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  1. Taxes -- cars owned
  2. chargeback on swiss credit card
  3. New Company needs to invoice client...?
  4. any tax saving ideas/tips?
  5. US Citizens - FBAR filing date changed
  6. Taxes, University, RAV and Volunteering?
  7. How private are Swiss banks now, and are there alternatives?
  8. Swiss-Privacy.com
  9. The Motley Fool and Other Subscription Investment Sites
  10. Living in Switzerland, working in Germany
  11. Donation to charity
  12. PrivatKredit
  13. What's the CHF prediction
  14. Monese UK card
  15. Bonus Card tries to move upmarket - and charge
  16. employer wants to stop pension contributions
  17. Looking for investor (s) and advice
  18. Best way to send money to India
  19. Which broker
  20. Which ETFs?
  21. Process for putting Freizügigkeitskonto against mortgage
  22. Now in CH, how can I invest my UK savings account
  23. Deadline for Pillar 3a contribution to be tax-deductible, and tax returns.
  24. Married - Permit B & C - quellensteuer
  25. Changes to salary deductions 2016
  26. Repartitionswert nach BdBSt [Swiss tax form question]
  27. My Australian tax agent wants me to seek 'formal' advice here in Switzerland
  28. Foreign currency- where to get the best rate
  29. Tax refund for shopping in DE, FR
  30. Taxation on Stocks
  31. Swiss inheritance, with German Citizenship
  32. Still waiting on 2012 Tax Return from Kanton Zurich?
  33. Quellen steuer loan interest deduction
  34. pension lump sums
  35. Welcome Post & Swiss Annual Tax Return Question
  36. Switzerland - Euro account and maestro card
  37. Tax return for B permit
  38. Foreign Tax ID for american online brokers
  39. Residency requirements for Americans using Swiss banks - a bit complicated
  40. Total fees & costs of changing cantons
  41. Next time pay in foreign currency
  42. Money in the UK -investment options from CH?
  43. Pillar 3a - when to open new accounts and why
  44. Déclaration pour le prélèvement de l'impôt à la source [Genève]
  45. Anyone any experience with the Geneva tax office?
  46. Moving from Germany to Switzerland tax implications
  47. Quellensteuer reassessment after leaving Switzerland
  48. Won a prize! What taxes should I pay?
  49. Bank transfer timing query
  50. Are salaries really high at all?
  51. Very long term investment for dummies
  52. ZKB: if you need foreign notes not EUR+USD
  53. Bank account while on extended holiday?
  54. First Paycheck
  55. Has the SNB goofed buying Apple?
  56. special tax deductions for expatriates
  57. Year out Tax Implications
  58. Recommendation Needed - Libre Passage Acc
  59. Paying rent and other bills with credit card
  60. Quellensteuer
  61. Should I pay wealth tax on my company?
  62. Credit Suisse does not pay UK corporation tax.
  63. tax relief on charitable donations
  64. Postfinance account [card reader] not accessible from abroad
  65. Net salary (once again)
  66. Transfer from HSBC never arrived, sender not responding - what to do?
  67. C permit / Provisory bill
  68. Please, help! [contract/deposit with private university]
  69. France vs Swiss pensions and early retirement
  70. Taxes as Swiss Resident
  71. Gold price prediction
  72. How crap is your Credit Card points scheme?
  73. final tax invoice for 2013
  74. When will I be taxed?
  75. Taxes after 13th salary :(
  76. Tax Return Question _ Savings Account Threshold
  77. Moving jobs in CH - what pension is not transferred to new job?
  78. change Euro's for GPB or CHF?
  79. Retirement money
  80. Online securities broker: L permit and Canadian stocks
  81. US rate rise: Why it matters
  82. Receive a euro payment to UBS CHF acct?
  83. Car Accessory; German VAT
  84. Niederlassungsbewilligung C and Quellensteuer
  85. Inheritance of land and Capital Gains
  86. Notarized signature of spouse for taking money out from 1st and 2nd pillar
  87. taxes when married, they are actually lower?
  88. CIC Banque Suisse (reviews)
  89. VAT / import tax implications for L-permit holder
  90. VAT exemption for embassies when ordering overseas
  91. Opening a Swiss Bank Account
  92. No warning for change in Tax Conditions - legal?
  93. OECD's CRS (aka AEoI), (aka UK FATCA) and FATCA
  94. Putting C-Permit on hold and 2ieme pillier
  95. UK taxation on foreign accounts
  96. Pillar 2 and Uncle Sam
  97. How to free up over-payment in 3rd pillar pension
  98. Question about zoll
  99. Contactless Postfinance card outside of CH
  100. HECS debts [aussie]- how will they enforce the new rules?
  101. Bank account advice
  102. Ticino inheritance tax rates???
  103. How to declare UK apartments on Swiss tax return
  104. Is it normal to charge for transactions made from a bog standard savings account?
  105. Zurich tax deductions
  106. Health insurance charging co-pay 18 months after a medical procedure?
  107. VAT Detax from France
  108. Deduct credit card donation made in December this year?
  109. How to declare UK ISAs on Swiss Tax Return
  110. Life Insurance Questions
  111. CGT on foreign property
  112. Opening a Swiss bank account - anything I should pay attention to?
  113. Where to get a Betreibungsauszug for company?
  114. Working in Basel Living in France
  115. Silver coins
  116. UK Pension advisor?
  117. Disability benefits - IRS Tax filing
  118. Withdrawing Pension, C Permit, Returning to Switzerland
  119. New to Switzerland and just got tax bill! what is this??
  120. Already got a tax invoice before 2015 year end??!!
  121. Bruce Accounting - Bookkeeping, Accounts and Adminstration
  122. Need help with Zurich tax return file
  123. Bonviva Package Comparison and benefits.
  124. Taxation on French Investment Property
  125. B permit married to a swiss citizen
  126. Pillar 2 top-ups - deadline etc
  127. Will the bank appreciate this?? [interest rate change before signing contract]
  128. question on 2nd pillar contribution and 3 years limit
  129. ASOS.com charging CH customers UK VAT with no deduction?
  130. Tax for family split in different cantons
  131. Invoicing and Declaring small Income
  132. Tax owning a Boat in CH
  133. Property purchase eligible for tax deduction?
  134. CH/UK Tax Advisor Sought
  135. Customs charge imported used goods as new resident?
  136. Transferring money from Switzerland to Malaysia with UBS
  137. 3a Pillar Questions
  138. The looming wall of debt.
  139. Differences between insurance and 'classical' 3a pension schemes
  140. Fixing my CHF-GBP exchange rate
  141. Cashing in Allianz "Vested Benefits Policy". UK tax situation.
  142. US income tax on salary earned while living in Switzerland
  143. Cashing in Pillar 3b
  144. tax number? which of the three?
  145. Still not received the tax decision, normal?
  146. Notifying Swiss Tax of Capital Gains when leaving Switzerland
  147. B permit and Cantonal move
  148. Quellensteuer - Less than my annual tax burden?
  149. Questiin about the Tax free stamp in EU
  150. Military taxes - Ersatzpflicht
  151. Online portfolio for SIX
  152. Paying tax and still in school?
  153. Reawakening a sleeping Pension, rawr.
  154. USD to CHF rate changes the last week
  155. Marriage, property regimes, and tax declaration
  156. Zurich Tax Form - recommendation
  157. Bank guarantee for credit card
  158. EUR withdrawal with foreign Debit Card
  159. Witholding tax Tariffs for married couples
  160. mac el capitan / zkb login fob?
  161. Prepaid credit card - Where to get and which one is the best?
  162. What can I do to reduce my taxable income this year?
  163. Help! What is the best way to convert a fair amount of USD to CHF
  164. Opening a UK online account
  165. Tax rate applied during year end tax return if taxed at source
  166. Swiss tax return processing time
  167. Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) opinions?
  168. ATMs locator of ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank
  169. Investment portfolio management app / service
  170. Credit/Debit Card in GBP given Swiss Residence + Bank Account
  171. Australian shares franking credits
  172. Transferring a UBS account to the UK
  173. UBS account maintenance monthly fees increase
  174. Forms/application to cash out Swiss pension for self-employment?
  175. Closing an account; transferring balance delay
  176. Require Business/Personal Loan, Which bank?
  177. Complicated pension question
  178. Best rate for Euro to CHF conversion
  179. Selling house in UK and moving the funds in CH
  180. B Permit > 120k tax return - earnings vs annual salary
  181. Understanding transition from Quellensteuer to Tax returns
  182. Swiss social insurance: what to do when leaving, changing jobs or unemployed
  183. Income from two sources
  184. Postfinance basic card for online or paypal?
  185. Returning to Switzerland after stint abroad
  186. Postdoc losing money due to exchange rate
  187. pink slips for payments... how do they work?
  188. number26 [German Online banking]
  189. C-Permit since August 2015 - Taxation?
  190. Open a new Bank account & tax Implications as Auslandschweizer
  191. Migros Mastercard limit reduced
  192. Mortgage broker suggestion - buying non-primary property in France
  193. Transferwise - any experience?
  194. Zug tax rates - weird increase
  195. Impossible to reclaim German VAT for goods purchased online?
  196. FATCA and Postfinance
  197. VAT Question for services bought from Switzerland
  198. Employer doing the old tax trick?
  199. UBS blocked my bank account
  200. State Taxes for Americans born abroad?
  201. A bank account emptied at a BCV subsidary
  202. Multi Currency Credit Card
  203. Best Loan Rates
  204. Paying Canadian debts while living in Switzerland
  205. Can I open a bank account from abroad?
  206. VAT refund from UK retrospectively
  207. Bank account for resident abroad - can I add as joint?
  208. Sofort online payments
  209. moved from german to switzerland - help with german tax form!
  210. Applying for an extension period to tax liability
  211. Investing long term - buying a rental property vs trading index funds vs?
  212. Transferring retirement funds from a US 401k account to a swiss 3a account
  213. Return to UK
  214. Digital Camera on HP
  215. Swiss bank with lowest costs for Business account
  216. Canadian expats - resident or non-resident status?
  217. Cancelling a UBS Maestro card
  218. Taxation when changing from B to C permit
  219. Suggestion for a bank
  220. How to structure the mortgage?
  221. Cashing US check for deposit in Swiss account
  222. Taxation bracket - unmarried couple with children
  223. Loan to relative: declare?
  224. Taxation - Double earner - minumum salary?
  225. Short selling on Swissquote
  226. What can you claim back from the tax office?
  227. UK LTD company assets & dividend taxation in Switzerland
  228. costs for tax filing
  229. leaving switzerland for good - keeping postfinance account
  230. Question about Swiss pensions
  231. Mobile NFC Payments Services
  232. Drawing a widow's pension from overseas
  233. US Taxes - please help rule of thumb
  234. Imputed Income (Eigenmietwert) Tax on UK property
  235. UBS credit card direct debit problem..?
  236. Income in Different Cantons and Tax Return
  237. Tax for income from CH for foreigner
  238. why no password needed for using post finance card
  239. Warranty/Down payment
  240. UK Pension advisor
  241. US dollars
  242. UBS and American cheques - deposit in USD?
  243. Does anyone have a Swiss address for XE?
  244. Dare I ask?
  245. Bill payment date for reminder fine
  246. Fixing a currency exchange CHF to Euros
  247. Tax return questions [Basel Stadt]
  248. Buying property using Pension fund
  249. Transferring PF 3a to finance a build
  250. If you're working for both the man and yourself, how do you do it?