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1 post, 23:42 yesterday
Started by: rgc · 8.Dec.2022 · Items wanted
47 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Cross Border (FR) shopping not so good.
The main reason I shop in France is 1) the opening hours to 9pm every night, and Sunday morning hours, and 2) it is the easiest to bike to for me. I could really care less about the cost, unless it gets to say 2x more expensive, which I…
Started by: bowlie · 8.Dec.2022 · Daily life
11 posts, 23:06 yesterday
Oil Boiler conversion to Biofuel / Bioethanol…
Also consider the respective caloric content, it takes roughly 1/3 more E85 than heating oil to produce the same heat. If price per unit is the same, your fuel cost would increase proportionally. On top of that, this will require either a…
Started by: BritS · 8.Dec.2022 · Housing in general
2 posts, 22:18 yesterday
Sports in Basel
Started by: pathologist · 8.Dec.2022 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
10 posts, 21:46 yesterday
Two new gnomes.
Interesting. So Keller-Sutter moves to Finance (good), Rösti gets UVEK. If SP had really wanted to prevent Rösti there, Berset should have claimed UVEK. Will be interesting to see Rösti set priorities. He will be between all chairs…
Started by: bowlie · 7.Dec.2022 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 21:39 yesterday
Minor Paint Damage: Repair Needed?
Started by: CaptainJ · 8.Dec.2022 · Daily life
91 posts, 21:35 yesterday
US basketball player and ‘Drug smuggler’…
See what I posted above. All of them should get home, but it is probably easier said than done. And I think you bring them one by one if nothing else is possible. And I don't see what the US lose here in terms of "national security" as…
Started by: st2lemans · 4.Aug.2022 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 20:43 yesterday
EU takes China to WTO
Started by: Phil_MCR · 8.Dec.2022 · International affairs/politics
24 posts, 19:45 yesterday
Sick leave holidays allowed?
Of course you can ask. Maybe your condition would prevent you from attending that day. Contrary to popular belief being unfit for work doesn't necessarily make you unfit for holidaying. I travelled so much while of sick you wouldn't…
Started by: sophiedrums · 7.Dec.2022 · Insurance
23 posts, 19:35 yesterday
Vat refund on purchase online
not to start a new thread, I will place my question here. Recently I wanted to buy some goods (cotton canvas cloth) from a German on-line shop, they do offer sending their ware to Switzerland. At the check-out I recognized that they…
Started by: MomoToo · 1.Sep.2022 · Other/general
14 posts, 17:28 yesterday
OS Mojave upgrade to Big Sur... issues?
Like I said before, networking changes are a big issue. Since Catalina, or maybe since Big Sur, all networking software have to use apple framework which has limitations and bugs. Cisco VPN and others don't work well anymore. They can't…
Started by: Papa Goose · 6.Dec.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
19 posts, 17:04 yesterday
Coop Beer Advent Calendar
Globus and a few other breweries had Advent calendar starting with 100 chf...:D I thought Coop is "cheap" (Swiss cheap, obv). And felt bad for choosing the cheapest calendar as it wasn't for me! :o Anyway, that's only for the box and…
Started by: nickatbasel · 8.Dec.2022 · Complaints corner
27 posts, 16:51 yesterday
Buying apartment in switzerland
At current prices, I would really only buy if it's worth it (sunny, nice view etc.). I believe I paid about 30-ish yearly rents for mine (maybe a bit less, it's a bit difficult to assess for just how much you could rent it out).
Started by: Conservator · 5.Dec.2022 · Housing in general
64 posts, 16:45 yesterday
Bill for extra Nebenkosten over 12 months later
I think she never got them. Seems like landlord never gave a statement in the years where perhaps he owed somehting to the tenant but then asked them money. Swisspea, if I were you I would write an einschreiben saying you would like to…
Started by: jamiebae · 24.Jul.2015 · Housing in general
18 posts, 16:06 yesterday
Economical shelving options
I can highly highly recommend Errex. They make metal industrial shelves for warehouse storage, but also sell small quantities for household and office use. The system isn't too expensive and is extremely strong while also looking really…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 5.Dec.2022 · Housing in general
63 posts, 13:15 yesterday
British food items
I realise that these things are less important for me (in general) but occasionally I do enjoy cooking different dishes that require ingredients you don't really see here unless you're really looking for them. Asian food shops, Globus,…
Started by: Nibwizard · 21.Nov.2022 · Food and drink
1 post, 13:14 yesterday
Christmas drinks
Started by: Axa · 8.Dec.2022 · Social events
3 posts, 13:10 yesterday
Vacuum Robot with Dog Fur?
Started by: Spinal · 8.Dec.2022 · Housing in general
2 posts, 12:33 yesterday
Recommendations for End-of-Tenancy Cleaning…
Started by: CaptainJ · 8.Dec.2022 · Daily life
34 posts, 09:19 yesterday
Christmas Markets 2021
I've been to the Basel markets twice this year, so far I've eaten a big wooden skewer with grilled meat that came with a roll and curry sauce, Kartoffel Puffer with chilli sauce (love those things but the chilli sauce is a bit deadly…
Started by: olygirl · 11.Dec.2021 · Daily life
32 posts, 08:03 yesterday
Dismissal during probation
First of all, how it's possible to have "unexplained absences", are you oversimplifying the situation? I thought that unexplained absence is a valid reason to terminate the contract. If he/she cannot explain the absence and it wasn't…
Started by: UncleB · 25.Oct.2022 · Employment
9 posts, 06:36 yesterday
Stem ginger...
Can anyone tell me where I can get this as I haven't seen it in my local shops. Jamie Oliver did a lovely pear and ginger cake on TV last night and I'd like to do it as a treat for my OHs office before Christmas.
Started by: Cherub · 7.Dec.2022 · Food and drink
1 post, 22:48 07.Dec.2022
Looking for 140-150cm skis for child (ZH)
Started by: USinCHH · 7.Dec.2022 · Items wanted
4 posts, 22:09 07.Dec.2022
College du Leman
Started by: Bambarra · 21.Nov.2022 · Education
3 posts, 21:57 07.Dec.2022
Different types of Parking Tickets
Started by: logo123 · 6.Dec.2022 · Daily life
5 posts, 18:42 07.Dec.2022
Selling car after import
Started by: axarga · 7.Dec.2022 · Transportation/driving
65 posts, 17:59 07.Dec.2022
Who else is about to close their Credit…
You can keep repeating this as often as you like, it is not going to change anything. We are not discussing deposits here, we are talking specifically about third party funds. I'm not going to engage you in your "what about" stuff.
Started by: Geminder · 23.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 17:54 07.Dec.2022
Chrono24 experiences?
Started by: naza · 7.Dec.2022 · Other/general
10 posts, 16:19 07.Dec.2022
Heart 2 heart Crisis line in English
For this, you could pop down to the local old-age home and ask the staff if there is someone there who seldom receives visitors. It can be very, very lonely if no-one who cares lives close enough to visit. The staff are sometimes glad…
Started by: bowlie · 6.Dec.2022 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 14:18 07.Dec.2022
This is very complicated. You don't say where your contract is based and where your tax residency is/will be (or I missed it). Assuming both are UK - definitely taxable and NICable in the UK. Swiss business work days - probably…
Started by: Waterloo · 2.Dec.2022 · Employment
5 posts, 13:58 07.Dec.2022
Apartment ventilator fan setting for keeping…
Started by: chrisba · 7.Dec.2022 · Housing in general
20 posts, 13:15 07.Dec.2022
Home-Office expenses, Zurich, not COVID
I also don't see how renting a separate office is better from a money standpoint Vs a room in the flat. Only thing is you need to have a dedicated room - cannot be used for anything else in theory. I also see the advantage of a separate…
Started by: Gravity · 3.Dec.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
19 posts, 12:48 07.Dec.2022
Pitbull boxer mix, moving to Switzerland
As always, meloncollie hits the nail on the head. The only thing I would add is - speak to your (potential) neighbors. Find one who has a bigger dog, and ask about the neighborhood BEFORE you move. One annoying neighbor is enough to be…
Started by: Christabel · 11.Feb.2022 · Pet corner
4 posts, 11:14 07.Dec.2022
Started by: stuart1956 · 7.Dec.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
14 posts, 08:35 07.Dec.2022
Pet insurance and major surgery
We unfortunately had to claim with Epona a few times over the past couple of years for our cats. They paid up each time, although the turn-around time was indeed months during Covid. The last time unfortunately involved a week in intensive…
Started by: KasperJ · 11.Jul.2022 · Pet corner
1 post, 23:29 06.Dec.2022
Recommended Children Orthopedic Dr. ?
Started by: nemurob · 6.Dec.2022 · Family matters/health
56 posts, 22:50 06.Dec.2022
Trump organisation indicted today on fraud…
A Manhattan judge said Thursday he will appoint an independent monitor “to ensure there is no further fraud” at former President Donald Trump’s company, restricting its ability to freely make deals, sell assets and change its…
Started by: marton · 1.Jul.2021 · International affairs/politics
19 posts, 19:31 06.Dec.2022
Transferring from NATO army to Swiss one
Anyhow, here the official link for your friend (pretty self-explanatory). It provides a nice video on becoming a „ Berufsoffizier“ i.e paid and full time. Please don‘t be put off by the brutality of…
Started by: liufa · 5.Dec.2022 · Employment
10 posts, 16:48 06.Dec.2022
UK Voluntary National Insurance - how to…
0044 191 203 7010 This number has been given above. I called them a month a go and had no issue getting through. That said, the service is a bit special depending who you speak to, it doesnt always go smoothly or get resolved.
Started by: MitzEclipse · 5.Dec.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
74 posts, 16:48 06.Dec.2022
Any Credit Suisse employees here?
CS seems to have been stumbling along as long as I can remember and that is about three decades. I can still remember some of their bizarre management logic of the Swiss Volksbank acquisition back in the early 1990s.
Started by: scolliss · 24.Jan.2008 · Employment
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