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  1. Electrician in Vevey/Montreux area
  2. EWZ peak hours?
  3. Tax on accommodation provided by employer
  4. Finding/Buying an Alpine Hut
  5. Transport recommendation
  6. Housing in Basel - Help
  7. Need 2 Zimmer apartment in Basel
  8. Hall and small office Zurich Seebach
  9. Can B Permit Holder Buy Property?
  10. SibirTherm oil heaters
  11. Need temporary apartment in Lugano area
  12. I'm moving out and need a cleaner
  13. Increase in Utilities Charges
  14. Cleaning windows on 4th floor
  15. Short term accommodation Basel
  16. apartment search
  17. Time to get rental deposit back?
  18. general cleaner costs, protocol
  19. Oiled Oak Floors -- Cleaning
  20. Buying property from a real estate company glossy printed catalog
  21. Legal advice regarding a tenancy agreement
  22. Direct Repayment vs 3a Pillar - let's write down some figures
  23. Temporary accomodation needed - Lenzburg area
  24. housing insurance
  25. Deposit question
  26. Geneva vs. Lausanne for kids
  27. Wood vs. vinyl windows
  28. carpet cleaning machine for rent
  29. Advice: Leaving apartment and liability insurance
  30. Arriving in Switzerland on Wednesday (Neuchatel or Lausanne?)
  31. Shortage of rental housing around Vaud?
  32. Housing; complete disaster - advice?
  33. Urgent Man with Van
  34. rental houses in Vaud
  35. Balcony awning
  36. Insect screens
  37. Door lock
  38. Landlord selling my apartment -rights?
  39. Subletting a sublet -- What's the worst that can happen?
  40. My Experience in renting Serviced Apartments
  41. Rents increased with "Mieterwechsel" (change of tenant)
  42. Advice: rent contra salary...
  43. move out early
  44. Sharing my flat (sublet ?)
  45. Elevator maintenance
  46. Does this seem like a reasonable cleaning quote?
  47. Ikea dishwasher needs new part, can I buy one at Ikea, or do I go to OBI?
  48. Information on Kreisburo documents for rental
  49. Help?! How to remove a "motel smell" from apartment?
  50. How to find an apartment in Ferney Voltaire?
  51. High cleaning prices
  52. Subletting Flat as a Foreigner
  53. Should I move to Adliswil, ZH?
  54. documents for viewings
  55. Furniture Sale/Disposal
  56. How long did it take to rent a place?
  57. Demon Cleaning Lady has left Big Scratches on my LED TV.... :-(
  58. Living in france
  59. Andreas Park Apartments - Opinions?
  60. when to visit...?
  61. Geneva : No House ?
  62. How much would a temporary accommodation typically cost?
  63. Cockroaches near Hardbrucke
  64. SwissCaution for employees of International Organisations?
  65. Did I do something wrong?
  66. Home owners and permit B
  67. Told to 'look' for new apartment (LOOK, not necessarily FIND) - how does it work?
  68. Terminating lease before it begins
  69. Planning to buy a property across the border, Portes du Soleil
  70. Wierd situation with washing machine in the new flat
  71. Fitting as cheap kitchen
  72. Studying in St Gallen : where should I live ?
  73. buying a garage
  74. landlord dumped agency without informing tenants
  75. Buying a House Across in France
  76. Hotel-like room with kitchenette for 4 days?
  77. How much to pay cleaning person/ service or babysitter in Geneva?
  78. Electricity providers in Vaud
  79. deposited on a serviced apartment
  80. French equivalent of Land Registry?
  81. Cleaning apartment when selling...
  82. Can't take it any longer - need a new flat!
  83. what are my rights? -- invading bamboo
  84. Bayonet Mount Lightbulbs! Where can I find one in Switzerland??
  85. pre-arranging apartments
  86. Experts predict the housing bubble is about to burst
  87. flat handover
  88. Cleaning bill after leaving the house
  89. second hand dishes, lausanne
  90. Will I get taxed on income from renting out a room in a flatshare?
  91. The Movers are coming tomorrow!
  92. Moving furniture
  93. Homeowners equivalent of ASLOCA (Mietverband)?
  94. How bad have i been?
  95. Washing Room in Basement on Timer?
  96. End of lease or renewal agreement ..How does it work please ?
  97. Dilemma between moving to Hagendorn or Rotkreuz
  98. Building works: very early start in the morning (6.30am)
  99. Ceiling wire connection confusion (image included)
  100. Problems with Landlady over Apartment Cleanliness
  101. Help! Don't want to be homeless in Bern
  102. Is it worth commuting to Geneva from France?
  103. Orange moving pylons (cones) in Basel?
  104. Housing/dorm near EPFL
  105. Temporary housing or cheap hostels in Geneva?
  106. Painting the flat
  107. Deposit on the landlord account ??
  108. Any problems with Ikea waredrobes and ceiling height?
  109. Sanitas Troesch alternative in Germany?
  110. Washer + Blower
  111. looking for guitar classes
  112. Mail box name plates in Basel?
  113. What are the rules for renovating an apartment - BASEL
  114. moving guys recomendation
  115. UK rental agency requires 6 months in advance?
  116. Buying furniture from France - Lausanne
  117. Anyone moving to New Zealand and want to share a shipping container?
  118. Moving to Neuchatel
  119. referral needed
  120. BASEL - Cleaning services
  121. renovation question: awesome walls, do we really have to cover them in insulation?
  122. How to proceed for Apartment Change??
  123. Furniture
  124. I lost my keys
  125. A few Tips for First -Time Movers
  126. Rent a flat in Basel - when should I start looking
  127. Informations for small room (student room)
  128. Temporay Accommodation?
  129. Suggestion needed - This seems to be a scam to me
  130. Ready made curtains - only small sizes?
  131. Extremely annoying renovations in the building
  132. Neu Oerlikon?
  133. Company or organization to empty out an apartment
  134. State of parquet floors when moving out
  135. fair charges?
  136. How do you move out?
  137. Recent movers recommendation - Basel
  138. Furniture stores
  139. Female needs help in Basel
  140. Rent increase
  141. Living in Como Città or in Lugano??
  142. moving-whom to call to close a loading area in my street?
  143. Searching for a Miet/Kauf house
  144. Where should we live?
  145. Recycling paper - is this considered "paper"?!
  146. Underground laundry room?
  147. Advice On Sublet Please
  148. Cost of hiring a cleaner/cleaning company
  149. RElocation assistant Basel and surrounding areas
  150. Recommendation: House cleaner
  151. Where to buy curtains? Schwyz area..
  152. What is a Hochparterre?
  153. Move-out cleaning - roller blinds and oven
  154. Rant: Tile floors are soooo cold
  155. Help! Frustrated by our agent.
  156. Furniture for Sell-Lugano
  157. Anyone up for sharing a Van back to London?
  158. Trouble canceling rental application
  159. Am I doing it wrong ? [trying to rent a place]
  160. Temporary accommodation in Zürich
  161. Man with a Van and Glazer - Fribourg area
  162. Radiant Floor Heating Questions
  163. URGENT: Jalousie repairing in Geneva
  164. Pets in short-term flat (Zurich)
  165. Schwyz: English Speaking Plumber Needed - Washing Machine Preperations
  166. Rental cost apartement (Zurich City)
  167. Any have experience with purchasing a time share?
  168. HELP-Apartment near PSI - Links for furnished accomodation?
  169. searching in Kloten
  170. Can I cancel a lease (mietvertrag) signed 2 days ago, no money exchanged yet?
  171. Security Deposit (Kaution) in CH
  172. Nearest cheap furniture shops to Meilen?
  173. House Flooded: Insurance question
  174. Lost key when overseas
  175. Some advice please.... Oil versus wood pellet heating?
  176. Land search
  177. When to return an apartment?
  178. Buying costs
  179. Interior wall paint not white enough!
  180. Interior wall repair question
  181. Buying a flat - 2 questions
  182. Hotel residences, studios for short term?
  183. Renting in Geneva, where to live if availability no limitation
  184. Best place in Canton Zug with high budget
  185. nonEU permit B holder AND wochenaufenthalter, restriction for purchasing real estate
  186. Apartment in Geneva anybody???
  187. Buying a house, getting the 20%
  188. Linoleum / Vinyl Flooring
  189. Old neighbour that likes to complain - how "dangerous" is she?
  190. How to find accomodation in Basel real quick for reasonable amounts?
  191. Geneva : about its expansion
  192. Cost of land (for non-residential purposes)
  193. filling in holes in walls
  194. Neighbor's cigarette smoke in my house
  195. Did you have curtains/blinds/shutters when you moved in?
  196. So I heard that 1st October is an important date
  197. Relocation Agent in Zürich (redux)
  198. Seeking an apartment Villar sur Ollon area
  199. How to get rid of washing machine
  200. Storage costs
  201. India to Switzerland removals [Recommendations please]
  202. Do you have built in/fitted wardrobes?
  203. Need a UK leasing contract
  204. What's Therwil like?
  205. Building and Renovating
  206. When / How to move....help!!
  207. Where to buy a high bed
  208. Apartment Search: In or around Vevey
  209. EU + Non EU Spouse buying house and rent out half.
  210. CHEAP furniture stores - in Germany
  211. Student in horgen?
  212. Backing out of a rental contract
  213. curtain makers
  214. Still moving to Fribourg, but where????
  215. Any English speakers in Dielsdorf?
  216. Lex Koller - Any Experience?
  217. Moving Lausanne to Zurich - Van hire??
  218. wasp nest in the ground
  219. Trouble finding a place to live
  220. How do you sort temporary accommodation for a family of 5 without company help?
  221. Movers within Zurich
  222. Renovation project - need advice
  223. Hanging shelving in my apartment
  224. How much effort to manage rural property?
  225. A finance professional (female w/ excellent reference) Need ROOM in LUGANO-Help
  226. Local removal/cleaning company recommendation
  227. Finding 1 month rent on Basel
  228. How banks value properties?
  229. Moving to Zurich early August from UK - help!
  230. Advice on finding a room in Lausanne
  231. Legal Advice Wanted - [re Bills from Architect - VD/GE]
  232. Apartment handover - big bill for repairing cost
  233. tax interest for a pret hypotecaire
  234. Please help me pick the place to live (Zug area)
  235. Left overs by previous tenants
  236. How furnished is furnished
  237. Anyone? Back-dated Fuel Bills Charged ?
  238. So - here at last!
  239. Good relocation company to move boxes only (Bern to Zurich)
  240. Rental contract clauses - is this normal?
  241. Moving from UK to Zurich
  242. Are there any American families around Geneva???
  243. Wood Eating insects
  244. Neuchâtel electricity supplier - Viteos only one?
  245. Help with moving to Basel land
  246. Renting in Basel
  247. Whole house fans - do they exist in Europe?
  248. Apartment complex shuts off hot water from 10pm to 7am
  249. Geneva or Lausanne?
  250. Pension to found 20% needed to buy