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  1. Looking for moving help [Zurich 8050]
  2. Website designer
  3. Looking for someone to assemble my ikea wardrobe (Zurich 8001)
  4. Painter needed
  5. Fluent Norwegian speaking Assistant Travel Consultant-Part time
  6. Electrician in Basel needed
  7. Looking for a dog walker in Zug Mon-Thurs
  8. looking for an english teacher for two kids / Nyon,Tannay
  9. Looking for an english teacher for two kids
  10. Swim teacher wanted
  11. German-English Translator Wanted (Baden)
  12. Get paid 20 CHF/hr for a psychology experiment
  13. Guitar teacher wanted in Zurich
  14. Handyman Wanted (Kanton St.Gallen)
  15. Tailor in Neuchatel
  16. Participants required for research studies [Fribourg]
  17. Baby sitter needed, routine 1-2x week few hrs - pay well :) 8832 Wollerau
  18. Singer Songwriter Seeks Guitarist
  19. babysitter 4 x a week in Zurich Wollishofen needed, preferably Polish speaking,
  20. cleaning and ironing job Baselland
  21. Cleaner needed in Zug Fridbach
  22. Looking for a teacher MYP (after school) Lausanne
  23. Piano Teacher in Bern
  24. Cleaning person needed - basel land 12th May
  25. Live-in Chef Position Geneva
  26. Cleaning lady wanted in Zurich City, Kreis 7 (3-4 hours per week)
  27. Man with van wanted tomorrow morning
  28. Dog walker needed [Rotkreuz]
  29. Aupair or granny aupair [Rotkreuz]
  30. Nanny Childminder needed in Schwyz Freienbach
  31. Cleaning Lady (Zurich 8055) wanted
  32. Occasional Babysitter needed in Zurich
  33. English tutor needed for two young children [Buchrain]
  34. only student for an irish pub Oerlikon zurich
  35. Singers wanted
  36. Man with van needed tomorrow morning!!
  37. Cleaner needed in Zug
  38. Recruiter [Zug]
  39. short notice: painter required for Saturday morning [Wädenswil]
  40. Looking for a Guitarist in Winterthur/Zurich
  41. Desperately looking for a dog sitter 1st-11th May
  42. cleaner wanted - ZRH Oerlikon
  43. Cleaner Wanted - Walchwil (Zug)
  44. Cleaner needed in Zurich on Monday 4th May
  45. Maths tutor required. [Geneva]
  46. relief teacher for English lessons [ZH]
  47. 6 months project - Leadership&Development Coordinator with very stong Excel skills
  48. Cleaner Needed in Zurich city
  49. Nanny in Risch/ Rotkreuz
  50. Babysitter needed in Neuchatel
  51. Cleaning Lady [Luzern]
  52. Cleaning help needed in Otelfingen 8112 (ZH)
  53. Looking for cleaner in Montreux
  54. Dog sitter wanted [Montreux]
  55. Seeking help in Cooking [Steinhausen]
  56. Looking for a Serious Handyman, Allrounder [Zumikon]
  57. Cleaner in Zürich Seefeld
  58. Cleaning needed, near Effretikon/ZH
  59. Looking for a personal trainer THALWIL area
  60. mobile hairdresser in bern wanted
  61. Olten :Wanted Au Pair
  62. French: Teach me French in Lausanne!
  63. Looking for ad hoc child help [ZH]
  64. Looking for English native speaker for part time job [Baden]
  65. Kindergarten Teacher in bilingual preschool
  66. Looking for electrician and cleaning lady in Cham
  67. Looking for Man with a van to transport 2 couches from Menzingen to Unteraegeri
  68. Cleaner wanted in Baar 6340
  69. Cleaning / Ironing in Baar
  70. Cleaner in canton Zug (Menzingen)
  71. Lausanne- good temp job (Jun-Aug) -house/cat sitting
  72. ZH - We are looking for a Client Relations Manager
  73. Wanted: Part-Time Helpers for Football League (Zug)
  74. Looking for carpenter in Oerlikon [ZH]
  75. Transporter - ikea delivery [ZH]
  76. English - German Translation
  77. Looking for electrician Oerlikon-Seebach
  78. Hair/Makeup Artist Zurich or Luzern
  79. Babysitter in Horgen
  80. Ironing in Cham
  81. English/German Interpreter needed in Uster and Dübendorf
  82. Housekeeper / Nanny Herrliberg 50-70%
  83. Montessori qualified nanny/babysitter wanted in ZH
  84. cleaner in ZH Seefeld wanted
  85. Family Seeking Native English Speaking Nanny
  86. Participants for brain/smartphone research [ZH]
  87. Spring cleaning, could lead to longterm cleaning [Stäfa]
  88. Vietnamese speaking guide wanted [Luzern]
  89. Full-time Nanny needed, Uster ZH
  90. Spring clean needed for latest Monday 30.03.2015
  91. Nanny/Housekeeper - Zug, start June
  92. Van wanted near Basel
  93. Electrician needed [Basel]
  94. Private german lesson recommendations? (ideally in Winterthur, but possibly Zürich)
  95. Care taker for elderly lady 2/week needed [Küsnacht]
  96. Cleanner Needed in Lugano
  97. Seeking English native speaking nanny in Basel
  98. Help needed in Zurich, to help carry a sofa from 4th floor apt. into a van
  99. Princesses Wanted! [Lausanne area]
  100. Painter wanted for my flat [Geneva]
  101. House Cleaner Wanted in Horgen (ZH)
  102. Looking for private French lessons [Montreux]
  103. Looking for a nanny in Lausanne
  104. WANTED - After School Nanny in Horgen
  105. Looking for native English speaking babysitter/nanny/English teacher [ZH area]
  106. Looking for an experienced Java back-end developer
  107. Private maths tution - Luzern
  108. Business Development Coordinator - Luzern area
  109. air source heat pump (ASHP)-Repair needed. [Rueti, Zurich]
  110. Pregnancy studio photoshooting, model wanted
  111. Night nurse / maternity nurse needed for mid-June [ZH]
  112. Cleaner required in Zug 6300
  113. Audio Enhancer for Recordings
  114. Looking for a nanny / Au pair [Regensdorf]
  115. Looking for babysitter in oetwil an der limmat /ZH
  116. Looking for someone to teach me German part-time in Lugano
  117. Cleaner wanted in Zug
  118. Au Pair wanted near Zurich
  119. Looking for a nanny [Preverenges]
  120. Part-Time Nanny/Babysitter needed in BS: 2 afternoon & 1 evening/week
  121. Need moving help for Thun to Jura, 6m cubic
  122. We need someone that can modify an open space into a room [Wollerau]
  123. Cleaner/ Housekeeper Needed Zurich City (Recommendations also welcome!)
  124. Website Developer wanted [Kt ZH]
  125. Wanted Driver with/without car for touristic purpose
  126. Cleaner wanted - Kussnacht am Rigi
  127. Ballet Teacher Cover Position
  128. Looking for dog walker [Zollikon]
  129. Looking for German Teacher in the Zurich Area
  130. Looking for a fun entertainer for my kid´s birthday on 15th March
  131. Entry Level IT Role in Zürich
  132. Childminding exchange Luzern
  133. We need you! [Children's Party Entertainers]
  134. Cover Band (URGENT)
  135. Eyebrows Threading [Basel]
  136. Looking for french tutor(teacher) in Lausanne
  137. IT lead/manager Opportunity in Hamburg
  138. Cleaning lady needed in Glattbrugg
  139. Housekeeper / Nanny in Binningen 30%
  140. Urgently need part-time Nanny Zurich
  141. Swiss company looks for (junior) full-stack hackers / DevOps [ZH]
  142. French teacher for weekend class [Neuchatel]
  143. Simple job certificate - happy to pay CHF
  144. Cleaning lady needed in Oerlikon
  145. Wanted transportation from 8038 to 8037 Zurich
  146. Looking for a nanny (40%)[ZH area]
  147. Transport of Boxes From Basel to CZ
  148. Peoplecounting
  149. Removal transport needed
  150. part time nanny/au pair needed [ZH 8055]
  151. House cleaner in Enge
  152. Hair/makeup artist in Bern wanted!
  153. Nanny or Babysitter for after-school activities and homework - Basel
  154. Someone can teach me how to code HTML/CSS/Javascript
  155. We`re HIRING!!!
  156. Private tutor for English IGCSE/IB [Geneva]
  157. Nanny Wanted Zurich - 60-80%
  158. Cleaner Wanted - 8832 Wollerau
  159. very part time assistant English+italian. Work from home
  160. Electrician wanted for Light Installation @ Adliswil
  161. Electrician wanted for Swisscom installation/activation in Zurich 8002
  162. Toddler/Preschool teacher [Basel]
  163. Various positions in Lufthansa group/SWISS
  164. cleaner needed - Zurich centre
  165. Cleaner for Zurich 8005
  166. Urgently looking for babysitter Zurich (8044)
  167. [Wanted] English Teacher - British Native [ZH area]
  168. Looking for Dogsitter Lausanne
  169. Help needed for installing lamps
  170. Housekeeper / Nanny in Bern wanted (50%)
  171. "man and van" needed for small removal, Zurich centre
  172. Wanted caregiver in Basel
  173. Wanted:Tues&Thurs Babysitter for 2 kids-Oerlikon
  174. Wanted - general handyman/plumber- Ruti ZH area
  175. German Teacher wanted in Zurich
  176. .Net developer
  177. Freelance Web Developer (AngularJS)
  178. Looking for a German tutor (A2/B1 level) in Zurich
  179. Electrician Wanted (Vevey, Vaud)
  180. Business German lessons for a small group needed in Basel
  181. Freelance Web Developer (focus on image recognition)
  182. Looking for part time nanny in Lugano
  183. 1-year Childcare & Administrative Trainee Position (Gymboree Basel)
  184. Looking for a nanny (native English, Italian or German ONLY) in Kilchberg
  185. Cleaning help required in 8002 Zurich
  186. Looking for a nanny in Thalwil area
  187. homework help for third class student in German [Rüschlikon]
  188. Looking for paid English lessons [ZH]
  189. ITsec/Network engineer freelancer in GE/VD needed
  190. Housekeeping help required [Oerlikon]
  191. Cleaning and Ironing Help needed [ZH]
  192. Au pair / live-in nanny wanted pfaffikon SZ area
  193. Nanny english mother tongue in Zurich
  194. Babysitter required in the evenings (Mon&Tue) [Zollikerberg]
  195. Painter wanted [Aargau]
  196. Ikea wood to be rid of [Waltenschwil]
  197. Electrician wanted in Zurich Oerlikon
  198. Nanny wanted in Grimentz
  199. Computer Geek Wanted -Oberrieden
  200. Man with a van on Saturday
  201. Baby Sitter Oberrieden
  202. Cleaner wanted on Friday or Saturday morning this week [Adliswil]
  203. Dog Walker Needed - Schaffhausen
  204. Cleaner for flat in Wiedikon
  205. Cleaner, Riehen
  206. Looking for American English Teacher - Bern
  207. Housekeeper wanted in Zug (6300)
  208. Looking for a cleaning person - basel land
  209. Work - help with moving [Uster]
  210. luzern: want somebody to put our lights up
  211. Wanted: Cleaner in Luzern
  212. Nanny for 2 weeks :Feb 10 to Feb 24th
  213. Aupair needed- summer start - Pfaffikon ZH
  214. Babysitter needed bellach
  215. Garden job - help needed [Schaffhausen]
  216. 1-year Childcare & Administrative Trainee Position (Gymboree Basel)
  217. Native English Speaking Nanny Wanted - Pfäffikon SZ
  218. Wanted - tutor for 5 year old [Mannedorf]
  219. Cleaner Wanted in Winterthur (2min walk from HB)
  220. Cleaner wanted in Altendorf SZ
  221. Nursery English Teacher in Sursee (LU)
  222. looking for a cleaning lady in Montreux
  223. Looking for private German teacher [ZH area]
  224. Local bands/DJ in Bienne for my Marriage July'15
  225. Cleaner needed - Zürich Kreiss 5
  226. Looking for a photographer [Zurich]
  227. Private german lessons wanted [Zurich]
  228. Babysitter/Zug
  229. Looking for a quilt-maker
  230. Looking for part time server for restaurant [Kanton Glarus]
  231. Looking for Sales Assistant [Zürich]
  232. babysitter wanted! [Kilchberg]
  233. Cleaner wanted in Zug (6300)
  234. German Speaking Interpreter Needed [14 Jan, Horgen]
  235. Cat sitting in Feb 7-14th [Horgen]
  236. Native English-speaking babysitter [Bern area]
  237. Looking for private German lessons in Zurich
  238. Tagesmutter wanted in Uster
  239. seeking for plumbing In Zurich
  240. German reading tutor for 8 year/3rd class [ZH area]
  241. Native English-Speaking Babysitter Needed in Zürich
  242. Hairstylist and nail designer open job opportunity [Zurich]
  243. Au Pair wanted in Bern from May/June
  244. Cleaning lady in Thalwil
  245. Is anyone a woopress/woocommerce specialist?
  246. Night Nanny Wanted in Basel
  247. Cleaning lady in Wadenswil
  248. Part time nanny wanted in Basel
  249. Housekeeper / Cook positions available
  250. Wanted: Man with a Van in Zurich