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31 posts, 06:53 today
Underfloor heating question
As I understand it Bowlie's problem is that his unregulated zones are too warm, and his regulated zones don't get warm enough. Changing the feed temperature would solve the problem in his unregulated zones, but make the regulated zones…
Started by: bowlie · 22.Jan.2019 · Daily life
3 posts, 06:40 today
Heating Bill/Insurance coverage when leaving…
Started by: Nanapug · 23.Jan.2019 · Housing in general
33 posts, 05:45 today
Favourite TV commercials
City Police Zurich new commercial: I love commercials that offer an insight into the city culture and the job culture. How does it compare with Police commercials from the USA? cPAi09M69hE US Police…
Started by: Castro · 29.Jul.2013 · TV/internet/telephone
131 posts, 04:40 today
Electrical cars, eco friendly driving, options…
very good point. weight is also a very important factor because it indicated the amount of material used to manufacture the vehicle and the amount of wear and tare on the environment in which it operates... all of which created waste and…
Started by: ElJeFe · 26.Dec.2007 · Transportation/driving
74 posts, 03:39 today
How far can a company go in harrasing employees…
Very possible that I have been unnecessary rude. I was not prepared to be attacked and to have the story questioned. Only on the first page it was probably 5 people claiming it was fictitious. The idea of creating a minor scandal is…
Started by: Kentet · 21.Jan.2019 · Employment
41 posts, 02:38 today
Salaries in Biopharma Manufacturing?
Median salary has nothing to do with average salary. Average could be way higher, but a bunch of people earning 10 million has hardly any effect on the median. Median just means half earn less, and half earn more (and a few will earn…
Started by: Danihend · 18.Jan.2019 · Employment
2 posts, 02:11 today
Advice for house purchasing
Started by: bernardoortega · 24.Jan.2019 · Other/general
4 posts, 00:09 today
Changing Permis B sans activite lucrative
Started by: Sborges · 23.Jan.2019 · Daily life
2 posts, 23:58 yesterday
UK to CH Med Device Engineer.
Started by: JeRkY · 23.Jan.2019 · Introductions
3 posts, 22:47 yesterday
Help for finding the best commute option:…
Started by: StarForce · 23.Jan.2019 · Transportation/driving
19 posts, 21:53 yesterday
Washing the motorcycle: where?
Thanks to all of you for the valuable inputs. Unfortunately I couldn't find any DIY car wash around my area, so I went to Wiedikon and found one. I washed my bike there and then applied some acf-50 at home, although I am afraid that on…
Started by: gianrond · 22.Jan.2019 · Transportation/driving
4 posts, 21:40 yesterday
Spaniard/Greek in Zurich
Started by: graffic · 21.Jan.2019 · Introductions
31 posts, 21:29 yesterday
Nurse salaries
Pay attention to job descriptions and conditions because a lot of qualified nurses from Eastern Europe are actually taking care of elderly in nursing homes. Nothing wrong or not noble with that, of course, but you'll deskill in time.…
Started by: Drog · 20.Jan.2019 · Employment
3 posts, 21:27 yesterday
Spaniard moving from Germany to Zurich
Started by: ecasbas · 23.Jan.2019 · Introductions
41 posts, 20:41 yesterday
When fiberglass-intrnet finally reaches…
Don't know much about mesh. But it's still wifi. Powerline is a µ saver than wifi. I'd even claim, the difference is more than a µ :) As to our fiberglass ... what ever they're digging our road up for is not it. Landlord got an…
Started by: curley · 15.Mar.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
51 posts, 20:15 yesterday
Oh my father... what should I do?
what was your father thinking? why did he, by all means, get you involved? I think unless I would know all the details I'd refuse to help him out. I'd promise, whatever is unveiled, I'd keep it to myself but I would demand the truth. I…
Started by: happyrobbie · 21.Jan.2019 · Daily life
3 posts, 17:09 yesterday
Special Day Pass for trains from Coop
Started by: BNG · 23.Jan.2019 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 16:14 yesterday
Tv /Radio Fee exemption
Started by: Anshuman · 23.Jan.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 15:02 yesterday
Help me thinking outside the box
Started by: doorslagNL · 23.Jan.2019 · Employment
5 posts, 14:35 yesterday
Missing Company 2te Säule Pension
Started by: StirB · 23.Jan.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 12:54 yesterday
Hello one and all!
Didn't you forget something? ("I also suggest you get hold of a copy of "Living and Working in Switzerland" by David Hampshire. It's full of useful info for both before and after you make the move. You can order it from your…
Started by: Freer · 23.Jan.2019 · Introductions
21 posts, 12:46 yesterday
Moving from London to CH for less money?
40% feels high to me. According to the Zurich tax authorities tax at source (https://www.steueramt.z... as a married single earner with 1 child you would pay 16.62% tax. Social Security is about 6.5%. Your personal contribution to…
Started by: KubaUK · 22.Jan.2019 · Housing in general
4 posts, 11:28 yesterday
Intermediate Cycling Group
Started by: highsandlows · 22.Jan.2019 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
61 posts, 11:23 yesterday
Snow Tyres in Switzerland
In my particular case it concerns a Citroen C3, the base model with 68 hp (so no handling and no speed :D). I check tire thread every winter to see if I need new tires, I do not run them down to less than 3 - 4 mm. I do not go high speed…
Started by: LadyNaja · 19.Jan.2019 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 11:07 yesterday
Looking for advice to land a job in the…
Started by: doorslagNL · 23.Jan.2019 · Employment
12 posts, 11:05 yesterday
Help with understanding for a potential…
1. Demand, yes, but there’s already a good deal of supply on the ground and those companies (typically multinationals and banks) who would have been the natural employers of Anglophone developers entering the country have been…
Started by: Rupieeroo · 10.Jan.2019 · Employment
67 posts, 10:59 yesterday
As a result of Brexit could British English…
Yup. I imagine you also had to follow a rather tedious book on how to properly reference an essay/thesis too! It's a "style", not really much to do with SE. The Harvard is Author-Date, the MLA ( from when i did my masters) is…
Started by: fatjan · 19.Jan.2019 · Language corner
10 posts, 10:41 yesterday
Starting a business advice
Convert it to a Permit B. Though be aware you can't legally be employed by a company in Switzerland if you only have a Permit B for self-employment. If you want to work for a company later, you will have to convert it again to a Permit B…
Started by: Sandyna · 21.Jan.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
39 posts, 10:36 yesterday
Taking money out of Switzerland
hello so after living in Switzerland for 20 years i can see retirement on the horizon do i understand correctly from this forum and reading the unclear jargon on taxation laws. Once my pension pillars are taxed here in Switzerland i am…
Started by: nickatbasel · 15.Nov.2006 · Finance/banking/taxation
45 posts, 10:13 yesterday
Selling good to the EU - Charge VAT?
Has the EU VAT regulations for such sales from outside the customs region (like Switzerland has no)? AFAIK this provisions only apply for intra-EU trade and items which are already in warehouses inside the EU but not for actual …
Started by: eiram · 15.Jan.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
12 posts, 09:43 yesterday
Schlieren - Anyone live there? Good.. Bad??
Sorry guys for reviving this old thread but, being quite old, things might have somehow evolved(?). I found a great offer for a 3.5 apartment in a new building in Schlieren at a price that is kind of a steal. I would like to know if the…
Started by: Hestia · 13.Jul.2015 · Daily life
42 posts, 09:42 yesterday
Inheritance in Switzerland
1. The heirs can split the stuff how ever they like if all are happy how it distributed. One can get all, or 50:50 regardless what the last will and testament specifies. 2. You can also follow the will to the exact letter. If this is…
Started by: Diane D · 21.Jan.2019 · Leaving Switzerland
5 posts, 09:14 yesterday
Used women's and children's skis
Started by: vcridder · 21.Jan.2019 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
30 posts, 08:43 yesterday
Anybody bought furniture from home24.ch
Hi everyone. If you have ordered furniture from the company home24, I am curious about your experience with their delivery process. My building is accessible from the road, but of course, parking is limited. Also, we have no lift,…
Started by: anastasia14 · 25.Jun.2015 · Other/general
1 post, 08:39 yesterday
Mortgage for new flats
Started by: arheom · 23.Jan.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
14 posts, 08:18 yesterday
Welt tax
Is the Wealth tax calculate from how much cash do you have or you must add the stocks values too? example 100.000 CHF cash in bank 150.000 CHF in stocks Total for wealth tax :150.000+100.000=250.000... CHF
Started by: Has17 · 22.Jan.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 02:02 yesterday
Dog trainer (German/Albanese) needed in Zurich
Started by: swissnyc · 22.Jan.2019 · Pet corner
3 posts, 01:02 yesterday
Radiology degree- Basel
Started by: Nahuali · 22.Jan.2019 · Education
5 posts, 23:14 22.Jan.2019
Swiss Matura or IB
Started by: carlbyronrodgers · 22.Jan.2019 · Education
41 posts, 19:38 22.Jan.2019
Fuel quality
Should be no problem, but they haven't called me in for that bike yet (first registered in 2008! :eek:) My LeMans with raw aluminum tank has been through a bunch of times, never have had a problem (that only has two more liters or…
Started by: fabio · 6.Jun.2008 · Transportation/driving
The Local Switzerland
Davos 2019: UK trade chief sells great new world after Brexit

Davos 2019: UK trade chief sells great new world after Brexit

Britain's pro-Brexit trade chief Liam Fox came to Davos Wednesday to sell a vision of "GREAT" free trade even if many in the UK parliament are aghast at where the country is going.

Switzerland named

Switzerland named 'world’s best country'...again

While Switzerland isn't the place to go if you want tropical beaches, wide-open spaces or intense political drama, it has enough more than enough going for it to be named the 'best country' in the world, according to a new survey.

Call for Swiss MPs and senators to disclose dual nationality

Call for Swiss MPs and senators to disclose dual nationality

Politicians in the Swiss national parliament with dual citizenship should be forced to reveal details of what passports they hold in order to boost transparency, a parliamentary commission has found.

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