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  1. Poll: throwing food away.
  2. What to buy at which supermarkets
  3. Ridiculous claims by nutrionists
  4. Looking to buy Felchlin Cocoa in Zurich
  5. Where to buy English muffins?
  6. Farmed Fresh Water Tilapia
  7. Lindt chocolate cream as hand luggage
  8. Blackberry Picking in Zürich/surrounding area?
  9. Honey - your favourite?
  10. Need a cook in Lausanne
  11. Chesterfield 3 crowns - Identity scam or what?
  12. Americano grapes
  13. Locally sourced humanely farmed meat Basel
  14. Mint Chocolate Chip icecream at the Migros!
  15. EF Gluten Free recipes
  16. Authentic south india (not Sri Lankan) dosas in Zurich
  17. Most usable hot-dog buns in CH?
  18. muslin cloth
  19. Tiger bread….
  20. What flour in breadmakingmachine ?
  21. Haleem
  22. Kochboxen in Basel. Did you try?
  23. Looking for a recipe for Tripes a la Caen
  24. English Sunday Roast
  25. South Indian foods allowed to carry to Switzerland
  26. how to find out alcohol percentage of a drink
  27. elderflower cordial
  28. Where to order lots of peanut butter
  29. Coop prix vs Migros budget bottled mineral water
  30. I'm in Hospital ... can someone sneak me in some food...
  31. Does anyone know where to buy good rock salt for consumption?
  32. Beef Jerky in CH
  33. 1 kg of chilli peppers in Zurich
  34. Food Markets in Canton St Gallen
  35. most drinked wines in Switzerland
  36. Wine shops around Basel
  37. boneless, skinless chicken thighs, my kingdom for
  38. Are there any decent size boxes of baking soda in CH?
  39. Good Asian restaurants in Zurich city?
  40. Play grounds / Restaurants
  41. Restaurant in Zurich open all day
  42. Sausages
  43. Waitrose food products at Manor
  44. All-purpose flour
  45. Treacle toffee
  46. Groceries in Basel.
  47. Fresh and not-so-pricey eggs in Zurich?
  48. Cold Pressed Juice and Kombucha- Zurich
  49. Where can one find STRONG EARL GREY
  50. Coop carries Veganz vegan products
  51. Is Swiss German Food Stuck In The 80s (or earlier)
  52. American Brown Sugar
  53. Meera's Specialities
  54. Comically Bad Mexican Restaurant in Loerrach
  55. bread making
  56. Stove-Top Coffee Advice
  57. Restaurant guide
  58. StreetFood Events
  59. Cake for kid's BD
  60. BBC to remove online recipes from website
  61. Chili Heads, a Chili heads up...
  62. A subject that has become dear to my heart
  63. Where to get Rosé in Zürich?
  64. Ultimate Mexican Restaurant?
  65. Grassfed Meat, Seafood and Organic Vegetables
  66. Guava
  67. Ticino wine: Bondola
  68. Lead in water fountains
  69. Aflatoxin?
  70. Chinese restaurants recommended
  71. Black Beans
  72. Where can you find "proper" Pâté (Terrine) in Zürich?
  73. BBQ gas cheaper in Switzerland or France?
  74. Halal meat
  75. Zurich meets London, Food Festival
  76. Son has Egg allergy - what bread Brand’s ?
  77. Vegan Day in Bern
  78. Swiss Cheddar Style Cheese!
  79. Czech and Slovak cuisine
  80. Raw psyllium husks, where to buy?
  81. Indian restaurant in Untersiggenthal 5417
  82. Aldi, Villars-sur-Glane, Fribourg
  83. Any ideas for a nice restaurant in Zurich ?
  84. featured swiss cuisine
  85. A problem for electrical or mechanical engineers?
  86. Swiss cheeses available in the US
  87. Custom Cake_Bern
  88. Vegetarian Seeking New Spots or Dishes
  89. Caterer in Zurich-Horgen area
  90. Buying alcohol in Coop.
  91. Sunday Roast in Bern?
  92. Death wish coffee
  93. Refrigerate Easter Cake??
  94. Chocolat and wine recommendations
  95. Anyone ever made sourdough bread?
  96. Lavender...where do I find it?
  97. New Shop in Lausanne for American Junk Food Cravings
  98. Basel - Peruvian restaurants?
  99. Tallisker whiskies' differences
  100. Where to buy green plantains in Geneva?
  101. Georgian food in Zurich ? Does it exist ?
  102. Good expensive wine to give as present
  103. Where can I find black lime (dry/dried lime?)
  104. Aberdeen Angus beef near Fribourg
  105. Party Food Ideas needed
  106. Cafeteria in Luzern
  107. Irish food available in Switzerland?
  108. Potlucks/cooking groups in Zurich?
  109. Cadbury's Cream Eggs
  110. Indian restaurant in Lausanne
  111. Any home-brewers out there willing to answer a few questions?
  112. Kids birthday cakes, Basel area - suggestions?
  113. Kosher salt
  114. Searching for a cafe in Zürich
  115. A "beer" tour of Switzerland...
  116. Anyone have any Water Kefir grains to give away?
  117. Any Sauerkraut/Choucroute recipes ?
  118. Surchoix cheese : what does it mean ?
  119. recipes for fastest non fast-food dish?
  120. Recall of Mars/Snickers/Milky Way/Celebrations in Germany
  121. kuhn rikon versus silit frypan?
  122. ecoKonem Schweiz - Dried Fruits for Switzerland
  123. Coffee capsules
  124. Food thermometer recomendations
  125. New Baking Supplies in Coop
  126. Vegan alternative to dairy milk for the coffee?
  127. Tea Boxes
  128. Have you ever vaped alcohol ?
  129. Montreux Casino
  130. Benoit Violier dies aged 44
  131. Eastern European cuisine restaurants Bern
  132. What's in the Migros Surprise Pack?
  133. Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
  134. Sprouting kit
  135. Estrella chips?
  136. Mango Pulp
  137. Can you get BBQ Pork/Roast duck in Zürich?
  138. Lean mince beef
  139. Sinalco - where to buy?
  140. Bachtel ranch wernetshausen ( near hinwil )
  141. Where to find goose fat
  142. Cheesecloth / Cotton Gauze Muslin
  143. The joys and fun of international advertising language :)
  144. Fresh milk for cheesemaking
  145. Fondue in Zurich
  146. Coconut crush in Wallisellen
  147. Storing or freezing cheese slices without freezer burn?
  148. The Great Big Tea Thread
  149. Kriek Mort Subite (Belgium Beer)
  150. Help needed: Coke/Pepsi Zero Replacement
  151. Looking for a Goose for Christmas
  152. Coffee Roaster in Basel...?
  153. Alcohol Prices In Restaurants
  154. King's Ginger in Zürich?
  155. Have I got a problem?
  156. Vegan, good veggie places? (Basel)
  157. Self raising flour and icing sugar
  158. Quick! Do they have Sugar Plums here?
  159. BBQ joint around Basel
  160. How to do Fondue!!
  161. Butchery Class in Canton Zurich/Schwyz
  162. Where can I buy Golden Syrup and Black treacle in Basel
  163. Watercress
  164. Christmas Turkey
  165. Marché du terroir and absinthe, Genève next week-end
  166. Best Alpine Macaroni (Alplermagaroni mit apfelmus
  167. batata doce
  168. Where to buy turkey stuffing in Zürich?
  169. Is traubenzucker corn syrup?
  170. Svens Schoggikuchen
  171. Lithuanian food shops Zürich?????
  172. Mead wine?
  173. Help, support, recipes for low or no carb diet
  174. Red Leicester in Manor & More
  175. Gluten and Milk Free Diets - Peaks Free-From???
  176. Boletus?
  177. how to prepare an artichoke (for roasting)
  178. Root beer and craft sodas! Where can I find it?
  179. Jerusalem artichokes- or topinmabours
  180. Raclette cheese
  181. Alpro milk alternatives in Otto's
  182. Do you buy organic, Fairtrade or sustainable food products?
  183. Germany Food Runs
  184. Russian shop in Lausanne
  185. Lausanne: Any Popular Bars with English people & Staff?
  186. Reasonably priced "bubbly" recommendations?
  187. French supermarket
  188. False "extra virgin" Olive oil?
  189. Fabulous organic fruit, veg and meat in Vaud
  190. Restaurants in Rueschlikon
  191. When Swiss chicken isn't Swiss?
  192. Boneless, Skinless Chicken thighs?
  193. Excellent Chinese Food in Luzern
  194. Peanut Butter?
  195. Looking for catering for a private party
  196. Black-eyed pea (not the band)!
  197. Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen
  198. wheat free Bread in CH?
  199. Bircher muesli
  200. Gluten free Bread in Berne
  201. Panini bread & press?
  202. roti canai
  203. Taking chocolates on a long flight
  204. Translation of roast beef in german
  205. Eggs, chicken, turkey - food for sportsmen
  206. Home Milk Delivery Basel.
  207. Mexican Restaurant in Zurich
  208. Dim Sum in Lausanne
  209. Raw Mushrooms?
  210. Best place to buy natural food products near Lausanne?
  211. Brussels sprouts. ( how to cook so they don't stink the whole place out).
  212. Good place to buy birthday cake in Basel
  213. Australian beer - Little Creatures Pale Ale - supplier/vendor in or near Zurich?
  214. American Food Store
  215. BULLE - Goûts et Terroirs Fair soon
  216. Where to get cake coating
  217. Cake and wine place in Zug
  218. To Josef or not to Josef
  219. Your desserts - recipes, pictures and favorite combos!
  220. Last chance to try some uniquely Swiss foods
  221. Quick & healthy family recipes using easily available ingredients
  222. Chocolate 'Mud' Cake
  223. Looking for a great chilli con carne recipe please!
  224. Mushoom Identification
  225. Japanese Rice Crackers
  226. Food and drink festivals in Switz and surrounds
  227. Kicking out refined sugar from your diet
  228. Non Alcoholic Beer - poor selection
  229. Does anyone know where can I buy Nando's sauce in Zurich?
  230. Do Migros have Poppy Seeds?
  231. I'm getting old.
  232. California Style Mexican Food In Zürich!
  233. Lidl revamping 102 Swiss stores
  234. Cheddar cheese
  235. Food Trailer Fest at Mythenquai
  236. Mozzarella and past date..
  237. Where to buy Rakia in Lausanne?
  238. Coffee shop in Schwamendingen!
  239. Please, what is the name of this pastry?
  240. For all you cat ladies:
  241. Best burger in BERN
  242. Any vegan?
  243. Looking for coconut flour
  244. freshly baked and really good german bread
  245. foraging for wild mushrooms..
  246. Looking for pre-cooked turkey catering Basel
  247. Apéro dessert, what should I make?
  248. Chicken breast and eggs
  249. Growing Marijuana / Weed / Cannibis in my balcony (ZH)
  250. Rice krispies