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48 posts, 10:56 today
Christmas in October? Stop it now
There is loads of Hallowe'en crap everywhere. They just clear that away and it's (Zurich) Fasnacht crap. The Christmas crap is already there but it really steps forward once those two events are out of the way. Or at least that's…
Started by: omtatsat · 21.Oct.2018 · Daily life
38 posts, 10:52 today
VOIP alternatives to Switzernet?
Dear H in CH, After about one week of busy signals the service is back in working order for me. I have been going through several spouts of problems with their services over the last 7 years or so and got the impression they are…
Started by: neddie · 29.Oct.2016 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 10:40 today
Anyone had trouble with their Macbook Pro…
I bought mine in october 2016 also. 2 weeks ago i was in the UK and took it to the apple store in liverpool. They said it was a manufacturing fault, took it off me and replaced the screen and lid, i picked it up two days later. All…
Started by: fduvall · 26.Sep.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
1 post, 10:39 today
GP in Belp and surrounding villages-…
Started by: EastEnders · 23.Oct.2018 · Family matters/health
63 posts, 10:34 today
Interesting new approach to treating multiple…
Multiple sclerosis: Swiss researchers discover a revolutionary treatment By Raphaëlle de Tappie Swiss researchers have succeeded in developing an effective treatment to combat the progression of multiple sclerosis without any side…
Started by: Verbier · 21.Nov.2009 · Family matters/health
1 post, 10:32 today
Transferring money to UK
Started by: Inselaeffli · 23.Oct.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 10:13 today
Moving from Brisbane to ZH
Started by: corinnev · 23.Oct.2018 · Introductions
1 post, 10:08 today
Warning eMoney accounts.
Started by: fatmanfilms · 23.Oct.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
18 posts, 09:32 today
La Redoute Scam
Do not claim it's a scam! Write factual, best listing the events simply and clearly, mention what email copies you're adding to the letter (annexe: your email of 1.1.18, my email of 5.1.18 ... Skip the emotions, this is business. And…
Started by: Ola from Canada · 22.Oct.2018 · Complaints corner
6 posts, 09:18 today
Basic accommodation for itinerant workers
Around here there are hostels run by different organisations or the state. These are different from the international youth hostel. You rent by the month, typically have own room, shared kitchen and toilet facilities. The ones I am most…
Started by: Dougal's Breakfast · 22.Oct.2018 · Housing in general
1 post, 09:16 today
Best Win 10 workhorse capable of VM's for 2k ?
Started by: Mikers · 23.Oct.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
98 posts, 09:01 today
Khashoggi in Saudi Embassy.
Every little detail of this story was obvious since day one, just the chopped body is missing. Reason why it takes this long to get the truth out on media is merely due to the US protecting the Saudis, taking further advantage from…
Started by: omtatsat · 12.Oct.2018 · International affairs/politics
20 posts, 08:34 today
Alimony- guidance figure/percent of salary
For a single person with no dependents the poverty line is 2.2k, for a couple with 2 children it is 4.05k, therefore, 4k as a single person is not low, for many people, that supports a family. It might not be in a high tax bracket, but…
Started by: NikGreenlandPlace · 21.Oct.2018 · Daily life
3 posts, 07:21 today
Looking for someone to install Washing machine
Started by: DeeBee · 22.Oct.2018 · Housing in general
8 posts, 07:18 today
Speciality training for foreign doctor/work…
Welcome to the forum. :) First you need to get your qualifications recognised. You are a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist or chiropractor and would like to work in Switzerland? Contact: Federal Office of Public Health…
Started by: FMHLopes · 20.Nov.2015 · Employment
6 posts, 04:44 today
Einzelfirma - Non EU B permit holder
"People who do not require a permit to take up gainful employment People with a permanent residence permit (C permit) People entering the country in the course of family reunification (B permit) who may engage in gainful…
Started by: eiram · 22.Oct.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
7 posts, 00:25 today
People inthe romandie are a bunch of druggies!
Um, since when was Basel City in the French speaking part. :p "The results also show large disparities across Switzerland. The canton of Basel City appears as most affected by far, with an average of 17 hospitalisations per 1,000…
Started by: st2lemans · 22.Oct.2018 · Swiss politics/news
6 posts, 23:47 yesterday
Drivers license- marriage name change-Geneva
The payment is controlled by the canton, maybe not all cantn's have the new machines, i did a license about 8 moths ago, took 20 minutes from entering the building in Blecherette (VD) to leaving with a new license.
Started by: nikkitay · 22.Oct.2018 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 22:13 yesterday
How to subscribe to individual forums via RSS
Simple way to find the forum-id - click the "New Thread" button, and it's the number after the f= in the URL. Even better would be an RSS feed of subscriptions, but vBulletin forums say that isn't possible because it requires…
Started by: cyberkizin · 25.Jan.2012 · Forum support
28 posts, 22:03 yesterday
Renovations on the apartment block - compensation…
You can legally get around 15 per cent reduction during months of heavy drilling and noise. Ask in writing to your landlord, who in turn will ask in writing to the company doing the work. It can be paid in arrears. The landlord should…
Started by: NickP · 23.May.2007 · Housing in general
101 posts, 21:56 yesterday
Leaving to live in the EU & cashing in a…
I had 2 pension funds Swiss Life & Axa Winterthur, both charged 500 to be transferred to PICTET one was transferred after leaving C.H. PICTET then charged 500 when I cashed out roughly 7 months after leaving CH.
Started by: fatmanfilms · 5.Jun.2015 · Finance/banking/taxation
23 posts, 21:14 yesterday
Place to buy 2 by 4 lumber in Switzerland
It may be less than optimal if the screw bores into the wood (perhaps not enough grip and risk of spliting the pole). Something along this design (perhaps with a very different look) where two metal parts of the Möbelfuss are essentially…
Started by: walkerwalker · 19.Oct.2018 · Other/general
102 posts, 21:05 yesterday
Caught driving without a license - question
If repaired properly thats irrelevant, almost every 2 year second hand car has had some paint work when offered for sale. It's classified as accident free unless written off. Rowan Atkinson's Mclaran had the highest insurance claim…
Started by: bigblue2 · 18.Oct.2018 · Transportation/driving
6 posts, 20:44 yesterday
Where to backpack, the "real" way i.e. no…
Indeed. Check this for updates. Atm probably best not to light a fire at all. And do check local regulations - a lot of stuff in Switzerland comes right down to commune/gemeinde (city/town/village) level when it comes to what…
Started by: BurnerTinny · 22.Oct.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
27 posts, 20:22 yesterday
Shopping at Foxtown is it worth it ?
When an airline damaged one of my Rimowas it took 4 months before I got it back, as these days they have to be sent to Belgium for aome reason. It's put me off getting another apart from hand luggage. Have to admit, though, I love…
Started by: andreacardona · 20.Oct.2018 · Other/general
6 posts, 18:47 yesterday
Working in Pfäffikon - Freienbach SZ -…
Einsiedeln is a nice little town with an easy commute down to Pfäffikon. Taxes higher than Feienbach but still much lower than anywhere in Zurich. If you like the outdoors, it’s great as you have everything at your doorstep.
Started by: StarForce · 21.Oct.2018 · Housing in general
3 posts, 18:37 yesterday
Buying something that can only be sent to…
Started by: chinensis8 · 22.Oct.2018 · Other/general
20 posts, 17:01 yesterday
MFK test for car
E-Mail or Telephone (see Disposition Fahrzeugprüfungen) Applies to BS as well as BL. https://www.baselland.ch... TCS Füllinsdorf no longer offers MFK checks. https://www.tcs.ch/de/de... But you are free (See directive…
Started by: swisspak · 12.Aug.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
13 posts, 17:01 yesterday
Rav Payment after going part time
So we’re all saying one and the same thing ;) Conclusion: If the OP’s wife wants to work part-time the RAV won’t be subsidizing her for the difference to 100% unless she: a) Is willing to work 100% (which she is…
Started by: kilns · 22.Oct.2018 · Employment
12 posts, 16:02 yesterday
Electrician recommendation
Hi, I am highly recommending fellow EF member electrician OFX. He came over and hung very heavy chandelier and another two ceiling lamps very quickly. I contacted him yesterday and he came over today and finished the job in no time. He…
Started by: Sandpiper · 9.Mar.2015 · Housing in general
3 posts, 15:40 yesterday
Started by: weetruffle · 22.Oct.2018 · Housing in general
6 posts, 15:13 yesterday
Broken suitcase with Swiss, reimbursed (good…
It can be really easy, I sent an email & within 24 hours was given a form asking for banking details. Within 24 hours of returning the form I was informed its been approved & payment will shortly be made. Unfortunately the nominated…
Started by: alsion · 22.Oct.2018 · Daily life
5 posts, 14:51 yesterday
Interlaken and surrounding areas for 1-2…
Started by: bellachattree · 22.Oct.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 14:46 yesterday
Hello from Hungary
Started by: Gazso · 21.Oct.2018 · Introductions
16 posts, 14:41 yesterday
Legality in Exiting Sub-let contract early…
Newsflash to you - she doesn't give a single f**k about your employer and what he has to say. Money only. No. It should be reasonable though for her to review given the circumstances. What's reasonable is ultimately up to the courts to…
Started by: NPinZH · 14.Oct.2018 · Housing in general
1 post, 14:26 yesterday
Wood Carving
Started by: cvanci · 22.Oct.2018 · Daily life
11 posts, 13:49 yesterday
Dentist recommendation
Hi LuganoPirate, you have somewhat misunderstood me. I wasn't rooting specifically for Swiss dentists; sadly, there are plenty of examples of rip-offs in Switzerland by colleagues of ours as I had previously written in other posts (and…
Started by: Bellanana · 13.Oct.2018 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 13:49 yesterday
Renting a car in Japan: CH license wont work...
Started by: Treverus · 22.Oct.2018 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 13:41 yesterday
Orthodontic Treatment in Germany
I went to see an orthodontist in Zug. At the moment I'm waiting for a quote for the Invisalign treatment. The friendly doctor said it's going to be nowhere near the prices that were mentioned in the thread. Well...we shall see...I will…
Started by: amybum · 31.Oct.2017 · Family matters/health
2 posts, 13:36 yesterday
Horseback riding near Kilchberg
Started by: bellachattree · 22.Oct.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
The Local Switzerland
Stuffed frogs and sewing machines: Switzerland’s strangest museums

Stuffed frogs and sewing machines: Switzerland’s strangest museums

It may be a small country, but Switzerland has a lot of museums.

Call for more vaccinations after record year for tick infections

Call for more vaccinations after record year for tick infections

Swiss authorities are set to widen the net for vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis after a record year for infections.

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan says

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan says 'sex was consensual' in French rape case

Swiss Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, charged with raping two women in France, claimed Monday that he had consensual sex with both of them after previously denying any physical contact.

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