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  1. Bill Clinton on UFOs, Area 51. Believes aliens exist.
  2. Sue Townsend, Adrian Mole author dies
  3. Strange light captured by Curiosity on MARS
  4. Peaches Geldof found dead at her home
  5. Mickey Rooney - Hollywood legend dies
  6. The Art of Leadership
  7. Has your job influenced your political views?
  8. Clegg and Farage debate on Britain's future in Europe
  9. Incident at London City Airport (27/3/14)
  10. Plane [hasn't] crashed into sea off Canary Is.
  11. coke for the Vatican
  12. It's time to have a conversation about the jihadi & islamist menace in our midst
  13. men, lawyers, hair
  14. Ukraine crisis: Double standards?
  15. The return of the city state?
  16. Lost SIG 550s
  17. Tony Benn dies at 88
  18. What is it aboout..help me understand my US collegues
  19. CIA snoops on Senate
  20. Bob Crow, union leader, dies
  21. North Korea's Kim Jong-un in 'unanimous poll win'
  22. Malaysian Airlines flight missing
  23. US military presence required for foreign referendum...(?)
  24. International Women's Day
  25. Great Britain - what is going on?
  26. EU Hits Back - Fewer Places for Swiss Restaurant Staff
  27. Champagne glasses with no base
  28. Court ruling says ‘upskirting’ shooting a picture under a woman’s dress is legal
  29. Australia - what is going on?
  30. Sex-mad Thatcher only promoted GOOD LOOKING men, claims Jonathan Aitken
  31. Finally a non-hysterical article on the Ukrainian Crimea situation
  32. 26.9% of parents' wage spent on childcare
  33. World War 3 or just a local spat in Ukraine?
  34. Switzerland to buy Sardinia
  35. Problems expected in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Germans evacuating
  36. Lee Rigby murderers get full life sentences
  37. Merkel wants to create the "European Internet"
  38. If babies had guns
  39. Godfrey Bloom, right wing, straight talking, Euro MP
  40. Denmark bans Kosher/Halal slaughter
  41. Bankers committing suicide.
  42. Lady's lacy panties to be banned in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  43. How will the Scottish vote go???
  44. Officials in Sudan have seized more than 70 ewes with rams' sexual organs
  45. Amusing Gay Games Viral Video
  46. Britain's first ever Olympic medal on snow
  47. UK Immigration minister resigns
  48. Train Derails In French Alps Killing Two
  49. Volunteers for Colombian presidential election in Lugano
  50. Crime down by 58% in England and Wales - How ?
  51. 1b€ fine for Google in France
  52. Microsoft appoints new CEO
  53. Coca Cola are terrorists.
  54. Gaddafi story, TV tonight Monday 3.Feb.2014 at 11 pm
  55. RSA - downward spiral
  56. R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman
  57. Woody Allen's adopted daughter openly accuses him of years of child abuse
  58. Brace Yourselves
  59. Yanokovich unmasked
  60. China doesn't extend New York Times' journalist visa
  61. Book business class ticket and eat for free whole year
  62. Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  63. Another survey - Best UK Cities
  64. The Bush Returns? (Not the president)
  65. Utopia?
  66. Pete Seeger RIP
  67. Kim Jong-Un executes Uncle's Family
  68. The Dangers of keeping cows ...
  69. Guess he'd better start with the Vatican then
  70. America - its own worst enemy yet again
  71. Someone has a sense of humour...
  72. Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering today, 25th January 2014
  73. Lyon - Worth a visit or not?
  74. Sochi Olympics: Double toilets
  75. Dont rob this guy!
  76. New Switzerland ?
  77. Benefits Street - interesting Channel 4 documentary
  78. Anti-Biotics not working
  79. UK man loses drone attack appeal
  80. another "Virgin" birth
  81. BBC's Komla Dumor dies
  82. How does a 3-year-old go missing like this?
  83. New British coins in 2014
  84. Presidential vaudeville in France
  85. Ariel Sharon 1928-2014
  86. Pakistani teenager thwarts suicide bomber
  87. Who is the chap in the white-red hat
  88. No hands driver banned
  89. Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident
  90. And you thought cars were expensive here!
  91. Skeletons in the closet.
  92. James Avery (Uncle Phil) dies
  93. French weapons for LEBANON financed by Saudi Arabia
  94. Evolution
  95. Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road collapses
  96. Michael Schumacher 'Seriously Injured'
  97. America's standing in the world - another sign of the decline.
  98. Mikhail Khodorkovsky - wrong country Schengen application
  99. Alan Turing has been officially pardoned
  100. Muslim staff at Marks & Spencer can refuse to sell alcohol and pork.
  101. Sadly no more Colemanballs
  102. Winter Olympics 2014
  103. Thomas de Maizière or Ursula von der Leyen ?
  104. Top 10 misconceptions about life in the UK
  105. U.S Internment camps for political dissidents
  106. Belgian Senate votes to extend euthanasia [assisted death with consent] to children
  107. German law firm targets internet streaming users over copyright
  108. 15 yemeni civilians going to a wedding killed by drone strike
  109. Are you suffering from "Afflueza"
  110. Mandela stadium event - signer signing bollocks
  111. A time to reflect - post your memories of not meeting the great man
  112. Danish prime minister selfie with Obama
  113. Barack Obama and Raoul Castro shake hands
  114. "The Local" reports something of international importance!
  115. Progress in the imperial way
  116. nelson mandela dead at 95
  117. Italian Woman's Baby Taken From Womb By UK Court Order
  118. Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker dies in California car crash
  119. Help Norway !
  120. Theresa Vail in a blue bikini or red bikini?
  121. Police helicopter crashes on busy pub in Glasgow
  122. Fort McMoney- Boomtown Episode 1 - Play the game
  123. When is piracy not piracy?
  124. Oh come on! What's wrong with a free hug?
  125. Rob Ford more popular than Obama- You go Canada!
  126. Bet this couldn't happen here!
  127. What next?
  128. UK Chancellor threatening expats!
  129. Detroit, Man Buys House, Erects Middle Finger
  130. Yam Yam banned in Midlands school
  131. Future of Human Rights December 10th Forum
  132. How about an ELECTRONIC TATTOO?
  133. New kid on the Bat block
  134. Protester Nails Scrotum To Red Square Cobbles
  135. Vroom vroom, moo
  136. Nazi battles filmed in English village on Remembrance Sunday
  137. International System
  138. Typhoon Haiyan
  139. 11.11
  140. Population explosion, doomed planet?
  141. An oil crash is on its way and we should be ready
  142. RSA: Zuma gold scam.
  143. How much do you really know about our world?
  144. Best countries for expats
  145. Cute troll
  146. CH refiner Argor accused of DRC gold launder
  147. India's mission to Mars
  148. Mid-air collision at 12 000 ft. - all 11 survived.
  149. Knife attack on a bus in Norway
  150. German police recover 1,500 modernist masterpieces
  151. Torture them with music
  152. Coat of Arms
  153. Bristol man burned to death
  154. I dont know where to put this
  155. No woman, no drive.
  156. RIP Lou Reed
  157. From the Land of Self Entitlment
  158. 29 y.o. Loretta Brooks from London, your letter is found!
  159. Turke EU negotiations re-started
  160. Saudi spy chief says Riyadh to 'shift away from U.S.' over Syria, Iran
  161. Iranian gift
  162. First halal sex-shop opens in Turkey
  163. Larnaca accdg SwissWorldCargo is in Serbia
  164. the Dead Terrorist
  165. De-Americanizing the Global Economy?
  166. He was desperate! He didn't mean it really!
  167. Mag 6.2 earthquakes just hit California!
  168. Oetzi the Iceman's living relatives found
  169. Syrian refugees
  170. General Giap died at 102
  171. Super Cyclone Phailin heading west towards India
  172. French-Swiss frontier blocked
  173. Syria monitors win Nobel Peace Prize
  174. Dead means dead - even when you're alive
  175. David Cameron's deputy arrested for teenage rape.
  176. Is it the time to sell US $$ ?
  177. New US 100 dollar banknote is released
  178. Why we try and ignore the Daily Mail
  179. Silvio Berlusconi to start to fade away
  180. US Capitol On Lockdown After 'Shots Fired'
  181. Who's the most idiotic
  182. Understanding the U.S. Govt Shutdown
  183. Love a Duck...
  184. Biking ban in Calcutta
  185. Abuses at UK youth prison reinvestigated
  186. 7.8 Pakistan Earthquake creates new island off the coastline
  187. Maybe the Local is not so boring as some people think?
  188. Meanwhile in Sweden.......
  189. Mrs Merkel won the German parliamentary elections
  190. US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document
  191. Costa Concord
  192. Looks like plain old "Ariel" to me
  193. Ray Dolby passed away this week
  194. South Africa injecting Rhino Horn with poison.
  195. Rape in Darmstadt Germany annulled; don't mess with teachers!
  196. Sad day for New Jersy
  197. Baloon ride
  198. 40 years to the Yom Kippur / October war
  199. The seeds for star trek the movie have now been sown
  200. Killed his own daughter
  201. Trader Joe's drops health insurance for part time employees-Blames Obamacare
  202. Indian Demographics Question - any intellectuals can help?
  203. Six of world's top 20 universities are in UK
  204. UN report on Asian rape statistics
  205. A new twist from the bible thumpers
  206. Another gun thread - with a twist!
  207. World's happiest nations are...
  208. Kim Jong Un executes ex girl friend
  209. Diana - Will we ever know?
  210. Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska has been attacked
  211. Would it really make any difference?
  212. Chinese boy blinded
  213. Ariel Castro is dead
  214. Walkie talkie Building melting a car .. I have now seen it all
  215. David Frost passes away
  216. September 1st, 1939
  217. Incident on the Tube
  218. These Two Maps Show Just How Much Western Power Is Surrounding Syria Right Now
  219. Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria
  220. Austalian Witness for Postal Vote
  221. Kerry blames Damascus for chemical attack
  222. And you complain about our school results!
  223. No Bovine TB in Switzerland?
  224. Uk-Australia free labour exchange
  225. A short guide to the Middle East
  226. Linda Ronstadt
  227. Gutsy (or passive aggressive?) Texan fight with NSA
  228. Skip Starbucks Saturday
  229. Spanish horned monster
  230. Plane Party in Germany for One
  231. Deutsche Well website in English ??
  232. Drop Canada to win US Presidency
  233. So you think your Swiss neighbours are bad
  234. Canadian Minister of Defense admits to UFO's, 4 races living on Earth.
  235. Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering on 25th August 2013
  236. Another mutilation (remember John Wayne Bobbitt?)
  237. British justice is a joke
  238. How to avoid a forced marriage
  239. Q: What goes Woof Woof?
  240. Olympic parachutist killed at Martigny
  241. Redwell Beer legal fight. What a load of Red Bull
  242. Banged Up Abroad
  243. Hyperloop : transport system of the future ?
  244. Hope they mean a comedy!
  245. Oops - definitely a vote loser
  246. Wanted: UK tax office release pictures of wanted criminals,
  247. Careful what you spray kids!
  248. Truth is often stranger than fiction
  249. Shark found in NY Subway
  250. Childbirth can't be that bad