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  1. Handy man
  2. Geneva areas - Champel and surroundings?
  3. Translation help - is this usual for Nebenkosten?
  4. 4000 rent for house in Baselland - too much?
  5. Wood flooring recommendation Basel
  6. Where to buy lights that go directly into the plug?
  7. Signing for an apartment on behalf of someone else?
  8. Heating, Bathroom, Plumbing
  9. Moving company in Zürich - needed
  10. Moving out - Insurance
  11. Apartment Rental: Application Form Completion Help
  12. Agency wants to charge me for an ad on Homegate
  13. If build up a house, ?CHF/m2
  14. Pully or Morges?
  15. Bill 13 months after moved out - do we have to pay?
  16. Americans keeping mortgage, property when moving to US
  17. Loggia
  18. House price in Pays de Gex
  19. Deposit for Untermiete
  20. Typical Costs of Moving Agencies
  21. Can I find a brand new house for CHF 1000 per month in Switzerland?
  22. Finding temporary accomodation in Basel
  23. Room to rent in Zug
  24. Zuri-Sacks
  25. Flatshare tips
  26. Temporary Furnished inclusions
  27. Apartment for rent: Any experience with Basel realtors
  28. Brits - any experience with Pyronix alarm systems...?
  29. Asking price of Apartments
  30. Selling property in Basel - advice please
  31. Cleaning company in Zug area
  32. Quickie- German word I can't translate online.
  33. Clarification needed for legal contract for room rental
  34. Moving to Stans in August 2014
  35. Moving out of Morges area early
  36. [Housing in] Vevey
  37. Importing Household effects (and cars)
  38. Lampshades repair in Zug/Baar/Cham
  39. House Ventilation system
  40. Getting a flat while on RAV
  41. Landlord refuses to pay for ant resolution
  42. Furniture Transport-Large 3 piece Suite-Devon UK to Adliswil CH-good contacts anyone?
  43. Sell property after B permit holder leaves Switzerland?
  44. Buying property in Meilen, Zurich
  45. Which areas - Zurich
  46. Basel University Hospital
  47. Good family area?
  48. Moving company recommendations Lugano to Zurich
  49. I have somewhere to live!
  50. Opinions on looking around before renting
  51. Looking for an apartment in Lausanne
  52. budget room in Zurich for 2 days every week - how to find?
  53. Where do people with modest incomes live in Zurich(nice areas but affordable)
  54. Deposit issue
  55. Zurich Appt (Size: 1-2.5) for May or June
  56. Getting Ikea to fit your kitchen ?
  57. Securing Penthouse Balcony (baby on balcony)
  58. What to bring from Home
  59. Planning Permissions
  60. Notifying landlord about new baby?
  61. Finding movers/shippers from USA to Geneva
  62. Buying an apartment in Geneva - any advice?
  63. Parking space question
  64. What are the nice places to live in Zurich?
  65. Terrible smell in apartment. Potential health issue. What is our rights?
  66. renting
  67. Homesitting Pfaeffikon Schwyz area
  68. How easy is it to get in trouble with your landlord for noise?
  69. Moving to Fribourg
  70. buying property via auction - experience / tips
  71. Vorzeitige Kündigung [early lease termination] - need to explicit a reason?
  72. Legal size definition for a parking space?
  73. Looking for a German moving company
  74. Workers entering my flat without my permission - can I complain?
  75. Buying a house in Pays de Gex
  76. Best neighborhood for new family - short visit
  77. Holiday home
  78. over-use of paintwork on walls (übermässige benutzung)
  79. Which Brocki to pick for disposing furniture?
  80. Shutters stuck
  81. Need to make new green fence and lawn (Unteraegeri-Zug area)
  82. Lease contract with up to 18 months notice period!
  83. Garage: remove oil stains on concrete
  84. Etat de lieux - agency Zimmermann
  85. Window Accessory.
  86. Getting expert advice, support before buying property
  87. installing gas cooker
  88. Oven cleaning
  89. relocation companies in Geneva
  90. Moving into first apartment: advice needed
  91. issues with a contract in Basel
  92. Apartment hunting in 1,4,5,6
  93. tax question for someone buying a house still under construction
  94. English Translation of German Housing Rental Terms
  95. New Tenant Form (German)
  96. Looking for a flat in Zurich
  97. Looking for a house in Vevey-Montreux area
  98. contract and possibilities
  99. Temporarily posting your name on a mailbox? Address Issue
  100. Hello! We are moving to Bern shortly.
  101. Novartis Temp Housing in Basel for a family?
  102. NYC to Basel - desperate advice needed!
  103. Housemate not paying her share of the rent
  104. Door hinges maintenance
  105. Swimming Pool Contractor In Zürich?
  106. End stop for curtain track?
  107. Building insulation requirements
  108. Ikea - delivery time?
  109. Repainting rented apartment short contract?
  110. What nice regions to live in exist in St. Gallen?
  111. Catalogue IKEA Suisse 2010 or 2011
  112. Getting a Betreibungsregisterauszug [debt register extract] for another person?
  113. moving company/end clean quotes
  114. Besenrein/Endreinigung ["Brush Clean" vs. Full End Clean]
  115. Home delivery to Neuchatel from IKEA: need ideas
  116. 5 persons in a 2.5 room apartment
  117. Short Term Renting Restrictions?
  118. Moving out - cleaning company
  119. IKEA Ceiling Light - where to Earth?
  120. Unfair Landlord (in cancellation of the Apartment contrat)
  121. Deposit return period - how long?
  122. Rentals around Geneva / Lausanne
  123. cleaning 'bumpy' walls?
  124. Nebenkosten [additional rental costs]
  125. Giving notice before finding Nachmieter?
  126. Rent
  127. Renting apartment/house in/around Fribourg
  128. Rental Real Estate Agents in Zurich?
  129. Movers for Switzerland to Germany - best recommendations, please!
  130. Apartments in Lausanne
  131. Cocktail scandinave furniture
  132. Renting two apartments for March
  133. firs time renting an apartment in Switzerland
  134. english translation of Bern standard housing contract?
  135. Finding an apartment for grad school
  136. Home Rental Basel
  137. Unscrupulous Estate agent
  138. Bulach or Basserdorf for international flavour?
  139. Travelling to Geneva daily from Annecy
  140. Affordable fitted carpet in Zurich!
  141. Buy a house and renovate it(?)
  142. Brocante [Furniture]
  143. Terminating a limited Rental Agreement
  144. Please help! Rent deposit account - special forms for a US citizen
  145. Finding a flat to rent with an L permit
  146. What data cabling should we do in a house renovation?
  147. Rent home with furniture
  148. Mietkaution Rental Deposit Receipt
  149. Deliveries to chalet in wengen
  150. Rent tools to remove wallpapers and parquet
  151. what about living in Schlieren (Zürich)
  152. Releasing a deposit account
  153. replacing a door knob
  154. [Zurich] - address change
  155. Mieterverband vs Mieterschutz
  156. DIY Fencing
  157. Being asked to leave a sublet ... and do the full cleaning that was not agreed to!
  158. Rental T&Cs in English please
  159. Need advice concerning Swiss tenancy law
  160. the Swiss Moving Company experience
  161. Copy of standard rental contract in Basel Land
  162. apartments in kleinbasel for cheap price
  163. Rental contract cooling off period / escape hatch?
  164. Nachbarrecht and neighbor daycare [Neighbor noise dispute - what are my rights? ]
  165. Selling furniture to next tenants?
  166. Have you moved from London to Zurich? I need some relocation advice!
  167. Moving to Zurich
  168. Renting versus Buying
  169. Buying a home in Canton Zurich or Canton Aargau
  170. Leaving an apartment share that was rented without a contract
  171. Compensation for repair works in my flat?
  172. in between countries and storage
  173. The [home] ownership experience....
  174. Fence fitter in basel land?
  175. Zurich Property Report
  176. IKEA Deutschland delivering to Schweiz?
  177. End of house contract cleaning
  178. Replacing a funny light bulb
  179. Real Estate Agent for Zurich
  180. Ikea Curtains
  181. Buying a property - lack of information from the seller
  182. Excessive electricity consumption - any ideas why?
  183. Ceiling lamp installation
  184. Installing a dishwasher
  185. Building Ventilation System
  186. Cutting down a tree
  187. Looking for 6 weeks accommodation in Basel
  188. Moving to Zürich, need some advice on where to live
  189. Is their a Tenants Advice Association in Lugano ?
  190. Anyone has experience with living in Einsiedeln?
  191. Purchasing of property (deposit) in advance of building
  192. Living next door to escorts
  193. Buying kitchen appliances on-line
  194. Repairing damage in rented accommodation
  195. minimum number of rooms
  196. Looking for good movers....
  197. Nameplates- who pays?
  198. Leaving 3 year swiss rental contract to move abroad
  199. Kitchen worktop - fire regulations
  200. Rules on renting - can the living room be rented as a bedroom?
  201. Rent vs monthly salary
  202. Registering my Wife in the apartment
  203. Room contract termination problem (furnished room claimed to be unfurnished)
  204. Looking for German roofer and window company recommendation
  205. Converting from Oil to Gas heating, Kanton Zürich
  206. Experience with custom made furniture
  207. Where to buy an Aerobed or similar
  208. Product for repairing concrete steps?
  209. Restoring Leather - it can be done!
  210. Rental costs in Zurich
  211. Should I live in Zurich or Basel?
  212. Where to find metal bars to fix onto walls?
  213. Gardens? Do you have them?
  214. Where can I find extractor fan filter-metal mesh (ZH)
  215. Apartment move-out - Obligations
  216. Furnishing new apartment
  217. Question about parking for wengen residents
  218. Giving the bank the keys [Defaulting on UK mortgage - problems in CH?]
  219. Playing musical instruments in apartments
  220. Question regarding an apartment company
  221. Finishing my Rent
  222. Websites with rooms
  223. Family-Friendly Housing for Single-Parent (ZH)?
  224. Lausanne - Disposing of furniture
  225. Mangle in Switzerland
  226. How do storage units work here?
  227. Electrician Baden (English or Italian Speaking)
  228. Legal advice needed / experience sharing- appeal against a building permit
  229. misplaced contract
  230. Scuffed floor and moving out
  231. Housing dilemma - what is going wrong?
  232. Interest Rates, 2014 and beyond
  233. Twin tub in Switzerland?
  234. Moving to Lugano
  235. Assistance with sales contract/mortgage negotiation
  236. mortgage for a house
  237. Deep Clean of Apartment before moving out
  238. Wohngenossenschaft / Baugenossenschaft, "Community Housing"?
  239. 'strange' obligatory contract request ... or is it (strange)?
  240. Finding housing and using agents Zug/Baar
  241. Trapped in a bad contract
  242. 25 Y/O single male moving to Zurich in 2014.
  243. Moving Company Copenhagen-Wallisellen needed
  244. Putzfrau / housekeeping companies in Bern?
  245. Are there Neighborhoods to Avoid in Geneva
  246. Place to live in Zurich / Any recommendation?
  247. Storage for rent - Zug/Baar
  248. Cost of filling an apartment with Ikea furniture = 3200 CHF
  249. Early departure from the apartment
  250. Warning about SwissCaution and Mietkautionsversicherung