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  1. Glencore founder Marc Rich dies
  2. Marriage and Taxation - Please Help!
  3. Customs advice (ordering online)
  4. Remaining 2nd pillar transferred to UK state pension?
  5. Transferring money from Swiss Account to HDFC Account
  6. 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation "US Person" and tax planning
  7. Tax on a C Permit - Clarification
  8. UBS *may* be distributing fake money
  9. Student bank account: UBS, Postfinance,...?
  10. Taxed at source but received large tax bill
  11. rental deposit for Americans
  12. Tax deductions for a nanny
  13. French banks with English paperwork
  14. Who is entitled to submit a tax declaration?
  15. Language of Bank Statements for Tax Declaration
  16. Do I go to the police?
  17. Is there a furniture tax
  18. Tax on separation
  19. baby coming better to mary from tax POV ?
  20. Trust or company to own family chalet
  21. BBC and a financial advisory company
  22. Customs declaration / with or without VAT?
  23. tax calculator
  24. Online Shopping and Tax?
  25. Driving to switzerland- Very complex case- help needed!!
  26. How Tax will be calculated?
  27. Leasing fail sadness...
  28. Import taxes for Artworks
  29. Credit Suisse Basic Banking German Debit Card..?
  30. When paying a company which Bulletin do I use rouge or orange
  31. Import Tax Refund on Returned Item?
  32. B permit, income < 120k/year, but with income abroad
  33. Exceeding the 300CHF Duty Free limit
  34. Can I Deduct Foreign Pension/RA
  35. Transferring money to US bank account?
  36. When to renegotiate a new mortgage?
  37. ANOBAG vs. self employed vs. freelancer in Germany
  38. Where to retire?
  39. Mooving to Zurich
  40. Income in Germany
  41. American needs a bank
  42. Companies paying into LPP/Pillar 2 Pension - a requirement?
  43. E-Rechnung
  44. How to avoid the Swiss collection charge on imported goods
  45. I need a bank account (UK / USA dual citizen)
  46. New residents and leasing!
  47. will i be able to use a visa or mastercard
  48. Getting a loan as a student
  49. retroactive income tax payment from Canton GE
  50. Tax payable after moving back to South Africa
  51. Currency exchange
  52. Buying a Chalet in Valais who do we contact to pay the Federal, & Cantonal Tax
  53. Living in Switzerland but working remotely from Canada
  54. Greece-Switzerland, double taxation mess.
  55. Postfinance not accepting my Aufenthaltstitel?
  56. L to B permit - tax
  57. Taxation of mutual funds (CH and international)
  58. Transferring large sums from Canada?
  59. 3rd Pillar & Unemployment
  60. Handling dividend checks/cheques in Switzerland
  61. B permit non-working tax question
  62. Experience of Viseca/Kantonalbank credit cards
  63. Accountant needed -Zurich
  64. Tax advisor in Bern
  65. What Happens If My Stock Broker / Bank Goes Bankrupt?
  66. Buying gold in Switzerland - silly question
  67. US Taxes tips & info - beyond the FEIE
  68. Do I need to open a Swiss bank account?
  69. Swiss Francs to British Pounds
  70. Taxes taken out of paychecks
  71. How Importan is the Name field on iban payment?
  72. Taxes when buying property in Zurich
  73. Money Transfer UK to Swiss
  74. Tax and pensions help
  75. Soon-to-be US Resident, seeking advice for Swiss pension
  76. Living in Switzerland, working in Germany
  77. UK Tax on Swiss bank account?
  78. Mortgage? Which bank offers the best mortgage rates?
  79. second pillar pension and property in CH
  80. U.S. Tax Return
  81. Leaving a bank account open after leaving Switz
  82. UBS's ridiculous replacement card fee
  83. Open bank account in Swiss
  84. In search of a little help using salarium
  85. Import tax on second hand furniture
  86. Deductions for training and childcare
  87. Taxes on ebay purchase.
  88. Virtual Credit Card for internet buying?
  89. How much money can one bring to Switzerland in cash?
  90. Tax implications of contracting in Germany
  91. Hungarian Forints needed
  92. Relocating UK to Swiss employ. Live Swiss or commute UK?
  93. Spousal income tax rate
  94. How to receive payment to PostFinance in my old lastname
  95. Loads of coins
  96. Received Zahlungsbefehl from Betreibungsamt [payment demand from debt registry]...
  97. Swiss Banking laws amended to allow confiscations of bank deposits
  98. compte de bonification
  99. SMS service in Credit Suisse - does it exist?
  100. Which bank doesn't raise fees when you move abroad?
  101. Travel isnurance for extended single trip?
  102. Does RBS Token Card Reader Work in CH?
  103. Ccap - good or bad ?
  104. Salary was taxed at source, why we still have to pay more tax?
  105. Best way to convert CHF to USD?
  106. Euro account in Switzerland or Germany ?
  107. UBS Mandate Fee
  108. Summer job?
  109. Abholen Anzeige
  110. Transferring personal savings to CH
  111. Tax Questions
  112. Moving to UK and my savings
  113. Who has the better online banking in Switzerland ?
  114. 10% penalty on pension distribution?
  115. Deduction list for Americans living Switzerland
  116. What Bank for Current Account?
  117. BVG 2nd pillar question
  118. getting back VAT, buying from amazon.de
  119. Advice for fund investment in CH
  120. Salaries in Switzerland
  121. Debt to me, to be paid into my bank account in CH
  122. Can I deduct my son's (age 20) higher education fee from 2012 tax return?
  123. Swiss Equivalent of TurboTax
  124. Pension Fund - "Freizügigkeitsleistung" Bank Account
  125. Tax refund Paris - Geneva train
  126. money transfer - CHF to USD
  127. And now Germans too will have Swiss banking fun!
  128. Confused
  129. U.S. and Swiss tax situation help
  130. Off-Shore Leaks, Trusts and Tax Fraud
  131. taxes - declaring bank accounts abroad
  132. Emergency:2th penalty for trash
  133. Impots a la source
  134. Buying holiday money (CHF to Yen)
  135. Pension Fund Contributions for a Contractor
  136. Tax relief on unoccupied UK property with mortgage
  137. BKB asking for U.S. Tax Compliance Form and U.S. Waiver Form
  138. *HELP* Tax for Inventory and office move!!
  139. Refund of AHV/AVS after leaving Switzerland
  140. How to unlock UK credit card pin from here?
  141. tax return valais
  142. Do I need to file taxes in Switzerland? Bpermit, taxed at source.
  143. Investing in UK ISA from Switzerland?
  144. Child Allowance - parents work in different cantons. How to claim?
  145. Reclaiming Source Tax / Quellensteuer on Income Received After Leaving Switzerland
  146. wrongly charged for VAT
  147. Tax on 401K and IRA contributions
  148. Move to the US but keep a Swiss bank account open
  149. Acct in Neuchatel
  150. Post-transaction Marketting - is it a scam?
  151. Bank of America server is down
  152. Working in Basel, living in Germany?
  153. Transferring money from CH to UK account- how long?
  154. American Collage Student Needing a Swiss Bank Account- Please Help
  155. Question on the value of the property abroad in Tax Declaration
  156. Migros Bank
  157. Tax Return - Claiming for baby expenses not covered by Health Insurance
  158. taxation on privately owned property in Switzerland
  159. Who is the beneficiary of a rental deposit konto?
  160. Tax help - uk and Switzerland commute
  161. Best bank for CHF/EUR/GBP?
  162. Tax Advisors in Zurich/Zug
  163. Wealth tax for non-resident?
  164. Vested Benefits Policy, anyone?
  165. Gift Tax (Property Transfer)
  166. Taking the piss! [Making AHV payments in early retirement]
  167. Sending money to Australia
  168. Do I have the right to see my previous tax declaration in Switzerland?
  169. Power of Attorney for a foreigner with a Swiss Bank Account
  170. MicroFinancing
  171. Swiss Banking
  172. Buying flat in UK, tax
  173. Taxation- Clarification regarding Transfer of funds to dependents
  174. What type of UBS Bank Account shall I Open?
  175. Exemption from taxes if income is coming from abroad
  176. Company foundation in Switzerland by foreigners
  177. Certificat de salaire - Form 11
  178. Filing a poursuite
  179. Deducting transportations and stuff. 120k limit ? 3rd pillar deadline ?
  180. France v's Switzerland: Tax implications
  181. Expat Tax filer in NYC or Boston for US and Chinese married couple
  182. Net Salary calculation
  183. Leaving CH, pension cash out options
  184. Moving to Switzerland and letting out UK property
  185. Transferring UK Pension to Switzerland
  186. Eingesetzter Erbe VS Vermächtnisnehmer
  187. Epic confusion...and I did try the search!!!
  188. News for UK and Austrian tax payers with Swiss bank accounts or securities deposits
  189. Property Investments
  190. What is the meaning of "Steuerverfügung" ?
  191. Working in UK on Swiss contract
  192. Zurich - tax filling help for a swiss
  193. Tax consultant is needed
  194. Marriage :0) and Tax :0(
  195. UBS e-banking possible glitch - anyone have the same?
  196. Best way to pay back student loan?
  197. Gold / Storage
  198. Dependent Elderly Relative and Swiss Taxes
  199. Tax deduction for working from home.
  200. Filing Tax Return for an L Permit Holder
  201. credit suisse cancelled my husband's bank account bc of me??!
  202. GBP bank checks to cash in Switzerland?
  203. Withholding Tax on leave encashment not deposited by employer to canton tax authority
  204. Tax Rate on Interest Earned from Foreign Euro Bank Accounts
  205. CHF-EUR exchange
  206. Setting up a Will and Testament
  207. Personal Selling and Taxation
  208. Terminating a mortgage early
  209. Social security refund after SSA (India & Swiss)
  210. Swiss to get tough on money laundering
  211. US tax return - FBAR
  212. Sales Agent For UK Company, confused over tax status
  213. Odd US Citizen tax question about Swiss taxes
  214. UK - Swiss Tax Agreement - AHV
  215. Withholding Tax before or after Deductions?
  216. Quellensteur.
  217. L permit Holders Pay unemployment Benefits - fair?
  218. Advantages of keeping US citizenship
  219. Double Taxation
  220. Quellensteuer and health insurance premiums
  221. Can I open a Swiss bank account in England?
  222. Need a german speaking tax layer in Basel or behind the border
  223. Quasi resident status (not whole year in Swiss)
  224. English speaking tax accountant for Kanton Bern
  225. Swiss university tuition?
  226. again on church tax and marriage
  227. Worth opening family account?
  228. English speaking tax accountant for Zurich canton
  229. tax issue when moving to another canton...
  230. help needed for money transfer
  231. Taxes on money transfers to US
  232. Working in Vaud but residing in ZH for tax purposes
  233. Tax filing
  234. Quellensteur=withold tax???
  235. avoiding import taxes
  236. Good Financial Advisors
  237. US tax attorney in/near Fribourg?
  238. Has anyone used ICICI Money2India recently?
  239. Opening an account for a U.S. citizen.
  240. Where to get the tax declaration form VD
  241. Pensioned in Switzerland...what's enough?
  242. Need help with Pension Planning on Excel Spreadsheet - Formula headache ...
  243. Office des Poursuites : Between different cantons? (Vaud, Geneva?)
  244. Looking for a accountant
  245. CHF to INR Conversion options
  246. Hopefully a non-taxing question :-)
  247. Pension fund transfer from Belgium
  248. Access to Swiss pension
  249. Setting up a Will and Last Testament
  250. Status US person - now Credit Cards?