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38 posts, 20:26 today
British Classic Car Show, Morges
The EFers will be easy to recognise... they will be walking around, speaking English, and looking at antique cars. I would be a bit easier to spot with my foil hat and cigar but I have planned an enjoyable day dismantling an E-Type…
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 26.Sep.2015 · Commercial events
27 posts, 20:17 today
What's the world coming to (shoplifter beaten…
I wasn't going to mention every single country where rough justice is bandied out without a care for human rights, whether its state sanctioned, corrupt police or local vigilantes or militia. Thankfully in Europe its not the norm,…
Started by: glowjupiter · 29.Sep.2016 · International affairs/politics
10 posts, 20:14 today
Health Insurance 2017
There are some comments on EF regarding Assura. You have to decide for yourself which insurance is best for you. How can we know your personal situation and preferences? Only you know those, so you are the only one who can choose the…
Started by: simple_person · 21.Sep.2016 · Insurance
2 posts, 20:10 today
Swiss tax courses
Started by: laurentiu375 · 30.Sep.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
119 posts, 20:02 today
Seeking tips and inspiration for quitting…
I also stopped smoking after have started very soon, the best advice: an american blog, "there is no good moment to stop smoking, the death of...will not be easier because you smoke, the fact that you have problems with..will not be easer…
Started by: Pancakes · 1.Jan.2015 · Family matters/health
60 posts, 19:55 today
Dear cyclists
Mrak, If you learn to think of bicycles as other vehicles on the road, which is what they are, even if there happens to be a cycle path beside the road, then you might grasp the fact that although you may think of them as an…
Started by: Niceyes · 28.Aug.2016 · Complaints corner
9 posts, 19:51 today
How much you can bargain for buying a car ?
Yeap that is true , without the ad we cannot really advise you. But I can say with certainty that all cars in Switzeraldn can be negotiated since the exchange rate gap between CHF and EUR closed down to 1.1 Good Luck and let us know if…
Started by: Elee · 27.Sep.2016 · Daily life
2 posts, 19:39 today
A2 or B1
Started by: Mrak C Annie · 30.Sep.2016 · Language corner
10 posts, 19:30 today
Who to blame?
When our luggage was damaged between Zurich-Porto, I had to fill the damage report and they told me either I could leave the luggage with them (lufthansa) and they would fix it or try to go directly to the fixer miself. Since I was short…
Started by: evianers · 30.Sep.2016 · Complaints corner
53 posts, 19:13 today
What (Swiss) watch do you wear?
I wear a simple Tissot which from my son and my husband as a birthday gift:) so that is the best watch for me ever... I also have one Longines master collection,didn't use much,plan to sell it as well:D
Started by: starmir · 29.Sep.2016 · Daily life
6 posts, 18:58 today
Super Puma Down - Swiss Military Chopper Crash
Started by: aSwissInTheUS · 28.Sep.2016 · Swiss politics/news
14 posts, 18:55 today
Shimon Peres dies at 93
A different perspective: Anyway if he is a man of peace, he definitely failed at creating that. Nowadays that would be called sliming one's way to the top without having popular support or being elected, just for clinging to power. Like…
Started by: BokerTov · 28.Sep.2016 · International affairs/politics
33 posts, 18:52 today
Mobility scooters
Yes they can, also in shops. The problem are that some are getting way too fast, and for old angry people this should not be allowed (sometimes there are young disabled that are also angry I have to admit). There's a lady at coop that just…
Started by: hayleyjay1 · 30.Sep.2016 · Daily life
31 posts, 18:39 today
Beauty salon in Baar or Zug required
This is great to know ;) must try Classic Sun! I saw a sign in Metalli so downstairs by the party store, minuit place and Denner - its a haidressers but had a sign out for Manicures - it was 45 CHF and I did it a month ago and the lady…
Started by: Hilary, Zurich · 7.Dec.2007 · Other/general
15 posts, 18:29 today
Explaining why I am looking to leave my…
I really like both quotes: "life is too short" and "reply honestly". I think time is changing and more and more employers are looking for people who do have a knowledge but who are also passionate about the role they are applying for.…
Started by: Brian1985 · 21.Aug.2016 · Employment
30 posts, 18:17 today
Interactive brokers withholding tax
Hey guys, I just opened an account with Corner Trader and I see they charge 0.12% + 0.075% for Swiss trades and 2 cents per share on NYSE Arca trades. So in a comparison, buying 1000 shares at 100 USD would cost 195 USD on SWX and 20 USD…
Started by: belgian beer lover · 24.Mar.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
57 posts, 18:15 today
Chili Heads, a Chili heads up...
We're away until mid next month and the chili is still going crazy, even our Mexican friends break out in a sweat. Given away at least three quarters and there's another 40-50 showing plus a bunch of flowers looking to sprout soon!…
Started by: TobiasM · 15.May.2016 · Food and drink
2 posts, 18:14 today
RAV appeals
Started by: eireann · 30.Sep.2016 · Employment
4 posts, 18:10 today
How to coordinate time for job and child...
Started by: Mrak C Annie · 30.Sep.2016 · Employment
19 posts, 18:08 today
Illness during notice period
Well, You learn something every day on this forum! I did not know they could only be terminated at the end of the month. It is certainly not what our contracts say, they do not refer to specific end dates. Only to 3 months notice…
Started by: Dack Rambo · 21.Sep.2016 · Employment
28 posts, 18:08 today
European mobile roaming charges to be axed.…
Me too... i want to keep my UK number (which ive had since forever) for my eventual return to the UK... and having a UK number is what keeps me with Three, not the cost (although that helps). People in the UK can call me without an…
Started by: PanFastic · 22.Sep.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
49 posts, 18:07 today
End of the VAT-free exemption
Another plus for books. If you get your sticky chocolate fingers on a bbook you leave thumbprints and it smells of yummy chocolate years after. If you get your sticky chocolate fingers on a tablet your partner shouts at you.
Started by: meloncollie · 29.Sep.2016 · Finance/banking/taxation
77 posts, 18:05 today
Which electric bike is good in Switzerland ?
I have a Cresta Giro, and I am really satisfied. I barely use the car anymore, downtown my red "limo" is much more fun to use, fast enough amd easy to park. I had a Crosswave before, it wasn't bad but the Cresta is much lighter and…
Started by: BasP72 · 20.May.2011 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 18:04 today
Looking for a 180x200 bed frame and slats
Started by: fochtnj · 30.Sep.2016 · Items wanted
1 post, 17:57 today
Fuel and water prices?
Started by: ripnetuk · 30.Sep.2016 · Daily life
6 posts, 17:52 today
Nyon wine fest this weekend
It's in front of my windows, so I will most probably escape the bozos and noise :D I will see if yoga class, bouldering in Gland and uni doesn't kill Sat, otherwise - take an EF name tag so I can salute ya'll.
Started by: John_H · 30.Sep.2016 · Travel/day trips/free time
9 posts, 17:47 today
Tutti.ch better than Ricardo.ch?
Tutti is for the most part private sellers, trying to get some money for used stuff with minimal effort and zero cost. The buyers are similar. Sending even a small item means packing it, taking it to the post, the potential risk of it…
Started by: PanFastic · 30.Sep.2016 · Other/general
2 posts, 17:23 today
Waxing salons ZH
Started by: hayleyjay1 · 30.Sep.2016 · Family matters/health
15 posts, 17:14 today
Pakistani food
There is one Pakistani restaurant in Geneva and a take away/restaurant in Zürich called Bombay Karachi near Central. Pakistani spices are available at Barkat near Schmiede Wiedikon. Indian spices at Agarwal near Kalkbreite.…
Started by: hayleyjay1 · 30.Aug.2016 · Daily life
1 post, 17:08 today
WTB: Compact amplifier or similar for headphone…
Started by: Rjellsch · 30.Sep.2016 · Items wanted
3 posts, 16:53 today
Recommendation for baby doctor in Cham
Started by: monkeyhanger · 28.Sep.2016 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 16:25 today
Driving license -- 2-Phasen-Ausbildung
Started by: rezdm · 29.Sep.2016 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 16:12 today
Teilprojekleiter - Basel area
112000 CHF per annum , good salary for Basel area? Job: teilprojektleiter. Company: small swiss company ( 500 people). Location - Basel working hours: 42.5 Holidays paid: 20 Bonus: Possible when company is doing good business.
Started by: fromsiggenthal · 30.Sep.2016 · Employment
1 post, 15:59 today
Wanted: kitchen table
Started by: WynD · 30.Sep.2016 · Items wanted
70 posts, 15:56 today
The amusing Swiss town signs spotted whilst…
There was the German painter Willi Spiess (1909 - 1997). Around 1960 he spent a year in Paris. After visiting a watering hole, he was peeing at a tree on the Seine embankment when he got caught by a policeman. The flic asked, "Quel est…
Started by: AndrewD · 24.Aug.2010 · Transportation/driving
11 posts, 15:46 today
Leaving - Apartment handover notice
That's completely wrong. Some contracts come with three cancel dates only: End of March, June and September. By the regie's logic only these three months count towards the three months cancel period, meaning one would have to cancel up…
Started by: kayo · 30.Sep.2016 · Leaving Switzerland
57 posts, 15:45 today
Health food markets, ideas please. Raw vegan…
I just ran across this while looking for something else, it may be of interest to people in and around Zurich: https://www.stadt-zueric... Sorry, German only. It is a list with contact details of all the farms in and near Zürich…
Started by: ssnn1989 · 1.May.2015 · Food and drink
3 posts, 15:27 today
Looking for a EWZ/Zürinet internet provider
Started by: traktor · 30.Sep.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
20 posts, 15:27 today
Renting apartment for the ski season
Hi, we were looking to rent in Leukerbad having been there in Feb of this year it was great for the kids. Do you have any recommendation for a chalet in Leukerbad? We also heard Charmey is good with kids and also has the thermal…
Started by: John_H · 11.Mar.2015 · Other/general
5 posts, 15:24 today
Pumpkin Carving
Started by: Astrorocks · 30.Sep.2016 · Daily life
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