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15 posts, 00:44 today
Cost of installing charging units for electric…
I can only advise in relation to a Tesla Model 3. Maximum rate of charge A/C (alternating current) of a Tesla is 11kWh. It is almost certain that the system you are considering will be A/C. D/C is much faster and more expensive to…
Started by: meloncollie · 17.Feb.2020 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 00:37 today
Extra Large Cardboard Boxes
Started by: kilns · 17.Feb.2020 · Items wanted
54 posts, 00:13 today
Gotogate.ch warning
I happened to look on swoodoo.de for flights and it forwarded me to seat24.de They charge for seat reservations even though the reservations are free to make on the airline's website. They also added in the seat reservation price twice…
Started by: Batcow · 2.Jul.2014 · Complaints corner
3 posts, 23:53 yesterday
Second address in the same canton
Started by: aceofdiamonds · 17.Feb.2020 · Housing in general
4 posts, 23:47 yesterday
Leaving Switzerland temporarily and health…
Started by: RioImmagina · 17.Feb.2020 · Leaving Switzerland
44 posts, 23:33 yesterday
Dilemma job in zurich vs moscow
Then those people are either lying or not very succesfull in their business in Russia. You will not get anything done in Russia without speaking Russian or having someone speak it for you. As soon as you set foot outside the airport…
Started by: Franzbrotchen · 15.Feb.2020 · Employment
6 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Anybody tried the Ambiano sous vide stick…
I don't have that exact model, but have a similar device (from Lakeland, in the UK) which will probably have been made in the same factory. I assume the Aldi one is a recirculator stick? As previously said, it's a good home machine.…
Started by: ItalianInZuri · 15.Feb.2020 · Food and drink
4 posts, 23:22 yesterday
Conspiracy beliefs on the rise...
Started by: Mythical_L0tus · 17.Feb.2020 · Swiss politics/news
5 posts, 22:54 yesterday
Shipping personal items from US
Started by: ABF2015 · 17.Feb.2020 · Other/general
6 posts, 22:27 yesterday
[Tax return] Apartment (+mortgage) abroad
They ask for evidence for your valuation from time to time - e.g. a purchase contract, market valuation. Had to provide supporting information for a US property for my 2018 tax return (first tax return in Bern).
Started by: Nothing · 12.Feb.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
18 posts, 22:23 yesterday
Adopting ex police or military dogs
Before I get into the subject, do you have experience handling dogs trained to military or police work? Or other working dog experience? If you gave us a little bit more information about your experience as a dog owner to date, the…
Started by: CathHarmony · 4.Dec.2015 · Pet corner
42 posts, 21:39 yesterday
How do I protect myself from my wifes excessive…
Ok. You need to refamiliarise yourself with the meaning of the following: Empowerment Sentences Logical. To slightly misquote Inigo, those words don't mean what you seem to think they mean. Especially the latter. Some…
Started by: RuJoMa · 14.Feb.2020 · Family matters/health
29 posts, 21:38 yesterday
Laundry Etiquette/How to's
Yes, years ago that happened to a male neighbour of mine, too. He was distraught at having been so accused, when there was no truth in that at all, and he kept asking me, over and over: "But what on earth does she think that I would…
Started by: erika · 16.Feb.2020 · Daily life
11 posts, 21:14 yesterday
Car Modifications?
Thanks for the reply. I asked Audi CH for a reverse camera. It’s 2000 chf or thereabouts! £450 in the UK via Audi! Thanks to the rest of the people replying, not that they helped! I have a one year old Audi, camera wasn’t…
Started by: ormesome · 16.Feb.2020 · Transportation/driving
28 posts, 20:40 yesterday
I understand rules are rules but...
My husband rented a 1.5 room furnished studio apartment in Kleinbasel from Jan 2015 - April 2016, 32 m sq. It cost him about 1500 chf a month. It was cleverly done as it was divided into different zones, the bathroom was in the hall and…
Started by: justintheexpat · 16.Feb.2020 · Housing in general
50 posts, 19:57 yesterday
Consumer protection bureau
OP and his wife knew that the landlord only would pay for the master bedroom since that is what they agreed upon. Yet: Extra complication here is that nobody here (not even OP or his wife) know what the repairmen actually said or…
Started by: Danielfb · 16.Feb.2020 · Complaints corner
11 posts, 19:24 yesterday
Welsh expat recently moved to Aarau
Hi, and welcome to the forum and to Switzerland. Here's a fairly recent thread from another mother around your way... though of course it'll depend on where exactly you're each staying, and the logistics. https://www.englishforum...
Started by: OliveH · 9.Feb.2020 · Introductions
17 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Universal Power strip
That's what our desperate OP is looking for. The answer is no, they're not made with Swiss T12 plugs wired to them. But you could always source one from pretty much anywhere outside Switzerland (here's a few from amazon.de), cut the…
Started by: Jamboree · 17.Feb.2020 · Other/general
7 posts, 19:16 yesterday
From Zürich to Basel
For a start, loads of museums and galleries with fantastic exhibition programmes. Then all the fun stuff like Fasnacht, Herbsmesst and the little things throughout the year like jazz festivals. Even my local community centre has stuff…
Started by: Ohlala · 11.Feb.2020 · Introductions
27 posts, 19:07 yesterday
Agents to help with swiss passport
You wrote him an email? That might have scared him off. :eek: ROFL, that's exactly what my British friends used to ask me when these handy little things to make phonecalls with came on the market. Next round was "that's actually a…
Started by: CK7 · 16.Feb.2020 · Other/general
3 posts, 17:57 yesterday
Satzbestmmende Vermögen
Started by: omtatsat · 17.Feb.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
11 posts, 17:29 yesterday
Rental contract question
"Haus" in this context means the building in which the apartment is situated (otherwise they'd have used the word "Wohnung"). In other words, your dog can't be left unattended in the communal areas of the building, the plot on which the…
Started by: MrBurnley · 14.Feb.2020 · Pet corner
1 post, 16:28 yesterday
Sion sous Les Etoiles - 8th - 11th July
Started by: Deep Purple · 17.Feb.2020 · Commercial events
3 posts, 16:15 yesterday
Family mobile subscriptions
Started by: robogobo · 17.Feb.2020 · TV/internet/telephone
71 posts, 16:10 yesterday
Advice: Winter Scarf Buying in ZH ???
Aha, the old "filthy rich people are less moral". Yes, we should all drive a VW Golf, wear the same clothes, live in a standard house, etc - in fact, why live in CH then when you could relocate to DPRK and live in paradise?
Started by: makeabigwish · 5.Dec.2019 · Daily life
2 posts, 15:55 yesterday
Star Wars in Concert - Zurich - 8th March
Started by: bigblue2 · 13.Feb.2020 · Commercial events
1 post, 15:17 yesterday
Terrorist attack stopped in GE on 2019
Started by: Axa · 17.Feb.2020 · Swiss politics/news
14 posts, 14:38 yesterday
Public transport from Zurich to Oberentfelden
It would be easier with a photo but let's try words...the button to request the tram to stop is mounted on a blue panel in the tram station. It has two buttons, each one with an arrow for each direction. The buttons look like the ones…
Started by: gata · 9.Feb.2020 · Transportation/driving
20 posts, 14:05 yesterday
Is there demand for an english speaking physio?
Although my German is functional, I would have appreciated being able to speak to the physiotherapist in English, as my vocab is a little light on the specialty terms. But I'd guess that English would not be in great demand at this…
Started by: petertaylor123 · 29.Jun.2010 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 13:33 yesterday
Telc or Fide?
Started by: higgsboson · 14.Feb.2020 · Language corner
1 post, 23:58 16.Feb.2020
Import car US with signed title.
Started by: chc · 16.Feb.2020 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 21:38 16.Feb.2020
Any e commerce owners here for a chat ?
OK, I'll give you some starter tips. You don't charge MwsT (VAT) to anyone until you can register for MwsT. And you can only do that if your sales are over 100,000 CHF in a year (or in some circumstances you can prove to the tax…
Started by: kosalan · 9.Feb.2020 · Business & entrepreneur
3 posts, 20:05 16.Feb.2020
Tax Declaration when owning Foreing Funds…
Started by: JdG · 16.Feb.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
26 posts, 17:42 16.Feb.2020
Swiss neutrality a shattered image thanks…
Definitely not a non-story. Also the subject is not having done business with foreign governments. Crypto officially mainly did business with foreign governments (Mr. Meier and Mrs. Huber usually don't buy those sophisticated items …
Started by: John William · 16.Feb.2020 · International affairs/politics
144 posts, 17:19 16.Feb.2020
Where to look for jobs with no…
Would you also consider working in a private household? If so, the '24' suite of platforms are a good source: Cleaning/Household help: https://homeservice24.ch... Babysitting/Nannying: https://babysitting24.ch... Senior…
Started by: Kiwi2Swiss · 8.Oct.2014 · Employment
15 posts, 17:08 16.Feb.2020
Tax reduction when spouse becomes unemployed
Don't ask for a longer term contract ... Average earnings over the last 6 or the last 12 months if that is better, it will be if the temporary job pays less. 2 months of 50% would would carry the same weight as 1 month of 100%,…
Started by: willnohelm · 13.Feb.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 16:05 16.Feb.2020
Advice on US taxes
Started by: Dawn N · 16.Feb.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
13 posts, 15:25 16.Feb.2020
Forum time
Started by: omtatsat · 16.Feb.2020 · Forum support
20 posts, 15:23 16.Feb.2020
Medical specialisation/ residency…
Hello Irene Firstly, I have very less idea about French part/hospitals over there. You can start applying for vacancies that interests you.. In your CV, you can mention your GL Number & your recognition status: you could mention in…
Started by: drremobond007 · 3.Apr.2019 · Education
26 posts, 13:02 16.Feb.2020
Scammed on Facebook Marketplace, worth reporting…
So from the seller's perspective it's rather unimportant who's going to get the deal. If they sold it to a dealer they would have probably got the same price, no? If one of my friends or acquaintances would be interested in the car I…
Started by: nasa2000 · 13.Feb.2020 · Daily life
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