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  1. Swiss comedy
  2. Bike party
  3. Royal Ascot - Horse racing in general
  4. English subbed or dubbed Cinemas in Romandie / Finding Dory
  5. Cannabis?
  6. Soul/Jazz
  7. Iron Maiden 3rd and Rammstein 4th June Lucerne - Anyone going?
  8. Coldplay in June
  9. Bar with live music in Zurich
  10. Opera and ballet enthusiasts
  11. healthy eating- Fribourg
  12. "We hope your private parts are big!"
  13. Indian Music Band
  14. Beginner's improv course in English, Zurich weekend April 22-23
  15. This is one for the nerds!...
  16. Buffet lunch/dinner near dubendorf
  17. Anyone Else Here LOVE Alcohol?
  18. Musician /pianist/jazz band
  19. Ghost Walk Cancellations
  20. Buffet in Basel - recommendation?
  21. Cafes or bars with resident pets
  22. Oscars 2016 (Channel in ZH)
  23. DJ needed for a wedding
  24. Youngsters 20s & 30s from Luzern/Lucerne - lets meet!
  25. Asian Pop-up Restaurant open in Feb.
  26. Any Ingress players in Bern?
  27. Band looking for drummer (and guitarist perhaps)
  28. Solothurn Film Festival
  29. Event Locations Spring 2016 (Outdoors)
  30. Cinema Vouchers
  31. Board Games Group - Neuchâtel Area
  32. Tickets for movie premieres ?
  33. Basel: New Year Fireworks display best spot to view and park car
  34. Catering in Alsace/Oltingen/Hagenthal area
  35. No Star Wars kino entry for kids under 12?
  36. No Empty Chairs at Christmas
  37. Best places in Switzerland for New Year?
  38. Family Bday tips for 11 yr old girl?
  39. Any romantic restaurant recommendation in Thun/Bern area?
  40. The Vicarious Movie-Going Thread
  41. DJ for a party -- Rough cost idea
  42. Shopping in Pontarlier ...
  43. Advance tickets for new Star Wars movie?
  44. Red Tent Zurich
  45. Too good to eat
  46. Zurich Art Event: Die Lange Nacht
  47. SRF documentary (animals)
  48. Your tip for good places to eat in Zurich/ideally Wollishofen?
  49. Ramen in Zurich
  50. Pop/Rock Sessions in Zurich??
  51. Best Bar in Lausanne
  52. Coffee in St. Gallen
  53. Rugby world cup lugano
  54. charming grillplace to go to
  55. Books with a clear Swiss related content...
  56. Dating in Geneva
  57. Disposable tablecloths
  58. Breakfast in Laufenburg ?
  59. KAFI ZüRI now open
  60. Are there any eating challenges in Zurich?
  61. Lausanne - Rock n Roll
  62. Dubendorf - New Pizza takeaway/delivery
  63. Stairs club in Zürich
  64. Lausanne Improv Group in English
  65. All you can eat buffet in Geneva?
  66. Lunch Geneva Rive Droite by the lake
  67. Any bass player 'round here?
  68. Birthday Freebies in or near Geneva?
  69. Kindercity Cinema (Volketswil)
  70. Ceramic atelier providing kids birthday party
  71. Friendly coffees/beers in Basel? (Or Bern/Luzern this weekend?)
  72. let's meet up for a friendly coffee :)
  73. Country Music Live Band for Party
  74. Suggestions for Restaurants for baby's first birthday party [Baden/Zurich]
  75. Karaoke on Saturday!
  76. Musicians in Zurich?
  77. Outdoor Restaurants - Zurich and Beyond
  78. Thai food
  79. Looking for musicians to jam with
  80. Cosy Wine Bar
  81. Suggestion Required - Holidays Planning
  82. where to watch tonites final live AND LEGAL online
  83. HELP! Lavaux/Vevey people !
  84. Concert - classical music; for free, donations are welcome; Friday 7:30 p.m. Zürich
  85. Kid's birthday party
  86. Any musicians looking to make music in Zurich or beyond?
  87. MORE fish and chips!
  88. Romantic dinner for anniversary - Zürich
  89. Birthday ideas: Karaoke? - Zurich/Winterthur
  90. Quiet pub in Zurich
  91. Age of Ultron in English - Solothurn/Grenchen/Biel/Bern
  92. Laziza spices in Zurich
  93. Music scene in Zurich
  94. cafe in Zürich suitable for discussins/workshops/seminars wanted!
  95. sunday roast in George Bar&grill, Zürich
  96. Sunday Roasts at Holzschopf Zürich
  97. Musical Theatre Basel
  98. Please suggest studios in Zurich for dance training!!
  99. Toddlers in the movies
  100. My little neighbour and student- so talented
  101. New Indian Restaurant Seebach Zurich
  102. Looking for guitarist to play some music
  103. any english theatre in zurich/switz?
  104. go-karts close to zurich
  105. The biggest and nicest Casino in Switzerland?
  106. Good Korean BBQ in Zurich?
  107. Discounted movie night in Luzern
  108. Child friendly restaurants in Zurich
  109. clown , magic?
  110. Best steaks in Zurich?
  111. Urgent restaurant recommendation needed tonight Geneva!
  112. Russian restaurant in Geneva
  113. Kosher Restaurants between Geneva and Lausanne?
  114. Cafes/ diners in Geneva
  115. BT Sport in Lausanne?
  116. Drum players in Winterthur (Djembe, Darbuka, Drums.. etc)
  117. Night out in Wetzikon
  118. Cards against humanity
  119. Restaurants near swiss german border ?
  120. Ed Sheeran 28 Jan: Tickets without allocated seats
  121. Cafe du Cerf ?
  122. Swiss Tavolata - Any Experience?
  123. Party Venue - ZH
  124. Want to lean new instrument in Zurich - where?
  125. Australia Day
  126. Can a copy of "Little Big Planet 3" bought in CH play in English on a PS4?
  127. Pilates Classes in English
  128. Guitar teacher in Zurich
  129. Restaurants Open for Sunday Lunchtime Zurich
  130. Saturday night in Zurich!
  131. Theatre in English
  132. lausanne slam poetry festival- tonight 29/11
  133. Party in Vevey tonight
  134. Vegetarian orders for apero
  135. Party ideas
  136. Student Parties in the Zurich/Zug area?
  137. We are opening a restaurant in Zurich! Any suggestions on our menu and entertainment
  138. Activities together?
  139. Expat Blogs and Websites - which are the best ones?
  140. [ZURICH] (American) Thanksgiving in ZH?
  141. restaurant suggestions - Zug, Cham, Aegeri, Baar area?
  142. New Year (Silvester) 2015
  143. 70s party costume (BASEL)
  144. DJ for party in Lausanne
  145. Where is the best Night life for Matures in Zurich
  146. Christmas 2014 ideas please
  147. does hiltl am see in kilchberg ha
  148. [Clubs] no entry fee - Basel
  149. Recommended -- Palais Mascotte - Geneve
  150. Dining area with Kitchen in Baden Area?
  151. Tea Houses in Zurich?
  152. Does anybody know when "Citizenfour" is going to be in the cinemas in Switzerland?
  153. Classical Music: Vaud/Geneva
  154. Restaurants in Lausanne
  155. Fish and Chips in Basel. At last.
  156. Chilled out bars and clubs in Zurich?
  157. Caterer/ cook needed
  158. Etiquette / Process when dining in Francophone CH
  159. Animator/entertainer for kids birthday party needed!
  160. Medieval Market in Lenzburg Castle
  161. Clubbing and Nightlife around Zurich-Baden
  162. Amusement Park in Zurich?!
  163. baby shower location [Zurich]
  164. Cosy pubs?
  165. Looking for Bouncy Castle Rental [Zurich]
  166. dungeons and dragons zurich, winterthur?
  167. Clown wanted for hire for kids party in neuchatel
  168. Fun sushi in Gva?
  169. Dungeons and Dragons in Basel
  170. Barn Wedding Venue Locations?
  171. The show Cyclope in Basel
  172. Swiss National Day - Zurich - what's on?
  173. Table fussball in Zurich
  174. New indian restaurant in st gallen
  175. Latin/Salsa style dancing in Zurich... or any fun place; where?
  176. lausanne restaurants
  177. Special restaurant in Zug
  178. [ZH] Bar suggestions for the summer?
  179. Who dances swing in Lugano?
  180. Basel Tattoo - Dress Code : Elegant
  181. How to go back from Macumba to Geneva?
  182. changes at Zch Stadelhofen
  183. Balakhan restaurant
  184. Portuguese restaurant
  185. Chippendale/Private Dancer
  186. live music in Lucern/Zurich
  187. Fine dining in and around Zurich
  188. Conny-Land -- lots to do for a 2.5 yr. old boy?
  189. Let's play game of Go (baduk, weiqi) in Lausanne
  190. Improv show in Zurich on Friday
  191. catering in Basel
  192. Dress code for the opera?
  193. Drum N Bass / Dubstep Music
  194. China tang oerlikon
  195. Great Italian Restaurant in Rorschach
  196. Great Restaurant near Atzmanning
  197. Locarno Film Fest
  198. Open Wine Cellars
  199. Free Beer - (Swiss Beer Day 25th April)
  200. Bar recommendation in Lausanne for birthday organization
  201. Jessie's bar in zug
  202. Restaurant Recommendation ZH K4
  203. all-night drinks
  204. What you all think of "my" wedding entertainer?
  205. Lily's Asian Indian Thai fusion in Klein Basel
  206. Veronica Mars
  207. F1 viewing in Lugano
  208. Indian Food
  209. Karaoke in Lausanne?
  210. weekend pub quiz and Adventure Rooms in Bern?
  211. Dancing Salsa
  212. Where to watch Wales v. France six nations rugby?
  213. Kizomba Classes in Zurich_searching for a partner to join
  214. Cronuts
  215. is it hard to pick up girls in swiss clubs
  216. Markthalle [Basel] - food corner
  217. Free V-Day meal and evening's entertainment, in English, in St. Gallen! (20-30yo)
  218. Valentine's day is coming to Neuchatel ;)
  219. early morning nightclubs?
  220. Bridge Players in Uster/Zurich Area
  221. St Patricks day in Luzern
  222. Brazlian dancer for an Event
  223. nice lounge/restaurant/club?
  224. Looking for "Cards Against Humanity"
  225. Drinking culture in Zurich?
  226. in search of Mexican food in Basel
  227. Warhammer Basel
  228. Museum Pass- which one?
  229. Oscars/Academy Awards 2014
  230. Sam's Kleinbasel
  231. "Winter Classic" Ice Hockey Game in Geneva
  232. Cheap indian/any restaurants in switzerland
  233. [MOVIES] Space Pirate Captain Harlock
  234. Ceramico, Basel. Paint ceramics. Review
  235. clubs tonite (new year's eve)
  236. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in English? Canton Vaud
  237. Fun: Live Escape
  238. Limousine for 2 hours in Basel
  239. Christmas Dinner/Party
  240. Old-time music in Zurich or nearby?
  241. salsa club in Zurych
  242. Packaged fondue
  243. Budget restaurant in Montreux
  244. Krrish 3 Movie
  245. Movie Night Basel
  246. New Flight Simulator Centre in Basel
  247. Laptop-friendly cafes in Basel
  248. UK friends over, what shall we do???
  249. Mariachi Singers
  250. Looking for a place for New Year's Eve: Dinner + something more in Basel area