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  1. Working in Kinderkrippe
  2. Applying for a job from two agencies?
  3. Anyone have experience for study teaching in switzerland?
  4. How to become a train driver / conductor for sbb?
  5. Studying law in Switzerland for non-EU national- what's the future?
  6. ETH postdoc contract
  7. License conversion and jobs for airline pilot!
  8. Work email password
  9. Job hunting in Switzerland
  10. Letter of Notice - Need advise
  11. A postdoc seriously thinking about future career...
  12. How to become a certified web developer with existing experience.
  13. Job Contract Problem
  14. I think I have a problem in job hunting...
  15. Giving up on english forum for a while to job hunt!
  16. Does it hurt to apply for two different posts in the same company?
  17. Does the notice period contribute to the time worked in Switzerland?
  18. Can you be fired while on holiday?
  19. General Unemployment Advice Please!
  20. English speaking accounts job
  21. english speaking student summer job
  22. A question on how the company chooses candidates...
  23. time management
  24. Your advice for a small business idea as CV Creator?
  25. Please help employment for accountant
  26. RAV C1 German course
  27. RAV - Beschäftigungsarbeit (Busywork)
  28. Practice Interview
  29. Patent law as a career
  30. Looking for a job and finding it soooo hard
  31. A question on Nestlé recruitment system
  32. Contract Checking Service
  33. not using sick leave
  34. Any external auditors out there?
  35. Commercial Lawyers working as Contractors
  36. sick during the notice period
  37. Unemployment Benefits calculation
  38. RAV - Vacation plans
  39. Looking for Employment (non-EU)
  40. IT support jobs
  41. Credit Suisse hires Indian IT staff!
  42. Unemployment payment suspension appeal
  43. Looking for Job in migros Or coop-any help?
  44. How to get a job in Switzerland for a non-EU software developer from the US?
  45. Yet Another "I'd like to work in Switzerland, what should I do"
  46. Importance of degrees/certifications in IT market
  47. Nursing rights in Switzerland
  48. Interview tips requested.
  49. German CV in IT?
  50. Does time as intern counts for time working? (notice period)
  51. Can companies make employees pay for training courses they have failed?
  52. Jobs in Ticino
  53. Freelancing while fully employed
  54. Swiss job market
  55. Foreign academic looking for fellow travelers
  56. Any foreign academics recently moved to a Swiss university?
  57. Multimedia Jobs / Internships without German Speaking
  58. SR TECHNICS job
  59. Cover letter questions...
  60. CV and Letter translation
  61. Contract Negotiations
  62. job in Aviation
  63. Is getting a PhD worth it if my end goal is in biotech/pharma industry?
  64. Go around in circles..[non-EU jobseeker]
  65. Bank for International Settlements BIS - Salary
  66. English speaking summer job in Zurich
  67. Salary docked for late timesheets ...is it Legal?
  68. Where do i pay my taxes?
  69. Public holidays
  70. group job interview
  71. Leaving CH and coming back - Unemployment benefit
  72. Salary / cost of life / quality of life question
  73. english speaking i.t jobs zurich?
  74. Possible to take a freelance job while keeping the main employment
  75. Animator/ Illustrator - Inhouse Artist?
  76. Factory/unskilled employment in NE Canton
  77. Is there a legal requirement as to the method in which notice is given?
  78. Another RAV question
  79. Swiss private bank vs Global Bank (developer)
  80. Getting a job before moving - job posts or networking?
  81. anyone here works for bloomberg ?
  82. Looking for a Job Without Local Language Skills - Switzerland vs. US
  83. Giving notice - how fast can I leave?
  84. I was fired! RAV vs German Classes?
  85. how make the correct job resume for Switzerland
  86. English language used for employment contract
  87. Need advice on getting entry-job (also, motivation!)
  88. Calculating gross monthly payment
  89. Speech pathology
  90. I found a job! ;-)
  91. What is the minimum wage for an Au pair in Kanton Solothurn
  92. Interpretation of an answer from HR
  93. Headhunters in Geneva and Lausanne
  94. Office parties/compulsory socializing
  95. What to do if you don,t receive wages that you have worked for
  96. UK certified midwife return to practice in Switzerland
  97. Advice where to apply for jobs in Switzerland
  98. How it is to work for Hilti in Schaan
  99. Fired without warning
  100. italian engineer looking for advice
  101. Au pair? Holiday child care?
  102. Work
  103. Other than teaching, english-speaking jobs in Bern, Zurich or Basel
  104. CV Translation to German Language
  105. Working for sunrise in zurich
  106. Can RAV force you to take a job with a much lower pay (than last)?
  107. Total compensation in IT
  108. Should I look for IT job from outside Swiss? Where to start?
  109. Resignation-Notice Period
  110. Job for an English-speaking person ?
  111. Best pages to look for IT Jobs?
  112. English Student looking for work :)
  113. EPAM & Banking sector
  114. Minimum for a single [person] living in Zug
  115. Salary decrease in 2014
  116. Brilliant Legal Assistant Seeking Assistance
  117. Job hunting in Luzern, need advice (and encouragement)
  118. Zurich Vs Basel for job
  119. A job for an unguided missile..?
  120. Medical Physics jobs
  121. Looking for a HR Expert
  122. How to get a job in private wealth management ?
  123. Confidentiality in a job search
  124. Maximum amount to earn in a year
  125. Big4 Zurich salary expectations
  126. Legal Insurance
  127. Delay in unemployment benefits for contractors
  128. employment termination
  129. Confirmation about stay in Switzerland less than 5 years
  130. working in insurance company
  131. English Speaking Employment law assistance
  132. Software likely to be in use in hospital administration (CHUV)?
  133. Arbeitslosenkasse
  134. Starting a New Job
  135. How big are Swiss Towns?
  136. Advice needed - Salary expectations and cost of living in Zurich
  137. need urgent labor lawyer
  138. Temping rates?
  139. NON-EU Unskilled Jobs?
  140. How much does it cost to bring a babysitter/nanny for a HOLIDAY
  141. Advice needed - English speaking job as network engineer in Zürich
  142. First Timer in Basel
  143. Foreign Qualification Recognition in Switzerland
  144. Moving to Zurich in March, need a job but don't speak German at all
  145. Union Trade
  146. Issues with boss
  147. retroactive payment of general company salary increase?
  148. Sickness while on KTG Insurance... What must Emlpoyers pay ....
  149. C permit and Self-employment – which local office do I need to go to get started?
  150. Switzerland or Germany for a new grad Mechanical Engineer?
  151. English companies
  152. Possible Part-Time Jobs in Ticino, is it available?
  153. Quotas and future immigration votations thoughts
  154. Change job location after offer?
  155. Employer's contribution to pension fund - treated on top of the gross salary?
  156. Internships with no French or German?
  157. Switzerland = employment
  158. IT Jobs (Data Warehousing) in Zurich
  159. Mutual Concent Termination of Contract while on Sick Leave?
  160. Work in Zürich
  161. Medical aesthetician / Somatologist
  162. online job search VS knocking on doors
  163. Contract hours
  164. Part-time job during PhD
  165. Tele commuting from CH
  166. Changing to the competition
  167. Help needed regarding NDA
  168. Being asked to relocate within CH but dont wish to - employment rights?
  169. Translation help with Salarium
  170. What salary (roughly) to ask for?
  171. Overlapping Jobs
  172. maximum salary limitation for Foreigners?
  173. Accident insurance for employee
  174. Salary portage: an interesting hybrid of independent & salaried
  175. US Veterinary Technician
  176. case study presentation interview
  177. Deductions from Salary - Bruto/Net?
  178. Tips on finding employee
  179. Fresh teacher wants to work in a different field not in education!
  180. Employment for Social Workers
  181. Calculating salary - lohncomputer?
  182. how to become a firefighter in Switzerland
  183. Accounting designation
  184. Protection for employees in the work contract
  185. Unemployment Benefits and Disability
  186. Notice period length - negotiation
  187. How to deal with constant hostility at the workplace?
  188. Philip Morris - Relocation
  189. Changing Jobs - Notice Period
  190. job title in contracts
  191. Expat thinking about moving back to Switzerland. Will employers take me serious?
  192. RAV support for no-EU postdoc?
  193. firefighter and nurse from u.s.
  194. looking for job not from the agent or website
  195. Chômage/RAV - Do or don't?
  196. IT job for english spoken woman
  197. Do you think is it good idea to move to Switzerland ?
  198. decided to turn down offer to move to ch
  199. Self employed or not self employed, that is the question!
  200. Help required in Job Search
  201. When you realize your boss does not like you....
  202. Entitled to unemployment benefits if you leave but not de-register?
  203. Any hope to find a job in Zurich ?
  204. Help! Delivered all work before contract was set up - and not sure I will get paid
  205. Why is it such a bad idea to move to Switzerland
  206. Minimum wage for house personnel is raised by 1.8%
  207. Employment termination - advice needed
  208. Swiss But Canadian looking for work
  209. Student Career Coach
  210. CV help and French proofread needed
  211. Ex boss giving dodgy references
  212. Job offer - no medical insurance?
  213. Difficulty in finding employment as a returning Swiss expat
  214. labor law attorney
  215. unemployed wife
  216. ACCA in swiss
  217. Taking a part time job while searching for a career?
  218. Job seeker... for years...
  219. Nursing is one of the best professions….
  220. Brithsh graduate already in Switzerland
  221. Thinkink to go back to Zurich...
  222. Civil engineer searching for a job with only basic german understanding
  223. got my offer, need help
  224. he was fired, however....
  225. Any hope for a non native English speaker finding a job in marketing in Zurich?
  226. Success stories? Recommendations? American with an L Visa
  227. Bad Credit History
  228. Maternity leave question
  229. Any tips on what I can do to balance things out?
  230. Child care qualifications recognised in Swiss Cantons?
  231. Another question about salary in Ticino
  232. Wanted: German Interpreter for meeting with RAV(Zurich)
  233. Going back to work after maternity leave
  234. Looking (rather desperately) for a job in the Lausanne area
  235. cover letter for email
  236. Leads on creative design jobs
  237. Eligible for chomage or not?
  238. After the RAV...
  239. Doctor moving to Switzerland
  240. Confused PhD 'student'
  241. Terminating Contract - Unpaid Vacation
  242. Employment Agencies/Recruiting Companies
  243. Swiss Re : insight and advices
  244. Creative jobs (drawing) - Film/Etc Industry? (Storyboarding?)
  245. A questions about Jobs in Pensions Industry (Zurich)
  246. Social Work Positions using English
  247. Private banking intern salary
  248. Working for 2 different employers!
  249. EU-B Permit Regulations - website?
  250. Private German lessons: price, where etc.