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64 posts, 08:28 today
Ready for higher interest rates?
The stats are from the SNB. I looked through the numbers. While it is true that average prices fell, it varies greatly by region, and property type. Family houses in lake geneva region were up by 4% for example. Given the rapid rise…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 20.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 08:22 today
Parliamentary Election in Italy
Wait...Italy? What??? How surprising!! Not. I count on their proverbial efficiency this time around too. :) Bread and circuses and all that. Less bread, more circuses for the Italians. OP, Keep your pants on. It's not the end of…
Started by: Linnéa UZH · 25.Sep.2022 · International affairs/politics
39 posts, 08:17 today
Sept. 25 Vote
Latest update 25.09.22 16h09 ---... - Factory farming NO: 64.8% NO in all cantons except in BS. Basel-Stadt is probably the only canton that doesn't have farms with livestock. ---... - VAT 8.1%/2.6%/3.8% YES: 54.0% YES in all…
Started by: st2lemans · 22.Sep.2022 · Swiss politics/news
74 posts, 01:47 today
Solar for the home
I found another reason to over-provision on panels: if I read it correctly, you get paid 380 CHF subsidy for each kWp. For a DIY system, the marginal cost of additional panels can be close to this and so the additional capacity would…
Started by: Penelopy · 9.May.2022 · Daily life
18 posts, 01:39 today
Widow’s pension, ex spouse, divorce
Actually depends on canton. In SG you can in general (iirc for specific expenses - rent, food, books etc. - rather than a general lump sum) although I'm not sure if that applies across borders as this case.
Started by: Fergi · 25.Sep.2022 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 23:36 yesterday
Rules for what you can put in your oil tank…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 25.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
2 posts, 23:12 yesterday
Motorcycle gear
Started by: WilliamTell · 25.Sep.2022 · Items wanted
3 posts, 22:23 yesterday
Looking for a badminton buddy in Zurich!
Started by: Silvia · 23.Sep.2022 · Introductions
26 posts, 22:20 yesterday
Tax deductions - costs for supporting parents
Probably to prove they can't cover their bills for rent (if necessary), electricity, water, food, medical bills without your assistance. I would expect this type of help, not "gifts" or something that makes their life better...I would…
Started by: Alira · 3.Aug.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 21:24 yesterday
Phone time bomb
Started by: fatih.erol · 25.Sep.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
13 posts, 21:06 yesterday
Rant about the UK passport office
I can’t help but feel the Foreign Office needs to be dismantled and be replaced by a more practical department. As they seem to go out of their way to make life difficult for the ordinary citizen. The only land border the UK has…
Started by: catandmouse · 23.Sep.2022 · Complaints corner
9 posts, 20:15 yesterday
Best place to exchange USD for CHF in Zurich
Not always ;) Upstairs in the UBS branch in front of Cornavin rail station they have a safe for cash where they hold CHF 10mio, USD 10mio, GBP 10mio and €10mio It would be fairly stupid to change USD 100k as banknotes as the…
Started by: Coffeeandcigs · 24.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
27 posts, 19:37 yesterday
Salary Increment
Take into account that most companies do expect you to increase with time your skills and performance in the same position for the same salary basically. Asking for 15% without a large increase in responsibility and grade would not reflect…
Started by: martinboss · 24.Sep.2022 · Employment
40 posts, 19:19 yesterday
Warm water bill-apartment Zurich.
I would dig out the old bill and check if the only difference is the $$$ pro kWh. The verteilschlüssel likely hasn't changed. And +53% on the total (not the saldo you paid now...) is realistic considering the situation. Next year they…
Started by: pauljay · 19.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
29 posts, 18:28 yesterday
Who pays for a Schlichtungsverfahren
Contrary to an actual court the SchlichtungsBehörde (SB) has no ruling power, they can only advise and suggest. A case can't be taken to court without a prior finding by the SB. If the case is taken to court, the SB's finding will usually…
Started by: alpbabe · 17.Nov.2013 · Housing in general
1 post, 17:23 yesterday
RAV x Holidays holidays entitlement messed up
Started by: andreaspar · 25.Sep.2022 · Employment
1 post, 17:04 yesterday
Declaring directorships & shareholdings
Started by: poot · 25.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
28 posts, 15:42 yesterday
Visiting Zurich Zoo
We love the Zurich Zoo. Families in Zurich should definitely consider the annual pass. 210 CHF for the family for the year. It seems a bit steep, but the regular entry is pretty spendy too. We figured out we would have to go 3-4 times to…
Started by: ruthy1982 · 29.Oct.2011 · Travel/day trips/free time
11 posts, 14:24 yesterday
Looking for 3.5 + apartment in Buchs SG
This one is in the town next to Buchs (arguably within walking distance to Buchs) or a 5min bus ride away, and explicitly allows pets: https://www.homegate.ch/... It's 200m from the closest grocery store, 50m from the closest…
Started by: smarley · 4.Jul.2022 · Property wanted
48 posts, 13:52 yesterday
Fuel Prices
Just spent a week in Calais and set off home on Friday myself. Over the last few days I saw that the stations in and around Calais were filled with queues of British registered cars stretching out far onto the roads, even in one case…
Started by: Spinal · 18.Mar.2021 · Transportation/driving
22 posts, 12:42 yesterday
Britain's Liz Truss sees France as a likely foe
A not terribly original short walk through cultural disambiguation Tin Lizzy Ford Model T 1925 Thin Lizzy Irish rock group 1969 - 1983 Thick Lizzy Elizabeth Truss (Current PM of the UK) As usual, nothing improved over the…
Started by: John William · 26.Aug.2022 · International affairs/politics
65 posts, 11:41 yesterday
Shinzo Abe
The majority of Japanese now disagree with the state funeral, especially as it will cost roughly 20% more than Queen Elizabeth's state funeral. The connections of Abe and many of his party to the Unification Church have been a huge…
Started by: slammer · 8.Jul.2022 · International affairs/politics
2 posts, 11:29 yesterday
TelC A2 test: Any recent experience?
Started by: libraOct · 11.Sep.2022 · Language corner
3 posts, 10:05 yesterday
Already in the apartment, insurance options
Started by: malo · 25.Sep.2022 · Insurance
7 posts, 08:38 yesterday
Suspicious / bad recruiters
:rofl: how naive! Recruiters are salespeople. Their job is to contact customers. You, the candidate, are NOT their customer. - you are what they are selling. They will phone you to get leads. Your boss's name, any projects going on…
Started by: Genfersee · 20.Sep.2022 · Daily life
5 posts, 08:34 yesterday
Didecyldimethylammonium chloride
Started by: Phil_MCR · 24.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
12 posts, 01:57 yesterday
Postdoc salary and life
@Toniy, it‘s as Minimimi took the time and effort to succinctly explain. Many of us otherwise have been taken-aback by your rude and lazy request for info. Even before Bachelors, most are well aware of how best to perform basic…
Started by: toniy · 24.Sep.2022 · Daily life
10 posts, 21:30 24.Sep.2022
Health insurance - traps and troubles
Get Rega. It's not insurance. It's a rescue service that will either come and rescue you, or help coordinate logistics to get you back to CH, even if you have an accident abroad. They bill your insurance(s), and whatever isn't covered…
Started by: marcofbbr · 23.Sep.2022 · Insurance
65 posts, 20:19 24.Sep.2022
Beware of church tax
When I registered from abroad as a citizen-resident in a small commune in Valais I was asked my religion. I replied "Juif". I don't think the clerk in this canton très catholique had ever encountered a Jew before. As it happens my canton…
Started by: Iskander · 7.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 19:32 24.Sep.2022
Where to meet new people in Basel?
English speakers are exactly not what OP is looking for. Kudos rotblau for immediately starting on your German. I believe something like a Verein, as suggested by Islander, is much more useful to help you with that than some pub, whether…
Started by: rotblau · 24.Sep.2022 · Daily life
90 posts, 17:03 24.Sep.2022
Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine
What? So Ukraine would use the laws of the bullshit republics to execute its citizen? That's your point? There was a UN report yesterday that alleged that Russian "soldiers" had raped a 4 year old girl. Maybe you should direct your…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 21.Sep.2022 · International affairs/politics
6 posts, 14:55 24.Sep.2022
Tax difference after marriage: wife working…
Hi! 8 years later this post becomes active again. I married my wife who has a "permis C" a few days ago. I will continue to work outside of Switzerland, and I don't know how many days a year I will spend in Switzerland (probably less…
Started by: pk86 · 3.Jun.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
29 posts, 12:24 24.Sep.2022
Great roads to ride for motorbikes
Namibia and South Africa sounds very exotic. How is the riding over there? Locally I like the Pragel-Ibergeregg loop and the panorama road behind Pilatus, but these roads are not legally accessible on weekends. Internationally I…
Started by: xDiavel · 12.Mar.2020 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 10:18 24.Sep.2022
Buying a flat in Germany as a British citizen
Started by: ozksean · 23.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
12 posts, 10:10 24.Sep.2022
Who else is about to close their Credit…
Nothing, that is until we read something in the paper, but they are a bank and pretty much every bank runs into a scandal or two, it’s the nature of the business, but none of these things render the bank unable to service the…
Started by: Geminder · 23.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 10:01 24.Sep.2022
Train, Mobility, motorbike or car? Which…
Started by: antonio · 23.Sep.2022 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 08:01 24.Sep.2022
Niederurnen in Glarus
Started by: Elisabeth · 22.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
21 posts, 07:16 24.Sep.2022
Unwanted partitioning of the apartment
I think that was srarDeMer’s point. Most people have that clause even if they don’t have the official moving date thing. If the OP gave notice now before the end of September he would still have at least 4 months to find…
Started by: TomQ · 12.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
13 posts, 00:29 24.Sep.2022
Gemeinderating 2022
https://www.bfs.admin.ch... Basel City seems to score high, consistently. You don't want a high-amount of b&e-s, larcenies and car-thefts, basically. Murders are rarely statistically significant (and aren't separated out in…
Started by: higgsboson · 22.Sep.2022 · Daily life
8 posts, 22:53 23.Sep.2022
Scam heads up while selling your used goods
We've had this scam many times on Facebook Marketplace. It's annoying. We block them and move on. We also specify that we only accept payment via TWINT or IBAN, no cash. That helps sort the wheat from the chaff. We mostly use Ricardo…
Started by: Mr.Maquiavelo · 19.Sep.2022 · Complaints corner
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