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14 posts, 09:26 today
Why no late night food?
Lifehack!: Buy a Kebap while they are still open, and put it in your pocket... and when its 2-4 am you pull it out and eat it! Important: Do NOT eat it before 2-4 am, otherwise you will miss the whole point of it... :D
Started by: Pulsaren · 18.Mar.2018 · Complaints corner
13 posts, 09:23 today
Fine for disposing glass out of allowed times
Thank you all for your comments. Following your advice, I am planning this afternoon to pay the Gemainde a visit and have a talk with them. It is true that I was still there at the very same hour the allowed time expires, but come on, I…
Started by: Danielfb · 18.Mar.2018 · Daily life
13 posts, 09:20 today
Do you even understand the concept of business?
I disagree. I think that workers in the service sector are paid fairy but in most other highly-developed countries are gravely underpaid. Have you seen the what’s happening in other highly-developed countries/cities? Slums,…
Started by: EugeneKolesnikov · 19.Mar.2018 · Complaints corner
5 posts, 09:04 today
Tax difference between Quellensteuer and…
Started by: song8484 · 19.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 08:53 today
Car accessories shop in Basel? :)
Jumbo in Allschwil have that sort of thing, and the Obi in Dreispitz. There is an auto-factor, Walter Ammann, for spare parts. Price wise, rempp in Binzen are cheaper for parts, or buy online. Jumbo and Obi are the closest you'll get…
Started by: martin959 · 18.Mar.2018 · Transportation/driving
127 posts, 08:52 today
Summer Time clock change
Even better, visit Tweed Heads in the state of New South Wales (NSW) on New Year's Eve. Count down to midnight with your newfound friends, party with them for a while after the bells toll, then walk ten metres across the border into…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 23.Mar.2015 · Daily life
75 posts, 08:50 today
Which car as a weekend runner for up to 25k?
We bought a cx3 in 2015, which my wife uses, and I use a scooter. I appreciate opinions about styling are subjective. I like Mazda's design. It's AWD, 2.0l, non-turbo, about the same size as a golf-plus. It's too small inside…
Started by: Richdog · 28.Sep.2017 · Transportation/driving
28 posts, 08:46 today
How do I pay bills?!
Quick Tip: If you have an app from your bank in your phone, there is a chance that has a code reader, which lets you read the white section at the bottom right corner of the slip, and that makes everything SUPER easy to pay it... :D
Started by: BKL · 20.Jul.2012 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 08:44 today
Pension fund can I choose where it is invested?
For international comparisons you need to adjust for changes in currency exchange rates. Plus, a lot depends on the available timeframe, the less time until retirement the higher the annualised return generated by the tax…
Started by: maquiavelo · 17.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
21 posts, 08:38 today
Tax at source rate increase for a couple…
Yes, I see that VD has a very similar setup in this case, which really sounds logical https://www.vd.ch/filead... But if my understanding is not wrong, @OP should communicate his current employer to return his taxation scale to B, as D…
Started by: arianemin · 6.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
20 posts, 08:11 today
Ski lift in Georgia malfunctions and carnage…
Here's an article in German, that I only half understand, about experts from the manufacturer visiting the accident site. https://kurier.at/chroni... I drove past the site a couple of years ago. Given the poor maintenance of most…
Started by: Richdog · 16.Mar.2018 · International affairs/politics
60 posts, 08:04 today
Interesting new approach to treating multiple…
Update on the trial here: Seems very promising and could actually be cheaper than a drug regime. No long term, i.e. 10+ years or more, results yet but will be interesting to see if this is really close to a permanent cure.
Started by: Verbier · 21.Nov.2009 · Family matters/health
7 posts, 07:38 today
English-teaching jobs in Switzerland
Why here if I may ask? Seriously, no offence intended. This is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and one of the least accessible if you're looking to move for a job like this, at your level (assistant), again - no offence…
Started by: yamamoto · 18.Mar.2018 · Employment
9 posts, 07:01 today
Aircon installation
This past summer Media Markt in Grancia were selling them as were Conforama and Fust. They could also arrange installation. A simple installation for a studio should be between chf 1800 and 2500 depending on the wiring involved.
Started by: superpippo · 18.Mar.2018 · Housing in general
3 posts, 02:03 today
4 month internship in Zurich, US tax resident
Started by: tallharish · 25.Feb.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 00:24 today
Room for Mon-Thursday in ZH
Started by: NT007 · 23.Feb.2018 · Property wanted
7 posts, 23:54 yesterday
UK Oyster Card or Touch Credit Card
As you said, Oyster is good when you live in London. Otherwise it's way too much to deal with for people who travel to the city not very often. There are already too many cards, online registrations, login details, pins and other codes…
Started by: meister · 18.Mar.2018 · Transportation/driving
48 posts, 22:57 yesterday
Expected fines / punishments?
Odile, in my case they have applied Art16a(4). It states: Loi fédérale sur la circulation routière (LCR) Art. 16a -- 1 : commits a minor offense the person who --- a.) by violating the rules of the road, slightly endangers the…
Started by: sva · 23.Feb.2018 · Daily life
1 post, 22:41 yesterday
US taxes - I-407 and returned green card
Started by: tomaha · 18.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 22:32 yesterday
Clarification on CH & US Taxes - Timing,…
Started by: RunnerGirl · 18.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
65 posts, 20:57 yesterday
Will Federer be ranked no 1 again?
Talking about cartoons - here is an article in French about a BD (Bande Dessinée/cartoon book) just released about Roger- illustrated by my nephew. Only in French so far- but hopuffly in German and English…
Started by: sudeepta · 14.Oct.2014 · Football/sports
21 posts, 20:48 yesterday
Car leasing calculator question
Dodg.yken, you seem to be quite savvy in this matter. Can you tell me, how is the lease calculated? Why, after using the comparis, moneyland and cashgate lease calculators, I end up with 3.8 instead of 1.9% of interest rates as advertised…
Started by: VizslaMoose · 2.Jun.2015 · Transportation/driving
7 posts, 20:35 yesterday
Hi Guys
Hi everybody, I arrived in Switzerland almost three years ago with my son. My partner was already in Switzerland. I would like to use this forum for finding information about Switzerland and maybe to give some if I can help…
Started by: CamilleM · 18.Mar.2018 · Introductions
4 posts, 20:24 yesterday
Paying Tax Monthly in Geneva
Started by: hotorange · 18.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
19 posts, 20:16 yesterday
Change married name after moving to Switzerland
Thank you all for the helpful replies. My wife will now likely be getting a job offer soon so that combined with the fact her name can easily be changed later, cemented the decision to wait until after the move. We'll wait until spring…
Started by: MFS · 14.Aug.2017 · Family matters/health
35 posts, 20:07 yesterday
50% of the top 10 drug capitals are in Switzerland…
These " grass" shops are springing up like the plague. Might as well just smoke the clippings when I mow the lawn next time. Alot cheaper than what these criminals want for their " grass ". Has anybody tried this stuff?
Started by: Markarina · 7.Mar.2018 · Daily life
6 posts, 19:45 yesterday
Moving a dog to Zurich - my story
Spinal, have you seen this interactive tool to determine what List 1 courses you need? Quite handy to confirm what should be done and by when: https://codex-hund.ch/hu... Put in your dog's breed (or mixes), date of birth, date entered…
Started by: Spinal · 16.Mar.2018 · Pet corner
18 posts, 19:33 yesterday
I want to offer to buy the property I rent…
This is where the legal minefield is, and it may cost you a hell of a lot to protect your position on this. Our last apartment was also in a 1950's building of 6 apartments. The Swiss man we rented from owned the two front facing, lake…
Started by: Richdog · 17.Mar.2018 · Housing in general
15 posts, 19:29 yesterday
Interlaken with Kids
We like to use the tourism service for the local town. They often know the best 'kid friendly' places to stay... https://muerren.swiss/en... We did stay at the Pension Sonneberg...it was quite an adventure as you have to take a little…
Started by: Dan M · 16.Mar.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
1 post, 19:18 yesterday
Gravel bikes
Started by: Jamboree · 18.Mar.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 19:13 yesterday
Skiing rental equipment
Started by: Jamboree · 18.Mar.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 18:46 yesterday
Dentist Recommendation near Geneva ?
Started by: Prime · 18.Mar.2018 · Daily life
2 posts, 18:29 yesterday
Registering a newborn’s birth - one parent…
Started by: qomototoro · 18.Mar.2018 · Family matters/health
8 posts, 18:11 yesterday
Tax - education costs deductible?
I’m pregnant and fully supported by my husband at the moment and he needs to file his tax soon. I have been doing German language courses. Does anybody know if my German course fees are tax deductible? Thanks!
Started by: cdndave · 25.Nov.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 18:02 yesterday
US tax - can I decide NOT to list NRA spouse…
Started by: M. Ploymi · 11.Mar.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
9 posts, 17:09 yesterday
Generali Vision: online petition
Hallo Juls75, Chritin, GVAmumofone and others, I have also signed a Generali Vision contract and am looking for options on potentially trying to get out of it. I`d like to get in touch with you and others which had a similar experience to…
Started by: Reb77Br · 18.Jul.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
45 posts, 17:08 yesterday
What Hybrid Cars are Available in CH?
Range anxiety... I would rather ask: why the hell the federation is not subsidizing the greener solutions in the automotive market?? They start to bitch around about the diesel and yet they are not helping the citizens to hope…
Started by: esto · 21.Jun.2011 · Transportation/driving
49 posts, 16:30 yesterday
Leaving Switzerland - keeping the bank account
Here's a table of fees charged by Swiss banks to account-holders who live outside of Switzerland. The dates of the information are given (not always 2018, yet) and for one's own current research, the links seem to be…
Started by: gsasha · 6.Oct.2010 · Leaving Switzerland
58 posts, 15:13 yesterday
Drum n Bass a.k.a. jungle anyone?
There are fairly regular dnb nights on in Zurich - there are a couple of more liquid style nights on over Easter weekend: Hospitality Zurich with High Contrast @ X-TRA LSB and others @ Perle
Started by: JenniferD · 23.Oct.2007 · Entertainment & dining
7 posts, 14:52 yesterday
Any electronic music lovers near Zürich?…
Hmm it depends what you're into I suppose! I tend to prefer mine on the grimier side ;) I've been to Zukunft, Hive, Härterei, Exil, Moods, Babette, Amboss Rampe ... I like them all - Amboss Rampe and Zukunft are pretty cool and…
Started by: saroohoo · 3.Nov.2017 · Entertainment & dining
The Local Switzerland
Basel police set to buy customised Tesla patrol cars

Basel police set to buy customised Tesla patrol cars

Police in the canton of Basel-Stadt plan to get some fancy new patrol cars in the form of seven electric Tesla Model X-100D cars for a total price tag of just under a million francs.

Juan Del Potro downs Federer to claim Indian Wells crown

Juan Del Potro downs Federer to claim Indian Wells crown

Former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro stunned top-ranked Roger Federer 6-4, 6-7 (8/10), 7-6 (7/2) Sunday to win his first Indian Wells title and second consecutive ATP crown.

Puigdemont in Geneva: Waiting to declare Catalan independence

Puigdemont in Geneva: Waiting to declare Catalan independence 'was a trap'

Catalonia's deposed leader Carles Puigdemont said in an interview published on Sunday that he should have declared independence earlier, as delaying the call hoping to start a dialogue with Madrid proved futile.

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