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  1. How to tell if a car is original "Swiss" or import
  2. Hiring a van
  3. Time to receive traffic violation in ch
  4. Transport share from UK
  5. Fine for biking [cycling]
  6. Advice on transportation Baden to Zurich (ETH)
  7. MonoRover R2 (mini-segway, self-balancing board) etc
  8. 3 tickets/3 days from Private enforcement company
  9. Learning to fly in Lausanne (or possibly Geneva)
  10. How can I check if i have unpaid speeding tickets?
  11. Where to find annual parking near Enge/Brandschenkestrasse ?
  12. Selling a car? How do I get the payment?
  13. MFK mandatory to buy a 3yr old 2nd hand car?
  14. Driving lesson near Horgen
  15. Road Tax - when is it due?
  16. L sign on VW up
  17. Buying used Hyundai Santa Fe 2009 model
  18. Rad steht, Kind geht - Wheel stops rolling, Child is going.
  19. Wrong parking fine
  20. So what does happen when a male wants two bags onboard a flight?
  21. Parking an RV
  22. SBB day card promo
  23. Sports cars events (?)
  24. Rush hour traffic Vevey area
  25. LED Indicator bulbs
  26. Number plates blanked in photos
  27. Independent auto repair shop in Basel area?
  28. Withdrawal of Driver's Licence
  29. Car Rental - Crans Montana - King Rent
  30. Advice needed on direct import, and extended warranty
  31. Importing Car Company (Germany to Switzerland)
  32. Running red light ticket - Police Mistake
  33. British Airports VAT Scam
  34. Geneva dealer buying rhd cars
  35. Parking Ticket for 470 chf !!!!
  36. Get Swiss driving license within five years after move without issues?
  37. Parking again .. Blue / Time Disc etc
  38. New car under 35000 CHF
  39. Geneva to Amsterdam - via France or Germany?
  40. Only permitted to renew new halbtax in person?
  41. Buying cars with high mileage?
  42. My UK License is still Valid !
  43. Has anybody in the past payed to get a number plate in Zürich?
  44. Transport a motorcycle via train?
  45. PPC Immoservice fined [friend using visitor parking space]
  46. No love for sunroofs?
  47. G permit can i buy a car?
  48. Wanted FREE lift to London by student
  49. Transport from Cambridge to London Luton: National Express Bus or not?
  50. Airbag in car faulty
  51. Parking in Ticino
  52. Train to Malpensa from Zurich
  53. Auto repair shop with own part
  54. SBB Inter-City pass not valid on Buses locally?
  55. Verifying printed SBB tickets before departure
  56. 2-Phasen training in and around Zurich
  57. Looking for private parking pully port
  58. Otto's Cars
  59. Food into Switzerland
  60. Permis de circulation - Original or copy?
  61. Trip Zurich to Basel
  62. Affordable journey through Zurich
  63. Race driving course
  64. Selling car help please
  65. Ebike subventions Zurich
  66. 23/07/2015 transa good deal on child bicycle trailers
  67. Car wheel alignment check (but only with bare eyes)
  68. Traffic law for bikers - passing right allowed?
  69. Cheapest train tickets to Paris for the weekend... SBB the only way?
  70. licence plate sizes
  71. Buy a car windscreen - new or used ?
  72. Importing New Car - Inspection waiting time
  73. Import a motocycle from EU
  74. Is this another Swiss rip off
  75. 6 years in CH, Indian driving licence
  76. Car will be paid off, what to do RE transfer ownership?
  77. Selling a motorbike
  78. Failed motorcycle manöverprüfung [BASEL]
  79. Motorcycle Exhaust Questionnaire : Termignoni
  80. License plate
  81. Zurich Night Tram
  82. Operation Stack
  83. San Bernardino Hinterrhein carpark
  84. Not all inspector are....
  85. New Private car rental system - sharoo.com
  86. Rental Car Recommendation in Zurich
  87. A1 license
  88. Mobility vs. Renting - opinions?
  89. Friday traffic Gotthard/Milan
  90. How do you remove number plates?
  91. Scooter for motorcycle course
  92. BMW Timing Chain Issue
  93. Crossing border with bike
  94. Get a tow bar fitted
  95. Car Perfume: Where to buy in Zurich?
  96. Cheapest way to get to budapest next weekend
  97. why there isn't a tram or bus number 1 in Zurich
  98. Street Parking
  99. 2015 Car service in Germany VS Switzerland
  100. Buying Moto from Dealer: Questions!
  101. German VAT Refund - Timeline
  102. Cycling on the road
  103. Can I change Wheel Size?
  104. Looking to buy a scooter for an adult
  105. Driving instructor near Morges
  106. Parking near Les Docks, Lausanne
  107. Driving my parents car on foreign license plates in Switzerland with L Permit
  108. U-abo payment: orange slip or machine?
  109. Stuck in Geneva on Saturday looking for garage right now!!!
  110. Only in Switzerland - VBZ announces ticket inspections
  111. Driving License
  112. Car for newcomers
  113. Help! I hit a parked car!
  114. Any Experience with Maute.ch? Any one?
  115. Wanderweg and cycling. ...laws?
  116. "Global Car Trading " - Experiences
  117. Female motorbike clothing
  118. Is it Mandatory Emission Test - Imported Seat Ibiza 2006
  119. Fire at Lausanne station
  120. Volvo garage around Zürich
  121. Empty Van returns to the UK
  122. Motorcycle license A1
  123. Swiss International receives the Bombardier CS-100
  124. Lausanne: motorcycle self servicing
  125. garage recommendation required (basel)
  126. Half-travel card for a tourist
  127. Top 100 airlines 2015 published
  128. motorcycle drive license
  129. No Vehicles Allowed sign - exceptions?
  130. HID kit vs phillips 6000k bulb
  131. driving from Zurich to Istria and back - summer tips, please?
  132. WAB 1 and 2 courses in English
  133. Zürich-Dietikon: best public transport ticket
  134. From U.K. to Swiss Licence
  135. Buying a second hand car
  136. driving licence - theory test
  137. Honda Civic advice
  138. Insurance validity after leaving CH
  139. Buying a Mini Cooper?
  140. Swiss to (partially) introduce baggage fees from 23 June
  141. Bus tickets:Does anyone care?
  142. Converting to LED lights
  143. Truck Parts And Tires Used And New Online
  144. 6 months lease
  145. Best travel card for commuting in Vaud?
  146. vignette for a trailer
  147. Shipping Car from India
  148. Change to timetables, Dec 2015 to Dec 2016
  149. Help please: Living in Zug and work in Zurich (Uetlibergstrasse)
  150. Lufthansa Group to start charging a fee for booking on 3rd party sites
  151. Closure of Calais Port Sunday 7th June 2015
  152. Zurich HB - Nearly locked inside!
  153. Nissan dealer in Vaud (as close to Monthey as possible)
  154. Car buying advice
  155. Camping Car / RV rental in USA
  156. Airport -> city -> Uster public transport ticket costs
  157. Car leasing calculator question
  158. Using your blinkers / turn indicators
  159. Switzerlanded by Swiss (the airline)
  160. Driving license: First-aid course in English
  161. Vehicle registration - car address doesn't change but registered owner's does
  162. Mystery Geneva train station
  163. Question about getting Halb Tax card
  164. Import in car after moving
  165. Imported Car from Germany - no Tax return
  166. Importing 2015 BMW M4 Convertible from CA -> Zurich
  167. rent a transporter
  168. Shipping car from US to Switzerland
  169. Early transport Zürich centrum->airport
  170. Youth GA Card - 2,600 CHF, Worth It?
  171. Travelling with Cathay Pacific
  172. how easy is it to obtain a different license plate shape?
  173. Garage/mechanic for car inspection
  174. Honest Used Cars Dealers
  175. British car in Switz
  176. Advice needed on buying a bmw car.
  177. Motorcycle headlight laws?
  178. Store for Car Accessories
  179. Can I still take a Kontrollfahrt while my foreign licence was banned once
  180. Taxi drivers reluctant to take credit card...
  181. ZVV free all day 31st May 2015
  182. Where can I buy a tow bar for a Honda CRV ?
  183. Automatic vs Manual kontrolfart [Driving Test]
  184. TRAVIC - "Real Time" Public Transport Visualisation
  185. Public transport bus crashed into my car
  186. Car with a high milage
  187. Possible to buy a monthly zone 110 on SBB App?
  188. License plates on rental/hire cars
  189. Mobile speed radar Basel
  190. Motorhome Secure Storage
  191. guess he was practicing..
  192. Importing car from NL to CH - urgent question.
  193. Splitting journeys
  194. Train & road delays ZH to Milan today (13/05/15)
  195. Car accident
  196. Lötschberg Base Tunnel and alternatives on big Holiday Weekend
  197. Rental car prices - what a difference
  198. simple bike holder in the back for 2 pieces for combi
  199. Is Gotthard busy in both directions on holidays?
  200. Should I install a trailer hitch before importing my car?
  201. Fine for driving on yellow traffic light
  202. DE Car Import - Dealer delivering
  203. Navigation system upgrade
  204. With eurchf exchange rate, are cars cheaper now?
  205. Leave your car and ride an e-bike for 2 weeks! Come on EF-ers!
  206. BMW Coding
  207. Driving ban or not?
  208. Steering wheel shake - any recommendation
  209. Relocating from Zurich to Liverpool mid-late May
  210. Bring a Belgian car to Zurich for 1 year
  211. Liegenschaft Parking Ticket
  212. Kwik Kwestion: Will "Check" dash light fail my MFK?
  213. moving household goods from stockholm to zurich
  214. How much rust for MFK?
  215. Sports car - Multi owner approach
  216. Renting a van
  217. Parking for residents & guests in Zurich
  218. Advice when buying a used car in Switzerland?
  219. Swiss Car, Swiss Insurance - driving after given up flat/left Switzerland
  220. New blue Parking Zone problems for manual workers
  221. Motorcycle rideouts
  222. Driver license exchange strategy
  223. Zürich Airport - Holiday Inn Messe
  224. Safety in the Train Stations
  225. Train derailed: Bienne - Yverdon folks getting to GVA by train will be complicated
  226. Cheap car repair/body shop near Lausanne
  227. Yatch international driving license
  228. Zurich, May 1st parking - Parking places to avoid.
  229. Parking meter and holidays
  230. Motor insurance question
  231. Driving in France after having lived in Switzerland for a year
  232. Motorbike driving rules
  233. Swiss Traffic Rules/Signs App
  234. Buying car in Germany financing in Switzerland
  235. The CFF app is selling wrong ticket or my mistake?
  236. Airport parking
  237. Can a Foreigner Buy a Car and Drive it Here?
  238. How to overcome flying phobia?
  239. contesting speeding ticket
  240. Driving to the UK - Space for one person
  241. Any Classic Motorbike Collectors? Possibly CZ Motorbikes???
  242. Is the halbtax card transferable?
  243. Motorcycle license plate/tags/Nummernschild
  244. 2 Motorcycle insurance change/cancelation.
  245. Car to pull horse trailer
  246. Motorcycle tires
  247. Help to choose a car for small family
  248. Importing UK car - speedometer/odometer
  249. How many seats available ?
  250. Free assistance for fast driving licence