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  1. Visa Expiring Before Residence Permit Arrives, Traveling this Weekend
  2. Immigrating from South Africa to Switzerland
  3. Apply concubinage visa as a non-EU citizon
  4. Custom made rules when hiring
  5. L to B for Non EU citizens
  6. New resident law in zurich
  7. Facilitated naturalization
  8. Non-EU Couple, permit options for spouse of Carte de Legitimation type H holder
  9. Early C Permit for a Doctoral Student?
  10. C permit authorisation of absence or maintain two homes?
  11. References for citizenship
  12. D visa expiry date
  13. Permit for my partner (non-EU)
  14. reise pass for non-eu wife
  15. Can EU national bring non EU spouse without residence permit or job?
  16. Time calculation for citizenship application?
  17. Is working in Switzerland and living in Germany a good idea?
  18. How to go about this situation? [EU wife joining non-EU husband studying in CH]
  19. Student Visa Processing
  20. Move during naturalization process
  21. work permit and visa for sabbatical non-EU
  22. Will I get a feedback from police station?
  23. EU citizen - permit based on several 'Nebenjobs' possible?
  24. UK citizen moving to Switzerland requirements?
  25. Naturalization in Graubünden/Grisons
  26. Switzerland Spouse visa
  27. Permit B [EU Citizen]
  28. C permit renewal when unemployed
  29. L permit
  30. B1 German for C permit: GOETHE OR BULATS IS OK?
  31. Quick question regarding Residence Permit.
  32. Question about Swiss citizenship
  33. Sozialhilfe and Swiss citizen. .
  34. Headache... US citizen EU spouse
  35. Documents Required for B Permit After Marriage? Non-EU
  36. Conducting 1-day workshop in Sydney—visa options
  37. I'm 15, can I live in Switzerland?
  38. More than 1 jobs at the same time with L(B)
  39. Student Visa NON-EU (Indian)
  40. interrupted years counted towards C Permit
  41. Changing cantons, [naturalisation years] reset?
  42. C permit for non-EU 5 years in CH, 2 years on L
  43. Taxes on Scholarship
  44. Does C Permit still mean you're tied to your employer?
  45. Uk national 90 days in 180 day period
  46. Acquiring Swiss Citizenship Through Mother
  47. re-legalization of marriage certificate for family reunion visa
  48. Family reunionification questions
  49. L permit and no job
  50. Non-EU Frontalier Living in France, Working in Switzerland (Vaud)
  51. Non-EU master student visa to full time Visa
  52. Moving to Switzerland with my German wife
  53. Rental Issue(3 month notice required)
  54. Getting Married in and moving to Switzerland: NON EU
  55. Moving to Switzerland and opening a small company
  56. New rules for getting a C permit upgraded from a B (EU)
  57. Long Term Vistor's Visa
  58. My last landlord deregistered me from comune.
  59. Doubt - Visa D just for training/racing
  60. B to C permit Zurich: documents required in 2017?
  61. Employer Contribution to Social Security
  62. living for 8 years B permit
  63. Options for my Non-EU spouse to get a dependent permit that allows work?
  64. reference letter for C-permit application
  65. Thanks to all!
  66. C-permit for US citizens
  67. Travel within Schengen while L permit is in progress
  68. B Permit still valid after leaving?
  69. Married 3 years - husband 2 nationalities
  70. Dependend Family Visa
  71. Got B permit renewed. New duration less than 11 months...
  72. Live and study in different cantons
  73. Exceed the duration of stay(non-EU), whether an entry ban will be issued?
  74. Any problems with changing canton few months after coming?
  75. Family reunion for my mother
  76. Please help with visa before moving to Switzerland
  77. Apply for swiss citizenship for a child
  78. documents to register a birth UK dad/swiss mum [zurich]
  79. Change of Non EU C permit to B permit due to Relocating to different kanton
  80. I'm from Norway. Can I get a temp residence permit in Zurich while I look for a job?
  81. Internship visa for non-EU passport and non-swiss uni
  82. Do I lose all years towards citizenship after C permit expired
  83. EU citizen - 6 months internship
  84. Bring newborn baby on tourist visa
  85. Looking for IT Job // No EU Citizen
  86. Work permit question: brother moving to CH and staying with me, steps?
  87. Non-EU intern Swiss visa requirements from the UK
  88. Slight extension of Permit L - after exchange studies
  89. Help needed - Swiss citizen moving to Zurich
  90. Non -EU work permit for manager position
  91. Thai Spouse - visa questions
  92. Swiss citizenship in Geneva:Got federal confirmation, but refused by commune
  93. Birth Certificate for register birth in Zurich
  94. 1 internship in Switzerland?
  95. Address in a different canton, non-eu
  96. Logistics of getting a work permit for an EU spouse
  97. long-term visitor visa for returning non-EU citizen?
  98. suspend B permit and return to Switzerland three months later
  99. No address for ten days
  100. Return visa for job seekers
  101. Lausanne - EU on B permit- Birth Certificate?
  102. Work permit approved, few queries about getting the stamp
  103. Change B permit to allow work
  104. Child eligibility for citizenship under new law
  105. consequences on permit B renewal in case 2nd shoplifting incident in an year in switz
  106. Alien of greek descent from Turkey and Albania in Switzerland
  107. Uk Company working in Switzerland - Work Permits Tax
  108. Hello everyone, please some help with G permit
  109. Please I need help !!!got a letter from immigration
  110. How to apply for Work Visa from Saudi Arabia.
  111. Long Study Visa to Switzerland from Ghana.
  112. B Permit renewal during notice period.
  113. Permit and Abmeldung for spouse of a Swiss citizen residing abroad
  114. Bringing Nanny from the UK
  115. Living in France with a legitimation card-working in Switzerland?
  116. FBI Criminal Record Check- getting this done from Switzerland
  117. Permit B leaving twice in one year but less thn 6 months each time possible?
  118. Citizenship while being unemployed
  119. Work permit process in Zurich
  120. L permit to work permit?
  121. change of passport - would that affect my permit?
  122. Apostille for US birth certificate for naturalisation
  123. Work permit for non-EU students
  124. French married to South Korean in Las Vegas, B permit ?
  125. Recommendations for an immigration lawyer in geneva?
  126. Reclaiming Tax
  127. Changing canton
  128. Registering to the city with a B permit
  129. Re-entering Switzerland after L permit has expired
  130. C Permit / Probation period
  131. Why bother learning a Swiss language??
  132. Getting B permit after one year later L permit
  133. Naturalisation in Zollikon according to the new law
  134. Normal Naturalisation in Canton Jura
  135. B or C Permit for Foreign Spouse
  136. nomad seeks residency permit
  137. Student ,Visa Australia -Which type of Beglubigung is necessary
  138. At what border crossings are passport checks the most common?
  139. relocating and steps to take
  140. C Permit renewal after years of expiration
  141. Help - B permit expiration related questions
  142. Non EU, B Permit, possibly getting laid off
  143. Another permit question for EU citizens
  144. Non EU with C permit acquiring an EU citizenship
  145. C Permit Vaud processing time (non EU)
  146. is it a good idea? [Brit wanting to move to CH]
  147. I'd be grateful for Information about C-permit for Non-EU-PHD :)
  148. Right timing for changing from permit B to C
  149. Family reunification - process
  150. Switching from B-permit without working to B-permit self-employed?
  151. Visitor visa requirement
  152. Oath ceremony in Geneva, How many times a year?
  153. Canadian and dual CDN citizens travelling to Canada - End of leniency period
  154. Jury Duty in the US
  155. Visa conversion
  156. Help translating/understanding a letter from Migrationsamt about family reunification
  157. C permit for Canadian
  158. C-Permit Basel process
  159. Marriage staying with tourist Visa
  160. Citizenship after marriage with new law
  161. Interested in being a nurse in Switzerland
  162. Start off with B-permit possiblr?
  163. Change of employer-Non EU
  164. Visa Question
  165. [Non EU] Work Permits for Summer Internship
  166. Married 3 years asking about waiting 2 years divorce
  167. Swiss Nationality
  168. C Permit after finishing master and PHD
  169. L permit non EU - work in Germany?
  170. NON EU short term stay after L Permit Expires
  171. EU citizen married to non-EU citizen moving to Zurich
  172. Sabbatical and RAV on a C permit
  173. C permit renewal and employment status
  174. C Visa status & Unemployment benefits after international assignment
  175. Residential rights
  176. Tricky permits / naturalization situation
  177. Integration, might apply also to 'C' permit holders
  178. Change of employer -- Need guidance
  179. Can I keep My B permit without address and insurance?
  180. Visa for Trainee position
  181. Betreibungsauskunft
  182. Non EU - 2nd to 3rd year B permit extension
  183. L Permit Extension Non EU
  184. UK Visa application via Switzerland
  185. Applying for CH Passport with Legitimation Card E
  186. Non EU in B Permit - Going to be a Student
  187. Non-EU approval from employer perspective
  188. Change from B permit to C permit
  189. B -> C permit affected by unemployement benefits in Zug?
  190. Non EU Work Permit Basel processing time
  191. Visa to do German Language course less than 1 month
  192. Non-EU quotas to be increased for 2017
  193. Stellenantrittsgesuch (request for taking up employment)
  194. Work permit/Residence permit
  195. Deregister and what will happen next?
  196. Non-EU working for foreign employer, living in CH
  197. US Citizen, changing B visa into work visa living in France?
  198. Are number of days outside of Switzerland restricted on B Permit
  199. Job change with tied B permit and VINTA questions
  200. "Online announcement" as a registration option?
  201. Naturalisation counting double under 20
  202. EU B Permit unemployment & child benefits
  203. Owning more than 200'000
  204. Help! It's been more than a year and still haven't received my permit
  205. Work Visa for Sngapore with a EU spouse
  206. student visa got rejected
  207. Is it possible to apply for a Swiss student permit inside Switzerland?
  208. Working with tourist Visa
  209. Unemployment fund in one go - lump-sum?
  210. Long-term B permit, long-term unemployment and limited German proficiency
  211. Will Gemiende change in Zurich impact C permit application?
  212. electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) unable to board
  213. EU national on a work permit - taking up studies?
  214. Permit for occasional US visitor?
  215. Marriage in CH or abroad?
  216. An age cap on joining the Swiss Armed Forces?
  217. US Greencard - Swiss naturalisation
  218. Work permit and permanent address in Switzerland?
  219. Non EU , L to B permit - Change of Employer
  220. 'L' permit disadvantages vs 'B'?
  221. To BE or not to BE - Member in a Club/Mitglieg im Verein
  222. Student Visa for non EU - Laussane
  223. L to B conversion - Abmeldebestaetigung des vorherigenden Wohnsitzes im EU/EFTA-Staa?
  224. Clarification on B-Permits & right to Work
  225. What constitutes permanent residence
  226. Is it possible to get back my citizenship and permanent residence?
  227. C permit for family?
  228. US Citz--Type D for long vacation
  229. Permit C (applying before b expires, Polish citizen)
  230. Help with B permit, self-employment and accounting in Lausanne
  231. [non EU] My work permit was denied due to not having a degree. Anything I can do?
  232. Working permit for internships during studies
  233. Residing in Switzerland without gainful activity
  234. Putting B Permit on Hold
  235. Convert B non-EU to EU. Possible?
  236. Picking up National Visa D in France (US citizen)
  237. EU-citizen, L-permit to expire, then?
  238. Visa Experts
  239. Cooling-off period for B permit ?
  240. Searching for work while engaged to a Swiss citizen
  241. C permits
  242. Swiss passport
  243. Marriage between EU national (CDL holder) and US national (tourist)
  244. Documents needed for marriage
  245. Marriage for a foreign residence-permit holder and a tourist
  246. which Canton should use its quota to issue No-Eu work poermit?
  247. Exchange to Switzerland
  248. Current Permit Quotas for Zurich?
  249. Happy - from citizenship-less to being Swiss
  250. Moving to Zurich - with teenagers