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  1. chances of work?
  2. refusing to pay
  3. Your rights at work - a useful link
  4. Need advice on what should be included in contract?
  5. Notarisation of Degree Scroll?
  6. Jobs for English speakers only in swizterland
  7. Hey guys
  8. Aircraft Maintenance Certifications?
  9. Job market in St. Gallen for a Software person ?
  10. Professional CV photos (Zürich)
  11. UBS Salary & Benefits
  12. Industrial/car design in Geneva?
  13. Jobs in Geneva [Fashion Branch - Advice or Tips]
  14. Question about diploma acceptance / recognition
  15. 1 Year MBA
  16. how can i find a job in Lugano!
  17. Working out a daily rate as a contractor
  18. Where to start as a recent graduate
  19. Seeking advice for a job opportunity
  20. How much pension do you pay??
  21. Volunteer opportunities
  22. Executive search agencies
  23. Find out if your earnings are appropriate
  24. Programmer
  25. Looking for Agricultural and food industry companies
  26. Standing up to the boss
  27. RAV rejected me as i did not speak German
  28. health insurance for "G permit person"
  29. Any work out there for my english speaking friend??
  30. Default working terms and conditions
  31. Can I work there and electricians licensing enquiry
  32. Medical Implant Technology & Market Research Analyst
  33. going abroad with work for 8 months
  34. Jobs at World Economic Forum in Geneva
  35. ITIL V3 Foundation
  36. ACCA Learning Providers in Zurich?
  37. Visa - live in diff. canton?
  38. Studying and Working in Switzerland
  39. The working language in the banking sector
  40. Expat salaries
  41. Trainee exchange program
  42. Advice please about getting childcare work
  43. postdoc salary of University of Lugano
  44. Can't decide, either wife or I will be unemployed. What would you do?
  45. Summer job ideas???
  46. Volunteering work opportunities in Lausanne
  47. finding Zurich employment from abroad
  48. Firm commitment to leave - B permit
  49. Freelance translator plus part-time job or not?
  50. industry job opportunities for a researcher in banking regulation and macro-finance
  51. Would we be mad to start a new business and what does Switzerland need?
  52. Thoughts on English teaching and certificates?
  53. Graduate Recruitment - where should I recruit from ?
  54. Luxury management - advice is needed
  55. Moving from Greece to Switzerland
  56. Freelance English Teaching in CH
  57. Winter Seasonal Work Advise please
  58. Got an offer, but still waiting for another company's offer.
  59. Question for any Physiotherapists or Sports Therapists in CH
  60. primary teacher, need to know of good schools
  61. Project Management job opportunities and salary
  62. Extended sick leave - advice needed
  63. Intermediate Work Certificate - Secret Wording !?
  64. Unemployed in Geneva: Question...
  65. Wanting to retrain in IT
  66. Unemployment Benefit When Voluntarily Quit Job
  67. St Gallen - Geneva: Salary differences
  68. donotreply@ubs.com, so soon?
  69. Wages for a child care professional.
  70. Working as a Medical writer: do you like it?
  71. Bus driver jobs - what are the requirements ?
  72. Freelancer insurance in case unable to work
  73. Advice needed for my beloved girl.....
  74. Maternity Rights
  75. officially employing a cleaner, what to do?
  76. 3 month contract ?
  77. Ex-Army
  78. What are the prospects for a role in HR here in Switzerland ?
  79. Software Engineering salaries, Zurich vs. London
  80. Anyone here working for Zimmer?
  81. Being a father in zurich [Paternity leave]
  82. What would you do? quit or stay
  83. Blue Collar to White Collar?
  84. EU citizen, Working in the UK, residing in CH, Anybody in similar situation?
  85. swiss contract but work an live abroad
  86. help me find a website programmer
  87. Top headhunters (for 200-300k CHF jobs mininum)
  88. Jobs % ???
  89. Job market and women - are men obsolete
  90. Linux/Unix jobs in Switzerland for Romanian/Canadian citizens
  91. Maternity leave eligibility; after end of contract
  92. Maternity leave - is there an obligation to return to work?
  93. They are changing my role
  94. Working- but without German for a 16 yo?
  95. List of Japanese firms and/or firms that require Japanese in Zurich?
  96. English-Speaking Jobs in Zurich......
  97. Salary - Job description negotiations
  98. Labor specialization in Switzerland
  99. Looking for work in Geneva - [grateful for Tips or Contacts]
  100. Other side of the Job coin
  101. Employers in Biel/Bern with good reputation
  102. Relocation
  103. possible student work
  104. Is the child allowance for any salary?
  105. almost fired even Im in the hospital.....
  106. Expat abroad, with Swiss base
  107. SAP consultant salary in zürich Area
  108. CELTA certification-worth it or not?
  109. AHV name problem - how do I go about it correcting it ?
  110. I.T Contractor seeks cleaning job – advice please!
  111. Salary expected in Zurich
  112. RN ( Registered Nurse ) from US looking for information
  113. Interviews going wrong..or funny
  114. Where to look for summer/casual work in Suisse Romande?
  115. Self Employment registration help..
  116. Arbeitslosenkasse [Unemployment Office] problem!
  117. Temporary contract extension
  118. Do companies ignore applicants with no ties to Switzerland?
  119. looking for a s/w testing job
  120. From UK to CH then now Luxembourg?
  121. Engineering Recruiters - Pharmaceutical
  122. Travel/tourism industry
  123. Are IT people better off in Switzerland (salary-wise) than in Holland?
  124. Compensation upon re-employment at a lower rate
  125. Considering moving back to CH
  126. How long?
  127. Video Interview
  128. Where to look for design jobs?!?!
  129. Volunteering opportunites ?
  130. Looking for furniture designer in Switzerland
  131. Veterinary Nursing in Switzerland
  132. E301 from Germany
  133. Receiving Unemployment Benefits but now leaving Switzerland
  134. Contract without (not yet) living in Switzerland
  135. 1st job salary
  136. Oppressively hot office - legal issue?
  137. Asking help about internship in Switzerland.
  138. question about job offers
  139. Starting dates and impact on your salary
  140. Only been in the job 6 weeks but being threatened with termination.....EU permit hold
  141. Luzern Hotel School Job Opportunity for English speaker
  142. Have been made redundant
  143. Finding a half-time job in coming September
  144. Am I legally obliged to force my Daughters to leave home at 16....
  145. Help needed for job searching in Geneva?!
  146. How does the Betreibungsamt [debt collection] procedure work? [filing, not receiving]
  147. what happens if you loose your job [EU B PERMIT]
  148. Project management/business analysis and salary expectations
  149. Free legal advice?
  150. Big trouble. Illness+problem at work+living Switzerland
  151. How long between verbally informing of redundancy and confirmation in writing
  152. Salary Expectations
  153. How to start a cleaning business
  154. Avg Salary for IT consultants
  155. Entry level audit interview in Zurich coming up. Need some advice! :)
  156. Needed: copy of a nanny contract please
  157. Starting to work part time in Zurich - help?!
  158. IT Chief Architect, Zurich - what to expect for this role ?
  159. IT Professional Zurich - 100,000 chf pa sound ok?
  160. Medical Testing after a job offer has been made (chronic Hepatitis B)
  161. Query and seeking advise (Translator)
  162. What can I expect in CH
  163. Interview hate ...
  164. Have you been told not to apply for work in CH ?
  165. Employment/living in Zurich
  166. Would there be a demand for me in CH ?
  167. Child Allowance
  168. Hot jobs in Switzerland
  169. How long will the notice period be?
  170. Unemployment benefits
  171. SAP job in Zurich
  172. What does CDF refer to on a job posting?
  173. Is the British BA Degree recognized in Switzerland ?
  174. starting my own business
  175. Your experience with Experteer- is it worth to pay for it?
  176. Question re finding a maman de jour in Morges/Lausanne area
  177. Earnings confirmation
  178. How to invoice for freelance / ad-hoc work
  179. Regarding Employment prospect plus work permit for a non-EU dependent
  180. ski jobs for -gap' students
  181. Would anyone like to look at my CV?
  182. Suggest a company to revamp my CV for Switzerland
  183. Where can I get a police check / disclosure from?
  184. Teaching English in Switzerland
  185. Rude treatment from the RAV in Zug
  186. Voluntarily quitting a job because of stress/ill health
  187. Nature of work during notice period
  188. 6 months notice period from employer
  189. Software Engineer Salary
  190. What is the Swiss view of men with long hair?
  191. Any idea what qualifications you need to become an estate agent?
  192. SA qualified lawyer looking for info on finding job in Switz
  193. Employing an au pair - language question and other info
  194. Any Credit Suisse employees?
  195. Refused Unemployment Insurance despite being immediately let go...
  196. working 12 hr shifts
  197. sacking
  198. A question about legality
  199. American wanting to move to Lucerne
  200. Starting as IT Contractor
  201. Non-EU ( US ) chances of working in the CH Pharmaceutical Industry?!
  202. Dependent Spouse - employment
  203. Starting Salary for Foreigner -- not THAT kind of thread
  204. Unemployment benefit duration and L-permits
  205. Italian companies in ZH and CH
  206. How do I tell my Swiss Boss I'm not interested?
  207. Walk in CV - To do...or Not to do????
  208. UK degree validity in CH??
  209. Notification of last day of contract
  210. Sickness during notice period
  211. Companies using COBOL Bern Biel
  212. Advice for a spouse looking to work here too!
  213. Legal Assistant-Salary Expectation
  214. Job opportunities after MS at ETH
  215. iBanking in Zurich
  216. Information on Factory Jobs Packing Salami...etc
  217. SAP Training
  218. Do I need to disclose my future employer to old one?
  219. Urgent question about job change...
  220. Software Engineer Salary - Berna
  221. How to get back the extra tax on 13th month salary?
  222. Job opportunities for EU citizen without diploma
  223. Minimum wage in Switzerland, max [working] hours per week?
  224. Insurance Companies in Switzerland
  225. Do you know any effective recruiter in Basel?
  226. Hello up here - calling all the sport teachers, trainers, certified instructors
  227. Graduate student with 5 years prior experience _salary expectations?
  228. Driving Time / Work Time
  229. Terminated Employment Benefit
  230. Salary: Pharmaceutical R&D, PhD + 10y experience?
  231. Signature registration with HANDELSREGISTER – is it absolutely necessary?
  232. Interview etiquette
  233. "40000 CHF in Basel for PhD"-Is it enough for a good life?
  234. Salary amount
  235. Unemployment Support for Foreigners
  236. Frequent business travellers out of Zurich with Swiss
  237. 3 months Probezeit finished, same wages.
  238. Swiss Resume Format
  239. Baby sitting in Basel - advice sought
  240. Help with Work/Studies
  241. Actors, etc?
  242. Interview at Roche in Basel
  243. Medical certificate for 70%... what next?
  244. Consolidation Accountant Salary - Help!
  245. Help available for mostly English-speaking teenager?
  246. Any suggestion for getting a job in Zurich??
  247. Desperately looking for a job in Zurich - any tips?
  248. End of contract approaching
  249. Benefit package
  250. Marrying a Swiss girl in 2011; job options?