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7 posts, 11:57 today
What to do with live ammunition?
Too rusty (the head) and muddy (the casing) to tell... My guess is it's one of these: GP11 Stahlkern (steel core), which explains the rusty tip... T = Munitionsfabrik Thun, Thun, Switzerland 5 = May (or maybe the 7 is…
Started by: Spinal · 22.May.2018 · Other/general
18 posts, 11:55 today
Cleaners when leaving an apartment Zurich
There's the worry, the time it takes, no guarantee etc etc etc but there are numerous posts on here which say you can't do it yourself which is simply not true and which is why I replied in the first place. Whether one would want to…
Started by: tatiguerin · 20.May.2018 · Housing in general
28 posts, 11:38 today
Did Windows 10 kill my laptop ?
For anyone who wants to "stop" Windows 10 from automatically downloading or making upgrades on their computer do the following: 1. Open settings 2. Click "network & Internet" 3. Click Wi-Fi 4. Click your network connection. (It's usually a…
Started by: Helena Paris · 17.May.2018 · Complaints corner
5 posts, 11:33 today
Cost of registering an employee to a GmbH…
Started by: meklermoshe · 15.May.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
3 posts, 11:32 today
Setting up a family office (in Zug)
Started by: orbita · 19.Apr.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
4 posts, 11:00 today
Renewable annual contract, finalize a contract
Started by: tatiguerin · 20.May.2018 · Employment
18 posts, 11:00 today
Billag Registration / Backdating?
You are paying the money because you own devices,that are capable of listen to the radio or watch shows on your pc (mediathek). The least amount pery year , you have to pay is around 166 sfr. When you have access the the web, then you…
Started by: vostok4 · 17.May.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
57 posts, 10:55 today
Where is home?
I guess my roots were already planted when I moved here...but I'm happy I could put an anchor in another culture and navigate comfortably between the two of them. But home is a very wide and subjective notion. One can be "at home" in so…
Started by: Mr. Happy · 1.May.2018 · Daily life
44 posts, 10:41 today
Sausage & Bacon
We got fed up with the quality of so called 'English Breakfast' here in Switzerland and now order our 'English style' bacon & sausage direct from a South African butcher in the Valais we were recommended by some South African friends via …
Started by: dilenavinz · 18.Apr.2018 · Food and drink
1 post, 10:41 today
[Zurich] Wanted used City Bike
Started by: gokul · 22.May.2018 · Items wanted
45 posts, 10:31 today
Red blobs reputation
You can also go to The Local, log in, go to the settings, reputation, and then select, buy green blobs. I've even discovered that greenies are cheaper if you log into The Local.de. You can then transfer them to your Swiss account. 80…
Started by: omtatsat · 20.May.2018 · Forum support
7 posts, 10:28 today
UK qualified doctor working in switzerland
Thank you so so much for this information!! The NHS have decided that I am going to have to work in a hospital 4 hours away for the next two years, and if I don’t accept it, I just won’t have a job. I don’t know how they think I…
Started by: Livi · 5.Apr.2018 · Employment
18 posts, 10:16 today
How should I secure an apartment before…
I highly suggest a relocation agent. It cost us close to 5,000 , but it was worth every penny. She spent nearly a week with me driving me around Geneva with scheduled visits for about 20 apartments, appointments at schools, and meetings at…
Started by: lyl · 10.May.2018 · Housing in general
5 posts, 10:02 today
Los Angeles to CH
Started by: HerrDoktor · 22.May.2018 · Introductions
3 posts, 09:58 today
Swisscom moving to all ip
Started by: Squeeeez · 22.May.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
11 posts, 09:49 today
Housing vocab help: Singlewohnung?
Thanks everyone for the advice. We've been a bit lucky the last few days and have found apartments with 2 rooms and within our budget. My husband has been visiting apartments every day and applying on the spot if possible. This forum…
Started by: vc329 · 18.May.2018 · Housing in general
1 post, 09:44 today
Need some information for schools in Laussane
Started by: supriyamalhotra · 22.May.2018 · Education
16 posts, 08:36 today
Zurich to Milano on public holiday (May)
Last week-end I had to be in Lugano by 8 pm because of the ice-hockey match and left Zurich at 3. The trip would normally take just about two hours or even less. Thanks to ten km stau it took me four hours. I don't like using the Chur…
Started by: Dimpt · 26.Apr.2018 · Travel/day trips/free time
8 posts, 08:04 today
AVS vs AHV reimbursement when leaving…
AVS = "Assurance-vieillesse et survivants" OR "Assicurazione vecchiaia e superstiti" AHV = "Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicheru... Both are the very the same. One is the French/Italian term, the other the German term. The English one…
Started by: Konuku · 12.Apr.2018 · Leaving Switzerland
5 posts, 08:00 today
English speaking driving instructor Zug
Started by: snts · 19.May.2018 · Transportation/driving
2 posts, 08:00 today
Will/Probate question
Started by: Philbelow · 21.May.2018 · Family matters/health
4 posts, 07:56 today
Handover apartment in Lausanne -- Terrible…
Started by: alphag · 18.May.2018 · Housing in general
17 posts, 07:18 today
Nope, the way things are going here a super volcano eruption can´t do more damage than the developers are doing. Malta is being (I coined this phrase myself and it went viral) "Benidormized," the national bird is the crane and the…
Started by: omtatsat · 20.May.2018 · International affairs/politics
15 posts, 06:29 today
Car or Taxi from Baden to Basel Airport
Good idea - if it was a personal trip, I would certainly have done this. Because it is a work trip, I cannot get reimbursed for the hotel stay (I asked), but they will reimburse the taxi. I also had the idea to drive my car, park it…
Started by: zia2001 · 16.May.2018 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 23:27 yesterday
Where can I find fabric - for making clothes
You could call TextilreinigungTelefon: 044 312 17 88. They're in the basement of Neumarkt Oerlikon, directly opposite Oerlikon station. As you leave the station on the same side as platform 1, just look for the Migros signs as they have…
Started by: Jamboree · 14.May.2018 · Other/general
76 posts, 22:51 yesterday
Looking for advice on a second hand car.
Yeah. That's why I don't really consider buying an Audi. Especially of those years. I'd rather look into a used, cheap Prius. Apparently, they're very reliable and even a battery-exchange isn't too expensive. Though, of course, the…
Started by: giff · 6.May.2018 · Daily life
9 posts, 22:33 yesterday
Public liability insurance
I know but your example sounded as if one could bypass the judge in that. The main problem is though: Judge or not, having caused injuries like you mentioned one will pay for a life-time (and longer but that is not possible yet…
Started by: leyla76 · 18.Apr.2018 · Insurance
17 posts, 22:11 yesterday
Where to find logo design? And how much?
Hey there, i understand it is too late to your reply, but people are still reading this thread. Therefore, if you are looking something good quality with unlimited revisions and on top below 200CHF from a Swiss company, give them a…
Started by: Geneeva · 29.Jan.2018 · Business & entrepreneur
32 posts, 21:21 yesterday
New Diabetes trial treatment?
There are also some negative effects of sudden weight loss and this very low diet is not indicated for everybody. We have to take into consideration many other things too. But I'm happy if it worked for your friends, or if it works for…
Started by: marton · 25.Jun.2017 · Family matters/health
5 posts, 20:52 yesterday
Looking for an apartment in Zurich
Started by: leonie · 19.Apr.2018 · Property wanted
21 posts, 20:16 yesterday
Nigerian Scam goes Snail Mail
I was flabbergasted to find such a letter in my mailbox today (yeah, yeah, I'm not reliable with emptying it)! I thought that was brand-new - only to find this 2011 thread. LOL. They had to pay Euro 00.86 postage by now - poor buggers.…
Started by: AbFab · 26.Feb.2011 · Daily life
56 posts, 19:27 yesterday
RAV Advisor states that I must apply to…
That seems to be a newish thing (don't know, was not unemployed for a long time). I translated for an IT person once who told the RAV-person about such tasks (several!), which he had to do for a company he applied for. To me it…
Started by: tomdavies · 20.May.2018 · Employment
15 posts, 18:34 yesterday
Moving to geneva
thanks for all input so far. I was informed i will get some sort of rental subsidy which should allow me to look at something around 4K for rental. So i hope this will allow me to find something not too far away. I am still trying to…
Started by: keim · 17.May.2018 · Daily life
15 posts, 18:33 yesterday
Geneva Motor show
Might be the same here. Only omtatsat hasn't bought a car in a long time? :) As I always buy old second-hand cars, they won't bother sending me any tickets either. All I could do is look for what I might buy in 10 years - by then my…
Started by: English Bloke · 27.Feb.2018 · Social events
28 posts, 18:32 yesterday
Any electronic music lovers near Zürich?…
Let's have some more DAF; the granddaddies of this scene: ByZmPyCE7II I pretty much learnt German from this song. None of that A,B,C nonsense: this is all you need. Das Schönste was es gibt, wenn du mich im Wasser liebst.
Started by: saroohoo · 3.Nov.2017 · Entertainment & dining
8 posts, 17:54 yesterday
Where to Buy Spirulina?
I'm sure buying bio when buying from China is a good idea. I just think, chances that the field next to the biofield is a Syngenta-test-field is much bigger than around here. (Now even more :D) And controlling China ... is some kind…
Started by: expat_in_zug · 19.May.2018 · Daily life
5 posts, 17:50 yesterday
American expat moving to Bern
Started by: lizabern · 12.May.2018 · Introductions
17 posts, 17:42 yesterday
Translator for RAV Luzern needed
You may not have mentioned Zurich but your profile says "Zurich" as location, look at the top right corner of anything you posted and you will see this. Hence the questions about Zurich. People on the forum are generally helpful, but…
Started by: paulan · 11.May.2018 · Other/general
12 posts, 17:00 yesterday
US Taxes
We've used this guy for the last three years. He really knows his way around both Swiss and US taxes and has been really great. Timmie Britschgi | CPA, MBA | Owner myCPA GmbH | Switzerland +41 78 778 22 88 | …
Started by: KirstinS · 19.May.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
26 posts, 14:22 yesterday
Canyon purecycling online bike order
Afte reading the useful contributions about the process (esp. from Pachyderm), here is an account of my personal experience of ordering a bike from Canyon, Germany. I had my eye on a model that was listed on the German Homepage but not on…
Started by: raminbox · 30.May.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
The Local Switzerland
Foo Fighters congratulate Swiss football league winners

Foo Fighters congratulate Swiss football league winners

A fairy tale season for Switzerland’s top-flight football team Young Boys Bern (YB) has been recognised by US rockers Foo Fighters.

Is this 91-franc kebab with wagyu beef Switzerland

Is this 91-franc kebab with wagyu beef Switzerland's most expensive?

Even in Zurich, 91 francs (€70, $90) is a lot for a kebab: but then again, not all kebabs are like this.

'Shadow government' playing key role in Swiss politics: report

A small band of politicians is setting the tone in Swiss federal politics, operating as a type of shadow government, according to Zurich's prestigious NZZ am Sonntag newspaper.

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