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6 posts, 12:19 today
Rechnung passivmitgliederbeitrag help
Strange because he gets nothing from them . He only cleans the place maybe once a year or every two years otherwise nothing . I thought it was maybe non compulsory. Sort of like a gesture of good will bill
Started by: misaluana · 24.Jun.2018 · Daily life
5 posts, 12:19 today
New to Bottmingen! (Any others?)
Started by: Euro_lover · 4.Jun.2018 · Introductions
85 posts, 12:17 today
Has Britain gone down the drain?
I think Richdog is what is known these days as a "gammon". I can picture him in his armchair, bottle of brandy in hand, shouting at the kids to "git daaan yer own end!" before turning back to the telly to watch David Attenborough…
Started by: Reb77Br · 20.Jun.2018 · International affairs/politics
6 posts, 12:13 today
I'm giving away my Holmes Place Zurich membership…
Aaaww thanks Bob, your words are very kind and honest :) If you are rude and just want to vent dont post here, I wont even bother to finish reading your sentence :) I only reply to interested people, over and out. Regards to Bob :)
Started by: Lara123 · 23.Jun.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
4 posts, 12:07 today
CH National, living in EMEA, w/ USA License
Started by: Buehler · 24.Jun.2018 · Transportation/driving
102 posts, 11:57 today
Serial Groaner "Pilatus Fan"
There comes a time in life when sometimes we just have to stop and ask what the hell we're doing. Do we really want to be so damn cynical and sarcastic all the time? Is that who we are? I don't believe you're that person. I believe…
Started by: Today only · 13.Jun.2018 · Forum support
10 posts, 11:38 today
You can get different grades of bicarbonate soda. I buy a food grade with no aluminium for baking and a cheaper grade (that I presume contains aluminium) for my cleaning. I would buy a food grade for my cat :-)
Started by: bowlie · 24.Jun.2018 · Daily life
6 posts, 11:34 today
Storage in Bern City or Ostermundigen
Hallo So when I came a couple months back I used the lockers in Zurich airport to store some of my stuff which was very convenient for the day, I saw a few posts but they were mainly for Geneva or Zurich But, does anybody know of any…
Started by: oatcakes · 23.Jun.2018 · Other/general
2 posts, 11:27 today
How many words do you need to speak a language?
Started by: Ace1 · 24.Jun.2018 · Language corner
10 posts, 10:18 today
Preparing for driving test, what do I need…
Hi everyone So I have passed all the theory etc and had my first automatic lesson this week, it was ok except that I had to get used to driving on the other side of the road!!! I’ve been told that the Swiss driving test isn’t as I…
Started by: wizwozz · 4.Nov.2016 · Transportation/driving
20 posts, 08:48 today
Quellensteuer in Kanton ZH
Yes, also applies to reclaiming Swiss withholding tax. "4 Sind diese Schwellenwerte nicht erreicht, so werden die Verrechnungssteuern, die auf Vermögensertrag, ... erhoben worden sind, auf Antrag zurückerstattet." A.3 states it:…
Started by: erikdebest · 11.Apr.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 08:10 today
Learn gymnastics in wädenswil / Zürich area
Started by: nomansohail · 24.Jun.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
3 posts, 08:08 today
Started by: happyforsummer · 23.Jun.2018 · Introductions
47 posts, 08:06 today
Do I need to import "Suitable for vegetarians"…
Maybe this is part of the difference. Of a half-a-dozen folk who come to mind, here in Switzerland, who are vegetarian and some vegan, I can't think of one who would use shower gel, of all products. Depending on your particular…
Started by: oatcakes · 19.Jun.2018 · Food and drink
7 posts, 07:57 today
Viseca One
Works for me. But! That doesn't mean anything. Your account could be on a different shard of the database that is unavailable right now or a thousand other reasons. These days, single data points like mine and yours are hardly…
Started by: omtatsat · 23.Jun.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
15 posts, 07:53 today
Finding work
Its not on the form and we have never discussed the opportunity And I'm not so keen on going back to India init. Its my last choice. Im not sure if I will succeed in that job which is why I do not want to commit myself
Started by: NitinPatel · 22.Jun.2018 · Employment
26 posts, 03:05 today
Bern - 9 Questions - A cheap hotel or a…
Landlord company Bighousedudes lets the flat to Oatcakes. Oatcakes' responsibility is to Bighousedudes. Oatcakes sublets the flat to Peter. Peter's responsiblity is to Oatcakes. It is not permitted for Oatcakes to let to Peter without…
Started by: oatcakes · 3.Jun.2018 · Housing in general
16 posts, 02:52 today
WANTED: Metal-heads in Lausanne
The is not much going on concertwise in bern , there is the reitschule and the ISC. In other cities are FRI SON(Fribourg), Kofmehl(Solothurn), Z7(Pratteln), Dynamo(Zürich), Schüür (Luzern), PTR (Geneve), Les Docks (Lausanne), Kiff…
Started by: ulson · 16.Sep.2017 · Concerts
30 posts, 00:43 today
Sinuses surgery FESS - insurance probably…
All Swiss medical insurance companies are obliged by law to insure anyone who applies to them. The medical insurance company cannot refuse to make a contract with anyone. Getting this contract is not, not, not, really not influenced,…
Started by: Helele · 22.Jun.2018 · Family matters/health
10 posts, 23:16 yesterday
SkyWork Airlines
Hi, I have a question ref SkyWork Airlines. I was looking for a ticket Bern-Munich, and the price for 1 hour flight is quite expensive(310 CHF). I was also prospecting flights from Bern to Cagliari or Elba and i was amazed how expnsive the…
Started by: nlee24 · 19.Jul.2011 · Transportation/driving
87 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Chili Heads, a Chili heads up...
Hello chili heads, I have never realised I was a chilli head until being here in Switzerland and not having easy access to the corner Indian takeaway curry. I certainly miss a proper and extra spicy lamb rogan josh or bhuna. This…
Started by: TobiasM · 15.May.2016 · Food and drink
3 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Favorite English blogs about life…
Started by: happyforsummer · 23.Jun.2018 · Daily life
8 posts, 21:30 yesterday
Gold Price
Started by: Enock · 23.Jun.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
4 posts, 19:33 yesterday
When does a child no longer need a car seat?
Started by: McTAVGE · 23.Jun.2018 · Transportation/driving
65 posts, 18:46 yesterday
Butter from grass fed cattle
No, that's not it. Beurre gourmande, as is called in civilised language, is still usually unsalted, but can be found salted too. Just like normal butter it will be clearly labelled either way. Taste-wise I'm not sure there's a…
Started by: rootkit · 12.Aug.2013 · Food and drink
5 posts, 18:15 yesterday
Where to sell pre-loved children books and…
Started by: cocolua · 23.Jun.2018 · Daily life
44 posts, 18:07 yesterday
Trump to meet the Queen during UK visit
I don't see why it should prompt people lining the streets in whatever capacity, either to cheer or jeer. Usually when visiting members of state come to the UK, they just get whisked around from place to place without much in…
Started by: Merrylegs · 20.Jun.2018 · International affairs/politics
12 posts, 17:30 yesterday
Park run - fancy setting something up
Of course you are quite right. The Park Run thing is a kind of brand with all the websites identical and cute features like age corrected times to see who "won". They have special T-shirts depending on how many you completed, err wow .
Started by: telandy · 21.May.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
13 posts, 16:28 yesterday
Winterthur Hegi Neighbourhood: Opinions?
Once you are on a C permit you will be liable for normal taxation which is based on the Gemeinde Steuerfuss, not Quellensteuer which is based on a cantonal average. How much of a change this will be for you depends on where you live,…
Started by: higgsboson · 23.Jun.2018 · Housing in general
22 posts, 16:09 yesterday
Jacob Steiner settling Fiji in 1860s
No problem. Just tell me your favorite destination :-) I have a very checkered family history, I'm always most curious about the black sheeps. Oral history is also very cool, found out why my great-great uncle went to Napoli and that…
Started by: DYERMD · 22.Jun.2018 · Language corner
29 posts, 14:09 yesterday
One-time free or good deal events
In May and June, 2018, choirs will sing all over town, in Zurich backyards. Choirs of all types participate - classical, traditional, yodelling, school choirs, jazz, etc. - and it is a great opportunity to check out different choirs if you…
Started by: Idgie · 16.Dec.2012 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 13:36 yesterday
Visit Switzerland
Started by: Enock · 23.Jun.2018 · Introductions
3 posts, 13:34 yesterday
What to do with a leaking air mattress?
Started by: DantesDame · 23.Jun.2018 · Other/general
17 posts, 13:18 yesterday
PhD Thesis deemed not good enough. Any advice?
You should talk to the "ombudsman", I'm sure the Ombudsstelle can help you finding the appropriate person to talk to. From the experience of a former co-worker: when he had a conflict the Ombudsman made sure to point out that if…
Started by: Velociraptor · 19.Jun.2018 · Education
5 posts, 12:25 yesterday
2.5 months before moving in and contract…
Started by: liara · 22.Jun.2018 · Housing in general
22 posts, 12:15 yesterday
Car insurance needed to drive car from Belgium…
An US insurance provider can not give you simply coverage like they can for Canada or Mexico. I won't be recognized and thus invalid. You will need a Green Card insurance coverage which can only be issued by the insurance provider of…
Started by: ciflute · 21.Jun.2018 · Insurance
4 posts, 11:35 yesterday
Heroes (TV series) DVD's
Started by: swisspea · 23.Jun.2018 · Items wanted
14 posts, 11:22 yesterday
Sri Lankan food in Basel
There is a new Sri Lankan Tamil restaurant called Pavina in the Basel area. This one is actually in France but only 400 meters from the Swiss border with Saint-Louis. There used to be a Spanish restaurant called Flamenco there. The sign…
Started by: strawberries · 3.Oct.2013 · Entertainment & dining
19 posts, 10:58 yesterday
Insuring my English car in Switzerland
It's all good. My decision was made for me. Had to take the car back to the dealer and get my money back due to constant problems with it. Thanks for all the help and advice though. This whole forum is amazing in terms of making the…
Started by: Seanu · 10.Jun.2018 · Insurance
2 posts, 10:47 yesterday
Where to order the tax payment slips?
Started by: Gregbert · 23.Jun.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
The Local Switzerland
Serbian press slams

Serbian press slams 'provocative' Swiss celebrations

Serbian papers slammed what they labelled "shameful provocation" by two Switzerland players of Kosovo origin who used political gestures to celebrate their goals in the 2-1 World Cup victory.

Swiss players may face discipline for pro-Kosovo World Cup celebrations

Swiss players may face discipline for pro-Kosovo World Cup celebrations

Fifa opened disciplinary proceedings against Swiss players Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri on Saturday over their pro-Kosovo goal celebrations during the 2-1 win against Serbia.

Swiss stir up controversy with

Swiss stir up controversy with 'double eagle' goal celebrations

Switzerland’s last-gasp victory against Serbia in their second World Cup match on Friday night threatens to be overshadowed by the celebrations of its two goal scorers.

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