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3 posts, 18:32 today
Independent garage Zürich City
Started by: k_and_e · 22.Feb.2018 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 18:32 today
English speaking TV providers
Started by: seanmcg · 23.Feb.2018 · Daily life
58 posts, 18:26 today
FAQ: Expat's Guide to US Tax
Thanks for your input Zuridri, and sorry for your pain too... I can't believe how unfair this is! And most of all: what is the logic of giving a 102,000$ tax deduction to expats who earn a salary, but not to those who typically earn much…
Started by: Village Idiot · 20.Feb.2011 · Finance/banking/taxation
73 posts, 18:26 today
Games you play
Yeah, we definitely need longer days/years - and rejuv as well. Otherwise I'll never complete Darklighter's Class Completion challenge of playing every TQAE mastery/class through to the end of the game. With the new Rune mastery of the…
Started by: jacek · 26.Nov.2017 · Entertainment & dining
17 posts, 18:21 today
Unregistering with RAV
Until you have your contract you continue to be unemployed. The form covers the month you're in. Question Ten continues to be "Yes, I'm still unemployed". Next month's form will be different, inshallah.
Started by: connita128 · 3.May.2010 · Employment
24 posts, 18:15 today
Declaring precious metals on tax return
So, turns out that reality is stranger than whatever movie was playing in my head. I called the tax office (in the end quite an achievement because they of course don’t speak English and I don’t speak German) and they basically only…
Started by: alexpet · 20.Feb.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
35 posts, 18:13 today
FMF broken back in minor ski fall
Bugger, bugger, bugger. Commiserations, old man. I can empathise hugely with you here, having broken multiple vertebrae and ribs in a motorcycle accident some years ago. Looks like yours are all in quite good shape (I had to have three…
Started by: fatmanfilms · 23.Feb.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
13 posts, 18:08 today
Meat-killing you slowly
I would be more worried about breathing than eating meat. There is statistical evidence that all people that have started breathing after birth, have eventually died. Would it make sense to open a new thread about this amazing…
Started by: omtatsat · 23.Feb.2018 · Food and drink
4 posts, 18:05 today
A restaurant with a screen in Lausanne
Started by: nirak · 23.Feb.2018 · Daily life
26 posts, 18:00 today
KFC have run out of chicken
Got a lovely Zinger burger and chicken wings from the local Halal KFC yesterday. They had plenty of chicken as I imagine the halal stuff comes from a different supply chain. Saying that they were running out of other things like wraps,…
Started by: Markarina · 19.Feb.2018 · Food and drink
27 posts, 17:54 today
Time for MoT
Two months ago I made an appointment at the garage. After 30 hours without a car at what feels like the bum of the world in ice-cold, grey weather, they called me and told me: :band: That they forgot to go to bring the car to the…
Started by: gata · 22.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 17:50 today
Expected fines / punishments?
Started by: sva · 23.Feb.2018 · Daily life
7 posts, 17:49 today
Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
Got Swisscom TV yesterday - got it set up within 4 mins by myself - I kid you not. This does not include the time for the software upgrade. Very impressed so far. Well worth getting. You change the order of the channels online, so I…
Started by: irishness · 12.Jun.2009 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 17:43 today
Steuererklarung : Helps me with the tax…
Started by: 7up78 · 23.Feb.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
115 posts, 17:37 today
Get started trading crypto currencies
Nobody except you cares the price you paid, only people who are under water believes it's important. As most people who got on the band wagon last summer will be happy to get their money back, loads of sellers waiting to sell, no…
Started by: CorsebouTheReturn · 9.Jan.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 17:37 today
Swisscom internet booster experience
the 4g window box doesnt get enough speed Curley, for me at least. my fixed line gets an error free around 20mb, the 4 is bumping it "up" (in the ping test sense at least) to around 35mb but that 4g signal fluctuates with weather,…
Started by: Barrtim · 15.Feb.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
21 posts, 17:09 today
Snowshoe sizing help needed please...
The TSL 226 mentioned upthread are fine for this kind of thing... I have had a pair of TSL 225 (previous version of the same snowshoe) for about 15 years now and they are still going strong. I have a pair of MSR Lightning Ascent as well…
Started by: Richdog · 6.Feb.2018 · Daily life
4 posts, 17:05 today
Started by: mattbunter · 13.Oct.2007 · Finance/banking/taxation
11 posts, 16:50 today
Have any one claimed insurance for massage?
With my insurance, massages are only payed if the doctor writes an referral. Could it be you mixed up the insurance card with credit card? If you payed yourself (with credit-card) it is you who has to send in the bill and reclaim the…
Started by: alohahw · 23.Feb.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
4 posts, 15:32 today
Dog walker or dog day care in Zug
Started by: Sgadd · 23.Feb.2018 · Pet corner
5 posts, 15:03 today
Banned Breed Questions
Started by: snackcakegirl · 23.Feb.2018 · Pet corner
3 posts, 14:51 today
Housekeeping couple looking for a job
Started by: Ewelyn · 23.Feb.2018 · Daily life
19 posts, 14:49 today
Swisscom 5G is coming. Can YOUR phone do it?
The 5G is only a stop gap measure and the real paradigm shift comes with 6G. This will include technologies such as matter transfer and will revolutionise, amongst others, the home delivery industry. For example, when you use your phone to…
Started by: omtatsat · 22.Feb.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 14:44 today
Vintage Motorbike Import
Like this: 30 years, same as always. We have three classics, this is one: https://scontent-frt3-2... This one is not mine, but I managed the frame-off restoration while my friend did the grunt work (his…
Started by: LolaRosas · 22.Feb.2018 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 14:43 today
Home page old articles
Started by: newtoswitz · 23.Feb.2018 · Forum support
2 posts, 14:37 today
English Language Teaching Jobs (or career…
Started by: Leeon · 23.Feb.2018 · Employment
1 post, 14:33 today
Barnaby Joyce -good to see you go
Started by: omtatsat · 23.Feb.2018 · International affairs/politics
88 posts, 14:28 today
Fine for falling on a bike - Can this be true?
Really? When did that change then? Possession may not be forbidden, the use may well be. Wer ein Fahrzeug führt, darf ein technisches Gerät nicht betreiben oder betriebsbereit mitführen, das dafür bestimmt ist, …
Started by: SofieL · 19.Feb.2018 · Daily life
19 posts, 14:25 today
Accepting and signing for a job offer -…
That's why most companies don't tell you the process is finished but I received a few responses like "we had better candidate". For the latter it would be a bit awkward unless they tell you they are still growing and have a need for…
Started by: emur · 22.Feb.2018 · Employment
44 posts, 14:25 today
The longest-lasting cars in the Swiss roads:…
On a other note. My Grandfather Lodovico De Pedroni bought a Isotta Fraschini in1901 and obtained Licence Plate # TI 1 . Maybe I should do a barn search in Mergoscia or Locarno and if noted car found that would be the longest lasting car…
Started by: ghasemi · 22.Feb.2018 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 14:24 today
Translation job
Started by: annas · 23.Feb.2018 · Employment
19 posts, 13:39 today
Investment Opportunities for US/CH Citizens
I think is MUCH better to invest in stocks where you have transparency of whats going on, and you also have much more control than do it through that kind of sites... no offence... just my opinion
Started by: Naked · 7.Feb.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
31 posts, 13:14 today
Broker question
With an ordinary securities account the broker or bank can not lawfully touch the securities unless required by the regulator or ordered by a judge. The securities are fully the client's own and at her/his exclusive disposal even while…
Started by: fook · 22.Feb.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
57 posts, 13:03 today
Tutti.ch better than Ricardo.ch?
Facebook marketplace works well - y'all should look into that. I posted furniture, car, vespa, iphone on anibis, ricardo, tutti and facebook - facebook market had the most clicks and sold all items via this. Ppl contact you with their FB…
Started by: PanFastic · 30.Sep.2016 · Other/general
9 posts, 12:55 today
Hi everyone! Just a friendly introduction :)
Hi Daisy! Welcome to Switzerland :) I'm new to the forum but have been in Zurich for about 3 and a half years now and I still get the feeling of being lonely-mainly because also I don't work and spend time at home. I hope everything…
Started by: dearestdaisy · 9.Jan.2018 · Introductions
47 posts, 12:50 today
Accountant that understands cryptocurrencies
With respect to liquidity, Luzern even discusses: "Allenfalls rechtfertigt sich ein Abschlag aufgrund fehlenden Handels o.ä." https://steuern.lu.ch/-/... I understand that statement as saying that discount on the price can be…
Started by: manyquestions · 13.Nov.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
34 posts, 12:25 today
I was cheated working in Wengen, no salary…
Do not underestimate the power of small community. If the OP was indeed cheated out of her wages, she needs to see the local council and/or local tourism board to ask for advice. They may know the owner and will be aware of any of his…
Started by: dubline · 1.Sep.2017 · Complaints corner
22 posts, 12:04 today
Out of date raclette ... to eat or not to…
Not too bad to be honest, thanks. I'm back at work here whereas I only worked every now and then in Switzerland, so that's keeping me occupied. I'm flying back next Monday though to do the apartment handover. Hoping my cleaners have…
Started by: swisscath · 21.Feb.2018 · Food and drink
1 post, 11:42 today
New in Bern
Started by: Roxyroxana · 23.Feb.2018 · Introductions
51 posts, 11:40 today
Brexit (and other UK stuff) information…
Just making the point that the UK is happy to throw itself on the mercy of the rest of the world and whatever trade deals it can scrape together with whatever conditions they have to dance to, yet the EU is all bad. That's the…
Started by: MsWorWoo · 21.Feb.2018 · International affairs/politics
The Local Switzerland
Report: The Swiss are eating less chocolate

Report: The Swiss are eating less chocolate

Domestic sales of Swiss-made chocolate fell by 1.3 percent in 2017, despite strong exports leading to a 2.7 percent rise in Swiss chocolate sales overall, according to a report.

Catalan pro-independence lawmaker exiled in Switzerland demands

Catalan pro-independence lawmaker exiled in Switzerland demands 'justice'

Anna Gabriel, a pro-independence former member of the Catalan parliament, says she has not sought to flee justice in choosing Swiss exile, but on the contrary wants to see justice done.

Woman asked to give back nearly 225,000 francs in benefits

Woman asked to give back nearly 225,000 francs in benefits

Switzerland’s social welfare system hit the headlines this week after it was revealed a single mother in the canton of Basel-Land has been asked to pay back 224,866 francs in social assistance she received over a nine-year period.

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