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  1. Cancellation fee for travel booking with no payment info. Is it legal?
  2. Bring back the "I hate Switzerland" thread, please
  3. Catch 22
  4. Parking
  5. Cheeky motherlovers... (someone stole something delivered for me while away)
  6. Workload in Switzerland
  7. Complaint about people burning rubbish in public
  8. easy pay from swisscom invoice
  9. Low rating work certificate from a company. This is not right!
  10. Unpleasant private sales...
  11. Language barrier
  12. SBB Early morning trains and yuppie foreigners
  13. Gangs of motorbikes and a car
  14. SBB early morning trains and pensioners
  15. Weird "explosions" in ZUG
  16. Review of Moving Company
  17. Stop sending me Nespresso for gift pls!
  18. If you move to another country, get to know the traffic rules...
  19. Swiss Boarding House - anyone else had problems?
  20. Sunrise's shoddy business practice
  21. The terrorists ruined my Easter...
  22. Please don't pollute the fresh and clean air with your perfume.
  23. Careful with network marketing schemes
  24. customer's rights by online shopping in CH
  25. Does discretion exist in switzerland?
  26. Abusive use of groan button
  27. Fust AG. Bad experience.
  28. no payment from the boss
  29. Unreasonable Requirement at die Post
  30. Washroom complaint
  31. My Neighbor keeps complaining about kids Noise
  32. Can expats be happy?
  33. I really really miss the one-day delivery online shopping
  34. Do you feel unwelcome in Switzerland?
  35. Switzerlanded Pi
  36. tedious work
  37. Barking dogs
  38. Are some of the Swiss - Racists, or it is just me?
  39. Police. What's the point?
  40. Non-existing construction site safety in CH
  41. Züri Fäscht 2016
  42. RANT: Carstar AG, Freienbach
  43. 7 months and no wardrobe door from Toptip
  44. Rant - Blatters Bellavista Hotel
  45. Inefficiency
  46. No responses, no shows, no payment and people just being downright rude!
  47. shouted at in the middle of the road
  48. Driving in the mountains
  49. Non Delivery of goods - poor service
  50. Number of Posts.
  51. Complete surprise and taken aback
  52. Updates to ricardo.ch, gallery view, watchlist.
  53. Walking and talking
  54. disgusting Macdonald in Interlaken
  55. Sorry another complaint but i could cry
  56. Why cant you read a magazine in the sauna
  57. Just another discrimination by nationality rant...
  58. I don't want an IKEA house!
  59. How do I get used to this place?
  60. Another swiss hating rant...
  61. Racism in restaurant in Basel
  62. Construction in Apartments
  63. Not enough female public toilets in ZH
  64. So, this guy comes up to me in Bern asking for money...
  65. Warning slimey sleazy salesmen
  66. Swiss bar staff awareness when serving drinks...
  67. Anyone else been 'followed' on EF?
  68. Fertility IVF journey rant
  69. Father Christmas, Santa Claus, is dead!
  70. Authorization for US driving license
  71. Stories ... and musings
  72. Some days are better than others
  73. Builders parking in our driveway
  74. Before you complain in here expect:
  75. RIP - Artificial Colours
  76. 11 yr old B-day party-- Truth or Dare.... Just how wrong is this dare?
  77. Tired of getting ripped off
  78. Done everything we possibly can but still 'anonymous ' complaints
  79. IKEA Delivery Service Personnel Quality
  80. White Goods Insurance - Not getting "Fust"ed
  81. Swiss Supermarkets
  82. Swiss and Birthdays
  83. Where is my Eurosport International on Cablecom
  84. Finding things in Zurich a bit quiet, concerned about pension
  85. Miss the level of service in the USA
  86. Galaxus - problem with the order - please advise
  87. Saw Spectre yesterday [potential spoiler alert]
  88. Need a cleaner? be careful !!!
  89. Used disposable diapers ..........?
  90. Books not allowed in CH?
  91. Apartments
  92. Bought in Swiss Online Shop - Sent from Germany!
  93. Fed up with the Police state
  94. Leaking Batteries and Consequential Damage
  95. Fed up with drunk drivers
  96. Silly women
  97. Migros Antares Pot
  98. To SVP: Stop picking on Muslim Women
  99. Huge Doctor rechnung [bill]
  100. Salt charges unjustified roaming fee
  101. Lazy Conforama delivery service
  102. Ricardo buyer changes mind after auction end
  103. Stinker, stinker, stinker !!!!
  104. Rude Pediatrician [receptionist] in Adliswil
  105. Purposely scratching people's car.
  106. Reversed into dangerously parked neighbour's trailer!
  107. Consumers are not protected unless they pay for a lawyer..?
  108. Me, me, me ... and sod everyone else (dickhead farmers)
  109. Not so pleasant trip back home
  110. Bought a vacuum from Interdiscount - seems it's not new?
  111. UDC / SVP ad pop up
  112. Breathtaking rudeness, nay bullheadedness on the tram...
  113. Again... and again... and again...
  114. Tom & Woli thread
  115. Used Car Fraud in Lys
  116. That excluded feeling
  117. Personal post attracting import tax
  118. The most annoying advert from UBS!
  119. LG G3 never get one
  120. And he didn't called
  121. Are Swiss local associations a reflection of the hotel industry?
  122. Rant about Swiss tenancy contracts
  123. How Migros grocery store wants to become your superego!
  124. Siemens kitchen appliances!!!!
  125. Complaint against Doctor
  126. Zurich ..... A bad experience....
  127. "when will you go back to XXX (your country name)"
  128. Last chance to find your lost luggage with Swiss
  129. What is up with these strange Swiss people? lol
  130. Spital Triemli
  131. help from sozialdienst
  132. Billag ? need advice please
  133. Alitalia: another flock of bwastards
  134. Swisscom forcing products on us?
  135. University or Education lawyer needed
  136. Cheaptickets.ch a scam?
  137. MIGROS:NUT Allergie attack// hospital.
  138. English + swiss accent
  139. Thieves and Lausanne Train Station
  140. Buying mail order from France- beware!
  141. Customer Laws in Switzerland
  142. Coach drivers parking in residential areas
  143. The ultimate Swiss neighbor
  144. My welcome messages to new members are NOT fluff
  145. My welcome messages to new members are NOT fluff
  146. Bicyclists & Traffic Laws
  147. How to deal with noisy party from neighbors?
  148. Mediamarkt Megadeals "Sofort Gewinnen"
  149. Baggage Belt
  150. Trains. People. Bastards.
  151. Poo in letterbox
  152. Shut up ffs
  153. Another example of great swiss customer service
  154. A crappy day and possible racism
  155. Stay on YOUR side of the road ....
  156. Gerichtsverfahren?
  157. Digitec bullshank
  158. Is the use of indicators no longer part of the driving cursus?
  159. Gym Auto-renewal
  160. International divorce
  161. Bad experience with Hammerstran
  162. PSA For the Public Transport Users
  163. SBB Online Ticket Shop totally useless
  164. Mobility car sharing,really bad experience
  165. Coop Mobile ridiculous random charges calling to abroad
  166. International School / Contracts Lawyer needed?
  167. Lebara card
  168. legal customer protection rights in CH?
  169. Racism, Objectification and the Gay Scene ( Zurich, Switzerland)!!
  170. Bad expierience on Ricardo [not their fault]
  171. very bad experience with techmania.ch
  172. Smartphones at concerts. JUST STOP IT !!!!
  173. Speaking swiss german in presence of non-Swiss
  174. ? mud dauber wasp building a nest in my kitchen
  175. Small child attacking other children in the park!!!
  176. Primacall telephone selling
  177. Day Care Kids Island not returning the deposit
  178. Extra logistics charges expensive custom fees
  179. Exit Cleaning costs....HOW MUCH !!!???
  180. Unexplainable :attempted mugging/physical intimidation at bahnhofquai tramstop
  181. Ricardo location map wrong :(
  182. Cracked Ceiling Turns to a Leak in My Apartment
  183. The Swiss hotel industry deserves what it gets
  184. Health insurance breached my health confidentiality
  185. Zurich River Taxis - not running, poor info
  186. Swisscom Customer Care Crazy Charges
  187. Ticketcorner
  188. Tarmed, is it just a rip off?
  189. Swiss People and similar: how to get rid of it? [Directory Websites]
  190. Normal bins! Are they for anything?
  191. Forum Vets : You are SAD !
  192. Hurrah for K-Tip
  193. Permanently Avoid Annoying Door Knockers (useful for everyone)
  194. Interdiscount: ''Spend CHF 1200 out of your own pocket within 7 days''
  195. The micro-RANT thread
  196. Why such aggressive drivers?
  197. Pirates bar Hinwil don't bother!!
  198. rudebois of basel
  199. Bad Behaviour Basel SBB Change Office
  200. Mint or Spearmint give it its proper name please!
  201. Gesundheit!
  202. Lyca Mobile for iPad a disaster
  203. Switching mobile contract from Orange to UPC Cablecom
  204. Staff finder
  205. Good Immigration Lawyers please
  206. The cruel side of Sechselauten-Horse dies of heart attack !
  207. Worn tyres
  208. Rude Police (some) Attitude
  209. Snake hose
  210. galaxus.ch has terrible customer support
  211. Honestly! The things people steal
  212. some weird encounters in Bern bahnhof
  213. Comedy car crashes
  214. Oh no, the grass warriors are getting ready...
  215. Telefon vs Handynummer
  216. Mediamarkt cheating on price. [Price higher than competitors]
  217. park wrong place
  218. Baggage trolley in Geneva airport
  219. Moved into a new place.
  220. Digitec - broke my laptop, refund declined!
  221. The lost art of saying "Thank You"
  222. Stocks bought through Swiss Quote blocked
  223. Phonecalls of 1 sec from various numbers
  224. Trams
  225. Swiss (Airlines) spam
  226. Aer Lingus Booking
  227. Selling agent/realtor unwilling to schedule a viewing?
  228. Puma trainers with two left feet
  229. Slow Post from the UK
  230. One has to speak 70% German to hire a Camping-Car? Really?
  231. How to make a complaint (CS)
  232. Reader survey
  233. Broken glass bottles on the roads
  234. Unbeliavable FUST
  235. shopping over the border
  236. Inappropriate stuff in bakery...
  237. lesara.ch's are terribly bad, ALL
  238. Swiss Post opened my mail, and now there's a problem
  239. Where are the lines???
  240. Swiss mattresses are terribly bad, ALL
  241. Big girls need to suck it up
  242. Bmw oil change for chf1,000 ?! - advice please
  243. Pharmacy selling medication close to expiration date?
  244. Unjustified police intervention and pressed charges
  245. RE: fraud via anibis site
  246. Got fined for having my mailbox full!
  247. Tailgating at lights and slow moving traffic
  248. Swiss 'Fish' species racism!
  249. Problem with Pfister [Resolved]
  250. people open jars in Marktkauf Weil am Rhein