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5 posts, 11:38 today
Who were your favourite members / most useful…
Started by: Okosmbaer · 21.Feb.2024 · Daily life
2 posts, 11:36 today
IBD (Crohn's disease) Specialist
Started by: SNG · 21.Feb.2024 · Family matters/health
41 posts, 11:33 today
Disenfranchised in the UK? Overseas voter…
Pretty much same story with me. Although they did email me to say they couldn't identify me, despite the passport and NI number. They asked for a copy of my passport, which I could send as a PDF scan. I also pointed out that they…
Started by: eng_ch · 12.Jan.2024 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 11:20 today
Frustrated by dealing with health insurance…
Started by: zhmle · 20.Feb.2024 · Insurance
82 posts, 11:15 today
Hijack of local train between Yverdon and…
That's curious. I come from a place where 1.5m tall guys are also violent. Men, women, people, don't need to be tall and buff to be a legitimate threat. The investigation will tell what happened with the taser. Apparently the taser…
Started by: LtSoftDrink · 9.Feb.2024 · Daily life
23 posts, 11:06 today
Turning left into a main road: Should I…
Yes, I guess so Locarno airfield. The first time I pulled out of the airport (which is the minor road) I didn't know the second lane was there, and I waited for aaages for the traffic to clear. When I got honked by the car…
Started by: higgsboson · 19.Feb.2024 · Transportation/driving
10 posts, 10:54 today
Do I get Unemployment benefits?
Yes, I think you are right. However, OP ought to check that there isn't a gap between the accident cover through the current employer, and when the RAV is ready to accept the registration and start the accident insurance.
Started by: eiram · 21.Feb.2024 · Finance/banking/taxation
38 posts, 10:41 today
New forum and how you can help
I feel very lucky we have techy folks as well as others who really care about keeping the spirit alive and who are working hard to preserve what they can. For sure, the next iteration won't be exactly the same. But that's okay. The…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 18.Feb.2024 · Forum support
138 posts, 10:19 today
13th AVH rent
It won’t happen in my lifetime, but universal income will become real. And it will be driven by capitalists! Technology and productivity gains will reduce the labour market demands, but at the same time you can’t sell your stuff…
Started by: Buenzli · 7.Feb.2024 · Swiss politics/news
5 posts, 10:08 today
Paying AHV after layoff???
Started by: Diet Coke · 21.Feb.2024 · Finance/banking/taxation
57 posts, 10:01 today
The very last Midweek drinks!
What a lovely evening! Thank you all so much for coming out, and Treverus for organising (who is NOT a woman, as it turns out :D ). Zola is fast asleep at my feet as we make our way back to Bellinzona, so she had a great time too. It's…
Started by: Treverus · 15.Feb.2024 · Social events
4 posts, 22:13 yesterday
Started by: Treverus · 16.Dec.2007 · Introductions
56 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Time To Say Good Bye
I'm going to drop this here in case folks landing on this thread haven't seen the closure thread and are not aware there are options: There are currently two new sites, each set up by one of our members, where you will be able to find…
Started by: Jim2007 · 14.Feb.2024 · Daily life
11 posts, 20:27 yesterday
Any streaming provider that gives "everything"?
Basically this :D https://pbs.twimg.com/me... I also used to download a lot of torrents, very rarely do I do so now though. Mainly because there is so little worth watching these days. Especially the quality of movies has just…
Started by: kri · 6.Feb.2024 · TV/internet/telephone
30 posts, 19:25 yesterday
New glass gave way
I would say this person from the building company gave you an "opinion" that this is not a warranty issue - you do not have to accept that opinion at face value. Equally, these "recommendations" about where you place your…
Started by: Shtyke · 19.Feb.2024 · Housing in general
73 posts, 17:59 yesterday
Vitamins for kids
Urs Max, I agree. This is a whole new subject though and we might enter a whole new territory. :) And unfortunately many of us would only have the expertise of armchair psychologists. (not everyone, mind, I dont presume that no-one has…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 24.Jan.2024 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 11:00 yesterday
When do TGV tickets go on sale?
I always go and buy from my local French train station. I explain I need a little miracle, and they spend 30 mins or more trying to beat each other on the best deal possible, as we are a little flexible on dates. Thy explained that…
Started by: Island Monkey · 19.Feb.2024 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 10:27 yesterday
3rd Pillar in error
If you are unemployed you have nothing to deduct against and when you withdraw, you will pay tax on it as it is assumed a tax free amount. It's not that it's not legal I think, just makes no sense.
Started by: Tony Harrison · 13.Feb.2024 · Finance/banking/taxation
15 posts, 09:43 yesterday
RIP Navalny
And its enough to become a POTUS, most probably twice. Bill Burr had a good comment on him about 'neutral energy' - all the liberals messed up by playing exactly the game he wanted to play - big publicity, stupid big statements that…
Started by: robBob · 17.Feb.2024 · International affairs/politics
2 posts, 09:20 yesterday
Large cardboard boxes (100x60x60cm) wanted
Started by: nomadicperegrin · 20.Feb.2024 · Items wanted
4 posts, 23:24 19.Feb.2024
I am looking for a good British forum in…
Started by: Redgold · 19.Feb.2024 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 22:35 19.Feb.2024
Do I need a MWSt Number invoicing services…
Started by: likewise · 19.Feb.2024 · Business & entrepreneur
77 posts, 22:01 19.Feb.2024
Old-Age Pensioner struggling on Social Benefits…
So happy to hear this! Was thinking these last days about when we met up in Oerlikon because of your friend and was wondering how he was doing. Thank you for the update and your kind heart to help him!!
Started by: doropfiz · 31.Aug.2018 · Daily life
16 posts, 21:29 19.Feb.2024
Diet Food boxes
I know a person , they are private chef for UHnW families in Switzerland and work with a Nutritionist and make homemade box diet delivery to you’re door for the whole week , amazing food with amazing product contact Izabela +41 78…
Started by: Spinal · 28.Feb.2018 · Food and drink
1 post, 19:12 19.Feb.2024
Transporting vehicle back to the UK
Started by: otec · 19.Feb.2024 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 16:54 19.Feb.2024
Risks of changing apartment - how to deal…
Started by: marcofbbr · 19.Feb.2024 · Housing in general
25 posts, 14:43 19.Feb.2024
Swiss Boat Licence Course in English ?
Hi - I did my powerboat practice with a super chilled guy based in Stansstad. He also runs courses for the sail boats. He has decent English and is pretty easy going. You would need to do approx. 20 hours to get you prepped for the…
Started by: Tubbies-Mummy · 16.Mar.2014 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 13:06 19.Feb.2024
All my posts are now CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED
Started by: aSwissInTheUS · 19.Feb.2024 · Forum support
33 posts, 12:36 19.Feb.2024
Languages of the Middle East (Arabic, Turkish,…
Here is an interesting web page that talks about symbols for numbers... https://www.archimedes-l... The world at large using symbols that apparently originate in India, not the middle east it seems? And there was me thinking I…
Started by: Florianro · 8.Jan.2024 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 10:45 19.Feb.2024
Car Insurance: Mileage
For reference, I paid over 800 for my Lupo for maybe a decade or more until somebody at Zurich noticed (and told me) that the insurance was actually for a different variant of the car I owned because the agency that handled it had fumbled…
Started by: Meh · 15.Feb.2024 · Transportation/driving
33 posts, 10:15 19.Feb.2024
Italian VAT refund
Wasn't it always on the net price? Yesterday I spent 84 Euros including VAT. All but one item had 22% VAT. The net amount was 70.28 Euros so my refund will be about 14 Euros. Some might think it is not worth the bother but for…
Started by: PPB85 · 3.Jan.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
48 posts, 08:54 19.Feb.2024
Pot roast: Meat fully covered or not?
I will miss all the threads related to cooking and food...thanks everyone for your inputs here and on other threads too. Yes, some of us are not that gifted for cooking and are willing to learn something from everyone. I hope these…
Started by: komsomolez · 10.Feb.2024 · Food and drink
109 posts, 08:48 19.Feb.2024
Teen who dislikes schools wants to be a…
I still feel sorry that the OP didn't come back to tell us how her cool kid made it on YouTube...I am not in the least surprised that people didn't have the courage to really share much on this forum as there were too many excitable people…
Started by: rlchen · 6.Sep.2021 · Education
18 posts, 22:20 18.Feb.2024
Checked baggage still missing more than…
Based on recent experience, I suspect there is a massive staff shortage at Swissport (baggage handling) and zurich airport. I suspect, there is a point where the cost of finding and delivering the luggage, is higher than storing them and…
Started by: neutralname · 12.Feb.2024 · Travel/day trips/free time
25 posts, 21:13 18.Feb.2024
Committee to guide the transition of EF
Depends on scope. The scope that litespeed brought up for the "elders" includes thing way beyond tech: structure, rules, mods, funding et cetera. This calls for a group not limited to IT experts. Obviously, voting would be only for…
Started by: 3Wishes · 17.Feb.2024 · Support
8 posts, 20:56 18.Feb.2024
Replacing fluorescent tube with LED tube
Thanks me.anon! Your reply was very helpful. I actually did not pay attention to the dummy starter that came with the first pair of tubes. As soon as I replaced the starter, the tubes started to work properly. So it ended up being a…
Started by: somethingreasonable · 17.Feb.2024 · Housing in general
16 posts, 20:46 18.Feb.2024
Tribute thread to departed forum members
Dropping back in for a moment just to say that it was a horrible time when Begga passed. She was a star and it was a shocking thing. Live your life, people. You never know when it will be taken from you. How are you all doing? I am…
Started by: Belgianmum · 17.Feb.2024 · Daily life
69 posts, 20:26 18.Feb.2024
Poll: Please provide feedback on the future…
I'm very grateful to those of you with the necessary technical knowledge for having your debate about this poll. Please remember though, that the poll is limited to only a few. Many others who haven't participated in the poll have skipped…
Started by: 3Wishes · 17.Feb.2024 · Support
15 posts, 14:11 18.Feb.2024
Lying on work certificate, does RAV care?
By your own admission you are an accomplished business person with extensive experience and, you state, now running you own outfit with 25 employees. I do, however, wonder how you achieved all this. You hire someone “laid off…
Started by: Ambulance · 18.Feb.2024 · Employment
6 posts, 13:46 18.Feb.2024
Could you recommend forums in German/French/Italian…
Some have asked on here. Especially Swiss moving back to Switzerland after a spell abroad. What I want to know is whether there's an equivalent in the UK where Swiss expats bitch about cheddar not melting properly for raclette or…
Started by: Gravity · 18.Feb.2024 · Daily life
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