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  1. Indiancitizen - English-speaking employment(s/w testing) in/around Schaffausen/Zurich
  2. Maximum hours a company can expect you to work legally
  3. European Voluntary Year 2011
  4. Legal working hours for foreigners
  5. Networking in Switzerland
  6. How much to charge per one hour?
  7. Germany or Switzerland?
  8. Educational jobs in Zurich?
  9. Fundraising salaries
  10. english lad needs help.
  11. Telecommute from Belgium for Swiss company
  12. UBS Report on Global Purchasing Power comparison
  13. State of the job market
  14. Finding a quick job doing any sort of work when you don't speak French
  15. Any information regarding voluntary visiting?
  16. How much can a student earn?
  17. In need for some advice
  18. Dual Citizen and Employment
  19. Live-out nanny/au-pair - what are the chances?
  20. ETL Market in Switzerland
  21. corporate Language in Swiss IT Companies
  22. Looking for Customer Care, Call centre work
  23. Why can´t I have a job?
  24. Contracting in the UK while resident in Switzerland
  25. Personal Trainer - what is the hourly rate like ?
  26. Part time job over the summer?
  27. Electrical/electronic engineering english job in Switzerland
  28. Contracting in Switzerland - Let the Naive Beware!
  29. Non-EU wth Swiss Masters - luckless thusfar - why ?
  30. Anyone here work for PwC ? Need interview tips
  31. Lost my job due to illness
  32. interveiw questions-why you leave your last company,how I reply
  33. HVAC technician sought for full time employment in Geneva area
  34. Advice to get started? [Chef]
  35. English-speaker with conversational German seeking temp work
  36. Help me mobbing my colleague!!!!
  37. Jobs for 15 year olds near Geneva
  38. Australian seeking advice re employment
  39. what is the average hourly rate for a nanny position?
  40. Nanny - work direct or through agency?
  41. Working as a nanny - agency or sole trader?
  42. Summer internship in tourism
  43. Sick Leave Legal Entitlement - Help Needed Please
  44. English-speaking Clinical Psychologist looking for work in Luzern/Zug area
  45. Changes in unemployment benefits
  46. IT Salary Questions
  47. how to handle a stubborn swiss employee
  48. Summer job for bilingual student
  49. Unemployment benefit EU citizen with 5yrs B permit
  50. Experience with Lecho GmbH
  51. Graduate recruitment
  52. Internship taxes and contract language ...
  53. Changing Job: no compete clause
  54. Job Impulse personal agency experience
  55. CV and Cover letter in English
  56. Slow Food Restaurants Enquiry
  57. Is CHF120K a good salary in Switzerland?
  58. Experiences obtaining a self employment (with the intention to offer private tutoring
  59. Lufthansa Technik, Basel..?????
  60. Lohndumping
  61. Non Destructive Testing Jobs ...Salary..???
  62. Technical diving in Switzerland
  63. Teaching assistant in an international primary school / kindergarten salary
  64. Employment in Basel..!!!!
  65. End of trial period
  66. 'Intellectual Property' after business hours
  67. Move to Switzerland then look for a job or looking for a job then move?
  68. Salary - is there a minimum wage in Switzerland?
  69. Languages needed to be a nurse in Switzerland
  70. Seeking help to perfect CV/cover letter
  71. work contract seems very dubious
  72. desperately need an internship in finance
  73. Helicopter or Commercial Aviation Work
  74. Is this Typical for a Swiss Resume?
  75. Dell in ticino
  76. Trader wants to move to Switzerland
  77. Concequences for employer or employee
  78. Tips on where to find useful work experience near Bern
  79. Going Direct ?
  80. salary on par ???
  81. Is Apostille stamp on diploma required by Swiss employers?
  82. Basel - CV Photos.
  83. Educational and Child Psychologists in Geneva?
  84. Unfair employer
  85. sticky post-wage calculator
  86. Looking for some advice [work in CH]
  87. English speaking PR & Marketing Jobs in Switzerland
  88. Employers that hire women with headscarves
  89. Teaching at secondary school (Gymnasium) in Switzerland
  90. English speaking companies + Web Sites for job searchers in Switzerland
  91. ABB interview and salary advice
  92. Redundancy while being sick
  93. Become a Science teacher
  94. Suitable jobs
  95. sick while leaving a company?
  96. A question about worker's rights.
  97. Swiss recruiting Cabin staff at Aero Friedrichshafen
  98. Can I live in France and Work in Switzerland?
  99. Jobs for spanish speakers.
  100. Anyone heard of Amaris?
  101. Working as an independent tutor? (EU B Permit)
  102. experiencing long delay
  103. Is CHF 70,000 a good salary to get by in Basel?
  104. Am I entitled to any benefits?
  105. Help! My Swiss colleague is driving me mad!
  106. Can recent grads apply to CH/EU restricted jobs
  107. New Zealand Clinical Psychologist moving to Switzerland
  108. Working from home?
  109. May I work on weekends / PT ?
  110. Unemployment rate drops to 3.4% [Mar 2011]
  111. Bogus Job Offer? Totalcare 015
  112. Very demotivating and depressing. Looking for junior finance jobs in Geneva.PLS help!
  113. English Speaking Nanny Jobs In Zurich? Advice, tips please
  114. Unemployment benefits if I left CH to study and am now back?
  115. Employment Opportunity / Job at the British Embassy in Bern
  116. Seeking advice on employment for US citizen
  117. Question about vocational training
  118. Legal challenge
  119. Tips wanted in dealing with Swiss employers
  120. Working for a US employer whilst living in CH
  121. Old rare books digitization projects
  122. unemployment regulations [RAV etc. as I am made redundant on 30.03.2011]
  123. Competitions Process Manager (FIFA)
  124. Sending CV's on the off chance of being hired
  125. Basic Salary > Net salary?
  126. Looking for work in the Zurich area
  127. Which websites I can find part-time jobs in Geneva?
  128. Quantitative analyst salary
  129. Hottest careers that required no college degree in Switzerland...?
  130. Another place to find a job [ZU]
  131. Recruitment related question
  132. Sticky au pair situation
  133. Are there any Japanese speaking job opportunities?
  134. New to working in Zuerich
  135. New kid on the Swiss pharma block - Shire
  136. Termination on an Assignment in Switzerland - Non EU
  137. Looking for some guide related to my career
  138. Unemployment benefit if you set up our own company
  139. Kinder Krippe job(s) available
  140. C2 Help!!...Teaching Positions
  141. Student internships as a graduate
  142. experteer.ch - Premium Service
  143. Contract buyout - advice?
  144. Need a website information for IT jobs in Switzerland
  145. Change in Contract - 50% from 100%
  146. Min salary based on education, position and experience
  147. Telling the truth about present salary at interviews
  148. Pregnancy during notice period.
  149. Has anyone found a job through EF Job ads?
  150. How to benchmark a salary package?
  151. Probability of getting hired without german/italien/french knowledge? Help...
  152. What are my chances of finding work in Switzerland?
  153. Annual salary increases for teachers ?
  154. Looking for work in stores for a teen
  155. Lack of job, plenty of problems...
  156. Why Cant My Swiss Husband Get a Job Here?
  157. Favourite employer in Zurich/Switzerland ?
  158. Interview tips
  159. part time work and rav
  160. CV for career change
  161. Audio Business in Switzerland
  162. Fired while sick
  163. One Last Shot
  164. Getting a Swiss-style "work certificate" from a Canadian employer...
  165. My Experience Getting Hired in CH (NonEU)
  166. How long to wait for responses to job applications?
  167. Jobs for the boys!
  168. Is Working Visa A Dirty word?
  169. Negotiating Salary for AD at UBS
  170. IT Project Management Internship/Junior
  171. Electronic copies of diplomas/certificates for job applications?
  172. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
  173. EU Pemit B - Dog walking business = Q?
  174. Dental Hygiene - Organisations/Advice for finding work in CH
  175. Any legal types who can advise on Ex-Pat contracts ?
  176. Employer pays too much tax - where do I turn?
  177. Some advice needed on the Job front.
  178. Fine for Employers who don't send out Annual Income Statement
  179. Minimum work time before maternity leave?
  180. Job Application Timescale Query
  181. Minimum wage for unqualified day care intern
  182. searching for a job as Draughtsman
  183. Pregnant written off sick 50% and being forced to take my leave before the birth
  184. Social finance / impact investing in CH
  185. Supply teaching
  186. Customer Service Manager Salary
  187. Reimbursed for travel costs for job interview?
  188. Notice period - timing
  189. Minimum wage for nanny
  190. I just need a job
  191. Jobs for American Student in Zurich
  192. career consultant in the IT field in Zurich?
  193. The most essential book for interviews and getting hired
  194. Manual Labour
  195. 3 weeks (unpaid) internship - Zürich
  196. IT Trainer question
  197. Volunteering opportunities
  198. Australian/US wanting to work in Switzerland
  199. Where is the best job market for a marketing graduate in Switzerland?
  200. Frustrated with Jobsearch...trying to find a job asap
  201. Commercial real estate
  202. How to resign
  203. Teaching jobs in Lausanne - anyone with tips or Websites ?
  204. FAQ: Is CHF100'000 a good salary?
  205. Teleworking for swiss companies
  206. recommendations for a student teacher
  207. Patent attorney
  208. New law for swiss univ grads
  209. Legal Action for overpayment
  210. Résumé vs Curriculum Vitć.
  211. Salaries in Switzerland - These and other questions answered before you ask!
  212. FAQ: A brief guide to salaries in Switzerland
  213. Reasonable salary for Software Engineer in Luzern
  214. How much is reasonable salary for Sr. Manager in a big Pharma?
  215. Teaching in Switzerland
  216. English speaking healthcare
  217. Does anyone knows SIKA company in Zurich Altstetten?
  218. Geneva Salary
  219. New to Zurich and looking for advice to get a chef job.
  220. Endlessly frustrated with clueless recruiters and job search in general
  221. Unemployment benefits - After the PhD
  222. Couple moving to a job in Zurich - can one of us still freelance for a UK company
  223. Night work
  224. Employment Agencies in Zurich
  225. Can you believe this? [Pay rates for new graduates, and for foreigners]
  226. Help! English speaking teacher. No German
  227. RAV question
  228. Recruitment agencies pharma, biotech
  229. Swiss International Air Lines: application feedback wait
  230. How to find employment agencies
  231. Easy to find a job in Geneva ? Not so sure...
  232. Can I have 2 jobs in the same time
  233. Working for six-group vs credit suisse!
  234. Is there a move towards less positions where just English is okay?
  235. Salary negotiation for M&A position
  236. Waiting for job interview result
  237. Massage therapy courses
  238. International school recruiting
  239. Sick Leave eligibility in switzerland
  240. Language level
  241. Hindi speaker needed in Zurich?
  242. Anyone can help me about Sunrise Communications ? I've an interview with them
  243. Head Hunters in Zurich in the scientific field
  244. Salary dispute with employer
  245. Leaving notice etiquette
  246. Learning SAP in Basel
  247. IT Agencies for English jobs
  248. 8th Month on the Zurich job hunt - HELP/ADVICE/ANYTHING?
  249. English Speaking Companies in Basel?
  250. Is there a Swiss equivalent of Gumtree? Or TNT magazine?