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9 posts, 11:39 today
Top of the market pay for software engineers?
I agree that it might be hard to hit 200k elsewhere, at least if you look at the salary brackets on https://swissdevjobs.ch/... (although they don't include stock or bonus comp). If you specialize you might be able to clear it in…
Started by: kerneltrick · 17.Nov.2019 · Employment
9 posts, 11:30 today
Health insurance, what happens if you get…
As a Swiss citizen, compulsory Swiss health insurance continues to cover you (assuming you pay your premiums) after you leave Switzerland, but only until you become resident in another country. In theory, living in another country for 6…
Started by: Jasmine28 · 17.Nov.2019 · Insurance
13 posts, 11:05 today
Cost of Mammogram etc
Basic mandatory health insurance covers 1 mammogram per 2 years for women over 50. If your family has a history of breast cancer, 1 mammogram every 1 year is covered. Many supplemental insurances cover it completely, some without a…
Started by: Island Monkey · 27.Sep.2012 · Family matters/health
20 posts, 11:04 today
Market Research
I'm with you on the case at hand. But generally speaking a big portion of the retailers' pain from crossborder shopping is self-inflicted. In all too many cases Swiss prices are simply ridiculous so people vote with their feet. And…
Started by: robBob · 17.Nov.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
13 posts, 10:58 today
Vermogen Zentrum - feedback please?
VZ has a lot to recommend it. For example, they offer discounted collective insurance policies (supplementary health insurance, car insurance, etc.). They also have one of the most affordable ETF-based wealth management services on the…
Started by: kri · 6.Nov.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
59 posts, 08:59 today
Hong Kong Protests turn Medieval as Uni…
And the anti mask law has been ruled unconstitutional. And the colonial era law used to bring in the anti-mask law has also been ruled partially unconstitutional. Just speaks to the missteps of the govt and how they haven’t been able…
Started by: John William · 14.Nov.2019 · International affairs/politics
3 posts, 08:23 today
Christmas Trees / X-Mas Trees Lugano, Ticino
Started by: RASZ · 17.Nov.2019 · Other/general
74 posts, 07:52 today
Senior Software Engineer salary vs cost…
I agree with IoanaC However the perspective is different depending on age. We were for example 27 years old when we came and we had no kids. We had time to adjust. We only had to life-support ourselves. Now we are 36 and or course it…
Started by: uliris · 16.Oct.2019 · Employment
30 posts, 06:45 today
Travellers' Tales
Scariest? Well, you're going to laugh at this one, but it was travelling by train for the first time. I was 15 at the time and we were on holiday in the UK visiting relatives. Had never been on a train in the States so it was a new…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 29.Oct.2019 · Daily life
58 posts, 00:57 today
A product to kill bacteria when washing…
Well if you've bought it in the French supermarket for a low price, I wonder why you are trying to find it in a Swiss supermarket in Geneva. Just take the F bus over the border to Ferney and problem solved. It's much easier to shop in…
Started by: neutralname · 16.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
4 posts, 00:52 today
Renting out a furnished apt/Airbnb
Started by: FTB · 17.Nov.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
41 posts, 22:16 yesterday
Leaving children alone
So, in absence of anyone with legal background on this site, came up with this in answer to your question. Google translate will work its wonders if you are interested. https://www.letsfamily.c... I understand your frustration.…
Started by: magic · 16.Nov.2019 · Family matters/health
15 posts, 22:13 yesterday
Interesting places to visit in France near…
So we ended up going to Mulhouse with the goal of visiting the train and/or car museums. Ended up spending all our time in the old town, and will definitely go back again to see the museums another time! Takeaway: - Unlike Colmar and the…
Started by: Karl · 7.Oct.2019 · Other/general
15 posts, 22:05 yesterday
Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD
I have a lamp I use for 15 minutes in the AM if I need it, and I take vit D3. Haven‘t needed the lamp so far this autumn. All the advice to not be SAD is cute and clever. The problem is that if you can‘t motivate yourself in the…
Started by: omtatsat · 14.Nov.2019 · Daily life
26 posts, 22:02 yesterday
What do you do to remember a loved one who…
i have a hinged photo frame, left side has a picture of my mum taken in 1938 when she was about 19, right side is a pic of my dad in his Royal Marine uniform taken about 1942 when he was about 23. Mum joined the WAAF after the war…
Started by: McTAVGE · 13.Nov.2019 · Daily life
4 posts, 20:02 yesterday
Small income partner change source tax rate
Started by: Hanzaplas · 14.Nov.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 18:47 yesterday
Mold in Cave
Cave as in Batman or cave as in cellar? robBob is correct and you should have been told at the time you moved into the apartment. If they did not warn you, I wonder if you could demand the regie to pay for any damaged goods?
Started by: Fbritton · 17.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
36 posts, 18:43 yesterday
Feeding chocolate to the weasels!
It never bothered our dogs, though we really only used it outside at night and not near the house. I don't think the range is that big and if your dogs are not near the roof maybe it will not be an issue. I don't know. Seems like…
Started by: McTAVGE · 15.Nov.2019 · Daily life
11 posts, 18:04 yesterday
Job oppurtunities
In my experience having an MSc will do nothing extra in terms of your potential for employment. Having a PhD may do - depending on the field, MBA also - depending on whether it's a well-regarded school - but MSc - nah.
Started by: Prajwal · 14.Nov.2019 · Employment
3 posts, 17:55 yesterday
Fired after accident: who will cover the costs?
Started by: AGirlHasNoName · 17.Nov.2019 · Insurance
18 posts, 17:55 yesterday
Costs of construction
Depending on construction date, you may need to verify whether there's any asbestos. We did some mods 3 years ago and this was only mandatory for the part of the house being worked on. During planning - this year - for additional work,…
Started by: Amiller · 16.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
82 posts, 17:25 yesterday
Weekly expenses for food
With a diagnosis from a Dr. you get a deduction of 2000.- on your taxes for celiac desease, which helps with the extra expense. Finding gluten free breads and pasta is getting a bit easier these days. Most stores, even Denner and Aldi…
Started by: bevilachka · 19.Nov.2007 · Family matters/health
1 post, 17:14 yesterday
Looking for outdoor climbing partners
Started by: Jack Armer · 17.Nov.2019 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
20 posts, 16:53 yesterday
Formula E championship
Well, this explains why I couldn't find the first race of the new season. https://www.bbc.com/spor... "Ali Russell, media and business development director at Formula E, said it was "imperative" the racing series remained on a…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 18.Feb.2017 · Football/sports
10 posts, 14:46 yesterday
Fresh Turmeric in Switzerland
I‘ve seen it in a variety of different places - coop often has it, Asian stores, sometimes Farmy and sometimes alnatura. I‘m not sure about the seasonality of it, though. I‘ve seen it often, just not all the time. Another…
Started by: mariyya · 30.Jul.2015 · Food and drink
9 posts, 13:37 yesterday
Paying tax on gifts brought into Switzerland
My OH and I cannot remember the time when we brought anything exceeding CHF 300 in value. It's just too tasking: labels off/on, filling out forms, queueing to submit docs, rummaging for receipts, checking bank statements for refunds...…
Started by: awj · 1.Dec.2011 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 11:44 yesterday
Upc tv box
Box is now OK! Except now I forget the time because I can watch anything and everything whenever I want from the beginning (Nice feature). However, sooner or later (usually an hour or 2) the TV changes from the program that I'm viewing…
Started by: dandi · 2.Jul.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
49 posts, 11:32 yesterday
Receiving 150k money: will I be questioned?
This is just an urban myth, for certain individuals all transactions are flagged, for more sequences of small transactions are flagged, for all customers transactions about an arbitrary amount are flagged. The same with reporting…
Started by: yxyyxx · 7.Apr.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
95 posts, 10:57 yesterday
Low Low interest rates -housing bubble?…
Wages have grown in real terms 8/10 last years, in nominal terms 10/10 years. Yes, wages don't grow 10% yoy like they do in some countries in Eastern Europe, but I don't know where this story of stagnant wages comes from. Maybe this is…
Started by: Huba · 10.Jan.2019 · Housing in general
7 posts, 10:54 yesterday
Quality windows are essential to pass your…
Received yesterday this message from an ex-student back 20 years ago: "your a legend. One of my favourite teachers you and Steve fry. Did so much for me. you saved me 😅from getting expelled when i put somebody through the…
Started by: McTAVGE · 17.Nov.2019 · Daily life
5 posts, 10:54 yesterday
Notary Costs Buying Property
Started by: SwissAmericanBS · 16.Nov.2019 · Housing in general
14 posts, 10:27 yesterday
Credit Score Rating/Agency in CH
Yes. This happened to a Swiss friend of mine who moved to South Africa. Born and bred in Switzerland, he had never been in debt of any kind, had always paid his taxes and all other bills on time, had never taken out a loan, nor bought…
Started by: tactica · 16.Mar.2012 · Finance/banking/taxation
38 posts, 10:10 yesterday
Legal advice needed - what's the deal with…
If I found myself in the situation as you've outlined it, finding out that someone has debts they didn't tell me about before we married, I'd feel angry, both with the spouse for having kept this information from me, and with myself for…
Started by: Dbibeau · 14.Nov.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
12 posts, 10:08 yesterday
New tv from Fust with completely wrong specs
29.97 had nothing to do with the display type, but rather analog program delivery, as it was compatible with 30Hz B&W transmission and reception. 29.97 is 30 with one frame dropped every 1000 frames to fit the color burst into the…
Started by: HomesickAlready · 16.Nov.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
79 posts, 10:05 yesterday
Too few trams in Zurich
It was the first car I ever bought, it was the moodiest thing in the world. At that moment it had decided from one second to the next not to move - not forward, not backwards. Lot's of stories to tell about my time with that car.…
Started by: omtatsat · 21.Oct.2019 · Daily life
13 posts, 00:14 yesterday
Newcomer to CH and 4G+ internet. Am I doomed?
Yea, I was initially really tempted by the 9,50CHF offer but given all the factors that can diminish the connection/speed, I decided to opt for the 49CHF plan which can, in ideal circumstances, go all the way to 300mbps. Even if I get…
Started by: Marawder · 15.Nov.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
12 posts, 22:58 16.Nov.2019
Ceilidh in Geneva 16th November!
In Grand Saconnex, organised by the Scottish church of Geneva. Brilliant fun! Besides the beer and Whisky, it's a great evening of singing and mainly dancing, with top musicians and a caller who will tell you exactly what to do, although…
Started by: McTAVGE · 4.Oct.2019 · Entertainment & dining
3 posts, 22:56 16.Nov.2019
Blues and Jazz in Geneva countryside
Started by: McTAVGE · 16.Nov.2019 · Commercial events
19 posts, 22:03 16.Nov.2019
Dissolution of own Sarl and claiming…
Thanks so much Ihu, this was so helpful !! I have found a potential buyer-still final word is pending , and am going to hopefully get their confirmation next week and then start the process asap. Wish you all the best Helena
Started by: Ihu · 26.Oct.2019 · Business & entrepreneur
2 posts, 20:51 16.Nov.2019
Legal help/Swiss agency not paying model's free
Started by: LouCai · 12.Nov.2019 · Introductions
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Record number of foreign workers commute to Switzerland from abroad

Record number of foreign workers commute to Switzerland from abroad

Over 325,000 foreign “day workers” have jobs in Switzerland. Who are they and why do they cross the border each day?

Climate protesters block Geneva

Climate protesters block Geneva's private jet terminal

Dozens of climate activists blocked access to the private jet terminal at Geneva airport Saturday, demanding a halt to the "absurd" mode of luxury transportation.

Damning report takes aim at lax Swiss tobacco rules

Damning report takes aim at lax Swiss tobacco rules

Switzerland is doing far too little to rein in tobacco and nicotine use, and is especially lax on vaping rules, according to a commission report, which blamed hefty industry lobbying.

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