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37 posts, 13:29 today
Oh That Schwiizer Dutsch! (Or What did you…
Yes, even modern Baaseldütsch can be a real head-scratcher, thanks to its unique vocabulary, let alone its grammar (or lack thereof) and spelling. I learned one of my favourite Baaseldütsch words when I was asked to meet a friend at…
Started by: MarylandBrett · 18.Jan.2020 · Daily life
2 posts, 13:28 today
Serafe payment
Started by: kamiyu · 19.Jan.2020 · TV/internet/telephone
3 posts, 13:26 today
Health insurance for job
Started by: kamiyu · 19.Jan.2020 · Insurance
71 posts, 13:20 today
~100,000 CHF/y in Basel for a new grad,…
Well if you're going to live life on the cheap like skimping on a coffee then what's the point of moving to a country like CH? People generally move there to improve their quality of living. Not to live like students.
Started by: NotABear · 18.Jan.2020 · Employment
7 posts, 12:55 today
Uliveto Mineral Water
I don't get these single use bottles. We re-use ours all the time. Perhaps the OP should get one bottle of Uliveto, and just keep refilling it (maybe add a little soda to emulate the fizz), thereby maintaining the image they wish to…
Started by: carlbyronrodgers · 18.Jan.2020 · Food and drink
34 posts, 12:43 today
The two most criticised Women today Meghan…
Haha, yes, I actually thought maybe I rate the EF too highly and the only reason this thread isn't 20 pages long is because people still haven't recovered from the holiday excess. But I am trying to start the year in a positive mood…
Started by: John William · 10.Jan.2020 · International affairs/politics
18 posts, 12:31 today
Where to find a Swiss or german shepherd…
I was so insistent on that particular dog because of how much he looked like our old boy. And it was such a great photo, looking into camera with one paw in the air! Reason returned at the thought of getting into a car with strangers…
Started by: ivaborisova · 18.Jan.2020 · Pet corner
123 posts, 12:20 today
Forced to take a 25% paycut at the end of…
I got some good work experience in two different jobs. The first of which was highly paid. In between I had a year of unemployment but used the time to upskill and still got paid well. Then I got something lined up in London which was…
Started by: PeterSoliman · 30.Nov.2018 · Employment
78 posts, 12:18 today
Is it a generational thing ? as like Brexit, the over 30's seem to be generally against Harry & Megan doing their own thing with the often quoted 'letting the side down' whereas the under 30's in the UK are all for it.
Started by: st2lemans · 9.Jan.2020 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 11:20 today
Got to give my statement in an attempted…
Would second this. If you're not comfortable with what you're being asked to do, then discuss it either with the authority asking you to make a statement or probably best with your lawyer, who should have some experience of such…
Started by: justintheexpat · 18.Jan.2020 · Family matters/health
11 posts, 08:02 today
B04 = what in Eurocat?
As a follow-up to the original post, I contested the fine and Transport for London rejected it. However they sent me a pamphlet for adjudication by a separate & independent arbitrator. What the hey, I filled in the form with details…
Started by: Carlos R · 13.Oct.2019 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 06:03 today
School advice VAUD
Started by: TaraG · 19.Jan.2020 · Family matters/health
41 posts, 01:11 today
The real estate lied to us telling us we…
@OP From the legal point of view, in general in the contract (Mietvertrag) it is detailed, that the building standard sheet (Hausordnung) is integral part of the contract. If this is the case with you I think you are generally in severe…
Started by: Regina · 17.Jan.2020 · Housing in general
2 posts, 23:34 yesterday
Mobilis abonnement (VD)
Started by: galineu · 18.Jan.2020 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 23:11 yesterday
Furniture from Italy
Started by: Jaro · 25.Nov.2008 · Housing in general
29 posts, 21:18 yesterday
IT Contractors - why an agency has to be…
Glad to hear it! So why does every thread about non-employees seem to devolve into discussion about contractors and how Swiss companies only work with preferred suppliers or through a chain of middlemen?
Started by: hokuszpok · 16.Jan.2020 · Employment
9 posts, 19:24 yesterday
Hi. I'm not doing kendo but japanese koryu bujutsu, a school called Shidare Yanagi Ryu Aikibugei (it's pretty small, maybe you didn't hear about it). We practice all kind of weapons as well as empty handed techniques. I'm looking for…
Started by: Einherjar · 20.May.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
46 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Mortgage? Which bank offers the best mortgage…
It all depends on YOUR personal situation and the property you are buying, so any bank i can give you may or may not be interested in you, you may or may not get the same rate as somebody else. Start with your Cantonal bank first see…
Started by: fashionister · 13.May.2013 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 19:04 yesterday
Any manga/anime fan gathering near…
Started by: NotABear · 18.Jan.2020 · Daily life
35 posts, 18:43 yesterday
Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for…
The Dutch had a research into this in 2017, they looked at 300.000 burglary of Burglary/thefts from private households, 4% of the burglary reports were for a house which had also seen a burglary in the 12 months upfront. There are diff…
Started by: adamsko · 16.Jan.2020 · Housing in general
36 posts, 18:41 yesterday
Driving EU car outside of CH with CH licence
The question was “ Am I allowed to drive a car on a non-swiss plates (in this case DE or PL plates) in France, when i have swiss licence plate? Car will be either rented from a rental company or borrowed from a friend (in any case, owner…
Started by: majki · 17.Jan.2020 · Transportation/driving
90 posts, 16:25 yesterday
Job offer: 70000 CHF as software engineer,…
Employer taxes increase a lot once you are 50+. You won't have the newest skills by the time you are 50, so will your skills still be in demand? Obviously this depends on each individual case but the Swiss job market statistics are clear -…
Started by: pirrimanson · 6.Jan.2020 · Employment
5 posts, 16:03 yesterday
Space in van - UK to Geneva area Jan 2020
Started by: Manannin · 4.Dec.2019 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 14:23 yesterday
Where can I get good tomato juice?
So, I checked today. Indeed it seems the Migros tomato juice I enjoyed all my life (I used to love that stuff when a child already) is gone! :eek: I figured - in the name of research for VenusC ;) - I try the Sarasay. It seems thinner…
Started by: VenusC · 13.Jan.2020 · Food and drink
57 posts, 14:19 yesterday
Bags and Swiss retail
I couldn't find them on the Coop@home site.Odd, that... but then the online shop doesn't include many Coop products. In the stores you will find them in the produce section. Oekoplan Multibags, set of 3. : Here are the…
Started by: glowjupiter · 22.Sep.2016 · Swiss politics/news
4 posts, 13:04 yesterday
Purchasing archery equipment
Started by: Chuff · 18.Jan.2020 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 09:45 yesterday
Multicultural and yet so Swiss...
It's only been 17 days! Not all partying, but doing quite well. Unfortunately, despite all the fun, no one will ever replace Mrs McTavge in my heart in the foreseeable future. That's the bit I don't seem to be able to move on from.:o
Started by: McTAVGE · 17.Jan.2020 · Daily life
2 posts, 09:42 yesterday
Health insurance
Started by: justintheexpat · 18.Jan.2020 · Family matters/health
74 posts, 08:31 yesterday
Good English speaking Hairdressers in Zurich.
I would go to the salon for a consultation and tell them you want a few highlights and not a "half head". I believe I paid about CHF 260 for everything but I had a only few highlights applied. The nice thing is that Belinda does not…
Started by: shonagh · 12.Oct.2010 · Other/general
149 posts, 08:26 yesterday
Info for nurses looking to work in switzerland.
And by the way -- be sure to check out getting the "droit de pratique" in your canton (after receiving your NAREG registration and approval by the Red Cross). Documentation required is different for each canton. For example, Geneva…
Started by: jojo · 3.May.2007 · Employment
2 posts, 08:10 yesterday
How long is the process of marriage recognition…
Started by: Mirriam · 18.Jan.2020 · Family matters/health
70 posts, 07:20 yesterday
People not offering their seat to elderly,…
It's positive discrimination towards the people with mobility issues. Anyhow, they may be the slowest, but given the city size it is like 40 mins end-to-end. And they really reach the end of the world (Stettbach anyone? beautiful…
Started by: Astrea · 2.Jan.2020 · Complaints corner
89 posts, 00:00 yesterday
Car incident
Possibly before hitting other cars. It is fair to say that all the fuss is about your behavior, not the consequence. Why do theSwisses start criminal investigations, with license removal and potentially jail time for people speeding…
Started by: Jgal · 14.Jan.2020 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 23:43 17.Jan.2020
Car Insurance Recommendations
Started by: Thornegator · 17.Jan.2020 · Transportation/driving
26 posts, 23:35 17.Jan.2020
Best country in the world 2020
I get it. Though people brew their own, even there, where beer is still cheaper than bottled water. My family brews, friends...organize weird beer tasting insane bike rides I guess that makes them be happy there.
Started by: k_and_e · 17.Jan.2020 · International affairs/politics
11 posts, 23:24 17.Jan.2020
Pet ownership
Does this really work ? I had 2 cats, a fluffy girl cat who was a total bitch and a big (8kg) male cat (both same age and grew up together) who was absolutely terrified of the fluffy bitch and everybody else, me included. Fluffy…
Started by: zookeeperash · 13.Jan.2020 · Housing in general
4 posts, 22:13 17.Jan.2020
Gruezi / Hi / Salut / Ciao
Started by: Yib · 2.Jan.2020 · Introductions
100 posts, 21:34 17.Jan.2020
Gender inequality
Yeah. Apparently there's someone in the North of England charging over 150 quid a lesson in using femininity and childlike (!) qualities to get your way. It is utterly fascinating. In the way The Handmaid's Tale is...
Started by: ldj · 13.Jan.2020 · Complaints corner
3 posts, 21:30 17.Jan.2020
Uetikon am See - Cleaner recommendation needed
Started by: Clare2009 · 5.Jan.2016 · Housing in general
6 posts, 21:11 17.Jan.2020
Health Insurance - Recommendations
Only the lowest of CHF 300 and highest of CHF 2500 deductibles are worth it. If you are young and never go to the doctor just get the highest and keep the money on the side in case of emergency. Also whatever happens you can always switch…
Started by: erolsoyer · 17.Jan.2020 · Insurance
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Greta Thunberg protests in Lausanne ahead of Davos meet

Greta Thunberg protests in Lausanne ahead of Davos meet

Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg joined several thousand protesters in the streets of Lausanne on Friday, ahead of the Davos summit of world leaders.

Most in Switzerland prefer same-culture marriages: study

Most in Switzerland prefer same-culture marriages: study

A new study shows that while young people in Switzerland are open to the notion of diversity, they prefer to marry someone from the same culture.

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