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2 posts, 01:39 today
Strangest behaviors encountered here?
Started by: TheCraic · 24.Mar.2019 · Complaints corner
8 posts, 01:36 today
Delayed cancelation schemes
Nope you are totally wrong! But what is common practice in Switzerland and in most of Europe for that matter, is that we assume you are an adult capable of managing your own affairs. Next time around try claiming incapacity to…
Started by: Obviously · 19.Mar.2019 · Complaints corner
78 posts, 01:01 today
Swiss mattresses are terribly bad, ALL
In my opinion the best pocket spring mattresses you can get here are from Ikea. I spent over 6hours sleeping on them in the shop - even better to bring your own pillow. Similarly tested the other brands commonly found here like bico,…
Started by: Karenpescado · 8.Feb.2015 · Complaints corner
145 posts, 00:54 today
Swiss people, what to know (by a Swiss)
>- negative feedback and friendly complaints here unacceptable unless you are at a very expensive restaurant or hotel, and even there you often hear: Oh, sie sind aber de erscht wo reklamiert!! "you are the first that ever…
Started by: Swiss787 · 5.Jan.2015 · Complaints corner
89 posts, 00:06 today
Basel: 7 yr old stabbed by pensioner in…
Was at the funeral march near the crime scene today. Only a few hundred people showed up. Majority non-Swiss. I assume it has to do with the fact that the Swiss don't like funeral marches. I read Iliad was buried in his home country…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 21.Mar.2019 · Swiss politics/news
9 posts, 00:03 today
Inadvertent Groans where Thanks were intended
Have done that as well when tired. Worst was when I meant to give greenies to someone for an excellent post, and inadvertently gave red blobs :eek: Since then I double check, double check, double check
Started by: doropfiz · 23.Mar.2019 · Forum support
13 posts, 23:26 yesterday
Tonight, my Final Word on Brexit.
Did you also have the impression, that was all it really was? Very shallow, not worth my Serafe payment. But of course I'm always pleased to give grumpy a hand, so I let it slip for now ... they still got 10 months (that's my…
Started by: grumpygrapefruit · 20.Mar.2019 · International affairs/politics
1 post, 23:21 yesterday
Moving boxes needed in Zurich
Started by: yeida · 23.Mar.2019 · Items wanted
23 posts, 23:16 yesterday
What do you do for a bit of self-inflicted tlc?
Yes, the restaurant in Aeschiried is open to the public - no need to stay there. The terrace is a gorgeous place, unfortunately not for a cold beer or a nice glass of wine - I don't pretend you'll drink alcohol though ;-)
Started by: McTAVGE · 23.Mar.2019 · Daily life
29 posts, 22:33 yesterday
Salary Expectation, Senior Scientist
FWIW, I do work in the field. The salaries are pretty much based on functional classes/levels which are tied to a job title. The OP mentioned his friend in Basel with the senior scientist title and earning 150K. Real scientists don't…
Started by: AliRE · 21.Mar.2019 · Employment
1 post, 22:26 yesterday
Home Health Care
Started by: alexishuszagh · 23.Mar.2019 · Family matters/health
8 posts, 22:02 yesterday
Delivery time for Salt/Init7 equipment
Yes you're right. I recalled it wrongly. Revisiting my notes, also here on my fiber connection, city of Zurich, fiber was already provided into the building, but not to each apartment. Only at my order for a fiber abonnement, I think I…
Started by: ORDtoZRH · 19.Mar.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
8 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Why not? Assuming he’s talking about Swisscom, UPC or similar they have a 24 hour tech number you can ring. Spent the odd Saturday/Sunday night onto techies in the Cablecom days myself when something went pop with the connection or…
Started by: freeburgh · 23.Mar.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
28 posts, 21:16 yesterday
High frequency noise in apartment
In Nottingham, they used to put these "Teenagers Frequency" devices to keep teenagers out of certain areas... never worked on me, though...Could have been to do with the fact I've always been an old fart!:D
Started by: Susan57 · 1.Mar.2019 · Housing in general
104 posts, 21:10 yesterday
Amazon Prime [delivery] coming to Switzerland
Hi Las Burg in Weil am Rhein. Set up an account and they will give you a mailing address. Use this address for Amazon and do your order. You will get an email from Las Burg when your package has arrived. Sometimes it feels like half…
Started by: rlchen · 29.Nov.2017 · Daily life
20 posts, 19:35 yesterday
Allowances in school for physical issues?
There’s the idea in our parts that having good spelling skills means that you’re academically good. Considering it’s the school part that tends to make apprentices fail, employers hire apprentices who have the most…
Started by: dragoneiric · 21.Mar.2019 · Education
21 posts, 19:30 yesterday
Cauliflower rice - the best thing since…
it might make a great sprinkle? i make omelettes and vary the vegetables, but typically - fry some sliced vegetables say mushrooms or leeks - add beaten egg and tilt evenly round the pan - put on some green leafy stuff like…
Started by: peebix · 21.Mar.2019 · Food and drink
2 posts, 19:10 yesterday
Hi from a Zurich newbie!
Started by: KerbieBernie · 23.Mar.2019 · Introductions
5 posts, 19:08 yesterday
Taking dog on holiday.
Started by: Anastasia Dem · 23.Mar.2019 · Pet corner
66 posts, 18:45 yesterday
Fine from the Police for recycling on the…
Well, maybe that attitude is one reason why people prefer to live in Switzerland rather than the U.K (amongst others ;)) This attitude reminds me a bit of the World in which we strive to e.g. save water. And then to travel with a UN…
Started by: DigitalRadHead · 21.Mar.2019 · Other/general
1 post, 18:38 yesterday
Divorce lawyer fees - is this reasonable?
Started by: RebeccaB · 23.Mar.2019 · Family matters/health
16 posts, 17:55 yesterday
Beitragszahlungen an 2. Säule 😕
Yes please say "yes"- for 2nd piller when your salary per year is higher than 21330 CHF - All employees insured under the 1st pillar and who earn at least CHF 21,330 a year (in 2019) are insured under the 2nd pillar. The tick box is…
Started by: simpleman · 19.Mar.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 16:55 yesterday
Problem with Cobra tram Zürich
Yup, but not me... my kids are well-past that age... and when we arrived in Switzerland, I had to carry that damn stroller (and we had the lightest smallest possible that even fits down a normal tram or bus aisle)... up and down so many…
Started by: omtatsat · 22.Mar.2019 · Transportation/driving
31 posts, 16:55 yesterday
Must move out on 1st April?
From helping with many friends' moves, and having had friends help me, I learnt that it's always best to ask some to come round before the day of the move, to pack in advance, plus a few extra people for the actual day, since someone is…
Started by: Bellanana · 22.Mar.2019 · Housing in general
5 posts, 13:36 yesterday
Bit dramatic maybe but... ; What happens…
Started by: geneve78 · 23.Mar.2019 · Family matters/health
6 posts, 13:03 yesterday
Can Indians open SA (Society Anonymn) in…
Not necessarily zero. If you bring in CHF10 million of capital, and start a business employing I think at least 25 people in an industry such as tech, hedge fund, wealth management, or other highly skilled industries, then you have a very…
Started by: Azizo · 23.Mar.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
8 posts, 12:15 yesterday
CH licence, own and drive in UK?
There is no real problem here. Buy the bike and register it to the UK address you have, and where i assume the bike will be stored. If it's not stored there just tell the insurer where it will be stored. The license issue is…
Started by: babuyagu · 22.Mar.2019 · Transportation/driving
21 posts, 11:53 yesterday
Driving round Bodensee corner through Austria:…
Hi forum, so I've to travel the same road, along southern Bodensee, from St. Margrethen (CH) to Bregenz (AT). If I avoid Highways (Autobahn I guess), may I avoid to buy/stick the vignette to my Swiss car? thank you a lot
Started by: gbn · 21.Dec.2009 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 08:40 yesterday
Swiss Bank- Job advertisement scam
If not all, most of the times, yes getting some one else from countries requiring sponsorship is the reason. Some times, people would really look for candidates but never get filled. They just go on hunting for candidates thinking we can…
Started by: dilip_gem · 21.Mar.2019 · Employment
5 posts, 08:33 yesterday
How long does it take to get rental deposit…
Started by: szdro · 7.Nov.2017 · Housing in general
13 posts, 00:03 yesterday
Vested benefits account fees
Neither of those links states they are approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and so are authorised to offer financial services in Switzerland? Here is the link to the authorised companies.
Started by: rainwolf · 15.Jan.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
12 posts, 22:51 22.Mar.2019
TV / Radio License - Mobile high speed internet
maybe I'm too tired/lazy to really read the materials you provided but up to my research the principle is that if you had to pay the radio bilag full fee you have to pay now the full serafe fee. There were and still are exceptions for…
Started by: dilip_gem · 9.Feb.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
6 posts, 22:47 22.Mar.2019
Wanted - Tennis player in Schaffhausen
Hi, I am looking for a tennis partner to play on a regular basis. I have been playing tennis for multiple years and consider myself an intermediate player. I prefer playing after 18:00 in the evening and I am available both weekdays…
Started by: sflowers · 8.Sep.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
7 posts, 22:39 22.Mar.2019
Web help : PHP.net not supported need to…
Not my thing as php is too easy so I would not build any sensible career out of it :D but the change regarding the database driver looks really easy even for a scripting kid who took just a web dev boot camp and know how to google, check…
Started by: peaky · 21.Mar.2019 · Other/general
5 posts, 21:55 22.Mar.2019
Any entry level job near Bern???
Started by: Vajnto · 21.Mar.2019 · Employment
6 posts, 21:30 22.Mar.2019
Looking for Pilates in Zurich
Hoi! I came across the thread last year, among others, and felt I would leave back a trace because I did some good findings. I am a man, so I really did not grow up dreaming about doing pilates. But I was tasked by my GP to do…
Started by: Shannanigans · 23.Jan.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
14 posts, 19:43 22.Mar.2019
Permit B to C half year tax declaration
Your tax declaration is due in February/March the following year, your taxes are due during the current year. Unless you want to pay extra interest over the amount not paid (and yes, this may be different in other Kantons) :)
Started by: davdenic · 20.Mar.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
41 posts, 19:42 22.Mar.2019
Approached by a lady for help, could it…
Once I was in Lausanne Rennes train station, waiting for the train. One young guy just came to me and asked for 2 CHF. I asked him why? And he said he wants to buy a beer And I do not know how to respond to that answer. So I gave him the…
Started by: minimimi · 11.Mar.2019 · Daily life
8 posts, 19:38 22.Mar.2019
Swiss Skin Cancer Day 2019 is when?
BLP, I found this while googling around - an online dermatology service: https://www.onlinedoctor... Cost is CHF 55 for an initial assessment. (Next steps will be additional costs.) According to their site, you send in photos of…
Started by: BLP · 22.Mar.2019 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 19:22 22.Mar.2019
Where to buy a sound machine?
Started by: Beletje · 22.Mar.2019 · Daily life
The Local Switzerland
75-year-old woman who killed seven-year-old boy in Basel did not know victim

75-year-old woman who killed seven-year-old boy in Basel did not know victim

A 75-year-old woman who confessed to the murder by stabbing of a seven-year-old boy in the Swiss city of Basel on Thursday is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Confirmed: UK nationals won

Confirmed: UK nationals won't need visas for Switzerland after Brexit

UK nationals will not be required to obtain a visa for Switzerland after Brexit, even for lengthy stays, the Swiss government announced on Friday.

American skier dies in accident in Swiss canton of Valais

American skier dies in accident in Swiss canton of Valais

A 20-year-old American has died while skiing in the Mont Fort area of Switzerland’s Valais.

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