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Re: moving from employed to self-employed

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Its a long story, but after being employed for about 3 years by a big corporate in Lausanne, I have left to form a new company in Switzerland. Now while I am working on my business plan and undertaking market research (which could take 6 months or so) I plan to undertake some consultancy work for various Swiss organisations, and also attend a part time Masters course at EPFL. During this time I will be effectively self employed.

Stupidely I assumed I could just go ahead and do this (my wife works in Switzerland, we are both from the UK and have B permits until end of 2010) but today I talked to my insurance agent who reeled off a list of things that I should do. Now I took these with a pinch of salt as he is not exactly inbiased but nevertheless So my questions are:

- if someone transitions from being employed to 'self employed' (even with a zero new salary) do they need to register with any of the authorities - in particular is there any change needed to my B permit? I've made enquiries about this before and been told that this should not be a problem, as my wife works here and that whan I have a business plan I should present it to the local commune and they will rubber stamp my permit. This is fine, but just wondering if there is anything else?

- are there any implications with regards the AVS etc - do I need to continue to pay any contributions, or are all these at my discretion? If so, is there a base amount which needs to be paid?

- do I need to register the fact I'm self employed?

Thanks for your help.

There are various things you need to do but I guess these are best answered as follows:
If you are self-employed you need to register your AVS/AHV at the local commune. They will stamp it and then you are due to pay a percentage of your income to them. Yes there is a minimum I think last time I looked it was SFr. 492 but it could well be more.

You also need to have Accident insurance.

As far as must haves ie mandatory that is it. There are several other insurances that might apply such as a business risk insurance in case you royally F**K up, top insurances for Invalidity, etc. Your B permit is not an issue as you are a UK citizen. This is assuming there are no restrictions attached to it and if there are the commune can sort that out.

In summary you are able to do what you want so make sure you don't cock it up by not getting the red tape sorted out.
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