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Re: Consumer rights in Switzerland

.I try to buy things that Digitec stocks Even for 100 francs more, I know they're not a shower of cocks when it comes to service.
Actually I have an update on that one. I'm trying to order a power supply that they don't have in their database (but that their supplier has). I filled in the extra comment field on the order for someone to contact me (8 days ago). This was a fairly large order (2500 francs) for all the parts for the new server. Didn't happen. I phoned up (4 days ago) - apparently this comment has been "lost", I spoke to a friendly guy who told me to email my questions so I did. I phoned up (3 days ago) and explained that my email had not been answered, they guy seemed concerned and said that it was important because an alternative part had been ordered that needed to be cancelled, and he would check the mail queue and find out what had happened.

So yesterday, after still not hearing anything I phoned probably one of the rudest and most apathetic individuals I've encountered who told me that I would just have to wait. He said I'd probably get an answer next week, but refused to say whether that would be beginning, middle or end of the week. I explained to him that I've been chasing this issue, and that in the end it might mean that I have to cancel the order of a part that they have had shipped to them. He just didn't care, and despite me asking him to speak High German switched back to Swiss-German - something I consider the height of rudeness. Anyway, I was absolutely furious as I got off the phone. After all - how do I know that they even received my email at all???

Unfortunately there is nobody else who sells the particular equipment I ordered, so it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer for the new server...
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