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  1. NON-EU L-Permit application
  2. Citizenship Application in Allschwil (or BL) - Anyone any experience ?
  3. Swiss Facilitated Naturalization
  4. SYMIC number visa
  5. Non EU Spouse Job Question
  6. Unemployment negative effect on Permit C/ Citizenship
  7. Tourist Schengen Visa for Parents
  8. Permit expires today, renewal in question... what can I do?
  9. Putting old items in original boxes - itinerary & customs
  10. Waiting for Student Visa
  11. Help needed to get D Visa
  12. On D type visa, need to extend employment
  13. Need Help with Student's B Permit
  14. tax confirmation for naturalization in Zurich city
  15. [hiring an] Au-pair in Kanton Zug - Do I need a C permit
  16. Work Permit for a research assistant (Non EU - Pakistan)
  17. Applying C permit while in Employment Notice period
  18. Swiss CE Permit. Time allowed abroad?
  19. student visa [PhD, non-EU]
  20. Getting B Permit before having an address
  21. Changing Cantons
  22. Date d'entree changes after leaving and re-entering Switzerland?
  23. Permit B tied to work - need advice
  24. Liability insurance & moving out before contract ends
  25. EU Descendant, does it help anyway ?
  26. EU Member with Swiss Partner (not married) Residence Permit
  27. Croatian Citizens
  28. E legitimation card
  29. post-doc B permit changes to L permit
  30. Phd visa processing time
  31. working on L-jobseeker permit?
  32. B Permit and Rental contract
  33. Traveling to France on type d Multi visa - residence card not recieved
  34. Entering switzerland with lots of baby milk formula
  35. Processing Time for UK General Visit Visa (with Priority Service Paid)
  36. My permit sticks to my contract
  37. "Wochenaufenthalter" in Geneva [weekday resident]
  38. Am I blacklisted ? !!
  39. help with 18.44 form
  40. Customs - moving from the UK in a van....
  41. Minimal salary requirements, L permit, 2nd year
  42. Visa type for PhD interview
  43. D Visa
  44. young professionals special work permit
  45. Visa time frame
  46. Change of address - Why do EU citizens pay more than Swiss?
  47. about visa [non-EU]
  48. de-facto relationship in Switzerland?
  49. Salary Revision / L to B permit
  50. Temporary Working Visa for Thai National (employee)
  51. When can I apply for permits? [family reunification]
  52. Naturalization interview in Genève
  53. B or L Permit: Who makes the decision?
  54. B Permit holder US temporary job
  55. Naturalisation - Studying abroad?
  56. Residence letter to register at commune
  57. Non-Eu L permit to Student Visa
  58. work permit: non EU & non-mandatory internship
  59. Strange situation with B Permit Renewal...
  60. UK passport photos - Geneva
  61. husband wants to study in Switzerland, can I join him?
  62. B Residence Permit
  63. C permit application
  64. Flying without a passport
  65. Statement of Birth - Geburtsbestatigung
  66. Renewal of permit denied - what now?
  67. Dependent permit for newborn
  68. Facilitated Naturalization - Aargau
  69. Accomodation rules for a family of 3 /m2
  70. Facilitated Naturalization-ZH
  71. parent visa for student son
  72. F permit
  73. Notary for the Invitation Letter
  74. Swiss Citizenship
  75. Which F permit is Decided to me ! I am confused!
  76. EEA Family Permit - Passport cannot be tracked
  77. 12mth UK passport extension in bern w/o appointment? urgent..
  78. Non EU - Early C Permit : Move of Cantons
  79. Extension of Permit
  80. B Permit Renewal, New Work Permit Requested
  81. marriage legalisation and hyphenated last name.
  82. Fiancé Visa / Mexican Marrying Swiss Citizen
  83. Keep Permit B for 6 months
  84. L permit. Any chance I can change to B?
  85. C Permit refused
  86. non-EU spouse needs D visa?
  87. permits L to B
  88. Changing address
  89. Moving to zurich from ireland, do i need a visa?
  90. How good is your passport?
  91. L permit to B conversion time, and travel question
  92. Health Check within 72hrs of arrival advice
  93. I want to move to Switzerland
  94. Who wants to marry me?
  95. Entering Switzerland with tourism visa while student visa processing
  96. Immigration Attorney Referral
  97. Schengen Travel without Residence Permit (Non-EU Student Visa)
  98. Applying for DE citizenship while living in CH.
  99. B Permit after Divorce
  100. The government proposes a strict limitation to immigration
  101. Permit C Renewal Process
  102. Naturalisation after 10 years; passes parliament vote
  103. EU citizen holding B permit, extension on part time work?
  104. About applying for husband [family reunification permit]
  105. Difficulties if given L-Permit instead of B-permit?
  106. Holds EU-Permit, None EU citizen, live in Italy, can I work in Switzerland
  107. Health Insurance Referendum
  108. B permit and housing, job for spouse.
  109. 1 month job contract
  110. Civil partnership (same sex)
  111. New Babies passport OZ
  112. VIntA C-permit for EU-8 language proficiency
  113. Extension of B permit Cost, non EU
  114. Job Op for me (EU passport). What about non-EU wife and kids?
  115. Late student visa application
  116. Calling for help for those of you who live in Fribourg
  117. Tourist Visa, after residency permit termination
  118. Visa for travel to Belarus on a GB/EU passport ?
  119. Wow, that was quick (permits EU)
  120. non-eu permit processing time
  121. Moving to Switzerland
  122. Facilitated Naturalisation Requirements (through marriage)
  123. Cost of naturalisation
  124. Amending B Permit vs Sponsorship
  125. Permit for 6 month stay, no work
  126. Keeping a B Permit with extended absence
  127. Permit type with temporary open-ended contract?
  128. Working outside Switzerland on a B Permit (thru marriage) non EU citizen.
  129. Facilitated naturalization- second integration visit?
  130. consulting about Marriage with Swiss Citizen
  131. B Permit Quotas
  132. Staying in switzerland during visa extension
  133. AVS Carte legitimation
  134. Registering children
  135. Regulated or non regulated work activity
  136. Permit L switchedto Ci can it be changed back to L
  137. Living, working, studying for a person from Kazakhstan
  138. Musician staying in Switzerland after studies without job?
  139. Customs import on shipping cost?
  140. Infant's Thumb Impression
  141. keeping B permit
  142. 8 weeks summer teaching query
  143. How to change from B permit to spouse B permit in another canton?
  144. which permit?
  145. Residence without gainful employment - L permit?
  146. [EU citz] spouse dependent L en B permit?
  147. Question regarding Canadian visa from Paris
  148. EU B permit extension
  149. Can I lose the right to work in Switzerland?
  150. Work and Residence Permits
  151. non-EU - Work in Germany briefly
  152. UK VISA for Indian citizens staying on L permit in Switzerland
  153. valid dates for entering Switzerland with d-visa
  154. applying for permit C
  155. Student in canton Ticino and having internship in Basel
  156. Permit renewal when on work permit but long-term unemployed / sick
  157. Swiss visit visa interview in India
  158. Family Book and Certificate of Origin
  159. Recent Graduate from Non EU country, Internship VISA and Work Permit
  160. Swiss passport application waiting time?
  161. Occasionally working in Switzerland - permit?
  162. B Permit Extension
  163. Engineering jobs for English speaker [and permit questions]
  164. Impact of moving cantons just before C permit issuance.
  165. Can my Swiss girlfriend help me?
  166. Work permit for B-Type dependents.
  167. Six Young American Entrepreneurs Move to Switzerland...
  168. Permit B expires / Not sure which documents needed to renew it
  169. Serious Advise needed
  170. Thread Split: Non-EU, Dependent Permit B, Live and Work in Different Cantons
  171. B Permit/Background check?
  172. Non EU passport holder changing jobs to another Canton
  173. Made EU-Citizen MID-WAY through the visa application!
  174. German student marrige to swiss
  175. Working outside Switzerland for Company in Switzerland
  176. Aargau Migration and Banking Inquiry
  177. Approval from Canton of Vaud
  178. UK spousal visa from Switzerland
  179. student visa non-eu interview with canton bern
  180. B- permit !! Help ,Plz!!
  181. Open University (UK based)
  182. Having your passport with you during the VISA application
  183. how long can B permit (Non-EU) stay in EU?
  184. Buying plane ticket before work permit approval?
  185. Visa D Student, working allowed?
  186. Live and Study in Different Canton
  187. B permit Dietikon
  188. De-registering
  189. How long can a Swiss citizen stay in Canada without visa?
  190. Visa permit information please!!
  191. How does a Swiss person obtain a Passport?
  192. L Permit holder change job
  193. My permit is approved. Can I go to local Gemeinde without picking up my VISA D?
  194. Getting married and permit
  195. vorzeitige niederlassung : C Permit [early, non-EU]
  196. Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) not received yet, need to travel
  197. Naturalisation interview confirmation
  198. Early C Permit and moving Kanton.
  199. B Permit expiry if I'm out of the country
  200. Any way for non-EU L-Permit spouse to get employed?
  201. Bosnian can live in and work in Switzerland?
  202. How to Vote?
  203. Any experience with graduate employment for Non EU students from Swiss universities?
  204. Switzerland -> France
  205. Long-term resident EC residence permit (Non-EU Residents)
  206. B to C permit for Non-EU
  207. Work permit processing time for non EU/EUFTA
  208. Family Reunion permit processing after additional questions (non-EU)
  209. Do I need to have a job at my country in order to visit Switzerland?
  210. Question about new quota rules
  211. Can someone please clarify? [90 days in 180 rule]
  212. Travel with C Permit [former asylum seeker]
  213. work permit for non EU/EUFTA
  214. B Permit rules after leaving work [EU citizen]
  215. Advice - VINTA permit C under processing while unemployed
  216. Attestation of never having requested Social Welfare in canton Vaud
  217. UK gay couple in civil partnership
  218. B Permit extension
  219. Deadline visa extention
  220. Student Visa Extension
  221. B permit extension EU/EFTA
  222. Tres Pregnant, Sans Permit, Need Insurance
  223. Problem with Immigration
  224. Help! Permit pending and new job offer
  225. Asylum seeker looking for information
  226. Canadian passport renewal
  227. Approved L permit: Changing client
  228. Type D visa for US girlfriend, they are making us apply as family reunification?
  229. Divorce process
  230. L-Permit issue - UK national
  231. With visa type B can I life in Germany
  232. HELP! possibly overstayed visa? advice on whats next
  233. Bringing our dog to Zurich
  234. Work/residence permit quotas
  235. Expired visa vs rental agreement
  236. Moving to UK but continuing to work in Switzerland
  237. Residence permit proof needed for health insurance?
  238. Duty on shipping..
  239. Residence Permit: In Process (proof?)
  240. Seeking Sample Private/Personal (non-bus.) Letter of Invitation in German/French
  241. 5 year permit, but...
  242. Do I need to register in ZH??
  243. Question about the decision letter for work permit
  244. Inviting Family to stay with me - Permit pending renewal
  245. Leaving the country before end of naturalisation?
  246. Work and reside in different cantons (non-EU)
  247. Self-funded training while on RAV
  248. How long does it all usually take [to sort out first permits and other paperwork]?
  249. EU work permit clarification
  250. B Permit Card vs Wallet type ID