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  1. Selling building plot
  2. Business Flat/Accomodation Suggestions Basel
  3. Need Recommendations on Relocation Service from Oregon, USA to Zurich
  4. Gas cookers on bottled bas
  5. Washing machine - Connection to bath or sink faucet.
  6. Where to live along Forchstrasse, Zurich
  7. Hotel Booking - Problem
  8. Dining chair recovering
  9. Heating system change
  10. how do I find apartment NOW for 10 months away?
  11. wtf [Properties & Real Estate]
  12. Removal company recommendation?
  13. renovation rules in CH
  14. What does Niederlassung means?
  15. Requirements for renting a house in Switzerland
  16. House prices in bids
  17. Between flats (ZH)
  18. Moving from St. Gallen to Zuerich : info about umzug services
  19. How do you handle apt search in a different Canton?
  20. Looking for handyman in Zurich
  21. Charges for managed rentals
  22. Moving apartments - cleaning company or do it yourself?
  23. What do the building caretakers need to know?
  24. Canton VD (Harmonising of records) Is this compulsary?
  25. Working in Basel living in France...
  26. looking for a gardener recommendation in Lachen area
  27. Can I repair my own oven?
  28. Tricky one: town recommendation N/NE/E Zurich
  29. Tips on finding apartments in Lausanne needed please
  30. Searching for Gardener / Landscaper - recommendations?
  31. Renting our flat vs selling it
  32. Best place to buy all new furniture when relocating?
  33. Searching for a Plumber
  34. mailbox damage
  35. breaking the lease
  36. Sub letting our house in Zollikon question!
  37. Looking for apartment in Zug
  38. How far from Basel can you go . . ?
  39. bed n breakfast in therwil basel land
  40. [Basel] I'm downsizing.. you upsizing ?
  41. Apartment to Rent Stäfa
  42. One room rent in Zurich
  43. 4 Bedroomed House Required in Basel
  44. Accommodation around Lausanne
  45. Mortgage loan for house
  46. Barbeque on Balcony
  47. Owning an apartment, residents' meetings, your experience?
  48. waiting time for apartments Bern
  49. flooring repair
  50. Need accomodation in Basel for 4 months (April - Aug 2010)
  51. Swiss real estate price trends from the Swiss National Bank
  52. Buying a house on B permit in Switzerland
  53. Drilling into the ceiling to fix lights
  54. Homegate
  55. finding an apt in Switzerland
  56. Short-term Stay in Zurich
  57. urgent: can my friend register in my address for 5 months
  58. Renting a place in Basel
  59. Real Estate Agent Recommendation?
  60. Recommendations for apartment search agents?
  61. Looking for an 1-2.5 rooms appartment in Lausanne
  62. Forced Out of Apartment?
  63. Cleaning Laundry Ironing
  64. Security deposit insurance ... options?
  65. Neighbour complaints
  66. Rental Contract Begins on Weekend
  67. professional cleaners?
  68. Foreign Tenant - done a runner
  69. Looking for a house to rent around Biel
  70. Ausländer verboten (foreigners not permitted) in Apartment Hunt?
  71. sublet contract
  72. Basel: Handyman needed for small job
  73. bargaining on buying a New House
  74. Help finding the right place to live
  75. English speaking Electrician in Basel?
  76. Dishwasher Service ??!!??
  77. how to deal with Gerance
  78. Possible to rent before phsically moved to geneva?
  79. architect fee
  80. Do you pay each week or each month for Swiss Apartments?
  81. How can a homeowner determine the rent in CH?
  82. Final checkout of apartment - have the Mieterverband [tenants assoc.] there or not?
  83. Prohaus AG - Opinions please
  84. Moving to Zurich for work
  85. Urgently needed double room or big room in Lausanne end of March or from 1st april 10
  86. Looking for a 4 rooms appartment between Vevey and Montreux area
  87. Meaning of Wert des Mobiliars?
  88. Looking for reasonably-priced storage space in Geneva area
  89. Charming 2.5 room flat to rent in Wollishofen
  90. Finding the right place to live the first time
  91. Selling our house - real estate agents?
  92. anyone know anything about this area in Oerlikon
  93. Interesting Apartment Application Interview. Legal?
  94. Looking for a Roomate in Zurich or close to
  95. When am I officially "released" from my apartment contract?
  96. Any recommendations for moving companies in Zurich area?
  97. How to make a ramp
  98. Experience with GIAP in Geneva?
  99. Flat SCAM! (or not?)
  100. Help: boxes for moving in Geneva
  101. Frustrated in Chur
  102. Primary School in Oberhasli
  103. Moving to work in Basel - Live in Switzerland or France??
  104. Repairing Window Shutters / Blinds
  105. Geneva apartment hunting
  106. Customs moving from Italy to Switzerland
  107. small apartment needed in Bern
  108. Where to rent a Nintendo WII by zürich?
  109. short term (week at a time) accommodation in Zurich
  110. Wanted small apartment in house in Luzern...
  111. Replacement glass for coffee table
  112. Apartment not clean, gimme all ya money
  113. Suggestion for a place to live? [in Zurich on a budget]
  114. how to post housing ads? (LUGANO)
  115. Bringing musical instruments back to Switzerland - help!
  116. do houses exist in Basel???
  117. Moving to Bern
  118. Livit AG - Your opinions please?
  119. Hotel Jeunotel in Lausanne
  120. Is there really a housing shortage in Zurich ?
  121. Embarassing question re:Landlady
  122. what action can we take against this ridiculous situation with the landlord?
  123. Owner wants to do renovations/refurbishment
  124. where to buy firewoods???
  125. Rental Agent Charges
  126. Apartment for rent in Thalwil
  127. What to do when a neighbour complains?
  128. [English-speaking] Architect [wanted in Valais/Wallis]
  129. small problem with renting company
  130. Recycling- An excellent yet complicated system!
  131. Why is it so complicated to find accommodation?
  132. Kirstie and Phil Equivilent (of Location Location Location fame)
  133. bought the furniture of the apartment I will move in
  134. Temporary Accommodation Options Geneva?
  135. Apartment hunting Australians.... [Zürich]
  136. How to have 'Good neighbourly cohabitation'
  137. Subletting flat in Zurich
  138. Wanted: Cleaner (Zurich 8001)
  139. looking for a cleaning person [Zurich]
  140. Where to put Apartment number in the address?
  141. Crown Relocations [Poor experience]
  142. Arzier or other places inland
  143. Room for rent or apartment cheap as possible in Nyon or Gland
  144. Apartment needed in Morges/Best place to live?
  145. Rights vis à vis real estate agents (regie)
  146. House hunters
  147. Looking for a Pension in Lausanne area HELP
  148. Feedback required on a particular agency managing funished apartments
  149. Help me fill in my application for housing...
  150. US / Victorian-Style Baseboard/skirting boards [where to buy?]
  151. Parking in Geneva is so hard to find!!
  152. Cost of a mahogany table and 6 chairs
  153. Comparison of Employee Mortgage discounts.
  154. Hasliberg(Oberglatt) area to live
  155. thinking about moving to Uster?
  156. Cleaner wanted in Staefa
  157. Question about Winterthur
  158. use pension money for Mortgage
  159. Moving to Zug area
  160. Moving within same canton
  161. Renting your place here and renewing mortgage?
  162. Nebenkostenabrechnung [extra montly rent charges]
  163. Renting in Geneva without Permi, is it possible???
  164. Notice letter for my apartment (Please help)
  165. Appartment Swap Site
  166. Geneva
  167. Moving to Gumligen,Bern
  168. Sofa damaged in temp furnished apartment
  169. My experience with Pickfords so far
  170. River side living, house boats.
  171. moving to zurich sept/oct: when to begin looking for a place?
  172. [Zurich] Family Garden
  173. Help/Advice Needed Rental agreement
  174. Any comments on Birmensdorf or Dietikon area?
  175. I love Meilen & Kusnacht......
  176. Cost of houses to rent
  177. Does it have to be bargain basement or high end? Where is the happy medium?
  178. Selling Restrictions in Vaud?
  179. Working in Zurich - living in France
  180. Renovation costs charged to tenant
  181. Looking for an appartment in Lugano
  182. Relocation agent - need recommendations
  183. Advice Please: Moving to Vevey-Montreux
  184. IKEA & Curtain Question
  185. Moving Cantons
  186. A little help needed with apartment contract
  187. Moving to Schaffhausen
  188. Maximum number of owners of house?
  189. Would anyone recommend MATA-DIENST?
  190. Neuchatel vs Lausanne
  191. Chalet Rental Scam Uncovered in Verbier
  192. Winterthur- Seen - to far from Zurich ?
  193. Architect fees nightmare
  194. Can one rent two apartments in switzerland??
  195. Does anyone have a private garden?
  196. Good places to live near ICS, moving with 3 boys
  197. Place to live in Geneva
  198. Moving to Basel in May 2010
  199. house/registration issues!
  200. Subletting - How do I end my rental contract?!
  201. Where to live - Vaud
  202. Electrician for internet/telephone socket [Zurich]
  203. Furnished 3.5 Zimmer apratment for 1800 CHF in Dübendorf
  204. *urgent flatshare required in basel*
  205. Where to buy paint in Basel?
  206. Flat in Basel required from 1 July
  207. Anyone moving from their apartment (LAUSANNE) between MAY-June?
  208. my microwave has a 16amps plug
  209. Issue reg washing & drying.
  210. Flat wanted for 1 week ??
  211. Tumble Dryer Confusion!
  212. English electrician
  213. VAT charges on personal belongings
  214. Experience with Snow Blowers?
  215. Information sources to buy a flat in Zurich
  216. Moving Company Hourly Rates?
  217. IKEA Wardrobe - Disassembly & Re-assembly?
  218. payment for furniture
  219. keeping insects out
  220. Looking for an apartment in 8002 Enge from May 2010 onwards
  221. Sun Film for the windows, possible?
  222. Moved from GE to VD, who am I required to Notify?
  223. Painting apartment
  224. What part of Fribourg to rent in?
  225. Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung
  226. Buying furniture best in UK or CH/Fr/DE?
  227. Urget ! Need Apartment in Lausanne ~
  228. Living Near Railway Tracks
  229. Living up in the attic in Basel
  230. Complaint against Relocation Agent
  231. Breaking a contract but finding replacement renter
  232. Blinds- Up side down kind
  233. EMERGENCY! Locksmith needed in Geneva (English)
  234. Looking for a single house in Zug
  235. Children / Kids Plastic Climbing Frame
  236. Flat hunting in Lausanne as a freelancer
  237. Terrible condensation
  238. Geneva apartment rents
  239. Tips for working with an architecht?
  240. should I go to a real estate agency in person?
  241. Where to rent a Rug Doctor or equivalent?
  242. Living in Nyon versus Living in Lausanne
  243. Swiss Caution pitfalls
  244. Need curtains and toilet brush
  245. bathroom tile
  246. repair costs charged to tenant?
  247. Cleaning apartment & removal service, Zurich area
  248. where to live in Basel with kids
  249. Looking For 3 to 3.5 room appartment Near Adliswil
  250. In need of FREE moving boxers in Lausanne