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2 posts, 11:19 today
Dental veneer cosmetic surgery... anyone…
Started by: Richdog · 13.Dec.2018 · Family matters/health
12 posts, 11:16 today
3rd pillar - Question for Mid-year comers
I honestly didn't research yet about VIAC alternatives with lower fees; but does anyone knows any better alternatives? I think that any 3rd pillar that banks offer aren't any better, right? That was my question from the…
Started by: pedrouops · 4.Dec.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 11:13 today
Motorized bicycle
Started by: Allian · 13.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
20 posts, 10:54 today
Delete account
Started by: Czechoslovak · 13.Dec.2018 · Forum support
99 posts, 10:54 today
GDPR and EnglishForum
There have been a very few cases where accounts have been totally removed, but none for reasons of GDPR, as far as I'm aware. I think that pretty much covered it, nothing's changed since. (Threads now merged) Here's a summary of what…
Started by: higgsboson · 29.Apr.2018 · Forum support
1 post, 10:36 today
Recalculating - Neuveranlagung Quellensteur ZH
Started by: erikdebest · 13.Dec.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
43 posts, 10:35 today
I lost my job again!
Parkadam, I can only agree. CH or other countries, I have also moved a lot, sometimes because it was not right, sometimes to avoid the next axe. In 15 years, I have done 6 firms already. I changed twice post redundancy, once because…
Started by: gugguseli · 30.Nov.2018 · Employment
1 post, 10:16 today
Great website to buy/sell stuff for kids…
Started by: Giacomo Citati · 13.Dec.2018 · Family matters/health
18 posts, 09:32 today
Car: buying vs leasing
I do agree with you, however just putting some current numbers of mine down: My 2015 Mazda3's costs (with 3000 downpayment and pretty low leasing rate), including road tax, full kasko insurance, tyre changes etc. sum up to cca. 440CHF. And…
Started by: Luther · 8.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
106 posts, 09:06 today
Forced to take a 25% paycut at the end of…
Haha, true. And once you're looking into management positions your career is over...from a certain point of view. Btw, I think "meister" is talking from a simple employee's point of view, not as a manager. He thinks this is the way…
Started by: PeterSoliman · 30.Nov.2018 · Employment
1 post, 08:43 today
Started by: tomjd · 13.Dec.2018 · Introductions
23 posts, 08:34 today
Turkey time!
Ordered a 6.5kg Turkey from Migros in Lenzburg on a Wednesday, picked it up on Friday morning. 15CHFs/kg. Brined it overnight, then roasted it in my gas grill (indirect heat) at 150 for about 3.5 hours with wood chips for flavor. Was…
Started by: USinCHH · 5.Nov.2017 · Food and drink
14 posts, 08:04 today
Source for an obscure electrical switch…
Over the last 20 years or so the switches here have become flimsier and flimsier, regardless of the manufacturer. It isn't uncommon to fit a new switch and have it work fine while it isn't screwed into the UP box, but when you fit it…
Started by: BeastOfBodmin · 11.Jun.2017 · Other/general
13 posts, 08:00 today
Pickled Onions
I'm out of stock but get more next week, large jars of strong crunchy ones from Mrs Darlingtons (I have a couple of slightly out of date ones - nothing wrong apart from the onions will be less crunchy - you can have one for free!
Started by: krlock3 · 12.Dec.2018 · Food and drink
46 posts, 07:27 today
Tax and insurance for Tesla model 3
if you want to know what car is keeping its value best in the 50-70k range, it's not a Tesla, but a diesel VW* ;) Teslas I think are close second to the 5-year lifespan. Not sure what I could tell in the 5-10 years or the 10-15 years…
Started by: pkb · 26.Apr.2017 · Transportation/driving
79 posts, 02:03 today
Watwill Religion
Sure, here https://www.20min.ch/sch... He was a banker a couple of years ago when his father died and they decided to put the son in his place...I don't know if he kept the day job, but even if he didn't apparently they don't have any…
Started by: Czechoslovak · 5.Dec.2018 · Other/general
34 posts, 00:52 today
Fine for 'missed' dr appointment
I have pretty bad experience with doctors in Switzerland too. Luckily I am in a good health. After paying for two years a franchise with no assigned GP I realized that it's a ripoff in my case so I switched to the lowest premium. When…
Started by: Cupid · 10.Dec.2018 · Daily life
9 posts, 00:47 today
Exemption from exchanging driving license…
I am not sure where you get this information and are so confident about what you are saying. I see that: https://stva.zh.ch/inter... and that: https://stva.zh.ch/inter... Who said anything about license being void anywhere…
Started by: gtheo · 11.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
33 posts, 22:48 yesterday
Hydrogen Peroxide / Wasserstoffperoxid
So the youtube video I watched to get rid of cat pee stains, it took the guy some 2 weeks. (he left kitchen paper on the spot soaked with hydrogen peroxide. My case, after an hour or 2, the black stains were mostly gone but as there was…
Started by: summergirl · 17.Sep.2018 · Daily life
15 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Christmas Eve alternatives?
Thanks a lot everyone for the ideas and feedback. It's a really weird situation and it requires some careful moves. For now I think the outing to Zürich is a very doable one (my wife was even looking at the Circus earlier today), and…
Started by: robogobo · 12.Dec.2018 · Other/general
5 posts, 22:07 yesterday
Hello All!!
Started by: Gefir · 5.Dec.2018 · Introductions
1 post, 21:06 yesterday
Hello again
Started by: Lightlytoasted · 12.Dec.2018 · Introductions
8 posts, 20:31 yesterday
Elderly going through trash
I agree that it's hard, and becoming more and more difficult over the years, to differentiate (at least in Zürich) between homeless persons that refuse social help and those who are using the streets to finance their income. In…
Started by: Helm · 11.Dec.2018 · Daily life
7 posts, 20:11 yesterday
Opel Oldtimer in Switzerland
My garage (Opel specialist) has at least a couple of cars that might fit your needs. Unfortunately on their website they only show some of the old motocycles that they have. They are in Lausanne and the owner only speaks French so you…
Started by: Mauricius · 10.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
76 posts, 19:28 yesterday
Transferwise Borderless account
You can freeze the card. So, for example if you cannot find it when you need it, you can freeze it to make sure that it cannot be used. It's also possible to disable the contactless feature, magnetic stripe and chip and pin in any…
Started by: ChrisNeedsToKnow · 25.May.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 19:09 yesterday
Job Searching in Ticino
Here are a few ideas on searching for a job in Switzerland: 1) The Swiss job service, URC/ RAV, may be able to assist you with: a. Discussions about the job market and suggestions about how to go about a job search. b. Access to…
Started by: notmissingcali · 12.Dec.2018 · Employment
9 posts, 17:55 yesterday
BASEL-->Do i "need" a cell plan for bordering…
I have a phone contract (no minimum term) with UPC. I get 4GB of data and can use it within the EU. Automatically works. I travel around the 3 borders all the time and the UK, Italy, etc., all without issue. Check the UPC mobile site. I've…
Started by: raspberrypi · 10.Dec.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 16:16 yesterday
Squash ' Neuchatel
Started by: zanaty · 4.Mar.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
16 posts, 15:21 yesterday
Tax Relief on Pensions
Reviving this with a different question. If I pay an 'extra' amount (lets say 100k) into my company pension, I believe, I can deduct that amount from my taxable income. But.. If I've withdrawn an amount (lets say 150k) from my…
Started by: Englishleeds · 28.Mar.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 14:59 yesterday
Import taxes/fees from 2019
As I see it there is no competition between shippers. The retailer makes a deal with one company and everything moves with them. What happens if I have an account with FedEx but Amazon deals exclusively with DHL? Why it moves on DHL. What…
Started by: saiya-jin · 11.Dec.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
113 posts, 14:42 yesterday
Zurich Christmas market lack of Security
Ahem ... Guillotine von Luzern, built in 1836, used for all 9 civil executions after the re-introduction of the capital punishment in 1879. The good thing however, as also shown by the above grisly instrument, is that things arrive here…
Started by: edzoom · 10.Dec.2018 · Daily life
10 posts, 11:20 yesterday
Football birthday party?
We did this for our son's 6th birthday, he was talking about it since his 5th birthday. We reserved the chalet in our village, set up goals for indoor playing and it worked out brilliantly for the ages involved. Older, would likely need…
Started by: kxristina · 11.Dec.2018 · Daily life
4 posts, 10:20 yesterday
Delay in international wire transfer
Started by: Starch · 12.Dec.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
6 posts, 09:38 yesterday
Ski Back Protection
Eh? The linked article is discussing the types of back protectors available in general, not any specific model. Certainly some of the examples given (e.g. here) appear to be bulkier, i.e. 'more substantial' than the one you suggest,…
Started by: fatmanfilms · 11.Dec.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 09:29 yesterday
Started by: BNG · 12.Dec.2018 · Daily life
25 posts, 07:08 yesterday
Transferring money to US bank account?
XE is a currency trader. I used Oanda when they used to handle transfers as well as currency speculation. You can also use a bank but ONLY their currency trading desk. My cantonal bank has done that for me, over the phone and not via their…
Started by: BKL · 11.Jun.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
22 posts, 22:32 11.Dec.2018
Frontaliers Owning A Car
To the OP: Long story short. You can either: - live in Switzerland and buy tax-free vehicle, and register it in Switzerland, with Swiss insurance of course. After three years, you would be able to sell this car as normal Swiss…
Started by: FKCE · 10.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
10 posts, 20:47 11.Dec.2018
Contractum Debt Collectors - can they make…
Hi Zurich99, I received in August 2018 the same letter than you for a toll bridge in Portugal. I went to Portugal in summer 2015, so I received the letter 3 years after my trip!! Did you finally pay? Do you know the legal power of…
Started by: zurich99 · 9.Jun.2015 · Daily life
7 posts, 19:32 11.Dec.2018
What is the best way to promote a business
I suppose you have a website? Good suggestions were given already, the most valuable one word-of-mouth, maybe start by doing some for-free gigs in return of favorable reviews on your website or google review. Make sure you are visible…
Started by: MissC · 6.Dec.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
9 posts, 17:18 11.Dec.2018
Lausanne to Geneva Commute
They're bringing new trains too, double-decker carriages, to add capacity but this is delayed due to technical problems but promised soon. I've lived in London (South Western Trains into Waterloo was enough to make you emigrate) and…
Started by: LindaCerm · 9.Dec.2018 · Transportation/driving
The Local Switzerland
What you need to know about the new draft Swiss–EU deal

What you need to know about the new draft Swiss–EU deal

After four years of intense and occasionally bad-natured negotiations, Switzerland and the European Union have finally come up with a draft deal on future bilateral relations. But what is it all about? Why does it matter? And will the deal ever see the light of day?

Hitachi moves to buy Swiss ABB

Hitachi moves to buy Swiss ABB's power grid unit for $7bn: report

Japan's Hitachi is moving to purchase the power grid business of Swiss engineering giant ABB for a deal worth as much as $7.05 billion, Japanese media reported on Wednesday.

Mercury plunges to -36C in central Switzerland

Mercury plunges to -36C in central Switzerland

Switzerland has just shivered through its coldest night since February with temperatures a long way below freezing at higher altitudes.

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