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  1. Carseats from US to Switzerland
  2. Driving Licence Lost - Same day issue in Bern?
  3. Bicycle parking spots near BSL (Basel airport)?
  4. Help- bought a car which failed majorly
  5. Bernina Express in Winter
  6. Clutch replacement...bargains in Zurich area???
  7. Driving licence expiry. When?
  8. Canton change - any impact on driving licence & car registration?
  9. Transit (SBB to DB) in Basel
  10. Opel garage close to Basel
  11. Mexican driving license conversion?
  12. Rent out my own car
  13. Bring car from UK
  14. Zurich - London | 5th October
  15. [Q] License Plates Theft Myths and Reality
  16. Drivers license
  17. Donating a car to charity?
  18. SBB-Ticket for Child and Baby
  19. websites for winter tyres
  20. Free or cheap parking Montreux
  21. Anyone with a truck or van going between Lausanne and Zurich?
  22. L-Driver accompanied by driver with Intl. License?
  23. Car Coolant - Kühlflussigkeit Gemischt??
  24. 2013 autobahn vignette for sale
  25. speeding fine, someone else using car
  26. EF Planespotters : Antonov An-225 Zurich
  27. Van space this weekend from UK to CH
  28. U-Abo in Basel
  29. Van Rental Zurich
  30. Best Car to Bring to Sell when Moving? Lexus RX 450h?
  31. Reliable English/French/Spanish speaking car mechanic for car registration.
  32. Expired half tax card: travel options
  33. SBB-CFF Autumn special offers, also for travel in Germany
  34. Buying winter wheels in DE
  35. Car expertise
  36. Auto Illustriete guide to used cars
  37. Flashed for running a yellow light?
  38. Importing a car from Germany: tackling the timing
  39. Living in Kreis 1 - Parking where?
  40. Getting a Swiss drivers license.
  41. Offering Automotive Repair/Servicing
  42. must import car into CH (pending EU-national permit)
  43. Transport tickets from Winterthur
  44. Importing car: Pre-check before taking a foreign car to Strassenverkehrsamt?
  45. Cheap petrol in Geneva
  46. English speaking Driving instructor with Automatic car in Bern
  47. Free or cheap parking in or around Bern
  48. Selling my car- Need Advice!
  49. Monthly cost of running a small car (ZH)
  50. I need help with choosing an electric bike
  51. Price of a bus from Basel SBB to Basel Euroairport
  52. Obtaining a Swiss Motorsport Wagenpass
  53. Annual Train Pass + REKA
  54. Urgent: Need help understanding train warning!
  55. Non licensed driver
  56. Driving to the UK
  57. Why were the Tunnels Closed?
  58. Any special tickets from SBB for week-long visitors?
  59. Pedestrian crossing rules.
  60. Changing canton and buying a car - what a nightmare!
  61. Foreign car, Swiss insurance for 9 months
  62. Swiss v UK Driving Licence and insurance problems
  63. Public Transportation Apps
  64. Depositing/Reclaiming plates
  65. Highway / Freeway and tunnel (changing) speed limits
  66. License Plate & Buying a Used Car
  67. Parking for Geneva stadium
  68. Driving Today Book for Sale - Zurich
  69. Appealing against a speeding ticket.
  70. Diving with L in mobility car
  71. cheapest way to travel from st gallen to zurich
  72. Missing grey card
  73. What do you think of this deal for an Audi A6?
  74. Heathrow airport, claiming tax back, flying into Geneva...
  75. Zurich,Blue Zone Parking Permit not visible --> Fine. Is there a way out?
  76. First driving offence - Need your thoughts
  77. Buying and Reg. of a Car, GER or CH
  78. Winter tires: Pirelli vs Dunlop
  79. On vacation. License at home. Question.
  80. [Zurich] Bicycle locking - how safe is it?
  81. Spare Tyre
  82. Are you buying a new Toyota or a Skoda ?
  83. Driving to France
  84. Used Jaguar XF Advice
  85. How's this for an international fine
  86. 2nd hand car, Cooling-off period
  87. Anyone ridden the passes since the weather cooled?
  88. Free Eurotax Car valuation site?
  89. European lights vw transporter 2011
  90. car pool to poland
  91. Driving Non owned Swiss car accross the border
  92. bike map for Geneva
  93. Are there taxis at Lausanne train station at nighttime?
  94. Advise for First Time Driving Test in Switzerland
  95. Experiences of Driving back to the UK?
  96. Taking a motorcycle to the USA
  97. where to wait a couple of hours in Basel at night?
  98. Jaguar XF: opinions, CH dealers etc
  99. Question about parking ticket
  100. Registering an european car in Basel
  101. List - Vaud English Speaking Driving Instructors
  102. Van Repairs near Zurich
  103. Moped - cost of ownership
  104. Buying car cheaply (ha ha), winter travel?
  105. Citywide valet parking
  106. Driving a car with foreign plate with Swiss Driving License in Switzerland
  107. ZRH Airport new barriers at Arrivals/Departures
  108. Cost of Locker in Bern Bahnof
  109. own an imported/ non "swiss" car ?
  110. Motorcycle mechanic in Luzern
  111. Leasing a car with Netherlands license
  112. Q:Handed in my QLD Australian licence to get Swiss Licence
  113. Day-time car headlights mandatory 1.01.2014
  114. Installing and using bicycle racks
  115. Basel: Have a bike and car to sell as I'm moving country - advice needed
  116. Spot welding
  117. Useful 4wd Information
  118. Commercial Driver's License
  119. Is this a photo radar?
  120. Which train pass for visitors?
  121. Suzuki GSXR 1000 K1 user manual
  122. Driving to the UK from Zurich on 1 September, space for more passengers!
  123. Brit registered car owners beware
  124. Looking for a ride from Geneva to Bern
  125. Parking on weekends in Zurich
  126. Fair Garage in or near Bern
  127. Trashy Trams in Zurich
  128. Trying to change U.S. license for Swiss license, BIG ISSUE: Please help!
  129. Motorcycle Euro Emission Standards
  130. Best SBB travel pass for a two-week visit
  131. Zeebrugge-Hull Ferries (Pride of York/Bruges) - anyone sailed on them?
  132. How to know when my MFK is due?
  133. Do you need a full license to ride a 300CC motorcycle in Zug?
  134. MFK fail and now what?
  135. Would you buy a car with a dent like this on it?
  136. Where to buy Castrol Edge 0W 30 near ZH?
  137. Best way to return car licence plates?
  138. BMW motorcycle service in Zürich
  139. MFK Check....
  140. Licence Plates & Changing Cars
  141. The French are mental
  142. BMW 335is convertible import. US to CH
  143. 90K salary to buy 26k new car was rejected by leasing bank?
  144. Can you get used car parts from a wreckers in Switzerland?
  145. Gotthard today-Aug 1st
  146. Cheap Long term parking
  147. License conversion, Mexico or USA
  148. Open space / ground - Learn car driving
  149. Scenic driving to Lake Como: Val d'Aosta or Lugano?
  150. lunchtime parking in blue zones
  151. Tyre Repair Kit instead of Spare wheel
  152. Is Halbtax valid on local, intracity transport??
  153. swiss vehicle export process....
  154. Dumb train ticket question..
  155. WAB1 and WAB2 Driving courses?
  156. Buying Helicoil Inserts in Zurich or Zug
  157. Parking facing wrong direction
  158. Car trip, CH to Budapest and back
  159. How do the SBB Zones work ?
  160. How are you dealing with the speeding law enforcement?
  161. Changing winter/summer Tires
  162. Speeding fine in Schaffhausen.
  163. Child on lap for short trips
  164. Lift from UK to Switzerland
  165. Parking near Landiwiese (Triathlon on Saturday)
  166. Fondue pot in hand luggage
  167. Shall I bring my Honda Hornet 600?
  168. Importing a vehicle from Canada
  169. Bike rack for BMW X3
  170. Zug: Long-Term Parking?
  171. Buying used cars in Switzerland
  172. Options for (car) track intro?
  173. Van transport with driver from July 25th to 29th
  174. Giving up the car - How to persude my wife?
  175. Importing my car & Swiss Insurance
  176. Web site listing new car discounts in Switzerland
  177. Cost effective public transport in Basel (zone=10)
  178. Garages buying used cars?
  179. For the guys in a mid-life crisis
  180. Driving in winter with Summer tyres- think again!
  181. GA Renewal Online Question
  182. Two traffic rule questions
  183. Travel to the UK AT THE END OF THE MONTH cheaply & in comfort anyone?
  184. Renting private garage (Zurich)
  185. Insuring a friend's car
  186. transporting a bike from Zurich to Italy
  187. Driving lessons in English (Zurich)
  188. Fine and confiscation of radar detector.
  189. Trafic Zug -> Zürich - 08:00h
  190. Motor Bike Monthly rental!
  191. Rear wheel drive?
  192. Tips on buying a cheap-ish used car
  193. Middle lane driving - the answer!
  194. Auto Meetups / Enthusiast Clubs in/near Zurich
  195. Tinting car windows... what is legal and what's not?
  196. buy a second hand car before issuing permit?
  197. Get money back or sell train ticket?
  198. Going to the UK - Car Share
  199. Zurich zone extension ticket confusion
  200. US Conversion - Prior Speeding Tix
  201. Registration v insurance question
  202. Most economical way to have a car for 1 year in Switz: long-term rental or buy/re-sel
  203. Could I have done something differently? (Motorcycle related almost accident)
  204. Lucerne Speeding Fine
  205. Dented car - not covered by insurance - where to fix?
  206. Van with a driver when shopping for furniture in Zurich
  207. Anyone going from Switzerland to Gibraltar next Monday the 15th July 2013?
  208. English speaking motorcycle instructor around Zug
  209. EF Planespotters - Did I spot an Antonov AN-22 in Basel?
  210. means of transport to LHC
  211. Ticket counter at Basel St. Johann's train station?
  212. New car insurance: previous claims and fines in the UK
  213. Choo choo (the SBB song)
  214. Air con in van needs fixing
  215. Transport to move (small) furniture to Saanen BE wanted
  216. Anyone moving back to the UK and want a UK registered car to move?
  217. buying an AUDI A6 and some questions rose
  218. Sixt Loerrach
  219. Antonov An-225 in Basel
  220. I need to rent a 20m2 van 24hrs....
  221. cracked windscreen
  222. stuck on a silly problem BMW isofix plastic cover
  223. Strasbourg -> Zurich -> Milan - What do I need?
  224. Using "exchange plates" on 2nd (weekend) car
  225. Van from UK (London area) to Schaffhausen
  226. Potential empty van going from Zurich to Manchester
  227. Swiss Half-Fare Card for Tourists
  228. Best Car Resale Value
  229. look for accompany person for a learner driver
  230. Converting a regional abo to GA?
  231. - bikers.. even if taking it easy things may surprise you..
  232. challenges with an imported car from USA
  233. Swiss Vignette 2013
  234. mapquest directions type web site for switzerland
  235. Driving Licence for UK & Switzerland
  236. Is there anywhere with a breakdown of regional pass costs?
  237. What is the cheapest way to rent a bus for moving furniture?
  238. Driver's license - unique problem
  239. Learner's period for a new license?
  240. What recovery / breakdown service? TCS?
  241. A really strange (and dangerous ) type of car
  242. Italian police fine for no CH sticker € 335 ...!
  243. When will the next MFK be needed!
  244. Importing a car from the Middle East
  245. Car and engine cleaning pre mfk test
  246. Motorcycle exam in Zurich - what to expect?
  247. Exporting (or not) my car to Norway
  248. Getting to Vernazza, Italy?
  249. TCS inspection vs MFK
  250. Payment of German fine