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Re: Family reunification

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Hi All,
My bf is an EU national on a B permit, working in Switzerland. We have applied for 'preparation of marriage' in Switzerland and have provided the consulate in my country (India) with all supporting documents. We also paid the required amount to process the application.
We were told (by a very helpful person at the Swiss consulate in Mumbai) that it takes 3 months for the verification to go through etc. Tomm is the end of 3 months and we have heard nothing yet. I have followed up with the Swiss consulate but they say that papers are still being verified in Delhi. How long will it take once the papers are verified and it goes to Switzerland for us to be together?
Every case is different so very difficult to give a sensible answer.

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Because of this predicament, I completed my contract with a company I was working with and am waiting to move to Switzerland.

2/When I get a residence B permit and am married to my EU partner, am I allowed to work? I already have a potential offer in Geneva and am keen to start working. Will my residence B permit allow me to take this position?
Yes, you can work as the spouse of an EU national on a B permit.
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