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  1. US withholding on treasuries
  2. Quellensteuer correction: documents
  3. American bank recommendations
  4. Moving for temp work for 6 months to CH then back to Germany to work
  5. Another Tax Question
  6. Money to open a bank account
  7. Average time between submitting tax return and getting the bill
  8. Kindergeld?
  9. Customs to bring in household and personal items?
  10. UN & (US) tax clarification
  11. Tax on Overseas Earnings?
  12. Credit Score Rating/Agency in CH
  13. Closing a mortgage 2 years upfront
  14. IRS letter! Unexpected Bill
  15. Mutual Funds ROI
  16. Not paying AHV if money is placed in pillar 2 or ferizuegigkeitskonto
  17. tax deduction for travel to work
  18. "Financial advice" and yachts
  19. Suggestions on investment - real estate in la cote or...
  20. EU citizen, living in Switzerland, bank accout in DE?
  21. Advice to all people on shipping parcels to Swiss
  22. fighting an abusive unfair betreibung
  23. Paypal in English
  24. ZH - private tax 2011 - 2010 import
  25. HSBC - UK postcode
  26. Swiss inheritance law applied to American with dual Swiss citizenship
  27. pay taxes for property outside Switzerland?
  28. Coins!!! What to do with them??
  29. Betreibungsamt - Affect on Credit Rating
  30. Swissquote cost-averaging
  31. Tax Return and PWC ...scientists...
  32. Update my tax declaration after its sent.
  33. Which canton do I have to register/pay taxes in?
  34. US tax - green card holder
  35. Guilty verdict in $7m Ponzi scheme
  36. Private Shares - can losses be written off against tax?
  37. AHV fund reimbursment
  38. Seeking a Tax Advisor in Thun
  39. Tax Adviser or Accountant in Canton Vaud (Personal Taxes)
  40. Civil partnership change in Swiss Law??? ( Taxation issue as a single )
  41. opening a Credit Suisse account in the US
  42. buying gold in zurich
  43. Grey card anc claiming pension
  44. Property income tax in Austria
  45. New form 8938: how to report 2nd pillar / 3a pillar accounts??
  46. 2nd & 3rd pilar taxation in the US
  47. Bank issue please help and advice
  48. How to Save My Property Tax In US?
  49. CHF LIBOR slowly creeping up, but fixed interests going down
  50. U.S. citizens & 3. Säule (3rd pillar) - where to apply!?
  51. Resident in UK taxed in Switzerland
  52. Certificate of tax payed on vested benefits
  53. Taxing!
  54. Taxes in Vaud
  55. Canadian and American move to Switzerland: taxes, who files and where?
  56. Current Bank won't allow me to open accts for my US/DE children
  57. Two mortgages simultaneously
  58. Swiss Taxation System
  59. Quellensteur tarif correction
  60. Best sterling (GBP pounds) savings account ?
  61. Need help! Paying tax as a self-employed person receiving income from a UK agency
  62. Bank account for offshore company
  63. Tax form question, cost of getting someone to fill this in for me?
  64. Reducing Taxable Income: 3a et al.
  65. Canceling Postfinance Mastercard Value
  66. Trustee for UK trust: any implications for Swiss tax?
  67. UK tax when not a UK resident
  68. Tax Change from ZH to Thalwil
  69. Bonus & AVS, Mat Insurance...
  70. Tax as a foreigner
  71. Opening home-based business, self-employement in Zug and AHV contributions
  72. Tax return time! Eigenmietwert
  73. Euro Losses in the Tax Declaration
  74. Family Emergency - Need to leave, but have debt
  75. Duty on my own belongings?
  76. Tax treaty between Swiss - UK and Germany
  77. How to get tax back after contribution to 3a pillar?
  78. Is this for real?
  79. Are late payment charges legal??
  80. Co-op Supercard Plus
  81. bank account for non resident(tourist) for stock trading
  82. Vested Benefit Account Withdrawal Process
  83. Betreibungsandrohung from Coop Immobilien
  84. Exchanging money Francs to Dollars or Euros
  85. Tax Rule for Married Couple with one spouse as Self Employed
  86. wertschriften und guthabenverzeichnis
  87. American marrying Swiss tax confusion!
  88. USD Money Order to CH
  89. Not Reporting foreign income on US taxes
  90. Living in France, working in Geneva - taxes..?
  91. Could somebody please help!!!! ( Tax form in German )
  92. Taxation in Zürich - companies vs. individuals
  93. AHV and US Taxes
  94. US Tax on Swiss stocks/brokerage accounts
  95. How to buy stocks from UBS
  96. PostFinance Prepaid Mastercard : how to charge the card?
  97. Not Being Forthcoming with the IRS in US
  98. Postfinance: e-finance identifier
  99. Card Cloning Fraud
  100. AHV contributions in more than one country?
  101. US tax advisor near Zug?
  102. Tax question, Do I have to declare my house in Canada?
  103. Airline credit cards
  104. Beginner Questions on US/Swiss Stock Trade
  105. Stock Options vs Shares - tax treatment?
  106. Filing Taxes in Zurich for US Persons
  107. PostFinance lowers interest rates
  108. Taxes on return to UK.
  109. Betreibung but I don't have his address
  110. Reporting Withdrawal from Pillar 2 to IRS
  111. Tax returns
  112. How is Spread betting taxed?
  113. Red and orange Einzahlungschein - difference?
  114. Advice please about taxation issue relating to residence
  115. got letter for taxes
  116. Geneva - Quasi Resident Status and Tax Reclaim
  117. The straw that broke the camel's back: 2 CHF too many
  118. Gold & Silver Coins
  119. New UN job, no Swiss bank account, only BofA
  120. WHICH bank?
  121. Basel Stadt vs Basel Land 2012
  122. Tax returns 2011 DIY - need some help please
  123. Deductions for student loans
  124. buying gold
  125. Facebook.. IPO
  126. Help with claiming vat back from London
  127. Customs fines
  128. Credit Suisse iPhone app
  129. BVG for an Einzelperson
  130. Whats the Zugangscode in the ZHServices
  131. Tax Assessment for year 2010 Zug/Baar
  132. Quellensteuer missing?
  133. Swiss withholding tax, no longer a Swiss resident
  134. Bank account / Safe box for non-resident Americans?
  135. Non Resident Opening a Post Finance Account?
  136. postfinance mastercard
  137. New IRS FBAR form for USA
  138. Cotisations AVS/AI/APG/AC/AANP
  139. Joint or single bank accounts
  140. Implications of buying storage space
  141. Tax Advice Basel
  142. Basic tax help needed in Fribourg
  143. Apple Store - Tax Refund - Global Blue
  144. Imported Laptops bought online: advice please
  145. Procedure for claiming AHV/ALV others for Indians
  146. Transfer UK pension to QROPS in Switzerland after 5 UK tax years
  147. Fund management entity structures: Is this legal?
  148. Am I doing this right? Import duties & VAT for online order
  149. Credit Report
  150. Confused on taxes for Americans over the 120k CHF threshold
  151. Resource/Book to explain Swiss taxes
  152. Tax back from a purchase in Greece
  153. PostFinance debit card in UK
  154. How would you buy Italian bonds?
  155. Reclaiming EU VAT but no customs officials at a border?
  156. Commercial property taxes 'rates'
  157. unstable exchange rate..dilema to exchange now or not
  158. B Permit Swiss Resident, UK Broker, Tax Implications
  159. Filing a Swiss tax return?
  160. Explanantion of Taxes through a Swiss Company
  161. Private banking customer service
  162. E-bill experiences?
  163. Filing UK Tax Return being a non-resident
  164. Credit Suisse bankers will always have it their way
  165. Opening an account in Switzerland to save some euros before the boom
  166. Buying Dollars
  167. Bank accounts for business
  168. Swiss Bank Charges - if you become a UK resident - Beware!
  169. At which bank in CH do you get good interest rate in saving account for 2012?
  170. Betreibungsrechnung - Payment Demand
  171. taxes in zurich
  172. Duty free prices at airports
  173. Is it worth converting CHF to Euros and waiting ?
  174. Paying off a GE Money Bank loan early?
  175. Anticipatory tax (on savings in the bank account)
  176. Small problem with Migros Bank online...
  177. US tax question - credit and exclusion?
  178. Strange Payment Order in the post
  179. FBAR / FATCA - Interactive Brokers?
  180. Swiss Life Insurance, UK Policy Cheaper?
  181. 3rd pillar contributions, no income
  182. 120,000 Quellensteuer limit - calculations and implications
  183. Taxes or other Swiss charges on bringing in personal bike
  184. 2010 tax return.
  185. Paying tax without business in Switzerland
  186. Swiss buy to let questions
  187. Cantonal & Federal tax
  188. Financial transactions deadline 2011
  189. Inherited Jointly Owned Swiss Property
  190. Where to change coins for cash in Geneva?
  191. Refund of withholding taxes in Geneve
  192. Withdrawal of Pension (Non-EU)
  193. lump sum taxation: what about tax on interests and dividends (35%)?
  194. Post finance help
  195. Query for valid deductions from salary for non EU citizens (Indian) ???
  196. Tax Deduction - German Classes
  197. Tax Advice on starting a new company
  198. International bank options? (American Expat)
  199. Postfinance credit card: finally real-time balance
  200. Money Transfer to begin new job
  201. Bought item online in GE - wanting to switch via mail
  202. Swiss pension calculation
  203. Setting a Panama Private Foundation.
  204. Whats the limit for "wealth tax" ?
  205. quellensteuer for hourly work (Basel Stadt)
  206. Sending money from UK to PF account
  207. Import duties
  208. Have £'s, Can i send £'s back?
  209. Looking for a quick fix ( cashing out on my Paypal account )
  210. Divorce and Pension Funds Calculation
  211. Filling out a Tax Return for Luzern
  212. Bank Transfers to USA
  213. Property Tax Schedule
  214. What is die Mehrwertabschöpfung??
  215. Taking out Social Security contributions for short term assignees
  216. Investment banking bonuses in switzerland
  217. Mis sold a 3rd pillar pension, How to cancel?
  218. taxable income
  219. paying bills from a post finance account
  220. Tax - Age: any connection between the two?
  221. How long does the Euro have left?
  222. Expatriate tax free amount -- Contractor
  223. Taxed too heavily on Amazon delivery?
  224. Tax Information for US Citizens ( and Resident Aliens abroad ) 2011
  225. Telecommuting from US while residing in CH
  226. Customs checks ( Duty allowance )
  227. Deduction of student loan interrest against GE taxes?
  228. Small amount of deposit to postFinance
  229. Looking for Tax Preparation Swiss & US [Zurich]
  230. indian nationals dont have to pay social security ?
  231. half a bank note
  232. Tell me I'm being paranoid...
  233. Euro Crisis
  234. Can I have *both* 3a and 3b pension?
  235. which bank charges the least bank charges for new account
  236. New to switzerland looking for info re: opening a bank account
  237. Fake money, what to do
  238. HMRC VAT refund at the Eurotunnel?
  239. Opening a new account on an intern's visa
  240. What do you do with Your MONEY?
  241. cheaper salary account
  242. The orange and red payment slip ( Einzahlung )
  243. What is claimable against CH tax
  244. Paying tax on gifts brought into Switzerland
  245. 2nd home in France - swiss tax implications
  246. Work in CH, reside in NL - permits and taxes?
  247. Private loans in Zurich
  248. help needed adout ZEK issues
  249. Unemployed - what do do with 2nd pillar?
  250. Steurbares Reineinkommen & Reinenvermögen