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  1. Need a House Artzt in St Gallen
  2. Complicating things: Chinese and French!
  3. Affidavit for Legal Separation
  4. Marriage in India for Swiss Citizen
  5. Good cardiologist in Geneva
  6. Wanted Doula [Vaud area]
  7. Life coach in neuchatel
  8. Craniosynostosis
  9. Pediatric Dentist Basel
  10. Reviews of Zahnarztzentrum in Zurich
  11. Pediatrician and vaccination in Zurich
  12. Toothbrush heads needed - anyone know where they can be found for cheap(er)?
  13. Advice needed: How to become a trailing spouse?
  14. Baby-crib mattress decision
  15. Any English speaking families in Luzern?
  16. Echo112 - pocket lifesaver app for smartphones
  17. Pre-baby things
  18. First doctor appointment
  19. Where to find a nanny?
  20. anyone on this thread suffer from Constipation problems
  21. My doctor really hurt me??
  22. maternity clinic/ day care zurich
  23. Legal and Advocacy help for my Friend in Lucerne/Zurich
  24. any experience with dentists in Weil am Rhein ?
  25. Yoga classes for mum and daughter [Aargau-Zurich areas]
  26. laser treatment for blood vessels
  27. How to potty train 3 yrs old
  28. paediatrician needed [Solothurn]
  29. Mental help/Support Groups around Zurich?
  30. Brevet Plus Pool needed to rent a place in Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen
  31. Recommendation of psychologist / therapist in the Geneva / Vaud region
  32. In-law tips: First grandchild
  33. Oncologist Needed
  34. Strange system [document requirements]
  35. Debts When Legally Separated
  36. Prenatal Yoga in ZRH - any mums to be out there?
  37. - Wife and baby coming to live with me in Switzerland
  38. Hospital for baby birth- Limmattal Schlieren vs. Triemli zurich
  39. Kindergarten - What to expect?
  40. High risk pregnancy and early maternity leave
  41. Kids birthday with Intersoccer, any experience?
  42. Mother having different surname from children - consequences?
  43. Urologist for Vasectomy
  44. A good family doctor in Bern?
  45. renting a wheel chair in ZRH or nearby cities
  46. Car seats for grand children's Christmas visit
  47. Ladies...please [fem medical question]
  48. ear pain - looking for a doctor
  49. Pediatric ophthalmologist in ZH/AG
  50. Photographer for a family photo session needed
  51. looking for a generaliste
  52. Baby Bed Mattress
  53. Any stepmother around? I am kind of down
  54. pregnancy support
  55. English reading hour for children at Bremgarten Library
  56. Naturopath/ Heilpraktiker Wanted
  57. Careful with health insurance agencies
  58. Anti-scald devices to control hot water
  59. Looking for a nanny - geneva
  60. Use of microwave units (over 2 yr.old) at home
  61. Any psychologist speaking Spanish around Zurich?
  62. Dentist in Meilen/Küsnacht etc.
  63. Best Activity Trackers
  64. Husband's Swiss family making me bonkers!
  65. Pregnant [looking for English-speaking doctor near Lachen]
  66. Incredibly sore throat
  67. Ob/gyn in Lausanne / Geneva
  68. Breast pump need URGENT!!!
  69. Hallucinative Spider Bites Switzerland?
  70. Night Nannies
  71. Unplanned pregnancy...
  72. Wedding ceremony location
  73. Indoor Activities for Kids---Luzern
  74. Baby sitter
  75. 'Lactose Free and Loving It' informational blog
  76. Music for toddlers
  77. Moms in Wollerau / Bäch SZ
  78. Public School in Bäch SZ
  79. Any experience with Kamra implants?
  80. Scar reduction cream
  81. Is it possible to know if someone has the clinical doctor qualification?
  82. wedding in interlaken/Grindelwald [looking for officiant]
  83. Looking for moles radiosurgery
  84. Move to another city, should I re-apply & wait for a 'creche' for my son?
  85. Good doctor and pediatrician
  86. Pregnant mum in Lausanne looking to meet others
  87. Baby Swim Lessons in Lausanne
  88. Nursery in Baar/Zug
  89. Separation/Divorce [debts/assets division]
  90. First time mom...diaper help
  91. Any experiences with Schnappi kinderkrippe in ZH Oerlikon?
  92. Advice Needed: Husband working abroad
  93. Dentist in the smaller Gemeinde around Basel
  94. Fertility information and experiences in Basel
  95. follow-up for premature baby
  96. English speaking Orthodontists in Lausanne
  97. Recent Ebola outbreak
  98. High risk pregnancy - health insurance
  99. Kids for play in English (3yr old) - Fribourg
  100. Our kids "friends"
  101. Heimatrecht - wills
  102. English textbooks for 8 yo
  103. Travelling with a minor (relative), what documents?
  104. Travel sickness tablets for children
  105. choosing a foot surgeon
  106. Holiday with verbal but not written permission from ex
  107. Need advice related to Kinderkrippe [early years child care/nursery]
  108. Mum and Baby groups near kilchberg
  109. Making a english will while living in Switzerland
  110. First pregnancy - need advise regarding Swiss medical care!!!
  111. Non EU mom married to alcoholic Swiss
  112. How early did you apply for daycare?
  113. Hearing aid for middle-aged me
  114. How do I go about getting a doctor and using my insurance?
  115. Love is dangerous - student rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany
  116. Focus Laser (Focus Zone) in Zurich
  117. where can i buy swiss natural hrt for women?
  118. Breast milk donation in Zurich
  119. help me to find the herbal shop in basel
  120. What to do: my Swiss Husband got a lover on the 4th year
  121. looking for a good international divorce lawyer
  122. Child Care during School Holidays
  123. It's not about the nail - relationship advice for men
  124. Serious Situation: Help! Postpartum Depression (After birth)
  125. what is my rights as foreigner father in Switzerland ?
  126. Is there a multiple birth/twin club in st gallen/thurgau/zurich? Or Switzerland?
  127. getting married
  128. sorry for another schooling Q but I'm confused
  129. description of how to get US baby passport and B permit Basel
  130. Childcare in exchange for room and board this summer
  131. Separation / Divorce Advice!!!
  132. Frauenklinik [Zürich]
  133. Gynaecologist in Gland, Nyon or Geneva
  134. Children's vaccinations, please advise
  135. Pediatrician [English-speaking, ZH]
  136. quit smoking
  137. Child Care in Oberwil and surroundings
  138. pregnancy blood test price
  139. EXIT would you consider being a member?
  140. Alimony , Pension Casa & Divorce
  141. Recommendations on winter gum boots?
  142. Great Playground Rothenburg (near Luzern/Zug)
  143. Pregnant with twins - 3rd floor apartment no lift
  144. Soon will start with divorce what i do?
  145. Recommended scooter for a 5 year old ?
  146. Hormone replacement therapy in Switzerland
  147. Good (english speaking) Osteopath in Geneva area?
  148. zurich english speaking dentist
  149. Anyone Using Prostasan For Enlarged Prostate Gland
  150. Optometrist in Bern
  151. Dentist in Baden
  152. Parental rights relating to access/visitation
  153. need Holiday care for 8 year old
  154. Dentist near Schlieren/Urdorf/Altstetten
  155. English Speaking Eye Doctor in Basel
  156. Getting health care assurance while already sick
  157. Pediatrician In BAden/Wettingen/ Zurich
  158. Suffering from PND / PDD
  159. Place to buy these for kids (Camping beds)
  160. A legal question on inheritance claim...
  161. Tums
  162. Prenatal exercise
  163. Which hospital for giving birth??
  164. 3 sun creams fail SPF testing by "Which" UK consumer magazine
  165. Joint Custody
  166. Odd question from a female pharmacist
  167. Health Departement/ lead poisoning?
  168. Osteopath [recommendations near Sihlcity]?
  169. Friend for 11 year old boy
  170. Kitas in Bern
  171. place for a baby at Obersee Bilingual School available now
  172. place for a baby in Pfaffikon Obersee Billingual Childcare
  173. Toddler parenting tips
  174. Hair specialist in Swiss German area
  175. Wedding & wish list homepage service in English or French?
  176. Baby stuff is confusing..
  177. Dialysis clinics or hopitals in vevey, lausanne, montreux area
  178. Apparatus to stop snoring
  179. dentist recommendation [ZH/Konstanz areas]
  180. solution for those that don't like dentist drills
  181. Huggies Diapers?
  182. Missing Teeth? Patients needed at Uni
  183. Looking for an English-speaking doctor in Lausanne?
  184. looking for a doctor for suspected IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) ZH - ZG
  185. Free skin cancer examinations May 12th to 16th
  186. Childcare sharing
  187. Who to see for eye pain?
  188. May is National Masturbation Month.
  189. pregnant with triplets
  190. Osteopath /Chiropractor in Neuchâtel area?
  191. Who knows the law?
  192. To live in the Netherlands vs Switzerland
  193. Montessori Kindergarten of Zug
  194. Birthdays with 2 youngins.
  195. Hearing aid: how to avoid being "switzerlanded"
  196. Working mothers in Switzerland
  197. English speaking Gynaecologist in Uster
  198. Will - legal services recommendation - Zug area
  199. Cost of "investigation" for marriage/registered partnership?
  200. English speaking dermatologist [Basel]
  201. Sports trauma - bashed my leg - now having funny pain...?
  202. Where to get a diagnosis done for ADD?
  203. Dentist recommendation Langenthal area?
  204. Giving birth at Spital Uster
  205. Seeking pediatrician and GP recomendations [Geneva area]
  206. Petition to change the entrance for Gymnasium in Canton Zürich
  207. City Help/Subsidy DayCare
  208. Cheerleading/Zurich
  209. pregnancy rights questions
  210. Summer language camp (French)
  211. timeline for getting married?
  212. Aggression in Swiss Primary Schools - not bullying
  213. Cystitis
  214. Have you rented or bought your wedding dress?
  215. Foot reflexology and pedicure
  216. grant for my wife, no kids
  217. Pay for stay home moms or dads?
  218. Baby Jogger City Elite experiences
  219. crying baby
  220. Acupuncturist in ZH
  221. Looking for no-nonsense midwife recommendation in ZH
  222. Baby Product Freebies?
  223. Maternity leave if quitting job after baby arrives
  224. Kindergarten to Daycare transport
  225. Child allergy testing in Neuchatel
  226. Psychologist on Saturday?
  227. Consequences of Autism diagnosis?
  228. Painful and achy feet!
  229. Hot topic, immunisations - feedback please !
  230. Recommendations for German dentists
  231. The difference between having 2 kids and having 3 kids... or 3 & 4.
  232. Best physiotherapy in Basel
  233. Activity ideas for teens during Fruhlingsferien?
  234. Strawberries rash reactions on kids
  235. Lausanne area: Other than EF, where to advertise for a Mandarin speaking nanny?
  236. How long for toddlers (25mth) antibiotic course??
  237. Second hand Children stores - Basel
  238. Unispital Zurich Issues
  239. Recommendations for Chiropractor in Luzern?
  240. Nanny needed at Zurich Affoltern
  241. Registering Marriage (British-Swiss)
  242. hayfever worse this year?
  243. School ski trip
  244. Parenting - making your child more confident
  245. Good dentist in Zurich (Hegibachplatz)
  246. Mother's Day on Sunday in UK
  247. Child benefit
  248. best divorce tricks to upset the opponent?
  249. Need advice [belligerent child]
  250. Does anyone know of Dentaltravel?