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  1. What can I bring back from Italy?
  2. Moving from Zurich to Ipswich - looking to share transport
  3. (Wo)Man with a van needed - asap
  4. Direct Flights to England
  5. How long did you drive with L driving license in Basel?
  6. Importing recently purchased classic car from US
  7. Where to buy a "Ball joint" splitter in Zurich area?
  8. Commercial car parks and motorbikes
  9. Empty Van Share offer - London - Zurich / Schwyz
  10. Importing a van to CH with no MOT
  11. Basel public transport babies & prams free?
  12. Driving Lessons for a Manual Car
  13. English speaking Driving teachers
  14. Doubt while importing a car...
  15. URGENT.. van needed for 2 weeks
  16. Drivers licence for Piaggio mp3?
  17. Selling a car in Basel .Info needed!!
  18. TNW/SBB route options
  19. second hand car pricer?
  20. bicycle and half-tax?
  21. Parking in Saint Louis (White Zone)
  22. Owner Opinion - Kastenwagen/Van
  23. How Flexible are Car Dealers on Pre-Owned Car Prices?
  24. HGV. Truck. Lorry. Licence
  25. Taxi service from Zurich airport
  26. Oil Change and repair in Germany
  27. Toyota Sienna Minivan
  28. German speeding fine - How/Where to Pay?
  29. New Landi Scooter
  30. How to sell a RHD car (fully reg in Switz)
  31. Commuting from London to Zurich
  32. Does presenting a polished and detailed car for MFK make a difference?
  33. Parking sensors
  34. Preparing for the driving course. Advice on Study material and test in English.
  35. CH sticker for car
  36. Lucerne Golden Roundtrip and GA/AG - is it included?
  37. overcharged for oil change
  38. Alan Gee Transport?
  39. how to change a company car to a private car registriation
  40. Taxi from Zurich airport, with a 4-yr old child
  41. Importing Personal Goods Thru Customs Without Residency in Place?
  42. safety of parking in Cornavin Station at night for sole female?
  43. English speaking mechanic near konstanz
  44. Can I drive here on My new Australian (QLD) Licence
  45. Driving licence exam cost (separately) and info
  46. Quality and good value car service in zug
  47. Importing vehicle from London to Geneva
  48. Driver's license revoked - mobility options in CH
  49. T-cut scratch remover
  50. Zurich Milan tickets Monday 8/04
  51. Shipping boxes from US to CH
  52. Advice: English-speaking instructor before driving licence exchange test?
  53. MWST bill after insured repair?
  54. Driving Exam: Technical Questions
  55. Driving lessons
  56. Excellent Service from the SBB!
  57. Privately export (sell) car to austria
  58. Disclosing a fault - trading in my car
  59. Has anybody bought car paint sealant in CH?
  60. Looking for space, aka. Stripping the pig
  61. Website for journey planner -Geneva
  62. Buying parts for a Honda Crv
  63. Best use of Halb tax card expiring on 6th April
  64. Sales contracts for new cars
  65. Transit options needed:Zurich - Basel Airport (early hours)
  66. Is public transport in Geneva shut down this Friday?
  67. Importing a classic car
  68. NAVI Apps
  69. What does "valid for one hour" mean?
  70. Import Yamaha from UK
  71. Some pictures from Geneva motor show.
  72. License Transfer/License Classes
  73. Anyone need to send stuff to the UK?
  74. funny driving adventure- perfect example of why to leave space with the car in front
  75. English speaking Mechanic in Zurich Area Needed
  76. When there are children who don't notice my car....
  77. Speed limit when I see a blue sign with name, meaning that I will be in a urban area
  78. Choose a Learning Material for Driving Theory Test
  79. Renting a bike in Zurich?
  80. MFK is overdue
  81. What happens if I don't do the 2-Phasen courses before my license expires?
  82. Options after a hit and run...
  83. Parking in Weil am Rheine
  84. Swiss drivers' license revoked
  85. Taxi's or Car Service
  86. Considering a Volvo V50
  87. BMW M3 service near Zurich
  88. Recent Info: License Exchange from a non-swiss language
  89. car vs. motor scooter. Who actually has the right of way?
  90. Looking for a ride...
  91. Being Stupid
  92. Zurich to Lucerne best Travelcard option
  93. New tram line from Basel to Marktkauf (number 8 tram)
  94. Commuting from Villeneuve to Vevey everyday?
  95. International trips outside Switzerland
  96. Buying a used car: Swiss plates or French plates?
  97. Van Hire back to UK
  98. Speed camera at Neumuhlquai?
  99. Train problems between Bern and Fribourg
  100. SBB advert. Does this bring back memories?
  101. Where do I ask for a date for my Kontrolfahrt?
  102. Cannot buy online ticket (SBB) - System Interrupt
  103. Swiss Driving License usage across Europe
  104. Daughter's US license converted to Swiss?
  105. Complaints received by police regarding driving
  106. Audi: only in AMAG?
  107. traffic sign - no bikes, etc ??
  108. Zurich-Geneva by train
  109. Ecstatic! I'm finally getting a rig! Now, am I even allowed to drive?!
  110. Car Battery Dead - Stuck Halfway in Parking Spot
  111. best & most economic monthly ticket between swizerland - germany
  112. Wanted- Driving Lesson Book in English (Basel)
  113. Does employer pay for licence medical and conversion?
  114. Import Motorbikes from EU (12 months limit surpassed)
  115. Eek - is she out of her mind!
  116. If you need help or advise about anything automotive
  117. Emissions Sticker Euro4/Euro5/Euro6 > do they matter?
  118. Queries: Registering a US motorcycle in Basel
  119. Motorbike service/garage etc... in Romandie/Rhone-Alpes
  120. Basel to Feldberg in Germany travel advice
  121. English speaking Driving instructor
  122. Swiss drivers' license revoked
  123. GPS: Garmin or Tomtom
  124. Cought by the police driving using my dutch driving license,after 12 month!
  125. Importing already-owned UK cars into CH?
  126. Going to Dietlikon from Zurich (Questions about Zones)
  127. lost number plate in CH,what do I do?
  128. The costs of owning a car in Switzerland?
  129. Keeping swiss registered car abroad for long time?
  130. Help: need van or station wagon help
  131. Looking: man with van to drive from Lugano to Baar
  132. Car needed : help!
  133. Chiasso Border - walking distance from SBB?
  134. What's with women and SUV?
  135. Leather care - car seats
  136. Is this a good lease offer for new Mazda 3?
  137. Abonement for Mont Blanc tunnel
  138. [Basel] weekend parking (March 2-3)
  139. parked too close to a crosswalk, you know the rest...
  140. Free parking in Zug city center
  141. Dashcam (Dashboard Camera)
  142. New idea for using the Half Fare card
  143. Half-Fare travelcard
  144. Travelling with the SNL train from ZH>BLN, opinions!
  145. Recommendation for a Honda garage near Zürich?
  146. BMW garage/mechanic in Zürich?
  147. Room for a couple of boxes UK-CH?
  148. Transportation from Basel to Wädenswil without train?
  149. Selling/Importing my Irish van
  150. EasyDirver CD and book in English
  151. Cruise Control Malfuntions - French driver ends up in Belgium
  152. Train from Basel to Lugano
  153. Leasing a car in Lausanne area
  154. Flights from Switzerland to Inverness
  155. Car Bodywork repair Zurich
  156. Desperately in need of transportation for glass from uk to Zuri
  157. why is train travel so expensive?
  158. Car Wash
  159. Voie 7/track 7 valid from Milan?
  160. problem with shopping a supersaver ticket at SBB.ch
  161. caught driving without license plate?
  162. Car Repair in Germany - Recco!!
  163. speeding 29 over in a 50,what will i get
  164. FYI: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
  165. Anyone driving from Geneva to Zurich on WED 13th February?
  166. Geneva : new bus lines
  167. Lost UK Driving License (DVLA, not me!)
  168. question about the scarlet letter
  169. Could you support some car painting garages near Basel
  170. Geneva to Madrid/Lisbon
  171. Jeep Commander - Feedback
  172. Anyone have spare time tomorrow (Fri) evening to drive? (GVA)
  173. Price of day ticket from Luzern to Rigi
  174. Travelling back from Weil am Rhein to Basel
  175. Parking Places around Triemli for 10 days
  176. Thanks, BMW and Red Wing Shoes
  177. What is the exact hours for nighttime transportation?
  178. Car insurance which covers Europe?
  179. someone double check possible import costs
  180. Import Canadian BMW e46 2002 sedan to Switzerland?
  181. Need help choosing a car for a female graduate student at UZH
  182. Trackdays in Germany and extra set of wheels
  183. Need car battery charged in Basel
  184. Help with 2nd-hand car inspection
  185. Serious Speeding - New law, new fines.
  186. Commuting to Zurich - Driving through Gubrist Tunnel
  187. buying a car without MFK
  188. taking dog, XXL crate and cat on train and trams?
  189. Disposal of my old car - Complex
  190. where to go in older cars - geneva
  191. Car seat in Kloten area!
  192. Travel Pass for multiple bus lines in and around Aarau
  193. Changing UK Driving Licence to Swiss Driving Licence
  194. Tram tickets Vevey to Montreux
  195. Yet another "do I really need a car in Zürich?" thread
  196. Getting a ZVV pass in card format
  197. Cheapest way Zurich to Geneve?Anyone can give a ride?Cheapest place to stay 1night 2p
  198. Reliable Garage Zug
  199. REMINDER: 2013 Vignettes (and illustrated guide!) [with added 2014 validity]
  200. Car MFK - with medium size dent
  201. Rowinb boat or RIB on lake Zurich
  202. Click and Drive
  203. New car sharing service - tooxme.com
  204. Help I've been caught speeding
  205. Any car audio wizards out there ?
  206. financing a car through a dealer
  207. check your tyre pressures..
  208. Drive from Basel to Zurich Thursday
  209. Right of Way on Hill?
  210. Used cars websites
  211. Needed: A ride from BASEL to LONDON in early April
  212. CO2 car emissions testing
  213. DailyMail - A cautionary tale: Even Switzerland's super safe trains aren't crime free
  214. quick question regarding swiss drivers license
  215. Rail system in Lugano questions
  216. Used car area in Zurich
  217. Change currency in swiss.com to CHF
  218. Roundabout Tuition
  219. Passenger airbag in Audi Q5
  220. Bringing a bike from the US to Switzerland
  221. Is it Safe to buy this Car?
  222. Road Status
  223. 7 year old niece coming to visit
  224. question of selling used wheels
  225. Roof Box
  226. For sale: Driving Theory Test CD + Book 2012 (Zurich)
  227. Question on Mobility "Click and Drive"
  228. How to get a driver's license?
  229. Anyone want a lift to Locarno this Friday?
  230. Fuel Prices
  231. Psst .. got some old Russian Rubles for a ticket ?
  232. Cost of a Parking Fine
  233. Second Hand Car
  234. Cleaning tar spots
  235. BMW Coding in Konstanz?
  236. How do Swiss traffic fines work and how do you argue it?
  237. Buying discounted ticket before getting the Half Fare card
  238. To lease or not to lease a new car in CH
  239. Looking for a Hyundai I 20 Service centre
  240. Railways which aren't covered by the GA card?
  241. flights best prices from Basel to Paris?
  242. New resident - want to use EU car about 1 year
  243. train tickets from Germany
  244. Car wheels - Snow Socks
  245. Who knows everything about trailers?
  246. Change of license plate- ZH to ZG
  247. Audi garage north of Basel?
  248. Zurich to Prestwick Scotland?
  249. about carrying a passenger on a scooter
  250. Petrol heads: how long would you expect these winter tires to last?