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  1. Kinderzulage - für nicht Erwerbstätige
  2. Orthodentist recommendation needed
  3. What type of massage uses elbows?
  4. Looking for a female English speaking Gynecologist in Zurich
  5. Electric hair removal - Wetzikon/Zurich
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Tail bone Injury- Looking for a doctor/ clinic in bern
  8. 7 weeks pregnant - looking for a family Dr
  9. Herbal supplements, Chinese or other
  10. Ear / Nose / Throat Doctor in Lausanne area
  11. Anyone know an Anaesthetist who could help me?
  12. Anybody have Hay Fever yet in 2015
  13. Physio in Zurich
  14. Looking for Babysitter in Bern
  15. Pre-made / Pre-mixed Formula Milk
  16. Check Your Chaps
  17. divorce/seperation
  18. Hospital stay for straightforward surgery?
  19. Child support by Swiss father
  20. Altiva during child birth
  21. Pediatric dentist? 6-month-old with tooth discoloration
  22. Ophtalmologist for baby
  23. Moving commune - childcare waiting list
  24. Separation with a baby
  25. Temporary Daycare
  26. Babysitter whats the normal rule..
  27. Pasta Boli
  28. Suggest a good Neurologist in or near Zurich
  29. Add/adhd meds as an adult
  30. when can a baby start eating yogurt
  31. Orthopedic Doctor in northeastern Geneva area
  32. Swiss Salt with Fluoride added
  33. pediatrician recommendation in Uster region
  34. Pediatrician recommendation
  35. Cost of health care for a family of 4
  36. Emergency room experience in Zug Kantonspital in Baar
  37. New first time mums coffee in Zurich???
  38. Laser Surgery (Lasik) / Ortho K (night) lenses
  39. Midwife Stafa/ Zurich
  40. Top Dermatologic Surgeons in Switzerland
  41. Au Pair Query
  42. Looking for a PlayTherapist (english speaking) [Kt. Zurich]
  43. Living here, getting married at home-help please!
  44. Swiss Dentistry
  45. court in Zug, claiming alimony after separation
  46. Does anyone know of an UppaBaby retailer in Zurich?
  47. Need legal help/advice regarding child custody and living arrangements
  48. Education saving plan
  49. Need advice with an agreement with doctor
  50. Different surname on passport for mother and children
  51. Child-, GP-, Gyn. doctors btw. Stadelhofen and Zollikon
  52. Wall mount Baby Changing unit – Reviews/recommendations
  53. Apostille, Permit, birth certificate for newborn
  54. Dentist in Baar area
  55. Swimming classes for babies in Lausanne
  56. Kids daycare
  57. English speaking gp bellach/selzach/solothurn
  58. Sedation Dentistry - Zürich
  59. Can I choose a midwife to stay with me during delivery???
  60. Babies choking
  61. Krippe in Adliswil
  62. Assistant maternelle in France while living in CH
  63. Contraceptive Help! Gynecologist or Doctor?
  64. Inheritance [rights of grandchildren]
  65. looking for English speaking doctor in zurich
  66. Are you allowed to have two Hausarzt/GPs?
  67. Looking for English speaking doctor in Zollikon area
  68. Looking for a lawyer in Basel
  69. Considering moving to Switzerland or Germany from France
  70. Giving birth in water.
  71. Sharing apartment am I Married?
  72. Mrs giving birth end of April - told we're already late on hospital pick?
  73. Cough - for months
  74. Family Insurance
  75. I am pregnant .. Where is all the baby stuff shops?
  76. Seeking tips and inspiration for quitting smoking...
  77. Wallisellen dentist - good deal?
  78. Good eye doctor in ZH?
  79. Maternity leave and benefits for newcomers
  80. Abortion Pills
  81. Stitches care
  82. Buying oncological medicine with prescription from abroad
  83. Leaving kids under the age of 12 unattended
  84. Orthophoniste/language class
  85. Tick bite!
  86. Can Students get a discount on their health insurance like kids?
  87. English Speaking Optometrist (Zurich/Wadenswil)
  88. Pediatrician Recommendations: Basel Gellert Area
  89. Best Thermometer for baby
  90. urgently needed - English speaking counselor, therapist, ...
  91. Doctor transfer
  92. Best honey to eat
  93. Support for migraine, epilepsy and related conditions
  94. Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  95. Terrible experience with Doctor
  96. How do you register an au pair
  97. Daycare In Zürich
  98. How quickly can I get appointment with GP (family doctor)?
  100. Looking for maman de jour and playdates in Grand Saconnex area for our 2 year old
  101. Looking for kind pediatrician in Zurich area
  102. Foreign dad-to-be with double last name
  103. Wedding ceremony organisation
  104. Autism and English speaking speech therapist
  105. Weighing in
  106. Complementary medicine
  107. WANTED: Pediatrician near Wollerau/Richterswil
  108. When did you first leave your teenagers alone for a weekend?
  109. Marriage contract useful?
  110. Orthodontist Insurance for Congenital Birth Defects
  111. Mental Health Services in Lugano
  112. Old age health care costs... how is it funded?
  113. Local anesthesia
  114. Play date meet up for Kindergarten kids in Zurich Oerlikon
  115. Good napkins/pampers for baby
  116. Winter dizzy spells ?
  117. Children after Separation/Alimony
  118. Jet Lag and Baby
  119. Urgent, doctor sought who will treat visitor at low cost
  120. Refused access to medical records!
  121. Sick kids / home detox?!
  122. English speaking doctor in Vevey
  123. Metered Dose Inhaler Counter?
  124. Domestic Violence
  125. pediatre
  126. bilingual kinderkrippe
  127. Christmas presents for Kinderbetreung teachers
  128. Baby store / warehouse in Zurich - basically a John Lewis equivalent?
  129. NyQuil?!?!
  130. Did you ever - Get really confused??
  131. Baby sitter/au pair in Rheinfelden area
  132. Krippe/nursery Pfäffikon Sz
  133. Nationality of the baby
  134. English speaking dentist/hygienist in St. Gallen
  135. Rheinfelden hospital
  136. Had a nasty bike accident yesterday, I am okay
  137. Pediatrician in Brugg
  138. Childrens Yoga
  139. Heimatort - Family History
  140. Is it normal to sign this for a psycho therapy?
  141. swedish or good english speaking general practitioner around luzern
  142. First birthday
  143. Is reconstructive surgery covered in Medical Insurance
  144. Glucose screening during pregnancy at Hirslanden - Zurich
  145. Maternity Healthcare
  146. Do you know of any non-EU doctors practicing in Switzerland? (any specialty)
  147. Is it possible to apply a crèche in the city we work in?
  148. Pediatricians at Vidy Med Lausanne
  149. Humidifiers
  150. Best place to buy a good matress? Zug - Lucern or Zurich area
  151. Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais
  152. Periodentists near Geneva?
  153. new mums in or around Uster?
  154. Death of a family member whilst visiting us in Switzerland
  155. Homeopathy as a cure for ebola?
  156. Local schools in Basel for 6.5 year olds
  157. Reducing risk of Prostate cancer!
  158. Help needed... Am I just being hypochondriac?
  159. Can you be friend with your doctor?
  160. English speaking therapist Enge/Zurich city center
  161. Very professional Gynecologist/Obs - English speaker
  162. Basel Roche Flu Vaccination for family members
  163. Pregnancy during medical insurance waiting period
  164. Looking for dermatologist in Fribourg/Bern
  165. dermatologist?
  166. Will&Testament: Any recommendations for Zurich?
  167. Gynecologist - oncologist?
  168. Divorce: Swiss Passports
  169. Which Zurich coffee houses are accessible for duo strollers (BESIDES Starbucks)?
  170. maternity leave as phd-student
  171. Suffering from asthma and severe stress - should I get signed off work
  172. Insomnia due to stress... Any sure cure?
  173. visa for my cousine
  174. Eye bag remedy & prevention
  175. Medicinal cannabis Oil for a third party
  176. Bulk Medicinal Herbs?
  177. Register Canadian/Danish (/British?) baby in Switzerland
  178. Looking for a good divorce lawyer Geneva
  179. Looking for (Abena) Bambo Diapers
  180. Otolaryngologist in Zurich
  181. Attachment parenting Mannedorf / Stafa area
  182. Documentation needed to support wedding
  183. Dentists in Switzerland / Near Zurich ?
  184. Medgate or Zurich University Hospital
  185. health insurance in france work in basel???
  186. Pain research helpers needed at the Balgrist klinik (Zürich)
  187. [Child] car seat
  188. Pediatrician in Oerlikon area
  189. Autism Groups
  190. 1st grade/kindergarden school material
  191. Where can I buy melatonin?
  192. Birth control pills
  193. English Al Anon Group in Lausanne
  194. Borreliose/Lyme disese in Switzerland
  195. How to speed up? [Waiting time for medical exam]
  196. Pregnant in Olten -Wishing to share experiences
  197. Female GP near Walliselen?
  198. C-section at Hirslanden clinic in Zurich
  199. Deletion of health records
  200. Fighting the baldness
  201. Giving birth in Salem Spital Bern - not recommended!
  202. Reclaiming for Swiss healthcare costs with EHIC?
  203. Post Natal Depression + Supp Insurance
  204. Where to buy condoms (family pack better)
  205. At what age is a pediatrician no longer needed/regular Dr ok?
  206. Wife left Switzerland.. wha to do
  207. Age-related health checks
  208. Anti smoking stuff on the insurance?
  209. General physician
  210. Gyne/Insurance Question
  211. Where to give birth in Bern
  212. How do the Swiss view adoption
  213. Dentist for scared patients
  214. play/chat with child in german/swissgerman
  215. Attachment parenting Zurichsee
  216. DS Autistic Spectrum disorder
  217. English speaking doctor - Lausanne area
  218. Blüemlisalp Montessori in Zurich
  219. Spielgruppen and toilet training
  220. Hypnotherapist in Zug?
  221. Moms who decided to stay home-convince me!
  222. Need a House Artzt in St Gallen
  223. Complicating things: Chinese and French!
  224. Affidavit for Legal Separation
  225. Marriage in India for Swiss Citizen
  226. Good cardiologist in Geneva
  227. Wanted Doula [Vaud area]
  228. Life coach in neuchatel
  229. Craniosynostosis
  230. Pediatric Dentist Basel
  231. Reviews of Zahnarztzentrum in Zurich
  232. Pediatrician and vaccination in Zurich
  233. Toothbrush heads needed - anyone know where they can be found for cheap(er)?
  234. Advice needed: How to become a trailing spouse?
  235. Baby-crib mattress decision
  236. Any English speaking families in Luzern?
  237. Echo112 - pocket lifesaver app for smartphones
  238. Pre-baby things
  239. First doctor appointment
  240. Where to find a nanny?
  241. anyone on this thread suffer from Constipation problems
  242. My doctor really hurt me??
  243. maternity clinic/ day care zurich
  244. Legal and Advocacy help for my Friend in Lucerne/Zurich
  245. any experience with dentists in Weil am Rhein ?
  246. Yoga classes for mum and daughter [Aargau-Zurich areas]
  247. laser treatment for blood vessels
  248. How to potty train 3 yrs old
  249. paediatrician needed [Solothurn]
  250. Mental help/Support Groups around Zurich?