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  1. Career Guidance sought
  2. Language Tutoring Questions
  3. Need some help and advise
  4. Employment Lawyer in Lugano
  5. Agribusiness senior consultant salary advice please, Geneva
  6. American Lawyer Living in Zurich and Looking for Advice
  7. American in Lausanne interested in part-time work at ANY salary
  8. New To Switzerland- Should I Negotiate?
  9. Handing your notice in after the notice period
  10. Useful advice especially for Swiss labor market
  11. Take an offer-- or not-- while unemployed??
  12. Relocation fees if working at EPFL
  13. Arbeitsbewilligung for UK citizen
  14. End of season vacation money
  15. Salary Check
  16. Salaries for lawyers in Vaud - advice please asap!
  17. Can B work permit student work in switzerland
  18. Help please!!
  19. How to find a summer job in Geneva?
  20. If your employer does not pay you for three months in a row...
  21. Non-EU B permit + unemployment
  22. over time hours payout?
  23. Anyone worked/working for Schindler in Ebikon ?
  24. Work versus hobby
  25. Looking to move from the States to Geneva - advice from the experienced?
  26. Sales Executive Europe (m/f), 50%
  27. Unemployment Benefit/Freelance Status.
  28. if the company you are working for is sold or closed down....
  29. Experienced marketeer looking for a new challenge
  30. Another "Is 125k enough to live on in Basel?" thread
  31. Unemployment Question *&$@!
  32. PBP Group - any feedback?
  33. Language Teaching
  34. Limited working permission for other nationalities, policies of Swiss Government
  35. Is something wrong with me? I can't find a job
  36. Short term contract in the UK - What is the best tax option for me?
  37. CAD/basic engineering
  38. May need to move to Switzerland, advice on job options
  39. london vs zurich .. yes i know this has been asked before
  40. Reasonable salary for Zurich a single in tech sector
  41. Looking for an occasional babysitter for an 18 month baby
  42. Salary: please give me a suggestion
  43. Lost my Experience Ceritificate and salry payslips
  44. Can I resign whilst on long term sick leave?
  45. Basel School of Design(One year program): Career opportunities
  46. Question about start date of advertised jobs on .monster.ch
  47. Moving to Zurich - Looking for Marketing! HELP!
  48. Any advice for a university student desperately looking for a summer job?
  49. Registered Nurse, certified in the US, job prospects?
  50. Salary range for an IT professional
  51. Things to do in Zurich when you are unemployed
  52. Visiting recruiters in person: yes or no
  53. Humanities BA and the depression that sets in afterwards
  54. Starting new job and end of RAV benefits
  55. Salary negotiations (the horror thereof)
  56. Just got a job offer! It is possible!
  57. Legal Noise Level At Place Of Work
  58. Good Friday-Easter Company Closures?
  59. salary range for a manager, any idea?
  60. Unemployment benefit
  61. I need your advice..[is the commuting distance worth it?]
  62. Receiving Swiss unemployment in an EU country
  63. Can your boss force you to take vacation in a specific period?
  64. The same old question getting a job here
  65. CPA presence course
  66. Software/Unit Tester
  67. CSL behring, Bern
  68. Hoorah! I've signed my contract!
  69. Project Manager - Salary/Contract Rates
  70. I need a site...Any info very appreciated...
  71. Pre-interview contract ...
  72. English no more enough in IT?
  73. Teaching English schools?
  74. Instead of going on RAV - need advise pls
  75. Student permit (15hr per week) to 100%
  76. back to work after maternity.. what are my options??
  77. Job offer in geneva
  78. Advice on job prospects - Geneva, Lausanne - for Editor/TEFL teacher
  79. Unemployment benefit from another EU country while seeking employment in CH
  80. B-Permit
  81. Teacher looking for summer work (Language Schools)?
  82. Interview Differences
  83. Tips wanted! Mechanical Engineer looking for work in the Zurich area.
  84. Help -- Showing Child care options while on RAV
  85. tenure-track professor interviews at ETH...?
  86. Jobs available w/o local language skills?
  87. reduction/cut of unemployment benefit?
  88. Referral Letter: What should it contain?
  89. Language level
  90. Looking for advice/references for freelance work
  91. Over pensionable age
  92. Estate Manager/Head gardener jobs in switz
  93. RAV office in Aargau refusing to speak Italian
  94. edk.ch - recognizing my qualification
  95. Ph.D. Is there an age limit?
  96. Accounting/Finance/Non-Profit
  97. english companies in zurich
  98. Length of Notice Period?
  99. Case interview coaching in Zurich?
  100. Interview and Agents?
  101. Urgent: About Salary
  102. What is the different between PRAKTIKUM and Lehrstellen in swiss education system ?
  103. Urgent Job/Salary Info - Please
  104. Salary History in CH
  105. Jobseekers / Unemployment Benefits
  106. UK-Zurich
  107. Should I continue my "college"(elite high school) Or pursue an "apprentissage"
  108. Unemployment benefit for mothers who do not return to work?
  109. Newbie looking for advice on salary/contract rates
  110. Gottex in Lausanne
  111. Leave notice in probation period
  112. Getting married - should I get extra-holidays?
  113. Question for CELTA qualified EFL teachers
  114. Unemployment Benefits while studying?
  115. Temporary contract won't get renewed - do I meet requirements for benefits?
  116. Please for Hellp(I'm looking for any kind of job)
  117. Private Tutoring for 16yr old - how much should I charge?
  118. Work Stress - signed off indefinately
  119. Working hours across different jobs
  120. severance + chomage
  121. Suddenly unemployed with 5 years B permit.
  122. Unemployment insurance question
  123. looking for a job
  124. Offer received, should I negotiate? (Sales Manager, sporting goods)
  125. Unemployment question
  126. Moving from Amsterdam to Zurich - What salary should I get...
  127. Electrical Work/Qualifications
  128. dance teacher
  129. Airline Jobs
  130. Salary question--Dubai to Zurich
  131. Employment leave notification.
  132. IT Jobs - Assistance please
  133. How to get a German course funded on unemployment
  134. Entitlement to accrued vacation during probation period
  135. Interview Question
  136. is it possible to work [in Zürich] without speaking german???
  137. Rights after job resignation
  138. Notice Period
  139. What should be included on a job application for Switzerland [P&G]
  140. any job
  141. Tips for Finding Work as an English Teacher
  142. Looking for a job in a grooming salon in French region
  143. Babysitting and English teaching Jan-Mar
  144. Canadian BEd Equivalency
  145. Too senior??? I'm only 40!!!
  146. Recruitment Agent Basel- I want to speak to a human!!
  147. Construction jobs in Zurich
  148. Tax reduction when working outside Switzerland
  149. Unemployed in Switzerland
  150. Salary Levels at Philip Morris Intl-Switzerland
  151. Contacts at Fiberlac
  152. Please recommend a recruiter
  153. What's cotisation risque cp stand for?
  154. Job's in construction companies
  155. pursuing employment as english teacher - please help [non-EU]
  156. IT Conusltant in Geneva
  157. Swiss CV style and what to write? recruiter?
  158. Program/Project manager salary Geneva
  159. Cost of Living in Lugano
  160. Looking for a job as a speech therapist, where to find
  161. Creative Search Agencies?
  162. what are my chances to find a job in Geneva?
  163. Business travel
  164. Adapting Acting Skills - Voice/Presentation Coaching
  165. Is this salary enough to live on? [Bern, 3500/mo, 2 adults, 1 kid]
  166. Working for the UN in Geneva
  167. Resort Jobs for English Speaking Students
  168. nasty lay-off letter
  169. Living in Switzerland, working in Liechtenstein, entitled to RAV, etc.?
  170. Salary in Geneva
  171. hotel and restaurants salaries in switzerland
  172. Working without permit/contract and getting cash in hand..... [EU citizen]
  173. Are the internships in Switzerland paid?
  174. B Permit holder becoming self employed - what do I need to know? [non-EU]
  175. multicheck
  176. sozialdienst
  177. Applying 'up' when you don't quite meet the job requirements?
  178. Cern, the BIS, UN [salaries at NGOs?]
  179. Unpaid leave following 16 weeks maternity leave
  180. Job Prospects for Foreigners at Swiss Universities
  181. [Wanted] Dog Sitter (and Free House for you to stay in) For Xmas [Zurich]
  182. [Potential] Change in Chomage Rules (Unemployment rules)
  183. Employer Pension Contributions
  184. Depressing job hunt
  185. Celta course in Geneva, feedback wanted
  186. Which industries / jobs are proving stable?
  187. cleaners are not slaves
  188. Degrees vs Experiences, and how is the current Swiss job market?
  189. Laid off/made redundant but still have 25 days holiday
  190. Statutory Term Of Notice
  191. Comparing UK and Swiss Salaries
  192. Mods paid for continued education?
  193. Best site for finding a job
  194. Tough times
  195. Knitting
  196. RAV's role???
  197. MBA - is it worth it ?
  198. typical salary babysitter
  199. Can I leave my contracting company despite a clause in the contract?
  200. Searching for jobs in Psychology
  201. UK vs CH salary
  202. Englishman looking for work (Geneva)
  203. IT salary in derivatives shop?
  204. Looking for a Recruiter
  205. When do you give up on finding a job?
  206. Accounting teacher
  207. Nanny guidelines - max. hours worked?
  208. Advice re recruitment agencies please
  209. Nannying and Home Help
  210. 13th Salary?!!
  211. Jobs in Medicine, advice needed.
  212. job seeking -
  213. Babysitter available
  214. Question about Swiss asset management and bonus expectations
  215. Unemployed lifestyle is not soo bad
  216. CELTA and job opportunities
  217. long term sick leave during pregnancy
  218. Please help, question about unemployment allowance....
  219. Job Interview Expectations
  220. About swiss residance and employment in Geneva..
  221. Opportunities for a Physiotherapist?
  222. Singing Teacher - how much can I get per hour?
  223. Freelance Consultants - How NOT to get ripped off by intermediaries
  224. Advice (two potential job offers, Germany vs Switzerland)
  225. [How to find a job] tips for a newcomer
  226. Hello... Get me a job...please!!!
  227. Veterinary roles / jobs in the Zug Area
  228. IT Contract Rates today
  229. working in capital markets without german???
  230. Teaching in Switzerland
  231. Jobs and funding opportunities
  232. Geneva or Zurich, where is easier to get job?
  233. Green Architecture
  234. My boss is a tough negotiator - your advice please
  235. I want to share my situation [finding a job as a trailing spouse]
  236. Project Manager in Zurich
  237. Staying motivated
  238. Repayment of relocation costs if contract changes
  239. Unused holidays - employment rights
  240. Unemployment benifits while taking up studies
  241. Ranking Swiss companies
  242. Swiss Salary - Personal Wages Calculator
  243. Freelance writer, editor and journalist in CH
  244. Chances and ways to search for ACCA
  245. Days free given for moving apartment?
  246. Canadian Dental Hygienist seeking advice
  247. Interview with Alstom HR
  248. Volunteering Opportunities in Zurich?
  249. English Speaking Nurse - opportunities ?
  250. HELP American Needs Employment Advice