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Re: new Christmas lighting at Bahnhofstrasse Zürich

I for one am pleased that the powers that be have 'seen the light' and gone back to a more traditional aproach. Personally, I hated the 'snot icicles' with their oozing and writhing shadows.
I have noticed that if the Swiss Germans have a weakness, it is that they completely lose their objectivity and their grip on their wallet when approached by couple of skinny-black-polo-neck and rimless-rectangular-spectacle wearing, metrosexual architects / con(ceptual) artists / w4nkers who make a fandabbydozy presentation about the need for an extraordinary (and eye-wateringly expensive) project that will surely have the global cogniscenti in awe.
Other cities, Basel and Stuttgart for example, were running 'Come to our Christmas market' adverts on the Zürich trams, with on one side a fully decked out Christmas tree representing their city, and on the other, a neon tube in a Christmas tree holder representing Zürich.
The shame...


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