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Re: Followed almost home from the bus

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Here are some Keywords and tips for you, it may help

Self Defense techniques (Karate, Kick boxing)
Learn to shout VERY loud in public to make that weirdo feel humiliated.
Fake talk on phone and give a impression to the guy as if you are talking about him and some is coming very soon to set him right.
Walking into the police station if you feel being followed.
Find a fighter Boyfriend.
Last but not least..... I am still thinking
thanks. I already am trained in karate (although out of practice) and my boyfriend is a ninja (not joking but he doesn't live here so that's no good - i think ). Although the first rule of self-defence is "don't get into a fight" so knowing that stuff should never be necessary if you're alert. Thankfully I was and got out of the situation while keeping to that rule.

I think my biggest issue with it is that I felt/feel like my personal safety bubble has been burst, all the more so because I felt very safe here (overinflated bubble, like the Irish economy perhaps? ). If this had happened in the last place I lived it wouldn't have shook me so much because I was always on alert there and in many ways had more confidence to tell somone to Foff because at least I could understand what they were saying and assess what was going on a bit better. When you know the person is strange but not what they're saying it makes it much harder to deal with and figure out what the best course of action is.
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