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  1. Visa Situation for a person who has a Swiss Uni Diploma
  2. Maintaining a C permit while abroad
  3. Non-EU Early C Permit -Bern Approval Duration
  4. Renewal of B permit when not currently working
  5. Post Brexit Dilemma
  6. Fired unexpectedly: visa and chomage
  7. quitting an internship with L permit
  8. Moving to Oberwil from Basel Stadt - tax question
  9. importing personal belongings
  10. Vaud or Lausanne commune
  11. A 3-month Swiss tourist visa but need to go to Spain
  12. Evidence of financial resourses of the applicant
  13. Updated processing times for non-EU B permits
  14. Swiss Citizenship for children (not parents)
  15. Applying for Irish dual-citizenship [British] ?
  16. Student 6 month L permit
  17. Relocating to Graubuenden (Engadin)
  18. Family Reunion visa
  19. Forms for the Caisse de Chomage for unemployment benefit
  20. Leaving CH - timings of deregistration & work contract end
  21. Moving to Switzerland
  22. How to tell if I'm on a "restricted" or "open" B permit?
  23. when should i register in my new kanton?
  24. Australian - Switzerland
  25. non EU-permits
  26. Moving Canton with restricted B permit
  27. International travel while waiting for residence permit (non-EU spouse)
  28. Help!! Advice needed on passport application in Vaud
  29. Citizenship/Naturalization of a swiss born child
  30. Work Visa Processing Time (work permit pre-approved)
  31. How to pay taxes on monthly regular income as consultant for non CH based company?
  32. Work Permit for US Citizens
  33. Marriage reunification visa. Urgent advice needed.
  34. Living in Swiss while waiting for resident permit
  35. Permit for a EU national?
  36. Anyone got documents with Apostille from Zug?
  37. Travel Documents: Canadian living in CH going to Spain
  38. Visa D processing time in Canton AG
  39. B permit - up-to-date processing times?
  40. L Permit / Job Change
  41. is C permit valid after deregistration if it is not cancelled by gemeinde?
  42. Working as trainee or FTE in Switzerland during correspondence course
  43. Travelling with B permit to UK
  44. Canton Vaud allows your personal data to be given out for free!
  45. Can a refugee with traveling documents issued in Italy work in Switzerland?
  46. how to maintain a B-permit after leaving
  47. leaving switzerland, can I still use the bank account
  48. Extension of a B permit - non EU
  49. Renew B permit
  50. From carte de legitimation to a Student Permit B [Non-EU]
  51. Maintaining Permit C without 'Aufrechterhaltung'
  52. EU L Permit questions
  53. Citizenship test in Canton Zurich
  54. Seeking advice for dealing with significant visa overstay
  55. Had my Swiss ID card stolen in London
  56. Can I keep my C permit
  57. CDL / Ci Permit - spouse working and remaining in Geneva
  58. Interesting permit situation
  59. Switch from student visa to full time working permit
  60. Extending Student Permit - graduation gap
  61. Carrying Your Residence Permit With You
  62. Advice needed for visa / permit process of family reunification (US to CH)
  63. Visa/work permit
  64. Dependent B permit clarification
  65. Vaud - non-EU B -> C Permit Conversion after 10years
  66. EU Citizen- Self-Inflicted Unemployment - Residence Permit/ Benefits
  67. C-permit for married couples
  68. Student visa for Australians
  69. Application letter for C permit [Bern]
  70. Visa Application Procedure for Work Permit
  71. Working visa for croatian citizens
  72. Permit when moving from one EU nation to another
  73. American on L - Contract terminated - Contract obligations
  74. C Permits
  75. Married for 6 years, do we have to wait 5 more years?
  76. 90 days in 30 mnths out ? What about a border run ?
  77. Family reunion
  78. I am leaving the country, should my 18 year old leave too?
  79. Size of the apartment - family reunion permit refused
  80. UK Power of Attorney acceptable to Swiss notaire?
  81. Brexit voting
  82. Overspeeding effect on Passport/Permit C request
  83. Non EU with EU unmarried partner move to Zurich - Permit advice needed!
  84. No living-permit during 90 days work permit?
  85. Married To French CItizen and moving to Geneva
  86. Questions for people who applied for a Swiss Passport
  87. I had a work visa
  88. Lost/Stolen Meldebestatigung - can duplicate be requested?
  89. Partner permit for non-eu
  90. Assistance Student Visa Motivation Essay
  91. Information required: Investor Visa
  92. Reentering to Schegen area with L permit
  93. EU Student - Mandatory Internship different Kanton
  94. non-EU B to open B after canton change?
  95. Moving from canton luzern to canton schwyz
  96. C permit and carte de legitimisation
  97. Swiss newspaper wants to hear your naturalization story
  98. Signature certification (Lausanne)
  99. Convert dependent B-Permit to student visa
  100. Permanent employee, L permit, change of employer
  101. Can a French company issue Swiss work contracts?
  102. Time for L to B conversion
  103. Help..Permit Denied what do I do?
  104. Open B Permit - WFH for company in India
  105. Work permit card - how long after registration?
  106. EU-national, can I apply for C permit after 5 years as PhD?
  107. Permit Parking Centre Geneva
  108. Chronicling the Swiss citizenship process
  109. Permit B question for Non-European.
  110. PhD completion / Job Search Visa / Non EU
  111. Non-EU/120 days work permit
  112. attestation of financial resources
  113. Non-EU Student permit years limit?
  114. Visa and work permit
  115. ORP support to a non working spouse
  116. B-Permit Duration and Marriage
  117. B permit holder - marriage
  118. Tourist 3 month time
  119. Deregistered too soon
  120. from Carte de legitimation to Permis B. which form?
  121. Citizenship from Naturalised Swiss Spouse
  122. Does Permis C give me worker mobility?
  123. C Permit Do I need to send original language certificate?
  124. partners working
  125. Registering a birth in UK - Swiss Characters
  126. Interested in Relocating to Zurich
  127. Work permit
  128. Police clearance certificate for family reunification
  129. My facilitated naturalisation experience
  130. Visitors visa for family - Question
  131. Yet another citizenship thread
  132. Usa citizen getting married permit c
  133. Mother with 2 Swiss grandparents
  134. Freelance on Tourist Visa for 3 months after L visa expires
  135. Niederlassung vs Jahresaufenthaltsbewillingung
  136. Time_residence permit
  137. Need Clarity on Transit Visa
  138. Changing Passports on Auslanderausweis possible?
  139. My work situation and possible chômage.
  140. Aufenthaltsbewilligung (B) Ohne Erwerb [B permit, no work privileges]
  141. L, L, L ... when B? (EU)
  142. Visa for PhD student from India
  143. Non EU wife to be
  144. Help me! Im a Swiss abroad! Welfare and Military
  145. C permit - away for 6 months & address
  146. Permit B with Non Eu Girlfriend
  147. Non-EU, B permit expiring in 20 days, Extention possible?
  148. Clarification reg. email from Zurich Migration Office
  149. Legal rights as a Swiss citizen applying for a US artist visa o1
  150. Residence details as EU-25/EFTA member
  151. Sejour secondaire
  152. Gap between start date of new permit an end date of previous permit
  153. Buying furniture outside and importing it to Switzerland
  154. Moving To Switzerland From The UK Advice
  155. EU citizen living in Switzerland, working in EU - can spouse work in Switzerland
  156. Looking for Zulu speaking nanny!
  157. Work Permit in Swiss
  158. C permit renewal - travelling
  159. Moving back to Switzerland with my fiance
  160. Lawyer is needed - I was caught speeding on the road.
  161. Swiss Citizenship through Naturalization 10 vs. 12 years
  162. Marriage Visa and Change of Kanton
  163. lawyer recommendation
  164. Social Security (AHV) & Pension Plan
  165. Cities in Swiss where more IT jobs are available
  166. C permit application with a "gap" of "Duldung"
  167. Long-stay visa for third-national without work or study
  168. Change of address
  169. Name change process after Namenserkaerung
  170. What if I don't pay my compulsory insurance?
  171. Spouse Father's Name different on Marriage Certificate and Passport
  172. Ausweiss
  173. Urgent questions on the Visa de Retour
  174. Non-EU, work permit (B) and contract expires soon..
  175. Swiss citizenship
  176. B Permit: How long can you spend outside the country?
  177. Leaving Switzerland
  178. Non-EU Extended stay help
  179. Community Involvement - Swiss Naturalisation
  180. non-EU national student from Liechtenstein University
  181. deregistering and moving to the UK (non-EU)
  182. Citizenship with spouse is naturalised Swiss citizen
  183. B permit Question
  184. Return to Switzerland: B Permit and Unemployment Benefit
  185. Assistance with applying for Italian citizenship
  186. Proof of my single-ness
  187. Break in Permit. Normal? Potential source of problem?
  188. Options for wife with L-dependent visa
  189. Schengen visa for Family .., Any one applied ?
  190. Student in University of Fribourg
  191. An unusual situation - what permit to apply for?
  192. B Permit - Tied? Length? 5 years out date?
  193. Befristet (Limited) C Permit
  194. naturalisation - swiss husband
  195. Student (Type D) Visa questions
  196. Fine at the COOP shoplifting incident
  197. How likely is it for an computer engineering undergraduate to obtain L permit
  198. Bad luck with naturalisation law
  199. Freezing permit for studies
  200. Permit/health insurance - PLEASE HELP!
  201. EU+non EU couple seeking to move professionally to Switzerland
  202. Question about B work permit
  203. 'Retirement-Type' Visa if Over 60 & Self-Supporting?
  204. G Permit advantages
  205. Press conference Bundesrat
  206. Need help with marriage visa
  207. B Permit 12 Months out of Switzerland Rule non EU
  208. Naturalization in Canton Zurich
  209. Permit failed
  210. Dependent Visa
  211. Another question about Frozen Permits
  212. Dependent B visa wants to switch to C holder
  213. missing attestation de départ...
  214. Visa question.
  215. sponsoring non-EU Parents to retirement visa in Switzerland
  216. Canton Change Approval from Bern - Zürich
  217. Freezing a C permit
  218. Leaflet on naturalization, by canton of Geneva
  219. Permit/retirement/marriage
  220. Non-EU moving from Germany, permit type
  221. If can not get a B permıt
  222. Ordinary Naturalisation Process -- time between authorisations and swearing in
  223. Student visa with scholarship
  224. Non-eu but resident in Austria - moving to Switzerland with EU hubby
  225. Residence permit vs work permit
  226. Bringing household goods into Switzerland without confirmation of notice of departure
  227. Fingerprints for Swiss Passport
  228. Freelancing for L- Dependent Visa
  229. Family reunification - Naturalized Swiss wanting to bring non-EU parent as dependent
  230. Want to move back to Switzerland (uk national)
  231. L to B conversion success
  232. UK Limited Company - Working in Switzerland?
  233. British Dependant
  234. First time obtaining Swiss Permit (“Ausländerausweis”) – information and explanat
  235. C Permit Language Requirement ASAP
  236. Process to apply for ealry C permit in Geneva for Non-EU
  237. Applying for a student visa, if I already have a Carte de Legitimation D?
  238. citizenship
  239. Possible Visa?
  240. Do musicians need a permit...
  241. Frontallier Freelance / Independent Status with a G-Permit? Possible?
  242. Need information for an Australian visitor visa
  243. Citizenship requires uninterrupted residence?
  244. Got my visa what's next
  245. Bern Naturalisation interview - DONE
  246. Work permit
  247. Residence Permit B without photo attached
  248. Non-EU work permit after study
  249. nonEU B permit: second job
  250. Non EU B permit holder passing through Leichtenstein