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38 posts, 01:40 today
New: british corner shop - online!
Hi, I have also been using britishcornershop but lately I have discovered another one box from uk (www.boxfromuk.co.uk) , which is pretty good, they have also helped me a lot to track the order, it was stuck in customs :(
Started by: APx · 16.May.2014 · Food and drink
17 posts, 00:48 today
Which appliances to bring from US?
When we moved here (a million years ago) having heard tales of shocking Swiss prices I loaded up the (company paid) container with just about all the gadgets I could think of, including Swiss voltage electronics bought from a special US…
Started by: stevebw · 19.Jan.2018 · Housing in general
11 posts, 23:33 yesterday
IHerb shipping and import taxes
I have done it twice in the last six months, the prepaid import tax option. Both times the orders were over 100 CHF. No extra charges on delivery = happy customer. Both those times were DPD prepaid tax shipping, now it seems they have a…
Started by: MarkanBL · 9.Aug.2017 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
145 posts, 23:27 yesterday
Home Automation in Switzerland
Not quite sure what you are asking here but if you want automated lights but want to retain the ability to turn them on and off via the original wall switch then something like Philips Hue* is ideal for this. *Other makes are…
Started by: StirB · 23.Jun.2014 · Housing in general
9 posts, 23:10 yesterday
What are my options of disposing a PC case?
Hey, those are good ideas, thanks, but I'm not really passionate about that, so, does anyone want the case to do what those images suggest? It's free! Anyway, I will ask my colleagues at work about the 2'nd option (wrap it in the…
Started by: NEVER SETTLE · 21.Jan.2018 · Daily life
19 posts, 23:05 yesterday
Layover one the way to US
I must have flown to or through Frankfurt 20 times last year. If you have a Lufthansa or star alliance ticket, 1 hour is enough. Security can be long, but if your flight is soon, your flight number will appear on the screen for fast…
Started by: zuzi666 · 20.Jan.2018 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 23:00 yesterday
Broke and depressed - IV?
Started by: menchie · 21.Jan.2018 · Insurance
3 posts, 22:33 yesterday
Inexpensive long term parking Geneva
Started by: jaguarj · 20.Jan.2018 · Transportation/driving
33 posts, 22:28 yesterday
A typical Sunday morning in Switzerland
Nope. Cheaper after 20.00 until 07.00 and Saturdays after 13.00 until Monday 07.00. hth Laundry police only active if the machines make noise = in a private house not applicable (unless the husband nags = let him do the job).
Started by: McTAVGE · 21.Jan.2018 · Daily life
7 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Cleaning Supplies
Oh looks someone just became an adult :p:p As others have said, your best option is to go into your closest supermarket (pick one that's big so they have a whole aisle of these products) Go for the pictures and buy the…
Started by: Dan M · 21.Jan.2018 · Other/general
11 posts, 22:16 yesterday
Cash on delivery for package sent through post?
Thanks :) Yeah, I remember paypal offering some sort of buyer/seller protection. Guess I'll tell him I'm not comfortable sending money just like that and paypal offers protection, see how he responds.
Started by: lordzsolt · 21.Jan.2018 · Other/general
17 posts, 22:02 yesterday
2 weeks notice for a new owner
What are you on about? Clearly, you are not expressing yourself properly and what some pill has to do with any of this is beyond me. Here's what you need to know: The notice periods have been outlined already. These are the legal…
Started by: nana2000 · 21.Jan.2018 · Employment
60 posts, 21:56 yesterday
Dungeons & Dragons [Lausanne]
Is it too late to revive this thread? :) I would love some good D&D or board games over the dull evening/weekends I'm having :) I'm based in Lausanne, however I have a temporary residence, so I cannot host for the time being. Maybe once…
Started by: Lukc · 5.May.2013 · Travel/day trips/free time
22 posts, 21:05 yesterday
Steak master class in Basel area
EUR 25.90/kg Not a drop of water comes out of these when you cook (or store) them. ;) Been a customer of theirs for 25 years. My other favorite butcher is in Trieste, and I can order via FB so that he has one waiting for me! (as…
Started by: konstanta · 21.Jan.2018 · Entertainment & dining
10 posts, 17:41 yesterday
Insurance to ski?
The French one will get you off the mountain to a clinic / hospital, repatriate you to where you live if seriously injured for long term recovery & pay a minimal amount of liability insurance. Cliff jumping & avalanche riding i.e…
Started by: jaguarj · 20.Jan.2018 · Insurance
1 post, 17:24 yesterday
Graphical train timetables
Started by: Deep Purple · 21.Jan.2018 · Daily life
22 posts, 16:37 yesterday
Grundstückgewinnsteuer repayment [Tax on…
Well, I did get the money back, a few weeks after my last post, with a nice 2% interest bonus on top. I have a new quandry now though... I will be selling the place I bought in the previous posts, and of course will be liable for…
Started by: StirB · 22.Nov.2013 · Housing in general
15 posts, 16:29 yesterday
SWISS-GERMAN: Your perfect start, with the…
"We achieved an exceptional deal with “Schweizerischen Rundfunk https://www.learn-swiss-... You can stream all TV stations for FREE all around the clock on your phone, tablet or desktop computer using our platform." So you don't have…
Started by: EF Advertising · 27.Oct.2017 · Language corner
43 posts, 16:25 yesterday
RAV rejects benefits for non-EU PhD graduate
It doesn't produce anywhere near enough, but that problem can only be solved through the hacking of human biology (i.e. we don't have enough of the correct neuronal connections in the right places) rather than grade inflation. Maths…
Started by: TTM · 2.Nov.2017 · Employment
5 posts, 16:00 yesterday
Geeky / Nerdy conventions? :)
Started by: martin959 · 21.Jan.2018 · Other/general
11 posts, 14:56 yesterday
Cleaners like Batmaid/Tiger
Thanks for the recommendations - will try Savoir Faire. Our experience with Batmaid - based on four appointments - was much the same. The admin side was great, but the actual cleaning was sub-par. The attention to cleaning details was…
Started by: echocharlie · 24.Aug.2017 · Daily life
16 posts, 14:53 yesterday
Sightseeing with parking places
Fun activities with kids by car from Biel? Try the Sensorium in Rüttihubelbad Mine love the water park Laguna Bad in Weil am Rhein (as a family we probably pay one third of what we would pay at Bernaqua followed by a movie at the…
Started by: SixGumnuts · 21.Jan.2018 · Daily life
2 posts, 14:27 yesterday
Asking for references about a learning languages…
Started by: Piticander · 26.Nov.2017 · Language corner
17 posts, 13:58 yesterday
Spoofed cold callers?
You built that yourself? Neat. I let all house-calls of numbers I don't know go to the answering-machine. If there is no message, I check it and - most times - add it to my call-blocker. Once they are in there, the phones don't ring…
Started by: NotAllThere · 20.Jan.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
4 posts, 13:39 yesterday
MOVING companies
Started by: Libellula · 15.Jan.2018 · Other/general
22 posts, 13:28 yesterday
Hi all job seekers, how it's going in the…
Okay, accepted the explanation. It was a misguided comment to the heat of your frustration. I get it. I wish you would soon find a job, so the dark clouds of your sky will go away. We all have low days and I can imagine that your wife…
Started by: Leszek · 5.Jan.2018 · Employment
3 posts, 13:25 yesterday
Saying Hi
Started by: hpduesi · 21.Jan.2018 · Daily life
5 posts, 13:15 yesterday
Depositing foreign banknotes
Started by: Phil_MCR · 17.Jan.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 13:07 yesterday
Salary range in Zurich- UX and interaction…
Started by: lluk · 20.Jan.2018 · Employment
14 posts, 13:04 yesterday
Mosques, Halal restaurants & butchers, etc.…
Thanks a lot for giving a clear picture , I have seen there’s a mosque in Wil,so will have to inquire people there. I was able to find halal food near to a mosque in Zurich when I came last time 3 years back
Started by: Kash_Z · 2.Mar.2012 · Other/general
18 posts, 12:39 yesterday
Replacement parts for LG tv
Had you really not power-cycled the TV already? I didn't even mention that as it's usually the first thing to do! It probably means you performed some sort of reset of the CPU. TV's have various sleep states which mean even when…
Started by: sva · 21.Jan.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
44 posts, 12:32 yesterday
Get started trading crypto currencies
1. Primary advice: speak with your tax adviser. In general, you should declare your income and your wealth. You may find that income from your crypto sales is tax free depending on how long you've held them. 2. Register as a Swiss…
Started by: CorsebouTheReturn · 9.Jan.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
21 posts, 12:19 yesterday
Small bars/places with acoustic livemusic?
Luzern has quite a lively scene, bruch brothers put on regular live music but check first as it ranges from folk and blues to hardcore metal. Gewerberhalle and next door barrios host a range of live music though gewerberhalle is def more…
Started by: JHC · 19.Nov.2016 · Concerts
3 posts, 12:06 yesterday
Question about Marc Welti - Trainer
Started by: Laureano · 8.Jan.2018 · Pet corner
26 posts, 11:59 yesterday
All by myself, sob, sob!
I got a pair of rugged, short freestyle skis and when thinking about it, they didn't get all beat when skiing but when transported. It depends on what you got and what for..It's like with guitars, some rockers toss them around, others…
Started by: McTAVGE · 15.Jan.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 11:43 yesterday
Two New People on the Block
Started by: Photography Lunatics · 20.Jan.2018 · Introductions
57 posts, 11:26 yesterday
This yodel is killing me, please help!
Masters in Yodel advertised here! Here's my vocation...perhaps not to Masters Level, let's learn first how not to fall under the wrath of Swiss-Germans when mispronouncing "Händ sisch'schwer uf'Aschtli Gleit" at full speed or " Deheime…
Started by: McTAVGE · 8.Jan.2018 · Language corner
1 post, 10:49 yesterday
Any home coffee roasters?
Started by: migshan · 21.Jan.2018 · Food and drink
47 posts, 10:33 yesterday
Ikea - Life long returns
Yes. There are a lot of restrictions. I looked up several items I would like to take back and some are no longer exact models they sell in that colour so no longer accepted. Other restrictions include only taking back Poang chair…
Started by: Island Monkey · 30.Aug.2014 · Daily life
8 posts, 10:27 yesterday
German customs officer in Jestetten bahnhof
I went once already, but was in a rush so couldn't properly look for the customs booth if it exists... Interestingly I got checked by Swiss customs officers, I haven't recognised what they are as they were dressed as if for…
Started by: matematika · 18.Jan.2018 · Other/general
The Local Switzerland
22 North Korean athletes will compete at 2018 Games: IOC

22 North Korean athletes will compete at 2018 Games: IOC

North Korea will send 22 athletes to next month's Winter Games in the South, the International Olympic Committee said in Lausanne, Switzerland on Saturday. The IOC also confirmed that the two nations will march together at the opening ceremony.

Europe brings on charm and blue skies to lure Chinese tourists

Europe brings on charm and blue skies to lure Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are big spenders and with the numbers visiting Europe set to soar by nearly 70 percent over the next five years, the countries of the Old Continent are rolling out the red carpet to make the guests feel welcome.

Trump and

Trump and 'Davos Man': best of enemies

A compelling clash of cultures will unfold in the vertiginous Swiss Alps this week as Donald Trump, just over 12 months into his high-wire presidency, confronts the cheerleaders of globalization in Davos.

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