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33 posts, 21:49 today
Hairdresser refund - Consumer rights in…
In OP's defense, that is a pretty bad haircut and color job. If I'd seen the photos at random I would guess a friend tried to be nice and do a quarantine cut - not a professional. Had it been done to my head and for that price, I'd be mad…
Started by: ktokto · 3.Jul.2020 · Complaints corner
54 posts, 21:48 today
What am I allowed to do if quarantined in…
It sounds like an awful mess, and stressful, trying to get all the parts to line up as a whole. Would it not perhaps be less so, if your daughter's father just visited her in Switzerland and took her on holiday here, or just on…
Started by: TheSwede · 2.Jul.2020 · Family matters/health
33 posts, 21:27 today
Survive the quarantine for newly arrived
This Quarantine and self isolation raises some interesting questions - namely what's the world endurance record for living in a self contained flat and just living and surviving on what you can order and get delivered by phone calls…
Started by: jjjcat · 7.Jul.2020 · Daily life
33 posts, 21:25 today
RAV Application for Unemployment Benefit…
Attached is a translation of a RAV registration form. Completing this form prior to registration should make the registration process go more quickly although the requested information will likely be input directly into RAV's system…
Started by: Mullhollander · 8.Dec.2017 · Employment
7 posts, 21:25 today
FedEx / TNT - from Zurich
Looks like the site has been updated/changed: https://www.fedex.com/lo... Put in Zurich and tick the box for staffed location. Looks like the only one close to Zurich proper is in Glattbrugg. It seems the only drop off box is at the…
Started by: Wingnut · 16.Feb.2009 · Other/general
3 posts, 21:19 today
Driving through OTHER countries
Started by: Jamboree · 7.Jul.2020 · Travel/day trips/free time
6 posts, 21:18 today
Redeemed company car - import duties
I know several people who imported a company/lease car duty-free. Also "Als Übersiedlungsgut gelten Fahrzeuge von Zuziehenden, die von diesen zur persönlichen Lebenshaltung oder zur Berufs- oder Gewerbeausübung während mindestens…
Started by: VikArt · 7.Jul.2020 · Transportation/driving
14 posts, 21:11 today
Swiss Literature Thread
That is fabulous. Now, would it be too much to ask to return back on topic? Not that you're wife's family tree, the bordering Herman Hesse trail or even Stalin's China in your kitchen cupboard are not interesting topics, by all means. I…
Started by: lost_inbroad · 6.Jul.2020 · Other/general
17 posts, 21:04 today
Cashing covid economic impact payment check
I have cashed checks from the United States with Credit Suisse before. I do have a savings account with them though. It would takes weeks for them to credit the balance to my account. I haven’t went through the process of cashing a…
Started by: jaskah · 6.Jul.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
12 posts, 20:36 today
Swiss church dress costume
Hutchison, any chance you know what village in Bern your mother was from? There are many clubs called Trachtengruppe and they probably have patterns that are specific to where your family comes from. :)
Started by: Hutchison · 7.Jul.2020 · Other/general
19 posts, 19:48 today
Horgen or Dietlikon?
But most of that is farmland with lovely paths for running, cycling with the children or pushing a pram. For the OP- there is a path all the way along the lake to Richterswil and beyond which is great for cycling, running,…
Started by: Carapace · 6.Jul.2020 · Housing in general
5 posts, 19:47 today
Warhammer / Games workshop - English speaking…
Started by: BeefyQueefy · 5.Jul.2020 · Entertainment & dining
3 posts, 19:16 today
Fête des Vignerons 12mil in debt
Started by: peaky · 7.Jul.2020 · Swiss politics/news
27 posts, 18:23 today
Online store for kids bikes?
I believe that it comes down to the cult like status of Ausbildungs in this country. If some snotty-nosed teenager managed the rigorous education path of becoming a retail store salesman, specializing in bike sales, the majority of…
Started by: Tom1234 · 9.Jun.2020 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
7 posts, 18:02 today
AHV refund calculation when leaving Switzerland
I have 30+ years till retirement, pension I earned thus far here is tiny (a few hundred frank a month) and the interest for withdrawal purposes is 1.5%. No thanks Planning to cash it all out and invest.
Started by: spark · 1.Apr.2020 · Leaving Switzerland
13 posts, 17:28 today
Resolving car insurance being cancelled
Beobachter, a consumer magazine, suggests this (translated): "If no company wants to offer you a new policy, you should approach your old insurance company again and explain your awkward situation. In many cases, insurance companies will…
Started by: jamielechte · 7.Jul.2020 · Insurance
23 posts, 17:00 today
Simultaneous [health] insurance in two countries…
Having double insurance is indeed possible. Just be careful that for supplementary insurance (if want to go to a private hospital) you need to register 1+ year beforehand in Switzerland, though standard one is pretty good as compared to…
Started by: Georgios · 4.Jul.2020 · Insurance
1 post, 16:52 today
Running buddy near St. Moritz
Started by: PSa · 7.Jul.2020 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
65 posts, 16:38 today
US Coronavirus Stimulus Checks [Cheques]
Nope. VPN didn't work, faking GPS location didn't work. Setting up a full Android virtual machine with hard-coded location and EN-US as the default culture code. In the end, Capital One customer support told me to just sign the check,…
Started by: PermitStruggles · 18.Mar.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
7 posts, 16:21 today
Living in Toggenburg
Mmm yes Wattwil does look a bit tired and run down. Some of the surrounding villages look prettier though, Hemberg, Ebnat. I guess most expats do tend to congregate in the bigger towns and cities, so don't know much about the real…
Started by: Vertedee · 13.Jun.2016 · Housing in general
7 posts, 16:05 today
Physiotherapist for pregnancy around Zurich…
A couple of pieces of information that might be useful. For a physio to be paid for via LaMal, your doctor must give you a prescription for the physio. Normally they will ok you for a max of 9 sessions before having another check up…
Started by: HelenRummel · 13.Jun.2020 · Family matters/health
55 posts, 16:03 today
Learning German help! WARNING this post…
Absolutely. I did find that Switzerland allows this a bit more, given the variety of pronunciation and indeed grammatical differences of the various flavours. For me the first real breakthrough a couple of years after I arrived was…
Started by: BritKate · 29.Aug.2019 · Language corner
9 posts, 15:59 today
Soon new in Zurich from Milan
Thanks all for the suggestions! To clarify: I have clearly planned the financial aspects considering she won't be working. It's not strictly a money matter though, rather having the opportunity to grow as a professional. Best
Started by: VikArt · 7.Jul.2020 · Introductions
9 posts, 15:58 today
Car service garage in Romandie
Not really an option for most home mechanics on most modern vehicles. But garages in France may be open (like my local one of Alsace) to you supplying the consumables and/or just doing the bits you can;t do yourself. I'll be doing the…
Started by: jamielechte · 24.Jun.2020 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 15:52 today
Dual residency UK & CH = double…
Started by: spark · 7.Jul.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
20 posts, 15:15 today
Almost 30 and never biked before
I had to teach one of my children the correct way to start off on his bike the other day. He had his own 'way' but it was rubbish and it took some taking to convince him off the correct way so he could start off both on hills, and…
Started by: Tienopri · 6.Jul.2020 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 13:43 today
Sample of Eignungserklärung
Started by: ivanjurisic · 7.Jul.2020 · Transportation/driving
16 posts, 12:24 today
Child maintenance
The OP might wish to speak with an attorney and could obtain pro bono legal advice by searching on "unentgeltliche rechtsauskunft basel". As the basis for child support is likely the Scheidungsurteil, this should be presented to the…
Started by: Intruder · 6.Jul.2020 · Family matters/health
1 post, 12:18 today
Finding an apartment with a dog and two cats
Started by: xaro · 7.Jul.2020 · Pet corner
4 posts, 11:46 today
Deductions in Unemployment benefits
Started by: Gent · 7.Jul.2020 · Employment
12 posts, 11:22 today
Change of Job non-EU B permit timeline
Actually, I have a written letter from the gemeinde that I can change jobs so used that. Last time UBS tried to do it and they massively ed up. The canton where I stay gave UBS a written letter than I can change jobs in an hour after…
Started by: holbond · 6.Jul.2020 · Employment
2 posts, 10:09 today
Withdrawing pension fund while going to…
Started by: Gent · 7.Jul.2020 · Leaving Switzerland
50 posts, 10:09 today
Need a new vacuum cleaner
Extra quiet wheels with 'suspension' function Controls on the handle Quiet function through exhaust filtration Suction adjustment for different surfaces Light on handle Comfort cable retractor 8.5m cable (as opposed to 4m) Full…
Started by: robBob · 3.Jul.2020 · Daily life
4 posts, 10:04 today
Where to buy fabric interfacing in Lausanne?
Started by: bossie · 6.Jul.2020 · Daily life
124 posts, 09:53 today
Jeffrey Epstein found dead in Manhattan’s…
Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and associate of disgraced financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested by the FBI. Maxwell will appear before a federal court on Thursday, sources told NBC 4 in New York. She is…
Started by: marton · 10.Aug.2019 · International affairs/politics
5 posts, 09:34 today
Canadian in Wil St Gallen
Started by: SonyaTM · 29.Oct.2018 · Introductions
2 posts, 06:39 today
Entry level IT jobs - EU student
Started by: dreaming · 28.Jun.2020 · Employment
38 posts, 23:50 yesterday
Worried about drugs in Oerlikon Platz
And then what? The police may arrest one or the other, but they'll have to let them go a few hours later. Rinse and repeat. They don't get them off their drug or reduce their consumption, in fact they don't change anything. All they do…
Started by: Pipperlamb · 4.Jul.2020 · Daily life
13 posts, 23:09 yesterday
Which is the Best CV...
If you're referring to templates, during my job search I had the impression that the Europass CV template is a bit too long for Swiss standards, I used it at first but I dropped after talking with other applicants and tutors. I went for…
Started by: Steven · 6.Jul.2020 · Employment
4 posts, 20:25 yesterday
Roth IRA vs IRA
Started by: Jamboree · 6.Jul.2020 · Finance/banking/taxation
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