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39 posts, 03:13 today
Does anyone else struggle more sleeping…
Totally agree with you BUT Pather only suggested to move the bed. Like I did. I don't really care if it's really me not sleeping direction South/or South East that causes me sleeping problems. Should I have such problems again…
Started by: PaoloFeser · 8.Nov.2018 · Daily life
15 posts, 02:39 today
Moving residence to CH, Creating GMBH, non-swiss…
From the research I have done so far Zurich would be a good location from a transport hub perspective for the interim contracting work but Zug with its "cryptovalley" would be a good location for my own project (given the nature of the…
Started by: Ktyak · 10.Nov.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
56 posts, 01:58 today
Zurich company illegally supports the European…
Same thing. The conditions of carriage and fares enforcement of a transport company are within civil law. It only becomes a criminal case if, for example, you punch the ticket inspector on the nose. If Germany has a law that says…
Started by: Treverus · 12.Nov.2018 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 01:58 today
Vinyl records with oldschool dance music
Started by: Flatline82 · 4.Nov.2018 · Items wanted
9 posts, 01:45 today
Is there a waiting period?
You're welcome. No I don't have a straight forward answer how to sort out which version you would like/would be best for you ;) Also I am not a insurance agent. According to this (German but hey, you quote Polo Hofer :)), you…
Started by: LorraineBCH · 15.Nov.2018 · Insurance
11 posts, 00:33 today
Learning more about bike repair?
Yes, that's a big reason why I avoid doing too much as well. I'm lucky enough that I don't NEED to take my bike but I hate not taking my bike to work so I'm always worried about putting it out of commission for too long. I also don't…
Started by: Principia Discordia · 15.Nov.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 00:21 today
Vintage Computer Festival, Rote Fabrik…
Will try and get a long this year (I always seem to forget it is on until these EF reminders :) ) . The list of systems that will be there this year looks very interesting. Note to self - Must enter a note in the diary and email them in…
Started by: Jdr · 11.Nov.2018 · Commercial events
12 posts, 00:13 today
Swiss cover letter style, & dumbing down…
Maybe you can find something for yourself amongst startups? You did not write anything about your skills. Can you help in office IT, customer support, sales? I hope that startups may be more willing to hire you quickly as they usually…
Started by: ZuriKiwi · 30.Oct.2018 · Employment
2 posts, 23:55 yesterday
Work in Basel live in France
Started by: freiburger · 15.Nov.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 23:51 yesterday
Unilateral Holiday Cut?
Started by: volver · 15.Nov.2018 · Employment
27 posts, 23:47 yesterday
What gifts from USA do the Swiss like?
Chocolate is a comfort food; the best chocolate for anybody is very usually the chocolate they had when you were a kid. As usual, the best is very relative and what is good for you is not good for me quite simply.
Started by: CaSwiss · 15.Nov.2018 · Daily life
22 posts, 23:39 yesterday
Employment in Vaud
I got the language classes sponsored, cannot really recommend it. It is nowhere equal to a traditional course. I know people who learned the language quite fast by self-learning courses, youtube, TV and language exchange tandems. Of…
Started by: aten · 15.Nov.2018 · Employment
28 posts, 23:01 yesterday
500Fr for 5000km scooter maintenance?
It's expensive, but so is Switzerland. For my car the lowest quote I got was 900 chf for oil and filter change and inspection. I ended up driving just across the border in Germany and paid around 250 eur. Additionally I claimed back…
Started by: szdro · 14.Nov.2018 · Transportation/driving
20 posts, 22:47 yesterday
Cable Car over Zurich Lake... what do you…
But seeing the stations are in the air, they can easily fit in above existing facilities at said stations, with some modifications of course to provide access to the platforms. I don't think the strains on cables are an issue. The…
Started by: krlock3 · 14.Nov.2018 · Daily life
9 posts, 21:40 yesterday
Hello from another English speaker
Good day to you all, I have recently moved to the French side of Switzerland. Getting a hang of the Swiss way of life... Must say its not the easiest. I lived in UK, Germany and now in Switzerland. Travelled quite a bit around the…
Started by: Jeep Life · 13.Nov.2018 · Introductions
9 posts, 21:32 yesterday
Jiffy Cornbread
Started by: lkate · 15.Nov.2018 · Food and drink
19 posts, 21:23 yesterday
Do you have experience living in Amsterdam…
Amsterdam rocks! Everyone knows it and that's why you're trying to compare it to a whole country like Switzerland. And you can't even compare Basel or Zurich...it's so much more alive, esp at night. And their parties are way more…
Started by: Gramatyka356 · 13.Nov.2018 · Other/general
47 posts, 21:22 yesterday
Reclaim Billag's illegal VAT: money refund
BTW, if you are a member of Coop's hello family then you can print pdf from this page sbb reduction and get the junior card for 20 CHF. Actually, nobody asked me at sbb if I'm a member... I just gave them printed gutschein.
Started by: CorsebouTheReturn · 27.Mar.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
18 posts, 21:14 yesterday
Special Swiss Certification for Wall Switches?
Hoi Tom, I'm thinking of installing the Aqara switches from Xiaomi. Tested one and works beautifully. Works without Internet too. However, no European or US certifications for the switch yet (only Chinese ones). https://
Started by: flavio · 14.Nov.2018 · Housing in general
62 posts, 21:07 yesterday
Emotional abuse from husband and permit…
Seriously? First of all this is not the point of my thread. And second of all, I didn't say that I consider that an abuse. I gave an example as he said it is a 50/50 fault situation. FIY- I work 60hrs/week and he works…
Started by: MooodyCow · 14.Nov.2018 · Daily life
42 posts, 20:49 yesterday
Buying and Fitting New Winter Tyres
Hi everyone, Just had to buy and fit winter tires here. Found a partner garage and phoned them to make an appointment. Then out of curiosity asked for a quote on the tires we'd decided on. It turned out to be the very exact same price as…
Started by: Neil MacLeod · 17.Oct.2018 · Transportation/driving
10 posts, 20:26 yesterday
Would you recommend a Dentist in France…
My friend recommends the following as at least being honest but I have no personal experience. Boulivan Nicolas Zahnarzt in Saint-Louis, Frankreich It's important to discuss expectations when you see a dentist, for when the end result…
Started by: Nbase · 14.Nov.2018 · Family matters/health
8 posts, 20:20 yesterday
Started by: ima · 11.Nov.2018 · Introductions
19 posts, 18:03 yesterday
Kinderkrippe Globegarten
Dear parents, our opinion on Globegarden is based on our experience, as our child has been visiting a Globegarden daycare for quite a long time. We decided to take our child to a Globegarden daycare because of a. the recommendation of a…
Started by: swis · 10.Jan.2017 · Education
6 posts, 17:49 yesterday
Help please [EN --> DE translation required]
Started by: mountain man · 15.Nov.2018 · Language corner
43 posts, 17:05 yesterday
Advice on washing machine needed
Thanks a lot eyebeebe for this tip! Thank you k_and_e so i prefer to wait until next week.. If i find a better offer and buy there for exsmple nettoshop.ch then how about delivery and installation? Where shall i find this service as…
Started by: Irinah · 7.Jul.2017 · Housing in general
2 posts, 15:57 yesterday
Just Moved From HK
Started by: Natalie SB · 13.Nov.2018 · Introductions
38 posts, 15:54 yesterday
If you buy books, will you wait some time…
Did you have in mind some sort of app that would show you where a book you're interested in is being sold and at what price, the way it exists for gas stations and probably many other consumption items? If so I doubt it'd catch on, as the…
Started by: higgsboson · 4.Oct.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
38 posts, 15:53 yesterday
The Apple Sore in Bahnhofstrasse Zurich
My daughter left hers on a tram and I picked it up from the Fundburo the next day. Ok, it is very retro (or old as I call it, it might even be older than her, her dad gave her an old one) and the back is covered in Monster High art, so…
Started by: omtatsat · 13.Nov.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 15:51 yesterday
Fehrenbacher - Tyre Shop Jestetten, DE
Started by: MrT.2012 · 15.Nov.2018 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 15:47 yesterday
Hallo from Indonesian
Started by: Javaneselady · 15.Nov.2018 · Introductions
27 posts, 15:41 yesterday
CV for an Apprenticeship
We all know that it is very difficult for young people to make such a decision and from what I have heard the thinking is that if the kids come from a background in the area they want to enter then they are better bets for the employer…
Started by: Pather · 14.Nov.2018 · Education
21 posts, 15:22 yesterday
Insurance for 2019
No. Exactly 30.70CHF difference for 2500CHF franchise (and even not with the same model, but lowest, Telmed for Assura vs. HMO for Swica), with my parameters. Absolutely worth it for me, if only for the fact I can speak English with them…
Started by: mechanicalEngineer · 9.Nov.2018 · Insurance
20 posts, 15:15 yesterday
A behaviour of a Teacher
Not me. I've had teachers repeat absoluetly outrageous statments in my face. This was about 15 years ago though. Not sure if schools have upped their act since then and got those teachers to quit or fall back into line.
Started by: sailorimc · 15.Nov.2018 · Education
68 posts, 14:39 yesterday
Swiss Gipfeli Croissant
Exactly! I've done that in a Michelin Star restaurant in Hong Kong. The boiled tree fungus was the final straw. For gipfeli, I love the Migros pack of 6 a bit too much, to the point that I've had to give them up because I was packing…
Started by: omtatsat · 13.Nov.2018 · Food and drink
5 posts, 13:14 yesterday
German Teacher Needed for Children in Basel
Started by: Neu · 6.Nov.2018 · Education
65 posts, 12:41 yesterday
Will Trump get reelected
I want to see an Avenetti / Ocasio-Cortez ticket for the Dems in 2020, because that's the only thing that could really keep the comedy gold going strong for another 4 years :D:D ...oh, and maybe Blasey-Ford as head of DOJ, ..maybe get…
Started by: robBob · 13.Oct.2018 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 12:39 yesterday
Supply Chain Management / Procurement
Started by: beetie · 15.Nov.2018 · Employment
1 post, 12:11 yesterday
Started by: mountain man · 15.Nov.2018 · Language corner
2 posts, 12:10 yesterday
Notary and Lawyer German Part - Company opening
Started by: Annade · 15.Nov.2018 · Other/general
The Local Switzerland
Bye-bye red slips: Switzerland to farewell its famous payment forms

Bye-bye red slips: Switzerland to farewell its famous payment forms

It's been a long time coming but Switzerland’s famous pink and orange payments slips have been given a radical makeover with a new version to be rolled out from mid-2020 on.


What's on: Do you know of any English-language events around Switzerland?

We are looking for your help in creating a new monthly what's on page covering events in Switzerland that are aimed at English speakers.

Did Swiss banks collude to boycott Apple Pay and Samsung Pay?

Did Swiss banks collude to boycott Apple Pay and Samsung Pay?

Switzerland competition watchdog said on Thursday it had opened a probe into whether major financial institutions including UBS and Credit Suisse boycotted mobile payment services offered by Apple and Samsung in favour of a domestic provider.

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