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1 post, 11:54 today
How long out of country until chomage resets?
Started by: josquius · 25.Jun.2018 · Employment
3 posts, 11:49 today
Investment in London, UK property?
Started by: oakes · 25.Jun.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
3 posts, 11:47 today
Bike Shop for Upgrades (Zurich)
Started by: highsandlows · 25.Jun.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
9 posts, 11:39 today
Intern for 3 months. Anyone?
*stares inside games folder* Age of Mythology - 16 years Fable - 14 years Warcraft 3 - 16 years Maniac Mansion - 31 years Assorted Monkey Islands - between 28 and 21 years Assorted Final Fantasies - I gave up trying to come with a…
Started by: rajarshi · 24.Jun.2018 · Introductions
1 post, 11:37 today
Hello from Sweden!
Started by: BennyB · 25.Jun.2018 · Introductions
6 posts, 11:30 today
Would you send your family members to a…
According to the Tagesanzeiger link is she married to a former member of the cult who happens to be Swiss. Honestly: Its a bizarre story full of unbelievable details. Immigration is the last topic to talk about in the context.
Started by: Treverus · 25.Jun.2018 · Daily life
2 posts, 11:22 today
Finding a replacement tenant
Started by: DustinO · 25.Jun.2018 · Housing in general
28 posts, 11:15 today
Tourist warning for Saudi Arabia
I guess so. I don't think that the guy who has no issue bombing and killing women and children in neighbouring Yemen suddenly had a vision telling him to give women equal rights. He is just a young guy who has witnessed how impractical…
Started by: omtatsat · 24.Jun.2018 · International affairs/politics
17 posts, 10:24 today
Recruitment criteria in Switzerland
This following trade-off: do firms in Switzerland prefer someone with solid and relevent project experience even if it is nearshoring (Central Europe) or do they prefer someone who already works in Switzerland even if the experience is not…
Started by: GAK · 24.Jun.2018 · Employment
127 posts, 09:23 today
Serial Groaner "Pilatus Fan"
<< chuckling for hours>> definitely screams for green pebbles! Click on the scale top right of omtatsat's post, choose 1-5 pebbles (make sure it's "I approve" as disapprove will give him red ones :eek:), write a short message and…
Started by: Today only · 13.Jun.2018 · Forum support
1 post, 08:10 today
Craft Beer at Binz 2018
Started by: SWISSG · 25.Jun.2018 · Commercial events
92 posts, 08:09 today
Has Britain gone down the drain?
I think Richdog is what is known these days as a "gammon". I can picture him in his armchair, bottle of brandy in hand, shouting at the kids to "git daaan yer own end!" before turning back to the telly to watch David Attenborough…
Started by: Reb77Br · 20.Jun.2018 · International affairs/politics
51 posts, 08:03 today
Rechnung passivmitgliederbeitrag help
Honestly this is the first time in 10 years together that I did this. No big deal. It's one of those one off in a lifetime things. I never open his mail . He does it and sometimes I ask what is it. That's it but he isn't that bothered…
Started by: misaluana · 24.Jun.2018 · Daily life
52 posts, 06:55 today
New low-cost 3a offering: VIAC
My main gripe was the rather large SMI allocation in the default Global 100 strategy. You can dial that back a bit and use SPI Extra as a substitute, but I personally didn't manage to get anything below 37% of Swiss allocation.
Started by: rightoveraker · 3.Dec.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
76 posts, 04:33 today
How to reduce rating for a englishforum member
As a regular poster, I'd argue that you're an exception to the rule. EF used to be very much about the social side - as a result most of the longterm members have met or know each other. This makes it different to most (but not all)…
Started by: aussie123 · 17.Jun.2018 · Complaints corner
3 posts, 04:06 today
Leaving Switzerland for UK
Started by: alphane · 24.Jun.2018 · Leaving Switzerland
36 posts, 01:04 today
Not getting paid for work done
Yes, it is the circularity that is so frustrating. And hard to break. Even so, being a trailing spouse of someone who earns well over the average salary such that one's own earnings are not really necessary for the family to survive,…
Started by: marcolourenco · 4.Jun.2018 · Employment
33 posts, 00:56 today
Finding work
Nitinbhai, jalsa karo, tension nahi. Aa loko haju pan 'raj' mentality naa shikaar che. In case RAV do know that you rejected a job in India - the fact that you did not want to give up your wonderful life in CH is reason enough.
Started by: NitinPatel · 22.Jun.2018 · Employment
2 posts, 23:39 yesterday
Inline skating practise for newbies [Zug]
Started by: Halfasleep · 24.Jun.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
11 posts, 21:58 yesterday
Cumulus (Cembra Money Bank) - extra fees
Sorry to hijack the thread, but - how satisfied are you with your Cumulus MasterCard? I'm thinking about switching from UBS. I do grocery shopping at Migros anyway, and I could earn points to pay there. Also according to their…
Started by: genf · 15.Jun.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
27 posts, 20:54 yesterday
Deutsch B1 exam
If that's the case, can you just take the speakîng part again? My German teacher told me that if you fail a section, it may be possible to just repeat that section rather than the whole exam. It may be worth looking into :)
Started by: Pinkpanter · 3.Apr.2018 · Language corner
14 posts, 20:17 yesterday
Dog in cabin - CH to UK
Makes complete sense thanks!! Seems your vet isn't the only one who does this. We regally use Milbemax (he was done about a week ago actually!) and have some in the cupboard ready for our return from Italy actually. I'm not sure…
Started by: MaybeeSkint · 17.Jun.2018 · Pet corner
4 posts, 20:07 yesterday
Started by: happyforsummer · 23.Jun.2018 · Introductions
5 posts, 20:06 yesterday
Favorite English blogs about life…
Started by: happyforsummer · 23.Jun.2018 · Daily life
5 posts, 19:53 yesterday
English/bilingual school in Geneva rive…
Started by: Thedoris · 5.Jul.2014 · Education
15 posts, 19:38 yesterday
CH National, living in EMEA, w/ USA License
It's three years. If his license was issued less than three years ago he will get a provision license. It's best to bet the driving records if possible. I wasn't able to get mine at the time unless I went in person. But luckily it was…
Started by: Buehler · 24.Jun.2018 · Transportation/driving
31 posts, 19:31 yesterday
Bikester.ch, any opinions?
june 2018 update: i finally received the second of the two bikes we ordered, fifteen days after i ordered it. the website said "in stock, ships today" when i ordered. so yes, now that it's here, my ortler bozen is a great e-bike and i go…
Started by: PaddyG · 29.Nov.2012 · Daily life
21 posts, 18:09 yesterday
Quellensteuer in Kanton ZH
Yes, also applies to reclaiming Swiss withholding tax. "4 Sind diese Schwellenwerte nicht erreicht, so werden die Verrechnungssteuern, die auf Vermögensertrag, ... erhoben worden sind, auf Antrag zurückerstattet." A.3 states it:…
Started by: erikdebest · 11.Apr.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
8 posts, 18:04 yesterday
What to do with a leaking air mattress?
Thanks for the information, although I already know how to find the leak. The problem is Is was a good mattress, so if you're interested in it, let me know and it's yours :D I rarely use the free Spergut stickers…
Started by: DantesDame · 23.Jun.2018 · Other/general
9 posts, 17:40 yesterday
How many words do you need to speak a language?
Czech Budweiser is so good! I was a Soloist - during training at Berne Conservatory - to sing my way through southern bohemia- doubling as a chorister, too. Loved the country and the real Czech Budweiser and the Czech Pilsner. And…
Started by: Ace1 · 24.Jun.2018 · Language corner
74 posts, 17:06 yesterday
Will Federer be ranked no 1 again?
Forced because their own bodies giving out and they can't keep up with the youngsters, or because they simply aren't having fun any more. Federer has been remarkably injury-free for most of his career and he still loves to play.
Started by: sudeepta · 14.Oct.2014 · Football/sports
3 posts, 14:07 yesterday
Learn gymnastics in wädenswil / Zürich area
Started by: nomansohail · 24.Jun.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
27 posts, 13:57 yesterday
Bern - 9 Questions - A cheap hotel or a…
If you leave you don't (need to) sublet. Instead, your contract will be dissolved and a new one with Peter will be concluded, with identical conditions and details. As a result you're not liable for whatever happens once Peter has taken…
Started by: oatcakes · 3.Jun.2018 · Housing in general
7 posts, 13:41 yesterday
Not to pile on too much, but earlier this year I bought a small wheeled suitcase, last one on the shelf at Coop. At home I found a fatal flaw with its interior straps (wouldn't stay closed, so useless for their intended purpose). Took…
Started by: Harrie Nak · 20.Jun.2018 · Complaints corner
68 posts, 13:03 yesterday
Butter from grass fed cattle
Bratbutter is the same as ghee, known as "clarified butter" in English, and yes, it's got a very high smoke point which is why it can be used instead of oil in many cooking methods. It's simple to make your own - which we used to do…
Started by: rootkit · 12.Aug.2013 · Food and drink
11 posts, 12:59 yesterday
Preparing for driving test, what do I need…
Swiss test is not so bothered about semantics as UK. They don't care so much whether your hands are holding steering 10 to 2, touching kerb while reversing etc. The emphasis is on practical, real life driving in a safe manner. But they…
Started by: wizwozz · 4.Nov.2016 · Transportation/driving
5 posts, 12:19 yesterday
New to Bottmingen! (Any others?)
Started by: Euro_lover · 4.Jun.2018 · Introductions
10 posts, 11:38 yesterday
You can get different grades of bicarbonate soda. I buy a food grade with no aluminium for baking and a cheaper grade (that I presume contains aluminium) for my cleaning. I would buy a food grade for my cat :-)
Started by: bowlie · 24.Jun.2018 · Daily life
6 posts, 11:34 yesterday
Storage in Bern City or Ostermundigen
Hallo So when I came a couple months back I used the lockers in Zurich airport to store some of my stuff which was very convenient for the day, I saw a few posts but they were mainly for Geneva or Zurich But, does anybody know of any…
Started by: oatcakes · 23.Jun.2018 · Other/general
47 posts, 08:06 yesterday
Do I need to import "Suitable for vegetarians"…
Maybe this is part of the difference. Of a half-a-dozen folk who come to mind, here in Switzerland, who are vegetarian and some vegan, I can't think of one who would use shower gel, of all products. Depending on your particular…
Started by: oatcakes · 19.Jun.2018 · Food and drink
The Local Switzerland
Swiss-EU deal: Bern may down over controls on foreign workers

Swiss-EU deal: Bern may down over controls on foreign workers

The Swiss foreign minister has laid out a new deal aimed at breaking the deadlock in long-running talks between Bern and Brussels over an institutional framework accord between Switzerland and the EU.

Breaking down the cost of healthcare in different countries

Breaking down the cost of healthcare in different countries

Ever wonder where illness or injury abroad may set you back the most? Find out how much expats can expect to pay for various medical procedures in different countries. Hint: prices aren’t all the same.

'Sky-high' executive salaries slammed by Swiss unions

A 2013 referendum that aimed to rein in sky-high executive salaries in Switzerland has failed to bring about the desired results.

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