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Re: Followed almost home from the bus

I think, if we talk "generalisations" Switzerland as a whole is still much safer than a lot of places - you're not that likely to be mugged or have your phone snatched out of your hand in broad daylight or get your house burgled. Not to say such things don't happen - and they may happen more in some places than others, but overall "bad" things don't happen all that often here. So I think you should try and reassure yourself that it is really quite a safe place here.

But of course it's always wise to keep your eyes open, especially as a woman alone out and about. You reacted absolutely perfectly - don't go home, stay calm, go to a public place where there are people and get someone to help you. Well done!

I've had a couple of times coming home on the tram when guys have given me "unwanted attention" so to speak. But mostly it's just harmless chit chat - my line was always making it clear that my husband is waiting for me to get home - and then calling him on the phone (or even just pretending to). It's enough to put off the ones who are just trying to pick you up anyway

Weirdos and stalkers.... well.... I guess they are everywhere. If you feel you want to then it might not be a bad idea to just report it to the police so that they are aware that this guy was out there bothering women (just in case, god forbid, he did something worse to someone else.) especially since they probably have got him on camera in the coop.

I think it's perfectly normal to feel a bit insecure for a while after something like this (I know I did after my "road rage" incident a while back that some of you may remember!) but it will pass. The "safety bubble" may never return, but you will after a while feel safer again after a few weeks of nothing happening. Take care.
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