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  1. Car Selling Advice
  2. Does anyone pass Kontrollfahrt for motorbike recently?
  3. Getting from Ikea Dietlikon to Zurich
  4. it seems that the both railway lines Bern-Fribourg and Bern-Thun are blocked...
  5. Canoe Transport Regulations in Switzerland
  6. Insurance rates for cars not sold in CH
  7. Applying for a driving license in a different canton
  8. Clueless about buying a used family car - help!
  9. Cheap/used Catalytic Converter for car?
  10. Those little scooters..
  11. Importing a home built car...is it possible?
  12. Buying a voie 7 half-way through your half-fare card life
  13. How to register a car in Fribourg
  14. Rent horse trailer Basel area?
  15. Audi A3 repair cost
  16. German/French driving license while living in Switzerland
  17. Wheel balancing when changing complete wheels?
  18. Car service in Zug
  19. Parking accident in Solothurn - elderly couple only speaks French
  20. Tailgating
  21. Zurich to Italy by car.....how to avoid traffic
  22. How do I get new plates?
  23. Half fare travelcard limitations
  24. Do you need a driving license to ride a scooter/moped?
  25. Purchasing a car in Europe
  26. Close
  27. Recommend a place in or near Basel for a Motorbike Service ?
  28. Lookig for "Smart" cars.
  29. Public Transport in Affoltern
  30. Kontrollfahrt question
  31. BMW M3 test pipes in Switzerland
  32. English speaking Driving School
  33. How long can I drive a car with European plates
  34. Customs
  35. Merc/ BMW Garage in Germany/ Basel Border
  36. Drivers license form dilemma
  37. two speeding tickets
  38. Driving a swiss plated car through Austria, Slovenia, Kroatia, Serbia and FYROM
  39. Cheapest transport from Basel to Frankfurt
  40. "Parking" dispute - what happens next?
  41. Changing winter tyres to Summer, have we been 'done'?
  42. Car dealers who speak English?
  43. What does swiss one and swiss two mean?
  44. Used bicycles for sale, today 5.4.14 and 12.4.14
  45. Company car allowance question.
  46. From Geneva to Antwerpen
  47. Motorbike parking in Lausanne
  48. Hands-Free device violation (cell phone ticket)
  49. Need help - Motorcycle rider from US
  50. Sat Nav - English Language
  51. Snakes on a Train
  52. Tyre change - Basel area
  53. Importing a UK car when it has been in Switzerland for a year
  54. Help! Newbie!
  55. Traffic woes in Ticino
  56. Car recycling or scrap Basel
  57. Company car choice
  58. Zurich airport question
  59. Transporting large items
  60. BMW 320i Touring (Estate) Opinion.
  61. GA price confusion
  62. GA and Half tax getting more expensive
  63. Car Suggestions for Family of 6
  64. Holiday weekend trip - Zurich to Paris
  65. expired us license, able to swap for a swiss one?
  66. New Tyres- CH vs. DE
  67. Milan Airport to Saas Fee Swiss
  68. Bird near miss this morning on the A12
  69. Urgent Help! Is SBB ticket refundable?
  70. Yverdon to Lausanne commute?
  71. Caught for Fahren ohne gültigen Fuhrerausweis [Driving without a valid licence]
  72. Bicycles
  73. Vehicle Storage
  74. Worthwhile Features on a Bike Trailer?
  75. Trip To Austria
  76. Child seat in 7 seater Car
  77. Summer tyres - a thread for those in the North
  78. MFK for motorbike, what to expect
  79. Alsace Mechanic Mulhouse
  80. Bus + Train commute to work -> best option?
  81. Car wash in Basel
  82. UK Financed Car in Switzerland
  83. Oil Change in Zurich?
  84. Half fare card and 24hr tickets?
  85. L residence permit and car from Italy
  86. SBB Travel diary
  87. Bike carrier: towbar mount
  88. Train layouts
  89. Reserving a seat [on the train]
  90. Parking for truck (Kt ZH)
  91. Chrome CH car sticker or magnet
  92. Completely New License -now or after moving Kanton?
  93. Moving Cantons - Change of car licence plate
  94. Cheap way to travel in Switzerland?
  95. Australian's licence to Swiss driving licence.
  96. Swiss Boat Licence Course in English ?
  97. Driving on a UK licence whilst waiting for a Kontrolfarht
  98. Driving to Zurich Airport from Basel
  99. Free travel in Paris
  100. Ryanair Adds Extra Summer Flights From Stansted/Dublin to Basel
  101. Stuttgart's low emission zone
  102. Parking accident with Mobility car
  103. Trailer hitch - place to fix to a car?
  104. Fill bumper holes? (number plate holder)
  105. Driving licence doctors? [medical exam requirement]
  106. Rebate for Electric Cars?
  107. Car Rental 7 Seater - Best place?
  108. Lost my driver license. Need to request an attestation of my US driver license
  109. Uk to Lugano/ Locarno / ticino
  110. How much is my (Swiss) car worth?
  111. Empty van UK to Bern. 17th March
  112. Cylinder Repair
  113. Carpooling - Oerlikon to Baden
  114. Parking at GVA - panic stations
  115. Buying a Garmin GPS in Geneva or France
  116. Indian Driving License- Documentation Needed??
  117. Basel Mobility ticket
  118. Basel trasfers by bus
  119. Commuting by car from Zurich to Baden
  120. Ryan Air to introduce 8+ hour torture sessions.
  121. Parking near rue Ferrier, Geneva
  122. Noob question - How do I know the expertise is done
  123. car ownership transfer - husband to wife
  124. Motorcycle seat re-work & MFK
  125. Do you know this car dealer: CISCO Group AG?
  126. Car Fractional Ownership / Timeshare
  127. Zurich Tram
  128. How much is the swiss 100'000km services incl. worth?
  129. SOS garage or private service near Thalwil
  130. Geneva Motor Show/Auto Salon 6th to 16th March 2014
  131. Schooner Auto Brokers - any opinions?
  132. Importing a classic car into Switzerland
  133. Reporting a dangerous driver - anyone done it?
  134. SAAB cars.....sought after?
  135. Driving on the Snow
  136. Motorcycle check, is TCS an option?
  137. travel
  138. Ride Needed: 20.02 Glattal Region to St.Gallen Region
  139. Have B license, want to get A1.
  140. Question for those that did the driving test in ch.
  141. UK car - Swiss plates no thanks
  142. French motorways over Easter - busy?
  143. The ZurichCard
  144. half fare travel card with debit card
  145. Traincard Halfprice and refunds?
  146. Drive a car without MFK
  147. Road tax 2014 arrived
  148. Working in Basel, Living in Germany. Help please!
  149. 2 cars , 1 license plate, how?
  150. repairing Run-Flat tire from nail?
  151. When applying for a Swiss driver's licence...
  152. app for Lausanne buses
  153. 9 o'clock SBB pass upgrade
  154. Car reliability stats or other reports
  155. Driving in the rain / cruise control.
  156. Train Geneva to Zurich
  157. Buying-owning-selling a vehicle in CH: What does it take?
  158. Driving lessons with my own car
  159. 26 km/h over in an 80km/h zone, Court summons
  160. Coolant problem (Audi Avant 1.8)
  161. pre-inspection garage check required?
  162. traffic updates
  163. Flashing speculation [Speed Camera]
  164. Buying a car after lease ends
  165. SBB Prize Draw for a 1st Class GA
  166. Can motorbikes filter in traffic now
  167. Do the MFK folks in Basel (Munchenstein) speak English
  168. Buying a used car some questions
  169. Cycling in bus lanes in Zurich
  170. need some help: garage dispute
  171. Initiative for 140 speed limit on the Autobahn
  172. Starting car in storage for past 2 yrs
  173. Verkehrsabgabenrechnung 2014 question
  174. Driving in Poland
  175. Foreign Plated Cars...
  176. Commuter Towns for Zurich
  177. Piano delivery recommendation attached
  178. Non-EU with EU Driver's License Conversion
  179. Good Driving School in basel stadt
  180. Navigator on windscreen
  181. Germanwings airlines new route - GVA - DUS
  182. Horrible hidden liability charge - for car rent
  183. Reasonable garage for old cars around Zurich
  184. 14 y/o allowed to use small moped?
  185. Zurich Zone system??
  186. Pull Cart Sought For a few days
  187. Looking to make an offer on this car - Any Advice?
  188. Swiss law on being sold a faulty used car
  189. Used car prices
  190. Headed to Koln: train or plane
  191. baby seat how long?
  192. when overhaul my car?
  193. Changing drivers license Becomes a Learners License
  194. Cannot get number plates, Swiss bureaucracy at it's best
  195. Cheap Taxi from Basel Airport to the city
  196. buying an imported car
  197. Speeding fine for a dual citizen
  198. Alloy wheels repair in Basel
  199. Commuting from Bernex to Geneva
  200. Old car service question
  201. Car Impounded HELP
  202. Buying a used car in France - insurance
  203. going to Lorrach with mobility ticket
  204. is there a European equivalent of Edmunds.com?
  205. Need transport Zurich - Flims laax on the 18th of Feb
  206. Conversion of Indian Drivers License
  207. filling out a speeding fine Übertretungsanzeige
  208. Car polish person / company?
  209. Translation of Indian Driving License
  210. Using an Autohandel to sell your car
  211. Importing my POS car to use for a year
  212. LEXUS RX 400h or 450h advice
  213. Bizarre pricing with Swiss
  214. Run out of gas/petrol - lose your license!
  215. Fine for driving with 0.6 alcohol?
  216. shipping car from switzerland to italy
  217. Can I get fined if my car fails the test at the strassenverkehrsamt?
  218. Any masters of the frequent flyer programs? Avion/oneworld from Canada
  219. Carrying my snowboard on the train
  220. Points for ticket
  221. Ford Service
  222. Channel crossing by car to UK: cheapest option?
  223. Reasonable garage near Zurich
  224. Importing a german car from US to sell in CH
  225. To Scrap or take home!?
  226. Travelling from Memmingen (Allgäu Airport) to Zürich
  227. Pretty amazing commercial...
  228. parking fine
  229. Lausanne/Switzerland public transports pass
  230. Changes to parking in Zurich airport
  231. Driving Swiss registered car to UK permanently
  232. Internet or public phones at Geneva international airport?
  233. Where to get affordable replacement parts for a car?
  234. Purchasing an "unofficially" imported car from a dealer. Any personal experience ?
  235. 2014 wish - Switzerland to run world's public transport
  236. Help me narrow down the car choices, please
  237. Airport to Hongg
  238. Professional driver / taxi license and regulations + ride sharing restrictions
  239. Moving a car that is currently leased (buying it out before the move)
  240. Car Import Company to help with paperwork/hassle
  241. Bringing UK car into CH, but no plan to keep it there
  242. Repairing/polishing aluminium rims
  243. crossing the border twice, stopped twice...
  244. New cabins in United flights from GVA to/from IAD & EWR
  245. Driving to UK - Routes
  246. A beautiful day and a tragic story.
  247. Which route to Courmayeur?
  248. Road tax Zurich late billing
  249. Travelling Daily between ETH Zurich and Winterthur
  250. Winter tyres issue