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Re: Pillow smelling problem

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I am not sure if it has been mentioned, but IKEA sells wonderful pillow protecting covers, that go between the pillow and the case. It works even for the fauliest and weirdest smells one can possibly imagine, just wash it and put it on, no need to wash the pillow.

If you do need to wash a down pillow, gut it, wash the cover, fill again, sew it up. I would never place a pillow at dry cleaner's, since it does not seem they figured out here yet how to use toxic free drycleaning stuff and honestly, dry cleaning residues is one of the most dangerous pathogenic stuff you can find at home (together with beauties like febreez - sorry about this one - air fresheners, toilet fresheners, essential oil burning lamps, aerosols). So, to spend many hours every night inhaling some chemicals, yum.

Just buy a new cheap Ikea pillow, and protect them with that layer you just simply zip on. Makes more laundry but keeps the pillow nice and fresh.
Great idea, I will look for that special cover! Btw I thought about gutting it and washing the covers only AFTER I washed the whole inner voice said "too late stupid!"
Thanks so much for the ideas!
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