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  1. ABMs and Banking for a student
  2. Bank for international transfers
  3. Gold Franc
  4. Transferring money from/to UK
  5. Us citizens and us taxes
  6. AHV for my spouse?
  7. Gold Coin - Buy and Sell?
  8. Taxation on dividends, saving accounts & capital gain taxes
  9. UK Private and Occupational Pensions, Pension Transfers and other issues
  10. Interactive Brokers - Opening an Account/Transfering Funds/Dividend Taxes
  11. which US bank account to open
  12. what is official statement of 3rd pillar payment?
  13. Tax upon return to UK?
  14. looking for someone swiss living in Germany and working in Switzerland
  15. Pensions cash out when leaving CH permanently
  16. Swiss tax return and double citizenship
  17. Tax/Social Secuity Geneva - France
  18. EU Savings Tax Directive
  19. US Citizen Leaving Switzerland, How To Keep Bank Account?
  20. buying services in UK, invoice to swiss address, paying VAT?
  21. How do you get a Swiss credit card?
  22. Swiss Bank - Joint Account Dilemma
  23. For B Permit Holders, does the tax vary per commune?
  24. Tax deductions for supporting parents
  25. Child benefit from another country (EU)
  26. Quidco -- cashback from online purchases in UK
  27. temporary freelancing in Switzerland, tax residency in EU - what are the obligations?
  28. Currency exchange via securities arbitrage
  29. Swiss Mortgage Margin Calls
  30. withholding taxes changing everymonth
  31. Confused about shipping boxes to Switzerland
  32. Shipping boxes from Canada to Switzerland...
  33. US taxes: is the foreign earned income exclusion per person or per couple?
  34. Time taken for a CH wire transfer locally [19K]
  35. Subject to swiss tax?
  36. Paying my rental deposit from the UK?
  37. Tax filing status when separated and spouse in another country
  38. Understanding payslip
  39. Betreibungsankündigung
  40. How do expats afford retirement in Zürich?
  41. HMRC UK tax on Swiss Income
  42. To declare or not to declare?
  43. Trip to USA
  44. Closed bank accounts in Tax Declaration..?
  45. UK National Insurance refund?
  46. US Foreign Tax Credit and Cantonal/Municipal Taxes
  47. Money Advice Service
  48. Complicated?
  49. moving to switzerland
  50. Bank account
  51. Get paid from US company
  52. Skimming
  53. taxes in Neuchatel
  54. withholding tax vs tax at source
  55. How can i be unemployed when i am actually are (AVS / Taxation / Permit)
  56. Swiss Maestro Card
  57. US credit cards in Switzerland
  58. Payments in Switzerland
  59. Importing Food
  60. Business Credit/Debit Card
  61. debt consolidation is it all a scam or are there good ones?
  62. Use Swiss card/do a transfer/take cash
  63. taxation : online shopping alcohol
  64. which banks allow for paypal money transfer?
  65. Marriage & Taxes?
  66. Want to invest 3rd Pillar pension in a business. Permitted?
  67. Best time of year to move from UK to CH to simplify tax
  68. Where to find Bank ATM which gives Euro notes?
  69. Moving to Switzerland: Bringing Japanese Food [Duties / Excise limits]
  70. Best return on 3rd pillar
  71. Mortgage on 2nd home
  72. AHV and sole proprietorship
  73. how can I find out how much tax I will pay?
  74. Posting personal items into Switzerland
  75. Transporting Treadmill from UK -suggestions [Customs Duty]
  76. Simple question re: Swissquote
  77. Swiss equivalent to Paypal
  78. e-sider.com ?
  79. Exchanging CAD to CHF
  80. Good debt consolidation company in Vaud / credit union?
  81. The cost of living in the Swiss municipalities
  82. Swiss credit card - tired of paying international fees
  83. Tax return after your first partial Swiss year
  84. Bonds/Investment funds on your tax return
  85. Unfair Betreibung from my wife
  86. Free current / personal account?
  87. Tax return - where to declare revenue not yet received?
  88. Reka cheques
  89. Company Pension transfer into Swiss Company Pension
  90. IRS satisfaction survey for taxpayers abroad
  91. law advice on possible stolen money
  92. Help to avoid currency conversion fees and ATM fees
  93. Silly Question - Amex Credit Card
  94. Tax question
  95. Your credit record is collected here...
  96. One for the egg-heads: Interest Rate Derivative Pricing
  97. What is the name of the form to pay bills?
  98. Need to transfer cash GBP to Euro
  99. Doing consultancy in switzerland.
  100. Documentation required to open a bank account
  101. 0800 number for UBS?
  102. Can the Pound drop much further against the Franc?
  103. Opening a bank account on a non-CH resident's behalf
  104. Online payments for Swiss chalet
  105. How to reduce charges while foreign transfer CHF to INR in ICICI bank, India ???
  106. VAT receipt from Apple shops UK
  107. Self Employed and withdrawing pension
  108. Tax Refund After Leaving Switzerland
  109. Buying a bike in online-shop in Germany. How much do I have to pay when I receive it?
  110. Where to change coins for cash in Zurich?
  111. Separated Tax
  112. Structure of Swiss property holding funds
  113. Tax on Travel Between UK and Switzerland
  114. UBS increasing costs of using credit cards for foreign currency to 1.75% (from 1%)
  115. Inland Revenue Rebate - How to cash in?
  116. Forfeitary taxes on holiday home owner
  117. personal tax & benefits
  118. car tax calculated from which weight?
  119. Background check
  120. Taxes when living in France?
  121. Tax Advice - Any recommendations?
  122. MediaMarkt Finance
  123. Requesting postponement for tax forms
  124. Buying a house in the UK
  125. best place in Zurich to change £ to CHF
  126. Glencore Floatation - Pure Greed or Capitalism at it's best - [ZUG]
  127. Bringing money into Switzerland
  128. Loan for US Property through Swiss Bank?
  129. Looking for a Treuhand in Zug
  130. Which bank to choose ? Which card/debit card/etc ? Help needed:)
  131. Safety deposit box rental
  132. Uk Resident working in Switzerland - UK tax
  133. credit suisse offering 2.25 % interest rates
  134. Converting CHF to EUR
  135. Quellensteuer bearing no relation to tax due as per tax declaration
  136. Reminder: Time to file your FBAR!
  137. SROs - setting up Financial Services company
  138. Is it worth fighting the tax man?
  139. What is Intrum Justitia?
  140. Swiss bank account frozen by U.S.
  141. Moving to Switzerland and not using shipping - Customs Question
  142. Pillar refund
  143. SBB Visa Prepaid card Help
  144. Tax at source 1st + 2nd pillar
  145. Tax changes when marrying a swiss
  146. Zug featured on national CBS TV in the US
  147. CHF=EUR parity. When will it happen?
  148. Buying abroad and paying VAT twice
  149. Seconded to Zurich for 18 months - Visa & Canton Tax Qn
  150. UBS credit cards - fee's increase as of June 2011
  151. Living cost for a couple
  152. In Berne for 2 months - banking options?
  153. Changing Real Estate Title
  154. Investing in Non-USD denominated equities
  155. Using UK pension funds for primary residence
  156. Can your bank account funds be frozen without proof?
  157. overseas pension lump sum paid in cash witholding tax
  158. Mandatory Deductions / Tax - Sole Trader
  159. Bringing Alcohol With My Shipment?
  160. Need to be sole trader or can I just pay taxes end of year
  161. Leaving Switzerland, tax refund
  162. Tax rebate from B to C permit
  163. Medallion Signature Guarantee
  164. How to check balance on SBB prepaid card ?
  165. home loan?
  166. investing for a child
  167. Glencore - IPO
  168. How secret is my tax statement?
  169. Non Chip & Pin Cards accepted in Schweiz?
  170. Tax Question - Irish citizen
  171. Ceralogix Clubmaker finance system - Help needed
  172. reclaiming VAT + import costs
  173. Paying U.S credit cards with Swiss bank account
  174. Do I need to pay duty on bike imported from UK
  175. To declare or not
  176. Withdrawing cash in Swiss ATMs
  177. Help with tax forms in Luzern
  178. Forex report for 07 april- is this interesting for anyone?
  179. New additional tax form for US citizens abroad
  180. Family Allowance & Child Benefit
  181. Offshore companies and Swiss companies
  182. Stock taxed upon vesting...
  183. CS saving account with 2,25% interest?
  184. No capital gains tax on real estate - REINVESTMENT
  185. How to check Postfinance Credit Card statement over the Internet?
  186. Transition from Quellensteuer to Normal Tax
  187. CHF to GBP ???
  188. U.S. Tax Question-Salary $7,000 CHF
  189. Vaud: Tax at source rate
  190. Bank Bank Piguet SA-Good at managing a pension fund?
  191. B Permit holder - odd comment from tax adviser?
  192. Translation of tax forms
  193. bank secrecy & taxes
  194. Vaud Inheritance Tax - Transfer of Property
  195. Personal loans from Postfinance
  196. Maximum transfer amount to Swiss Account?
  197. interest rates for payment delay in contract
  198. Opening a Mortgage account with UBS - US Citizen disclosure papers?
  199. Good time to change money in GBP or USD?
  200. Coming Back to Switzerland - Customs issues on reimporting ?
  201. Swiss bank accounts - monthly limit and overdraw
  202. Foreign spouse income used for tax rate?
  203. esc a10 clause from the hmrc in uk
  204. Credit report in Switzerland
  205. Lump Sum Pension Payment and departure taxes
  206. Trying to figure out how to move my stuff to Switzerland...
  207. Valais 2010 tax return
  208. Dual citizen to file tax form ?
  209. Australian / Swiss Tax specialist - am leaving CH
  210. Sign a general deed of pledge for a credit card?
  211. Visiting Switzerland and using the Euro (€)
  212. 90K of annual salary, get 4500 per month?
  213. Cash card
  214. Zurich Tax form error
  215. Nice surprise from our accountant
  216. Lump-Sum Expenses are to be declared as Salary income?
  217. Bank Bailouts Explained
  218. Kopien aller monatlichen Lohnabrechnungen des massgebenden Jahres?
  219. Tax at source refund
  220. Opening a savings account in Switzerland?
  221. Limit on Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner expenses "for tax reasons"
  222. Declaring unemployment benefits in tax return
  223. Office Baselland Share Price value as of 31st Dec 2010 - Where to get?
  224. 'Johnny foreigner' bank charges!!
  225. gross - net income for EPFL
  226. Best place to exchange currency [Geneva]
  227. student loan
  228. House Insurance/Travel Deduction
  229. Figuring out taxes for 6 months in CH
  230. Vaud tax: 3% flat deduction
  231. Phishing warning: UBS E-banking
  232. Converting CHF to USD - where can I do it at JFK ?
  233. xe.com, receiveing money in CH
  234. how to get money in US?
  235. Bringing Money from US
  236. [Tax return] Rent deposit acconut
  237. A bit of advice
  238. Working in Vd - Living in France & Belgium - Where to pay taxes?
  239. Moved Cantons in September 2010 ZG->VD
  240. Transfer USD->USD with xe.com/oanda.com, from US to CH
  241. US Banks with IBAN numbers?
  242. If you have an account LloydsTSB you may be in for a shock
  243. CH Tax Return - How much harder will it be now I'm married?
  244. Geneva Married Couple -- Anything to declare?
  245. Cantonal Tax???
  246. Banking question
  247. Merchant Services B2B-what companys are working in that field in CH?
  248. can 3a pillar be useful in this case? + other questions (eu citizen)
  249. Owing money to UBS
  250. Tax at source for 2nd pillar