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  1. What can you claim back from the tax office?
  2. UK LTD company assets & dividend taxation in Switzerland
  3. costs for tax filing
  4. leaving switzerland for good - keeping postfinance account
  5. Question about Swiss pensions
  6. Mobile NFC Payments Services
  7. Drawing a widow's pension from overseas
  8. US Taxes - please help rule of thumb
  9. Imputed Income (Eigenmietwert) Tax on UK property
  10. UBS credit card direct debit problem..?
  11. Income in Different Cantons and Tax Return
  12. Tax for income from CH for foreigner
  13. why no password needed for using post finance card
  14. Warranty/Down payment
  15. UK Pension advisor
  16. US dollars
  17. UBS and American cheques - deposit in USD?
  18. Does anyone have a Swiss address for XE?
  19. Dare I ask?
  20. Bill payment date for reminder fine
  21. Fixing a currency exchange CHF to Euros
  22. Tax return questions
  23. Buying property using Pension fund
  24. Transferring PF 3a to finance a build
  25. If you're working for both the man and yourself, how do you do it?
  26. Custom Fees for International shipping (U.S)
  27. Must I file a UK tax return?
  28. Canada/Switzerland tax treaty - Pensions
  29. Moving cantons in the middle of the year, how do I get taxed?
  30. Current interest rates for mortgages
  31. Private interest free loan
  32. US Tax refund (cheque)
  33. Certificate of Marital Status (Certificat de Status Civil)
  34. Swiss Tax on Selling foreign real estate owned by a foreign company??
  35. CurrencyFair.com Online Foreign Exchange
  36. Cheapest method CHF->EUR cash
  37. Taxed at income (Impôt à la source) and 2nd pillar
  38. Opening a bank account (as a tourist) what does it require?
  39. My Experience with MidPoint (Int'l Money Transfer)
  40. Swiss and German pension
  41. Transfering Francs to USD w/o Bank Account
  42. Pillar II distribution upon departure: Impact on CH tax return?
  43. Online purchase - would you have them write VAT payment statement on the package?
  44. English speaking notary in Zurich
  45. import from alibaba
  46. Bank clearing number - can it be incorrect?
  47. Transferring money to the US
  48. Recommending UBS Paymit
  49. english speaking tax accoutant and audit
  50. ZH Software - Private Tax
  51. Credit Cards in Switzerland offering mid term free credit
  52. International Guarantee
  53. Should be taxed at source, but I'm not?
  54. Swiss or US taxes on rollover to Roth IRA?
  55. New charges for all 3a fund accounts?
  56. weird pension situation. transfer to qrops fund here transfer out to swiss resident
  57. Where all the rich people live
  58. Letter from UBS new charges
  59. How much of the maternity benefit will end up in my bank account?
  60. Taxation [UK Non-Resident Married to Resident]
  61. Paying post finance credit card
  62. Is Swisscare Tax Deductible ?
  63. Transferring CHF to USD
  64. Buying a new kayak from Germany. Export and Import tax query
  65. Looking for English speaking Grenzgaeger accountant
  66. Sending used clothes with DHL (Germany to Zurich)
  67. Swiss franc to Aussie dollar: How high can it go?
  68. safe deposit box: bank or elsewhere?
  69. Change USD -> CHF Cash in Basel
  70. Postfinance: lower interest rates & higher fees
  71. Buying a new property before selling existing
  72. Receiving Canadian pension in Switzerland..
  73. Pillar 3A fonds
  74. Currency exchange - pips and exchange rates
  75. Pension - What percentage of my BVG (Pillar 2) payments go into my "pension pot"
  76. Buying [property] in ZH - Specific Case - Advice
  77. Saving money from Switzerland
  78. Can a Betribung ever effect a non-swiss citizen ?
  79. Bank account number for PayPal
  80. Pensionskasse changes their mind!
  81. Fire Service Tax
  82. compensation for speculative trading losses on futures, CFDs and other investments?
  83. RE: professional help with tax return
  84. xe.com money transfers
  85. Tax from online shopping
  86. Overseas Inheritance for Swiss Resident
  87. U.S. equivalent of a Swiss erbengemeinschaft [Community of Heirs]
  88. Source tax / Quellensteuer for EU citizen after 5 years?
  89. Just bought a house, what do I put on my Steuererklärung? [tax declaration]]
  90. Escrow Agent in Switzerland
  91. Books/shows about swiss market
  92. Financial Instruments Available to US Citizens Abroad
  93. How to pay for a car on a private sale
  94. Bank account protection/guarantee
  95. Live In CH But Children Abroad: Tax / Child Allowance
  96. I live and work in Basel, my husband in France,how will taxation work?
  97. Employed or self employed? / social security situation
  98. Taxes on a Barbershop
  99. Best way to live in CH off of USD?
  100. Revisiting credit cards
  101. seeking lawyer
  102. Investment fund
  103. Mutterschaftsversicherung for men
  104. Post Finance Vs Swiss Quote
  105. Tax accountant for multi-national tax situation
  106. Impot a la source not removed from tax return?
  107. gemeinde tax and registration for newcomers
  108. Swiss pension back after 9 months?
  109. Need some help re: Final Settlement Papers
  110. Pension Slip for Previous Pension Fund (forwarded?)
  111. Credit card fraud [UBS]
  112. Postdoc with external funding
  113. Head of Household? USA Tax Question
  114. Moving from London to Luzern help/advice re: property tax
  115. V Pay instead of Maestro?
  116. Tax payments in Basel
  117. Inheritance Tax for USA resident
  118. Reduce USA Tax Burden
  119. Reduce Basel Tax Burden
  120. Zurich- Taxing Exemptions
  121. Frais medicaux on tax return question
  122. INTRUM JUSTITIA: how badly can they screw me up
  123. Inheritance Tax Initiative
  124. Leaving to live in the EU & cashing in a Swiss Pension
  125. Where can I get a certified cheque?
  126. Returning to the US - transferring or cashing out Swiss pension?
  127. Advice on how to get by cheaply on savings accounting for Swiss taxes/insurances
  128. Barclays Bank in Switzerland??
  129. Debit Card
  130. Tax consultant Zurich
  131. Working for a UK company but living in CH - tax?
  132. Charitable donations / tax
  133. Where to best change CHF to Euro? Airport or local bank?
  134. Exploitative collection agency - how can I protect myself?
  135. Leaving Switzerland - Job offer in the USA
  136. Have an UNPAID UBS credit card debt of 2000 CHF
  137. Tax on rental income in Valais
  138. VAT Question - Goods exported to Switzerland via Germany
  139. tax question - is it worth it??
  140. Wrong taxation
  141. Depositing Canada pension plan cheque?
  142. Bank accounts- EU citizens
  143. Payback Pillar 2 or invest externally?
  144. Tax when moving to Switzerland from EU (income from both countries)
  145. PostFinance - Failed payment to US, Not being credited full amount
  146. Working Remotely in Switzerland (tax / visa issues)
  147. Help with Pension Forms--No permanent new address
  148. Baby savings account
  149. Uk direct debit mandate - do I fill in a reference?
  150. UBS app from play store - not available in my country
  151. Inheritance from the UK
  152. "13th salary" and the 2nd Pillar
  153. tax relief for gardening services
  154. Debtor being in the Social Service? [resolved]
  155. Double taxation on assets in other EU countries
  156. Halbtax - Can I claim it in Tax Return?
  157. Business rates
  158. Taxes from Kanton Zürich
  159. Ethical sustainable banking like Triodos
  160. Help filing US Tax ASAP- Zurich
  161. How to transfer into Currencyfair?
  162. Do Swiss banks use SWIFT or SEPA to send CHF to the Eurozone
  163. transferring an australian pension pot to switzerland
  164. Employer BVG %
  165. Italy "Export Tax"?
  166. First payroll is for 1,5 months: will I have problems?
  167. Taxation not taking in account my daughter?
  168. Do I need to file in Switzerland if I don't make money here?
  169. Reclaiming Income Tax paid internship
  170. Leaving Switzerland and employer. Need to find a "Share Register"
  171. Financing an overseas property
  172. How much money to save before having a baby in Zurich?
  173. accountant for GmbH
  174. FairFX card equivalent in Switzerland
  175. Tax & AVS numbers
  176. What to do with old Swiss currency/notes?
  177. multiple account holders that include non-residents
  178. Taxes for non-resident spouse's foreign income
  179. Tax Audit for sole trader
  180. Transfer 2nd pillar cash to new build/purchase
  181. Question about savings account (PostFinance)
  182. Help Mortgage whilst on Chomage
  183. Large FX transfers, all at once or average over months?
  184. Rental deposit account to incur a fee
  185. What lifestyle will we have
  186. Swiss Insurance - Assura
  187. How much Swiss Import Duty& Tax will I be paying?
  188. Guardian Life - interesting or scam ?
  189. Withholding tax calculator contains all?
  190. Credit card fraudulent charges [refunded quickly and easily]
  191. Declare worldwide income - Swiss tax form
  192. Post US-Citizen as of February - Keep filing IRS?
  193. Bank not passing negative 3M Libor to our mortgage
  194. salary slip evaluation
  195. BONVIVA program from Credit Suisse - Any killer deals?
  196. UK Tax Free Allowance going forward
  197. any UK tax implications
  198. Looking for information on self- employment and pension schemes
  199. Tax implications_Outplacement Services
  200. Mutual funds
  201. Frontalier vs Quasi-Resident: idiot-proof advice required!
  202. Can I open a CH current account before I arrive?
  203. How to find investors to fund a company?
  204. Living in Germany, Working in Switzerland
  205. Best way to get my phone back into Switzerland...
  206. Online Broker
  207. Cash payments into bank
  208. Pre-paid Sbb visa card holders.
  209. Geneva accountants? Q on moving to Switzerland after selling a company (American).
  210. 2nd Pillar pension pot when unemployed?
  211. France vs Basel - tax consultant needed
  212. Tax deduction for GA in 2015 - 2016
  213. FBAR E-Filing
  214. Ways of tax return, do they conflict each other
  215. Putting cash into a foreign bank account.
  216. How do I take money out of my PayPal account?
  217. Can I deduct medical bills paid in Germany from Swiss taxes?
  218. Changing up coins
  219. Swiss bank harassment
  220. Lump sum withdrawal from vested benefit account in CH: taxable in Canada?
  221. AHV withdrawal conditions
  222. US Citizen new to Switzerland - advice on opening a bank account
  223. tax filing for spouse in another EU country
  224. The PostFinance website is down
  225. Foreign currency
  226. UK / French Accountant
  227. Zugangscode [access code]
  228. Help depositing a foreign cheque
  229. Financial Planner/Pension/Tax advice for US/UK national in CH
  230. Tax at source for B permit employee with non-billing employer
  231. How does the attorney charge in Geneva?
  232. Online transfer from PostFinance (CHF) to Natwest (GBP)
  233. TAX return with student loan
  234. English speaking accountant for taxes
  235. Experience with USS Tax ?
  236. PhD fellow getting salary outside CH
  237. US Tax Reform - your opinion matters!
  238. Deciphering social deductions - Zurich
  239. Filing US taxes (recently moved to Zurich)
  240. Speculation losses
  241. 30 days deadline for paying bills / invoices / slips?
  242. Ausweis-Einforderung - Tax Audit?
  243. Fixed Term Deposit in a Swiss Bank?
  244. Tax Question
  245. Tax Return Question
  246. SBB halb tax visa. Question for the bankers on ef.
  247. Swiss pension question
  248. Must you pay tax in the UK on interest on pillar 2 and pillar 3a?
  249. Betreibungsauskunft office to apply
  250. looking for treuhand in Basel