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  1. Advice for PhD wanting to work in pharma
  2. Finding A Job In Switzerland
  3. engineering biased jobsearch websites
  4. Cosmetic industry/beauty buisness in Zurich
  5. Chef job Switzerland
  6. In serious need of a job. Tips anyone?
  7. Looking for a job in procurement
  8. fruit picking job
  9. How to claim ALV?
  10. Other RAV Benefits
  11. Work experience/ Internships in social work
  12. Need Lausanne job from Jan 2012 - June 2012
  13. ending contract..yes or no
  14. What exactly are work and education certificates
  15. Experteer. Com how effective?
  16. Moving back to Basel and looking for temporary work
  17. Can foreigners work in Swiss Civil Service?
  18. Working as a PA in Geneva...
  19. Quick, perhaps dumb, but hopefully not too annoying, question
  20. Manufacturing Engineer salary question
  21. Boss fired me & refused to answer my call. No one can tell me abt leave arrangement
  22. Jobs in Bern
  23. Headhunters for IT Security in Zürich?
  24. CV Writing Help
  25. Job Redundancy
  26. Smoking in the work place
  27. Relocation Sum
  28. Job sites for graduates/trainees?
  29. Headhunter agency recommendations Schaffhausen area
  30. Requesting a new RAV advisor
  31. IT Job boards for Switzerland?
  32. How many references are needed in a job application?
  33. Nursing appreniship
  34. help and tips preparing job interview?
  35. References question
  36. Foreign teaching qualification
  37. Do I need to tell my RAV advisor I'm pregnant?
  38. Handy info on employment in Vaud
  39. a interesting article for jobseekers
  40. Does anyone know? Multiple "raison individuelle"
  41. After job offer how quickly can a EU citizen start work?
  42. How much can you save in Switzerland?
  43. Ethical and moral values of businesses while employed
  44. Salary expectations in switzerland IT sector (Ruby on Rails)
  45. temporary contract with lower salary while in RAV
  46. Ultrasound jobs in Switzerland?
  47. Help w/ Graphic Designer's CV
  48. Jobs Offers vs Ethics
  49. Apprehensive about job searching
  50. RAV and penalties
  51. RAV and new job
  52. Leaving the company: Einbehalt Austritt
  53. I need help to find civil engineer job
  54. Reaching the point of giving up
  55. What is included for "Complete Application Documentation"?
  56. Changing Notice Period for AD at UBS
  57. Bonus after leaving job
  58. Training Fees ReCoup Disagreement
  59. Agency asks for rate cut
  60. Handling "Off Limits" Field Trips?
  61. What are the best trade/career to learn, to live in Switzerland
  62. Salary versus UK/US for similar finance jobs
  63. Increased Work Hours due to the Economy
  64. Desperately seeking advice...
  65. References....
  66. Payslips - is it a legal requirement in CH to provide them?
  67. Someone in IT/Banking?
  68. Lawyer recommendation for employment contract negotiations in Lausanne
  69. advice needed for nanny hiring in CH
  70. Advice needed on employment
  71. any IC engineer here ?
  72. International Design Agencies
  73. Investment Banking in Switzerland - average working hours?
  74. ISTQB Certification provider..
  75. Are you Structural Engineer or Supply Chain (Demand) Planner working in Switzerland?
  76. arbeitszeugnis - max. time period
  77. Warning of UK recruitment agencies
  78. Teaching qualifications for Switzerland
  79. Switzerland vs Germany
  80. Compassionate Leave
  81. End of RAV
  82. Is there a rule on taking a sabbatical?
  83. Help Please! Contractual Notice Period Question!
  84. Au Pairs and new regs
  85. [Need information] Private tutoring opportunities for students
  86. Geneva - Pharmaceutical companies
  87. Taking a job for the sake of it...
  88. Permanent v/s contract -pros and cons
  89. Take a job for a company that might go bankrupt?
  90. Income question
  91. Have to work on Sunday
  92. Go to Switzerland and look for a job?
  93. Going over to Zurich to find job
  94. Thoughts on contracting in Geneva
  95. Qualifications to teach in Switzerland
  96. Lawyer job search advice
  97. Too Soon? US Citizen moving to Zurich in February
  98. Need help with contacts in ABB
  99. Advice on finding employment
  100. Going rate for looking after children
  101. Looking for a full time nanny in BERN
  102. Desperate to get the feedback on salary
  103. English Teaching Jobs - What chance?
  104. Salary of a .NET consultant
  105. Job Search UK agency or Swiss
  106. My rights....im so fed up [Au-pair work certificate question]
  107. Doctors note from UK GP
  108. Is max tax correct? I am a B Permit holder
  109. head hunter, recruitement agencies
  110. Entry level investment banking salary
  111. Internships
  112. How to ask about future salary
  113. Non EU B-Permit Unemployment Benefits
  114. Family of five need help, please!
  115. Converting US resume for Zurich job applications
  116. Part Time Employment for students intern
  117. English speaking Electrician looking for work....
  118. Info on legal recruitment in swiss german cantons
  119. Living in Switzerland without permit?
  120. Before aviation job interview
  121. friend with german job search visa - internship in Schweiz
  122. Part time employee - what are the responsiblities of the employer?
  123. Holidays when I leave a job
  124. A bit of criticism on a Swiss CV?
  125. Anyone know someone at Thomsom Reuters- Geneva?
  126. English qualifications in Switzerland
  127. How to avoid penalization of unemployment benefits while agreeing to mutual agreement
  128. Work in sales and trading or asset management?
  129. A question of accuracy.... regarding unemployment benefits and starting dates
  130. No such thing as a free lunch...
  131. Understanding the market
  132. farm jobs
  133. Where is the overtime ?
  134. Pregnancy sick pay/ maternity
  135. Homologating foreign Healthcare (Nutritionist) diplomas for CH, insight sought
  136. New Job Offer..!!!
  137. Education for an Export Expert
  138. Payroll / Umbrella company
  139. Employment Prospect for an American with an MBA
  140. Improve my English or learn German
  141. hourly wage ?
  142. Suggestions for Jobs with No German
  143. ORP/RAV "Job Active Tracking" course
  144. Reimbursement of the welcome package
  145. foreign nationals with Swiss degree to easily get a work permit, is that true?
  146. Looking for new Software job in Switzerland
  147. Advice please for job searching - Zurich
  148. Notice period with verbal contract
  149. "Spontaneous application" link not working
  150. Feedback on P&G (Procter & Gamble) at Geneva
  151. IT Jobs at UBS being offshored?
  152. English-talking job offerings
  153. Notice Period before starting a new job
  154. Swisslinx.com - yay or nay?
  155. RAV, How long is their German course?
  156. Can you recommend a lawyer?
  157. Internship/job in geneve
  158. Questions about Unemployment Help
  159. Looking for Work, but only have conversational German
  160. Switzerland VS Southern California
  161. Internship search: Finances
  162. Payroll taxing at an amount greater than gross income.
  163. dependent willing to work at zurich
  164. Part-time SUmmer job in Geneva?
  165. Looking for job opportunity
  166. What is a realistic contract rate for analyst/PMO?
  167. Sickness Pay for Freelancers
  168. ISTQB Certification
  169. SAP position in St. Gallen
  170. What percentage for jobs with variable working hours?
  171. Sales Operations Specialist Salary?
  172. On Chomage in Geneva, want to move to France
  173. Part Time Job, how to find it in Zurich?
  174. Moving to Zurich/Basel Switzerland
  175. IT Banking contract fixed to NEVER increase rate to the agency
  176. Paid redundany, accepted job in same company
  177. Optimum Contractor Tax Set-up
  178. How do I manage to teach in the education system of Switzerland?
  179. Is it possible to find english speaking farm ?
  180. Can my employer change my workload from 100% to 50%?
  181. Upcoming interviews! Still unsure of what salary I should request!
  182. termination of work contract
  183. Sponsoring education?
  184. IS 110K CHF sufficient for single guy?
  185. Engineer salary
  186. How does a student get job placement opportunities in CH?
  187. Working in IBD
  188. Any insights on Risk Management roles (entry level) at Zurich?
  189. Civil Engineer in North Switzerland
  190. Negative salary???
  191. Redundany package help
  192. Fired for being pregnant
  193. Chinese<>English speaking job in Geneva/ Lausanne area
  194. RAV entitlement if seeking employment in UK
  195. Working for Cablecom
  196. Non EU being offered non-advertised job position... Any hope?
  197. Charity / Volunteering in Switzerland (Basel)
  198. Swisscom salaries
  199. Moving from US to Switzerland -- Wait for job search until I arrive?
  200. Is 85K for embedded guy with 4+ years in Basel ok?
  201. What happens to leftover holidays if you give notice?
  202. Fired while on probationary period
  203. Fired after pregnancy/miscarriage
  204. Salary Suggestion for Senior IT Sys Analyst Position
  205. need info as how to apply for jobs
  206. Ignored by... recruiters: is it normal?
  207. Indian girl getting married and moving to Switzerland
  208. Negotiating Salary
  209. RAV bridging between jobs
  210. The best job search portal
  211. Pregnancy and work
  212. Redundancy compensation if employer folds up ?
  213. Salary info for IT guy (outsourcing)
  214. phd salary and interview
  215. nurse: possibility to work in Switzerland
  216. Online application: a nightmare?
  217. Interning while looking for a permanent job
  218. Job acceptance / refusal 'etiquette'?
  219. Blacklisting - employment law
  220. Day Care Credentials
  221. Working for P&G?
  222. Doctor appointment during work hours when pregnant
  223. What does a carpenter charge in CH?
  224. Pregnancy and a bad employer
  225. Violin classes for CHF 70 - is this reasonable ?
  226. Avaloq certification
  227. An unusual situation - re: unemployment benefits
  228. First In Last Out
  229. Contract termination and offered a much lower work %
  230. CISM or CISSP certification
  231. b-permit working independent possible?
  232. AHV issue
  233. Foreign Certificate to CFC
  234. Non native english speaker for English teaching jobs
  235. Advantages and disadvantages when working as a consultant (IT)?
  236. Can someone help me to write a references
  237. why does management team do this?
  238. Help with RAV (Basel)
  239. What should I do? Grade level in contract not adhered to. Added later: the outcome.
  240. "Stilsichere Deutschkenntnisse" - er, that's higher than B1, isn't it?
  241. Recruitment consultants in Basel
  242. Back at work after maternity leave and baby is sick (2nd day at work) - what do I do?
  243. US bilateral agreement and labour rules wrt to CH
  244. Experience with BlueSteps?
  245. anyone working in lonza?
  246. Still looking for a job but no response - why?
  247. Mech Eng. Salary_ALSTOM @ Baden
  248. Radio RF Engineer - Salary in Telecommunications field
  249. Seeking some advice
  250. Hiring a domestic worker, basic pay and what else needs to be included by law?