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34 posts, 16:39 today
What's it like to retire in Switzerland?
No, we have to pay the 300CHF franchise and 10% up to 700- As said before, my knee replacement cost 300 + 700 = 1000. No-one pays health premiums as such. Not sure how it works between the 2 Governments in practice. Our bills go to…
Started by: Pete F · 27.Apr.2017 · Introductions
12 posts, 16:37 today
Changing to BE license
The calculation is correct. But the trailer can have a Gesamtgewicht of 750 kg, as you can use the first clause of the exemption. The clause Trailer Gesamtgewicht + Car Gesamtgewicht < 3500 kg and Trailer Gesamtgewicht < Car…
Started by: Killerbob · 5.Jul.2009 · Transportation/driving
18 posts, 16:36 today
Thinking about moving to Uster?
Welcome to the forum, Susan! From your profile, I see you have two children. In Switzerland, it is considered normal that the children go to school and extra-curricular activities by themselves, mostly, from Kindergarten onwards. At…
Started by: -Matt- · 21.Feb.2010 · Housing in general
20 posts, 16:35 today
Ricardo - sending goods before payment
Ah, so true. I've experienced this first hand just a couple of days ago. The seller refused to deliver something that i've got at a good bargain price. All he had to say "water damage" and "sorry", and ricardo deleted my negative review.…
Started by: Castro · 25.Apr.2017 · Daily life
116 posts, 16:33 today
Visitors from home, a moan
I had 2 aunties bail at the last minute. I think it was a picture I'd put up of all the snow we'd suddenly got and it made one of them anxious. I'd paid for the flights and I got really lucky as the airline had to change their schedule at…
Started by: bigblue2 · 26.Apr.2017 · Daily life
34 posts, 16:28 today
New Licence from scratch
Dear all and well wishers, Apologies for this late update. I came back from my holidays on 14th Jan (Sat). I immediately contacted the driving instructor on Saturday (so glad he answered) and he advised that I need to do the eye…
Started by: Gerry's Holly :) · 21.Dec.2016 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 16:12 today
Taxes with children
BTW I find it quite shocking to hear that civil servants concerned with tax decisions don't know their own tax rules. You should also check if you are not entitled to a tariff B/D division. If one of you earns less than 2K/month and works…
Started by: joaninha · 27.Apr.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 15:59 today
Is it possible to get a motorcycle license…
No, it is not a visa (which is in the passport) it is a permit. A permit is a seperat document which you get after you register at your place of residence. Permit B is for stays longer than 1 year. This can be for study, for work, or…
Started by: Thomaz · 27.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 15:49 today
Zwischenzeugnis in Switzerland
Started by: AshikaLuca · 27.Apr.2017 · Employment
3 posts, 15:48 today
Jungfrau Marathon
Started by: melpadden · 19.Mar.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
9 posts, 15:43 today
Cat-readying the House
Cats and rabbits are not interchangeable. I once pet sat someone's 2 rabbits for 2 months. Other than carrots they ate everything - fish, meat, rice, bread, noodles, hard cover books, my shoes, granny's spectacle frame, dad's silk tie.…
Started by: legallyspeaking · 27.Apr.2017 · Pet corner
45 posts, 15:43 today
Expat Life - The Making of Dolly (the sheep)
Yes, Castro kicked my butt at Go-Karts and I'm not ashamed of telling how it is. Rumor has it, he taught Lewis Hamilton how to corner properly...I didn't stand a chance. I am certain that the "gentleman" was a Brit, we had an intensive…
Started by: lost_inbroad · 26.Apr.2017 · Complaints corner
8 posts, 15:42 today
Tracking down a friend from kindergarten
Yes, I'm hoping the whole thing is legit, and doesn't take some creepy turn... NotAllThere, your daughter must be in her late teens, and I hope she's safe as she steps out to meet her newly re-found friend.
Started by: NotAllThere · 25.Apr.2017 · Daily life
5 posts, 15:26 today
Bern Dinner Club, Italian "Luce", Tuesday…
Started by: Sbrinz · 5.Apr.2017 · Social events
17 posts, 15:26 today
WWZ internet quality / offer ?
ok guys, i've been doing my homework (especially reading Tom's issues on the other other) and i tend towards the simple WWZ modem + 3rd party router solution Questions: 1) Netgear AC1200 (model R6220, ~70 CHF) or Netgear AC1750…
Started by: AthanasiosGR · 29.Mar.2017 · Daily life
15 posts, 15:17 today
Legal counsel needed. Sub tennant rights
Your girlfriend should try to find a solution with the main owner. He can't throw her out of the flat himself. He has to go to court asking for her eviction which would take a lot of time. So he should be interested in finding some kind…
Started by: sbpmnt · 27.Apr.2017 · Housing in general
3 posts, 15:13 today
Relocating 2 Dogs New York --> Zurich
Started by: imfromoverthere · 27.Apr.2017 · Pet corner
21 posts, 15:08 today
Coop Emojis
Anybody still missing emojis? Could give: MMMHH, Panda, Küken, Tüfeli, Schwiizer, checker, daumenhoch, peace, lovely, shamy, küsschen, poo, buuhh, alien, durchstarter. If somebody would take all at once, even the better.
Started by: Clumsy Maman · 20.Mar.2017 · Items wanted
2 posts, 15:05 today
Gynecologist in Dietikon or Zurich Alstetten
Started by: arincoc · 6.Mar.2017 · Family matters/health
1 post, 14:57 today
Winterthur gynecologist
Started by: amandals8879 · 27.Apr.2017 · Family matters/health
130 posts, 14:50 today
RAV registration and benefit payable.
I'm a bit bummed. They told me in my local RAV, that if I haven't mastered the German language yet, I must bring someone that will help me translate (for the registration process and all the following meetings). It's a bit sad and tricky.…
Started by: catwoman9437 · 30.Aug.2006 · Employment
4 posts, 14:28 today
Road Cycling Anyone Gland Nyon area
Started by: Porsche · 14.Apr.2017 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
53 posts, 14:08 today
Smoking. How to quit?
Yes and no. I haven't smoked a cigarette since September... I consider that an accomplishment. :dunno: Has a person who uses the patch or nicotine gum quit smoking? Does having an air humidifier in your home make you a smoker? What…
Started by: sam ali · 21.Oct.2012 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 13:50 today
WANTED Sailing Lessons
Started by: FPayne · 27.Apr.2017 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
49 posts, 13:42 today
Gotogate.ch warning
Cheaptickets.ch is a cheater. I bought my tickets and payment was release and tickets cancelled. I claimed them and nothing was done for a month. After contact skyscanner to ban. They have contacted me back that the refund was done, but I…
Started by: Batcow · 2.Jul.2014 · Complaints corner
4 posts, 13:40 today
Wanted: Newborn Boy clothing for summer baby
Started by: swisspea · 20.Apr.2017 · Items wanted
1 post, 13:35 today
Private German Teacher Recommendation in Bern
Started by: Godbless · 27.Apr.2017 · Language corner
5 posts, 13:35 today
Hourly rate calculation and 13th salary
Started by: ddartt · 27.Apr.2017 · Employment
5 posts, 13:32 today
D1 CATEGORY LICENCE test difficulty
Started by: CHIRAG · 27.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 12:59 today
First visit ever to Graubunden region for…
Started by: McTAVGE · 26.Apr.2017 · Travel/day trips/free time
8 posts, 12:08 today
BnB in switzerland
Just be careful and estimate all the risks. 'C’est sans surprise dans les régions urbaines et touristiques que sa présence est la plus marquée. Zurich arrive en tête des cantons qui recensent le plus de logements (2805), suivi…
Started by: birhan · 26.Apr.2017 · Housing in general
3 posts, 11:35 today
Bad Ragaz / Kanton St. Gallen
Started by: SanktGallenBadRagaz · 27.Apr.2017 · Introductions
15 posts, 11:02 today
Buying and immediately selling company car.
If this is a one time off opportunity and you are not doing it regularly (this could mean two per year), and the sales price is less than 100k, than it is AFAIK tax free. As soon as you do it regularly it is considered a business, as…
Started by: pawp · 26.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 11:02 today
Looking for Sideboard
Started by: mNY15 · 27.Apr.2017 · Items wanted
6 posts, 10:49 today
International Health Insurance when de-registering…
I am looking into this as well and I know the posts were old but will update here with infos I have found :) CSS offers an international plan with simple re-entry into CH So does Visana, via Cigna. Also Swica, but only for pre…
Started by: Flower · 19.Sep.2008 · Insurance
3 posts, 10:44 today
Recommended builder thread / plumber / painter…
Started by: OBone · 26.Apr.2017 · Housing in general
65 posts, 10:40 today
Car Reversed into me - says it was my fault
I struggle with the concept that a dash cam can infringe on someone's privacy. Yes, if I were recording into the windows of people's homes, then I could understand that. But if I can get a fine for public indecency for walking around town…
Started by: the_flag_is_a_big_plus · 25.Apr.2017 · Complaints corner
12 posts, 10:34 today
Quit smoking
The day I quit smoking I had 180 cigarettes left. I gave them to my husband & he threw them all in the bin! I thought he'd at least give them to someone! As he said himself, either way it's a waste of money: if I smoke them, bin them…
Started by: aarvi · 2.Jun.2014 · Family matters/health
12 posts, 10:32 today
Tax and insurance for Tesla model 3
Such a reply makes sense instead of other people who retardedly needs to go directly to questioning ability to read. And yes you are right. I probably did the (presumptuous) assumption that there are few 18 year old people from Kosovo…
Started by: pkb · 26.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 09:21 today
Jam Sessions
Started by: seanmcg · 27.Sep.2016 · Daily life
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