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  1. Where to stay in central Basel?
  2. Excel course 2 - can you recommend
  3. Commodore C64x
  4. Basel - Piano rental or piano practice rooms available ?
  5. Becoming homeless in Lugano
  6. Watching the Royal Wedding on screen
  7. hildren care - eventual care compensation
  8. Refrigerator Shelf needed...
  9. SNAP CIRCUITS -game for kids
  10. Switzerland is soooo cheap
  11. Shouldn't plant-trays have holes at the bottom?
  12. advice needed on planting herbs on balcony
  13. Poster printing (like the ones you can print in FedEx)
  14. Ikea Restaurant Promotion until April 8
  15. Short stay in Switzerland with some goods to move
  16. Any aupairs in Basel willing to take a new girl out??
  17. A problem with Swiss Post.
  18. VAT Refunds @ Lidl Waldshut
  19. Geekwarning: map of where Säntis is visible
  20. Donate Hair to Cancer?
  21. I have an old bike. How can I restore it?
  22. Help me locate this place - possibly spelt as Fangey [Fishing place]
  23. Canvas Stretching
  24. nail salon
  25. Hardwood supplier, for hobby projects?
  26. Spray Paint - where can I find it?
  27. Random Banking Questions
  28. American Student applying to University of Zurich
  29. Beauty salon in Morges?
  30. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?
  31. online shop have not sent me the product after one month, any suggestion?
  32. Books in Zurich
  33. Letter from German Lawyer
  34. Rabbits' kidneys
  35. Knit Hat for baby
  36. Coming from UK? [food items delivery needed]
  37. Selling books - Amazon does not do Switzerland
  38. Business Schools in Geneva/Zurich/Lausanne??
  39. Living in Basel, for 5 months, erasmus student
  40. Where can I buy an Avacado plant in Zurich?
  41. Maths course required - preparation for MSc in Engineering
  42. London or Vevey?
  43. National Allergie Day
  44. Printmaking Supplies near Zurich
  45. Where can I buy books in English in Zurich?
  46. Will my Swiss Nespresso machine work in the U.S.
  47. Bookstore for Medical Books
  48. Where can I buy Discount Home Furnishing Fabrics in Zurich?
  49. swiss post courier, TNT, how long?
  50. Polishing gold rings in Basel area
  51. Where can I find Latch Hook pre-cut rug wool?
  52. Price of Golden Virginia at Geneva Airport
  53. Plumbing Washing Machine to Kitchen Tap
  54. Social Science Degree
  55. Is 320chf enough to live on?
  56. Linux in Ottos
  57. Scarpa Shoes
  58. Buying my first guitar
  59. Poll: how to resolve our energy needs?
  60. I can't find a place to stay for 3 nights in Geneva
  61. Laptop repair - Zurich
  62. Home Sauna
  63. Big Bolts!?
  64. Toy Library in Wettingen (Near Baden)
  65. Geneva : New laws about dogs
  66. Old Laptop: What to do with it?
  67. Help: Looking for hard drive data recovery specialist
  68. BaselWorld 2011
  69. What to do with an old mattress?
  70. Amazon.co.uk next day delivery
  71. Do recruitment consultant place candidate?
  72. Recycling plastic bags in Zurich
  73. Illegal to trim neighbors invasive bushes
  74. Ladybug Invasion
  75. College or Ausbildung?
  76. Love on the train
  77. Barbers
  78. Is Fire-wood Cheaper in Bulk?
  79. Looking for girlfriends to go out with
  80. Ballet and Yoga
  81. Is My CPL(H) Transferable?
  82. Has anyone heard about ESL [language agency]?
  83. Sewing supply store Aargau
  84. Is there an Equivelent Store to Spotlight Here?
  85. Sewing course
  86. Short hair style expert needed
  87. house cleaner !
  88. Soldering Iron?
  89. Baby sizing
  90. Importing a Piano
  91. Preparing for ISQTB- ISEB, need suggestions.
  92. In case you are planning an Easter Vacation in Spain...
  93. party supply and catering services
  94. Service for beer/beverage dispenser
  95. crystal and stone shop in Zürich
  96. Replacing strings in Squash Racket
  97. Help ! Beautician around Fribourg ??
  98. PhD in IT Project Management ?
  99. Book Clubs Zurich
  100. Are you a professional expat?
  101. Function room / Events hall in Zug
  102. Colour toner cartidges bought in Switzerland - what is the cheapest brand?
  103. Foreign universities and Switzerland
  104. Camera film
  105. UK Census 27th March 2011
  106. Tintin in Switzerland (sorry, in French only)
  107. Anyone know how much this medical test can cost me in Switzerland?
  108. Shipping Help Please [Southern Germany]
  109. Child Allowance. Help needed.
  110. "JRG" Building, Basel
  111. Master's degree in Switzerland?
  112. After Buying Television [Registering with Billag]
  113. builders supplies in luzern area?
  114. Business that buys used laptops?
  115. Coupon 2 for 1 in Coop weekly newspaper
  116. Where to dye my shoe?
  117. Sending post to soldiers in war zones
  118. Confiscated items at airport
  119. Kids party decoration shop
  120. Price of Art Lessons
  121. I need a large amount of soft cotton rope
  122. Accounting Course
  123. [Requirements engineering] Recommended courses?
  124. Searching for (imitation) Lederhosen for babies
  125. Buying something Ebay US
  126. Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in St Louis?
  127. Looking for cheap digs Zurich
  128. Guten Tag and can anyone help me? [Tracing my Swiss mom's Employment Records]
  129. Intro documentary film class
  130. Looking for children dance lessons in Bern
  131. Looking for dress maker in Basel
  132. Trolley coin miracle
  133. Help select Swiss watch brand
  134. Eyebrows Threadding in Lausanne
  135. Fake flowers
  136. Clarinet quartet - two more musicians sought
  137. Wher to find a course similar to this one?
  138. Masters study in Neuchatel -- any experiences to share?
  139. Lighting Shops in Lugano
  140. Florists and Beauty Salons in or around Basel (Germany and or France)
  141. Anybody working at Celgene?
  142. Switzerland vs Luxembourg
  143. Re-looking in Nyon/Geneva - any recommendations?
  144. Talent show/concert - Looking for "performers" - performance in stadium infront of 40
  145. Nanomania toys given out at Migros stores
  146. University of Lausanne/Geneva
  147. To move or not to move
  148. Children's haircut in Basel
  149. Any one working in Applied materials, Lausanne
  150. Help with furniture assembly - Tues / Weds
  151. Violin maker in Zurich?
  152. Hobby Shops
  153. Tag Heuer watches on Ricardo
  154. Mattress Bags?
  155. where to buy angelus paint
  156. French FM Radio stations available in Zurich?
  157. Summer Studies
  158. Moving - Help with Research
  159. Pubs/clubs to meet English speaking crowd in Zurich
  160. Help! Spilled Red Wine on My Persian Rug!
  161. Poster hanger (not frame)
  162. English Meditation, in Basel, Saturday Mornings
  163. Laptop Repair
  164. Where to buy Analog's or Asimov's SF magazines ?
  165. Photo Studios in Zurich
  166. Question about Military Service
  167. Excellent response time from vZug
  168. Morbid Curiosity
  169. Woman getting manhandled by her husband? [with update]
  170. Where to buy upholstery materials?
  171. Photographic shop that develops B&W film needed - Zurich
  172. Cleaning a Tefal Protect Steam Generator (iron) sole plate
  173. Gift for colleague being posted to China?
  174. Does anyone know where these photos were taken?
  175. Zurich, shops for small batteries (computers, wrist watch, etc).
  176. Hochschule Liechtenstein becomes a University
  177. Swiss way of dealing with a present that a seagull left for me?
  178. Where do you buy your smellies?
  179. Zuricher seeking sun!
  180. Snowboard Carving
  181. Happy Chinese New Year 2011 [Year of the Rabbit]
  182. Help please
  183. Wool store?
  184. Laura Ashley
  185. Purple Shampoo
  186. Looking to get access to a big piano....
  187. Hair salons in or near Lausanne
  188. looking for an old friend [94 year old pianist - Zug]
  189. Upholstery services
  190. Barbeques
  191. Getting Basler Zeitung
  192. Geneva : Sirens test on February 1th
  193. Fun violin lessons for child
  194. Offset printers in Zurich? (not online print shop)
  195. Nikon D3100 mirror jammed
  196. Laptop screen to be replaced
  197. Nyon : bookshop French and English
  198. Where can I buy Polish books in CH?
  199. Geneva : sledge time until February 27th
  200. Rubbish/Waste/Recycling
  201. Resources for Expats /Importing Goods /Rubbish/ Waste/Recycling/Consumer Rights
  202. Film Developing In Geneva
  203. St. David's day celebrations
  204. What the law means to you?
  205. Bass player? We want you!
  206. losing stuff on a bad, drunken night out!
  207. Where can i sell Used PC components in Geneve ?
  208. Looking for English Cooking Classes-Lausanne
  209. Girls for cars :)
  210. Blog : Travailler en Suisse (work in Switzerland)
  211. Lost and Found on Public Transport - a success story
  212. Call to arms :) Well a bar somewhere in CH.
  213. Living in Olten but working in Basel/Zurich?
  214. Geneva needs nurses
  215. EMBA course at SBS [Swiss Business School] - anyone done it?
  216. Sucking face
  217. Fellow architects, please help me!
  218. Can you suggest any good picture stores in Basel?
  219. New Age Shops in Zurich or St Gallen?
  220. looking for inexpensive hotel near geneva airport?
  221. Websites with good deals in CH
  222. Looking for a travel guidev course in English
  223. Swiss gifts to send to the US
  224. Any good wedding planner??
  225. help for buying from amazon.de
  226. Giving away 2 packets of Pampers - Zurich Schlieren
  227. If Switzerland was flooded
  228. Zurich - sewing/embroidery supplies?
  229. Please guide me for University Admission
  230. Costumes for Fasnacht / Carneval
  231. Importing antique rifle?
  232. Sewing/fabric shop in Germany
  233. Architectural Supply Store in Zurich or Basel? (or Luzern)
  234. Partywear shop ?
  235. Student Books in PDF format for free
  236. Indian clothing in Basel
  237. Is it difficult to get accepted into a university in Switzerland?
  238. Labuyla.com. Anyone had problem?
  239. where to buy xbox 360 kinect bundle.
  240. Present - Valentine's Day (13th Feb)
  241. Anyone got an account on ebay.de ?
  242. Where to buy Thinkpad
  243. wanted-Dave the Dish number please
  244. Is 100,000 CHF enough to live on in Switzerland?
  245. Where can I sell used English books in Zürich?
  246. Birkenstocks in Basel
  247. Swiss Ski Chalet Recommendations
  248. Tax paying for imported shoes
  249. TNT shipment from overseas
  250. Does my 7 month old count as a person when bringing back groceries from France?