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  1. Wedding pictures
  2. Did you notice this gem in the Bellinzona FFS underpass
  3. Magic Dress
  4. It's Friday: The Katering Show
  5. The Lidl Song
  6. A poem attributed to Pam Ayres
  7. Babies going through tunnels
  8. The comments are hilarious
  9. Funny pictures
  10. I was going to make an appointment to see a proctologist
  11. Merry christmas
  12. Asterix in Switzerland.
  13. I'm sweating like...
  14. Cyber mobbing
  15. Best Kids Dinosaur Joke
  16. Swiss Joke
  17. Funny Signs on London Transport
  18. Funny things about Basel?
  19. Friday Thread To Lighten up The Mood
  20. Amusing car damage
  21. David Cameron's conference Rap
  22. Donald Trump in Twitter prank
  23. New Airline flying Switzerland to Yorkshire!
  24. Why do get so many parking tickets??
  25. Are you Telepathic?
  26. Golf joke...
  27. Disney characters aren't that friendly in Russia
  28. Professional Shoe Lace Tying in Glarus?
  29. (Joke) Going to heaven
  30. Daily insights
  31. A lack of common sense
  32. Brilliant idiocy or what
  33. Top 10 jokes from the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe
  34. Man in Flying suit meets his maker in Rio....
  35. Definition of Heaven and Hell
  36. News International follow suspect
  37. Lady and the tramp
  38. Happy 4th of July from the Brits
  39. mummy wrapped in nuts
  40. Football humour
  41. Can you work this out? I can't!
  42. UK Government worried about penis size ...
  43. Lewis Black
  44. Rätsel
  45. Totally immature but funny stuff I saw today
  46. bad to worse
  47. Swiss's philosophy
  48. Philosophy of life
  49. 7 fun facts
  50. Ex-Police Wagon on Ebay
  51. Londoners hit back at creepy Tube posters
  52. Doing good deeds
  53. Never mess with woman
  54. Difference between complete and finished
  55. Details wanted [Quell All Desire]
  56. Fuchsia paint wanted
  57. Large suitcase wanted for tumble dryer and pallet
  58. Tumble dryer for pallet wanted
  59. April 1st from the press
  60. Somerset Flood victims car for sale on Ebay
  61. How Not To Build A Shed
  62. Swiss Cheese joke
  63. Weight lifting
  64. [FS]iPhone 4S with cracked screen and flappy bird [Basel]
  65. German sense of humour (or ...) ???
  66. Legendary Posts
  67. Cost of ticket to a football match
  68. Important new information regarding vaccines and homeopathy
  69. London Underground (The Tube)
  70. Swiss National Bank honours BBC Topgear presenter
  71. Neighbours, in Australia
  72. Men are happy
  73. Haribo Gummy Candy, Sugarless Gummy Bears, 5-Pound Bag (Grocery)
  74. US Prisioner escapes & Begs to be let back in from Freezing cold
  75. Current cricket one-liners
  76. Man in washing machine
  77. New Rule
  78. Book
  79. Large Hadron Collider
  80. Mornington Crescent
  81. Nigella - the truth is out !
  82. Humanity you fail me...(Singapore Marathon Cheater)
  83. 23 Irish Phrases that don't make sense....
  84. The Perfect Couple
  85. Bell Ringing
  86. Cricket - minus a bat!
  87. Make sure to close your browser...
  88. Seals... never trust on them... ;)
  89. Meanwhile, in the Zurich bar scene...
  90. History of English (Language) in 10 minutes
  91. Swiss satirical song about France and M. Hollande
  92. For non-Torontonians
  93. Bad Video Night
  94. Angry Kangaroo
  95. Women driving cars in China
  96. Darkest Austria: How Africans Look At White Culture
  97. Caption competition
  98. Cowboy workmen
  99. Sometimes there are times when I miss England....
  100. Between two ferns with Justin Bieber
  101. For sale: Gold iPhone 5s 1'998 CHFs [zurich]
  102. How did you hear about the YMCA?
  103. Ig awards for research
  104. the perfect woman
  105. Always get a a second opinion!
  106. Animal spies
  107. Beijin Hotel brocure
  108. Old joke for Friday
  109. Germans to push for simpler language
  110. Can you spot the sunbather?
  111. Top 10 jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe
  112. Really, it is cheaper to shop in Vietnam
  113. SMS Autocorrect can be a biatch
  114. FS: Audi TT
  115. FS: Computer Mouse
  116. Funny Amazon Reviews
  117. Dearest Human - A Dog's Diary
  118. Hope it is not so rude for some
  119. Don't forget to flush (NSFW)
  120. a rideout
  121. Very interesting job :))
  122. An American Coach in London
  123. Men taking on female poses
  124. The condom
  125. Honest car adverts - NWS if your company is over sensitive
  126. Convos with a 2 year old
  127. Tuesday night wine choice...
  128. Zara is Expecting a Child
  129. English Pronunciation by G. Nolst Trenité
  130. Nina Conti live at the Apollo
  131. Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece
  132. Flying Southern Comfort
  133. When you really live in Zurich
  134. Brad Pitt yodels!?! in New York
  135. The definition of a Chain Reaction
  136. Useless inventions
  137. Bad costumer service?
  138. Excellent Amazon review
  139. Man falls asleep on keyboard, transfers millions
  140. This is how you sell a car
  141. The sun has arrived_old but funny
  142. Where are you from?
  143. Man pays with 30 Euro note & got change
  144. Dirty Filthy Cupcakes
  145. George Takei responds to "traditional" marriage fans
  146. Best For Sale Car Ad at the moment
  147. Just for Laughs - Videos
  148. Silly side of reality
  149. Creepy kids
  150. Who else has/had a Dad like Mr Harris?
  151. J Park
  152. Hello traffic warden
  153. Call centre muppets - revenge
  154. ATM in Cyprus
  155. Can you guess what/who it is? (Swiss Edition)
  156. My family
  157. Pope jokes
  158. if you want something done right....
  159. Sunday riddle
  160. Swiss Experiences
  161. new Black Female Pope Confirmed!
  162. It's better to be a California coyote...
  163. And now for something completely different..... guessing the size...
  164. Nigella talks dirty.
  165. Valentines Verst
  166. What are the limits on political correctness in humour?
  167. Switzerland according to Uncyclopedia
  168. Job wanted... see CV
  169. Pope questions faith following God's continued failure to smite Chris Brown
  170. Hee haw, hee haw!
  171. accident claims service
  172. Childish but Excellent Name for a Race Horse
  173. Fun parking pictures
  174. Planet Earth Abandons Death Star Project In Face Of Superior Galactic Imperial Power
  175. Leverage
  176. Aunty Acid!
  177. Reality of experimental science: #overlyhonestmethods
  178. Swiss anime fan + german lesson about house equipment
  179. Dr. Gordbot
  180. the expert thread
  181. My new year's resolution is to have more...
  182. Flatmate clarification
  183. You know your kids are tucked up in bed....
  184. Love this one :)
  185. For Sale: Apocalypse Shelter [Zollikon]
  186. Operational issues with ERSB
  187. How could The Local miss this?
  188. A Swiss humorous (!) monthly magazine
  189. East European scam
  190. Drink your way to Singapore!
  191. Santa had a little too much Egg Nogg
  192. Where can I find a Halal girlfriend?
  193. Susan Boyle's new Hashtag
  194. Russel Brand talks to Westboro Baptist Church members
  195. Apple does it again!
  196. A message from the queen
  197. TommyKnockers ( word origin )
  198. Sink Floyd - Another Greek in the wall (Greek debt song)
  199. Health advice, how to achieve calm in your life
  200. Asian pregnancy test
  201. Romney or Obama: Let Me Help You Decide
  202. Have you heard the one about .......
  203. Switzerland *could possibly* steal the "Space Shuttle"!
  204. Simpsons pictures that I gone and done
  205. Share the jokes about Switzerland and Swiss
  206. For all men: print this out and always carry it with you
  207. Funny trick to play on a mate
  208. Are you an Ausländer playing loud music? Schweizer neighbours calling the Polizei?
  209. Called liar for being ahead of my time
  210. Psychological test question
  211. As an Englishman, this miffs me so much I'm going to have 2 jolly well write a letter
  212. How long is a piece of string
  213. Swiss Aircraft Carrier
  214. Feeling your age
  215. Exercise
  216. 50 Shades of Grey, Men's Version
  217. found this on the net
  218. Twins ......
  219. Breath-taking view of The Milky Way from Mars
  220. Be careful at the cash machine ATM
  221. Drinkable water has been found on Mars !
  222. Bad luck with my new running partner
  223. Funny plane announcements
  224. A frustrated man's message to women :) ....... Girls do you have soemthing to say
  225. Filthy Shades of Grey
  226. The bitch is pregnant... What do I do?
  227. Darwin award: How not to fish...
  228. rude vegetables I ( may have ) known.
  229. How can I own a Canadian ?
  230. For sale: iPad 2, 32Gb Wi-Fi + 3G, Zurich
  231. Name that (drinking) song
  232. The Pug Who Cannot Run
  233. A few one liners
  234. Airplane Takeoff Question
  235. The Amazing Atheist
  236. Just one sad fact that life is not fair
  237. Don't mess with the elderly.
  238. Why smart phones have cameras ;-)
  239. webfail Wal-Mart
  240. Yo think English is easy?
  241. An ordinary day in Greece
  242. For Sale
  243. South African humour - seriously
  244. Recently at a funeral: solemn crappy burial
  245. Why babies scream
  246. John Terry - Gate crasher
  247. EF Trip to Germany, anyone?
  248. Imagine this happening in Switzerland!!
  249. Who was Jesus?
  250. Giant Catapult Sculpture in Zurich Hard