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  1. Double Taxation
  2. Swisslife Agent
  3. Financial reporting requirements for US citizens - what are the facts?
  4. PostFinance Credit Cards: Gold v Platinum
  5. Curiosity about PostFinance - Student account
  6. Finding a Pillar 3 Pension Scheme
  7. Expat spouse tax
  8. Former US Green Card holders also screwed by FATCA!
  9. Opening Bank Account for Americans, does it even make sense?
  10. UBS Bank charges me to deposit money?
  11. What is the best bank for opening an account with a certified check?
  12. What do expats do for savings?
  13. Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'
  14. Exchanging euros at SBB
  15. Bank Loans to support Master's Education
  16. Switzerland bails out Europe
  17. Tax in Valais
  18. tax issue of working/living in different cantons...
  19. about finance strategy of a couple...
  20. How dumb are Swiss credit cards?
  21. retrospective pension contribution after salary increase?
  22. Income from foreign business (Permanent Establishment)
  23. Customs for 190 CHF item from Germany??
  24. B permit, taxed at source and additional foreign employement
  25. Work & Tax problem @ Basel-Mullhouse Airport
  26. Cashing checks: where?
  27. Exchanging money on arrival
  28. CHF to Euro
  29. Taxation of EU consultant for a < 6 month project
  30. Average tax
  31. How to declare a Financial gift?
  32. What can I bring back from Konstanz? And can I get a VAT refund?
  33. Taking my cash back to the USA
  34. Habitable space for tax declaration
  35. Tax Equalization for Dummies question
  36. Tax charge for order on Amazon.fr
  37. Corporate Entity Trading Account
  38. Direct Net - Changing login mobile no.
  39. How to Study for ACCA
  40. Complicated money transfer question
  41. Buying gold bars in Zurich
  42. Please help me! Need to get a loan in Geneva
  43. Mortgage questions
  44. Low Cost Bank Accounts in Switzerland?
  45. Safe-boxes in Geneva
  46. CH tax treatment of UK tax-free savings
  47. Proper wording for tax exemption on Invoices
  48. Closing my Credit suisse account
  49. anyone interested in a discussion about Switzerland's economic prospects?
  50. Anyone has the experience of Pillar 1 reimbursement
  51. It isn't just the Germans that are hiring snitches!
  52. Best FX company to transfer EUR to CHF
  53. Car loan/credit
  54. Where can I find my AHVN13 number?
  55. If you make less than 130KCHF in Zuerich, it doesn't pay off!
  56. Taking alcohol into France from Switzerland, limit?
  57. Switzerland.... No1
  58. Property Tax Question
  59. U.S. Expat tax payers - new "shadow FBAR" form 8938
  60. Importing personal stuff, lots of questions sorry..
  61. Tax in Switzerland and uk
  62. Couldn't open a Mietkaution (Rent Deposit) account, Thanks FATCA
  63. First pay check, confused by tax here versus UK
  64. Paying a bill online
  65. Coming from US: Is a swiss bank account necessary for daily life?
  66. dependent visa for fiancee - tax?
  67. When to time move from ZRh from VD so I pay my yearly taxes in ZRH?
  68. Best option for saved money
  69. Second Largest French Bank Goes Bust, Bailed Out By French Government
  70. Swiss company not paying back "loan"
  71. Brit in the Swit.... a little worried about english taxes
  72. UBS Maestro card & 6 digit PIN in SE.
  73. Paying Swiss tax on investments in another country
  74. Send cash inside Switzerland
  75. Reduced State Pension.
  76. ECB governing all EU banks from 2014?
  77. ZKB refusing to renew mortages for US citizens
  78. Transportation Taxes For Canadian Residents
  79. Going on the pension-AHV
  80. shpping to Germany to prevent from paying Swiss Post tax
  81. Credit Card Advice?
  82. Post Finance v Credit Suisse
  83. 2nd pillar U.S. taxation question
  84. Audited by IRS (USA)?
  85. Ouch.. nasty USA tax surprise
  86. Cashing in UK pension fund
  87. Currency Conversion - here or abroad
  88. Left Switerland but now told tax is owed (which appears incorrect)
  89. Safe Box Key
  90. investment ideas
  91. Working in Switzerland, Living in Italy (20km frontier zone question).
  92. Tax returns for France, UK, Switzerland & possible Spain
  93. New battery ordered from UK. Customs issues?
  94. Salary expectations, moving to Zurich
  95. 3rd Pillar and Investment
  96. Leaving Switzerland - Non-EU applying for OASI/AHV reimbursement
  97. Have I been taxed twice?
  98. Prudent Greeks profit at expense of reckless Germans
  99. Tax on shares
  100. 3rd Pillar
  101. travel charges per km
  102. Leaving CH - how about my Bank Accounts ?
  103. CHFs to EURs: cash, credit cards, bank transfers
  104. Tax Deduction for rental property overseas
  105. Opening a UBS account
  106. Postfinance closing American Accounts?
  107. need advice with dealing Ricardo.ch & Swiss Post
  108. Stock investment poll
  109. deregistering from church/religious tax
  110. tax refund at Zurich airport
  111. Basic economics question
  112. Tax table frontalier Geneve
  113. Tax Help: Married Living in Different Cantons
  114. Equivalent of mint.com
  115. Customs charge on secondhand stuff from UK
  116. LSV - Lastschriftverfahren Payment System
  117. Buying a US home on mortgage while living here
  118. Epsilon Capital Management
  119. Any Bank of America (from USA) account holders out there?
  120. Looking for Finance to register a company
  121. Access to my old banking data - Help/Ideas?
  122. Company Sales Tax Report Help
  123. sales tax in Switzerland?
  124. Prepaid Card Reloading Question
  125. Phishing attack on PostFinance customers
  126. Minimum amount for living expenses in Switzerland hasn't changed in 14 years
  127. Taxes on incomes or investments made outside CH
  128. Transfer money to Canadian Bank Account
  129. Money transfer no card-reader
  130. having clothes sent from home (USA) to here
  131. Forfait levels 2012?
  132. Are the CHF 100, 200, or 1000 bills widely accepted in Switzerland?
  133. Avs eligibility
  134. "Pauschalsteuer" no longer available?
  135. Baby born -- less tax?
  136. How strict are swiss customs on the 6 month ownership rule? ( Customs imports )
  137. Tax on short-term work in Switzerland
  138. US IRS helps itself to Swiss income
  139. Account / IBAN number
  140. SBB VISA CARD (HALF FARE) and their tricks to get extra money
  141. Getting a small loan on L permit after 6 months
  142. Self-employment for a single client (Geneva)
  143. Reclaiming AVS payments, is this possible?
  144. Returning back to Canada/pension issues
  145. Swiss rates <=5 years go negative
  146. Public sector pensions?
  147. how much $ shall I save?
  148. Living in Germany working in Switzerland
  149. Which bank to choose? New in Switzerland
  150. Raiffeisen to terminate all US customers
  151. Car export from Switzerland & reclaiming VAT
  152. Depositing a US Check in your Swiss Bank account
  153. How do I pay bills?!
  154. Need urgent advice on charging Postfinance prepaid card.
  155. Swiss credit card for third-world country nationals
  156. Tax efficient savings for long term returns
  157. Confused on my Salary - please help - My deductions confused me :(
  158. "Tax comparation" vs "Withholding tax" in comparis.ch
  159. Taxation
  160. Non-US Swiss residents buying US property
  161. Exchange rate: CHF - UKP
  162. Changing Francs to Japanese Yen
  163. US Taxes Q&A tomorrow night in LU
  164. Topping up my Pillar 1 pension contributions.
  165. Capital Gains Tax after 5 Years outside UK
  166. Need info on community income tax rates in Canton Zurich
  167. Sending Euros from Switz to UK
  168. Opening a Swiss bank account as a non resident
  169. Thumped by taxes after leaving Switzerland
  170. betting tax
  171. Cheapest Way to Send Money to English Account
  172. French/Swiss/UK bank accounts
  173. Part Year Resident - Quellensteuer or Exemption Method?
  174. The best way to buy a stock that I'm going to hold for the next 5 years
  175. Interesting taxation question from my secretary
  176. moving canton and getting C permit - tax
  177. wechselstube.ch sign-up
  178. Abud Bank Ltd. Malta
  179. Have you received tax refund yet, Fribourg
  180. Getting VAT back on departure from Switzerland
  181. Real Estate Seller and Buyer Commission
  182. S0cial Security Contribution from Employer
  183. Swiss Franc "fixing"
  184. Tax free shopping without car
  185. Choice of Swiss bank - Internet integration
  186. Learning Taxes in Canton Vaud
  187. Cheap Way to get Money from UK to Swiss Account?
  188. Offshore banking (from UK)
  189. Tax Return - Real Estate abroad
  190. S&P Downgrades Outlook for Swiss Kantonal Banks due to Rising Real Estate Prices.
  191. US exchange rate
  192. Tax liability question for Swiss national
  193. Transfer of pension from Germany to CH
  194. property in UK - Tax advantage or not
  195. Help with choosing a Pillar 3a provider
  196. Schwyzer Kantonal Bank SZ ( Prepaid MasterCard options & questions )
  197. Zug 2011 Tax Form
  198. Customs
  199. ASAP Help needed with taxation info
  200. Pillar 3a Limit 2012
  201. Should I exchange money in Switzerland or in my home country?
  202. Charles Schwab and XE Trade
  203. Kantonalbank terminating accounts of Americans living abroad
  204. IRS reach $5bn target / Dual/Foreign Citizen Refliefs / Foreign Retirement plans
  205. Theoretical Tax Question: If you won lottery
  206. Ways to Optimize Our Tax Exposure (Smart+Legal Ways to Pay Less Taxes)
  207. Switzerland attorney
  208. Want to sell my car - how to deal with the lease/finance contract
  209. Urgent question: should I pay Swiss social security on rental income from abroad?
  210. Infestation spreading to USA: New York City and beyond
  211. Which Bank I should choose?
  212. Cost of living here: have you adjusted to Swiss prices compared to back home?
  213. Bank accounts...lots of transfers to uk
  214. Have to decide about a Phd position in Bern...
  215. The end is near... for the Euro? (Swiss bank safety deposit boxes being all booked)
  216. US Taxes: FBAR filing online
  217. Paying UK Tax
  218. Tax authorities are demanding I pay them
  219. New Swiss Bank account
  220. How much does the average Swiss Person have in pension contributions
  221. U.S. Strikes FATCA Deals with Switzerland
  222. IRS whistleblower tax take plunges, senator frets
  223. Customs tax and shipping
  224. Paid my debt but still in the Betreibung Auszug
  225. Tax advisor / accountant needed in Vaud
  226. reporting 2. pillar (2. Säule) on TD F 90-22.1???
  227. PostFinance update June 2012 ( GeoBlocking & real time Forex Trading )
  228. Who are Intrum Justitia??
  229. Savings for children with grandparents abroad
  230. Question about Swiss Credit Checks on an Expat in Switzerland
  231. EU-17 resident and working in CH: is rental income from abroad taxed in CH?
  232. Pay american taxes from Switzerland?
  233. Safe deposit box for a non-resident
  234. Betreibungs
  235. 2ieme Pillar withdrawal
  236. Post Finance cancels accounts of American residents
  237. CS stock V UBS stock today
  238. Ordered Business Card Printing Machine from U.A.E.! Any Ideas on Tax???
  239. No VAT back from Leclerc in St-Louis
  240. CC with Large Limit
  241. Claiming UK State pension whilst still working in Swiss
  242. Car Purchase
  243. Student Banking
  244. Non Swiss Bank warning: Especially UK banks
  245. Bank accounts with Eur/CHF flexibility
  246. Betreibungsauskunft
  247. How much !!!
  248. The idiots at UBS loose money on FB what a surprise!
  249. claiming VAT from Germany
  250. Saving Money on Transaction/Transfer Fees?