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  1. Western Riding, Horsemanship and colt starting!
  2. Can C permit holders live in France and commute to work in CH?
  3. Austrialian visa requirements for living in Switzerland
  4. Changing address from Geneva to Lausanne
  5. Opening a bank account without a permanent address
  6. Waiting on Auslander ausweis, can I accept a job before I have the card?
  7. Student Visa Question
  8. Moving Cantons
  9. Visa for married EU/Non-Eu couple
  10. New report on drastic increase in expats giving up US passport
  11. Who/what determines whether you get a B or L permit?
  12. Is birth certificate required for work/residence permit application?
  13. Registering birth Vaud
  14. Job change with b permit
  15. Job offer contingent on visa?
  16. Unique driver license problem?
  17. Conversion of F to B Permit (Kanton Aaragu)
  18. My life living in swityerland is it between my wife Hands¦¦
  19. Holding L-permit till 03.14 can it get converted to B permit
  20. B permit, daughter swiss
  21. Online bank statement
  22. Registering in the canton of Lucerne - address issue
  23. Swiss Citizenship from Great Grandparents
  24. Maternity Support
  25. bringing a non EU wife to Switzerland, which way is best ?
  26. Lost auweiss, need to travel this friday
  27. Perspectives of permit C after family reunification
  28. Visa D approved
  29. How long until reception of VISA D - spousal grouping?
  30. L to B conversion in December
  31. Confused with "Aufenthalt zum Studium Postdoktorand"
  32. having a type c visa for Germany,Is it possible to marry a swiss guy in Switzerland
  33. Got my C-Permit, how does it work with the taxes?
  34. How many expats in Swiss? Econ Data
  35. help needed
  36. EU citizen with L permit engaged to a Non-EU citizen
  37. Permit:ci to permit b
  38. Price of permit b and c
  39. visa status after 1 year married then divorce by non Eu
  40. Do I have to change resident permit? Become a part time PHD student.
  41. an employment question
  42. Improving the chances of getting a non-EU B work permit?
  43. New Language Requirements for EU/EFTA applicants, C-Permit [ Kt. Zug ]
  44. EU social security tax rule
  45. Legal activities in Switzerland once you get Married
  46. How long it would take to receive the residence permit upon arrival?
  47. Syrian Situation
  48. L Permit Extension
  49. did I get the wrong permit?
  50. Early Settlement permit
  51. Registration without a flat?
  52. My application is now in BFM, how long it will be taken? thanks!
  53. Additional fee for entry visa accredition
  54. British passport
  55. House Insurance
  56. Waiting for marriage visa approval, looking for a shortcut
  57. UE citizen with B permit holder want to get self employed in Zurich
  58. what visa?
  59. Help! tricky registration situation
  60. Looks like my visa cleared! Woo hoo!
  61. Police Clearance
  62. After a naturalisation
  63. Possibilities for bringing non EU parents in Switzerland as dependents
  64. Retirees relocating to Switzerland
  65. Permit for Swiss born british national returning to Switzerland
  66. Getting Work Permit on L dependent
  67. My B Permit Experience
  68. Which Law applies when country of residence & country of marriage are different?
  69. C permit - my situation. is it worth it
  70. Registration- Town Hall
  71. work permit for ricardo or amazon
  72. Question on moving / self employed
  73. Swiss permit for a UK citizen
  74. work permit for EU8
  75. Facilitated naturalisation: Moving town, not canton
  76. Passport change: does swiss permit remain valid?
  77. moving back to switzerland!
  78. Visa query
  79. Work as a nurse in Switzerland
  80. Visa application(type D) from non-home country with the visa valid less than 3 months
  81. Naturalisation Question from Spouse
  82. Work permit for a non-EU spouse of an EU L-permit holder
  83. Open B Permit- Work in another Kanton
  84. Gainful Employment as EU Student
  85. Work Permit For New Company
  86. Maintain B permit if working in Liechtenstein
  87. Going to work in Germany as a Swiss or Canadian?
  88. Possibility of being registered on one address and living and working in other canton
  89. L permit
  90. Query re: Residence Permit
  91. C Permit (NonEU) Quick Question
  92. Trouble with student visa
  93. Visa Authorization Letter, Should i call embassy or visit in-person?
  94. question about liechtenstein
  95. Is room contract needed in the residence permit extension?
  96. Residence permit registration
  97. Tourist Visa Control
  98. Self Employed B permit
  99. Anyone know anything about 'aufrechterhaltung'?
  100. Which permit does my newborn child get?
  101. Contract and autoentrepenuer
  102. Getting yourself a work permit if you live in France
  103. C permit process in Baselstast
  104. Does this make any sense? (Swiss naturalization)
  105. Gap in Betreibungsauszug
  106. Name Change on Swiss Passport
  107. applying for Swiss citizenship?
  108. Help! I have a question! Marriage and Student Visas
  109. B permit with a new employer
  110. L permit for EU national and non-EU spouse work authorization
  111. My dad was born in Zurich, and his mother is Swiss. I was born in Brazil. Can I get a
  112. Student Permit B - declaration to leave Switzerland
  113. Permit C - Change of canton
  114. Flying to Sweden without a passport
  115. Visa applications from within Switzerland
  116. Girlfriend to B-permit holder
  117. Swiss boarder guards do not seem to respect Schengen
  118. Registering with sublet address?
  119. swedish electrician
  120. Future life in Switzerland
  121. UK passports for Swiss-based Brits now treated in Durham
  122. Einreiseerlaubnis (Entry Permit) and applying for visa
  123. Pakistani Embassy in Bern
  124. How can I help a family get out of Syria?
  125. Student B Permit - Can she apply/work in Switzerland
  126. Should I panic about the B permit quota ?
  127. Regarding visa
  128. Can I teach English from home?
  129. Assurance of residence permit related to B/L work permit?
  130. More Visas and Permits
  131. Background Check
  132. Short term permit (L)
  133. Request for urgent info on L permit cool off period rules
  134. urgent information request on L permit cool off period
  135. Non EU with B permit - Contract job possible ?
  136. Exchanging B-permit for G-permit?
  137. L-work permit being processed, while being shortlisted by another Swiss giant
  138. Immigration Department phone number? Visa status after quitting job
  139. Non Eu Same Sex Couple
  140. EU (France) with job offer and Non-Eu (Taiwan) spouse
  141. About-To-Expire Passport Case ?
  142. family relocation to swiss help please
  143. What documents should be verified before hiring a cleaning person
  144. Duplicate B Permit
  145. D Visa arrived with the wrong date
  146. L Reprocessing for another client
  147. British Passport Renewal - Not Paris from 7th June 2013
  148. EU working at ETH for 2(+6) years: will I get L or B permit?
  149. Can an employer reject the demand of AWA when renewing the permit?
  150. Anyone heard of govt not a renewing C Permit?
  151. Swiss bank asked me to pay £500
  152. DUI + Teaching Authorisation?
  153. extending an L permit (EU)
  154. Non EU marrying Non EU
  155. What's the steps to update a new name in my permit...
  156. Moved to Triemli from Thalwil. Where to register?
  157. Phillipine woman looking for work in Switzerland
  158. Normal Naturalisation - applicant diary
  159. Family unification on an H permit?
  160. L permit Any working restrictions?
  161. Taking a break from RAV
  162. US citizen doing medical residency in Switzerland?
  163. C permit and overseas stay
  164. Enquete Geneva
  165. Have a quick question thanks
  166. Questions regarding Ci permit
  167. US Citizen trying to immigrate her Swiss husband to the US.
  168. arrive and depart within 8 days
  169. Process for Swiss citizen living in Canada and Canadian wife to relocate to CH?
  170. Permit delay
  171. B permit - but no clue about rights or expectations! (health+housing)
  172. Have problem, need advices
  173. Family Reunification
  174. does buying property lead to citizenship?
  175. How to bring 1-year-old child to Zurich? mother in despair
  176. Family visit visa extention
  177. Canada Police Clearance (for B Permit)
  178. Working for a Swiss company, living in London
  179. Working for Swiss company in EU - where to I pay taxes?
  180. When to start working after arrival?
  181. Birth of baby and permit expiry
  182. Work change with L -- will I have to wait ANOTHER 2 years for the B?
  183. Marriage in Switzerland Permit Questions
  184. Question about visa application withdrawal
  185. Customs force you to pay fines?
  186. Query about Familienstandsbescheinigung for Dependent Permits
  187. Visa Type D- transit through Schengen?
  188. Visa overstay?
  189. Not a swiss work permit question....
  190. tempservice.ch
  191. Companies looking outside Switzerland for staff
  192. Question about Reunification of foreigners
  193. Citizenship poll: which passports do you hold?
  194. Any ideas?
  195. Changing address in Basel, wanna hear your advice
  196. Can dependent permit holder work in a different cantoon??
  197. [help]Is there still quota for L permit 2013? non-EU/EFTA
  198. Geneva- C permit costs
  199. Help w/B Permit Requirements! Livescan & Translations
  200. US Embassy Bern_Administrative Processing
  201. Permits for Spouses of Swiss nationals and non- nationals
  202. Swiss government communicating with your home country following a permit application
  203. L permit for 3 months internship
  204. EU citizen working remotely from Switzerland
  205. Applying for Visa to get my permit ??
  206. Coming to Switzerland as a language student
  207. UK citizen applying for C permit and requisit German level
  208. Giving up a permit and re applying ?
  209. Migration Office asked to return the B-permit
  210. L permit transfer to another client with same employer for Non EU Person
  211. B Permit - Open or not.
  212. Japanese nationality and marriage
  213. Applying UK Visa
  214. Query on cancelling deregistration
  215. Erleichterte Einbürgerung interview in SO
  216. A small question of EU B permit change canton
  217. Lost B Permit
  218. SVA/AHV proof for self employed in Basel/BL
  219. Living in Switzerland, working in Germany
  220. Permit question of divorce... non-EU national...
  221. Non-EU Dependent B Permit
  222. family reunion
  223. How to start a small business in Switzerland for EU citizen?
  224. Police won´t cooperate in credit card fraud
  225. Non-EU with B can live abroad (e.g. Germany)?
  226. Can non-eu dependent work if EU spouse not working?
  227. Dutch PR, do I need to apply for working permit?
  228. Swiss Visa after work permit approval
  229. Marriage US citizen
  230. Police Tow away foreign vans and cars
  231. Biometrics Timeframe limits?
  232. Urgent passport photo basel
  233. Is a 2 room apartment necessray when applying for dependent visa?
  234. Boating license for busy people
  235. Passport for a newborn?
  236. Medical Examintion
  237. Can a naturalised Swiss citizen lose their citizenship for language deficit?
  238. First lesson learnt after arriving
  239. Urgent Help Required
  240. Restrictions for A8 national who also holds British citizenship.
  241. L Permit for NoneEU Student
  242. British passport expires Jan 2914 Renew Here in Switzerland
  243. 50cc
  244. Leaving the country
  245. Non-EU married to Swiss German moving to Switzerland
  246. Visa/Perimt
  247. Facilitated naturalisation from Abroad
  248. Traveling Question!
  249. EU C Pemit married US Citizen
  250. L Permit "Activite lucrative dependante"