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  1. Non_EU early permit C application, need help
  2. If I will divorce but I am student in university . can I continue study here after?
  3. Non-EU wants to move to Switzerland.
  4. Dependent L Permit Work Authorization
  5. What is the point of an apostille?
  6. B-Permit extension
  7. which news paper reports the name of the Einbürgerung person in Zurich?
  8. Traveling to Germany without a passport. What to do?? EMERGENT!
  9. birth certificate
  10. French Carte de Séjour - can I use that to work in Switzerland?
  11. Non-EU, Swiss gradute, 6months job seek permit expired, waiting for a work permit
  12. B residence permit serves as a work permit, doesnt it?
  13. Replace drivers licence in Vaud
  14. Help! swiss marriage license legalised at uae embassy geneva
  15. Just got my B permit for TWO YESRS!!!!
  16. Non-EU work permit problem
  17. Diplomatic member staff and poursuite
  18. Leaving Switzerland during [regular naturalization] process
  19. How long since they approve the visa?
  20. I'm Bulgarian and Canadian. Which would be easier to apply for work permit?
  21. Living in Germany and studying at ETH
  22. Registration and surprise, Estonian or "Russian"???
  23. How much is a B Permit?
  24. Registering at the Town Hall
  25. Schengen Visa refused, want to appeal against rejection
  26. What does Integrationsgesprach include?
  27. C permits have to be renewed?
  28. Leaving CH?
  29. Employing an EU national - how many hours in the contact to get a permit question
  30. Non EU, B Permit family reunion, German Husband move back to Germany
  31. 3rd Country Liechtenstein L Permit to work in Switzerland
  32. B-permit family reunification (Canada married to Holland) process with timeline
  33. Swiss Fed Govt Holding 50% Non-EU Work Permits
  34. Marriage American and Swiss
  35. "Circumventing" an EU L-Permit to get to an EU B-Permit
  36. EU B-permit without the right to work?
  37. Possibility as Swiss Citizen/PR (PhD Student)
  38. In which form(s) do the permits come?
  39. Possibility of converting 'L' type permit to a 'B' type
  40. Family Reunion related queries
  41. Swiss Dependent Visa-Re-legalisation by swiss embassy-Help needed
  42. Do I have to pay a 3rd permit?
  43. Portugese passport holder - documentation
  44. Challenge to change dependet B permit into independent permit
  45. Can My Son Move To Switzerland
  46. Moving to Switzerland next week
  47. Immigration lawyers?
  48. swiss partner and child, I am EU passport, what help/rights
  49. What are the required documents / info to get a B permit ?
  50. B Permit moving from Basel to Zürich and becoming self employed
  51. STA place of origin?
  52. Sibling "ïmport" from EU country to Switzerland???
  53. Do you plan on getting a Swiss passport?
  54. Non EU B Permit holder- Temporary work in EU Country issues A1?
  55. Thalwil - Renewing Driver's License?
  56. Info on work permit for Non-EU work permit for college graduate
  57. Swiss Living Abroad - How to get a passport online
  58. EU B-permit holder, absent for 7-9 months
  59. Wife registering in Geneva, how?
  60. Difficulties completing an I-9 form for a US job
  61. Permits after graduation
  62. facilitated naturalization - but no close ties
  63. British on G permit changing Jobs.....
  64. Getting married in the Valais
  65. trinidadian thinking about relocating to switzerland
  66. Want to move from US to Switzerland for 1 year
  67. Sri Lanka / CH Dual Citizenship - Docs & certification
  68. enter Switzerland with schengen visa from Zurich airport
  69. Foreign single mum needs a permit.
  70. Study in Switzerland
  71. L permit, Illness, Special Case
  72. Exam for geneva naturalisation?
  73. Master student (EU citizen) moving to Schweiz: questions
  74. Help for advising the process of applying B-permit in Lausanne
  75. Seven Months of Delay in Issuing a 1-Year Permit! Is There Anything I Can Do?
  76. American hoping to relocate to Switzerland
  77. Help: Looking for an evaluation of my work permit chances (US Citizen)
  78. Help in Geneva for naturalization
  79. Is a D-[VISA] a card or a page inserted into my passport?
  80. Schengen Changes visiting the UK w/Chinese National
  81. Non-EU (L permit) changing job, any risk?
  82. Non-EU student visa vs. EU spouse reunification
  83. Early C Permit benefits?
  84. Non-EU B permit: chaging to 40% vacancy
  85. Working permit quota for non-EU resident
  86. Residence permit for EU-8 citizen
  87. Change of Commune - Convocation de permis ???
  88. Starting to look for a job in switzerland
  89. Working in Switzerland, family (still) abroad
  90. Emergency travel document for Indian child
  91. C permit Requirements
  92. Tricky scenario
  93. Upgrading to unrestricted B-permit before renewal date
  94. Getting marry in Switzerland ( + and - )
  95. Swiss Citizenship exam
  96. working on L permit
  97. Family reunification visa-How long is the actual processing time?
  98. Italian citizen wants to live and work in Switzerland
  99. US visa appointment in Bern
  100. Leaving Switzerland, no visa in hand, but one cleared
  101. Swiss Contract, UK 3-4 days a week though
  102. For how long can one live in Switzerland while working in London?
  103. Non EU L to B upgrade after 2 years?
  104. Can Non EU apply for Swiss work permit while working in EU
  105. american marrying an eu citizen in switzerland
  106. Traveling to MIlan
  107. Schengen visa and Bulgaria?
  108. Schengen travel insurance
  109. Employee of Swiss company (AG), but work from other country (non-EU)
  110. Ci permit to c permit
  111. Schengen Visa refused, please help!
  112. Fiancee visa (non EU) - questions
  113. help plz [Requirements for Family Reunion Visa]
  114. Testament - Swiss bank account
  115. B permit renewal tied to business plan, need a "plan b"
  116. Non EU fresh grad, boyfriend is EU with job offer in Zurich, work permit likelihood?
  117. Dual Citizenship / Military Service?
  118. Ermachtigung Zur Visumerteilung [Received bill to pay for permit - Not yet in CH]
  119. Student permit
  120. Help with getting married in Switzerland
  121. Renewing an L after last year's quota cuts
  122. medical recruitment companies
  123. Registering in Baden before starting work
  124. What happens if you become unemployed while C permit application is in progress
  125. Changing name before applying for passport
  126. Taking my cat on plane
  127. New address - update information in B-permit?
  128. UK citizen to marry Swiss resident with F permit
  129. Type of B permit for postdoc at ETH (Zurich)
  130. Residence requirements for naturalization in Zurich Stadt
  131. Immigration Alien Police questions
  132. Studying in Switzerland gives preference in getting permit to work?
  133. Tourist status in Schengen/EU for EU/Schengen citizens
  134. What to do with permit when leaving Switzerland
  135. Swiss Citizenship: do you need to inform UK?
  136. Work permit when working from home
  137. Stagiaire [young professionals] permit - any experiences?
  138. NON EU-Resident work permit
  139. Bringing my teenage child ( non EU)
  140. B or C permit for a Special case
  141. procedure for obtaining permit for partner (EU citizen)
  142. EU resident self employment question pls
  143. American Wanting to Work in Switzerland
  144. Long term student visa (D)
  145. Registering at Kreisbüro 2 or 3 days after job start
  146. Canadian looking to live and work in Switzerland
  147. I'm Norine from America
  148. New arrivals.....
  149. Chances of getting a B work permit for an Indian national living in Germany
  150. Work visa for nanny
  151. Received C Permit
  152. [help] studying in france and work/internship in switzerland. Is it possible?
  153. Facilitated Naturalization
  154. Leaving Switzerland for studies with valid B-permit. What to expect?
  155. Master degree in dentistry in a swiss university
  156. Non EU, L->B Permit conversion
  157. Geneva Marriage Registration and Visa Updates U.S. Spouse
  158. C Permit for EU citizens
  159. Renewal of B permit and passport validity
  160. Open Bank account as visitor
  161. Independent
  162. Has anyone had an elderly relative come live with them?
  163. Spouse of an EU citizen (who is non-EU) reunification
  164. Indian Student with German Visa but Internship in Swiss
  165. Where to register: Winterthur or Effretikon?
  166. Student Permit B with 100% employment offer
  167. Permit to live in CH with an EU employer
  168. A question about a work permit for non EU, TIA for answers
  169. Permit refused, please help!
  170. EU citizen B permit and maybe ending job?
  171. Deregister in one town hall without being allowed to register in another one
  172. CH - non CH marriage : paperwork ?
  173. Swiss Citizenship [should I apply?]
  174. L Permit - Kanton Zurich
  175. Family reunification Permit Extension with No Job
  176. Finishing PhD, not eligible for employment?
  177. Non EU B permit (converted from L permit while changing employer)
  178. Passport [naturalisation rejected]
  179. Buying a car when moving canton
  180. Australian National Moving to Switzerland
  181. Non-EU Postoc is trying to apply job seeker visa
  182. Non-EU,L - Depandant has been given permission to work.surprisingly !!
  183. Non EU / Indian looking for fulltime job in Geneva
  184. Persönliches Gesuch
  185. RTS reports on naturalization process/naturalization test
  186. Working from Swiss Company from abroad
  187. Anyone travelled to munich for swiss B visa?
  188. B->C Permit. Kanton Change + Divorce
  189. Non-EU interested in working in Switzerland
  190. Visa renewal
  191. Non-EU Dependent Permit in 1 Week!
  192. UK entry with Swiss ID - what's my passport number?
  193. Time after deregistering
  194. Lost Indian Passport
  195. EU Citizen - Permit B holder - Registration of spouse + children
  196. L Permit Extension
  197. Visitor visa to CH.
  198. UK passport for baby born to a UK citizen by descent
  199. naturalization interview questions
  200. Indian Visa for Sri Lankan Nationals
  201. Job Offer / Salary / Visa
  202. Non EU - B Permit
  203. L permit...Cantonment change
  204. Non-EU Work Permit: Becoming an Employee at my own company
  205. Entry ban to Switzerland and Schenegen expired - Can I try again to come back to Euro
  206. Dependent Visa processing issues
  207. Residence Permit / Naturalisation with criminal record (UK)
  208. Vaud - Dependent Visa (Non EU) - Advice Needed
  209. Non-EU work permit problem
  210. Permis B.. but less than 1 year
  211. If you're up for a challenge/RE:Inheritance in CH but...
  212. non-EU citizen and marriage with non-EU citizen who has B permit in ZH
  213. Swiss Birth Certificate Infoormation
  214. How soon should I leave the country once the permit expires?
  215. Non-EU getting a job in London with C-Permit?
  216. Tips on finding a job in the Usa (Swiss Citizen)
  217. USA tourist Visa questions (Indian passport)
  218. RAV or ALK for B permit extension?
  219. Young kids move to CH with me, without proof of their EU citizenship?
  220. Disability Insurance (IV) - query
  221. Question about Swiss schengen visa
  222. Marriage in Japan or Switzerland?
  223. Multy-entry with a student national D visa
  224. Non-EU citizen lost job in 9 months (B permit)
  225. Disability Insurance payments(IV)
  226. help needed - work permit in swiss
  227. Quitting job for a Sabbatical: what about the RAV?
  228. New UK (visa free) rules for non EU spouses of EU nationals in EEA valid for CH?
  229. Frustrations
  230. Buying apartment in Geneva
  231. Renunciation of US citizenship to become stateless
  232. Sub-renting a flat: problems with registration?
  233. What comes next (visa)/what does this say?
  234. Non-EU Citizen - Can a Spouse Apply for a Dependency Visa within Switzerland?
  235. Swiss Conscription for a Dual Citizen?
  236. permit C from B
  237. Can spouse reunion visa be changed to a L permit?
  238. Question about French visas (after stay in CH)
  239. Work Permit Withdrawal. Possible?
  240. Resident Visa, Driver License
  241. L Permit Pregnancy
  242. Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa?
  243. B and L quick question
  244. Swiss Dependent Visa ( INDIA) ..Need help
  245. EU citizen moving to CH with EU wife
  246. Obtaining AVS numbers for family
  247. Visa Type D Question
  248. Moving to Switzerland, uncertain about legal/tax situation with my husband
  249. Seeking information regarding picking up entry visa from Washington, DC Embassy
  250. Translating marriage certificate from french?