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  1. Your SKN Theory Course Experience?
  2. Cat Sitting, Cattery needed over Christmas (Basel)
  3. Travelling with cats to US
  4. Open house at the Geneva Animal shelter (SPA)
  5. Pet supplies (cat): food, litter, scratching post...
  6. Anyone interested in Ebby sitting?
  7. Animal behavior predicting harsh winter?
  8. Sad dog stands over owner's grave for 6 years
  9. Somebody was licking the paint can. The dog says the cat did it
  10. Going away for the weekend or a few days? Free dog sitting!
  11. Cat Sitter wanted about 10 minute drive from Biel
  12. Teens and Dogs
  13. Mandatory theory course in English ( Horgen) for the SKN
  14. Hip dysplasia - young dog
  15. Parson Russell hunting instincts?
  16. Open Day SPA Fribourg
  17. Pet hotels or Vets that receive pets
  18. Better solution of cat toilet tray?
  19. Pet minder in Adliswil area
  20. Moving to Zurich from US with a Labrador Retriever‏
  21. Pet store near Cham
  22. Traveling to UK with puppy
  23. Groomer in Lausanne
  24. Dog refusing to eat her own food
  25. Rescue Kitten Vet Bill
  26. Flying on SWISS with pets
  27. Cat Sitter near Kloten?
  28. Dyson Pet Groomer Tool - Recommendation
  29. What is the best way to train a dog?
  30. Another anxious dog!
  31. Dog Daycare? / Contraceptive Implant for Dogs In Switzerland?
  32. Info about russian tortoises
  33. Lumpy Dog
  34. help - male dogs (peeing, marking)
  35. Replacement Kennel Door (Giant - 700 series)
  36. Good reptile shops around Zug
  37. Moving to Zurich area, with pets
  38. Information on Dog
  39. Doggie daycare in Bern
  40. Cross Your Paws for Marco!
  41. Amazing love for a dog
  42. Swiss Wildlife Protection Services
  43. help...new kitten in the house!
  44. Porcupine vs English Bulldog
  45. Pet owners in Solothurn take note!
  46. Animal cruelty - who to call?
  47. cat losing nose hair
  48. Poodle Power....
  49. My poor stressed Bella...
  50. Bullie Racists_Is he really that scary?
  51. Dog Walker Needed near Embrach Aug 13th-17th
  52. Cat is unstable on feet and feels 'floppy jointed'
  53. R.I.P Cazimir - welcome Ebby!
  54. Dogs not allowed to pee!
  55. Cat sitter needed for Wed 8th August ( Zürich )
  56. Cats, Cots and Control!!
  57. question about cats
  58. Mimi is NOT a cat sitter!
  59. Looking for a good vet in Geneva
  60. Has anyone seen my goat
  61. Suggestions on keeping dog from pooping in neighbors' yard
  62. Dog sitter required Aug. 6th -12th
  63. Cat worms to humans?
  64. Dog had heart attack
  65. Jack Russell breeders VD or nearby
  66. Fee to adopt dogs?
  67. Training young dog to walk with pram
  68. I have a cat. Can I get a dog too or is it a lost cause?
  69. Kennel prices
  70. Off leash parks
  71. dog sitter needed
  72. Puppy Smuggling - Latest Case
  73. Dog walker Basel
  74. introducing a new kitten in the house
  75. amazonian cichlids
  76. Leaving dog alone at home
  77. African Drawf Frog in Switzerland?
  78. Getting a dog whilst living in Switzerland
  79. dogwalkers in Fribourg!
  80. Dog sitter/walker
  81. How many pets do you have?
  82. Dog Shows / Dog Trainer in Basel area
  83. Dog Sitter
  84. Experienced handler for pet sitting
  85. Question regarding bringing a dog into the country
  86. trustedhousitters for pets?
  87. english speaking veterinary in Fribourg
  88. Pregnant Siamese Cat fighting with sister
  89. My cute rabbits need a new home
  90. kitten for adoption
  91. Swiss Animal Rights To Guide Cyprus Animal Rights Strugle?
  92. Dog Walk in Nyon
  93. Dog missing in verbier area
  94. disturbance by dog barking & pooing indoor--any legal restriction
  95. Cat worms
  96. Concerned about an aggressive dog in the area
  97. moving to switzerland with a dog
  98. Looking for dog sitter in Zurich -- end July/early August
  99. Do we need an 'Emergency' sticky?
  100. Cat Procedures and a good Vet (English speaking) in Luzern!
  101. two lovely kittens for adoption
  102. help needed for buying a Chipmunk
  103. Moving to CH soon..............tips, laws, etc?
  104. What your pet says about you!
  105. Veterinaries in CH
  106. Exspot for dogs
  107. Ponds near Basel?
  108. A wife for my Schnauzer
  109. Higher Incidence of Canine Conjunctivitis This Year?
  110. Alfredo is sick
  111. Locations to let dogs run free in Bern Kanton
  112. Just have to share this
  113. What is it with cats and butt licking?
  114. Catsitter in Basel?
  115. Is it normal to feel guilty about having my dog put to sleep?
  116. Travelling to Europe Beaches
  117. looking for a cat sitter (basel)
  118. Cat traveling by train, Zurich to Berlin
  119. What are all the laws/rules for adding a puppy to your family?
  120. What to consider when adopting a cat?
  121. Looking for a pet sitter for 3 weeks
  122. Possible poisons for our dogs...
  123. Dog Sitter Urgently needed
  124. Bird with broken wing - what to do?
  125. Crate
  126. I think I found someone's lost rabbit, now what?
  127. Cat-Quadcopter
  128. Open Day Today (June 2) at Tierkrematorium in Seon
  129. How to live with a very ill dog?
  130. Adoption of a pet misery!
  131. dog attacked by dog
  132. Pets from pet shops?
  133. Summer Geneva Pet Sitter
  134. How do you decide that the time has come to 'say goodbye' to your pet?
  135. Urgent advice needed
  136. Two Dogs Back to USA?
  137. Licence for Dog Sitting
  138. Need Dog walker & Pet sitter?
  139. Should I buy a tortiose?
  140. Brilliant VET in 8046 Zurich
  141. Dog walk Altendorf
  142. Introducing dogs to a new baby..
  143. New owner courses
  144. Help! Maus, Hamsters or Guinea Pigs (for my 6yr old)
  145. SKN Dog Training - recommendations please
  146. Vet Bills for a cat- jabs/neutering
  147. Dogs, can they eat pig hearts?
  148. Gucci needs a temporary/permanent home
  149. Calling Meloncollie
  150. Law regarding dog ownership
  151. Budget for cats in Zurich
  152. Tick Diseases and Dogs?
  153. Looking for a Schnoodle breeder
  154. How do you keep your pet cool in the summer ?
  155. Looking fro a pet rescue center near Montreux/Lausanne
  156. Wanted Dog Walker for a lab in Koniz, Bern
  157. Looking for Dog groomer - East side of lake Zurich
  158. My dog nearly died last night!!!
  159. Kitten
  160. removing plaque and tartar (without vet)
  161. Dog yearly exam, vaccinations, and vet prices
  162. How to prepare kids for the lost of their pet friend?
  163. Swiss Animal Training - A good thing
  164. Searching "pet hotel" near of Montreux for my 3 x Guinea pigs
  165. A new family member and I need advice.
  166. Canine Sun Protection?
  167. law in BL regarding dog leads?
  168. What is the average rate per hour charged by dog walkers in Switzerland?
  169. Single Rabbit Worries
  170. My Vizsla Needs a new Home :(
  171. Toy Poodle
  172. Recommendations for a good & trustworthy vet in Basel-Stadt needed
  173. Good and reliable dog sitting places in Zürich?
  174. 6 year old Basset Hound (male)Needs a Home
  175. A poor old and sick cat.. what can I do?
  176. French Spaniel to give away
  177. Missing cat ( now FOUND! )
  178. Dog Walkers in Lausanne Area?
  179. A guide to travel with dogs - US to CH
  180. Need a favour to bring a pup from Cyprus to Central Europe
  181. Dog training sessions in English
  182. Registering dog in Zurich... what happens next? :confused:
  183. Dog walker needed
  184. Bringing a homeless dog from Cyprus?
  185. Dog Day care in Meilen
  186. Dog trainer recommendation needed
  187. Small Dog or Puppy Play Date - Luzern
  188. Pet insurance
  189. Bringing a diabetic cat with us...
  190. Vacation to USA and Back to Switzerland with Dog
  191. My cat needs a new home :(
  192. Buying a puppy from Italy and bringing her to suisse
  193. Catsitter wanted near Wetzikon
  194. Orijen Puppy Food - Luzern - It's YOURS!
  195. Dogs possibly poisoned in Zumikon area
  196. Rabbits: friends not food
  197. Vet in Biel
  198. Looking for Catsitter in Zurich 8047
  199. Greetings from Scotland.
  200. Dog Groomer
  201. Dog tricks and games
  202. Looking for a regular dog walker/day care in Zug
  203. Returning to US with US origin birds
  204. Lost Cat in Allschwil, Basel ( Now FOUND on 09.03 ! )
  205. Any recommendations for a cat sitter in/near adliswil
  206. Vet with US compatible chip reader?
  207. Horse livery yards?
  208. Dead bird
  209. Bella is on her way.
  210. Terrier - a good choice for a pet dog?
  211. My Bishon Frisee needs hair cut
  212. Thinking about getting a dog - what about a greyhound?
  213. Where to adopt a cat in Geneva?
  214. Birds: a do or don't?
  215. Kennels and barking
  216. where to buy dumbo rats?
  217. Why is adopting a cat in CH so difficult?
  218. Recommend Dog Kennels in Constance
  219. Finding a Vet by their Registration Number - MWST
  220. Tired of the "skitter skitter" of nails.
  221. dog-walker
  222. Where to find styptic powder?
  223. Looking for a PussyCat!
  224. Cat has vomited on sofa - help (with cleaning sofa - cat is fine!)
  225. Help! Neighbor's cat in our bedroom at 3am!
  226. our pet can't stay with us for a while...help!
  227. Looking for Hungarian Braque (Vizsla)
  228. Springer Spaniel Breeders (or rescue).
  229. Looking for a new home ( for my pet dog )
  230. For non dog owners/lovers. How to approach and deal with dogs.
  231. Cats- 7 or 9 lives?
  232. Puppy Play Date
  233. Schnauzer search
  234. Flying with cats in passenger cabin London Heathrow- Zurich April
  235. Dog groomer in Luzern area?
  236. Pet hair and laundry
  237. Recommended Kennel for Dogs? (ideally near Morges)
  238. Keeping outside pets warm
  239. King Nelson and Abby [Member's animals]
  240. NZZ: Heart/Lungworm (a. vasorum) On The Rise
  241. Animal Pill Dispenser?
  242. Cat drinking from the water tap
  243. Pet sitting network for rabbits, rodents, reptiles, fish and birds
  244. Help paying vets bills (just wondering)?
  245. 'Osters' Grooming Clippers servicing - any clues?
  246. T-Touch
  247. Wahl Smartgroom Pet Nail Grinder?
  248. Bringing cats to Switzerland
  249. Where to buy hamster???
  250. pets not allowed in apartment