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  1. The best way to buy a stock that I'm going to hold for the next 5 years
  2. Interesting taxation question from my secretary
  3. moving canton and getting C permit - tax
  4. wechselstube.ch sign-up
  5. Abud Bank Ltd. Malta
  6. Have you received tax refund yet, Fribourg
  7. Getting VAT back on departure from Switzerland
  8. Real Estate Seller and Buyer Commission
  9. S0cial Security Contribution from Employer
  10. Swiss Franc "fixing"
  11. Tax free shopping without car
  12. Choice of Swiss bank - Internet integration
  13. Learning Taxes in Canton Vaud
  14. Cheap Way to get Money from UK to Swiss Account?
  15. Offshore banking (from UK)
  16. Tax Return - Real Estate abroad
  17. S&P Downgrades Outlook for Swiss Kantonal Banks due to Rising Real Estate Prices.
  18. US exchange rate
  19. Tax liability question for Swiss national
  20. Transfer of pension from Germany to CH
  21. property in UK - Tax advantage or not
  22. Help with choosing a Pillar 3a provider
  23. Schwyzer Kantonal Bank SZ ( Prepaid MasterCard options & questions )
  24. Zug 2011 Tax Form
  25. Customs
  26. ASAP Help needed with taxation info
  27. Pillar 3a Limit 2012
  28. Should I exchange money in Switzerland or in my home country?
  29. Charles Schwab and XE Trade
  30. Kantonalbank terminating accounts of Americans living abroad
  31. IRS reach $5bn target / Dual/Foreign Citizen Refliefs / Foreign Retirement plans
  32. Theoretical Tax Question: If you won lottery
  33. Ways to Optimize Our Tax Exposure (Smart+Legal Ways to Pay Less Taxes)
  34. Switzerland attorney
  35. Want to sell my car - how to deal with the lease/finance contract
  36. Urgent question: should I pay Swiss social security on rental income from abroad?
  37. Infestation spreading to USA: New York City and beyond
  38. Which Bank I should choose?
  39. Cost of living here: have you adjusted to Swiss prices compared to back home?
  40. Bank accounts...lots of transfers to uk
  41. Have to decide about a Phd position in Bern...
  42. The end is near... for the Euro? (Swiss bank safety deposit boxes being all booked)
  43. US Taxes: FBAR filing online
  44. Paying UK Tax
  45. Tax authorities are demanding I pay them
  46. New Swiss Bank account
  47. How much does the average Swiss Person have in pension contributions
  48. U.S. Strikes FATCA Deals with Switzerland
  49. IRS whistleblower tax take plunges, senator frets
  50. Customs tax and shipping
  51. Paid my debt but still in the Betreibung Auszug
  52. Tax advisor / accountant needed in Vaud
  53. reporting 2. pillar (2. Säule) on TD F 90-22.1???
  54. PostFinance update June 2012 ( GeoBlocking & real time Forex Trading )
  55. Who are Intrum Justitia??
  56. Savings for children with grandparents abroad
  57. Question about Swiss Credit Checks on an Expat in Switzerland
  58. EU-17 resident and working in CH: is rental income from abroad taxed in CH?
  59. Pay american taxes from Switzerland?
  60. Safe deposit box for a non-resident
  61. Betreibungs
  62. 2ieme Pillar withdrawal
  63. Post Finance cancels accounts of American residents
  64. CS stock V UBS stock today
  65. Ordered Business Card Printing Machine from U.A.E.! Any Ideas on Tax???
  66. No VAT back from Leclerc in St-Louis
  67. CC with Large Limit
  68. Claiming UK State pension whilst still working in Swiss
  69. Car Purchase
  70. Student Banking
  71. Non Swiss Bank warning: Especially UK banks
  72. Bank accounts with Eur/CHF flexibility
  73. Betreibungsauskunft
  74. How much !!!
  75. The idiots at UBS loose money on FB what a surprise!
  76. claiming VAT from Germany
  77. Saving Money on Transaction/Transfer Fees?
  78. Expat Americans, don't forget your FBAR!
  79. Is deferred income possible here?
  80. Regulation of financial advisers
  81. stock trading platforms in Switzerland.. help
  82. Accountant/Tax Advisor for Tax Return - Basel
  83. Remote mortgages
  84. Affinity fraud / investment clubs
  85. Physical Presence Test Help (US Taxes)
  86. Swiss banking agreement with the UK
  87. Divorced with two kids
  88. Cantonal Tax
  89. What is - Les déductions sociales
  90. Rate for gold at UBS
  91. Buying a house in France - Tax
  92. Effective vs. net tax rate for VAT
  93. Zürich Canton - Tax Guide in English
  94. Social Security question
  95. Social Security question
  96. Maximum debt ratio allowed in CH?
  97. Implications of changing agencies when contract is renewed
  98. Best credit card with email notifications?
  99. how to pay a mahnung if you already paid rechnung?
  100. Urgent! help needed. I got a poursuite ( DE: Betreibung ) that I have no clue about!
  101. [CUSTOMS] Send a USED bike from France. Do I have to pay a fee???
  102. Gemeindehaus sent me a reminder to submit my Tax declaration (but we did already)
  103. Help! Satzbestimmendes Einkommen - how do I calculate it?
  104. Buying shares through Swiss or UK online trading account
  105. are UN consultants subject to income taxes in Switzerland?
  106. Banking and Credit Building Before Move?
  107. No longer taxed at source
  108. Can't back out of migros klubschula ?
  109. Deposit a check from the IRS -- here or there?
  110. Changing CHF to EUR
  111. Will I be charged customs for shipping household goods 2 months before arrival in CH?
  112. Opening a bank account on arrival, which bank is the cheapest on fees!?
  113. Migrosbank - Americans should avoid it
  114. US citizens with Swiss bank issues
  115. Investment strategy during 2012 Euro crisis?
  116. Taxes and more for EU citizen in Zurich
  117. Paypal Scam! ( paypal.info )
  118. US taxes: question about the Foreign Housing Exclusion (form 2555)
  119. Possible consequences on the CHF of a Greek debt default
  120. sending money through bank, without bank account?
  121. Upcoming Swiss National TV broadcast (ECO program) on FATCA and banking problems
  122. When can I expect to receive my tax return form?
  123. Offshore pension consolidation scheme
  124. Swiss Social Insurance (the Säule system) explained in English
  125. Export photo equip to UK
  126. Difficult tax question for US expat
  127. To be married -questions
  128. Quicken or other finance / budget tool
  129. where to find/buy gift cards in Lausanne/Swiss.
  130. Nachtraeglich veranlagte Steuer zur Quellensteuer
  131. Source Tax for Hr/wage salary
  132. What happened to the Gold Bulls ?
  133. Time to take your pension saving more serious
  134. QROPS & offshore investment minefield
  135. US Tax payment from Switzerland?
  136. Pillar 3 options - endowment? House purchase
  137. SBB Bonus Card Online Facilities
  138. Whom to contact about Avs
  139. Good source for a home improvement loan ?
  140. How to file tax return from abroad ?
  141. Should I get married?
  142. VZ vermögenszentrum
  143. My Swiss bank took my money!
  144. SBB Visa now online
  145. Newbie US Tax question
  146. Options for transferring an Irish pension to CH and maintaining SCSB tax free lump su
  147. How much do you spend a month EXCLUDING rent/housing costs?
  148. Swiss Tax (married, but 1 spouse is not resident of CH)
  149. US Tax Basics 101
  150. How to transfer and exchange Swiss Franc to GBP?
  151. Can UK direct debits be taken from Swiss accounts?
  152. American married to a Swiss in CH but no US. File as single or married?
  153. From Guns N' Roses bassist to money manager
  154. SNB insider trading
  155. Ordering online to be sent to Basel - do I have to pay extra (tax?!)
  156. Financial advisory firm sponsors breakfast radio show
  157. Pension for housewives?
  158. Move residence to Switzerland while not in Switzerland
  159. Swiss Banks that allow accounts for US Residents
  160. Different 3rd Pillar accounts.. be very careful
  161. Geneva Charity Ball
  162. New Swiss banking regulations for U.S. citizens
  163. Strange deductions from bank account
  164. New QROPS list from HMRC
  165. VAT on foreign services/purchases
  166. Loan after 6 months in Switzerland
  167. Crossing the border ( bringing items from NL to CH )
  168. Warranty on purchases abroad ( VAT issue )
  169. Have somedoby bought a bike in bike-discount.de?
  170. London/Geneva - double taxation
  171. Anne Summers + Swiss Postal MWSt tax charge!
  172. TAX advise on house/mortgage
  173. US TAX on Swiss Pensions
  174. Unexpected Change to Tax Code
  175. Open Bank Account with Passport Only
  176. Tax question for Swiss working in foreign University
  177. PostFinance Card Direct vs Maestro
  178. Tax Return - Income threshold
  179. Deducting home office from taxable income
  180. Tax Declaration Translation Help
  181. US Taxation / J1 scholar status
  182. Financial Help for Families from The Swiss-Government?
  183. Tax calculator for two incomes + 1 baby
  184. Commodity Broker for US Food Products
  185. Split tax Liability??? Is that possibe?
  186. Switzerland's Custom's rules and fees
  187. Raiffeisen rejects expats with poor German
  188. Where can I take my spare change?
  189. Source tax tables
  190. Tax declaration over the internet C permit ( Vallais )
  191. Because they can... ?
  192. Found bank card
  193. Offshore cold-call investment scams + online platforms
  194. Returning from Innsbruck by train - where do I get the VAT refund stamped?
  195. Credit Cards
  196. Online purchases-paying german duties ( Zoll )
  197. Tax for winning a bet
  198. Swissmetal AG
  199. Tax for generous lumps of money
  200. Stupidly low tax
  201. Student/Personal Loan for Permit B
  202. Tax advise
  203. Transferring $$$ from my acct in CH to Singapore
  204. which one is 2nd Pillar ?
  205. UBS e-Statement password format (for the pdf document))
  206. Filing backed US tax returns
  207. How much did a GA cost in 2011?
  208. Post Finance International Wire Transfer
  209. Ball park on tax
  210. Tax for mother and 2 children -20% or lower...one salary
  211. How much tax do you pay?
  212. Losing job; impact on mortgage
  213. Offshore Pension Funds included in Wealth Tax for Swiss Tax Purposes?
  214. Which bank offers the best rate for blocked account (apartment garantie)?
  215. Tax office returning excess payments
  216. For US citizens, foreign income exclusion
  217. Didn't put my tax return in for 2010
  218. The Local and financial advice for expats
  219. Quellensteur tax declaration
  220. Tax declaration: B to C permit
  221. Are large money transfers to Germany taxed?
  222. Making a deposit to bank account in absentia
  223. Help with Tax Declaration
  224. Credit Check
  225. Company BVG Second Pillar Contribution
  226. Tax refund, taxed at source in Aargau
  227. Days allowed back in uk as non resident living in Switzerland
  228. US Tax and FBAR... screwed myself up?
  229. Self-regulation by financial advisers
  230. Quellensteuer refund - through employer or direct to you?
  231. Accountant required for self employed
  232. ZH tax question: Lohnausweis when employed by a UK firm?
  233. Alternative to Swissquote for Options
  234. Tax Return - accountant recommendation for Ticino (Lugano)
  235. Military Tax Questions
  236. US withholding on treasuries
  237. Quellensteuer correction: documents
  238. American bank recommendations
  239. Moving for temp work for 6 months to CH then back to Germany to work
  240. Another Tax Question
  241. Money to open a bank account
  242. Average time between submitting tax return and getting the bill
  243. Kindergeld?
  244. Customs to bring in household and personal items?
  245. UN & (US) tax clarification
  246. Tax on Overseas Earnings?
  247. Credit Score Rating/Agency in CH
  248. Closing a mortgage 2 years upfront
  249. IRS letter! Unexpected Bill
  250. Mutual Funds ROI