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  1. Painting the walls
  2. Basel apartments (generally without ensuites?)
  3. Serviced (short term) apartments in Basel/Bern
  4. Rules regarding guests
  5. Viewing responsibility for flat
  6. Buy to let investing in Switzerland
  7. Moving service in Zurich
  8. Can anything be done with noisy parkett flooring?
  9. Housing Appraisal
  10. What temperature is your apartment?
  11. Leaving apartment - ceramic hob question
  12. Illegal rent increase?
  13. Sublet your parking?
  14. Housing Deposit: Getting it Back (what do when when landlord is cheap and dishonest)
  15. No Hot Water
  16. Gift from the cleaning staff - what's the done thing here?
  17. Buying a flat but may rent it in a few years - can you do this?
  18. Curtain Tracks for Bay Window?
  19. How difficult / easy to find an apartment in Basel?
  20. electricity out in most part of the studio, what to do?
  21. Looking for a solution for my small studio - oil issues from cooking
  22. expat area in zurich?
  23. I am looking for 2-3 beds apartment in Lausane or Nyon
  24. No closets?
  25. Excited to be Moving
  26. Kitchen is bad shape and the agency refuse to renovate:Advice needed
  27. Can they do that?
  28. What is my official address during Jan ?
  29. Furnished accomodation Basel - any tips?
  30. L permit
  31. Goods to bring, Relocation, Housing
  32. Referral for an Attorney versed in Landlord/Tenent issue
  33. Need accomodation; would rather speak to owner than agency
  34. Appartment Vs house cost point of view
  35. Furnished Appartments Vs Unfurnished
  36. Legal Advice needed for dispute between Landlord/Tenant
  37. Can I apply for two apartments at once
  38. Where to buy furnitures?
  39. Garbage, where to deliver it in Ticino?
  40. Space requirement for a family of 3
  41. recommend company for installing new lamp
  42. What's life like in Bern ?
  43. Can we find a flat in a week?
  44. Removal companies UK/Swizterland
  45. Any good real estate agency in Basel?
  46. Student Housing - Zurich
  47. Little to no heat
  48. A Residence Permit For Rental Agreement
  49. Temporary accommodation (3 nights)
  50. Where can I purchase household items in Basel ?
  51. Rent raise between tenants
  52. anyone used AS NETTOYAGES in lausanne? [Cleaning Company]
  53. Advice wanted: Dodgy moving company
  54. Space requirement for a family of 2
  55. Too good to be true?
  56. Pest control - who pays?
  57. Ripped off by dishwasher installer?
  58. Should I have bought a lottery ticket?
  59. Advise on living in horgen
  60. Buying a house
  61. moving to Basel - rent/buy house with yard
  62. House-rental CV, any tips?
  63. Notary in Lausanne (preferably English speaking)
  64. Buying a Flat: Have you heard of a closed bid system in Switzerland?
  65. Fined CHF 200 for declining rental offer
  66. High electrician bill, is this right??
  67. Heating Pipe Lagging / Insulation in White?
  68. Window Installation...Urgent!!
  69. Need advice for renting a nouse near Geneva
  70. HELP - Holes in kitchen wood panels = Trouble coming
  71. Movers in Zurich...
  72. Warning: Scam! Furnished House For Rent
  73. it sucks ( vacuum cleaner advice ? )
  74. Wooden venetian blinds
  75. Balcony screening plants for winter?
  76. Nyon
  77. Where to find rubber window seals?
  78. Life around Zugersee
  79. House with a Swimming Pool
  80. Parking issue - help please
  81. Paying a utility bill for a place you no longer live in
  82. How on earth is it all done in one day?
  83. smokeless coal in Geneva
  84. So, how the rest of the people deal with finding a place?
  85. End of tenancy apartment cleaning - Lausanne
  86. Don't signing the contract, must I still pay something for the company?
  87. Writing down a lower income than it is?
  88. Udligenswil vs. Greppen
  89. moving out of a furnished apartment
  90. Sombedy have experience with Superhomes?
  91. EWZ - which choice for electricity?
  92. No Water - advice how to tackle this
  93. Comparis prices - how correct??
  94. need a sealing gasket for refrigerator...
  95. Where to buy spare parts for bathroom furniture?
  96. Cut glass for a catflap
  97. How long in advance do I need to start looking and applying for accomodation
  98. house hunting service?
  99. Do you have to be a Swiss in order to rent a nice apartment?
  100. I have to tell you this about Heating Systems in Switzerland
  101. Cleaning issue when giving back apartment, Many Thanks!
  102. Electrician Bill Should I Pay or Landlord?
  103. Inappropriate Nebenkosten
  104. Translation of house purchase contract at Notary Question
  105. Echo in apartment, elimination of
  106. What to look out for when handing over your apartment..
  107. What would be your favorite city to live in that is just OUTSIDE of Geneva?
  108. Where to find industrial units for rent
  109. Preparing the Garden for Winter
  110. Not around for final inspection - Agency want me to release Deposit
  111. Why there are no ensuit rooms in Swiss apartments
  112. Do you get under used running expenses back?
  113. Opinions of Bremgarten in Aargau
  114. Where can I get Toilet cleaning Snake - Wire Hanger to remove any block inside
  115. Recommended Relocation Company in-from-to Switzerland and Europe
  116. change color of a wooden chair
  117. SPS EBS Project EWID
  118. should I be concerned with fast approval
  119. Must a landlord justify heating costs?
  120. Can the landlord sell out from under me?
  121. Rights to end contracts early when leaving
  122. where to buy second hand furniture in Luzern
  123. Neuchatel/boudry/colombier-housing
  124. Ask for the help about law for the renting contract if moving out in advance
  125. Housing agents / Sites for Housing in Sierre
  126. Apartment-hunting with a DOG ?
  127. How much of your net salary do pay in rent?
  128. looking for an area with easy commute to golf course(s)
  129. Can I replace light switches myself?
  130. relocating
  131. Harsch Trasport - experiences?
  132. Looking for areas to live near Basel with family (commuting to Prattein for work)
  133. What's a fair quote for moving/transportation costs?
  134. Typical rent amount?
  135. A firm bought our building, we're moving out... How much do we have to do?
  136. Trying to get an apartment in Zurich; frustrated!
  137. Any recommendation for storage whilst travelling?
  138. Moving out deposit deductions - I think I feel sick
  139. Movers and Cleaners in Lausanne
  140. Ceiling fixtures
  141. Seebach
  142. lilies - where to buy?
  143. Basel - anyone familiar with Im Ettingerhof or surrounding area?
  144. Cleaning Company that speaks English in Zurich
  145. Living in Aarau
  146. Swiss law on Extra Nebenkosten Scam
  147. Where should you live if you work in Schaffhausen?
  148. Notice of termination:Example in German needed
  149. How to clean my terrace floor
  150. Any plumbers out there?
  151. Short Term Rentals in Lausanne
  152. Rules in Row-Houses and 2-family Houses?
  153. Plumber in Zurich Oerlikon
  154. where to find washing machine drain hose extension?
  155. Oh dear I seem to have marked the parquet flooring - help!
  156. The "Buying a house in Switzerland" thread
  157. Owner selling flat what happens to contract?
  158. French rental question - basel dweller
  159. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with TC Entreprise générale SA?
  160. Living in Dietikon, thoughts?
  161. How to insure a shared flat / WG ?
  162. Application forms for Nachmieter
  163. Deposit return.
  164. Montreux
  165. Mortgages question
  166. Cleaning apartment when leaving - the good!
  167. Basel notice - ZH relocation advise
  168. Good immo for Geneva?
  169. What's all the "Wert's"
  170. Solicitor recommendations / buying property
  171. Renting an appartment, how long could it take?
  172. Attempting to find a tenant (in the sticks)
  173. Buying a house, is this usual?
  174. Have apartments in Swiss central heating system or electrical?
  175. housing a political issue
  176. Traditional garages
  177. Cleaning Charges after vacating the apartment...
  178. Cleaning Agency in Zurich
  179. Commission Fee for Temporary Housing agency?
  180. Lucern, houses for rent with back yards.
  181. Have you would you have a docking station put in your house for a hoover?
  182. Packer+Movers+Cleaners
  183. Getting Out of apartment Contract Early
  184. Relocation agency - your opinions
  185. Wood burning boilers - how much??
  186. How Many Viewing Days???
  187. Tips for finding rental properties
  188. Apartment Agency wants to invoice for extra garbage removal
  189. tenant agreement
  190. Can anyone recommend a cleaning person in Richterswil, ZH ?
  191. Yverdon - Geneva commute
  192. need a place to live temporarily
  193. Commuting between Geneva and Zurich everyday, possible?
  194. Rough cost to strip wallpaper and paint apartment?
  195. Cost to Install Washer/Dryer
  196. Can't move in to new house and therefore no accommodation for the weekend
  197. Relocation to Zurich from India
  198. Moving In House Inspection
  199. Bringing stuff to the Brocki - any rules?
  200. Commuting from Gland to Geneva
  201. Ordering from Ikea online
  202. Power Saving
  203. [Websites for ] Single accomodation in Geneve
  204. house renovation
  205. How do you sublet???
  206. Homestay/Au pair August 2011
  207. Suggestions for relocation agents
  208. Moving Box sizes and Cargo
  209. Cleaning Services in Schaffhausen
  210. Good place to buy and have curtains adjusted in Luzern?
  211. Moving out of apartment - which time?
  212. Ballpark estimate for a doorkey replacement ? how bad is it....
  213. Tips on how to apply for an apartment
  214. flooring - buy locally or abroad
  215. Earth Cellars
  216. Would anyone like to build my ikea furniture
  217. Need Temporary Accommodation for Furniture
  218. Can anyone help with a furniture predicament?
  219. ordering kitchen from outside CH
  220. Electrician - Seebach / Oerlikon
  221. Want to buy a property...
  222. changing address
  223. Furnished apartment search
  224. Building company in liquidation - outstanding debts?
  225. yipee
  226. Whats the best source for finding office space near Paradeplatz?
  227. Rights of Apartment Renter
  228. Mortgage
  229. Which City in Switzerland has cheapest rate of Accommodation..?
  230. Buying furniture in Germany - Anybody shopped at Seipp?
  231. Anyone have a template for a subletting please
  232. Temporary accommodation on arrival - Zurich
  233. Help - Window screens - available to buy or do-it-yourself?
  234. Selling property privately in Switzerland
  235. Plan les ouates to live
  236. Rotkreuz, Nice PLace to live?
  237. Where can I buy Indonesian furniture in Zurich area?
  238. Help me - To fill the application form
  239. Soundproofing Windows
  240. Help - undecided about Horgen Holzbach
  241. Working in Geneva for six months or so - affordable lodging nearby ?
  242. Moving from Munich to Zurich - How Long?
  243. Fairy lights in Oerlikon?
  244. Neubau apartment (rental) not ready on time - is contract valid?
  245. Cost of Housing in Ferney-Voltaire
  246. Where to buy Plumbing supplies...
  247. Inexpensive delivery of small boxes UK -> Switzerland?
  248. 'Mistakenly' Signed Contract Woe
  249. Electric convector fire
  250. Building House: Price of Land + House