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  1. work permit for non EU/EUFTA
  2. B visa rules after leaving work
  3. Advice - VINTA permit C under processing while unemployed
  4. Attestation of never having requested Social Welfare in canton Vaud
  5. UK gay couple in civil partnership
  6. B Permit extension
  7. Deadline visa extention
  8. Student Visa Extension
  9. B permit extension EU/EFTA
  10. Tres Pregnant, Sans Permit, Need Insurance
  11. Problem with Immigration
  12. Help! Permit pending and new job offer
  13. Asylum seeker looking for information
  14. Canadian passport renewal
  15. Approved L permit: Changing client
  16. Type D visa for US girlfriend, they are making us apply as family reunification?
  17. Divorce process
  18. L-Permit issue - UK national
  19. With visa type B can I life in Germany
  20. HELP! possibly overstayed visa? advice on whats next
  21. Bringing our dog to Zurich
  22. Work/residence permit quotas
  23. Expired visa vs rental agreement
  24. Moving to UK but continuing to work in Switzerland
  25. Residence permit proof needed for health insurance?
  26. Duty on shipping..
  27. Residence Permit: In Process (proof?)
  28. Seeking Sample Private/Personal (non-bus.) Letter of Invitation in German/French
  29. 5 year permit, but...
  30. Do I need to register in ZH??
  31. Question about the decision letter for work permit
  32. Inviting Family to stay with me - Permit pending renewal
  33. Leaving the country before end of naturalisation?
  34. Work and reside in different cantons (non-EU)
  35. Self-funded training while on RAV
  36. How long does it all usually take [to sort out first permits and other paperwork]?
  37. EU work permit clarification
  38. B Permit Card vs Wallet type ID
  39. Document legalization for Switzerland dependent VISA
  40. Obtaining a Work Visa
  41. Can i work on dependent visa in switzerland?
  42. Visa/Marriage questions
  43. Legal amount of chocolate from Switzerland
  44. Resigning from my job- what are the options
  45. AMT Note - Translation Request
  46. Need help to get [language] certificate
  47. Getting Visa Stamped/Signed at border
  48. With Swiss Work Permit(Type D) Can i travel to Copenhagen for 4 days
  49. non-EU C1 and jobs
  50. Dependant's B residence permit Geneva.
  51. Permit/License for Restaurant Bar in Zurich
  52. interesting - see the immigration statistics
  53. UK passport damaged in washing machine
  54. holding B permit while out of country for more than two years
  55. telecommuting for U.S. company while living in Switzerland for less than 3 month
  56. Is it possible to renew the student VISA after attending German school for 1 year?
  57. Geneva work permit authorization processing time
  58. Visa Authorization letter from Switzerland
  59. Non EU staying a month in Switzerland with a German Student visa
  60. kanton Bern--permits
  61. Work permit after voting in Switzerland
  62. Anyone have experience applying for the 18mth traineeship visa?
  63. about Permit B prolongation [non-EU]
  64. Work permit request in process for non-EU
  65. Food handler permit
  66. Filipina AUPAIR holding permit L
  67. A2 German for C permit?
  68. Passport photos for Baby in Bern
  69. German course by RAV
  70. My B-permit got stolen, and I need some help plz!
  71. Non-EU living in Germany with a permanent permit - can I work in Switzerland ?
  72. CH or UK passport? or Both?
  73. au pair - legal issues
  74. Drivers License as an official form of identification
  75. Kiwi girl moving to CH to be with her partner
  76. Canada - Has anybody applied for the youth mobility program?
  77. Need to register...lost passport
  78. Confused about my visa situation (as always)
  79. Moving to Switzerland during facilitated naturalization process?
  80. Holiday to USA - problem with ESTA
  81. Voluntary work
  82. Means of Support - Family Reunification
  83. Question on Swiss court
  84. Permit renewal, ill health and family in Switzerland
  85. Swiss work permit for Non-EU-citizens working in EU
  86. Facilitated Naturalisation - Ticino
  87. British / Dutch Naturalising
  88. Moving cantons - permit process?
  89. Reunification Visa for My Wife/I am Swiss!
  90. internship visa
  91. Family Reunification Visa for spouse of student/housing
  92. be together with my wife, is it possible ?
  93. Work Permit Weirdness
  94. L Permit- DeRegistration via e-mail
  95. Non-EU L-permit, can spouse work or consult remotely for company in US?
  96. Some Questions - Non-EU, B-Permit, just lost my job
  97. Chinese visa application for U.S. citizen
  98. Dependent permit : leaving switzerland for long time.
  99. work&residence permit for non EU Phd candidate
  100. SVA: Selbständig [self-employed] or Freelance ??
  101. New To Switzerland From US - Possible to Get a C permit?
  102. Goethe vs. TELC exam for C Permit
  103. Apply for permit B second time
  104. Lasting Power of Attorney
  105. marriage certificate for candidate residing in village of india
  106. Swiss citizenship test
  107. General Partnership - Residence requirement?
  108. Non-EU with EU wife - Can she work with no problems?
  109. Move from a place "X" to a place "Y" - how about the permit card ?
  110. question regarding bringing my girlfriend to Switzerland
  111. visit UK
  112. Invite family on tourist visa
  113. Changing address and rental ID
  114. How to work under a Ci permit
  115. Non EU living in France working in Switzerland Unemployment HELP!!
  116. Fine Print on EU-B Residence Permit
  117. Married to Swiss-to-be
  118. Social Benefits [for gap in employment]
  119. Does this mean not necessary for brits [language requirement for permit]
  120. Attestation of not being receiving unemployment benefit?
  121. Customs Clearance of Household Effects
  122. Finally got a B permit
  123. income caps on EU B permits
  124. Coming to Zurich
  125. work permit for NON EU person studying french in Geneva
  126. Naturalization in Zurich but only speak French?
  127. Changing the canton will effect on my permit C
  128. Naturalization process in Basel-Stadt
  129. How long to leave after permit expires?
  130. Naturalisation Process in Geneva
  131. L Permit - company transfer
  132. Permit extension options after unemployment benefits finish
  133. Latest Referendum, what will be consequences for EU (C permit and B permit) holders?
  134. Non-EU, graduating in Ticino, how to get L permit without leaving Switzerland?
  135. Swiss citizenship, can you lose it?
  136. Help! Where is the permit office?
  137. Can i travel with permit N?
  138. Can a student (B permits) work without a working permit?
  139. American expat Resident and work visa
  140. C Permit after 5 years for non-EU with an unemployment record
  141. Married to Swiss, [naturalization] application in process, how long can it take?
  142. Cooling period to Apply L permit again
  143. Dependent visa to join swiss spouse (i am non-eu)
  144. Confusion about Reunification with Work Privileges
  145. Unpaid Internship Help
  146. Criminal background check (Canadian)
  147. Internship extension and work/stay permit
  148. Living with a boy/girlfriend in a Kanton and working in another
  149. No permit granted yet for daughter... (EU UK)
  150. On EU Student Permit To Marry a Swiss - Advice Needed
  151. Advice needed for Switzerland student visa
  152. How to get passport stamped with date of entry
  153. How to apply for B permit
  154. Another 'crystal ball' post - will I get a work permit (non-EU)?
  155. a certificate of non-criminal rec.
  156. L visa type, possibilities for extension?
  157. EU student, type of permit
  158. C permit .. looking for a career change
  159. Question on naturalisation - 12 year policy, living in CH as a child
  160. long term dependent visa (Permit_B) to work visa.
  161. L to B Conversion
  162. UK passport renewal for children.
  163. Renewal of B Permit early (prior to employment termination)
  164. New Non-EU B Permit Questions
  165. German level for Swiss Passport Application
  166. Help! How to get a certified German translation of marriage certificate
  167. B Permit extension for non-EU citizen
  168. Swiss citizenship for children
  169. L permit holder. Work contract termination
  170. Minimum salary requirement for B Permit
  171. Keeping permit after leaving Switzerland
  172. Translation of documents
  173. Non-EU (but EU Resident) with EU-Wife Studying
  174. Got a bill from the kanton but no permit?
  175. Do I need a Visa to simply job hunt
  176. Grace Period for an Permit which is due to Expire
  177. EU citizen living and working in Geneva on C permit marrying Non-EU
  178. Staying in another canton during the week for work... permit question
  179. Work Permit, Visa D, Resident Permit Process Non-EU
  180. my partner moving and working remotely for UK company - is it legal?
  181. Question about the legality of my work situation
  182. L permit extension issue
  183. VISA for renew and leaving country for a short trip
  184. Question - Employing EU Child Carer for 12mts
  185. Recent changes to Work Permit Processing
  186. Urgent advice needed: graduate permit
  187. deregister or not? L permit expires soon
  188. Do I need to carry my passport?
  189. Temporary Stay.
  190. From Student Permit B to Marriage-Naturalisation?
  191. B permit expiring, aid worker abroad but still "living" in Geneva
  192. C permit cantonal specific?
  193. Will a non-EU graduates in Switzerland get an L or B permit for job seeking?
  194. Non-EU student getting married to Swiss National
  195. Working from Switzerland for an Overseas Employer
  196. Record of previous invitations?
  197. Documents needed to register for chomage?
  198. B permit expiry [Non-EU], but changing to jobseeker permit problems
  199. Registration at the Kreisbüro --- really needed?
  200. C Permit for children?
  201. visa stamp problem
  202. EU Citizen Employment Restriction
  203. Finished classes but thesis pending
  204. Etat Civil declaration for Irish citizen
  205. EU citizen with contract for 36% NE canton
  206. Working with Attestation?
  207. Did I just get a 3rd L-permit?
  208. Baby Name Rules
  209. Going back after losing C permit
  210. Help delay in notifying OCP of change in address
  211. Alternative to Vereins?
  212. Swiss Civil Code - Property Held in Co-ownership
  213. Leaving Schengen, then entering new country on other passport?
  214. Help! A student with a terminated B Permit. Need to leave Switzerland!!!
  215. Naturalization for registered partners...
  216. What happened here? [Barbara Berlusconi has Swiss Citizenship]
  217. C-Permit for Non EU Citizen
  218. Residence permit needed for a visiting scientist (EU)?
  219. work permit L
  220. Moving communes when permit hasn't come through for 1st commune?
  221. Registration for B permit delays
  222. L-permit, NL-car and NL drivers-license
  223. Tricky registration choice after registered partnership?
  224. what comes first: founding the company, or gaining a residency permit?
  225. Non EU Work Permit Query
  226. Non-eu c permit
  227. L permit
  228. Marriage registration in CH ... Help
  229. First Permit for a Non-EU PhD student, Zürich
  230. Tricky Registration Question
  231. Bringing parents in need of care from another EU country
  232. Manual Pakistani Passport
  233. Swiss embassy in Vienna - anybody has experience with reunion visa?
  234. Registration form non-EU, 2 quick question
  235. Change jobs possible but with approval only
  236. Need clarity on registering and residents permits upon arrival
  237. EU17 Citizen with open ended contract = B permit?
  238. marriage and immigration to CH as an illegal alien from US
  239. Main permit and Dependent permit swap for Non EU
  240. Backlash against Americans in Switzerland
  241. Work Permit for non-EU : Local Ministry of immigration approved
  242. Family Reunification without a work permit
  243. keeping non-EU main permit while being spouse of Swiss citizen?
  244. Work permit for US-Citizens
  245. Non-EU spouse of EU Citizen with Residency
  246. Registered Partnership EUCitizen w/ Permit in GVA and Non EU with Permit in Italy
  247. Switzerland and self employment for EU resident
  248. should we pursue Swiss nationality for my British spouse …
  249. Residence permit for EU citizen
  250. 7week old baby with C permit travel to the UK?