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  1. Planning permission summary
  2. replace one kitchen door glass panel
  3. How to find property for purchasing?
  4. Negotiating rental rates
  5. What can I expect to pay Notary for Residential property transaction in Kanton Lzern
  6. Buying a property but setting up a company to do it.
  7. New to Zurich - Oberstrasse area, what can you tell me?
  8. Help With Renting Law
  9. Immobilienmakler (Rental Agency) Costs
  10. Electrical Hazard - What to do?
  11. Expensive property ?
  12. IKEA recommending renovero.ch as replacement for their kitchen fitting service
  13. Do they really need to glue the washing machine to the floor?
  14. DIY Wall Paint for baby's room - seeking advise
  15. Deposit return problems in Baden
  16. Another expat in Zurich, which district should I live?
  17. Renting out a room as PO box
  18. Rent reduction due to humidity/mold and ongoing renovation
  19. Living outside Zurich
  20. Selling a cutie pie house but ...
  21. Moving to Zurich from US
  22. Electrical inspection after house purchase
  23. Handyman to work in a house in Zurich
  24. looking for a carpenter in Basel region
  25. To Park on Visitors space or Blue zone, that is the question
  26. The getting screwed by your landlord thread
  27. Help with our new address
  28. Blotting Paper to show water leak
  29. Signing house purchase contract before agreeing mortgage?
  30. The contract says rent includes all but houselord asks for water/elec fee
  31. Rent out a room in Zurich/Altstetten: Need your advice
  32. Dispute with regie, leaving CH for good
  33. Architect in Basel ?
  34. Signing legal documents for an apartment from distance
  35. Neighbours complaining about trees and noise
  36. Is this fine reasonable?
  37. Lugano GOOD House Rental Agencies???
  38. Changing House lock on Rented House
  39. Email offers on houses legally binding?
  40. Buying off plan sufficient for residency?
  41. Questions about electricians
  42. Conflict with housing Agency, bulling to clean the house : Help
  43. Help with Mietzins-Vorbehalt clause in rental contract.
  44. People that can do some easy soldering?
  45. Kitchen aid vs. kennwood
  46. Confortable ergonomic armchair to read, watch films, etc
  47. electric pressure cooker
  48. Put existing privat rental contract to a professional agency
  49. Man with van/men with ven
  50. Old garden tiles disposal
  51. problem with KWC DOMO faucet.
  52. Dryer (Tumbler) recommendations?
  53. Relocation Services - recommandations, directory?
  54. Cleaning parking space
  55. Professional cleaning near Glattbrugg
  56. Upcoming genossenschafts in Zug and Zurich
  57. Electric heater
  58. Baselstadt or Baselland? (Social Life, Family, Space)
  59. Living somewhere high in the mountains
  60. Heating and Radiator
  61. What is this pole on the roof? :-(
  62. Rules for replacement tenant
  63. UK to Zurich, Which school, area to pick for children to blend in easily?
  64. Looking for moving company recommendations
  65. Conforama furniture - missing parts
  66. Searching for International School & Flat around Winthertur; Wil and St. Gallen areas
  67. Looking for a removal company from the UK to Geneva
  68. Betreibungsauszug form for renting a flat
  69. Heating oil price at the lowest for many years
  70. Register at address X, Switzerland and live in Y, Germany
  71. Moving Company Suggestions
  72. Showing prospective tenants around - rights and responsibilities?
  73. Which are the best expat housing websites?
  74. Disposing a sofa bed in Bern region
  75. Paying your own electricity/heating bill
  76. Bed bugs :(
  77. Getting the flat you want
  78. Commuting to Dietikon...hotel v house share?
  79. Price friendly rent in Lugano?
  80. renovation and cleaning
  81. Cheap movers
  82. Company Apartment - Tax?
  83. How easy to change apartments?
  84. Renting without viewing first
  85. cleaning bill
  86. Insurance Company vs Bank for mortgage
  87. LAW?? When do i have to have a room for my baby son?
  88. Swiss fairness in rental agencies?
  89. When is the best time to move to different City/Area in Switzerland
  90. Noisy neighbour - what to do?
  91. Buying New Apartment and advice
  92. Notice period for apartment [Kundigungsfrist]: moving out before the 3 months notice
  93. When to Toss the Mattress?
  94. Getting a flat without an employment contract?
  95. Brockenhaus
  96. Recommended Citroen Service center
  97. Looking for a carpet company
  98. Gardening Company / Gardener Baden / Brugg
  99. I got a apartment in Adliswil recently
  100. Electrician in Bern
  101. Floor sander hire ?
  102. Advice Please? [Best place to live near ZH - with 2 dogs]
  103. Accomodation referral = Adliswil/Thalwil or surrounds
  104. Make my Bosch dishwasher NOT beep at the end of cycle!
  105. building codes
  106. Window Cleaner - Uetikon am See
  107. Cost of fitting a plug socket
  108. Fence Height Allowed in Zurich
  109. Where to find large beds, 220x180 (GVA area)
  110. Prepayment of Removal?
  111. Thoughts on Wadenswil
  112. Removing a useless dishwasher
  113. Paying first months rent and security deposit in advance?
  114. Administrative Fee for Rentals?
  115. What is a "caution"?
  116. URGENT HELP - Property Manager dispute
  117. Recyling Bed & Mattress
  118. Dealing with Rental agents :-(
  119. Buying property - need advice
  120. No handover during the entry (sublease)
  121. Landlord wants to paint the apartment
  122. Disposing of a big box of misc items
  123. Advised regarding IKEA bathroom cabient lamps
  124. need a carpet valuation
  125. Underground market for finding decent rents in Geneva?!
  126. Underfloor heating-how to put it on??
  127. Movers from Basel to UK
  128. Is it legal to ask prepayment for apartment before contract is signed?
  129. Pardon if this is a repeat - Desperate Dan needs help
  130. Loud Neighbours
  131. getting rid of a couch
  132. Cheap and better place to live between Zug and Zuirch Uetlihof
  133. Old versus new apartments
  134. where do you reside? -please vote-
  135. Can a neighbour shut off my drains?
  136. Buy or rent?
  137. Dispute with removal company
  138. Building inspection and renovation cost estimate prior to purchasing old chalet
  139. Making an offer on a house
  140. Why textured walls?
  141. Living in Basel / Rheinfelden
  142. Lenzerheide renovation/general contractors
  143. How easy is it to sublet an apartment?
  144. Stove cleaning - how do I get this off once and for all?
  145. Capital Gains Taxes in Vaud
  146. housing location advice needed
  147. Fridge repair in rental appartment
  148. Is this legal?
  149. Which stores are comparable with Oak Furniture Land?
  150. Replacement tenant- any impact on deposit?
  151. Wood floor cleaning
  152. Companies that sell and install safes for homes in Lausanne area
  153. Retiring a swimming pool permantly and non-permantly
  154. What's included in your Nebenkosten?
  155. short term rental
  156. Spotting traps?
  157. Housing advice needed for new arrival!
  158. Tivoli Residence Haldenstrasse Luzern
  159. Zurich - Where to live?
  160. Canvas framing in Zurich
  161. Help with Electricity Wires
  162. House keeping in Zurich
  163. relocation agents in Bern?
  164. Looking for a front-facing children's bookcase
  165. Banning of Electric Heating in houses in Vaud
  166. Student house Vinzenz?
  167. Suggestions for where to live in Zurich on a permissive budget?
  168. - School in geneva | Living in France -
  169. Where do you dry your laundry?
  170. Need a Plumber Montreux
  171. Prefab Houses in Switzerland?
  172. Help: Keys for internal doors
  173. Decent cleaning service in Zurich?
  174. Plumber recomendation Fribourg
  175. freezer door
  176. attaching a stair gate... Help! What is this tool in the instructions
  177. Renting an appartment in another canton with permit B
  178. Auto paint fumes in new apartment
  179. Housing Altercations - Advice needed
  180. Bank wants to visit our apartment 18 months after purchase
  181. Moving to Bern
  182. Apartment deposit?
  183. Safety of Lausanne Chauderon area
  184. Is it a good time to buy a property in Geneva?
  185. apartment cleaners for handover to landlord in Bern area
  186. Takeover protocol
  187. Help with idea on living in Germany working in Switzerland
  188. Inventory of protected monuments of the canton of Basel-Landschaft
  189. Handyman needed in Basel!
  190. Geneva Heating Regulation
  191. Muttenz with kids and a dog?
  192. Advice needed before move to Zurich area
  193. Question about Rent Deposit Account
  194. How long can my real estate agency take to send me the bill after moving out?
  195. Cleaning moving out Basel
  196. Heating Switched off - but its on. Why?
  197. [France] Costs Involved in Selling a House
  198. household insurance - how to document what is in
  199. Garden Shed and Car port question
  200. How current are online rental postings? (luzern)
  201. Help with finding ab apartment
  202. Broken home appliance
  203. look for a flat hunter in geneva
  204. Apartments Viewing in Basel
  205. Mold/high humidity in Zurich apartments: is that a common problem?
  206. Real estate in Switzerland...seriously?
  207. Rent reduction for major repairs
  208. Getting deposit back
  209. Need permit for lease, need lease for permit?
  210. shifting within zurich
  211. Exhaustive list of housing platforms for Zurich
  212. Moving from Trento (Italy) to Zurich
  213. Carpet Extraction, is it a legal obligation?
  214. Apartment in two cantons, Swiss married with Non-EU Permit B
  215. major repairs in building and effect on rent
  216. Stripping paint when moving out
  217. Amount of previous rental paid, must in future be disclosed
  218. "no landlord will grant you a lease for a CHF1200 flat"
  219. Baar or Zug?
  220. Zurich - Rotkreuz
  221. Miet-Kauf [rent to own] - any experiences?
  222. Where can I take my empty IKEA boxes?
  223. Covering nail holes
  224. Buying a house - Grundpfandrecht - Something to worry about?
  225. Bad case of limescale/oxidation on WC chromes
  226. Central Heating dial button
  227. Zurich electricity
  228. Housing - Zurich
  229. Need to have washer/dryer serviced in Basel, help?
  230. Where to buy furniture? (Other than IKEA, Conforama)
  231. Self Storage in Zurich
  232. Complaint from Gemeinde AFTER issuing Official permission
  233. Removalist recommendation in Lausanne, Yverdon or Vevey regions?
  234. Price of wood ?
  235. Living in Zurich, District 12 - Schwamendingen.
  236. replacement tenant signs for another apartment due to delay
  237. Is it difficult to rent out apartment in Gland?
  238. Ethanite (asbestos tiles)
  239. Neighbour's dog is a pest
  240. Fixing washing machine door seal
  241. Reservation fee for house purchase, 60K?
  242. Conditions must and should be met?
  243. Flat in Lugano
  244. Row house renovation costs
  245. Do you prefer benches or chairs (dining)
  246. Can Schlichtungsstelle's [arbitration] decision be overturned?
  247. House rent reduction due to construction works noise?
  248. What would you do? Cave stealing and cave security advice - Geneva
  249. Next to rates what to check with mortgage?
  250. Found this nice interactive house price chart