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  1. Taking over sublet place-problem with cleaning
  2. Temporary Housing/Service Apartment St Gallen?
  3. Looking for an electrician
  4. Offering our furnished apartment for 6 months
  5. How do ""land leases" work in Zürich?
  6. Moving to Vaud in 6 months with fiancé and our dog
  7. Installing a washing machine
  8. Commute, cost of living ZH / Basel / Basel area / Aargau
  9. Friend living with boyfriend but did not inform managament company
  10. Subletting issue
  11. Our neighbour took down our Christmas lights
  12. Central heating noise
  13. Moving into Basel from Portugal
  14. Subrent contract for second persons staying in the apartment
  15. Temporary accomodation for single person in Zurich - any tips?
  16. "caveats" in rental contracts and which papers to bring to showings?
  17. Legal requirement to finish "retoucher" on construction
  18. 2.5 Zimmer Apt in Altstetten from 1.Feb.2017
  19. Ventilation systems in new buildings and smells. Is this normal?
  20. Where to look for an apartment in Zurich
  21. Box for Large Painting
  22. Moving out?
  23. Decent housing around Zurich
  24. Central heating consultant
  25. Finding an apartment, spouse questions
  26. Looking for an apartment in ZH area
  27. Looking for a rental house for 1 month or longer
  28. Light fitting - new house (Basel-ish)
  29. Looking for accommodation in Geneva
  30. Help leaving the country
  31. Looking for House in Zollikon before June
  32. Help needed
  33. Glass pergola over a balcony -- can we do it w/out tons of permissions?
  34. Noise from installation ?
  35. When buying a house, are house contents included
  36. how to find new building projects before they are all sold out?
  37. New Apartment - I need to furnish with EVERYTHING
  38. Landlord not repairing the oven in the flat
  39. Advice city of Crissier
  40. Housing and insurance
  41. Rental Estate Agent in St Gallen?
  42. Post CH not delivering parcels to door
  43. Apartment size
  44. Movers in Basel
  45. Underfloor Heating Bill
  46. No cold water in apartment
  47. Are the 'places de park' in apt. lease optional or not?
  48. Notice letter: would be thankful if anyone could check the one I wrote
  49. Papasan
  50. Leaving apartment - viewing for potential renters - question
  51. Property lawyer in Vaud - recommendations?
  52. Boiler Maintenance in single family home
  53. Urgent help required with move Geneva-Geneva!
  54. Don't laugh: wall mounted safe door stuck shut
  55. TV "fees" in charges (contract)
  56. Residence permit and a living address
  57. renting with poor credit record
  58. Box tree (buchsbaum) caterpillar pesticide is poisonous for Bees
  59. Moving to Basel, Considering Pratteln with 2 kids
  60. Mortgages
  61. Subletting one room in apartment: how to make it legal
  62. Apartment application question (Marriage not registered in CH yet)
  63. How noisy is Bassersdorf?
  64. Who is responsible? Me or the landlord
  65. Mietkaution statement in a rental contract
  66. Recommendations on movers in Rolle area
  67. Building a kitchen in a non-living space?
  68. Epalinges
  69. cheap lodgings in Lausanne
  70. Mortgage for an investment property (Permit B) in Switzerland
  71. Furnishing a house from scratch
  72. [Urgent]Previous landlord charges too much for repair, help please!
  73. Misunderstanding with a sublease, advice sought
  74. Living in Oberägeri Working in Zurich
  75. Noise in walls doesn't allow to sleep
  76. Furnace on a timer, no heat 14 hours a day
  77. Place for young family half Deutsch speaking
  78. Limited Apartment Contract Termination
  79. Is Zurich experiencing a housing bubble?
  80. Trying to sell household items
  81. How to adjust an inside door?
  82. Cold room temperature - dorm
  83. Absent for hand-over?
  84. Urgent rental question/advice
  85. Rental questions
  86. Recommendation on Movers from China
  87. Help declaring taxes for cleaning lady canton Zurich
  88. Rent application with certification of residency - should I even bother?
  89. How does hot water work here?
  90. Shipping from the UK to Vaud?
  91. moving advice/dilemma
  92. Sofa/ Design your own Sofa
  93. Help with fighting eviction
  94. how is it to live in Oetwil am See?
  95. Electric fireplace: yay or nay?
  96. Where to buy a mattress in Zurich? Or online stores?
  97. Need opinion: memory foam vs spring mattress? (+ where to buy)
  98. How old? [how to find out when an apartment/house was built]
  99. Shocking unprofessional behaviour from Remax agent
  100. Accommodation Cost
  101. Advice on renting procedure
  102. Cleaning help in Thun
  103. What are the best sites for advertising a flatshare?
  104. Besucherparkplätze, max 6h, 2x month...
  105. Help with iMac repair
  106. Cleaning companies in Zuerich
  107. Recommended removal companies Sheffield to Lausanne
  108. Darker Evenings - Burglar Warnings
  109. I cant find a nachmieter
  110. Help with heating system
  111. Which Dyson to get?
  112. Lipo furniture store
  113. I am lucky
  114. I'm not alone, my apt is moths infected :(((
  115. Looking for leather polish
  116. Place to get rid of garden waste - Kanton Luzern
  117. Previous tenant didn t pass all keys
  118. Collection needed!
  119. Should we sublet our apartment without a bond?
  120. Rental accommodation search horror stories...
  121. ROMANDE ENERGIE Peak / off peak hours
  122. Those hooks on a pole for closing and opening roll-up sun shades
  123. Building/Painting needed in Schaffhausen
  124. House cooperative
  125. Looking to buy apartment in France close to Geneve
  126. Cleaner Horgen
  127. Electrician in Geneva needed
  128. Plumber/Sanitaires in Nyon/La Cote
  129. If you leave a tenancy before the due term....
  130. Leaving clean in house
  131. Ikea bonus code ikea.ch/promo
  132. Sublet Contract - urgent
  133. Vevey region - Need help with garden
  134. how to fix splashed wall - DIY paint
  135. Commission for real estate agent?
  136. Can neighbour object to annexe buildings 3 years after signing?
  137. Adliswil - good or bad area?
  138. Looking for apartment cleaner in Winterthur near bahnhof
  139. Relocating to Zurich. What to take with us?
  140. Block stone wall height?
  141. A question on mortgage
  142. Shipping costs - UK to Switzerland
  143. Good real estate agent (for selling)?
  144. 3 months notice fulfilled, what are my responsibilities?
  145. Old furniture disposal
  146. Moving, how to calculate cost of damages
  147. (Baden) Dance club on ground floor of apartment building
  148. dampness in basement rooms and what is "normal" in switzerland?
  149. Areas in Solothurn (City)
  150. Where to Live
  151. Wallpaper vs. Paint
  152. Cheap, reliable electric screwdriver recommendation
  153. moving to Biel / Bienne
  154. Looking for a cleaning lady in Oberrieden
  155. Mould in freezer
  156. Tips/experience for renting furnished Winterthur house for fixed term (8 months)
  157. Hinge with automatic "flip up" mechanism?
  158. Buying furniture online and shipping to Zurich
  159. Reupholstery advice needed
  160. Effective room height after installing dropped ceiling
  161. renovating a house
  162. Heating oil
  163. Laying Gravel
  164. Scheduling move out - conflicts
  165. Charges when buying a house in Graubünden
  166. Moving in Etat des lieux - timing
  167. Using Indoor Furniture Outdoors
  168. Any feelings out there about property prices?
  169. Water Softener Instruction manual: Elite Casa 2
  170. Buying a home in Switzerland
  171. What to expect from a bunker check?
  172. Buying a house: Required knowledge
  173. Renting Contract, legal issues?
  174. Plexiglass panels for balcony - where to purchase and install?
  175. Wood Recycling or DUmping Ground Basel
  176. Proper price for end of contract cleaning
  177. Any first month rent free offers in general in Zurich?
  178. Damaged ceiling fix
  179. How do landlords choose tenants?
  180. Where to find a good weekly cleaning lady
  181. Vacating apartment in Geneva: reco for deep cleaning service. And what does it cost?
  182. Moving to Switzerland
  183. Pros and cons of a ground floor apartment with garden
  184. book a tiger (ZH cleaning company)
  185. Self storage Biel/Bienne?
  186. where to find the water shutoff valve of my apartment?
  187. How much would you value this investment property
  188. Is it preferable to buy a house instead of renting one, even if you're not sure you'l
  189. Renting without deposit
  190. Cleaning and moving costs
  191. broke the door of 30+ year old freezer
  192. Can one sell a mortgaged house?
  193. How much cash to buy a house in the Lausanne area?
  194. Which bank will help you better in buying a house?
  195. Need help with housing dispute with owner
  196. Chimney sweep Glarus süd
  197. Allowing viewings
  198. Recycling garden waste ZH - is it me?
  199. Swisscaution as landlord
  200. Altstetten or Seebach?
  201. painting the walls inside the house
  202. planning to do the moving cleaning myself
  203. Housekeeper - Bern
  204. Cellar Renovation - What is the definition of Wohnzimmer
  205. Choice between Zug and Mannedorf (Pros and Cons)
  206. Price Estimation for 30 yr old home
  207. Apartment cleaners in Bern
  208. Heating costs bill - explanation needed
  209. what are my rights? Int'l shipper just jacked price 25% after taking stuff
  210. New homes in/around Zurich
  211. Just moved to Switzerland - few questions
  212. Winter (Nov-Feb) Sunday-Tuesday Housing in St. Moritz
  213. Glattpark - JCB moving earth...why?
  214. How to find a parking spot for rent in Oberwinterthur?
  215. Oil Tank Cleaning
  216. Electric stove top that shorts my flat :(
  217. Zurich- rental notice rules?
  218. Why could this halogen strip lighting stop working?
  219. Bern - Temporary Accommodation
  220. Where to find 'black iron pipe' or similar in Switzerland
  221. Zurich: cleaning company recommendations
  222. Moving to Switzerland in October
  223. additional costs after moving out
  224. Basel Landscape Gardener wanted
  225. house move cleaner recommendations
  226. real estate agent asking for a bunch of info
  227. Looking for moving boxes in Lausanne
  228. Finding cheap flat in scenic, well-connected back-country?
  229. Effective ways to find accommodation in Zürich City for pet owners.
  230. Männedorf Rental Value and Living Inputs
  231. Moving from London to Lausanne in August
  232. Moving isn't that bad
  233. L VISA- Moving Residence from one Canton to another canton
  234. Securelec contacted me out of the blue! Help needed!
  235. Yet another Gerance issue
  236. Lilac tree disease?
  237. Notary recommendation in Geneva
  238. Signing a rental contract from outside the country
  239. How much to spend on rent ?
  240. Getting rid of furniture in Olten
  241. Rent increase reservation on new contracts
  242. Ex-Landlord Ignoring Requests for Deposit Return
  243. Subtenant rights for deposit return payment
  244. Shade/Film for HUGE Skylight?!
  245. Which places in CH might be interesting for me to live?
  246. Newly rented apartment, stinks of smoke
  247. Basic renovations - Old house
  248. Getting rid of furniture in Geneva - advice on places that buy old furniture
  249. Blinds for French doors/windows
  250. Advertising Apartment Outside Of Normal Handover Time