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20 posts, 16:18 today
Cash vs ETF; tax on interests vs capital gains
I couldn't say for sure, but I'd expect all income and gains on bonds to be taxed as income as they are in substance income. e.g. if you buy a zero coupon bond for 90 and sell it for 100, then you could tax the capital gain of 10 as…
Started by: 2x2 · 3.Feb.2023 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 16:13 today
EU Trailer Question
Started by: Spinal · 6.Feb.2023 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 16:06 today
Multiple Driving Licenses
"Residence" is such a vague term though. What do you mean by resident? I am tax resident in the UK (as there >45 days and meet a few other criteria); but also am resident in Switzerland (C permit). I also am a resident in another…
Started by: Spinal · 6.Feb.2023 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 16:05 today
Noise at 05:25
Depends on your city, I guess. I'm fairly much of the mind that they have a job to do, and that they have to get on with it. This incident really is the fault of the concrete deliverer - I'm sure the project manager was pretty annoyed…
Started by: NotAllThere · 6.Feb.2023 · Complaints corner
4 posts, 16:00 today
Confusing Serafe bill
Started by: itsjess · 6.Feb.2023 · TV/internet/telephone
21 posts, 15:55 today
2023 Swiss salary survey information
Aren't we all? Anyway I think that the sample is still a bit small and missing some professions. Also I'm surprised how high are paid some receptionist and AA compared how low are paid some management positions like Axa…
Started by: Cider Woman · 2.Feb.2023 · Employment
34 posts, 15:31 today
Help needed - Flat tire
Haven't had a flat tire in Rou for a long time. (I have personally never had any, but my dad used to carry all the necessary stuff when we were kids) You've been there in the nineties, most probably. Now of course I can't guarantee for…
Started by: ozksean · 4.Feb.2023 · Daily life
4 posts, 15:24 today
Robert Mayr - real estate agent
Started by: Dulwich · 19.Nov.2021 · Housing in general
54 posts, 15:22 today
Red Alert - Chinese spy balloon tracked…
There will be more than 99 Red Balloons ( in this case Red Lanterns ) being launched across China today as the 5th February is the day of the Chinese Lantern Festival. Of course NORAD will be overwhelmed if any number of them reach the…
Started by: John William · 3.Feb.2023 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 15:17 today
Matura Final Note
Are you sure about that? Does it vary depending on the canton and/or school? It’s not the case for the lycée here in Neuchâtel where one of my students is currently in the middle of his maturity. Here’s the extract from…
Started by: SNG · 5.Feb.2023 · Education
37 posts, 15:05 today
Jelmoli Zürich closing.
Not in the least, it was just a general observation. It is so easy to buy whatever we ned from Amazon, Galaxus or who ever, why should i bother going downtown, paying & parking my car, lugging whatever back to the car when i can so…
Started by: pauljay · 6.Feb.2023 · Daily life
15 posts, 13:13 today
Tenant wants another key
It is a lot for a key, but coming at it from a tenant perspective (as a tenant myself) I would absolutely expect to pay for that myself. I don't think the landlord should have to cover that cost. But as others have said, make sure…
Started by: markalex · 6.Feb.2023 · Housing in general
4 posts, 12:07 today
Kantonalen Prüfung-Bern
Started by: sailorimc · 29.Nov.2022 · Education
4 posts, 12:06 today
BBC TV news channels to merge, 3 presenters…
Started by: Reb77Br · 27.Jan.2023 · International affairs/politics
85 posts, 12:06 today
Growing population and infrastructure not…
And your pension too (or part of it) is in one of these pension funds...oder? I think you'd be lucky to find an apartment managed by a pension fund because in my experience the rents are a bit lower than the ones on the free market.…
Started by: Raspberry · 15.Jan.2023 · Complaints corner
20 posts, 11:33 today
Is CHF 70,000 a year enough in Zurich?
Zürich city or Zürich canton? Rents are high on the city, so finding a place to live for 1,500 CHF is a challenge. Willing to pay more is kind of useless because landlords expect tenant does not pay more than 30% of income in…
Started by: nebara · 4.Feb.2023 · Daily life
6 posts, 11:11 today
Leash Obligation [canton Zurich]
Just to expand on this a bit as a hunter and a dog person, this isn't really accurate. There are certain, strict circumstances hunters can legally, but very rarely do, shoot dogs that are repeat offenders at chasing and wounding animals…
Started by: CherryTree2014 · 10.Jan.2023 · Pet corner
5 posts, 10:20 today
Hospitalisation in Basel Stadt for a resident…
Started by: Florianro · 5.Feb.2023 · Family matters/health
9 posts, 10:08 today
French sockets in Swiss house - Electrical…
So that's why! I did not know that... but having fiddled with the plugs in both countries I can tell you the swiss system is much less easy to fiddle with, as the wires are not so pliable. Getting the plug or switch boxes back…
Started by: Disjoint · 5.Feb.2023 · Housing in general
8 posts, 08:18 today
Can I choose surgeon?
With traditional basic insurance (standard model), you are free to choose a doctor and you can decide for yourself within your own canton of residence and at your place of work which doctor or specialist you want to be treated by. The…
Started by: elenoire · 5.Feb.2023 · Insurance
5 posts, 06:15 today
Spanish guy moving to Buchs
Started by: FlexxBack · 3.Feb.2023 · Introductions
4 posts, 22:58 yesterday
Taxes when lending money to a partner
Started by: trixxiee · 4.Feb.2023 · Finance/banking/taxation
17 posts, 21:28 yesterday
Tax: Should I declare my salary in Germany?
OP I answered too fast as had misunderstood your situation - sorry for that Given the earning in Germany were before you moved here, you are not obliged to declare them but if I were you I would if they are lower than your Swiss…
Started by: nanay · 4.Feb.2023 · Finance/banking/taxation
15 posts, 20:21 yesterday
Recommendation wanted: Low fat food for a dog
I don't know the Harmony products, but I took a peek at the ingredients - looks good. Beef over 60% - and at only 7 % or 4% fat that's a lot lower than other Halbfeucht foods. The only question I would have is why is the beef version so…
Started by: Snoopy · 27.Jan.2023 · Pet corner
5 posts, 18:53 yesterday
Looking for a (quick and easy) rehearsal…
Started by: Benny Bananas · 5.Feb.2023 · Other/general
7 posts, 18:48 yesterday
Saron - Bank margins?
There are mortgage brokers here in Geneva that will help you shop around for a mortgage. I always used brokers in the UK, here in Geneva they were highly competent, but I had a really good rate from my bank and the broker told me to just…
Started by: volver · 1.Feb.2023 · Housing in general
3 posts, 18:39 yesterday
Bed head vinyl fabric broken, where to fix?
Started by: Mr.Maquiavelo · 5.Feb.2023 · Daily life
33 posts, 13:47 yesterday
Where to buy baking soda?
The bigger apothekes will sell it to you super cheap. Not sure what they use it for, but I can usually get about 2 cups of it for 3chf (versus the tiny pouches at Coop/Migros). I also buy cream of tartar from them. They'll look at you like…
Started by: szdro · 24.Apr.2017 · Food and drink
6 posts, 13:09 yesterday
Tax declarations in CH & DE for a Gränzpandler
Long time I thought so... but I was wrong. Grenzgänger are professionals who live in Germany but work in Switzerland and commute regularly. However, they are not to be confused with Grenzpendlern. Grenzpendler, in turn, come from…
Started by: SlyMaximus · 5.Feb.2023 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 12:37 yesterday
Geneva School of Diplomacy & International…
Maybe it's me being used to good public schools, but I don't see why one should join a private school, not recognized, costing 35k CHF, when public universities in the area are relatively high in the world ranking and cost hundreds of…
Started by: Nocando · 4.Feb.2023 · Education
19 posts, 12:32 yesterday
Public vs Private schools decision - open…
Perhaps not what the OP had in mind but years ago an English organization for expats held an 'open house' in Nyon to understand how public school system works en Suisse & what you can expect FWIW, I found it very helpful - I mostly…
Started by: MitzEclipse · 22.Jan.2023 · Education
40 posts, 12:10 yesterday
Can you choose a school by moving to the…
Indeed. The french speaking cantons have a different approach to the German ones and no doubt Ticino is totally different from all of them. In Neuchâtel there aren’t even two levels in secondary, the classes are all mixed but with…
Started by: StarJam · 2.Feb.2023 · Education
2 posts, 10:10 yesterday
Hall of Shame
Started by: robBob · 5.Feb.2023 · TV/internet/telephone
22 posts, 10:08 yesterday
Best schools, services, lifestyle in Central…
Here's a recent article on the entire tax situation, most people not already familiar with the tax system will be interested. It provides not only a good overview but also a tax calculator by municipality based on gross income (take that…
Started by: vegemiteandpizza · 9.Jan.2023 · Education
4 posts, 22:09 04.Feb.2023
Educational apps for iPad (Primarshule)
Started by: AcidSyrup · 1.Feb.2023 · Education
52 posts, 14:49 04.Feb.2023
Bedtime for kids on sleep-overs?
Our oldest came home from a pyjama party this morning, and reported that lights-out was at 11pm. My kiddo eventually went to sleep at 2am, with a few others staying up until 4am. Needless to say, they were little zombies this morning. …
Started by: Tom1234 · 3.Feb.2023 · Family matters/health
3 posts, 13:21 04.Feb.2023
Couples therapist Zurich
Started by: jennytaliyah · 26.Jul.2022 · Family matters/health
49 posts, 12:35 04.Feb.2023
Advice on train from Zug to Malpensa (Milan)…
That's not a bad rate for an airport Sheraton. But, with just a one-hour drive, I prefer to bite the bullet and leave early or spend the night in my own bed. The road down from Ponte Tresa over the hill to Varese is ok and there is…
Started by: NSchulzi · 16.Mar.2010 · Transportation/driving
17 posts, 22:34 03.Feb.2023
Remote/coworking facilities - libraries?…
I'm at uni in Bern, access to the library is for everyone, same in St Gallen. At exam time you might struggle to get a seat if you arrive after 9.30, otherwise no problem. Haven't been to other cities' uni libraries to know. Think the…
Started by: vegemiteandpizza · 31.Jan.2023 · Daily life
9 posts, 21:41 03.Feb.2023
Sticker with name for post box.
Is it a house or an apartment? I have not lived in an apartment in decades, but in both cases when I did the one landlord took care of the name plates himself and the other required you to get them from a specific supplier as the both…
Started by: MarekDublin · 2.Feb.2023 · Daily life
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