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20 posts, 08:15 today
What do your children do in English lessons?
For some reason he wanted to put her in her place, so to speak...just wow. Anyways, as this forum too has plenty of examples, there are real...uhm, meanies among teachers too. But it hurts more at that age.
Started by: dragoneiric · 28.Jun.2022 · Education
57 posts, 08:01 today
God must be proud of US
As far as I understood the school had a clear policy and the coach overstepped some boundaries. I don't know many details of this case but I think he should have respected the school's code of conduct/recommendation or find a middle way.…
Started by: robBob · 28.Jun.2022 · International affairs/politics
4 posts, 07:59 today
Started by: Delijohn · 28.Jun.2022 · Complaints corner
30 posts, 00:45 today
Hirslanden Klinik Maternity reviews please?
Thanks. I have chosen a doctor who is more pro-natural birth and was very happy with her last time. Neither has NICU. Having Zollikerberg close to Hirslanden is a plus for Hirslanden but no guarantee you'd be transferred there. I…
Started by: Heidi0706 · 11.Apr.2012 · Family matters/health
137 posts, 00:09 today
Be sure they aren't T. magnum: https://www.syngentappm... Place gel bait along their trails for trophallaxis (workers taking bait back to the nest). Put on your specs and peer at a worker to ID it...not all bait works on all…
Started by: Castro · 23.May.2008 · Complaints corner
2 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Liberty Pillar 3 Withdrawl Returned…
Started by: LincolnAbrahams · 27.Jun.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 20:54 yesterday
Sturgeon names 19th October 2023 for Scottish…
Started by: John William · 28.Jun.2022 · International affairs/politics
9 posts, 20:34 yesterday
Business start up resources
I have been chairing an entrepreneurship discussion group for about 15 years every Tuesday morning at 8 am. We discuss the trails and tribulations of entrepreneurship. We do not sell products or services to each other. …
Started by: Darfy · 23.Jun.2022 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 20:14 yesterday
FREE: Ticket to see METALLICA tomorrow (29.06.2022)…
Started by: Bossa Nova · 28.Jun.2022 · Concerts
14 posts, 18:22 yesterday
Different attitude to property in Switzerland
It really should not, if you have done some financial planning.. - First of all check the disability cover on your pension fund for yourself, kids etc. If it is not up to scratch, see if they offer any additional cover you can…
Started by: JackieH · 4.May.2022 · Housing in general
15 posts, 18:12 yesterday
Getting a fine in someone else car as a…
The only places that don't have front pictures are some mobile radars and maybe older cameras? For everything else, there is no getting away. Friend got flashed years ago, tried to say it was his wife because he didn't want to lose his…
Started by: Adisimoiu · 27.Jun.2022 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 17:25 yesterday
Found a jobsite with actual salaries
Not necessarily in charge of people (not formally at least) and I think it depends on the company. Mostly, it is related to years of relevant experience but not only. It is used rather loosely on some sites. I'd say it's between 5 and 10…
Started by: ipoddle · 28.Jun.2022 · Employment
84 posts, 16:30 yesterday
Import Vehicle When Moving to Switzerland
OK thanks. I will definitely get it cleaned and will check if there are any leaks etc. (but don't think so as the car is relatively young). Let's see how it goes, I heard/read weird stuff about this inspection and apparently it's a…
Started by: diesomnius · 15.Apr.2021 · Transportation/driving
23 posts, 15:51 yesterday
Watch Valuation
Seconded.. I have inherited a gold pocket watch.. Took to a high end jewelers and they had zero interest .. told me to look on ebay .. He said it isn’t practicle to insure as very old so almost impossible to replace so only the…
Started by: highsandlows · 21.Jun.2022 · Insurance
11 posts, 14:43 yesterday
Dog Care Providers and Clients…
There are a lot of offshoots involving dogs and my wife is interested in grooming. The formation just looks very expensive but I guess it is an investment :) Thanks for all the information above and all the posts have been very…
Started by: meloncollie · 2.May.2011 · Pet corner
21 posts, 14:28 yesterday
Swiss plated car in France and US licence?
Nationality is not important. Driving license is only in so far important, that it must be valid and the driver should be at least 18 years old. Important is the place of residence. This shouldn't be in the EU. Non EU citizenship and non…
Started by: JackieH · 27.Jun.2022 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 13:40 yesterday
Special ebike insurance: Should I get it?
Started by: SherylCrow · 28.Jun.2022 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 12:21 yesterday
Indigo Fitness Zürich (Selnau)
Indigo gym in Geneva also closed permanently unfortunately - my husband loved it so was very happy to find that there is one in Zurich still. He went there a few times in May (they honored his voucher/pass he had remaining from…
Started by: Olcayto · 19.Oct.2014 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
83 posts, 11:18 yesterday
SNB rises rates to -0.25%
In my country: I grew up in a 3.5 apartment (a family of 4) in a upper middle class family. Many my friends did so either in 3.5 or even 2.5 (rarely 4+) despite having both parents uni graduates from top tier faculties. To my…
Started by: minimimi · 16.Jun.2022 · Swiss politics/news
48 posts, 11:12 yesterday
Prorperty company in my postzahl wont rent…
OK. So an update. First of all thank you for everyone who helped. I was pretty upset when I wrote the original post. This is what happened. We spoke to the Gemeinde, who said that we must have misunderstood them. The Gemeinde have a…
Started by: irish_marmot · 24.May.2022 · Housing in general
18 posts, 11:10 yesterday
Does any other country do it like the UK?
In Ireland I'd say sort of... It really depends on where you live and what is on offer. The dept. of Ed will fund schools if you can show that you have the required number of pupils. For historical reasons protestant schools are…
Started by: bowlie · 27.Jun.2022 · Daily life
15 posts, 09:51 yesterday
Nusstorte recommendations... which is your…
I fully agree, they are lethal (especially the one from Cantieni, yikes), but luckily I am in good shape and exercise regularly and don't eat a ton of sweet stuff other than the occasional ice cream binge. :D I will likely start to…
Started by: Chuff · 7.Jun.2022 · Food and drink
2 posts, 08:09 yesterday
Contributions for an article on Montreux?…
Started by: Victoria Brzezinski · 27.Jun.2022 · Daily life
1 post, 23:26 27.Jun.2022
Started by: Bookemdanno · 27.Jun.2022 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
10 posts, 22:59 27.Jun.2022
Realistic IT program manager salary (banking)
Location matters too. You mention German, so I presume Zurich and not some tiny town in the woods. If Zurich is anything like Geneva (and it should be also in this regard), 200k upwards for base salary, adjust based on how confident from…
Started by: Makkelutro · 27.Jun.2022 · Employment
10 posts, 20:53 27.Jun.2022
Rental cars in Scotland
Car rentals have gone through the roof everywhere. And yes, if automatics are not the norm wherever you are going- they will be even more extortionately expensive. Related to other thread re US citizen borrowing mother's car in France ...…
Started by: roegner · 22.Jun.2022 · Transportation/driving
11 posts, 20:32 27.Jun.2022
Switzerland voted 6th on the "Women, Peace…
Longer commute might not mean a higher paying job. It may only mean very poor decision making when choosing a place to live. If money REALLY matters, an intelligent man does not commute longer, this man just moves closer to the job.…
Started by: rainer_d · 24.Jun.2022 · Family matters/health
52 posts, 20:14 27.Jun.2022
Driving a car in EU on swiss plates with…
Two issues I see: The car must be used privately, a car transfer over such a long distance might be seen as a commercial operation. Second, I do not know if you have to bring the car into the EU customs union or if they could do that.…
Started by: Quant · 6.Jul.2017 · Transportation/driving
25 posts, 19:47 27.Jun.2022
How to get school stats in Vaud
Actually she isn’t. All she asked was if inspections existed here like in the UK. Otherwise she is just asking a specific question related to Vaud. Open a new thread if you wish to discuss the question posed by Bowlie please as…
Started by: suffolk911 · 26.Jun.2022 · Daily life
73 posts, 19:29 27.Jun.2022
Where to get good fruit?
Running a shop like Marinello was probably very time-consuming. Likely, the kids of the founder had no problem partying till 3am, but getting up at 3am was something else ;-) Marinello is just one company that buys their produce…
Started by: CheshireCa · 2.Jun.2022 · Food and drink
5 posts, 18:18 27.Jun.2022
Working one week a month in the UK
Started by: Rubiwarren · 20.Jun.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 16:45 27.Jun.2022
Banking site for shares+bitcoin
Started by: Carcassonne · 27.Jun.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
71 posts, 15:58 27.Jun.2022
How are rooms/pieces counted in home adverts?
As many as there are official reported. The gross sqm and number of rooms are a part of the official data. Advertising a different number of rooms that are official reported would be in quite a bad taste. That's one of the tools where…
Started by: lumpy · 9.Aug.2007 · Housing in general
19 posts, 15:27 27.Jun.2022
Zürich airport gates / lounges
Maybe we should look at it this way: If you have a few hours to burn, I think all the E lounges are worth paying for, but none of the A/D lounges are worth paying for. I would rather hangout in one of the restaurants in the main…
Started by: bowlie · 23.Jun.2022 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 12:10 27.Jun.2022
Where to buy damaged cars?
Thanks a lot for thinking with me. I know about Axa and I would be very interested to enter their online auction portal but as far as I know this is only for Swiss registered car companies. My company is unfortunately not based in Swiss.…
Started by: madey82 · 11.May.2012 · Transportation/driving
41 posts, 11:45 27.Jun.2022
Be warned !
Well, this is the internet and its full of Nigerian princes :D If it's reasonable to distrust UBS, it's completely reasonable to distrust someone claiming to be an ill UK retiree that lost money...after all, the frail individual abused…
Started by: Ravenk · 22.Jun.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 10:48 27.Jun.2022
Starting SA/AG with 50k capital
Started by: MoiToi · 26.Jun.2022 · Business & entrepreneur
27 posts, 09:58 27.Jun.2022
Feedback Please - Gonser.ch
I have not had a good experience. For none of my 2 recent orders were they able to commit to their promise of "order today, receive tomorrow" and this was the reason I ordered from them. First item came one day late - which is…
Started by: Jumping Captain · 27.Jun.2013 · Other/general
49 posts, 09:37 27.Jun.2022
Get your own Lab/Blood/Urine-Tests without…
One group who I know to have frequent bloodwork done without a doctors involvement are body builders taking illegal supplements. I don't agree with the supplements, however with the number of people advocating frequent blood tests…
Started by: doropfiz · 24.Jun.2022 · Family matters/health
35 posts, 05:30 27.Jun.2022
Geneva police and human rights
Guys, maybe this an instance to show kindness rather than mock? Trpl: I hope you find the right person to talk to about the issues you're having. Perhaps a health professional could help where the police are unable to.
Started by: gbn · 14.Nov.2008 · Swiss politics/news
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