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22 posts, 09:12 today
Homeschooling friends :)
Here you go, see "private Schulung": https://www.ag.ch/de/bks... I don't agree that homeschooling breeds geeks. Kids can get the benefits of group stimulus in other ways: scouts, clubs, etc. it is only a problem if a family secludes…
Started by: Hilll · 28.May.2017 · Education
17 posts, 09:11 today
How to deal with moldy walls
Please read exactly what I said. Sweat CAN cause a problem. I also said I would have the plumbing checked. This is far more likely to be the cause of this mould. We cannot diagnose the problem online though. We can only try to give helpful…
Started by: szdro · 28.May.2017 · Housing in general
12 posts, 09:05 today
Need advise about movies!!!
I understand and agree with having the subtitles---I actually have subtitles for many of the movies we watch at home (SO is not native English speakers). But watching a comedy movie in the Cinema: A joke would come along, but the majority…
Started by: joelzahnd · 24.May.2017 · Complaints corner
10 posts, 09:05 today
Dosa in Zurich?
I will ask my wife to share recipe. We use normal Indian mixie at home to grind the batter. It get bit hot though while grinding :D. Art of Food Oerlikon sometimes sell batter but I guess its bit far for you.
Started by: sysiphus · 23.May.2017 · Food and drink
71 posts, 09:01 today
Highway driving
It is way better to take Muni, tbh, in SF. Those amphibian trams/subway trains are awesome, cost 50cent a ride. But yeah, it is true that sitting in the American commuter traffic for hours on everyday is probably a nightmare.…
Started by: Jamboree · 28.May.2017 · Transportation/driving
48 posts, 08:59 today
Frau Merkel: Europe 'can no longer rely…
To be fair Poland vs Germany is not that far. East Germany is quite similar to West Poland in terms of culture, economy, income, etc. And there are numerous places, especially in South Poland, which were and are still german…
Started by: Thomaz · 28.May.2017 · International affairs/politics
6 posts, 08:49 today
Declaration of profits made with…
Thank you for the reply. For example, let's assume that I had invested 10k CHF 8 months ago and now I want to deposit the equivalent of 50k CHF, how can I understand if it's considered a commercial trading? Does it also depend on my gross…
Started by: KEVORK · 29.May.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 08:49 today
Where can I get a certified cheque?
Started by: alefsin · 5.Jun.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 08:44 today
Reclaimation yard do they exist in Switzerland…
Started by: TobiasM · 30.May.2017 · Other/general
6 posts, 07:59 today
Driving licence
Go ahead on your holiday. Take the photocopy of your old driving licence that you diligently made before surrendering it, just in case you need to show something in the slim chance you get stopped.
Started by: zuzi666 · 29.May.2017 · Complaints corner
18 posts, 07:58 today
Can you buy "allspice" in Switzerland?
Manor in Lausanne had it around Christmas time, and it was labeled "Allspice"...no German or French translation. I checked back last month, and it was not there. It may be a seasonal thing, but I think looking at some of the food stores…
Started by: canadianpixie · 4.Apr.2017 · Food and drink
8 posts, 07:27 today
An Architecture firm did not pay for my…
If you have proof that your were offered money for the work, and then did the work, then do this: 1. Send a letter by registered post, detailing what work you did and how much you are owed to each partner of the business. Give seven…
Started by: pandorar · 29.May.2017 · Employment
51 posts, 07:15 today
Billag tax and do I have to pay it?
Started by: Lumus · 30.May.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
24 posts, 07:15 today
Beware of Cigna!
MegsB all you can do is cancel the Cigna policy as soon as you're allowed to. Swiss health insurance will cover you well here and when travelling in the EU if you have an emergency and as terrifisch says getting an medical travel…
Started by: terrifisch · 19.May.2017 · Insurance
59 posts, 07:14 today
Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Resurrecting thread... I'm going to be starting a new campaign soon using a variation of the AD&D 1e rules. If anyone is interested in joining please let me know. You don't need to own or have played these rules before to join. I'm…
Started by: Lukc · 5.May.2013 · Travel/day trips/free time
10 posts, 07:11 today
Hello! Moving to Switzerland from US!
True, and they wouldn't bother applying for a permit if they didn't think they had a reasonable chance of getting it. It costs too much time and money to waste on any application unlikely to be successful.
Started by: Pencala · 29.May.2017 · Introductions
3 posts, 07:10 today
Social charges. Who pays? Employee or employer?
Started by: maquiavelo · 29.May.2017 · Employment
34 posts, 06:58 today
Bank account for non-residents
Which means a non-resident can open/maintain an account here! It doesn't look like that PF (or some others) require a minimum deposit though. Particularly not in the case of existing customers. The OP is already a PF customer.…
Started by: p194 · 27.May.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 06:57 today
Semi-Private Italian Courses in Lugano
Started by: MobileLifestyle · 30.May.2017 · Language corner
1 post, 05:44 today
Anyone in Etoy/Lausanne ?
Started by: LIBRANS · 30.May.2017 · Daily life
3 posts, 04:42 today
Joint account - US citizen and non-EU citizen
Started by: acciardo · 30.May.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
34 posts, 03:52 today
UNIL admission 2017/18
Thanks Thierry. Yes I recommend everybody to have very good grades and some other things on top of that to apply ETHZ. A friend of mine saw some of international applicants from Asia and India. He was blown away! Not only they all…
Started by: Thierry Faustine · 12.Apr.2017 · Introductions
21 posts, 00:59 today
Lepto 6 Vaccine for Dogs
Yes, I know that with any vaccine - some will not be able to create immunity from the vaccine no matter how many injections they have, and some will die. But With the L2, if 6 million dogs are vaccinate then potentially less than…
Started by: Mrs. Doolittle · 2.Jun.2014 · Pet corner
28 posts, 00:48 today
Does this also include Switzerland or not?
Tories (UK) have just quietly raised the threshold to £22,400- to bring a foreign spouse ande children into the UK - if there is one or more non-European-born child in the family – and the income of the non-European partner does not…
Started by: Odile · 29.May.2017 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 00:21 today
Masters from US University relevant…
Started by: JamiSteven · 24.Oct.2016 · Employment
32 posts, 00:00 today
Colorado family considering Aargau
Thank you again to everyone for sharing advice and experiences. We are not quite ready to take this huge step and move our girls and life around the globe. It also seems too close with permits and visas. Not ready for that level of stress…
Started by: bunnyandbear · 24.May.2017 · Introductions
18 posts, 23:31 yesterday
Reviews of Zahnarztzentrum in Zurich
Also do not take the above posts as confirmation that Zahnarztzentrum is bad. I and my wife have been going there for more than ten years and are perfectly happy. In my case, I had orthodontic work there and there was no upselling... in…
Started by: Claire_CH · 8.Sep.2014 · Family matters/health
8 posts, 22:47 yesterday
Thoughts on the LFZ bilingual French school…
@Martinct, I hear you loud and clear that you are interested in info about this particular school. However, there is no school for your children for another year yet. You can send them to play-groups, but kindergarten will start only in…
Started by: Martinct · 28.May.2017 · Education
9 posts, 22:27 yesterday
Lepto 6 and adverse reactions to Lepto vaccines…
Mark I am sympathetic to your concerns, and am very sorry for your loss. But my concerns over your approach stand. You must understand that you, a complete stranger with no bonafides on this forum nor any connection to Switzerland,…
Started by: Mark Ellis · 29.May.2017 · Pet corner
2 posts, 22:04 yesterday
Physio in Lausanne
Started by: JoseLomba · 29.May.2017 · Family matters/health
1 post, 21:46 yesterday
La Cote International School- Aubonne
Started by: Frednyon · 29.May.2017 · Education
15 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Thoughts on Geneva/Lausanne international…
We do have a relocation agent working for us. We're hoping to find a four-bedroom apartment or house, for CHF5,000 to CHF7,000 a month. Seems like there are some listings in that range, but I know spotting a listing is only the beginning.
Started by: Vineyarder · 11.Mar.2017 · Education
11 posts, 20:57 yesterday
Hit from behind
Stupid in the following sense: When you are driving a car you are in charge of a (potentially) lethal weapon. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but some people make a great number of mistakes, often the same ones over and over. If he…
Started by: fatih.erol · 28.May.2017 · Insurance
24 posts, 20:53 yesterday
Kittens pooping under bed
I had a friend who had a similar experience. The first thing they tried was to have multiple (4, 5, 6) small litter boxes around the house, and for sure one or two in the bedroom (in your case). It's a pain in the rump to keep them clean…
Started by: sbonorand · 14.Apr.2017 · Pet corner
12 posts, 20:49 yesterday
Apartment viewing before handover?
You can either find a suitable arrangement with thew agency/Landlord, or not. Failing to do so will probably cause an extra special look at handover... Dialogue, talk with them, they don't want shit, nor do you !
Started by: szdro · 28.Apr.2017 · Housing in general
8 posts, 20:24 yesterday
Painting walls and new apartment
I always find these painting threads a little funny.. If the apartment is a shit hole then don't move in, easy. If it's fine but could use a little paint here and there, do it yourself. If the apartment is perfect then leave it that…
Started by: antrope · 18.May.2017 · Housing in general
81 posts, 20:16 yesterday
Monthly drinks in Baden
Hi all who might be following, as you might have noticed the thread and the event have quieted down quite a lot, although not entirely died. I started the event when I had a lot of time in my hands, but recently I have become way too busy…
Started by: an-gina · 7.Feb.2014 · Social events
12 posts, 19:36 yesterday
Happy Friday Thread
No pics Mélusine, we see them as we drive by so not able to take any camera shots. Maybe we can stop off at the weekend and OH can take some. Tom, farm is just outside of Avenches heading for Murten. And yes, bison is great for…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 28.Apr.2017 · Other/general
8 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Dogs don’t like reggae – they love it
Dogs don’t like reggae – they love it: 10 top tracks to play for your best friend The pets reportedly have their own distinctive tastes, but prefer reggae and soft rock to classical: so here’s a top 10 of dog-friendly tunes …
Started by: Castro · 31.Jan.2017 · Pet corner
3 posts, 19:21 yesterday
Need: free moving/shipping boxes, Zürich area
Started by: DosTorres · 15.May.2017 · Items wanted
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