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  1. Handing over a Flat
  2. rules for renting holiday apartments?
  3. Brand new apartments available from Nov 11, 8050 Zurich
  4. Flat wanted close to Dübendorf
  5. Light fittings, shelves, et al when moving out?
  6. Land lord outside Switzerland
  7. Mould in the conservatory
  8. Where can I find under cabinet power sockets?
  9. Recycling/rubbish in VD
  10. Custom made sofas in Switzerland
  11. Moving out - 3 months notice - letter model
  12. Apartment cleaning services
  13. Removal Companies Canton Zug
  14. Finding a furnished studio/ 1 bed in Basel/ Basle
  15. Advice for finding accommodations while on a work contract
  16. Ikea Basel or Ikea Zurich
  17. Heating & Electric bills
  18. Newbie - Qestion about property acquisition in Lugano
  19. Urgent advice from electrician required
  20. "electrical" question [wiring light fixtures]
  21. Ventilation in appartments
  22. Finding a place for two
  23. Canadian arriving on Tuesday, need info on hostels
  24. Cleaning quotes.. cheapest company? [ZH]
  25. DIY lighting - cable confusion
  26. Soon to be in Zurich, Seeking some local knowledge.
  27. Rent query - how much for a 1 BR flat in Basel ?
  28. Squatters
  29. bed bugs
  30. Replacing electric storage heaters?
  31. Unfurnished better than furnished in Basel?
  32. Visiting Baden For the First Time - ideas for a cost effective short stay please
  33. Do we need to tell rental agency about baby on the way?
  34. New Road Announcement
  35. Short-Term Stay in Lausanne
  36. Letting Agents
  37. Buying a house in Le Vaud
  38. help with finding sublets
  39. Boiler "saving" Mode?
  40. Living in Zurich Area
  41. New kitchen,bau meister sought
  42. Buying or Renting in Switzerland
  43. Heads up for new apartments available in 8152 Glattpark
  44. Removal company reviews London-Zurich
  45. DFS (UK) sofas ship to switzerland
  46. Cigarette smoke in daughters bedroom
  47. Can I put a a "for rent" sign in my balcony?
  48. Nettoyage et Déménagement
  49. Moving out of flat early question
  50. A company which installs nets?
  51. Obligation to inform the Landlord
  52. Recommendations for a Bathroom Refitting Service in Germany
  53. Solar panels, help!! does anyone know the real 'facts'???
  54. Do I have to pay for washing machine repairs for an existing problem?
  55. Where to look for houseshare with English speakers?
  56. leaving flat
  57. Is Uster and surrounding area a good place to live?
  58. housing/neighborhoods
  59. Communiting and Housing Locations
  60. Co-Locator issues / Mietvertragübertragung
  61. Any recommendations for a plasterer in Lausanne
  62. Suggestions for Wardrobe repair
  63. Cancellation of a flat contract: template and some questions
  64. Terminating A Verbal Contract - Pachtvertrag
  65. Specific Bern districts questions
  66. Swisscaution and my agency
  67. Real Estate in and around Bern
  68. Long wait for Deposit repayment - Possible Discrimination
  69. Building an outdoor structure
  70. PLEASE HELP with cheap place in LIVING BASEL!!!!!
  71. Soundproofing/absorbing material?
  72. When will I get my Deposit back?
  73. Basel-Stadt neighborhood statistics site
  74. Property market in the Basel area
  75. Lease cancelation - Special circumstance
  76. Any recommendations / experience with movers from UK to CH
  77. SBB Housing
  78. Please help_buying a house in Vernier Geneva
  79. Minergie standard: Expo in Luzern
  80. Living in Burgdorf?
  81. Why so few ads for apartment rents in Geneva ?
  82. Energy lamps warning
  83. Recommendations Needed, Heating, Walls & Alno Kitchens
  84. Moving to Zurich, where to rent?
  85. USM Haller Furniture in Southern Germany?
  86. Visiting Before Renting a Must?
  87. Furniture in Basel
  88. Making A Closed Bid Offer
  89. Where to buy boxes/cartons for moving house?
  90. New projects, what is your experience?
  91. How early do people advertise flats in Zurich?
  92. Sublet Landlord backed out after we registered at the Kreisbüro
  93. Good lightbulb source (even those specialty bulbs)
  94. Advice please: leaving Switzerland within fixed term lease
  95. Urgent:Lease contract--change of mind
  96. covering/filling the ripped of wallpaper bit
  97. Locksmith in Baden/Turgi for Postbox key
  98. Immigration provides high real estate prices
  99. Painting and decorating when leaving an apartment
  100. Regie name and shame thread?
  101. what is a Nasszeller ??
  102. Good Realty Agent for Rentals in Bern Area
  103. Frenkendorf
  104. Linoleum floors
  105. Help: looking for Apartment on rent in Lausanne
  106. House sale and DIY UPVC windows
  107. Thank you EF!!! We finally got an apartment!
  108. Legal advice needed/landlord changed number of rooms
  109. Need to rent a flat in Zurich ASAP
  110. Neighbour's dog barking
  111. Mould / Mold Problems
  112. Property sale: 'We reserve the right..."
  113. Big problems with rental company....
  114. Flat in Lugano to sublet - good sites to advertise it?
  115. Wallpaper & Soft Homefurnishing
  116. cork flooring
  117. Sub letting a room
  118. Working In Basel, living in..?
  119. How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?
  120. How to keep polished tiles polished clean
  121. Architect in Basel?
  122. Moving to Zurich for March/beg April latest
  123. Neighbor banging my apartment wall
  124. In Basel, Where Can I Get The Trash Stickers For Bigger Trash Bags?
  125. Anyone know of the requirement for a "Bilan Thermique" in Vaud?
  126. Asking for/putting in a dishwasher
  127. Clothes tumblers?
  128. my flatmate left what should I do?
  129. Karma?
  130. Cleaning calcium deposits from shower doors
  131. My deposit in danger?
  132. So what type of houses are quicker to sell ?
  133. Anyone heard of Tarda Management (ZG)?
  134. Pfister vs. stores in Germany furniture pricing
  135. Bulky electric plugs
  136. Oven Choices
  137. Ikea Kitchens feedback advice sought
  138. Removing ceramic tile from cement floor
  139. Moving from a Studio (ZH) to WG.
  140. Replacing wall-mounted radiators?
  141. How to sell old furniture
  142. Searching Apt - Short term. Sites, advice, recommendations please
  143. Does anyone know what this means? Mietzinsvorbehalt
  144. Expensive light dimmers and motion detectors
  145. Re-rendering, Facade renovation, Scaffolding costs
  146. Where to find a banister?
  147. Renting for less than a year
  148. [Basel] Apartment with thick walls
  149. Meeting apartment owner: bring cash?
  150. Creepy Landlord - looking through window
  151. brass switches
  152. Energy Efficiency incentive
  153. Ch architect fees
  154. Getting rid of old furniture
  155. Need new toilet top
  156. Any Americans in Geneva with UN/In't organizations?
  157. Is this legal?
  158. Lausanne/St. Legier/Pully - where to live?!?
  159. Too Much Cleaning
  160. Names on mailboxes
  161. How quick do houses really sell?
  162. IKEA delivery times
  163. Foncia Immobilier - any experience
  164. Where to find houses to renovate?
  165. Pest control - mice in the walls
  166. Personal liability insurance
  167. Moving to Bern need help - advice on sites, areas etc.
  168. tipping the movers?
  169. Landlord Won't Come Till Tomorrow for Electricity Outage in Kitchen
  170. Mortgage for contractors
  171. Lampfitting services wanted in Montreux
  172. Housing Costs - Gas, Electricity Water, Phone etc..
  173. BLACK WATER - You wont believe this!
  174. Fixing damage to a door/frame?
  175. renovation costs for a wc
  176. signature issues - new apartment
  177. Rent in Basel
  178. Furniture transport
  179. Need cleaners, Luzern
  180. Scam: craigslist Basel
  181. Does anyone know the name of this rental agency...
  182. Have you ever thought of sub letting while on holidays?
  183. Should I be paying for work done on heating system in apartment?
  184. Where can I trow away my furniture???
  185. Fallout Shelters
  186. Geneva - France, areas to investigate?
  187. two-week rental in Basel
  188. Dream home?
  189. Wooden Floor Repair Phone number Zurich
  190. Pendant lamps in Zurich
  191. Apartment in Geneva
  192. Apartment near Parc des Eaux-Vives Geneva [Advice Needed]
  193. In a bit of a housing quandry
  194. Quick legal advice needed
  195. Information on Housing
  196. help needed for long visit
  197. Living in kleinbasel - rules
  198. asking for help~couple stay in 1 piece studio
  199. Bulding materials, decoration in Zurich
  200. Terrassenhäuser
  201. Is it necessary to have your dishwasher/washing machine serviced annually?
  202. Moving to Basal
  203. Délémont?
  204. Mr. Angry is my neighbour...
  205. House /Apartment in Baar?
  206. Hotels that has rooms with kitchen?
  207. TopTip quality for Bed and matresses
  208. Buying land (property) in Switzerland
  209. Building in Simmental
  210. Is Baar a good choice?
  211. Help or Ideas in moving from Neuchatel to Bern
  212. Housing Safety
  213. IS electricity, water typically included in the rental price
  214. Fire Grates
  215. Has anyone lived near CHUV (Lausanne)?
  216. Missing Schuldbrief ?
  217. FAQs - you SURE your question/problem/requirement is unique? Look here before asking
  218. 3500-4000 rental per month for 3 beds where would you live?
  219. Cycle ride to work from Kilchberg to Opfikon
  220. Property prices in Lausanne
  221. Mythical stick-on curtain track?
  222. Chronic Exposure to CO and other Combustion Gases
  223. Renting -- How much Space per Person is Appropriate?
  224. Damaged door due to poor design
  225. Thalwil / Horgen area...
  226. House Keeper in Switzerland
  227. Coordinating buying and selling a house - or not
  228. Moving to Basel! Help! :
  229. How much was a property sold for?
  230. Is it possible to rent a flat without being employed?
  231. Rent a house in Switzerland
  232. Rental agreement / flat contract cancelled
  233. Cleaner in Zug
  234. Final settlement issues for deposit return.
  235. housing cooperatives
  236. Apartment Renovation in Geneva...
  237. Flat exchange : how does it go? Any experience to share?
  238. Kiwifruit vines?
  239. Advice about cellar space please
  240. Moving out - light sockets!
  241. moving house and Kantons - checklist?
  242. Mietkautionskonto-accounts, possible for share accommodation?
  243. Selling Furniture via Auction houses / reputable dealers, Klosters
  244. Purchasing property as a "vacation home"
  245. Land lord not returning my deposit
  246. Renting furnished apartment in or near Zurich [Web Sites + Costs]
  247. Apartment cleaning packages
  248. Housing in Sierre
  249. Finding a House in Schaffhausen
  250. How much for flat near Zurich airport