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59 posts, 00:16 today
Corona virus - difficult employer situation
I'd appreciate views, both legal and ethical, on the following situation, please. The nurse I know works full-time, as part of a team. They visit many patients, in and out of private homes. all day long. The following situation is…
Started by: Ace1 · 8.Mar.2020 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 23:50 yesterday
Dentists in Ticino / Lugano area
Started by: RASZ · 28.Mar.2020 · Family matters/health
137 posts, 23:47 yesterday
Markets down - Invest now or wait further?
If "the market" is all going to fix it in the long run, why is the FED et.al. pumping absolutely inconceivable amounts of money into it? How would stocks look like if there was no bailout? If the FED can "create" that much money and…
Started by: volver · 12.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 23:40 yesterday
Computer monitor
Started by: yeida · 22.Mar.2020 · Items wanted
4 posts, 22:53 yesterday
Moving house when poor
Started by: justintheexpat · 28.Mar.2020 · Housing in general
23 posts, 22:17 yesterday
Measures that limit one's personal freedom…
Yep, you might be fined. You come all the way from Basel and - unless you own a big bus - can not keep the 2m distance to your friend. You could go shopping for your friend and bring the things to him. That would be helpful and saver.
Started by: NotAllThere · 28.Mar.2020 · Daily life
11 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Any hairdressers available during this Corona…
Bummer OP... I have become quite adept with the shears for my OH. I would offer my services (I actually enjoy trimming my husbands head. - sad I know!); but given the lockdown, not an option for you. Maybe order a pair of shears through…
Started by: Phillip8134 · 28.Mar.2020 · Other/general
52 posts, 21:36 yesterday
Flew out without my B Permit!
If one labels an envelope as ‘documents’ any courier company would accept it. If you label it as passport their rules require them to reject it. BTW we haven’t heard from the OP for some time, I wonder what actually…
Started by: bobob · 21.Mar.2020 · Daily life
26 posts, 21:29 yesterday
Retirement dilemma
I don't disagree but in my experience they will only give packages if they like somebody or they want to silence him. Now with this turmoil even a decent company will not give packages because A) they need to preserve cash otherwise…
Started by: Marsalforn · 27.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
17 posts, 20:53 yesterday
HEC Lausanne Applicants 2019 Sep
Hello guys, I have just received the acceptance e-mail from HEC for the MScF. However, the admission is conditional: "Your final admission is subject to possible additional conditions to be indicated to you by separate mail by the Central…
Started by: GeorgeKP · 17.Feb.2019 · Education
17 posts, 20:24 yesterday
Leaving Winter [tyres] on during Summer
you can do it but avoid long autobahn drives, and drive relaxed with good distance. I wouldn't do this if you commute by car outside of the immediate urban area. I can feel that the winter tires don't hold as well when it gets warm, and…
Started by: Mikers · 23.Mar.2020 · Transportation/driving
36 posts, 18:24 yesterday
Gymnasium preparation course Zurich
The first edition from 2019 has some errors in maths exercises. Now, a second edition is available, hopefully corrected. ISBN: 978-3-03794-328-1 I recommended the book for self-study to two girls I tutored last winter. Both passed the…
Started by: Panther · 30.Jan.2019 · Education
11 posts, 18:22 yesterday
Chemotherapy costs [for dog]
FYI for you kind folks who responded. Vet phoned at 8pm (!) on Friday night to advise that test results are in, and...not at all good. He has offered to book us with an oncologist to get a second opinion, and pricing estimates for chemo,…
Started by: smileygreebins · 25.Mar.2020 · Pet corner
37 posts, 17:33 yesterday
My rights - employer forcing us to take holiday
I am sorry minimmi- do you mean employee (worker) or employer (boss)? In extreme circumstances as we have currently- the Law is one thing- the reality another. If asking employees to take holidays now means the company or business won't…
Started by: SirWinksALot · 26.Mar.2020 · Daily life
7 posts, 17:10 yesterday
Are your bank deposits exposed to potential…
There is always this risk so one should split the cash in various banks. Btw there are ultra wealthy persons that have 50m USD in deposits. Also many many small, medium and large companies have huge bank balances.
Started by: Horatio Gonzales · 28.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 17:06 yesterday
Finding an apartment near Visp
Started by: westernfrontier · 27.Mar.2020 · Housing in general
12 posts, 17:01 yesterday
Inheritance quandry
You can under Swiss law if you're married or have a registered partnership. This is done by an "Ehe- und Erbvertrag" (no idea about the French term), that's an officially registered and mutually applicable combination of matrimonial…
Started by: Phinney · 27.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
13 posts, 16:30 yesterday
Moving to Switzerland due to a new job
Yes, EU residency does not mean i can work in any EU country because I am a German resident! That is 100% correct. I must obtain a job/work permit and certainly can work and live in another EU country beside Germany that I am living…
Started by: westernfrontier · 28.Mar.2020 · Introductions
2 posts, 16:09 yesterday
SEP IRA (American retirement) Questions
Started by: KevinD · 28.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
106 posts, 15:32 yesterday
Grocery and related home delivery during…
You can get such things at Landi, however, you have to order these in advance and collect them. They have suspended their home delivery service. Maybe other retailers offer the same or better. I'll be doing the same for geraniums when/if…
Started by: ipoddle · 16.Mar.2020 · Food and drink
31 posts, 14:48 yesterday
Leaving Switzerland for Netherlands, Norway…
I work for a Danish company and frequently visit the country for work and for pleasure. I can say that it is the only country I would want to live in outside of Switzerland. There is a far greater sense of community there and the…
Started by: Freeman John · 26.Nov.2019 · Leaving Switzerland
12 posts, 13:49 yesterday
RC Planes (Electric glider)
I don't see why not, we're not under curfew yet. I have a Parkzone Radian Pro which I intend to fly in the coming days out in the fields. I'm not that confident flying in the mountains because you get weird thermal activity and landing is…
Started by: fkdstm · 16.Jul.2012 · Other/general
1 post, 13:47 yesterday
Information contradictions over COV19?
Started by: Mr.Maquiavelo · 28.Mar.2020 · Family matters/health
1 post, 13:16 yesterday
Shipping from UK stores
Started by: Funken · 28.Mar.2020 · Other/general
2 posts, 12:47 yesterday
Websites to find apartment for rent in Vaud
Started by: FlyingDove · 28.Mar.2020 · Housing in general
7 posts, 12:43 yesterday
How to ask for a tax reassessment
Hi All: I had a higher income in December 2019 and pay a high tax rate at that month, however my income in other months (January to November 2019) is much lower and after calculation, I think I can get some tax back. Can anyone share…
Started by: ILikeEScooter · 27.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 12:36 yesterday
Correct tax declaration of money received…
Started by: FlyingDove · 28.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
27 posts, 12:28 yesterday
Internet Connection
I notice some slower speeds during the day with Sunrise, but that's with work laptop, 2 MacBook Pros, iPad and phone (plus a bunch of other devices) connected to the network. I was expecting worse, but so far I think it has been fine.
Started by: olygirl · 26.Mar.2020 · TV/internet/telephone
95 posts, 11:47 yesterday
Easyjet cancelled flight & refuse to compensate
You are correct. The reply by Blackbird is unfortunately incorrect in this circumstance. If an airline cancels your flight then it is obliged to give a full refund. I actually just received an email from Swiss stating I was going to…
Started by: saiya-jin · 19.Jul.2017 · Transportation/driving
18 posts, 11:07 yesterday
Work time reduction under Corona
Mine is the same (a job with 0 hours contract, for about 10 months?). You mean I am entitled to the government help? By the way, Before the corona crisis, I was warned against losing my job. Can my employer use this chance to fire me?…
Started by: vinceslas · 25.Mar.2020 · Employment
29 posts, 10:54 yesterday
Question for the English native speakers
It is all over. It is a corporate term, seems like. My VIP Corporare Buddies (yup, I am looking at you, over there :D) have been throwing it around for a while. I am using our coffee table. I don't have enough light elsewhere for live…
Started by: rainer_d · 27.Mar.2020 · Language corner
6 posts, 10:37 yesterday
RAV benefits
The Federal Council issued new regulations regarding RAV and Kurzarbeit (short-time work) as follows (translated): "Coronavirus: Additional measures to support the economy Bern, 25.03.2020 - On 25 March 2020, the Federal Council adopted…
Started by: prsee · 19.Mar.2020 · Employment
29 posts, 10:37 yesterday
Dog walks if family quarantined?
BTW she still runs as fast as a greyhound - she is incredible. One daughter in the UK has 2 young dogs, one a Vizla x - about 1 year now. He needs 2 x at least 1 hour run every day- about 10 km each time. They live in town, so take it…
Started by: DUTCH · 17.Mar.2020 · Family matters/health
8 posts, 08:40 yesterday
Termination was threatened ?
I'm copying my own comment from another thread a bit further down, slightly adapted though: In your case, if 1) is what happened, then I don't think the "warning" was sufficient. There was no mention of subpar behaviour in that initial…
Started by: holbond · 23.Mar.2020 · Employment
101 posts, 23:45 27.Mar.2020
EF Community Corona Helpline
I think you mean you live here, and your dad lives in the UK (not in Switzerland) and you want to go to visit him in the UK. In that case, before you leave Switzerland, make sure you've all the papers with you, that you'll need to…
Started by: lost_inbroad · 15.Mar.2020 · Daily life
23 posts, 22:02 27.Mar.2020
Unfortunately they do not have a Windows 10 app, so it is not possible to download content on your laptop like you can do with Netflix. It is possible on an Android phone or tablet though. Have not tried with iPad yet. The Roku channel…
Started by: Tarypn · 20.Dec.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
13 posts, 20:38 27.Mar.2020
Radiator valve reducing temperature
:eek: a circumcision = remove the knob. Nope. But let's not get too clinical. OP: You should not turn it off completely but set it on "anti-freeze". It will turn cold as well eventually. That's how it is with the only radiator…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 27.Mar.2020 · Housing in general
17 posts, 20:15 27.Mar.2020
Need to dump car Geneva - Urgent
Did OP return number plates? (Doubt it, as he's still able to drive it), having the grey car-papers stamped invalid is most likely a problem just now, insurance runs as long as OP has the number plates. I'd also park it at the garage…
Started by: Gordon Comstock · 23.Mar.2020 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 19:55 27.Mar.2020
UBS Employee Stock Purchase Plan - tax declaration…
Started by: eurozuricher · 22.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
84 posts, 18:41 27.Mar.2020
Sounds Like Age Discrimination
"Ageist" doesn't have to imply stereotyping or derogatory. I was just using it in the technical sense of "discriminatory". Concerning discriminatory, the word has different meanings in British and US English. US English: unfairly…
Started by: Bugsy · 23.Mar.2020 · Daily life
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