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2 posts, 10:39 today
Insurance to teach yoga?
Started by: English Angel · 13.Nov.2019 · Insurance
8 posts, 10:36 today
Planning on moving to Switzerland
Expensive. Small land and no space. Green party is on the rise. For your children in school not so easy. Language problems if you don't speak German. Why come here when you have California on your doorstep?
Started by: AuroraAK · 13.Nov.2019 · Introductions
5 posts, 10:34 today
COC / Transporting a motorcycle back to UK
Started by: Humph · 13.Nov.2019 · Transportation/driving
55 posts, 10:26 today
What would you do with a spare room?
I think "the planet" is a bit of a bold stretch, tbh. Most of the studies I've just flicked through on Google cite they are "the most polluted areas in the Alps". Agree the traffic and stoves do create yucky air in those pockets of…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 12.Nov.2019 · Daily life
24 posts, 10:26 today
Mercedes B vs BMW 2 Active Tourer
Sounds like you've already made your decision and are just looking for supporting opinions. Wasting your time and ours really, if you're not actually going to take any notice of what anyone says if it doesn't agree with what you've already…
Started by: defcon3 · 26.Apr.2018 · Transportation/driving
23 posts, 10:17 today
New PC: question about online stores
Overclocking doesn't bring huge gains with the AMD 3000 series but neither really does reducing RAM latency https://www.guru3d.com/a... Also if I were the OP I would be getting 2x 16GB 3200 RAM modules for a PC of that budget…
Started by: AthanasiosGR · 7.Nov.2019 · Other/general
37 posts, 10:12 today
Sharing experience on car export to EU
For relocation there are only unilateral regulations which allow duty and tax free import. The goods normally had to be in use for a certain time abroad to qualify for tax and duty free import. In addition they might only be used for…
Started by: piizei · 24.Jun.2016 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 09:58 today
Anyone skilled with electronics?
While the OP answers I went in and looked up the amp. There are no separate controls for the channels, so it could very well be the left channel amp, or just the speaker/speaker cables. One thing would be to troubleshoot a 2-channel amp…
Started by: bowthy · 2.Nov.2019 · Other/general
2 posts, 09:57 today
Brian and Gwyneth from Vancouver Canada…
Started by: BrianCanada · 13.Nov.2019 · Introductions
39 posts, 09:30 today
Negative interest rates - first retail banking…
I thought IB were already charging to have CHF >100,000 since a long time ago. It has been the case since I opened my account over a year ago for sure. In most retail banks here, we essentially have a small negative interest rate, in the…
Started by: Village Idiot · 6.Mar.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 09:22 today
Audi oil change - 'you only pay for liquids'
Take your own oil... it's a known problem that Swiss dealers charge a fortune for it. In the end they are lean businesses that will try and screw you for every penny that they legitimately and legally can.
Started by: straffordboy · 12.Nov.2019 · Transportation/driving
141 posts, 09:04 today
It's almost Christmas!
I have that on bloody WhatsApp now. I mean, even my 70 y.o. aunt is constantly sending me tons of pictures of her nephews and nieces (4 in total, so you can imagine..), her home grown tomatoes, vineyard, church and hens... :o She moved…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 5.Nov.2019 · Daily life
6 posts, 08:11 today
Cataract Surgery - Zürich
I had both eyes done at the beginning of the year with about 4 weeks between each eye. This was done locally and I followed the instructions to the letter. From going in to coming out it took half an hour each time. It has taken some time…
Started by: Juice · 12.Nov.2019 · Family matters/health
57 posts, 07:53 today
Too few trams in Zurich
They got the new Flexity tram today.Was brought here 800 km by a truck from Germany. And they are really planning for the future. It has 45 more standing places as the Cobra:D https://www.tagesanzeige...
Started by: omtatsat · 21.Oct.2019 · Daily life
2 posts, 07:50 today
Start working now and register in 2-3 weeks…
Started by: bluetea · 12.Nov.2019 · Employment
51 posts, 07:21 today
Voting (Help)
I went through facilitated naturalisation too, it still involved an interview in German though. Yes if you have been out of the UK for over 15 years you can no longer vote there. Fortunately (given brexit) I can still vote in the UK…
Started by: Island Monkey · 4.Oct.2019 · Swiss politics/news
67 posts, 07:08 today
Laydeeez, you love the locks, yes? Yes?
Husband flew back from Lisbon this evening. There was a dude on the plane coughing, not covering his mouth. Disgusting. And the dude had a ponytail in the back, balding in the front. So if you’re going to have a pony tail, cover your…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 11.Nov.2019 · Daily life
33 posts, 06:54 today
ZVV Fine
Can I just say, thanks for the ACTUAL constructive and informative response on this forum? Unlike all the other righteous and judgemental people above. New here and wish I knew which button to click to thank you for your response.…
Started by: australianstudent · 11.Nov.2019 · Daily life
7 posts, 06:45 today
Salary deductions based on employer benefits
So generally speaking, its not actually a benefit provided by the employer, but rather a standard practice within Switzerland when calculating all deductibles from the salary and coming to the net amount. Any suggestions on the…
Started by: agre · 12.Nov.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
34 posts, 02:03 today
Work and mental health
I was in this situation recently and CBD really helped. It's legal here and easily purchased at any head shop. Upside is it dampens anxiety while allowing you to function normally - it doesn't get you high like normal pot. I even smoked it…
Started by: Justin · 10.Nov.2019 · Employment
14 posts, 22:58 yesterday
Lausanne/morges poetry club
This is not bad! Thanks for sharin'! We haven't met for years but could revive the club, fo sho. If there is an interest.. I think my poems would contain the themes of..motion, release, gratitude, young voices. Apples and soups. Yurts,…
Started by: amaraya · 24.Jan.2010 · Social events
15 posts, 22:35 yesterday
Front page is broken
Ahh, yes. Yep, same problem here. Change the time settings - oh wonder, we're in the same hemisphere again, feels good having caught up :D Changing this manually, how cute. Reminds me of very old times ... about the same time…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 12.Nov.2019 · Forum support
3 posts, 22:25 yesterday
Can anyone recommend gymnastic classes for…
Started by: Zoe Cooper · 6.May.2010 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
2 posts, 21:06 yesterday
Question on Swiss/Italian border closing…
Started by: TheOtherMilanoMari · 12.Nov.2019 · Daily life
5 posts, 19:55 yesterday
Started by: Einherjar · 20.May.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 19:14 yesterday
New Expat from US in Luzern
Started by: peterocc · 12.Nov.2019 · Introductions
67 posts, 18:10 yesterday
Baby names, how did you decide (our shortlist…
A few weeks earlier than anticipated, our son has arrived. He's healthy, although he's scratching his face with his long finger nails. We can trim these when he's a month old. We have 10 days to register him with a name, otherwise…
Started by: HIAO · 23.Aug.2019 · Daily life
21 posts, 18:05 yesterday
Doctor eligibility
No franchise for accident !! The law states the MINIMUM requirement, your contract takes precedence as it is above the minimum requirement so employer pays, but as it is under accident insurance, it’s a mute point anyway.
Started by: betruewhatyoudo · 7.Nov.2019 · Insurance
18 posts, 17:57 yesterday
Sunrise takes over UPC
Not that much luck here... tried to get onto a new deal - no offer made. Got a call back from customer support, tried to complain, still the cold shoulder. I shall be switching ASAP fiber gets to the building...
Started by: omtatsat · 11.Mar.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 17:52 yesterday
Z plates and Swiss insurance?
Started by: jessiejill · 12.Nov.2019 · Transportation/driving
27 posts, 17:30 yesterday
Large drinking glasses
Maybe that depends on whether they are expensive designer glasses or some stuff that the brewing group's marketing dept rams down the publican's throat. I have on two or three occasions politely asked the manager how much he wanted…
Started by: Bill Larson · 12.Nov.2019 · Daily life
1 post, 17:15 yesterday
Building Insurance paid twice
Started by: justpassingby · 12.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
12 posts, 15:48 yesterday
French conversation groups in Biel/Bienne?
There is a BlaBa group that meets regularly at a restaurant in Neuchâtel - wonder if there is such a thing in Bienne. blabla neuchâtel - expats foreigners & language exchange (switzerland) they have a FaceBook page
Started by: Nick.Towndrow · 23.Apr.2013 · Language corner
11 posts, 15:46 yesterday
Switzerland Education
I know someone who was admitted to Zurich University with the Matura diploma issued from another EU country (it's a minority language back home) but it was a German language high-school and was recognised by the German Ministry of…
Started by: Skanderbeg · 12.Nov.2019 · Education
56 posts, 13:49 yesterday
Are water softeners common in CH
Which you need to balance against hard water which results in: Increases use of soap and detergents. Increased use of harsh chemicals to decalc showers, baths etc. Decreased life of coffee machines etc. Furring of pipes leading…
Started by: rahulm · 8.Jan.2017 · Housing in general
3 posts, 13:33 yesterday
This site wont let me create a thread
Started by: pierrenay · 12.Nov.2019 · Forum support
2 posts, 13:30 yesterday
UBS Online Banking - Showing Recipient
Started by: Spinal · 12.Nov.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
37 posts, 13:20 yesterday
Healthcare for British visitors to CH
No you don't. We have plenty of spare bedrooms and bathrooms here, even a spare kitchen ... and ... well, NO! As said, this post is not about anyone in particular- just a general question which has been raised on an expat Forum for UK…
Started by: Odile · 11.Nov.2019 · Insurance
7 posts, 12:48 yesterday
Fixed term contract offered for a flat in…
1 year minimum and then possible to leave every 3 months is more usual. 1700 CHF seems relatively cheap for a 3.5 room apartment. What's the downside? No parking available, no balcony, noisy location, old kitchen or bathroom?
Started by: Jozef · 11.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
17 posts, 11:44 yesterday
Working on Sundays
Looks like employers in Switzerland are meant to formally apply to the authorities for the right to ask the employee to work on Sundays (or nights). https://www.seco.admin.c... https://awa.zh.ch/intern...…
Started by: Malinda · 14.Apr.2009 · Employment
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In Numbers: What we know about Switzerland's foreign residents

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Life expectancy figures illustrate inequality in Switzerland

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