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  1. Been "let go" - entitlements?
  2. Living in France or Germany
  3. Job Interview
  4. looking for a job
  5. Month's notice period...
  6. Register as Doctor in Switzerland (Non-European with European Diploma)
  7. Moving Vaud to Zug housekeeper AVS. LPP etc
  8. How vital is French/German for finding work in CH? (As a young architect...)
  9. Posting my CV and detailed information on job webistes
  10. How much an IT Helpdesk Support can earn with no German or French
  11. Advise pls -salary negotiation for new role within same company
  12. Image Processing - Typical Employers?
  13. Finding job with basic knowledge of both German and English
  14. 150,000 Canadian salary what to expect in Switzerland?
  15. AHV and termination of temporary employment
  16. which salary expectations and gross/net salary? (Zurich, art field, gallery manager)
  17. SLT/SLP certification/employment
  18. Application via recruiting systems/software
  19. CELTA certificates?
  20. Can an employer legally require overtime?
  21. Legal implications of verbally accepting job offer and changing my mind
  22. Am I eligible for RAV?
  23. 6 months probation period
  24. Junior IT consultant after bachelor studies - salary expectations?
  25. Advice from ABB employees
  26. Ever considered going DOWN the ladder?
  27. Transfer
  28. Accepting a counter offer - Is it really a career suicide?
  29. Electrical Eng. student: doing my thesis at ABB, Almston, etc? possible?
  30. company restructure and consquent dismissal
  31. EPFL project salary vs corporate rates
  32. Looking for help in landing a job teaching English
  33. Essay on life goals for job application?
  34. American Architect considering Zurich & environs - any experience?
  35. Quick question re: interview with recruiters
  36. Psychological Scars from the past..
  37. Explain time off of work in job interviews (or not)
  38. Modifying First and Last Name in CV - is it legal?
  39. Finding places to "pretend to work" near Lausanne
  40. Security work in Suisse Romande
  41. Oracle EBS Consultant - Is there a demand in CH?
  42. Job market for psychology/sustainability
  43. case study group (English)
  44. Swiss employment law and disabilities.
  45. Online English Teacher
  46. Babysitter available - Luzern
  47. Question for Novartis employee
  48. Job opportunities needed
  49. Nanny Salary questions
  50. Nanny and baby-sitting jobs for non-residents?
  51. English Speaking Marketing Manager - Looking to job to relocate
  52. Job contract problems
  53. Non-German speaking people getting jobs
  54. Best approach to job hunting
  55. Law - Swiss Rules of International Arbitration of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce
  56. Civil Engineering in Switzerland
  57. IT guy from London looking for a job in Switzerland
  58. Sick Pay
  59. Post doc sponsered by a major Pharma
  60. Switzerland - Romania double taxation agreement
  61. being an english babysitter
  62. Journalist looking for a job
  63. Finding Film Production Crew
  64. 3m in Burgdorf - anyone knows?
  65. MTCH Ag ( Hotelplan)...anyone 's working there?
  66. Needing a freelance IT journalist
  67. IT Systems Analyst/Help Desk Jobs
  68. Architecture Summer Internship
  69. Move or not to move?
  70. Returning to contracting
  71. Can I seek employment outside of CH borders?
  72. Unemployment Benefits !!
  73. Looking for a job Bern
  74. Being fired..
  75. English speaking jobs in the Bern area
  76. BI Data Warehousing jobs
  77. No job security in Switzerland?
  78. ah [job hunt being a pain]
  79. RAV - Part-time overseas work, payments stopped
  80. Second interview -4 hours of tests?
  81. Becoming a contractor; letter of intent from 3+ companies?
  82. Salary negotiation strategy in Switzerland
  83. Daily working hours in contract do not correspond to 42 hour work week
  84. The Job Club
  85. Phone calls, internet and email for personal use during working hours
  86. Am I allowed to work?
  87. Volunteer opportunities in the Bern area
  88. Holiday days off
  89. Unemployment for consultants
  90. how to find a job in Retail
  91. Presentation tips
  92. English/German speaking Sports Marketing Expert seeking work
  93. Unpaid Leave
  94. Swiss CV...
  95. Companies using and developing software based on open source technologies
  96. Holidays not paid
  97. Is this right?
  98. Unemployment for working student
  99. Choosing an agent
  100. Worker comp / personal injury at work
  101. I'm sorry, another salary thread
  102. Summer job in French Switzerland?
  103. Psychology jobs and studying
  104. How much salary can i ask? (Lausanne)
  105. Employment opportunities after MBA from St. gallen (HSG)
  106. Vacation Accrual
  107. Employment Contract Help
  108. Canadian publicist looking for advice on multi-nationals in Switzerland
  109. living in CH on a B visa whilst working on contract in germany? contracting agencies?
  110. Physical Therapist salary, Ph.D, Woman
  111. Seeking graphic freelancer
  112. no escape from a fixed-term contract?
  113. Sozialpädgoge/Social Worker in Switzerland
  114. German contract: unlimited work hours
  115. need legal advise on work
  116. Ethnographic Study - Finding a job + working in Switzerland
  117. info about nurses in swiss
  118. St. Gallen (HSG) graduate salary!
  119. Compensation of work travel time
  120. Basel cost of living. Euro net salary equivalent in CHF
  121. Advice on job offer
  122. Expect the underexpected?
  123. Internship offer
  124. Popular trades/crafts in Switzerland?
  125. Eastern Europeans in Banking Sector!
  126. Only a question
  127. Poursuite
  128. Salary for .Net Architect position in ZH
  129. What type of work should I be looking for?
  130. Russian a useful language in Finance Industry?
  131. Young American with finance background, 6 months looking for work.
  132. English TV programs/stations (recorded in Switzerland)?
  133. Any experince with Experince with Roche Diagnostics in Software Developemnt
  134. Software Internships for USA student
  135. Chilminder/House Keeper Wanted, Cessy, France
  136. How common is it for a company to pay for healthcare?
  137. Time specified contracts
  138. GIS, geoinformatics, geovisualization, geospatial modelling and mapping in companies
  139. Any possible job !
  140. Move imminent, but still no job!!
  141. Is the 13th month salary in lieu of bonus?
  142. Just another job search frustration thread
  143. RAV benefits after a break
  144. English speaking jobs for Students?
  145. Slavery in Switzerland - Au Pair friend being abused
  146. Working for a university, anyone?
  147. GHR Group - Anyone ever worked with them?
  148. Ex-employer refuses to return the "Arbeitgeberbescheinigung"
  149. Labour disputes
  150. Can't find a job here: moving to uk or...?
  151. Quantitative Analyst, Portfolio Manager: Salaries and conditions
  152. Taxes on my salary
  153. Is it worth to comeback to Switzerland!
  154. second interview done
  155. Is a 78,000 CHF gross salary enough to live in Lugano?
  156. Electrical Engineering Jobs
  157. Equivalency bar exams
  158. Working as a dental hygienist in Switzerland
  159. How is the Swiss company culture in comparison to the Dutch one?
  160. Business directories with swiss companies
  161. Applying at same company more than once
  162. What would be the income tax for my job?
  163. Salaries differences and cost of living between London and Lugano
  164. Bridge IDELT
  165. Jobs in Entertainment
  166. Penalty fee
  167. Employment Law
  168. Technology startups in/around Zurich
  169. Stage/Internship in Geneva
  170. Lowest salary in Switzerland?
  171. Sport marketing professionals?
  172. The job the dreams... Not
  173. Lunch hour and update on Non Competition Clause?
  174. Au Pairs on bending this regulation
  175. Need your advice
  176. Employing a nanny in Geneva
  177. Are you past it over 50...
  178. Formula for calculating salary? is there such a thing?
  179. As an American, what do I need to work for a month or two here?
  180. Paramedic and/or alpine search and rescue and/or general jobs in Switzerland!
  181. Employment lawyer to negotiate termination contract
  182. Babysitting Luzern City
  183. TEM/SEM/Light Microscopy? Any microscopists out there?
  184. Helpful Certificates/Courses
  185. College dropout looking for jobs
  186. RAV - Submitting paperwork for last month in CH
  187. Working for a comany on a temporary basis - what do I need to do?
  188. Salary as a qualified nurse in Lucerne!!
  189. Powerpoint slide for Recuitment in Nestle
  190. Better Way of Working
  191. Advice on price of interior decoration/Einrichtung
  192. Wanted babysitter in Luzern
  193. verifile experience?
  194. Possibility of employment of a nurse in hospital without hospital experience
  195. Accepting a job offer previously refused...
  196. CH Employment Law Question - Time Frame?
  197. Opportunities for French lawyers
  198. Holiday entitlement
  199. Freelance/Consultant Contarct
  200. Standard vacation days
  201. working for Roche or Novartis
  202. Business administration internship in Vaud or Geneva region
  203. Claiming RAV not immediately after your contract finishes
  204. seeking tips re looking for a job in Switzerland
  205. Negotiations on notice period
  206. Advice on not going back to work after maternity leave
  207. Company messed up my impots (tax) calculations...
  208. Part-Time/Student jobs for Prospective students
  209. Automation/Control Engineer Switzerland
  210. Employment Proof
  211. Hiring dynamics (trading automation) - first half of 2013
  212. Australians finding work in Switzerland
  213. Info needed for Audatex switzerland
  214. Job with little or no education?
  215. Minimum wage changes?
  216. Jobs for Network Engineer with Cisco certifications
  217. IT worker needs an advice
  218. What kind of IT projects do pharma companies have?
  219. Seeking for a social work/ job !
  220. Overlapping between last date and joining date - Any possible issues ?
  221. Docked holiday because of an operation
  222. Vehicle converters in Zurich and surrounding area
  223. SAP Salaries
  224. Anyone work for Swiss Re?
  225. Average bonus in Swiss market
  226. IB educator certificates...nay? yay?
  227. Asia firms in Switzerland, especially Zurich
  228. Part-time jobs in software development
  229. HES-SO:Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse occidentale
  230. What equivalent salary in UK or Holland
  231. Paternity Leaves:switzerland
  232. Marketing Intern Sought
  233. The notice period of Nanny job
  234. Bartending jobs in Switzerland (or Austria)
  235. Work advice
  236. Swiss Fitness Industry
  237. Kindergarten Salary Basel
  238. Liquor License
  239. Employer unwilling to provide Confirmation of Employment
  240. Bachelor Science BSc on Swiss german CV
  241. Salaries- Lawyer, Compliance O., In hpuse Lawyer
  242. What information should be in a reference?
  243. Trader job in Zurich or Zug
  244. Cleaning Lady Needed in Baar, Zug
  245. Vet nurse job!
  246. Networking groups in Zurich?
  247. salary in switzerland
  248. Board and Lodgings entitlement for part time employees??
  249. What is necessary to become a teacher here?
  250. Teaching English in Switzerland