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  9. Living in Switzerland USA Taxes
  10. Tax question for Canadian
  11. Tax from income outside of CH, B permit holder
  12. London Mayor pays IRS Tax Demand
  13. The Trading Advice Megathread (such profit, much volatility)
  14. ALV (Arbeitslosen Versicherung) Insurance Question
  15. Cash Back Credit Cards in CH?
  16. Tax Declaration, for Tax Year 2014
  17. FBAR preparation
  18. W-9 form on US bank account (based in US naturally)
  19. Calculating the real net salary
  20. Changing Cantons - Tax
  21. Not happy with the current credit card situation
  22. Reporting Fraud
  23. Investing now that the SNB has removed the Euro peg [Merged threads]
  24. Converting CHF to other currencies
  25. Aftermath of SNB EUR Peg Discontinuation - Would you be happy to take a 20% pay cut?
  26. Missing in action: AHV number
  27. Bad time to buy property in Switzerland – following currency fluctuations?
  28. Which bank? - Basel Stadt
  29. Using the Betreibung [debt collection] process from the UK
  30. Re-importing Swiss product from UK
  31. Maximum Insurance Cost Deduction Allowed in Zurich
  32. Postfinance payment w/o origin
  33. where to get tax at source details
  34. UK state pension, new rules after 5. April 2015
  35. IT Contracting
  36. prämienverbilligung [Health Insurance Premium Reduction]
  37. [UBS] Close an account in e-banking
  38. Taxes on US ETFs
  39. Is it compulsory for employers to deduct correct withholding tax rate?
  40. Deceased Parent's Bank Account
  41. Paying Taxes 1x Monthly vs. 3x Yearly
  42. Tax advisor Basel
  43. It may be a good time to buy into Swiss Francs if you're savings are in other currenc
  44. Understanding / Contesting Post Customs/VAT Charge
  45. Company contribution to swiss pension
  46. Tax deduction for kinderkrippe
  47. Tax on Return to UK
  48. It's 2015 - salary question
  49. US->Switzerland Retirement Accounts
  50. Swiss citizen with expat tax rate?
  51. Contracting income - beneficial to operate as a Ltd co OR as an employee of an agency
  52. Moving Savings / Stocks to CH
  53. 3a Funds Investment + tax benefits VS Free Investment
  54. Personal Finance software suggestions?
  55. Germany VAT on electronics
  56. Should I file taxes - even if I don't have to?
  57. Moving to Zurich - potential for double taxation
  58. Question: Tax bill from the Gemeinde for 2014 "Provisorisch" tax
  59. Swiss high dividend stocks - your favorites?
  60. Withdrawing money with a Swiss driving license.
  61. Pillar 3a stock funds
  62. Where I can get the best rates to exchange 10000CHF in cash for GBP in cash?
  63. SNB introduces negative interest to weaken the franc
  64. Hidden Wire transfer fees (USD - CHF)
  65. Freelance work tax
  66. Changing Jobs, Freizuegigkeitskonto and pension plan
  67. Accountant recommendations
  68. How long to keep financial paperwork?
  69. Vacation deposit not received; next steps?
  70. Buying & selling Krugerrands with no ID?
  71. Transferring EURs between accounts
  72. IRS Coming to Switzerland - literally!
  73. Freelance contract taxed at source?
  74. Android App for Portfolio Performance Monitoring
  75. How to use credit card and split payment?
  76. Could you give me some advice on which CARD to get?
  77. Help interpreting account statement AVS and LPP...
  78. US income tax on salary paid in the US but living in Switzerland
  79. pillar 1 and Pillar 2 related questions
  80. Tax prepayment Interest Kt Zug
  81. IRS DOES believe Americans are tax cheats - confirmed
  82. stupid question from my UBS master card
  83. Help with which bank to use
  84. Vorsorgevereinbarung connected to Pensionskasse or not?
  85. Rental Value on foreign property that is lived in by the ex
  86. Tax declaration on overseas asset.
  87. Investment in foreign stocks using CH account - Taxation
  88. Social Security Switch - Need "Official Signature"?
  89. Impot a la Source - Foreign Income
  90. Am i being frauded by DHL? Customs help needed
  91. Investment in MLP
  92. UK income gross or nett on Swiss Tax Return?
  93. UK ISA income auto-reinvested declarable?
  94. Taxation Difference between Zug and Zurich
  95. IRS scrutiny of British citizen if married to US citizen??
  96. Rental deposit accounts
  97. QROPS after 10 years..what are the options?
  98. UK to CH: what about my 4 years of NI contributions and state pension?
  99. Time to pay taxes after vested benefits payout (I left Switzerland for good)
  100. Tax declaration for year 2013 in canton Zurich
  101. Advance Tax payments
  102. Just received our tax adjustment bills...
  103. Life insurance Luxembourg
  104. German bank account recommendations
  105. Best value swiss bank for americans in switzerland
  106. Withdrawal of pension fund
  107. Standard tax decution
  108. UK pension savings -> CH -> buy house
  109. uk inheritance
  110. Taxation - C permit
  111. Withdraw money from Pension for Property Investment
  112. How long until we receive income tax refund, BL?
  113. Possible to avoid US taxes if......
  114. currency regulations for export/mport
  115. Bank account us citizen non swiss resiedent
  116. Credit Suisse student vs UBS student account
  117. Harassement by Intrum Justitia
  118. Bundessteuer
  119. Swiss banking for English youth- I'm lost
  120. Tax help for the recently married
  121. UBS E-banking
  122. VAT Refund Clarifications
  123. UBS Requirements in Zurich
  124. Credit card advice.
  125. Thinking of hiring a financial advisor.... key questions to ask?
  126. nutmeg.com ?
  127. Vested benefits account for former CH-resident
  128. Bringing goods by car from EU country
  129. Organizing payment slip stubs
  130. Saving money on lunch
  131. Opening a bank account from outside CH - as requested by my Swiss employer
  132. Hesitating to declare tax residency
  133. USD vs CHF rates?
  134. Bundessteuer 2013 - Just got my tax demand
  135. Some tax questions arising from non-resident property ownership
  136. Bonus payment in the same year or not?
  137. Self-employed vs employed in Switzerland
  138. Leaving Switzerland to go to UK - What can I take with me?
  139. Any experience and/or knowledge of vertexfm.ch?
  140. Tax for a married couple living in different cantons
  141. Pension deductions on tax declarations?
  142. Reclaiming witheld taxes on dividends from outside Switzerland
  143. Good bank in Neuchatel offering Free Credit card
  144. Import stuff from Germany to sell on eBay: what taxes to pay?
  145. Help with online Tax declaration
  146. Duplicate or copy of 18.44 form
  147. Opening a bank account without residency?
  148. Australian tax amnesty
  149. Tax reclaim for non eu
  150. Extra Pillar 2 contribution tax savings
  151. "Weissgeldstrategie" or "Clean Money Strategy"
  152. Cheapest Credit Card
  153. Isn't book tax exempted?
  154. Non-EU: Can i move NI contribution to Switzerland?
  155. UBS called me wanting to make an appointment to review my account
  156. How long does the payment from post counter take?
  157. Source tax B vs C question for german resident wife on elternzeit [maternity leave]
  158. Banking fees - make your choice knowingly
  159. Tax info request
  160. Proposed Foreigener Tax
  161. Pension: UK --> CH. What would you do?
  162. New PostFinance online banking interface
  163. Taxes and social security when living/working in France and Switzerland?
  164. ZEK #4 - How to delete entry [Central Credit Information Agency]
  165. I am becoming paranoid [US tax options for US/FR dual citizen living in CH]
  166. retirement 3A account in Zurich - postfinance
  167. Tax return question
  168. A swiss solicitor for banking, where can I get one?
  169. I am EU-USA Various tax questions
  170. From Zürich to Herrliberg where can I research tax savings?
  171. latest advice on cash rates for FX?
  172. American in Switzerand Investment Account in USA
  173. Italy to Switzerland Tax Free - Refund
  174. Quellensteuer on secondary jobs - who decides?
  175. P3 insurance product - exit strategies
  176. Paypass wireless RFID Credit Card, should I bother?
  177. Question about joint taxes after marriage
  178. Can I continue to have AVS pension paid into Swiss bank
  179. i need help opening a bank account abroad
  180. Permit B-to claim or not to claim money back? This is the question!
  181. Anyone know about bankruptcy in CH?
  182. Opening an UK Bank Account for non UK residents
  183. Income tax question
  184. Questions about net wealth tax
  185. A potential tax situation and advice
  186. US Taxes: Salary in relation to Swiss "Berechnungsmitteilung"
  187. Swiss pension cash out vs. leave it in the account after moving to US
  188. US Social Security and US Pension Taxation
  189. Freizuegigkteiskonto - tax when moving to the US?
  190. CC and Debit cards
  191. Capital loss on sale of property?
  192. Money transfer through post office
  193. social security
  194. 3rd pillar withdrawal
  195. a tax situation
  196. moving to the US
  197. Question about making online payment via bank account
  198. swiss tax information in English
  199. employed and independent
  200. Working in Risk Management
  201. Coop/Migros Credit Card: 2 points/CHF with Supercard/Cumulus?
  202. Swiss tax: monthly or lump sum?
  203. banking laws witholding tax
  204. Standing order - Reference Number
  205. Withdrawing Swiss Pension after Leaving Switzerland
  206. Does it make sense to transfer my Swiss pension to Norway
  207. Another self employed question!
  208. Need TAX Procedure Information
  209. Bank asking me "strange" questions
  210. Seek investment advice for CHF 10k
  211. understanding where Swiss tax brackets come from?
  212. Swiss's company informations
  213. International Student Taxes in Switzerland
  214. Tax or not to tax?
  215. FATCA Assistance required - Bank is ceasing Account
  216. International money transfers using xe, skype, banks, or others?
  217. Best Bank for cheap international transfers
  218. tax percentage difference between B-Permit and C-Permit Holder
  219. Tax and Deductions on Internship
  220. Custom/Tax fees shipment Germany to Switzerland
  221. How much tax?
  222. How to report a swiss pillar 2 pension plan on FBAR and FATCA froms
  223. ZKB OR Postfinance for salary + regular money transfers to a German bank account
  224. Independant and Employed
  225. US State Dept hiking renunciation fees to $2,350
  226. US Tax Advice - Use US CPAs don't waste your CHFs
  227. Concierge Services
  228. Best Credit Card for Travelling Outside of Switzerland
  229. Easiest way to make a payment to a domestic (CH) account
  230. Impot a la source - Vaud
  231. Penalties for breaking fixed-rate mortgage
  232. open a bank account [non-resident]
  233. Tax report while emigrating
  234. Working in Geneva, living in London - Double Taxation?
  235. Fines for not filing
  236. CGT on sale of business
  237. Looking for eBay seller
  238. Need US tax professional advice (GE area)
  239. Where to Report a Bad Tax Representative‏
  240. Chip and Pin / Signature
  241. Pillar 3a - are there big differences?
  242. Postfinance card
  243. Financial advisor / inherited IRA?
  244. UK Expats tax on rental accomodation
  245. Taxation at source, G permit, bank accounts and insurance: the clueless academic
  246. Tax questions
  247. Non-Residents May Lose Tax Allowance (Personal Allowance) [UK]
  248. C permit and impact on tax in Zurich City
  249. Did you ever in your life trade with real money?
  250. trust fund