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  1. Private Music Lessons [at or near EHL]??
  2. Help! Saturday moving assistance desperately required for Sat 27 March 2010 in Basel!
  3. Looking for seed potatoes in Lausanne area
  4. PC-Ostschweiz non-delivery, very late refund. What to do?
  5. Management Courses
  6. Borrowing an electric drill in Geneva
  7. Chinese/Taoist Buddhist Temple in CH
  8. Photographer Required
  9. best swiss watch brand
  10. self - storage, Geneva area
  11. Spring cleaning - A Swiss tradition!!
  12. any cookies specialist
  13. Make up artist
  14. Any plants specialist [advice needed to care for indoor plants]
  15. Bakelite telephone, how to connect it up for everyday use.
  16. Daughter needs Lacoste shoes?
  17. Art supplies in Basel
  18. Where to buy ski boots late in season
  19. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  20. Looking for guitarists [Lausanne]
  21. Where to buy ThermalTake Silver River II 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure
  22. where i can buy blankets, sheets, and other things for the house?
  23. Sewing machine books/guides (ZH area)
  24. >> Big foot <<
  25. where can find Silverware holder for Dishwasher for good price
  26. Where can I buy a pair of smart casual soft leather shoes?
  27. Ironing/cleaning prices&services in CH
  28. where can I clean my car inside out in Zurich area?
  29. Daylights Saving time
  30. Where can I find Cargo Pants in Zurich?
  31. Looking for Flat Plugs for extension cords.
  32. Laptop not working. Help needed
  33. Hot Desking
  34. Where to buy office supplies- cheap
  35. Big Brother is arriving from Japan
  36. Where to buy: Toy Guns, Cap Gun, BB Guns
  37. Printing Magazine - economical country option ?
  38. flying with aer lingus
  39. can you tell who's who?
  40. where to buy golden jewelry with appropriate price
  41. Bringing gift of Guitar in to Switzerland
  42. Getting Married in Switzerland
  43. what are you in the relationship?
  44. mcdonalds party, good idea ?
  45. Question about cardboard recycling
  46. Filing cabinet??
  47. Fashion design school
  48. Public profile descriptions
  49. Any one a Diamond expert here ??
  50. US Plugs convertors or power strip - in Zug?
  51. Highly controversial issues - what can we pick to argue about?
  52. Study room, Zurich HB
  53. Shots fired outside my apartment building
  54. How did you tell your loved ones you were moving to CH?
  55. Where can I buy a cuckoo clock '
  56. Bearded lady of Geneva.
  57. baggage/luggage damage, assessment report?
  58. Need (House Repair) Urgency
  59. Looking for photos of Alsace/Switzerland for magazines
  60. Attention Migros' shoppers, on sale now..
  61. Cherry blossom displays across Switzerland?
  62. Advice Wanted about UK online store
  63. Balloons and Banners [Where to buy in Aarau or Zurich]
  64. Is anybody moving to Switzerland from UK? [Opportunity to share costs]
  65. Upholstry (Couch) Cleaning
  66. Household products you cant live without
  67. Would you be willing to pay an English Forum fee?
  68. Big Canadian Flag in Frauenfeld
  69. Economy, jobs - where will it all go from here?
  70. Monday, March 1st - Public Holiday in Neuch‚tel
  71. Computer and Game Store in Zurich...?
  72. Any recommendations for recovering a harddrive failure?
  73. offering Guitar Lessons
  74. Community Garden Plots Lugano, Ticino?
  75. Can I use this surge protector here in Switzerland? [no, it blew up]
  76. Brits can still vote while living abroad
  77. courses in the afternoon & B permit
  78. Help re electrical brands..
  79. selling books?
  80. Girls Night Out in Luzern?
  81. Family-friendly places to stay in CH?
  82. Consumer protection/Malpractice question
  83. Piano lessons in Zug and Luzern
  84. Amnesty International English Group (Zurich)
  85. English Gardener/Landscaping Help Needed [Liestal, Baselland]
  86. Choirs in Zurich
  87. multi-lingual greeting/condolence cards
  88. Is there a second hand record shop in Geneva?
  89. [Info needed] Tailor/Alteration services in Waldshut
  90. romantic help needed
  91. english shop online?
  92. Just a heads up [slippery temporary steps at Wipkingen train station]
  93. Mens Suits - Where to buy in Vaud?
  94. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  95. Cheapest place in ZRH to get shoes re-soled?
  96. Where to get hubby's shirts ironed please?
  97. Planet orbit model - where to get one?
  98. Cable car trauma - video for Bon Jovi's official video
  99. Toddler Haircut in Zurich?
  100. what is more economical to exchange chf to pound
  101. Lost: Iphone Villars 19/1/2010
  102. Best place in CH / Elsewhere to buy a Bugaboo Cameleon?
  103. Oven cleaner
  104. beauty parlour
  105. Wedding Dress charities
  106. Free Legal Services [where to find in Zurich]
  107. Where should I take a visitor during Basel Fasnacht?
  108. Warm weather where are you???
  109. Picture Framing in Zurich - Any Recommendation?
  110. Why are people mean?
  111. Olympic Downhill today Where to Watch?
  112. Ostrich farms in Switzerland?
  113. Sales on childrens' sleds + winter gear!
  114. help please ! looking for link to swiss salary study
  115. Pay MWST twice on the same item?
  116. Help .. what to wear to the opera (Zurich)?
  117. Photoshop lessons in English [Geneva]
  118. Need info on mirror replacement
  119. So I've read everything in English in my apartment....
  120. iPod toys
  121. Currently smoke-free bars... (ZH)
  122. Second hand clothes around Neuchatel?
  123. Supermarket Poll
  124. Inside Switzerland
  125. Looking for the person to whom I gave my HP laptop
  126. Beauty Therapist
  127. Sunglasses - Where to Buy?
  128. Why Oil for heating systems in Switzerland?
  129. Best Country and Company to Buy Solar Panels?
  130. Experienced Wedding Dress Cleaners
  131. Where would you sleep (or where have you slept) if you were homeless for a night?
  132. Programme for displaying photos with music?
  133. house prices in the uk
  134. (Zurich) Looking for helium to blow up b-day balloons
  135. Travel agency gift cards
  136. Bringing car from Sydney to Lausanne
  137. friend in town
  138. Lost my wedding ring
  139. Shoe Shine in Zurich?
  140. Microdermabrasion. Anyone?
  141. Expatriate buying property in England
  142. looking for computers and binoculars to support wildlife conservation
  143. Looking for musicians near Schaffhausen
  144. Snow Snow Snow
  145. need help swiss translation
  146. Recycling - Merged Threads - cardboard, plastic, tins, paper etc?
  147. Homeschooling in Zurich
  148. Lost & Found for City of Bern???
  149. Kitty like to scratch! (our walls)
  150. MicroSD card adapter
  151. Bakery Class
  152. online supplier of hifi cables
  153. Where can I find Schwarzkopf hair products?
  154. Where can I find wild Pussy Willow branches [Kštzchen-Weide]?
  155. Visiting Basel
  156. Picture/poster framing Basel
  157. American Football: SuperBowl
  158. Zurich Airport View Points
  159. how many stamps to post to england
  160. friend request in Basel or Geneva
  161. Switzerlan visit...
  162. Guitar Shop Suggestions
  163. uk national lottery
  164. Travel /Trolley Bag - Zurich - Shop?
  165. To drink like a Swiss
  166. Head Case in Baar
  167. Need a Tupperware Consultant in Basel Area
  168. Need a doctor in zurich.
  169. Lol?
  170. Mail delays to US from Switzerland
  171. Social networks
  172. Cute baby pics? [where to find posters of babies]
  173. Best Tags Thread
  174. polyfilla
  175. Military Service?
  176. How do you balance career and personal life
  177. Drupal training, Zurich?
  178. Tile Tattoos
  179. Looking for Alocasia "Green Velvet"
  180. Great Hairdresser/Colorist
  181. Web Design
  182. searching for musicians in Zurich
  183. How to find whatever service you want
  184. Moving to Bristol,UK.Need an advice, help.URGENT
  185. Where can I buy a boot tray from near Zurich or Horgen?
  186. Simple Breathing Exercise to reduce stress
  187. electricity bills
  188. Defective dinner table ?! Customer advice
  189. Von Roll Inova Anyone from EF working there?
  190. Microsoft Excel
  191. Accident involving people (SBB)
  192. Need some legal advice
  193. Picture Hooks -where to buy in Zurich?
  194. orthopedic chairs?
  195. Is designer "plus-size" apparel available in Switzerland?
  196. Books about anything Swiss!
  197. Watch Batteries
  198. Social Skills
  199. Anyone know where to buy kindling in the Oerlikon/Seebach area?
  200. The Kuoni head office in Zurich.
  201. kids party:running out of ideas
  202. Japanese Pottery Tableware
  203. No grit but clear roads
  204. (ZURICH) Drum course
  205. Sledding/Sledging - Novice & Intermediate Runs
  206. Opinel pocket-knife, Zurich, where?
  207. Charity Shops
  208. Searching online: .com or .ch
  209. Advice Needed: legal options against an online business
  210. Looking for a photo scanner
  211. Art classes in Zug area
  212. Wanted: really good ladies' hair colourist in Zurich/Zug
  213. [Cinema] Tickets bought online
  214. Getting rid of Christmas trees
  215. Looking to replace Rubber Ring for blender - any advice?
  216. Where to find Artists' supplies?
  217. Looking for a relaxing massage in Kilchberg
  218. Where to shop for baby products in Zurich
  219. Coping with those gifts that just "don't quite do it!"
  220. Garbage removal?
  221. i just buy canon 500d :D
  222. Can you fix my computer Screen?
  223. Back Pain Treatment
  224. Ayurveda herbs
  225. Ikea Recalls Highchair "Leopard"
  226. Can I study in Switzerland?
  227. Hair dresser for Relaxer in Zurich
  228. How to rent a cabin(place) in Hauptbahnhof market?
  229. Disposing Broken bed
  230. Customs duties on skis import
  231. Murder mystery sets in Basel
  232. Good photo studio in Zurich
  233. New Year's Eve
  234. Recycled Building Materials...
  235. Geneva - "Trees & Lights Festival 2009"
  236. Raw wool for spinning?
  237. Snow Boots for Kids
  238. Where's the nearest Gap store???
  239. Furniture Shops in Zurich
  240. Swiss Cigars
  241. Gun registration
  242. Consumer Rights - Damaged TV Set
  243. Studying in Switzerland
  244. Tailors in zurich oberland
  245. A cheap zippo lighter, Zurich?
  246. Sewing machine recommendations
  247. FC Basel football shirt? (in Basel)
  248. Mediamarkt's sense of humour or...
  249. Where to buy Swiss Army Knife with engraving in Zurich?
  250. Advice on buying Binoculars [Zurich]