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  1. Pension fund transfer from Belgium
  2. Access to Swiss pension
  3. Setting up a Will and Last Testament
  4. Status US person - now Credit Cards?
  5. Mortgage deposit %
  6. FRench Tax Advisor - Basel/St Louis area
  7. Help with employer stock purchase-US Taxes
  8. GBP account in Switzerland or offshore bank?
  9. Tax efficiency in my situation
  10. Documents for AVS Clain
  11. [UK tax help] What commercial self assessment software do you use?
  12. UK self-employed working in Geneva-tax situation?
  13. US Taxes: How to separate Swiss spouses's Swiss tax contribution
  14. Mieterspiegel: any idea what this is?
  15. Transfering a Pensions
  16. tax return
  17. Importing pallets to CH
  18. Lombard Loans
  19. Wire?
  20. Paying US Bills
  21. Post from Steueramt Stadt Zurcih
  22. Postfinance-how to receive payment
  23. Accounting Course in English
  24. Pension in Switzerland, living abroad
  25. RRSP questions, any Canadians here?
  26. Tax on relocation costs
  27. banking in basel
  28. Tax return
  29. Living in Geneva. Working in Zurich. What is tax deductible?
  30. Help with US tax question
  31. Swiss Post Finance raising fee from 1st March 2013
  32. Raiffeisen fees for non-Swiss citizens 240CHF Grundgebühr
  33. Sign the Petition! - Change US tax law from citizenship based law to residence based
  34. witholding tax UK/Switzerland
  35. Taxes: Deductions of medical costs
  36. Claim Pension fund
  37. Witholding tax, Year tax return and 3a pillar refund
  38. Cheap online bank
  39. Withdrawing Pension Now That I'm Back in US
  40. possibly returning- need assistance
  41. EURO growth versus CHF
  42. Credit card application documents?
  43. Comparis now charging?
  44. BCGE to BCV Customer - HELP
  45. Which currency to use for Credit Card when away from CH?
  46. Phishing Alert - Fake IRS Email
  47. Entitlement to pension after reimbursement
  48. Entitlement pension after reimbursement
  49. Will a German Zahlschein slip go through a swiss machine ?
  50. Back taxes
  51. Tax refund question
  52. How would you choose to be paid?
  53. deadline of tax recalculation?
  54. Tax declaration - property owner on b permit paying quellensteuer
  55. Money transfer to Swiss account from EU
  56. UBS sending Americans a W-9 "request"
  57. Fribourg tax - UK house - calculating value in CHF?
  58. Question to Expert Online Brokers: Online Trading Platform
  59. Optimizing Pillar 3a
  60. Question about tax (for someone living in uk)
  61. Student Loans for Lucern Culinary Institute
  62. QROPS without Pillar2
  63. Pet costs, are deductible?
  64. Moving savings back to the UK
  65. 2nd pillar pension managed by bank
  66. OU Course -offset against tax
  67. for Investment Banking, worth transferring to Zurich from London?
  68. bank transfers FROM the US
  69. Button-Down Central Bank Bets It All
  70. Investments for 2013 and beyond
  71. Private Tax 2012 is out
  72. TVA and import duty on returned goods
  73. 6-12 month prediction for strength of CHF vs. USD
  74. End Citizenship-Based Taxation: Petition on Whitehouse Petition on Whitehouse.gov
  75. Resident in Switzerland, working in Germany
  76. ZH Wealth Tax, what am I missing!
  77. Banking virus
  78. Re-claiming VAT Luton Airport over Christmas
  79. Non-US/Non-EU international student. How to pay taxes in Switzerland?
  80. taxes after marriage
  81. Tax Rebate Clauses in Basel Canton
  82. Bank transfer takes horribly long - consequences?
  83. looking for financial consultant/advisor
  84. Renting home in UK - tax issues?
  85. Tax question about office deduction
  86. Tax from US company?
  87. Tax - Switzerland vs US C apital Gains
  88. What is ESR ?
  89. Foreign Housing Exclusion for US Taxes
  90. Certificate of marital status if Unmarried
  91. Policy de libre passage (vested benefits) for US citizens
  92. Tax in Zurich
  93. how do I handle this betreibungsamt
  94. Should I empty my bank account to avoid tax ?
  95. Credit card debt counts as tax write off?
  96. Is it worth moving to CH to save tax on ebook sales?
  97. Living abroad but working for a Swiss Company
  98. IT Self-employed working across Europe
  99. How long it takes a bank transfer CH > CH ?
  100. prepaid credit cards
  101. Have you heard of Dealmarket.com?
  102. Please help with Swiss annually income tax caculation
  103. What is "TVA"?
  104. UK to tax Swiss Accounts
  105. Do I need to register as a company or not?
  106. Hiring stop for ALL Americans ?
  107. UK Tax return and Swiss Tax Return
  108. Withholding tax - information on deductables
  109. Migros vs PostFinance credit card
  110. Visa/Mastercard Prepaid with no credit score checks
  111. Do German shops have to refund VAT with stamped form?
  112. Relocating to the US, EU Citizen
  113. Church tax?
  114. Cash - francs to pounds
  115. Financial / Tax advisor in Zug
  116. Changing banks to benefit from mortgage rate ?
  117. switzerland-us-sign-pact-against-tax-evasion
  118. Can they simply seize your money?
  119. Filing a Betreibung: deposit not returned.
  120. Bitcoins in Switzerland?
  121. US capitial gains on Swiss asset
  122. Tax rates Zürich
  123. health insurance - orange inpayment slip
  124. Swiss Banks Will Report All Details of US Persons to IRS
  125. Foreign Property - Tax implications
  126. Insurance company's reluctance to repay
  127. Betreibungs after leaving Switzerland
  128. Taxation of foreign capitals for B-permit holders - doesn't this smell fishy??
  129. Capital gains tax selling house
  130. Swiss Bank Account
  131. Tax advisor versed in UK and Swiss law
  132. Tax Obligations
  133. Newbie Loan
  134. can a minor child legally 'own' a bank account?
  135. Why is the tax system so complicated !?!
  136. US Tax accountant Zurich area
  137. Getting Married tax implication for Zug
  138. How much tax do Au Pair host parents have to pay on au pair's wages?
  139. Is it additional income???
  140. Accountant for company setup in Swiss
  141. Swiss mortgage for foreign property
  142. Rolls of coins - where to get?
  143. Swiss-GB Tax Agreement Bank Charges
  144. Last Minute Idiot Question
  145. work in UK and pay taxes in Switzerland
  146. 13 month Quellensteuer shock !
  147. Small loans?
  148. VAT Refund - Online purchase from Germany
  149. Opening a swiss account
  150. Best CHF/EUR rates
  151. 3rd pillar from Generali?
  152. Ltd Company vs Payroll
  153. Best Beginner Investment
  154. Is 3rd pillar really interesting?
  155. Swiss Pension - Libre Passage and New Job
  156. How much tax do expats need to pay in US when being detached by a Swiss employer?
  157. US citizens in CH, prepare for big tax burden!
  158. 3rd pillar and buying own house...
  159. UK Investment... Tax?
  160. how much is church tax
  161. Order a watch from Amazon.fr, how much tax to pay?
  162. Additional income
  163. incomes here and there - double taxes ?
  164. Using Pension Money for Real Estate - Rollover
  165. Witholding Tax/Taxes
  166. Tax deduction of up to CHF12k for education
  167. Debts in CH & Returning
  168. new arrival seeking tax clarification
  169. Fribourg tax adjustments
  170. How long on the tax processing in Stadt zurich ?
  171. Value Line Reports - Libraries?
  172. Buying bullion in CH
  173. Online Orders to Switzerland ( VAT, duties, postage etc. )
  174. Working from France for a Swiss Company - IT
  175. No income but being taxed on UK Savings - is this correct?
  176. Paying Swiss bills from outside CH
  177. UK pension & Swiss tax advisor
  178. The right bank… [with UK and CH Retail Presence]
  179. New US tax, 3.8% medicare tax on capital gain
  180. 5x Tax Bill - is it normal??
  181. 3rd pillar tax refund for 2011 in Vaud
  182. CHF Savings Accounts
  183. Tax advisor for Kanton Zurich
  184. Pillar 3 tax deduct limit for arrived this year
  185. Tax system doubts
  186. Sending money to the UK
  187. Problem with UPS for my amazon.de order
  188. 2012 Tax Reminder - Not sure what to do
  189. Tax form from Stadt Zurich
  190. Uk vat
  191. Using Credit Card Abroad : Best One?
  192. UBS sends London Bankers Packing
  193. B Permit not renewed, but got a Carte de Legitimation - what about my Swiss Pensions?
  194. Switzerland Investment, Interest Rates, Bank opening a/c etc
  195. Making US Credit Card Payments with Post Finance?
  196. Double paid - import tax, can I claim it back?
  197. Singapore - Trading + Funds/ETF
  198. Implications of marriage
  199. Paying Tax on B visa
  200. investments
  201. warning/beware wechselstube - no more private customers
  202. Hiring a private investigator went horribly wrong
  203. Claiming German VAT back on different day?
  204. The Tax system
  205. tax at source and year end return...b permit
  206. Tax Man in Lausanne area?
  207. Tax deductibles items - B-Permit?
  208. Getting made to pay tax
  209. Accessing CH Account via E-Banking While in the US
  210. Zero percent leasing
  211. Do free credit cards exist in Switzerland?
  212. Quellensteuer for EU Citizens with B Permit
  213. Claiming German VAT refund - but for tourists
  214. Quellensteuer - a very short question
  215. Got C Permit - How does this impact tax?
  216. Pension for non-married couple w/ 1 kid. Possible?
  217. tax reduction in the case of working far??
  218. Swiss Banks vs Americans
  219. Swiss Mortgage - non resident - Yet!!!
  220. Emergency money transfer to the UK
  221. Frontaliers moving to Switzerland to avoid heavy taxation
  222. Opening a swiss bank account/paying taxes
  223. International weekender status and final tax return
  224. Tax question
  225. working for 2 months in 2012, taxes?
  226. TAXes
  227. Resigning from the Church re: Tax Payments ( Kirchensteuern )
  228. PostFinance Debit Card in SET PLUS
  229. Betreibungsamt for former Swiss resident
  230. Tax Documents Mailed - Mail Delayed
  231. How long time back can you apply for corrections to an already done tax declaration?
  232. taxes, no job, and moving
  233. Austria vs Switzerland--if EU explodes, Euro crashes?
  234. Living in Spain, paid in Switerland
  235. MyOne (Manor) Credit Card denied, american FATCA again?
  236. Capital Gains Tax on selling Au acc. to IRS
  237. tax for interns?
  238. moving to Geneva
  239. Monthly bank fee once leaving the country
  240. Income Tax
  241. Third pillar limit for Unemployed
  242. 3a account - which bank?
  243. Opening bank Account
  244. Anybody know a good tax preparer (USA) in Bern?
  245. Where can I buy a gold/silver coin in Geneva ?
  246. Best place for currency exchange in Lausanne
  247. How to get rid of 5 Rappens???
  248. Advice needed - Should I become a frontalier?
  249. What is the cheapest way to have a parcel of clothes sent from USA to CH?
  250. Long term fix rate, good idea in present situation?