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  1. Should unemployment benefit be a soft loan
  2. Importing goods from UK
  3. Best ebanking - accurate and on the spot ? (not PostFinance please)
  4. Taxes on university books?
  5. Converting unsorted Euro Coins within Basel area
  6. Proposal to reduce CHF 300 duty-free limit
  7. Rolling over capital gain
  8. Why am I not getting charged witholding tax?
  9. CHF 3-month LIBOR still creeping up
  10. Wife and dependent children under 25 in UK
  11. closing bank accounts, any charges?
  12. What is tax deductible in Switzerland?
  13. FATCA: The American Dream Becomes a Nightmare
  14. Reka Card ==> Reka Cheques / Cash
  15. Tax declaration.
  16. First Pillar contributions for a 'housewife'
  17. Rolling swiss pension into US 401K or other
  18. Best investment options for switzerland people
  19. Taxation of Contributions to Swiss pension plans
  20. Betreibung
  21. Money Transfer to USA
  22. Americans with Kantonalbank accounts
  23. AHV Refund, Bern
  24. Swiss mortgage for the uk
  25. Withdrawarling money from the atm, avoid bad exchange rates
  26. short NYSE
  27. Query on Steurerklärung - Putting down stocks
  28. Pension & losing job!
  29. Cashing in Swiss pension and returning to the UK
  30. Tax back when coming back to Basel from Paris
  31. UK mortgage based on Swiss income
  32. Tax treatment of side business?
  33. UK Pension to 3a move possible?
  34. Paying a Credit Suisse Credit Card Online
  35. Quellensteuer
  36. XE or OANDA
  37. Loan from Switzerland for investment in diff country
  38. Tax implications of selling a business (Einzelfirma)
  39. How long to transfer money to UK
  40. Non-resident taxation - tax return & income basis .
  41. Nutzniessung
  42. Car finance
  43. Please help! Tax/ Property NIGHTMARE
  44. Buying Greece Bonds
  45. BCV: Origin of Funds inquiry??
  46. UK to resist financial transaction tax
  47. Quellensteuer [withholding tax] after kanton change
  48. How i can pay this car using the visa card ?
  49. What bank/CCs do you recommend in Basel? PF?
  50. Amazon.de and import rate paid in advance
  51. Sending money from Switzerland to UK
  52. How much percent tax deducted in Lachen?
  53. Global Economic Crisis : Is he telling the truth ?
  54. Mandatory pension fund transfers to Swiss schemes?
  55. Tax Question - Does this sound correct?
  56. Big Wall Street Crash Coming
  57. how to calculate tax at source
  58. Helo...
  59. How to prove income in UK?
  60. If you would win 20 million CHF in the lottery, would you stay in Switzerland
  61. USD back with vengence.. most of the asset classes tumbles
  62. Operation Twist
  63. new business, what bank to use - PostFinance?
  64. Please rate salary package and help!! [175K, 2 adults+2 kids, Zürich]
  65. What would happen if your broker went bust?
  66. Address for US tax guy in LS or GE?
  67. What do you use for day trading
  68. Third party charges on SEPA transactions from CH to Eurozone Countries
  69. Housing Exclusion (US) - is it more expensive to live in the city of Bern?
  70. Credit Suisse pays off German Tax authorities.
  71. Financial accounts
  72. Fraudster living in Zurich!!
  73. Money transfer from the UK to Swiss Sterling account
  74. Partial year tax return (ZH)
  75. Credit Suisse Credit Cards on an L Permit
  76. US Expat Tax Guide
  77. taxation on dividends received from US companies
  78. how to declare my UK income in Swiss?
  79. Wife in England... does it affect my tax ?
  80. Where Do Swiss Company Annual Reports Go to Die?
  81. Taxation for B permit holder under 120K
  82. Making a living off eBay in Switzerland, taxation?
  83. Help needed - Corporate Bank account
  84. QNUPS, QROPS and ... er.. EURBS
  85. Closing Pillar 3a pension plan - after 3 months
  86. How to pay AHV+Tax on foreign income
  87. Does high inflation (as a result of SNB) mean a hike in interest rates.
  88. couple of small Zurich tax declaration questions
  89. Registering a car in the US while overseas
  90. High tax in Basel
  91. Opening a Swiss Bank Account
  92. Higher deposits required from 2012 for property purchase
  93. How low is the low (current Euro US Crises led Stock Slump)?
  94. Tax return requested after Change of Canton
  95. Lowest Lump-Sum tax Canton
  96. USD to CHF - at what point would you sell?
  97. Spouse remains in the UK, will I be taxed as a Single person?
  98. Swiss financial adviser charged with tax fraud
  99. German court rejects challenge to eurozone bailouts
  100. Why Germany must exit the Euro
  101. The Euro project is one of the best and most visionary ones of the last 100 years
  102. Best bank to join (Vaud)
  103. 2nd pillar pensions and new jobs
  104. Credit Suisse compatible Personal Finance Management Software
  105. SNB Pegs CHF to the EUR!!!
  106. Taxed at source v cantonal tax
  107. Credit Cards for Recent New Residents
  108. Minimum term for Pillar 3A
  109. any comments regarding Clientis Bank?
  110. Tax clearance for household goods (Relocation)
  111. post finance branch with safety deposit box?
  112. How to get a loan.
  113. Financial information of stocks of past years
  114. Bank of America to lay off 30000
  115. Bank Account for doctorate
  116. Montreux or Valais(VS)
  117. Can a parent domiciled and resident in CH make a gift to son/daughter in the UK
  118. Reclaiming Swiss VAT
  119. A slightly complicated tax situation?
  120. UBS IT contractors in El Reg
  121. Desperate for advice on wealth tax in geneva/vaud area
  122. Swiss Maestro card - Are there commissions charged on all foreign transactions?
  123. DHL Import
  124. Inheritance laws in CH
  125. Quellensteuer (tax deducted at source) on bonus
  126. NPR on the strong franc
  127. Tarifmitteilung [taxed at source, what does "rate A/B/C/D" mean?]
  128. The only way for anyone to retire now is to become a millionare
  129. US Tax Forms 1040 & 2555 EZ
  130. Banks to charge fee for deposits in CHF
  131. Bank of Ireland Laser Card (cirrus maestro) doesn't work on Swiss ATMs?
  132. Tax percentage in Basel stadt
  133. Personal Loan Less than 1 year Bewilligung
  134. Buffet: I want to invest $5BN please [Bank of America]
  135. Foreigners with Swiss Bank Accounts
  136. Should I buy gold or should I buy land?
  137. UBS and big commission for EUR payments.
  138. (Non-traditional) currency exchange at Zurich airport?
  139. Tax preparation fee surprise
  140. Declaration of imported household furniture/appliances
  141. IT/CH banking?
  142. Credit limit increase
  143. commercial LC / BG Discounting
  144. Selling PAMP 1 oz gold bullion
  145. Letter about Monthly Wage
  146. Customs clearance for postal deliveries
  147. Negotiating waiver of mortgage penalties
  148. Investing in Swiss Real Estate funds
  149. Tax liability after 90 days in Switzerland?
  150. FBAR advice needed!
  151. LIBOR mortgage - best spread
  152. German Bonds
  153. What to do with all the Euro coins?
  154. Is there some sort of Western Union here?
  155. Not all Euros are Born Equal
  156. Quellensteuer / Tax limit
  157. VAT-back from Germany
  158. Withdraw EUR in Europe from CS CHF account.
  159. Shipping From US
  160. whose frm uk and investing now with chf
  161. Foreign Direct Investment stats, Interesting?
  162. Buying electronics in US through some company
  163. Importing of Wine
  164. Post finance lowered interest rate 1st January 2011: impacts on clients?
  165. VAT back when leaving US
  166. What do you need a credit card for in Switzerland?
  167. Tax refund after leaving Switzerland
  168. Customs on laptop shipped to tourist from USA
  169. Tax treatment of a 2nd Swiss Mortgage
  170. How does a Swiss resident go about claiming a debt from a per on domiciled in the UK?
  171. Why not move money back to a UK bank account?
  172. Paying tax on interest earned in Australia
  173. Transferring money to US
  174. net income from gross in Vaud
  175. € to CHF -- good rate at Migros
  176. Money from Switzerland to UK
  177. Tax return?
  178. Switzerland and Germany initial tax agreement
  179. Swiss cities to top soon the list of most expensive cities?
  180. Mortgage for UK property
  181. Recommended Accountant in Zurich
  182. Euro account in Switzerland
  183. Tax paper
  184. Gemoneybank loan interest rates too high!
  185. Credit Suisse - free flight for students opening a new account
  186. HELP! Taxed at source in Vaud, and live in Geneva
  187. cashing in part of pension returning to UK
  188. US Taxes: Come Clean or Jump Ship?
  189. Claiming AHV when going to Non-EU/bilateral agreement country
  190. Rent deposit account with Post Finance?
  191. US downgraded
  192. Will 1 CHF buy 1 Euro?
  193. Is my Java Contractor rate low?
  194. Credit card charges from UBS
  195. PostFinance charges
  196. Taxation of Swiss pensions in the U.S.
  197. multi currency account
  198. Home Ownership Taxes
  199. Swiss gold trading platform speaking English?
  200. (Proposed) New UK residency rules
  201. Rolling over of capital gains tax on sale of principal residence to BUILD new house
  202. Lohncomputer.ch - Net wages calculator
  203. Useful UBS financial tools web page
  204. Direct Net (CS)???
  205. Referendum for Gold Swiss Franc (GSF)?
  206. Schwab online trading account
  207. SwissQuote VS SaxoBank
  208. tax residency certificate
  209. Lucerne will offer Switzerland's lowest corporation tax at the cantonal level
  210. Tax: how to report shares in unlisted company?
  211. Q about packages from the US
  212. Tax and residency in Geneva, France and UK
  213. Foreign credit report in Switzerland???
  214. Obvious Tax Deductions
  215. Private storage facilities
  216. Smi?
  217. Paying off mortgage (monthly) in UK from salary in CHF
  218. Decuct Car travel to work (TAX RELATED)
  219. Cashpoint in Basel
  220. Bringing UK pension into Switzerland and QROPS
  221. US Expats - Leaving the 401k behind, what to do?
  222. Bike 2nd through the customs
  223. Credit Suisse - Issues with Online Banking
  224. Tax & Kids
  225. Can you keep Swiss bank account if you move?
  226. Gold
  227. Started and finished contract in 3 weeks...
  228. Duty/tax/VAT question
  229. how long it takes the tax authority to process the tax return
  230. Live in Switz - work in Liecht - how much tax?
  231. If Zug is the lowest taxed canton, why don't all businesses simply just move there?
  232. Tax declaration question
  233. Trading in Switzerland - Capital gains/income taxes?
  234. Interest rate on EUR account
  235. CIM Banque (Interactive Brokers) - anyone?
  236. Elimination of foreign earned income exclusion
  237. Taxes paid by company or by employee
  238. How quellensteuer is deducted?
  239. 3rd pillar: difference between bank and insurance
  240. Paying Swiss bills from abroad
  241. Quitting the rat race
  242. Over the counter foreign exchange at the Post?
  243. 3rd pillar not deducted, now leaving country....pls help
  244. Difference in Tax payments for B/C permits
  245. Duty on parcel from US
  246. Swiss Tax implications for transferring money to the UK
  247. 3rd Tier Contributions
  248. WARNING: hit with a huge tax bill.
  249. Taxation - Lived in Germany now moving to Switzerland
  250. Tax rates on land ownership