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  1. hand made metal furniture?
  2. Looking for Apt in Geneva/France
  3. Cleaning Apartment for Move
  4. a general question about down-payment
  5. Looking for Architect/Building Engineer (Zurich)
  6. Compulsory renovation work
  7. Furniture purchase
  8. Rental contract is 9 months
  9. Searching for WG-zimmer in Bern
  10. Problem with the floor
  11. Rent reduction / interest rate reduction
  12. Article on how renters are chosen in Switzerland (fr)
  13. Furnished appartment in Kanton Zurich to rent from 1. November
  14. Where to crash in Lugano ?
  15. Fee for not signing a rental contract
  16. Looking for an aptmt in Zug for 1 person
  17. Question about registering and moving
  18. 1 Zimmer un-furnished apartment available
  19. Radiator cover material ?
  20. Apartment repair - rights vs landlord
  21. Expensive Geneva property plunges 25% in 12 months
  22. What do you spray on the wood floor
  23. Cost of a gardener
  24. Old Electrolux Oven - need help with settings
  25. What is GBL(http://www.gbl-online.ch/)?
  26. renting in Basel with one or 2 dogs?
  27. Apartment to sublet for 2 years. Available 1 January 2014
  28. Flooring options, Jatoba? (Brazilian cherry) Where to buy? IT, FR?
  29. Builders in Bern?
  30. beringen and train's noises
  31. Annemasse?
  32. Looking for 5.5 Baden area April 2014
  33. Setting up rental deposit account
  34. Household help needed in Zug
  35. Any TV Antenna on Roof Restrictions (Aargau)
  36. Tips needed on repairing cat-damaged window seals.
  37. a thread on associated cost of holiday home
  38. Renting Apt and wanting to sell our stuff too
  39. renting a house vs. renting an apartment
  40. Apartment cleaners in Enge
  41. Tips for finding an apartment in Zurich for a family with a dog?
  42. House renting website
  43. Short term Canton Zurich sublet
  44. Rental cost
  45. Hoping to view some homes in Basel-Land in September
  46. Architect or tradesmen wanted in Lausanne
  47. New to Baden
  48. besenrein
  49. Importing building materials from the UK
  50. Looking for a room/studio from October
  51. How to clean floor efficiently with little time?
  52. Impact of permit type on finding a house
  53. Student in Lausanne
  54. Biel vs Solothurn vs Olten!!
  55. Ask for legal help about unreasonable bill, malicious new ternant
  56. Where do I find dishwasher salt?
  57. French bought washers ?
  58. Looking for a Appartment.
  59. Basel: Garden rubbish disposal
  60. 3 month work contract with extension - rental possibilities
  61. So one tenant leaves, what about damages yet to be determined?
  62. Buying a letterbox
  63. 4,5-room-apartment to rent in Dielsdorf
  64. Affordable and good cleaning service in Binningen (Basel landschaft)
  65. Worried about apartment, question
  66. Recycling. Foam plastic.
  67. CHF 1000 Zurich Studio Apartment available from 1st Sep, 2013 with great view of lake
  68. Responsible for painting apartment?
  69. TV Wall Mount for a rented apartment?
  70. Renovation work in Zug, help to fill in forms
  71. possible rental scam, urgent! help please!
  72. Swiss-American moving to Switzerland to rent apartment(?) Ideas??
  73. Spot of bother
  74. Removal companies in Vaud
  75. Homeaway, VRBOs, Airbnb [renting out a room or a house via these sites]
  76. Furnished appartment in Wollishofen 1.10-31.12 2000CHF
  77. Rental Agreements
  78. IKEA recalls Kritter & Sniglar junior beds
  79. Joint lease and related issues
  80. Swiss housing market
  81. Wanted - 1/2 bedroom furnished apartment in Basel - 1 Oct.
  82. Meaning of "reduit" in listings for houses for sale?
  83. Introduction Note to Neighbors
  84. Where to start looking?!
  85. Please help - RE: Flat's management rejected applicants
  86. Intern in CH, Living in France
  87. cleaning companies
  88. Super Kingsize duvet cover, where to buy?
  89. Commuting between London & Basel
  90. Best preservative for outdoor wood?
  91. When is the best time to look for an apartment in Lausanne/Ecublens area?
  92. Basel Landscape Gardening Firm - need a recommendation
  93. "Nachmieter" in a flat whose current tenants are all moving out
  94. Furnished appartment in Wollishofen 1.10-31.12 2100CHF
  95. moving from Ireland
  96. How are home improvements treated in capital gains tax
  97. Anywhere to buy UK sized matresses in CH?
  98. Odd ideas, moving a whole house
  99. Apartment in Versoix, Geneva for three weeks
  100. Double Glazed Door Repair Person/Company
  101. Getting Mieterverband to do flat handover?
  102. Looking for room or apartment in Lausanne from SEP-13
  103. Renting my furnished apartment in Zurich for 4 months
  104. Urgent Removal Assistance in Zurich Area
  105. Looking for used bedroom furniture in Basel
  106. How do I use the washing machine?
  107. I am selling my house.....
  108. Looking for temporary housing in Lausanne
  109. Room/Flatmate
  110. 3 Zimmer Apartment for Rent (1624 CHF)
  111. Furniture rubs/scratches from the move
  112. Bern apart search hard -consider Thun? Could I find a flat in Bern for 1600 total?
  113. Man with a van
  114. Storage of furniture before moving to permanent flat
  115. Goods in Transit Insurance
  116. Any recent Pickfords/Robinsons feedback?
  117. Paying rent for time period before contract starts?
  118. How to find next tenant? (web sites with free advertise)
  119. Gfeller AG - Any Opinion
  120. would you prefer to live in Breitenrain or Langgasse?
  121. Have just met my future landlord...
  122. Tips/snacks/drinks for movers?
  123. Calling about a home in the evening/on a sunday?
  124. A/C without external part (non split system?)
  125. Cleaning company in ZH wanted
  126. Removals/Movers -recommendations and experiences?
  127. How to get out of a lease before moving in?
  128. How furnished are appartments (Bern)?
  129. Swiss frontaliers leaving France
  130. Bulky stuff to throw away
  131. Bathroom tub drain blocked - what to do?
  132. Moving to Luzern - August
  133. Apartment to be owned by Stadt Zurich
  134. Best way to avoid high fees for short-term housing?
  135. Landlord will not send check in report - options?
  136. Paying the rent during the leaving notice time window
  137. Giving 'early termination' of lease - question about letter and possible rent change
  138. Looking for 1.5-2 Room apartment in Basel Stadt
  139. Is Riehen comes under Basel-Stadt
  140. Moving House - Looking for carton boxes
  141. New Swiss real estate law - secondary vs primary residence restrictions
  142. Looking for a flatmate (girl) to share a flat in Luzern
  143. Help! Recommended place to live in Zurich but working in Baar
  144. How to get rid of old furnitures
  145. Tenants rights when apartment being sold
  146. Living in Zurich working in Baar, Zug
  147. Pensions in Geneva
  148. Districts to consider in Bern?
  149. Question about finding the next tenant before the end of contract
  150. rental increase during contract transfer ?
  151. housing availability
  152. Bringing stuff back from UK to CH
  153. New in Elgg since October
  154. Moving my own furniture from abroad to Basel. What to expect at the border?
  155. Oven with a blind?
  156. Temporary Accommodation- Baden
  157. Lighting shop in Zug/Zurich/Luzern
  158. Cast Iron Gardening Tools
  159. Following up on a flat application
  160. Neighbor Child Damaged Furniture, Shared Courtyard
  161. Pool problems - pressure going up and down
  162. Thoughts on Oberwil
  163. Any thoughts on Pfeffingen?
  164. Finding accommodation from outside Switzerland
  165. Air conditioning expert needed
  166. Possible move Blotzheim or Leyman?
  167. Handy-man in Thalwil area
  168. Handling Possible Dangerous Materials
  169. Second-Hand Art near Zurich
  170. Documents needed to rent a room in a flatshare
  171. Moving companies recommendation wanted from Basel to India.
  172. Good cleaning lady : recommendations?
  173. Mortgage rates are going up?!
  174. Assurance RC
  175. How long for household goods to clear customs?
  176. Company that would get rid of old furniture
  177. Removal Goods
  178. Washing machine recommendation
  179. Art work
  180. Apartment in Neuchatel
  181. place to stay
  182. Nice accomodation available in Basel
  183. Can I kick out my lazy neighbours for leaving their spawnmobile out?
  184. Can they kick us out because we refuse to bring always the buggy in the basement?
  185. Cleaning agency / cleaner
  186. Fireplace
  187. Decalcify / Descale boiler
  188. How many people can share a 4 1/2 room flat?
  190. Laminate Floor - how do I repair / touch up
  191. house in liechtenstein or st gallen
  192. Electrician in Solothurn - Need ASAP
  193. Question about sub renting...
  194. T&Cs for Zweifamilienhaus
  195. Magnetic White Board Paint
  196. apartment available in Enge to rent
  197. Tea Bags in the vegetable recycling?
  198. Cheapest areas of Zurich to rent a room
  199. Apartments in Luzern
  200. wallpaper
  201. Property Lawyer (or Architect) in Lausanne
  202. Help with changing apartment and moving
  203. Recycled building materials
  204. Buying a second home
  205. Rental Agencies and International Students
  206. Handing in notice on apartment
  207. Advice on districts for renting an appartment
  208. Utility bills per building - Zurich canton
  209. Duty/tax on items shipped into Switzerland (from Ireland)
  210. Advice to search for apt in Zurich remotely
  211. No deposit from the landlord
  212. Can you renegotiate rent if rent too high compared to market for area?
  213. Apartment Searching Urdorf
  214. To clean or not to clean...
  215. Ennetbaden or Webermühle?
  216. Where to buy this ventilation filter foam?
  217. Furnished Apartments?!!??!
  218. London to Lausanne, how should I bring my guitar?
  219. Second hand decoration items
  220. Buying chalet to rent out
  221. Finding a flat in 3-4 days?
  222. Where to advertise a furniture sale
  223. Tiefgarage wanted in the centre of Zug
  224. Cleaner / Nanny recommendations in Höngg Zurich
  225. Moving to Luzern in september 2013
  226. Moving to Basel
  227. Recommended moving companies in Neuchatel area ?
  228. Temporary Apartments in Bern
  229. 3.5 room apartment for Rent
  230. Buying CH real estate while temporarily away from Switzerland - C permit "suspended"
  231. Sell property on mortgage
  232. New heating system purchase & Installation?
  233. Chemical needed against "kalk"
  234. Mortgage for house under construction
  235. House renovation costs? (How long is a piece of string?!)
  236. 3. Where I will get good pet stain removal services
  237. Commuting to Zug
  238. House down payment - timing?
  239. Accom. Thalwil
  240. Man and Van - can you help?
  241. Rent Review/Reduction in Vaud
  242. Deposit return
  243. Does anyone have any experience with Multi Transport ?
  244. Cheap Fitted Carpet Zurich?
  245. Moving Back to USA.. need to sell furniture!!
  246. Lets find a house together!
  247. Help needed for apartment hunting in Geneva
  248. Where to buy simple carbon steel wok in Geneva ?
  249. Best WOKO Student House?
  250. Winterthur once a month 2 night stay - accommodation needed