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  1. Importing two dogs from US to Solothurn
  2. Barometric Dog
  3. Need help witha 2 1/2 yr old German Shepherd
  4. Cartrophen for Dogs...
  5. Cat sitting or pet pensions in Ticino (Lugano area) ?
  6. Moving my cat from Lausanne to Zurich
  7. Flying a dog safely by plane.
  8. 'Dog Trails' For Conflict-free Hiking
  9. Looking for some doggie friends...
  10. Dog Sitting in Lugano / Ticino Area
  11. Buying Dog food cheaper....
  12. Experience with the Zürcher Hundezentrum Albisgüetli?
  13. Can your dog be removed by animal services?
  14. Vet
  15. Dog trainer
  16. Flying with Dogs anytime soon? Dog crate info
  17. My cat's last trip
  18. They Shoot...erm... Kitties... Don't They?
  19. Need info on exporting a cat from Switzerland to Australia
  20. Animal shelter in Zurich to adopt?
  21. Doggy Day Care [what does your dog do while you're at work?]
  22. Fear of Thunder and Fireworks
  23. Wasps!
  24. Missing Cat in Rotkreuz Area
  25. Going back to uk with dog
  26. Vet in Founex
  27. Free cat sitting Basel City
  28. Expats leaving Switzerland with our dog
  29. STS: Animal Welfare Stats 2010
  30. Live Animals Stickers
  31. Electric Fence/Collar for Dog
  32. Where [do I place a dog sitting ad]?
  33. Importing cats
  34. Shipping pets to the US
  35. Vet in or around Pfäffikon
  36. Travelling by car to the Uk with my dog.
  37. Fishkeeper in Bern
  38. Any tips on keeping chickens?
  39. Cat people vs dog people personalities
  40. New cat in the neighbourhood
  41. Emergency vets Zurich
  42. English speaking vet in Blonay/Vevey area
  43. Dog: Chihuahua
  44. feeding birds in my balcony
  45. Dachshund Breeders
  46. Help- Where do I start to find a dog walker??
  47. Geneva / Paquis : lost dog
  48. Where to find a dog sitter (just a bed) Zurich
  49. Dog died, should we get another
  50. Emergency/out-of-hours vet number - make sure you know it
  51. Titlis. Engelberg region with dogs?
  52. Eutra Lactina lotion - milking of cows
  53. Accommodation for family with dog
  54. Puppy adoption
  55. Muzzel Rule Enforced on Train to Paris?
  56. Feedback on Tierheim Stetten in Aargau
  57. Whats the vet visit cost to get EU Passport?
  58. Dog friendly areas to live around Zürich
  59. older cat making weird noises
  60. Dog Registration Help
  61. Cat boarding Schaffhausen/Beringen area
  62. Eukanuba cat food
  63. Lost Cat
  64. Pet sitting costs
  65. Boarding kennels / pet sitters
  66. Heads-up: New UK PETS Scheme Rules
  67. Cat door installation, how much?
  68. Strange question from a cat loving person
  69. Dogs in Cars
  70. laminitis/fourbure in horse
  71. Calling all Border Collie owners in BL
  72. Stray "talking" cat is bossing my chickens.
  73. Keep off the Grass!!!!
  74. Seeking a temporary home for cat, Sept 2011 to Jan 2012
  75. Offering Exercising Horses (just for fun) - Zurich [FREE service at no cost]
  76. Smelly Cat / Cat Litter?
  77. Dog shelters in Tessin? / Volunteering with dogs
  78. Kids & Puppies
  79. Duckling needs help!!
  80. In-cabin dog on Swiss airlines
  81. Damned martens!
  82. rabbit boarding/care around berne
  83. Can anyone recommend a good kennel near Gland, VD?
  84. old cat with dreadlocks and nails ...
  85. Can you help my Cat? (Schaffhausen)
  86. Continental Airlines dog import via Zurich?
  87. Good wishes needed for my kitty...
  88. Stables in/ around Zurich
  89. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
  90. My dog needs some friends
  91. A 4th dog?
  92. Missing Shiba Inu in Zug [dog]
  93. Great pet relocation company: Ace Pet Movers
  94. How do you clean your floor when you have a cat?
  95. How to stop a dog's runny bum?
  96. Relocating a dog with a docked tail
  97. Dog Boarding [Advice sought (ZH area)]
  98. Hydrotherapy for dogs - any good?
  99. Sick cat -shall I run to vet or wait to see how it develps?
  100. Handsome rooster FREE to a good home (in Au ZH)
  101. Large 9.5-month-old pup arriving in Basel on June 8th
  102. Vet in the Wil, SG area
  103. Police came last night
  104. Cat food for cat kidney problems
  105. Bird food - where to find it in summer
  106. Etiquette of Socializing Dogs in Public
  107. Anyone looking for dog friends in Lausanne?
  108. Traveling back to the US with Pet
  109. Bringing my doggies to Zurich....
  110. Water lovin cat??
  111. Hairball Remedies for Cats
  112. White shepards
  113. Dog daycare/walker near Baden - recommendations?
  114. Rhodesian Ridgeback owners?
  115. Cost for pets to be spayed/neutered
  116. Cat nip anyone?
  117. Breeding pedigree cats in Switzerland?
  118. Please check your animal's microchip is registered with ANIS
  119. looking for jogging stroller for dogs in Zurich
  120. Relocating Pet to USA
  121. Pet Groomer Montreux/Vevey
  122. Foster mother for foal?
  123. Our experience importing our dog from the US to Switzerland
  124. Missing cat - Bruderholz, Basel [Yay! Now FOUND]
  125. Stupid apartment question - whether I can own a pet or not
  126. I'm looking to hire a Dog Walker for June 2011
  127. Tree branch for our cat please
  128. Cat nightmare
  129. Open Days June 18/19 Tierheim Pfötli (Winkel)ZH
  130. Advice re UK quarantine vs longterm tierheim stay in Switzerland
  131. Any Animal Welfare Societies in Luzern?
  132. Rat babies, FREE to a good home
  133. HELP Need a vet who knows about UK papers
  134. wanted: travel kennel for large dog
  135. Dangerous grasses for cats
  136. Dog Grooming in Zurich
  137. Eeek my dog gives off a whiff of 'eau de poo'
  138. Dog Care Providers and Clients - Which Insurance?
  139. Cat being terrorized by my other cat
  140. Rabbit breeders
  141. Cat died Today
  142. Boxer girl is looking for a dog friend
  143. Pet carrier advice needed
  144. Anyone with a Shiba Inu Or Akita Inu in Basel
  145. Cat tooth problems... Good Vet in Basel?
  146. Anyone know how to determine a rabbit's gender?
  147. Help!!! Vet/ Tierarzt open on Good Friday!
  148. Dog walking/ play groups Geneva
  149. geneva : Map of "free dog" Area
  150. Parrots in Switzerland
  151. Anyone know of a Pet kennel?
  152. Help us for our research about dogs and situation in Switzerland
  153. Holistic therapies for pets
  154. Looking for cat care this month - [Wiedikon ZH]
  155. did something stupid I think
  156. [Zurich] Free Guppy Fish
  157. Sore paw :(
  158. Suspected neglected dog
  159. Cat castration
  160. Pit bull in Switzerland
  161. Groomer for Terrier - Nyon area?
  162. [Neighbour's] aggressive dogs
  163. dog tax and registration with Gemeinde
  164. Borrow a dog for a walk :)
  165. Pet Store Close To Zurich HBF or Bahnhofstrasse?
  166. Looking for cat sitter in Zurich - Easter weekend
  167. Things Dogs Like
  168. Jack Russel puppy stolen near Basel!
  169. Veterinarian near Irchel park?
  170. Am I wrong to be cross or am I missing the point?
  171. I would like to get a puppy!
  172. Does this sound like a fraud? Cat seller
  173. Moving my two terriers from England to Zurich in June
  174. Cat's fragile stomach
  175. arriving with a pet as checked baggage on the weekend
  176. What is a Pet Passport?
  177. Dubendorf Dog Walker Needed
  178. Cat and third floor. how?
  179. how to soften water for aquariums
  180. Help the 4 legged homeless victims of the TOHOKU-PACIFIC earthquake
  181. my adventures becoming a therapy dog
  182. Spring has sprung - ticks too.
  183. ..good vet around Rolle, Vaud
  184. Dog health insurance
  185. Dog Tax!
  186. I am so proud ...
  187. Good cattery near Zurich? Recommendations or tips please
  188. Swiss Tierheims [Animal Shelters) - the insights
  189. Fed up with the Local Kennels
  190. Pet Humour!!!
  191. Neighbors Cat Sh**ing on My Balcony
  192. BOO - The cutest and most famous pet on internet
  193. Need a boyfriend for our pet
  194. Puppy couture.
  195. Lost Chocolate Lab - Muribad b. Bern
  196. Cat Sitter wanted
  197. Place for dog grooming?
  198. Child wishing to do dog walking / sitting?
  199. Any tips to stop a dog from misbehaving in public?
  200. Looking to adopt or purchase a toy Yorkshire Terrier
  201. Living with feline noise - what can I do ?
  202. Pet owners: heads up!
  203. Dog Trainer in Montreux
  204. Taking dog to France
  205. Finding a New Home for my Doggy
  206. Lollipop the alarm clock
  207. Any Pet boarding recommendations around Neuchatel please.
  208. Spud's first day out... not back yet
  209. The Pet Sitting Network - Pet Details / Questions / Comments
  210. Dog walking partner (ZH City)
  211. Submissive [dog] peeing
  212. Bringing cats from U.S.
  213. Snowshoe siamese for adoption
  214. Vet in Baar
  215. ..Cattery near Rolle, Vaud?
  216. Problems with neighbour's THREE chihuahuas
  217. Pee stains on my wooden floor
  218. Comments in the Pet Sitting Network Thread
  219. Want to adopt a cat
  220. ferret sitter needed
  221. Warning: stomach bugs epidemic for dogs
  222. Dog walker needed- Volketswil
  223. Dog sitting needed around Zurich 25-27 Feb.
  224. Professional dog sitter required (Zurich area)
  225. Dog Sitter Winterthur ?
  226. Taking a dog into a shop--Okay? Eccentric? Or frowned upon?
  227. Doggy sitting service - advice needed
  228. Dog Walker Needed - Zurich
  229. Sites?/organisations? re. House+Pet sitting in exchange for rent-free accomodation
  230. Cat does not like 'Wet Food'...any recommendations
  231. Recommendations for vets in Neuchâtel and/or Biel/Bienne
  232. Dog crossing Swiss/French Border
  233. Keeping a dog in a Dog -pen
  234. New Dogs at the Grand-Saint-Bernard Kennel :)
  235. fantastic dental cleaning for our dog
  236. voluntary dog walking/running
  237. My stinky dog and other funny stories
  238. Cattery in Ticino
  239. Dog ownership in CH
  240. Where can I get a ferret?
  241. Exotic Pets - any contacts in Switzerland?
  242. A farewell for Rusty, moments of paws and reflection
  243. Advice needed please - buying & bringing a pup from Italy
  244. ferret owners, please help
  245. dog training in Zürich
  246. Preparing dog for arrival of baby
  247. Where to complain from bad "professional" dog sitting?
  248. Advice please re family dog attack
  249. Goodbye Leia (Had to put our ferret to sleep)
  250. Pet Sitting Network Zurich Dog Walk