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  1. Post Finance
  2. PayPal hacked, police?
  3. Bad manners from Forum members
  4. Customer Service & Professionalism
  5. Thread deleted...why?
  6. Whistling in the workplace
  7. Any way to stop solicitation phone calls?
  8. tennis racquet stringing
  9. Swisscom mobile phone invoicing.
  10. Toni & Guy Zurich (Kappelergasse)
  11. Holmes Place Obberrieden-14 classes cancelled
  12. Classic piece of trashy Irish journalism about Switzerland
  13. RMA replacement time
  14. Making too little for rent payments?
  15. Digitec [9 CHF Charge for Small Orders]
  16. interparcel
  17. Alcohol @ Bars/Pubs/Nighclubs
  18. The essence of the complaints corner
  19. Gemischt hackfleisch? You sneaky devils! [mixed minced meats]
  20. Miele kitchen appliances - aaargh
  21. Be careful paying for a taxi with credit card in Zürich (or anywhere probably)...
  22. Noise complaints - Is the other person right?
  23. Do you... [Wash Glass Jars Before Recycling?]
  24. Requirements to sell items on EF - vote away!
  25. Washing machine occupied second day in a row
  26. 10 post to sell something [is not enough]
  27. Dishonest Painter
  28. Switzerland and the Glass Ceiling
  29. Racism English X Irish
  30. Sherpa customer service - terrible
  31. New Yorker - seconhand or what?
  32. Common shop discount swisslers
  33. Windows RT sucks
  34. Gym Complaint-Geneva
  35. My Apologies.
  36. Feeling Cheated!!
  37. Gym regristration issues..advice pls
  38. Jobs [Frustrated English-speaking job-seeker]
  39. Selling on Ricardo.ch - be aware of the fees
  40. Men urinating on walls of buildings
  41. How do you feel?
  42. Anyone else have Stiebel Eltron climate control?
  43. Who governs funeral parlours?
  44. Swiss driving
  45. How to get out of the 'back office' prison?
  46. Help! ABBO in Geneva nightmare
  47. Nänikon missed the memo about how to be Swiss
  48. The Treatment of New Posters
  49. Standard of English teaching in Swiss schools
  50. The swiss german arrogance has finally extended to the EF!
  51. Spandex as exercising attire for men...oh dear
  52. Things that boil my piss about swizzlers.
  53. A Funny Story
  54. Is this normal (bizarre customer service)?
  55. Rental agency billing for repairs
  56. Pickpockets in Bellevue bar
  57. What CAN be done?
  58. English Forum
  59. "ParkNFly" warning
  60. cancellation fees
  61. marriage licence and location
  62. Swiss neighbour problem
  63. Silhouette Fitness Club. Terrible.
  64. all Swiss account holders: control your account for a possible fraud/technical error
  65. iPhone Roaming.... [Charged Roaming Even though Cellular Data Turned Off]
  66. Coriander Ruins My Life!
  67. Short Haired Women
  68. Should have known better (A short story of confiscated plonk)
  69. Bad experience with Rapid'Dem removals (Vevey)
  70. Call out fee
  71. House Renting or just a trap for fools
  72. Smug
  73. V-Zug customer service
  74. Disheartening Coop Experience
  75. What does "perfect condition" mean to you
  76. If you think SwissCare will cover your justified claim think again
  77. Swiss Rules - Even inanimate objects make up rules
  78. Switzerland & Xenophobia for a student
  79. Noise from public bar
  80. Noisy neighbours running upstairs
  81. food poisoning from [New Point] kebab shop at Bahnhof Affoltern
  82. SMS from IKEA about Sunday shopping
  83. Swiss Female Friendships. Not getting it.
  84. If you've not won the lottery, don't get in a taxi zug!!!
  85. Private Parking space is blocked
  86. i really dont know where to post this.but i need an advice
  87. Annoyed by Microspot. What's the best way to contact them?
  88. Too Horrible to Comprehend - Justin Bieber is retiring from music
  89. Why do people say :
  90. Missing eBay!
  91. Bread
  92. Swiss v EasyJet
  93. Complaints about the complaints
  94. Kid who shares my taxi is making me late!
  95. Well this is a first for me!
  96. Threaten by company on legal action against posting on EF my bad experience with them
  97. Breastfeeder blew smoke in my face
  98. some racist around in glattbrugg
  99. Legal Advice in case of my Colledge
  100. DeLonghi coffee machine
  101. Contractual problem with Builder MGT Bausystem
  102. doors on trams.
  103. Watch out for rotten chestnuts.
  104. The N word in switzerland
  105. Valais - the worst place in Switzerland?
  106. People saying "eguete" when you're eating....unpolite to eat in a hurry?
  107. French dressing / Italian dressing - whats the deal??
  108. Racist German customs
  109. Awful curries, awful food
  110. Today's complaint: lazy Marketplace sellers
  111. Switzerland-the other side of the moon!
  112. Switerlanded ... the fight back starts here
  113. Where's the BEEF ?
  114. If you are an auslanders nob end, please do not share
  115. Stupid things people say to pregnant women...
  116. Zürcher Oberland is annoying and narrow minded
  117. Watch out for Marco Sala!
  118. Die Mobiliar Insurance Sucks
  119. Orange - Deposit Refund
  120. If you dont stop I will kill myself [aka songs that drive you crazy]
  121. OMG Orange customer service !!
  122. Meaningless complaints about Swiss expats
  123. Not enough complaints in this forum section
  124. Coop cashiers and the conveyor belt
  125. Heartless removal of a cat from its home
  126. MP-Hausgeräte refrigerator attention!!!!
  127. Electric Fence
  128. DPD sucks
  129. I cannot, don't want, won't, don't expect me to...
  130. Serious cat problems
  131. my neighbour changed the basement lock without telling me
  132. Too Slow for Swiss Land
  133. Bleak
  134. Is it the same????
  135. Fireworks in Geneva tonight
  136. idiots - rant about work.
  137. Harassed at Swiss-Italian Border
  138. What do I do?
  139. cablebloodycom
  140. Battery longevity (or shortevity)
  141. Hermes parcel delivery (Germany)
  142. Java Club Complaint
  143. Post finance "service outages"... bloody annoying.
  144. FotoPro GANZ: interesting selling strategy
  145. Restaurant Fu tao Wettingen: Rude and Unpleasant experience
  146. No eating in German class??
  147. Disappointed by expensive mattress [now resolved]
  148. Ladies beware!!
  149. Getting Advice
  150. Wrong invoice from Daycare
  151. Smoking at Hort
  152. Rich tight bottomed auslanders
  153. Quick reacting slow people
  154. Pregnant women on public transport.
  155. Disgusting Coffee at Zurich HB
  156. SBB causes huge noise by doing night work and refuses to compensate inhabitants
  157. Zurich Travel Agent Fraud
  158. Interdiscount - Ethnocentric, discriminatory, and foul
  159. Arrghhhh! [theft at a bar, Basel, what to do?]
  160. English forum website slower?
  161. Increased bank changes - ZKB
  162. Neighbour taking Pictures
  163. Missing road signs driving me nuts!
  164. Geneva Police Officers are Dunderheads
  165. Hacked off with Orange
  166. why trashing the city?
  167. 4 x 120 CHF tax for taking good care dogs :/
  168. Furniture built in obsolescence...
  169. Woman walking agressive dog off-lead
  170. Glocals - a place they only look for sex??
  171. Getting rid of apartment...
  172. Just Delete Me... a little warning
  173. Miles&More hidden fees
  174. Ban the "Creative Kitchens "
  175. Seller on Ricardo.ch completely lied about phone and keeps doing so
  176. Walder Junior - - never again!
  177. Help! Doctor's trying to cheat
  178. Zurich Parade, got pick pocketed by a dwarf!!
  179. Very poor customer service from Swiss (Airline)
  180. Another Useless McDonalds Rip
  181. Cheap useless crappy kitchens
  182. Europcar LGW - dodgy standard policy.
  183. Deindeal voucher - Beauty Voll (Beauty cosmetics) BEWARE
  184. ESPN America is shutting down
  185. Parking scratches
  186. Worms in Migros salmon!
  187. Kellogs K changed their recipe!
  188. How the swiss deal with incorrect behavior from strangers
  189. "Swiss" Staring
  190. Don't quote me - it's not worth the paper it's printed on
  191. Building work
  192. Would you eat this food?
  193. Renting From Privera AG
  194. when an Indian sees another Idian ......
  195. Renting from LG Immo SA
  196. Posh Swiss...
  197. Wild patches!
  198. Well 'Mr my dogs are the coolest' ...you've been told!
  199. MSG - it's everywhere!
  200. We are being eaten Alive by mosquitos
  201. No tickets delivered, lost Euro 320
  202. Seenächt fest prices
  203. What have you done with Fridays?!?!?
  204. Loud juicer ... yes another noise complaint
  205. Another Noise Complaint
  206. Cablecom-the worst experience I had!
  207. Swiss Fitness Regime
  208. Sbb
  209. Importing a car from USA
  210. Driving Fines
  211. Pfister sales season, not a good choice!!!
  212. Cablecom sending junk mail to children
  213. Cold calls from Manchester?
  214. Am I going to be street man?
  215. Nuggihuus Basel - refused refund on faulty item
  216. Joggers along the Limmat
  217. Upsetting couchsurfing experience
  218. Window Cleaning charges
  219. Europcar reservation
  220. Pushed off a tram
  221. Swiss Stare
  222. Extra charge at the Pharmacy
  223. Swisscom
  224. To the unrepentant sneezing minger
  225. Wedding location issue, seeking for help
  226. Teenage boys cat-calling runners
  227. Lazy Swiss people!
  228. In the cinema - movie interrupted by commercials
  229. Taekwondo and Sexual Assault
  230. Beware of keller shipping group!
  231. Help! Should I really pay 920CHF for nothing??
  232. Humidity in cellar
  233. service/delivery guys are almost never on time
  234. right to return swiss/germany
  235. Driving with hand held phone
  236. Bogus Invoice from Nachhilfe School
  237. Future Forum Ban.
  238. Telephone scam for oldies?
  239. Damn church bells
  240. In praise of the Swiss
  241. Big Problems with Jang Taekwondo Academy Zürich
  242. EasyJet -- Hold Baggage Price
  243. Why don't the swiss ever smile?
  244. complaints
  245. Disappointment with Deindeal.ch
  246. Anti-social behaviour random incidents recently
  247. Discount = faulty = fed up me!
  248. All the neighbours cats are pooing in my garden
  249. Apartment walk throughs!
  250. Sick of all the smokers in Switzerland