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2 posts, 18:52 today
Medical note required for spouse…
Started by: Susie-Q · 27.Sep.2022 · Family matters/health
37 posts, 18:51 today
Parliamentary Election in Italy
Sure... but: the Fratelli d Italia have chosen a tricolored flame as their logo. The exact same flame which was used by MSI from the 40s till the 90s. That was a neo-fascist party found by members of the Mussolini regime. Fascists…
Started by: Linnéa UZH · 25.Sep.2022 · International affairs/politics
11 posts, 18:34 today
The fountains in Zurich.
That's supreme governmental efficiency :D Save on electricity and water use, avoid the need for a separate garbage bin, but still get the population to drop waste in one spot so the garbage collectors have an easy job.
Started by: pauljay · 26.Sep.2022 · Other/general
3 posts, 17:53 today
Looking for temporary accommodation in/around…
Started by: Nube · 5.Sep.2022 · Property wanted
3 posts, 17:30 today
18 year old car just died… easiest way…
Started by: Bossa Nova · 27.Sep.2022 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 17:29 today
Beware with spell checkers
Started by: robBob · 27.Sep.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
8 posts, 17:15 today
Car from UK
If you keep it in Switzerland for less than a year, you do not need to officially import it. If you officially import it, expect to pay a substantial sum in getting it approved (equivalent to type approval in the UK), as it's unlikely a…
Started by: kilns · 27.Sep.2022 · Transportation/driving
7 posts, 16:54 today
How can I check if i have unpaid speeding…
Depends on the rental company. Some just give the details to the police who then send the fines out. But don't worry, if there are outstanding fines and they stop you at the border, they send you to a small room where you wait till an…
Started by: meklermoshe · 26.Aug.2015 · Transportation/driving
24 posts, 16:39 today
Rant about the UK passport office
FWIW I had a SMS from DHL that the passport would be delivered today. No time specified - and still waiting. Is there a DHL-gripes thread I can make use of? The Dutch one requires the applicant to fill out a form online - using a…
Started by: catandmouse · 23.Sep.2022 · Complaints corner
10 posts, 16:30 today
Foreign Credit Card Transactions: Always…
Sometimes Revolut does not work, for example using it as a hold for a car rental or when checking into a hotel. So indeed, if using a credit card, always pay in the foreign currency and let the cc company convert it to your billing…
Started by: goffredo · 27.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 16:12 today
Started by: Bookemdanno · 27.Jun.2022 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
104 posts, 14:24 today
Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine
And the rhetoric seems to be heating up on both sides of the fence. Russia seems to be under the impression that they can use nukes without the west retaliating and Biden is all: „Draw whenever you are ready, Bud!“
Started by: Phil_MCR · 21.Sep.2022 · International affairs/politics
8 posts, 13:49 today
Train, Mobility, motorbike or car? Which…
With Mobility, I guess you would be using the "Return" mode where you return the car back where you took it from (i.e. at the airport), right? Otherwise the OneWay system doesn't seem to work for your situation (there is a OneWay station…
Started by: antonio · 23.Sep.2022 · Transportation/driving
19 posts, 13:39 today
Tax difference after marriage: wife working…
I'm sure they won't, but I am already in contact with them, but I need more information about the requirements of the Swiss authorities, what the right course of action is, and if it is even possible...
Started by: pk86 · 3.Jun.2014 · Finance/banking/taxation
2 posts, 13:19 today
The Clangers fans over the moon about NASA…
Started by: John William · 27.Sep.2022 · International affairs/politics
24 posts, 13:15 today
Britain's Liz Truss sees France as a likely foe
That depends...does she see her job as Prime Minister as doing what is best for the country, or does she see it as trying to ensure a perpetual ruling state for her (current) political party. I think we all know the answer.
Started by: John William · 26.Aug.2022 · International affairs/politics
16 posts, 13:10 today
Cracked bumper and MFK
Yes a visual check of brake disc thickness, and pad thickness if visible. My brakes were working absolutely perfectly on the rollers, and the brake disk surface was perfectly flat. There was that lip from wear on the outer edge. One…
Started by: amparo · 25.Dec.2021 · Transportation/driving
9 posts, 12:52 today
Baden or Aarau?
First time I was at the Turkish shop in Buchs, I was greeted in Turkish. Around here, I've had the chance to learn enough Italian to learn enough Italian to enjoy a vacation in IT speaking places. There's also a lot of people from…
Started by: BarbHurtel · 26.Sep.2022 · Introductions
6 posts, 12:05 today
Supplementary insurance
Thanks for your replies everyone. To clarify, I am fine with getting a complementary coverage that excludes my current condition. What I want is to have the most comprehensive access to doctor and treatments and lower wait times for…
Started by: Nedlec · 27.Sep.2022 · Insurance
11 posts, 11:36 today
Suspicious / bad recruiters
I get calls and emails from my resume 25 years ago for junior programming positions. As pointed out by others, recruiting is more a quantity game than a quality game. Recruiters try to get as many resumes and CVs as they can in front of…
Started by: Genfersee · 20.Sep.2022 · Daily life
20 posts, 09:56 today
Getting out of a Sunrise Contract early?
Today there's a QoQa Sunrise offer, I was looking at the contract and I saw this. Is it legal to require that the contract must be cancelled only by phone/chat??? I thought that the required, and definite, way was doing it via post .
Started by: mikegray · 22.Jul.2021 · TV/internet/telephone
16 posts, 09:38 today
New Telephone Scam?
Do you remember in the olden days when you used to answer the phone by reciting your own phone number? Or did I misremember that? I tend to answer with my family name these days (xxx speaking) when I don't know the number or in german…
Started by: BritS · 13.Sep.2022 · Daily life
5 posts, 23:46 yesterday
Declaring directorships & shareholdings
Started by: poot · 25.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
42 posts, 23:04 yesterday
Sept. 25 Vote
Latest update 25.09.22 16h09 ---... - Factory farming NO: 64.8% NO in all cantons except in BS. Basel-Stadt is probably the only canton that doesn't have farms with livestock. ---... - VAT 8.1%/2.6%/3.8% YES: 54.0% YES in all…
Started by: st2lemans · 22.Sep.2022 · Swiss politics/news
83 posts, 22:53 yesterday
Help! Need to report indecent exposure to…
GM's quote explicitly excludes nudity, speculatively of course, as the reason where she talks about exposure. One obvious such imperfection is being fat, especially when it comes to Americans as one might be led to think of due her…
Started by: jepoy · 13.Aug.2022 · Daily life
13 posts, 21:43 yesterday
Where to meet new people in Basel?
Generally, you will meet people in Switzerland, like all over, by being active and joining groups, whatever they are. In Switzerland, for most people, this doesn't come for free and you'll have to put in some work. Do your best to find…
Started by: rotblau · 24.Sep.2022 · Daily life
6 posts, 21:11 yesterday
Tax Refund in Germany: iPhone?
You may have missed this article last week, that states that CH is the cheapest place within Europe to buy the iPhone 14 - given the FX rates currently, and that Apple Switzerland do not update their prices accordingly, I expect that…
Started by: Spinal · 26.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
26 posts, 18:39 yesterday
Motorcycle license
Yeah, the same as A- . I guess it's just a terminology issue. Sorry for the confusion. As far as your original question is concerned: you need 12 hours if you don't already have the A1 license. Reduced to 4 if you have that. Other…
Started by: Neto · 23.Mar.2022 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 18:15 yesterday
Rules for what you can put in your oil tank…
The house I live in now, had the previous tenant (family member of the owner) store a lot of gardening tools (simple wood and metal, nothing electric/with an engine), salt for the parking spots, various boxes and vases, chariot etc that…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 25.Sep.2022 · Housing in general
6 posts, 15:18 yesterday
Bring Spanish car to Switzerland
Thank you very much for you helpful answers. So where can I get those forms? When I cross the border in the customs? I've never crossed the Swiss border driving, I guess someone would stop me and I should explain this, right? What if…
Started by: Praire · 14.Sep.2022 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 12:54 yesterday
Keeping Swiss bank account- UK citizen
Started by: bebegim · 26.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
76 posts, 12:39 yesterday
Solar for the home
Not sure when you got your panels, but now you can get 1kWp for 400CHF. You need to add on a bit for mounting system (in my case zero as enough leftover). But you are right that the big one would be if you cross your inverter limit.
Started by: Penelopy · 9.May.2022 · Daily life
3 posts, 11:35 yesterday
Pas de Publicite stickers
Started by: UncleB · 26.Sep.2022 · Daily life
13 posts, 11:13 yesterday
Postdoc salary and life
The CERN is not in Geneva ;) And it's not an exception, several research places are in the middle of nowhere like Idiap (Martigny), Paul Scherer (Villigen), SLF (Davos). Back to ZH ad GE and income, you'll have to make compromises…
Started by: toniy · 24.Sep.2022 · Daily life
4 posts, 09:44 yesterday
Car shows coming up
Started by: bigblue2 · 19.Aug.2015 · Travel/day trips/free time
67 posts, 09:35 yesterday
Ready for higher interest rates?
Congratulations! Personally with interest rates still relatively low, I'd go for certainty and have a single tranche with a long term fix. You can still get 12 year fix <3%. Sure, I might pay more if interest rates go down, but for the…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 20.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 09:24 yesterday
Phone time bomb
Started by: fatih.erol · 25.Sep.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
10 posts, 09:19 yesterday
Best place to exchange USD for CHF in Zurich
Clearly substantial was the wrong choice of words on my part since i'm not flying into Zurich with a bagful of cash. I have USD left over from previous trips and do not want to go to the hassle of converting it in my local city…
Started by: Coffeeandcigs · 24.Sep.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
18 posts, 01:39 yesterday
Widow’s pension, ex spouse, divorce
Actually depends on canton. In SG you can in general (iirc for specific expenses - rent, food, books etc. - rather than a general lump sum) although I'm not sure if that applies across borders as this case.
Started by: Fergi · 25.Sep.2022 · Family matters/health
2 posts, 23:12 25.Sep.2022
Motorcycle gear
Started by: WilliamTell · 25.Sep.2022 · Items wanted
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