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  1. rental value / valeur locatif
  2. Historical Rental properties / Prices
  3. Bin Liners
  4. Certificate of no debt form for G permit holder? (Geneva)
  5. Cleaner payment
  6. Proof that my kitchen equipment is working...
  7. Family-friendly quarters in Zürich - where?
  8. Lausanne - good to buy?
  9. Letting a room/rooms in own house
  10. Advice on Moving Companies from UK
  11. Owner-occupier (PPE) meeting and noisy kids
  12. Best areas in Zurich for a family w kids - Work in Zug
  13. Change Address in Basel
  14. Buying apartment in Lausanne
  15. rent difference
  16. Short term renting
  17. Gardening
  18. Electricity - Lighting
  19. Living near Schlieren
  20. Grad student & wife looking for [info about] apartments in Bern
  21. Cleaning Methods for blinds???
  22. NK and BK
  23. Found an apartment in Glattbrugg - any negative aspects to this area?
  24. Leaving a Serviced Apartment
  25. Reclaimed wood flooring advice needed
  26. How to pay for my apartment?
  27. commute question in geneva
  28. Whats Rapperswil-Jona like?
  29. How Long does it take to hear if you've got the apartment
  30. Is this a sign that I must move out ? [Landlord bringing people for sale]
  31. Suggestions for Taking Apart a Sofa
  32. Rubbish dump/ recycling in Luzern
  33. Can any EF members 'recommend' a cleaner?
  34. Gardening Tools and Kit
  35. Between city & airport - where would you go?
  36. Thoughts on living in Fourches?
  37. Is it legal to sublet a sublet ?
  38. Normal to pay for a quote?
  39. Owner threatens not to renew lease
  40. Looking for recommendations for moving within Baselland Canton
  41. Glass Kitchen Surface Question
  42. Security Deposit After Handover as I'm leaving the country
  43. Security alarms for flats
  44. Which lawn mower to use?
  45. Has anyone imported plants?
  46. What does "unfurnished" usually mean?
  47. contacting apartment agency for rules appeal
  48. leave flat before end of contract
  49. transferring title in house to husband - tax issues?
  50. House project #2
  51. I like my (Swiss) neighbour because.....
  52. Is it possbile to rent on temporary contract.
  53. Nice places to live outside of Zurich?
  54. new life in Langnau am Albis
  55. Finding a place to live in Geneva is ridiculous!
  56. live in Germany but study in Zurich - need info on CH-DE border towns
  57. Curtains and wall heaters
  58. Problem with Schimmel (mold/mould)
  59. deciding on a house in vesenaz geneva
  60. Deck AG - anyone renting through them?
  61. Good moving companies within Ticino area?
  62. Standard height of ceilings
  63. Zürich Hostels? (while looking for a WG)
  64. Average rent in Zurich Chf 2500 for decent flats?
  65. 20% deposit.. use existing house as security?
  66. Extending a house
  67. House search engines for switzerland?
  68. Buying an apartment for a relative
  69. Which heating to install?
  70. vintage furniture restoration
  71. Cabinet maker in Zurich
  72. How to get help moving our couch upstairs.
  73. Agenda finding new tennants
  74. Refrigerator is not very cold
  75. Rent v's tax rate in Switzerland.
  76. Wipkingen city appartments - experience or knowledge of this area?
  77. Gerance refused proposed tenant
  78. Where to live in Zurich
  79. Flats in Basel?
  80. Regie gets Aggressive
  81. renting vs buying - what would you do?
  82. the swiss do it again... door handles
  83. Moving to Switzerland
  84. Interior decoration
  85. Horgen vs Lachen
  86. Novartis temporary apartments in Basel
  87. Recommendations for a painter/painting company? [Geneva]
  88. Swiss agency accommodation offers in Zurich
  89. Temporary (adult student) housing in Zürich
  90. Help - being overcharged when moving out!
  91. Which agency to choose for a sale near Zurich?
  92. Furniture store prices too good to be true?
  93. Which areas to live in?
  94. Buying a house in France.....building surveys
  95. Is this website legit?
  96. Apartment - where/how do I find one?
  97. Electric Heat
  98. Domestic Cleaner for APT in Zurich, 8006
  99. Buying some curtains
  100. Anyone have experience buying furniture in France?
  101. Occasionally renting out a spare room... private matter or one for the taxman?
  102. Good areas in France (nr.Basel) for renting apartments?
  103. Advise needed living arrangements, 22 year old moving to Lausanne to work in Monthey
  104. Moulded Cellar - and clothing!
  105. Rent max = 1/3 gross salary: true or false?
  106. My family nightmare!!
  107. Contacts for Apartments in Basel.?
  108. Tips on buying in Switzerland when not living there
  109. ending rental agreement find new tenant next to a construction site
  110. Relocation companies in Lausanne
  111. How to deal with a complaining neighbour?
  112. Is there a demand for furnished appartments?
  113. Pre-paint cleaning agent - Sugar Soap
  114. HELP! Need someone to fix my washing machine
  115. Is a hotel room address enough for initial residency and bank account?
  116. Where to live? Suggestions for finding accommodation in Geneva region?
  117. Advise: Cleaner for Handover of apartment
  118. Help buying a house
  119. Relocating Zurich for 12-24 months. Should I use a relocation agent?
  120. Registration vs. lease agreement?
  121. Moving to Basel - which are the 'best areas'?
  122. Tricky situation [with contractor/sub contractors]- What to do?
  123. Plasterboard or something?? building materials advice needed please
  124. Zug
  125. Possibly searching in Nyon to work in Geneva
  126. House warming gift - ideas please
  127. rent after leaving & new tenant
  128. Gland/Nyon/Geneva?
  129. Life in Wallisellen...info needed!
  130. Need tips [on furniture stores and delivery service]
  131. Ceiling Light wire colours
  132. subsidized housing
  133. Advice for finding a tenant to take over our apartment lease
  134. rent/flat/Geneva
  135. House keys and cleaning lady - how do you do it ?
  136. Bedroom Furniture Tips
  137. How to rent out a furnished Villa in Geneva for about two years?
  138. Changes in apartment market in mainland Zürich over the last years
  139. Agency to rent out a flat
  140. How long should you wait for a flat application in Geneva?
  141. Good places to live with a toddler in/ near Zurich
  142. Bats, whats the low down?
  143. Terms in house rental - GS and GK
  144. Removals company
  145. Veolia and garden waste collection in Basel
  146. Zurich
  147. Moving out- cleaner/handy man advice for Lausanne?
  148. Neighborhood to live in with young children in Geneva?
  149. Winterthur - which areas are of interest?
  150. sourcing wood to make a swing set
  151. house collapsed in Seefeld....
  152. Backing off from signing housing rental agreement
  153. Almost got scammed, when looking for apt in Lausanne
  154. 12-18 months working in Zurich, need apartment help please :)
  155. Can estate agent retract from the initial email promise to send the contract document
  156. Wanting to live longer ? Zug for men and Ticino for women
  157. anyone moving England to Switzerland in May? (Oxford to Zürich)
  158. Total time wasters!
  159. Moving
  160. Geobiological survey? Scam or for real?
  161. Plumbing, whose responsibility?
  162. House needed in greater Fribourg Area
  163. Short term accommodation in Zurich - Advice and Sites only!
  164. Owning a house, building a new one - mortgage - help understanding what bank saying
  165. What is the standard rent for a studio in Geneva?
  166. Anyone know a good architect in Fribourg /Fribourg area
  167. Cooling off period in Switzerland
  168. 2nd address instead of wochenaufenthalt
  169. shared rental agreement rules?
  170. Handing over a Flat
  171. rules for renting holiday apartments?
  172. Brand new apartments available from Nov 11, 8050 Zurich
  173. Flat wanted close to Dübendorf
  174. Light fittings, shelves, et al when moving out?
  175. Land lord outside Switzerland
  176. Mould in the conservatory
  177. Where can I find under cabinet power sockets?
  178. Recycling/rubbish in VD
  179. Custom made sofas in Switzerland
  180. Moving out - 3 months notice - letter model
  181. Apartment cleaning services
  182. Removal Companies Canton Zug
  183. Finding a furnished studio/ 1 bed in Basel/ Basle
  184. Advice for finding accommodations while on a work contract
  185. Ikea Basel or Ikea Zurich
  186. Heating & Electric bills
  187. Newbie - Qestion about property acquisition in Lugano
  188. Urgent advice from electrician required
  189. "electrical" question [wiring light fixtures]
  190. Ventilation in appartments
  191. Finding a place for two
  192. Canadian arriving on Tuesday, need info on hostels
  193. Cleaning quotes.. cheapest company? [ZH]
  194. DIY lighting - cable confusion
  195. Soon to be in Zurich, Seeking some local knowledge.
  196. Rent query - how much for a 1 BR flat in Basel ?
  197. Squatters
  198. bed bugs
  199. Replacing electric storage heaters?
  200. Unfurnished better than furnished in Basel?
  201. Visiting Baden For the First Time - ideas for a cost effective short stay please
  202. Do we need to tell rental agency about baby on the way?
  203. New Road Announcement
  204. Short-Term Stay in Lausanne
  205. Letting Agents
  206. Buying a house in Le Vaud
  207. help with finding sublets
  208. Boiler "saving" Mode?
  209. Living in Zurich Area
  210. New kitchen,bau meister sought
  211. Buying or Renting in Switzerland
  212. Heads up for new apartments available in 8152 Glattpark
  213. Removal company reviews London-Zurich
  214. DFS (UK) sofas ship to switzerland
  215. Cigarette smoke in daughters bedroom
  216. Can I put a a "for rent" sign in my balcony?
  217. Nettoyage et Déménagement
  218. Moving out of flat early question
  219. A company which installs nets?
  220. Obligation to inform the Landlord
  221. Recommendations for a Bathroom Refitting Service in Germany
  222. Solar panels, help!! does anyone know the real 'facts'???
  223. Do I have to pay for washing machine repairs for an existing problem?
  224. Where to look for houseshare with English speakers?
  225. leaving flat
  226. Is Uster and surrounding area a good place to live?
  227. housing/neighborhoods
  228. Communiting and Housing Locations
  229. Co-Locator issues / Mietvertragübertragung
  230. Any recommendations for a plasterer in Lausanne
  231. Suggestions for Wardrobe repair
  232. Cancellation of a flat contract: template and some questions
  233. Terminating A Verbal Contract - Pachtvertrag
  234. Specific Bern districts questions
  235. Swisscaution and my agency
  236. Real Estate in and around Bern
  237. Long wait for Deposit repayment - Possible Discrimination
  238. Building an outdoor structure
  239. PLEASE HELP with cheap place in LIVING BASEL!!!!!
  240. Soundproofing/absorbing material?
  241. When will I get my Deposit back?
  242. Basel-Stadt neighborhood statistics site
  243. Property market in the Basel area
  244. Lease cancelation - Special circumstance
  245. Any recommendations / experience with movers from UK to CH
  246. SBB Housing
  247. Please help_buying a house in Vernier Geneva
  248. Minergie standard: Expo in Luzern
  249. Living in Burgdorf?
  250. Why so few ads for apartment rents in Geneva ?