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Followed almost home from the bus

Two days ago I hopped on the bus to go home after work and some guy started bothering me. He kept trying to talk to me and wouldn't go away. Generally he was behaving very erratically. I got off at my stop and he got off too. I walked quickly in the direction of home and turned a couple of times and saw he was walking in the same direction as me. I thought he might be following me but I was still a little unsure and didn't want to go directly home and lead him there so I popped into the Coop nearby.

Lo' and behold, there he was in the shop too. Still, I thought to myself "don't be paranoid, maybe he just has to go to the shop too". At the till he squeezed out past the people on the next till but I could see him standing outside the shop looking at me so I went back inside. Next thing he comes almost-running through the shop and sees me and then makes a u-turn and goes the other way. I didn't have much doubt that he was following me after that so I went to one of the shop employees and started to explain the situation. He came around the corner and u-turned again and then ran past one more time. I think he ran away after that because there was no sign of him when I did go outside the shop with another shop employee who was kind enough to come out as far as the door to make sure all was ok.

Luckily it all turned out ok, but I think it was all the more unsettling because I generally felt very safe here and in my 10 months here nothing bad has happened at all until this. I'm usually fairly alert but that's more a habit than from a feeling of being unsafe. Although after going to the shop yesterday I was shaking like a leaf because I was (unnecessarily) paranoid about everyone, but I'm sure that will pass in a week or two.

Anyway, I guess I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this kind of thing and what you do/did to fix the situation?
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