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2 posts, 16:28 today
Taking my car from the UK to Switzerland…
Started by: NorthLondonT · 27.Mar.2017 · Transportation/driving
29 posts, 16:27 today
Yoga Studios in Zürich
I can't speak from personal experience, as I've only seen it from the street, but some practitioners I know have been very happy with Yoga am Hottingerplatz. From what I understand it's recently renovated and also easily accessible…
Started by: snsmith27 · 4.Apr.2015 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
7 posts, 16:25 today
New Crowdfunding / Crowdlending platform…
Prettu sure it's a just a similar business model. The site was only launched yesterday so give it a bit more time. Maybe they should say how many projects or requests are open before registration is required. I'll give the guy…
Started by: grumpygrapefruit · 16.Mar.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
1 post, 16:25 today
The best lullaby ever!
Started by: McTAVGE · 27.Mar.2017 · Daily life
33 posts, 16:21 today
Decent & reasonable Indian Food at Zurich
We have an Indian and an Asian grocery in Winterthur. I buy stuff and make simple things myself. I love Indian, but haven't really found anything great, so I might as well try to make it myself. Made a decent biryani a couple of weeks ago,…
Started by: arnav · 5.Dec.2011 · Entertainment & dining
31 posts, 16:11 today
Urgent advice needed --breaking a mortgage
One thing you have to factor in is the gewinsteuer. If you wait another 5 years you will get more profit (if house prices do not tumble). In my Kanton (Aargau) there is a big difference between selling after 5 and 10 years. Perhaps it…
Started by: muffin · 26.Mar.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
15 posts, 15:51 today
Train derailment at the Luzern Station
This happened a couple of hundred metres from where I live. Lots of coming and going of diesel locomotives bringing stuff to/from the scene of the accident this evening, and a crane has been installed presumably to set the tilted coach…
Started by: Th3Alchemist · 22.Mar.2017 · Swiss politics/news
33 posts, 15:50 today
Schooling question for older children
Something else I forgot to say this morning - sometimes it's precisely those children who are intelligent and are used to being well rewarded for their efforts, with good marks at school and praise from all and sundry, who suffer a real…
Started by: jenmat · 25.Mar.2017 · Education
3 posts, 15:41 today
Driving throughout Europe
Started by: Jamboree · 27.Mar.2017 · Transportation/driving
53 posts, 15:38 today
London Bridge is down
William Pitt the Younger was PM at 24; Jared Kushner became president of the US just after his 36th birthday. And of course Victoria ascended (to) the throne just a month after her 18th birthday, and is widely recognised to have done a…
Started by: Sbrinz · 25.Mar.2017 · International affairs/politics
9 posts, 15:33 today
BMW oil change interval - how long?
As above, as the car is being serviced by BMW they will be using the correct spec of longlife oil so going by the indicator is fine. Where you get problems is when people start objecting to paying 20-30CHF per litre for oil and non…
Started by: homesick_alien · 27.Mar.2017 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 15:07 today
Best Home TV/Internet deal
Another only internet (fiber from EWZ) + Zattoo customer here...The free app works quite well (except for some issues with Chromecast) and we're quite happy with it. If you think you need more you can always go for the premium version.
Started by: seanmcg · 27.Mar.2017 · Daily life
12 posts, 14:19 today
Reclaim Billag's illegal VAT: money refund
Why that? Surely it's the collection agency's job to charge VAT and give it to the tax office. If they gave that money to BAKOM my mistake, that in my view is a separater dispute betzween BAKOM and Billag. If I buy an iPad from the…
Started by: CorsebouTheReturn · 27.Mar.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 14:00 today
Quickline Free AiO package?
Started by: Th3Alchemist · 27.Mar.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
21 posts, 13:44 today
To do a 2nd degree as a mature student in CH
I'm currently doing my second degree with the OU (first one was also with the OU), as others have mentioned it is a very well respected and recognised long distance university. If things don't work out with Uni Basel, the OU also offer…
Started by: Ajeethaa · 6.Feb.2017 · Education
7 posts, 13:28 today
Question about sublet
So, I received a reply from the Regie last week stating that the rent I was asking for (50% of my rent + half of what I spend on the internet connection and insurance for the apartment, amounting to a bit less than 60% of the rent in…
Started by: gone · 13.Mar.2017 · Housing in general
15 posts, 12:20 today
Dog Hair, Laundry Room, Apartment, Passive-Aggro…
Take heart that you're not alone in this and have received lots of good advice here. A friend of mine has this issue with her husband objecting to dog hair getting on his laundered clothes, so she washes anything doggy in the keller…
Started by: RedSoloCup · 26.Mar.2017 · Pet corner
93 posts, 12:16 today
Summer Time clock change
and now the "high point " of the sun is at 1300 not 1200. And all of the weather reports give the temp at 12 but they should give it at 1300 as thats the maximum for the sun. Its simply a schiessdreck!!
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 23.Mar.2015 · Daily life
26 posts, 12:04 today
Cat using sink as litter box
It is generally recommended to keep at least one litter box, even if your cat goes outside. If you want to reduce the maintenance hassle, get the crystal type litter that only requires you to change it once a month (apart from removing…
Started by: njusta83 · 23.Mar.2017 · Pet corner
26 posts, 11:46 today
Arriving pregnant, how long to wait for…
She will need to be officially registered in Switzerland. Thereafter she will be obliged to take Swiss health insurance which will cover her for the pregnancy and birth. If she needs to be signed off sick while here, her doctor can…
Started by: Glogg · 19.Dec.2007 · Family matters/health
1 post, 11:45 today
4G Connectivity for Salt near Bahnhof Stettbach
Started by: Ciuccio · 27.Mar.2017 · TV/internet/telephone
2 posts, 11:35 today
Standing Fan
Started by: Abhilasha · 27.Mar.2017 · Items wanted
3 posts, 11:30 today
Champittet Nyon - Recent Feedback
Started by: franchan · 23.Mar.2017 · Education
10 posts, 11:12 today
Mothers' Day or not Mothers' Day, that is…
When my mother was alive she always got a mothers day card no matter where I was in the world, my wife with 2 adult kids from her 1st marriage never gets a card for mothers day, birthday or Christmas or presents from them, because they are…
Started by: McTAVGE · 26.Mar.2017 · Daily life
11 posts, 10:56 today
Moving - shipping boxes
I'd use strong, double-walled boxes (i.e. not those from Ikea, Migros Screw-it-all etc). Boxes moved with consolidation may get moved and stacked a few times. Weak boxes may not survive. We got our last lot from here. They…
Started by: nomad66 · 27.Feb.2017 · Leaving Switzerland
13 posts, 10:50 today
Scottish Newbie to the English Forum
Hi I'm Mags,glad to join you. I've been in Switzerland for just over 2 years. Have managed to learn Deutsch to B1 level and have worked in a Swiss Salon as Hairdresser for a year,(which I've just resigned from!). Live with my husband and…
Started by: Fleming Hair · 26.Mar.2017 · Introductions
8 posts, 10:43 today
Spouse second (very) small income
Not related to your question but you may still be interested: It seems the easiest way is to present things in a way that your wife's annual net income is below 2'300.- in which case AHV is only collected upon your wife's explicit…
Started by: John_H · 26.Mar.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 10:34 today
Getting a scooter - Small things that can…
Started by: HIAO · 26.Mar.2017 · Daily life
2 posts, 10:32 today
Question regarding taxes partially paid…
Started by: aviscido · 27.Mar.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
18 posts, 10:23 today
Bern mountain biking this winter mtb
Hoi Andre, Ein gute besserung! I'm thinking of heading out on Wednesday evening at around 19:00, with the time change there should be an hour or so before the sun sets, so yes, lights are mandatory. Cheers, Allan.
Started by: Scottie_CH · 9.Oct.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
10 posts, 10:21 today
PMP exam training provider in Switzerland
ZHAW, Zurich school of management and law in winterthur has an 8 week evening school for PMP and CAPM (in English). I did it between october and december last year. The value is ok, its 2,700 CHF and includes online exam sim and Ritas…
Started by: Fora · 17.Oct.2014 · Education
7 posts, 09:10 today
Talking about resilience and humour...
Started by: McTAVGE · 26.Mar.2017 · Other/general
28 posts, 09:07 today
Shops for Scotch Malt Whisky?
I'm not an expert but friends told me that you can find some very good bottles and rarities at this shop in Zurich: Gnüsserei Produktionen Giessereistrasse 18 Im Puls 5 8005 Zürich / Schweiz https://www.gnuesserei.c...
Started by: gzhtub · 20.Oct.2016 · Food and drink
107 posts, 09:02 today
Scottish independence referendum number…
I think both POVs lack logic. Basically, any country can use any freely convertible currency they chose as their legal one. For instance Andorra, Kosovo, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Vatican City all have the Euro as their legal…
Started by: Sbrinz · 14.Mar.2017 · International affairs/politics
15 posts, 09:02 today
FBAR - excess of 10,000?
just report the highest level of each account during the year. Both will be below 10K and your filing wont raise an eyebrow. Your tax dollars at work... BTW - I have access / authority over 7 different accounts in 4 denominations.…
Started by: M. Ploymi · 26.Mar.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
1 post, 08:59 today
Betel leaf
Started by: fromsiggenthal · 27.Mar.2017 · Food and drink
29 posts, 02:37 today
How do I find work in Switzerland O.O
Have you considered doing something like this? https://berufsberatung.c... You should look into professional orientation services for adults in your canton, they probably have counselling and whatnot. Maybe they're useless and will only…
Started by: Mischka · 26.Feb.2016 · Employment
146 posts, 02:15 today
Would like to talk to others who don't drink…
Here's a free on-line support service about alcohol and drug use: This link shows three ads for the Safe Zone. Though the site is in German, if you think you (or someone you know) needs help, please don't let the language put you off. …
Started by: Dog · 19.Sep.2015 · Introductions
5 posts, 23:25 yesterday
Day trip on Panoramic train from Montreux
Started by: Margit · 26.Mar.2017 · Travel/day trips/free time
50 posts, 23:21 yesterday
Caught running a red light
The interesting thing is that there's an optimal range, IIRC 4-7secs, for the duratin of the yellow phase. Beyond that threshold many people start gambling and the number of red light runners increases substantially. So if it really…
Started by: jmf · 19.Mar.2017 · Transportation/driving
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