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  1. Attack On Disabled Centre In Japan Kills 19
  2. is racism / hate crime becoming more acceptable?
  3. One Dead After Explosion At German Restaurant
  4. Syrian Refugee Wielding Machete Kills Woman
  5. the new vice president of the USA
  6. Shootings in Munich
  7. Freedom of Movement for EU nationals: should the Swiss bend the knee?
  8. Inside City 40: Russia's secret nuclear paradise city...
  9. A baby animal was born today in [fill in the blank]
  10. Discussion of Islamic Terrorism.
  11. Bus fire in Taiwan kills 26
  12. Cleveland convention [Republican National Convention 2016]
  13. US Report on Saudi Involvement in 9/11 Released
  14. What is happening in Turkey tonight?
  15. Terrorist attack in Nice, France - truck runs over crowd
  16. Two trains crash near Bari, Italy
  17. Official : McDonalds consumers are too stupid to read labels
  18. Chilcot report due for release in less than 2 hours
  19. British Conservative leadership elections
  20. Brexit and lessons learnt from other countries
  21. Brexit Conspiracy Theories
  22. Good deeds do happen in "fill in the blank"...
  23. Marine Le Pen for president and Frexit
  24. Terror attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport
  25. US wants your social media profiles
  26. Meanwhile in Toronto
  27. Place your bets Le Pen and French Exit
  28. RIP Bud Spencer
  29. Does Switzerland attract Little Englanders?
  30. Another Poll
  31. Time for a Swiss passport?
  32. No Poll! Getting behind with the work
  33. R.I.P. Anton Yelchin
  34. A kidnapping and/or locking up of girls just happened in ( *fill in the blank * )
  35. Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack
  36. EU Referendum - How did you vote? (Anonymous)
  37. Paedophile in International Schools!
  38. Switzerland one of only 10 truly peaceful countries in the world
  39. A quiz. Do you know all about Brexit?
  40. Postal Voting (UK)
  41. Gawkers bankruptcy and free press dies
  42. How low will GBP go?
  43. Cowboy lassoes bike thief (USA)
  44. Christina Grimmie (RIP)
  45. How Many Languages Do You Speak Fluently
  46. Will Trump be the next US President?
  47. Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali dies aged 74
  48. Hillary and Co
  49. Brexit - did your vote change
  50. British exit from the EU: updated poll June 3rd
  51. EU-US investor state dispute settlement agreement rumbles on
  52. When do you stop lightly beating your wife?
  53. Greatest Nation in the World Still Using Floppy Discs
  54. I eat like a president
  55. Free condoms for Olympic athletes in Brazil
  56. EgyptAir Flight MS804 Missing Over the Mediterranean
  57. Diluted disinfectant scandal
  58. Phew, Australia is not in Europe.
  59. Malta Citizenship Program
  60. Medias bias - USA & UK residents complain of opposites?
  61. Queen overheard calling Chinese officials 'very rude'
  62. Knife attack near Munich
  63. UK expats -- Register to vote in the EU referendum
  64. Destroying Ivory
  65. London mayor
  66. Good news Australia increases tobacco excise 12.5% for next 4 years
  67. EU Commission 'to back' Turkey visa deal
  68. I wouldn't do this to a dog, would you
  69. Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah
  70. Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner 2016, What Gives?
  71. Prince Harry and the Queen drop the mic: The Invictus Challenge
  72. Prayer should create peace, not conflict.
  73. Bathrooms for Transgendered folk
  74. Protest against TTIP in Hannover
  75. It's raining cars in Germany...
  76. Why are French fighter jets screaming through my valley this afternoon?
  77. Is Euro Crisis 2 on the way?
  78. Prince has passed away
  79. Shaking Hands...
  80. Yahoo for sale
  81. Brits abroad: do you plan to vote on the Brexit referendum?
  82. Punishing Jan Böhmermann
  83. You can't sing if you are an athiest.
  84. JK Rowling on tax evasion- good on her
  85. Guardian Readers, even worse than you thought?
  86. David Gest RIP
  87. Latifa Ibn Zatien association
  88. A crime against humanity
  89. EU may impose travel visas to US and Canadian citizens?
  90. Kim Philby, spied against Britain for 30 years
  91. Panama Papers Guessing Game
  92. RIP Zaha Hadid
  93. Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens
  94. April Fools' Day - Not a Socialist Core Value
  95. Masseinwanderung law enacted - EU retaliates by cancelling bilaterals!!!
  96. EgyptAir hijack
  97. Swiss Security
  98. Minibus crash in France kills 12
  99. The greed of Australian government.
  100. Double bombing at Brussels airport
  101. Bus crash in Spain - 14 dead
  102. Russia plane crash [FlyDubai 981]: Dozens killed in Rostov-on-Don
  103. EF seems to be sleeping
  104. Oops! Looks like someone got their timing wrong
  105. Bratislava to Vienna in 8 minutes
  106. 5th Beatle passes away and Monty Python & the Holy Grail producer
  107. Nancy Reagan RIP
  108. Ray "@" Tomlinson has passed away
  109. Another gone - Tony Warren RIP.
  110. Man on Daily PrEP Regimen Contracts HIV, According to Study
  111. Italians are cooler
  112. Umberto Eco
  113. Harper Lee
  114. UK: "Joint Enterprise" law is flawed since 1984
  115. Apple vs The FBI
  116. Junior Doctors - NHS vs. Swiss
  117. Charter plane carrying millions of South African Rand (ZAR) impounded in Zimbabwe
  118. EU gives Greece deadline on borders
  119. Gravitational waves from black holes detected
  120. Britain has the worst quality of life in Europe!
  121. World economy - recession or business as usual?
  122. PSA: US Democrats Abroad can vote in Global Primary!!
  123. Train crash, south east Bavaria, many dead & injured
  124. Zukar......
  125. The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in CH
  126. Asteroid mining plan
  127. iowa caucus
  128. How are they going to do that? [Sweden to expel 80k illegal immigrants]
  129. Cowspiracy
  130. Italy covers up nude statues for Iran
  131. Do you believe in Merkel?
  132. Dublin Agreement for the chop
  133. Spelling mistake, terrace or terrorist?
  134. Low income Non EU to be kicked out of the UK
  135. Has something good finally come out of North Korea?
  136. RIP Glenn Frey, Eagles guitarist
  137. France: finally doing something about its unemployment
  138. Household Defence against intruders
  139. "Grizzly Adams" and Robert Banks Stewart RIP
  140. Actor Alan Rickman has died.
  141. Avalanche hits 10 French school children + teacher at Les Deux Alpes
  142. David Bowie RIP
  143. UK Govt sides with Saudi Monarch in row over execution of activist
  144. Swiss nude going to Cologne /Köln
  145. Another terror incident in Paris
  146. Huge Methane Gas Leak in LA
  147. Facebook are prudes
  148. Fox News Reacts to Obama's Gun Control Speech
  149. Arab gang assaults in Germany
  150. Militia or insurgents?
  151. Natalie Cole passes away aged 65
  152. Wayne Rogers trapper from M.A.S.H has passed away
  153. Towering Inferno in Dubai.
  154. Meadowlark Lemon RIP
  155. Lemmy dead
  156. Flooding - North of England
  157. Eurotunnel/Eurostar delays at present
  158. Nurofen ordered off the shelves in Australia
  159. Steve-O's Seaworld Protest
  160. Whoever left his 747 on the Besucherparkplatz: please move it!
  161. USS Zumwalt - commanded by James Kirk
  162. News of the day - Lots of Money found in the Danube!
  163. French far right looking to lead the election
  164. Thread split - French politics/elections
  165. Are you a terrorist or sympathiser?
  166. Overweight Haters Ltd
  167. Women wearing a burqa will be fined £6,500 in Switzerland
  168. Sweden Tightens Asylum Rules
  169. Bring the popcorn, it´s WW3
  170. Swiss woman killed by leopard
  171. Fellow kiwis out there - are you voting for a new/old flag?
  172. 170 hostages in [Mali] Radisson Blu Hotel
  173. All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)
  174. Shootings and the explosions in Paris
  175. Good job Peruvian men have 'hydraulics'
  176. Italy: Company trials email-free working to cut stress
  177. Driver Shaun Davis jailed after filming himself driving at 192mph
  178. Israeli minister suggests deporting stray dogs/cats
  179. DJ Neil "Dr" Fox to go on trial today accused of child sex crimes
  180. Beds. Police - at least they're being honest
  181. Land of the free
  182. Russian airliner missing over Egypt's Sinai peninsula
  183. Bucharest night club fire kills (at least) 27
  184. Will my bacon kill you?
  185. Free Speech and Phobias
  186. Serious road accident in France.
  187. Theranos diagnostics - revolution or scam?
  188. Corbyn Struts His Stuff!
  189. UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard B
  190. Cowardly Bastards
  191. Beaten to death for cigarettes
  192. Putin with new links
  193. Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine 2015
  194. Isis chief al baghadi killed ?
  195. Ankara blasts
  196. Airbus' new patent to seat people on top of each other
  197. Nobel Peace Prize 2015
  198. ECJ: Data Transfer Law violates the right to privacy
  199. Samsung TVs also cheating when being tested
  200. Manchester Tourism dealt crushing blow
  201. Turing Pharmaceuticals in Baar, Switzerland
  202. Binding/Sacrifice of Isaac
  203. Volkswagen test scandal
  204. Starting a fundraiser for those effected by war
  205. Topless protest at Islamic conference in Paris
  206. Kamilah Brok and systematic racism, institutional bias against African Americans
  207. Australian Dollar
  208. Crane collapse in Saudi Grand Mosque kills at least one hundred
  209. Yorkshire folk hate each other
  210. Boeing 777-200 catches fire in Las Vegas
  211. Wildcats aren't photo ops
  212. Snowden accepts Norwegian prize, slams Russia
  213. Invade Syria & Iraq, & get rid of ISIS, ISIL, IS
  214. Refugee crisis - child sponsorship
  215. How should the EU handle the Migrant Crisis from now?
  216. Is Ambassador LeVine really Donald Trump in disguise?
  217. Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers or Other terms?
  218. Driving to/from Calais? A1 blocked near Somme
  219. Donations for Syrian refugees in Budapest
  220. Another great Jeremy Corbyn idea!
  221. Two US Marines take down a gunman on a Paris train
  222. Get Ted Home (Lost at London City Airport)
  223. Nazi Gold Train found...
  224. Pakistan gets positive attention for a change
  225. Jimmy Carter has cancer
  226. Massive blast in Tianjin, China
  227. Donald Trump and Co
  228. Petition for Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes
  229. Will Saudi go bust in 2018?
  230. [bin Laden relatives killed in] Plane Crash
  231. Calais
  232. Food for thought: say NO to Autonomous Weapon Systems :-(
  233. British Labour Leadership contest
  234. Super AIRPORT for Saigon
  235. Thank fox for the SNP
  236. Iran nuclear talks: 'Historic' agreement struck
  237. Film star Omar Sharif dies aged 83
  238. UK Permanent Non-Dom status abolished from 2017
  239. Greek referendum - NO wins
  240. Luton family of 12 feared to have gone to Syria to join ISIS
  241. Barack Obama
  242. Do women belong in Science?
  243. Composer James Horner dies in plane crash
  244. Animals rescued from China's YuLin Festival
  245. British Prime Minister speech about ISIS
  246. Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815
  247. Debt brake in the UK
  248. Aussie political subtlety
  249. US Military restricted from travel to Munich and Garmisch
  250. Charles Kennedy - dead at 55