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  1. Buying apartment... questions about own capital
  2. Cooking range not working properly (urgent)
  3. Plumbing merchants in Basel??
  4. Heated Towel Rail servicing
  5. your rights as a tenant - tenancy law in Switzerland
  6. Removals companies
  7. Looking for a flat in Annemasse
  8. Sub renting in a WG
  9. Home Search Assistance
  10. Disposal Garbage in ZURICH
  11. 2016 BKW revision of charges by + 9% approx.
  12. Handyman Luzern
  13. Furniture Paint
  14. Lanlord charging for utilities without any proof
  15. subrenting an apartment
  16. Legal protection for rented apartments - what can happen in this case?
  17. Repairing Picture Frame - Geneva
  18. assets paying for care facility
  19. Need room to rent in or @Geneva for limited time
  20. Advice on new flat needed
  21. Where can I find a bulb plug splitter here?
  22. New contract for a flat
  23. Mail not being delivered...
  24. Flat availability after the month of October?
  25. Anyone ever used Zurich-Cleaning for regular apartment cleans?
  26. Halogen to LED
  27. Experience with Treg sarl and Variba S.A. ?
  28. Overcharged by moving company
  29. Kitchen remodeling project in Ausserschwyz?
  30. Found a 3.5bhk in Baar, no visitor parking place
  31. Short term internet?
  32. Buying land and placing prefab house
  33. Introduce or wait?
  34. American Expat Moving to Solothurn for work
  35. Removals as aposed to replacements
  36. Unpaid-UN-intern-forced-to-live-in-a-tent-has-resigned
  37. Leaving a WG, what are my rights?
  38. Replacing taps, plumber needed
  39. Cleaner in Witikon, Zurich
  40. Parking place dilemma
  41. English and French speaking Electrician in Basel/Alsace
  42. Swiss Mortgages for Americans
  43. Where to stay near Lausanne?
  44. Best regions to stay in Zurich
  45. Advice for moving & cleaning company
  46. Keeping granite work tops shiny
  47. Do rental houses come with toilet paper and towel holders?
  48. Capital gains tax.....probably for dummies...
  49. LGBT discrimination, unable to find new apartments, HELP!
  50. Scaffold de-Switzerlandation
  51. Plugs acting weird
  52. Garden hose compatibity? North America vs CH
  53. Need a furnished "PETS FRIENDLY" short term rental in Zurich for 3-4 months
  54. Reserving Apartment to Rent before Showing
  55. New apartment agreement
  56. English-speaking lawyer in France (for house contract)
  57. Renting a Room (deposit in cash and other issues)
  58. House painting recommendation / website
  59. Mortgage in euros - downsides?
  60. Moving from UK to Zurich - UPS
  61. WG Zimmer/ Room BERN
  62. Net curtains
  63. Looking for short stay housing Lausanne
  64. Building regulations Aargau
  65. Laundrycard overcharged! Please Help
  66. Curtains/blind advice
  67. Moving boxes
  68. Looking for furnished apartment In zurich
  69. Help! Problem with apartment inspection date!
  70. renting an apt or house in canton of valais- broker needed
  71. Move took much longer than expected
  72. Basel - Cleaning/Moving/Services Recommendations
  73. First caution/work permit restrictions and importing furniture via removal truck
  74. Moving to Luzern
  75. Looking to buy an apartment in Zurich
  76. Technician from Germany? Austri? Need 2 change complete oil burner + additional work
  77. Mortgage before construction (12+ months before delivery)
  78. Bill for extra Nebenkosten over 12 months later
  79. Need advice- Agency troubling
  80. appartement in Avenue Giuseppe Motta, Geneva
  81. Finding an accomodation in Zurich: flatsharing/AirBnb/Hotel as a last resort?
  82. Confusing situation with landlord when moving out
  83. IKEA Dietlikon
  84. Moving-out cleaning
  85. Where to locate off-plan property
  86. Forced to change my front door so all doors match...
  87. Advice needed: wall cracks due to subsidence
  88. Water pressure valve
  89. Cleaning Service - Zurich/Geneva
  90. Handyman Bern area
  91. housing sites
  92. Finding and signing for one place, but then finding a better?
  93. Breaking a lease + the options ahead?
  94. Second hand mattress cleaner??
  95. (property in U.K.) what does 'shared ownership' mean?
  96. Agency provided wrong information in the contract
  97. Construction site noise - Mietreduktion [rent reduction]
  98. Does Zurich canton have some inexpensive, walkable, community-driven areas?
  99. Best place to live between Geneva and Neuchatel?
  100. Challenging frais accessoires
  101. Guarantee for renting a room?
  102. Neighbour. Tree.
  103. Patio ceiling fan?
  104. Wall painting experts
  105. Strength of dossier for Lausanne
  106. swimming pool fence
  107. ETH Student: housing frustration
  108. Moving Back To My Native
  109. Struggling with finding a place within budget to stay in Fribourg
  110. Lock was broken - locksmith - Gerance will pay me back?
  111. Apartment Application Question
  112. Buying an old house – missing documents, building plans, etc.
  113. Change cantons. Cancel rental contract on short notice?
  114. Dangerous neighborhoods in Basel
  115. help uninstalling ceiling lamp
  116. Need window repair in Zurich
  117. mortgage, what's the worst case?
  118. Storage of household goods for 6 months
  119. Flat Application Docs for Foreigners
  120. Flat not ready on moving in day
  121. strange flat situation
  122. Pay for the aged fridge and bathtub?
  123. Eviction after an auction
  124. Fixtures and fittings when you move out of apartment
  125. End of lease cleaning
  126. Bomb shelter requirements
  127. WANTED Glass plate for Panasonic Microwave
  128. Robot Mower - the best thing I bought as houseowner
  129. Sublease Nightmare [ZH] - subleasee's right and deposit return
  130. Potential risks regarding resell apartment
  131. Possible to rent out a room if buying property with pension money?
  132. Thinking of moving to Stallikon
  133. Withholding rent for a plumbing problem
  134. American style fridge
  135. Curtains- where to buy?
  136. Swiss property price, room for negotiation?
  137. Movers + Customs clearance?! Help !
  138. Some legal trouble with our apartment
  139. Advice needed: retraction of agreement and claimed losses?
  140. Need advice on lying landlord/unforeseen construction
  141. Where to buy shopping trolley
  142. Hammertrans
  143. Moving from Iceland to Geneva...
  144. Trash [disposing of furniture in Zurich]
  145. Need advice on moving from canton FR to canton BE
  146. Monthly costs in the Wädenswil area for public utilities
  147. Amazon switzerland or any other online shopping recommendation
  148. House re-valuation by AGV
  149. Problem with rental agency
  150. agency sent a reminder call to pay rent though I handed over the key
  151. Promises made at house handover broken- have we been fleeced?
  152. Please help, scared [concerned about rental contract]
  153. Renting an apartment in Zurich . need advice on scam or not ?
  154. Automate an existing garage door
  155. Price for local removal service?
  156. English Electrician
  157. street market / Flea market ???????
  158. painting walls
  159. Got a 'yes' for a place we don't want while waiting for reply for a friend's place
  160. Registering for permit at a temporary address.
  161. Flatmate problem in ending a lease
  162. Buying furniture in IKEA Germany, bringing to Zurich
  163. Nebenkosten [additional rental costs] for dummies
  164. cleaning carpet
  165. Carpets from Germany
  166. House repairs - drainage
  167. Having guests in a rented apartment
  168. Never heard about Kast AG?
  169. Is it ok to deny rental because of kids?
  170. Mould removal in Romanshorn area
  171. Lost key in lausanne - what to do?
  172. Pest control / Exterminator in Geneva
  173. Housing bugs / features.
  174. Equivalent to Thompson's Water Seal for decks?
  175. Sugar soap?
  176. Moving to Fribourg/Freiburg July 2015
  177. denkmalphlege/protected buildings
  178. Garage or Lock-up Required
  179. Free Furniture Pickup in Zurich City
  180. Where to live in Zurich? (family of three and working in Uetlibergstrasse)
  181. Guide to selling a property privately
  182. Changing use: Bureau to Appartment
  183. Which areas to live in Zurich for S24
  184. Handyman
  185. Anyone likes to share: succeed secure permanent apartment while you are outside Swit?
  186. Recycling Electronics in Basel
  187. Building a 2nd bathroom
  188. Name in the sublease contract . Partner moving in a sublet ?
  189. Heiz- und Betriebskostenabrechnung
  190. Can I open the window in a old room built wih Asbestos?
  191. Electricity supply control prior to appartment sale (OIBT/NIV)
  192. Do you know a good home security alarm/system?
  193. Advice appreciated [dealing with real estate upon separation/divorce]
  194. Looking for an arborist in Ausserschwyz or surrounding area
  195. Where to buy a name tag for my letterbox?
  196. Dishwasher repair (under warranty) still have to pay 400CHF!!shocked!
  197. Lost a key of flat
  198. Early termination of rent contract and being unemployed
  199. Where to live in Zurich? Visiting student at ITP ETH
  200. Electrical Goods
  201. Wardrobe woes
  202. Subletting as a subletter with a prick
  203. when to pay the cleaners
  204. Housing scam warning - Basel
  205. looking for electrician in Zug
  206. How can i tell if this private landlord is genuine?
  207. Refund of bond
  208. Getting Security deposit back
  209. Soil (clay) disposal - Rapperswil area
  210. Is a rental contract in English legal in CH?
  211. Is this site reliable?
  212. large table lamp with metal Morroccan style base
  213. Where to live: Horgen, Zug or Thalwil?
  214. Swiss mortgages (vs Canadian)
  215. Help with choosing where to relocate...
  216. Mail box name tag.
  217. Landlord making changes to the property
  218. redirecting mail to P.O. Box? Any other option?
  219. Fitting a light flush against the ceiling
  220. Boundary dispute
  221. Moving - mobile lift needed
  222. Gardner Services in Lachen/Pfäffikon Schwyz
  223. Moving in vs renting out own apartment
  224. Agency Fee for Apartment Lease Signing
  225. Partition of "Cédule hypothécaire"?
  226. How to find border of a property
  227. Chalet advice!
  228. Procedure to find a replacement tenant
  229. Need Accommodation-From Autumn Semester 2015
  230. When to start looking for housing? Suggestions needed
  231. Looking for a place to host in Lausanne
  232. Renting out on B permit
  233. Housing within a reasonable commute to PMI in Neuchatel
  234. Moving furniture to Switzerland
  235. Rent Bond
  236. Paint outside wood - different colour - oops.
  237. Painters massively overcharged - any advice?
  238. Empty and rent apartment plus storage
  239. Zurich - Relocation Agents?
  240. WG master priviledge?
  241. issues with flat contract
  242. single family house close to Bern - but where exactly?
  243. What size water boiler
  244. Short-term leases; experiences and compliance of agents.
  245. Moving out cleaning costs ambiguous in rental contract
  246. Betreibungsauskunft [debt register extract] needed?
  247. 2 apartments
  248. Place for family reunion near Basel
  249. Challenging a bill from the Regie for a plumber
  250. English Speaking Builders, Architecs in Fribourg