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  1. a week in Zurich - best option for public transport
  2. Getting rid of used tyres?
  3. Petrol/diesel or hybrid engine?
  4. [Wanted] Driving instructor for License Conversion and driving test in Zurich
  5. Import old car from France-requirements? Or ideas where to buy used 4x4?
  6. White space parking in Zurich
  7. Van hire Basel Airport ?
  8. driving schools Bern
  9. Car fee and winter tires
  10. Android App to Alert of Speeding [Traffic Sign Recognition]
  11. BMW advice
  12. "Radar" sign
  13. selling car, new owner not registering, need advice
  14. Fair price for 2006 Mazda6 (2.3)
  15. Reputation of Ford cars in Switzerland
  16. Buying Swiss car and canton change
  17. Usteristrasse, Zürich: Watch out for the tram!
  18. car wrapping
  19. Car hire in Spain Europcar- warning
  20. Motorbike winter garage
  21. Shaving new tyre to match others
  22. Snowdays in Vaud (driving motorbike)
  23. Buying car vs leasing?
  24. Quick Steel Equivalent in Switzerland
  25. Diaper Change on Trains- what am I missing?
  26. move from Northern Ireland
  27. Buying first motorbike
  28. Swiss driving test
  29. Can I drive with non-EU license?
  30. Second driver in a rented car exceeded speed A LOT, but I got the ticket- what to do?
  31. Bike Accident - repair costs?
  32. Bought the wrong ZVV pass - refund?
  33. AVOID - London Stansted Airport - AVOID
  34. Customs problem
  35. Choosing a car radio (stereo / deck / whatever!)
  36. Motorbike not declared at custom, what I do now?
  37. Car importing and MFK test details
  38. Strassenverkersamt and summer tires
  39. parking a motorbike at st. jakobs for the footie
  40. Cheap Man with a Van for Lausanne Area
  41. Buying a quad bike in from UK
  42. Driving a car with foreign plates which is not mine
  43. Half Tax Offer
  44. what would disqualify a Probationary driving licence?
  45. Ford cannot deliver a DPF since more than a month
  46. Online Auto Parts Stores CH and DE
  47. What if I paid the bill twice?
  48. Buying Cartes journalière / Tageskarte / day travel passes from another commune
  49. Driving licence exchange
  50. Grundkurs Basel - A1 license
  51. Unsubstantiated speeding..
  52. Vehicle Tax Question
  53. repair of windscreen stone chip
  54. New opinions about cars (and new budget as well)
  55. keeping your own motorcycle after switching to tourist visa
  56. Going to looking for a used car, I am unfamiliar with many of the cars here.
  57. Today Train Delays Aarau <=> Schönenwerd (Olten)
  58. Motor Oil
  59. which ticket(s) Basel SBB --> Saint-Louis
  60. English Translation
  61. Share transport UK -> CH in early/mid October 2014?
  62. Used Car Lots Switzerland
  63. Private Fines Zurich Airport
  64. Canton stickers
  65. When do you swap in your winter tyres? When must you?
  66. Buying a BMW F800GSA
  67. Transport trucks / vans - one way rentals
  68. Car broke down day of purchase
  69. Luzern to Lugano on a Saturday morning.
  70. Geneva Taxi-drivers
  71. Remapping a car and road tax
  72. Children on public transport around NWT - best options
  73. Swiss made bike identification??
  74. Tubeless Auto Tire going flat
  75. Opinion on the car(s)
  76. Take a Parking Space or Not?
  77. Car Import Zurich
  78. MFK before major service?
  79. Stolen bike - ever returned??
  80. Am I allowed to drive a scooter with a Swiss category B licence?
  81. bit of an engineering problem attaching a bike trailer
  82. Car evaluation
  83. Is this car suspiciously cheap?
  84. handicapped parking
  85. Is this car reasonably priced?
  86. Lufthansa strike today
  87. Young drivers, and their driving licenses
  88. What do you think about this car?
  89. Commuting from Zürich to Winterthur
  90. MFK for a car over 30 years old
  91. Speeding fine on GB plate - how can I pay it (not been notified yet)
  92. What is my next bike?
  93. Transport options for visiting Zurich from Villigen
  94. Motorcycle driving lessons in Geneva/Nyon area
  95. Motorbike Exam
  96. Where to find car history when buying used car
  97. Importing car 5 months old...
  98. Hiring a van
  99. Blue parking zone permit spaces
  100. Question on parking
  101. Aloc Cars Car Rental Experience
  102. Moving Back to UK? Why not hire this man with a van?
  103. Swiss driving license while living in Germany
  104. Catch-A-Car Basel - Car Sharing
  105. How to rent your own vehicle?
  106. Public Transport
  107. Renting a car for ~3 months [zrh]
  108. I want a motorcycle!
  109. Insurance Invalid When Speeding: Has Anyone Heard of This?
  110. Selling a right-hand drive car in Switzerland
  111. Where to find auto transmission fluid in Lugano?
  112. Motorcycle driving test
  113. lost bus-ticket (monthly ticket)
  114. Driving test bill
  115. Cancelling GA
  116. Self garage / Associative garage ...
  117. Am I jumping the gun? Licence plate question...
  118. Car advice for a family of 6
  119. how check car from switzerland
  120. Buy a New Car and Old Car Solution
  121. Bus ticket Protocol?
  122. Motor Scooter Electrician
  123. Car lease on B permit
  124. Insurance on a REX Imola 125
  125. English speaking garages in Vaud (Villeneuve/Montreux area)
  126. Exceeded 12 month limit for exchanging UK drivers licence for Swiss
  127. Possible Car Accident Question
  128. Suggestions on how to transport a bunk bed to Wengen?
  129. Bicycle parking at Zurich Airport
  130. Traffic accident, should I get a lawyer
  131. Front license plate adapter?
  132. English speaking driving instructor, Fribourg?
  133. renting a car in UK and dropping off in basel
  134. Train Change - Time for a visit?
  135. Price of car renting...
  136. Easyjet Geneva to Edinburgh - Duty free products
  137. Falsely received SBB fine?
  138. Bicycle service in Cham (ZG)
  139. EF Challenge: Pick me a car.....
  140. Zurich - Renew ZVV annual subscription
  141. Buying SBB / CFF / FFS day tickets for travel in Switzerland
  142. temporary BORROWED car import: form.15.30
  143. Day Tickets
  144. parku platform - shared parking / experiences?
  145. New Car Decision
  146. Lost drivers licence
  147. Buying a second-hand bicycle
  148. license plate stolen abroad
  149. Car Rental parking damage
  150. Parking a rental car in wiedikon, zurich
  151. Do you recommend any petrol station company?
  152. Tinting Rear Windows
  153. Small trailer
  154. New motorbike plates for used bike
  155. Rip-off speed traps – now even the cops complain!
  156. Porsche parts in Germany near Switzerland border (or web)
  157. Zurich Taxis Most Expensive in World (But Still Cheaper Than Basel)
  158. UBER car sharing around Geneva
  159. Where to find a car tutor
  160. Do IC trains no longer go direct to Geneva airport?
  161. Geneva-Zürich transport pass
  162. How to buy a 'special' number plate?
  163. Importing car with LPG-installation
  164. Discount Rail Travel
  165. Train Passes Question
  166. airport zurich arrivals
  167. Any available carpooling today Zurich to Geneva?
  168. Parking Space for Motorcycle
  169. Best way to use the GA travel card
  170. Owning a car in Germany and living in Switzerland
  171. Motorbike drives
  172. Sending a suitcase from Milan to Basel
  173. anybody bought used cars from althardstrasse,regensdorf,zurich
  174. ZVV and Half-Fare Cards - Residents Only?
  175. Which option for MFK Bern for imported vehicles?
  176. What to bring to the practical test?
  177. First aid course in English
  178. Share a van
  179. Does it cost money to drive into Switzerland? (rumor, want clarification)
  180. How much do you budget for traffic fines?
  181. Travel Insurance Outside Switzerland - Recommendation Required
  182. Driving Abroad - Rules and tips
  183. Enjoying a ride out in Lugano
  184. Courier import (customs clearing) charges
  185. What is "Contrôle technique du véhicule" (OETV) [answered]
  186. Buying a motorhome for long europe trip
  187. Bringing cars without actually importing them
  188. Driving motorbike during winter in Zurich
  189. How to determine resale value of imported vehicle
  190. Driving to south of Hamburg/RideShare
  191. Combining a ZVV Bonus Pass with tickets outside of ZH
  192. car bumper scratches - home repair
  193. SBB online ticket-mobile
  194. Requirements for driving in EU
  195. place to practice motorbike skills
  196. Owner Liability When Selling a Used Car
  197. Basel Annual Tram Pass
  198. Where can I rent a car for one month for a reasonable price in Zurich?
  199. klausenpass drive - anyone up for it?
  200. Driving licence medical check
  201. Pierburg 2EE carburator repair
  202. 24/7 petrol stations in Lausanne
  203. Crossing from UK to France?
  204. Strategies to stop your bike getting pinched
  205. Garage/mechanic for BMW Service in Italy (or Lugano)
  206. Cours de sensibilisation( in english,Neuchatel)
  207. Car air condition refill info required
  208. ebike advice needed
  209. Train Ticket to Jestetten, Germany?
  210. Buying a cheap car for export to EU
  211. Arrgghh I put wrong fuel in the car!!
  212. Train ticket/abonnement parcours - returning different route
  213. Parking near Beckenhofstrasse, Zurich
  214. Zurich to lake Como tomorrow morning.. pls help me plan a route..
  215. Trolleys on Trains
  216. Failed 2 MFK's - whats the score
  217. Car accident without corrective glasses
  218. Flying to London Southend
  219. Importing German used car
  220. New number plates
  221. Importing my car from EU (NL) to CH: technicalities
  222. Temporary tags/license plates on a scooter
  223. Looking for 2nd handed 50cc Scooter in Lausanne
  224. Fribourg-Bern trains cancelled/disrupted
  225. Fine for driving in Taxi/Bus lane in Lausanne?
  226. [Driving] ban in France, Swiss now want add more
  227. Buying a travel card from abroad
  228. What must a driver have in a car?
  229. Moving a swiss motorcycle to the UK
  230. driving dad's car in Switzerland
  231. Short term driving foreign registered car and insurance
  232. Non-swiss rental
  233. How to get rid of a car in the Basel region
  234. Selling an imported car
  235. Can anyone recommend a motorbiker ground course instructor?
  236. Germany to charge foreign motorists for autobahn use
  237. Motorcycle MFK, small bits of rubber.
  238. red traffic light in Zürich
  239. Driving with a license when you're younger than 18
  240. buying used car (setting the right price)
  241. Anyone bought a car from Auto Züri West?
  242. Proving 3-Year Driving Record/History
  243. New security measures at UK and US airports
  244. MFK - Wettingen on windscreen replacement spree
  245. Car Renting
  246. Driving in Germany today? from 1st July 14 need Safety Jacket
  247. Can Einzelbillett tickets be used more than once...?
  248. TGV Lyria Lausanne-Paris changes?
  249. How to ask for the proper bus ticket in German?
  250. Driving a relative's swiss car with EU licence?