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  1. reimbursement of travel cost for work - a special situation.
  2. 13th Salary - based on one's averaged salary for the year?
  3. Looking for advices!
  4. Am I employable in switzerland?
  5. English Speaker : US vs Switzerland
  6. RAV I sent papers out of deadline :-(
  7. Unemployment insurance for EU citizen
  8. Basel: Ideas for my unemployed girlfriend
  9. Taxation of school fees - Legal question
  10. Aerospace/Aeronautical engineer jobs in Switzerland
  11. Interview for a marketing position in Neuchatel; salary?
  12. Ambulancejob/EMT
  13. Salary for Software Quality assurance professional -8.5 years experience. Thoughts pl
  14. Chances of getting a job as an engineer
  15. Quitting in probation period
  16. [Question]How to find a job for architects
  17. UK Contract on Switzerland
  18. Fashion Design or Fashion Related jobs for English speakers in Lugano
  19. Jobs which require no German?
  20. Sickness regarding employer
  21. Unemployement insurance and eligibility
  22. Contracting through a UK Agency
  23. Seasonal Work In Switzerland
  24. Research on experiences of employees contracted via Kelly Services at Novartis.
  25. Duration of RAV payments
  26. Can I quit RAV?
  27. job fair in Zurich
  28. Salaries in Zug vs Zurich
  29. Advice sought re: jobsearching
  30. Signed off sick during Notice Period
  31. Unpaid salary for Praktikant
  32. Company paid moving expenses?
  33. unemployment benefit with 20% contract
  34. Working for a Swiss vs working for an US company
  35. Career Changers Viewpoint
  36. Fake academic references
  37. Any English Speaking jobs in Commercial Law in Switzerland
  38. Holiday pay draw-down for temp workers
  39. Anderungskundiging [change of contract]
  40. Where to go for Labour Law advice
  41. Termination notice
  42. Pension contributions/benefits for less than full-time working hours
  43. RAV calculation of 12 months
  44. Alstom University
  45. voluntarily termination of the contract - can I get unemplyment benefit?
  46. Failure to provide Working Certificate
  47. Sign work-contract and then cancel before the start
  48. Unempoyment benefit - taxable or nor?
  49. Stay-at-Home Spouses [unemployed, depressed, bored to tears]
  50. Expected to continue working after being fired / time off for job interviews
  51. jobs for non-EU chemist?
  52. RAV (ALK) Registration-PDU1 Mandatory ?
  53. Regarding Living cost in Lausanne
  54. Asking for paying 12x per year instead of 13x
  55. garden leave,retirement,RAV
  56. English Casual Jobs in Switzerland?
  57. Resignation rules
  58. Employment termination
  59. Finding work as a foreign veterinarian - what are the realities?
  60. employer horrors
  61. Any non-EU success story in IT?
  62. Pregnancy Questions in Interviews???
  63. over time payment rules
  64. German vs English
  65. English architect - chicken or the egg situation
  66. Asking employer for personal data on me
  67. Taxes on allowances
  68. Looking for oppurtnity in Banking, Finance, Client services and/or Administration
  69. Fired while on sick leave - what to do next
  70. Average salary after losing job
  71. Average salary in Lugano
  72. What is the range of the salary for a QA engineer?
  73. Employer withdraws from a signed contract because of permit issue delay?
  74. employment verification
  75. Part time student job !
  76. is it hard to find a job in Switzerland for me?
  77. Web developer jobs
  78. Swiss B permit: Is it enough?
  79. What is an average Salary in Zurich In IT Sector
  80. Anyone working for Stadler in Bussnang
  81. Setting up a consultant/independent contractor
  82. Good Tips and Advice
  83. is it this job scam?
  84. Germany vs. Switzerland
  85. help anyone
  86. Praktikum or lehre
  87. Any HSG (St Gallen) Finance Students on this forum ?
  88. Query :Finance/Accountancy - English without german
  89. Unemployment benefits, EU national working overseas for a Swiss company
  90. English Speaking PA Jobs
  91. Another Newbie asking about CHF Salary / Contract Rates
  92. Rough 'per unit' wage question - ESL Training (English/Business English)
  93. Legaly partime work besides full time job
  94. EU citizen, new in CH - RAV?
  95. 13th salary after losing one's job
  96. Work speaking English, Russian and Polish but not German (Basel)
  97. Question for those with experience of American employment
  98. Dismissal for serious misconduct
  99. Sick leave and medical check - how to handle it?
  100. From Frankfurt to Zurich? (Banking)
  101. Can RAV/Chomage people do an internship?
  102. Nanny salaries in Zurich
  103. resign before signing the new contract
  104. Advice how to land a Job in Pharma?
  105. Working in a English pub
  106. Bachelor Thesis in Switzerland
  107. Advice on job hunting
  108. Advice please , how to manage notice period?
  109. Working as an consultant to an IT comapny in Switzerland
  110. resignment - notice period negotiation - remaining holiday entitlement
  111. Unemployment benefits - Returning to Switzerland
  112. Australian Boilermaker
  113. Nanny, Aide, or Domestic Helper in Basel
  114. Salary - Sales manager - 5* hotel - Geneva
  115. Part time job
  116. List of American IT companies in CH
  117. Appropriate clothes for working in CH
  118. Teaching jobs in Special Education
  119. IT job for L permit holder women
  120. Appealing RAV penalty
  121. Usage of online assessment in the recruiting process
  122. actuaries?
  123. working in Geneva
  124. where to look for jobs with no job qualifications
  125. Dismissal with immediate effect
  126. How do you interpret "Experienced - Non Manager"?
  127. master in Switzerland
  128. 8 hours of "training" i.e. unpaid work?
  129. Unemployment allowance after Freelance
  130. Frequent topics in EF
  131. Lay Offs soon after being hired: How to Proceed
  132. Dismissal - when is my notice period effective??
  133. Employment in hospitals
  134. Resigning job for new one outside Swizterland - what about my unused vacation?
  135. Tax and the cost of living
  136. Employment rights lawyer
  137. Time definite contracts "in chain"
  138. Kundigungfrist [Notice Period]
  139. Patent Attoney jobs
  140. What to do after graduation
  141. Ideas for quick, accessible, english speaking jobs?
  142. First month in Zürich.
  143. Long term Unemployment
  144. Why in the interview they ask if you also applied for other companies?
  145. need advice to find my way in Switzerland
  146. "assistant" position at EPFL
  147. Quit job in the middle of the month - what about salary?
  148. What salary should I expect?
  149. Pension transfer
  150. Break from the chômage?
  151. Looking for an Architect Job
  152. Salary Expectations for Lead Developer
  153. Work Issue - Any dedicated support?
  154. Working in Montessori Schools - Native English Speaker
  155. Working part time for both a Swiss employer and a US employer separately
  156. What is Multicheck ICT?
  157. Where to find salary info for mobile (iOS) Developer jobs?
  158. Second Interview done..what now
  159. Maternity pay whilst unemployed
  160. Social benefits and employer liabilities
  161. What is temporar?
  162. Job security with a start up?
  163. What kind of comment from the employer do you get in case of a rejection?
  164. Advices for an Italian in Zurich
  165. Longest time to respond to an application?
  166. Do you think this is possible at all?
  167. Extreme low salary IT - how to ask the boss?
  168. RAV - baby sick = RAV meeting
  169. Looking for a recruiting agency in Zurich
  170. Salary for [Embedded Systems] Architect position
  171. Working as patissier in Switzerland
  172. Year-End Bonus Date?!
  173. Please Help Daily Rate in Ticino Area
  174. Forced holiday days?
  175. Certified US Teacher in Bern - is a job possible?
  176. How can I teach English in Zurich - ? TEFL course????
  177. An old question: after-interview thank-you email or not?
  178. Is there anyone who experienced a nanny agency (recently)?
  179. American living in Zurich looking for work.
  180. Company in liquidation, what now?
  181. Last salary before leave the company
  182. Job opportunities for a bilingual student?
  183. Questions regarding the job seeking ettiquette and demand for finance professionals
  184. Does anyone know approx salary range for Teacher in English School ?
  185. HR in Switzerland
  186. Non-EU Permit Application and Moving to Zurich
  187. Non EU work permit
  188. Remaining Chomage Balance
  189. Please Help Recent Graduate Looking For Employment in Geneva
  190. Anobag - English form or translation
  191. Unemployed Expat Social Groups/Community?
  192. HELP: Expat with B Permit, Marketing jobs in CREATIVE companies???
  193. RAV - Law?
  194. Can't get "Zwischenzeugnis" from employer
  195. Creative Solutions [non-EU, student permit, finding a job]
  196. Return Home?
  197. RAV - requesting my CV in german
  198. RAV outside Switzerland ?
  199. RAV document warning...
  200. Anobag
  201. Employer not paying source tax
  202. L permit extension when becoming unemployed/unemployment benifits
  203. Medical/Scientific Writing in Switzerland tips/advice
  204. Unemployed, extending benifits received in another EU member state
  205. Arbeitslosenkasse, 10 months, not enough
  206. My Situation is Unique
  207. post-doc salary
  208. Would you put completed MOOC courses in your CV?
  209. Chances for a Marketing Professional?
  210. the-five-deadliest-resume-mistakes-how-to-fix-them
  211. Weeks of vacation - working for private companies in Zurich
  212. Employer witholding pay
  213. Sales Jobs - English Speaking
  214. What should I prepare for a second interview with business manager?
  215. [LGBT rights in employment] What do you think of this case?
  216. salary decrease ... ?
  217. When a company didn't pay the salary...
  218. Engineer 1 year experience in Lugano: salary??
  219. Swiss Salary Negotiations
  220. Second Postdoc Opportunity After A Bad First Experience
  221. Job options for non-german speakers in Zurich
  222. Vacations during first year
  223. My job hunting result... should I start to worry?
  224. Ex-employer Refusing to Pay Me
  225. Hotel Employee Rights, pregnancy
  226. HELP on an Important decision of life
  227. Salary lawyer in Geneva
  228. What is the role of a HR agency?
  229. Advice for VOIP Engineer
  230. Looking for help with job in Ticino/Tessin
  231. RAV Unemployment Insurance punishment days Appeal
  232. NGO/Foundation/CSR jobs in Zurich or Zug?
  233. Geneva PhD opening position
  234. Idea of telephone interview site at Bern...
  235. Question on employment insurance
  236. How is DELF B2 considered for a job requiring French?
  237. Banking Job Zurich
  238. Standard compensation package in big international companies?
  239. Equestrian Employment
  240. Major job websites 2014
  241. Key question on expectations
  242. The value of "Swiss" Experience; should I apply for lower-level short-term positions?
  243. Need explanation on the term "notice period"
  244. Very Complex Situation and Question
  245. Unemployment and consulting
  246. Redundancy Pay
  247. Offer and start date
  248. Negotiation job offer
  249. Elliott Turbo Feedback
  250. Draconian HR Control - legal reference required...