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  1. Tax on rental income in Valais
  2. VAT Question - Goods exported to Switzerland via Germany
  3. tax question - is it worth it??
  4. Wrong taxation
  5. Depositing Canada pension plan cheque?
  6. Bank accounts- EU citizens
  7. Payback Pillar 2 or invest externally?
  8. Tax when moving to Switzerland from EU (income from both countries)
  9. PostFinance - Failed payment to US, Not being credited full amount
  10. Working Remotely in Switzerland (tax / visa issues)
  11. Help with Pension Forms--No permanent new address
  12. Baby savings account
  13. Uk direct debit mandate - do I fill in a reference?
  14. UBS app from play store - not available in my country
  15. Inheritance from the UK
  16. "13th salary" and the 2nd Pillar
  17. tax relief for gardening services
  18. Debtor being in the Social Service?
  19. Double taxation on assets in other EU countries
  20. Halbtax - Can I claim it in Tax Return?
  21. Business rates
  22. Taxes from Kanton Zürich
  23. Ethical sustainable banking like Triodos
  24. Help filing US Tax ASAP- Zurich
  25. How to transfer into Currencyfair?
  26. Do Swiss banks use SWIFT or SEPA to send CHF to the Eurozone
  27. transferring an australian pension pot to switzerland
  28. Employer BVG %
  29. Italy "Export Tax"?
  30. First payroll is for 1,5 months: will I have problems?
  31. Taxation not taking in account my daughter?
  32. Do I need to file in Switzerland if I don't make money here?
  33. Reclaiming Income Tax paid internship
  34. Leaving Switzerland and employer. Need to find a "Share Register"
  35. Financing an overseas property
  36. How much money to save before having a baby in Zurich?
  37. accountant for GmbH
  38. FairFX card equivalent in Switzerland
  39. Tax & AVS numbers
  40. What to do with old Swiss currency/notes?
  41. multiple account holders that include non-residents
  42. Taxes for non-resident spouse's foreign income
  43. Tax Audit for sole trader
  44. Transfer 2nd pillar cash to new build/purchase
  45. Question about savings account (PostFinance)
  46. Help Mortgage whilst on Chomage
  47. Large FX transfers, all at once or average over months?
  48. Rental deposit account to incur a fee
  49. What lifestyle will we have
  50. Swiss Insurance - Assura
  51. How much Swiss Import Duty& Tax will I be paying?
  52. Guardian Life - interesting or scam ?
  53. Withholding tax calculator contains all?
  54. Credit card fraudulent charges [refunded quickly and easily]
  55. Declare worldwide income - Swiss tax form
  56. Post US-Citizen as of February - Keep filing IRS?
  57. Bank not passing negative 3M Libor to our mortgage
  58. salary slip evaluation
  59. BONVIVA program from Credit Suisse - Any killer deals?
  60. UK Tax Free Allowance going forward
  61. any UK tax implications
  62. Looking for information on self- employment and pension schemes
  63. Tax implications_Outplacement Services
  64. Mutual funds
  65. Frontalier vs Quasi-Resident: idiot-proof advice required!
  66. Can I open a CH current account before I arrive?
  67. How to find investors to fund a company?
  68. Living in Germany, Working in Switzerland
  69. Best way to get my phone back into Switzerland...
  70. Online Broker
  71. Cash payments into bank
  72. Pre-paid Sbb visa card holders.
  73. Geneva accountants? Q on moving to Switzerland after selling a company (American).
  74. 2nd Pillar pension pot when unemployed?
  75. France vs Basel - tax consultant needed
  76. Tax deduction for GA in 2015 - 2016
  77. FBAR E-Filing
  78. Ways of tax return, do they conflict each other
  79. Putting cash into a foreign bank account.
  80. How do I take money out of my PayPal account?
  81. Can I deduct medical bills paid in Germany from Swiss taxes?
  82. Changing up coins
  83. Swiss bank harassment
  84. Lump sum withdrawal from vested benefit account in CH: taxable in Canada?
  85. AHV withdrawal conditions
  86. US Citizen new to Switzerland - advice on opening a bank account
  87. tax filing for spouse in another EU country
  88. The PostFinance website is down
  89. Foreign currency
  90. UK / French Accountant
  91. Zugangscode [access code]
  92. Help depositing a foreign cheque
  93. Financial Planner/Pension/Tax advice for US/UK national in CH
  94. Tax at source for B permit employee with non-billing employer
  95. How does the attorney charge in Geneva?
  96. Online transfer from PostFinance (CHF) to Natwest (GBP)
  97. TAX return with student loan
  98. English speaking accountant for taxes
  99. Experience with USS Tax ?
  100. PhD fellow getting salary outside CH
  101. US Tax Reform - your opinion matters!
  102. Deciphering social deductions - Zurich
  103. Filing US taxes (recently moved to Zurich)
  104. Speculation losses
  105. 30 days deadline for paying bills / invoices / slips?
  106. Ausweis-Einforderung - Tax Audit?
  107. Fixed Term Deposit in a Swiss Bank?
  108. Tax Question
  109. Tax Return Question
  110. SBB halb tax visa. Question for the bankers on ef.
  111. Swiss pension question
  112. Must you pay tax in the UK on interest on pillar 2 and pillar 3a?
  113. Betreibungsauskunft office to apply
  114. looking for treuhand in Basel
  115. Tax deduction: difference to get a GA
  116. Filling the tax form for a holiday apartment
  117. SwissLife 3a
  118. Cashier's Check?
  119. Sepa != sepa
  120. Tax Question Zurich: B Permit, Quellensteuer, Salary>120K
  121. historic exchange rate data / graph
  122. British Capital Gains Tax - CGT- if returning to the UK ?
  123. wedding abroad and local church
  124. Mortgage application criteria?
  125. New to investing -- questions re accounts and taxes
  126. Third pillar and Withdraw
  127. Opening Hour Bank
  128. Net Salary confusion
  129. US taxes - turbotax driving me nuts
  130. Declaration of foreign real estate -- risk?
  131. Non-resident UK Self Assessment tax returns
  132. Tax return for incorrect tax band, taxed at source, 2014 - is it possible (in Vaud)?
  133. Negative interest rates - first retail banking reaction
  134. Taxes if lived in Germany but worked in Switzerland?
  135. P85 after 3 months, didn't hear back
  136. Deferring Real Estate Tax
  137. Taxes for a professor working 2 hours a week
  138. Looking to change banks
  139. US investments/financial advisors
  140. UK Property asset - value for Swiss Tax Return
  141. US-CH citizen: tax compliance and renounce vs. relinquish US citizenship
  142. Parking & bus fares of Geneva frontaliers?
  143. Transferring GBP to a Swiss Account in GBP and not CHF
  144. Stock and Mutual Fund filing on the DA1 Form
  145. Calculating vat and duty on importations into UK from Switzerland
  146. FATCA and Pillar 2/Pillar 3
  147. self employed in UK, wor
  148. 2014 Fribourg tax declaration
  149. % to budget for dwelling?
  150. Retirement savings for US citizens - what's possible?
  151. Tax advisor for Vaud
  152. Tax preparation help/recommendations?
  153. MigrosBank personal loan
  154. End of U.K. Teachers' final salary scheme
  155. Dual Taxation (UK/Swiss) Practicalities
  156. Shipping a valuable gift--customs hang ups abound?
  157. Tax Consultant Kanton Solothurn
  158. Year long stint- which Bank?
  159. Budget For Family of 4 in Basel
  160. Zug etax.2014 English?
  161. France to Germany (working in Swiss) Tax Question
  162. Tax Axis of Evil: America, Eritrea & N. Korea
  163. CH pension payout to a non-US citizen taxed in the US?
  164. Beware of QROPS/investment scammer in Switzerland
  165. Do offset accounts exist in Switzerland?
  166. Cheapest way to transfer money to Canada
  167. advice on wrong currency wire transfer US to CH
  168. How secret Swiss bank accounts actually work
  169. Better to use US-based cards even if working in Switzerland?
  170. Early Partial Repayment of a Fixed Mortgge
  171. Tax advisor / Steuerberater in Lörrach or Basel
  172. Rubbish tax?
  173. Recommendation for tax advisor/accountant in ZH
  174. BVG for Self employed/GmbH
  175. No love for Raiffeisen bank at EF?
  176. Credit Card exchange rate
  177. AHV/UK state Pension application.
  178. Post office has delivered my prefilled form for credit card to someone else
  179. Tax claim for Dependent Child
  180. Mortgage or general interest rate question
  181. SwissLeaks - more bad news for HSBC Private Bank
  182. Withholding Tax
  183. Do I need as EU resident to do the tax return?
  184. Quellensteurer in the Canton of Aargau
  185. 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds
  186. What needs to be declared when moving to Switzerland from the UK?
  187. Permit B holder, but have to submit ordinary declaration (Vaud)
  188. Getting foreign currency (except EUR) in cash in Switzerland, apart from std forex
  189. charges in Visa/train 1/2 price card..
  190. Credit history and cars on PCP
  191. Tax at Source (Foreigner) / Ordinary tax on total income (Resident)
  192. Us tax tips for retired expat
  193. Fribourg canton - new oven/hob tax deductible?
  194. debts after leaving Switzerland?
  195. Freelancer: From Gross to Net income (Does my calculation work?)
  196. Buying Oil
  197. Bank account for future student
  198. Advice on picking up USD for holiday
  199. iTunes Credit Card Fraud
  200. CH banking is awful
  201. Kinderzulage (child allowance) - Renewal
  202. Change foreign currency in Bern
  203. Stock in USD and dividends in CAD?
  204. Transferring UK ISA while living in Switzerland
  205. Complex situation, too many options - job change vs. tax vs....
  206. Seeking help: someone owes me money and the person is not answering the phone
  207. Investments? Instead of Savings - Ideas
  208. Mortgage - UK from Switzerland
  209. For Indian Friends: How to make a demand draft in switzerland
  210. Tax: which year counts?
  211. EUR Current Account
  212. Living in Switzerland USA Taxes
  213. Tax question for Canadian
  214. Tax from income outside of CH, B permit holder
  215. London Mayor pays IRS Tax Demand
  216. The Trading Advice Megathread (such profit, much volatility)
  217. ALV (Arbeitslosen Versicherung) Insurance Question
  218. Cash Back Credit Cards in CH?
  219. Tax Declaration, for Tax Year 2014
  220. FBAR preparation
  221. W-9 form on US bank account (based in US naturally)
  222. Calculating the real net salary
  223. Changing Cantons - Tax
  224. Not happy with the current credit card situation
  225. Reporting Fraud
  226. Investing now that the SNB has removed the Euro peg [Merged threads]
  227. Converting CHF to other currencies
  228. Aftermath of SNB EUR Peg Discontinuation - Would you be happy to take a 20% pay cut?
  229. Missing in action: AHV number
  230. Bad time to buy property in Switzerland – following currency fluctuations?
  231. Which bank? - Basel Stadt
  232. Using the Betreibung [debt collection] process from the UK
  233. Re-importing Swiss product from UK
  234. Maximum Insurance Cost Deduction Allowed in Zurich
  235. Postfinance payment w/o origin
  236. where to get tax at source details
  237. UK state pension, new rules after 5. April 2015
  238. IT Contracting
  239. [UBS] Close an account in e-banking
  240. Taxes on US ETFs
  241. Is it compulsory for employers to deduct correct withholding tax rate?
  242. Deceased Parent's Bank Account
  243. Paying Taxes 1x Monthly vs. 3x Yearly
  244. Tax advisor Basel
  245. It may be a good time to buy into Swiss Francs if you're savings are in other currenc
  246. Understanding / Contesting Post Customs/VAT Charge
  247. Company contribution to swiss pension
  248. Tax deduction for kinderkrippe
  249. Tax on Return to UK
  250. It's 2015 - salary question