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Re: Are the rumours about swiss people true

Ummmm. . am I mistaken or can't you see things out of the window when you're traveling with your back facing the direction the train is moving? I personally have never been on a train where I couldn't see out the window in the backwards position. And I'm not quite sure I understand how watching things move away from your eyes would be worse than watching things quickly coming towards your eyes. Oh, I know. We're just more used to seeing things coming at us so those muscles are more developed. Hell, we should be making our kids sit backwards so they can equally develop both types of eye muscles.

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Inherent? Nuhuh, figure it's nurture more than nature. Akin to draughts causing colds.

1) Travelling backwards as a kid that can't see out the window, especially on a bumpy and winding road, can lead to a nice case of travel sickness, of the variety. Something to do with the brain anticipating no motion and the inner ear sending conflicting real data.
2) Travelling backwards when being able to see out causes eye muscle fatigue and in some cases drowsiness due to the jumping from focus to focus point. Well, to a bigger extent than when travelling forward.
3) Mom and Granma telling kids to get seated facing forward lest they get sick. Oh, and the view to keep 'em quiet.

Then an unrelated reason: we live in a place with a view. It's more enjoyable when you can see the mountains, lakes or whatever coming into view from afar. Especially if you're not of the staring persuasion.
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