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60 posts, 04:30 today
Staying sane in Switzerland: finding happy,…
https://www.zvv.ch/zvv/e... If it takes you to the German-language version, go to the menu icon at the top left-hand corner. There, you can select EN for English. Not all the pages are translated, but quite a lot are. Other than that,…
Started by: doropfiz · 30.Apr.2015 · Family matters/health
16 posts, 04:09 today
Breaching the contract
No one wants to encourage people to leave their employer in the lurch but this sounds like an opportunity that's too good to pass up. Considering you're a waitress (and presumably not a highly specialised one), and have an opportunity to…
Started by: ferryboat · 21.Sep.2018 · Employment
78 posts, 04:06 today
Houses with gardens
This sounds very sad. I would hope that, having come to the conclusion that they had "outgrown the dogs", that couple would have the good sense never to get a pet again. What, though, if they are speaking the blunt truth? When I…
Started by: CheandDom · 13.Sep.2018 · Housing in general
55 posts, 03:49 today
New iPhones
The way some people flaunt them at work, they often seem to be used as status symbols. And that's Switzerland. In Asia, with the greater wealth disparity, they must be even more so. Obviously many of those 200 million are bought…
Started by: omtatsat · 16.Sep.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
5 posts, 00:33 today
Sunrise Internet Problem
Started by: unbalanced · 23.Sep.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
63 posts, 00:23 today
Old-Age Pensioner struggling on Social Benefits…
Doropfiz, your friend is Swiss and he has the right to live anywhere in Switzerland he wants. He also has a right to social services if he needs them and qualifies. Communes can not deny his registry in the commune because he is receiving…
Started by: doropfiz · 31.Aug.2018 · Daily life
43 posts, 23:57 yesterday
Friend's lad did a runner to...Birmingham…
6 months in an excellent timeframe, he might not be allowed to stay past then anyway (assuming he is EU and a no-deal Brexit). Might be crazy to up sticks and go, or it might be a very good plan, on that waiting a while could mean…
Started by: McTAVGE · 21.Sep.2018 · Other/general
35 posts, 23:42 yesterday
Wasching machine per n-families stahdart?
Sure, why not? The OP is complaining that they do not have enough access to the communal washer. One solution to the problem is to handwash on those occasions where it's necessary. I'm not suggesting that the OP does all the washing in…
Started by: kraskoval · 22.Sep.2018 · Housing in general
6 posts, 23:36 yesterday
New in Lausanne - EPFL
For 4 or 5 months during school term, I wouldn't even consider bringing the family. You are looking at temporary accomodation or air-bnb. It would take you at least 4 months on the ground to find normal accomodation in Lausanne unless…
Started by: HoosierDaddy · 23.Sep.2018 · Introductions
82 posts, 22:59 yesterday
Ricardo Fraud
Are you? You got ripped off. It's a civil matter, the police will view you as a big waste of their time. It's chf 600. In Switzerland. The chf.250 proection from Ricardo Is likely your best hope. Anything else is probably a waste…
Started by: aixsyd · 22.Sep.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
12 posts, 22:31 yesterday
Best Mexicana Resources in Switzerland
Best place I've found for food is El Sol in Allschwil outside Basel. Primarily a wholesaler to restaurants and retail stores, but they have online shop delivering throughout Switzerland and are open during the week and select Saturdays…
Started by: Dark Phoenix · 6.Sep.2018 · Food and drink
12 posts, 21:45 yesterday
37%, a measly 37%.
Being a newbie Swiss I voted. Read the bumph and voted opposite to the SVP recommendation where possible. My impression is a lot of real Swiss only vote if it's something they give a <automoderated> about. Hence the low…
Started by: bowlie · 23.Sep.2018 · Swiss politics/news
5 posts, 21:05 yesterday
Best Taxi from Small Town?
Started by: expat_in_zug · 21.Sep.2018 · Daily life
3 posts, 20:32 yesterday
Nigerians kidnap 12 from Glarus!!!
Started by: Patxi · 23.Sep.2018 · International affairs/politics
68 posts, 20:18 yesterday
Lasik / lasek / prk
It was only about 20 hours. First, I seemed to have what I can only describe as a massive allergic reaction to the contacts - eyes swelled up and got red as if with pink eye, headache, sneezing, runny nose, the works. I was also sick…
Started by: Corbets · 29.Oct.2013 · Family matters/health
1 post, 20:10 yesterday
Lausanne police killed man, pretended he…
Started by: AngelCedrikaP · 23.Sep.2018 · Swiss politics/news
10 posts, 19:52 yesterday
The End of the Journey at RAV
to all of you who answered me THANK YOU. I'm a newbie here and haven't figured out the thank you button. I'll make a list of questions (although she's being nasty and in almost 2 years only sent me to 2 companies!) and make sure to…
Started by: cellina · 23.Sep.2018 · Employment
7 posts, 19:09 yesterday
Paper Straws - instead of Plastic
No need to order online, Placette (Manor) sell large boxes of brightly coloured waxed paper straws in their household goods department. Glad to see they're returning to the shelves; like st2lemans I remember paper straws from way back…
Started by: HighlanderVS · 21.Aug.2018 · Food and drink
15 posts, 17:57 yesterday
Possible move to Lausanne
Normally jobs can pay more in Switzerland, after all everything in Switzerland tends to be more expensive. You should find the tax rate much lower in Vaud than London but there can be things to pay on top, eg health insurance. As for the…
Started by: dgp · 18.Sep.2018 · Introductions
29 posts, 17:56 yesterday
I just cannot believe this
Thanks, ipoddle! This seems like a good thread to remind all EF readers that we all will find ourselves 'the more experienced members of society' one day. The golden rule applies. /sermon.
Started by: Masterchifu · 22.Sep.2018 · Complaints corner
10 posts, 17:41 yesterday
What's best: signing english-translated…
If you decide to use a lawyer, either for translation/help understanding the contract or especially if you give him or her POA, you need to understand how, or if, your expectation of a lawyer's role and duty to the client as you know the…
Started by: ZurichLuck · 23.Sep.2018 · Housing in general
1 post, 16:01 yesterday
Finding the right mobile contract for you!
Started by: sandaleen · 23.Sep.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 14:39 yesterday
Good stores for furniture?
MCM is short for mid-century modern. It was a period of time during the 1950's and 60's when furniture manufacturers started hiring architects and designers to design their furniture. There are quite a few dealers in Switzerland and if…
Started by: JamiSteven · 21.Sep.2018 · Other/general
87 posts, 14:37 yesterday
Pillar 3A insurance - how to cancel without…
Hi Las, I have made the same mistake as you. I am leaving Switzerland in December. I have been told by Allianz that I will only receive chf18k vs the chf27k from my 3a savings. I was sold a life insurance product completely unsuited to my…
Started by: Las · 16.May.2018 · Insurance
15 posts, 14:13 yesterday
Best and the most affordable intensive [German]…
(Intensive) German Course Zurich Just started at Hello Deutsch near HB in Zurich, and I can really recommend it. It's not expensive and the facilities and teachers are good. On the downside, it's only 2hrs a day, but if you are up fo…
Started by: nomansohail · 11.Nov.2015 · Language corner
4 posts, 13:57 yesterday
RAV Application for Unemployment Benefit…
Started by: Mullhollander · 8.Dec.2017 · Employment
30 posts, 13:36 yesterday
Finding a job in Zurich
Ah now i just saw the responce. I am greek and i have a master degree in civil engineering that is recognised in Europe so this is the only thing that i m not worried at the moment. But what u said about the terminology in German makes…
Started by: jaskaur · 11.Sep.2018 · Employment
20 posts, 13:30 yesterday
Organic Peanut Butter!!!
If you live in Zürich, it's quite easy to find organic peanut butter in natural/health foods shops, at Alnatura or in the Alnatura section at Migros. Good to know that they're plenty of other people who eat organic here ;)
Started by: Cactus · 1.Oct.2016 · Food and drink
17 posts, 13:13 yesterday
Cheap market for fish or meat
Our local Coop closes at eight, if I go at six there's always a bunch of stuff for 50% due to expire dates. Sales that normally are 50% discount than can be bought for half the price meaning you save 75% Just check your local…
Started by: ranaazad · 23.Sep.2018 · Daily life
11 posts, 13:00 yesterday
Gardening School near Zurich (like Gärtenmeister)…
Hello everyone, Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. After calling and writing to the places you suggested and some others I found, I do not have much to inform in terms of a regular English language gardening course. Most courses…
Started by: bip · 14.Jun.2018 · Food and drink
33 posts, 12:55 yesterday
Hi there, would anyone willing to share some Scobi with me? I am a lot into brewing and I would like to try producing my own kombucha too. I would also be interested in water Kéfir grains... Cheers
Started by: Atomic · 11.May.2010 · Food and drink
5 posts, 12:54 yesterday
Food imports
Started by: MotorsportsNorton · 23.Sep.2018 · Daily life
8 posts, 12:51 yesterday
Buying triathlon bike in UK and bringing…
1. Ask the stores if they do VAT refunds. (and if so if they charge for it) 2. Get a stamp from the EU border when leaving the EU. 3. Declare the goods at the Swiss border and pay 7.7% on VAT-free value. 4. Get the bill with export…
Started by: OutsideTheBox · 8.Jan.2016 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
6 posts, 12:40 yesterday
Where to buy conchiglioni rigati (giant…
another place selling Italian groceries is in Weil am Rhein, just beyond the German border outside Basel. The place is called Supermercato Little Italy https://www.supermercato... https://www.facebook.com... edit: realized is an old…
Started by: blackstar89 · 18.Sep.2017 · Food and drink
114 posts, 12:36 yesterday
Travelling 3 hours (one way) for work
hahaha ja. I have not received any offer yet. I have approached one recruitment company based in Geneva. I was told by an acquaintance that I must target to have 100 applications and more to get one interview. How nice!
Started by: Ajeethaa · 18.Sep.2018 · Employment
41 posts, 12:17 yesterday
HELP! What is white vinegar???
Saw the Tafelessig at Migros today (from a distance) - in the same section as all the rest of the vinegars used in cooking. If it is 12% you dilute by 3 to 4 with water to get something suitable for food prep. The bottle I have is…
Started by: SailAway · 19.Dec.2009 · Food and drink
6 posts, 11:56 yesterday
Ceiling curtain tracks. Help.
Or you can simply buy curtains at the above listed shops with the 'hooks' pre-sewn. Only make sure you measure the width of the 'opening' at the edge of the rail to ensure you get the right size. Curtains are normally quite long, 250cm, so…
Started by: EmmyBreslin · 22.Sep.2018 · Daily life
3 posts, 11:49 yesterday
Moving to EU: with a [moving] company or not?
Started by: Wipkinger · 20.Sep.2018 · Leaving Switzerland
5 posts, 00:59 yesterday
Pay last rental month with owner doing renovations…
Started by: sisdits · 22.Sep.2018 · Housing in general
3 posts, 23:32 22.Sep.2018
Tandem Russian - Polish
Started by: Flatline82 · 19.Aug.2018 · Language corner
The Local Switzerland
Swiss reject agriculture schemes in national vote

Swiss reject agriculture schemes in national vote

Voters across Switzerland on Sunday resoundingly rejected initiatives aimed at boosting local farming and promoting more ethical and environmental standards in food production, amid fears of cost hikes and reduced consumer choice.

 Swiss region of St. Gallen overwhelmingly votes for

Swiss region of St. Gallen overwhelmingly votes for 'burqa ban'

A second Swiss canton will introduce a regional "burqa ban", after voters in St. Gallen overwhelmingly voted Sunday to prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.

20,000 march for wage equality in Switzerland

20,000 march for wage equality in Switzerland

Some 20,000 people marched in Bern Saturday demanding wage equality between the genders, organisers said, warning that women are prepared to go on strike if Swiss parliamentarians do not fix the pay gap.

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