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  1. Multy-entry with a student national D visa
  2. Non-EU citizen lost job in 9 months (B permit)
  3. Disability Insurance payments(IV)
  4. help needed - work permit in swiss
  5. Quitting job for a Sabbatical: what about the RAV?
  6. New UK (visa free) rules for non EU spouses of EU nationals in EEA valid for CH?
  7. Frustrations
  8. Buying apartment in Geneva
  9. Renunciation of US citizenship to become stateless
  10. Sub-renting a flat: problems with registration?
  11. What comes next (visa)/what does this say?
  12. Non-EU Citizen - Can a Spouse Apply for a Dependency Visa within Switzerland?
  13. Swiss Conscription for a Dual Citizen?
  14. permit C from B
  15. Can spouse reunion visa be changed to a L permit?
  16. Question about French visas (after stay in CH)
  17. Work Permit Withdrawal. Possible?
  18. India: Use of Birth Certificate in Zurich
  19. Resident Visa, Driver License
  20. L Permit Pregnancy
  21. Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa?
  22. B and L quick question
  23. Swiss Dependent Visa ( INDIA) ..Need help
  24. EU citizen moving to CH with EU wife
  25. Obtaining AVS numbers for family
  26. Visa Type D Question
  27. Seeking information regarding picking up entry visa from Washington, DC Embassy
  28. Translating marriage certificate from french?
  29. UK couple seeking residency in Switzerland
  30. C-permit arrived automatically, but what does it mean?
  31. Suggestions for Immigration Lawyer
  32. B-Permit De-actiated
  33. L-Permit as EU and RAV
  34. Living in France & getting a B permit [Geneva]
  35. Non-EU moving cantons on B-permit
  36. Australian student application for Visa D
  37. Working 6 months in Switzerland and getting Work Permit
  38. Can I travel without a passport in Schengen? (Non EU National)
  39. Not sure what to do- unique situation; need new permit
  40. B permit and part-time work
  41. dual citizen problem
  42. L Permit counts for total stay in Switzerland?
  43. Maltese economic citizenship as a proxy for Swiss naturalisation
  44. Arriving in commune
  45. Short-term assignments for non-EUs in Geneva/Lausanne
  46. Family Reunification after 25
  47. Language course for student visa
  48. UK Visa help: Additional Fees for Geneva Centre
  49. URGENT Requiring L permit after start working
  50. Question re. C Permit
  51. Permits, EU member moving to Swizerland
  52. Girlfriend (non-EU) wants to join me in CH.
  53. Postdoc visa regulations
  54. Spouse finding work on an L permit?
  55. Possibility of changing L short term permit (90 days) to another visa type.
  56. Military / civil service after facilitated naturalization
  57. Travel Visa's for my non-EU Spouse
  58. Permit needed for an outdoor gathering at ZH See?
  59. Naturalisation suspended in Geneva due to expired permit B
  60. Looking for a migration agent
  61. Best Options for Swiss-American Couple wanting to move to the US
  62. Restricted B permit & unemployment insurance payment
  63. How many photos to have on hand?
  64. Information on AHV-IV
  65. Au Pair changing Families
  66. SAP HR course for dependent in Switzerland
  67. Macedonian visa
  68. Non-EU holding B Permit can work in UK?
  69. At least 6 months to have the permit in Geneva Canton
  70. Running out of time! 90 day limit..
  71. Facilitated naturalization
  72. Duration of living in different cities to get swiss citizenship?
  73. L-permit holder, RAV and permit extension
  74. Missed Visa Renewal Deadline
  75. Renewal British Passport with Swiss ID only
  76. Work in Swiss but live in Germany for non-EU
  77. Visa, Permit, Switzerland
  78. EU citizen moving to CH with non-EU wife
  79. Urgent! Entering Switzerland on tourist days while marriage visa is processing
  80. Renewal of L permit to B, and Fees
  81. Living in France but working in CH with a Swiss B permit
  82. US citizen sabbatical in Fribourg [D-visa and other questions]
  83. Dependent Work Permit - Non EU
  84. Permit C after 5 years of paid research/PhD?
  85. Schengen Questions
  86. Indian Passport for new born child
  87. Face to face meeting asked by authorities for non-EU work permit process
  88. Marriage Question and Help Needed...
  89. Do I really need to leave Switzerland to get my visa?
  90. Just to clarify quickly, order for permit application.
  91. Cost of and difference between permits.
  92. Can I be a freelancer with non-restricted "B"?
  93. Needing residence visa, though not work visa
  94. Annoying work permit process - need help
  95. Do I need a student visa.....?!
  96. What happens when a dual citizen moves back to Switzerland?
  97. Swiss Marriage Visa : for Indian and Swiss citizen
  98. Can non EU person with Bern WP work in Zurich cant
  99. B Permit Property entitlement
  100. Change of address to Bern Canton
  101. Consultancy in Switzerland from UK company
  102. C permit without A2 Non-EU
  103. question re work permit
  104. short trip to Germany w/o passport?
  105. Just received my B permit.
  106. Naturalisation in Dübendorf
  107. Work Permit restrictions
  108. Permis de Séjour - Family
  109. Trainee visa for Australians
  110. Has anyone applied and received their Swiss nationality in a year or less?
  111. Where to pickup visa?
  112. Non-EU applying for a student visa - many questions
  113. L permit question
  114. Internship in Germany for NON-EU student
  115. Permit for my boyfriend
  116. Obtaining a UK enhanced police check
  117. work certificate vs permit
  118. Permit in case of ´Berufsbegleitend´studies
  119. Does the PhD years count for naturalisation?
  120. B permit expires tourist visa
  121. B-permit and sabbatical
  122. SwissInfo Article on Disparities In Facilitated Naturalization
  123. B permit employee of embassy and tax (Quellensteuer) question
  124. Type of work permit approved by canton
  125. Posting as PhD fellow
  126. Question about naturalisation duration?
  127. Birth Certificate for a new born Indian Baby in Zurich
  128. nonEU and nonEU fiancee - visa options
  129. How to bring my mom to switzerland for visit?
  130. non EU, Early C permit, Canton Approval, Time for Bern approval ?
  131. Applying for B Permit
  132. Visas for IT guys
  133. How long should I wait for swiss passport?
  134. L Permit Dependent Permit
  135. C Permit Questions - Kanton Bern
  136. Working in Zurich, living in Schaffhausen?
  137. Dependent Visa - EU Spouse
  138. Postdoctoral position B Permit type in Geneva Canton
  139. L1 Permit and Travelling to Paris
  140. Heimatschein/family card
  141. Sharp increase in Americans on Swiss social welfare
  142. Any Canadians living and working in Switzerland?
  143. Visitor visa requirement
  144. internship american student
  145. C permit requirement in Canton VD/ZH
  146. Baden Kresiburo
  147. Extend visa retour
  148. Can I lose my permit?
  149. C Visa / B Visa, divorce, house, rental.
  150. At what age does a child need a photo for their B permit?
  151. ETH document pickup
  152. Dependent L permit
  153. Mandatory certificate for getting work permit
  154. Swiss Citizenship for person with swiss parents
  155. US Au Pair Visas?
  156. Immigration Correspondence
  157. wife and infant tourist visa refused from mumbai
  158. The next step?
  159. Cost of becoming Swiss
  160. Einwhonerkontrolle registration without Meitvertrag
  161. American, coming for school, can I bring partner?
  162. American in Switzerland
  163. Kurzarbeit for B-permit
  164. Contacting a canton
  165. Trailing non-EU spouse and job loss of EU partner
  166. Working for Food and Accommodation.
  167. I had an L permit, but where does it say so?
  168. Confirmation from Migrationsamt
  169. Certificate of Good Conduct?
  170. EU B-Permit for self employed... how much money do I need to bring?
  171. Moving to Switzerland from US
  172. C Permit for 4 years only??
  173. Non EU applying for a C permit
  174. little confused
  175. Permission to buy 2 properties under one roof
  176. When is the category of actual work/residence permit known
  177. L dependent to work permit [ZH]
  178. Moving to Swissssss - list of inquiries
  179. C permanent resident, can one work in the EU?
  180. For a short-term residence permit L: duration in days or months?
  181. Working in Basel
  182. Is there an English translation of the labor law?
  183. C Permit Kanton Change Price
  184. Problem with return visa
  185. Survey from the Bundesamt für Statistik
  186. After KDE language test, when is interview?
  187. Apostille of documentation for Indian national
  188. Am I allowed to enter Gibraltar with a Swiss resident permit L?
  189. basel stadt vs basel landschafft
  190. How long it takes for Permit renewals
  191. Re-Appeal for dependent VISA rejection
  192. Non EU C permit
  193. au pair visa for non-EU
  194. How to convert Dependent B permit to Independent B?
  195. Correct procedure for gaining a residence permit?
  196. B permit waiting
  197. Drivers Licence Category C
  198. EU Hungarian visa
  199. L Permit, Jobless, Non-EU
  200. attestation de départ and proof of taxes
  201. Do employers still demand valid work permits from EU citizens?
  202. Swiss laws apply while not residing in CH?
  203. Communal appeal against naturalisation decision?
  204. Help with E401 - English municipality?
  205. How to move from L permit to a B, and change canton at the same time... [EU citizen]
  206. "Authorization for granting a visa" received - how is the procedure now?
  207. Proof that I am single...
  208. Spouse on dependant permit can work? (Zh)
  209. Birth Certificate types?
  210. De-registering then re-registering...residence permit question
  211. Langauge requirement - faciltated naturalisation
  212. VISA for the U.S.A
  213. Visit Visa Application for Parent with Rejected UK Visa Application
  214. Residence Permit when in Zurich for EU citizens - police report in UK?
  215. Ev. Pass?
  216. Extension of Non-EU L-permit
  217. Prolongation form [permit extension] doesn't come
  218. Can I enter Switzerland to work as Japanese without an approved permit?
  219. help please re a b permit change of canton
  220. EU citizen employed by German company
  221. Could someone please answer my question regarding entry in Australia
  222. Visa Authorization
  223. Traveling to the US without biometrical date
  224. Police authorisation for a party..
  225. "Reactivating" C permit
  226. Finalizing a non-EU work permit
  227. UK Visa
  228. Residence Permit Problem - Lausanne
  229. Permit Issued but not Received- Need to Leave CH
  230. how to get a work permit (any kind)
  231. C Permit - lucrative activity
  232. Unemployment when returning to Switzerland after 2 years abroad
  233. Confused.. Hope I didn't screw myself again !
  234. Bewilligung/Permit B in Canton Aargau
  235. Work Permit for dependent [non-EU, L-permit]
  236. Marriage in the USA or Switzerland?
  237. Residence permit/ When considered complete?
  238. PHD in Zurich - Travelling with girlfriend
  239. New "passport card" for irish citizens
  240. EU looking for work is asked for permit...what to do?
  241. Foreign Father of a Swiss Child
  242. Family reunification with EU-spouse for non-EU wife: work permit?
  243. Moving from ZH to BS - registration procedure
  244. B Permit expired
  245. Application for Swiss citizenship
  246. when moving within ZH, do I need to deregister from old Gemeinde?
  247. Frozen B Permit - Re-entry Process
  248. Conversion Ci -> B, UE-2
  249. Where to to get answers about extended absence while holding C-permit?
  250. Non-EU permit B holder to apply for visa for family