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  1. Help in finding the best location in Basel for me??
  2. advice needed regarding sub-tenant
  3. where did you stay when you arrived (Geneva)??
  4. Payerne, Ste-Croix - how are the schools?
  5. furniture storage-anyone any experience of Zebrabox.com?
  6. SwissCaution or Advance?
  7. a question about applying for an apt
  8. Working at the UN in Geneva - lodging and transport questions
  9. New-build. Builder bankrupt. Unpaid bill?
  10. living in Geroldswil
  11. Moving to Luzern
  12. Anyone recommended a Window Blinds company
  13. Wanted: laying of astro turf (or similar) for balcony ZURICH
  14. Appartment deposit: What are the differences among these options?
  15. Real Estate Experts' Advice Needed
  16. Rental Contract Ends...
  17. Torn Textured wallpaper
  18. Landlord is selling: Shall I forget about this property??
  19. Suitable paint for renovating furniture
  20. Questions about subletting my old apartment
  21. Renovating a farmhouse - problem with architectural plans
  22. Garden Furniture
  23. Thoughts on moving to Ehrendingen?
  24. Repayment question
  25. furnished apartment - do you prefer it?
  26. Sub Letting
  27. Area near Hardstrasse/Hohlstrasse in Zurich (Kreis 4) safe?
  28. Renens - connections to Lausanne?
  29. 4.5 rooms in Seefeld for 4300 Frs incl. charges?
  30. Building a house - superadobe?
  31. Relocating to Zurich - am I liable to pay tax for household items I bring with me?
  32. Is a minimum 12 month lease the norm?
  33. Regulations for renting apartment in Zurich
  34. Country Family House
  35. Removal company from Athens to Zurich
  36. Seeking Suggestion regarding Sublease
  37. Wall Stickers for kids (zurich)
  38. Moving out in Zurich-- Transfer the furniture
  39. Cheap reliable moving company from Basel to France
  40. Is apartment insurance transferrable?
  41. Website about Swiss towns statistics lost
  42. I need help finding a room in Nyon!!
  43. Room wanted in Yverdon les bain, please help
  44. Final house cleaning
  45. Dishwasher service required
  46. land/plot valuation
  47. Moving out help available, Basel
  48. Apartment in Lausanne in June 2012
  49. Will my L-Permit be a problem in my apartment search?
  50. New Build, selling land and access for services.
  51. Looking for Neu Zurich Apartments
  52. WANTED- 1 Bedroom Summer Sublet in Zurich
  53. where to find a flat share?? Nyon
  54. Final Apartment cleaning - Basel.
  55. Websites for home renting in Lugano
  56. Looking for a "reasonably priced" room/co-share/flat in and between Geneva-Lausanne
  57. Those building poles and length of time before they build?
  58. Unreturned deposit from short term rental - advice needed, please!
  59. Urgent advice needed: Should I offer my room to an unemployed stranger?
  60. Room Wanted (Geneva): 3 May 2012 - 5 June 2012
  61. foreign scientists living in basel
  62. Zurich property bargains
  63. Buying Property in Seller's Market (bargaining)
  64. How about a gardening thread?
  65. Leaving CH and renting out property
  66. Best Neighborhood in Winterthur?
  67. Apartment Finder/search agencies in Bern
  68. Looking for tenant law lawyer
  69. Working in Zug, where to live?
  70. Basel apartment location near Uni and train
  71. Estate Agents - what's OK to ask / not ask
  72. Moving to Zurich for three Month
  73. Working in Geneva, living in France - accomodation for a family
  74. Recommended Heating Installation Company?
  75. Dsiposal of wardrobe - Luzern
  76. moving transportation
  77. Shower heads
  78. Advice needed: outdoor palm trees
  79. Keyfinder...perfect service!
  80. Any one used Tip Top Umzuge in Basel ( Removalists )
  81. New build financing
  82. How To write a letter to neighbours about Party in house
  83. Sharing a flat turns out to be a bad idea
  84. Crepissage and how to cover
  85. Price-wise searching
  86. Recommendations for English-speaking lawyer in France (near Basel)?
  87. Short term accommodation in Lausanne or vicinity
  88. Channeling electrical wires
  89. Places to live around Basel
  90. Arbitration
  91. Any Man and Van service?
  92. Place to stay/rent Zurich City 3th of May till 13th of May
  93. Looking for name/brand of plaster product
  94. How do you sell furniture in Zurich
  95. Agency responsibility for notificication in case of break in
  96. Moving to Zug- Apartment search/ relocation companies
  97. Architect/project managers for Neuchâtel
  98. Working in Geneva and living in Yverdon-les-bains/Yvonand
  99. Help with resin sink scratches
  100. Geothermal Underfloor Heating
  101. Architect/Building Manager in Sattel
  102. is the property market creating a bubble?
  103. House Capital Gains tax in different Canton
  104. Roehrliberg Development in Cham
  105. Housing Good Stores
  106. Early Termination Dilemma
  107. Looking for accomodation near Dubendorf
  108. Bathroom Floor Cleaner to remove stubborn stains
  109. Help: impossible to end a fixed rent contract?
  110. Websites for Discount DIY Supplies?
  111. Foncia Lausanne not responsive
  112. Where can we find a Building Administrator for a small apartment block of 7 owners?
  113. Does anyone commute from near Annecy to Geneva?
  114. Renting near Baden or Brugg
  115. Vacation apartment in southern CH
  116. Looking for a flat/local family
  117. Furnished apartments - sites offering these?
  118. Huge crack in balcony after earthquake (12.2.2012)
  119. Good Moving Company Within Zurich & Cleaners
  120. Buying a house and renting... on B permit.
  121. Where to live, and what to do in Lausanne
  122. How to complain about a new build?
  123. Landlord reference
  124. Anyone live in Diessenhofen ?
  125. low-impact alternative?
  126. Smoking in Apartment
  127. Jona-Rapperswil
  128. No heating or hot water
  129. Contract in a flatshare
  130. Confused! What makes a 'single family house'?
  131. Where to rent near Turgi
  132. Kussnacht am Rigi - Immensee - Meggen
  133. Find a roommate
  134. ECA and wind damage
  135. Frozen pipes
  136. Who shall I call to replace front door handle (Zurich)?
  137. Rental Attestation (leaving appartment)
  138. moving to the Zug area
  139. Getting a washing machine fixed
  140. Landlord gave notice because he want to sell
  141. Double glasing windows draft
  142. How is life in Preverenges near Lausanne?
  143. anyone deal with a neighbor complaint as a subletter?
  144. recommended parquet floor polish
  145. Condensation and wood damage
  146. Your vote: Best Village on Lake Zurich?
  147. Moving homes within CH
  148. What is the average time of finding room in share flat
  149. Moving apartment - proposed a tenant, but regie wanted another months rent!
  150. Nachmieter
  151. Neuchatel environs, property wise...
  152. Recommendation needed: short term appartments
  153. How is it in Richterswil ZH?
  154. Advice required: Kitchen renovation
  155. Where to post "House Wanted" in German?
  156. Moving from Barcelona to Basel ( Mudanza )
  157. Recommendation for professional assistant for rent apt. search
  158. Binz aircraft noise?
  159. Which is the best site to find a appartment to rent?
  160. 'Man with a van' Zurich
  161. Expectations - Housing prices in Basel?
  162. Do the Swiss take 'back-handers'? Surely not?!
  163. How to find affordable 1.5 bdrm apts in Zurich?
  164. Ski Chalet for next season (from Zurich)?
  165. Replacing a roller blind handle / turner
  166. Renting a furnished place vs. Sally Ann
  167. Anyone Living in Wollerau SZ know anything about school?
  168. Is now a good time to buy an apartment?
  169. Finding out what actually was paid for a property
  170. leaving a flat - how to deal with the regie?
  171. Washing Machine Noise from Neighbor
  172. paying for NOT signing a contract?
  173. Live with children in Interlaken Bern
  174. Lime (Kalk) render
  175. Noise Complaint from Agency
  176. Free boxes for moving (Basel)
  177. Store to buy handles
  178. Renovating oldish apartment on a budget
  179. HELP! Wood floor repair
  180. Asking a landlord to renovate kitchen before we move in?
  181. moving out months
  182. non-EU PhD student - buying a house
  183. Decorators. Interior Designers.
  184. Front door material: best choice?
  185. Good moving company in Zurich - onTime
  186. Moving apartment - do I need to paint the walls?
  187. cancelling the notice?
  188. Sub-letting and invoices
  189. Renting contract
  190. Cost of cleaning lady
  191. Neighbours Complaint - Waste of Space
  192. Anyone ever challenged a planning application?
  193. Advise needed....Enge vs Horgen vs Rüschlikon, ZH
  194. To find the home away from home
  195. Reasonable price for moving UK to Geneva area?
  196. Where the fun parts are of Zurich?
  197. Plumbing supplies
  198. apartment hunting in Basel, a tale of some sort
  199. Block off parking for moving van
  200. Home improvement and tax
  201. can we keep the flat while moving our of the country?
  202. SwissCaution
  203. Value-adding home inprovement after purchase
  204. Appartment Cleaners - Basel
  205. Apartment buying - need help to understand - english citizen
  206. Have to move-my bubble has burst!
  207. Mould - here we go again!
  208. Basel Rental Housing Costs
  209. Shor term corporate Rental
  210. Personal Recommendation for a Estate Agent (renting) in Basel Stadt?
  211. When can I finish my rent contract?
  212. Student accommodation in Baden
  213. Apartment change after 2 weeks stay in Zurich - Pls help
  214. Apartment handing over - cleaner required in Winterthur
  215. Ski chalet purchase nr Zurich
  216. Online Estate Agent for France rentals close to Basel
  217. Which is a better place to live - Nussbaumen or Wettingen?
  218. No agencies...only owners
  219. Rental Contract Query
  220. Question for plumber
  221. Landlord Bringing Potentional through Our Apartment
  222. Charges for Locksmith
  223. Rental problem
  224. Sub-letting apartment. Insurance required?
  225. charge for lost keys
  226. Best schools/towns in Basel Land
  227. Thinking about buying. Good/bad idea with a housing bubble?
  228. Housing in Lausanne - Agent Recommendation?
  229. Electrical Issue/Cooktop - Any help appreciated
  230. Which area in Switzerland
  231. How to sell a chalet?
  232. Dodgy letting agents to avoid
  233. Carbon monoxide in cellar?
  234. Sound from radiator
  235. Family of 4 moving to Luzern
  236. Lookign for a shop/Salon/studio with accommodation attached
  237. Paying annually the norm for parking?
  238. Looking for a flat beginning February 1, 2012-help and advice
  239. Buying a house, but could I rent it out if I returned to the UK?
  240. Is it allowed to have a bird shed on one's balcony in Switerland (canton BS)?
  241. Real Estate Agent
  242. Looking for a company that can move goods from 1 place to other
  243. Best places to live in Geneva
  244. Tips on finding a flatshare in Switzerland
  245. Is this a Scam?
  246. Negotiate
  247. Erlenmattstrasse near Musical Theater & badischer bahnhof
  248. Small moving company & Ikea wardrobe assembler
  249. St Johanns vorstadt basel
  250. Problem landlord