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  1. Salary question
  2. Finance controler salary
  3. Live-in nanny wage questions on behalf of a friend!
  4. MBA in a swiss Uni of Applied Sciences
  5. Working remotely for a US Company while living in Switzerland?
  6. Advice for those about to start a thesis work ...
  7. Is Lonza a good employer
  8. Typical salary package and benefits in Zurich
  9. Interview for job I didn't get a year ago
  10. Recruitment process at Credit Suisse
  11. Employment Lawyer / Solicitor Needed
  12. Finding a job in Switzerland for a non fluent German speaker
  13. Salary for Private Nanny in Zurich.
  14. Local Employment Only
  15. Fixed term contract but agency want to hire as durée indéterminée
  16. Zurich Tax for frontalier
  17. Employer controls monitor
  18. HELP: can you re-enter RAV after haveing been with them for a year?
  19. Finding a job without speaking German?
  20. Looking for a summer job
  21. HELP : need translator for RAV interview
  22. Looking for a job (a little Monday humour)
  23. 18 Years Old, need to earn some Money asap
  24. short term job in zurich?
  25. What is Krankentaggeld-Police
  26. UX Design - Job Market in Zurich
  27. Job Opportunities
  28. Job in Switzerland
  29. Where to get help reviewing a reference letter written in German?
  30. They wrote this in my reference letter ...
  31. First RAV meeting advice needed
  32. Sounds like a fun job
  33. Appearances
  34. Sacked during notice period?
  35. Delaying vacation until March the next year - is this in the law?
  36. Any experience working with emagine?
  37. ORP - jours sans contrôle - take during a course?
  38. Internship Contract Pension fund
  39. Illness confirmation from the doctor outside Switzerland
  40. Replaced 3 months after being laid off- Isn't that illegal?
  41. Employed, RAV, Employed then possibly RAV again
  42. Recruiter’s Advice
  43. Employment for Spouse?
  44. Quick Question!
  45. Short-term employment
  46. ETH Salary as Engineer
  47. Part-time and Holidays
  48. Relocating to Zurich - Need some info
  49. Cyber Security Manager Salary
  50. How do I become a tutor/teacher?
  51. promotion compensation senior role -> Head of XYZ
  52. Legal Advice for Freelancer
  53. Paying sick leave to part-time cleaning lady
  54. Employee laws
  55. Advice on Quickmail employment
  56. Commercial Boats
  57. Geneva internship
  58. Checking up on a future employer
  59. Long term Ill health social support ? (school leaver)
  60. Finding a job in Switzerland, part II
  61. Swiss Jobs for Indians
  62. Job market for Swiss public school teachers?
  63. Swiss Re
  64. Minimum Notice Period
  65. RAV - funny stories
  66. Jobs listed in regional advertising shoppers/flyers
  67. Working at Swiss Post Solutions - your experiences?
  68. Overtime paid out
  69. Have you switched career paths after originally training with a healthcare degree?
  70. A zillionth thread about looking for a job after a gap
  71. Do I have a case against my Employer as legal/illegal employee
  72. Summer internship experience for non EU nationals?
  73. Has my employer breached my contract and my non compete agreement?
  74. RAV Selbständig im Nebenerwerb [freelance work in addition to "regular" job]
  75. Experience of hiring nannies
  76. Salary&benefits package for employee travelling 75%
  77. Calculate annual leave entitlement
  78. Psychotherapist hoping to move to Zurich
  79. Frustration in job hunting
  80. Furlough
  81. Is Glencore a good employer?
  82. State of current job market
  83. RAV - Job Refused (not refused)
  84. Employment law?
  85. Zeugnis
  86. switching jobs, software domain
  87. Sickness insurance during pregnancy
  88. Work Applications; Swiss ways?
  89. EU member, marrying Swiss, US diploma applying for residency in Switzerland
  90. Staging Houses/Apartments as a job?
  91. Analyst Jobs in Zug ?(English jobs)
  92. Just been fired
  93. HR or other support for mobbing/bullying at [a major pharma company]
  94. Lohnausweis (Certificat de salaire) - a problem. Permit
  95. Employment agency cost
  96. RAV - searching Job and part-time Job with the same %
  97. Waitress - Work break rights
  98. Work Permit application for Dependent Working in Switzerland
  99. Nestle's online interview
  100. Hi, I am looking for a company to interview for my Master's Thesis
  101. English speaking EA
  102. IT Contractor on RAV is forced to take permanent positions. Solution?
  103. Sickness and leave entitlement
  104. Employed for a small medtech or external consultant for a big multinational?
  105. Can I give my notice while on sick leave?
  106. Recommendation letters - any specific tips ?
  107. Resigned - bonus ?
  108. Work Psychiatrist / Psychologist help with Mobbing
  109. Better contractor/freelancer site than jobserve ?
  110. Employer has not paid salary - next step?
  111. Help with received job offer from Zurich
  112. Self-employed teaching tricky question
  113. Employment contract changes
  114. Swiss work prospects and tips on how I would go about getting a job
  115. searching engine or website for job openings in Europe(not only single country)
  116. Recruitment companies
  117. How do I find work in Switzerland O.O
  118. Getting a job without an interview, is this normal?
  119. Employment Benefits Redundancy / moving Abroad temporarily
  120. working of an offshore company
  121. Legal advice about Quellensteuer deduction
  122. Unfair dismissal
  123. Things to do on L Permit
  124. Living with a policeman/inspecteur
  125. Self Employed and protecting your savings?
  126. Can I get out of a 3 month notice period?
  127. Job offer ´dilemma´ - How to re-negotiate salary (counter offer) by email
  128. Psychiatric nurse query
  129. Help with finding companies HR data!
  130. Hire a Retiree?
  131. Can I use this qualification?
  132. Traineeship - multilingual requirement
  133. being expected to work without being paid for it
  134. Creative / Art jobs
  135. 120k CHF or 70k €
  136. Meeting to exchange information about job search
  137. Promotion at work
  138. Chomage: Creating a company during phase d'élaboration
  139. Partial unemployment benefits ?
  140. Didn't go to the Appointment with RAV
  141. Is 4000 CHF a good salary // Belgium equivalent
  142. Self employed get no unemployment benefits ?
  143. Borrowing money to start new business in CH
  144. US employment law compliance in Switzerland
  145. I want to quit and start working on my own
  146. Job for an F permit Holder
  147. Job for medical technologist/diagnostic medical sales
  148. RAV payment if leaving to search abroad
  149. Notice within probationary period
  150. Vereinfachte vs Standard Abrechnung: help! [simplified vs standard accounting]
  151. Finding a job in Switzerland
  152. RAV and MBA, do they coop?
  153. Best site for IT jobs
  154. On call during vacation without pay
  155. Salary for IT Systems Engineer in Zurich Banks
  156. Geneva vs. Singapore - Equivalent Salary
  157. SAP ABAP Consulting advice
  158. Maternity leave vs. unpaid leave
  159. Employee satisfaction ?
  160. Security licence
  161. how to find a job as cleaner or nanny
  162. IT job hunting in Zurich- any tips?
  163. Employer closing company whilst pregnant
  164. Cleaner in binningen /baselland
  165. Pro’s/Cons of Chômage LPP and Perte de Gain services?
  166. Security jobs in Switzerland
  167. Job certificate asked - question
  168. Anybody in Biotech/Pharma? Please read, I need advice :)
  169. ECHR: Judges rule employers may read employee's private messages
  170. my fair salary: IT sector
  171. IT jobs in Geneva
  172. my fair salary: financial sector
  173. retenues pour requérants d'asile
  174. RAV 4 months after getting fired
  175. Recruiters that actually help job seekers
  176. Searching for Urgent Job Offers in Cleaning, Childcare, Secretarial Department
  177. ZG: 'Back To Work' seminar aimed at trailing spouses
  178. Employer Response Time
  179. Suing a Potential Employeer in Switzerland
  180. Temporary Contract Extension
  181. Short term relocation to Switzerland
  182. Pennies from heaven - anything similar in Switzerland
  183. RAV Payment
  184. Alternative CV?
  185. Dietitians
  186. Credit Suisse recruitment process query
  187. RAV - Penalty for not looking for work
  188. Urgently looking for a translator for rav interview
  189. Mature Graduate seeking tips for finding a job
  190. vision for an business operations team
  191. Part time work
  192. Outdoor adventure jobs
  193. New job in Switzerland
  194. [Insurance after] ceasing self-employment and going back to being an employee
  195. Working in Switzerland
  196. Job Search / Immigration Icelanders
  197. Working for free?
  198. Salaries sinking?
  199. Redundancy Notice Periods in Switzerland
  200. Work lunch etiquette
  201. applications scientist (salary)
  202. Finding a job in IT and getting settled
  203. Can we change the canton
  204. Has anyone been able to find work if they only speak English?
  205. IT and Financial Services - Recruiters
  206. Feedback on "B-Source" company - Lugano
  207. Einzelfirma, Selbständig, GMBH questions!
  208. RAV payouts - are holidays deducted from one's allocation of days paid?
  209. Summer Job for an American teenager in Switzerland?
  210. Young pregnancy during notice period
  211. Salary oddness for my wife's new job
  212. Letter: Berufliche Tatigkeit/Lebensunterhalt
  213. Anyone work as an IT consultant for "big 5" firms?
  214. Moving Without Job
  215. Graphic design or illustration jobs in Zurich
  216. Self-employed, freelancer or employee in Zurich
  217. Nervous linguist looking for job search suggestions
  218. Unemployment rights for Grenzgaenger
  219. Letter of Recommendation
  220. Notice period at the end of the first 12 months
  221. Career advisors - recommendations?
  222. Employment rights of PhD research assistants
  223. Question about etiquette
  224. What's better to find a job-Local accounting dipl.(comptable, not a brevet) or ACCA?
  225. Internships in Switzerland
  226. Ahv oasi
  227. Zwischenzeugnis: Is this a good one?
  228. Admin /PA /Receptionist Role
  229. Interns wanted
  230. Can I be an English teacher and an Au-pair?
  231. Student how to get AHV number
  232. Army & employment after
  233. Postdoctoral in Switzerland
  234. CH -> UK? Worth it?
  235. Speciality training for foreign doctor/work as Assistenärzte
  236. Au pair - how do i quit?
  237. Looking for Waiting Staff in Valais
  238. Software Development
  239. Paying RAV back...
  240. Monthly saving
  241. Job market competition
  242. English Swimming Techer in Zurich area
  243. Apprenticeship
  244. Roche postdoc fellowship
  245. automatically deducted lunch hours
  246. I want to Volunteer in Switzerland. All help is welcomed.
  247. Can you freelance but live in another country?
  248. Anyone have experience with Lab4Tech in Lausanne
  249. Will RAV/ORP help me get a new job? (this is not about benefits)
  250. is 70000CHF enough for Lugano?