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  1. Basel, Dornacherstrasse in Gundeldingen - good place to live?
  2. Gable mounted axial ventilator
  3. Open house days - how many?
  4. House Hunters in Zurich
  5. Door/Window Stoppers
  6. are 4 months rental deposit legal?
  7. Moving out problems with landlord
  8. Skip or Dumpster hire for rubbish disposal
  9. advertising flat for rent
  10. Handing back /Final cleaning of an apartment in Zurich
  11. Kaution - Deposit for a house
  12. Buying a flat in Switzerland
  13. Property for sale in Zurich 8001
  14. Where can I get a new Refrigerator Fruit Tray
  15. Recommended Moving Companies
  16. Need some ideas about costs
  17. Removals company recommendation
  18. Neighbours and Noise
  19. Hard done by?
  20. Looking for a 2-3 BR apartment in GENEVA area
  21. Neighbor Disaster [Screams of a child until midnight]
  22. Pension as deposit/place of residence question
  23. Badenerstrasse Zürich?
  24. What is "Charpente sous couverture"?
  25. Gebührenvignette - Charges Sticker - Garden Waste Collection - Basel
  26. Regarding housing and other things in Basel
  27. Damages on the floors [$?]
  28. Are utilities included in rent?
  29. Holiday home
  30. Insects
  31. Man with a van 75 chf per person, per hour - reasonable?
  32. Living close to Platte?
  33. Subletter moves back in early without permission
  34. any english speaking electricians in Vevey
  35. Is this customary?
  36. Electrical question
  37. Is household insurance obligatory or is our landlord trying to pull a fast one?
  38. Leather sofa stitching repair / Upholsterer
  39. A move to St Prex?
  40. Thalwil vs. Horgen
  41. Moving to Basel
  42. Help! What is a betreibungsregisterauszug? [debt registster extract]
  43. Best property websites
  44. Parkett Flooring - scratches/gouges need repaired
  45. Renting de-humidifiers
  46. Letter when leaving apartment / flat !
  47. Recommendation for putting up 2 drywalls in canton Zug
  48. Looking for options to pack/move furniture...
  49. Zug - recommend good residential locality pls
  50. homegate fun and games
  51. Richterswil - Investment apartment
  52. To buy or not to buy?
  53. Tenant's Rights Lawyer
  54. suggestions for a bath curtain rail
  55. Accomodation for students in Zürich
  56. Business from home?
  57. Foreigner owners may be subjected to police check
  58. Landlord wants to make the flat bigger
  59. Moving to Lugano: Advice sought
  60. Is rental market getting better in Geneva?
  61. terminating contract/finding new tenants.
  62. Renting Advice for 3 Months in Lugano please
  63. Moving House - suggest a removalist please
  64. Removal Firms - Vaud
  65. Moving cantons
  66. Looking for a good contractor/ architect for renovating a house
  67. Rental guarantee insurance
  68. regarding old furniture
  69. Where can I find a balcony net?
  70. Gardener in the Nyon area?
  71. storage room rental contract cancelled by landlord
  72. Flooded apartment
  73. shelves
  74. Fencing (Garden) Basel Recommendation(s)
  75. Question on "vermögen" in housing application forms
  76. where to live in Geneva near hospital
  77. Kuesnacht more English Speaker?
  78. Cost for utilities. NEED HELP!!!!
  79. working south of the river in geneva, where do u live ?
  80. Small space living resources?
  81. Renting with dogs.. an impossible task?
  82. Bored with a Sledgehammer.
  83. Garbage disposal built into the kitchen sink - are they available in Switzerland??
  84. Hostels? [Zürich]
  85. Researching a House for Rent
  86. Air condition, DO you need a permit or permission from landord?
  87. Which city in France is near to Lausanne for living
  88. Dehumidifier / Luftentfeuchter
  89. Urgent apartment contract question
  90. how to find places to buy in Kt. Zug?
  91. Have rental prices gone up a lot in Lausanne?
  92. Power Metering
  93. Commutable areas for working in Geneva
  94. I want to sublet my appartment for about a month, how much should I ask for?
  95. Big Dog Little Apartment
  96. Grellingen- have I lost my mind?
  97. Permit / Contract Termination
  98. laundry card question
  99. Help with finding a replacement tenant (ZH area)
  100. Removal / Moving Company for inside Switzerland
  101. Can someone help me translate some French from my rental contract?
  102. Another "Harassed by Agency" story
  103. Is there a nationwide Brockenhaus / Second hand store list
  104. Moving to Zurich late September.
  105. Bought Scruffy appartment, HELP!
  106. Looking for accommodation in (or around) Zürich/Baden for 2 weeks. Any suggestions?
  107. Question about house agent
  108. Recommendation for cleaner in Lausanne?
  109. certified German translation
  110. Who regulates notaires?
  111. Lived in Bourdonnette?
  112. Asking a a tenant to leave
  113. landllord did not say the trought
  114. Professional cleaners [Lausanne Area]
  115. Housing Market Resorts Flims
  116. best time to move?
  117. Housing Options in Geneva/Lausanne
  118. Finally! We have a place to live! Tips for other Flat-Hunters.
  119. Housing somewhere in between Zurich & St Gallen
  120. Buying a house, then renting out a small part of it
  121. First time buyer information
  122. Am I being realistic?
  123. Moving to Zurich
  124. English-speaking Juristes in Lausanne?
  125. Ikea furniture prices CH vs USA (what did you bring?)
  126. Summer in Geneva
  127. Where to buy quality plants? (Basel)
  128. Stolen House Keys...
  129. Energy Saving Lightbulbs
  130. locksmith
  131. working in Kusnacht, where to live?
  132. [Zurich] looking for a profesional affordable cleaning company
  133. Looking for international moving company
  134. Painting cost
  135. Leaving present apartment and moving to new one Checklist
  136. Where to live in Lucerne?
  137. Likely cost of relocation agent?
  138. Housing in or near Geneva (south east)
  139. mail delivery problems in new house
  140. Housing in Zug/Luzern
  141. cant find a place to live in vevey!!!!! help anyone?
  142. France or Switzerland?
  143. The guy does not rent room anymore. Do i need to hold his furniture?
  144. Sublease contract
  145. Roofer
  146. no washing machine !
  147. Possible to get flat during 1st 3months of employment?
  148. Leaving apartment - Service technician
  149. Lease expiry/New Ownership
  150. Moving to Lucern - Help
  151. New in Switzerland and need an apartment around Oerlikon
  152. Serviced/temp. housing in Geneva/Vaud? Looking for recommendations
  153. Sample letter of self-introduction to a landlord
  154. Single phase, three phase
  155. Horrible landlord - HELP!
  156. A Furnished and Spacious Room Available in a Fully Furnished Apartment!
  157. Wooden Flooring in New House
  158. House charges while vacating
  159. damaged wood flooring
  160. ZÜRICH!!!Room for rent from July 1st!
  161. Power of attorney on flat
  162. CHF 18,000 budget for kitchen in new home
  163. Looking for a large house in Kanton Vaud
  164. relocation agent in Vaud? Recommendations required
  165. Owner wants to raise monthly rent by huge amount... HELP !
  166. Quality of Swiss Wall Plastering
  167. Moving apartments - the process
  168. Looking for a house to rent in France
  169. What does Renovationsbedarf mean exactly ?
  170. Renting with an L Bewiligung
  171. Looking for temporary flat in Zurich
  172. Viewed a house today
  173. moving to Zurich with dogs
  174. Real Estate taking too long to return the security deposit for my previous apartment
  175. Can you transfer a Swiss mortgage to France?
  176. Livit and Nebenkosten (frais annexes)
  177. Transporting furniture vs. buying again
  178. Name of owner of a flat
  179. Furnished Rentals in Zurich??
  180. What are the risks installing a toilet and shower in the basement (Canton Vaud)
  181. Price for cleaning apartment in Zurich?
  182. Where to live in Lausanne?
  183. Foreigners buying property (Zurich)
  184. Moving - need a cleaner for the apartment in Basel
  185. Sub-Sublet
  186. Buying old apartment
  187. Leaving the country and apartment costs.
  188. Work in Switerland, Live in France?
  189. Roof Window Costs (Dachfenster)
  190. Need a reccommendation for an electrician
  191. Had to call electrician. Who has to pay, me or landlord?
  192. Area for family to live in Zurich - Uitikon?
  193. Looking for better mortgage calculator than UBS
  194. Moving company in Fribourg
  195. Looking to move into another apartment -
  196. Procedure to rent a room in a house
  197. Help, my room mate landlady pretends money out of contract !!! :(((
  198. Moving company in Basel?
  199. Property/Wealth tax in canton Zug
  200. Will my washing machine(s) work?
  201. Building a house - plans are missing basic electrical outlets
  202. Meaning of Abbreviations used on Homegate
  203. Looking for apartment in Lausanne
  204. General renting stuff
  205. Notice to vacate the apartment? How to communicate?
  206. Plumbing Question: thread sealant?
  207. Lime Scale at 345 CHF
  208. Glazier for cat flap and new window
  209. Opinions on Voltaplatz area in Basel
  210. Best places to live in or near Lausanne (Geneva direction)
  211. Würenlos
  212. Dog friendly areas in Zurich?
  213. Trombones and apartments!
  214. How to get approved for a house/apartment
  215. What is included in m2 figures for apts. in CH?
  216. Advice on where to live within 40 minutes of Zurich?
  217. Hangers for courtains. Name?
  218. Letter from Lustat [Luzern]
  219. Place being demolished around our ears ...
  220. Landlord refuses to fix mold problem in apartment
  221. Roofer in the Sion, Vex area
  222. Where to buy cheap potted plants in Zurich?
  223. What is the normal amount of apartments that you should apply for before acceptance?
  224. Bathroom Fittings Specialty Store
  225. Is Allschwil next to Basel a nice and convenient place to live?
  226. Carpet Layer
  227. Household Shipping from San Francisco
  228. Living in Lugano
  229. Genevahousing.net - a new scam??
  230. Buying property - tips on property surveyance
  231. evicted, ousted, expelled, kicked-out, etc
  232. About them light fittings...
  233. Mortgage - Fixed/Variable rates
  234. Just moved in...
  235. Just about to rent a room in my flat. What should I be careful about?
  236. Two fabulous appartments in Basel (May 2010)
  237. Do we pay the agency a commission when we rent an apartment?
  238. Ground Floor...unsafe?
  239. Plumber
  240. Rainwater collection system- where to begin
  241. Deposit money - how much time for payment?
  242. House Renovation
  243. Student housing in Freiburg this summer
  244. Where is a safe place for a single woman to live in Zurich?
  245. Is "Kleinbasel" a nice area? Looking for apartment in Basel.
  246. Real Estate company
  247. UK to Swiss Move - moving quote/companies?
  248. Is there a max. time for reply for an agency?
  249. Landlord Demands 3 months Rent Up Front !
  250. Timelines for Apartment deposit refund