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  1. Merlischachen local shop- very good
  2. New sushi in Saint Louis
  3. a new Lebanese restaurant in Zürich-Seebach
  4. Non-alcoholic drinks
  5. Indonesian instant seasoning in asian stores ZH
  6. Pizzerias in Switzerland
  7. Need advice on buy VITAMIX in Constance
  8. A dream comes true?
  9. Pricing scones with clotted cream, jam & tea
  10. Aussie Food - Tim Tams & Vegemite
  11. Where to pick chestnuts near Basel
  12. Ethnic (Greek, Moroccan) Food Shop in Zurich?
  13. Why don't hard boiled eggs need to be refrigerated in Swizerland
  14. Chocolate Truffle Cake
  15. Quellwasser source at your house?
  16. Kitchen store for pots and pans in Lausanne area
  17. Shortening
  18. Any ideas for quick ,Easy veg dish?
  19. Swiss icecream in long flight?
  20. 15 min tasty chili with chickpeas
  21. Indian Food
  22. Tapas restuarant in Zurich?
  23. Wine cooler/fridge
  24. What are your favourite pantry staples?
  25. Great way to use up grapes!
  26. Delicious Pizza at Taverne
  27. Uganda Food [Zurich]
  28. Lunch Ideas for Swiss Friend
  29. Great recipes from your local CH area...
  30. Ice Cream for Stoners
  31. Kippers in Zurich
  32. Where to find, what to call... Baking ingredients
  33. Switzerland: Army promises troops 'Swiss-made food'
  34. Sour/tart cherries, fresh, frozen, dried, juice ??
  35. Stroopwafel
  36. best coffee and cake in Basel
  37. Rosti
  38. Does anybody know where to get sesame chicken in the German speaking part?
  39. Some great news for dessert lovers!
  40. What to do with figs?
  41. Wine pairing with curry
  42. Tea shops in Zurich?
  43. Surströmming -- Seen it here?
  44. Help from the cookie experts, please
  45. Nutritional info - required on food labels?
  46. Any cakebakers out there?
  47. Need help identifying a Lebanese recipe/dish...
  48. Good reasonable Indian Resturants
  49. Orange squash
  50. Shisha/narghile/hookah Ticino,Lugano
  51. Buying green coffee beans in Switzerland [Basel]?
  52. Reccomendations for German micro brew beers.
  53. Reasonably affordable food for students
  54. Fruit pectin crystal
  55. Raw Milk Products
  56. Eggless cake
  57. Searching for a platform for Indian recipe testings.
  58. burrito bowl in Zurich
  59. Restaurants in area Baden
  60. clean cast iron wok?
  61. Restaurants open on Sunday
  62. cooking class
  63. What food and drink would you bring from the UK?
  64. garlic
  65. Looking for an Indian Curry in Olten
  66. Dietikon any fried chicken seller
  67. Holland & Barrett comparable stores in Luzern/Stans area?
  68. Anyone know which company makes this cereal
  69. Beer in Montreux
  70. Balkan veggies in Zurich
  71. Quattro Stagioni Canning Jar Labels?
  72. Italian Buttercream Meringue from Hades
  73. Weird spikes on Chicken's anus
  74. "On the Absinthe Trail" from NY Times
  75. British Food at Aldi this week
  76. looking for a good Sushi Restaurant in Zurich
  77. wine
  78. elderflower cordial
  79. Fail-Proof White Cake Recipe- Pls Share!
  80. Looking for remedies to allergy (sneezing and runny nose)
  81. Best Garlic Bread Ever!!!
  82. Being vegetarian in Switzerland
  83. Twisties/Fonzies chips/crisps
  84. Appelstroop - Sirop de Liege - Apfelkraut
  85. Rice paper (Esspapier)
  86. Looking to hire a cocktail maker for a party!
  87. Sodastream gas cylinder
  88. get the taste of filipino food in basel
  89. Are all burgers in Zürich bad?
  90. mushy pea heaven
  91. Brilliant discovery in Coop
  92. South American root: Pomtajer
  93. Milk (dairy) & Egg allergy
  94. Pita Bread [Zurich]
  95. Holographic chocolate
  96. Dairy quality questions
  97. Pancakes in Zurich?
  98. Arracacha
  99. Fermentation Bucket/Nettle Beer
  100. Marijuana growth limits
  101. Coop Hopp Grill action
  102. Dry Milk/Powdered Milk...Where Can I find it
  103. First Swiss cherries of the season - yummy!
  104. where to buy cockles (type of clam) in basel?
  105. Is gluten intolerance a lie?
  106. merlot wine
  107. What is going on at Peace Foods (Baar)
  108. Best/favourite vegetarian cookbook?
  109. Has anyone been to Drinks of the Word?
  110. Water kefir grains and kombucha
  111. Absolutely cheapest foods in zurich
  112. Simplest recipes to use up Mango pulp
  113. Looking for an Italian soft drink
  114. Jennings Beer in CH?
  115. Budget groceries shopping in Geneva/Switzerland
  116. Dilmah Tea [Zurich]
  117. african food
  118. Where can I get broad beans?
  119. Cheerios in Switzerland?
  120. Nuts, Beans? Any ideas?
  121. Apple pie craving
  122. Beer Tap Rental for Private Events
  123. Where to buy a steak (to grill). [butcher recommendations]
  124. Anyone free for sports or drinks in Neuchatel?
  125. Collard Greens
  126. Farms that sell chickens? Luzern area
  127. Indian paneer (cheese) in Baden
  128. Rice cooker without non stick Teflon
  129. Migros worker handling meat without gloves
  130. Give me suggestions...
  131. cheese wars
  132. Hoisin sauce in CH
  133. Schweppes Slimline Tonic
  134. Can Biscuits
  135. NEW: BRITISH CORNER SHOP - online!
  136. Instant Pudding Mix
  137. Gin festival Globus Zürich
  138. Meat only part-time
  139. Easy recipes using eggs
  140. Fruitiamo juice bar just opened at Zurich Enge...
  141. Buying meat in Germany
  142. Swiss Chocolates without nuts
  143. Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds
  144. Cow and Pig Sharing
  145. Soy yoghurt & other lactose-free products?
  146. Irn Bru at Coop
  147. Best Rosti in Basel
  148. Ceylon tea at Coop
  149. Maple syrup shelf life (open bottle)
  150. fish commute
  151. home sick ...
  152. sweet pickle relish
  153. Milk usage recipe advice
  154. Drink Sticks (Granulate)
  155. EU bans Indian mangoes
  156. Caught out by 50% Aktion stickers
  157. ORganic Farms in the Luzern Area
  158. Lamb Kebab/Durum in Bern, the impossible dream ?
  159. Pint of real ale
  160. Zurich, 1 May, Lunch
  161. looking for bakery tuitions
  162. Your current favorite breakfast choices
  163. Weekday Breakfast in Zurich: Where?
  164. Looking for kefir grains
  165. Vegetarian or Vegan restaurant in Bern?
  166. Living on your own? Fed up with salad bags that rot in under a week?
  167. Godiva chocolates Zurich
  168. Milk Delivery Service in Montreux
  169. Coop stamps - what are they for?
  170. Fishmonger in Bern outside Coop/Migros?
  171. Life is good...yet another exceptional Swiss made beer...
  172. Have you noticed changes in recipe for supermarket own brand products?
  173. New japanese food store in Lausanne
  174. Organic food in Zurich
  175. Food glorious food
  176. Chögelipastetli: to eat or not to eat, that is the question!
  177. New Indian Food takeaway near Sihlcity [Zurich]
  178. Online shops selling wine and spirits in Switzerland?
  179. Kosher passover food
  180. Bar hopping in Zurich
  181. Mint sauce ???
  182. mites in your mimolette
  183. Where can I buy cloudy/trub cider/apfelwein/most?
  184. The Rapsöl mysterie
  185. Chinese or Indian buffet?
  186. Piccalilly
  187. Thickened cream?
  188. Migros Ouchy back on extended opening hours
  189. Sustainable Fish in Coop
  190. Potatoes
  191. Smoked fish?
  192. English food
  193. Caduff's Wine Loft
  194. How much you pay for food per month
  195. Chicken in a Basket
  196. Enchiladas Sauce
  197. Coop Raising Prices on Rice
  198. New vegan restaurant in Rapperswil - Sanus viventium
  199. Wild Boar/Wildschwein schnitzel ... recipes please!
  200. favorite food blogs
  201. Suppenhuhn/Stewing Chicken. Recipes ideas please!
  202. Fresh Sugarcane (found)
  203. Needed: Fridge Rental in Zurich
  204. leeks - what good are all the parts?
  205. Boullion, cenovis, harmona pikant, munz müsli, tilsiter
  206. Decent sized supermarket near wipkingen.
  207. Pre-cooked sausages (to cook on a fire pit or barbie)
  208. hi [Best Milk to Buy for an 8 Month Old Child]
  209. World's best cheese!
  210. Yellow Mustard (French's) Alternative in CH
  211. The Food Intolerance Shopping Thread
  212. Where to find Swiss marmite - cenovis?
  213. Pendragon apples in Switzerland?
  214. Looking for a farmer
  215. Ostermundigen Berne, good cheddar cheese
  216. Found it: The BBB (The Best Bargain Beer)
  217. Ginger beer in Lausanne or near ?
  218. Looking for black sesame paste in Zurich (or anywhere in Switzerland...)
  219. New bakery in ZH city-it's really good!
  220. Chocolate Prices (Weil am Rhein) vs Rome
  221. Is it possible to do the shopping in EU from St.Gallen?
  222. Camping fire foil recipes
  223. Hot air fryers ......?
  224. Where to make grill/fire in/near Zurich
  225. Frozen package of cassava-- grated
  226. Anyone know where to buy Cambodian food/spices?
  227. Seville oranges in Zurich?
  228. Gluten Free food
  229. Where can I buy Patra leaves in Basel?
  230. Indian breads?
  231. Restaurant in Olten/Solothurn/Zofingen
  232. Pizza Peels - where to find in ZRH?
  233. Where can i buy this .. Champagne set.
  234. Sri Lankan Store - Rapperswil?
  235. Arab food stores
  236. Local beers, restaurants in Fribourg
  237. Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce
  238. Chocolate, glucides
  239. Where to buy Colombian coffee beans (other than Strabucks)?
  240. romanian food delivery
  241. cooking skills exchange in GE
  242. Arab Spring.. are they angry with Coop Peanuts ?
  243. Raw cocoa
  244. Where can I purchase black cod/sable/butter fish
  245. Help with schweinsbrustspitz??
  246. Seitan?
  247. Mixed spice
  248. Looking for Cheddar
  249. Food Sell by dates [making Yorkshire Puddings]
  250. Coop, 15 Feb: Everything paid with points