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moving from employed to self-employed


Its a long story, but after being employed for about 3 years by a big corporate in Lausanne, I have left to form a new company in Switzerland. Now while I am working on my business plan and undertaking market research (which could take 6 months or so) I plan to undertake some consultancy work for various Swiss organisations, and also attend a part time Masters course at EPFL. During this time I will be effectively self employed.

Stupidely I assumed I could just go ahead and do this (my wife works in Switzerland, we are both from the UK and have B permits until end of 2010) but today I talked to my insurance agent who reeled off a list of things that I should do. Now I took these with a pinch of salt as he is not exactly inbiased but nevertheless So my questions are:

- if someone transitions from being employed to 'self employed' (even with a zero new salary) do they need to register with any of the authorities - in particular is there any change needed to my B permit? I've made enquiries about this before and been told that this should not be a problem, as my wife works here and that whan I have a business plan I should present it to the local commune and they will rubber stamp my permit. This is fine, but just wondering if there is anything else?

- are there any implications with regards the AVS etc - do I need to continue to pay any contributions, or are all these at my discretion? If so, is there a base amount which needs to be paid?

- do I need to register the fact I'm self employed?

Thanks for your help.

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