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  1. Kwik Kwestion: Will "Check" dash light fail my MFK?
  2. moving household goods from stockholm to zurich
  3. How much rust for MFK?
  4. Sports car - Multi owner approach
  5. Renting a van
  6. Parking for residents & guests in Zurich
  7. Advice when buying a used car in Switzerland?
  8. Swiss Car, Swiss Insurance - driving after given up flat/left Switzerland
  9. New blue Parking Zone problems for manual workers
  10. Motorcycle rideouts
  11. Driver license exchange strategy
  12. Zürich Airport - Holiday Inn Messe
  13. Safety in the Train Stations
  14. Train derailed: Bienne - Yverdon folks getting to GVA by train will be complicated
  15. Cheap car repair/body shop near Lausanne
  16. Yatch international driving license
  17. Zurich, May 1st parking - Parking places to avoid.
  18. Parking meter and holidays
  19. Motor insurance question
  20. Driving in France after having lived in Switzerland for a year
  21. Motorbike driving rules
  22. Swiss Traffic Rules/Signs App
  23. Buying car in Germany financing in Switzerland
  24. The CFF app is selling wrong ticket or my mistake?
  25. Airport parking
  26. Can a Foreigner Buy a Car and Drive it Here?
  27. How to overcome flying phobia?
  28. contesting speeding ticket
  29. Driving to the UK - Space for one person
  30. Any Classic Motorbike Collectors? Possibly CZ Motorbikes???
  31. Is the halbtax card transferable?
  32. Motorcycle license plate/tags/Nummernschild
  33. 2 Motorcycle insurance change/cancelation.
  34. Car to pull horse trailer
  35. Motorcycle tires
  36. Help to choose a car for small family
  37. Importing UK car - speedometer/odometer
  38. How many seats available ?
  39. Free assistance for fast driving licence
  40. Family Wagon
  41. Harley Davidson Service
  42. Help with Car Leasing example
  43. Allowed summer tires
  44. Rust protection for car in ZH?
  45. Possible french air traffic control strike 8/9 April.
  46. Found camera on 8.09, Züri(-Bellinzona)-Lugano
  47. Does anyone have or know where I can get a van?
  48. How to use bus in CH
  49. Leaving a car without license plate outside?
  50. UK registered car with European insurance inc. CH
  51. Borrowing a car and putting my number plates.
  52. import a newly bought 2nd hand car from Italy
  53. Selling Car - Cancelling Registration Documents
  54. Windshield broken in inside
  55. Pls share: online taxi booking experience
  56. Car import from USA
  57. Looking for cooling seat cover
  58. Body Damage Help
  59. Wheel Allignment / Tracking in Zurich
  60. Driving Lessons in English (in Zug)
  61. Geneva to Florence this Easter
  62. Driving to Barcelona with kids and dog - tips for the route?
  63. What is the best car you have ever driven?
  64. Forgot to pay ticket fine, need info
  65. SBB Ticket Checks for Minors
  66. Looking for a mechanic to retrofit some extras to my Audi
  67. motorcycle Mechanic wanted.
  68. Dealer trade in vs private sale
  69. Import personal goods from Germany
  70. "Certificate of Conformity must be original"...
  71. Uber in CH - looking for people who already used it here
  72. Change of Address
  73. Canoe / Kayak carrier sought
  74. Parking in Mulhouse for TGV to Paris
  75. Flight from Basel - car or train?
  76. Cable ties on CV joint Gaiters for MFK
  77. 5 year old Passat/ Tiguan/ Avensis - money pit?
  78. What are the allowed amounts of sulfur in fuel in Switzerland?
  79. End of three year lease and expertise being billed
  80. Swiss Half Fare Card
  81. One year car rental?
  82. Yamaha motorbike service in Zürich/Wetzikon area: recommendation?
  83. Car paint mixed to code
  84. Car modifications and MFK
  85. Moving goods from UK to Switzerland
  86. a fuel coupon from a Tamoil Fuel-Station
  87. Motorcycle-approved exhausts? (Noise limits, emissions, ...)
  88. Switzerland driver's lecence
  89. good airports
  90. International train prices
  91. English driving lessons material in Zurich
  92. Can I buy an umweltplakette in Basel?
  93. Is it worth some lessons for the Kontrollfahr?
  94. Baselworld parking, any tips?
  95. Questions regarding eurorail and interrail
  96. Expired SBB Half Tax
  97. A1L Zürich (Schöneichtunnel) closed at night?
  98. Recommended cars for sale
  99. NL -> CH license plate and insurance
  100. Having issues finding importers for motorbike exhaust.
  101. for the experts: motorcycle battery dead?
  102. Suggestions for Class A motorcycle/motorbike
  103. Motorcycling first steps
  104. SBB GA Card and Half Fare Card
  105. Zvv website...... English is gone?
  106. Car attacked and partly eaten by a rodent.
  107. Who amongst you knew that bikes need a train ticket?
  108. Motorcycle accessories online shop?
  109. Monthly GA Question
  110. Driving license and driving practice info
  111. Terminal 5 & Swiss army knives
  112. Back Door of [Land Rover] Defender
  113. Import questions - Porsche Cayenne
  114. UBER in Zurich
  115. Options for unsold car?
  116. zurich to budapest by car
  117. do they actually check for tickets?
  118. Buying a used car procedure
  119. Best Monthly Travel Card -Zurich
  120. Moving with or without motorbike
  121. What kind of ticket is needed on the upper lake schiff
  122. Independent Harley Service Around Fribourg please?
  123. Best motorbike tours in German-speaking part of Switzerland
  124. Converting D class NY state license to Class D in Zurich?
  125. Selling a car - buyer wants to pay cash
  126. Ford C-Max used vs new
  127. Missed the 6 months period of the first further educational course..
  128. Convert Swiss probationary license to a foreign license
  129. Don't know who was speeding - what do we do for the fine?
  130. Car which had this accident
  131. Tyre repair firm sought
  132. Buying 2nd hand car mpv near Zurich-advice
  133. Permit change/ insurance changes?
  134. deregistering car in ZH moving to AG
  135. How does the public transport works in Lake Leman
  136. Confused about converting US driver license to Swiss for non-US citizens
  137. Someone dented my car
  138. Driving School/Lessons near Lausanne/Vevey
  139. Buying a car from garage - negotiations?
  140. Warning Grenz Crossings Near Basel
  141. Public Transportation System in Canton of Zurich
  142. Warning lights on after snow chains attached to wheels
  143. Recommendation for a car dealer/mechanic (giving, not asking) [ZH]
  144. Advice from car enthusiasts please!
  145. moving to germany- rent a car?
  146. car organizers: where to buy
  147. A new type of Certificate of Conformity question
  148. New Car in Switzerland - Registration, Taxes, Insurance?
  149. Small car (<100HP), costs per year
  150. Probational driving license and traffic violations
  151. Nightmare today at Geneva Airport
  152. Storing/selling a trailer brought from UK: Zurich
  153. Need to know about Mobility.ch
  154. Buying a Ferrari
  155. Renting a Car with Non Swiss/Non EU License
  156. Train crash north of Zürich injures 50 [Later reports state six injured]
  157. English speaking driving instructor in Horgen
  158. Selling a motorcycle after leaving Switzerland
  159. Buying 2nd hand car in Switzerland (non german speaking)
  160. Unlimited kilometer van rental
  161. Geneva's public transport ticket
  162. Selling an imported car
  163. Blue Parking when moving home to different city
  164. Where are the best places to post the car for sale?
  165. Support Uber in Basel - come on EF'ers!
  166. best place to buy a cheap van
  167. Scrap car
  168. Early flight Zurich airport - tight travel time
  169. Anyone Want My Bucket?
  170. Commuting from Zug to Winterthur
  171. Motorbike exhaust question
  172. Boat Trailer Rental
  173. Drive through car wash
  174. Bike Rentals
  175. Bike carrier - punitive CH rule?
  176. Driving lesson (idea) pratique et théorique
  177. SBB Montly Pass From Basel SBB to Zurich HB
  178. Ordering Car Rims with winter tyres
  179. Easyjet Basel - how long before the flight
  180. what makes the difference in the petrol price between different gas station?
  181. EU law targets foreign rogue drivers to curb offences
  182. New Evening GA card
  183. Biennial medical recertification of drivers from age 70
  184. current leasing rates
  185. Register car in Switzerland as EU-citizen
  186. Alleged parking offence in Serbia
  187. Independent Porsche workshop near Geneva
  188. Tram 8 and GA
  189. Geneva Motor Show/Auto Salon 5th to 15th March 2015
  190. UK Driving License to UK - Card/Paper?
  191. Track 7 to Chiasso from Zurich in the morning
  192. Mobility lowering their km rates
  193. Thoughts on buying a car
  194. Garage cheating on price
  195. Different ticket options for a daily office commuter in Zurich public transport
  196. Exchange UK Driving License
  197. Advice on selling a Mercedes SLK (requiring work)
  198. Looking for a new VW Passat from Germany/France
  199. Good mechanic in Nyon/Geneva/Fr.Voisine?
  200. New car vs used car
  201. Travelling from Zurich to Venice
  202. How to price a used car when wanting to sell
  203. How to sell a 996 Porsche 911 C4 1999
  204. Basel tram system
  205. Driving from Bern to London(LHS vs. RHS)
  206. How to get GA SBB free?
  207. Direct Ferries France/UK trips 20% discount
  208. New car MFK/Expertise period extended to 5 yrs. [starting Feb 2017]
  209. The real scoop on yellow headlights
  210. SBB reduces ticket prices for international trips
  211. Rover vs Mini
  212. SBB day card promo
  213. Imported from US and would like to fix/prep it in Germany for MFK exam. Any solution?
  214. Chunnel services suspended due to fire
  215. Eurostar serivces suspended due to fire
  216. Help, swiss licence has spelling error!
  217. How much do you think it would cost to get some posters printed for public transport?
  218. Dietikon Limmatfeld Car Park problem
  219. Travel by train and bus from Zurich to Samnaun
  220. Questions related to car lease transfer / registration
  221. exchanging driving license in Zurich for non-EU: timing, costs, materials?
  222. Certificate and Test for driving licence
  223. Engine re-map
  224. Looking for big empty van returning to the UK before end of Feb 15
  225. Driving to Arosa from Zurich
  226. Speeding Ticket
  227. Driving license A - What to do
  228. One Number Plate - Two cars - two vignettes or one?
  229. Need spare temp tyre, wrench and a jack
  230. Inflatable Bubble Bum car booster seat
  231. Working in Basel and Living in Zurich
  232. Travelling outside my train pass zone
  233. Maximum amount for parking ticket?
  234. Problem with insurance on newly imported car
  235. Ozone treatment for car in Zurich
  236. Converting US WA/CA License to Swiss in Zurich and Driving back in the US.
  237. Driving licence in Bern
  238. Suitcase broken on almost every flight - common issue?
  239. Snow - Wheel Chains
  240. Tram crashes into Coop - Zurich transport delays
  241. How long does it take to sell a car on EF?
  242. Does vehicle import duty calculator exist?
  243. Driving license course in France/Germany
  244. Any tyre garage open on new year's day?
  245. Snow tyres for non swiss cars?
  246. Driving Lessons
  247. Import agent for importing and registering a car from Germany?
  248. Insurance Car Import
  249. Someone else used my personal details for a driving ticket
  250. What car seat do you use for the kids?