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  1. Bronchitis - When to see a doctor and/or take antibiotics?
  2. Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy ( High TSH - 8.27 )
  3. A cure for depression in women.
  4. Adult ADD/ADHD Specialist in Basel?
  5. schools - switching cantons
  6. Getting married - honeymoon/passport question
  7. Teething!!!
  8. Hair Transplant Clinic in Zurich
  9. Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry
  10. NHS Dentists UK is it available to Swiss resident British Nationals?
  11. Going deaf in one ear - Hearing Centre or Doctor first?
  12. nannys and caregivers for elderly for low pay
  13. babysitter in Wettingen
  14. Most Efficient Health Care Countries - Bloomberg
  15. OBGYN for high-risk pregnancy in Basel?
  16. Has anyone both a vtech or leapfrog ipad-like device for their young children
  17. homeopathic pediatrician
  18. External version at Triemli Hospital-Urgent
  19. Working Parents: when your baby starts with the " Day Care"
  20. 330 francs for 2 cavities?
  21. Gay couple & adopted kids moving to Basel
  22. Cloth Diapers/nappies
  23. potato sacks or similar?
  24. Birth Control Prescription Question
  25. Incorrect invoices by a doctor
  26. 'Breast Is Best'
  27. Gynecologist at public hospital Lausanne/Vevey
  28. Any advice / thoughts on using a humidifier for dry eyes?
  29. Healthcare Providers in Oerlikon (GP Model)
  30. child care University Hospital Zurich?
  31. Gynecologist & fertility expert
  32. Divorce inquiry (procedures and costs)
  33. Elbow Injury - Suggestions?
  34. maman du jour network
  35. Fight class test anxiety: what to do?
  36. salary needed for a family of 5 in Basel
  37. UK Pension sharing order - enforced in CH?
  38. Giggle house is opening in Zurich 8004
  39. Anthroposophic Doctor in Zug?
  40. Cloth diapers
  41. Special massage therapists in Zürich and Glarus
  42. Diet pills
  43. I need an OB/GYN in Geneva, I just found out I'm pregant!
  44. Recommended house cleaner Tidy-n-Clean
  45. English Family Doctor in Basel
  46. Baby shops in Milan
  47. Divorce and leaving CH
  48. Zovirax equivalent?
  49. Recommendation for an english speaking allergist in Basel
  50. Doctoŕs office opening times
  51. Family Fair in Lugano Sunday 10th November
  52. Toddler Activities in Luzern?
  53. Divorce (Total agreement between both sides)
  54. laser hair removal in geneva or in nearby france
  55. Lady gynaecologist in Zurich city
  56. Lasik / lasek / prk
  57. Sons age 6 & 3 Best & Reasonable English Schools, advice?
  58. Hirslanden Im Park
  59. Indoor playroom in Horgen
  60. Optometrist near Lausanne or Morges
  61. Teething Mittens?!
  62. Any experience with Assisted Living?
  63. logopedist
  64. Emergency medical care in Lausanne for an uninsured visitor?
  65. Domestic Issues and Domestic Violence
  66. How much is a flu jab?
  67. Family photographer needed
  68. dermatology and allergology
  69. Spielgruppe - Recommendations in/near Aesch
  70. Self defense classes for children being bullied?
  71. New Uster playgroup from pregnancy to 4 years
  72. Planning to propose?
  73. Snow suit, with 2000 Water resistance
  74. Urgent - Paediatrician needed near Aesch
  75. English Speaking Doctor in Fribourg.
  76. Paternity leave
  77. Registering a Death
  78. Vitamines & food supplements cocktail for the winter
  79. English speaking midwife in Uster?
  80. Fear of leaving child with childminder
  81. Where can I find All Organic Hair products?
  82. Legal advice for French father when mother moved to Switzerland
  83. Psychologist and life coach in Bern
  84. baby diarrhea for more than 9 days
  85. Bedtime for (children´s) sleep-overs?
  86. Need advice for child kidnapping...
  87. Spital Zollikerberg
  88. International schools give up the fight
  89. Increase of premiums after diagnosis
  90. Tim Carr Photo - natural-looking photos of weddings, couples and families
  91. Divorce Calculation Help ?
  92. Guarantee minimum income
  93. Thyroid Blood tests from GP?
  94. Photo session in Geneva area
  95. Overeaters Anonymous - English meetings?
  96. English Speaking Midwife
  97. Pregnant with twins
  98. Switzerland is not such a rip off after all!
  99. Experience giving birth in Lausanne
  100. Cleaning lady
  101. Medical care for new-born: how does it work?
  102. Hallux Operation
  103. English Speaking Pre/Antenatal Course in Kanton Zurich
  104. Help finding an english speaking GP in Rheinfelden/Basel
  105. Drawing classes in and around oerlikon
  106. Register to be a blood stem cell donor - by post
  107. can I change my name later (marriage)?
  108. Swiss German for beginners
  109. Indoor children playgrounds in Nyon area
  110. Blood pressure monitor
  111. Help and advice needed to find a good Doctor M.D in Zurich
  112. Medical Emergency experience
  113. Treatment outside canton of residence on basic insurance
  114. Do family doctors do INR tests
  115. Bugaboo/Baby Stroller
  116. Doctor recommendations in France
  117. Child support/Alimony
  118. Baby massage in Morges/Nyon/Lausanne area?
  119. Paperwork needed when hiring a child minder
  120. gynaecological test for teens?
  121. Extra curricular activities for 5 year old
  122. Swiss penis enlargements on the rise!
  123. When living in Baar (ZG), which/where is the corresponding Gymnasium?
  124. Sea bands for sickness?
  125. Where to get a medical check-up in Zurich/Luzern?
  126. English speaking pediatrician in Lausanne
  127. Breast Pump covered by Health insurance?
  128. Teacher says my daughter is disruptive in class
  129. Cleaning Service
  130. Baby Accessories Store In Kostanz
  131. My baby bites the bed...
  132. Pregnancy sickness itinerol b6?
  133. Anyone suffered or suffering with PTSD
  134. How does repeat prescription work?
  135. Flu shots?
  136. Parents without german knowledge
  137. Ultherapy
  138. divorce advise
  139. Babysitter/babysitting swap ZUG
  140. Need translator for Elterninformationsabend
  141. Denta insurance for children?
  142. Help! My son is reluctant to learn/speak German
  143. Looking for a nanny/babysitter in Nyon area
  144. Getting Married In Switzerland - As British Citizens
  145. What is the penalty for registering a birth after the 3 day legal limit in Zurich?
  146. Tandem Push Chairs
  147. American Hair Stylist wants to learn German
  148. Needed an English speaking couples counselor in Geneva
  149. Looking for family
  150. Gyn Advice Basel
  151. Upper cervical or sports chiropractor in Zurich?
  152. English speaking DR. in Zurich
  153. Advantage of birth in Swiss
  154. Urgent message for merseygirl!
  155. Has anyone given birth at Delphys Birthing Center in Zurich?
  156. Anyone suffered from Urticaria before Pls?
  157. Wädenswil GP recommendation
  158. What will you die from?
  159. Kinder Geld/kinder Bezahlung
  160. Recovering from migraines and time off work?
  161. English version of survivors' pension for widows application form
  162. Claustrophobia
  163. "Kinderflohmarkt" - how is it done?
  164. Swissmedic Illegal drug import fine?
  165. Husband bullying and kicking out wife with 4 kids
  166. Stranger Danger
  167. Recent experience with Ortho-K lenses?
  168. Anyone recovered from depression?
  169. Info required on Flat
  170. Talking about money....to kids...
  171. babysitter/mother's helper recommended, zurich, english speaking
  172. Sinus infection
  173. Lawyer studio for prenuptial contract?
  174. Kinderkrippe process
  175. American family in Oberrieden seeks part-time, live-out nanny/au pair
  176. Physiotherapist in Baden area
  177. Looking for a Midwife Recommendation in Zurich
  178. Autumn InterSoccer Football Courses for children!
  179. Inselspital - examined only by assistants
  180. Pregnancy related question- ER visit then 1st check up at gynaecologist...
  181. Baby clothes - where to buy near Basel?
  182. So hard to get the child benefit sorted!
  183. Cyclogyl (eyes still dilated after 3 days)
  184. Gynecological Exams in Switzerland: What to expect
  185. Anyone interested in setting up and joining post anti-depressant group ?.
  186. Pregnant for the first time.. what to do next?
  187. Any dentists on here? Need advice!
  188. Looking for a English speaking lawyer specializing in family and inheritance law
  189. Krippe in 8002 - Zurich
  190. Do NOT go to Permanence Médico-Chirurgicale de Chantepoulet in Geneva
  191. Qualified Greek nanny available from October 1st
  192. Vaccinations for 12 yr old
  193. Orthodontist in Divonne + Ferney Area
  194. French frontalier insurance
  195. Oxygen bottle for elder visitor
  196. Paediatric Specialist in Basel
  197. Swiss facebook groups to sell kids stuff?
  198. Good pediatrician in Baden
  199. Looking for an experienced Nanny in Zurich
  200. After school activities for 6 year old
  201. New bumps and baby group in Uster
  202. Chiropractor in Central Schweiz
  203. LegalSerious help regarding seperation and pension rights
  204. Not sleeping at Hort
  205. Bone density scanning
  206. Party games
  207. Legal help for an unfair will
  208. Chef Party for Children!
  209. Basel - belly button piercing salons recommendations?
  210. Xenical without prescription??
  211. PCOS(Gyne.) specialist in Zurich
  212. Blood test results confidentiality?
  213. Allergist in Zurich
  214. Ways to meet English teenagers in Basel
  215. Shipping over the counter pharmaceuticals from the UK
  216. English speaking mothers in Lugano
  217. English-speaking Gynecologist in Kanton Schwyz?
  218. Marriage councelling zurich area
  219. divorce procedure... court date determined
  220. Toilet training 4 y.o.
  221. English speaking familys in basel
  222. Birth Allowance / Child Allowance
  223. First aid on children-zurich
  224. Rape Crisis Centre Basel
  225. Moving a family member with terminal cancer to Switzerland
  226. Zurich - Looking for a Shiatsu therapist recommendation
  227. Needs a physician
  228. Advice needed for Insomniac!
  229. Documents to register second baby
  230. 16 weeks pregnant and moving to Mendrisio, any advice? x
  231. Children's classes eg ballet??
  232. High Glucose & Ketones in urine!
  233. Car child seat to rent
  234. Mutual divorce Zurich, no kids etc... how to go about it?
  235. orthodontia in Zürich?
  236. Dentist recommendation - Germany
  237. Gynecologist in Zurich
  238. Claiming tax back on childcare and schooling
  239. I got Fed up with my Family Speaking with Food in there Mouth And swearing
  240. Osteopaths Bern area
  241. Looking for Garfield Party Supplies
  242. Wedding Speech
  243. Swimming lessons- Basel
  244. looking for gymnsatic classes for 6 years in the area of horgen, wadenswil
  245. Any safe part of the Rhine for a toddler?
  246. Anyone else here wear an NTI mouth guard for grinding teeth?
  247. Heart Burn!
  248. Temporary Health Insurance
  249. Trying to find Schuler & Luond relatives in Alpthal Switzerland
  250. having sex with age 16