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76 posts, 20:33 today
Help with broker cheating
I don‘t have any oral agreement with her. She can only bluff to court with this *** I hope you are doing well. Enclosed, please find the offer for the home insurance. Please, send me back the first page of the proposal with your…
Started by: swisspanther · 16.Aug.2022 · Insurance
22 posts, 20:32 today
Self-employed in another country but living…
Thank you VERY much for the detailed information. We already have the visa and will request the permit next week. My husband's business is a separate legal entity, so I'll make sure to mention this to the university and the migration…
Started by: ElisaBP · 15.Aug.2022 · Business & entrepreneur
52 posts, 19:06 today
Dog owner who never picks up poop - what to do?
This thread sure took a fascinating new turn in the last few days :D Agreed - I've never understood why someone would put in the effort to bag it, only to leave it I couldn't give a stuff if 'nobody likes a note-leaver.'…
Started by: itsjess · 12.Aug.2022 · Pet corner
7 posts, 19:04 today
How to cancel the Swiss insurance?
for a few hundred francs, international debt collection ? I doubt it. As long as he hasnt talked to the company on the phone, then you've a fiar likelihood they will give up soon. they have no certainty you actually even live there.
Started by: sszalkay · 17.Aug.2022 · Insurance
12 posts, 18:55 today
Best Mobile Plans CH to US/EU/UK ??
Been with Talk Talk for years, no issues Their EU&US Unlimited deal is on offer at 35/month - Mobile Internet in Switzerland Unlimited Data Roaming abroad 5 GB/month Calls to all Swiss networks and to and abroad…
Started by: makeabigwish · 16.Aug.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
51 posts, 18:48 today
Trump organisation indicted today on fraud…
Allen Weisselberg, who served as the chief financial officer for former President Trump’s real estate company, pleaded guilty on Thursday to tax evasion as part of a deal with prosecutors. Leaves the Trump organization in the brown…
Started by: marton · 1.Jul.2021 · International affairs/politics
12 posts, 18:39 today
Is 93k ok for an engineer?
Where is the famous poverty comment? 93 for MSc with 5 years is ok, even though I'd expect it to be already closer to six digits. But it depends on the field. If it is some generic non-pharma related job (i.e.…
Started by: vmf · 15.Aug.2022 · Employment
1 post, 18:18 today
Practical driving test - which city and…
Started by: NaiveExpat · 18.Aug.2022 · Transportation/driving
8 posts, 17:54 today
Nagi's cookbook is finally (almost) here!
I find videos incredibly slow. I suppose they may be useful for learning a new technique but for a recipe, I just need to know the ingredients, the method and approx. cooking times and I can get all this in thirty seconds from a…
Started by: bossybaby · 18.Aug.2022 · Food and drink
15 posts, 17:20 today
Looking for tips for a highly anxious dog
Another FYI: I mentioned Emily Larlham upthread, a trainer/behaviorist I very much admire, whose articles and videos have helped me countless times. Here is her website: https://dogmantics.com Her article 'Protocol for Emotional and…
Started by: axman · 15.Aug.2022 · Pet corner
34 posts, 17:00 today
Dispute with neighboring restaurant extending…
Another update, I have a fantastic landlord. The tables returned on Tuesday - last night, they had the nerve to set up a "smoking station" for their employees. My husband went down and took photos. Provided the evidence again to my…
Started by: Susie-Q · 5.Aug.2022 · Housing in general
7 posts, 16:52 today
Stretch Film/Wrap
Well, in Switzerland I think this kind of plastic, in theory at least, is collected with the household rubbish and incinerated - which means at least it is used for producing heat/energy (albeit in a CO2-unfriendly way) and does not end…
Started by: qazwsxedc · 18.Aug.2022 · Daily life
4 posts, 16:24 today
Android Auto for BMW 1 series
Started by: dilip_gem · 15.Aug.2022 · Transportation/driving
24 posts, 16:01 today
How do scams work
That's mild. A friend got a call from someone sounding absolutely hysterical saying that she had gotten into an accident with my friend's daughter and that she needed money because she had taken a cab to the hospital but had left her…
Started by: gata · 15.Aug.2022 · Daily life
48 posts, 15:43 today
Office Chair for home office
An office chair is bit like a bed, you spend a considerable amount of time in both yet many people loo for the cheapest option and then complain they do not sleep well or have a bad back from too much time in a shitty chair. A good…
Started by: Krag · 10.Apr.2021 · Other/general
3 posts, 15:24 today
Interior Car wash
Started by: Ali. · 22.Sep.2020 · Daily life
24 posts, 15:23 today
Scummed on internet but got justice served…
Wow. As they say: All it takes for evil to prevail is a few good people doing nothing. From what I've read, often these scammers - if they are not part of an organized crime gang - are just dumb. For example, I read a story about…
Started by: ne6ef · 10.Jun.2021 · Daily life
9 posts, 15:13 today
MFK after 2 years, how to do it?
Less than half an hour (you must show up 5 minutes before the appointment). IF the car is freshly serviced it should pass with flying colors. Otherwise your dealer does not perform quality work as it is expected that a serviced car is…
Started by: loliki · 17.Aug.2022 · Transportation/driving
23 posts, 14:51 today
Tax on pension if leaving leaving CH to…
Hi Kerneltrick You mention that its not possible to transfer pillar one via a low withholding tax canton through to overseas, can you elaborate more as to why? what specific process steps does the compensation office do to restrict…
Started by: rashila247 · 6.Aug.2021 · Leaving Switzerland
3 posts, 13:46 today
Departing & Interesting Pillar 1 scenario…
Started by: Jamiel · 18.Aug.2022 · Leaving Switzerland
8 posts, 12:47 today
Dutch Kaas - Where to get it strong and…
Started by: aSwissInTheUS · 22.May.2022 · Food and drink
2 posts, 12:41 today
AHV Refund Non EU Delayed
Started by: Scie · 25.Mar.2022 · Leaving Switzerland
5 posts, 12:29 today
Average salary - % of increase for a promotion…
Started by: Far · 17.Aug.2022 · Employment
67 posts, 08:21 today
Recent data appears to suggest that sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling the spreading of the disease. The jury's still out on that, the conclusion disputed, but it seems clear that the good old condom at least decreases the…
Started by: bowlie · 23.May.2022 · Family matters/health
13 posts, 08:08 today
USD transfer to UBS account, is this possible?
I recently inherited a six-figure amount in GBP. I no longer have an account in the UK and didn't want it transferred into an existing CHF account with a random exchange rate. My bank opened a GBP bank account for me and the money was…
Started by: tumblatum · 9.Aug.2022 · Finance/banking/taxation
5 posts, 22:41 yesterday
Where to get east asian brown rice in Zurich…
Started by: MitzEclipse · 15.Aug.2022 · Food and drink
8 posts, 21:33 yesterday
Putting a 5%-10% deposit to the owner before…
Kind of what the notary should be taking care of... Also up to you to decide what happens there and is a discussion. No you should not send 10% willy nilly to a third party in a random bank account, yes you should send 10% to an escrow…
Started by: talia · 17.Aug.2022 · Housing in general
1 post, 19:43 yesterday
Any van and man recomendation VD -> ZH
Started by: Gravity · 17.Aug.2022 · Housing in general
42 posts, 19:30 yesterday
Conflict in buying car (contract)
FWIW I paid CHF 700 to extend the manufacturer's warranty on our Subaru for two years. But if you now have *no* warranty, then the situation is slightly different. I would also consider claiming on the seller's liability insurance. When I…
Started by: broombroom · 14.Aug.2022 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 19:16 yesterday
Psychiatrist recommendation in Geneva
Started by: Ana · 15.Aug.2022 · Family matters/health
43 posts, 16:51 yesterday
Thinking about moving (retiring) to Portugal.…
I found this which is interesting... https://www.zkb.ch/de/lp... Seems that ZKB (unlike many banks) welcomes Swiss living abroad :) I'd still be nervous to contact them and tell them I am moving as it might mean a lot more…
Started by: Snoopy · 23.Jul.2022 · Leaving Switzerland
42 posts, 16:41 yesterday
Teachers without education in kanton Zurich
Masks? How did you manage to resist a comparison with Sweden? You do know schools no longer require mask wearing Homeschooling is a rich person's hobby and is only possible where one person has sufficient income to support the…
Started by: Excad · 5.Jul.2022 · Education
30 posts, 16:02 yesterday
How is shopping for a wedding dress done…
Hello, I am based in Geneva and came across your comment. I went on the website and saw this dress I quite like and would be interested to contact you for more details. My wedding is in January~ may I know the best way to reach you? thank…
Started by: Zanna · 19.Nov.2012 · Family matters/health
12 posts, 15:11 yesterday
Patenhund (puppy raising for the guide school)
What a great thing to do, bravo finnella for undertaking this! I am a self-professed dog-a-phobe by default (because I grew up in redneck North America where having large, aggressive, and completely untrained dog is something many of my…
Started by: finnella · 1.Aug.2022 · Pet corner
19 posts, 15:10 yesterday
Dog hotel near Buchs
We used to use these folks in Bäretswil (they do dogs and cats) https://tierpension-wyrs... They were very nice, and our old dog liked them. Then, they took time off to do a bicycle tour of Australia, I think, and we ended up…
Started by: smarley · 19.Jul.2022 · Pet corner
5 posts, 14:37 yesterday
Streaming Stick Amazon, Roku etc.
Started by: gvahamster · 8.Aug.2022 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 13:57 yesterday
Cancelling a rent contract on the day after…
Ah, this is new. I was hoping that the landlord agreed to the contract not being valid, and was just trying to forget you. But no, he's going the nasty way (after 2 months???) No lawyer here, but if you did not pay the deposit, and…
Started by: LuckyT · 15.Aug.2022 · Housing in general
80 posts, 13:38 yesterday
Are Swiss drivers kind / patient?
Well option b) is taught ofc. Wether or not it's applied on the road later on is a different question. "Gebotenes immer, Verbotenes nie aber auch Erlaubtes nicht immer" was a sentence which i regularly heard.
Started by: TomLis · 11.Jul.2021 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 13:10 yesterday
Getting out of a Sunrise Contract early?
The 45 chf is comparably good to the yallo black 1) The Sunrise one is 45 (or 39 CHF was available recently) the Yallo black is 24 or 29 chf based on when you got it 2) both yallo and sunrise are basically the same company 3)…
Started by: mikegray · 22.Jul.2021 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 11:16 yesterday
Started by: McFab · 16.Aug.2022 · Introductions
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