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  1. IB versus IGCSE
  2. anyone hear of "Evil Clown" Dominic Deville? / birthday surprise for kids?
  3. Keeping a junior new arrival busy
  4. Searching for surgeon in Zürich to fix my nose (deviated septum)
  5. Pregnant
  6. Prenuptial Agreement
  7. Kita/Kindergarten Recommendation in Bern area
  8. Executor for a British will, resident in Switzerland: Possible?
  9. Becoming a single mum in Switzerland
  10. I don't get this house husband thing...
  11. Church recommendation [Zurich, nondenominational]
  12. Recommedation Needed - Gyn. doctor in Klinik Hirslanden - Zürich
  13. Alcoholism treatment and help
  14. Express yourself on your child education
  15. Looking for English speaking psychologist
  16. The YWAM in Lausanne / Family crisis
  17. Disrupted nights in 18 months old - nightmares/fears? Need suggestions...
  18. Grow Your Own Drugs - A program on BBC 2
  19. Medicial Advise for new arrivals (pre insurance)
  20. Divorce advice needed
  21. Babysitter Club?
  22. university (master) timetable question
  23. Looking for a doctor in Winterthur
  24. Is it just my son or do all 4 y/olds not listen?
  25. Sauna vs Hamman
  26. Seeking advice on children car-seats & baby stroller
  27. baby shopping in french speaking switzerland
  28. Feeling "trapped" far away from family.
  29. Kindergardens & Primary Schools in Thalwil
  30. weight watchers
  31. Worrying feedback from Kindergarten teacher
  32. [seeking] info [about playgroups in Opfikon ZH]
  33. Schools - which canton has the best system?
  34. Kids summer camp in Chur/Tamins this August
  35. summer school for 13 yrs old
  36. Doctor Visit in Bern
  37. Looking for a Hindu / Tamil Indian priest
  38. Divorce question - ex wife demanding 6,000 CHF per month!
  39. Reflexology in pregnancy
  40. teething
  41. Mothers, mums, moms in Neuchatel
  42. What is happiness?
  43. Wondering about Birth Control?
  44. Little Princess
  45. Happiness project
  46. Nightmare after playgroup?
  47. Studying computer networks in English in Switzerland?
  48. fractured ribs - anyone?
  49. English speaking gp's in Zurich
  50. Learning by doing, for an 18 year old...
  51. Dentist needed
  52. Pregnant in Aargau???
  53. Samaritans in Switzerland?
  54. Schools in Vevey
  55. Need help in finding a hip specialist
  56. Preggie Girls
  57. experiences or recommendations of Swiss public schools in Vaud
  58. Acting on info from EF members(thank goodness I did)
  59. Giving birth in Lausanne this July...Heeeelp!
  60. single mum needs childcare advice, zurich
  61. Changing to married name
  62. how do you compare year 1 in the British system & 1st class of primary in Switzerland
  63. Calories are calories?
  64. Where can I get connective tissue massage?
  65. Any Spanish speaking moms in Zug?
  66. seeking a psychic
  67. Summer Camp/Groups for 4 Year Old
  68. New Walk-In Medical Clinic in Lausanne
  69. Help needed to find a french public primary school
  70. stages [of grief]
  71. Treatment for birth mark
  72. Help please...looking for English speaking therapist in France
  73. English-(or scandinavian-) speaking mum in Bonstetten/Wettswil (ZH)???
  74. Kindergarten in Basel-Land
  75. baby formula sold in switzerland
  76. Getting married - advice sought for wedding on the Hof-landschi in Küssnacht
  77. School Registration in Nyon
  78. Nyon to Geneve
  79. Seeking advice regarding ADHD medications
  80. Baby Constipation Advice
  81. Champittet "challenge camp" Summer School
  82. Mom and Baby Groups near Bulach?
  83. Cheapest place to live in Switzerland
  84. Group vs. individual in the swiss primary school system
  85. Children with Special Needs - Schooling in Basel
  86. Jet English School Meilen / Preschool Mouse Club
  87. How to find a gyn/ob with basic insurance
  88. Pill not covered by health insurance?
  89. Taking child out of the country
  90. kinder coiffeur/children salon in zug?
  91. Education Department
  92. Last name for baby
  93. Recent events in Swiss school
  94. Paediatrician in Basel - any recommendations?
  95. Boarding School Group
  96. Express yourself on your child education
  97. *8 year old daughter HOMESICK for her FRIENDS--HELP!!
  98. Had an MRI yesterday; damn those machines are small
  99. Mother and Toddler group
  100. Any English speaking Mums in Orbe?
  101. admission in local schools
  102. Private Schools Lausanne
  103. Where to buy a wrist support in Zurich?
  104. Basel - German lessons with childcare
  105. Childcare options in Lausanne
  106. Getting pregnant with PCOS
  107. Chinese medicine in Switzerland
  108. Baby stores in Zürich/Luzern
  109. divorce lawyer basel needed
  110. International Schools - Geneva
  111. The Middle Class Two Income Trap
  112. dermatologist specialized in psoriasis in BASEL?
  113. Multi-national weddings
  114. Raising your children from everyone and everything you love and grew up with
  115. Dr. Spiller Slimming Gel for Post Pregnancy tummies
  116. How does the social assistance of health costs work?
  117. ENT Specialist in Nyon area
  118. Local schools near Lausanne
  119. Bilingual schools within commute to Lucerne
  120. Son accidentally damages another child's jacket - liability?
  121. A little shocked today by some kids in Zurich
  122. Please, La Tour Hopital number for Pediatrics?
  123. daycare in Geneva
  124. Zewi & Bébé Jou fabric outlet sale
  125. Advice on how much to pay for overnite care
  126. Bachelor of Education (Canada)
  127. New simplified divorce procedure
  128. How to do parenting, when you are a single parent ?
  129. Reasons to visit independent Dental Hygienist
  130. HELP, I look hideous! (swollen eyelid)
  131. Are you a diabetic? [Health Insurance Suggestions]
  132. English speaking theatre school in Basel or Germany
  133. Why do people cheat?
  134. Domestic violence
  135. SOS :(, how could I deal with 2 little kids alone for 8 days?
  136. Birthing courses and maternity hospitals in Bern
  137. Getting along with Mother-in-law
  138. Combination Car Seat - Not Allowed in CH?
  139. Dental Insurance for Children in CH
  140. I am scared of flying
  141. Kids are being called 'Auslander' in Swiss School
  142. English speaking Antenatal Classes in Schaffhausen
  143. 1 or 2 children... what to do?
  144. Pillow advice for a baby's bed?
  145. Local V's Private school
  146. Prostate Cancer Awareness
  147. Has anyone hired babysitters from EF?
  148. English playgroups in Oerlikon?
  149. Going to the dentist :(
  150. Gastroenterologists in Geneva
  151. Meeting mother-children english speaking BIEL/ BERN
  152. Where to sit A-level exams in Switzerland as a private candidate?
  153. Midwife in Baden area; English speaking?
  154. Children's cigarette-style chewing gum on sale!
  155. Internet Addiction
  156. Wife seems really down
  157. Physiotherapist in Bern needed
  158. Schools in Chailly
  159. So much for integration in local schools
  160. Do you love your kids the same way?
  161. Morges Nurseries!!!!!!!
  162. Au pair/chilminder Basel (kaiseraugst)
  163. Lasik surgery in Bern
  164. Play in English with our kid (Zug)
  165. Childminder/Au Pair in Kaiseragust
  166. State schools and english only speaking children
  167. daughter in the US, me here.
  168. Family and career, good for the kids?
  169. Montessori Micki's school or CEM or Champittet or...???
  170. Dentist close to Swiss border
  171. Is there such a thing as family allowance/child support here?
  172. KIDS-when is it ok for them to know 'grown up' things?
  173. Need information about a particular blood test
  174. School language in state schools
  175. Local school in Chardonne - reputation?
  176. Master studies in English in Switzerland
  177. Non EU married to an EU in Zürich, What happens after Divorce?
  178. what is marriage? and when one can consider it failed?
  179. New in Schaffhausen, looking for friends and play groups for a 3 years old boy :)
  180. Are SMS valid and legal as evidencies during a court?
  181. Saint Louis mums and toddlers group
  182. daycare in Geneva
  183. Baby Classes / Groups in Zurich
  184. Medical advice sought on an aduki bean stuck in an ear.
  185. Playgroups In Interlaken??
  186. what would you give up for a new life
  187. Where can I buy John Frieda hair products?
  188. Child behaviour and discipline. How do you do it?
  189. How to dissolve a civil partnership?
  190. Easy handmade gifts for kids
  191. Double surname issue [for baby, unmarried couple]
  192. Seeking advice from those of you with Ph.D.s or working on a Ph.D.
  193. walk-in clinics Geneva
  194. Anyone looking for a baby playgroup in Bern?
  195. English speaking Oncologist
  196. Public school holidays - Bern
  197. English International school
  198. Opthalmic optician/broken glasses
  199. Intl schools near Zug
  200. French Bac vs IB
  201. Obesity in Switzerland not really declining
  202. Diet Pills do they really work?
  203. Since yesterday I've been feeling depressed
  204. GP in Annemasse
  205. Brig moms coffie and play ( playgroups)
  206. Au Pair or Nanny or... what to do with 3 year old in Winterthur
  207. Pepper Spray
  208. Indian High Schools in Switzerland
  209. How to regiter with /find a familiy doc?
  210. Baby Advice - Diaper disposal
  211. Re-locating a teenager - what is the most important thing to remember
  212. Moving to Basel- english speaking nursery/playgroup?
  213. Vacancies in a kinder krippe in Zurich
  214. MYP in the IB schools
  215. zurich mums coffee and play
  216. Gmail - Buzz and Children [Warning]
  217. Seasonal flu vaccine
  218. Norovirus - A viral detox
  219. Any feedback on MSM Camps?
  220. Tipping for Beauty Treatments
  221. Bern vs Zurich
  222. Orthodentist in Geneva?
  223. Traditional remedies for cold and sore throat
  224. New mum in town - looking for friends (Geneva to Vevey)
  225. Blocked sinus medication?
  226. Bilingual schools... But which one?!
  227. Help! I need advice on how to stop static electricity in my hair!
  228. Aspirin cuts death risk after breast cancer
  229. Great Dentist in Basel
  230. English speaking physio in Schaffhausen
  231. English school vs German school for 11year old
  232. Home schooling in Morges/Nyon/Lausanne
  233. Pre-schools/playgroups in Lausanne
  234. Gastric Flu
  235. massage school in Zurich?
  236. Ballet/Dance lessons -north of lake!
  237. Gastroenterologist in Zurich
  238. Pre-menstrual syndrome
  239. Kinderspital, Zurich - by public transport ?
  240. Air travel with toddler-tips?
  241. Amazing Clay
  242. Martian Death Flu
  243. malpractice lawyer [where to find one in vevey]
  244. Toddler's bed choices
  245. Any English speaking / Intnl schools in Sierre (Valais)
  246. Thank You EF
  247. GP charges- confused
  248. Do you monitor the music your kids listen to?
  249. Where to get heating patches for muscle pain?
  250. Don't forget your Rega coverage!