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Re: Family Naturalization

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why is my great grand mother irrelevant, cause in everything i have read, it seems like what usually counts is that the mother is swiss, whats the difference?
Okay, way back then and I am here making the assumption that we are talking pre WW II, Swiss citizenship was an automatic right as long as your father was a genuine Swiss. Mother was added in 1952. Swiss operates on blood line (ius sanguinis) ie you are Swiss if your parents are Swiss. This is the reason I am saying your grandmother does not need to apply for facilitated naturalization she actually always was Swiss. Now I am making here the assumption that her parents never "released" their Swiss citizenship and that they themselves were Swiss at the time of your grandmothers birth. If those conditions are met irrespective where she was born she is Swiss and go off to the embassy and request a Swiss passport. If your Grandmother was born post 1952 then if her Mum or Dad were Swiss then she is Swiss. If her parents were not married but her father was Swiss then she is also Swiss.

The thing about being under 22 does not apply to your situation. If your great grandparents were Swiss then your grandmother is Swiss and your father can then become Swiss and you will be included as a dependent when he gets his citizenship.

I would seriously suggest making sure you have the right documents and then taking a hike to the local Swiss embassy and presenting your case there. I am sure they will be quite reasonable.

I think your reason for confusion which is entirely understandable is that you are looking at how to become a Swiss citizen when you are not one. Your grandmother is by default and according to Article 1 1 of the Swiss national law Swiss... Here a link:
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