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  1. Toddler activities/classes in ZH/Winterthur?
  2. Example contract for hiring of nanny/cleaner ?
  3. Missed dental appointment
  4. Good location for a baby shower?
  5. Why Are Cancer Genes Changed Based on Beliefs?
  6. A desperate parent needs child neurologist. Help!
  7. Father's Day in UK...
  8. Finely calibrated PH test strips registering higher than 8?
  9. XXL baby park offer
  10. Looking for an orthodontist in Fribourg/Neuchatel when I'm already wearing braces
  11. Best female Gynecologist in Basel Stadt
  12. KD1 Cabinet Dentaire Khoury-Dulla - English speaking dental practice in the heart of
  13. Looking for a good pedicure near Rolle/Nyon
  14. Summer Ideas for teenagers
  15. Chemical or Mineral?
  16. 2nd Pillar changes due to divorce become law 01.01.2017
  17. Looking for General Doctor in Winterthur
  18. Theatre courses for kids in Zürich. Any recommendation?
  19. Cost of dental work in Germany
  20. Chiropodist lausanne? France?
  21. Clinic lemanic contracts are scam???
  22. Mobility scooter rental / Basel
  23. Ticks & Toddlers...any practical advice?
  24. Birth control clinic recommendations
  25. Where to live on French side with family
  26. New Zealand witness for baby's passport
  27. english speaking ob/gyn in Geneva area
  28. Looking for a reliable baby sitter - Basel
  29. Orthodontics over the border
  30. A warning to men with kids considering role reversal
  31. Can Pharmacies treat scabies or is prescription required?
  32. Travel Clinic for Rabies vaccine
  33. Good shiatsu therapist?
  34. Neuromuscular therapist?
  35. Myopia - Can I keep using two pairs of glasses?
  36. Shoulder surgery
  37. English speaking Gynaecologist for my daughter
  38. Holistic / Natural / Alternative Doctor in Bern area
  39. anybody experience with surgery in Switzerland / CHUV Lausanne hospital?
  40. Emotional distress - what to do?
  41. Zurich Area Hearing Specialist
  42. Private dentist ripped off my parents
  43. Baby shop that does vouchers
  44. How can I leave my worldly goods to whoever I choose?
  45. Dermatologist with good Knowledge of Rosecea/Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii
  46. FSME vaccination for children
  47. Help with Swiss Government Pensions
  48. Where to buy baby clothes and items in Zug, Baar?
  49. Privileges for blood donors?
  50. Alzheimers disease, fresh hopes? Shown on BBC2 tonight
  51. Advice needed: gynecologist for pregnancy follow-up
  52. Vaccines for India
  53. Baby's dandruff how to remove?
  54. Dreading the hebamme.... [Midwife]
  55. Moving back to ZH/SH area
  56. Dentist in Basel or surroundings
  57. How to claim child maintenance from father in England ?
  58. Glasses (spectacles) in Geneva or thereabouts
  59. HELP: Antibiotics over antibiotics
  60. Urgent: Bilingual kindergarten and/or daycare in Zurich
  61. What do I do if I have depression?
  62. Adoption from South Africa - is it possible?
  63. fitbit HR readings
  64. Child Care subsidized
  65. English or German speaking GP/family doctor in Zurich 8044/8032/8006/8008
  66. Looking for divorce lawyer for men in Basel
  67. daydreaming 7 year old
  68. Printing t-shirts
  69. Divorce & Pensions / is it fair
  70. Childbirth in and around Zug - opinions welcome!!
  71. Newborn fee trap: mother has foreign health insurance but baby has Swiss insurance
  72. My daughter hates me
  73. I'm going through menopause, what's your excuse?
  74. looking for a doctor and dentist in Rotkreuz
  75. Looking for people who share physical custody
  76. Podiatrist / Foot Specialist Recommendations in Zurich?
  77. Vaccine Question
  78. Baby Naming
  79. Should I get invisalign from Canada or Swiss?
  80. Canton or Court details for Lugano district
  81. Cost of typical blood tests
  82. Rules/where to find babysitter+cleaning help combo?
  83. Allergies n hayfever
  84. Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care
  85. Permanence Walk-in Clinic opening in Rapperswil
  86. Integration class
  87. Playgrounds in Zug
  88. Cardiology Baseline - is that done here?
  89. Ulcerative Colitis / Medicine / Healthcare
  90. Mites infestation
  91. NOT homeopathic pediatrician wanted
  92. Confirmation of Marriage Preparation
  93. Is it worth going to the dentist in Germany?
  94. Personal Cook in Zurich
  95. Importing Medicine as a personal gift
  96. Decent Opthalmologist in Basel
  97. English speaking family doctor ????
  98. Keeping arm/leg cast dry during shower
  99. Thermography to prevent Breast cancer
  100. Trennungsvereinbarung [separation agreement]
  101. Pros & Cons on Mountain Buggy & Baby Jogger strollers
  102. Cost of going to the doctor (check up after surgery) without health insurance
  103. Bringing Kidney Dialysis solution from the US
  104. What to do with old crutches?
  105. How to keep your teeth or remineralize tooth enamel
  106. crossing border with newborn birth certificate
  107. Epilepsy Support Group !!!
  108. Pilates-Yoga-AquaGym for pregnant in Basel?
  109. Making a will in Switzerland
  110. Marriage and Citizenship
  111. Immunizations for traveling in SE Asia in Zurich?
  112. Divorce in Switzerland for foreigners
  113. Will Orthodontists in CH fix existing treatment?
  114. Which anesthesia for knee op???
  115. Dental implant in Zug - recommendations?
  116. Psychiatrist and/or psychologist near Lausanne
  117. Doctor needed-Neuchatel
  118. Sexual abuse help counselor in Basel.
  119. How to make your eyes bleed
  120. Pregnant with type 1 diabetes
  121. The Holy Grail of Hair - Pouffy, Shiny and Soft
  122. Last minute creche spot in Geneva just for today
  123. Kita registration
  124. Looking for a english speaking pediatrician in Kreis 10
  125. Tattoo removal - prevention centre Zurich
  126. Cost of dermatologist
  127. Medical Certificate
  128. Registered c permit but giving birth in Uk to return to work after maternity leave.
  129. Gymnastic competitions, quick question
  130. SWICA health insurance - 3rd child cover free apparently? Any other recommendations?
  131. Pollen 2016
  132. DENTISTS in Germany in the borders near Zurich (Seebach)
  133. Home Air Purifier for Allergies
  134. Disco at home for kids?
  135. How do I get my marriage annulled?
  136. Flying alone with baby (SWISS AIR)
  137. Dental Rubber Bands
  138. Divorce
  139. Richterswil Spital, anyone wants to join tomorrow? (pregnancy)
  140. IVF with pregenetic testing, in Switzerland?
  141. Healing a wound, some good advice
  142. Ear tubes for babies: Help with translation
  143. Neurology
  144. Optic Neuritis
  145. When children start turning?
  146. Tattoo for small child (info only)?
  147. Dance sport for kids in Zürich (Latin/Standard).
  148. Where does one go in case of health issues?
  149. Osteopath / Chiropractor AG
  150. Shoe/brand for toddlers with high instep available in CH ?
  151. My dentist advised me Elmex toothpaste and I doubt it after the topic on this forum
  152. Schulthess Klinik Zurich experiences.
  153. my partner (will be wife) to join in CH
  154. Dry skin
  155. Drug/alcohol Rehab in Switzerland
  156. I snooped
  157. Anti-dust-mites beddings
  158. English after school clubs in and around Zurich
  159. hernia surgery cost
  160. Dentists - Lucky that we don't live in the outback of Oz.
  161. Aussie lawyers where are you?
  162. Imagerie du Flon 3d ultrasound
  163. Does anyone have experience with Dr.Helena Bolani as gynaecologist
  164. Postnatal yoga in Basel
  165. Birmensdorf babysitter
  166. Rhinoplasty (nose correction) operations
  167. Changing Hausartz
  168. Looking for a Swiss au pair
  169. Buying an Exercycle
  170. Divorce question : Cheating wife
  171. Podiatrist (Feet Doctor) Zug/Luzern
  172. Moving to Baden
  173. Cost of Echocardio+stress test
  174. Extremely depressed and homesick (I think) - need advice.
  175. Type 1 diabetes health insurance
  176. Dental Work/Implants in Zurich or Konstanz?
  177. Trying to find relative from Basel
  178. Muh child socks - any ideas where to find?
  179. chess tournaments for kid
  180. Experience with University Hospital Zurich dentists?
  181. Looking for a OBGYN in St. Gallen??
  182. Conflicted [over grey hair]
  183. What to give Nanny for Christmas
  184. Full time nanny in Schaffhausen / Feuerthalen
  185. Whether to translate baby's international birth certificate for UK passport
  186. Great rid of those spider veins by Spring
  187. Can a doctor prescribe exercise!
  188. Is baby teething?
  189. 50% off car seats 15.12.2015 OBI & Migros Do-it VD/VS
  190. How to find a tagesmutter
  191. A good clinic using Epidural during labor
  192. Need a Gynecologist specialised in infertility, Zürich (21 weeks pregnant)
  193. Drugs for PKD renal disease in Switzerland
  194. Cervical support pillow in French or German
  195. Day Care in Lausanne/Vevey
  196. Sleep, Blue Light, White Light, SAD, Depression
  197. Finding an English speaking Shrink (sion/Lausanne)
  198. New to Zurich; suggestions for finding a nanny?
  199. Zurich City - meeting mum with small(ish) children?
  200. acupuncture Lausanne, Morges, Nyon
  201. Kinderkrippes in Kreis 6
  202. Separation/divorce court
  203. The nitty gritty details of same-sex US/Swiss marriage
  204. Contraception advice
  205. Looking for other separated moms/dads
  206. Death Notice
  207. Dentist needed for orthodontist treatment
  208. Maternty leave with less than 9 months AHV
  209. Winter Part time job - TeenagerZurich
  210. Osteopathy doctor for kids
  211. Rude Pediatrician @SwissMediKids...how would you react as parents?
  212. Female gynecologist in Bern area
  213. Orthopaedic Dr Advice- Zug
  214. Dental Cost Question: what is TP Wert?
  215. Big toe fusion
  216. The doctor is not working today!!
  217. Dumping things while vacate house
  218. Hard Water stains
  219. Some forum members may be susceptible to dementia in later life.
  220. "Vita Merfen/Vita Hexin" in Basel
  221. children Birthday Party
  222. Child psychologist in Luzern/Zug/Zurich area?
  223. Citalopram - anyone used it/suffered from side effects?
  224. Support for Single Parents
  225. CMU vs LAMAL
  226. Newborn Vaccination for Tuberculosis (BCG)
  227. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - British in Switzerland
  228. Tagesschule vs Tagestätte
  229. PSA English Speaking Doctors in St. Gallen, Zurich, Aarau
  230. Tagesfamilie
  231. registered partnership effect on salary
  232. Child allowance
  233. Basel Schools - Rate of Vaccination?
  234. Orthodontia
  235. Ipad Apps for kids + offline video watching
  236. Treatment of chronic pain in CH
  237. Good Dentist in Berne Area
  238. Eye exam and prescription lenses [Zürich/Baden]
  239. Making a Doctor's appointment and getting past the gatekeeper...
  240. Child hearing exam
  241. Registering with Doctor in Zurich Upon Arrival
  242. Nice gynecologist in Vevey area
  243. Riser/Recliner Chair
  244. Do you have a humidifier?
  245. any good Gynecologists in Zug area
  246. Gambling and what to do if it comes in your family
  247. Experiences in Settling Baby Into Daycare
  248. Steiner schule Zürich
  249. Zurich: Catholic/nfp gynaecologist wanted
  250. Gynecologist recommendation in Zug