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  1. Freelancing whilst studying in CH - Einzelfirma?
  2. Unemployment benefit for non-swiss returning to CH
  3. Temporary work in picking grapes, strawberries etc
  4. Underpaid for the last 2.5 years
  5. Job as a volunteer for an Ngo base in Zurich
  6. jobs in metal plating
  7. IT Job & intelectual property. HEEELP!
  8. Need legal advice on current work situation
  9. Assignment contract terminated and medical emergency
  10. I have no idea what to do.
  11. LinkedIn vs. Xing
  12. How can I get a trading job? I am ready to start from zero
  13. How do I show strong interest in a job without looking crazy?
  14. Competetive Salary Package
  15. Can I "nicely" refuse a new function in my job?
  16. Legal help [Unpaid/Incorrect Salary]
  17. CNC Works
  18. Selling AVON etc from home????
  19. Questions about prohibition period and Signing Employment Contract
  20. Staff Finder information/review
  21. IT Manager / Finance Sector / Zurich - salary expectations
  22. recognizing teaching certificate in Zurich Canton
  23. Long term unemployment/any benefits for non-EU?
  24. Seaching for a work in Zurich, real estate ,art dealer
  25. Reduced unemployment benefit because of sickness
  26. Searching work in Bern (IT)
  27. Urgent job related legal advice
  28. Lehrstellen 'cycle' [apprenticeships]
  29. Unemployment benefits in CH for EU workers
  30. Part time and maternity leave
  31. Looking for a job in Bern
  32. Waste wand Wastewater sector in Switzerland
  33. teacher changing careers
  34. Looking For SAP ABAP job in Switzerland
  35. employment advise
  36. Particular question on teaching English (unique question)
  37. Going to be laid off - what are my rights
  38. Newcomer - advice wanted
  39. Job offer but then hired some else?
  40. IT/Engineering Jobs as a Canadian
  41. Auto entrepeneur in France what is similar in zurich
  42. Salary comparison €50k Dublin, Ireland 》125k chf Zurich
  43. My Boss took my Salary!!
  44. Opening a company with L visa
  45. Summer job Lausanne
  46. cleaning lady - first time - contract questions
  47. Vacation days left after being made redundant
  48. contributions for AHV/IV/EO
  49. notice period and salary loss holidays
  50. Executive Assistant - Zurich
  51. RAV Oerlikon
  52. Taking unpaid vacation while unemployed
  53. Swiss Employment Laws and places where to find employees' support
  54. Medical Reception, Technician or Nurse, question about role
  55. international travel while on sick leave
  56. best way to find summer jobs?
  57. Employment
  58. Contract Terminated - help/suggestions
  59. Being offered a job and now my future ex boss changed his mind. Valid?
  60. Physiotherapist/certified massage therapist looking for employment
  61. Best way to say "German Learner" on your CV/Covering letter
  62. Worsening of Working Conditions
  63. Language for communicating with the ORP
  64. Germany, Switzerland or Singapore
  65. Cover letter
  66. Anyone have any tips for someone that wants to keep on working with animals?
  67. Job prospects opinion
  68. Payroll company sick pay insurance
  69. Credit Suisse
  70. Company Chômage / Administration ?
  71. The Basel Pharma job market
  72. "Zwischenverdienst", freelance work question
  73. What's a good salary in Zurich...
  74. Please can an Electrical Engineer help? (regulations, qualifications, etc.)
  75. Transfer of vested benefits when unemployed
  76. Former american Banker...prospects in Suisse
  77. Au pair who leaves early due to strange job requirements
  78. I am an au pair and I am forced to teach the kids my mother tongue
  79. Non-EU/EEA national looking for a job opportunity
  80. Contact for IT recruitment at AXA Winterthur
  81. Chomage top up and potential unemplyment
  82. CV consulting
  83. Childcare benifits for teachers children
  84. Kindergarten salary
  85. How to Make money from home Online
  86. Work/study options in Ch for Australian
  87. Gauging demand for GMAT tutoring
  88. Anyone works in pharma or medical device industry? I find it very difficult to get in
  89. Asking a company about a potential salary range before applying?
  90. Working in PR/communications as a Geneva freelance
  91. Dress code at International Organizations in Geneva
  92. Speech-Language Pathology
  93. Executive Assistant position
  94. Switching jobs with 2 months in between - Am I entitled to financial aid?
  95. VIP Support Manager
  96. RAV "waiting days"
  97. Online Marketing Job
  98. Firing the Sole Provider of the Family?
  99. Any tips...1 month in Geneva
  100. Helps with internship
  101. to work as ophthalmologist
  102. Creative jobs in Zurich
  103. Who do I go to about contract breach, illegal practice?
  104. Moving to Thalwil
  105. starting my own business
  106. Unemployment benefit
  107. Internship Conditions
  108. Ukraine MD degree with Dutch Passport looking for Specialization/Job in Swiss?
  109. Telling about my Salary
  110. Jobs: Int'l School diploma, US Bachelor not enough?
  111. employment release agreement/freistellungsvertrag
  112. Give new employer name while resigning
  113. I need help to find a job in Switzerland!!!
  114. Increase of compulsory employer and employee salary deductions (AHV, BVG etc...)
  115. RAV and part time work (i.e., topping up 80%)
  116. Need an advice. Accident insurence
  117. does a doctor friend need a lawyer?
  118. Do I gave to inform my Gemeinde about changing employers?
  119. monthly gross = annual gross/12 or 13?
  120. Leaving job as teacher: do I need a certificat or letter of recommendation?
  121. Do you read (professional) emails where you are in cc?
  122. hard time finding anything in my field (radiation safety)
  123. Swiss child benefit paid in Euros
  124. Recruitment agencies/headhunters
  125. English teaching jobs in Zürich
  126. Work in geneva and live in France - unemployment benefit rights
  127. Swiss equivalent of Citizens Advice Bureau?
  128. Job Openings in Swiss Spy Agency
  129. medical test in the new job
  130. Microsoft technologies puzzle - Suisse Romande
  131. Claiming unemployment for just 1 month, is it worth doing the paperwork?
  132. Web designer and programmer with MBA in History
  133. CV Now service, anyone tried them?
  134. Hi need help. Possible contract to work in Baar, Zug.
  135. [Zurich] Where to report abuse of RAV?
  136. Paid Online Surveys.
  137. Salary
  138. Provision of parking space
  139. Art related opportunities
  140. 4 months off from RAV to launch business: trap!
  141. Change Chomage Advisor
  142. PhD salary in University of Zurich
  143. Cost of Living: Zürich (suburbs) vs. Bay Area, CA
  144. Unemployment Overlord
  145. English speaking jobs in Basel area, advice re Recruitment Agencies please.
  146. Support feedback on Swiss Professional work culture
  147. [Thread split] RAV German Course - My experience
  148. Farm worker
  149. RAV German Course
  150. Alternative careers for PhD graduates
  151. Business Networking in Geneva
  152. Metal Detector? Lost Wedding Ring.
  153. RAV payments and 13th salary
  154. Looking for work advice
  155. RAV and unpaid work experience
  156. Accident insurance / salary covered for hourly wage?
  157. Advice Required [Chalet Staff]!
  158. looking for job for non-EU married in switzeerland
  159. Inability to work 100% during pregnancy
  160. Swiss employment laws
  161. Maternity Leave
  162. Voluntarily quitting my job
  163. Career Coach
  164. Danish guy that wants to move to Switzerland
  165. Possible jobs at hand-car washes??
  166. simple non-skilled people job=inexistent?
  167. Employment with a Dependent Visa
  168. Hiring employees
  169. Salary expectations
  170. Opinion needed - backup job offer
  171. Nanny short-term work contract
  172. Working in Summer in Switzerland as a Foreign Student?
  173. Fire/Rehire
  174. Overtime - is it law in CH that it has to be financially compensated?
  175. Japanese / English Speaker - Where to look for Jobs?
  176. URGENT help needed - Boss giving me deadline to leave
  177. Employment info
  178. RAV: Refuse a job
  179. Moving abroad while drawing RAV
  180. Accident during notice period
  181. Looking for a job after being a stay at home mother
  182. Working while at the RAV
  183. RAV - After your employment insurance runs out
  184. RAV payouts - how they are determined and when they kick in
  185. post-doc Salary in University of Geneva
  186. University's Grades are important for getting a Job?
  187. Requirement to advertise Jobs Internally before placing external adverts
  188. how to ask for feedback after get rejected by JOB application?
  189. Where are all the English speaking IT jobs??
  190. Help with tax calculation
  191. RAV - Muttershaftsurlaub (maternity leave)
  192. RAV: self-employment and Language Courses
  193. Salary at Alstom
  194. Software Engineer 7+ years xp
  195. Moving and finding employment in Zurich
  196. Working in switzerland as a foreigner
  197. I'm finishing my Masters and sorting out what's next...
  198. To any HR personnel out there!
  199. Job seeker visa for Germany (non-EU)
  200. severance payments and impact on eligibility for unemployment benefits
  201. PD U2 application processing time when transferring ALK benefit to EU/Efta
  202. Employment lawyer success fees
  203. Need a little help with engineering please
  204. employee living in France, working in CH sporadically
  205. Getting a job in Switzerland after period at ETH
  206. Contract in 1 of the Swiss languages
  207. Can my wife work in Switzerland?
  208. Can an employer provide a Swiss work certificate a month after employment ends?
  209. Reference letter, closing paragraph advice
  210. babysitting [pay rates]
  211. Job offer in Zurich - Urgent
  212. Salary advice permanent or contract
  213. Your advice - Job Interview Follow-up
  214. Finding a job
  215. canceling RAV
  216. How many interviews before you landed your job?
  217. Sick leave and change in illness
  218. No Swiss numbers but still interesting
  219. Allowances mistake by HR
  220. How to find work in Geneva
  221. Salaries for computer security
  222. Salaries in USD - working for the UN
  223. Masseur-Dorn method and ralaxation
  224. reimbursement of travel cost for work - a special situation.
  225. 13th Salary - based on one's averaged salary for the year?
  226. Looking for advices!
  227. Am I employable in switzerland?
  228. English Speaker : US vs Switzerland
  229. RAV I sent papers out of deadline :-(
  230. Unemployment insurance for EU citizen
  231. Basel: Ideas for my unemployed girlfriend
  232. Taxation of school fees - Legal question
  233. Aerospace/Aeronautical engineer jobs in Switzerland
  234. Interview for a marketing position in Neuchatel; salary?
  235. Ambulancejob/EMT
  236. Salary for Software Quality assurance professional -8.5 years experience. Thoughts pl
  237. Chances of getting a job as an engineer
  238. Quitting in probation period
  239. [Question]How to find a job for architects
  240. UK Contract on Switzerland
  241. Fashion Design or Fashion Related jobs for English speakers in Lugano
  242. Jobs which require no German?
  243. Sickness regarding employer
  244. Unemployement insurance and eligibility
  245. Contracting through a UK Agency
  246. Seasonal Work In Switzerland
  247. Research on experiences of employees contracted via Kelly Services at Novartis.
  248. Duration of RAV payments
  249. Can I quit RAV?
  250. job fair in Zurich