basel
  205. Procedure to obtain C permit
  206. Any hope to work legally in Switzerland?
  207. Visit to Paris on Sussie visa, type D
  208. problem with migrationsamt help help..
  209. Should I renew?
  210. New to the forum and in desperate help
  211. Temporary Visa when residence permit being under processing. How long does it take?
  212. Entry visa allows travel in Schengen before registration? Urgent!
  213. B permit for me,Swiss spouse,how long?
  214. How to get long term stay visa for mother in law for a C permit holder?
  215. Evidence for Girlfriend
  216. Work permit Deregistration
  217. London - UK tourist visa?
  218. Putting "C" permit on hold
  219. Question about registering with Kanton
  220. Australian eligible for Swiss citizenship
  221. L to B permit Availablity
  222. Transfer B permit ausbildung to work (quota-based)
  223. Residency Permit - Necessary?
  224. Help with Residence Permit
  225. Assurance Invalidité
  226. B to Swiss passport
  227. EU 17 countries decree
  228. No of years required to get open B permit from restricted B permit - NON EU
  229. Why it's taking time?
  230. Non-EU B-permit in Berne
  231. EU moving here with kids and no job
  232. Moving to Switzerland (Non-EU) with boyfriend (EU) holding permanent resident permit
  233. Is it possible to rent an appartment on a 3 months working contract ?
  234. Period of stay allowed while work permit renewal awaited
  235. Birth Certificate
  236. Stay outside switzerland on L-Dependent Permit (non EU)
  237. citizenship and time spent outside Switzerland
  238. Non-EU CH B permit holder Indian National transit through Heathrow !! Help
  239. And so it begins [Non-EU same sex couple]
  240. Am i lying to myself?! Should i come first?
  241. B permit expiration/renewal query
  242. B Permit Renewal
  243. Sponsoring family members to run business with me..
  244. I am impressed:I got my B Permit renewed within 1.5 weeks
  245. Birth registration.
  246. Help! How do I know if my non-EU B-permit is restricted or not?
  247. non EU spouse asked to leave
  248. moving with 2 wives
  249. Getting Married in Switzerland
  250. non-EU work permit application