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  1. Moving to Bern, order of arranging paperwork
  2. Work Permit Costs (employer/me)
  3. Return Visa Rejected for Holidays :(
  4. B Permit and resignation
  5. documents verification for family visa
  6. graduated student with valid student B-permit, travel advice
  7. Getting a job after the completions of an Swiss University
  8. Permit renewal pending, confused about situation
  9. Drivers license
  10. Does exist just swiss visa and not a schengen visa?
  11. Stellenantritt: Time Limit for Permit Application
  12. Aktueller Solvenznachweis for C permit?
  13. Specifics of renewing an L permit with unlimited contract
  14. Owning in France/Renting in Geneva
  15. How to get a german passport for newborn within a month?
  16. Kreis buro? Insurance? Permit B
  17. PhD and Postdoc at CH
  18. Passing on citizenship to child?
  19. costs of moving to Switzerland heeelp
  20. Family Reunification and job
  21. B type permit & travel
  22. max length of contracting in EU for non-EU residing in Switzerland
  23. Why a L permit
  24. Advice about permits in Switzerland
  25. Does a permit B due to family reason permits to work?
  26. American married to Swiss/American
  27. EU8 Salary restrictions
  28. need a euro drivers licence.
  29. Moving from Brazil to Basel with wife
  30. work permit to student permit
  31. Facilitated naturalisation from overseas
  32. Swiss citizenship through Regular naturalisation
  33. Immigration
  34. work permit B with 60% employment?
  35. CH reduces non EU permits for 2015
  36. L Permit extension
  37. Spousal visa for same-sex married couple?
  38. Naturalisation: what type of permit should we have while applying?
  39. B to C permit after irregular 7-years residence?
  40. Work permit advice needed
  41. Help to get meaning [L Permit]
  42. Anyone willing to send me copy of blank ZH [naturalization] application?
  43. Moving to Switzerland with Dual Citizenship (US/GREECE)
  44. Am I allowed to work in Zurich? I am Romanian coming from UK, with my Limited company
  45. Entering Switzerland a few days before permit expiration date
  46. Student visa Geneva, living in Vaud
  47. Non-EU B Permit Renewal Added extra Clause
  48. UK citizens: Register to vote by post
  49. Trouble with a semester completion: non-EU
  50. still need Permit B during naturalisation?
  51. What does the Migrationsamt look for when self-employed and renewing a 'B'?
  52. Ignore OCP invoice?
  53. Job seeking permit tight to graduation date or expiration of last permit?
  54. Changing Jobs ( C Permit)
  55. Leaving Switzerland - how long permit is valid
  56. Chance of getting work permit, urgent thoughts needed
  57. Changing my B permit to a C Permit
  58. Teleperformance UK visa tracking
  59. Help! Swiss Inheritance Laws, Problem Executor?
  60. Conditions for an open non-EU B Permit
  61. How to best say my wife is unemployed in my Class B application..
  62. L-permit (non-EU). Employer Change.
  63. EU-17 Concubine permit exists in Zug?
  64. Visitor visa or Type D visa?
  65. Travelling to Croatia on Swiss L permit
  66. Regular B Permit with Postdoctoral position
  67. Is it possible to live in Geneva and work in France?
  68. Dependent B permit expired.
  69. Type B vs Type G permit. What's best?
  70. US Citizen * Work Switzerland* live in Germany
  71. Can I start work after I apply for residence permit,but before I get it(EU 25,Zurich)
  72. Private English lesson
  73. Changing canton, Non-EU B-permit. Confused!
  74. Must I stay out of CH while waiting for a reunification B
  75. Konkubinatspaare(lebenspartner) [Registered Partnership]
  76. Processing time for type D permit
  77. EU applying for a B permit
  78. Job search after graduating from a Swiss university
  79. Internships as an English speaker
  80. L Permit to B Permit (EU)
  81. B Permit for EU now hard?
  82. De-Register Geneva ; Register Zurich
  83. Non-EU B permit expiring soon, recently unemployed
  84. House contract for residence permit
  85. Work in Switzerland as a dentist
  86. B permit through self-employment or "sufficient financial means"
  87. Marriage visa- financial support
  88. Any Persian on here? Need Advice/Help re. Passport Renewal
  89. Exiting/Entering Schengen Area with my Swiss ID Card?
  90. is it illegal not to register my Children as Swiss?
  91. decision letter regarding work permit application
  92. Internship/permit L to Fulltime position...how to apply for B permit?
  93. Two addresses in different cantons
  94. Swiss+EU17 = Familienachzuggesuch? Is it just me or is this strange?
  95. Live in DE, work in CH_Tax implications
  96. Claim for C ?
  97. B Permit through marriage - is it necessary for the permit to be approved?
  98. Non-EU nanny - Who went successful through the application process for permit?
  99. Renewing swiss passport from childhood
  100. New EU permit applications and change of address
  101. Naturalisation procedure in Geneva: recent news?
  102. Is Transit Visa For London Heathrow Airport (UK) required ?
  103. What does this response from Canton Vaud mean?
  104. Non EU B permit not linked to employer, changing work
  105. Where to register for b-permit in Kanton Aargau
  106. Permit B: how long to arrive, change of address, cost
  107. How do I Claim my Swiss Citizenship?
  108. official translation service for birth certificate in lausanne
  109. Moving to a friends apartment
  110. B Permit Deregistration On Line
  111. Consequences of losing B-Permit as EU-worker
  112. EU: A few questions
  113. American planning to marry Swiss in Switz, what are the steps? is visa needed?
  114. Internship-Master thesis work permit extension
  115. Passport expiration and renewal of B permit: what to expect
  116. Family reunion visa processing time in AG
  117. What ID do your kids carry?
  118. Dependent VISA - Marriage Certificate state WAKF Board of Muslim Minority
  119. Non EU:Visa Application is Pending
  120. Liechtensteiners living/working in Switzerland
  121. EU (from eastern block) consulting in CH
  122. What if 'L' and not 'B'?????
  123. Can I retain my C permit while living/working in Canada for a couple of years?
  124. EU/Non-EU family reunification questions
  125. non-EU B permit
  126. L permit expiring; how to get a B?
  127. kein Straverfahren in der Schweiz [criminal record extract]-where get this document?
  128. Moving to Zurich / Importing household things
  129. Travel to Spain on Permit C
  130. Swiss citizenship for dependent under age 18
  131. Indian called for interview for visit visa
  132. Can i quit my internship ??
  133. Problems renewing my B permit - language certificate required
  134. Betreibungen [debt register extracts] - My Experiences B to C as of today
  135. Work permit from Federal Office for Migration Bern, how long does it take?
  136. Documents required for spouse application / registration
  137. Should I change my permit from a C to a Ci?
  138. G permit and clueless agency
  139. From a Carte de Legitimation Ci to a C Permit
  140. L permit extension no job
  141. Gemeinde v. Migration [marriage and family reunification permit question]
  142. Address Change within same Kreisburo
  143. Permit B for EU nationals
  144. Question - Permits for 6 Month stay in CH as a currency trader
  145. Traveling to the United States with a B-Permit
  146. Getting work in Switzerland as a non-EU citizen living in France
  147. Staying in Switzerland when I change company (L permit - non EU)
  148. Getting a Swiss Permit with a Criminal Record in the US
  149. Non-EU Family Reunion Visa Success Stories?
  150. Bringing the girlfriend to Basel
  151. L Permit degistration & registration for spouse
  152. Basel - How quickly Swiss passport could be renewed/issued
  153. PhD student's spouse working right?
  154. Getting married without a birth certificate
  155. Naturalization in Thalwil
  156. C permit
  157. Work --> Education --> Back to Work?
  158. New Arrival Assistant [reminders of important deadlines for new arrivals in CH]
  159. UK and Filipino citizen marrying in the UK to live in Switzerland - my head hurts jus
  160. L-Permit for an EU contractor
  161. Extension of work permit L
  162. Dual Nationality
  163. Part Time Student Job in the Canton of Vaud
  164. Keeping Permis C after leaving the country
  165. Dependent Apllication for L Permit
  166. inquiry about short term business visa
  167. International Volunteer in CH [migration process]
  168. Family Reunion for Non-EU - Help Please!
  169. B(EU) to C permit automatic, disadvantages?
  170. Canuck re-married... how does this work after getting d?
  171. laid off, b permit expires in January. Unemployment benefits after January?
  172. Permit returned by postal - what to do next?
  173. Permits after divorce
  174. Needed: Immigration Lawyer in Geneva
  175. What permit is needed for Swiss residence for a EU national, foreign income
  176. Keeping the B permit even if staying outside for more than 3 months
  177. Registration for someone living in Adliswil
  178. assyl marriage
  179. Non-EU 15hrs student work permit
  180. Volunteering on a B permit
  181. B permit expires in 1 year?
  182. Which companies can sponsor for Permit B (Long-Stay)?
  183. Letter of spouse that he/she is awaiting his/her spouse
  184. question about bringing non eu family members
  185. Non EU work permit processing time and chances of approval
  186. B permit from Indian company. Can I switch to local company
  187. Work permit non EU national living in France
  188. Preparing for L permit
  189. Student Visa Denied Due To "RIPOL Alert"
  190. San Francisco embassy
  191. How can i study in Swiss ?
  192. Swiss B Permit versus Work Visa?
  193. Canadian to Switzerland Permit Question
  194. Residence Permit
  195. How long did it take for your Work Permit
  196. Japanese with job offer about to get married to EU citizen
  197. Picking-up Family Reunification Visa Outside of U.S.
  198. Getting a student VISA from the U.S as an F-1 student
  199. Conducting hobby classes on L permit...legal/ not legal.??
  200. Question about merchandise/personal goods
  201. married to Swiss and applying for permit B.
  202. Time after getting Ausweiss
  203. L12 work Permit - Expiration
  204. Indian birth certificate: Does it need to be legalized?
  205. Young Professional Visa Issue
  206. EU citizen with B permit + non EU husband
  207. About change of address
  208. Marriage vs De Facto relationship
  209. Do I need to apply for a new B?
  210. Non-EU fiance migration to Switzerland query. Help!
  211. Permit C for non-European holders of a degree from a Swiss higher education institut
  212. Voting rights for C Permit holders
  213. Advice needed re who can come with us to switzerland
  214. Code 1402: does my employer still have to renew my Work Permit annually?
  215. Sending non-EU/EFTA spouse to find a Job
  216. B Permit Requirements for Zug
  217. US citizen to marry Swiss girlfriend
  218. Moving Kanton with B permit (EU)
  219. Residency [For Retired EU Citizen]
  220. Medical insurance for visitor 80+ years old
  221. Order / timing of obtaining passports for child /- advice
  222. Cross-border work permit cancellation
  223. [Non-EU] Planning for a fresh B/L work permit application: Is this a good time?
  224. American trying to move to Switzerland
  225. Wife has B permit but commune wont give to children
  226. Registering and Deregistering from BL to BS
  227. Dependent of a masters student [non-EU]
  228. Naturalisation -- Should we continue staying in Commune/Canton?
  229. Advantage of C over B ?
  230. Permit expired - re-entry required for traveling American?
  231. French test (TELC, DEFL, CECI) or an equivalent certificate recognized by Vaud?
  232. Getting B visum via father
  233. B Permit confirmation
  234. Keep B permit when marrying to CERN worker
  235. help with 18.44 form [Importing Household Effects]
  236. Muslim marriages
  237. Sabbatical for 6-12 month in Switzerland. [non-EU]
  238. Need Advise on work visa's and qualification transfers for Paramedics
  239. Belgium Embassy not returning marriage certificate
  240. Need advice....[permit/visa questions]
  241. Visitor Visa: Verpflichtungserklärung
  242. Need advice about spouse's visa
  243. Clarification on Swiss Inheritance Law for dual citizens
  244. Change of Address Of A Married Couple
  245. Married to EU / entering Switzerland
  246. Questions about new D-visa
  247. B permit types
  248. Should I get marriage license/certificate in US or CH?
  249. Permit for my daughter who is at University in the UK
  250. L permit complicated