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  1. Higher minimum wage brings fuller employment, in Canada
  2. Sweden Hunts Russian sub / Cold War II
  3. Health Ministers selected on the basis of their exemplary healthy lifestyles.
  4. Nobel Prize for Literature 2014
  5. Stupid, stupid, Saudi men!
  6. Woman attempts murder in hospital of snoring neighbour
  7. Peter Scholl-Latour
  8. Kim Jong Undone?
  9. How much do you know about the news?
  10. UK alcoholics
  11. Wonga writes off £220 million of bad debts!
  12. Lynsey de Paul gone - below Rock Bottom
  13. Britons domestic spending..
  14. Polish student loves dog - in the wrong way. WTF?!?
  15. Drone attacks
  16. Osborne's pledges
  17. Catalan referendum
  18. Kim Jong-un's Emmental Addiction
  19. $30 Million for snitching!
  20. Cape Town pro-gay mosque opens in South Africa
  21. Domestic flights in SA
  22. BBC-1 tonight 22:00, Salmond interviewed by Dimbleby
  23. People power in Pakistan
  24. ‘Mass murder’ reported off Malta, 500 drowned
  25. Islamic State
  26. Shakespeare in Mandarin - eek!
  27. Now I am pissed off
  28. Ian Paisley dead
  29. The Big Big debate on Scotland's future, at 22:40 tonight! BBC-1 TV channel
  30. Europe to fragment and explode?
  31. U.S.A., U.S.A.-day
  32. About "'Will Switzerland throw out the Scots if a yes vote'"
  33. Prague Proton Beam Therapy Center ready to treat UK 5yr old patient
  34. Joan Rivers dies at age 81
  35. No visa for the Dalai Lama (again)
  36. Poirot's new case
  37. British lion shows some leadership
  38. Hong Kong ... the next Tiananmen??
  39. EU to ban high powered domestic appliances
  40. New documentary
  41. Rotherham sex abuse scandal
  42. garrulous prats [UK politics]
  43. RIP Richard Attenborough
  44. 30 miles NE from SF, California Earthquake, magnitude 6.0
  45. perhaps James Folley's executioner is identified
  46. Voting for Scottish Independence?
  47. Citizen Income (UK)
  48. Earth Overshoot day
  49. Man pleads guilty to evading $1.1 [Million] USD from IRS in Swiss bank accounts.
  50. Ex-pat neighbours?
  51. International Swede of the Year Award
  52. Iceland Volcano.... Again!!
  53. Four arrested at Arab-Israeli wedding in Tel Aviv
  54. Protests in Zurich
  55. Sir Cliff, Come on Down.
  56. "Sorry for the bumpy landing - my arm came off"
  57. There are expats and ...
  58. R.I.P Lauren Bacall
  59. Rip Robin Williams
  60. The 5.5 earthquake hits South Africa
  61. Bernie Ecclestone Bribery trial
  62. Lights out
  63. Happy world war day
  64. Pocket Money for EF Hobby Journalism ?
  65. Wikepedia blocks page edits from US Congress
  66. British inventor farts in the general direction of France
  67. Warning - Glitch Crashes US State Dept's Database
  68. Air Algerie AH5017 missing en route Ouagadougou-Algiers
  69. Cyprus, 40 years on - future?
  70. Kingdom of North Sudan
  71. TransAsia Airways flight crashed
  72. EU Championship in Bible Knowledge 2014
  73. James Garner RIP
  74. Interview with new US Ambassador
  75. BBC News cuts 415 jobs
  76. Malaysian Airlines MH 17 has crashed over Ukraine
  77. Dot SCOT and the BBC
  78. Punk is Dead
  79. AMerican Rednecks reach new level in stupidity
  80. Backlash in US against foreign workers
  81. Near miss at Barcelona airport
  82. Palestinian teen [possibly] burned alive
  83. Why did'nt I know about this man?
  84. There is such a thing as a free lunch ...
  85. Controversial Flu Virus Experiments
  86. Why Canada is the most tolerant country in the world
  87. Russian fighter planes for Iraq
  88. Sarkozy and corruption investigation
  89. Mayor of Nice bans foreign flags during WorldCup
  90. 3 missing Israeli teenagers found dead
  91. The UK equivalent of the EF wage?
  92. Let nature deal with the fanatics
  93. Is society moving back to middle ages ?
  94. Anti Feminism / Men's Rights
  95. French Euthanasia Doctor Acquitted
  96. North Korea threatens war on US over Kim Jong-un movie
  97. A shamefull charity win at KFC, no pit bull attack?
  98. You're an Atheist - then you're mentally ill
  99. Eli Wallach - RIP
  100. My condolences to all English women and children!
  101. Heath Robinson, a grand inventor from London
  102. Nhs ranks number 1 in world in healthcare
  103. UK consumer law updated to EU standards
  104. Yorkshire, Cambridge, Essex & London, Tour de France closures 7 to 27 July 2014
  105. Large chunk of Iraq taken over by fundamentalists
  106. British comedian Rik Mayall dies
  107. Claim Hans Island !
  108. Italy: fined when using winter tyres after May 15 2014
  109. London weekend traffic report
  110. King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates
  111. Messed up world!
  112. 40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads
  113. TiMow strikes farm in England
  114. Bern - Call for donation(clothes and/or shoes) for the Bosnians
  115. Church working against Pay-Day Loan lenders
  116. Octopi
  117. European elections: extreme right party first with 25%
  118. Glasgow school of art on fire
  119. Bearded lady causes flooding
  120. Rant about US government (IRS, specifically)
  121. Waking up ISEE-3: spacecraft from 1978 gets crowdfunded reboot
  122. Worst floods in Serbia and Bosnia, call for help!
  123. Pregnant Sudanese woman faces death for apostasy... despite never changing religions.
  124. Introducing Voteman
  125. Indian elections 2014
  126. Let's hope this is a spoof...
  127. World alcohol consumption figures
  128. In Brazil, don't resist a robbery... you might end up murdered!
  129. Should have gone to Specsavers...
  130. I'am a reformed murderer, honest!
  131. Are you British, deep down?
  132. London: public transport news of works and delays
  133. Max Clifford - eight years.
  134. London Underground (Tube) strikes
  135. Going to France to learn how to make Emmenthal Cheese
  136. HMCR plans to share tax data
  137. RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  138. The US is an oligarchy
  139. Unethical Journalism and Master Card
  140. Bill Clinton on UFOs, Area 51. Believes aliens exist.
  141. Sue Townsend, Adrian Mole author dies
  142. Strange light captured by Curiosity on MARS
  143. Peaches Geldof found dead at her home
  144. Mickey Rooney - Hollywood legend dies
  145. The Art of Leadership
  146. Has your job influenced your political views?
  147. Clegg and Farage debate on Britain's future in Europe
  148. Incident at London City Airport (27/3/14)
  149. Plane [hasn't] crashed into sea off Canary Is.
  150. coke for the Vatican
  151. It's time to have a conversation about the jihadi & islamist menace in our midst
  152. men, lawyers, hair
  153. Ukraine crisis: Double standards?
  154. The return of the city state?
  155. Lost SIG 550s
  156. Tony Benn dies at 88
  157. What is it aboout..help me understand my US collegues
  158. CIA snoops on Senate
  159. Bob Crow, union leader, dies
  160. North Korea's Kim Jong-un in 'unanimous poll win'
  161. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 missing
  162. US military presence required for foreign referendum...(?)
  163. International Women's Day
  164. Great Britain - what is going on?
  165. EU Hits Back - Fewer Places for Swiss Restaurant Staff
  166. Champagne glasses with no base
  167. Court ruling says ‘upskirting’ shooting a picture under a woman’s dress is legal
  168. Australia - what is going on?
  169. Sex-mad Thatcher only promoted GOOD LOOKING men, claims Jonathan Aitken
  170. Finally a non-hysterical article on the Ukrainian Crimea situation
  171. 26.9% of parents' wage spent on childcare
  172. World War 3 or just a local spat in Ukraine?
  173. Switzerland to buy Sardinia
  174. Problems expected in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Germans evacuating
  175. Lee Rigby murderers get full life sentences
  176. Merkel wants to create the "European Internet"
  177. If babies had guns
  178. Godfrey Bloom, right wing, straight talking, Euro MP
  179. Denmark bans Kosher/Halal slaughter
  180. Bankers committing suicide.
  181. Lady's lacy panties to be banned in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  182. How will the Scottish vote go???
  183. Officials in Sudan have seized more than 70 ewes with rams' sexual organs
  184. Amusing Gay Games Viral Video
  185. Britain's first ever Olympic medal on snow
  186. UK Immigration minister resigns
  187. Train Derails In French Alps Killing Two
  188. Crime down by 58% in England and Wales - How ?
  189. 1b€ fine for Google in France
  190. Microsoft appoints new CEO
  191. Coca Cola are terrorists.
  192. Gaddafi story, TV tonight Monday 3.Feb.2014 at 11 pm
  193. RSA - downward spiral
  194. R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman
  195. Woody Allen's adopted daughter openly accuses him of years of child abuse
  196. Brace Yourselves
  197. Yanokovich unmasked
  198. China doesn't extend New York Times' journalist visa
  199. Book business class ticket and eat for free whole year
  200. Nobel Peace Prize
  201. Another survey - Best UK Cities
  202. The Bush Returns? (Not the president)
  203. Utopia?
  204. Pete Seeger RIP
  205. Kim Jong-Un executes Uncle's Family
  206. The Dangers of keeping cows ...
  207. Guess he'd better start with the Vatican then
  208. America - its own worst enemy yet again
  209. Someone has a sense of humour...
  210. Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering today, 25th January 2014
  211. Lyon - Worth a visit or not?
  212. Sochi Olympics: Double toilets
  213. Dont rob this guy!
  214. New Switzerland ?
  215. Benefits Street - interesting Channel 4 documentary
  216. Anti-Biotics not working
  217. UK man loses drone attack appeal
  218. another "Virgin" birth
  219. BBC's Komla Dumor dies
  220. How does a 3-year-old go missing like this?
  221. New British coins in 2014
  222. Presidential vaudeville in France
  223. Ariel Sharon 1928-2014
  224. Pakistani teenager thwarts suicide bomber
  225. Who is the chap in the white-red hat
  226. No hands driver banned
  227. Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident
  228. And you thought cars were expensive here!
  229. Skeletons in the closet.
  230. James Avery (Uncle Phil) dies
  231. French weapons for LEBANON financed by Saudi Arabia
  232. Evolution
  233. Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road collapses
  234. Michael Schumacher 'Seriously Injured'
  235. America's standing in the world - another sign of the decline.
  236. Mikhail Khodorkovsky - wrong country Schengen application
  237. Alan Turing has been officially pardoned
  238. Muslim staff at Marks & Spencer can refuse to sell alcohol and pork.
  239. Sadly no more Colemanballs
  240. Winter Olympics 2014
  241. Thomas de Maizière or Ursula von der Leyen ?
  242. Top 10 misconceptions about life in the UK
  243. U.S Internment camps for political dissidents
  244. Belgian Senate votes to extend euthanasia [assisted death with consent] to children
  245. German law firm targets internet streaming users over copyright
  246. 15 yemeni civilians going to a wedding killed by drone strike
  247. Are you suffering from "Afflueza"
  248. Mandela stadium event - signer signing bollocks
  249. A time to reflect - post your memories of not meeting the great man
  250. Danish prime minister selfie with Obama