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  1. Rent Bond
  2. Paint outside wood - different colour - oops.
  3. Painters massively overcharged - any advice?
  4. Empty and rent apartment plus storage
  5. Zurich - Relocation Agents?
  6. WG master priviledge?
  7. issues with flat contract
  8. single family house close to Bern - but where exactly?
  9. What size water boiler
  10. Short-term leases; experiences and compliance of agents.
  11. Moving out cleaning costs ambiguous in rental contract
  12. Betreibungsauskunft [debt register extract] needed?
  13. 2 apartments
  14. Place for family reunion near Basel
  15. Challenging a bill from the Regie for a plumber
  16. English Speaking Builders, Architecs in Fribourg
  17. mold in the just moved in flat
  18. Reasonable subrent calculations
  19. Possibly moving from Neuchatel to Basel (or Zurich): advice sought!
  20. Notary act reading...someone shoot me now!
  21. Renting with an CDI vs Self Employed?
  22. Subletting Problem - HELP Please!
  23. Subletting via airbnb - legal issues?
  24. 14 sqm meters for Russian wife and me
  25. Looking for a flat in Winterthur
  26. Turning off power to a circuit with ceramic fuse
  27. House number - where to buy?
  28. I need some advice on where to rent a place
  29. Can I buy property in Switzerland? - tabular guide
  30. Advice on where to live
  31. Family Friendly Town Close to Zurich
  32. Renting out room only for "work but not for living there" legal?
  33. How to buy a house in Switzerland?
  34. Moving out of apartment
  35. Finding an apartment (temporary or not) in Bern on short notice
  36. Where to advertise flat when moving out?
  37. Moving back to Zug - Need Apartment!
  38. Which lawnmower type ?
  39. Tree
  40. Phone enquiries from France: scam or no scam?
  41. Induction Hob from UK
  42. Lothringerplatz Voltastrasse experience
  43. Who's responsible for the damage?
  44. legal requirements for stairs in a rental property
  45. Where to live in Zug area?
  46. Undeclared colocation and residence permit
  47. Family four - how many rooms do we need
  48. How easy is it to buy as an EU national?
  49. Help to evaluate a contract
  50. Where to look for flatshare in Lausanne?
  51. How to get an Apartment with low salary?
  52. Aargau
  53. Validity of Contract after bad advice
  54. Applying before getting work permit
  55. Someone occupied my cellar [resolved]
  56. 'D'assurance responsibilite civile'
  57. Buying a house but renting the land?
  58. House Sub-Let rules in Swiss.
  59. Moving out cleaning
  60. CEVA Impact on Housing
  61. Buying Property in France - Swiss Resident
  62. Garden furniture
  63. Dyson Besenstaubsauger AnimalPro - Comments?
  64. Housing Market Zurich 2015
  65. Buying property in France with Swiss B permit
  66. Leaving apartment, what costs to expect
  67. Is it ok to walk-in into rental agency office?
  68. Afraid: Scams @ Immoscout24.ch?
  69. No Justice from Letting Agency
  70. If you rent a flat/property in ch
  71. Tips needed for buying a house in Switzerland
  72. Carpet shampooers
  73. Property Evaluation - Asking price and opinion of the bank
  74. Giving notice period for vacating house
  75. Buying Furniture in Switzerland
  76. storage of furniture
  77. Short term rental management company
  78. Swiss Plugs: No Fuse?
  79. Experience with Löwen Umzug or Laslo Umzug?
  80. Leaving apartment - cleaning
  81. Property boundary Switzerland
  82. Stained wall, whose responsibility?
  83. DIY blind belt replacement
  84. Recommended cleaning lady in Schaffhausen
  85. Housing options in Basel
  86. Proof of means - Am I wasting my time?
  87. How to rent out one of my rooms(flatshare) properly?
  88. Any advice? Looking for an apartment while I am still outside Switzerland.
  89. Incense in the house
  90. Moving north: Basel or Zurich as a home?
  91. Dog friendly apartments in Zurich area
  92. How feasible is to bargain a rent?
  93. Change of address - whom to inform?
  94. Waedenswil - Is it possible to line up a rental before arrival in Sw?
  95. Living in France/Working in Switzerland
  96. Different Electricity Rates [Zürich]
  97. Who is responsible for leak in apartment
  98. Black Mold removal in Geneva
  99. Moving from Aberdeen
  100. Tips for housing in Luzern
  101. Need a Van with driver in Bern City
  102. Taking over an existing rental contract
  103. Not so obvious living costs...?
  104. Looking for window cleaner in Canton Bern
  105. Nachmieters and Cleaning - Doubt
  106. Man With A Van - Lausanne
  107. Sending application for renting apartment without visiting
  108. Man with a Van Nyon
  109. German Architect to renovate in Zurich
  110. Handover of the new house
  111. Flat Search in Geneva
  112. Are Neighbours Really that bad?
  113. Van rental for Moving processions from the UK to Zurich?
  114. Temporary accommodation between rentals
  115. Light bulbs - pin ones
  116. Moving to Basel: housing questions
  117. housing prices... where are they going?
  118. Notice period for flat
  119. How to throw away a washing machine?
  120. EU Citizen, L Permit buying property for primary residence in Switzerland.
  121. temporal resolution of pro-rating
  122. Vente à terme
  123. Need Advise on finding house
  124. electrician recommendation
  125. Dry cleaning for rugs, super expensive all over??
  126. Repairs after 10 years
  127. Property Lawyer in France
  128. leaving furnished apartment questions
  129. Possibility relocating to Geneva
  130. A boring question about...Parkett flooring
  131. Any recommended house management company (Verwaltung)?
  132. 6 months accommodation - places to search
  133. Picture framers
  134. Becoming a Landlord
  135. Buying DIY materials Zurich
  136. Are Property Deeds Public Record?
  137. Should I complain/be concerned about my rent?
  138. Moving company near Uster
  139. Problem with Reconstruction upstairs!!!
  140. Renting if self-employed
  141. Help! Can someone tell me what this means?
  142. Moving & Storage Options
  143. Water Stop Tap / Stop Cock
  144. Kanton Zug - Best places to live??
  145. This can't be Legal !!
  146. Are we homeless!?!
  147. Advice needed on flat hunting in Zug, Please read!!
  148. Villages cycling distance from centre of Zurich
  149. Mums on the gold coast. Advice needed!
  150. Responsibility of boiler maintenance bill
  151. Which area to live near Zurich? Pls help.
  152. Filling out nachmieter application
  153. where to buy sheet glass (table top)
  154. Zurich area
  155. Front Door Intercom Video Monitors
  156. Anyone have a generator they can borrow me today?
  157. Sun damaged parquet floor, scratched stainless steel countertops
  158. Recommended Tradesman to install 2 x Bathrooms in Zug
  159. Increse of nebenkosten after early termination
  160. Where to live near Zurich/zug/Lucerne/aarau ?
  161. Small moving van to rent zurich
  162. How long does agency have to decide on new tenant?
  163. Changing apartment protocol and overlapping days
  164. Moving to Zurich before official start date - possible to find somewhere to rent?
  165. UK Bathroom Equipment
  166. Carpet cleaner - Vanish PowerPowder Large Area
  167. Looking for trendy venue [in Zurich]
  168. Ikea Prices include tax?
  169. Renting a room
  170. What is the best city to live in west CH?
  171. Where to look for temporary apartments
  172. Move a truckload from Netherlands (AMS) to Zurich
  173. Due Diligence on plans of surrounding vacant land of target property
  174. Presales [for flats] Zurich area
  175. Relocation to CH from UK. Need advice.
  176. Apartment painting/refurbish
  177. Issue with Living
  178. Can I request a new cooker?
  179. Urgent advice needed for early termination of apartment lease
  180. Need advice on residence registration
  181. Swiss mortgage for non resident
  182. Anybody living in Clarens/Montreux to offer some advice?
  183. L Permit - Work Contract Termination - Lease
  184. Advise on opting out of rental lease
  185. Recommendation on hand-over cleaning company in Zug
  186. Missing Water Meter Cover in Bathroom
  187. Giving up..
  188. Sublet: Avoid intermediary lanlords
  189. Apartment Search
  190. urgent removals advice please
  191. Should I buy apartment with one or two parking lots?
  192. Rent being not resident in Switzerland
  193. Breakdown Repair in apartment. Who is responsible?
  194. The property buying/selling merry-go-round
  195. Moving to Zurich March 2015
  196. Question on heated driveway
  197. tips where to live in Basel
  198. Value of building land m² - Kanton Zug
  199. How to move to 17th Floor Apartment
  200. How to win an apartment with Wincasa
  201. Hamilton View - Glattpark
  202. Foreign builder
  203. Issues with Appartment Builder
  204. Cleaner to recommend in Zurich?
  205. Mortgage while on IV
  206. Damaged Items in Move
  207. Some Advice Needed
  208. Is this BS? Only because I am not Swiss?
  209. Moving out - Extent of responsibility
  210. Furniture in Lausanne?
  211. Searching home in Chur
  212. What to do between moves
  213. Documents required for renting a flat
  214. Building of aftificial walls in the loft
  215. Housing not speaking french
  216. Two Apartments [being blackmailed]
  217. Renting without a [job] contract yet, is it possible?
  218. Does the rental company need approval prior to repair of apartment damages
  219. House search
  220. DIY Bathtub Refinishing
  221. Housing in Nyon (City)
  222. Housing in Lugano
  223. Ceiling lamp mount of unknown type
  224. Removal companies and self storage near Lausanne
  225. Fitting a German-bought kitchen in Switzerland
  226. Agent Apartment [Agent calling for references]
  227. contra [Moving out early with price increase in contract]
  228. Rental value for taxes on house purchase
  229. better area to live in Basel - Klein Basel or St Johann?
  230. Paying the deposit on a flat
  231. Internet Line blocked by the former renter
  232. Impact of SNB decision on real estate market
  233. Buying a house
  234. Zug old town vs. Walchwil for housing
  235. mortage for a bauernhaus (and renovation issues)
  236. Thoughts on Zurich district 7 neighborhoods?
  237. Paying absurd rents and PLUS they want more money for a Parking Space?
  238. Homegate & Comparis Map Search Missing
  239. Finding a nice home in Zurich. I'm genuinely worried
  240. [working with] agent vs landlord
  241. Bought a flat. Timing issues
  242. KABA Evolo Digital Cylinder (Digitalzylinder) Lock
  243. Underfloor heating - help!
  244. Paint colors in Switzerland
  245. Merligen
  246. Advise for look for the right area to live
  247. The person I sublease from won't give me back full deposit money :(
  248. Wartungsvertrag for heating system
  249. Paint Primer/Sealant
  250. Need to buy a bed