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  1. Fribourg-Bern trains cancelled/disrupted
  2. Fine for driving in Taxi/Bus lane in Lausanne?
  3. [Driving] ban in France, Swiss now want add more
  4. Buying a travel card from abroad
  5. What must a driver have in a car?
  6. Moving a swiss motorcycle to the UK
  7. driving dad's car in Switzerland
  8. Short term driving foreign registered car and insurance
  9. Non-swiss rental
  10. How to get rid of a car in the Basel region
  11. Selling an imported car
  12. Can anyone recommend a motorbiker ground course instructor?
  13. Germany to charge foreign motorists for autobahn use
  14. Motorcycle MFK, small bits of rubber.
  15. red traffic light in Zürich
  16. Driving with a license when you're younger than 18
  17. buying used car (setting the right price)
  18. Anyone bought a car from Auto Züri West?
  19. Proving 3-Year Driving Record/History
  20. New security measures at UK and US airports
  21. MFK - Wettingen on windscreen replacement spree
  22. Car Renting
  23. Driving in Germany today? from 1st July 14 need Safety Jacket
  24. Can Einzelbillett tickets be used more than once...?
  25. TGV Lyria Lausanne-Paris changes?
  26. How to ask for the proper bus ticket in German?
  27. Driving a relative's swiss car with EU licence?
  28. Fancy hiring a private plane?
  29. Finding a second hand scooter in Basel
  30. unfallfahrzeuge, how is it recorded?
  31. Car insurance
  32. Options to sell Motorbike when leaving Switzerland
  33. Swiss Speeding Ticket - Pay from UK?
  34. Delta changed the middle route on my triflight...
  35. Accident on tram tracks
  36. No Claims Discount - Uk
  37. Looking to rent a van - Anyone got one?
  38. Driving Zurich to UK (and back) - anyone want me to take something?
  39. motorcycle moved from US to Zurich
  40. Installation of Parking Sensors.
  41. Taking Cycle in Tram/Bus in Zurich Zone 110
  42. Exchanging UK medically qualified driving license to swiss - any experience?
  43. World's worst driver? - how I passed my motorbike test
  44. Re-gaining UK Driving License
  45. Transmission Repair in France
  46. First Class Tossers
  47. Rules of GPS usage
  48. When should I change my car tires?
  49. how do you get this U-Abo card
  50. Travelling from Basel to Grenzach-Whylen - is GA valid?
  51. My bike in Luzern - Register?
  52. logistics of buying a bike in another canton
  53. Borrow motorbike..
  54. Thule biker carrier installation?
  55. Strassenverkehrsamt late fees
  56. 13 planes mysteriously vanish from radars in Europe
  57. Temporary car german plates and entering swiss
  58. Driving fine lost payment slip!
  59. Mercerdes Benz garage for servicing car in Basel or around in Germany/France
  60. Zurich, new S Bahn Weinberg-tunnel opens 15. June 2014
  61. UK car hire with CH license?
  62. Getting your license
  63. Rental car companies for corporate clients
  64. Navagation DVD for Skoda
  65. Advice needed on used car purchase
  66. Best jurisdiction in which to buy a new or used car?
  67. Options to move some stuff to UK (Southeast) - car/van?
  68. Parking -Juge de paix
  69. Zurich - Blue zone parking during holidays
  70. Catheram [importing a Caterham car]
  71. Experts' opinion/experience wanted: X3 or ML320
  72. Need some advice about bus passes/tickets
  73. Swiss plane problems
  74. Fine for driving a Swiss car across the border into Austria
  75. English First Aid for a drivers license in Bern?
  76. Border hassles on taking out and in a full car of personal effects?
  77. Carte Demi-Tarif, passport photos. No questions, no point, just some rambling.
  78. Converting headlights on motorbike?
  79. Trains cancelled between Bern and Fribourg
  80. CFF / SBB Delays & Problems
  81. New Car smell, how to get rid of it
  82. Car Service with "quality equivalent" aftermarket parts
  83. Bike rack for BMW Z4
  84. URGENT - reliable taxi/minivan service/driver needed for trip from Zurich to Valens
  85. travel agent in Zurich to arrange cruise trip in western Mediterranean
  86. Where can I buy car stereo/audio connector?
  87. Cheap Car Dent Repair & Painting - Germany? France? Italy? Eastern Europe?
  88. Spigot Bearings
  89. US Driver's License conversion to Swiss
  90. Tageseinlösung: what is it?
  91. Range Rover Evoque: Minor Repairs
  92. SBB Bicycle Tickets
  93. New airline seats that don't recline
  94. English speaking driving test?
  95. SBB Junior Travel Card Experiences
  96. Logistics for selling a car with exchangable license plates
  97. Self driving automatic car from Google
  98. Speeding and outdated license
  99. Car import from German dealer
  100. Huge crash on A1 near Wangen an der Aare, Solothurn
  101. Driving Ban?
  102. Transport for furniture
  103. Driving lessons through English
  104. Car dealer recommendation
  105. Motorbike additional cost and allowance in Zurich
  106. Auto Licence test-Schweiz
  107. US Import Porsche
  108. Buying a car in Germany, taking it to France
  109. Bike on Train
  110. MOT runs out while in Switzerland
  111. Clay Bar - and/or detailing products
  112. cyclist hit by car.I need your help.
  113. Antique Transport Bordeaux to Zürich
  114. kontrollfahrt this week...yikes
  115. Recommendations for English-speaking optician in Zürich
  116. Furniture transport Zurich to Geneva
  117. Turning Right at a Green light.
  118. Looking for Fiat garage for servicing
  119. OBI bike lights - only CHF 3.90
  120. Taking my motorbike to Zurich with L permit
  121. Motorcycle Instructor Schaffhausen (English speaking)
  122. 1/2 abo
  123. Snow chains size
  124. Time length to choose 1 month license ban in ZH?
  125. why the used Land cruisers are so expensive?
  126. Edinburgh to Geneva by train?
  127. Empty Van going back to Barcelona from Basel (end of May)
  128. Loan vs Leasing
  129. Propane Cylinders on Basel Trams
  130. Dartford Crossing - toll payment changes from October 2014
  131. Flashed in Russin GE ?
  132. Selling a car - refund of tax, registration, insurance ... ?
  133. Homeward Bound
  134. Car small rust circles - will a professional polish help?
  135. VIN check honda accord 2008r
  136. Bus travel
  137. Should we import our USA car?
  138. Interrail vs Eurorail
  139. Changing wheels
  140. Motorbike or Scooter
  141. Recommendable motorbike driving school in Zurich?
  142. Motor Bike and vignette
  143. 147km in 80 km zone, van, 2 cars and motorbike taken...
  144. ZVV monthly fare bought online
  145. Why is there no car ferry in Lake Leman?
  146. Motorcycle wheel locked
  147. Non-factory tyres on a car
  148. Buying the 1st car
  149. Zurich airport security check
  150. Independent Porsche Dealers-Germany
  151. CH Tire / Tyre price comparision site
  152. Can I drill holes in my Swiss licence plate?
  153. Kontrollfahrt Tips
  154. Now SBB Visa 1/2 fare cards, for L permit holders too!
  155. Driving to Italy this Thursday, will it be crazy traffic?
  156. Advice - Buying/Leasing/Renting? [a car]
  157. Buy a new car in another canton for an recently EU immigrant
  158. Car Importation clarification
  159. Warning about reifendirekt!
  160. Quick Exprt question
  161. Looking for an English Speaking Driving Teacher in the Adliswil- Wadenswil region
  162. An extraordinary question about a driving licence
  163. Flights to the US - which airlines (not) to choose?
  164. Car Selling Advice
  165. Does anyone pass Kontrollfahrt for motorbike recently?
  166. Getting from Ikea Dietlikon to Zurich
  167. it seems that the both railway lines Bern-Fribourg and Bern-Thun are blocked...
  168. Canoe Transport Regulations in Switzerland
  169. Insurance rates for cars not sold in CH
  170. Applying for a driving license in a different canton
  171. Clueless about buying a used family car - help!
  172. Cheap/used Catalytic Converter for car?
  173. Those little scooters..
  174. Importing a home built car...is it possible?
  175. Buying a voie 7 half-way through your half-fare card life
  176. How to register a car in Fribourg
  177. Rent horse trailer Basel area?
  178. Audi A3 repair cost
  179. German/French driving license while living in Switzerland
  180. Wheel balancing when changing complete wheels?
  181. Car service in Zug
  182. Parking accident in Solothurn - elderly couple only speaks French
  183. Tailgating
  184. Zurich to Italy by car.....how to avoid traffic
  185. How do I get new plates?
  186. Half fare travelcard limitations
  187. Do you need a driving license to ride a scooter/moped?
  188. Purchasing a car in Europe
  189. Close
  190. Recommend a place in or near Basel for a Motorbike Service ?
  191. Lookig for "Smart" cars.
  192. Public Transport in Affoltern
  193. Kontrollfahrt question
  194. BMW M3 test pipes in Switzerland
  195. English speaking Driving School
  196. How long can I drive a car with European plates
  197. Customs
  198. Merc/ BMW Garage in Germany/ Basel Border
  199. Drivers license form dilemma
  200. two speeding tickets
  201. Driving a swiss plated car through Austria, Slovenia, Kroatia, Serbia and FYROM
  202. Cheapest transport from Basel to Frankfurt
  203. "Parking" dispute - what happens next?
  204. Changing winter tyres to Summer, have we been 'done'?
  205. Car dealers who speak English?
  206. What does swiss one and swiss two mean?
  207. Used bicycles for sale, today 5.4.14 and 12.4.14
  208. Company car allowance question.
  209. From Geneva to Antwerpen
  210. Motorbike parking in Lausanne
  211. Hands-Free device violation (cell phone ticket)
  212. Need help - Motorcycle rider from US
  213. Sat Nav - English Language
  214. Snakes on a Train
  215. Tyre change - Basel area
  216. Importing a UK car when it has been in Switzerland for a year
  217. Help! Newbie!
  218. Traffic woes in Ticino
  219. Car recycling or scrap Basel
  220. Company car choice
  221. Zurich airport question
  222. Transporting large items
  223. BMW 320i Touring (Estate) Opinion.
  224. GA price confusion
  225. GA and Half tax getting more expensive
  226. Car Suggestions for Family of 6
  227. Holiday weekend trip - Zurich to Paris
  228. expired us license, able to swap for a swiss one?
  229. New Tyres- CH vs. DE
  230. Milan Airport to Saas Fee Swiss
  231. Bird near miss this morning on the A12
  232. Urgent Help! Is SBB ticket refundable?
  233. Yverdon to Lausanne commute?
  234. Caught for Fahren ohne gültigen Fuhrerausweis [Driving without a valid licence]
  235. Bicycles
  236. Vehicle Storage
  237. Worthwhile Features on a Bike Trailer?
  238. Trip To Austria
  239. Child seat in 7 seater Car
  240. Summer tyres - a thread for those in the North
  241. MFK for motorbike, what to expect
  242. Alsace Mechanic Mulhouse
  243. Bus + Train commute to work -> best option?
  244. Car wash in Basel
  245. UK Financed Car in Switzerland
  246. Oil Change in Zurich?
  247. Half fare card and 24hr tickets?
  248. L residence permit and car from Italy
  249. SBB Travel diary
  250. Bike carrier: towbar mount