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Re: Stress - how do you cope with it?

Take all those things apart - remember that at any one moment you only have one thing to do, one thing to accomplish - not many. Problems arising tomorrow can be solved tomorrow, just as problems that arose today were solved today. You are the most important person in the world. You are only able to take care of others by taking care of yourself first.

Take a very slow, very deep breathe and realise that you've come this far under your own steam - you'll go the rest of the distance just as well. Realise also that things will get better, and then get worse again and you'll cope with both just fine.

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I actually logged in to post a thread about stress and here we are, EF never fails to offer advice.

I have recently been on the edge of nervous break down, it's been so hard year since my separation, moving out, finding new apartment, finding a new job and starting to work in another canton, for a while i were always hanging out with friends, having late nights, lots of drinks, travelling to many places, but now when i started to calm down, it all came back to me, i seriously feel over loaded, very exhausted (working 14 to 16 hours a day), trying to resolve problems with my ex.....and so much more.

I seriously feel i'm going down so fast and cannot control it, i'm actually thinking to see a psychiatric very soon as i feel my life is totally going out of control.

Any further advice would be appreciated.
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