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  1. What is not included in Homegate.ch rent prices?
  2. Water tap is not working, should I call landlord or directly plumber?
  3. UMS - temporary apartments
  4. Should my partner be on any lease that I sign?
  5. Cheap hotel, hostals, etc
  6. Short Term Stays
  7. Any experience of removing blue tac -- before painting
  8. Family life in Einsiedeln
  9. Rent reduction for unusable garden
  10. % of salary on rent?
  11. Looking for a gardener
  12. Moving wardrobes
  13. Subletting: room security
  14. How safe is Annemasse?
  15. Flat hunting in Zurich
  16. Looking for help in subletting
  17. Leaving Appartment - Advises
  18. Need Lawyer / Solicitor for property & building in ZH Canton
  19. best links for renting an apartment?
  20. Living in Toggenburg
  21. Moving out on a short notice - questions about the process
  22. Cheap Renting VAN / Professional Cleaning - Lausanne Area
  23. House leasing in switzerland
  24. Kiln Dried Sand for Patio
  25. Landlord to sell our house - do we have to move out?
  26. Cheap P.O. Box or "malling address" in Zürich or Zug?
  27. Awkward moving situation
  28. Where to find plastic holders for the rod used in rolling Window shutter
  29. Required to give new address to old estate agency?
  30. Adapter to fit little bin bags in a big bin
  31. Anyone know about younergy.ch ?
  32. Recommending a new tenant
  33. Cheap shipping from US to Switzerland?
  34. Cleaner prices
  35. Move to a bigger apartment or not?
  36. Recommendation for English speaking surveyor/architect in Uster
  37. Why are agents so slow?
  38. Can a seller refuse to sell?
  39. Garden maintenance quote
  40. Renting in Lausanne - Average price?
  41. Prefab House in Switzerland - actual numbers?
  42. Housing suggestions in France, near Basel?
  43. Lausanne House Needed from Nov 2016
  44. Change of apartment owner
  45. Another parking dilemma...
  46. Anyone taken their landlord to the Schlichtungsbehoerde?
  47. Where to live between Winterthur and SH
  48. Banks that offer Swiss CHF Mortgages for Property in France
  49. Warning for renters!
  50. Legal position of flats
  51. Chimney Sweep Aargau
  52. Advice on Housing in Geneva
  53. a man and a van standard rate in Basel
  54. UK House Prices
  55. Building wooden Decking in Garden
  56. English Speaking Electrician wanted, near Vevey
  57. Cancel Contract? (Before starting - and paying)
  58. BBQ in Balcony?
  59. House ownership transfer
  60. Sold prices - Property
  61. Need an electrician in Greifensee
  62. Tenancy issue - would appreciate your advice
  63. Apartment Hunting with Limited B Permit
  64. Landlord not releasing deposit. Cannot do anything except waiting?
  65. Garden Hedges
  66. Problems using Swiss pension to buy house in UK
  67. renovations =/= better
  68. Moving from San Francisco to Basel
  69. Garage floor paint recommendations?
  70. New lawn - sow or turf?
  71. Pre-Move Out Apartment Repairs
  72. End of tenancy c.40m sq: cleaning charges problem
  73. Glarus Süd
  74. Numero de logement officiel?
  75. Looking for Short-Term Accommodations in Lausanne - Resources?
  76. Urgent - moving company did not finish job
  77. Low water pressure in Flat
  78. Insurance for early end of lease?
  79. End of tenancy cleaning - Advice please
  80. Help! Rent fantastic house NEXT to autobahn???
  81. Zug Man with a Van needed (transporting of sofa)
  82. Suggestions / advice - Zürich and surrounding areas
  83. Acquire a property and someday retire in Switzerland ? avoid the biggest pitfall !
  84. van hire switzerland to uk
  85. Landlord threatens to throw me out: Furnished room, cooking forbidden
  86. What Should We Bring
  87. Good locksmith or intercom specialist
  88. Terminating from Aparthotel
  89. Advice for colocation or rent
  90. White wall interior paints
  91. Rent an apartment or storage room?
  92. New flat - registering in new Kreis question
  93. Lease ending- can i give notice and then change my mind?
  94. Moving to Zurich - Setting up utilities
  95. Concrete waste disposal
  96. Removal van for Horgen to UK
  97. Help! New building warranty claim dispute
  98. German-English translation/House application form: Need help!
  99. Swimming pool cover
  100. Looking for a good "Baumeister" in the Zürich Region
  101. Suggestions? - Working in Opfikon (Zh) living ?
  102. Giving notice/finding new tenant
  103. AXA vs Swisscaution rental deposit?
  104. Termination letter vs. landlord on vacation
  105. is there a management/agency that does subletting?
  106. WOKO housing vs Students Village
  107. Interior painting - what is the typical hourly rate for a painter near Rolle?
  108. moving to ticino-husband working in Stabio-good place to live for family with 3 kids
  109. Saturday craftsmen and neighbours
  110. Landlords and Regies
  111. Tips / Advices to boost my applications for flats?
  112. Tree disputes with neighours
  113. How to calculate the reselling price of a house?
  114. Plumber in Höfe willing to do small jobs?
  115. Locksmith in Wallisellen Area
  116. Somewhat communal living that is not a WG?
  117. How is the area in Gundelingen in Basel be like?
  118. How to inspect the thin wall house.-Basel
  119. How to contest a "survalue"
  120. making noise at lunchtime....
  121. Ending Lease in under 3 months
  122. Where to find a place to stay for 2 weeks?
  123. Oven seal
  124. Is our faulty wiring going to kill us? How soon? Fight the Regie...again???
  125. Ending a sublease and giving notice question
  126. House with mold !!
  127. Deposit - Return
  128. Nebenkosten + TV /Radio fee
  129. movers from Spain, urgent.
  130. Host families?
  131. Cleaning a piece of marble
  132. Removals Zurich - Geneva
  133. Rules on sub-letting
  134. Life in Aathal/Seegräben
  135. Ending lease -- sample letters?
  136. Looking for electrician in Cham/Zug area
  137. Housing in Geneva as a "rentier"?
  138. Rent increase for new tenants
  139. Temporary accommodation - deposit required?
  140. Relocation agents - any recommendations/tips?
  141. Taking over a contract after subletting
  142. Sub-lease contract
  143. Schneisingen - anybody knows it?
  144. Keeping Plants Alive - Starting a Garden
  145. House Decor Ideas
  146. Help: Lease transfer rules in Lausanne
  147. Localities of Canton Zug - help please!
  148. Where can I find a table like this??
  149. Buying a house, become a distant dream
  150. Applying for an apartment help - haftpflichtversicherung [liability insurance]
  151. Suggestions needed for furniture removal
  152. Penalties for work delays?
  153. Living in Oerlikon versus Dietikon
  154. Change of address cards / Printers
  155. Sharing an apartment - amendment of existing contract OR sub-leasing?
  156. where to buy air conditioner (AC) in germany
  157. Housing in Basel
  158. Questions for Potential WGs
  159. Whose responsibility to pay bill, ours or regie's?
  160. do i need to tell my gerance that someone is now living with me?
  161. Temporary accommodation Zurich - is BusinessHome ok?
  162. Where to Buy Packing Materials
  163. Liability in case of leaving the apartment early due to departure from Switzerland
  164. Real estate agencies for Zürich (Kreis 10 and 11) for rental apartments
  165. Second hand furniture shops - Vaud area
  166. Where to live in St. Gallen with a dog?
  167. monatszimmer
  168. Basic Dossier?
  169. What risk of installing washing machine if not allowed?
  170. Flat search - "Ringhörigkeit"???
  171. How much room do you need for ankle-biters?
  172. Furniture Stores in Germany - Möbel Koesler
  173. Moving to Lugano
  174. Rental Reduction - Arbitration Board Meeting
  175. Finishing lease - new contract only on 1st and 15th of the month
  176. Where should I look for rooms in Nyon/Geneve?
  177. Movin within Geneva
  178. permanent denial from agencies
  179. Deposit & Parking
  180. Any cheap moving company/service in the Zurich area?
  181. Popular websites for subletting apartment in Zurich
  182. Le Petit Demenageur from Etoy - Opinions needed
  183. Baurecht (Ground rent)
  184. Reinach vs Laufen
  185. Moving monitor
  186. Jika shop in Zurich
  187. House within 45 min by train of Zurich airport for rent or sale
  188. Enreinigung
  189. Help - removalists from hell
  190. Accomodation
  191. Get Rid of Furnitures
  192. Not able to close basement storage room door since we moved in, agency aware-options?
  193. Pitch Pine Flooring availability?
  194. A scare in the night
  195. Credit Suisse announces real slow-down
  196. Moving to Lucerne
  197. What are the best Real Estate Agencies to sell your property?
  198. Start up costs for moving from Uk to Switzerland
  199. New kitchen and tax rebate if bought abroad?
  200. Leimbach area review
  201. Moving from London, UK to Switzerland
  202. Best Place for New Kitchen Gear in BS/BL?
  203. Workshop in apartment spare room: Allowed?
  204. Anyone has used/heard of Swiss Boardinghouse?
  205. Recommendation about HypoPlus
  206. Cost of movers/cleaners
  207. want room for six months
  208. Reparation charges
  209. Buy studio flat in Zermatt? 1.5 to 2.5 rooms for 200k?
  210. Insurance coverage on damp walls due to pipe leak
  211. Where to find brackets like these ?
  212. short term rentals Geneva
  213. Where can I find a room in a flat/house share?
  214. Rewiring for multimedia
  215. Advice needed regarding estate agents Zurich
  216. looking for advice - regie withdrew offer
  217. Advice on move from Massachusetts
  218. Good websites for long term rentals (I´m a foreigener/ EU citizen)
  219. How many Amps do you need for Electricity in a home?
  220. IKEA recalls "Lock" & "Hyby" glass domed ceiling lamp shades
  221. Renting
  222. How difficult is it to find a roommate for an expensive room?
  223. Electricity cost question
  224. PPE responsibilities of apartment owner?
  225. Mattress Purchase
  226. What is an acceptable temperature inside a flat in winter?
  227. motorized blinds
  228. Movers & Cleaner Recommendations Please
  229. Building suppliers like Bauhaus
  230. Furniture Maker - Industrial machinery inquiry [20 Amp supply available?]
  231. Getting rid of large furniture
  232. Micasa Fundgrube furniture outlet
  233. What if I don't accept an offered housing contract?
  234. How to remove the dark mold next to the water sink?
  235. Leaving houses in Zurich
  236. What rent can I afford?
  237. Parking Space Problem?
  238. Barter Work for Rent - no money payments - how?
  239. Final Cleaning Service Recommendation [Zurich]
  240. Flat rental agreement special clause
  241. Landlord complaint about ''oil'' on drive
  242. Painter/decorator in Fribourg
  243. What rights if landlord does construction on house that is not in our lease?
  244. Droit de réméré - "Right to re-purchase"
  245. Estate Agents & Basel Areas
  246. French ikea kitchens
  247. Buy STOLMEN at IKEA across the border?
  248. Do I have a problem with my underfloor heating?
  249. No electricity bill
  250. Can anyone recommend an electrician for a kitchen install