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  1. Anti-ageing Basel style
  2. flat iron (buy in Zurich?)
  3. Do you want to eat healthier? Add some olive oil !
  4. Naming the baby
  5. meditation
  6. Baby Swim Lessons in Zurich?
  7. 4 yr old in Zurich
  8. [ZH] Universikum program 2010-2011 is available
  9. dental correction with invisible braces
  10. International Divorce Questions
  11. organizing a move on your own - what was your timeline like?
  12. The Tinnitus Support Thread
  13. anybody experience a pulmonary embolism/ chronic sinitus
  14. Asian Hairdresser
  15. anyone taking sibrovita/gelomyrthol
  16. English speaking female doctor in Reinach (BL)
  17. [help] friend has surgery in ZH, hi wife looking for simple place to stay/sleep
  18. HELP! advice on paying the Dr. bill
  19. important: Heatwave in CH
  20. Sports Clubs for children - is there no sport just for fun here.
  21. Problems napping since 4 weeks ago
  22. School Option in Zurich - Why not Billingual?
  23. Basel land versus Basel stadt kindergartens?
  24. My first Kindergarten experience...
  25. PHD Sponsor
  26. american to Switzerland
  27. Birthday party pirate stuff..
  28. Religion class in 1. Klasse [first grade]
  29. Playdates For Kids Meetups-Zurich
  30. is there demand for an english speaking physio?
  31. Daycares/Kinderkrippes and others, in Horgen
  32. Lausanne Daycare Feedback: les Petits Acrobats vs. Garderie de Lutry
  33. Dentist in Lausanne
  34. pre-divorce/separation legal advice
  35. Baby Detergent
  36. Nanny/babysitting agency needed
  37. Baden or Basel Public Schools - what to choose
  38. laser dermatology / fraxel laser in Zurich
  39. pregnant - genetic testing for CF/frag X/SMA
  40. When/how did you introduce the other half to your parents?
  41. Help! My Orthodontic Treatment Has Gone Very Wrong
  42. Birth Plans - and doctors vs midwifes
  43. Full day schooling/care for 5 year old in Zurich
  44. University of Lugano, MBA Programm
  45. Child care in Basel
  46. Distance learning MBA programs
  47. Diet Phobias
  48. I want to do it myself!
  49. Basel - physio needed for SPD (pregnancy related)
  50. 5-year-old's birthday party in Zurich: suggestions?
  51. new Born medical insurance
  52. Does anyone know much about a Kindesanerkennungen?
  53. Antibiotics?
  54. Dentist in valais
  55. Teutonia kinderwagon advice?
  56. anyone know the new contact info for the winterthur organizer of toddler playgroups
  57. Blood groups
  58. School for sporty 10 and 9 year old boys in Zurich
  59. over the counter medications help
  60. Dentist needed after 3 year old child's accident. [Thalwil ZH]
  61. Cannot find old post regarding affordable education
  62. need neurologist in Zurich
  63. Professional first-aid accessories?
  64. English speaking Fam Dr. In Basel
  65. Pregnant with first baby
  66. Manicure Nails with Gel in Basel (almost)
  67. Public Tantrum and Terrible 2
  68. Men: forget that iphone. Want status? Grab an infant!
  69. alimony affecting tax - advice needed
  70. giving birth in Bern
  71. baby carrier
  72. My Children Havent Seen My Family In 4Yrs,, Mother Says NO .......
  73. "Le Chat Botte", a private daycare in Geneva - heard of them ?
  74. My toddler turned possessive overnight...
  75. mosquito FOOT
  76. Where should I go to declare that I got married?
  77. Warning: Nuvaring birthcontrol expiry date
  78. advice for medicines
  79. [Thread split] Possible link between Yasmin and lung embolism
  80. English-language antenatal classes in Ticino
  81. Pregnancy medicines from 1st to last month
  82. ICSI/IVF treatment in Switzerland
  83. How to keep kids bilingual in Zurich
  84. Local school for my 12 year old son
  85. Beauty,waxing, hair dressers recommendations...
  86. Any english speaking wedding planner?
  87. Deleted
  88. Giving birth in Basel:Merian Iseln or Bethesda Hospital
  89. Daddy days or Daddies dazed?
  90. When do primary schools finish for summer in Vaud?
  91. Swiss birth certificate - mother's name
  92. Dentist payment methods
  93. Pregnant in Basel - paperwork after childbirth
  94. Pediatricians Geneva
  95. Advice needed on changing doctor
  96. Swiss private schools for young teenager?
  97. Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony
  98. how to dress a newborn in summer??
  99. Any English-Speaking doctor in geneva for Preganant examination?
  100. Plantar Fasciitis. It's a right pain in the.... foot.
  101. school term times
  102. Bilingual childcare/preschool in Zürich
  103. Speech Therapist for child in English
  104. Need explanation about the summer school holidays..
  105. kindergarten open day
  106. Local Schooling for 11,8,8 years old in Basel
  107. Deceived by a Zurich dentist !
  108. Am I the only non parent here by CHOICE?
  109. ENG speaking (psycho)therapist in Zurich
  110. Hi, please need legal advice on family matter
  111. english speaking physiotherapist needed on gold coast
  112. Haven't got a clue parents...
  113. English-Speaking doctor in Lausanne for Preganant woman?
  114. Kids from International School to local - (Grade1)
  115. No Maternity leave?
  116. Any mums with small children in Opfikon
  117. public vs private schools for non-French speakers in Vaud
  118. Is UK consular birth registration necessary?
  119. OTC medicines by post
  120. Detecting cancer early - potential dynamite!
  121. June/July Winterthur Toddler Meetup - Interest anyone?
  122. Creche in Biel
  123. Bilingual preschool (English/German) Hoengg
  124. my son (3 1/2 years old) doesn't want to learn german
  125. How to deal with your Mum...
  126. Photorejuvenation
  127. 3 weeks summer vacation for kids - what should working parents do?
  128. How to make perfume with my 5 year old daughter?
  129. Family Lawyer Needed Basel
  130. English medium schools in Basel for Primary 2 class
  131. Looking for a Homepathic doctor in Zurcher Oberland
  132. Sports Medicin
  133. Eyes check-up
  134. Getting married in Switzerland
  135. Need Doctor for Vitiligo / White Spots Treatment in Zurich
  136. Huge bump on forehead, advice please
  137. zurich public school program for non-german speaking primary students
  138. Sun Safety
  139. Dental Hygiene for kids?
  140. Face-painter/Balloon-sculpter/Child Entertainment Basel
  141. Best International school around Wollisofen - Zurich
  142. Need info on relocating w/high school aged child.
  143. Zurich mums?
  144. Living together after breaking up
  145. Playgroups in Zurich around the Zoo area
  146. Swiss legal definition - dependant child.
  147. British Curriculum Schools
  148. Thalwill/Horgen/Zurich Orthodontist
  149. International School Solothurn
  150. Info on ENSR and Champittet Nyon and Pully
  151. What academic year will my daughter enter public school?
  152. any kids or friend's kids in ISZN?
  153. Stem Cells...!
  154. Dance-movement class for mothers with kids
  155. Church Wedding Possible?
  156. Death of spouse - rights/benefits?
  157. Does anybody have an opinion of "Collège Champittet" ?
  158. Crutches needed [Zürich]
  159. Open Day at Bilingual Childrens Nursery
  160. Baby Food Diet
  161. Gynaecologist in Bern?
  162. His'n'hers foot care - where to go?
  163. Which documents for birth certificate for UK baby born in Bern?
  164. Chocolate Milk "Diet"
  165. "The strange science of female pleasure"
  166. Nose, ear, throat doctor in Zurich
  167. Wife control in the 21st century...
  168. Being bad at relationships is good for survival
  169. Waiting period from taking new job and announcing pregnancy
  170. skiing
  171. For all the parents out there...
  172. Looking for chiropractor that can do acupuncture
  173. Beeswax sheet for baby's cough?
  174. Rueckbildung - post pregnancy fitness
  175. International schools for young children in Uetliberg
  176. making an appointment with a specialist
  177. Daycare - I need your help
  178. Physio/Ortho/???? Lausanne
  179. allergy or sinus or what ?? end of my tether
  180. Potty Training tips?
  181. School in Villars-sur-Ollon - advice or experience there?
  182. Herbal Cleanse Recommendation?
  183. foreign language classes in zurich public schools
  184. Something borrowed, something blue?
  185. English Speaking Doc in Thalwil/Horgen
  186. Wedding Planners
  187. english speaking orthodontics in Lausanne
  188. Survey about Childcare
  189. Anyone has used EU Medical Benefits Card to pay for hospital bills in Switzerland?
  190. School Doctor Check up??
  191. children's size 20 rain boots-where to find?
  192. Prescriptions
  193. activities for 4 and 5 year old Zürich
  194. Star Wars birthday party "stuff"
  195. facials/nails/waxing suggestions in Basel area??
  196. Need a good doctor for adhd
  197. Pregymnasium Test
  198. What do you wax?
  199. Emergency Pharmacy Weil am Rhein; Binzen, Efringen, Inzlingen, Lörrach und Steinen
  200. International Adoptions: where to begin?
  201. Registering a birth when parents are non Swiss nationals and unmarried
  202. St. Gallen University Master in Banking and Finance study and work prospects
  203. Looking for English speaking dentist in Zurich with reasonable charge
  204. How to deal with children as working parents?
  205. Do you think CH is child friendly?
  206. University Dentist
  207. Wheelchair needed
  208. Survival tips for mom of TWO teenagers?
  209. Do you think about your death?
  210. neurologist recommendation ?
  211. Study: Men apologizing improve women's health
  212. Packing Clothing for kids to Switzerland for a year
  213. Where to buy colloidal silver in Zurich?
  214. Maternity pay / leave
  215. Parents Consent for School Field Trips?
  216. Breast Cancer-Reconstruction using GAP procedure
  217. english speaking school/preschool in Zurich
  218. shaving the hair of New born Baby Zurich
  219. Restless legs? Try sex!
  220. a course in using computers teaching in the class rooms
  221. Our first hospital drama
  222. British Parents - Baby Citizenship Issues
  223. Mothering Matters journal current issue on science
  224. in need of cardiologist recommendations.
  225. Anyone recommend a teeth whitening specialist or product?
  226. Taking wedding photos in Switzerland
  227. Question about mesotherapy vs fractional laser
  228. Swiss Stem Cell Bank
  229. English Reading Scheme Books Lending Library
  230. Legal Advice Highly Requiered in Family LAW
  231. Sneaky Sheep Ticks are back!!
  232. 400 pre-payment for Dentist?
  233. Schools in Chatel-St-Denis (Fr)
  234. Baby Shower and Customs Duty for Gifts
  235. English Child Care in Basel
  236. Info on a hospital bill
  237. Please HELP ACL specialist and hospital
  238. Child care near Rapperswil?
  239. Reaching out / meeting more people in St Gallen area
  240. Urgently seeking English speaking dentist in Bern!!
  241. Basel schooling - recommendations?
  242. health insurannce: i dunno what i have to pay...
  243. Summer day camp for kids - pls help
  244. Ladies pls recommed an obs/gyn. in Basel
  245. marriage/birth registry
  246. Sport Clinic Zurich - Any experience?
  247. Swiss International School, Zurich
  248. Children are Pagans
  249. Use pacifier or not for baby?
  250. child support for college age children