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  1. Never buying Hewlett Packard again
  2. Cost for eye examination (driving license exchange)
  3. Dry Cleaners (Reinigung) Problems Zurich
  4. What do you the Swiss?
  5. How long did it take you to make friends here?
  6. Female only seats on the bus?
  7. overworked hospital staff
  8. Feduciaire LEGISTA Lausanne: Stay away!
  9. Have I been scammed ?
  10. search for free legal lawyers,geneva
  11. who removed their groan - come on own up!
  12. Bloody plasters. Wtf is the point?!?!!
  13. Zurich Police Effectiveness
  14. Dickheads everywhere
  15. 3 hrs. of hell, once a year.
  16. Crime-free Switzerland - my @rse
  17. Stinky chicken van
  18. Tickets to events/concerts
  19. Basel Stupid tenant selection system *RANT*
  20. Is there *anything* in Switzerland that nobody has ever complained about?
  21. Dickhead cyclists
  22. Hit and run near Neuchâtel- dark coloured BMW
  23. old mistake still haunting me
  24. a weekend of torment setting up windows 7 wifi hotspot
  25. Viseca Flying Blue offer scam?
  26. Two things I just don't understand
  27. No, you can't get ahead of me at the cash register.
  28. Racism in an email from my boss
  29. Swiss can't stand the cold?
  30. TEDxZurich Arrogance
  31. Museum café Place de la Riponne Lausanne
  32. [Language classes] Postponed! Again and again
  33. Specialized bike stolen
  34. Maxibons!!
  35. Feeling Lost, Almost close to Breaking down, Please kindly Help
  36. Sigh, another job down...
  37. Outright lies from the pharmacy!
  38. Don't Let This Happen To You! - Beware TSR Movers [their cleaners] NOT Recommended!
  39. Kreis 4
  40. Arrogant Swiss sales staff
  41. Gaah! Very pissed off!
  42. Inkasso threatens with legal consequences
  43. Schlüsselservice in Basel. The worse: schlossexpert.ch‎
  44. ALMAS Management Services AG - tax return
  45. Pathological hatred of football
  46. Doctors not accepting new patients?!
  47. Zurich airport staff in baggage fine prize draw
  48. Swiss holidays are lame rant
  49. Swiss Flats-useless relocation company
  50. You should be used to weather...
  51. Noise from restaurant outside garden
  52. Awful service at garage
  53. What I hate about street conditions and traffic in Switzerland
  54. Media Markt - Fraud [Not Fraud - Warranty Issue]
  55. Salary slip mess
  56. Living in Swiss - highly philosophical meta complaint thread
  57. Freaked out by firework
  58. Am I a credit card deafaulter? What are my options?
  59. Parking ticket!!
  60. harsh border control in Geneva border last night
  61. betreibungs office [debt records]
  62. dangerous driving
  63. internet.ch
  64. those flies
  65. Real Estate agency denies to rent a flat to me because I am "English Speaking"
  66. Pepper Sprayed in Zurich
  67. Roadworks in ZH
  68. The most privileged customer service experience
  69. not being Switzerlanded
  70. Cleaning fee
  71. Now my car values 500 CHF
  72. Scumbag thieves broke in apartment in Bern
  73. Neighboor complaint for crying baby
  74. What frustrates you most of Switzerland since you moved.
  75. Venting about finding a subtenant
  76. Just another 'why are Swiss shops so rubbish ?' rant
  77. my chairs got nicked!
  78. Bastard Bonus Card
  79. migrationsamt workers giving conflicting info!
  80. Dispute Lawyer Fees URGENT
  81. A "friendly neighbour" moved my bicycle twice
  82. gotogate.ch warning
  83. A full school semester isn't quite what it seems...
  84. Unhygienic!
  85. Speed camera flashing ...
  86. A Migros worker yanked a toy from my child's hands yesterday...
  87. Sticky ticket dispenser.
  88. Scumbag thieves
  89. Swiss female greetings - that awkward 3 kiss shiz
  90. What's your EF pet hate?
  91. Swiss Strawberries
  92. A very bad night at the Kinderspital Basel
  93. Bitter ex-members who re-register...
  94. I'm just not that pissed off!
  95. Coop sold me expired food
  96. Swiss airways rip-off
  97. Car scratched in garage - Concierge said not possible
  98. How about some AC in this country (the lack of air conditioning rant)
  99. Oh well (Air Canada)
  100. Scam Artists using the site Tutti.ch to try to scam
  101. Postage not refunded for defective goods?
  102. My first complaint
  103. Hello complainers! the Swiss maybe not easy to abboard but they're honest
  104. Life is wonderful, the birds are singing, the world is beautiful
  105. My complaint about the complaint corner ....
  106. Daycare
  107. Assault by a neighbour
  108. I should be out enjoying the sunshine...
  109. Why some Expats complain about the Swiss attitude if they are even worse?
  110. Driving on CH motorways
  111. Why is the answer always no? (or is it like this everywhere?)
  112. Shorter than claimed
  113. Fraud via olx.ch
  114. Complicated process of claiming expenses against damaged travel Baggage.
  115. Chatter during meetings
  116. Journalism standards...not CH
  117. 'The Knowledge Academy'
  118. What are Private residents issuing parking tickets are allowed to do?
  119. Outrageous price!
  120. Is it always this sunny, warm and windy in May?
  121. Is it always this cold and rainy in May?
  122. Train Ticketing Issue
  123. Post Office Problem - Zurich [Disappearing Parcel]
  124. Smoking breaks at work
  125. Servants on The Cheap
  126. Shoes on the seat in the bus
  127. Kinderdesign.ch
  128. I made it!!
  129. Fitness Club Fees
  130. shops closed on 1st May
  131. Get your bag off my seat
  132. Such idiots in Swiss politics-Ueli Maurer
  133. I've been Mailboxed!
  134. The postman doesn't even ring once
  135. Electrical company entering my house...without permission
  136. It just never ends, does it?! [AirFrance Lost Our Luggage]
  137. Orange mobile billing - charged double (again)
  138. IKEA Dietlikon... terrible experience with the Montageservice.
  139. Post Finance
  140. PayPal hacked, police?
  141. Bad manners from Forum members [Marketplace no-shows]
  142. Customer Service & Professionalism
  143. Thread deleted...why?
  144. Whistling in the workplace
  145. Any way to stop solicitation phone calls?
  146. tennis racquet stringing
  147. Swisscom mobile phone invoicing.
  148. Toni & Guy Zurich (Kappelergasse)
  149. Holmes Place Obberrieden-14 classes cancelled
  150. Classic piece of trashy Irish journalism about Switzerland
  151. RMA replacement time
  152. Making too little for rent payments?
  153. Digitec [9 CHF Charge for Small Orders]
  154. interparcel
  155. Alcohol @ Bars/Pubs/Nighclubs
  156. The essence of the complaints corner
  157. Gemischt hackfleisch? You sneaky devils! [mixed minced meats]
  158. Miele kitchen appliances - aaargh
  159. Be careful paying for a taxi with credit card in Zürich (or anywhere probably)...
  160. Noise complaints - Is the other person right?
  161. Do you... [Wash Glass Jars Before Recycling?]
  162. Requirements to sell items on EF - vote away!
  163. Washing machine occupied second day in a row
  164. 10 post to sell something [is not enough]
  165. Dishonest Painter
  166. Switzerland and the Glass Ceiling
  167. Racism English X Irish
  168. Sherpa customer service - terrible
  169. New Yorker - seconhand or what?
  170. Common shop discount swisslers
  171. Windows RT sucks
  172. Gym Complaint-Geneva
  173. My Apologies.
  174. Feeling Cheated!!
  175. Gym regristration issues..advice pls
  176. Jobs [Frustrated English-speaking job-seeker]
  177. Selling on Ricardo.ch - be aware of the fees
  178. Men urinating on walls of buildings
  179. How do you feel?
  180. Anyone else have Stiebel Eltron climate control?
  181. Who governs funeral parlours?
  182. Swiss driving
  183. How to get out of the 'back office' prison?
  184. Help! ABBO in Geneva nightmare
  185. Nänikon missed the memo about how to be Swiss
  186. The Treatment of New Posters
  187. Standard of English teaching in Swiss schools
  188. The swiss german arrogance has finally extended to the EF!
  189. Spandex as exercising attire for men...oh dear
  190. Things that boil my piss about swizzlers.
  191. A Funny Story
  192. Is this normal (bizarre customer service)?
  193. Rental agency billing for repairs
  194. Pickpockets in Bellevue bar
  195. What CAN be done?
  196. English Forum
  197. "ParkNFly" warning
  198. cancellation fees
  199. marriage licence and location
  200. Swiss neighbour problem
  201. Silhouette Fitness Club. Terrible.
  202. all Swiss account holders: control your account for a possible fraud/technical error
  203. iPhone Roaming.... [Charged Roaming Even though Cellular Data Turned Off]
  204. Coriander Ruins My Life!
  205. Short Haired Women
  206. Should have known better (A short story of confiscated plonk)
  207. Bad experience with Rapid'Dem removals (Vevey)
  208. Call out fee
  209. House Renting or just a trap for fools
  210. Smug
  211. V-Zug customer service
  212. Disheartening Coop Experience
  213. What does "perfect condition" mean to you
  214. If you think SwissCare will cover your justified claim think again
  215. Swiss Rules - Even inanimate objects make up rules
  216. Switzerland & Xenophobia for a student
  217. Noise from public bar
  218. Noisy neighbours running upstairs
  219. food poisoning from [New Point] kebab shop at Bahnhof Affoltern
  220. SMS from IKEA about Sunday shopping
  221. Swiss Female Friendships. Not getting it.
  222. If you've not won the lottery, don't get in a taxi zug!!!
  223. Private Parking space is blocked
  224. i really dont know where to post this.but i need an advice
  225. Annoyed by Microspot. What's the best way to contact them?
  226. Too Horrible to Comprehend - Justin Bieber is retiring from music
  227. Why do people say :
  228. Missing eBay!
  229. Bread
  230. Swiss v EasyJet
  231. Complaints about the complaints
  232. Kid who shares my taxi is making me late!
  233. Well this is a first for me!
  234. Threaten by company on legal action against posting on EF my bad experience with them
  235. Breastfeeder blew smoke in my face
  236. some racist around in glattbrugg
  237. Legal Advice in case of my Colledge
  238. DeLonghi coffee machine
  239. Contractual problem with Builder MGT Bausystem
  240. doors on trams.
  241. Watch out for rotten chestnuts.
  242. The N word in switzerland
  243. Valais - the worst place in Switzerland?
  244. People saying "eguete" when you're eating....unpolite to eat in a hurry?
  245. French dressing / Italian dressing - whats the deal??
  246. Racist German customs
  247. Awful curries, awful food
  248. Today's complaint: lazy Marketplace sellers
  249. Switzerland-the other side of the moon!
  250. Switerlanded ... the fight back starts here