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2 posts, 12:51 today
Removing sticker pieces/residue from interior…
Started by: Verbier · 25.Aug.2019 · Housing in general
51 posts, 12:46 today
Keeping Swiss bank accounts after leaving
UBS charge 30 CHF per month for keeping an account open when living outside CH. They have also just informed me that they will also start charging -0.7% interest on the balance held - so you pay them for the priviledge of keeping your…
Started by: Feyr · 25.Mar.2019 · Leaving Switzerland
10 posts, 12:32 today
UK Transfer of Residence (ToR): do we need…
Just been through the ToR1 process myself and it was quite painless- just make sure you attach all the correct documents. The removals company advised me that we must get this approval. Took about 14 days even though I was warned that it…
Started by: schekn · 20.Feb.2018 · Housing in general
19 posts, 12:29 today
So far you have given us no clear answers which i take to assume that you dont know much about it yourself. So why you would give 1500chf per year to a bunch of people that did a shitty job of explaining stuff to you, especially if you…
Started by: Fuzzhead · 23.Aug.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
56 posts, 12:19 today
Revolut money scam
No, not at all. The first one is not. The second one you can read the headline and introduction without doing anything and with free registration the full article, but the first section is enough to grasp the idea. Using it as a…
Started by: omtatsat · 21.Aug.2019 · Daily life
4 posts, 12:09 today
V special offer - Sail the Greek islands…
Started by: eng_ch · 21.Aug.2019 · Commercial events
12 posts, 11:50 today
Bicycle plus train
only reading this now. I think most people don't know what is Brompton. You will never have any problem with it. I carry an 100L rubbish bag in the frame in the eventuality I need to cover it but I never have any need for it in Swiss…
Started by: Taomorris · 12.Feb.2019 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 11:18 today
Canton Zurich incorrect federal tax rate…
Started by: some_randomer · 20.Aug.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
17 posts, 11:16 today
A stabbing just happened (*fill in the blank*)
I didn't start the shooting one so don't blame me for that. :p As for this one, why not? These incidents seem to be on the increase (or are reported more than before) and happen worldwide. If you're not interested then simply don't…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 8.Aug.2019 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 10:16 today
What does it mean: Swiss German?
Here are the High German versions: Du chunsch nöd nuut übr! Du bekommst nicht nichts! Fixing the double negative: Du chunsch scho öppis übr! Du bekommt schon etwas! You will definitely get something. Du chunsch niid nöd abbe. Du…
Started by: Sahasrara · 24.Aug.2019 · Language corner
31 posts, 10:14 today
Things to avoid doing when claiming back…
Getting the refund and exporting goods are actually two different things, surely they are connected but they are separate issues. You can't declare to export something and than just drive back into the country. If it would be that easy…
Started by: Jekyll · 20.Aug.2010 · Finance/banking/taxation
41 posts, 09:53 today
Baby names, how did you decide (our shortlist…
I think if the parent manages not to embarrass the child in the future by choosing a totally bizarre or rare, or made-up name (Angelia Jolie or other Hollywood stars style) has already half-done their job. Of course, the name has always…
Started by: HIAO · 23.Aug.2019 · Daily life
2 posts, 09:35 today
Discussion between Ueli Maurer and Blochers…
Started by: omtatsat · 25.Aug.2019 · Swiss politics/news
25 posts, 08:26 today
Fraud on Tutti - need advice with Police form
The rule is „Caveat emptor, Mother, let the buyer beware“ („Caveat emptor, Mutter, der Käufer muss aufpassen“.) The Modern Rule: Caveat Venditor Caveat emptor was the rule for most purchases and land sales prior…
Started by: cupidinluv · 24.Aug.2019 · Daily life
21 posts, 20:48 yesterday
Bathroom Door Damage
Many thanks for sharing your experience! I think the agency did not see the hole when last girl checked out. Well, I did not see it as well, until now...If they going to charge me the same amount anyway, I better off just not doing…
Started by: Gracele · 24.Aug.2019 · Housing in general
3 posts, 20:13 yesterday
Car insurance
Started by: RajiiRaj · 24.Aug.2019 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 19:50 yesterday
I've got a screw loose .
The hinge on the bottom picture has a small cap on the inside half that you can slide/pull off, this should reveal a screw with which you can push the door more off the side of the cabinet (or pull it more towards it) Just adjust those…
Started by: bowlie · 24.Aug.2019 · Daily life
6 posts, 19:15 yesterday
Choosing an international school in Basel:…
One of the factors I think is worth considering, when sending a child to a private school, is the time they will spend travelling. Not only do the hours of their commute to school add up but - since the children at the international…
Started by: AParTvet · 23.Aug.2019 · Education
20 posts, 18:37 yesterday
Sharing experience on car export to EU
I had a similar experience exporting my car to Belgium, here are the main points: 1/ I went to car registration office (Zug's Strassverkehrsamt in my case) to cancel the vehicle's "grey card" and get temprary export plates. Those plates…
Started by: piizei · 24.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
38 posts, 17:50 yesterday
the irony is it doesn't even translate to mushroom... Glückspilz {m} lucky fellow lucky devil happy bunny lucky duck lucky beggar lucky sod ...as long as you had fon-duing it...:cheers2:
Started by: swissotter · 22.Aug.2019 · Language corner
16 posts, 17:39 yesterday
SIS Basel or ISB?
Welcome to the forum. The question is how are you coming here? For work purposes for you or your spouse and if so is your spouse also a non-EU national? If this is the case then you have to live in the same canton that the main…
Started by: SWISSgoose · 5.Jan.2017 · Education
24 posts, 16:51 yesterday
Bushcraft, Survival, Outdoors Enthusiasts?
Actually I don't know of anyone near there but i'm willing to travel no problem, all we would need is an outdoor location where we can light a fire ( virtually any woodland BBQ platz would do .. what book are you reading?
Started by: Sonnenbrand · 25.Mar.2019 · Other/general
2 posts, 16:30 yesterday
Household & Liability Insurance
Started by: nickatbasel · 24.Aug.2019 · Insurance
3 posts, 16:21 yesterday
Looking for 2 1/2 rooms in Bern
Started by: Hanon · 24.Aug.2019 · Property wanted
146 posts, 16:17 yesterday
What to do with 100k CHF?
20 Years is a great investment horizon. You can be sure that whenever you start a new position or significantly add to a position the market will drop at least 5% in the next 6 months, it happened to both myself & my wife with FS
Started by: 20181216a · 9.Aug.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 15:47 yesterday
Sportsvan VW Golf 1.4 PSI
Started by: evianers · 24.Aug.2019 · Transportation/driving
7 posts, 15:14 yesterday
Part time work supplement
if you make only 40k per year you will get social benefits (after you have burned through your savings, if any) considering you have 2 kids and rents are high for 4.5 rooms apts. You will have to give back some of that money though since…
Started by: WernerKB · 23.Aug.2019 · Employment
2 posts, 15:09 yesterday
RILZ - individual learning goals - marked…
Started by: dragoneiric · 24.Aug.2019 · Education
76 posts, 13:13 yesterday
Thinking of starting a Fried Chicken Business…
What do you mean for Swiss, fried is usually frowned upon? Ever had a Schnitzel or a Rösti? Traditional Swiss cuisine is seriously unhealthy. Maybe the Swiss just thought KFC was shit, which it generally is, although after closing time…
Started by: Elodi74 · 8.Apr.2015 · Business & entrepreneur
15 posts, 12:45 yesterday
SKY TV problems / service interruption
BBC News is FTA, unless there's another subscription related one which means you don't get it any more. Probably your dish has gone out of alignment or something. Many TVs have satellite tuners in them so if you don't have a spare…
Started by: swissvan · 16.Aug.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
27 posts, 11:51 yesterday
EU to Swiss Power Strips
Yes: https://www.edileehobby... https://www.edileehobby... You can just ask in any "big enough" hardware store. My router actually has a big transformer with a built-in plug, so it's a bit of a problem. But I blame the…
Started by: canderson · 23.Aug.2019 · Other/general
7 posts, 10:41 yesterday
Pet Insurance
I'm so very sorry to hear about your cats, Eng_ch and Crumbs. Our furry friends hold our hearts in their little paws. ( I am glad to hear that your insurers came through for you at this difficult time.)
Started by: JoanneL · 5.Jun.2018 · Insurance
8 posts, 10:24 yesterday
Transfer of pension from Germany to CH
Dear all, My friend just moved from Munich were she was working for two years. Her new Swiss employer now asked her to send a document to her German pesnsionkasse asking to move the balance to her Swiss pensionkasse. She is not sure…
Started by: McTAVGE · 2.Jul.2012 · Finance/banking/taxation
38 posts, 09:06 yesterday
Mortgage? Which bank offers the best mortgage…
Do you know the typical rates for the forward option, very roughly? Really just a few bps, or more like 25-50 bps (what I heard a few years ago)? Can this really be done two years in advance? Thanks!
Started by: fashionister · 13.May.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 02:18 yesterday
Looking for information on Needlework Techniques/Traditions…
Started by: Ticinoimmigrantgrandchild · 23.Aug.2019 · Other/general
11 posts, 00:54 yesterday
Working in USA, living in Switzerland
The entire time I lived in Switzerland I was earning in the US, receiving a W2. I must admit, I don't remember the finer details but here's what I recall: -You should be legally resident in Switzerland. You can still file US taxes…
Started by: krootohfromage · 23.Aug.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 21:10 23.Aug.2019
Publibike you thieving barstewards
Started by: reids · 23.Aug.2019 · Complaints corner
3 posts, 21:02 23.Aug.2019
Fide Exam
Started by: unbalanced · 23.Aug.2019 · Language corner
5 posts, 19:50 23.Aug.2019
Where do you buy wedding guest dresses in…
Started by: AprilinCH · 23.Aug.2019 · Daily life
9 posts, 19:14 23.Aug.2019
New police and justice center Zürich
Yes centralize. Makes for a better sytem to watch over what the people are doing. To evesdrop on every movement of Mr John Citizen. Thats the hallmark of a police state. "Justizpalast" they call it. "Justice Palace"-describes it…
Started by: omtatsat · 23.Aug.2019 · Daily life
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Swiss parliament to boost security with anti-terrorism bollards

Swiss parliament to boost security with anti-terrorism bollards

The Federal Palace in the Swiss capital of Bern is to get extra security in the form of a dozen stone bollards, it was revealed on Friday.

Geneva mums

Geneva mums 'rush to give birth' in race for nursery spots

A day can make a big difference for families in Geneva hoping to get their hands on a spot at one of the city's creches for their newborn baby.

Switzerland wants

Switzerland wants 'total travel ban' for failed asylum seekers

In a surprise move, the Swiss government on Wednesday outlined draft measures that include a travel ban for people permitted to stay in Switzerland on a temporary basis after having their bid for asylum rejected.

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